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Trump Administration
  Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  January 15, 2017 11:01am-11:15am PST

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as vice president. we are honored to be joined here in studio by mike pence, mr. vice president elect. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> great to be here, exciting week. chris: john lewis, icons of the civil rights movement says he's not going to attend the inauguration and he has explained why. here he is. >> i don't see this president elect as a legitimate president. chris: what's your reaction to congressman lewis? >> donald trump won this election fair and square. 30 of 50 states, more counties than any republican candidate since ronald reagan and the american people know that and while i have great respect for john lewis and contributions particularly to the civil rights movement, i was deeply disappointed to see him -- someone of his stature question the legitimacy of donald trump's election as president and say he's not attending the
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inauguration and i hope he reconsiders both positions. we had recounts in this election where the numbers for the president elect have actually gone up. there's no question about the legitimacy of this election and for john lewis to make those statements is deeply disappointing, but this is also -- it's disappointing too because i truly do believe this is a time when the american people should be celebrating the peaceful transition of power. that's what this week is really all about, chris, and to know that -- that four living presidents will be on the stage acknowledging that peaceful transition of power, the world will be watching, will hear the first remarks that donald trump will make as president of the united states in his inaugural address. i just -- i hope that john lewis and some others who have joined his plans to take a pass on the inauguration will rethink that and will be with us and
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celebrate this extraordinary moment in life of our nation and the life of democracy. chris: i would like to ask you as well, you talked about lewis' comments about mr. trump and i would like to ask you about mr. trump's comments about lewis, the president elect called lewis all talk, talk, no action. can he really say that about the man who got his head cracked open walking across the bridge in salma, alabama on bloody sunday, all talk no action? do you think that's appropriate? >> i think donald trump has the right to defend himself when someone of john lewis' stature, someone who is not only an icon in the civil rights movement but also someone who by virtue of sacrifice on that day that we know as bloody sunday he crossed the bridge and suffered that abuse and it was -- it was through that that the voting rights act, for someone to use his stature to use terms like this is not a legitimate
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president, it's just -- it's just deeply disappointing to me. i hope he reconsiders it, but what donald trump was talking about there was literally generations of failed policies coming out of washington, d.c. that have failed too many families and too many cities across this country. i will tell you, donald trump is a man who is profoundly impatient with failure and you saw in the campaign. he went to major cities in this country and said, we are going to bring safety to our streets, we are going to bring school choice to our children, we are going to bring jobs and opportunities to our cities, you remember that great line, what the heck do you have to lose. he's committed to being president of all of the people in this country and to bringing jobs and prosperity in the way that the failed liberal policies of the last several generations have not. chris: let me pick up on another controversy this week because mr. trump has been going after the intelligence community, specially after they briefed him
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and became public that it -- they briefed him that the kremlin had put together on him. on friday, mr. trump sent tweets, probably released by intelligence, intelligence in quotes, even knowing there's no proof and never will be. does the president elect really believe that the intelligence community is trying to undercut him and does he standby his comparison of those tactics to nazi germany? >> well, i think -- obviously the briefing that the president elect and i received a week ago was classified briefing and i can't comment on anything that happened there. chris: the intelligence community has -- >> and i never will. chris: they verified that they briefed him on the research. >> the very fact that a few news organizations, not this one, traffic in opposition research in garbage was, i think, deeply troubling to millions of americans.
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chris: what about the intelligence community? >> whatever the source and we don't know what the source was that put this into the traffic. i know the director of national intelligence said that this information had been floating around for months. i think for the president elect and i it was an act of irresponsibility by a handful of news organizations to actually traffic in and pay attention to these materials. again, i think the american people saw it for what it was and our focus is going forward. when you see the team that the president elect has assembled in the course of this transition particularly when it comes to national security in general mattis, senator dan coats and in mike pompeo, your going to see -- you're going to see an effort to reinvigorate our national security, intelligence and the president is going to see that from day one. chris: let's talk about policy going forward because the president elect seemed to suggest in an interview this
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weekend with the wall street journal that he might dramatically change relations with russia and, in fact, lift sanctions against russia if they begin to cooperate with us on isis and other areas. i want to put up a quote from that interview. mr. trump said, if you get along and if russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody is doing really great things. how quickly might he end sanctions on russia? >> i think the president elect has made it very clear that we have a terrible relationship with russia right now and that's not all our own doing but it really is a failure of american diplomacy in successive administrations and what the president elect is determined to do is to explore the possibility of better relations. we have a common enemy in isis and the ability to work with russia to confront, hunt down and destroy isis at its source represents enormously important
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priority of this incoming administration but i think with the american people like about donald trump is he's someone who can sit down, roll the sleeves up and make a deal and i think what you're hearing in his reflections whether it be with russia, whether it be china and other count police the world is we are going to reengage, put america first, america's interest first but we are going to reengage in a way to advance america's interest in the world. chris: i want to ask you two questions briefly so we can move onto domestic policy. we now know that trump's national security adviser mike flynn had several conversations with russian embassador just at the time that president obama was announcing new sanctions for the hacking of the u.s. election against russia. number one, did mike flynn ever discuss lifting sanctions in any of those conversations, do you know? >> i talk today general flynn
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yesterday and the conversation that is took place at that time were not in any way related to new u.s. sanctions against russia or the expulsion of diplomats. chris: all right, second question, can you flatly denies because this continues to be out there that there were any contacts at any point during the campaign between mr. trump's associates and russian operatives including cut-outs as we know about the hacking of the democrats during the election? >> this -- some of this derives from this opposition research memo, i guess, chris, that made its way around the internet. there was about 24 hours where michael cohen who had worked in the trump organization for many years was accused of having a meeting in prague and some news organization did a little checking and found out that it was a different michael cohen and michael himself had not been to prague. chris: i do want to ask you the question.
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i understand that. there's been other talk and, in fact, if i may, senators specifically asked fbi director comey about that and he refused to answer. i'm asking you a direct question, was there any contact in any way between trump associates and the kremlin or cut-outs they had? >> i joined this campaign in the summer and i can tell you that all of the contact by trump campaign and the associates were with the american people. we were fully engaged with taking his message in making america great again. chris: did you ever ask if there were any contacts? >> of course not. why would there be any contacts between the campaign. chris, the -- this is all a distraction and all a part of narrative to delegitimize the election and question the legitimacy of this president. the american people see right through it. chris: okay. >> this is a week,i just sat down with the trancic team in
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washington yesterday. we have named 20 out of 21 of cabinet officials, probably have all of them named before inauguration day. the character that the men and women that the president elect has assembled, hundreds and hundreds of interviews and conversations he himself has had should be deeply inspire to go millions of americans. they know when he raises his right hand on that inaugural platform this coming friday that he's going to be ready on day one to keep promises to the american people and turn this country around. chris: let me ask you about this. we have three minutes left and i'm going ask you three questions so let's get them in all in. obamacare, the president elect says he wants to see repeal and replace basically at the same time, here he is in the press conference. >> it'll be repeal and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously, it will be various segments, you understand, but will most likely be on the same day and the same
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week. chris: i don't have to tell you that replacing is a lot more complicated than repeal. specially how do you pay for some of the provisions of obamacare you want to keep like preexisting conditions? can you really do the two at the same time and when will that be, how quickly? >> short answer is yes. we can -- chris: repeal and replace? >> he wanted to do both at the same time and we are very graceful the house and senate moved resolutions this week to begin the process of repealing obamacare. chris: realistically when can you do -- >> obamacare has failed. we areo repeal it but at the same time we are going to pass legislation that will lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. i would anticipate in the first hundred days that we will deliver on the promise to the american people. chris: does mr. trump still have confidence in fbi director, did
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he ever have confidence in fbi director james comey? >> well, you'll have to ask him about that. it's been subject of some commentary this last week but at the end of the day, i know that whether it's our security at home or abroad, the president elect is going to put the safety and security of the american people first in every discussion. chris: you're not willing to give with confidence at this point? >> well, you would have to ask the president elect. i know they've had conversations and that -- that will -- that'll be a good question for him after january 20th. chris: finally, minute left. central message. central theme that president trump wants to advance in his inaugural address, the message he wants to send to the american people? >> well, i will let him speak for himself on friday. i think the american people will see the same donald trump they saw every day of this campaign, step up to that podium. he's going to speak from his
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mind, he's going to speak from his heart and he's going to lay out a vision to make america great again and i have to tell you, chris, when i stand there surrounded by my family and take the oath of office as vice president of the united states, all i'll be thinking of is what an honor it is to be standing next to a man who i know can restore and revive the country and be thinking as a grandson of irish immigrant, what a great country this is. chris: i should also point out you're going to be taking the oath of office on the reagan bible which -- i gather that's the first time it would have been used since ronald reagan put back hand on the bible in the 80's. that's going to be pretty emotional moment. >> it will be. to have the oath of office administered to me by justice thomas, someone who i admire for philosophy and courage on the bench in his 25th year and on
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the supreme court, again, it's just very humbling for me. we are approaching it with prayer but with deep, deep gratitude to the president elect, for his confidence and deep gratitude to the american people who have elected donald trump and -- and elected a man who i know is going to make america great again. chris: mr. vice president elect, thank you, thank you for joining us during this