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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 13, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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donald trump. >> we'll be here monday and tuesday and wednesday morning here. >> it's friday. >> have a great weekend. >> after the inauguration the super bowl. that's football. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bill: good morning. a fox news alert. critics call it a political witch hunt. f.b.i. is said to be under investigation. the justice department examining the f.b.i. director james comey. it wants to know how and why he handled this hillary clinton email investigation in the final days before the election. when will it end? good morning, on friday. special day today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> martha: i'm martha maccallum. president-elect donald trump we acting to the news with a twitter tear of epic proportion. he says what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the f.b.i.? based on the information they had she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell, he writes. they were very nice to her.
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she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm, exclamation point. >> bill: big morning ahead. peter doocy reaction from mr. trump and the politics of this. we begin with catherine herridge in washington let's start with the reaction from the f.b.i. what do you have? >> the investigation's principle focus is f.b.i. director comey and whether he broke the rules when he sent the letters to congress. director comey notified congress he was reopening the clinton case after. the emails belonged to wiener's wife huma abadi. he said no reasonable prosecutor would take the case. on capitol hill comey said he acts independently.
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>> i hope i've demonstrated by now i'm tone deaf when it comes to politics and that's the way it should be. department official, a long time friend of john podesta broke the rules when the two men met socially during the investigation. leaked documents suggest he also tipped off the clinton campaign about email releases and congressional hearings. the press release from the inspector general makes no mention with lynch's meeting with bill clinton. it was the catalyst for lynch's decision to rely on the f.b.i. director's recommendation because a tarmac meeting created the appearance of a conflict. though lynch insisted to congress that conversation was
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not work-related. >> the former president indicated he wanted to say hello and i agreed to say hello and we had a social conversation. nothing of any relationship to the email investigation was discussed nor were any specific cases or matters before the department of justice discussed. >> asked if the i.g. is investigating that meeting a smokesman would not go beyond the public statement but left open that possibility. it is important for context the lynch/clinton meeting f.b.i. comey's supporters say it boxed him in and led to the events last summer. >> bill: thank you in washington >> martha: that's where it all began. let's get more on this and how the president-elect is reacting this morning. peter doocy live at trump tower. does the president-elect think the d. o.j. internal investigation could hurt him on all? >> not based on what he has been saying this morning.
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he thinks that looking beneath the surface is actually going to backfire on democrats trying to damage him. as the feds try to see if they did anything inappropriate with regard to the clinton email investigation the president-elect is asking this, quote, what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the f.b.i. based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm. that mirrors the point that transition officials have been making for the campaign gets further and further away and the inauguration gets closer and closer. they don't think mr. trump had help from any outside forces. they think they went on their own based on picking spots to campaign in in the final days better than the other side martha. >> martha: the drama goes on. more coming up this morning. in terms of the hearings that we've been watching throughout the course of this week is the president-elect concerned that some of these cabinet nominees
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are using very different language in some cases and stronger language in some cases when it comes to russia at these confirmation hearings? >> no. and we know they're watching here at trump tower as these cabinet nominees go before the senate committees trying to get confirmed to serve in the trump cabinet in the trump white house. but even as some of these nominees are warning about russia and explaining what they would do with their new power to protect the united states against russia the president-elect who says he hopes to improve ties said this this morning. all my cabinet nominees are looking good and doing a great job. i want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine and the way a transition official phrased it like this. he is not asking for clones. he asking for people to go out there because of their expertise to come in and share it with him. a president-elect says that his team is going to have a report about hacking or alleged hacking or interference within 90 days, martha. >> martha: look forward to that.
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peter, thank you. >> bill: the f.b.i. story came up with a question to the white house whether or not its fingerprints are all over this story. first you'll hear from josh earnest and charles krauthammer has his take. >> the white house is not involved in that decision. anything the inspector general investigates is something he will did based on their own view of the situation based on their own knowledge of the facts. >> it looks as if the democrats on their way out the door are trying to leave behind as many land mines as they can. >> don't step on one. chris, good morning to you. digital policy editor. you think comey welcomes this investigation in what sense? >> lord, yes. he needs this. the f.b.i. has not exactly been covered in glory for the past six months. republicans and democrats alike have both had moments, cause to say you're cooking the books
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and the reversal, the flip-flop on this was one of the most astonishing things i've ever seen. he needs clarity here and we remember the american public is well served by robust inspectors general that is how we found out things at the i.r.s. these offices go through. if i've ever seen a case where things looked like they were mixed up it's on this one. this probably makes sense. >> bill: what about krauthammer's point about leaving these land mines? do you agree with that and see that? if so, on this specific story, how big of a land mine could this be or not? >> we have to remember there are two categories here. what the inspector general does and all we can do is robust -- remember the obama administration tried to reign in inspectors general. we have to take him at his word trying to get to the bottom of this to find out exactly what happened. then there is the question about what democrats do with it and whether or not at the try
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to impute ill legitimacy onto donald trump's presidency by what the finding is. i understand why trump isn't happy and tweeting about it. he knows if the inspector general comes back to james comey screwed up and it was a big mess and that all this stuff democrats will say here is another reason why hillary clinton lost. but let me say this. and i think this is -- he won. nothing will make him unwin. a week from today he will take the oath of office. he will be the president of the united states. democrats are rolling around this thing like a dog in a dead deer. it's time, people, for a million reasons hillary clinton lost the election. it's over. >> bill: i think for a lot of people it will never be over. i think for a lot of people it will not be over until 2020. and i think as we head to washington next week to see you and our friends and colleagues at the bureau, that's what we'll find also. there will be people for as
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long as mr. trump is in the white house who will not view him as their president. we've seen that already, chris. >> uh-huh. and republicans did the same thing to barack obama and we're in a gross chapter of our national history where politics and partisanship overrides patriotism to a degree that is unacceptable for the health of the republic period. >> bill: have a good weekend. in a moment we'll talk to jason chaffetz. divided country to a degree, i think we would all agree on that. >> martha: an extraordinary amount of leadership to overcome some of the rancor. whether donald trump can do that is part of the job that lies ahead of him. lots more to come this morning as we talk about the repeal of obamacare expected to take another step toward completion. the house is expected to take up a bill to help republicans block democratic efforts to
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filibuster an obamacare vote. the senate passed this measure yesterday. president-elect trump tweeting about it saying this, quote. now it's on to the house. in a separate tweet he wrote this. tweet, tweet, tweet. the unaffordable care act will soon be history, says the future president. >> bill: we watch the twitter feed every morning at 6:30. watch the vote today in the house and see how many republican defectors they have. >> martha: a lexicon we never would have seen in old tapes from years ago. talking about twitter every two seconds but now the way we all communicate. get used to it. >> bill: in many ways it's donald trump versus the intelligence community. allegations that democrats are cheering the c.i.a. for taking on the incoming administration. we'll talk to the trump camp about that and reaction from both sides in a moment.
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>> martha: raising the flag in the nation's capitol for the men and women in blue. how the stars and stripes are honoring police officers in the face of this painting which has sparked an incredible controversy on the hill. >> bill: there is daylight between the president-elect trump and some of his nominees over issues like russia, vladimir putin, how they are not reading there the same page so far and what mr. trump has to say about that. ultimately, what does this mean for the incoming administration? first general james mattis from yesterday. >> i'm all for engagement but we have to recognize reality and what russia is up to and there is decreasing number of areas where we can engage co-op actively and an increasing number of areas where we'll have to confront russia.
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>> martha: the battle over a painting depicting some police officers as pigs has taken another turn on capitol hill today. a blue lives matter flag is now flying above this controversial artwork done by a student and entered into a competition. lacy clay, originally hung that painting after that competition. republicans have removed it several times. there has been a tug-of-war going on over it. the missouri congressman keeps putting it back up. >> bill: accusations of unpatriotic behavior on the part of some democrats. the democrats are hoping, some of them, the intel community
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does undermine the incoming administration before mr. trump takes office. this is what he said last night on tucker's program. >> democrats at this point, even liberals more or less openly calling for and cheering for the intervention of the c.i.a., intelligence community, the overall deep state hoping that because they failed to do so this unelected faction in washington will undermine and subvert and destroy the legitimacy of donald trump's presidency before he is even inaugurated. what you are seeing is quite dangerous. there really is open warfare. >> bill: is that true? dennis ross, congressman out of florida, member of the trump transition team. how are you and good morning? a strong charge. if it is true it's very dangerous. you live in that town, you work there. is it true? >> well, i'm sure they're trying to do everything they can to disrupt and distract the legitimacy of this president. let's go back to october 18th
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when this president, president bam yo told donald trump there was nothing about this russian hacking. quit whining, go out and get votes. now we're here. joe biden, vice president joe biden put it well last friday when the democrats tried to disrupt the counting of the electoral college when he said it's over. every atem, including attacking the a*r intelligence community will try to delegitimize donald trump's presidency. we don't need to politicize our intelligence community. thank god we have good people going in those new directorships and it pains me to see this but i understand the political nature. >> bill: again, do you think this is -- is this legitimate the point that green wall makes there? >> on behalf of some democrats, on behalf of some of those on the left they probably firmly believe that that's the case. i don't think so. and i hate -- i guess i don't want to believe it, bill. i have so much hope and promise
6:18 am
for the future of our country and this new president. the things they attacked. the intelligence community to say that now the intelligence community was implicit in these elections is stretching it. even podesta tried to influence the electors. patrick kennedy tried to get the c.i.a. to wipe the server of hillary clinton. you know, this is a practice that's been going on, nobody knows better than this current administration whether they can influence it that way. if there is truth to it, we need to resolve it. >> bill: green wall believes an incoming trump administration being aggressive with the intelligence community are the threat to the c.i.a.'s control over decision making. is there truth to that, sir? >> i would say no. my good friend, mike pompeo is about as high integrity as a
6:19 am
public servant we'll see. top of his class. a successful small businessman. he will clean house in the c.i.a. this president-elect didn't look for yes men. we saw that yesterday in the confirmation hearings of general mattis and mike pompeo and rex tillerson. they'll bring the intelligence community back together so we can be the dominant powers throughout the world. >> bill: i appreciate what you are saying about your colleagues and their testimony this past week. does the president-elect have some sort of responsibility to change this tone as welcome january 20th? >> absolutely. look at where we are. it's all as a result of leadership. a try leader will unify. you saw trump on election night begin unifying this country. we have a week to go. i think you'll see a unified and optimistic and successful
6:20 am
and flourishing country like we've never seen over the last eight years begin to develop on january 21st. >> bill: one week away. 20 minutes past the hour. thank you, sir. >> martha: a major ice storm is heading for the midwestern states today and the effects will continue into this weekend. road crews are having a tough time preparing for this freezing rain and sleet but everybody is clearing out the shelves of the grocery store. that's it. >> bill: the co-owner of l.l. bean dodging criticism for her support of the trump campaign. the president-elect responding to that criticism on twitter. that's next. >> definitely a double standard and both these guys won, obama won and trump won. my cousin's candidate, my candidate. but i'm the one that is being targeted and vilified and asked to be taken off the board.
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>> bill: the midwest bracing for the potential for a serious ice storm that could cause major power outages and dangerous road conditions from texas and the south all the way to my beloved ohio. national weather service said the weight of the ice could bring down trees and power lines. the rain comes first and they expect it to continue throughout the weekend. look out. >> i never back down. if i feel i'm right. i do feel that they're bullies. that's all they are. hard core bullies on the west coast in california trying to control what we do, buy and sell in maine. >> martha: don't mess with folks with maine. the co-owner of l.l. bean responding to criticism for her political support for vice
6:25 am
president donald trump. she donated thousands of dollars to a pac called making maine great again. thank you linda bean. people will support you even more now, buy l.l. bean. wondering how much impact that has on their bottom line. now maria is from fox news network. good morning to you. fascinating. you can't blame him. it is a natural reaction to want to support her for supporting him. does it have an impact? >> first of all i'll say this. i saw a huge impact on my twitter feed. as soon as we had linda bean on yesterday all of my viewers on the fox business network started tweeting saying i'm going to buy l.l. bean stuff. i called to get the catalog. there was a huge reaction from viewers who saw her as somebody
6:26 am
who they wanted to support. then donald trump comes out with the tweet. those followers got behind him. however people who said to him wait a second, that's not right. you are supporting somebody who is part of a super pac, you aren't supposed to be doing that. he got criticized. certainly look, she is somebody who is allowed to get behind a political person and she is the granddaughter, not even working at l.l. bean. she is just on the board. it is a little outrageous there is this boycott developing. >> martha: the bean family in the past has supported democrat candidates and they weren't punished for that by gopsers who wanted the stuff to get at l.l. bean. >> her uncle supported obama. he won and trump won. so what? we support winners. you hate when politics gets involved in this stuff. >> martha: what about the impact and him inserting himself in business? that's what's happening with
6:27 am
the auto companies and l.l. bean. the lands end folk are thinking what about us? >> all i can say to that is right now he is not president. this is the lead-up. >> martha: do you think he will change when he is president? >> i think somebody has to be telling him you can't take a side when you are the president of the entire country. so we'll see if that changes. >> martha: good luck to that person. >> good luck. you would think he would not change from what we've seen already. i find it hard to believe if he doesn't dial it back a little. when talking about individual companies. because you don't want the president of the united states talking -- calling out individual companies and moving their stock. l.l. bean is a private company. >> martha: that makes a difference. in terms of george soros that he loss a billion dollars trying to short sell a trump victory. >> he and others said if trump wins it's the end of the world and the market will sell off. this is a classic story where one's politics gets in the way
6:28 am
of fundamentals. had soros studied the economic plan that trump is talking about. cutting taxes that would have been obvious it will move the stock market, right? earnings. he let his politics get in the way. >> martha: do you think he made an emotional bet? >> i do. >> martha: that's striking. the bottom line would be the most important thing for him. when you have billions and billions if you lose one it's not a big deal. >> the bottom line is emotion does drive investing a lot. it happened when he made the huge bet with the british pound, remember that so many years ago and he made a billion on that. he allowed emotions to get the best of him and lost a billion dollars. he has a lot more billions left. >> martha: his old pal made the opposite bet and made a billion dollars. that will be interesting chatter over dinner. >> congratulations. i can't wait to watch you at 7:00 monday night. we'll miss you here, though.
6:29 am
>> martha: i know, i'll be back. >> bill: 18 minutes past the hour. i was going the say that in a little bit. in minutes we should learn the results of a year-long investigation, one of the largest police forces in america. the death of a 17-year-old african-american received national attention so what is at stake today? we'll take you live to chicago. >> martha: vladimir putin and russia coming up again and again in the confirmation hearings. the biggest topic that has been pervasive here. some nominees taking a different tone than donald trump, the president-elect. what does that mean? >> i think it's under the biggest attack since world war ii, sir, and that's from russia, terrorist groups and with what china is doing in the south china sea. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> martha: the department of justice getting ready to announce the results of a
6:33 am
year-long investigation into the chicago police department. the inquiry coming after a video showed a white police officer shooting and killing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald in chicago. the video's release led to dozens of protests and ultimately to the removal of the city's police superintendent. mike tobin live from chicago with more on this. mike, what do we expect from this report today? >> early information, martha, is this report is going to find much like it did in baltimore and cleveland systematic fault with the chicago police department. this follows the videotape shooting of laquan mcdonald, a black young man shot by a white police officers. leaks suggest the investigation will find fault with the training of officers, officers unnecessarily escalate situations and investigation techniques especially when investigating other officers are biased and civil rights it will find are routinely
6:34 am
violated. following the pressure, there has been a flurry of federal probes closing at the end of the obama administration. the police superintendent fired says this is an example of the justice department blowing with political winds and targeting police. >> they will probably tell you they've done more civil rights investigations into police departments over the last eight years than any other time in united states history. >> what is not clear is the outcome. other cities have signed what is called a consent decree meaning they'll submit to the reforms recommended by the department of justice. chicago mayor emmanuel is yet to agree, a statement that they agree with the findings in the probe, martha. >> martha: so far in terms of the impact on policing we've talked about that here. what do we expect to come out of this and what are you seeing in chicago from your reporting, mike? >> one thing you can't ignore here is the sharp spike in
6:35 am
blood shed. 762 people killed this year. thousands of them were shot. gary mccarthyy said police are ham strung and afraid to make stops and in fear for their jobs if they stop people. he says this notion that the stops need to reflect the overall demographics of the city flies in the face of common sense and flies in the face of supreme court rulings that put the burden on the police officers' training and judgment. he says if most of the violence is occurring in the minority neighborhoods it stands to reason that the police trying to prevent that violence will stop mostly minorities. martha. >> martha: thank you very much. we'll have more on that coming up and we'll talk to the former police superintendent in chicago. in the meantime this week senate confirmation hearings showed several trump nominees appearing to diverge from the president elect on the topic of russia and the threat it poses. watch some of this. >> the most important thing is
6:36 am
that we recognize the reality of what we deal with with mr. putin and we recognize that he is trying to break the north atlantic alliance. >> i have no doubt that the discourse that has been taking place is something that vladimir putin would look at and say wow, that was among the objectives that i had to sew doubt among the american political community to suggest somehow that american democracy was not unique. >> russia will have much greater respect for our country when i'm leading it than when other people have led it. you will see that. russia will respect our country more. >> martha: very interesting. joining us now republican senator from oklahoma james langford, a member of the senate intel committee and senate homeland security committee. donald trump has been talking since the beginning of the campaign about a better relationship with russia and saying positive things overall
6:37 am
about vladimir putin. we heard very different things from mike pompeo and general mattis. >> i think we'll continue to. our relationship with russia is based on the old reagan term trust and verify. you'll remember during the obama administration they wanted the russian reset to say we need to be able to reengage with them. the obama administration reached out to iran and cuba. so it's not surprising for me to see trump reach out to russia and say this is not working well. the biggest issue that we face right now is the obama administration the trying to negotiate with russia from a position of weakness rather than from a position of strength. when we face russia we need to face them with a position of strength and to be able to say we don't expect you to ever mess with us and we want you to be able to leave us alone. we'll work with you when we can work with you otherwise you need to leave us alone. >> martha: as someone on the intel committee what do you make of the schism that exist now and the reporting that's
6:38 am
out there that the c.i.a. basically does not want to back anyone or anything that wants to enter into a more open dialogue with russia. they see russia as wanting to shore up assad, build their relationship with iran and they think it's extremely dangerous and may be trying to undercut the president-elect if that's what he has in mind. >> number one, c.i.a. is the greatest intel agency in the world bar none. tremendous men and women that came out again when mike pompeo was going through his confirmation hearing yesterday. mike will be a tremendous leader for the c.i.a. and has great respect for that. many of those individuals have strong opinions about what they see on the ground and what's happening. it was just this last summer that russians were beating up american diplomats as they were returning back into our embassy overnight. russia has not treated us like an ally or friend and they are not an ally or friend. they have a fairly weak economy now but putin is continuing to
6:39 am
push and say we want to be a player on the world stage. when the united states backed up out of syria, out of the middle east, russia was glad to be able to fill in the vacuum. >> martha: sounds like you side with the c.i.a. in this dispute that is apparent with donald trump. do you think he will come around to your way of thinking and the c.i.a.'s way of thinking if that's possible? >> i do. and i think the more he sees the information, the more he engages, the more history that he has with him, the more that everyone will see that putin is really a thug and a bully and he wants to be able to push out the advancement of russia around the world. i understand that. the problem is their way of thinking and life and their values diminishes human life, diminishes free speech and freedom of faith and violates the basic principles that we have as americans. >> martha: he is arguing the opening the relationship. past presidents have argued the same thing and could put us in
6:40 am
some cases on the same side. rex tillerson said sometimes your adversary can be your partner in certain ventures. do you disagree? >> i don't disagree with that. there are certain things we should be able to work with russia on but i would say we are always hesitant to be able to engage russia, they always has a secondary motive as well. but again we should try to work with every single nation in every way we can that benefits us and in ways that benefit us but the key thing is at this point we should continue to be skeptical of someone who is a murderous thug like putin is. >> martha: i want to play a little bit of mike pompeo and get your reaction. let's play him on the issue of enhanced interrogation techniques. >> would you comply? >> absolutely not. moreover, i can't imagine that i would be asked that by the president-elect or then president but i the
6:41 am
change that put the army field manual in place as a member of congress. i understand that law very quickly and am also deeply aware that any changes to that will come through congress. i'll always comply with the law. >> martha: we heard the president-elect on the campaign trail say look at what they're doing. drowning people in cages and burning people alive and we're worried about water boarding? >> so the real issue what is law is now. i would expect that c.i.a. and all entities and military and the president would honor the law on how we handle torture. the army field manual has a strict set of guidelines to do interrogation to uphold our american values. that's the law of the land and anticipate that would continue to be upheld. as mike pompeo said, who i think will be, by the way, a tremendous leader for the c.i.a. >> martha: thank you. i want to add in before we go donald trump has said with regard to the differences of opinion here that we're hearing in these hearings that he wants them, these cabinet members to
6:42 am
be themselves and express their own thoughts, not his. that is worth laying down there as well today. senator, thank you very much. good to see you, sir. >> bill: now we're learning the director of the f.b.i. is under the microscope on what critics called a politically-motivated investigation. what's it all about? we'll talk to jason chaffetz to get his take. >> martha: could be the beginning of the end for obamacare. the house starting a pivotal vote but first here is president-elect trump on this. >> it will be repeal and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments, you understand but we'll most likely be on the same day, same week, could be the same hour.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
the inspector general, the i.g. wants to know why and how james comey handled the whole hillary clinton email investigation in the final week of the campaign. jason chaffetz is here to talk to me about this. happy new year, thanks for coming back here. a week away from the inauguration and you get this story. why do you think it happened this way? >> i think it's the right thing to do. michael horowitz the inspector general for the department of justice will not only look at what happened at the f.b.i. but also at the department of justice. remember, there are still questions about why is it that loretta lynch, the attorney general, met with the spouse of somebody who is under an investigation? there is lots to look at there. there is a conflict of interest within the f.b.i. or people were taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in a political account. so there is a lot of questions that i think -- >> bill: there is a suggestion
6:47 am
as to why comey would take on these letters in the final eight days of the campaign. suggesting perhaps that that would play into democratic concerns that listen, should have stayed out and your decisions that you made publicly in the final eight days influenced the outcome, what is your view on that? >> well, i think hillary clinton lost for a variety of regions in large part because donald trump was a formidable opponent and candidate. it was a factor for a lot of people. when mr. comey testified before our committee in july and when he testified before the house judiciary committee he made promises and assurances that if they did open this investigation, and they were spending time, money and resources, they would let us know that. so he had a duty and an obligation to do that. now, the democrats are highly critical of that but he had a duty to do that. if he hadn't done it republicans would have been yelling and screaming you had a duty and made a promise under oath to tell us. >> bill: it is true that airport meeting in arizona once
6:48 am
it went public, that dragged a lot of people into the story. now the other story and you want the head of the office of government ethics to come and talk to you. now, this was a department that sent out a series of tweets, correct, in late november that was praising the decisions that donald trump was making about his businesses. now, why is this such a big deal from an agency that frankly we don't hear a lot about or from? >> we want to talk to them because they're up for reauthorization and the oversight committee has jurisdiction on that. we've been trying to talk to them. invited him to come in and meet with us. he refuses to meet with con fres. there is no other way to do it other than to force him to come in by doing these transcribed interviews. i wish he would have just voluntarily came in before the trump involvement came up. we had invited him in. if you go back into the campaign, he was also making some real statements and his
6:49 am
press person was making statements about hillary clinton and the foundations. they had not done an investigation yet and yet they were coming to conclusions. all i really ask, bill, all i really want is i want the person who heads up the office of government ethics to be ethical and right now i don't see that. i see him taking positions that he has not even looked at and seems to be in the spin room from the democratic side of the aisle. he is an obama donor and i have a lot of questions for him. >> bill: can you take away money, yes or no, from that part of government? >> congress as a whole will fund a department and agency through the appropriations. it's a small agency. less than 100 people. i have real questions about when they have private conversations. you go in to see the ethics officer you are there to get advice about how to structure something not to have him tweet and send out emails and other things in a very public way. that's unethical for the ethics person to do that. >> bill: let's squeeze in this
6:50 am
comment from joe biden. watch here. >> you will be a businessman. you don't do both. >> has he done enough, the office of government ethics, nonpartisan says what he did is meaningsless. >> i don't think he has done enough and he may sink in the swamp. if you drain it, you sink in it. >> bill: a quick comment on that. >> first of all to say it's not partisan. he is partisan and donated to the obama administration. there is that part of the question. the other thing is if you go look at the financial disclosures what donald trump is obligated to do is that which is encoded-in-law. to that extent it appears he has done that to do the financial disclosures. he is going above and beyond on all the other stuff. if he is violating the law somebody suggests what it is, he is doing what he is supposed to by law.
6:51 am
>> martha: called wet foot/dry foot. if a cuban immigrant gets on u.s. land they can stay. why such a change with the outgoing administration?
6:52 am
6:53 am
and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot...
6:54 am
when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. >> martha: president obama ending the so-called wet foot/dry foot policy that allows cubans who make to e it to u.s. soil to stay in the country legally. the move coming after months of negotiations with the cuban government which has praised the new measure. steve, why is this happening now so suddenly on the way out? >> you're right. this is a very sudden move with just one week to go left in the term. this was a 20-year policy. basically allowed cubans who made it to u.s. soil to stay here for a year and receive
6:55 am
permanent residency. that is suddenly over. there were concerns if the negotiations became public it could spark a mass exodus of cubans getting on rafts and risking their lives. nobody wanted but a lot of cubans saw it in the works once relations started to getber. we saw a spike in 2016 with 50,000 cubans coming to the u.s. >> martha: what will happen to the cubans returned to cuba? >> that's the big question mark and the real worry. the cuban government wanted this policy changed and said they will accept cubans who try to get to the u.s. without a visa back into cuba. what happens to them there? there are no guarantees. at this point human rights activists are worried and concern about what could happen on the island. >> we do not understand why this step has been taken in such an irresponsible way that could send waves of panic into cuba. >> so president obama already reversed a 50-year u.s. policy
6:56 am
towards cuba and now with one week left to go another big change in u.s. relations toward cuba. back to you. >> martha: it certainly is. thank you. >> bill: watchers in the u.s. house looking to clear a major hurdle in the path to repealing obamacare. lawmakers expected to vote on a provision that would block any chance of a democratic filibuster. however, some democrats -- rather some republicans might be having second thoughts. we're watching this debate on the floor of the house. we'll give you details and a live update at the top of the hour right here. >> two or three weeks begging us.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> martha: the fight to repeal obamacare moves to the house now and what some are calling the beginning of the end and so it goes this morning as we welcome you to hour two of america's newsroom. i'm martha maccallum. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning on this friday. the house is expected to vote today on the repeal of
7:00 am
obamacare. this after the senate approved a budget plan that allows them to strip out vital parts of the affordable care act without the threat of a democratic filibuster. watch the vote today and watch the movements. south dakota senator john thune saying republicans are determined to keep their promise with voters on this. >> you have a unity among the new administration, house leadership, senate leadership that we need to get this done. it's a promise we made to the american people. it starts with repealing obamacare and obviously replacing it with something much better. >> martha: key congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill. what are the expectations for this today? >> i've spoken to a number of house republican members across the conference saying they expect the vote about obamacare repeal to pass. some members in the republican ranks have expressed concern. they want to make sure there is a vote on replacement soon and some say there should be a new
7:01 am
system in place before the next election. paul ryan has spoken about replacing this controversial law. >> these are not doomsday scenarios, real life scenarios and we want to provide relief as soon as possible because this law is collapsing while we speak. working with the new administration and taking action is what we are going to do. >> president-elect trump is weighing in on twitter this morning saying the unaffordable care act will soon be history. today is a procedural vote. the goal is to have repeal of obamacare on the new president's desk by february 20th. >> martha: what are democrats saying about it, mike? >> they continue mocking republicans noting they've wanted to repeal obamacare for years but don't have a single clear-cut replacement just yet.
7:02 am
for example. >> there is no replacement. 64 times they voted to repeal the affordable care act and they still do not have a replacement. do not repeal the affordable care act. and show us the beef. show us the alternative. >> mitch mcconnell said repeal and replace of obamacare is not going to be easy but they are committed to keeping this promise to the american people. martha. >> martha: thank you, mike. >> bill: fox news alert we're learning that vice president joe biden and he and president obama were briefed on the dossier about trump and potential blackmail. that briefing happened clearly before this was made public. we are watching the story and we have a reporter live at the white house on the north lawn. when did the president and vice
7:03 am
president know about this, what are you learning? >> you might remember last thursday the intelligence chiefs came here to the white house to brief the president and the vice president about the details of the russian hacking of the election and the evidence they had. highly classified briefing. according to the vice president, during that briefing the discussion of this trump dossier that had been floating around washington for the past couple of months came up. quoting the vice president now. as a matter of fact, the president was like what does this have to do with anything biden said from an associated press report. he said intelligence leaders responded by saying, quote, well, we feel obligated to tell you, mr. president, because you may hear about it. we're going to tell him, referring to trump. now, this raises as many questions as it does answer them about what exactly the intel community thought of the report. multiple reports indicate that while the intel community had seen it, they had not been able
7:04 am
to confirm any parts of it. and as we know senator john mccain gave the dossier to the f.b.i. last year and the f.b.i. director reportedly briefed mr. trump on it in the past couple of days. >> bill: the intel community briefed senators today and the house today on russian hacking. will this come up possibly? >> it certainly could be. senators yesterday and the members of the house today who received these classified briefings can ask the briefers whatever they want to ask them. how much detail the briefers are willing to go into about the trump dossier, whether it's factual or not and when they had it is up to the briefers and the people who give the briefers rules for such things. they were set up to discuss as you pointed out the russian hacking. one senator, at least, says the evidence against russia is overwhelming. >> this was one of the most
7:05 am
clear, concise, specific, fact-based classified briefings. usually when you have a briefing like this it is muddled and the agencies are talking in language that doesn't communicate anything very specific. i don't think i've ever been in an intelligence briefing as clear. >> the senate majority leader has dismissed the idea of some kind of government commission set up to look at the russian hacking instead saying it will be left up to the individual committees to look at the russian hacking rather than any talk of looking at the alleged trump dossier. >> bill: strong comments from the senator. >> martha: new reaction from the president-elect this morning. mr. trump tweeting totally made up facts by sleaze bag political operatives both democrats and republicans. fake news, russia says nothing exists. and another one, probably released by intelligence, even knowing there is no proof and
7:06 am
never will be, my people will have a full report on the hacking within 90 days. so let's see what chris wallace thinks about this anchor of fox news sunday. good morning to you and your thoughts on the latest here. >> well, the most interesting part of that is that he is continuing his war of words with the intelligence community saying probably released by and in quotes the intelligence community. so he is saying -- look, it's a very controversial question in the first place why the intelligence community felt that it should brief the president and the president-elect on totally unverified information. research that this operative, a former british spy, intelligence agent had come up with, no confirmation, one, that any was true or even two, the kremlin had it. but the dossier to use a fancy word that was floating around and the question is why the intelligence community felt the need to brief mr. trump and
7:07 am
other people around washington with the real possibility as it turned out in the end the reality that it ended up getting leaked to the public. >> martha: you know, but do you put credence in the notion, chris, that enough people were aware of this that they felt they didn't want to leave either one of these sides, either the president or president-elect flat footed. they wanted to say we put it in fronts of you, it's unverified and around and deals with your relationship with russia and being compromised in some way you should take a look so you're aware of it. >> that's a legitimate argument. the counter argument, though, is that when you have a briefing -- this is a highly charged political briefing because of all the things that trump has said about the intelligence community. when you have that briefing and in that briefing you put this at them. there are a lot of back channel ways you could have gotten the information to president-elect trump. when you do that in the
7:08 am
briefing it almost begs the question or makes it inevitable that somebody is going to find out about it and report it and legitimate to report about it. it is news, not what was in the report which was unverified but the fact that the intelligence community briefed mr. trump about it and it will happen it will all come out. so it is almost like. >> martha: cnn said the news here is that this was included in the briefing. that's why it is news. do you agree with that? >> i do agree with that. i don't think what buzzfeed did where they actually put out this as trump called it crap because there is no indication anybody has been able to verify it and they've been trying for months. i don't think you should have done that. the fact that there was this dossier of research the kremlin allegedly had and the intelligence community thought it was worth telling mr. trump about it, i think that is news. what you have here, martha, is the intelligence community in effect putting out fake news, not the kremlin putting it out.
7:09 am
>> martha: i want to get your thoughts on one more thing. the "wall street journal" this morning is calling for the resignation of the f.b.i. director. basically saying that he has essentially ticked people off on both sides. his credibility has been hurt by that and whoever the next a.g. is, we assume it will be senator sessions, should ask for his resignation. what do you think about that? >> i don't think ticking people off is a problem. the real question here and this is what the inspector general will be investigating, is why james comey, the f.b.i. director, thought it was within his purview to hold this press conference in july where he announced i won't refer criminal charges but give a kind of political indictment of hillary clinton and then even more charged in october just 12 days before the election to send this message to congress saying we'll reopen the investigation because we found this information on anthony
7:10 am
wiener's laptop. usually the f.b.i. does whatever it does behind the scenes in silence and the justice department either takes action or doesn't. here was james comey basically telling the country through congress or through his press conference all along what his process was. that is against f.b.i. regulations and it really does raise questions about why james felt he had to do that. >> martha: he may feel he was nudged into it by attorney general lynch and the tarmac meeting. more to come on all that. strong words from the journal this morning. great to see you this morning and we won't miss fox news sunday this weekend. we never do. chris wallace will talk with mike pence and john brennan. a good lineup. >> good show, huh? >> bill: here is another good show. >> martha: premier of the first 100 days as we count down to inauguration day. the show will kick off monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel and i'll be
7:11 am
anchoring that 7:00 p.m. program on the east coast. the next 100 days. i'm spitting out the words because i feel so odd not to start every morning with bill hemmer who is my dearest friend and partner in everything we do here. that partnership never ends. he has asked for a trial separation of 100 days. the truth be known. wasn't to get rid of me for a little while. >> bill: judge has granted that temporary. you'll crush it as you always do and we wish you nothing but the best. it will be a fascinating time. >> martha: we'll see you in washington for the inauguration. >> bill: new progress in the fight to take down isis. a critical down. the tactical move that might change the course of this battle. we'll tell you about that in a moment. >> martha: new details this morning on the justice department's investigation into the chicago police which speaks to the broader national issue here. we will talk to the man who was superintendent in chicago during the shooting that sparked that probe.
7:12 am
>> bill: president obama blaming in part bad p.r. for the setbacks of his administration. what role did public opinion play in the president's ability to get things done. >> i have said this before but it is worth repeating because this is on me. part of the job description is also shaping public opinion. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
7:13 am
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7:15 am
>> martha: president obama is blaming the failures of his
7:16 am
administration on bad public relations not necessarily bad ideas, he says. mr. obama making those comments to 60 minutes where he also said his eight years in the white house were basically free from any major scandals. >> there were big stretches while governing where even though we were doing the right thing, we weren't able to mobilize public opinion firmly enough behind us to weaken the resolve of the republicans to stop opposing us or to cooperate with us. there were times during my presidency where i lost the p.r. battle. >> martha: what do we think about that? juan williams author of we the people. a fox news contributor, mercedes i'll give you the first crack at that. the communications department that should be feeling a bit thrown under the bus after that comment? >> not the communications department alone but the policy
7:17 am
department as well. i think when you look at this, martha, the fact that look at the messages that obama was sending out to the american people. it was not globalism. he spoke about the fact you can't stop globalism. when you are the coal miner in west virginia or lost your job in pennsylvania, they want to be talking about how you are bringing jobs back to america not giving everything up to a y. secondly, i think it's this idea of economic growth. where he talked about creating all these private jobs, sector jobs. with that being said it didn't trickle down to many of the communities in the battleground states especially. you take the case you still have 63 million people who are not participating in our labor force. i think that those are the -- some of the issues we can address. we can go to obamacare, if you like your health plan you can keep it. that didn't happen. i think it's one failure after the other. one disappointment after the other when it comes to obama.
7:18 am
not just simply the p.r. battle. >> martha: he thinks it's the messaging that was the problem, juan. and mercedes outlined a number of things that were underlying policy issues. healthcare alone, i think the impact of those november premium increases that came through before the election might be the most under-told story of why hillary clinton may have lost. >> i disagree, martha. i just think that this morning, for example, president-elect trump was tweeting, going after hillary clinton and the like and i thought this is effective communicating, like it or not. he has us and the media talking about what he is saying on his terms on his time frame. he is driving the news this friday morning. and i think with president obama let's look at some of the things that mercedes was talking about. when you break down obamacare, for example, now it's divided whether people want it repealed or not in the american mind. when you ask them about things
7:19 am
should insurance companies be required to cover people with pre-existing conditions, should it be the case we expand medicare for our seniors, americans say yes. you say that's obamacare. well, i'm not sure about that and i don't like it. i think that's a communication problem. >> martha: when your deductible will be so high you can't use your healthcare there is a different opinion. >> i think one of the problems president obama had, martha, was that he didn't listen -- i think oftentimes treated conservative opinion and conservative news sites with disdain. he thought he didn't have to engage in that way. just a few moments ago mercedes said this thing about jobs. i wanted to smack my head. you look at the stimulus, the stimulus not only produced jobs but a stimulus that now donald trump brags that he is coming in and he plans to build infrastructure. it's a different messaging. >> martha: i want to get to the other issue about the
7:20 am
scandal-free obama years. you want to weigh in on that? >> when you look at his foreign policy alone where you did see russia gain so much control in terms of areas like the middle east, areas for example in syria, iran. there is a vacuum of american leadership. this is an issue of the fact that what americans want to feel is a sense of exceptionalism. a unique honor of being american. you can say you're scandal-free administration but in the end it is a bigger picture of americans feeling a sense that he has created almost more division amongst ourselves instead of being able to let's focus on america and the exceptionalism of our nation. >> martha: he leaves office with a 56% approval number worth pointing out. it may be the rancor of the electoral period made the president look pretty good in some aspects regardless of how
7:21 am
some people felt about some of the policies. juan and mercedes, great to see you both. see you next time. >> bill: 20 minutes past. one week away from the swearing in ceremony of america's 45th president. they're getting ready in d.c. a major effort to keep everybody safe. is the nation's capitol be ready? they will be. will a replacement for obamacare be ready? here is paul ryan. >> we want more choices, no monopolies. that's what we want to replace it with and what we're working on right now. ♪ start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you.
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7:24 am
>> bill: we are seven days away from the inauguration. tens of thousands of the spectators and supporters along with some protestors getting
7:25 am
ready to descend on washington they'll be met by a massive security presence more than three dozen law enforcement agencies in attendance. got to keep it safe. sarah armstrong is the ceo for the inaugural committee. good morning to you. thank you for your time. let's buzz through a number of things here quickly. what is your biggest challenge right now, sarah? >> at first we thought it would be weather. thankfully it looks like a great day we're looking forward to having next week and so the challenge is making sure that all the people coming into washington, d.c. get to have a wonderful experience and i know that they will. >> bill: i hope the forecast stays the way it is for all of us. security, 3200 police officers, 8,000 national guard members, 5,000 active duty military. that's a lot. how do you think that's going? >> it's going great. we have the support from secret service and federal agencies doing a tremendous job. they have been planning this
7:26 am
for many, many months and so we feel very confident in their ability. >> bill: on that, we know it will be a strong police presence out there. how different is the security aspect this time from four years ago? or is it? >> we won't be any different. we expect the same amount of support from those forces and from the secret service. we have not experienced any change in their planning from four years ago and so we anticipate the same level of support with very little change. >> bill: what are you hearing about protestors? i read a piece this morning in politico that some of these hotels are dividing supporters on one side and protestors on the other and suggesting it is 50/50. sometimes the numbers are inflated. what is your sense right now one week out? >> well, we expect there will be protestors. there always are. we respect their right to freedom of speech. and so we hope that they can
7:27 am
join us and share their vision but also we look forward to sharing president-elect trump's vision and so we believe that it will be a great week and hopefully they will be a part of the celebration but also sharing their concerns and we're aware of that and respect that right. >> bill: it will be part of the story. big announcement earlier today about a concert thursday night. what is going on, sarah? >> it's the make america great again welcome celebration. the first public remarks from president-elect trump and we look forward to having him at this concert. it will be produced by emmy award-winning nominees and producers and designers. it will be tremendous. we have toby keith, jennifer holiday, three doors down and many other performances including our military bands. i think it will be a lot of fun for everybody to come down. >> bill: he will be there on thursday? >> he will be there thursday night. his first public appearance.
7:28 am
>> bill: we'll see you in washington thanks for coming on today. all week next week fox news will be in washington, d.c. in fact, we'll get there mid-week and all day long a week from day on january 20th. our coverage starts about midweek. come join us. it is an exciting time. >> martha: looking forward to it. we're looking at the floor of the house moving obamacare one step closer to replay. what would take the place ofist if anything. that's the big question. >> bill: if you want to tick off a town and take their football team some place else. we'll tell you where they're going and what the aftermath is. it only takes a second for an everyday item
7:29 am
to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> bill: this was a campaign promise that republicans say they will keep. watch the house floor today
7:32 am
ready to move on repealing obamacare. it could be tight with democrats opposed and some republicans worried about the lack of a replacement. so then how will this vote go? rachel, fox news contributor and leslie marshall as well, great to have you both today. good morning to you. rachel, there could be defections on behalf of republicans. that's where the story is today. what is your expectation? >> i think it will pass. maybe by a smaller margin but it is going to pass. and look, i think the democrats are trying to cause a lot of panic, make them feel like they have to have a replacement right away. they don't. there is time. the plans for 2018 have already been written. there is nothing they can do right now. there is an aircraft carrier that has to be shifted around. i think what the democrats are trying to do is get the republicans to make the same mistake they did which is with nancy pelosi when she said you have to pass the bill before
7:33 am
you can see what's in it. these guys want to get it right. they want to have a big conversation with the american people. and i think that they don't want to be pushed into doing something that screws this up. remember, one other thing, they also need to see the books. when tom price hopefully gets -- passes his confirmation hearing and gets in there republicans think these books have been cooked by the obama administration in terms of the solvency of obamacare. they need to look at this once he is in there and what they're dealing with. >> bill: they have a lot of issues. leslie, what is your expectation of the vote? >> i think that, you know, unfortunately rachel might be right but i think this is like throwing somebody out of a plane without a parachute. to her point if you really are going to look at what's best for the american people and if you want to have something you think is better than this, come up with that, then vote to replace it, to repeal it.
7:34 am
this is definitely not even putting the cart before the horse. like i said, throwing somebody out of a plane without a parachute. it's political suicide. >> bill: if you listened to paul ryan during the town hall it appears they're very sensitive to everything you are both saying. paul ryan said this watch, from cnn. >> we have to step in and rescue people from the collapse of this law. there are good objectives they sought to achieve in that law. we agree with that. young people should be able to stay on their parents' plan until they're 26. there needs to be a solution, which we have for people with pre-existing conditions. we want more choices, lower prices, more competition, no monopolies. that's what we want to replace it with and what we're working on now. >> bill: there you are, ladies. there is your evidence, rachel, about what paul ryan is trying to get in all this and we wait to see whether or not it happens. go. >> look, that's -- people are now getting used to some of the things that obamacare offered.
7:35 am
until you're 26. i think that's a little long in the tooth. i'm a mom. i hope my kids are on their own by then. but this may be a very clear strategy and moving slowly. part of it is getting tom price through the hearing process because 60 to 70% of this can be dismantled right there at hhs. they probably don't want to talk too much about that. some of it can be done through some of the tax code. this thing is going to be dismantled and they'll open this up to competition. this is what people wanted. the republicans won on repealing obamacare and one of the things barack obama did was to dis-- we'll see people have greater choices and move across state lines and see competition and they won't let themselves be forced into things the way the democrats did it and really soured the american people on obamacare.
7:36 am
>> bill: the unaffordable care act will soon be history is what donald trump tweeted earlier. how important is it for republicans to get democrats to vote with them in the end, what is your guess today as to how many votes they get from democrats? >> you are unfair. i'm not a numbers girl. you know what, bill, i would be wrong if i even guessed the numbers. i'm not good at guessing numbers. i don't go to vegas and i shouldn't. in the end what is going to happen here is what really this majority of americans want is not a repeal or replacement, they want a tweaking. they want to keep portions of the bill that they like and that's what it is. so there is a lot at play with semantics here. they may be fully repealing it but whatever they bring back they'll be keeping some of it. they just don't want to give the democrats or president obama credit for any of that. but the people that could suffer in the interim are lower income americans and that is a concern that i have as a
7:37 am
taxpayer and voter. >> bill: a big story coming up in the new administration. leslie, thank you, rachel, thanks to you as well there in wisconsin. appreciate it. >> martha: issuing a strong warning to israel following an air strike near a major military airport west of damascus. connor powell live from the mideast bureau with more on this today. >> the syrian military is saying that israel will quote face repercussions for the strikes overnight and that the israeli government is helping, quote, terrorists in the fight against assad, israeli officials are not commenting on these air strikes but it is believed that israel carried out multiple strikes at the military airport outside damascus overnight. the target appears to have been a weapon storage facility. the syrian mill temporary are saying four syrian soldiers were injured. during the last five years or so throughout the course of the syrian civil war israel has carried out similar strikes
7:38 am
targeting weapons storage facilities, the transfer of weapons. generally they've been sophisticated missile and rocket systems that the syrian government was alleged to have been trying to hand to groups like hezbollah. a lot of these weapons have been brought into syria by russia who has provided the assad regime these types of sophisticated surface to air and air to air missiles and the israelis don't want groups to get their hands on. it's likely we'll see many more air strikes as long as this syrian civil war is continuing. israel says it will continue to protect its borders and its citizens. >> martha: thank you very much. connor. >> bill: we are standing by live now for a news conference in chicago. chicago police, federal civil rights investigation launched about a year ago after the shooting of a black teenager by a white officer.
7:39 am
it captured national attention. in a moment the police superintendent who was fired in the aftermath. he will talk with us live. mom let me know she'd always be there for me. and she was.
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>> martha: we're back with a fox news alert. waiting for a news conference in a few minutes with attorney general loretta lynch on the justice department's investigation into the chicago police. ist is the latest investigation. they've investigated 25 police departments from the d. o.j. under president obama. launched a civil rights probe after the shooting of a black
7:43 am
teenager, a 17-year-old breaking into cars in a trucking parking lot one night in chicago. and that incident ended in his death. by a chicago police officer. so all of this is the report based on that. joining me now gary mccarthy, police superintendent at the time and he was dismissed after the shooting. welcome back to the show. good to have you here today. i know there is a lot of emotions involved in this case for you and obviously for the chicago police department. but based on what we've seen before in st. louis and elsewhere you are about to get upbraided by the doj. >> i think the results that we're about to see were pre-determined when they got here and i have no inside information regarding that. it is just we've seen it happen every other time that the doj goes to a city to conduct these investigations which really makes me question the
7:44 am
legitimacy of the entire process and there is a number of issues that need to be brought out. first of all, what's the rush? why does this have to get done in this administration except for some sort of political need to be fulfilled to cement somebody's legacy or something like that? it is more important to get it right and to do it properly you would have to interview people like myself. i was never interviewed if i'm the personal who implemented the policies and practices for the department. i would start my investigation by interviewing me. they never did. i think because my interview doesn't fit what they want to say. my biggest issue is the fact that for the city, the person who is the lead in working with doj to craft this report is the corporation counsel steve patton, if you look back it was
7:45 am
steve patton who orchestrated the attempted cover-up of the video of the mcdonald shooting giving the family $5 million with the caveat the video not be released. this is a clear conflict of interest in my mind. and the results of this report need to be questioned as far as the legitimacy of the process. not interviewing me. who has been involved in it? and whether or not those results were pre-determined. >> martha: i want to apologize for the competition from the siren we're getting behind you. do you think it's an effort to basically put rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago during a tremendous spike in homicides to put him in the best light here? >> nothing would surprise me at this point. having been involved in city government for 35 years, learning about politics sometimes the hard way here in chicago, nothing would surprise
7:46 am
me. it is obviously entirely -- not entirely political. if we have problems we need to fix them. i need to say that. but at the end of the day the politics is the strongest pull in this entire event. it has been the strongest pull in the entire last eight years where doj has proudly gone out and told you they've done 25 investigations into civil rights of police departments across the country. it really begs the question of in the last eight years have we gotten worse at violating people's civil rights? because the data says otherwise. complaints against officers are going down as crime has been going down. here we are with a 90% increase in the murder rate over the last two years in the city of chicago as a result of what's happening. >> martha: i know you believe because of the protests that happened and the climate that ensued after the death of laquan mcdonald police were put in a posture that made it tougher for them on the streets and we've seen interviews with people who live in the toughest
7:47 am
neighborhoods in chicago who are living in fear because the police are not -- are reluctant in some cases perhaps to step up because of what they've seen. i also want to make it very clear here officer jason van dyk is in the middle of a first degree murder proceeding. he will stand trial for first degree murder. do you believe that he was wrong in this case? >> i think that there is problems with the shooting. firing 16 rounds was the first thing that i thought was going to be incredibly difficult. he needs to articulate why he did what he did. i think it will be a big problem for him. the biggest thing, martha, i don't think police are afraid to do their job. i don't know if they know what their job is anymore. the supreme court says one thing and the doj is in conflict with what the supreme court says. what are they supposed to do? >> martha: when we see these rising crime rates you have to
7:48 am
ask yourself if the measures that are being taken are protecting the people in our cities. because that's the goal of law enforcement and that's the goal that the feds should have as well to keep people as safe as humanly possible. we know that's just not true in chicago. and your story is emblematic of part of the issue. always good to have you with us. >> bill: we await results from there in chicago. jenna lee is coming up on "happening now." >> new analysis on the hearings. president-elect trumps trump's picks getting good reviews and we have an interesting fact that bonds a few of those nominees together. it has nothing to do with government. we'll get into that. a brutal week for relations with the news media and new administration. our media panel and howard kurtz join us at the top of the hour. >> bill: we're in that thing around the arm there, right,
7:49 am
stop the bleeding. tough week. see you in 12 minutes, jenna. you want to give the chamber of commerce, allow their football team to leave town. there is a winner and a loser in their story. that's next. abdominal pain? bloating? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now.
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absolutely scottsdale. >> bill: now charges are no longer shocking the world of football. the chargers are moving out. 56 years in beautiful san diego. they'll move two hours north to l.a. and charger fans are not happy. can you blame them? nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> bill: the move comes because
7:53 am
why? >> dean spanos and the family have tried for 15 years to get a new stadium. the city and state government don't cooperate. public/private partnerships work very well. in california they don't. it's a difficult day for the fans because they've supported the team. they've been there for 56 years. it's a great place to see a game and certainly have a game played but the stadium is a disaster. no choice. >> bill: this is usually all about money, correct? >> yeah. this is not a great outcome for anybody. the fans lose in san diego. now he has to go to san diego, mr. spanos to go up to l.a. and be a tenant to stan and the rams. two teams there now. it's a crowded landscape. unfortunately this mayor in san diego, he really should be shot. he did a terrible job in terms of football fans, yes. >> bill: what would you have done? is there a tax provision? >> they wanted to tax people
7:54 am
who use the hotels. he went on the side of the hotels. now he said they will regret leaving but he did nothing for the team. relocation is very difficult. two teams in los angeles. it has been there before. really there should have been one team in los angeles. the fans that have -- the team with the most fans in los angeles is the raiders and they were not permitted to move. san diego started as the l.a. chargers in 1960. they're coming back after only a year. >> bill: last week you were with us and i said jim, who will be in the super bowl? now a week later i ask you jim -- >> saying somebody should be shot is wrong. that's a bad phrase to use for that mayor. i want to not say shot. but he should take the blame. >> bill: i fully appreciate and respect that. i took it as a rhetorical.
7:55 am
thank you for -- >> somebody out there won't. >> bill: i'm asking you has your mind change, who will be in the super bowl? >> i say new england and dallas. things change in a hurry in the national football leagues. >> they both play at home for the next two games. >> if they should win they'll both be at home. big advantage the bye week. >> bill: do we know how good the cowboys are? >> two rookies, a rookie quarterback has never won the super bowl as a quarterback. check my facts. we'll talk about it next week. >> bill: what did roethlisberger do in detroit when he was a rookie? the super bowl was in detroit that year against seattle. >> he was not a rookie. >> bill: first year? sure? i love challenging you.
7:56 am
they're googling me. >> my mind says no mind has never won the super bowl. i may be wrong but i don't think so. >> martha: i'll go with him on this one. the f.b.i. director james comey under the microscope now. the justice department inspector general launching an investigation. why now? that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. mom,on my car insurance of money by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money
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don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> so this is not a good-bye, this has been our valk, as richard nixon would succumb until we meet again, which we will, and i will see when washington next week, but i will miss waking up in being here with you every morning for the next few months, but i hope everybody will watch at 7:00 p.m., an exciting adventure, and we will see what happens. >> as i said earlier, you will crush it, and you will be fantastic, and it's really important time for us as a channel, and really is a country, as we watch these events unfold. >> it will be something else, and my friend, shannon bream, will be filling in, and we will look forward to having here her
8:00 am
hereto as well. >> it's only 100 days. >> i will see you soon. >> have a great weekend everybody. martha at 7:00 monday night, and shannon an i will be back on monday, same time. >> thanks everybody, have a great weekend. ♪ >> a new investigation puts fbi director james call me back into the headlines, welcome to "happening now," i'm jenna lee. >> the department of justice inspector general announcing a broad review of allegations of misconduct against james comay, and whether he and the justice department both followed or broke established protocols in the clinton email server case. so just as james comay has thrust the story back into the news days before the election, guess what, it's back again, exactly one week


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