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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 13, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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episode of this show? recorded every day. that's it for us. >> bret: president-elect donald trump's pick to run the pentagon shows he's anything but soft on russia. accusing vladimir putin of trying to break up nato. this is "special report" ." good evening paired welcome to another special two hour edition of "special report." we are coming to live tonight from the villages near orlando, florida. it's a gorgeous night, as you can see here. i am bret baier. we begin tonight with questions and concerns over the incoming trump administration's relationship with and attitude toward russia. a flurry of questions on that topic on capitol hill. today it was defense secretary
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nominee general james mattis who left little doubt about his feelings towards russia and skepticism that tense relations will change very much. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight with our top story. good evening. >> good evening. the issue of civilian leadership of the military came up briefly today. general james mattis made one thing crystal clear. he sees russia as the number one threat. the statements made by general james mattis stood in contrast to the campaign promises of donald trump who badmouth nato, suggested the u.s. could work with russia, and promised to tariff the iran deal with general mattis said he would advise against. >> i think it's an imperfect arms control agreement. it's not a friendship treaty. when america gives her word, we have to live up to eight. >> he differed with the president-elect by expressing strong support for nato, saying the treaty of alliance is vital
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to u.s. national interests, so vital that if he didn't exist, the u.s. would need to create it. he vowed the strongest possible relations with nato to counter vladimir putin. he questioned whether the u.s. would be able to cooperate with putin or russia. >> we have a long list of times we have tried to engage positively with russia. we have a relatively short list of successes in that regard. i think right now the most important thing is that we recognize the reality of what we deal with with mr. putin and we recognize that he is trying to break the north atlantic alliance. >> b-17 warned about threats to the current world order. >> under the biggest attack since world war ii, sir. that is from russia, terrorist groups, and with what china is doing in the south china sea. >> they retired generals of the u.s. military is not equipped to deter those threats. >> do you think we have a strong enough military today in order to achieve that goal? >> no, sir.
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>> mattis was asked about the president-elect's twitter habits, especially when complaining about the cost of defense programs. >> senator, it's not my role to comment on the president-elect statements other than to say i believe it shows he is serious about getting the best bang for the dollar when it comes to defense dollars. >> using twitter as a means, not the most efficacious way to do that. >> the senate on the house both voted to give mattis a waiver to serve as defense secretary, the first general asked to do so since harry truman asked general george s marshall to serve. three democrats on the armed services committee voted agains against. bret. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. if you thought the official government angst over the handling of the hillary clinton email scandal was over, think
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again. the justice department inspector general is launching a new effort to find out exactly what happened and how it may have effected the election. catherine herridge is live in washington with details. good evening. >> thank you. the justice department independent watchdog the office of the inspector general is investigating whether fbi director james comey broke the rules when he sent a letter to congress 11 days before the election. there is a long-standing policy against taking action that might influence voters. director comey notified that he was reopening the clinton email case after a separate investigation found clinton's emails on anthony weiner's computer. the inspector general is also investigating comey's statement after clinton's interview without notifying his chain of command. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling
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of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> the investigation is exploring whether the fbi.cutie director should recuse himself from the clinton email case after his wife received about a million dollars for a state senate race from democrats. last fall, the fbi said an internal review had cleared mccabe of any -- investigating whether a longtime friend of clinton's campaign manager also broke the rules. document suggest the clinton campaign was tipped off. there is no indication that the inspector general were look into the meeting with bill clinton. the meeting was a catalyst for lynch's decision to rely on the fbi director's recommendation because it created the appearance of a conflict of
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interest. lynch insisted the conversation was not work-related. >> the former president indicated they want to say hello and i agreed agree to say hell. we had a social conversation. nothing of any relationship to the email investigation was discussed. nor were any specific cases or matters before the department of justice discussed. >> fbi director said in a statement tonight that he is "grateful the investigations going forward and he hopes the findings will eventually be public." >> bret: thank you. let's get some perspective on the new investigation into the handling of the clinton scandal and the confirmation hearing for general mattis. joining me from washington, charles krauthammer and jack keane. charles, let's start with the new investigation. i heard some former clinton campaign officials saying they were welcoming this investigation, especially on the fact in the handling of the
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reports by jim comey, the fbi director. there were others who were welcoming this about what catherine talked about, the other aspects of this investigation. >> i don't want to impute a general conspiracy but it looks as if the democrats, on their way out the door, are trying to leave behind as many landmines as they can to at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the trump victory. all of a sudden, as we have seen, they've gotten interested in russian cyber warfare, which the administration appeared to be extremely nonchalant about until they lost the november election. in our going to have new investigations, meaning days and days of headlines about the other thing that democrats attribute their loss to, meaning comey's action with 11 days to go in which he reopened the
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investigation. many democrats think that's why they lost. now that would have faded into history. this is a way to say it's not going to, and it will remain there. i'm not sure this is the best way to ensure a good transition, one where you transfer not just the authority of office but the legitimacy. but that seems to be what the democrats want to do. >> bret: general, i want to turn to general mattis' confirmation hearing. take a listen to an exchange with senator reid. >> do you see that community being undercut or somehow ignored or selectively being
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listened to? do you feel you have an obligation to make us aware of this so that we can exercise our responsibilities? >> i will be completely transparent with this committee but i would not have taken this job if i didn't believe the president-elect would also be open to my input on this or any other matter. >> general keane, often talked about is a blunt speaker, straight forward. what's your assessment? >> i thought it couldn't have gone much better than it did. we've got a smart, tough guy appeared we all know that. he is also very thoughtful, deliberate, studious. he has got great compassion for people, soldiers, family member members. he's going to be an excellent secretary of defense. he speaks his mind, he spoke up about the russian existential threat. he knows for a fact that russian behavior must be confronted pray that's exactly what he's going to tell the president-elect. he also knows that iran has got to be contained in the middle east. exactly what he's going to tell the president-elect. he she will get unvarnished, god advice from the secretary of defense to be, mattis.
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when the president disagrees and makes another decision, mattis will give him 100% execution on that policy. >> bret: i heard you recently talk about afghanistan and your concerns about the caliban controlling more territory in that country now than they did in 2001. do you think that the trump administration will somehow change policy when it comes to the 8400 troops on the ground in afghanistan? >> i think when they take a harsh look at it, ice spoke on the subject -- i spoke on the subject. i told them this war is not winnable given current policies we have. the caliban control more territory than any time since 2001. they have the momentum. we do not. the afghan national army cannot keep up with a rate of casualties they have in the face of this thriving enemy, and the sanctuaries that pakistan is protecting for the afghan taliban in pakistan is absolutely outrageous. these are issues that the new
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administration will have to confront. i cannot see how our force levels could stay the same and certainly our policies also would have to change if we want a positive outcome of this war. >> bret: charles, turning back to russia. general mattis said russia's goal is to break up nato. what do you think of that? >> i think that was a very important inflection point in the current debate about russia. as of now, it's been an absurd debate, should we have good relations or bad in the abstract, as if that's something we determine on its own as an independent issue. the state of relations is not the objective of our foreign policy. the state of relation, the objective of the russians, as stated by mattis. their objective is to weaken the u.s., destroy nato, alter the balance of power, and particularly to abolish the cold
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war settlement that left them as a minor power. putin sees the world as a zero-sum game. the united states, everything he can do to diminish the u.s. increases the well-being of russia, as he sees it. that is the issue. how do we counter that? whether relations are good or bad will be a result of the policies that we take, but you don't say i want to have a good relationship and thus i'm going to do x, y, z. you say want to stop the russians, protect our national interests, and then we will see where relations stand. >> bret: charles, general keene, thank you very much. russia and hacking. we are talking about it a lot. it was a big focus and confirmation hearings for president-elect trump's pick not only for defense the pentagon but also to run the central intelligence agency. peter doocy is outside trump tower trump president-elect, who hastory.
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a problem with the intel community, is ready to install his own people atop spy agencies. deny we heard -- today we heard mike pompeo. say that issues in 2016 were black and white. >> this was an aggressive action taken by the senior leadership. >> that's a lot further than his boss went yesterday when he said he thinks russia's response will for hacking the dnc but mr. trump also thinks he can improve ties. >> i don't know that i'm going to get along with vladimir putin. i hope i do. but there's a good chance i won't. >> at trump tower, there's apparently no problem anytime a nominee expresses a different idea about russia from the president-elect break it's happened a few times now. >> he's not asking for clone spirit he's asking for evil to go out there and share it with him. >> last night, hours after labeling leaks about intel briefings disgraceful, the president-elect's phone rang. it was james clapper who said i
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expressed -- the president-elect writing about the riposte jerk a report that was illegally circulated. the network of -- still in the doghouse. "cnn is in the total meltdown with their fake news because their ratings are tanking since election and their credibility will soon be gone." amid growing pressure to stop real-life cyber threats, the transition team announced rudy giuliani will lead an effort to minimize cybersecurity problems. >> my belief is the answer to cyber security is going to be found in the private sector. that's where we have great creativity. >> the most mysterious part of today here at trump tower was when a far right french
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politician who has spoken favorably about mr. trump in the past and who may become the next french president was spotted at the food court. officials say it's a public building and they didn't meet with anybody from that transition staff. >> bret: live outside trump tower. here's a look at some of the other headlines. former attorney general eric holder will lead a democratic party effort to redraw the lines of state districting maps. democrats blame republican gerrymandering for the loss of local and state offices. holder says democrats have focused too much attention on the presidency and lost sight of the importance of winning local and state races. officials in california say more than 40% of that state has emerged from a drought that cover the entire state a year ago. a series of winter storms has filled lakes, overflowed rivers, and buried mountains and snow. more storms today have raised fears actually of mudslides in southern california.
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house speaker paul ryan says lawmakers are under no hard deadlines for coming up with an alternative to obamacare. ryan says he and president-elect trump are "incomplete sink on that effort." the effort began last night with procedural votes aimed at cutting off the biggest weapon senate democrats have, the filibuster. president obama may have less than two weeks left but the white house is making another big change for the administration is ending the wet foot-dry foot policy, granting residency to cubans who make it to the u.s. without a visa. a senior official says the u.s. and cuba has spent several months negotiating the change. including an agreement to accept those turned away by the u.s. that's a big story here in florida. a surprise today at the white house. >> joe, for your faith in your fellow americans, for your love
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of country, and for your lifetime of sermons that will endure through the generations. for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> bret: president obama awarded an emotional vice president joe biden the presidential medal of freedom today. for the first time, the first time in his administration, he did so with to stiction. it is the highest civilian honor he can give. the president lauded biden as an extorting man with an extra in her career in public service. still had the president-elect and twitter. today another tweet raises eyebrows, this time asking you to buy a specific brand of clothing. we will take a look. first we will hear from a democrat and republican on confirmation hearings.
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>> bret: back in washington, democrats remain wary of the incoming administration's ties to russia. here to talk about that and other topics, top democrat on the house intelligence committee, adam schiff prayed he joins us from washington. thanks for being here. i want to get your assessment of the confirmation hearings so far. what you've heard from the national security nominees for the president-elect about the issues you've been talking about. mainly you are concerned about their ties, potential ties, to russia. >> had a chance to watch only part of mike pompeo's testimony today. i thought his opening statement
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was excellent. i liked the fact that he didn't pull any punches when he was asked about russia's hacking of our democratic institutions. and his commitment especially to put politics aside. that he has a different role to play as director. i know he has the capability of doing the job well. it will require him to put the political, partisan side of him to the side of but i think he can do it and i was impressed with what i saw today. >> bret: senators were briefed, classified briefing. i think the house did too on what the intel community knows about the hacking around the election. here is senator bob corker. >> is pretty clear. having investigations about that don't seem to me maybe to bury a lot of fruit. these are for agencies who have done a lot of work. seems to me that what we might want to focus on any huge way is how we prevent these kind of things from happening.
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>> bret: for the people who say they democrats are really hitting this hard because they want to undermine the incoming trump administration or somehow make it a legitimate, how do you respond? speak of this is something that ought to concern all americans. we had a major adversarial power back into our institutions in an effort to influence the outcome of the election. i don't think that is something we can say okay, that is the past. we are going to move on. there's a lot we don't know about this. acknowledging or that it was intended to help them. what began as an intelligence gathering operation by the russians became something quite different, something we've never seen her before. there is a lot more than i think we need to learn about this. after 9/11, we knew al-qaeda was responsible but there was more to learn and it was appropriate to form an independent commission. i think an intermittent look at
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this is warranted. >> bret: you said a new made statements about present electronic somehow denigrating the intelligence community. the national intelligence director called the president-elect. he said this. james clapper. "i express my profound dismay at what's bennett appearing in the press. corrosive and damaging to our national security. i emphasize this document is not a u.s. intelligence community product and i do not believe the leaks came within the ic. president-elect trump confirmed his appreciation for the men and women serving in the intelligence community and i assured him that the ic serves ready to stand and serve the american people and his administration." >> i think james clapper was right to make the statement that he did. the leaks are corrosive. i think he calls it out. i think it's also the case as we've seen on multiple
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occasions, the president-elect has denigrated the intelligence community, has called their integrity into question. has basically said he doesn't believe the intelligence on russian hacking, notwithstanding, that is the consensus view of the agencies. we have only seen the smallest concession. >> bret: what clapper said. >> the statement went as far as their conversation. you would have to be oblivious to the tweets over the last few weeks and the statements from donald trump that think he has been anything but disparaging of the men and women in the intelligence community. >> bret: he talks about the politicization of the leadership of the intelligence community, not the men and women who work inside intel protecting the nation every day, correct? >> bret: i think that is a distinction you are making. i don't think he's made the distinction. we have to go by the way he communicates which is through his twitter account, it has been i think devastating to the intelligence community. continuing, even in the face of the evidence of russian hacking
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to liken this to mistakes made over iraq. all of that is not directed at a few people. it is directed at the entire intelligence community. >> bret: let me wrap up with this big what's your biggest concern? national security wise right now heading into this new year and this new administration, the new congress. >> >> it's twofold. in terms of adversaries that i am concerned about the russian threat and the degree to which russia is propagating their authoritarian model all around the world. it's an assault on democratic institutions everywhere. obviously the threat of terror, the threat from iran and isis are also very significant and something has to be a core focus of ours as well as north korea. more broadly than that, and with respect to the fight between the president-elect and the intelligence community, i remain concerned that he will ignore the scoop from the intelligence community when it doesn't suit his interests. that has been what we've seen in
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the last few weeks. if that continues as president, it will be damaging to our national security. if you want to be clear, you have heard some encouraging things from some of the nominees testifying. >> i have. i like general mattis a great deal. i think mike pompeo is a capable, bright guy. i think general kelly is also a very capable guy. there are others in the cabinet that worry me a great deal and i have a lot less confidence in. but i think there are some adults in the room and some sober voices. >> bret: congressman schiff, we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. >> bret: let's hear from the other side of the aisle, chairman of the house homeland security committee, mike mccall. mr. chairman, you heard that for your reaction. >> well, i watched the testimony of mike pompeo. i think trump has a very strong national security team, and my
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judgment. >> general mattis is one of the most respected we have. general kelly, i've known for years. he has briefed me on the threats in the western hemisphere. when he was head of south con and the threats coming across the mexican border. i think he is going to be a strong leader i can work with here in congress. mike pompeo and i have traveled overseas to the middle east and northern africa. i can't think of a better qualified guy in the intelligence community saying, that conserving the cia to take the politics out of the agency. restore confidence about the new president has confidence in the cia. >> bret: mr. chairman, take a listen to senator mccain questioning congressman pompeo today. >> a long, long list of offenses
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in cyber that vladimir putin and the russians have basically compromised our national security. what do you think it takes to deter him? >> i can tell you it's going to require an incredibly robust american response, a response that is security related. we have to get better at defending against these. >> bret: is there distance between what some of these nominees are staying in testimony and with the president-elect been saying? >> i had the opportunity to debate president trump. we talked about the threat from russia. i think he understands that. he understands that mr. putin is not our friend. i agree with mike pompeo that we need to have a consequence to these actions. i got briefed on the cyber threat from russia months ago. in the classified setting. and then later in a nonclassified setting. i warned the administration that they should call russia out for
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what they are doing and that there needed to be consequences to their bad behavior. i think that was not heated, that advice. i would give that same advice to that administration coming in. there need to be consequences to what russia is doing both in the cyber world to our elections which could impact our next election cycle but also espionage, cyber warfare and the theft of intellectual property which we see every day. senator mccain has introduced a bill to introduce sanctions against russia. i am looking at introducing a companion bill here in the hous house. >> bret: i will ask the same question that i asked congressman schiff. knowing what you know, what's your biggest concern i national security or homeland security? >> i think, again, the radical islamist terror threat is still
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very real. it's global. it has reached, because of the internet, the ability to get into the homeland. remains a big concern of mine, securing the border to get them out in the united states. a weapon of mass discretion --n would be a tremendous concern. cyber is a big concern because of the things you can do with it as a weapon. in the cyber world, things can be shut down, like power grids, oil and gas systems, energy, water. and our elections obviously were impacted as well. >> bret: has that happened? >> well, russia basically shut down estonia. they have the capability to do this. they haven't done it. >> bret: in the u.s.? >> i believe they have the capability to do it, and the question is, how good are our
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defenses? i had a good discussion with general kelly about this issue as to how can we best defend the united states from a cyber attack from russia, china, espionage, iran in a destructive cyber warfare attack. it's a very real threat they can happen, and we need to be better prepared. >> bret: chairman mike mccaul in washington. mr. chairman, thank you. the toughest questions, best answers, and the way forward perhaps on the president-elect cabinet nominees.
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>> watched three presidents commit themselves to new relationships with vladimir putin. all of them have been an abysmal
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failure. since y'all talk, we've had a long list of times we have tried to engage positively with russia. we have a short-list of successes. i think the most important thing is that we recognize the reality of what we deal with with mr. putin. we recognize he's trying to break the north atlantic alliance. >> bret: general james mattis on capitol hill. confirmation hearing. this is continuing, the questions about russia. we're going to jog about the new investigation by the inspector general at the department of justice into the hillary clinton email scandal. jonah goldberg, senior editor at national review. mara liasson, national correspondent at public publicc radio. >> i think that for a lot of nervous republicans and freaked out allies, today was the single best day of the trump transition
1:37 am
because of mattis for it he made a ringing defense of the nato alliance because he clearly said russia is trying to undermine it. and this is something that we haven't heard from the president-elect. he has suggested that maybe nato was obsolete. he has said nothing but praiseworthy things about vladimir putin. this was a really, really important day. >> bret: a combing day? >> i think that's exactly right. for people who are nervous about a lot of the rhetoric that comes from president trump, this kind of stuff from mattis and from pompeo and tillerson as well. it's reassuring. maybe it is setting up a good cop, bad cop relationship board donald trump goes the extra mile to mend fences, mend relations while these guys are the bad cops who want to keep policy where it is and follow a policy of trust but verify. we will see how it plays out.
1:38 am
it's interesting the disconnect in the rhetoric between the president and the top national security team. >> bret: i want to play another sound bite, something we didn't cover earlier, in this b-17 hearing. it's about women in the military and gays in the military. >> we have to stay focused on a military that is so lethal that on the battlefield it will be the enemy's longest day and worse day. military service is a touchdown for patriots, whatever stripe. >> do you believe allowing lgbt americans to serve in the military or women in combat is undermining? >> i have never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with. >> bret: charlie. a sticker i thought that was a great answer. he completely sidestepped the political correctness, all the policy debates, the cultural wars everyone wants to get into around here, and just simply
1:39 am
talked about, in a strategic way, what his job is and what he wants to do. as long, and i think he's probably right, as long as they keep that argument right there focused on the strategy of making the military as lethal as possible and as efficient as possible, then you can sidestep those other arguments. it's a pretty smart thing. the other thing that a lot of people are trying to find, this daylight between trump and mattis and they think it's a weakness. don't think it's a weakness. it is a good cop, bad cop type situation. i think it strengthens both men that they are able to openly have these disagreements and still agreed to work together towards a common goal. >> bret: i want to turn to this investigation, the doj, inspector general. here is the former press secretary of the hillary clinton
1:40 am
campaign. >> i would expect it would entail interviews of officials of the highest levels, including talking to jim call me and asking him directly how he would justify the deviations from doj protocol that traditionally barn his position from talking openly about a case as he did on multiple occasions and from intruding on the election schedule, as he did by sending that letter. i would expect for that matter that they would interview the attorney general. >> bret: you would suspect, perhaps, that there is another take from a republican, chuck grassley, it's good to hear that the inspector general agreed to my requests and looked at concerns i raised throughout the investigation. absent is any specific reference to the general secretary's failure to recuse herself from the probe.
1:41 am
>> that makes sense. jim comey would have never done what he did if loretta lynch and bill clinton hadn't matt on the tarmac. once they did, loretta lynch had to recuse yourself from the decision-making about the investigation that jim comey was conducting. >> if democrats say that the election was lost because of what jim comey did -- >> i think you have to put loretta lynch and bill clinton up there too. when the democrats form a circular firing squad and look for villains and who to blame, there's a lot of people to blame. you have vladimir putin and james call me on that list but you can't leave loretta lynch and bill clinton off that list. states >> bret: you also can't leave hillary clinton. >> sure. she's the bottom line. >> bret: looking at the -- how
1:42 am
bitter he is about this. the simple fact is if hillary clinton hadn't set up the server, hadn't done the things she done, it wouldn't have warranted an investigation in the first place. i understand why democrats are bitter about all of this. but at the same time, the media seems to be leaving out the fact that there are unpleasant aspects to this investigation for democrats as well because, as the report you had earlier, the behavior can cut both ways. who knows what we will find out. i am in favor of finding out everything we can find out. >> one of the things that i don't really understand is, no matter whether you liked the first comey announcement or the second, both of them were in response to the loretta lynch, her unfortunate meeting with clinton on the tarmac. the second question is, is to what end is all of this?
1:43 am
i don't understand it. they're not going to get anything out of it except to undermine donald trump and his presidency. >> unless he also looks at the way he handled the allegations that there was some kind of contact between the trump campaign and the russians. that's another thing that jim comey was looking at. >> bret: will follow the inspector general's investigation and whatever comes out of the doj. next up, another controversial tweet from president-elect trump. we will have the latest and reaction.
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♪ >> bret: a lo moon overlake
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seven or at the villages. a gorgeous night. president-elect donald trump wants you to buy products from l.l. bean. that ringing endorsement came naturally on twitter and in defense of a company executive whose open support of him aroused the ire of the progressive left. it is just the latest example of the soon-to-be soon to be presg social media to communicate in an unorthodox way. chief chief oxygen correspondent james rosen is in the d.c. newsroom with on that. james. >> good evening. president-elect trump has used social media to rebuke certain companies, to nudge others to preserve american factory jobs. today's tweet appears to be the first time he has endorsed a specific product line other than the trump brand, of course. it calls into question whether he will continue such practices as the nation's chief executive. headquartered in maine, and known for its iconic waterproof duckbilled boots, l.l. bean came under attack from left-wing groups after "the associated
1:48 am
press" reported last week that linda bean, granddaughter of the company's founder and 1 of 10 members of its board of directors, personally donated beyond the legal limit to a pro trump political action committee and the pine tree state. a group called hashtag grab your wallet urged to boycott linda bean claim to the company actually experienced a slight uptick in sales. >> i never backed down. if i turn right and i do feel that they are bullies, that is all they are. a small kernel of hard-core bullies on the west coast in california trying to control what we do, what we buy matt, what we sell in maine. >> this morning, the president-elect tweeted thank you, linda bean. people will support you even more now, buy l.l. bean, shannon coulter, leader of the boycott group, shot back. hey, grab your wallet, you just officially got under the thin skin. good work. mr. trump's endorsement may cause some heartburn for
1:49 am
congressional republicans, who came down hard on president obama when he come as chief executive, enacting his stimulus program, advantage the renewable energy sector over the coal industry. >> we shouldn't be picking winners and losers in washington. we should be setting the conditions for economic growth so that the private sector can create jobs. washington is not good at picking winners and losers. >> let's not pick way winners and losers. let's let america's small business and entrepreneurs compete and grow on a level playing field. >> on facebook, l.l. bean's chairman said the company itself makes no political endorsements or contributions. and that its 50 owners and board members have come as individuals, supported a broad range of politicians. bret. >> bret: james, thank you. back with our panel, now. charlie, mara, and jonah. charlie, winners and losers or? >> i certainly agree that washington should not be picking winners and losers.
1:50 am
it is just terrific that the has discovered it is a bad idea for someone in the white house to pick winners and losers matter was with the federal government has always done. they do it through the tax code, subsidies. it is not of the federal government and the tax code. local governments do it, governments always do it. i think this is a new day in america when the left agrees that the government, we shouldn't have centralized picking winners and losers. i look forward, i hope they don't change their mind. >> bret: mara, i mean, obviously, the president-elect has been, he has supporters here, the president-elect has been tweeting out about different companies about carrier, ford, gm, and he has used his twitter feed, some would say, very effectively, others would say, where does ia good one sees in the white house. >> i think that's a good question. he has driven the stock price up-and-down of individual companies, not talking about industries, usually the winners and losers debate is centered on, green energy or goal. that is kind of different.
1:51 am
but i think it is an interesting question. i think this is picking winners and losers. this is using the bully pulpit and a whole new way to advantage individual companies, and this case, somebody who owns a company that supported him. i don't know where it goes. but i also think the boycott thing is pretty interesting. we have breitbart calling for a boycott of kellogg after kellogg decided not to advertise on them. people can spend their money however they want. but i do think it is a whole new day went when the president ofe united states decides to champion individual companies or criticize them. >> bret: jonah, is up one of these things, just get over it? >> well, i want to cut the baby in half year. i think that the stuff with tweeting about ford and carrier and boeing, that is actually, i think i'm a quite bad. i think that is selling out companies, terrifying companies, threatening them with low stock price, even when you to each stuff that is not true.
1:52 am
i think it is a bad way to go. i see this as different. i think mara is right, the boycott against l.l. bean was stupid. it's an example of the left trying to politicize everything. i don't blame donald trump for wanting to throw some support to l.l. bean to this lady forgetting his back. at the same time, the problem with this, i don't blame drum. this is a counterpunch kind of thing, it wasn't really about some larger economic philosophy, it was him coming to the aid of someone who is being bullied. the problem is, this is just now going to exacerbate a bad trend in our politics already, which is to politicize everything, the food we eat has a political message, that the clothes we wear have a political message. one of the reasons why am i conservative, i think it's it d of his arm as if supposed to be a partial part of life. i think this is the kind of thing that we will see more and more of, the polarization gets down into the kind of cereal you
1:53 am
eat. >> bret: charlie, the same question i asked mara about the twitter feed into the oval office. does it take on a different, does it take on a different use there from then president trump on january 20th? >> obviously, yeah, it is different because he is going to be president. he is going to be the most powerful man in the world. i don't think he's going to give up the thing. i think he is going to continue to use it. i don't know that that is necessarily a bad thing. it is just kind of the way people communicate nowadays. he is very effective at it. >> bret: but if you are the american company, charlie, if you are the american boot company that was not on tv talking about the progressive left, and you are competing against l.l. bean, shouldn't you get a shot at the twitter accounts? >> it is not pretty. like i said, i don't like the idea of anybody in government picking winners and losers. but i do think it is sort of amazing that all of that all of a sudden, donald trump does it
1:54 am
and everybody, suddenly, everybody sees that it is him picking winners and losers, when the government has been doing this forever. politicians have done us forever. at all levels. i just think it is terrible. i think if the left is really serious and we want to stop it, i think it is great. let's start with the tax code. >> bret: so, mara, is the bottom line that donald trump, as president-elect, is just frustrating all of washington, they can't figure him out, he is doing things that they are just so upset about, but in the end, he is kind of getting the attention and probably is going to get a lot done? >> well, he is getting the attention. rather get a lot done, we will find out. i disagree with charlie. have we had other presidents tell people to support individual companies? i don't think so. they generally talk about industries. i think there is this whole donald trump has flummoxed the washington establishment, their
1:55 am
heads are exploding, doing all these things and nobody's ever done before. that is true. but i think it remains to be seen what he actually will do and will accomplish. as he takes office, and becomes part of a hole, big system, we heard today in the confirmation hearing. not all of his appointees agree with his foreign policy. we are going to hear it, we hear it from capitol hill, not all of them agree on what he wants to do about obamacare or at least the timing. i think we will have reality television without the television pretty soon. and then, we'll find out if he's merely just kind of flummoxed thing people and putting on a wild show every day or if he really is going to get a lot done. >> bret: jonah. >> yeah, i think part of the problem is we are all getting distracted by the issue of twitter itself. the question isn't whether or not he uses his mode of communication. the question is, how impulsive is he. we now know that he sees things on tv and he runs to twitter and tweet about it. it is fine when he is a civilian
1:56 am
but when you're president of united states and you are impulsively giving instant reaction to something that you see on "fox & friends" or "morning joe," it has huge repercussions. you can see, i wrote a column about this recently, you can see how people in his administration may end up putting in a serious, hard work to create, to move new policies that are going to get a lot of controversy. you can see how donald trump would see the instant bad headlines, the way he did with the office of congressional ethics, and have been instant reaction that is contrary to what his own administration wants to do. i have no problem with him using twitter. i have no problem with fdr using the radio. the question is, is this something that is going to allow him to sort of translate his impulsiveness instantaneously all around the world without a filter? i think that is something that is going to vex communications in the white house. >> bret: sean spicer will have his hands full. who knows. they may figure it all out.
1:57 am
jonah, mara, charlie, thank you very much. that does it for our number one of "special report." we continue from the villages in florida with a look at the republicans taking the first step to repealing [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette.
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1:59 am
hearings as the candidates even impress the democrats. how clear is confirmation, we will take you inside hearings. >> a middle school canceling bible study, but this time it had nothing to do with religion, the fight on this one all over doughnuts. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> all right, we have made it. it is friday. we are still celebrating yet pretty much the weekend, good morning to all of you, you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning, i'm amy huntsman. >> thank you for starting your day was. right now to fox news alert. a mysterious white powder
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forcing a plane to make emergency landing. three alaskan crew members all getting sick. >> the powder blowing through the air vents 30,000 feet in the air, forced to land. the substance turned out to be left over deicing fluid. six crew members were able to take off a short time later. deseparate search for answers. a mother and six children and 9-month-old boy not making it out alive. mother of three kids that did escape in critical condition at this hour. investigator diggings through the rebel trying to dete


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