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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 13, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> some breaking news, that went by very quickly, that is the end of the hour, but we will see you back here and one more hour. >> we will, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, with just one week to the hour before a new closet into sworn in, another political bombshell is engulfing washington. the department of justice is expected or general is announcing he will investigate the fbi director, james commies, handling of the probe into hillary clinton's youth's use of a private private email server. and as late october public letter about the case, which reignited the democratic nominees email controversy just days before the election emma he's going to look into that, too. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner, here today is meghan mccain, host of "after the bell" right next to me,
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melissa francis. also from fox business, dagen mcdowell. and today's hashtag #oneluckyguy, the host of "fox & friends," we welcome back to the couch, brian kilmeade, we say you are outnumbered, but mostly just loved. >> that is very nice, comedies speak for everyone on the couch? >> no, i don't. >> dagen lives next to me on the 17th floor upstairs, and everone else is going to work. >> dagen: you will tell no secrets about me in sweatpants and dirty t-shirts. >> brian: 's if that's what i have to do. >> harris: we have a very busy news day, so let's get started, and we will begin with a new controversy that is roiling washington as they say, fbi director james comey says he will cooperate fully with an investigation by the doj's watchdog into his action before the presidential election. at issue is whether director
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comey violated the established justice department protocols, and procedures, when he announced last july the fbi would not recommend charges against hillary clinton. and later, when he sent letters to members of congress that the investigation had been reopened, that have been just days before the presidential election. the announcement of that investigation is parking plenty of reaction from both sides today. for democrats, such as former clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon, this is welcome news. >> the deviations from the protocols at the fbi and the justice department were so glaring and egregious, i still think if the election had been held ten days earlier, prior to sending jim comey's letter, hillary clinton would be the 45th president of the united states. >> harris: but president-elect donald trump is exposing himself on social media, as he often does, taking the twitter to blast the investigation as more sour grapes. here's what he wrote. "what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the f.b.i. based on the information they
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had she should never.... have been allowed to run - guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states - no enthusiasm!" >> harris: meanwhile, syndicated columnist charles krauthammer believes democrats are trying to delegitimize the trump presidency even before it starts. >> it looks as if the democrats, on their way out the door, are trying to leave behind as many landmines as they can to at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the trump victory. >> harris: so leaving a landmine, a stinky pile of poo, or as democrats are saying, right on time? >> brian: i think charles krauthammer again is it right on the money. i'm being sarcastic, because he seems to always be, but think about what has taken place, remember right after the election everybody knows first it was the electoral systems bad, why are we still using it? the popular vote really is a
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people speaking out. then the recount, because jill stein knows everything and she ran such a strong campaign, she is making sure those blue states didn't really turn red, and they did. then fake news was the issue, then blame russia, that is still in play, no way find out that we have to reevaluate with james comey did. why was he in that impossible situation? because of what hillary clinton did. and he said this, and i don't know if you believe it, he said i am grateful to the department of justice ig for taking on this review, he is professional and independent. i don't know if you believe that or not, but on some level of james comey is as upstanding as ever but he says he is, he really says listen, if anyone of you think you could've done better, take a walk. >> harris: that is interesting, because that is slightly a different thing than what he sang. he's not saying if you could have done better, he sang take a look, it is an interesting question. >> melissa: i mean, i think is dangerous to conflate too many things. putting this together with the election, separated out, look at what he did. and a lot of people say he did violate protocol of the fbi. i don't know what that means, but i do know he is the shabby
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asked fbi director of all time. i mean right? when have you ever seen the fbi director come out and announce well, we are going to do that us and we are going to do that, and no we will do this, it just seems like all of that is really unnecessary, why is he so chatty? is he looking for coffee partners? what is the deal? >> why are the democrats so happy about this? >> i have never seen anything like this when it comes to the democrats complete and utter inability to take ownership of their failures. i have been a part of a losing campaign, and when you are part of that you have to reflect on what exactly went wrong, and allotment wrong with hillary clinton's campaign, and the idea that all of the blame is going to be placed on james comey i find absolutely absurd, that being said, james comey is so politicized, and you can find republicans and democrats everywhere who don't like him. i don't know why he continues to want this job. i think at this point the fbi is so politicized, we have leaks coming out everywhere of information that hasn't been confirmed, possibly doing detriment to donald trump and his presidency before he's been in office. i still stand by what i said yesterday that i think james comey should step down for it i think we need new blood, new
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leadership. he is so politicized, he is so controversial, and take it as nothing but bad things for the morale of the intelligence coming to do. >> harris: unfortunate for him though, dagen, that wouldn't quiet this investigation bridges before he's got to go. "the wall street journal" editorial page, following up on your thought, meghan, says that the incoming attorney general jeff sessions needs to ask him to resign, and if he won't resign the donald trump needs to fire him. he has the authority to do that, he lost the trust of the people in washington, the people of this entire country don't see him as an independent figure any longer, and during the summer, which republican was happy with the way that he handled the hillary clinton investigation? one reason he's been so chatty is because loretta lynch completely abdicated her responsibility as the attorney general meeting bill cle tarmac. but remember, he cut immunity deals with heather samuelson and sheryl mills, that were unnecessary, and then said oh, we will destroy your computers after the fact. so he mishandled the clinton
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investigation, and mishandled -- >> brian: will that be looked at as well? so it's a whole process, not just the october decision, and not just the july decision. >> harris: but you pose such an interesting question, and i want to put a finer point on it. who could have done better within his department, and why didn't that person get put in the position of looking at this? because clearly after july 5th, when he was vacillating and then came out and said, no way, no charges, clearly something needed to be looked at based on what we found out later in the summer. >> brian: the reason why he should not be fired, i think, is because everybody is mad at them. the republicans who are mad at them because he came out -- >> harris: are they mad because he didn't do his job well? you want to leave them in? >> brian: what part didn't he do well? was he wrong to see badly about hillary clinton's behavior and decisions, yet not indict? was he wrong to say we've got to reinvestigate because of the 150,000 emails we found on anthony weiner's lap, which i don't even like saying lap and
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anthony weiner, but -- [laughter] >> brian: so i'm just wondering, how could he be wrong on anything? >> can i interject a? i think all these leaks, i think affect you clearly have problem with security within your own administration, forget all the stuff with hillary clinton, at this very moment he could be doing harm to our president before he is actually inaugurated into office, and i could be very dangerous. i have real problems with these fake leaks that of come out, we talk about all week on the couch, and he's got some problems. >> brian: someone is leaking from cnn, we know that. >> what is even even wants a job anymore? he has been lambasted from every side, everything he does at this point is wrong, you are right, no one trust him any longer. and maybe it's not deserved, poor guy, but to me a break. >> i know they used some algorithms and some things to get through that, but it does beg the question since he basically came out to the same conclusion as he did on july 5th, why did he go through
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that gymnastics move? and was that political? and if it was, then why would he, in fact, want the job, why would anybody want them to keep it? >> brian: i will post it back, if you are james comey and you get word from a department that is already a little upset at you that i have agents here and we found, they are already pretty ticked off at you and now these agents a look, i just found a whole bunch of emails regarding huma abedin bringing stuff home to anthony weiner and we have to take a look at this. he takes a couple of days and says i'm going to tell you, there is reason to believe there's something here and i'm going to be transparent and tell you we are looking at it. so if donald trump loses, and we find out two weeks later that agents in september told him about these emails, then he looks like he's scandalous for suppressing the information. >> but i go back to how he handled the clinton investigation to begin with, where he makes an excuse saying, we are not going to indict her for gross negligence, but i'm going to call it something else. what did he call it? extreme recklessness? >> harris: he basically couched it.
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>> dagen: and then he interviewed her at the end of the investigation, which is -- >> brian: on holiday weekend for a couple of hours. >> he was just compounding the initial mistake where he did after come out and say listen, we are looking at this because agents brought it to us, but it was only because he was so chatty in the first place. if he hadn't had that first confessional with everyone, talking about the investigation and why he wasn't going to entiat, he wouldn't have had to come out again, so just zip it. >> harris: i want to go back to something that you brought up, the meeting on the tarmac with loretta lynch of the doj, and her regret now is that it went on longer than it should have, which rang bells in my head as well i guess it wasn't impromptu, then, it must have been on the calendar. >> dagen: whatever happened to mr. president, i'm not talking to you. but i think it was her lack of responsibility in the job as attorney general, where she is talking to the former president, when she knows that she should not. she never impaneled a grand jury on the matter to begin with, again, abdication of her job.
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a >> brian: but harris, if there was no loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac, there was no hillary clinton indictment. no reason to prosecute, republicans would have been outraged, we didn't even have the expo nation about what happened. but the chatty nest benefited u us. it also revealed his line of thinking. >> at the same time you have general petraeus stepping down from us less of a security breach than hillary clinton compromise with her emails, so little bit of hypocrisy going on with this as well. the cut and dry of this is a lack of trust at the fbi right now, across-the-board republicans and democrats, that is a serious problem for president trump, for all of americans, and he's a figurehead for controversy and democracy. >> harris: and look at the role of fbi as we find out we were hacked by russia. it's part of the nexium, if you will, of those agencies that will be trying to protect us, so our trust in the fbi and all of these agencies is paramount. >> dagen: he is the top cop,
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he is most have every person's back in this country, and i have struggled to name one person is as yet, he's got my back. yeah, he's not political. >> brian: but he was a same guy that took on the bush administration, who was trying to bully him into what he claims is signing something that john ashcroft was to incapacitated the sign. that's were they say yes, you must be a replicant how you vote, but you show me bipartisanship, that is how barack obama anointed him. >> dagen: his body pursued scooter libby, he pursued the investment banker vehemently, and he ultimately vindicated, so he has some questionable dealings in his past. >> brian: but you can't let them go now before the investigation moves forward. now if you say let them go -- >> harris: if he quits he quits. if he hands in his resignation, you can stop that. >> brian: but we need finality. >> harris: we need more "outnumbered," so we've got to go, but i'm glad you're here! >> brian: i'm glad i'm chatty, i hope i'm not too chatty for
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melissa. >> that's our job, not his job. >> harris: president-elect donald trump now is blaming his clinical opponents, both democrats and republicans, for the release of unverified claims that russia has come from rising information on him. he also had more to say about the intelligence community. the impact of all of this, and, with just a few days left in office, president obama now says one of his biggest failures was that he sometimes lost the p.r. battle. public relations in washington going down. but did the president really not sell his agenda well enough, or were the ideas themselves to blame? we will talk about it. hy you dr. hy you dr. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> on capitol hill earlier today, house members getting a classified briefing on russian hacking, this is president-elect donald trump is now blaming his political opponents in both parties for putting together the dossier of unverified claims that russia has compromising information on him. he tweeted, "it now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued.... totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both democrats and republicans - fake news! russia says nothing exists. probably... released by "intelligence" even knowing there is no proof, and
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never will be. my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!" meanwhile, vice president joe biden telling the ap that intel officials briefed president obama and him about the dossier, the vice president saying he was surprised it made it to the point where the fbi had to pursue it, and mr. biden says president obama also wondered what the report had to do with anything. so that stuck out to me the most, brian, that our own presidents had what does this president have to report have to do with anything? >> brian: it also shows me that joe biden said that when they both got that word, this seems like gossip, my indication was, why are you telling me this? it means to say that these briefings are so atypical of the once he's gotten for the last seven and nine tenths years, so it goes to show you that there is something weird going on here, and donald trump's instinct might be correct, there is something going on. also, who the heck is leaking? we're just excepting whether it's true or not is one thing, the other thing is there is somebody within these agencies
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or within the administration or the new administration that feels totally comfortable running to cnn with inside information? that doesn't make me feel good as an american. a >> harris: that could be breaking news, we had a situation where pre-debate questions were leaked within that organization. >> brian: but we had to have a hack to find out that happened. >> i think it raises this giant question, though, why did something that the president of the intelligence committee, even if this was passed on by whomever and it's still not clear, why they thought it was relevant enough to release of the public when there was no confirmation that any of this was legitimate. >> i'm with brian, again, somebody very chatty who is running around and releasing information or a number of people, and we need to get to the bottom of that. i think it's also interesting insight to the rest of the country about what goes on in politics. that there is this opposition research that goes on, that people try to put together these dossiers, some of them are real, and some are fake, trying to put together some of these negative information on almost anyone who is trying to, whether trying to get an appointment or trying to be a cabinet post or running for
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president, that this goes on, and that this is a business. >> dagen: ted cruz during one of the debates choked at marco rubio about hey, marco, you dumped her whole opposition research file right here on the floor in front of me. so that has come to the forefront, but as somebody who suffers from foot and mouth disease, i would like to see donald trump stop tweeting about the "intelligence agencies." to avoid doing further damage to them. he is going to own these agencies, he is going to have dan coats is the director of national intelligence, michael flynn, mike pompeo at the cia, and he can clean them up. in fact there was a report in "the wall street journal" about the trump administration rightsizing these agencies, 17 of them. no of course sean spicer denied that, but at the dni, at the office of the director of national intelligence alone, there are now more than 1700 employees. and they have failed to identify, you name it, they have fallen down on the job. >> harris: so maybe on one side of the argument you will
9:21 am
say it is good that the incoming president is making it known, what he sees as egregious in some of these intelligence agencies, whether it's via tweet or however he doesn't. the other side of the argument is, just be quiet until you can boast about fixing it all, but you're right, it is certainly not going to be fixed overnight, so we are going to come to know the process of trying to route whether it's the leaks, whether it's the misjudgment of letting information just float around that is completely erroneous and unsubstantiated, whatever it is. >> brian: but the one thing that you said, he said well, he is going to have to deal with these agencies, not with the leadership. and maybe he's convinced, and he's got michael flynn there who knows about the dni, he's got some very credible people, general kelly and others, they can tell you what goes on. maybe he knows that leadership is out of there, and maybe he thinks the leadership is the problem, not the operatives. maybe those operatives know that, maybe brennan and clapper are really politicians pretending to be intelligence. >> according to catherine herridge who reported this a couple of days ago, the
9:22 am
meetings that trump has had with these intelligence leaders have been cordial, and they have gotten along in the meetings, but you know what? if it is klapper, if it is an individual, call them out by name. just read about it. >> harris: maybe that will happen after generate 20 of, but the cordial nature of these meetings is related to his credibility, mr. trump, because you can do business with any of these. >> but then he goes and tweets about them. >> good point. >> but there was one tweet where he said the intelligence agencies," and then he said they do a great job. i'm not sure he understands that when you put it," it is like you are saying intelligence, wink wink, they are idiots. there is one where he said intelligence agencies that they do great work. >> i love the fact that we are talking about the semantics of a tweet with the incoming president. >> the new era of trump, man. all all right, president obama blaming bad p.r. for his administration setbacks, sankey came up short as a salesman, but could the ideas themselves have
9:23 am
been to blame? go figure. plus, it's back to the drawing board for the democrats, as they use this weekend to rebuild their party after their stunning election loss, the hurdles they may face as they try to get back on track. tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans.
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♪ >> harris: welcome back on this fine friday with his time in the oval office winding down, president obama is blaming some of the biggest setbacks of his administration on bad public relations. as one example, he points to his failure to get a senate confirmation hearing for a vote for his supreme court nominee, merrick garland.
9:28 am
saying that despite his success with voters and his campaigns, he had a tough time rallying public opinion behind some of his ideas once in office. mr. obama made these comments in an interview with "60 minutes," here's a little bit. >> we were very effective, and i was very effective, and shaping public opinion around my campaigns. but there were big stretches while governing where even though we were doing the right thing, we weren't able to mobilize public opinion firmly enough behind us to weaken the resolve of the republicans to stop opposing us or to cooperate with us. there were times during my presidency where i lost the p.r. battle. >> harris: mr. obama's apparent reluctance to engage in p.r. marked a contrast with his successor, donald trump, obviously, who seems to enjoy making his case on twitter and any which way he can. all right, so maybe a lesson
9:29 am
from jonathan gruber, who knew how to sell the components of obamacare because he said the american public was stupid. maybe the p.r. department needed to lean on him, because he could sell it. >> brian: here's my analogy. it's like me scoring seven touchdowns and saying, my big problem was i didn't tell the president called the press directly and say how many touchdowns i scored, therefore i'm not going to get credit. he forgot one thing. he says me to the people as a straight line, but he's forgot he's got to make a left and go to the people. if he ever went to congress and legitimately dealt with congress, may be marek garland is a supreme court justice pretty republicans, what do you want? i need this done, i need is past. and said he didn't deal, he felt as though his megaphone wasn't good enough, which is unbelievably tone-deaf. >> that is part of it, but everybody is guilty of this when they lose, both on the left and right. afterwards they look and they say we are right, our ideas are right, you just don't get it. we just didn't communicate it well, it is not our core principles, it is that you just didn't understand our message. if you understood what we were
9:30 am
doing you would without question, everyone would agree with us, because we are right. they never go back and sort of question the people and go back and say it is or something wrong with our core message? but that is not what the site is doing right now, they are staying we are still right you just didn't understand. >> dagen: every time president obama would say, let me be clear, that is what he is saying. i'm right, and the only reason you don't agree with me is because you are stupid. my grandmother used to do that, she would say you don't understand, and she would wave her hand at you. >> harris: dumb xp five did she say bless your heart? >> dagen: she would if you disagreed with her she would say you are a moron. to that point, president obama though, the american people more and more have stopped trusting him because it was a level of deception during this administration. whether was benghazi, the bowe bergdahl present a prisoner exchange, the negotiations of the eye i run deal, how it hasn implement it, the ransom payment, you name it, we were
9:31 am
lied to. so there was a lack of trust. if you told us something, by the end, we didn't believe you. >> brian: go back to the stimulus plan, there was no follow-through, there was nothing there. go back to obamacare, he never even knew what was an obamacare, nobody actually did. >> harris: at least nancy pelosi gave us a heads up on that, but you know, meghan, one thing that popped into my head as you were given the enumeration of those details about where p.r. might have failed him and policy as well, remember the day james foley, when he came out outside the white house and he announced that, and then the optic of just moments later of him hitting the golf course, and i don't want to oversell that, because i think the moment sells itself. he should have sold it differently, though. >> meghan: this president has been given the biggest wet kiss p.r. passed by the press for years and years and years. i think history will reflect on that, that i think a lot of his coverage was borderline propaganda in supporting president obama and all of his failed policies over and over
9:32 am
again. everything you just listed, so it's weird to me that he is focusing on his p.r., which again, like even up until this point you have buzzfeed reporters tweeting about how they are crying about his final speech on what happened between him and joe biden. that is not journalism. can you imagine our great presidents, ronald reagan, teddy roosevelt saying, you know what? instead of leadership, it was bad p.r. you have to take some responsibility for your failed policies in america's reaction to them. >> in the warm up to the interview where he was saying, do you know what i went wrong, i really thought what he was good to say is i didn't build consensus, i didn't get people from the other side to join me and it would've been more lasting. i was apprised when he answered that question it was about p.r. >> harris: that speaks back to what you are saying, he is not interested in making the admission that he is wrong, he is interested in making the admission that the p.r. was wrong. >> just quickly to that very point after the golf outing after the james foley announcement, in the later interview, the president used that word, he said yeah, bad
9:33 am
optics. that was his biggest concern. how about going to a baseball game in cuba while one of our nato allies was being attacked by terrorists? and i'm doing the wave and giving an interview with espn. >> brian: even his farewell address indicated that, he said the problem is that we talk at each other instead of to each other, we stay in our own bubble. i thought he was going to follow up by saying, i have been guilty of that over the last eight years, but instead he is saying you people get it done, i've got to go. >> harris: so somebody who i don't think we'll have the challenges and p.r., whether people love it or not love it, is donald trump, because if you want to know what he's thinking, follow him on twitter. did you see the litany of tweets that have come out from like after dinner hour last night, until the time you are eating your breakfast this morning. i mean you don't have to wonder where his mind is, it is a very different, it's a shift for president obama. >> also if you want to talk about a p.r. battle, donald trump has been called everything from a terrorist to hitler to everything in between
9:34 am
by so many people in the public and in the press. he by all accounts should have been losing the p.r. battle and he still ended up winning the election, it's really not about p.r., it's about leadership, so he needs to take some ownership. we have to move on, history will judge them. democrats gathering this weekend to try to rebuild, the dnc is kicking off the first of four regional leadership conferences saturday, where according to cnn, attendees will spend some time trying to figure out what went wrong in 2016. and then they will focus on the future of the party, including who will lead it. the progressive wing is calling for big changes and is looking to senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders to lead the opposition against president electron. meantime, cnn says democrats also see redistricting as another big hurdle to party. they've tapped a former attorney general eric holder to help undo republicans reshaping of voting districts, and democrats will also take a meta-voter i.d. laws that they say unfairly punish older and minority voters. i'm going to start with you, brian, i know that if you want
9:35 am
to fix problems within the democratic party, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders is the way to do it, keep on going. >> brian: they said it, if you look at what has been going on at other channels, they have been saying we have to make sure we move the party to the left, the age of the clintons is over, the squishy middle is gone. and that is a little crazy, and it's a misinterpretation of the facts that show detachment from the people, so elizabeth warren way to the left, but a rock star among the left, and then cory booker put himself in the middle of that by happening to come out for senator sessions because of his civil rights, a huge setback for civil rights, really the guy that got a civil rights award with you at his shoulder a month ago. so you see right through it. i think the future of the democratic party, someone who can deal with both sides, who is a true democrat. >> we talked about tim ryan at length. he was -- >> harris: you know what happened to him? nancy pelosi told him to sit down, she wasn't going to
9:36 am
compete with him. >> brian: he doesn't take a backward step, he is a tough guy, strong guy. >> he couldn't get past her and he may step up, but it's going to mean that democrats have got to embrace the idea of the future. i don't know, when you can't deal with the recent past and take ownership, as you all have been arguing about and debating right now on the couch, if you can't take ownership of your recent loss and learn from that, how do you go forward and embrace the young minds of the future within your party? >> melissa: i will tell you how, for me it comes back to money, and i think that is what people really vote on at the end of the day. the reason why bernie sanders got so much traction as he appealed to some people on a financial level, to millennials, saying you are not getting a piece of the pie, things are going backwards, you have these school debt, i'm going to wipe that out. donald trump spoke to middle america, who had been left behind, no matter what barack obama told them, about how the economy was booming and he had put people back to work and the economy was taking off, they knew the truth, because everything in their house was smaller and less on the bills were piling up. at the end of the day, it always
9:37 am
comes back to people's financial well-being emma if they feel good about their money and their future and their kids money, not in a selfish way, but in a way that you have a house. >> harris: is it really going to be bernie sanders? >> they used to own it through the unions and everything else. promising a pension, promising a future. they have to get that message back. >> dagen: it was about work, but now it's about let the government take care of it. we are going to give you free education. you know what? they need some truth serum, tequila works beautifully on that note. but i still can't get over congresses jim hines being on with tucker carlson and telling tucker carlson that the reason that 8 out of 10 americans want changes to them obamacare is because they were lied to by republicans and they don't understand it. that is the bubble that these morons live in. i can't -- can they talk to somebody who doesn't live in d.c., new york or l.a.? >> brian: this is why you have to move my office because i can hear her.
9:38 am
to answer your question, i believe if donald trump has success and makes a difference and shakes things up, you're going to see democrat business people, not necessarily celebrity's, but business people that have notoriety, make a run on that side. people that get things done. >> i don't take is just the economy, i think you have to make a point when you have a group of people that think climate change is more of a threat to our country than islamic terrorism, you have a very base disconnect of what is going on with the american public. >> dagen: just really quickly, i know big democrats privately that hear what donald trump is saying about defense contractors overcharging and they go, yep. i'm glad somebody said it. >> meghan: stay tuned, house speaker paul ryan said he is now on then "rescue mission" to fix obamacare, saying the worst is yet to come with americans getting hit with high premiums. several dozen house republicans not yet sold on the current plan to replace and repeal the law.
9:39 am
that discussion next.
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>> the stakes are high now and capitol hill, as house numbers today get set to vote on ttep tg obamacare. this after the senate yesterday passed a budget resolution that paved the way for an obamacare repeal. but it could face a challenge in the house. several dozen republicans raising concerns about the cost and current plans to replace the affordable care act. in the meantime, house speaker paul ryan telling a cnn town hall he is on an oak "rescue mission" to repeal obamacare, warning its costs for americans are getting even worse. no kidding. >> the pot problem is the payments are going so high, the deductibles are getting even higher, the law is collapsing, and so we've got to rescue people from the collapsing of this law and fix this problem. >> there you go, so what drives me crazy is that the democratic
9:44 am
talking points on this are the republicans have no plan, they are going to repeal and go away and try to scramble and figured out. there is a plan, i've got it here, it's called "the better way," it's on the web, it's detailed. so there is something. >> harris: you heard president obama saying he had failed with p.r. that is kind of how i see this. i feel like the messaging public relationswise has not gotten out there, and as we were watching the house speaker make some of the same points that were made pre-election by republicans, is he trying to resell the fact that they have to repeal and replace obamacare? >> brian: i think he is trying to define the fact that he is not just throwing some thing out because he didn't agree with the president. >> harris: most people know that. >> brian: yeah, but i did see some of that town hall and people said it saved my life, other people said i never had insurance before, we have to understand it basically cuts almost like 45, 55 across the country, so that is why they have to say listen, we are going to keep this, but here's how we are going to pay for this. quickly. but the problem is tom price
9:45 am
hasn't even been conferred and yet, so should you be waiting on the repeal before and make it clear that you have to have a quick replacement, like rand paul has been saying. >> harris: the president-elect is saying that it's going to be simultaneous. >> all in one stroke. and dagen, you know how hard that will be. >> harris: you have a look of angst on your face. >> dagen: i worry about the pressure now put on republican lawmakers in terms of the speed with which they would have to do this now. because it's a very long slog, slow work from a legislative perspective, because the repeal you can do on the senate side with a simple majority. some of the appeal repeal, not all of it, like the insurer requirement that you have to ensure all comers and you can't charge them more for being sick, you can't do that in the repeal with the simple majority. everything else, the replacement has to be done with 60 or more votes in the senate. they have to have democratic cooperation. and so if you set it up that the
9:46 am
american people are expecting simultaneous repeal and replacement, it is just simply not going to get done. >> he keeps repeating it, he retreats, he's saying it's going to happen all in one motion, we will repeal and replace, so of course that is what everybody is expecting. is it possible? >> meghan: i choose to believe him at this point, this is one of the core tenets he ran on when he was running for office. i get really frustrated when i hear the stories about people saying, it saved my life, et cetera et cetera. i understand that, that it has been great for a group of people. from my generation, it has borderline and corrupting young people. i have more friends and you could possibly imagine that live in l.a. right before christmas time talking to people all had done obamacare, to say they got royally you know what by obamacare and the amount of money they had to pay with their premiums, it was astronomical. young, healthy people who don't even go to the doctor maybe once a year, maybe, paying upwards of
9:47 am
$400, $1,000 more. i'm from arizona, where it was over 100%. the devil is in the details, and the idea that obama has been this next generation president that so cared about millennials, that is a load, because right now with the damage that has been done to my generation because we are paying for everyone else is absurd. >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised if, it might not be the 60 votes to pass, because you didn't use at the last time. >> i had the doctor say how obamacare is so great, and i said you take it in your practice? and she said no. >> she doesn't even take it! >> hollywood celebrities once again banding together for a cathartic group sing-along, as they try to accept the reality of a president donald trump. but when is enough enough? >> at first i was afraid, i was petrified ♪ ♪ kept thinking i could never live without you by my side ♪ ♪ >> then i spent so many nights
9:48 am
thinking how you did me wrong ♪ ♪ >> agora strong, and i learned how to live along. ria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health.
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>> harris: more friday "outnumbered" a just a moment, first let's go to jenna lee with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> hey there, we are awaiting a key vote in the house of representatives that would be crucial to repealing obamacare,
9:52 am
what will replace it is the big question. plus a new media controversy, howard kurtz is here to expand what he says is the media's moment of truth. and some wicked weather to watch this weekend, we are going to talk to one family who had the snow come through their front door, you have to see these photos to believe it. they have been shoveling constantly, but they will take a break to talk to us about what happen. >> harris: i have seen some of that, it is like an avalanche went to their front door! >> literally, yes. >> harris: thank you. >> one week until inauguration day, and hollywood is still taking jabs at president-elect donald trump. w magazine posting a star-studded new video to its web site that features big names, like natalie portman, amy adams, matthew mcconaughey, the celebrities all pitching in to sing, or try to sing, gloria gaynor's head, "i will survive." the magazine calling it "the anecdote for a steel-grieving hollywood." watch this. ♪ not i, i will survive
9:53 am
♪ oh as long as i know how to love i know i will stay alive ♪ ♪ i've got all my left to live ♪ i've got all my love to give ♪ and i will survive ♪ i will survive, hey, hey. those ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what about the production quality? where did they put this together? no one had an instrument, nobody put any heart into it, it looked like it was thrown together at the last second. i don't know, i understand there angst, because they are a group and a constituency like any other, like the teachers union, like the miners, these are the hollywood celebrities, and as a group they were very well served and represented by president obama, very well represented by the clintons. and their person didn't win. they just have a louder megaphone to complain. no one cares. they get out there and do it, but they are no different than any other constituency that is well represented by one group am i and the other they don't.
9:54 am
>> brian: there is a difference because there is an arrogance and confidence and cockiness that goes along with this, they are sure of it because they have assistance, they have managers, they have directors that are rewarding them along with their bank accounts, so they feel as though they are above us, they feel they can tell us how wrong we were as americans to elect a president they don't agree with. so, to me, that is an arrogance. >> dagen: i know how you feel about this, but this is just a blind ignorance to the rest of the country. because they just can't deal with the little people. and this is the world they live in. >> brian: the little people have to buy tickets to their movies. >> harris: i am curious that you read of the production video, it looks like it's a hostage video, it looks like it's almost on purpose, and thereby making fun of the fact that they are captive and in pain. it's not funny. >> i don't think anyone will actually watch this and be like oh, shouldn't have voted for trump. it's just not going to hot happen for it i have been fighting with hollywood ever
9:55 am
since i attacked meryl streep's speech at the golden globe awards, they are ridiculous. i'm sorry, my own father lost and i wasn't this cranky and sad and angry. move on, america america spoke! >> dagen: this song, which i love, it's about not going back to a bad relationship. >> brian: oh it is? >> dagen: yeah, that is the original message of it. are they singing about the democratic national party? a >> brian: you know my way too much about music, nicole kidman and tom hanks have it right, they didn't vote for him, but they said he is our president, he is our country. >> harris: there has been so much whining this way come all the way from the golden globes come another doing this online, i don't think they're going to get over it anytime soon, i think hollywood is going to be crying for at least the next four years. >> i won't support meryl streep movies anymore, i am actually someone politically that will put my money where my mouth is, i won't buy their tickets. and an ethic a lot of americansl the same. >> harris: let's see if other
9:56 am
people follow suit because there are a lot of people that have spoken out. as before i overheard somebody in the cities at the end of the world is a week away or two weeks away last week, and i said, get over yourself! to a stranger of course. >> brian: in new york that is a very safe thing to do. ♪ you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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>> a special addition to our prime primetime lineup as the nation gets aside to swear in its 45th president, only one network takes you inside the trump
10:00 am
administration. don't miss "the first 100 days" posted by martha maccallum, special coverage airs weeknights at 7:00 p.m. eastern beginning this monday, right here on the fox news channel, fnc for the cool kids. speaking of cool kids, great to have you, brian kilmeade, we will see you monday at noon eastern. now "happening now." >> gregg: fox news alert, details breaking right now about inauguration day. >> jenna: chief justice john roberts will administer the oath of office to president-elect trump, and justice clarence thomas will administer the oath of office to vice president elect pence. we are covering all of the nearest "happening now." so even mr. president-elect, mr. president-elect, since you are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance? can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir? >> jenna: that exchange between the president-elect and a reporter getting a whole lot of attention, but what does it really say about the likely relationship between media


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