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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 14, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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days until we swear in the president of the russian hacking investigation with a shadow over the incoming administration. the u.s. senate committee now says it will look at any possible connection between moscow and present a like donald trump campaign team. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. i am craig jerry >> hello, i am marcel level. the committee decision follows a intelligence report.
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it claims russia tried to sway the results of the election to help mr. trump when. president-elect preparing to be sworn into office in six days. peter is live outside trump tower here in new york city. what is going on over there? the bulk of the investigation is going to take place behind closed doors. it seeing exactly what they did in the election of anything. also what their intentions may have been. the committee on intelligence is on board with this. it will include interviews with members of the obama administration and the trump administration amid recent questions about whether or not the advisors contacted the officials about something they did.the democratic chairman of the s sci, mark warner, says this ãit's an impact that regulates the system and if it's that important it will be a full bipartisan investigation.
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it is all a new reaction to the latest declaration for lawmakers that the president-elect did not deserve to win the election. john lewis is well known for being a civil rights leader and says this a few days after testifying against jeff sessions. >> it's been very difficult. i don't see him as a legitimate question president. >> he shot back with a tweet that says john lewis should spend time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk and no action. sad. it still in midtown manhattan before getting swarmed in.he is down in d.c. for the start of his inauguration week for part of monday. >> live in front of trump
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tower, thank you, peter. clearing the procedural theater. the house approving a resolution that rolls back parts of the law. this follows the senate vote on thursday but lawmakers on both sides are expressing concern about the healthcare law replacement. kristin joins us live from washington. hi kristin. >> this was designed to ease the passage of a still unwritten bill. repealing and replacing replacing obama care. with a near partyline vote. what it will do is make any future immune to a filibuster in the senate. that's important because it takes 60 votes to end it and republicansonly have 52 . this is really the gateway victory for republicans. they try to repeal and replace replace obamacare.
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>> look at what we will do with making certain that every one has the access to affordable healthcare. moms and dads andfamilies are in charge of their healthcare . >> details are's dangerous to repeal without a replacement plan ready. >> you don't have to repeal it. that doesn't make any sense. the real question is if you say you want to improve it ãtell us what you are going to do. >> so far, congressional republicans haven't shared the details.they are deep with internal divisions on how to pay for the replacement plan. there is a lot that needs to be hashed out.
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he says he wants it done during the first 100 days in office. >> kristin fisher ãthank you it's most evident of truth. it's the star that guides us just as it guided the forbearers to soma and stonewall and guided all the men and women sung in unsung left footprints along with great place to hear a preacher say that we cannot walk alone. into your king proclaimed that the individual freedom is inexplicably bound to the freedom of every soul honored. >> if you recall four years ago obama paid tribute to the legacy of doctor martin luther king jr. it was his second inaugural address. the official mlk holiday will be observed this coming monday. today, the civil rights groups
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are in washington to deliver a message and a warning to president-elect donald trump and the republican-controlled congress caroline scheiber has more . >> they have to battle near freezing temperatures and a brutal rain. keeping numbers well below 25,000 here and that's what organizers hope for. >> it's called we shall not be's a nationalnetwork . we have come to the democrats in the senate and house. we did not send you down here
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to be weak need and get in the room and try to make friends reverend sharp in one compared them to weigh in on what they think aboutpresident-elect , nominees. it's a lot of lost land and mobile. it's three bridges that can connect the two halves of the city. it's after storming the complex
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yesterday and it's in the eastern front of the city. isis still controls the west side and two of the city's bridges. it's over the river hagrid. hundreds of people for the funeral of the officer and down in the line of duty. shot and killed while approaching the suspect on monday and friends remember the 42-year-old wife and mother is devoted to her church and community. please still search marquise lloyd. this man is wanted for clayton's death. it's for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. offering a $1000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> we have a fox extreme weather alert. parts of the central us bracing for a round of clip crippling ice.
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is the southern plains in the midwest turning roads into sheets of ice and causing dozens of accidents. as the storm moved east, people moving from texas to virginia are warned to be on alert. live in the fox extreme weather center. hey, adam.>> it's a major storm. you hit iton the head. we are tracking snow, rain, ice . it's at least bits of this continuing on here in the weekend. this will last all the way into monday. currently, the snowfall in new york stretching down to philadelphia with a mix of snow and rain. we have seen the freezing rain through ohio in the bull's-eye on the area we will play close attention to. it's getting down inoklahoma and along the panhandle in portions of kansas . that's what we are targeting and it's really heavy amounts of ice.
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that's where most of the winter storm warnings are.these are a swarming into portions thereof north texas. this is a large system dropping the ice and it will be happening now. it will continue to happen here all the way through the weekend. it will be early sunday morning and continue to see the pinks that's rainfall. it becomes ice and it's the morse dangerous precipitation that we've had. it continues into early monday and it's that long of a period where we see it fall and it could begin to add up. here's what we are looking at ã ice accumulations. we start to see the numbers up to and a half an inch ãone inch. i am expecting the by monday and late on sunday that we will see the late power outage issues running through kansas and of course getting you down into oklahoma.that's our big's crippling ice. again, stretching to the
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midwest and it's something we will watch closely in the next few days. >> on the one hand it's good that monday is a holiday. we people off the roads but if you are talking about the power outages, people could be stuck at home in the dark. >> you charge the ipads and the phones. you have something to do there on a day off on monday. >> are you cold enough yet? adam is newand adam, welcome . great to have been down in atlanta. a lotwarmer weather. you don't even have the apparel here . >> i am scrambling to get a jacket. at 77 degrees in atlanta. >> i will loan you my jacket. i have a couple extra. drop by. watch the sky ãhe is a nice guy. donald trump dismisses many allegations made by him regarding russia.
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as a senate panel prepares to question the team, we break it all down. >> the landmark investigation in chicago. the justice department declares the city's police department a constant violator of civil rights. >> a big celebration for a big win. how fans pray tribute to the clemson tigers number one. >> you guys deserve this try alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. time for a quick check at the
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headlines. sakata pays $1 billion and we try to cover up a deadly defect in the automotive airbag. the company decides to take the plea deal agreeing to pay millions of dollars to individuals injured by the airbags. automakers purchase the deadly rampage at fort lauderdale florida. the ceremony includes one minute of silence at the very momentwhen the lone gunman decided shooting . the suspect is held without bond.
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thousands of football fans cheer on the tigers today. the national championship victory. they beat the crimson tide on the college football playoffs. lots of orange and purple all over the place.everyone says tiger ride which is the fight song. congratulations to them. >> a number of events following the release of this week's dossier. the allegations that russia has information damaging to president-elect trump. mr. trump announces that he is open to lifting sanctions on russia and it's a sign of us relations with moscow. as we learn this, it's the same day that they slept russia with thesanctions for hacking .
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the incoming security advisor made a phone call to russia for the ambassador.trump denies reports that they were discussing those sanctions. now, the senate panel is set to probe any ties between the trump team and russia. where is all this heading? betsy with the political reporter for the daily beast. betsy ãthank you for being here. before we get to the senate probe, let's talk about this ã why russia? why is russian on the front of the intelligence agency? does it go beyond intel reports that russia interfered with the election and why does it seem to be coming to a boiling point? >> russia was one of the most interesting stories of this election cycle. part of the reason was the efforts to affect the way it was covered. now they say they were behind the and it's obvious anyone here help trump and hurt hillary clinton.
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what's important is that it's not just a domestic politics. they have a better relationshi . trump became president. clinton said she thought putin went after her to retaliate. it's the way russia conducts its own elections. in many ways, our relationship was a central part of how it panned out. it was one of his campaign promises and he says it's currently poised to fulfill it. >> now let's get to the senate probe. will the senate committee be reaching into the type of contact made or the timing of it and what was discussed? >> they say it will be checking all of that. there is something funny about
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this probe. the day before they announced that it would be conducting the investigation ãrichard burr who is in north carolina and republican and the chair told reporters that they would not have this investigation because he says he did not see enough evidence to justify going through the time and expense. that already is a little bit unusual and atypical. the investigation will be fascinating. it's between the campaign aides and operatives. however it's also possible that they could clear trump and his team. if the intel community which has the power to subpoena them to testify before it isn't able to find it that trump and his associates had in independent conversation ãthat could be quite a pr after he tries to distance himself.
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it's one with a contentious relationship. they say wait a few weeks ãwe could realign the relations when they are in office. >> i don't think it necessarily is. it's going to bespeaking . i think particularly in the case of the national security advisor committing with the ambassador ãthat conversation is uncontroversial.josh arnaz who is president obama's press secretary said as much. he said the fact that the phone call happened isn't a problem. the fact that the back story of how he found out about it is pretty interestinghow did it leak ? it's unlikely that they leak that they had that phone call. did someone obama or intel or someone surveilling the phone getting the information to the
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press? that's a big question. >> but the big questions. how and why it leaks. do you know by way of any credible concerning levels by the us intelligence agencies? >> speaking of the dossier. >> i don't think anything is taken seriously. the reality is that the host of outlets tried to cooperate with in it and prove that the information there is just wrong. >> remember it was pretty bonkers as far as the news. so much information and so much opposition research. so many negative stories about trump and clinton. it was very likely that if reporters had been able to confirm the information that they would probably report it. the fact that it hasn't been reported kind of allies any validity in that report. it doesn't mean that the
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russians don't have information that could be embarrassing or unfortunate and we don't really know that but there is a big question mark over all of this. i think that's why trump has had such an energetic pushback against reports on this report. >> the allege source of the information admitted in it with christopher steele, the ni six agent. any updates on his whereabouts. >> i'm not that i know of. he is an interesting character. it seems like he was working for political reasons to get 's dossier connected to republican opponents of trump.there are reports that after that he was something that democratic operatives were aware of. this has been something that you have known about for a long time. the fact that it now is being publicly scrutinized is odd. >> we leave it there. thank you, betsy. >> the department of justice
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gives a sweeping critique to the chicago department of police report painting the picture of the department full of flaws. critics are now saying this about the timing of this investigation. >> potential jurors in the aaron hernandez murder case. they are being asked if they have tattoos because aaron hernandez tattoos might be entered into evidence. we will get into it with the political and legal panel. greg will handle that one. >> it's appropriate to ask, do you have tattoos because then that can lead into holding someone that has something against a tattoo or do you look at them differently? >> it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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>> the justice department wraps up a 13 month investigation of the chicago police department concluding the cpd routinely violates the constitution and civil rights of citizens. it has developed a tendency to use excessive force and specially on maurice minorities. mike has more from chicago. >> after 13 months of investigation the justice department released the report on the police department and the second city. chicago's finest routinely violated the constitution and the civil rights of citizens. the report cites a pattern of racial bias stemming from systemic problems within the police department and city
2:30 pm
leaders. >> the department heard from countless officers who were disillusioned and discouraged by strained trust and inadequate training for oversight and inattention to officer wellness and safety. >> the city signed an agreement in principle with the feds. promising to start implementing reforms including the hirings of thousands officers and the change in leadership that will lead to a cultural shift among police. thesuperintendent eddie johnson and his command team are providing a new approach to leadership . providing the management and guidance for the entire department as outlined in the report. critics say the report is largely the result of a political process pointing out the doj has conducted similar investigations. what is the rush? what's the rush instead of a
2:31 pm
political need to be fulfilled. >> chicago and the doj provides a outline for reform. the final agreement will need to be negotiated and signed after donald trump takes chicago, mike tobin, >> the judge decides that tattoos can be used as evidence in the upcoming trial of aaron hernandez. he is charged with shooting and killing two men after the dispute at a boston nightclub. two of hernandez is show guns with details that seem to match the facts of the case. prosecutors expected to argue that the ink is the equivalent of a confession or an admission of guilt.let's bring in mercedes with the legal analyst. david bruno has a criminal defense attorney. good to see you both. ladies first ãmercedes, one of the tattoos depicts a six shot revolver with one chamber missing. hernandez is excused accused of firing five shots.
2:32 pm
admissible? >> it's history that has this type of ruling in the past. gang tattoos are allowed inside there is already this legal president as exists. in this case, the tattoos were after the killings. >> the timing is critically important. it's extremely important. it's not this. it's much more than any prejudice because of the fact that these tattoos were done after the killing. >> put your defense hat on. the defense argued to the judge that it's speculative. tattoos can have a variety of meeting. the judge did not buy it and he rejected the claim admissible. the judge make the right decision? >> i don't. i think the judge made the mistake and the prosecutor made
2:33 pm
a mistake. i am a former homicide prosecutor and the first question i asked when i had the questionable evidence when it comes to a legal issue is, do i needit? there is a mountain of evidence that he's already been convicted of one homicide and he is spending life without parole with an eyewitness in the car . he went and was given a deal. >> why create in appealable issue? >> it's a close call. it's not a slamdunk. it's not a murder scene tattoo on somebody's chest. it's a gun. the state makes an argument that it's the similarities. i think it's more prejudicial. >> why does it matter?is already doing life without parole for another kidding. >> itmatters because he has the right to appeal and he has filed an appeal . >> what about the two murder victims? we are talking about procedure andevidence. the bottom line , people forget there are two people that died
2:34 pm
at the hands of and aaron hernandez and that is critical. >> let me ask you this. often judges rule that it's admissible of they uncover a letter or email from the defendant in which he makes a fairly oblique reference to the crime that he hasallegedly committed. it's no different . >> they really boils down to the might be a appealable issue but this is very much down the line. it's really a balancing test. the judge thought it was probative and he hung his hat on the fact that the legal president and the timing is critical. >> there was a california case in which the defendant had literally put a vivid tattoo description of the crime scene with his street name as the shooter. that is pretty clearly had the
2:35 pm
establishing of the place where the murder took place. decorations that were the same on the night of the homicide. >> it means more probative than just a tattoo. >> the symbiotic gun is used in the killing and number one there were five shots that were fired. one casing that was open ãwhat is depicted on his arm? a chamber with a missing bullet. the law enforcement found the one casing. one. this is all probative. if you look at it, the prosecutor will go step-by-step and show that there has to be a connection.>> two guns and two tattoos ãoneis a revolver relevant to the drive-by . there is five bullets. the other is a semi automaticin its relevant to the eyewitness who was shot . he is the witness. >> he's got other words that
2:36 pm
the judge is saying. >> looked at she is covered. >> prejudicial for a jury to see it. >> why? he needs to be in a suit. that's a problem. if the jury sees it it's coming back. >> i suspect the jury will not see all the tattoos. the judge is going to allow those three tattoos that are relevant to the case. is it important and permissible for lawyers to get to asked the jurors, do you guyshave tattoos and why is that important? >> i would actually asked that . i would absolutely. if you are going to say they are prejudicial you need to know if the jury will say wait a minute ãi have tattoos. why is it important? >> you want to find someone who says anyone who has a tattoo is a criminal.
2:37 pm
with this ruling the defense knows that it can be used. it may not. i think it's a mistake for the prosecutor to even go that route but as a defense attorney think about it and if you could craft the question and ask a juror the insurer. >> the words god forgives is one ofthe tattoos that the jurors will see , according to the ruling here. but the implication ofthat . >> consciousness of guilt but why would you put that down with guns right underneath it. i killed two people and god will forgive me. >> if you checked a lot of tattoos youwould have a similar phrase . >> good to see you both, thanks. >> greg ãthank you. president-elect trump saying everything is open to negotiation. that includes the one china policy. the decade-old tenant caused unintended consequences.
2:38 pm
the ambassador jenna dennis ross is here to weigh in. space x returns launching the first rocket. it's back in september. >>
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x. falcon nine rocket from california. this is after a fireball engulfed a rocket in florida. four months ago. space x had been grounded as it investigated the accident and worked to ensure it would not happen again. the rocket places several satellites into orbit and returning to earth nine minutes later >> donald trump tells the wall street journal everything is under negotiation. that includes one china policy which is been in place since the carter administration when united states stopped recognizing taiwan's government as one china. trump has been critical of china. he has signaled that he will take a wait and see attitude moving forward. the ambassador dennis rock is with us. the middle east coordinator on
2:44 pm
theauthor of the book , doomed to succeed the us israeli and relationship from truman to obama. >> the president trump takes office and he abandons the one china policy ãthis would be earth shattering. it would be a monumental reversal. there's a lot of dire scenarios. in your judgment, what could happen. >> let's put it in a context. you mentioned it's been our policy since 1979. it's been in our policy since richard nixon went. for the chinese this is a core interest. they will go to war. when you challenge this you have to expect that they will do something to demonstrate how seriously they take it. one example is that they sent an aircraft carrier. they had one through the streets and they can do that by accident. >> it's a whole lot closer to
2:45 pm
them than it is to us. we have to take into account that when you challenge a country like china or any country on a core issue or interest ãthey will be prepared to fight over it. have to take that into account. the new administration will try more carefully once they have the responsibility. >> maybe there is another reason that he has been saying this. he wants to let the chinese know that there is a new sheriff in town and i will be tougher than my predecessor. >> absolutely. i do think there is a value when you try to transform a relationship and signal that things will be different. it's a different administration. we are going to have a much more tough approach. i think that's what he's trying to do. i suspect that maybe after you have the administration with the responsibility, suddenly they become a little more
2:46 pm
careful in terms of what they say in public . there is a reason for that. the chinese on the one hand may decide that they get a little bit of relaxation or relief if they think it's not as bad as we thought. by the same token, i think one thing they have to keepin mind is if he stake out a tough posture you make it very difficult for the chinese to back down because it's so important to them . i would be more careful on this. they might feel the need to prove something to us. >> during the campaign, donald trump bowed repeatedly from day one when i take the oath of office, i will declare china a currency manipulator. the official designation. he says they are killing american companies. it's true to some extent because chinese goods that are sold here are sold cheaper for us goods more expensive. it does hurt american businesses. yesterday he says i'm not necessarily going to declare
2:47 pm
them a currency manipulator on day one. what i make of it is if he does that he is trapped. he is locked into a policy and he has no wiggle room. one thing you never want to do is deny yourself options. when using only options you have no choices. we want to expand it and not reduce them. the signal that he is sending to them is that i will listen to what they have to say. that gives him a justification for a conversation and you see what comes out of it. >> our relationship is incredibly lopsided. they sell more than the us. the trade deficit. it's $289 billion. what is the solution? >> other than declaring them a manipulator, i think mr. president there is a long currency manipulation you have
2:48 pm
to negotiate for a year. >> there is no simple answer. this is not a trade imbalance that suddenly emerged last night or yesterday or last year. it's been there for a long time. by the same token we do big investments in china and we have them holding a huge amount of bonds so it's not a simple thing. having said that , there is a value and trump conveying to them that we will be tougher. the one thing i would suggest is when you are tougher, pick the issuer you are strong. don't pick the issue where they are strong and they can't back down. >> over the years they were on trade sanctions. the president has said, president-elect that she said he would slap a 45 percent tariff on the chinese imports. good idea? bad idea? what you think? >> i thank you will trade war them and find that we will lose more than we gain. i suspect it will be another
2:49 pm
issue where the next administration will suddenly say, let's talk more about this. >> sounded good on the campaign trail but in reality, not so good. >> there is a set of applications there that you might not want to live with. >> running for office is easy. holding the reins of power and doing the job is tough. dennis, thank you so much. >> greg, a missing persons case ends incredibly with a young woman found safe 18 years after her disappearance. how police were able to track down this baby stolen from the hospital just hours after her birth. the search for relief nothing
2:50 pm
changes but today is the day. >> i have lost hundred 20 pounds on nutrisystem.
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an 18-year-old kidnapping case out of florida. police say they have found a woman who was just stolen after hours after her birth in a jacksonville hospital. they found her. tamayo mobley was allegedly raised by her kidnapper in south carolina. rod smith is here with an amazing story, to say the least.blowing a lot of people away.
2:54 pm
your mom is not your mom but your kidnapper.alexis begins to success suspect something was up. anonymous came up up and through dna testing, they learned her name was, i am mobley and the woman she is known as her mother, right here, gloria williams, mom for the past 18 years posed as a nurse and kidnapped her from a hospital in jacksonville florida. no photos have been taken before she was kidnapped. raised well and loved by her accused captor. the two of them are right there in the picture. she cried saying mama through a cage security camera to williams at a bond hearing. overwhelmed by the news and her real family is so excited and
2:55 pm
can't wait to be reunited with her. >> i was listening to the pastor at church tell us about how miracles happen and come. i said lord, let it be my granddaughter. >> i thank god today i think god today !that his grandma they are. she has spoken to her mother and father. williams was arrested in walterboro south carolina three hours north of the hospital where she is accused of kidnapping mobley. word got around fast. the kidnapper, gloria williams, not only appeared to be a good mom to her daughter but also a hard worker, part-time volunteer at church and the jacksonville sheriff's office shared the sketches mobley is a baby and her alleged kidnapper ãthat's what police went on in a massive search that turned up
2:56 pm
nothing until this week. the teenagers real mother, sonoramobley, not ready to make a statement . eight years ago she did say she puts a piece ofbirthday cake in the freezer every year . now, she has found her. >> seeking answers after the release of the report from the intel community. lawmakers shift their focus. >> on march something a message to mr. trump. what they want the president-elect to know just days before his inauguration. donepezil, piperidine,
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this is the second time the dean of the delegation has challenged mr. trump this week. he also testified against his nominate senator jeff sessions during his confirmation hearing a few days ago. the bipartisan senate group the possibility of russian interference. the top democrat and top republican from atop and tell committee say quote the city -- is believe it's critical and with a full understanding of the scope of russian intelligence had to do these impacting the united states. they say they want to know what their russian intentions may have been and to figure it out and get the whole picture they plan to interview members of the outgoing obama administration and the incoming trump administration using subpoenas when somebody will not cooperate in today the last weekend for
3:03 pm
mr. trump in midtown manhatten before he gets sworn sworn in and an hour ago he did something he has not done since the election or at any point during the transition. he popped into the food court in the basement of the place were he lives and it happened so fast some of the security was even caught up guard but it caused quite a ruckus on the lower level of trump tower. arthel: i'll bet it did. i'll bet you don't even know what he got. >> the cashier would not tell us what he order but we are working on it. arthel: peter doocy thank you. eric: chinese food, burger who knows? congressman taking steps to to appeal obamacare approving a budget resolution that would roll back parts of the law. the senate passed the measure course on thursday but now vlad may curse on both sides of the aisle are expressing concerns about how to replace the legislation so that millions of
3:04 pm
americans do not lose their health insurance. kristin fisher joins us live in washington with more. hi kristen. >> we go this is the initial gateway victory for republicans as they try to repeal and replace obamacare. what they have done is blocked democrats from using a filibuster on a future bill which essentially clears the way for the real were pale and replace bill once president-elect trump takes office. >> every mandate every regulation every single passage has to go and then we will have a chance to have the market work and that's part of the replacement is getting ready to repeal them bring down costs and provide affordable health care to families across the country. >> first republicans have to come up with a replacement for the affordable care act in many republicans are divided over what they were placemen should look like. howdy pay for it? would have any provisions in the current health care law should be kept and should be used to stop federal payments to planned
3:05 pm
parenthood? >> there are questions as to me to be answered and democrats argue. >> for more than six years we have been waiting for credible republican health care plan and none has been forthcoming. all you have is smoke and mirrors and the american people are getting ready to get through. >> this week house speaker paul ryan said he and mr. trump aren't the same page that they would like to repeal and replace to happen simultaneously within the first 100 days. that means republicans will have to move quickly on the replacement plan if they want to meet the president-elect's target. greg: there are several republican plans that have been bandied about so we will wait and see what they arrive at or combination thereof. kristin fisher thanks. civil rights groups filling several blocks in washington with a message.
3:06 pm
marchers paying tribute to the legacy of martin luther king jr. today and delivering a message and a warning to president-elect trump along with the republican-controlled congress. carolyn shively has more from washington. they had to battle near freezing temperatures and a brutal reign throughout the day. well below the 25,000 organizers had hoped for. the march is called we shall not be moved to put together reverend al sharpton's organization the national action network. they are putting president-elect trump on notice that sharpton said they came from for nonnegotiable issues voting rights, criminal justice reform, economic justice and the affordable care act. >> we have got to say to the democrats in the senate and in the house and into the moderate republicans to get some
3:07 pm
backbone. get some guts. we didn't send you down here to be weak and need and get in the room and try to make friends. >> many of the organizers of events or millennials and so were the marchers. >> we are in step with the black lives matter movement so it's important that my generation have the tools to make sure these initiatives in these causes are carried forward. >> reverend sharpton urged the crowd to weigh in on president-elect trump's cabinet nominees. greg: carolyn chai check their reporting, carolyn thanks. arthel: big progress against isis gaining more territory from the terror group in mosul. the government now back in control of three bridges that connect the two halves of the city and several buildings
3:08 pm
inside mobile university after storming the complex yesterday. the advances are mostly coming from the eastern front of the city. issa still controls mosul's west side into the city's bridges over the river tigris. hundreds of people gathering in orlando today for the funeral of a florida officer gunned down in the line of duty. sergeant debra clayton approaching a suspect outside of a walmart on monday when she was shot and killed. friends remembering the 42-year-old wife and mother as devoted to her church and community. police still searching for markeith loyd. he is wanted for her death and for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. officials offering a 100,000-dollar reward for information leading to the rest of markeith loyd. greg: now a fox extreme weather alert. millions of americans bracing for yet another round of crippling ice and a dangerous
3:09 pm
winter storm. it's now moving to the midwest turning roads into sheets of glass. people living anywhere from texas all the way to virginia are warned to stay alert that the storm is moving east. meteorologist -- is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> it's impacting a huge area throughout the country stretching from new mexico actually seeing snow all along the same line about dignity in new york city and really running into several areas here in the northeast. taking it back into the midwest that's the area where they have been battling freezing rain here today and you start to see those pinks running across portions of indiana into the ohio river valley and the area we are pinpointing and this is where it's get nasty right into oklahoma along the 40 into the north of highway 70. this is an area we are going to eventually see a lot of ice. already seeing ice and it's only
3:10 pm
going to accumulate more. that's way we see a winter storm warning this area stretching from portions of oklahoma all the way into areas of illinois, southern illinois so this is a large area where we could see freezing rain. already seeing it now but we have a lot of time for this to accumulate. we run you through this throughout the overnight hours. you consistently seek precipitation coming down as freezing rain throughout portions of kansas continuing their eventually into monday morning. still seeing this activity so that gives you plenty of time for this to a vet. how much are we going to see? we are looking easily anywhere from half an inch to an inch of frozen precipitation and again that's enough weight that will bring down branches in the kit ring downed power lines. i know we are heading into a holiday weekend here that this could be crippling for some these areas. it's expected to be a big weather story here throughout early into next week. greg: tough for people in kansas city and wichita. all that area has serious damage.
3:11 pm
>> this is the worst winter precipitation. greg: adam thanks very much. arthel: many people visit his site were a lone gunman opened fire at a fort lauderdale airport. how airport workers paid tribute to those who lost their lives in that rampage. greg: a republican-led congress making some progress on its promise to repeal obamacare. what a new poll says about how americans really feel about the outgoing president signature legislation. we will bring you those numbers, coming up next. americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
3:12 pm
yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+.
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greg: time now for quick check on the headlines. piccata is taking a plea deal for trying to cover up the deadly defect in its automotive airbag insulators. the company now ordered aides to pay $1 billion. portions good individuals and did -- injured by the airbag and automakers purchased the defective inflators. travelers paying tributes to the victim of the deadly rampage at fort lauderdale airport. ceremony including one minute of silence and a moment when a lone gunman began shooting. five people were killed and
3:16 pm
several others were injured to the suspect is being held without bond. thousands of football fans cheered on the clemson tigers the champion celebrating the team's national championship victory on monday. clemson beat the alabama crimson tide in a terrific finale college football championship. arthel: quite the opposite. congressional republicans taking their move to dismantle obamacare. lawmakers passing the budget resolution that allows them to begin drafting legislation to replace the lost but a new quinnipiac poll shows overwhelming majority of americans don't think the law should be repealed entirely, just 18% of voters want obamacare scraps, 47% want parts of it to be scrapped and 31% say
3:17 pm
the law should stay as is. jeff mason is here the white house correspondent for reuters. thanks for being here with us. >> my pleasure. arthel: even with those polls and play president trump saying he wants action in his first 100 days. when can we expect to see the new trump care if you will in place? willet received bipartisan support and the question also how long will it take for americans to know if it's a big improvement? >> well i think that's a great question and i'm not sure there's a clear answer on when americans can expect to see a trump care. i think it looks like the timetable for repealing obamacare is pretty rapid. as you noted earlier in your program republicans have started working on the budget resolution and expect to have it there. the deadline is towards the end of this month but there hasn't really been something put on the table that would replace obamacare. there are then some proposals
3:18 pm
that have been quoted that nothing that has consensus within the party no details from the president-elect either. that's kind of an open question. clearly it will be a big success for republicans from their point of view if they do succeed in repealing the law but it's the replace part that is still pretty open-ended. arthel: you mention no word yet from president-elect trump. do you have any idea what he might commit to some specifics on what's in the table to be included in the policy plan? >> he has given a sense of the timeframe by saying it would happen as soon as his nominee for health and human services secretary is confirmed by the senate and that is coming up shortly as well in the next few weeks. so that would be the timeframe that he has in mind but the question is what exactly would be that replacement bill? congressman price has been involved in making proposals about that before which is no
3:19 pm
doubt one of the reasons why he was nominated but actually seeing what those details are now under a trump administration , they haven't been put on the table yet. arthel: congressman price can also advise president trump on who is going to be affected by the changes. do we know if it's going to be possibly the insured or the insurers or both as to what we know so far? >> i think those are open-ended questions and you mentioned the poll to show some people where many people in this country like certain aspects of obamacare such as the fact that children and young adults up to age 26 can stay on their parents health care plans. the rule that prevents insurers from excluding people who have pre-existing conditions read also things have to be paid for if they are kept and that's those types of details is certainly democrats but also republicans will be looking for whatever the trump
3:20 pm
administration and congressional republicans put forward as a replacement. arthel: pointing out that poll at 47% of those polled want parts of it to be tweak let's talk about the democrats. in the slogan make america sick again, is this going to be another partisan fight right out of the gate? >> i think so, yes and clearly it's already starting now. president obama on his way out the door of the white house has been part of that process trying to energize democrats to defend obamacare but also to place ownership for the health care system on republicans if they succeed in repealing it. part of that is a pr exercise in using slogans like make america sick again or even just a very simple use of the word trump care is an effort to put ownership again in the hands of the republicans in the trump white house. arthel: president obama.a lot of
3:21 pm
criticism for taking on health care as a signature legislation but more importantly as his first big deal to present in d.c.. how does that work for president trump perhaps taking this on himself? >> well the parallels are adjusting. it was one of the biggest promises that then senator obama made on the campaign trail in 2008 was to reform the u.s. health care system and he did put a lot of effort and political capital into doing that in the beginning of his presidency. candidate donald trump did the same with the opposite goal of repealing the outlaw and replacing it and so he has made it a top priority and that will be a big bill that if they succeed in repealing it but again the political capital that he puts into that may take up space from other policy areas or it may not. i think the big question on both sides in terms of what it costs him politically and how it
3:22 pm
affects americans impression both of him and of the republican republican-controlles will be what do they replace it with? arthel: white house correspondent from reuters jeff mason thank you so much for joining us. spent my pleasure. greg: u.s. soldiers receiving a warm welcome in poland. white leaders in that country are embracing u.s. troops. plus fbi director james comey coming under intense scrutiny from democratic lawmakers and the department of justice. why the department watchdog the ig is taking a close look at its fbi chief. when you have digestive sensitivities,
3:23 pm
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arthel: if the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. poland's prime minister officially welcoming u.s. troops to the country in a formal ceremony today. around 4000 american soldiers will spend the next nine months training in eastern europe as a show of support to our nato allies in the face of growing russian aggression. greg: pope francis and palestinian president mahmoud abbas meeting at the vatican the two men discussing how to bring peace to the middle east meeting in paris tomorrow where organizations will take up that very topic. arthel: an amazing rescue off the coast of australia japanese surfer telling police occurrence drag him for four miles away from the beach thursday evening. he spent several hours in the
3:28 pm
water before a container crew found him the next day. demand is expected to be okay. greg: six days until the inauguration and the -- why hillary clinton did not win playing out inside the beltway. inspector general of the justice department launching an investigation into the actions of the fbi and the department of justice ahead of the election and whether director james comey and others followed proper procedures in the e-mail investigation of the president-elect calling it another attempt to delegitimize his presidency. this is a highly respected lawmaker with harsh criticism against mr. trump. chief washington correspondent james rosen has more. >> for decades democratic congressman john lewis of georgia he wrote the civil rights movement has enjoyed unique status in congress as the voice of moral conscience but when asked by abc news as chuck
3:29 pm
todd of the plans to form a relationship with the next president lewis intimated that donald trump is not worthy of such respect. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> lewis' comments came a day after the justice department's inspector general announced a probe into the conduct of fbi director james comey a move many including mr. trump size part of a broader effort to delegitimize his election victory. what are hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi the president tweeted at 6:22 a.m.. based on information they had she should have never been allowed to run. guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states, no enthusiasm. >> none of these e-mails should have been on any unclassified system. >> he declined to seek her
3:30 pm
indictment in federal court. they will examine links that appear an explosive letters calmly sent to congress days before the election closing again the bureau's investigation into the democratic nominee. clinton herself speaking to donors in mid-november blamed comey for slowing her momentum and costing her the election and her campaign manager now believes, should resign. >> i think it's hard to be director such an important institution when that trust is no longer there. >> in a limited scope of the inspector general's probe many trump supporter's conservatives and legal experts sought evidence that his motivations have more to do with politics than sound law enforcement. >> they are not looking into the meeting between loretta lynch and bill clinton are the fact that the fbi and justice department have been hamstringing any serious investigation into the clinton foundation and frankly how the clinton e-mail matter is handled. smith the lawyers association called for observers to withhold judgment for now is whether the
3:31 pm
ultimate name of the ig probe is as many claim to weaken the white house. >> michael horowitz has a great relationship and it remains to be seen when we see the report as to whether or not --. >> a spokesman for present electron did not respond to my request for comment about congressman lewis' remarks over republican senator roy blunt fresh from a meeting with mr. trump and trump towers in new york called louis a. great man and he doesn't set the best example for quote constantly looking to deal -- delegitimize the results of an election. james rosen. arthel: for more on this we will be joined by former fbi director and hostage rescue team commander danny colson. mr. colson thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me. arthel: are you surprised to hear about the probe and what dots will the doj try to connect
3:32 pm
in such an investigation and finally how long can this last? >> it could last a considerable period of time. the focus here is wrong. what we are focusing on is the fbi director. when the fbi director and his agency conduct an investigation based on the conduct of hillary clinton they didn't invest this case. she mishandled classified documents he reported it and now there is some criticism because she reported his findings. he is obligated to do that and essentially he gave her a pass. he gave her, didn't recommend prosecution now everybody is batting him. one thing we have to remember this is very important he is obligated come he promised the oversight committee that if there was other information developed in the hillary clinton investigation he would report back to them. he did that.
3:33 pm
he met his congressional mandated duty and reported to them. had he not reported he certainly would have been leaked and it would have been more harmful. one thing to remember that he kept all the stuff quiet and never made an announcement about his findings and she went into an election with this hanging overhead and not exonerated it how would they like back? i think that focuses on the wrong thing here. the focus should be on the conduct of hillary clinton not having the fbi investigated for misconduct. arthel: a question imposed by democrats in congress is was it okay to make repeated disclosures during the campaign about the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails but to this day refuse to say if the fbi is investigating links between the trump campaign and russia. a frustrated minority leader nancy pelosi admonishing mr. connolly for being quote condescending to members. what do you think? >> i don't believe he's condescending.
3:34 pm
he has an ongoing investigation. remember when he reported on hillary clinton's investigation it was over. that's an appropriate time to do that. he has a pending investigation may be of the association -- arthel: i'm sorry mr. colson i'm not sure you heard my question. the question was is okay to make repeated disclosures during the campaign about the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails but to this day refuse to say if the fbi is investigating links between the trump campaign and russia lacks that's what i want you to react to. >> if you let me continue i will tell you that. the answer to that is the investigation of hillary clinton was over. he had a duty to report that in a duty for her to report it which essentially he decided not to prosecute her. that's an over investigation. the investigation if there is one of donald trump is pending and he probably shouldn't comment on that. think we are talking about apples and oranges here and the focus here is what happened.
3:35 pm
i think that's -- i think we are using the fbi as a way to excuse conduct and i think that's inappropriate. arthel: i will move on to my next question. i want to get your reaction to director comey briefing the president-elect on unsubstantiated allegations that russia has compromising information about him and mr. comey not publicly commenting on whether there is any open investigation of the president-elect or his campaign? >> i can't speak for him on that i don't know why he felt it was necessary to do that. apparently the information they have is not verified. i am not in his corner. i don't work for him anymore and i never did work for him so i can't comment on why he did it. i will say this, james comey is a man of the utmost integrity and he's highly respected in washington d.c. from both sides
3:36 pm
of the house. arthel: perhaps director comey is not making public comments on that. perhaps he feels that 35 page dossier is perhaps garbage, i don't know. i can't speak for him either to your point but let's go here. we certainly don't want to rush to judgment. just a question, if the doj finds any devious behavior on the part of the director comey with intent to distract, confuse or misguided the american voters with the reports of the clinton e-mails, what happens? >> well is that in fact happens and it's a far reach at this point. i don't see that in the cards frankly. do you think you can dismiss the director of the fbi? they do have a 10 year term and this whole series of events shows why they should have a 10 year term. the speaker of the house is not
3:37 pm
happy with you that shouldn't be grounds for dismissal. there should be an accurate unbiased investigation to see what happens with this misconduct and let the cards fall where they may. if not move on and say we can prove anything and close the matter. i fully expect james comey wolf serve out his full 10 year term. arthel: finally mr. colson how does this affect morale inside the agency as well as their relationship with mr. trump? >> i was there for 11 years and what happened on the national stage did not impact on me whatsoever. at a job to do pursuant to the constitution to try to solve obligated cases and frankly i think we are immune to that. that is politics and we are way down the chain of command and we just do our job. think the fbi morale is outstanding. i worked for them constantly in my business and i think their
3:38 pm
morale is fine. arthel: mr. danny colson thank you very much for your analysis and your time. greg: millions of people planning to watch mr. trump take the oath of office next week as the nation's capital plans for a busy inauguration. how the secret service is preparing to make sure the incoming president is -- arthel: a surprise move by a broadway star, jennifer holliday pulls out of the inauguration event with a letter explaining her reasons why. ♪
3:39 pm
3:40 pm
3:41 pm
3:42 pm
arthel: tony award-winning singer jennifer holliday withdrawing her name from the inauguration performance lineup after angry backlash on social
3:43 pm
media. holliday says she disagrees with president-elect trump's policies but taking the opportunity to form because she felt she was being quote a name for the people. in an emotional letter holiday said critics threaten to boycott her music are now she's as quote my only choice must now be to stand with the lgbt community and to stay on a typically that i will not perform for the local concert or any of the inauguration festivities. greg: united states secret service members are working quite hard to make sure that everybody stay safe on inauguration day. president-elect trump taking the oath of office next friday with thousands of people watching. an estimated 700,000 protesters also heading to the nation's capital next week. catherine herridge getting an inside look at the secret service training facility to see just how secure -- security leaders are preparing for the day.
3:44 pm
>> at maryland training facility secret service agents are doing final preps for inauguration day. "fox news" was granted exclusive access to this week's training that includes a mock of the parade route. secret service agents working through 40 incidents from armed attacks to accidents. >> if there is an assault of some sort reporter attack. every scenario has a different response. >> is secret service headquarters director clancy says the inauguration shares the same high-level security designation as the pope's visit as well as the republican and democratic convention. are there specific or credible threats to the president-elect? >> there's nothing specific or credible threats at this point. the last inauguration we weren't is concerned about unmanned
3:45 pm
aerial systems. >> this drone grazed. >> everyone is on the same page. >> more than 700,000 people are expected same size as the last migration but 99 protesters getting permits. >> if someone is shouting or yelling certainly their first amendment right to protect. >> like times square new year's eve there will be a hardened perimeter a response to isis inspired mowing down at a christmas celebration. >> that's a caution where doubling down on. >> is met with a president-elect during the campaign mr. trump was rushed off stage in nevada.
3:46 pm
>> i sat down with mr. trump on a couple of occasions and we talked about security in general and what we can do for him and his family. >> what is their relationship like? >> he has been very gracious. publicly he spoke very highly of the men and women in the secret service. >> erector clancy came out of retirement. four years ago he was part of the crowd. >> he really is a joyous experience for the mac and people and a great symbol of our democracy. >> in washington catherine herridge "fox news." greg: president-elect trump is out to boost the economy by lowering tax rates and cutting a whole lot of regulation. that has the bulls running on wall street but it will also affect millions of americans with retirement and savings accounts. we are going to look at what mr. trump's plans would mean for your wallet coming up next.
3:47 pm
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3:50 pm
greg: welcome back. investors including millions of americans savings and retirement accounts will be watching very closely the first 100 days at the trump administration. the new president promises to implement his plans for infrastructure, spending and trade, deregulation, tax cuts
3:51 pm
all of which are designed to boost the u.s. economy and corporations with with a lot of money on the sidelines for years now will be watching too. let's talk about it with ed jackowski benching partner at chat with investments. you took the time to research. you are really digging into this the 500 companies the s&p to figure out their deferred taxes. why did you do that and what did you find? >> first of all is an empty nest or you have to find things to do these days. greg what i did was i was interested in getting specific and we talked in general terms often but i wanted to see how much money was actually sitting on the sidelines in the line item on the corporate balance sheet called deferred tax liability to it turns out greg the s&p 500 companies there's a trillion dollars over little less than that of deferred tax liability so if in fact we go along with the plan and we go from a corporate tax cut of 35%
3:52 pm
to 15% there is going to be $500 billion transferring if all of this is moved over to the balance sheet of earnings and money that could be used by these corporations. that's a huge windfall for the economy. greg: so let me get this straight. if trump succeeds in lowering the corporate tax rate, will that make stocks more attractive to all of us consumers? >> consumers? >> that's it a great point greg and release a double play. as that becomes earnings the valuation be -- becomes more attractive so not only did they become more attractive with stocks but there's a lot of money to give out for salaries, research development expanding businesses. telecoms and energy stocks are the biggest ones with the largest company and you will find this interesting, the company with the most money in the sidelines as brookshire hathaway. they have been holding back.
3:53 pm
greg: warren buffett. >> exactly. tax-deferred liability naturally find that ironic, don't you? greg: given his political slant towards democrats. since trump was elected the stock markets have soared no question about that but i saw a couple of headlines over the last couple of days that says investors are bracing for a downturn. why would that be, do you agree with that? >> i do absolutely. they are two reasons pretty good look at stock market valuation fundamentally which means earnings as we have been talking about but also there's the technical analysis. they been bumping up, stocks have been bumping up towards the 20,000 member and after a while the market and computer programs say hey we are not going to break through this. it's time to go south end friday was a big day. pumped up about eight times and the technical program traders say when that happens watch out.
3:54 pm
we don't breakthrough, we didn't breakthrough so you don't know what's going to happen. that was a really bad sign on friday. greg: 20,000 seems to be a psychological barrier but let me move on. president obama has certainly been posting that he repaired the economy. that's not really true, is that? economic growth is still incredibly and historically sluggish so explain why the gdp is vital to america's economic health? >> another great question, greg. the number that that is the most of all the numbers he announces the gdp, the gross domestic product because that tells us how strong our economy is growing or shrinking and all the other numbers play off of that. when we came out of the great recession you would have thought growth would have been very robust coming from a lower number. under obama we average 1.7%. we have never had during any time period that bad and that
3:55 pm
long. we should have been growing a lot stronger so president-elect trump and i'm looking forward to seeing president trump, president-elect trump is going to inherit this very slow rigor mortis like economy and is going to take a lot to wake it up. it's been slow and it has grown for a long time. greg: ed butowski, great to see you as always. arthel: dallas is a great city and so much to do. i love dallas. greg: i.d. too. my wife is from dallas. arthel: the u.s. mint unveiling a brand-new gold coin and it's nothing like you've ever seen before. we are going to find out why this lady liberty is so, so special. you wo that's next. why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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greg: the u.s. mint unveiling a new 100-dollar gold coin one of 15 of lady liberty is an african-american. arthel: the coin has the year of the mint's founding, 1972 as well as 2017. the backside of the coin depicts an eagle midflight. subversiveness series that will represent asians and hispanics and -- the first coin will be released in early april.
4:00 pm
i've got to get that one. greg: that is very cool. i want to get one of those too. maybe we will get a bargain together. arthel: that does it for us. "the fox report" is up next. greg: good to see you. hope you all have a great weekend. bye-bye. potential fight between president-elect donald trump and russia drying fire again. i'm laura engel and for julie banderas and this is "the fox report." the senate intelligence committee announcing its investigating possible links with moscow and now questions about mr. trump's incoming national security advisor and his contact with russian officials. the trump transition team hired general michael flynn spoke with the ambassador in the same day president obama hit russia with sanctions over election hacking. they said it was for quote to just six in setting up a call


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