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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 16, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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that's beautiful. >> we'll talk about it on the radio beginning 9:00 to noon on our affiliates. senator james lankford of oklahoma will be one of our guests. >> we'll do the after the show show in two seconds. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. what a week this will be, a new war of words between president-elect donald trump. he demanded on apology saying he might be the one who leaked the dossier that trump called fake news. i'm joined by shannon bream today starting her three months here. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. donald trump firing back after brennan offered a word of warning accusing mr. trump ever lacking a full understanding of
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the threat that russia poses. here he is. >> what i think mr. trump has to understand, this is more than being about him. it is about the united states and the national security. and he has to make sure that now thathe is going to have the opportunity to do something for national security as opposed to talking and tweeting, he will be tremendous responsibility to make sure u.s. security interests are protected and advanced. >> bill: now trump is making more news. peter doocy begins our coverage by trump tower this morning. >> he said he is lumping putin in with german chancellor merkel saying he will start out his first term at the end of this week trusting both of them, putin and merkel but not sure how long it will last. he said he is willing to drop sanctions the u.s. placed on
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russia after they annexed crimea if moscow is willing to sign on to a nuclear reduction arms deal. not just getting ready to be blindly nice to world leaders. he still thinks putin's intervention in syria has been terrible and he thinks merkel has been too nice to refugees. >> i think she made one very catastrophic mistake, taking all these illegals -- taking all of the people from wherever they come from. nobody really knows where they come from. you will find out. >> the president-elect threatening the german luxury carmaker bmw as they plan to build the three series sedan in mexico for sale in mexico. if they sell those cars in the u.s. they'll face the big 35% border tax that was also used as leverage to convince ford not to build a factory down south of the border just a few weeks ago. >> bill: what is he saying about the suggestions about the
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unverified reports, the documents that were less than flattering, peter? >> he is suggesting it could have been one of the nation's top spy chiefs, c.i.a. director john brennan who leaked it out. mr. trump was watching fox news last night. he quoted from a lower third banner that said outgoing c.i.a. chief brennan blasts trump. couldn't do much worse. look at syria, crimea, build-up of russian nukes. is that the leaker of fake news? mr. trump also spent part of his weekend on saturday and sunday on social media blasting the democrats and "saturday night live". >> bill: a lot to cover. peter, thank you so much on fifth avenue. >> shannon: reporters who cover the white house may have to pack their bags for a short
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move. team trump considering moving the briefing room out of the west wing and into the old executive office building next door. that has the washington mede why up in arms but incoming white house chief of staff says it is getting blown way out of proportion. >> 49 people fit in that press room. the one thing we discussed was whether or not we want to move the initial press conferences in the eob, which is the white house. no one is moving out of the white house. it is the white house, where you can fit four times the amount of people in the press conference allowing more press, more coverage from all over the country. to have those press conferences. that's what we're talking about. some of this i think is getting way out of whack. >> shannon: live at the white house, kristyn, how is the white house press corp responding to the news, not news, whatever it may be. >> the white house correspondents association is preparing for a fight. they see this as not only a
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potential assault on tradition but as a systematic effort to undermine their ability to cover the incoming administration. the president released a statement saying access in the west wing to senior administration officials including the press secretary is critical to transparency and a journalists' ability to do their job. the trump team argues it's about expanding accessibility to allow more journalists into the daily briefings. >> we're trying to look at ways to increase accessibility because there is such a huge and demand excitement to cover the trump administration. we're looking at the options. logistical hurdles and trying to walk through what are the options. >> no decisions have been made yet but will happen soon. typically the first briefing takes place the first workday after inauguration day and that's one week from today. shannon. >> shannon: what about the
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white house press corp area where they actually work? you and i know it's not very glamorous but right by the oval office and people like the idea of access. could the work space be moved? >> not glamorous but location is key, right? spicer says right now they're focused on the briefing and not the work space. but the white house correspondents association is already looking down the road and it is clear they see it as a distinct possibility, quote, white house correspondents association view it as unacceptable if the incoming administration sought to move white house reporters out of the press work space behind the press briefing room. it could be a real battle. in the end the incoming administration holds all the cards. the white house press corp is here because of tradition and not the law. >> shannon: excellent point. thank you. >> bill: analysis by political correspondent byron. we have a lot to get through here. first on the lead dossier.
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>> that is a garbage document. it never should have been presented as part of an intelligence briefing. trump's right to be upset about that. if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we've had who were terrific and have done great work, made a mistake here and when people make mistakes, they should apologize. >> that was something mr. trump liked. he retweeted, it seems like each side is getting in their final shots in the final days that they have here. everything is going to change at the end of this week. go ahead. >> that's exactly right, a big point. i do think john brennan's appearance on fox news sunday was evidence of the conflict we've been hearing about between the president-elect and
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intelligence community with the outgoing c.i.a. chief lecturing the incoming president about what he needs to learn about the world. it's not a surprise that did not sit well with donald trump and we've had republicans for a long time complaining about poll ittyization of the intelligence community and others, senator charles schumer, the democrat, warned trump don't mess with the c.i.a., they'll get back at you. the good news i think for everybody here is that is about to change. john brennan, the c.i.a. chief we just talked about is leaving. so is james clapper, head of -- director of national intelligence. donald trump has two nominees, mike pompeo for the c.i.a. and dan coates for the intelligence office who are ready to go after senate confirmation. i think it's really possible we'll see changed leadership making a changed relationship between the i.c. and president. >> bill: a couple interviews
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over the weekend. donald trump did a phone interview with the post and the times of london. in the times of london piece he talked about the relationship to the united kingdom, which appears to be the first meeting that he will have with the british prime minister. he said this about russia. he said let's see if we can strike a few good deals with russia. there should be less nuclear weapons and they have to be reduced significantly. part of it. there are sanctions and russia is suffering lots. there are lots of things that people can profit from, end quote. it seems the deal making is already starting. the negotiating. is that how you see it today, byron? >> it does. it has alarmed a lot of people who don't want to see u.s. sanctions and broader sanctions on russia lessened in any way. but you know the point of sanctions is to change the behavior of the country that's being -- that has sanctions imposed on it. what trump has said in this interview and other interviews is that he would keep those
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sanctions in place at the beginning and see if he can get something from russia in return for lessening them. clear implication being if he doesn't get anything the sanctions stay. so i think we'll have to wait and see about that but what trump is basically saying is that he is going to review these sanctions and see what possible concessions russia might make in exchange for lessening. >> bill: here we go. fascinating stuff. thank you, byron. nice to have you with us on a monday. talking about getting together in iceland. shades of ronald reagan and sglsh -- >> shannon: if you can leaveiage those ends with syria in mind i understand. >> bill: seems that's the way see thinking. more to come certainly. >> shannon: we can see. president-elect trump saying he has a plan to replace obamacare and people will be, quote,
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beautifully covered. >> you'll be very proud of what we put forth having to do with healthcare. obamacare is a complete and total disaster. you realize what has happened. it's imploding as we sit. >> shannon: what exactly does he have in mind? >> bill: also story from the weekend, the president-elect firing back after a congressman calls his election illegitimate. john lewis says he won't attend friday's inauguration and at least 19 other democrats say they will follow his lead. so what about that? >> shannon: president george w. bush entered office with many questioning the legitimacy of his administration. we'll talk to a man who was right there with him, karl rove. >> i have great respect for john lewis and his contributions to the civil rights movement. i was deeply disappointed to see him -- someone of his stature question the legitimacy of donald trump's election as president. @oyu0x?hy@x@8p
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>> shannon: overseas this morning. a turkish cargo plan crashes in kyrgyzstan. it took off from hong kong and went near the main airport where it was headed in kyrgyzstan. the four-person crew was killed and at least 33 people on the ground. more than one dozen homes reportedly destroyed. the search for victims continues at this hour. the cause of the crash is not
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yet known. >> bill: donald trump now vowing a replacement plan for obamacare would include healthcare coverage for all. it's not going to be their plan. it will be another plan. they will be beautifully covered. i want to be able to take care of people, end quote. what does that all that mean? martha blackburn. member of the trump transition team back home in tennessee. thank you for coming back here. what does that mean? >> it means he wants to open up access to affordable healthcare across state line purchase of health insurance, my legislation. association health plans, health savings accounts and let's let the states take the lead in delivering medicaid services for the constituents and the citizens in their states. >> bill: okay. again, insurance for everybody is what he is quoted as saying. i don't want single payer.
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he is also quoted as saying. do they stand together or are those two different ideas? >> no, i think what you have is two different ideas, bill. because insurance for everybody does not mean that you have to have single payer or government control. we've tried that. we know it doesn't work. let's go back to the patient-centered private sector model and let's look at how we get the costs down. when you look at medicaid delivery, let's look at health savings accounts and give individuals that ownership and allow them to take the responsibility for their healthcare and there is a way to do this. you know, i think one other thing we have to look at in this entire discussion is making certain that we make our providers whole, our doctors and our hospitals. because one of the problems with some of the medicaid programs and some of these obamacare exchanges is they
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don't pay the doctors enough to deliver the service. so that's another component that needs to be on the table and needs to be corrected. >> bill: chuck schumer is saying you can forget about democratic support if you don't do the following. cover as many people as were covered under the affordable care act, bring the healthcare costs down so long as it doesn't move the healthcare system backward. that was his quotes. i would take from that that the battle lines are now being drawn, are they? >> yeah, you know, petty childish nature of senator schumer's remarks are disappointing and don't do a service to his office. let's dissect the obamacare numbers. 20 million people, you have 12 million of those in the expanded medicaid. so set that number aside. go in and look at the 8 to 9 million in the obamacare exchanges only 2 million of
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those buy that product without a subsidy. that leaves you the balance buying the product only with a subsidy. you have a product too expensive to afford and too expensive to use. so that is why there has to be other options. private sector centered, patient-centered and let's open up the healthcare marketplace so you and your family can buy whatever you want that fits you want from whomever you want from wherever in the country. >> bill: and talking about putting pressure on pharmaceutical businesses. i think the way the question was phrased about some of the biggest mistakes in the past eight years. this is one he pointed to. >> if you know you have a controversial program and you are setting up a big complicated website, website better work on the first day or first week or first month.
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the fact that it didn't obviously lost a little momentum. that was clearly a management failure. >> bill: will your website work on day one? >> the private sector will make certain that their websites are working, i have no doubt. more important than that, i think you are going to have individuals in your community that you can go walk in their office and say i need to buy a health insurance plan. tell me what you are offering. and that's going to be the difference. people can get on the web, they can search for what they want, they can drive down the street, they can find somebody. it will fit their needs. and the more people that are insured, the better. pre-existing conditions, working with high-risk pools. there are ways to do this so that more people are in the process and you don't have the problem of people with insurance plans too expensive to use and then they aren't paying the balance of, you
6:21 am
know, their bill. they only pay the hospital or the doctor only gets what the insurance company pays and not the co-pay. >> bill: my sense is we'll talk about this again. >> i think we probably will. >> bill: the big challenge lies ahead. thank you for your time today. >> we're up to it. >> bill: thank you for your time. >> shannon: a gun rampage at a popular beach resort south of the border. details how a jam-packed dance party turned into a nightmare. >> bill: also you think donald trump is involved in the minor details of the you better believe he is. how involved? we have details we're learning next. >> we'll have a very elegant day, the 20th is going to be something that will be very, very special. ♪ ♪
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>> it comes together just for that moment to allow that peaceful transition of power, but it is quite an ordeal. like putting on the olympics in 60 days. >> donald trump is a pretty good producer. how micromanaging has he been about this. >> he makes me crazy. i had blond hair and blue eyes. he wants to know how many people are coming. what's the play list. >> are you being serious? >> could you manage the free world and leave me alone. >> bill: talking about his planning for the inauguration
6:26 am
and how no detail is too small for mr. trump. officials working non-stop. hundreds of thousands expected from all over the country. check this out. the official inauguration photo of the 45th president. screen left. ahead blond hair and blue eyes before i started. that's a good line. you came up from d.c. yesterday. how does it look as they get ready in our nation's capitol? >> they've been working for months. when they built the stages and the actual swearing in ceremony why are they starting early? they'll finish in the nick of time. with all the detail, micromanaging i would be a terrible president. i would hate to plan the event. tell me where to be. >> we'll be in washington on thursday and be there friday for the big day and coverage on saturday, too. there will be a lot of news rolling our way for that three-day period. >> shannon: we got it. >> bill: be with us starting thursday morning in d.c. >> shannon: meanwhile growing
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number of democratic lawmakers unlike us aren't going to the inauguration and the biggest contingent of no shows the delegation from california. >> at least 12 california house democrats, 20% of the delegation say they won't attend the inauguration. another five are undecided. some aren't attending because their constituents voted for hillary clinton. others because they're offended by donald trump or his cabinet choices. one said she wasn't in the mood to celebrate. ted lou said he would rather watch on television and another one would be attending a march against trump. 30 congressmen nationwide not attending. others undecided. juan vargas said he would be a hypocrite and why pretend to have respect for him. bass, a former assembly speaker asked her constituents what she should do.
6:28 am
>> i know what my heart tells me and i know what my head tells me but i want to know what you tell me. what do you think? should i participate in the inauguration? what should i do on that day? >> so far almost every elected leader of california from the governor on down have already pulled out their brass knuckles to say they're more interested in protecting california's progressive agenda on things like immigration and climate change than reaching across the aisle. there is plenty at stake if california continues to poke the bear. one-third of the state budget comes from the federal government. a lot is discretionary. governor brown wants another $3 billion for his bullet train. instead the state has hired the ex attorney general eric holder to hammer and harass the trump administration in court and the incoming attorney general will oppose immigration enforcement. eight years ago the entire delegation attended the
6:29 am
inauguration of president obama. >> shannon: an interesting friday, william. thank you. >> bill: congressman john lewis rejecting the presidency of donald trump before it even begins. incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus saying the congressman is out of line. >> i get you want to go back and forth on tweets. the truth is it's irresponsible for john lewis, historic as he is, to have done this. >> bill: is this a principled stand or is it time for america, democrats and republicans, to unite behind the next president? we'll debate that. then there is this. >> the packers into the nfc championship game. it's good. the packers are moving on. >> shannon: probably the best finish to an nfl playoff game you'll need this year.
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>> shannon: memorial for dr. martin luther king as the nation honors and remembers his giant contributions to this country. new reaction pouring into a rift between president donald trump and civil rights icon georgia congressman john lewis. the bitter back and fort began with mr. lewis dismissing trump's presidency from day one. listen. >> do you plan on trying to forge a relationship with donald trump? >> no, i believe in forgiveness, i believe in trying to work with people, it will be hard, it will be very difficult. i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> shannon: trump firing back on twitter with this. congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and
6:34 am
helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime infested rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results, sad. marian marsh is a senior advisor to john kerry and kristyn is a republican pollster author of the selfie vote and a columnist. welcome to you both. i want to play sound we got this weekend from the vice president-elect talking about how he has great respect for congressman lewis but he is disappointed as well. here is what he had to say. >> there is no question about the legitimacy of this election and for john lewis to make those statements is deeply disappointing. but this is also -- it's disappointing, too, because i believe this is a time when the american people should be celebrating the peaceful transition of power. >> shannon: a lot of people think it has gotten ugly but it started with the comments from
6:35 am
the congressman. >> it's ironic that donald trump is getting the same treatment now that he gave barack obama when he led the birther movement against him for the better part of eight years and he doesn't like it. the difference, though, here there was no evidence that barack obama wasn't an american citizen and there is ample evidence that russia tried to help donald trump from the intelligence agencies and have been investigating donald trump and his advisors for over the year now. donald trump put it -- obama put his birth certificate out and trump never released his taxes. if he did that he might be able to put it to rest unless we found out he had businesses in russia that would explain much of his behavior regarding russia and you the nighted states where he always takes his side. >> shannon: when you talk about russia influence you aren't talking about hacking into voting machines. if anything they talk about putting emails out that people
6:36 am
have not disputed are falsified or doctored in any way. it was communication that may have been unflattering to certain people but not phony. kristyn, when congressman lewis says the presidency is not legitimate what are we to do with that? >> disappointing is the right word. after george w. bush was elected president he was called illegitimate as a president. this is now the third president in a row that faces allegation. unfounded and unfair. i thought it was wrong to do that for barack obama and george w. bush and i think it's wrong to do it now. when the people have spoken and elected a leader they deserve the right to become the president, to put their agenda forward. if you oppose the agenda oppose it at every turn and explain your case, make your argument for why you disagree with that person's position but i think it is disappointing to hear people immediately saying i consider this president illegitimate because i don't like the results. even if russia had something to
6:37 am
do with wikileaks releasing these emails which it seems highly likely they did it doesn't make donald trump an illegitimate president. to say you'll sit out the inauguration, if the shoe was on the other foot and republicans were calling hillary clinton saying they wouldn't go to her inauguration, she is not my president people would be furious. they would be going after those republicans and saying how horrible they are. we have to realize it doesn't just work one way and not the other. you have to say we need to give whoever is elected respect regardless of what party they're from. >> shannon: senator mansion. here is his take on this back and forth. >> it was uncalled for. i just wish that rhetoric would tone down. from both back and forth. the bottom line is if we're concerned about the russians and we know the russians want to be involved, putin wants to be involved in altering our process, then he will succeed if he sees the bickering going
6:38 am
back and forth. >> shannon: is a nation divided that much more vulnerable. friday there will be the swearing in. is it time to move forward? >> the biggest division is every day during the campaign and since the election donald trump time and time again has defended vladimir putin, has devended russia, has used their talking points about nato and merkel and everybody else against the united states, the united states intelligence agencies and am an american icon like john lewis who risked his life for voting rights. john lewis fought for voting rights and yet he sees an election where a foreign government, russia, an enemy of ours, worked hard not only to influence our election but to correct you, shannon and shawn spicer earlier today with the intelligence agency said we didn't find any evidence of hacking into the machines so because they chose not to -- hold on. hold on.
6:39 am
let me finish. because they chose not to pursue it. that doesn't mean it is not there. that is the difference. >> shannon: there is no evidence whether or not -- i'm pretty sure you just criticized republicans of doing the same thing, criticizing the legitimacy of obama's presidency with no evidence. no evidence that russia hacked the voting machines but you are treating it as a legitimate claim. because we don't know even though there is no evidence. that grounds on which to say this president is illegitimate. it's a huge double standard. it is wrong no matter what person is in the white house. >> shannon: we're out of time. hacking two different things. great to see you both. we have to leave it there. >> bill: great weekend nfl playoffs. let's start in dallas.
6:40 am
cowboys battling back, down 21-3 against the packers playing at home. all tied 12 seconds left. aaron rodgers hits jar owed cook. unbelieve catch. that sets up a field goal attempt. mason crosby now the 56-yarder just a moment ago. this one was from 51 yards away. that kick, too, is good. packers beat the cowboys. they advance. afc. chiefs hosting pittsburgh. late in the fourth k.c. with a touchdown going for two to tie the game at home. they get it. kansas city is called for holding. they back it up. try again and this time -- incomplete. that would prove to be the difference. steelers hold on and they move on next week. next weekend here it is. nfc championship game packers and falcons at 3:00 eastern
6:41 am
time on fox. afc the patriots host the steelers, winners move to the super bowl in houston, texas, first sunday in february. two months ago we were saying the nfl was dead. >> shannon: back to life last night. >> bill: back to life in a big way. congratulations. great seasons so far for all these great teams. next sunday. >> shannon: gets my blood pumping. president-elect trump will take the oath of office. this will not be the first time a presidency has dealt with that. how do you handle running the country when large numbers of people don't think you deserve to be there? karl rove knows the feeling and joins us next. >> bill: icy roads makes a state trooper have to make a life or death decision right there.
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6:45 am
video of a semi nearly hitting a kansas state trooper head-on. the trucker losing control. the trooper had to make a split second move. steering his patrol car onto the shoulder narrowly avoiding a catastrophe. after that near miss he rushed over to help the truck driver and nobody was hurt. >> bill: we've been talking about some democrats questioning the legitimacy of donald trump's administration. he won't be the first president, however, to take office under a political cloud. 16 years ago the year 2001 governor george w. bush winning the white house weeks after the election recount that lasted 37 days in florida. karl rove lived through every moment of that. former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. good morning to you. you have 20 democrats who won't go to the inauguration. was it that way 16 years ago?
6:46 am
i remember protests but i don't remember lawmakers saying i'm not going to show up. >> i think that might have been because of the reaction of president-elect bush to the democrats reaction itself. on december 18th the leader of the house democrats dick gephart, a good man. he is a patriot. he went on "meet the press" and tim russert asked do you think george w. bush is the legitimacy i elected president of the united states and he refused to answer. the response of president-elect bush and his transition was to ignore it. as a result, it didn't become a feeding frenzy. i'm confident there were a number of democrats who refused to show up at the inaugural in 2001 but it wasn't an issue because bush was busly getting ready to serve and engaged in an outreach to the hill involving democrats and republicans. the first person he called in
6:47 am
the congress after the supreme court decision was ted kennedy. one of the first people to see him in person was the chairman -- was the ranking democrat on the housed indication committee george miller of california. so it quickly got around that bush was calling significant numbers of democrats, cordial conversations, opening a line of communication and so when gephart did what he did the fact that bush didn't respond played the issue down. >> bill: my sense is if you don't remember those moments, this was a story that hung in the balance every hour of every day. >> absolutely. >> bill: it would take a different direction and heads were spinning. even after all that i don't remember the opposition in 2000 the way it is now. so what is the difference then, karl? >> i think one is the growth of social media allows us to -- it allows people to troll people
6:48 am
into social media. some of these democrats have reacted to president-elect trump because they know it gets them attention and prestige. it was interesting this morning congressman lewis's staff said this has all generated 60,000 additional followers on twitter for congressman lewis's account. as if that was an important, dramatic moment worthy of note. the growth of social media and it was a contentious election in a way we haven't seen for decades. we've had 1828, 1896, 1964 in which there was a lot of anger by people particularly on the losing side but this election was close, it is one of five elections in which the winner of the popular vote was the loser in the electoral college and all those things have combined to -- along with the unhealthy involvement of social media make it a more difficult transition.
6:49 am
>> bill: you wonder what a president trump does about this. a piece in the "wall street journal" over the weekend. trump may herald a new political order. the last time this happened was 1932. do you believe a president trump has the ability to transform in the way that it is suggested there? >> well, the one difference is every previous realignment election, the 1932, 1896, 1860 and 1828 elections were all pointed to by john steele gordon as realigning elections. the winner took a majority of the popular vote or in the case of the 1860 election was the plurality winner and essentially the political system was blown apart by the succession of the southern
6:50 am
states. so i'm not certain we see in this election the capacity to realign the country. there is the capacity to make the republicans a more durable competitor in this and to have four years or eight years of republican president that leads to an era of republican dominance. but not in the way that we saw in the great realignments in the past. trump comes into this as the minority winner and with some structural weaknesses in presidential elections. his success and the success of bringing about a new order depend upon the success in the legislative arena in accomplishing the task he set out to do. bringing jobs to america, changing our trade policies. securing our borders. all of those things will be the determinate in whether we have the kind of change that the historian talked about. >> bill: we'll come back to this theme, too. nice to see you, sir, on the monday. see you later in the week. thank you. >> shannon: gunshots ring out
6:51 am
at a popular tourist site. five people are dead when a gunman opened fire at a nightclub. what we're learning. that's live next.
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absolutely scottsdale.
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>> shannon: a deadly rampage an a popular tourist spot. a gunman opened fire at a resort in mexico just south of cancun killing at least five people. jonathan hunt is live with the very latest. what do we know about what actually happened? >> well shannon, the shooting began in the early hours of this morning. the blue parrot nightclub. a very popular nightclub in playa del carmen. popular with american and
6:55 am
european tourists. it caused panic. people running for their lives out of the nightclub and into the streets of playa del carmen. a music festival was happening at the time. it was particularly busy in there. the organizers of that festival put a statement on their facebook page saying it is with great sadness to share that police have confirmed reports of a lone shooter outside the blue parrot nightclub. three members. bpm security team were among those whose lives were lost while trying to protect pate rons inside the venue. the figures as we have them now are that five people were killed in this shooting and at least a dozen wounded, shannon. >> shannon: any word on motive? >> nothing clear yet. given the venue, mexico, you start thinking about gang violence, you start thinking about drug cartel inspired violence, but we don't know
6:56 am
that for sure. playa del carmen, 45 miles south of cancun hasn't been the scene of the sort of drug-related violence we've seen in other parts of mexico. the other thing that is being -- beginning to be reported now is that some sort of disagreement as a local official put it began inside the nightclub, the security officers tried to break that up and that is when they got shot. but no clear motive at this point right now, shannon. >> shannon: all right, keep us updated. thank you. >> bill: jam-packed monday as we start inauguration week. president-elect trump and john brennan teeing off on each other. mr. trump offers a possible carrot to vladimir putin and russia apparently has just responded. we'll tell you what that's about top of the hour on america's newsroom. is there an elk in your bed?
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with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress. it's a no brainer. >> shannon: president-elect trump revealing his plan to
7:00 am
replace obamacare is nearly complete. as he heads to washington to prepare for his inauguration. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. she gets the late shift at 7:00. >> bill: we have the first hour down. hour two now. efforts to repeal and replace president obama's signature healthcare plan moving full speed ahead. congress taking the first steps. president-elect trump telling the "washington post" this. we'll have insurance for everybody. it is not going to be their plan, it will be another plan but they will be beautifully covered. >> shannon: interesting choice of words. john roberts is live at the trump transition office in washington hi, john. >> good morning to you. who wouldn't want to be beautifully covered by medical insurance? just about everybody in the country would like to say they are. donald trump says he is nearing completion of his plan to replace obamacare. he is waiting they have to dot
7:01 am
the is, cross the ts and wait for dr. tom price of georgia to be confirmed as the new hhs secretary. donald trump did raise a lot of eyebrows in an interview with the "washington post" yesterday when he said he wants, quote, insurance for everybody. that is code to a lot of people for a single payer system and just about every conservative on the planet is adamantly against such a thing. spicer said donald trump will use his considerable negotiating skills to cut favorable deals with insurance companies. >> he will fight tooth and nail to make sure he gets it and uses his skill set as a successful negotiator businessman to drive costs down and create more plan options and doctor options. >> when his plan is revealed it will be two things. much less expensive and much better. he didn't say in this interview that people would be beautifully covered. that fol -- follows from there.
7:02 am
he repeated his pledge not to cut medicare. if you cut costs and expenses, something has to give somewhere. we'll see if he can continue to make good on that pledge. >> shannon: it is all about the math. what will he do about drug prices? we've heard some talk about twisting arms within the drug industry. >> there could be a lot of people in the drug industry with sore elbows and wrists. he said yesterday he plans on forcing the drug companies to negotiate with the government to lower the cost of drugs for medicare part d and medicaid as well. you will remember, last wednesday at trump tower that big press conference donald trump hit a large shot across the bow of the drug companies to say it won't be business as usual anymore. listen to this. >> drug industry has been disastrous and they're leaving left and right. they supply our drugs but they don't make them here. to a large extent. and the other thing we have to do is create new bidding
7:03 am
procedures for the drug industry because they are getting away with murder. >> getting away with murder. something the drug companies didn't like to hear. their drug stocks went down significantly after he said that. he fired a shot across the bow of republicans who might stand in his way threatening to shame them on twitter if they don't tow the line. you could have a little dust-up with members of his own party. he is very committed to making these changes. >> shannon: democrats sound like they like some of these ideas. we'll see. thank you. >> bill: no one is watching this closer than the doctors in america that serve patients every day. dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine. part of our medical team here at fox. let's take it one at a time. three areas to cover. trump says insurance for everybody but not single payer. what does that mean to you as you hear that? >> what he is trying to talk about i think is obamacare is not working in the doctor's office which is why two surveys
7:04 am
of physicians this year, 3% gave it an a grade. most give it a c. why? because of all the regulation. a patient comes into the doctor's office and say i'm ready and the doctor says wait, we have that $6,000 deductible to talk about. the patient isn't expecting it. what president-elect trump is talking about is a scaled-down catastrophic insurance that is not as regulated that is complimented with health savings accounts that premiums are tax deductible. make sure everybody has catastrophic insurance. keep medicaid extension necessary there. switch them as dr. price says to block grants so they're cheaper. so that they're cheaper. so again, medicaid expansion is in place, but insurance instead of obamacare you see a more scaled down insurance that fits more people. >> bill: topic number two going after insurance companies suggesting. what does it mean? going after insurance companies in what sense?
7:05 am
>> insurance companies are benefiting from president obama's 10 essential benefit package. they love that, right? everything is covered, maternity care is covered. sexually transmitted diseases are covered only as a woman and the treatment is not covered. going back to covering emergency room visits, hospitalizations and then going from there will allow -- it's great to say maternity care should be covered, right? how much maternity care should be covered and how many times should it be covered? should it be covered for a year? this kind of thing means to be scaled back. >> bill: you need to buy it wlu need it or lot. >> let the doctor and patient negotiate. >> bill: negotiate drug prices, point number three. mr. trump is suggesting that he will put pressure on these drug companies to lower their prices or do a deal where you can get a better price. what is the effect of that on
7:06 am
the system? how would it make things better? >> i would like to attach that to john roberts report he had. medicaid we already have the best price in the state. so if you go to the state you don't get whatever drug you want, you get a formulary and you get the cheapest and it's negotiated. if we add negotiation to medicare 78 million baby boomers, bill. we'll drive medicare part d prices down because they won't be able to give us these -- doctors and patients aren't even aware how expensive this in. when i get an intravenous treatment covered under medicare it is thousands of dollars, goes right into the drug company pocket. no one is negotiating it. by the way, this is not popular among conservatives, which shows you we're talking about outside the box thinking. i'm in favor of this. medicare negotiating prices. i think it's a great idea by president-elect trump. >> bill: we're waiting on the hearing schedule for tom price.
7:07 am
>> he will be a big part of this, bill. >> bill: shannon. >> shannon: president-elect donald trump suggesting outgoing cia director john brennan may have leaked the dossier he is calling fake news. he tweeted thank you to bob woodward who said it's a garbage document and should never have been presented. trump is right to be upset and angry about that. those intelligence chiefs made a mistake here. when people make mistakes they should apologize. media should also apologize. we have a fox news contributor, katie. do you expect anyone to be apologizing for this? >> i don't think so. there are very serious questions about why intelligence chiefs presented this dossier to donald trump by their own admission there is no credibility to the story. that's a really big issue that they'll have to answer for. on the other hand it's important to point out this is not a leaked document. there are many reporters on the
7:08 am
campaign trail throughout the 2016 presidential campaign who were presented with this story including far left outlets who refused to run with it because of the lack of credibility. because the intelligence chiefs presented it to donald trump in their first meeting with him, they essentially gave it credibility and therefore it was back into the news. so there is a lot of explaining to do but the silver lining is donald trump will be in office later this week and he will have his own appointees rather than these political point east from obama to further perpetuate the narrative. >> shannon: to the point of why they went to the president-elect with this. director brennan talked about that. i want to play a bit of what he said yesterday. >> bringing to the attention of the president-elect as well as to the current president this information is circulating out there was a responsibility in the minds of the intelligence directors of the intelligence community to make sure there would be no evaluation of it but making sure he was aware it was circulating. >> shannon: is that fair?
7:09 am
if somebody is spreading rumors about you out there and one of your good friends hears about it don't you want them to tell you? >> john brennan is acting like they were doing him a favor. the reality is that in this type of setting when we talk about serious intelligence and the russians interfering in the 2016 presidential election, there are very serious questions about why the intelligence chiefs would present information that wasn't verified intelligence but rather rumors. if we're going to present that as rumors they should present it in a private setting not something that would put it into the press and give it credibility. there has been a lot of back and forth the last couple of weeks about the disparagement of the intelligence community. john brennan isn't doing anyone in the c.i.a. any favors by presenting this unverified, non-credible document saying well the intelligence community thought he should maybe know about it. then on the other hand donald trump really needs to be careful about the way he
7:10 am
classifies this intelligence community in his tweets he talks about the intelligent chief and his press conference over the weekend and last week he talked about the intelligence community and agencies which brings everyone into the pile. he will have to work with the career professionals at these intelligence agencies. they're prepared and ready to serve at the president's command starting on friday. and so that's how we can move forward but they both have to be careful about how they classify and limit the credibility of the agencies as a whole because of political reasons. >> shannon: katie, always good to hear from you. >> bill: it feels like everybody is getting in their last shots in the closing days. >> shannon: you have to wonder, though. >> bill: changes on friday. 10 minutes past the hour. donald trump taking fire for his stance on russia. can he find a working relationship with vladimir putin? we'll talk to the general jack keen about that top it and there is this today. >> when someone of john lewis's stature goes out and attacks
7:11 am
the legitimacy of an election and his legitimacy as president, the president-elect has a right as he has done over and over again of fighting back and making sure that he shows that he is not going to sit back and just take attacks. >> shannon: the political world taking sides in the trump/lewis feud. was the congressman out of line for questioning the legitimacy of a trump presidency? we'll talk to governor john -- where the traveling circus is calling it quits after 100 years on the road. >> we grew up with it. the kids are seeing it for the one and only time. it's a shame. it doesn't have to be.
7:12 am
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show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new >> bill: this was a storm that got a lot of attention. extreme weather leaving thousands of people in the dark across the midwest. this was the concern. the ice storm that moved in, some were hit pretty hard. others dodged this bullet. but downed trees and power lines snapped cutting off electricity to about 11,000 customers in northwestern oklahoma. drivers are being warned to use extreme caution or stay home for now. at least five people said to have died already as a result of the icy roads and accidents out there. be careful. >> shannon: president-elect donald trump facing criticism for his stance on russia including a suggestion that the u.s. could lift some sanctions. mr. trump telling the times of london quote they have
7:16 am
sanctions on russia, let's see if we can make some good deals with russia. for one thing i think nuclear weapons should be way down and reduced. that's part of it. russia is hurting very badly right now because of sanctions. i think somethat a lot of peopl to benefit. general keen, great to see you. i want to play about what outgoing c.i.a. director brennan had to say about the president-elect possibly giving russia a pass. here is what he said. >> mr. trump has to understand that ab solving russia of various actions it has taken in the past number of years is a road that he, i think, needs to be very, very careful about moving down. >> shannon: the president-elect and vice president-elect have talked about the fact it is not a bad thing to want to have a better relationship with russia that is very bad right now.
7:17 am
how do they play this, general? >> first of all, i take it at face value. he wants to improving the relationship with russia. i don't take it he is going to cave in to russia and be soft on russia so to speak which is largely the public view now. his three predecessors all tried to do the same thing. improve relations with russia. all three of those evolved to the point where the relationship deteriorated. i think president-elect trump will likely improve the personal relationship between putin and the president of the united states which we know under president obama is in the tank. that will likely improve. but the relationship with russia will be dependent largely on russia's behavior. i believe this president will hold russia accountable to its behavior and that will determine what this relationship is like and right now russia is aggressive and assertive behavior is not in the interest of u.s. national security or in the interest of
7:18 am
our allies. and that is the center of the problem. >> shannon: how does the president-elect change their behavior with respect to places like syria where it is imperative that we get into some kind of common strategy with russia at least where in trying to resolve the issues there and looking more broadly in that region at the need to take out isis? we need them to be an ally on those critical foreign policy issues. >> we can't just work with russia to deal with isis, something that russia has completely lied about in creating a false narrative. they said it was the justification to go into syria. largely they're not involved in isis at all. the only justification for going to syria is watching their actions is to trample on the syria people in support of the assad regime which is what they have done. they have committed war crimes in syria killing innocent people that are being targeted on a regular basis by the tens of thousands. we know that to be a fact.
7:19 am
that behavior must change before any kind of cooperation should take place dealing with isis in terms of our mutual enemy. >> shannon: we've got the president-elect weighing in on the issue of nato this weekend. a bit of his critique. >> i said a long time ago that nato had problems. it was ab so let because it was designed many years ago and the countries not paying what they should. >> shannon: is that a legit point and how does a president trump change that? can he? >> i think it's a very legitimate point. of the 28 countries there is only a handful that are actually paying in terms of 2% of their gdp is devoted to defense. that's one of the foundations for participation in nato. the fact that he is insisting that people should pay their fair share i think is a valid
7:20 am
point and i think that will clearly get nato's attention. however, i don't believe that nato is obsolete as the president-elect has said. it is obsolete in the sense -- this one sense and now they have not focused on terrorism and isis the way they should do. i think that's probably what caused that comment. the reality is that nato is the most successful political and military alliance that has ever been created. it brought us peace in europe for 70 years, something that has not happened in centuries. and listen, nato -- you know the deal there -- an attack on one country is an attack on all and they would respond as a result of the attack on one country. nato has only gone to war one time in those 70 years and that is when the united states was attacked on 9/11. so i think this is a viable political and military alliance. it can be improved.
7:21 am
if the president elect can improve it, so be it. >> shannon: general jack keen, always great to see you. >> bill: we told you change was coming. incoming white house press secretary saying high demand for coverage might mean a major change in the white house. >> the idea you can involve more people, be more transparent and have more accessibility should be seen as a welcome change. >> bill: the possible plan has the white house correspondents group up in arms. what will be different? we'll find out. >> shannon: president obama reflecting on his legacy as he gets ready to leave. the biggest regret he says he has about his eight years in the oval office. per roll
7:22 am
bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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7:25 am
>> there is about greater accessibility. more people in the process. there is a lot of talk radio and bloggers and people that can't fit in now and don't have a permanent seat because they aren't part of the washington elite media. to allow them an opportunity to ask the press secretary or president a question is a positive thing. >> bill: spicer incoming price sector saying reporters may be moved out of their current work space in the white house suggesting the requests are in the hundreds and not enough room in the west wing. what will come of this? howard kurtz most of media buzz. howard, good morning to you. this is very near to you, sean
7:26 am
spicer broke news with you on sunday. what is the idea first? >> he did a nice job of making it about the washington elite media and they want to open up the meeting to bloggers, talk radio hosts and others. that's fine. i think this particular plan is a mistake. it can accommodate lots of people withstanding room only. when the initial interest -- there are tl* is a core group of journalists, other folks come in and out and they can come to briefings and ask questions if called upon. >> bill: a room of 49, right? >> 49 seats but -- >> bill: they can move it across the street. the suggestion was that you could get perhaps as many as 600 into a room. which would be intriguing because trump has gone after the media, has characterized the mainstream media as being against him. is the suggestion that if you increase the numbers, howard, that you would bring in those
7:27 am
who may see a president trump in a more favorable way? >> i suppose that's possible and i'm all for opening up the process. this happened during the bush administration, the white house press corp was kicked out to a block away. i remember interviewing tony snow there. i think it's about controlling the press. sending a message. i don't think it's as much worrying that so many people won't be able to get in to see spicer do the briefing everyday. the reaction, as you might imagine from the white house press corps, have hostile. washington real estate, location, location, location. when you're in the work space, you can see people coming and going. if you get moved out of there you really have less of a feel. >> bill: that's an interesting point. come back to that in a moment. jeff mason said this. we object strenuously to any move to that shield the president and advisors from the
7:28 am
scrutiny of an on site white house press corps. what is it about the physical relationship that's so critical. >> it is critical. george stephanopolous tried to lock the door that separates that press room from where the lower level press aides work. he had to back off because there was an uproar. you have very limited access as a white house correspondent. you can go in, ask questions of people in the press staff. maybe see somebody important coming up the driveway. that really does help you do the job. i know this sounds like a lot of whining to some people by white house correspondents but they are penned in there and i think this is ultimately not about having enough space for zillions of journalists. >> bill: what's the resolution to all this, do you think? >> i thought in the interview with me that spicer would perhaps back off a little bit and say we'll try it for a month or two or give some
7:29 am
indication it wasn't final. they seem pretty dug in on this. it is not final or official but i think they want to try this and i think it is going to exacerbate the already tense relations between the president-elect bashing the media on twitter and use the same twitter account now as president and the people who trying to cover the white house. >> bill: something we'll watch. i'm certain you will as well. howie kurtz from media buzz in washington, d.c. >> shannon: a partisan fight between president-elect trump and congressman john lewis. should his position as a high-profile leader of the civil rights movement make him immune to criticism? >> bill: why the greatest show on earth is about to fade away.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> bill: americans across the country today celebrating martin luther king junior day. including a wreath laying ceremony paying tribute to his legacy. meanwhile, there is the battle heating up between president-elect donald trump and congressman lewis of georgia a famous leader of the civil rights movement. he is saying he does not consider mr. trump to be a legitimate president. trump not holding back in his response after that and senator rand paul saying he should not have to. >> i do appreciate what him being a civil rights icon but i would also say that it doesn't make us immune from criticism or debate. john lewis isn't in a position where there can't be a healthy debate back and forth because he is a civil rights icon. shouldn't make him immune. >> bill: want to bring in john
7:34 am
sununu. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. >> bill: i'm fine. i was talking to karl rove last hour about the contentious 2000 election that was ultimately decided after the supreme court had to issue a ruling. you went without a president for 37 days but i don't res com saying i'm not going to show up for the inauguration because i don't this president is legitimate. perhaps your memory is better than mine. it seems more strident in 2017 and i want to know why, if true. >> you're right. it is more strident. i think it is part of an agenda. the democrats have decided to take advantage of accusing the election process of having some ill legitimacy to it and frankly nurturing what i think is their long-term strategy of
7:35 am
politics by division, division by class and race. and i think you are going to see this continue because they think it is the only way they can reconstruct their liberal base for the election cycle. >> bill: what does a president trump do about that? is this a concern? is there something he can do to bring people together? what is your advice? >> he has to continue his commitment to try to be a president to all of america. he has to reach out. but frankly, i think i would employ a strategy of just going about in addition to that going about his business of getting legislation passed and implementing a good foreign policy. i think the democrats are in a process of self-destruction. i think they misunderstood the anger in the majority of america in the election cycle and i think they are misunderstanding the fact that the majority of america does not like politics by division. >> bill: we're up to 20
7:36 am
democrats who say they won't be there on friday and see if the list continues to grow or not. if you saw the "wall street journal" on saturday here is the headline. trump my herald a new political order. in the body of the piece written by john steele gordon quoting now. most important no new president since jackson jasoed so little to the political establishment. mr. trump was elected explicitly to change the self-serving ways of washington that greatly increases his freedom of action, end quotes. is there truth to that, governor? >> i think there is a bit of truth in that. i think first of all his style appeals past the media and past the establishment right directly to the people. and i think he feels an agenda that is reflective of what his voters really wanted. i think he has been trying to stay true to that for the most part. but i suspect that as we get into the actual implementation
7:37 am
of policy you will see a little bit of erosion of the edges, if you will, in the process. but the bulk of what he does, i think, will be reflective of the agenda he got elected on. >> bill: that is what some conservative cabinet since ronald reagan and some arguing even more? >> i'm not sure that's correct. i haven't identified philosophically any correctness to that statement. they certainly are experienced. they certainly come from the business community but i'm not sure they are across the board on social, economic and national security issues the most conservative cabinet. >> bill: thank you, governor. have a good week, okay? what a week it will be. john sununu from new hampshire today. thanks. >> shannon: ringling brothers announcing the end of aner yeah saying it will end the greatest
7:38 am
show of earth in may after 146 years. circus owners holding a news conference about their decision to cancel the world famous touring show after this season. live in miami with more. steve, what is ending the circus? >> the short answer is money. basically ticket sales for ringling brothers have been declining over the past 10 years. ownership has said the problems is to compete with video games, internet, movies but the real killer may have been having to take elephants out of the show just one year ago. those elephants were moved to a sanctuary in florida after years of protests by animals rights activists when ticket sales started to plummet. it is clear people don't want to go to a circus without elephants, shannon. >> shannon: it seems for a lot of people it feels like part of american history is going away. >> they have had a tremendous run, 146 years. u.s. grant was president when the show started. when you talk to people there does seem to be a mixed emotion
7:39 am
about it. they care about the animals on the one hand but they feel bad they won't be able to pass on the experience of going to the circus to the next generation. >> i used to go when i was a kid. when i was their age and we wanted to get back and bring them in to see it one more time before it went away. it is american history. it was a great show. we'll miss them. >> there are about 30 shows left. the big top will fold up forever this may in new york. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: steve, thank you so much. >> bill: being a florida girl you know all about that circus. >> shannon: they have deep roots there outside of sarasota. we have a lot of parks that involve animals and animal shows. elephants were wrestling alligators. we have a good time. >> bill: everyone is a fan of the circus so it's -- >> shannon: it's a controversy. >> bill: they've come under a lot of heat in different areas.
7:40 am
president obama, the regrets, he has had a few he has taken with him when he leaves the white house. we'll play that for you. there is this, a bit of a comeback. >> three, two, one. lift-off. >> shannon: spacex rebounding after recent setbacks. the launch putting the aerospace company back on track.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> bill: here is a victory for spacex. carrying out his seventh successful launch and booster landing. falcon nine rocket taking off
7:44 am
from california on saturday carried 10 satellites into space for voice and data company. it came back safely landing on a ship so it can be used on another mission. that's what spacex is all about. reusable rockets to make it cheaper to go back into space and do it quickly. it's a boost for spacex which lost a rocket in an explosion last fall and had a bit of a setback to that company. >> shannon: president obama leaving the white house with some regrets. he says he wishes he had done more to help his party. >> look, it did speak to a problem that we saw during the course of my presidency, which was i had trouble transferring my personal popularity or support to the broader cause of
7:45 am
the democratic party. that's a legitimate criticism. >> shannon: president and founder of high noon strategies and linda tran is a former communications direct for for governor tim kaine. great to see you both. i want the talk about some of the numbers since president obama has taken office. democrats have lost 958 seats in state legislatures, on capitol hill a net loss of 10 seats in the senate and a loss of 63 seats in the house. linda, that's more than just not translating your popularity. >> sure, that's exactly right. the other part of the interview president obama said that some of the issues are actually the luck of the draw and some of the issues are structural. it is no accident that they're happening at the same time you have districts terribly gerrymandered. some are u shaped.
7:46 am
you have a lot of democrats blocked into one electoral district or another and diminishes the power of democrats to get elected. >> shannon: lisa, what do you make of this? we have the suggestion from the president would he have been able to run for a term third he would have beat donald trump. he clearly thinks he has the juice even if he wasn't able to spread it around. >> i would say the entire democratic party has been propped up by the personal likeability of president obama. you look what has happened. democrats have lost more seats in the house and senate than any other president under president obama and hold fewer state legislatures than ever before in the history. republicans control a majority of the governorships and i would say it's also the policies of the democratic party that have been rejected as well. something like obamacare that has been an unpopular since its inception. studies show in the 2010 elections the democratic party lost percentage points at the polls because of that policy and also the iran deal has been unpopular with americans as
7:47 am
well. so it's not only the fact that the party has been propped up with president obama and have been rejected elsewhere but they've also lost because of his policies. >> shannon: linda, both of the presidential candidates this time around polled as some of the most unlikeable and untrusted by people across the board. neither one had high likeability ratings. president obama did go out and campaign for hillary clinton numerous times. why didn't it translate? >> you're exactly right. both of the candidates had historically low approval ratings. you saw president obama's approval ratings as high as they've ever been. the reality it's the candidate on the ticket that matters. a lot of things voters take into account. how they're feeling about their personal and family situation and those things matter a lot. but look, at the end of the day the numbers that president-elect donald trump needs to really be worrying
7:48 am
about are the numbers happening right now. we've never seen approval ratings this low for an incoming president. when barack obama was heading into inauguration he was 83%. donald trump showed only 44%. this is a significant problem for the incoming president. >> shannon: go ahead, lisa. >> the problem for the democratic party is president obama won't be on the ballot ever again. his policies rejected and a lot of democratic candidates have been rejected by historic margins. this is a big problem for the democratic party and the structure of the house democrats alone. they've relegated to an east or west coast party with a large portion of those democratic house members in states like california, massachusetts, new york as well. they need to rethink their messaging and rethink the voters that are interested and what they are trying to sell.
7:49 am
they really focused on issues like transgender bathrooms to the detriment of issues like jobs and things that americans really care about or climate change when the majority of americans care about how will i pay my bills and their healthcare costs and things that really matter to the majority of americans. >> shannon: a number of democrats have taken that pulse and recognized that may be something they recalibrate the next time around. great to see you both. >> bill: if you stayed up late last night you were not alone. these football games were watched by tens of millions of americans. got some numbers on that in a moment. aaron rodgers has found his magic again and just in time for green bay. >> rodgers, rodgers, touchdown. >> bill: that was early. wait until you see the next one coming up here. we're three weeks from the super bowl, america. who has the best chance to make it there?
7:50 am
>> rodgers to his right, wide open, touchdown. cook got him down there. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> it is good. the packers are moving on! >> bill: an amazing game. really just amazing. packers pull off the upset in dallas and face the falcons next weekend. the steelers getting the win over the kansas city chiefs after a tough football game in the cold. the handshake. steelers go to new england to face tom brady and the patriots. jim gray is here to talk football. nice to see you. ratings are in for the game on fox. 50 million people watched the green bay/dallas game. that's a record. >> imagine if there would have been ice in dallas they would
7:54 am
have moved the game to prime time and had more viewers. >> bill: aaron rodgers in this game i don't need to tell you carried his team yet again and so impressive. >> that throw jared cook. that will be looked at as the catch. lynn swan in the super bowl with three seconds left and look what cook does. the ball is placed just perfectly. tip toes, finds two toenails and stays inbounds. mason crosby was amazing. two 50-plus field goals. he really hit three in the waning moments of this game. who has a better sportscasting life in general than joe buck? he had the cubs and now he has this. he had the hail mary last year. it has been fun to watch. >> bill: green bay goes to
7:55 am
atlanta next sunday. the steelers go to new england to take on tom brady. the rumors of the nfl and its demise have been greatly exaggerated. two months ago they were complaining ratings were down and that perhaps the american appetite had lessened for this game. clearly based on yesterday that is not true. >> helps to have the cowboys and packers, legendary teams and helps to have the patriots now going into their sixth conference championship in a row. tom brady with an opportunity to play in his seventh super bowl. when you have these type of teams the raiders were also in the playoffs and a presidential election. football is not dead or dying. they have some issues they need to resolve but it's back with a vengeance. >> bill: green bay at atlanta, steelers in new england. do you have a prediction? the camera is on. >> i'll say the patriots and i guess i'll go with the packers.
7:56 am
>> bill: new england and green bay in houston. >> that would be nine in a row. the steelers have won nine in a row. >> bill: pittsburgh and atlanta might have something to say. >> we should run to vegas and forget it. we don't know what's going to happen. nobody knows. >> bill: we'll talk again the next couple of weeks. >> shannon: if i want to stay married i'll go with the steelers. the inauguration just four days away. why some democrats are planning to boycott friday's big event. wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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we believe everyone deserves a great night's sleep. (announcer) at boll and branch, so we created the perfect sheets. made from pure, 100% organic cotton. we made it our mission to perfect every detail. until finally, the softest, most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep on. try them for 30 nights and get $50 off your first set at, promo code: tv. >> bill: so, how was it, she and then? >> shannon: well you let me come back tomorrow? >> bill: i believe you are allowed. >> shannon: i am on probation for a few moments, but then may be. >> bill: martha is coming up in a few hours. >> shannon: you don't want to miss anything. >> bill: great to have you here, off we launch towards
8:00 am
parts are known. >> shannon: the first "100 days" ." >> bill: we can view all of the details on that as we go closer. >> shannon: do you have your coats and scarves ready? >> bill: apparently the weather will cooperate. who knows, we will catch you later. have a good day. ♪ >> jon: well, we are just days away from an official transitional power. this friday president donald trump will be sworn until office. good morning to you, i am jon scott. >> jenna: are in generally, it not as smoothly as a whole. as we get closer to inauguration day democrats will say they will skip that ceremony. at the twitter attacks on john lewis, the president-elect calling him out after lewis said mr. trump was not a legitimate president. that is where we pick up today to start off monday morning. outside


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