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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  January 14, 2017 7:30am-8:01am PST

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>> you cannot buy your car in the golden state because of shower and storm. right now all the great products. dagen: if only jonas would speak a little faster we would speak segments in. [laughter] neil: maybe it's working because now you can add the likes of amazon, fiat chrysler to the growing list of companies promising to create jobs in america, now, get this, méxico is ready to negotiate with donald trump over a border wall and trade. we-- weird is going on. niel cavuto. kennedy is here along with bein beinstein. are trump's tactics hurting or
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helping? >> there's no working, there's no doubt about it. i think he stopped jobs from leaving. neil: that would be this white house. charles: listening -- neil: actually you. [laughter] charles: ceo of lockheed martin goes to mar-a-lago. neil: now remember that. charles: now they're playing ball. some men you just can't reach because he's reaching them all right now. neil: something to that. adam, marilyn was one of those, walked out and didn't stop to talk to reporters, we were told the next day we get this tweet idea from donald trump to maybe renegotiate this f-35 fighter
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contract, on friday, low and behold she shows up on trump tower. we are working on a more affordable deal, what's going on? >> it's obvious what's going on. neil: if it's so obvious i wouldn't ask you. [laughter] >> responding to the president elect's tactics and i'm not going to say it's a bad idea to create jobs in the united states, i won't say that for a second. it's also not a bad idea for the president to use his bully puppet, to encourage people to do things he wants them to do. if he's going to make policy by tweet or policy by threats, then, yes, we have that -- there is a price to that, it's called the rule of law and we should be concerned of that. >> obama did a lot of that. policy by threats, adam. i mean, you know, fat cat.
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>> he did policy by executive order if that's what you're saying. charles: fat cats, he made a lot of policy. >> you're comparing apples and oranges. kennedy: everything is going to be different about it. it's so foolish to try to take past rules and patterns and apply to the president elect. neil: do you like it? you're a free marketeer and forcing some of the change productively to get u.s. jobs? kennedy: i never want to federal government to force to do anything. neil: so you hate donald trump? kennedy: no. neil: sounds like it. kennedy: acceptance and new jobs and manufacturing in this country. manufacturing may not be the future but it's the present and puts people back to work and gives them long-term paying jobs
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, i think that's fantastic. sprint, fiat are very smart. neil: you don't want to be tweeted about. kennedy: positively. neil: what do you make of all of this? >> it does not work, free markets work. the government should not be bossing people around. the whole idea of the republican president bossing people around, telling businesses to operate, adding change, extremely unfortunate. i agree, it will work for a while, it will work for a while but not work in the long run and free markets are called free markets for a reason. they don't have government interference and free markets are the way to go in america. neil: but not everyone has free markets. the way the world is
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constructed, we don't have free markets. >> if we can get goods, quality goods from china or taiwan, let's get them from there. retrain americans to do other jobs. charles: niel -- >> when people are retrained they do get better jobs. neil: you said you weren't a fan of the government, so -- >> government retraining and government helping people being compensated and make their livelihood while they are being retrained absolutely but telling people how to operate, that's not america. charles: that's fascism to a certain extent. neil: fascism to fascist, right? we are using that term loosely. gave it to the guys who actually -- charles: i'm not saying he's in favor of labor cats. directing big business and telling them what to do. neil: how is it different from
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favoring an industry -- charles: going and having businesses is good in my view. this is pennies and if donald trump spends most of this time meeting with ceo's for a few jobs here and a few jobs there -- neil: tens of thousands. charles: tens of thousands will be created when he's cutting out taxes. charles: he's not president yet. the carrot is going to work a lot more than a stick. the stick works on a public relation part. neil: you're a big free market too. does that part bother you? charles: if he acts on the threat it would bother me more. i think calling them out worked beautifully, you will see companies like amazon get ahead of this and announcing a hundred thousand jobs.
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the point is, i think, companies are paying attention. charles: he's actually threatened penalize companies. this where he gets the slippery slope. neil: he's going to hammer the stock. i ask you in the case of amazon. a lot of those jobs were intended anyway, part of the 50,000 u.s. jobs, that was in the works, i understand, i don't know how much was sped up with donald trump. how much of this is real job gains that we would not have seen anyway? >> they are playing for politician game. that said, i will give the incoming administration the benefit of the doubt. i think these business leaders do think they'll be tax relief or regulatory relief so they're willing to be bolder. charles: where is the tax plan, he talks about building a wall.
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kennedy: lowering a corporate tax. neil: he never said anything good about them, really. [laughter] charles: you're not supposed to talk about that. neil: you're just a hater. kennedy: who is wearing the yellow tie. niel is too. neil: wait a minute. i am. i am going to be heading down to washington because you might have heard there's going to be an inauguration. look at the early reaction. [cheers and applause] [laughter] neil: kicks off thursday first on fox business network at noon which you don't have and you should demand. fox news 4:00 p.m. will be back on fbn, starts with the swearing in, 11:00 a.m. to at least 5:00 p.m., could go later depending on what drinks are available. on saturday special cost of freedom, all the guys are here. wait, there's still more, your
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world at 4:00 p.m., that's why they call it a marathon, not because i necessarily run in them. i'm usually driving next to charles gaparino and ask him where is the next restaurant. look who is telling hollywood to shut up and back the next president up ♪
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already live from america's news headquarters. here is what's happening. president-elect trump saying he will keep sanctions against russia in place at least for a period of time. in an interview with the wall street journal he suggested he might do away with the sanction ifs russia proves helpful in
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fighting terrorism and reaching other goals. he will not commit to a one-china policy until he sees progress from beijing and trade practices. wal-mart and sam's club offering free health screenings today. tests will cover a variety of concerns such as blood sugar levels, body fat and vision. the screening is being offered at more than 5,000 locations nationwide, more than half a million people took part in the screenings last year and that's a lock at news. i'm kelly wright, now back to cavuto on business. neil: did any of you catch this? >> what do you think of president-elect trump? >> i've never done it in terms of america or australia or issue base. i come in on the things that i'm so -- i just say, he's now
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elected and we as a country need to support who isever the president because that's what the country is based on. neil: good for her, well, not so good for her career. she lost every contract for the rest of the year. i'm kidding. ben stein what do you make of that? more exception to the rule? >> i live here in hollywood and worked for hollywood in many years and i still do. hollywood is a bunch of big bullieses and thugs trying to shut down anybody who doesn't agree with them. bravo for ms. kidman for standing up for what is right as long as she's not doing anything we disagree with and he hasn't started to be president yet so what can they disagree with. i'm impressed by her courage. it's not easy to stand up against the hollywood wall of shame.
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neil: you've done okay taking them on, right? >> i'm not really done that okay. maybe you who may have been a star. [laughter] neil: economist, the lawyer in year. adam, what do you make of this? a lot actors swaying electors, we have to stop them and kill whatever he wants to do, that didn't really get much traction? when did they just sort of move on or do they? >> no, they won't. i mean, i support exactly what she said. i think she echoed what president obama said the day after the election when he said we need to root for the next president of the united states. that's what the americans should do. neil: they never mean that. >> you have to say it and at least try and it's our responsibility when we disagree with the president to oppose him. as many people did with
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president obama for eight years. neil: kennedy, i will tell you, the hollywood crowd, it's a crowd that i've never seen this rabbit. kennedy: it's true. authoritarian group tank. it's not a place where you can have a contrary opinion. it used to be very difficult when i was at mtv and i was a republican then, not a libertarian. neil: did everyone know that at the time? kennedy: yeah, jay leno had me on the tonight show to show me elephant tattoo and talk about showing my elephant tattoo to john, god rest his soul. neil: whatever you do on your free time -- kennedy: it's impossible with directors like judd who has a lot of capital in hollywood. neil: penalized for that?
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kennedy: denies role if anyone who thinks you follow a step. neil: they're talking now -- they are going one step further now, right, guys. anything he wants to do, stop it. >> rosie is a -- she's calling to wreck the whole joint, so here is the thing -- neil: would you imagine that someone would have been said eight years ago? charles: amazing. the caricature they keep putting forward, donald trump keeps throwing that. he was gracious since then and there -- >> for now and again, charles. >> they are having a hard time putting forward that caricature. >> we could debate that. charles: not really.
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we can't debate naziism and racism. some things that i have never seen him support, maybe some people around them, i never heard anything come out of his mouth. >> they go way over the line. did you see the golden globe awards. that was a trump bags session. it was interesting that the hollywood types, if you ever want to get a hollywood type going, talk about senator mccarthy, eight, six years that it occurred in the 50's, a long time ago and they want to bring that back when he will the real mccarthyism is hollywood. nicole kidman paid a price if she went any further than that. she would get screwed out of contracts and endorsements. one other thing, we talk about hollywood now because they're in the public. this transcends just hollywood. it goes to cultural institutions, like colleges, it goes to the media. i worked in the mainstream media
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for a long time. neil: you're now with us. >> charles: conserver reporter at "the new york times". neil: great point. shrimp on a treadmill, now it's fish on the thread mill. maybe proving that it is time to drain the swamp my bladder wake me up from my sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you
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neil: coming up, the out rage is just now setting in. hundreds of thousands of dollars spent studying fish on a spent studying fish on a treadmill. and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate...
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we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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neil: president-elect donald trump promising to drain the swamp. now, can he cut the waste like programs allowing farmers to repay loans with peanuts?
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$565,000 being spent to see how long mud skipper fish can run on treadmills, apparently quite a while. 50 grand to find out if dinosaurs could sing. that wouldn't just amazing -- we don't know. charles payne, what do you think of all this? we still don't. charles it's great when we talk about this. i want to make sure that we are not paying to giant nuclear mushroom behind us, the trillion debt. neil: this is part of it. charles these republicans who are in washington, d.c. are going to be the key. can they give up not bringing the poor -- neil: they are talking earmarks. charles: republicans have blocked that kind of stuff. tom price voted against it. i'm glad we bring this to light, but let's see what happens.
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charles: this stuff is obviously disgusting and silly to be spending money on but donald trump wants to build a ball between the u.s. and méxico. how much is that going to cost? charles: méxico is going to pay for it, don't forget about that. charles: tens of billions of dollars. neil: the debt is so large and it's going to climb by a trillion. kennedy: we are still not that low-rate threshold. it's entertaining. it's sort of like libertarian porn seeing the abuses that the government -- $817,000. $40million to test something called fear bola. the fear of ebola on social media. is that really -- neil: more relevant that dinosaurs singing, though. did they come across a jaw and say, wait a minute?
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kennedy: no. neil: to charles payne's point, ben stein these are small numbers in the scheme of nearly 20 trillion-dollar debt. you have to start somewhere and specially when we keep doing this, right or left think if we have the stomach for it. >> it's a joke. there's a tinny amount of money and things are so silly. real serious thing is we are going to have to raise taxes. nobody will say it but we are going to have to raise taxes. we hate to do it but we will have to raise taxes on the rich. neil: scale government spending. kennedy: amen. >> we are starving our defense sector, more government spending . neil: adam are you with ben
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stein because we will never get to government spending. >> of course, ben is right. kennedy: not right. [laughter] >> if trump tries to go after the shrimp on a trade mill, voters will lose their jobs. neil: connecticut, i want to thank charles and kennedy ness w. he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit
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