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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 13, 2017 2:00pm-5:01pm PST

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at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. >> hello, everyone, it is friday the 13th. i am kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, eric bollin eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." it is a weekly from president-elect trump's inauguration and democrats are grasping at straws to delegitimize his resounding victory page the clinton camp still in full blown denial at the fact that mr. trump won fair and square. >> the election is over and donald trump is going to be inaugurated as our next president. that's not the question here. the question is whether outside
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actors influence the outcome of the election. >> every day, there are new shoes dropping, so to speak, that call into question the legitimacy of his win. we see that jim comey's actions are sufficiently questionable that the internal watchdog at the doj thinks they merit review. i think donald trump is trying to cling to whatever legitimacy it still is in effect here. >> the president-elect had a lot to say about it this morning, tweeting, quote: "what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi? based on the information they had she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm!" some thoughts on the fbi's new probe of the investigation.
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another attempt by democrats to discredit the president-elect. >> it looks as if democrats on the way out the door are trying to leave behind as many landmines as they can to at least cast doubts on the legitimacy of the trump victory. i'm not sure this is the best way to assure a good transition, one where you transferred not just the authority of the office but the legitimacy, but that seems to be what the democrats wanted to do as they get out of power. >> and we've got one more for you. john lewis saying that he is not a legitimate president. take a look. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a legitimate president. why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping this man
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get elected and to help destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> interesting. blame games. what do you make of these comments? >> i think the trump camp was smart early on to recognize what was happening here when the democrats never settled on a reason she lost. even though she conceded right away, everything was in order, even with all the suggestions of russian interference attacking getting into john podesta's emails and the subsequent release of them, no suggestion that there was interference in the actual vote tally. no one has said that. so i think you have a concerted effort on behalf of democrats to try to find something that would explain to them why they lost. at the same time, i think it was quite an extraordinary step for representative lewis to say that in that interview on "meet the press." this is the week before the
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inauguration, to say if the shoe were on the other foot, i think the democrats and the immediate would be going crazy. i think this is quite extraordinary and unfortunate. >> can you only imagine, the flip side of it, eric, hillary clinton winning the presidency, if anybody suggested or hinted at that, forget it. >> i want to watch that interview. i'm glad chuck todd had that surprised look on his face, you don't think it was a legitimate win? so they are blaming everything, remember, russians, and breitbart, then james comey, then the russians again. the reality, she was a failed candidate. she spent -- the final numbers are in. $1.2 billion on this candidacy. all she had to do was win one of these five states, she lost all five, and throwing wisconsin on top of it, just one of those, and every one of those where
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barack obama states. >> he didn't win them by much. >> get to the states you need to win first. he did. >> he suggested that as well, look, i went to all of those different counties. i didn't take any of it for granted. she spends all the money in the world, and it is basically indicative of the government and the united states right now, they throw a lot of money at everything, no results. >> the question is, who is a legitimate candidate? if the only legitimate presidential candidate for a liberal democrat as a liberal democrat, they would have savedt the same thing. rubio, they would have said he was antiwoman, because he is pro-life. romney, he is mormon, he's got to be evil. president cruz, they would call him a right-wing vampire. they would demonize every single
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person. it's true, trump is a different kind of candidates, but they would find a different way to demonize each person. for eight years, the democrats in the media have had their candidates. obama was there nero, reflected their dreams, aspirations, the y fat. i mean, he could take off his shirt. the shoe is on the other foot and it is eight baby booty because they are crying like babies. >> oh, my gosh. >> do you have any rejoinder to the baby bootie? >> i just wonder what would have happened if the shoe had been on the other foot? >> the bootie? >> what about tom delay? it is going to be a marxist, socialist agenda, the country is in trouble. how about the chairman of the g.o.p. party? obama and bin laden both have friends who bombed the pentagon.
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oh, gee, i wonder -- what did you say? >> those are your political opponents. said that barack obama was not a legitimate -- >> i think what they are saying is that they do not want to acknowledge that the man legitimately won. we could go into mitch mcconnell singh saying basicale is going to be a one term president. this is, to me, the same thing. it is really up to donald trump to prove he is legitimate. you know what, i am a pragmatic guy. >> i'm sorry, he has to prove he's legitimate even though he won the election? >> wait a minute. maybe he is russian, that is what it is. >> i will say, to me, when he does things like that press conference that just broke into madness this week, i don't think it helps people say, that is the real president.
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when he doesn't release tax returns, i think that is why his poll numbers are in the tank right now. >> it doesn't make sense. here is hasn't done anything you have to upset these people. >> it's called breathing. >> the nominees he's put out there are disagreeing with him. that should be reassuring to hi him. it isn't a bunch of yes men, probably going to move further to the center. and that might bother them, that they have to like them. >> he tweeted and said, "give their own opinions, not mine." >> he's meeting with union leaders, meeting with democrats. maybe it is just scaring the liberals who, a -- well, we have to delegitimize this somehow. somehow we have to pull the legs out. >> what if you are just scared of falling in love? have you ever been there?
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you don't want to be attracted to somebody. i think these liberals are going, maybe he is not so bad, to be he is like us a little bit. that is what scares them, juan. you're scared you might like him. >> i don't dislike him. the twitter stuff, i don't get it, why he does it. it seems to me he is hurting himself. let's go back to legitimacy for a second. it is legitimate to say the russians were involved. for a long time, they how are the russians involved? now even donald trump says the russians were involved. what about the fact that he had, i think, kimberly, you said is, an overwhelming victory, lost the popular vote by 3 million. it doesn't matter, exactly. >> they want to change the rules when they don't get the outcome they want. you'd like to, then you see tom lewis saying, this is an illegitimate presidency.
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>> he says that also about gw. didn't john lewis say that about him? >> the days leading up to the election, all of these address to emails, you left that it was irrelevant, that everything being leaked didn't matter. the reason why she lost, not legitimate. >> i said this to you guys earlier. i think it drove down the perception as a honest, credible -- credible -- >> how low can you go. listen. >> trustworthiness? she wasn't at 70%. >> they were both. they not? >> they were at 64% and 70% respectively. if john lewis had said that about george w. bush after the recount, i think it took them a
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while, understandably so, to get okay with the supreme court recount. then i was going to say something else. >> uh-oh. >> it was about popularity. you were going, juan, and then you stopped. >> you are going to get back to us about that. >> going to consult my journal. >> coming up, the president-elect appeared today at trump tower with "family feud" host steve harvey. what did they talk about? survey says stay tuned. ♪ i work 'round the clock.
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♪ >> [laughs] >> having a debate on how long it takes to five in houston to new york. we'll get to that in the break. president elect trump appeared before cameras for a brief moment at trump tower and answered this question, how he feels about candidates expressing different opinions from himself. >> i want them to be themselves, and i told them to be themselves and say what you want to say. don't worry about me, and i'm going to do the right thing, whatever it is. i may be right and they may be right, but i said, be ourselves. i could have said, do this, say
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that. i don't want that. i want them all to be themselves. >> and if you're wondering why steve harvey was there, stick around for "one more thing" ." calling out the intel community again, saying, quote: "it now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued. totally made-up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both democrats and republicans. fake news. russia says nothing exists. probably released by 'intelligence' even knowing there is no proof and never will be. my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days." okay, k.g. >> taking it to them. i love the directness. speaks directly to the people, you don't have to wait to set up a press conference. is it completely different than things have been done in the past, it is. as long as you still hold those press conferences and do that, i have no problem with the future
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president being very transparent and communicating directly to the people and letting them know and feel like they are part of this process and they don't have to get it filled heard from anyone else. those are his words, his thoughts, his sentiments, and you can decide how you feel about it. >> greg, we discussed whether or not the intelligence community has been politicized or is politicized. i think he's calling them out and saying that they may be. >> i thought that this was opposition research, it wasn't intel, it wasn't created by us. it was probably floating around somewhere. i don't think it's right for him to say that. the process is interesting. it is as though he has created his own 24-hour cable channel called the donald trump channel. he can get on there and say whatever he wants and we report it immediately because it is so easy to fill up a block with his tweets. it's like our producers go, " "hey, it's friday, let's do
2:18 pm
something on tweets." >> this morning, i did, i tweeted right after he had seven or eight any row 3 to 5 minutes apart. >> it becomes news. the future leader of the free world is telling everyone what is going on, but he is thinking, versus wondering what is going on in d.c. >> well, we'll see if it works for him. the one thing, this past week, not talking about the first 100 days, we have been talking about the last 100 days and russia. and i actually felt like he and dni clapper had put this to bet the other night. now it comes back up again. i would say putting intelligence" in his tweets, suggesting they are not intelligent is probably not a good way to start for next week. it is unnecessary. >> juan? >> i am struck by the idea, i like transparency, and he
2:19 pm
thought he has in his mind, just goes, wow, wow, it echoes. he also not only attacks our intelligence community, he then gives credibility to russia. russia says probably they didn't do it. i'm like, what? in other words, he believes russia. i don't understand. why is he going after hillary clinton. i think we agreed, she lost, it's over. he is still kicking her. >> your site doesn't. they are still trying to delegitimize her, saying he is not a legitimate president and that the election was influenced by the russians, all false narrative. >> that was in response to robby mook and some of the other democrats saying he didn't earn this victory. >> his rebuttal to that. >> guilty as hell, and i believe hillary clinton has been cleared of all suspicions, but he is back there in this argument about, it shouldn't have able to
2:20 pm
run. >> as a response to the democrats saying, hey, the reason he won, i got news for donald trump. he is president-elect. >> i think this is great. >> i think that he has owned this thing, he has basically found the third rail that no one else can touch. the press now reacts to him instead of you reacting to the press. so, i mean, why stop it, you know? it is up to the press whether they want to keep covering it or not. when there is not a lot of news, it's great. >> didn't he say, didn't do it? >> he lied. [laughter] >> let's get out of here. teleprompter. [laughter] >> president obama finally getting tough on immigration on his way out the door but not on
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our mexican border with cubans fleeing the oppressive regimes. details of that on "the five" next. ♪ you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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♪ >> for more than two decades, the u.s. has granted almost automatic residency to any cuban citizen able to make it to our soil. the policy was called right foot, dry foot. as of yesterday, it is no more. president obama ended after normalizing relations with cuba. marco rubio, a son of cuban immigrants, saying mix that he is concerned, saying we must work to assure that cubans who arrive here to escape political prosecution are not summarily returned to the regime. it is not clear yet whether president-elect trump might reverse the policy. talked about this this morning on the emails.
2:26 pm
once again, america is giving up something without getting something in return. >> first up, wet foot, dry foot sounds like a prank i used to pull up my siblings. >> when they are asleep. >> yes, when they are asleep. >> they are lousy negotiators. we got nothing in return, got a cop killer, a cop -- a bomb ma. convicted u.s. criminals, couldn't get them back -- i'm assuming he didn't get them back because we weren't concerned about what he is getting out of this, his legacy, than what america could get out of it. apparently, these are the only immigrants that he would like to deport, and why, because they were escaping a communist regime? because they were escaping an oppressive communist regime. they never suck you but this way. they suck you but is this beautiful, romantic island, perfect utopia, the only things
2:27 pm
they got right were hard to kill their enemies. >> one of the things about this wet foot, dry foot policy, started in 1995. one of the concerns from both side of the aisle, encouraged people to be risky to get across that water come at 90 miles on a rickety boat. then if you got here, that would be one thing. the other problem is, that has left some people stranded in central america because they try to do with the other way. now they are known to have left my card in their country, now they can't come here, and if they come back, they'll be known to be political enemies. >> the explanation from the white house as president obama waited until now because people wouldn't try to make the trip -- you have three weeks. speak out so weird, we normalized relations two years ago, they anticipated this would happen, that is why 100,000 bar left. >> why would he be doing this? clearly giving back to cuba. cuba wants this to further normalize the relationship. i think you had pointed out in
2:28 pm
one of the emails, can you point out the difference between this and getting to an embassy and saying, i am asking for political amnesty? >> one of the things is that -- the wet foot, dry foot policy and then got a lot of attention, but also policy in 2006 to address the fact that cuba had used this strategy as a foreign policy tool. they trained doctors and send them to places like angola or venezuela where they do great work, and they do good work, they are good doctors. but they are basically indentured servants, you get seo venezuela not out of the goodness out of castro's heart, but because they don't have money to pay for the oil being sent to them. what was done in 2006, if you get sent to one of these countries as an indentured servant and you don't want to be here and you can get to a u.s. embassy and declare for political amnesty, we will take you in, and kimberly, but they basically said yesterday is, that is no longer allowed under the policy. >> which is really interesting.
2:29 pm
then you have to think about the positioning of the president-elect and what would he do for us to reverse this policy. if he did, he would come under criticism because he is trying to secure our borders and have people go through things the right way and not show preferential treatment because of circumstances that have changed, which warranted that proposal to begin with. >> do you think you did this then to screw with trump? >> now, i think he did it for his own legacy. what do you think, juan? i'll tell you why, i tell you why, they see the normalization that we are talking about here is a good thing. they see the potential for american influence in cuba growing because now there is going to be more communication, more transportation. >> more customers. >> more customers. >> make cuba great again. >> i have personal objections to the fact -- greg, you said, they kill political opponents. they are killing their own people. they imprisoned their own peopl
2:30 pm
people. you know how we complain around here how obama treats fox? imagine what they would do to us there. >> celebrities go to kim and pretend that it is this -- >> beyonce and jay-z? >> and oppressive regime, no question. look, we have had this policy for 50 plus years, whatever, and a status quo hasn't changed. even marco rubio says we need to do something. >> i think they were willing to do the wet foot, dry foot change, but could we not get those convicted criminals back into the united states? >> by the way, i think that is where you said he could have inserted more pressure. the reality, dana, i just feel like if we really care about the cuban people and the terrible conditions they live under, let's try to get something. i have real problems with the idea of celebrating cuban
2:31 pm
leadership. >> even "madam secretary" a show i like, got her back, a fake one, comes back to a hero's welcome. >> sounds a little bit like tv guide. >> little shows we watch. the mainstream media is taking notes, "new york times" now drumming up a strategy on how to cover mr. trump when he takes office in a week. details when we return. ♪ o get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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♪ >> president-elect trump hasn't held back on how he feels about the press. >> excuse me cannot sit down, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down. have these characters on television who don't have the brains they were born with. and they are dishonest.
2:36 pm
the corporate media in this country is no longer involved in journalism. the real question is, who is more dishonest, crooked hillary clinton or the media. buzzfeed, which is a failing pile of garbage. >> president-elect, kenya -- >> don't be rude. >> can you give us a question? >> i am not going to give you a question. you are fake news paid >> unconventional news conference may have been a wake up call for the mainstream media, now offering a strategy on how journalists should cover our next president, advising reporters that trump is going to be trump, so tell a story, don't become a story. what do you think, greg? >> ah, gee whiz. >> she gee whiz.
2:37 pm
>> donald trump likes teachers pets. you can play the game and be really, really nice and say nice things, then you got to look at yourself in the mirror, you're not a journalist anymore. you have to go and say the right thing, no matter what. if you think something is wrong, you got to speak up. but i wouldn't panic. i don't know why people are panicking about this. >> basically at that news conference, he used the media as a punching bag, and i think he succeeded. >> it has always been a contentious relationship. speak what they came after him, they came after him, and they came back at him. he was defending himself because there were stories being spread about him that or false, that were very -- he disproved it to the point of having the attorneys show the passports that he had never been to russia let alone prague, et cetera. he is saying, look, these are false narratives, false stories,
2:38 pm
propaganda against him to try to delegitimize his presidency. he has the right to defend himself. >> i certainly agree. eric, what do you say in terms of general coverage? even in the aftermath of the news coverage, you see certain elements of the press attacking other elements. it looks like they are not even a united front and saying, we are journalists, we have an obligation to just give an account of the facts. >> i think this has been a brilliant strategy and trump's part early on. the only group with a lower approval rating then congress is media. you saw, that is a target i can own, i can hit the bull's-eye every time i shoot it. >> there is a vulnerability there. >> i think the time is right. that struck home when they said, don't become the story. that's what he was able to do. he was able to making any dissenting media reporter outlet the story. it was a brilliant strategy.
2:39 pm
"the times" is onto something there. i think the media presence, footprint, is so massive, he will evolve into, as greg points out, he says stuff, we cover it. >> dana, you are the media experts, and i am struck by -- >> hey, i thought we were all pretty good. >> she has a journal we don't have. >> back to ms. perino. the idea is, if you hear something, not from donald trump, if you are a trump supporter, don't believe it's page got to go to donald trump. >> even kellyanne conway, when she was being pressed on something he had said, she said, why do look at what he said rather than knowing what is in his heart? that is hard to do as well, we don't know him as she does. here is the thing. facts always win. from both sides. have more facts, and i think that everything comes out in the
2:40 pm
wash. "the new york times" says to tell the story, i think "the washington post" did a good job of that all he appeared she was on the can campaign prayede went to the events, she quoted people that were at the events, she is their own words to tell the story, note narrative, then she backed off from it. i actually think that was an exceptional way to cover the news. of this new president. the other thing, vengeance and humiliation of other people doesn't help you advance your agenda when you get into governing, i don't think. we'll see how it goes. >> helped in the campaign prayed >> it helped in the campaign, but -- >> he will absolutely get the crowd against him. >> then they would bite. it seems to not be able to help themselves, jim acosta with cnn, there are those people who just can't help themselves and say, y want to fight back and they will
2:41 pm
go back, say, what happened to me today at a trump rally. instead, going, here's what happened at the trump rally. tucker carlson is nailing it because liberal journalists think they are going to beat him at his game, liberal journalists think they are going to be trump at this game. you're not going to be to trump, you're not going to be tucker. -- you're not going to beat trump. you're not going to beat tucker. >> it seems like it is a central story for the next four years. don't go anywhere. guess what, facebook friday of next. yeah. ♪ that's me.
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♪ >> that was interesting. >> "matlock." facebook friday. let me start with dana. in honor of friday the 13th, what is your favorite horror movie and why? >> i was never allowed to watch them as a kid, so i don't like them as an adult. i remember going to a slumber party, and they watch 16.
2:46 pm
i was horrified. >> great film. john travolta. >> life is too short to watch a horror movie. >> especially for you. >> he loves at all. >> "cabin in the woods," they don't scare me anymore. what is the one with the umbrella corporation? it is a zombie series, i adore it. but "walking dead," i love it, a new character, negan, jeffrey dean morgan is the best actor i've seen in a long time. >> he was great and "watchmen." he cnet? check it out. all right, juan? >> is "silence of the lambs" a horror film? >> it's not a romance.
2:47 pm
>> we are going to give you an escort from now on. >> "aliens" is another one i like, a classic to me was "cycle" " i don't like horror movies, personally. to me, life is enough of an upset. >> you are at this table every day. >> that's true. but i once had an interview with wes craven, wes craven, "friday the 13th," he was saying to me that minorities kids are the biggest audience for horror films. why is that? why do you make horror films for minority kids? he said, they are so shocked by so much going on, they come to us for laughs. they think it is great fun. >> says it is "resident evil." kimberly, quickly? >> i don't love it, i don't like any of them. i think "friday the 13th" is terrifying, and i think "willy
2:48 pm
wonka and the chocolate factory" -- >> that's not a horror movie. >> it is to me. he noted else is? "the wizard of oz." do you agree? >> i couldn't sleep. the flying monkeys terrified me. >> that was a scary one. but i loved it. >> the thing that scared me, the laurel and hardy movie with the dance of the wooden soldiers. >> another one that i almost left the theater, morgan freeman, is it called "independence day?" the asteroid is going to hitch the ocean? i almost left. i hate it. >> no one is left alive but the dog. "i am legend?" >> "the omega man," that is a good one. >> how about any "chucky"
2:49 pm
movies? >> the original "texas chainsaw massacre" and, of course, "love actually." it is my nightmare to be trapped in that film. let's go this way to you, kimberly. if a young person came to you asking, what is the most important thing for living a good life, what would you say? >> most important thing. okay, i would say working hard, but beside that, don't do anything that you are going to regret, you know, when you wake up in the morning. be a good idea to think about it ahead of time. go to bed at night feeling good, you can wake up in the morning. >> just realized i am probably a lot of people's regrets. juan? >> yep. [laughter] >> that was a long time ago. it was a layover. >> pick up passion and go for it early. a lot of people who are very
2:50 pm
successful, they started very young. even in elementary school, junior high, go for it, do what you are crazy about right now. >> just a twist on end, find a job that you love, not one that you have to have and stay with it. if you're doing a job you don't love, just be true to it cannote true to yourself. >> okay, avoid comparing yourself to others. thinking your life isn't as good, you have to remember, everybody suffers, everybody has something they are dealing with. don't compare yourself. >> your life looks pretty good, dana, on instagram. >> when i was 25 and i saw another 25 euros doing really well, i would feel like crap, then i saw 24-year-olds doing better -- >> that is a self-esteem issue. you got to feel good about where you are and what you're doing. >> but mine is proper hygiene and grooming. sometimes the most -- 90% of
2:51 pm
life is taking a shower and combing your hair. >> you don't want to be h or muffled. -- a germaphobe. >> theme song for president trump's inauguration? >> oh, my gosh, really? >> "i have the tiger" ." >> what was the one he used at this campaign event? >> how about, "you've got to know when to hold them." >> i would say anything from "the wiz" ." >> "one more thing" is up next.
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>> time now for "one more thing" and now, a very special "honoring heroes." ♪ thousands of mourners gathered earlier at st. patrick's cathedral to bid a final farewell to new york city police detective steven mcdonald who passed away tuesday. the 59 euros was left paralyzed from the neck down after a teenager shot him in the line of duty in central park. amazingly, he forgave the gunman and dedicated his life to fighting violence and hate.
2:56 pm
president trump paid tribute to him this morning, tweeting: "a beautiful funeral today for a real nyc hero, detective steven mcdonald. our law enforcement community has my complete and total support." detective mcdonald will be remembered as a symbol of faith. may god bless you and your family. >> soldiers of the 244th expeditionary combat brigade gather together to participate in their annual holiday formal ceremony, and they had the honor flight network to honor 93-year-old corporal russell becker. corporal decker is an army vet, served in world war ii, an impressive resume. he was part of general patton's third army in the battle of normandy, he was honored with the unit colors and the american flag, flown in afghanistan. congratulations to him and thank you for your service. >> dairy nice. thank you. who is up next?
2:57 pm
>> saturday, 10:00, fresh from "the apprentice, he got booted. going to be a great show. do i have time to do this new news thing or no? >> don't ask, just do it. >> all right. what? i thought there was a little thing that had to roll. >> you just blew it. you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, buddy. all right, juan? [laughter] >> give him a break. >> made me very happy. >> in his farewell address tuesday, president obama said his teen daughters growing up in the white house grew up in the weirdest way possible, proven by conspiracy theories that arose over sasha's absence. but another pair of sisters that know how weird it is to be in the white house growing up. george w. bush's daughters wrote heartfelt letters to sasha and
2:58 pm
malia. >> enjoy college. as most of the world knows, we did. and you won't have the weight of the world on your shoulders anymore. >> take all that you have seen, the people you have met, the lessons you've learned, and let those guide you in making positive change. we have no doubt that you will. >> i thought that was pretty terrific across political lines paid >> they wrote them a letter when they arrived and then a letter eight years later. >> okay, bolling? >> "o'reilly" tonight, i will be hosting that. today, this happened. steve harvey visited donald trump. afterwards, they talked a little bit. listen to what's what steve had to say about why he was there. >> it is just me following orders from my friend, president obama, who said, steve, you've got to be telling
2:59 pm
everybody to get out from behind your computers, stop tweeting and texting, get down there and talk. so i stepped down from behind my microphone and talk to the guy who is going to be the 45th president of the united states. i did but i was supposed to do. >> you know what, give the guy a chance and see what happens. steve harvey, thumbs up. >> thank you. greg? >> let's go to this new news. "gregg's stunning news." many of you don't know who sonny obama is, their portuguese water dog, bit a visitor, bit a visitor on the face, we have under a week left before we can impeach president obama, and i think we can do it based on this. >> did the visitor deserve it? >> how dare you blame the victim, dana. >> what a nice dog. >> what did reince priebus say after he got bit? >> what? >> i am kidding. >> what do you do?
3:00 pm
>> you have a vicious dog, you have a story you can tell the rest of your life. >> see you back here on monday. "special report" is next. >> bret: a rhetorical line been crossed, john lewis says russian interference makes the donald trump presidency illegitimate. this is sb 18. ♪ good evening, welcome to another two-hour edition of sb 18. we are coming to live tonight from gorgeous naples, florida, as the sunsets over the gulf. one of the most senior democrats capitol hill says he does not consider donald trump's election to be legitimate. critics say this is an organized
3:01 pm
plan one week from inauguration day. telling us today what is behind it. >> for decades, democratic congressman george lewis from georgia, a hero of the civil rights movement, has enjoyed unique status in congress as a voice of moral conscience. but when asked by nbc news' check.if he plans to forge a relationship with an ex-president, lewis intimated that donald trump is unworthy of respect. >> going to be very difficult. i don't see the president-elect is a legitimate president. >> lewis' comments came after there was a probe announced into the conduct of james comey, a move many, including mr. trump, saw as part of a broad effort to delegitimize his victory. the president-elect tweeted at 6:22:00 a.m. based on the information she had, she should never been allowed to run, guilty as hell, they were very nice to her, she lost because she campaigned in the wrong
3:02 pm
states, no enthusiasm. >> none of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system. >> the statement where he impeach clinton for using classified servers, but declined to seek her indictment in federal court. the probe will also examine leaks out of the bureau and the explosive letters comey said to congress, reopening and closing again the bureau's investigation into the democratic nominee. clinton herself speaking to donors in mid-november blame comey for slowing momentum and her campaign manager now believes comey should resign. >> i think it is hard to be director of such an important institution when that trust is no longer there. >> many trump supporters, conservatives, and legal experts such evidence that its motivations have more to do with evidence than sound law enforcement. >> not looking into the meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton or the fact that the fbi and justice department
3:03 pm
have been hamstringing any serious investigation into the clinton foundation and frankly how the clinton email matter was handled generally. >> the head of the republican national lawyers association called for observers to withhold judgment for now on whether the ultimate aim of the ig probe is, as many claim, to weaken the trump white house. >> the inspector general michael horowitz, great reputation, remains to be seen when we see the final report as to whether or not this seems to be politically motivated. >> a spokesman for president-elect trump did not respond to my request for a comment. however, fresh from a meeting with trump, called lewis a great man before adding that he doesn't set the best example by, "constantly looking for ways to delegitimize the results of a election" ." bret? >> bret: james, thank you. inside one week until donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. he is apparently just fine with
3:04 pm
some of his top advisors disagreeing with him during their confirmation hearings. correspondent peter doocy is live outside trump tower with that story tonight. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. if the president-elect last friday working out of trump tower before getting sworn in, even as he looks ahead to leading and legislating, mr. trump is still getting visis friends and tying up loose ends from his day of campaigning. >> repeal and replace. >> the president-elect isn't just monitoring dismantling of obamacare, watching cabinet nominees go before senate committees for confirmation hearings and says he doesn't care if they have different ideas about some things than he does. >> i told them, be ourselves and say what you want to say. don't worry about me, and i'm going to do the right thing. whatever it is. i may be right and they may be right, but i said cannot be ourselves. i could have segment do this, say that. i don't want that.
3:05 pm
i want to multiply themselves. >> but the president-elect is concerned with that unverified report that was widely circulated earlier in the week, the director that james clapper said he was dismayed leaked out. so @realdonaldtrump tweeted, quote "it now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued. totally made-up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both democrats and republicans. fake news. russia says nothing exists. probably released by 'intelligence' even knowing there is no proof and never will be. my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days." : family feud host steve harvey dropped by trump tower today for a sitdown he said was arranged y members of trump and obama's team. upstairs, harvey said ben carson was on the phone so they could talk about constructive ways to save some of america's poorest neighborhoods.
3:06 pm
>> we're going to team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner-city, which i felt was my only agenda, and he agreed, and he wants to do something. >> mr. trump also wants to bring down the cost of lockheed marti martin's expensive program, and after weeks of pressuring the company publicly, its ceo had an announcement to make. >> we are close to a deal that will bring the cost down tremendously, and moreover, it is going to bring a lot of jobs to the united states. >> a week out until inauguration day, the official program has been released, and it reveals the chief justice of the supreme court, john roberts, will be the one administering the oath of office to the next president and justice claire thomas will be administering the oath to the next. bret? >> bret: peter, thank you. let's get some analysis of the probe and the ever-changing
3:07 pm
legacy. charles krauthammer joins us. i want to start with james rosen's piece and put congressman john lewis said that seems to be something that perhaps other democrats are saying. you foreshadowed this yesterday in your comments about all this. >> look, i don't know whether it is actually orchestrated that this is all scripted or one at a time with john lewis being sort of the conscious of the democratic party speaking and being the one to kick off the idea. but this is a lot of coincidences at once. look, the democrats had this period of about a month and a half where they were so stunned by their loss, probably the most surprising in our lifetime, literally speaks to us. now they seem to have found a way to deal with it, which is to say it was a stolen election. they start with putin, and that's the idea of having this
3:08 pm
entire probe, obama demanding a report before he leaves office, obviously to put it on the table, now all of a sudden the ig wants to look into what comey did. comey clearly on both sides, whether he has a political agenda or not, he made one mistake after another. but the republicans -- they democrats want to have at least two reasons outside of themselves to say why it was a rigged election which, of course, is highly ironic, as that was the trump charge during the campaign. and this is a part of it. that ig story, they will be hearings on comey to rehash all. and for the democrats, that is their way of diminishing trump from the beginning. i'm not sure it's going to work. i don't think it's going to work. i think people have a sense you would make the election, the electoral college with a pretty wide margin.
3:09 pm
you get sworn in, and that is it. but what else are they democrats going to do. they have been decimated. >> bret: what about director comey and his future? same james comey best service, the new agent should ask -- the new ag should ask him to resign. do you think that should happen? >> i'm not sure it will happen under obama, but it certainly has to happen. whatever your political inclination, it is very clear that comey simply is, i don't know out of incompetence or ambition or whatever, he made some terrible decisions that he should not have made, injected himself into a campaign in a way that the fbi should not have been injected, and he has lost the confidence of everybody, and i think if you are the fbi director and you've lost the confidence of the country, you have to go. i think he should understand his position and make it easy on the
3:10 pm
two presidents and simply resig resign. >> bret: charles, as always, thank you. congress has passed a waiver allowing president-elect trump's pick as defense secretary to take the job. the bill will permit retired general james mattis to bypass a law requiring officers to be retired for seven years before holding the position. president obama's spokesman has indicated the president will sign it. the house has put the finishing touches on the first and arguably the easiest step in the process of repealing and replacing obamacare. lawmakers voted today to adopt a house-senate measure to allow a repeal bill to advance through the senate without the threat of a democratic filibuster. we'll get a live report on the latest from capitol hill and just a few minutes. there is plenty of negative reactions nine to president obama's surprise announcement of the wet foot, dry foot immigration policy for cubans. corresponded steve harrigan is
3:11 pm
listening tonight in miami. >> a 20 year policy of allowing cubans who make it to u.s. soil to remain and become permanent residence is over instantly of thursday. the end of the so-called wet foot, dry foot policy that give special privileges to cuban migrants was sudden and surprising, empowered to prevent any last-minute exodus of cubans risking their lives on the open water to beat a deadline. obama administration officials say cubans who arrived without visas could face arrest and deportation, like migrants from many other countries. it is a change the raul castro wanted and has been sharply criticized who opposed normalizing relations. in a formal statement, marco rubio said, we must work to assure that cubans who arrive here to escape political persecution are not summarily returned to the regime. the suddenness of the change
3:12 pm
leaves a number of cubans who have made part of the journey, like those in panama, in limbo. i am not going to cuba, this woman says. also uncertain is the fate of cubans to return to the island. the castro government has agreed to accept them but has offered no guarantees for their treatment, nor it is it clear t effect, if any, the roles will have. >> cubans are going to continue to leave the island, because there is a leadership that oppresses them on the island. >> more than 50,000 cubans came to the u.s. in 2016. that is double the number from just two years ago. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in miami, thank you. let's get more on this policy switch from florida republican government rick scott paid >> i hope you are enjoying our weather. going to be a lot colder next
3:13 pm
week in d.c. having snow tomorrow, aren't you? >> bret: that is exactly right. trying to stay here as long as possible. what about this wet foot, dry foot switch, and what is your reaction to it? >> it is classic barack obama. he doesn't talk to congress, he doesn't talk to members of our congress, doesn't ask for any advice, he is coddling up to a dictator, somebody that arrested 10,000 people last year, and he is not thinking about the people that are still being persecuted. we clearly have to work all across the world and come up with a better immigration policy in america, but we've got to take care of those people that are trying to leave the raul castro tierney, all of these people being arrested and beaten up. >> bret: when the administration said something had to be changed, something wasn't working after 50 years, how do you respond? >> first off, nothing changed
3:14 pm
for them. raul castro is still a dictator. he has not been elected by a democracy. there is no political freedom. he arrested 10,000 people last year. he is doing all of the things -- there is nothing that has changed for the better since barack obama did what he did. now what he is saying, if you are trying to leave that dictatorship, there is no home in america. so he needs to work and come up with a much smarter policy. i believe donald trump is going to do it. i'm going to work with him. just sent a letter to raul castro the other day saying, you have a choice. you can continue the path you're going down where there is no freedom, there is no economy, or you can have the biggest economic growth in the world right now if you turn to a democracy. >> bret: have you talked to the president about this? do you think the policy will change? >> absolutely. going to do everything i can. donald trump has been a friend for a long time. going to do everything i can to help them come up with a policy in cuba that is good for cubans and good for other people from
3:15 pm
cuba that live here in florida. >> bret: i want to turn to obamacare. what happened in the house kind of paved the way for repeal and replace. you've been an advocate, sent a letter to congress. you said that the time for major change in health care is now, not six months or two years from now. at is the biggest question is, when is the replace part going to get ironed out? >> let's remember, obamacare was sold on a bunch of lies, done the opposite of what it was supposed to do, people can't afford their health care today. these exchanges have big deductibles, so people, they might have an insurance policy, they are not getting health care they deserve. we have got to come up with a plan for states rights come on, have something that will drive down the cost of health care so more people can afford their health care, whether it is you as a consumer, as a business, or as taxpayers. i think they need to do it as quickly as possible.
3:16 pm
it is all part of our economy. >> bret: doesn't sound like they are saying, the same sheet of music, at least not yet, it has been, you know, seven years to come up with one plan. is that fair criticism, that there is not one plan, and then democrats say, this is chaos on the policy front, that they are politically making points? >> i am very optimistic. i think people do it quickly. clearly there will be differences of opinion, but i believe they are going to come up with a plan that is going to give states flexibility with regard to medicaid and drive down the cost of health care which is the biggest issue, and that is when they started with obamacare, but it was sold on complete lives. >> bret: when you hear congressman john lewis say that this president incoming is not legitimate, what are is your reaction? >> i am disappointed in him. we have a president that was lawfully elected. an honest, fair election in our state. we need to rally around this president and make donald trump is very successful for our kids, your kids, i have grandkids, i want this to be the greatest
3:17 pm
country in the world. we all tried doing everything we could to make sure barack obama it was successful. we need to do the same thing with donald trump. >> bret: you are a businessman, he became governor, what about the split between his business and his presidency? >> i think he is going to do what i did. put yourself in a position we don't have conflicts. i put my assets in a blind trust so no one can say i had any kind of conflict. i think he will figure out what to do to make sure he doesn't have conflicts. you don't want to put yourself in that position. >> bret: lastly, you have to go to some funerals coming up, police officers. >> we had the shooting done at the fort lauderdale airport, that was devastating for those families. we lost -- them he had five families in the hospital that were shot. then on monday, i had two law enforcement officers tie, one shot by somebody that killed his girlfriend a the month before, another one in a traffic incident. i will be doing that tomorrow and monday. your heart goes out to them.
3:18 pm
>> bret: the president-elect tweeted out about a funeral in new york. law enforcement, it seems, is going to take a different focus in the trump administration? >> i can tell you, right after the shooting in fort lauderdale, the president and vice president called me and asked me to give them updates. i think he is going to be very supportive of law enforcement just like he is going to be supportive of our military. >> bret: thanks for the time. >> i'm glad you're in florida. >> bret: so are we. saying that they have violated the constitutional rights of residents for years, the year-long inquiry grew out of the release of a dashcam video in 2015 showing a white police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times. attorney general loretta lynch called the issues systemic. >> our investigation found that this pattern of practice is in no small part the result of severely deficient training procedures and accountability systems. >> standby.
3:19 pm
>> bret: we will tell you what comes next in a lab report from chicago in our second hour. in new york, as i mentioned in that interview come at the funeral for a hero. police officers, residents, and politicians turned out as a hearse carrying the body of nypd steven mcdonald. president trump president-electe funeral beautiful. he became an advocate for nonviolence and forgiveness paid mcdonald died tuesday following a heart attack. he was 59. up next, what could be the beginning of the end of obamacare, we'll explain the logistics and the replace part. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 2, agreeing to pay a billion dollars in fines and restitution over its airbag defects. this came hours after three former employees were indicted by a federal grand journey. the air brakes can explode with
3:20 pm
too much force, over 60 people have died so far, set off the largest automotive recall. fox 25, mary fallin declares a state of emergency over the weather there. schools in the state were close today as school agencies make disaster relief plans. this is a live oak at denver from fox 31, one of the big stories there tonight, mixed reviews for marijuana. a federal advisory board says it has found substantial evidence that part is helpful in dealing with chronic pain and chemotherapy-related nausea, but it also finds a link between smoking marijuana and developing mental health issues such as schizophrenia and low birth weight babies. colorado is 1 of 8 states were e recreational pot is legal. that is to next life look outside the beltway. we are outside the beltway too. from "special report," we will be right back wrong?
3:21 pm
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3:24 pm
spread on a gorgeous night here in naples, florida. the epa has come up with one or last-minute regulatory thrust against the automobile agency. the agency is cementing strict fuel economy requirements forcing carmakers to make new vehicles significantly more efficient. the action keeps in place pollution reduction targets for the years 2022 through 2025. they say they will try to reverse that ruling. markets today, a mixed day. the doubt dropped 5. s&p 500 rose 4. for the week, the dow was down four-tenths of a percentage point, the s&p lost a tenth. we are coming to you tonight
3:25 pm
from beautiful naples, florida, and there is no issue in this state that touches more people than health care, as we just talked about with governor rick scott. this evening, congressional republicans have crossed the first item off their list toward repealing and replacing president obama's signature health care law. mike emanuel shows us what happened today and what is next on capitol hill. >> voting in the affirmative, the resolution as a grade two. >> congress has taken its first steps towards repealing obamacare, passing a measure which will ask the committees to write a formal repeal measure. the house passed it 227-198 after the senate approved at 198. >> this is a rescue mission, this is a necessary move, and i urge all of our colleagues to do what is right, because the time is urgent. and on top of this, to my colleagues, we need to give our promise that we made to the american people, and this helps us to justice.
3:26 pm
speaker nancy pelosi sounded like she was willing to negotiate to save obamacare. >> diminish the number of people covered, reduce the benefit package and increase the cost, do damage to medicare and medicaid. >> a top house republican said this was about a lawmakers keeping their word. >> this should not be about preserving somebody's legacy. it should be about fulfilling those promises to the american people that were broken, and we are here to fulfill that promise. how refreshing it is that you have people who ran for years saying we are going to repeal obamacare with a president who is ready to sign a bill. >> president trump weighed in early morning on twitter. "the 'unaffordable' care act will soon be history." >> we want to do this at the same time, in some cases, the same bill. we don't have a date but that is something we are working on.
3:27 pm
it is going to take us time, but we are working on this as fast as possible. >> for more than six years, we have been waiting for a credible republican care plan, and none has been forthcoming. all you have a is smoke and mirrors. and the american people are getting ready to get screwed. >> republicans say with obamacare, too many families have seen their costs, quality dropped, and health care choices reduced. now the challenge is fixing it. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel on the hill. some thoughts from karl rove, republican strategist and former senior advisor, and joe trippi, veteran democratic strategist who has worked on several presidential campaigns. joe is in washington. let me start with you. when i hear democrats on the hill, they are ready to really call this trumpcare, and they
3:28 pm
are ready to hand over and say, where is the replace plan? is that smart politics or are they going to try to offer some suggestions? speaker nancy pelosi said, be willing to offer suggestions. i'm not sure that the republicans need much help. the same way that democrats passed it without a republican vote, that is what is going to happen. there is not going to be any democratic support at all. fix commit yes, but i don't think any votes, very few votes, for repeal. this is an important step today, and it stops and a filibuster to stop repeal. but the problem still is the replace part. charlie dent, the republican member from pennsylvania said, let's not take off in this plane unless we know we can landed, and he said he wasn't sure they could have landed, and that is going to be where the republicans, they are going to need to pull together, it is not clear what that is yet.
3:29 pm
>> bret: karl, what is your sense? is this overblown as far as pushing replace so fast? >> they were affordable care act took 15 months for the democrats to write, even when they were voting, nancy pelosi famously said, we've got to pass it in order to know what is in it. i think the republicans particularly in the house are firmly committed to the idea of, let's discuss this, let's work it over, let's have it be known so when we vote on it, we know it we are going to be voting on. that means that they not going to get it done by the january 27th deadline for reporting a bill that is in the reconciliation. that is really important. it is a date stuck in there, but no enforcement ability overage. probably means we are likely to get to of the first 100 days without this process being completed. but it is the right way to do
3:30 pm
it. make sure the people understand what is going on. >> bret: we should point out, reconciliation is 50 plus one, not the 60 60 votes needed fort things in the senate. donald trump tweeting, "the 'unaffordable' care act will soon be history." take a listen to the house speaker and the house minority leader. >> this law is collapsing while we speak. we have to step in before things get worse. this is nothing short of a rescue mission. our goal is a truly patient-centered system, which means more options to choose from, lower costs, and greater control over your coverage. and as we work to get there, we will make sure that there is a stable transition period.
3:31 pm
>> feeding their ideological obsession with repealing the aca and dismantling the economic security of hard-working american families. >> bret: joe, the republicans control the house and senate in some part because a lot of those were decided on obamacare and high deductibles and high premiums. >> absolutely. obamacare, because that was passed with just democratic votes, plenty of democrats paid the price for that, and orange in washington anymore. the problem the republicans have is, it will become trumpcare, whatever comes out of this, whenever they repeal, whatever they replace it with, they will own, probably 100% with no democratic votes either. that's why i think karl is right. it is unlikely that this is going to happen by the 27th of january or the first 100 days. it is likelier that they should take the time and make sure they do this in a way that, when they own it, they are going to be happy with what comes out and
3:32 pm
that the american people are happy with it or many of them may pay the same exact price. i think that is why they can't come to agreement right now. >> bret: karl, quickly, there are two focuses, it seems, russia and obamacare, the themes that democrats are really hitting in these confirmation meetings. does it make it tougher for tom price when he gets up for hhs? >> tom price is capable of handling this issue. since he came to the congress in 2004, he has been involved in health care, writing legislation, let's be clear. the affordable care act, >> ryan was right. it is collapsing. remember all of those -- all of those great choices we were going to have ad exchanges, lots of states are now starting to find many counties in their states or in some instances the entire state has one option for everybody in the state. we are talking about premiums that are going up by double digits. and so the republicans are going
3:33 pm
to take their time and do it right. let the democrats be responsible for what they wrote and what they passed and that is collapsing before our eyes. >> bret: karl, joe, as always, thank you. international news. syria is accusing israel of firing missiles that struck near a major military airport west of damascus. syria says it is the latest such attack from israel. corresponded conor powell has the information tonight. speak with the explosions and plumes of smoke can be seen, claiming several missiles were fired north of israel on the south western edge of the syrian capital early friday morning. the target appears to have been a weapons storage facility. syrian media for reported thatr soldiers were injured, the mazzah airport as a key facility
3:34 pm
that assad forces have used. it has also previously come under its israeli fire. acknowledging publicly for the first time that israel had carried out numerous strikes in syria despite insisting that israel was not involved in the syrian war, saying, we are trying to prevent the smuggling of advanced weapons, military equipment, and weapons of mass destruction from syria to hezbollah. in the past, similar promises of retaliation have not materialized. the ability of the assad regime to retaliate and target against israel is extremely limited right now given that the syrian military and its allies, as below, are tidy on fighting syria's rebels. bret? >> conor powell, connor, thank you as much as 130 tons of uranium
3:35 pm
according to iranian media, u.s. state department officials say this is not violate the presidents nuclear deal with iran because the uranium cannot be used for a weapon and its original form. critics say the substance could eventually be enriched enough to provide fuel for several simple nuclear bombs. a civil rights icon questions donald trump's legitimacy as president as the man a week away from the oval office says he is fine with disagreements in his cabinet. the panel breaks down all of the developments of the day next.
3:36 pm
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>> i don't see the president elect as a legitimate president. >> you don't see him as a legitimate president. by is that? >> i don't think he participated
3:39 pm
in getting this man elected, and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it should be the first one that i have missed since i have been in congress. >> visible signs of disrespect for the man, and i have always said, if you don't respect the man cannot respect the position. >> bret: congressman john lewis today and congressman john lewis from february of last year talking about president-elect trump and talking about president obama and the legitimacy of president trump, he is questioning one week from inauguration day. let's bring in our panel from washington today. byron york, chief political correspondent. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." and jonathan swan. your thoughts when you heard this today? >> it was pretty stunning. a number of democrats have been
3:40 pm
edging toward this decision, and i would say, in some ways, he is just honestly, you know, expressed what many people have been saying, people in hillary clinton's camp have been delegitimize delegitimizing it for ages. are they going to have donald trump, who else is going to come out and say is not legitimate, we have surely seen people who have already been inching up to this position. >> bret: byron? >> we're going to see how many democrats follow suit here. i think john lewis used his stature to say something that other democrats probably wanted to say. you have to remember, donald trump won pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. there are a lot of democrats in those places. are they going to follow suit or are they going to work with the new president. my feeling is, they are probably going to express respect for
3:41 pm
lewis but work with trump. >> bret: met with trump at trump tower saying he was asked about this very comment by congressman lewis. >> the idea of constantly looking for ways to delegitimize the results of the election, no matter how unhappy are you are about it, isn't the best example we said. the best example we set is understanding that there is a democratic process that you go through, there is a unique process in our country where states don't matter, and mr. trump won that handily. >> bret: mollie, your thoughts. >> i think there is a process of delegitimization. many people struggle to cope with it. jim call me, the electoral college, the popular vote, fake news. then they resurrected an issue that was not so successful for them during the general campaign come at this idea of russian
3:42 pm
meddling. the intelligence community put quite a bit of effort into supporting this claim of russian meddling, strategically doing leaks and dropping information that would push that narrative, and, of course, donald trump has been very antagonistic toward the intelligence community. and he is not the first president to warn about the danger of that community. dwight eisenhower mentioned it in his farewell speech. but he is certainly much more vigorous about it the most have been, and he has been warned that this will only elevate the pushback from the intelligence community, and they certainly have. i thought it was interesting that lewis talked specifically about russian meddling and uses that as a pretense or a reason to say this is not a legitimate presidency. this is a dangerous issue that needs to be dealt with, and a lot of people voted for donald trump precisely because they did want to clean the swamp. they agree with him that the intelligence community has become dangerously politicized and power-hungry in a way that is threatening to our national
3:43 pm
security, and they don't agree, the intelligence community does not agree with donald trump's policy changes regarding them or russia, and they are behaving, i think, in a very inappropriate fashion, in a way that also causes a lot of chaos in our country. so this is something to watch. >> i know a little bit about that eisenhower farewell speech. jonathan, let me put up a tweet. donald trump on this doj, ig appropriate -- tweet. "what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi? based on the information they had she should never have been allowed to run. guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. no enthusiasm." that is his reaction on twitter in response to this new ig report, that comey investigation. >> two things here. this could be. very messy for
3:44 pm
james comey. this is going to cause questions about his judgment, how he makes decisions. he's been telling people he is politically tone-deaf in a joking fashion, but he doesn't have the luxury of being politically tone-deaf in that. the interesting question without tweet, how does donald trump reconcile what he has definite doubts about comey's competence versus not wanting to delegitimize himself. it is going to be really interesting. it is very unclear whether comey survives his tenure as fbi director. >> bret: byron, what about looking back and the "guilty as hell" part of that tweet. a week away from inauguration. >> [laughs] look, there were a lot of really funky things that happened in this email investigation, no doubt about it. james comey comes out on july 5th of last year, just hours after interviewing
3:45 pm
hillary clinton, basically makes a very solid case for indicting her and then says, and now i'm not going to do anything. and then it comes back on october 28th, says he is reopening it, it stays open and we are all talking about it every day until november 6, just two days before election day. there was some really funky stuff that went on there. this investigation is probably going to end up in a lot of partisan wrangling. one of the reasons we heard today is that the justice department, inspector general, is not going to include the airport tarmac meeting between loretta lynch, the attorney general, and bill clinton, as part of his investigation. and republicans are going to be very unhappy with that, and it is probably going to come up for them, it taint any results that comes out of it. >> bret: mollie, i guess i was referring to the fact that the president-elect, seven days before inauguration, is going back to that time. we talk about his different communication in twitter, but
3:46 pm
this is what he puts out pretty much every day, some aspect of some policy fight that is going on. >> i think what he is doing is responding to how other people are relitigating this as well. been a failure to do with the reality, which is very shocking still that he won the election in hillary clinton did not. people are trying to, again, find reasons to explain it away as opposed to just accepting the reality. and there is a narrative being pushed in a lot of the media of focusing on distractions rather than the failures of the clinton campaign. so i think he is behaving in that manner, but actually the media and other people are also kind of hysterical and hostile on the issue as well. >> bret: all right. we are seven days away from the inauguration. standby, panel. next step, president obama and the wet foot, dry foot policy when it comes to cuba. what does that mean? ne that works fast,
3:47 pm
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3:50 pm
♪ >> the change that we have announced ensures that we are harmonizing and normalizing our immigration policy with regard to cuban migrants. >> unfortunately, president obama has just -- cuban migrant who is going to continue to escape from cuba seeking freedom somewhere else whether there is a law that favors them or not. >> bret: with seven days left, president obama and his administration changing the cuba migration policy, the wet foot, dry foot policy, why and what does it mean? we are back with our panel.
3:51 pm
mollie, your thoughts? >> we had a different policy with cuba because it is a place you are not free to emigrate from, and acumen population is one that assimilates here well and is a successful group. president obama wanted to send a message, that cuba, as part of his normalization process, is not as bad as we thought in the past, although i'm not sure why he wants to do that. the big challenge is that we haven't gotten a lot from this normalization agreement. even this policy change, we didn't get assurance from the castro regime that the people who are sent back to cuba would not be punished when they are returned. so this is an interesting policy and one where it makes it very difficult for donald trump to do anything different once he is in office. there are challenges no matter how he wants to change it going forward. >> bret: they are forecasting changes, we just don't know what those are. you mentioned cuba hasn't changed the way it is operating.
3:52 pm
president obama visited havana, this is from "usa today," just hours before president obama landed in cuba -- this is back in march for his historic visit -- cuban authorities arrested more than 50 dissidents who were marching to demand improved human rights. jonathan, i guess critics including the governor hearsay, what is the u.s. getting out of this change in policy? >> you see exactly what the policy will be. you find me a republican in the current climate who is going to say, no, let's create special classes of immigration for certain countries. you won't find it. i think he's going to find limited blowback on this policy. one thing i noticed, there is a guy who runs a group called fair, in terms of people that shake his thinking and immigration, be hard put finding someone who has had more effect,
3:53 pm
and they praised obama to the heavens. they don't praise obama, they praised him to the heavens for this, you're going to see the hardliners supporting this, the real criticism will be exactly what you said, what do we get in return. this was a bargaining chip and we took it off the table for no reasons. >> bret: what about the politics, byron? >> there is an executive authority angle to this. in the past, jay johnson and ben rhodes of the white house had a conference call for a reported last night, and one side, in the past, the obama administration had said changing the wet foot, dry foot policy would be part of the cuban adjustment act and you couldn't do it without an act of congress. what changed? hmmm how come you did it now? the answer was, we just stated. the answer in part, people that have been upset with unilateral use of powers especially in immigration, this does set a bad
3:54 pm
precedent for the future. can look at a lot of things that he says, you know, i can just do this. i don't have to ask congress, nobody will me. >> bret: just so everybody is clear and maybe didn't see steve harrigan's report before, wet foot, dry foot is the policy on immigration with cuba. if someone is stopped at sea, they have to be turned around and go back to cuba. under the old policy before today, if they landed on land, even just 1 foot, they were allowed to stay. mollie, here is governor scott referring to that earlier in the show. >> it is classic barack obama. he doesn't talk to congress. he doesn't talk to members of our congress. he is coddling up to a dictator, somebody that arrested 10,000 people last year, and he's not thinking about the people that are still being persecuted. >> bret: what about the obama administration's final days here? not just with this but in the
3:55 pm
final days, what is happening? >> we are seeing quite a few of these types of last-minute actions, extensions of policies. this has been going on for weeks when you think barack obama has been talking a really good game about making a peaceful transition while at the same time putting forth policies that will be difficult for donald trump to deal with, whether it is dealing with israel, the arctic drilling ban, changes to immigration law and whatnot. i would expect a few more of these things to be put forth in the next few days too. >> bret: jonathan, we have seen it small transfers happening, those things continuing? >> i think they are going to continue to frustrate the trump people, and it is very frustrating for the trump people, seeing all of these actions accumulate which are going to be difficult to unwind. i think with the gitmo issue, these people are going to be staying. trump has made himself very clear on that. >> bret: byron, last word. >> well, you are going to see, i
3:56 pm
think, more of this. the president still has a brick to go. especially on guantanamo. he promised to close the place, and he is not going to close the place because there are a few people he can get rid of. i would not be surprised in the next seven days to see them do more on this. apparently the only people who want to be able to escape from cuba are the current inmates in guantanamo. >> bret: right now about 50 left there, but, byron, there still isn't a policy about what happens if you capture somebody on the battlefield. >> the trump administration, i think, is going to make it pretty clear that they will actually bring them to guantanamo and try to try them with military commissions. obviously a lot of legal problems with that. the obama's administration's preference was to drawn people and not have legal problems afterwards. i think you will see, if captured on the battlefield, i think you will see the trump administration try to repopulate guantanamo with those prisoners. >> bret: us of the pendulum goes one way and another way.
3:57 pm
panel goes one way and another way. that does it for our number one on bret. when we come back live from naples, a life panel about the justice department's findings on the police department there
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
4:00 pm
a >> bret: welcome back to naples, florida, for the second hour of a "special report" ." we now know what the justice department thinks of how the chicago police department has been doing its job. a year-long investigation concludes this otago police department has violated the constitutional rights of its residents for years. now comes the question of what will be done about that. senior correspondent mike tobin is in chicago tonight. >> a 13 month probe to the department of justice determine that officers were poorly trained. they shot a vehicles without justification, shot at fleeing
4:01 pm
subjects, they used force or retaliation, used force when there was no threat, and failed to do gmac de-escalate the investigation was sparked by the release of this videotape showing a white police officer shooting a black teenagers demonic teenager at 16 times killing him. the police superintendent was fired. the state attorney voted out of office. the officer who shot the fatal shots is facing charges. not all cases were investigated, discipline was haphazard, and racially discriminatory conduct of officers was not an investid investigated. >> however, gary mccarthy said
4:02 pm
this flurry of prose by the doj is politics injected into policing. the investigations have increased and cops have instruction in minority communities because that's where the trouble is. >> the most violent community in chicago is inglewood and that happens to be 97% african-american. the expectation is that it will stop 72% white folks there which is absolutely preposterous. still the department of justice posting 25 probes now wrapping up the end of the obama administration. they say this is the first step towards healing. a community so badly broken, they are locked in a continuous stream of grievances. >> again, i'm a very practical lawyer. the bar is going to continue to sue the city, we're going to continue to hemorrhage money.
4:03 pm
>> the department of justice signed an agreement. those negotiations don't begin until the new administration is sworn in. bret? >> bret: up mike tobin live in chicago. mike, thank you. now we go to the big apple for the funeral for a hero. a hearse is carrying the body of nypd veteran steven mcdonald. he was shot by a teenager in 1986, leaving him paralyzed. he became an advocate for nonviolence and forgiveness. president trump tweeted "a beautiful funeral today for a real nyc hero, detective steven mcdonald. our law enforcement community has my complete and total support." mcdonald died tuesday following a heart attack. he was 59. let's get a different perspective on two very different stories.
4:04 pm
these cohosts of "the five" are in new york. >> i think given that what happened there is now replicated in baltimore. yesterday they had a report coming out of baltimore given the trouble they've had their and now today chicago, you can see a pattern in the last few days of the obama administration where they're trying to force the hand of change in terms of the relationship between the black community and police department's nationwide. today, the mayor in chicago said it's unlikely that the new incoming trump administration will make any difference. >> bret: danny, you look at the crime statistics between 2016 and 2015 in chicago and you had homicides up 57%, shooting
4:05 pm
incidents up 46%, shooting victims up to 48%, the situation in chicago for the past year and several months really has been pretty dangerous to say the least. >> it's a tragic, unfortunate. you are the department of justice, liberator lynch attorney general, trying to explain that these people feel like if they have been victimized. the department of justice says their constitutional rights have been violated for years. the community believes that and give the police officers, the former superintendent sango sab ever called him. he was even consulted. i guess you can try to figure that out and produce some records to see if that's true. moving forward, i think this is an opportunity for both sides. the police are saying we either need more resources and support from the city and they also have
4:06 pm
to have a sort of way with the gang activity because the nub of this gets down to that. the gun violence goes straight back to gang activity at least in cities in the past i've been able to get on top of it. they have the justice department working with the city of chicago and baltimore can get a handle on things. >> bret: i guess critics say that the obama administration can't decide side with the law enforcement immediately. if there are a number of egregious acts happening around the country. they have a broad investigation of these police departments. >> right, in fact, jeff sessions, the senator from alabama who is the nominee to be attorney general, says there needs to be support from the federal government force police
4:07 pm
officers nationwide. president obama was efforts might convey a lack of support. one instance is race. if the reality is there's a very high level of segregation if not the highest level of racial segregation in the city of chicago the entire country. so bret timoney think about this, i think it's twice or three times the level of unemployment and chicago, and you think about young people, they are talking about the gangs. in this report, it indicated that 83% of the instances of excessive force by police were against young black people. or teen% against young latinos. eve see what a difference white people have with the police
4:08 pm
department. there is a very different experience. that's what we see from the politics, the rhetoric that we see. >> bret: let me ask you this. if president trump, when he becomes president, focuses on those inner cities, talks about the economic opportunities that should be there, steps up law enforcement, they become safer, uses steve harvey to work with ben carson in the inner cities, does that change the dynamic in this whole perception? >> perception is going to be difficult to change because i think it's going to take some time, but what you just pointed out to me is the reason to be optimistic. there's not much optimism right now obviously. most women in our community did not vote for donald trump. and my mind, you're talking with the steve harvey business, something like ben carson
4:09 pm
getting people jobs and better housing, that's really systemic concrete change and i think it could breed a different relationship. i think so many of these young people, if you give them opportunities, they want the american dream. i don't think there's any lack of belief in america as the land of opportunity and a minority communities and our country. to get them away from what dana was talking about, the gang life or the thug life and instead focus on the upper ladder of mobility, that would be a gift from donald trump. >> bret: all right, dana, i have some breaking news here. the office of of architect at the capital is going to remove the pigs lease painting tuesday. fox news has told us, stephen errors reviewed a letter from a congressman and he has determine the painting violates the housebuilding rules. it will be removed tuesday after the federal holiday.
4:10 pm
of course is the painting you're looking at here, depicting police officers as pigs. >> really? them to wait until tuesday? it shouldn't be that hard to go down to remove the painting about the ruling. i have the first amendment defends was a strong one. again, we're talking about artistic depiction from a young person of something that we just spent the last 10 minutes talking about, which is an unfortunate perception by young black people that the police to our against them. and a partisanship that is run across both sides of the aisle sing of the republicans are trying to claim that there are more for the police, that if democrats are saying that there are more for the people. i think donald trump has a good opportunity with a clean slate. i don't think there'll be much of a difference with these two
4:11 pm
agreements. i think he can reset some expectations and give the young people some hope. >> bret: it dana and juan, thank you. >> thank you, brett. >> bret: president-elect donald trump is not into micromanaging his cabinet picks. he made that clear today. that is the word from trump tower tonight where mr. trump says he just wants his top advisors to be themselves. correspondent peter doocy is a new york this evening. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. a week away from moving into the white house, the president-elect is turning some of his fire away from intel community officials and toward his political adversaries with a trio of tweets he wrote this. "it now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued." "totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both democrats and republicans -
4:12 pm
fake news! russia says nothing exists. probably released by 'intelligence' even knowing there is no proof, and never will be. my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!" trump is staying on offense while some democrats are questioning whether he won the election fair and square. >> it's very difficult. i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> the president-elect made a surprise appearance in the lobby of trump tower traded talk about some of the groundwork he's laying ahead of his white house move. he told reporters repealing and replacing obamacare is going great and that he really doesn't mind when people he picked for cabinet secretaries spot expresses opinions different from his own. he gave them just one instruction. >> i told them to be yourself and say what you want to say. don't worry about me. and i'm going to do the right thing, whatever it is. i may be right and that they may
4:13 pm
be right, but i said be ourselves. >> entertainer steve harvey met with mr. trump today at a meeting that he said was arranged by mr. obama and the trump team. he said senator ben carson was on speaker phone and talk about how they can make life better in some impoverished communities. it >> we are going to team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities which i felt was my only agenda, he agreed and he wants to do something. >> harvey also joked that he hopes to someday host an episode of family feud that fits the trump family against either the clintons or the obama does. he think the ratings will be sky-high. bret? >> bret: would be huge. peter doocy, outside trump tower. peter, thank you. tom bill zack has left his job a week early.
4:14 pm
he told employees in an email that today was his last day. he did not say why he's leaving, but he has been critical of president-elect trump for not picking a new agriculture secretary as of yet. congressional republicans have taken another big step on the plan to get rid of obamacare. now the question is what comes next? chief correspondent mike emmanuel's on capitol hill right now. with the very latest. >> this was is a critical stepr republicans. to make sure that democrats in the senate will not be able to filibuster. the vote in the house this afternoon was 227-198. now the relevant communities will be able to write formal legislation as republicans work on their health care replacement. speaker paul ryan emphasized the urgency at this moment. >> we have to step in before things get worse. this is nothing short of a
4:15 pm
rescue mission. by taking this step today, we are doing what is right. we are stepping in and stopping the collapse from doing more harm to the working families of america. >> ryan and his colleagues know too many american families have seen their premiums soar and choices reduced to one which they know it is a monopoly, not a choice. at the house democratic leader criticized the g.o.p., accusing them of not wanting to fix health care. >> instead, the republicans have been feeding their ideological obsession with repealing the aca and dismantling the health and economic security of hard-working families. >> yet republicans note they've all campaigned against the affordable care act four years. democrats tried to tell their colleagues that repeal without a concrete replacement was far too risky. this is a first step. >> today we'll start a process
4:16 pm
of keeping our promises mr. speaker. we promised the american people that we would repeal and replace this failed health care law and only in washington, would keeping your promise somehow be controversial. >> let's lay down a marker. that congress should not rush headlong into this costly repea repeal. knowing in terms of dollars, but in terms of health security code consequent as for the people. i urge the house to vote no on this dangerous and destructive resolution. it >> republicans note the bigger danger would be waiting around for obamacare to collapse hurting millions of americans. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel come alive on the hill. mike, thanks. trump has vowed to end america's war on coal. it will take more than just the stroke of a pen to get it done.
4:17 pm
>> we are going to put our minors back to work. >> president-elect trump rode a wave of support from the industl midwest and co-country to win the white house. he promised to put coal miners back to work. but to fulfill that campaign pledge, trumbull need to penetrate a blue law. they rejected a project. the latest blockage, outgoing washington state lands commissioner was holding a sublease to the owner of this abandoned aluminum smelter. >> it's disappointing. you would like to an elected official take to the town's means of the whole state. >> regulators in washington have shut down project in the last few years. two others were scrapped by protests of environmentalists. with domestic coal use plunging due to cheap natural gas and coal plant closings, experts are
4:18 pm
keyed to survival. the chokepoint created by a lack of west coast ports has effectively kept a lot of coal e in the ground. >> this should go forward. this would release it threatens the climate in the long haul. speak with the trump administration, though, republican paul mckenna served as washington's state attorney general and he believes that washington and oregon are violating the commerce clause. >> these reports are from the western united states and the landlocked states who want to be able to export products overseas need access to those ports and i think it raises real constitutional issues when states systematically attempted to deny them access to those ports. >> another avenue republicans could pursue is in the legislature. congress could pass a law treating ports much the same way
4:19 pm
railroads are governed. right? >> bret: thank you. at the tsa says more and more people are trying to take their guns on airplanes. the agency says almost 3400 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags last year. that is up 28% from the year before. 83% of those were loaded. the top airports for firearms violation, atlanta hartsfield, jackson, and dallas-fort worth. next up, the security preparations for next week's inauguration of donald trump as a 44th president. we will break it all down after the break
4:20 pm
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4:23 pm
>> bret: will come back. home security leader jake johnson says he knows there's no specific threat, but just in case, law enforcement personnel is beginning ready for trouble. chief intelligence correspondent has an exclusive look at how the protectors or training. >> at a maryland training facility, secret service agents are doing final prep for inauguration day. fox news was granted exclusive access to this week's training that includes a mockup of the white house parade route. >> we don't want to be seeing these events for the first time on january 20th. >> secret service agents were trained in over 40 incidents. >> how are we going to respond if the president or first lady were to sprain an ankle while they were walking. if there's an assault of some sort or mortar attack? every scenario has a response of
4:24 pm
some sort. >> joseph quincy said at the inauguration shares the same high-level security as well as the republican and democratic conventions. >> there is nothing specific or credible threats at this point. at the last inauguration, we you weren't as concerned about drones or aerial systems. >> a drone sprays the crowd with a chemical agent. >> we try to figure what if these happen? everyone's on the same page. >> this will be about the same size as last inauguration. >> if you make an action toward the president or our protect these, you cross the line and we will respond. shouting or yelling is certainly within the first moment rights. >> there'll be trucks of cement creating a hard perimeter.
4:25 pm
a response to the terror threats in france and germany. >> we are doubling down on these threats. >> president obama has already met with the president-elect. >> i have sat down with president trump on several occasions. >> was that relationship like? >> he's been very gracious. using publicly, he spoke very highly of men and women in the secret service. >> detective quincy came out of retirement. at four years ago, he was part of the crowd. >> it's a great symbol of our democracy. >> in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >> let's get more on the main inauguration.
4:26 pm
he joins us live from washington. boris, thank you for coming in. we talk about security here in the secret service, what about the logistics overall? what can you shed light on for us tonight? >> the joint task force, the gtf has played a great role and has designated this is a special security event. we want these americans to come and join us in this celebration of partisan power. >> bret: it boris, can you have any sense of how my people are going to show up? >> were looking at this is a two day event really. we start on thursday and then paying homage and honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our democracy and then you go to two public events. of course, on through the friday events culminating at noon as far as the swearing in and on
4:27 pm
the parade. all of those events we expect over a million people in washington, d.c., and we are calling all americans to come and unite with us and be here with us as we celebrate together. >> bret: it boris, been some criticism that the inaugural committee has not been able to secure entertainment and there's been back and forth of that. at different performers who have said they're not going to, or they're not going to come in and they're not going to come. where are you on this? >> toby keith, lee greenwood, three doors down among others are going to perform at the end make america great again celebration and very importantly, donald j. trump will be making a remark at the steps. i thought about the sled race, it's not about the entertainment comments about the american people. that's who won the election on november 8, 2016. that's what this is about, bring the people together.
4:28 pm
is not a slogan, it's a plan. >> bret: e make an interesting point about how unique he was as a candidate, obviously as a president-elect. this event will likely be unique paired house so? by what's said and what's talked about, or will it look different and feel different that inaugurations in the past qwest market >> there will be a lot of the historical traditional hallmarks of inaugurations. the church service of st. john's, of course, the swearing in. there also are also some diffes that make america great again celebration, that's something that's unprecedented. it will be truly wonderful and you'll see so many specifics in it that i've never seen before in that speech and remarks by the president-elect. and then on inaugural day, the parade, for example, in 1953, the parade was four and a half hours. this time, it will be a shorter parade. representatives, diverse, over a thousand participants in 40
4:29 pm
groups. nonetheless, a short parade, why? because this president-elect is ready to get to work. and we've seen that. he wants to go to work for the american people. and then, and that same day the inaugural ball. two official inaugural balls and one celebrating our armed forces, but also saluting those first responders. that will be the tradition this year. it saluting the emts, firemen and women and police who save our lives every day. >> bret: boris, we thank you for coming in. >> of course, bret. >> bret: we will of course have complete coverage all day next friday. we will host the coverage, the big event starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern time and will go until 5:00 p.m. a bunch of shows that day but on our show, announces, it's a cast
4:30 pm
of thousands. i will be back at six for "special report" and inauguration day addition. and beginning monday, my colleague martha maccallum premieres her new show first 100 days. at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. please make plans to join martha every weeknight right after "special report" ." the two hour shows come to an end. coming up this weekend, a special look at the presidency of dwight eisenhower even after his two terms, eisenhower remained a trusted source for his successor. john f. kennedy. that was never more important than during the cuban missile crisis. during this white knuckle. period, nothing was more important. >> you don't think they will? in other words, you would take that risk of the situation changes?
4:31 pm
>> if this thing is such a serious thing, we are going to be uneasy. you got to use something, something may make these people shoot them all. i just don't think this will. i want to keep my own people very alert. >> well, hang on tight. >> ultimately, the situation was resolved peacefully. on november 22nd, 1963, president kennedy was assassinated. eisenhower, shocked and saddened, remained engaged. advising his successor, lyndon johnson. as domestic protest against the vietnam war mounted, ike sympathized with lbj. >> he wrote this to you, no one he could hate war more than i, but i get very upset when i find people were quite willing to enjoy the privileges and rights
4:32 pm
afforded by this country the publican announced the readiness to flout the responsibilities. during member receiving that? >> yes, i do. i certainly knew what it meant. which was, there you are in the middle of it. don't even think about it. >> please join me for "three days in january," sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern and 11:00 p.m. eastern. it is based on my new book, "three days in january." it came out this week. now 2,821st century military issue, how troops are supposed to look. back in hides and hours day, it was an easy call. not so right now. lauren green tells us how the army is changing. >> turbans, beards, and his jobs will become more common among the ranks of the u.s. army.
4:33 pm
the new directive to accommodate soldiers like army reserve dr. who comes from along lines of family service members. >> my father, my grandfather were both served in the indian air force. this is something that is a part of us. service, not just to our community, but to mankind on your country. it's a part of who we are, it's a part of what we do. it >> the new accommodation as a result of lawsuits filed on behalf of six, but opens the door to a whole new tradition. >> it covers the most basically commonly requested religious tradition. that includes turbans, beards, hit jobs for muslim women. >> the major push back against the changes came from the
4:34 pm
military's compulsion with uniformity. here short, face clean-shaven, a once easy goal with an all-male and mostly christian rank and file. there also equip my concerns about the effectiveness of gas masks over a full beard. an issue of the army is still studying. the secretary of defense, ash carter is a speaking on the issue in 2015. it's a matter of common sense including all who are able. >> the mission of effectiveness depends upon who has access. >> includes men and women of all background who says the term brood is more of the piece of his uniform, it's a part of his identity. >> the turbine represents our commitment to a lot of the same values that i swore to uphold as a soldier and officer. it's my commitment to social justice, to freedom, to stand up for people that can't stand up for themselves. >> we reach out to the other branches of the military, they
4:35 pm
continue to follow the department of defense guidelines regarding religious accommodations. handling requests on a case-by-case basis. bret? it's going to lauren, thank you. a virginia man upset with the department of motor vehicles has a settled his tax bill of more than 3,000 pennies. nick stafford carded cash into the dmv on wednesday. he filed three lawsuits against the dmv so he could discuss the tax pretty he told the local newspaper "if they were going to inconvenience me, then i was going to inconvenience them." next up, the future of the democratic party, is it a party and wilderness? the panel joins me after the break when did mixing food,
4:36 pm
with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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4:39 pm
>> no one can say what caused hitler that election. she got three more votes, but she lost 196,000 votes in three states that would've made a difference. it can be anything at all. she acknowledged that the campaign wasn't that well run, we never got to the issues. >> bret: there is vice president biden on the view today talking about election just past. what about the future of the democratic party as you look down the road after a big loss in 2016? let's bring in our panel from washington. matthew is the editor-in-chief,.
4:40 pm
mercedes, first to you. you hear biden, will play a little bit of obama and just a minute. >> i'm going to be curious to see when they pull off the dnc autopsy. this is something the republicans did back after the 2012 election, and i think there's so many factors that come into play. i think part of it is the fact of the democratic party being disconnected from the american people. at this push of globalism, the idea that hillary clinton pushed out open borders for example. i think the american people had a sense that they felt they were losing their nation. with that said, it's also the economy which i think is an incredible role in this process. many of these communities suffered economic losses, never quite recovered, and it said something out of touch, not only president obama, hillary clinton, but democratic party as a whole. >> bret: heidi, is the democratic party now focusing
4:41 pm
back on 2016 about russia, about the comey investigation, john lewis questioning the legitimacy of president trump to be, are they looking backward? >> i think they're doing both. they deftly think about things can be compatible. they think they can look at the broader view of the mistakes they made. also look at some of the things that may have played a role because that race was close. such as the comey letters. i think they're doing both. mercedes makes an excellent point, this autopsy is going to be really intriguing in terms of whether they actually identify some of these much bigger problems that they're facing. one good sign is there having these forms, they're doing them in a different way. and they're having actually journalists host them and open themselves up to what is going
4:42 pm
to be some really tough questioning about those mistakes that they made. like mercedes said, its multi-secretarial, but it was a geographic, demographic, it was about hillary clinton's message. i'll leave you with one metaphor which kind of sums up the changes, mistakes are made. i was traveling with hillary clinton the last week of her cthere was a different hip-p themed concert. the approach obviously was to get african-american and youth folks, that coalition in the end was not transferable from obama to her. i think there are probably a lot of people in the clinton world now saying we should have done the clinton coalition. maybe the 1992 clinton coalition and some of the barack obama coalition. it >> bret: you know, it's interesting. the fox news contributor has thrown her name into the race. keith ellison and tom perez all
4:43 pm
in that race for the dnc. here is president obama and an interview with 60 minutes talking about shaping public opinion. >> part of the job description is also shaping public opinion. we were very effective and i was very effective in shaping public opinion around my campaigns. but there are big stretches while governing where even though we were doing the right thing, we weren't able to mobilize public opinion firmly enough behind us to weaken the resolve of the republicans to stop opposing us or to cooperate with us. there were times during my presidency where i lost the p.r. battle. >> bret: matt, he's talking there, he talked to the farewell speech, he talked about the election and what happened, and now we hear he's going to have one more news conference.
4:44 pm
what about this question marks >> obama is kind of right, he lost the p.r. battle repeatedly during the presidency while still retaining the popularity personally. as a man and as a commander-in-chief. as heidi said, that doesn't translate to hillary clinton who wanted to run for his third term. the democrats are hobbled to multiculturalism and political correctness. that's what donald trump exploited in kind of getting their frustration with the status quo and the frustration with not being able to speak your mind in this country. he exploded that and that helped him win until the democrats realize that pc and multiculturalism isn't the way to go, they're going to be shackled as a political party. >> bret: one more sound bite, mercedes, from that 60 miss interview. here he is talking about donald trump and how he might be president. >> i don't think there's anybody who is run a campaign like is
4:45 pm
successfully in modern history, not that i can think of. >> can you run an improvisational presidency quest >> i don't think so. so now he's in the process of building up an organization. we will have to see how that works and it will be a test i think for him and for the people that is designated to be able to execute on his vision. it's going to mercedes question >> well, i think obama started his own movement when he ran into thousand eight. part of his movement that brought in those same voters but you have to remember that it was obama, working-class voters who shifted their vote over to donald trump. i tell you, bret, it's a fascinating point that obama is making by saying that yes, it will be difficult for trump to lead. absolutely. especially since he hasn't even had a honeymoon period.
4:46 pm
it has been one attack after another. it's a big challenge when you have congressman john lewis coming out and basically saying that they'll jump as an illegitimate president, this is incredibly serious and i think democrats need to take note. i might be time to not fight donald trump but find a way to work together in congress so they can actually get things done. it's going all right, panel, standby. next up, the beginning of the end of obamacare yone ever have constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health. by simply enjoying it. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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4:49 pm
and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. >> mr. speaker, lend me your ears, i've come to bury obamacare, not to praise it. it >> this law is collapsing while we speak. this is a rescue mission.
4:50 pm
>> when you put pen to paper, all hell is going to break loose on your side. >> all you have is smoke and mirrors and the american people are getting ready to get screwed. >> how refreshing it is that you have people that ran for years saying they're going to repeal obamacare with a president who's ready to sign the bill and that's what my republican colleagues are so happy and so giddy and so excited to do. >> they need to know that we are going to fight you every step of the way on this. >> bret: there is little flavor from the house floor today as they passed the next step to repealing and replacing obamacare, making it easier in the senate to get it through, essentially blocking a democratic filibuster. we are back with the panel. matt, your thoughts on this process and the focus on obviously the replacement. it >> the process is going to be messy, just like the process of passing obamacare was. i think at the end of the day, obamacare's days are numbered.
4:51 pm
they have to kind of resist their own instance here and they have to follow president-elect trump. it was he who decided, no, there will be no space in between repeal and replace. there is a lot of talk and capitol hill prior to that statement that we might have years between repeal and replace. president-elect trump put an end to that. they because he is a former democrat, because he is a populist, he has a better sense of what the population actually wants out of the repeal and replacement. it would behoove republicans to follow his league when it comes to replacing that package. >> bret: heidi, it should republicans be given a little bit of breathing room to get before the replace is demanded. it >> they will have to. ultimately price will be confirmed, but he will be key to
4:52 pm
this because he has power and frankly, he has one of the most detailed skeletons of a plan that might be put into place. but because there is a lot of pressure, because this is the number one campaign promise, there's a lot of pressure to get it done. now that the president-elect has said he wants everyplace to happen at the same time, that creates a dilemma for republicans because going to be really hard to follow through on all of these commitments to make it better health care, lower-cost health care, and health care that doesn't drop millions of people. so this is a challenge that they face. bret, we talk about repeal, let's be pretty specific about what that means. it repeal means that they're going to take away a lot of the funding mechanisms. take away the funding for the medicaid expansion, and also makes it harder to fulfill those popular parts of obamacare like covering pre-existing conditions. i think is a member of the media, we are going to be keeping our eyes on not what
4:53 pm
happens to people in this studio, but what happens with the most vulnerable among us. people who are low income and their plans. and that's why i do think the republicans need some breathing space to really be very deliberate about replacing it. >> bret: yet, but listen to the debate mercedes and i don't think there's a lot of breathing space there. it has been seven years since the law and they've been battling with a number of different plans up on capitol hill. >> sure. i think the repeal part is the easier part in the sense that they'll move forward. obviously, they moved forward this budget resolution. if they made this reserve fundig for the refundable tax credit. they are preparing -- they thee getting prepared to move forwar forward. mitch mcconnell basically hinted that they don't want to move towards a comprehensive reform. what they want to do is more of
4:54 pm
a piecemeal approach. they could take care of most of it in the budget reconciliation, about 60% of basically repealing obamacare, and in essence with the replacement part because you need those 60 senators, that means repelling is will have to pull in about eight of those democrats to support them, that's going to be the tricky part because what will the democrats play along westmark my guess is, bright, they wrote. >> bret: and matt come i want to turn to the confirmation hearings and what the president-elect said today and that was, hey listen, he's okay that they are against him and a number of different policy things that he is talked before. he said he welcomes that. what about that? >> is a very different model for a presidency then certainly we've been used to in the last 16 years in washington, d.c. since george w. bush's presidency, it was led to a lot
4:55 pm
of friction internally and both of the presidencies. with trump, is much more like a boardroom board room than it is the cabinet room. and i think he's willing to entertain a lot of disagreements and a lot of dissents and also to give his cabinet chiefs a lot of room to actually implement policies, as long as they don't conflict with him personally. so it's a very different model for the presidency and one that i think washington is not quite use to yet. >> bret: i think that's understandable. mercedes, i wanted to ask you really quickly, we have 30 seconds left, you talked about cuba before about this "wet foot, dry foot" policy change. >> the cuban community received the president's announcement with mixed results. i think it presents a problem and a sense that cubans who do try to come to the united states, being sent back to the castro regime is a problem. they will be persecuted, thrown into jail. i think it really sets a very
4:56 pm
disappointing action by the president and a very unfortunate. i think it's hurtful for the cubans who try to seek freedom and try to flee communist cuba. >> bret: heidi, mercedes, matt, thank you very much. that is it for the panel. next up, has president-elect trump found himself in a new feud? more to come rucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. (keybdear freshpet, i was in the air force and got seriously hurt. it was the worst time in my life... until i met tank.
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>> bret: finally tonight, is another clinton-trump battle in the works? without be possible? maybe on family feud? entertainer and family feud host steve harvey thanks possibly an episode with trump, clinton, the obama families could work. take a listen. >> the trumps being on family feud. [laughs] against the obama's, that will be good. how about the clintons? if i could set it up, it would be skyrocket ratings. >> bret: it thinks everybody. that's it for this
5:00 pm
"special report" ." fair, balanced, and unafraid. don't forget, we have a special this weekend. set the dvr. thanks from naples, florida. >> eric: i'm eric bolling and for bill o'reilly. we're going to get right into our top story. the ongoing feud between president-elect donald trump and the intelligence commun this mog and the fallout follow-up frome dubious report about donald trump's tie to russia. he lashed out on twitter. days!" "it now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued." "totally made up facts by sleazebag po


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