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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 16, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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for correct ago teen's spelling. closed school tamarrow please. she responded how would you learn to spell tomorrow. the district says her tone was inappropriate. >> come on, it was a joke. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. ♪ >> president-elect as a legitimate president. >> i was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy of donald trump. >> bringing to the attention of the president-elect that circuiting out there was a response sibility. >> i have lived 45 years that that is a garbage document it sheriff should have been presented. >> is there anything that surprised you about this job? >> i was surprised by the severity of partisanship in this town. >> there is a lock of talk radio and bloggers and people that can't fit in right now, maybe don't have a permanent seat because
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they are not part of the elite media. >> makes it wou most field goals in any post season game in nfl history and he is able to bang it through. the pittsburgh steelers will play for a ninth super bowl trip next sunday. >> rogers spins to his left. comes underneath. >> that is unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> packers into the nfc championship game. it is good! the packers are moving on. aaron rogers has done it again ♪ dream weaver ♪ i believe you can get me through the night ♪ brian: we know the inaugural is in four days. need to get over the stunning loss. packers were too good in the
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end. ainsley: 14 still competing into to get into the super bowl. falcons versus the packers brian brian new england will play pittsburgh and we will decide who we are going to cover. we are going for the first time ever as a show to the super bowl. >> wow! >> steve: we are indeed. ainsley: we are so excited. all three of us are going to go. brian: janice and heather as well. >> steve: fantastic, the big five. speaking of the super bowl. it looks like this friday at high noon it's pretty much the biggest show in politics that's when donald trump will put his hand on the bible and become our 45th president. we've got some of his team on the program today vice president-elect michael pence is going to be with us. chief spokesperson. sean spicer is going to be with us. the guy who got it started cory lewandowski original campaign manager. let trump be trump and he will win. he was right.
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did he win. ainsley: mike pence will put his hand on ronald reagan's family bible. they are flying it in across the country so historic. brian: shifting over to washington, there will be official today, i guess half the people are doing bubble wrap. the other people are packing up in their knapsacks and then others are there already. >> steve: i don't know what they have to pack in bubble wrap. they have been there a month. i don't know if they have heirlooms. busy four days up to the inaugural and this? brian: unprecedented security as president-elect trump prepares to take the oath of office. ainsley: military and police not taking any chances getting ready for everything from terror attacks to sprandz an -- sprained ankles. >> steve: what would happen if they sprained an ankle. they have a plan. kristin fisher with all the security. there is a lot we know about and a lot we don't know
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about. >> reporter: that's right. they have a plan for everything. right now this city is preparing for both a huge party and major protests that are set to take place simultaneously. now, they started practicing for the party yesterday with a dress rehere's sal on the west front of the capital building where mr. trump will be taking the oath of office stand-ins play the pars of everyone involved. they even had flatbed trucks instead of floats along the parade route. barricades along pennsylvania avenue already up. more than 700,000 people are expected to attend. while it will no doubt be a celebration much mr. trump's victory, yesterday, the chair of the presidential inaugural committee said mr. trump doesn't want to rub it in. he doesn't want this to be all about him. >> not appropriate after what we went through. we need a more healing kind of an inauguration. we don't need a celebration of me the victor. >> reporter: statement thousands of protesters are expected to descend on the d.c. area.
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1200 bus loads of protesters are expected at the event. they are ready thousands of extra officers doing mock drills for every possible scenario including something as small as mr. trump spraining an ankle. you have to be prepared for everything. they have been prepared for quite some time and they say they are ready back to you. >> steve: we will know by friday, kristin, thanks very much. brian brian you could not have one day from the day that he was -- that donald trump won the presidency. became president-elect. almost every day has been a challenge. there has been some type of attack, some type of investigations. some type of accusation. well, over the weekend, i think this thing amped up 10-fold as congressman lewis a civil rights icon decided maybe make a call to meet the press i have a big story for you and some major announcement to make. they came down and leaked this out of ruling and he is the first significant lawmaker to say that donald trump is an illegitimately
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elected president. ainsley: donald trump fired back not happy about that being called illegitimate. he wrote on twitter. he said several things. he said he should focus on his district in atlanta. >> steve: mr. lewis. ainsley: horrible shape. talk, talk, talk. >> steve: anyway, you have the back and forth and he is not going to show up at the inauguration and 23 democratic lawmakers are not. kellyanne conway was on this program yesterday at 8:30 in the morning. i don't know whether you saw it or not. she is talking about how this is a disappointment who mr. lewis who is a civil rights icon would not decide to show up on friday. listen. >> he has a right to defend himself and he is famously the counter puncher. donald trump rarely draws first blood. i respect that about him and i share that trait. he does not walk around picking fights i can't do you tisly. why is he attacked in the
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first place? >> steve: why is it happening? i think we do know. you look at hillary clinton's inner circle and they have been pushing this narrative that he is an illegitimate president. for instance you have brian fallon saying he was hillary's spokesperson, saying there is too much evidence that russia was working with trump, which is crazy. you have got jennifer pal marry on twitter circulating maps on profit sites for the inaugural. and a policy advisor changed her "avatar" from whatever it was to the word resist. so, obviously there is a narrative they are pushing out. and some lawmakers are grabbing on to it illegitimate. even though he won fair and square. brian: dennis mcdonough the chief of staff came out over the weekend says the president views him as the rightly elected president of the united states, president obama. as well as senator joe manchin senator from west virginia on "face the nation." >> i have the utmost respect
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for senator lewis. that was uncalled for. i wish that rhetoric would tone down from both back and forth. the bottom line is if we are concerned about the russians and we know the russians want to be involved, putin wants to be involved in altering our process, then he will succeed if he sees this bickering going back and forth. that's what we have to stop. we're bigger than. this we are going to show them they are not going to change and alter how we work and function as congress, as a government, and the united states of america. ainsley: a lot of people in the african-american community see it as an attack on race on civil rights. a lot of trump supporters are saying he wasn't attacking race at all. he was just defending himself because this congressman called, said he was not a legitimate president. what do you think? >> steve: it's because i think that that particular program was interviewing him in conjunction with today's martin luther king. ainsley: right, of course.
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>> steve: he was on the docket and he said that stuff. that's leads to where we are today. britain brian donald trump going at it with the intelligence community. not taking a backwards step. a lot of people feel that the appointed leaders of the cia and the national intelligence director and others seem to have it out for donald trump. maybe not the operatives doing great work in the field, the people watching us now from afghanistan and iraq and yemen. that's not who donald trump has been upset with. it's not the operatives actually doing the hard work. it's the politicians leading up these agencies. one of which, perhaps, might be john brennan, who was on "fox news sunday," kind enough to give chris wallace his last interview as he leaves out the door. he had a warning for donald trump. >> you think that mr. trump understands the threat from russia? >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian's capabilities, intentions, and actions that they are undertaking in many parts of the world. that's what the obligation,
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responsibility is. what mr. trump has to understand this is more about him it's about the united states and the national security. he has to make sure that now he is going to have the opportunity to do something for national security as opposed to talking and tweeting, is he going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure that u.s. national security interests are protected and are advanced. ainsley: all right. so mr. trump did not agree with that, did not like it. so he went to bitter. >> steve: of course. lanes. ainsley: threat does not fully understand, oh, really? could it do much worse? look at syria, the red line, crimea and the build up of russian nukes. not good. was this the leaker of fake news? >> steve: oh, man. keep in mind just as brian was pointing out there are a lot of political appointees appointed by the obama administration to be there. they're going to lose their jobs high noon on friday. you have got a feeling some of them may not like them.
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we don't know if they are the leakers but once first in his class at west point and first at his class at harvard law and worked for one of washington's premier law firms, once is he cia director i have a feeling he will look into this and we will find out what happened. ainsley: we will be reporting it. let's hand it over to heather who has headlines for us heather childers. where did you go? >> vacation on caribbean on a boat. but we do have breaking news and bad news to start with for you. a report deadly mass shooting at a nightclub. it was packed with american tourists actually in mexico. this new video showing pure chaos as gunfire sends dozens of people running from a musical festival right into the streets. this happened in resort town. [shouting]
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>> a dj tweeting that five people are dead. others say many be as many as eight. police working to confirm. this we will bring you the latest on this rapidly developing situation. now another fox news alert for you. major terror transfer while you were sleeping. 10 gitmo detainees sent to the middle eastern country of oman. that country's government says president obama requested the transfer. the names of the prisonerrers have not been released. we do know that president obama has transferred 184 detainees since taking office. he wants to release 19 more before leaving office. there are now 55 detainees left at guantanamo bay. and to yet another alert for you. a cargo train crashes destroying neighborhood. parts of the plane pushing right through homes. this happening in small village in kyrgyzstan west of china. at least 37 people are dead.
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only five of those victims were actually on board the plane. the american-made tuckerrish airline boeing jet was flying from hong kong to turkey when it crashed trying to land in some dense fog we are told. we will continue to follow up on all of those stories but in the meantime those are your headlines right now. >> steve: all right, heather. thank you very much. we told but the firestorm after congressman john lewis said donald trump is not a legitimate president. now one of congress lewis' own constituents, that young woman right there, is firing back. she is going to join us and tell us why she wrote him a letter telling him why he should go coming up next. ainsley: he might only be 9 years old but he is ready for prime time. >> i want to say hello to my lord savior jesus christ, my parents, pretty much everybody out there. >> nice shirt by the way. >> girls are thinking -- ainsley: don't miss the incredible local weather kid guaranteed to make your monday. ♪ sunshine coming down
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>> steve: well, following congressman john laws' comments about the legitimacy of incoming president donald trump and saying congressman lewis will not attend the inauguration friday and the trump team hopes is he going to reconsider and will be in one of the chairs brian brian one of the congressman's constituents also took to facebook with her disapproval. writing quote: such rhetoric is not grounded in reality and is not only irresponsible but dangerous to our democracy. ainsley: the author of that post ruth mel she joins us now. flew up from atlanta to be with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. did you not vote for donald trump. you are a big supporter of congressman lewis' even though you didn't vote for him. you do respect him you were telling us. you wrote him a letter. tell us why. >> i did. yeah. i want to say i know it's martin luther king jr. day and reminds me how grateful i am to have been represented for 30 years by someone such as congressman
3:19 am
lewis. >> steve: he has been a hero to you? >> he has been a hero. i have respected him and tried to respect -- express that to him in the past. i was disappointed even though i haven't voted for him because his policies don't necessarily align with my own. i have recognized him as my duly elected congressman all of these years. an him now question the legitimacy of president-elect trump and to boycott the inauguration. brian: what's the danger? >> i think it sets a dangerous precedent. our country is divided. we just got through a tough election. we need our leaders to model unity and collaboration and working together not questioning the legitimacy of leadership simply because they don't agree with that. brian: they were fundraising off of his comments and the retort for donald trump. do you think that's right? >> no. i think people take advantage of a situation like this on both sides sadly. and i think as constituents we have to be intellectually honest. we have to stuart our
3:20 am
circles of influence to hold our leaders accountable on both sides and say, look, we need unity, not division. we need as constituents we're called to, you know, i believe pray for our leaders, support them when we can and hold them accountable. and our leaders are charged with working together for the greater good of the nation. steve: 23 democratic congressman are not going to show up on friday. same kind of pressure put on hollywood. don't go to the donald trump thing or you will never work in this town again. >> exactly. that's sad to me. i didn't support mr. trump for president. i was very conflicted in this past election as many people were. but i do recognize that he is our duly elected president now. we have a free and fair election process which i think we should celebrate and america has always modeled a peaceful transition to the world. to me, it's not about even donald trump himself, the presidency. it's so much bigger than an individual. it's about what america stands for. steve: sure. >> and how our leads move forward. steve: maybe he is watching
3:21 am
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brian: quick headlines right now. wrestling legend snouka dead. >> there he goes. >> yep, the wwe hall of famer is best remembered for aerial attacks in the ring. tmz reported he died of stomach cancer he was 73 years old. football, packers are heading to the nfc championship game after beating the cowboys in stunning fashion. watch his feet. he will keep them inbounds.
3:25 am
enough to set up a field goal. crosby kicks the game winning field goal. they will face the falcons on fox next. steelers hold on late to beat kansas city. they can't make 2 point conversion to tie it went 18-16. they will play the patriots in new england. and then we will go to the super bowl. but first here is steve. steve: thank you very much, brian. editors on the left still in denial after donald trump won the white house. the reporters from slate, univision and huffington post and the new yorker will all meet next week. they're hosting a panel discussion on how the news media can and should proceed to cover donald trump's presidency. usually that's easy. you just reported the facts but the big question is will these journalists find their safe space in this space? here to discuss is "washington times" deputy opinion editor kelli riddle, good morning to you. >> good morning.
3:26 am
steve: okay. i remember back in the olden days when reporters back in the white house would go in, listen to what they said, write it down, and then put it in their papers. now we have a lot of agenda journalists who kind of take things, listen to what they say, and then put their feelings into the story. >> oh my goodness. i mean, you have a whole slew of journalists that are recovering. i mean, they are basically journalists for hillary clinton. steve: yeah. >> the fact of the matter is she lost and now they need to have some sort of rehab. i feel like this get together next week is a rehab, con fab for journalists to rehash their problems. you have margaret sullivan today at "the washington post" who is the public editor and this is the headline that she writes: a health escape of lies and distorted reality awaits journalists covering donald trump. i mean, talk about hyperbole there. it was barack obama who prosecuted more journalists and whistleblowers than any other president in history. steve: sure. >> james rosen can testify
3:27 am
to this. the a.p. having their records subpoenaed. this all was put in place by barack obama. so to think that donald trump is going to anywhere measure up to that is just ridiculous. steve: well, the left has been in the tank for the left. you know, the left candidate hillary clinton they were positive from the get-go that he didn't have a chance hell escape. david remnick from the new yorker wrote the election of donald trump and he is also going to be there the election of donald trump to the presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the american republic and goes on and on. >> um-huh. steve: i'm kind of surprised that the cnn media guy is hosting this thing since there are so many lefties. >> brian said cnn reliable sources host. he also has said that we can't normalize donald trump. that we have got to report him as, you know, for all the racist, zeno phobic. brian has a little bit of bias here. i am not at all surprised. then have you david remnick
3:28 am
at the new yorker who basically in 2014 said that barack obama -- this piece just lauding barack obama said that he was scandal-free and isn't that just amazing? this is after benghazi, the fast and the furious, after the irs targeting, you know, tea party members. so, you know, obama has hardly had a scandal-free presidency. steve: no kidding. and in the new incoming administration it's been suggested that maybe we all saw that press conference that donald trump had at the conclusion of last week where i believe there were 500 members of the press in attendance. >> yeah. steve: the current white house briefing room, the brady briefing room seats 49. there is some suggestion maybe they will move over to the eisenhower building or conference center in lafayette park and the white house press pool is appear apoplectic because they don't want to lose that little room that is over the former white house swimming pool. >> it's unbelievable to me. sean spicer yesterday on howie kirtz's show said the
3:29 am
white house complex is actually very large. if we move something into the eisenhower building it would allow more press corps to actually attend which i think is something that the press should want. more press people in a room to ask donald trump questions. i think that's a more transparent, better way of doing the briefings. so i would encourage a larger space. and anyone who has been in that small little space know it's a small confined little hole and should be welcoming to a bigger place. >> steve: the basement is even smaller. a senior official said of the press they are the opposition party. i want them out of the building. we are taking back the pressroom. stay tuned, folks. all right. kelly, thank you very much for joining us on this martin luther king day. >> you too. thank you. steve: thank you. it's 6:30 now. here in new york city, coming up, if this image looks familiar you may have seen it in brian's book. now the farmer only artisan in residence marine corps
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3:34 am
watergate scandal. ainsley: asking what year that was, '74. -- 72 they are telling us, joel. steve: when the scandal was. nixon left the office in '74. on the cover of the "new york post" they have a great headline it's not woodward and bernstein under kim kardashian. it's woodward vs. bernstein. bob woodward came out yesterday on "fox news sunday." donald trump is right about this document that's been floating around washington for the last couple of months. it's a piece of crap. he didn't say piece of crap he said piece of junk, garbage that should never have been published. listen to this. >> i have lived in this world for 45 years where you get things and people make allegations. that is a garbage document. it never should have been presented as part of an intelligence briefing, as you suggested, other channels have the white house counsel give it to trump's incoming counsel.
3:35 am
so, trump's right to be upset about that. and i think if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we have had who were terrific and had done great work made a mistake here. and when people make mistakes they should apologize. steve: oh. ainsley: he was asked about that. karl bernstein said the opposite. he said he thought it was fine for this to be part of the news and news organizations to talk about it the best version of the truth chief intelligence officials saw this material and thought it deserved investigation. brian: add to that he was one of the people at cnn who broke the story. what he is saying -- not saying to bob woodward you are wrong. what he is saying is because the cia and james clapper and the national intelligence director included it in the briefing it makes it news. bob woodward is saying you should have never included it in the briefing.
3:36 am
so don't use it as your validation. steve: here is the thing. cnn says via their sources that it was part of the briefing. but the transition people say we were there. it was never part -- that two-paged a on thing was never part of it. brian: the vice president said it was there, and the president said it was there vice president biden came back and said when president obama read it he said why are you telling me this? steve: see, that's it. they mention oh and by the way there is this thing. they said this is a pile of stuff that's verified. this is a pile of stuff that's unverified. there is this thing floating around but never presented to the president other than on the table. ainsley: reince priebus said i was in that briefing last friday and they never talked about it on the briefing. steve: after bob woodward came on. ainsley: thank you to bob woodward who said that is a garbage document it should never have been presented. trump's right to be angry
3:37 am
upset and angry about that. make mistakes here when people make mistakes they should apologize. media should also apologize. steve: one other interesting thing. keep in mind, i think it was thursday night clapper who is the director of national intelligence called donald trump up on the phone. i don't know where that's coming from. it's a piece of garbage report. essentially. he denounced the report and said it did not come from them. ainsley: from us. steve: mr. brennan said it's legitimate and mr. clapper who said shouldn't have been a part of it. so there war of words going on in the intel community. brian: all right. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. here is heather with the news. heather: good morning to you and everyone at home. we begin with the controversial clinton global initiative. remember that? well, they are closing the doors for good. this comes after hillary clinton's crushing loss in the presidential election this november and months after wikileaks uncovered emails that reportedly showed corrupt management
3:38 am
helping donors get political access rather than focusing on charitable work around the world. employee layoffs take effect in april. the president-elect's plans to repeal obama care is apparently making some people sick. [coughing] heather: though are protesters and they are staging a cough-in at the trump restaurant in manhattan. 15 people stood up holding signs saying we need obama care and trump care makes us sick. part of a nationwide healthcare day of action. they chanted in march during lunch hour before finally being kicked out by the cops. and there's this. a 9-year-old weather kid taking to internet by storm with hilarious interview and forecast. take a look. >> now why did you want to be a weather kid. >> because i wanted to be on tv again. i want to say hello to my lord savior jesus christ.
3:39 am
my patients, pretty much out there. >> you look mighty sharp by the way. >> them girls are thinking gotcha. and where i live, liberty comes 63. ainsley: going to be 63. that native says he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up. i have a feeling he might do it and with enthusiasm. janice dean he could give you a run for your job. i think you are coming up next. ainsley: did it say what city in north carolina? ainsley: i think it was hide point. steve: go outside. janice dean the weather machine and it's cold. >> janice: i can't top that. it was amazing. i do want him to come in. steve: get our bookers. ainsley: he said i want to say hello to my lord and savior jesus christ. >> janice: and my mom and dad and here's your forecast. let's take a look at it we have serious weather. tornado warnings right now outside of houston.
3:40 am
let's take a look at it just west of the houston area. that's where we have a tornado warn storm. doppler radar indicating rotation there. we had tornadoes yesterday outside of the dallas area. we had a football game going on and people needed to seek shelter. not only dallas but north of waco. we could see large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes out of this big system that is producing an ice storm. we would have had over an inch of ice on the roads, on the power lines and that caused incredible damage. unfortunately we have had deaths out of this. freezing rain advisories, ice storm warnings in place where you see the purple and the light purple there. and we could see some more accumulation today in parts of nebraska up towards the great lakes. okay, brian, back to you for sports. brian: almost. thanks, janice. at the age of 82. artisan and resident of the u.s. marine corps undertook a final mission. honoring our nation's medal of honor recipients through his paintings.
3:41 am
waterhouse passed ad way in 2013. now his work is being put together in brand new book. joining us now is the daughter of charles water house jane waterhouse. your father was a marine. >> he was 19 years old iwo jima and brought back artisan of residence 1970s. brian: he had a special affinity for the marines and wanted to honor them by painting every medal of honor recipient. sadly he fell short. >> age 82, after painting the history of the marine corps he decided he wanted to do something that was never before attempted. brian: at 82. >> never before attempted that he would paint them in the acts of receiving the medal of honor. and he began and just put pedal to the metal. i saw him go from an 82 year rather spry person to someone who used a cane to someone who used a walker and in the last days he
3:42 am
actually had a chair that would get him upright and he would get to five steps to his easel. brian: some patriotic people watching right now seeing these paintings for the first time. you put them together in a book. don't even have a publisher yet called time and chance and you reached out to me because you know "thomas jefferson tripoli pirates. right outside of benghazi and tripoli. this is a picture that you wanted me to see which i had not seen before. this is the invasion. this is actually in the book. so this is amazing. obviously there is no photos. but image in his head from what he has heard. >> that's right. because he was a marine in combat, there is a realism in a lot of his -- that he was able to take any kind of historical facts and data and put it into a picture that could draw you right into it. brian: now, you are a published novelist. >> yes.
3:43 am
brian: you understand the book business. you are like fulfilling his destiny by being here right now. he used to watch the show, right? >> he did. brian: now it's time for all the patriotic people out there to go ahead and publish this book and actually see it because once you start reading it you wrote all little stories behind these books all the way up to dakota myer who you are friends with. >> well, margaret davis from the marine corps scholarship foundation asked us to do -- my father to do a special one for dakota and we got to know him through that and we did a special unveiling for him. he was astonished when he saw it and he said that my father had captured the exact moment that he thinks about when he was winning the medal of honor. that was very touching. brian: extraordinary people who didn't do it for the publicity or the fame but now immoralityized in your dad's book. thanks so much for coming. in thanks for reaching out. >> thanks for asking me. brian: coming up straight ahead, the president-elect promising insurance for all and a face-off with big
3:44 am
pharma to do it. how will you and the patient and doctors benefit once obama care is repealed? and replaced? when did mixing food, with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
3:45 am
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3:47 am
ainsley: how will this work? joining me is michael tanner a senior fellow at the cato institute and author of the debt and entitlement crisis. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> pleasure to be with you. ainsley: great. tell me what you think of donald trump has a plan this weekend he does this have a plan and covers everybody. >> let's hope this is one of those cases where donald trump should be taken seriously but not literally because there really is no way that's affordable that's going to extend universal healthcare. there is no country in the world that provides unlimited healthcare to everybody. and the united states is no
3:48 am
different. we simply can't afford to do. so. ainsley: well then how is he going to do it? >> well, look, donald trump's understanding of free markets and economic laws is not as strong as suit. he is a good negotiator and good leader but he is not an economist and let's hope that he relies on people like tom price or rand paul or paul ryan. >> paul ryan has a plan, rand paul has a plan. you have looked at these plans. who has the best plan and why? >> i think rand paul's plan actually faces up to. so fundamental decisions that we have to make. the question, for example, how do you cover people who have preexisting conditions? that is people who are already sick? you really just can't do that by forcing them into the insurance pool. people who are by their nature uninsuranceable and care taken care of outside of the natural insurance system. make it easy for people to buy low cost insurance. easy to keep their insurance if they lose their job or
3:49 am
change jobs. i think paul's plan would do a good job of that. ainsley: all right. so you have said no plan is absolutely perfect. >> not even close. ainsley: all the lawmakers are saying that. are the plans that we are talking about putting in place, are they better than what the democrats have already put in place? >> well, look. what we know is that obamacare does not cover everyone, despite its promises that most of the people who have been gotten insurance through obamacare have actually just been pushed off into medicaid which delivers lousy care at great cost to the government. we know that insurance premiums have been rising rapidly and has put a great deal of pressure on businesses as well. so, obamacare has simply not worked. maybe we should try something different. ainsley: well, in this plan if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? >> we don't know what this plan is, but under most of the republican plans that are out there, you should be able to keep your doctor. now, of course, people change plans regularly to get better prices, lower premiums, and they may have different networks.
3:50 am
ainsley: that's the criticism i'm hearing from friends of mine that are current whether i obamacare. they are saying they want better doctors and they can't get those better doctors. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. ainsley: huge show ahead as we get closer to the inauguration day. what a crazy, amazing week it's going to be for all of us. president-elect -- vice president-elect and sean spicer and corey lewandowski are here live. members of our military swapping out their boots for suits. cheryl casone is here with an update on these american heroes getting back to work after being on the battlefield. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
ainsley: back in 2014 the box business network's
3:54 am
cheryl casone right there on the left she introduced us to the inaugural class of the program called ns 2 serves which helps veterans get out and find jobs. brian: sixth class has graduated and cheryl went back to see how they were doing. watch. >> this is a great opportunity. this is something that, you know, it's changing lives. i equate it to boot camp. i'm coming in learning something from the ground up. >> darnell had just retired from the united states marine corps after 20 years of service. he was having trouble finding a job in the civilian workforce. today he is a successful management and program analyst for the u.s. da and life changing opportunity that led him to that path was being one of 17 graduates in the inaugural class of program. third classed ad in 2017, the program has tripled in size. class number 6, joe.
3:55 am
did you think you were going to get here when we first met in 2014? >> you know, when i joined, i was so confident of the concept of the program. all we needed to do was give them an opportunity to get that skill set that would get them from the military and transition them in to the commercial sector. >> after 19 weeks, 11 graduates have learned as much as they can. join 120 ns 2 serves graduates that all have jobs. >> in a matter of two weeks i will start a new career as a developer and i'm quite proud of that. >> jobs in consulting and finance. >> thanks to this program, i have -- >> they have become a true team. >> we have been through a bunch of stuff. and it's just like the bonat wed of it. i know if i ever needed anyone, i have 18 people that i can call. >> they are ready for the next step. >> after being here, i feel like i have a purpose and a direction to go. i feel like i have a career to look forward to. and i'm going to take advantage of it.
3:56 am
>> i am beyond grateful and i feel beyond blessed to be in this room. >> 82 days later i can stand here and tell class number 6 mission accomplished. >> for any veteran, no matter the branch, no matter officer enlisted, the opportunity here, is amazing. >> what advise would darnell a member of ns 2 serves give? >> i would tell the company look at us holistically, look at a veteran as a viable option for you for employment. and we will, without a doubt, just like i have prove our worth. steve: excellent. ainsley: always fun to see where they are now. >> i want folks to know they can go to ns 2 serves. you have to have an mba to get that. and we have to give a huge shoutout to admiral keran
3:57 am
who has dedicated himself. what he has done for these veterans and they are doing amazing. brain brian coming up over the next two hours pence, lewandowski. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect.
4:00 am
and that's what drives us everyday. >> i don't see president-elect as legitimate president. >> i'm disappointed. i think that was uncalled for. >> i was disappointed. we need our leaders to model unity and collaboration. >> bringing the attention of the president-elect that this was circulating out there was a responsibility. i have lived in this world for 45 years. that is a garbage document. it never should have been presented. >> is there anything that surprised you about this job? >> i was surprised by the severity of partisanship in this town. >> the demand to cover donald trump. the excitement, the demand and interest is off the chart. >> more press people in the room to ask donald trump questions, i think that's a
4:01 am
more transparent, better way of doing the briefings. >> if he makes it, it will be the most field goals in any post season game in nfl history and he is able to bank it through. the pittsburgh steelers will play for a ninth super bowl trip next sunday. >> roger spins to his left. comes underneath. >> that is unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> this will send the packers into the nfc championship game. this is good! the packers are moving on. ♪ ♪ brian if we wanted to see excitement we would have went to milwaukee or green bay. that's what happens when the packers pete the giants the week before. steve: that and the fact that today is martin luther king holiday. a lot of people are not working.
4:02 am
we are here. we have a busy week. we will be in washington, d.c. friday, thursday, saturday as well. we brought in corey lewandowski who is donald trump's first campaign manager from his hometown up in new hampshire. corey, because you were his first we are actually putting new the same time slot that donald trump was on "fox & friends" for many years straight up at 7:00. good morning to you. >> it's honor to be on penship for donald trump. as you know every monday at this time he would be on and i would be listening to him. he had the privilege of a phoner. he was in pj's from his bedroom. ainsley: you look great in your suit. four days away from inauguration. have you traveled all over the country supporting him, campaigning for him. did you ever think this day would come and what does it mean for you? >> boy, it's so exciting and i'm so optimistic and really humbled that i had a small part in helping donald trump get elected president of the united states. look, it's about what's best for our country. and if you look at what he has been able to achieve
4:03 am
since just being the president-elect and the jobs that he has already helped bring back to our country, whether it's the jack carrier plant or car manufacturers or talking to boeing or lockheed martin about bringing down prices. that's what this presidency is going to be about. it's going to be about job creation, putting america first. i'm so happy that we're just four days away. britain brian one thing you would have to say anything but smooth sailing. since he has been president-elect people are attacking whether it's james comey, whether it's the russians, whether it's democrats urging electors not to vote the way they are supposed to, whether it's jill stein saying "i want a recount in these whether blue states" which didn't pan out. every day he has to fight for the legitimacy of his win. and it finally happened, john lewis makes it official he looks at donald trump as illegitimate.
4:04 am
donald trump's reaction was pretty strong. he came back out and said basically focus on your own district. don't worry about my election. do you think that works to his -- on his behalf to attack back like that? >> well, i think donald trump is a counter puncher. we all know that disappointing. one president of the united states. and whether you are one of the 63 million people that voted for donald trump or you weren't, the bottom line is our country is stronger when we're united. and what we have seen is look at the group of people that donald trump has brought to trump tower it have conversations with from al go to leonardo decaprio. ainsley: kanye. >> kanye, exactly. look, jim brown the football player. they all say the same thing. leave meeting with donald trump they say he is humbled. is he gracious. he wants to do what's best for the country and they want to work with him. i think if we get a little bit of the partisan politics in washington and decide to unify. for even a brief period of time to do what's best for the country. we will all be better off.
4:05 am
ainsley: should he have done that with congressman lewis? he is saying is he not legitimate. all right. let me bring him in and sit down and talk to them and show them that i am like he has some of these other people. >> i think the disappointing part was as you know congressman lewis did it this in a pre-taped interview which was aired and portrayed a lot before the airing of this. donald trump had to react to it. i think donald trump through mike pence, through reince priebus and the others has had amazing amount of outreach on capitol hill already. he is bringing the team together. he wants to work with republicans and democrats. particularly those democrats in the states where he won. steve: sure. >> georgia happens to be one of those stays. why don't we bring everyone together for a change and do what's best for the measure people. steve: i'm glad you mentioned georgia because the only known hack in the election was in the state of georgia where the u.s. department of homeland security tried to hack into the georgia state computer. we know that for a fact. i have got a touch of a cold it is curious that
4:06 am
congressman lewis is not demanding an investigation into, you know, why was the federal government trying to hack into the state government? that's a question i wonder. >> well, it's a great question. the secretary of state from georgia notified the campaign and said that they were concerned about this. i know there has been ongoing discussions about that to make sure that the sanctity of what the state's rights are are kept in place there. the bottom line is russia had nothing to do with the outcome of this election. people can say anything they want to. the president obama himself has said that this couldn't happen. hillary clinton has said it now they don't like the outcome. the limousine liberals. people fly in private planes complain about global warming and complain about donald trump. take their efforts, unify the country for a change and say in four years from now maybe you should go out and campaign harder if you don't like the election results. steve: no kidding. it's that simple. brian: president obama gave one of his myriad of exit introduce. at which time he was asked about donald trump and style
4:07 am
of governing. listen. >> he is an unconventional candidate. i don't think there's anybody who has run a campaign like his successfully in modern history, not that i can think of because he didn't have the supports of many of the establishment in his own party, because he ran sort of a improvisational campaign. >> >> can you run an improvisational presidency? >> i don't think so. and so now he is in the process of building up an organization. and what we'll have to see is how that works and it will be a test, i think, for him and the people that he has designated to be able to execute on his vision. steve: well, you know, it's interesting, you are famous -- speaking for improv you are famous for saying let trump be trump that's pretty improvisational. does he interest v. to change now that he is
4:08 am
president. >> i don't think people want him to change. look at the people he is surrounding himself with cabinet designees best and brightest that the country has to offer. they have reached the pinnacle of their respective careers whether it's dr. carson or linda mcmahon or whoever it may be. these are some the greatest people our country has to offer he has brought them in to negotiate on behalf of our country. did we run unconventional campaign? you bet we did. will it change the way politics moves forward i hope. so people on the outside have an opportunity. what we know is the american people want fundamental and wholesale change in washington. politics as usual is dead now and i think that's a good thing. brian: corey, one thing is clear. hand picked people impressed most people that had a chance to watch their testimony and most are disagreeing with donald trump when it comes to looking at russia in particular. general mattis and rex tillerson, in particular, came out pretty strong as did general kelly against russia, much more skeptical than the president. does the rubber hit the
4:09 am
road? >> as we all know, donald trump is the ceo of our country in four days from now. and what he said and what he has continued to say is if there are opportunities to work with russia, so that we can have things which are mutually beneficial like destroying isis. then we should do that if there are ways we can't work with russia, that's okay. but just think of this for a second. actually having a good relationship with other world leaders, what's so bad about that? that's what donald trump has said. let's start with a blank slate. let's go and make sure that if there are places we can work together, we do that particularly destroying isis in syria? what would be so bad about that? brian: you are saying if the russians prove untrustworthy, he will go right back at them just like an opponents? >> well, lock, donald trump has said from day one, his priority is putting americans first. it is america first. it's america first when it comes to jobs, when it comes to security, when it comes to safety. that is his priority. he has been very clear about that. i know the rest of the world doesn't like that. but it's time to put
4:10 am
americans first. if there are ways to work together with foreign leaders, we will do that if we can't. america's interests are going to be put first for a change. that's what the president should be doing. ainsley: he did say vladimir putin would be more scared of him than he would hillary clinton. are you going to be at the inauguration on friday? will we see you down there? >> i am so looking forward to it i have got the privilege of going down. i will be down tomorrow and spend the whole week down there and so exciting. i think we might be in for good weather. who knows. ainsley: we hope so. steve: highs in the 50's. corey, his first campaign manager, thank you very much. congratulations. it's 7:11 here in new york city. time for headlines. heather: we do begin with breaking news that we have been following for you overnight. deadly shooting inside a mexican nightclub popular with american tourists. this video showing pure chaos as gunfire sends dozens people running from a musical festival into the streets of resort town. [shouting]
4:11 am
heather: there are reports this morning that up to eight people died. police still working to confirm. this and another fox news alert for you. a major terror transfer while you were sleeping. 10 gitmo detainees sent to the middle eastern country of oman. that country's government says that president obama requested the transfer. the names of the prisoners have not been released. we do know president obama has transferred 184 detainees since taking office. and he wants to release 19 more before leaving office. now these latest transfers could mean that there are now 45 detainees, that's actually what it means that are left at guantanamo bay. and president-elect trump taking a shot across the pond in his first u.k. interview since winning the election. mr. trump slams german chancellor angela merkel over her plan to accept over a million refugees. >> i think she made one very catastrophic mistake. and that was taking all of
4:12 am
these illegals -- you know, taking all of the people from wherever they come from. nobody knows where they come from. they will find out. heather: the president says he has great respect for merkel claiming she is by far europe's most lowered. won't mention president-elect's name because it's a trauma trigger? clergyman at all saints episcopal church sparking controversy after deciding to stop using specific names while praying for our country's leaders. at the los angeles rec ter writing on the church's website saying quote we have a president-elect whose name is literally a trauma trigger to some people. they will reevaluate the policy in just a few weeks. and that is a look at your headlines. what do you think trauma trigger? steve: sounds like the pastor is political. ainsley: i didn't think pastors can be political. i think in their off time they can. steve: many are.
4:13 am
heather, thank you. heather: thank you. steve: coming up, fair warning for all the liberal protesters planning to disrupt friday's inauguration you have to answer to these trump-supporting bikers first. they are going to surround you. live in washington next with that story. ainsley: you have seen the video, samsung phones around the world suddenly exploding into flames and now we know why. ♪ bp engineers use underwater robots, so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ba heart attack doesn't or how healthy you look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> just four days to ago. president-elect donald trump prepares to take the oath of office. steve: we have military and police not taking chances from everything from terror attacks to what if the first family sprains an ankle. ainsley: kristin is live in washington, d.c. with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, guys. 700,000 people are expected to attend friday's inauguration plus thousands more protesters. security from d.c. police to the secret service say they are ready they have been training for. this they will have thousands of extra officers on the streets. but they will also be getting some help, whether they like it or not from, a group called bikers for trump. they're planning to form and
4:18 am
i'm quoting here. a wall of meat to shield the president-elect from any protesters during his inauguration from the swearing in ceremony to the parade and all the balls. mr. trump is putting his personal touch on all of it. >> how involved, how micromanaging has he been about this? >> he makes me crazy. i had blonde hair and blue eyes when this started. he wants to know the colors of the napkins, linen. how many people are coming and what's the play list. >> are you serious. >> yes. could you go anding and manage the free world and leave me alone. >> reporter: color of the napkins? come on. even though he is known for wealth glitz and glamour. don't expect this inauguration to be over the top. they want it to be simple, quick and elegant so that mr. trump can get down to business on day one in the oval office. ainsley: that is so funny that is he so involved in it. >> reporter: i know, right? ainsley: i actually like it. steve: thank you so much,
4:19 am
kristin. the people who did the stand-in on the steps of the capitol. they had ha manned from army band and a woman who who is a singer with the army band. since you are posing as melania, who are you wearing? she said i have no idea. brian: not the gap. ainsley: so involved in the planning is he like one of those husbands who is like you have to check with him what color of wallpaper and sofa. steve: he wants to make sure everything is perfect. he has spent a lifetime thinking about it and we will find out what his big plan is friday. brian: president-elect donald trump changes his plans on this martin luther king day after spending the weekend defending himself from civil rights activist congressman john lewis. incoming press secretary sean spicer who looks exactly like that when he smiles is next. steve: actress jane fonda stood on her celebrity soapbox because she worried so much about the environment. but a brand new report claims jane ain't so fawn of
4:20 am
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ainsley: in just four days america will usher in a new president. more than it has been in years many say as we are celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king today. we ask what can be done to bridge the divide. so let's ask someone who is the perfect guest for this segment. alveda king is the niece of dr. martin luther king and director of outreach of priest for life. good morning to you, mrs. king. good to have you here. >> good morning. i'm glad to join you. i also have a new book i
4:24 am
need to put that in. america return to god. i want everybody to know that. ainsley: i love that. >> america return to good morning you and all our friends. ainsley: why did you title it that? >> it's time to pray. and that will let you know exactly what i believe we need to be doing right now rather than all of the controversy. we can pray and join the incoming president, our in the president, mr. donald trump who is inviting leaders across america and all of the people to join in making our nation better. so if we can pray and do what uncle m.l. dr. martin luther king jr. said learn to live together as brothers and i add as sisters or parents, we can do this. we can do it together i know we can. ainsley: what do you think of congressman lewis. he is from atlanta where you live and where your uncle, you know, was preaching and grew up, lived as well. i have been to his house there. it's such a special place. what do you make of what congressman lewis is doing saying i'm not going to go to the inauguration, saying that this president is not a
4:25 am
legitimate president and many other people are following suit and are not going to go to the inauguration as well? >> well, i actually admire congressman lewis' legendary legacy of civil rights and working with my uncle m.l. in the civil rights movement of the 20th century. and so i believe he should stay on that track, nonviolent conflict resolution. i believe that congressman lewis can actually help america by working with the president. so that nonviolent conflict resolution, one blood of the bible, jesus christ encouraging us to be brothers and sisters and not adversarial. congressman lewis should be one of the best teachers of that. now, i was born in atlanta on january 22nd 1951. i'm 66 years old. ainsley: happy birthday almost. >> atlanta actually does need help. so i really agree with the president. let's fix atlanta. let's fix america. mr. trump, i voted for him. i understood what he meant when he says let's roll up
4:26 am
our sleeves together and we can do that. so i want to remind congressman louse of that powerful legacy and it has to be not adversarial but to communicate nonviolently and if anybody in america is fearful and tearful, pray together. let's just pray. that's what my uncle would do today. my granddaddy, daddy king. my daddy a.z. and that's what i'm doing. ainsley: what does today mean for you and for your family and our country? >> well, today is very important for america. this is our opportunity, another window of opportunity. so that black people and white people and gentiles and jews, no matter what our skin color is. not colored blind. jacob had a coat of many colors for joseph. so we're supposed to be many colors. we can see that but it should heal us and not divide us. i know if my uncle were here today, he would be cheering america on praying with
4:27 am
america. i will be with bernice later on tonight, dr. bernice king the ceo of the king center where i'm on the board. we're going to seriously talk about race issues. we are brothers and sisters. we are not separate races. ainsley: dr. afraid da king, great to see you this morning. >> thank you so much. ainsley: press secretary sean spicer is going to be live. wouldn't a deal on car insurance
4:28 am
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tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. steve: all right. joining us right now live from studio e he we have sean spicer. he is the incoming white house press secretary. he joins us live from trump headquarters. good morning to you, sean. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: let's start with what's going on, a war of words between the president-elect and the outgoing cia chief? yesterday brennan said some unflattering things about mr. trump and mr. trump
4:31 am
fired back wondering whether or not mr. brennan could possibly be the leaker of that, you know, disavowed 35-page. ainsley: the dirty dossier. what's going on between the president-elect and the outgoing cia guy? >> look, this is an individual in brennan that's supposed to be someone that the president and the president-elect should be able to trust. you see him going out there and pretty outward comments. frankly don't understand the breath of donald trump's understanding of russia to make a comment like that is to not understand who he is or the understanding he has of russia or the entire geopolitical landscape. i think when you see someone that's supposed to be a trusted confidential advisor go out and make silly comments like, this it really makes you question what else that they have said or done. i think that's where the president-elect is coming from on this. brian: have you asked cnn where their sources were from? do you think it's from the intelligence? because there is only a finite amount of people that knew about this alleged
4:32 am
two-page addendum in that friday report. >> well, did i question him that night. and, of course, they are going to play the game where they don't want to reveal their sources. correctly point out, there are only four intelligence members in that room that day. they claim multiple people. so either they have got all these intelligence folks on the hook, three of the four, which i don't think is true, or they have got people who weren't in the room, which i do think is true. i think people who weren't in the room, the idea that they took that kind of reporting and went with it really just questions the legitimacy of the report. when you are doing in legal terms that's called hearsay. and that's what that reporting is. it's just a bunch of people. it's almost as questionable as the illegitimate report that was floating around the internet in the first place. apes ains sean, a lot of people voted for him because they want to repeal or replace owe bomb moo care. he promised over the weekend, donald trump, that going to have insurance. how can we afford that? what's your response? >> i think what you have
4:33 am
seen from donald trump is using his successful business he can could you meant. he can he knows how to negotiate great deals. is he going to bring people from the farm suited call industried into the table and figure out how to instill competition in terms of drug prices but also additional competition across state lines where plans have to compete. that in itself will drop down costs significantly. the idea that he can use his business skills and negotiating skills to bring down the cost to allow greater access for all americans is something that was sorely lacking the last 8 years and i think we will see a big change coming. brian: i agree with you. didn't he get himself in trouble when he said if you want to keep your doctor you could and you couldn't. if you want to keep your plan you can, but you couldn't. is he making is -- is donald trump making the same mistake saying insurance for everyone. >> no donald trump -- i think what donald trump said
4:34 am
very clearly in that "the washington post" article is his goal is to get healthcare for everyone. that is his goal. he will fight tooth and nell for everyone to get it. use his skills as a successful negotiator and businessman to drive costs down and create more plan and doctor options. look, brian, if you look at where things stand right now in market after market, you have got one plan now that's available to people. that's not competition. and, frankly, what's happened is because of the ownersome regulations of obamacare many people that used to have three or four plans to choose from now down to a single plan. not only a single plan the doctors that participated in that plan have opted out. so right now what donald trump is talking about is actually instilling a massive sense of competition into the system that gives people that choice that they have always wanted and by doing so, also lowers the costs. ainsley: how close are you to coming up with a plan? >> he is real close.
4:35 am
he continues to meet with folks and sketch it out. but he -- this is a really important thing for him to get done. and i think you are going to continue to see this right out of the top of that list coming out january 20th. steve: reporters have been going after you as if owe obamacare is great. listen, i was talking to a nurse practitioner over the weekend who obamacare but doesn't go to the doctor because can't afford to pay for it because never meets the deductible. that's another day. i mentioned the reporters that have come after you. there is a suggestion, sean, given the fact that 500 people were in attendance at the press conference of donald trump had the other day over at trump tower, and the brady briefing room at the white house only holds 49 people, that you would like to, perhaps, move it over to the eisenhower building or over to the conference center on the white house property, but some of the white house press pool taking it very personally they don't want
4:36 am
to give up their turf inside the west wing there is a little ying yang there going on. what is the plan at this point? is it to move them out to make room for more or just pay back because they have not been very nice to your boss? >> well, i think the idea right now as you correctly pointed out, you know, if we do a call we get hundreds of people who jump on the call. if we have a press conference we had 400, almost 500 folk showed up and thousands wanted credentials, space was limited. right now as you point out brady briefing room has 49 seats there is a room just down the way that has 150 seats. we're trying to look at ways to increase the accessibility because there is such huge demand and excitement to cover the trump administration. there are logistical hurdles to doing that we are trying to walk through what are the options and possibilities of increasing the accessibility to the thousands of people that want to be present to hear some of these briefings firsthand.
4:37 am
brian: sean, there is no doubt about it. donald trump is rank ling some people who are looking at the way the world order is going right now. it looks like he is going to change things. he has been very aggressive in saying that he wants to -- he is not happy the way china has been treating us. in fact, some of his policies of not committing to a one china policy meaning red china has in the national newspaper that china publishes every day and writes the editorials they call donald trump immature. he is actually bringing danger to taiwan by not committing to the one china policy. what's your reaction? >> well, again, i would go back to the same earn as healthcare. is he a great negotiator and great businessman and he is going to go into every situation. keeping all options on the table. he understands the importance of a one china policy right now. but i think that he is going to use the skill set that he has that has made such a tremendous business to the benefit of this country. whether it's foreign policy or domestic policy. he understands that we have got to stop projecting to our adversaries and our
4:38 am
allies every move that we're going to make. and we need to come in to negotiations with the ability to have an you were hand. ainsley: sean, congressman lewis in atlanta fifth congressional district in atlanta, you know the controversial here over the weekend he said the president-elect was not a legitimate president. president-elect tweeted back. donald trump tweeted back to him, you know, going after him saying he needs to focus on his own district and the inner cities there because things aren't good in atlanta. they have had this back and forth. now congressman lewis is saying he is not going to the inauguration and 25 other congress men and women are saying they are not going to go either. could donald trump handle this in a different way? could they work together? is there something he can do to say congressman lewis come in my office, let's fix. this or what's your response to all of it? >> well, i hope they do. and i know that, you know, president-elect trump is going to meet with martin luther king iii today in new york to talk about the legacy of dr. king, ways that we can continue to enfranchise people and add voyeur -- advocate for people to be more part of
4:39 am
the process what dr. king fought so hard for. what's disappointing is someone like john lewis who is such an icon of voting rights and civil rights to make a comment about the legitimacy of an election, something that he has fought so hard to create the integrity of to talk about delegitimizing an election. president trump would love to talk to him and anybody else who wants to talk about further uniting the goal of moving this country forward. if someone is going to attack the president-elect whether is he going to attack him or this country or american workers, donald trump is leaving a successful business to fight for this country dry and american workers. is he not going to sit back and let people take pot shots. if anyone in this country wants to work toward a greater goal that unites our country and put measure workers back together he is going to stand together and make that happen. steve: i think we are all for that sean, real quickly, i know donald trump was going to go down to washington there has been
4:40 am
schedule changes. is he still going to washington today? >> he was never going to washington. i think what he was trying to do was find an appropriate way to celebrate and observe martin luther king's birthday. is he going to meet with a group of individuals today, including martin luther king iii. steve: okay. >> to talk about that legacy. and celebrate the birthday of dr. king. brian: because there was a report that he was to the african-american museum. >> i have seen -- there is a lot of reports out there. not all of them are true. ainsley: okay. steve: we knew that sean spicer you have a busy week. thanks for spending your monday with us. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: heather childers is here with more head lion -- headlines for us. heather: army and police investigating the mysterious deaths of nearly a dozen fort hood soldiers in just the last three months. the most recently 23-year-old sergeant alex taylor found unresponsive at his job on the base in texas. he is just one of four found
4:41 am
unresponsive since october. now, the other deaths are from car crashes, illnesses, gunshot wounds and attacks overseas. and exploding phones, samsung confirming what we already expected the galaxy note 7 battery caused the phone to explode. in one case this phone burst into flames as it was being charged inside a jeep. now the brand new report just released on the massive recall scandal that cost the company billions. the investigation recreated the fires in test conditions we're told and found that there is nothing wrong with the design of the phone itself. samsung will release the final report next week. and wrestling fans mourning the loss of a legend this morning johnny super snuka has died. the wwe hall of famer is best remembered for aerial
4:42 am
attacks. you just saw that in the ring. his daughter posting this touching picture online as tmz reports that he died of stomach cancer. now, just two weeks ago snuka was cleared of murder charges in connection with 1983 death of his girlfriend. jimmy super fly snuka was 73 years old. and finally the nfl's final four is set. the packers get a thrilling win over the cowboys. did you see this? aaron roger passes to cook for incredible catch on the sidelines. crosby kicks the game winning field going to. packers win 34 to 31. steelers hold on late to beat kansas city. the chiefs can't make the 2-point conversion. just can't do it to tie it steelers win 18-16. and pittsburgh will play the patriots for the afc championship. the packers face the falcons for the nfc title. and that game, by the way is on fox. so you have got to watch did. those are a look at your headlines. ainsley: both of those games are on sunday; is that
4:43 am
right? and we will find out who goes to the super bowl? steve: that's right. we will all be there. brian: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. another celebrity turning their back on the future president of the united states. refusing to perform at the inauguration. because she read an article on the internet that says he is a bad man. steve: what? ♪ i'm telling you ♪ brian: why don't we talk about the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business.
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♪ brian: all right. quick headlines now. talking about bringing down the house. take a look at this. fans and players running for their lives as the roof of a newly opened gym in the czech republic collapses. ainsley: there goes the volleyballs. brian: 8 people there when it happened. thankfully nobody was hurt. utter chaos for one family when they find a 2-ton cow in their backyard pool.
4:47 am
how many times does that happen to you? it took a herd of firefighters oklahoma city to hoist the cow out. no word on where it came from or how it got in the pool in the first place. but some day it will be steak. steve: that is a not a 4,000-pound cow. brian: i'm not sure, steve. steve: put him on a scale. ainsley: brian was talking about the roof coming down. look at this, trees come down. extreme weather, relentless ice storms slamming the midwest at this hour leaving six people actually dead. more than an inch of ice coating oklahoma, kansas and missouri causing a lot of crashes there. this truck completely losing control and sliding across a four-lane highway. steve: whoa. ainsley: icicles coating the power lines and trees causing power outages for millions of people. steve: look at that right there delaying kansas city chief game at arrowhead stadium for seven hours. brian: delayed their pain. steve: tornado touching down causing the cowboy fans to
4:48 am
take cover in dallas. brian: janice dean has been tracking the storm at least we asked her to. janice: same system that brought the snow and ice. take a look at the maps we had a tornado warn storm just west of the houston area. that tornado warning is expiring or set to expire in the next couple of minutes. still, strong rotation indicated on doppler radar and we could see isolated tornadoes threat the day today. and, of course, we saw tornadoes yesterday around the dallas area and north of waco. this is all part of a bigger system bringing snow and ice. i mean an inch of ice on roadways and power lines. it has caused a lot of damage across the central u.s. up towards the great lakes today where we could see accumulating ice on the roadways, on the power lines, so people are urged to take caution. it is ahood so people are staying inside. that storm is going to move across the northeast tonight and tomorrow. could bring some snow to new england and some ice.
4:49 am
good news is it will move out of the way by wednesday. and the temperatures by the way for our inaugural week in d.c. look really good, above average. pushing 60 degrees. the one area i'm going to watch on friday is we could see some rain in the midday, but the temperatures look excellent. i mean, we are talking about d.c. in middle of january. those are pretty good temperatures if i do say so myself. back inside. ainsley: thank you. steve: last inauguration we were at. janice: freezing. steve: it was 12 degrees. even for cows it was cold. folks out there in tv land does that look like a 4,000-pound cow? brian: looks like a dwarf cow. [cow mooing] ainsley: let me ask sear siri. what's your guess? average girl. brian: weird metric.
4:50 am
ainsley: okay. let me ask. steve: farmers how much does that cow weigh? email us at "fox & friends" ainsley: steve ask. steve: what is the average weight of a cow? >> looking. the answer is about 1360 pounds. ainsley: that's a lot bigger than i thought. steve: that looks like a calf. does not look like a full blown cow. brian: next hour we will ask alexa and see if she feels the same way. ainsley: i'm sure that cow hurt herself when she fell in the pool. steve: remember when life was so much easier when we just had the clapper? turn the lights off like that. let me see if clapper works. ainsley: nope. steve: apparently nobody is in the lighting booth. brian: nothing. ainsley: still doesn't work. steve: just saying. meanwhile, yet another celebrity turning their back on the future. president of the united states refusing to perform
4:51 am
the inauguration because she read a letter on the internet that says donald trump is not a good guy. ♪ i am telling you ♪ i'm not going ♪ even though k to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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4:54 am
♪ i'm telling you ♪ i'm not going. steve: there she is, broadway star jennifer holiday backed out of inauguration gig on friday. she is not the only one not going. a number of celebrities have refused to be a part of donald trump's make america great again inaugural concert. but does that even matter to the folks who voted for him? our next guest is a former democrat and stark county kentucky councilman david abbot.
4:55 am
he joined the republican party so he could vote for trump. he joins us from louisville. david, good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you. steve: what do you make of these celebrities who say i have no idea he was a bad guy. i can't show up and perform for him. >> it doesn't matter for me. we elected donald trump to do a job. if they want to stay home they can. that's all i can really say. i think we give the celebrities too much credit. they do the commercials. really the product is what sells an item. and i believe we have a product in donald trump that he has proven himself as being a businessman and as a product we're going to support donald trump. steve: sure. >> i set here seven months ago and asked american people to vote for donald trump as a president. against all odds donald trump pulls it out. so the man can do some great things and we're supporting that. one thing i want to add is you had me down as clark county, kentucky. the last time i was on here you did the same thing. i have got to say i'm clark
4:56 am
county, indiana and i'm proud of it. steve: david, thank you very much. pardon that faux pas. >> that's okay. steve: we just said that cow weighed two tons too and that was wrong. let me ask you about this though, for the folks going to these concerts real quickly, they just want to see trump really, right? >> he is the man of the hour. friday is his day. donald has went through a lot of things in the last few months to be at this position. we need to support donald trump. let's gather together. and celebrity or no celebrities, donald trump's day not celebrities day. donald trump's day. and that's why i hope the american people, it's for the american people. if you want to go, you are welcome. show up washington, d.c. friday. so and see donald trump get sworn. in we're so excited he is going to be our 45th president. and the man knows what he's doing to support donald trump. celebrity or no celebrity. steve: all right. yes. david abbot, we thank you
4:57 am
very much for joining us. he is from clark county in indiana. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. straight ahead, mike pence, vice president-elect is going to be with us. we will talk to juan williams, martha maccallum and ed henry. put down that remote.
4:58 am
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lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> i don't see president-elect as a legitimate president. >> i was deeply disappointed. >> i believe congressman lewis can actually help america by working with the president, and it has to be not adversarial. >> i've lived in this world for 45 years. that is a garbage document. it never should have been presented. . >> do you think that mr. trump understands the threat from russia? >> i don't think he has a full appreciation. >> actually having a good relationship with other world leaders. what's so bad with that? and that's what donald trump has said. let's start with a blank slate. there's so much excitement to cover the trump administration.
5:01 am
and we're trying to walk through what are the options? what are the possibilities of increasing the accessibility. >> anyone who has been in that small little space, knows it's a small, confined little hole and it should be a bigger place. >> the most field goals in post season game in nfl history, and he is able to bang it through. the pittsburgh steelers. will play for a ninth super bowl trip next sunday. that is unbelievable. it is good. the packers are moving on. brian: i tell you what. fox had to be happy. that was the best game so far. parkers cowboys. steve: how about the fact the
5:02 am
kicker, he kicked the ball even it was after the whistle, and he made it the first time. and it got ever so close, and sure enough it was in. ainsley: so this coming sunday will be super bowl. many of you are out of school today to remember our country's hero martin luther king. we have the inauguration this week, and then we find out who's going to the super bowl on sunday. and the super bowl is what? a week later after that. brian: yeah, and we'll be bringing you all the action. meanwhile part of the action on sunday was fox brennan chose to go on with chris wallis as cia director at which time you knew he was going to be bringing up donald trump and some of his concerns. listen. >> you think that mr. trump understands the threat from russia? >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian capabilities, russia's intentions, and actions that they are undertaking in many parts of the world. and that's the obligation, responsibility intelligence community is.
5:03 am
what i think that mr. trump has to understand is that this is more than about being about him. and it's about the united states and the national security. and he has to make sure that now he's going to have the opportunity to do something for national security, as opposed to talking and tweeting. he is going to have tremendous responsibility to make sure that u.s. national security interests are protected and are advanced. steve: okay. so that did prompt a donald trump tweet, essentially where he says, you know, could that, john brennan possibly be if we go to the second page of it, there you see outgoing cia chief. the last line. was this the leaker of fake news? keep in mind the fake news is that dirty dossier, the 35 pages of stuff that was completely unverified. buzzfeed ran it. cnn talked about it. sean spicer is on with us, the official press secretary coming up this friday. what does he make of it between brennan and the incoming president?
5:04 am
here's sean. >> well, this is an individual that's supposed to be the president and the president-elect should trust out there making comments. frankly doesn't understand russia. to make a comment like that are frankly the entire geopolitical landscape. so i think when you see someone that's supposed to be a trusted confidential adviser go out and make silly comments like this, it really makes you question what else that they've said or done. and i think that's where the president-elect is coming from on this. brian: he's saying, yeah, he might not understand the threat of russia. but how does it help you? you messed the crimea, you missed the cutting up of ukraine, you missed the rise of isis. maybe you shouldn't be lecturing me, john brennan, because most of it happening on your watch. ainsley: look at your own record. not so good. steve: hold on a second. he runs the cia.
5:05 am
they spy on people and then are supposed to keep secrets; right? so what's he doing on a sunday show? i mean, really. and trump has a good point. is he the leaker of fake news? we don't know where it came from, but it does look like as if it came from the intel community. and of course he does head up the cia. ainsley: funny you should mention fake news. this is the front cover of the new york post this morning. woodward versus bernstein. these are the prize winning watergate reporters. they were on the same team then. now they disagree. this is bob on sunday talking about that fake news. steve: the dirty dossier. ainsley: the dirty dossier. shouldn't even been talked about. listen. >> i've lived in this world for 45 years where you get things and people make allegation. that is a garbage document. it never should have been presented as part of an intelligence briefing, as you suggested other channels have
5:06 am
the white house council give it to trump's incoming white house council. so trump's right to be upset about that. and i think if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we've had, who were terrific, and have done great work made a mistake here. and when people make mistakes, they should apologize. brian: wow and meanwhile the whole thing with carl bernstein, better than steal is one of the reporters of cnn who came up and exposed they believe the fact that there was an addendum to the briefing of vice president biden and president-elect trump about these innuendo report of russia that would compromise donald trump. so they said they had it and said should report it. bob said are you kidding me? you're talking about gossip.
5:07 am
it's unsubstantiated. you have to make a choice. woodward or bernstein. you have to make a choice. steve: would go with wood word at this point. ainsley: what was said inside the dirty dossier. donald trump tweeted yesterday. nbc is just so sick of the news. he said the worst show on television. brian: remember when donald trump came to my cause because he thought i was being misbetrayed on snl. ainsley: i didn't know that. he tweeted about it? >> no. he came on the show and -- steve: bobby. the guy who played you? brian: right. yes. but he came and backed me. but now he's being maligned. steve: so you have this whole russia thing. the dirty dossier. and then you've got -- well, that particular information and russia in general. keep in mind the democrats have been pushing. first they did the recount and the machines are hacked. not true. and then there's a whole narrative that this president-elect is not a
5:08 am
legitimate president. and that's essentially what congressman john lewis of the great state of georgia said on a tape with meet the press' chuck todd that ran extensively over the weekend. well, after that, then donald trump went on twitter and said, you know, congressman lewis should really be paying attention to his district and not these untrue rumors from this dirty dossier and other stuff. cory lewandowski, donald trump's first campaign manager when he was set to become the president of the united states. what does he make between the dispute? here's the story. >> if you're one of the 63 million people who voted for donald trump or you weren't. the bottom line is the country is stronger. he wants to work with the republicans and democrats. particularly those democrats in the state he won and georgia happens to be one of those states. so why don't we bring everybody together for a change and do what's best for
5:09 am
the american people? steve: got a good point. georgia was the only state that was actually hacked during the election and the alleged hack was from the u.s. department of homeland security, which is interesting enough. so you would hope that lewis would also be concerned about that. i know jason of oversight sent a letter to the department of homeland security and said why exactly was the federal government trying to hack into georgia on election? hello. brian: i want to bring up something else. if you attack donald trump, i don't remember him ever backing away. do you? steve: he's a counterpuncher. brian: so if you are somebody who wants to damage his legitimacy, you could easily get donald trump's attention by going after him. and if you go after -- steve: in an unfairway. brian: yeah, in an unfairway. ainsley: he knew he was going to get backlash. brian: and if you're a democrat, and you want to get attack, you say you're illegitimate and donald trump will not discriminate.
5:10 am
he says how dare you call me illegitimate. look at atlanta. and now there's backlash. maybe donald trump did exactly -- ainsley: we asked dr. king who is a niece of martin luther king. and she does live in atlanta. she lives in his district actually. listen. >> well, i actually admire congressman lewis' legendary legacy of civil rights and working with my uncle ml in the rights movement in the 20th century. so i believe he should stay on that track, nonviolent resolution. i believe congressman lewis can actually help america by working with the president. ainsley: i wish congressman lewis would sit down with donald trump and work this out. because so many people have said there are bigger issues. we need to focus on russia. we need to focus on unity. brian: there's no worse day
5:11 am
for democrats than criticizing donald trump. steve: everyone has always shown up at the inauguration and then -- ainsley: if you want change, then work together, you know? you might not like him. you might not have voted for him but work together. have a meeting. brian: don't yell at them. ainsley: have a meeting. brian: okay. steve: i have some news. we've got plenty of it. heather has headline duties today. >> we have some breaking news that we have been following for you throughout the day. at least four people are dead after a gunman opens fire inside a packed mexico nightclub. popular with american tourists. police say that nine others are hurt. this video showing pure chaos. look at that. all of this unfolding during an electron news festival. it's unknown if any americans were actually among the victims. and a plane crashes destroying
5:12 am
an entire neighborhood. but can you tell what this is? dramatic images showing plane parts piercing through homes west of china. at least 37 people are dead. only five of those victims were onboard that plane. the american-made turkish airlines boeing jet was flying from hong kong to turkey when it crashed trying to land in dense fog. and president-elect trump taking a shot across the pond in his first uk interview since winning the election. mr. trump slams german chancellor angela merkel over her plan to accept over a million refugees. >> i think she made one very catastrophic mistake, and that was taking all of these illegals -- taking all of the people from wherever they come from. and nobody really knows where they come from. you'll find out. >> well, the president-elect also says that he has great respect for merkel, claiming that she is quote by far europe's most important leader.
5:13 am
and those are a look at your headlines so far tonight. steve: so far. you're right. it's early. thank you, heather. ainsley: thanks, heather. steve: coming up on this monday, democrats taking their opposition to president-elect trump to a whole new level. >> i don't see president-elect as a legitimate president. steve: that's harsh. what does juan williams think? he's going to join us live. hey, juan. ainsley: plus look who else is here. vice president elect mike pence and ed henry. all of them are live straight ahead.
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5:16 am
5:17 am
. >> i don't see president-elect as a legitimate president. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. steve: wow. president-elect trump's inauguration is just four days away. and a number of democrats are taking their opposition to a whole new level.
5:18 am
questioning the legitimacy of donald trump's victory where he got over 300 electoral votes. so how will this set the stage for the next four years? joining me now is the cohost juan williams. juan, did congressman lewis went over the line? >> i think he went over the line to this extent. i don't care how you voted, i did not vote for donald trump. but i know this, ryan. on friday, donald trump will become the chief executive of the federal government, and he'll become the commander-in-chief of the military. he will be my president. he will be our president, and i just think undermining the president is, you know, it's counterproductive for anybody at this point. you want to have the usa and our priorities as a nation put forward. and before the inauguration, it seems to me. i didn't like it when republicans undermind obama talking about, oh, my gosh, i hope he fails or he's a socialist. i think you've got to get behind the country. that's what inauguration day
5:19 am
is about. us coming together as american people to see the transfer of power take place seamlessly. brian: juan, because you're an american through and through and party politics is second to the country. do you feel as though when you look at the fact the lectors were being pushed to flip? when jill stein pushed in four separate states to have a recount? and james comey on the russian hacks. do you understand why donald trump can be a little offensive at this point about his win? >> oh, yeah, and i think he is defensive. i think we see that in the tweets. which, again, i don't understand why he bothers at some point. but to understand i think his thinking, he wants to argue that there is no question about the legitimacy of his win. but of course we know that the russians did interfere. we know that. we know about the questions about the fbi's director. we know about the popular vote. but brian has his issue of trying to say i'm legitimate. you know what i would say, mr. trump?
5:20 am
you are legitimate. you won the electoral college vote. you will be nothing rated. i wish in some ways getting back to our earlier point that the and not accepting the results of the election would halt for just a moment and people say, hey, wait a second. we're in this together. we've got to figure out how america moves forward with donald trump as our president. brian: right, and i also think on some level if he makes inroads in the african-american community, that -- and that puts that in play for future elections, the democrats will be extremely nervous, and i think he's on intent on doing that, and i think that will benefit the country. >> wow. that would be news. brian: i'm going to watch him at 5:00 tonight if that's okay. >> please do, brian. sharon: and roll a clip. that would be nice.
5:21 am
and coming up straight ahead. why the nightmare won't end. and fox's brand-new prime time show. the first of the day starts at 7:00 today. but her day starts with us right now
5:22 am
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the highly advanced audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. ♪
5:24 am
. steve: well, it's going to be a busy 100 days for donald trump. he's going to be down there on the west face of the capitol on friday taking the oath of office. and today starts brand-new program right here on fox news channel. it's the first 100 days with martha mcallen. >> congratulations. brian: 7:00 tonight; right? >> yeah. 7:00 tonight to kick
5:25 am
off the brand-new show. brian: you're going to be live. >> i'm going to be live at 7:00 tonight. brian: my concern is that going to be enough news for the first 100 days? donald trump doesn't bring enough news to the table. >> i know we just think gee how are we going to fill an entire news? and we always talk about the fact that the biggest bomb is going to be what not to put in the show. ainsley: and you and bret baier are hosting the inauguration this week with fox? >> we are. it's a historic moment. to be witnessing it alongside brett is just really something i'm very excited about. steve: let me ask you this. okay. it's the first 100 days. you've got a job for three months? is that the way it's going to work? >> you like that? steve: i do like that. >> you know, there's 1,460 days, an of the presidency, and i plan to cover them one way or another.
5:26 am
steve: you've covered a number of presidencies, this time many members of the media. >> you mean like bruce spring sting. steve: have said that donald trump can't get any a listers because the ones who would like to do it, you do that, you will never work in hollywood again. you do have toby keith that will be there. but isn't the real show donald trump? is that the one people always want to see? >> always. he's always the one people talk about. and i'm looking at the list, i didn't know who they are. i had had to google some of them. but they got more publicity if they hadn't shown up rather than if they were going to show up and sang. but in some ways, we need a little less celebrity in the country. the outside opinion of some of these people have of themselves is ridiculo i think we -- thomas jefferson walked across the street from an inn and got sworn in. there was not even singing,
5:27 am
and he managed to become president. ainsley: you bring up a good point. he's the celebrity. they're there to see donald trump. not a particular singer. >> and they're there to move the american process forward. i was listening to juan. let's all just check your egos at the door and focus on the business at the country. it's about the presidency more than about the person. brian: i will say when you said check your egos at the door, i felt you were looking through me. >> i was looking at you. brian: the rockettes be some will be weeping while they're kicking. but in the big picture, if donald trump got celebrity, it will be the antithesis of how he got elected. even though he's famous by the blue-collar billionaire. and i think he can make the most of it. at some point do you think he's going to reverse it and say i don't want any big names there? >> he may. that seems to be what's happening anyway.
5:28 am
and i would argue who remembers who played at an inaugural. i looked up at who played at obama's and, yeah, they had huge names there. and perhaps some of the poets, singing at jfk's inaugural. those are significant moments. is anybody really going to remember who played at some of these events? i doubt it. ainsley: martha, what about your new schedule? because you're used to hosting your show at 9:00 in the morning, now 7:00 at night. how is this going to affect your family what& what does your husband say about it? >> i have two college girls at home, and i love being in their face and bugging them about their applications. so they were good with me not being around at dinnertime, which i'm scratching my head about. but i think it's going to be great. they've watched me grow up in this business, and they've grown up in this business watching steve and brian and ainsley. brian: are you going to have promos like tucker talking
5:29 am
about what the show be means to you. >> yeah, i speak my mind. i say what's on my mind. all those things. ainsley: i think we have one. brian: i like this. steve: very nice. first 100 days. you will also be covering the second 100 days, the third. >> all 1400. ainsley: you can be a night owl. >> stay up late. go partying sometimes. steve: you're in jersey. come on over. we're up all night. brian: how great is it going to be to get away? >> he asked for a 100-day separation from me, and i'm going to take it. but that's the true story of what's happening here. so i hope we don't -- hopefully we can work things out. steve: you're going to be great. and we're going to be watching tonight. >> thanks, guys. thanks for having me this morning. brian: it was my decision. steve: coming up. mike pence is going to be joining us live, so put down that remote. he will join us straight ahead. ainsley: and still ahead, scandal still haunting the clintons. ed henry is live in washington
5:30 am
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steve: well, he's going to be the vice president of the united states in four days, and this is the first time he's hearing this. joining us now is vice president elect mike pence. are you ready for this job? >> well, i hope so, and i pray so, brian. good morning to you all. brian: good morning to you. it's clearly going to be the biggest challenge that you've ever had. looking right now at the other challenge that happened, are you shocked that congressman lewis has gone to the point where he's called you, and i guess the president of the united states -- the future president of the united states illegitimate?
5:34 am
>> well, as i said over the weekend, i serve with john lewis, i disagreed with him on many issues, but i respect the role that he has played in the civil rights movement and the voting rights movement, and that's why i was just so disappointed that he would make the statement that he made, suggesting that president-elect trump is not a legitimate president. and i urge him to reconsider that statement. and this is a week where we ought to be coming together. we ought to be standing together this coming friday celebrating the peaceful transfer of power in this country. you'll see president-elect trump take the oath of office, speak to the nation in his inaugural address surrounded by four of the five living presidents. it is -- it is a testament to the world, the vibrancy of the democracy. and for someone of john lewis' stature to lend credibility to the base assertions of those who question the legitimacy of
5:35 am
this election is deeply disappointing. i hope he reconsiders it. steve: well, mr. pence, you know, hillary's team has been pushing this narrative because they lost. i mean, you guys won fair and square and yet they're trying to say look. the reason they won -- we were going to win until russia got involved. you won fairly and squarely. >> well, that's exactly right. and it was a landslide. 30 out of 50 states donald trump won, including georgia, by the way. and donald trump won more counties than any republican candidate sense ronald reagan. the american people have spoken. and this really is a time for us to set aside this narrative that is being pushed by many. this baseless narrative of illegitimacy. and see it for what it is. it's just -- it is a distraction, it is just politics as usual, and the american people are tired of it. i think this week is going to end up going to be a wonderful reminder to people all across
5:36 am
this country, all across the political spectrum of what a magnificent democracy that we have. and, for me, and for my little family, we couldn't be more had you heard to be part of it. ainsley: the outgoing cia director, brennan, he was on fox news chris wallis over the weekend and basically criticized donald trump and said he was naïve when it comes to russia. so donald trump goes to twitter and tweets, oh, really? you think i'm -- you have a problem with me? well, how about your record with crimea, syria, and ukraine. and then he says is this guy the leaker of fake news? what was your response to that? >> well, i tell you, ainsley, that the president-elect has a firm grasp of the reality that we face in the world. and he and i are both convinced that the failure of american foreign policy, the failure for america to stand strong on the world stage and be taken seriously has -- is
5:37 am
literally created a vacuum in which russia and other countries have been able to overrun america's interest time after time. and i can assure all of your viewers that to be around our president-elect and to be around somebody who sees a world for what it is. but he's also prepared to reengage the world. since election day, he has talked to dozens of world leaders in an effort to reassert america's interest around the world. now, we're always going to put america first. put the interest of america first. but as president of the united states, i can assure you that surrounding himself with this great team that america saw in those confirmation hearings in part last week that donald trump is going to square his shoulders, he's going to engage the world, and we're going to look for opportunities to make progress for peace and security. steve: well, mr. pence, for donald trump to suggest that
5:38 am
he could be the leaker in chief, i don't know how it operates. but to leak these kinds of details, it's a crime. mr. pence. >> yeah, what i would suggest to you is that all of us that participate in classified briefings understand that, you know, we are never to discuss the information that's presented in those briefings. and i -- look, i think that particularly the baseless opposition and research that a handful of media organizations carried last week for a time is evidence of just what, you know, how wrong things can be when this happens. we just need to get back, reject the fake news of last week and the fake news that's emerged so much in the public debate, and get back to the facts. and. steve: right? >> and bring this in a -- you
5:39 am
know, bring all of the acrimony that's being demonstrated by some toward the incoming administration. i have to tell you. i woke up this morning, and i think of this week, i i think of my immigrant grandfather, i think of the privileges my family's been given, and it's hard really to describe how humbling it is for me and my family to imagine just a few short days, we'll stand on that inaugural platform, raise our right hand, and take the oath of office to serve with the 45th president of the united states. steve: on ronald reagan's bible. >> that's it. you know,ed i the privilege of choosing the person who would swear me in and also choosing the bible that i would do it on, and i have such enormous respect for president reagan. i actually had the chance to meet him many years ago when he was still in the white house. i actually became a republican because of ronald reagan.
5:40 am
i like to tell people until this friday, ronald reagan will be my favorite president. but to be able to put my hand on that bible that he put his hand on as well as the family bible that i open every day is a -- just a very humbling thing. and then just to have clarence thomas administer the oath of office. the man that's in his 25th year of the supreme court, who has built a record of consistent, conservative is great for me, my wife, my daughter-in-law. ainsley: and i understand when you opened the bible, it was a specific passage. second chronical 15. why is that significant to you? >> well, president reagan took the oath of office on that verse. which is in part if the people who call my name will humble
5:41 am
themselves and pray that he will heal the heaven and heal the land. and that, ainsley, is a verse that i often close speeches with on the campaign trail. ainsley: we've heard you do that. >> so that is to learn that president reagan actually to take his oath of office twice with his hand on that verse. and i'll have his bible open to that verse again. and my bible will be open to a verse that i took my oath of office on as governor that simply is a prayer for discerning hearts to distinguish between right and wrong that a young king solomon prayed. brian: on a less deep note. ainsley: a lighter and severity note. brian: lighter note. just real quick on legislation in particular, i know you've been trying to go to the hill and meet with democrats last week, if you don't get 60 votes, you're not going to be able to replace obamacare. what specifically can you tell us democrats need to get onboard? >> well, look, president-elect made it very clear to the leadership in the congress
5:42 am
that he wants to do repeal and replace simultaneously, and we're working earnestly to do that. congress last week in house and senate voted for resolutions to begin the process of repealing obamacar obamacare. brian: on party lines, though. >> that's right. it was. it was budget resolution, those are particularly long party lines, brian. but we believe as we move forward the huge burden that obamacare has placed on individuals and families and businesses, premiums rising more than 100% in some states around the country. relieving that burden but also bringing forward legislation that will allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines, that will allow people again to choose their doctor to keep their insurance. i mean, you heard the aspiration of the president-elect over this weekend. we're going to build a better health care economy built on market principles. but it all begins with -- it all begins with taking the
5:43 am
burden of obamacare. brian: sure. do the democrats see it that way? steve: before we go, we have to ask you about a report in the washington post. and i don't know why we're leaving the big story for the end. thursday night you were in chevy chase, maryland, you were at a safe way store, you ran in, you bought two half gallon tubs of turkey ice cream. we don't know what flavor it was. can you spill the beans right now? >> i think it was fudge swirl. i'm not really sure. i ended up tweeting after somebody reported it online. i can confirm when mrs. pence tells me to stop and pick up ice cream, i stop and pick up ice cream. brian: good man. breaking news. donald trump wants you to stop exciting, if you can. steve: mike pence, you've got
5:44 am
a historic week for you and your family. ainsley: thank you so much. we'll see you down there. >> great to see you. ainsley: you're always welcome. fudge swirl. my dad's favorite. steve: love that. ainsley: i love it too. next up. scandal still haunting the clintons. steve: really? ainsley: will their political nightmare ever end? my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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ainsley: it's the end of a controversial era. the clinton global initiative is closing its doors for good. steve: this comes after hillary clinton's crushing loss in the presidential election. of course in november. brian: yeah, but are they actually closing the doors or just laying off 22 people? ed henry's in washington. hi, ed will go to has been good to see you. it's not the overall clinton foundation, as you notice. it's the clinton global initiative that appears to be shutting down with this filing that suggests they're laying off these 22 people with the goal of discontinuing the situation all together. why is that significant? cgi, clinton global initiative was a key part of the clinton foundation. that was the event they would have every year in september
5:48 am
in new york city right around the un general assembly meetings. bring in world leaders, showcase the clinton's clout all around the world. and why would they do that? well, that's where all the foreign money was coming in. and remember, the clinton campaign kept telling us, no, this is not about buying access. this is not about trying to buy access to a potential president. they just want to be part of these important programs that are fighting aids around the world and all the like. so now that hillary clinton lost, the money is pouring in; right? no just the opposite is happening. the new york observer reports as soon as clinton lost election, many of the criticisms were reaffirmed. foreign governments started pulling out. was predicated on donor access to the clintons rather than its work in november. the australia government confirmed it has not renewed any of its partnerships with the scandal-plagued clinton foundation, effectively ending
5:49 am
ten years of taxpayer worth more than $88 million. the clintons had all those problems with taxes. they had all those mistakes. had to refile years and years of the tax returns. what year are they planning? what date? april 15th. steve: of course. ed, thank you very much for the news from the clinton global initiative. brian: 11 minutes until the top of the hour. fair warning of all protesters planning to disrupt president trump's inauguration. you'll have to respond to these trump-supporting bikers. the man behind the movement joins us when his engine revs up. ainsley: but first, let's check in with bill to see what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> five days away america enters a new ar era. relationship with london. packed lineup with all of this today. and we hope you'll come along with what will be a fascinating ride. things are going to change in
5:50 am
america and in major parts of the world. as well as our schedule starting today. we'll see you in 11 minutes top of the hour for america's new show. ted? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant...
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steve: well, the inaugural stage is set for president-elect donald trump's inauguration this friday. but many protesters, thousands of them apparently putting their plans in place for big disruptions. ainsley: but one motorcycle group has vowed to protect attendantees by riding down to washington to support the president-elect. brian: and joining us right now is the founder of the group chris cox. chris, why do you think we need -- americans need a wall of bikers to protect the inauguration? >> well, first let me explain to your bikers. to me, the definition of a
5:54 am
biker is a patriot who is a motorcycle enthusiast. bikers are citizen crusaders from across the country. they're from all walks of life. and hollywoodians believe that they're renegade outlaws, and that's just not the case. in which case many bikers reach the top they're field. for example, chief, donald trump's enthusiast. franklin graham, himself is a biker. he takes a trip from north carolina to alaska every year. so this demographic is blue-collar as well as white-collar. brian: sure. >> so to answer your question, our narrative has changed. when we were in cleveland, we certainly were there to stand tow to tow against those that would cause chaos and mayhem and to stand with law enforcement. but times have changed and people have learned a lot since all of these disruptions
5:55 am
in arizona and chicago. so we're anticipating a peaceful transfer of action -- of power here. and so we don't have any reason to believe that we're going to have any problems. a lot of times the media polarizes things that are coming up. just like they did in cleveland. so in the event that we are needed, yes, we are going to be there. but we would like to talk about the people who have come together collectively to support donald trump and just come to washington d.c. to celebrate this event. steve: chris, pardon the interruption. there are something like 1,000 bussers of protesters being bussed down to washington right now as we speak through the next five days. if something happens, what is your group prepared to do? >> well, that remains to be seen. first and foremost, we're going to give law enforcement every opportunity to do their job. we're going to leave it to guys a little smarter than us when it comes to security. in the event that we have guys coming up and assaulting us and -- what people don't understand is a lot of these
5:56 am
anarchists that are coming to town, they don't like us any more than they like the democrats. any more than they like these women that are going to be marching and protesting. they don't like any one of us. we may find ourselves fortifying an area where some of these women who are protesting donald trump. we have to keep an eye on all citizens, and we would like to think donald trump keeps an eye on everybody. ainsley: thank you so much for coming on our show, chris. >> thank you, everybody. steve: we have a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts who love the show. ainsley: patriots. i like that. more fox and friends just moments away. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms.
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5:59 am
>> donald trump tweeted this three minutes ago. >> celebrate martin luther king day and all of the many wonderful things he stood for. honor him for being the great man that he was. that's beautiful. >> we'll talk about it on the
6:00 am
radio beginning 9:00 to noon on our affiliates. senator james lankford of oklahoma will be one of our guests. >> we'll do the after the show show in two seconds. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. what a week this will be, a new war of words between president-elect donald trump. he demanded on apology saying he might be the one who leaked the dossier that trump called fake news. i'm joined by shannon bream today starting her three months here. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. donald trump firing back after brennan offered a word of warning accusing mr. trump ever lacking a full understanding


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