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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 16, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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$8,500. president obama going, going, gone for just $2,000. all right. that's it for us. i'm sandra smith. thanks for joining us. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in new york city where donald trump says he has a better health plan than obamacare. so how is it going to work? trump going after the intelligence community after the c.i.a. boss john brennan questioned trump's understanding of russia and trump fired back blasting brennan on twitter and questioning if he leaked fake news. on this martin luther king day, more about john lewis. let's get to it. >> shepard: first from the news
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deck this monday afternoon, four days left until donald trump becomes our nation's commander-in-chief. he's not backing down from his battles with u.s. intelligence officials and the media and others. the president-elect is revealing more details about his plan to replace obamacare. he tells "the washington post" that we're going to have insurance for everybody. that is a quote. republicans have for decades fought to lift government involvement in the healthcare system. but recently they're talking about providing universal access to health insurance. president-elect trump says -- tells the post that there was a philosophy in some circles that if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. that's not going to happen with us. he says the plan is nearly finished and he will unveil it soon alongside paul ryan and the senate majority leader. the president-elect tells the post that his plan will not cut medicare benefits too older americans and he says he will drive down drug prices by forcing pharmaceutical companies
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to negotiate with the government. under the current law or the current medicare law, insurance companies negotiate drug prices for the government. more on that in just a moment. president-elect trump over the weekend made news on several other topics. they include tweets targeting the c.i.a. director john brennan and one of america's most prominent civil rights leaders, john lewis from georgia. the president-elect today marks martin luther king day by meeting with civil rights icon's oldest son, martin luther king iii. john lewis is live at the trump tower for us. hi, john. >> shep, good afternoon. we've been tipped that when donald trump finished his meeting with martin luther king iii, he was going to come to the microphones and talk about m.l.k. day and what was going on. when the doors to the golden elevator opened and he face add barrage of questions about john
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lewis, he thought it wasn't the best idea and he shook hands with martin luther king iii and retreated upstairs. the photo op of him shaking hands was meant as a counter point ever since he went off on lewis on twitter saying he was all talk, no action. trump was responding to john lewis friday saying that trump was not the legitimately elected president because russia got him elected. martin luther king iii said, like my father said, can't we all just get along? listen. >> i would say john lewis has demonstrated actions. things get said on both sides in the heat of emotions. at some point, this nation, we have to move forward. >> earlier in the day, avlida king, martin luther king jr.'s niece, said on "fox and friends"
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that john lewis could better help his country if he would work with president-elect trump rather than saying things against him. shep? >> there's a trickle of information about the healthcare plan that donald trump says he's working on. >> you'll remember at the press conference last week at trump tower, he said it should happen simultaneously, the repeal and replacement of obamacare. now we heard that the plan is almost cooked. what donald trump is waiting for is for his hhs secretary, dr. tom price, to be confirmed and then they'll release the plan. donald trump tipped his hand, as you suggested, saying he wants healthcare for everyone. to a lot of people, healthcare for a lot of people that is code language for single payer system, which conservatives across the country will tell you they're not in favor of. this morning on "fox and friends "sean spicer said it's not a single payer system that trump is proposing. >> his goal is insurance for everybody through marketplace solutions, competition, bringing costs down, negotiating with
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pharmaceutical companies, allowing competition over state lines. >> now, you heard about negotiating with pharmaceutical companies. shep, you mentioned at the beginning, trump planning on twisting arms, forcing the big companies to negotiate with the government for prices. so he's laying down some markers early. >> shepard: john roberts at trump tower. more now on president-elect's promise to provide insurance for everybody as part of his plan to replace obama care. kimberly atkins is the chief washington correspondent and columnist for t"the boston heral herald". good to see you. insurance for everyone. how is that possible? >> we don't know what that means yet. as you mentioned, the plan is not fully revealed. president-elect trump says that it's done and everyone will be covered, but that in itself is
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already a divergent from what republican leaders have been talking about, having universal access to healthcare, not necessarily universal coverage. trying to reign in government involvement in healthcare, but it sounds like the president-elect wants to have a lot of government involvement in healthcare. so it will be -- remains to be seen how he will cover everybody. >> shepard: conservatives have been against that idea in concept over time. is anyone changing his or her mind or that or is opposition boili boiling? >> we'll see. donald trump made clear that he plans to use twitter as a governing tool and just the same way as his tweets and from democrats as well, sort of embarrassed congressional leaders into backing off of a plan, for example, to sort of nix the congressional ethics office. they backed off that amid backlash. donald trump took credit for that. he said i'll do the same thing
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to you if you don't move quickly on this repeal plan of this replacement plan along with the repeal to happen far more quickly than the 18 months to two years that republican leaders were talking about before. >> shepard: i haven't heard the republican leaders talk about anything different from that. i think it was leaders in the house and senate that said this process will take a long time. washington is a complicated place. obama care took, gosh, 100 hearings and 18 months. do they have a -- i hear trump saying things, but i don't see where that action is going to come from, unless something earth shattering happens. >> it's true, shep. healthcare policy is complicated. we've seen republicans working on a plan for years now and still they don'te a finalized bill. donald trump is saying that somehow he does. somehow he's figured out the magic pill to not only be able to implement it quickly but be
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better, cheaper and cover everybody. i'm dying to see this plan personally. a lot of reporters are. i have a feeling that it will be a lot more complicated than the president-elect is describing it now. >> shepard: one of the things we've heard about in the past, not this time but the past, his idea of a single payer meaning the government dolls out insurance to everyone. a single payer in the government. that gives the government leverage to help cut down costs and control things. there are plenty of reasons to be against this. but that is one plan that there was a time when people seemed to think might work. that is not on the table? is that right? >> well, the members of the trump transition team are saying this is not a single-payer plan. but that's the idea around this suggestion that the president-elect said, that the government negotiate with drug companies. >> that's what single payer is. >> right, for medicare and medicaid. he seems to think that's a good idea giving the government more control over that. that sounds more like a plan that might be floated by bernie
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sanders than a lot of republican leaders. they need to work that out for themselves what it is. they may put a different name on it to make it not seem like single payer. seems like a lot of government control, exactly what republicans wanted to eliminate. >> shepard: he would make a lot of friends, i think, at least on that issue on that matter regarding healthcare from the far left in america, if he did that. i wonder if that sort of thing -- i mean, branding is his specialty. maybe he can brand it in a way he can sell it. very interesting to watch. 140 characters at a time, won't it? >> yes, i'll look out for the twitter hashtag. >> shepard: i will as well. thank you. nearly 30,000 officers and agents and officials will help protect everybody on inauguration day. we'll show you how they're getting ready and what is the greatest threat on what is scheduled now to be a 90% chance of rain throughout the day in
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>> shepard: thousands of intelligence agents and law enforcement officers are gearing up for the inauguration working to keep spectators safe. the head of homeland security says there's no known credible threats, but they're preparing for anything that might happen. catherine herridge is with us from washington. what is the difference from the last inauguration? >> shep, the secret surface and the fbi said they're very focused on drones being used as weapons or simply to frighten the crowd. drones are banned in d.c. airspace. during the inauguration, the fbi said agents can detect them even if they're not flying and there will be consequences for simply bringing them. >> we do maintain capability to detect and defeat devices of that type. >> so a uav is in the air over
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the inauguration, can you effectively bring it down or shoot it down? disable it? >> i'm not going to get into specifics, but we do have capabilities in that regard and we'll have them available on an around that day. >> you can see, fox news went inside the command center with paula bates. they have a surge capacity. on the wall there, they have the ability to track agents on the ground in real time with gps technology. the fbi's focus for this event is counter terrorism and pushing intelligence that they think is credible and specific, shep. >> shepard: which agency has the lead in the event does happen? >> a great question. there's so many agencies involv involved. the secret service has the lead. they have the multi-agency coordination center, the mac. everybody has a seat at the table and the idea is they can share information faster. >> we'll have representatives assigned in this command post.
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we'll have the full complement of communications. >> the best thing about these command centers, everybody gets the information in real-time. if there's a -- even a utility problem, lights go out in one of the ball rooms, for example, everyone gets word of that immediately. we know who is going to respond to that. we worked out well in advance, even by name, who will come in to fix the lights. >> the other thing worth noting in that interview from the secret service director is that he talks about how they have special teams to deal with hacking. they had not seen any unusual activities surrounding the inauguration, but given where the news is these days, this is something that they're mindful of, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank you. a battle fought on television and twitter. president-elect donald trump versus the head of the c.i.a. the latest swipes in their public fight next.
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>> shepard: sad news to report. officials at nasa confirmed the last man to walk on the moon, the astronaut gene searnan has died. he was 82 years old. we just talked to him last month with the death of john glenn. he was born in 1934 in chicago. he said he dreamed of being a naval aviator in world war ii. he joined the u.s. navy and in 1963, nasa selected him as one of the first 17 astronauts to serve in america's space program. gene cernan served as a pilot on if gemni 9 mission.
12:20 pm
he served on board apollo 10. he came within eight miles of the moon surface. in 1972, cernan made history of the commander of apollo 17, the final mission to the moon. he spent three days on the moon exploring and collecting data. before he left, cernan wrote his daughter's initials in the moon surface. a lasting reminder of man's final steps on the moon. gene cernan dead at 82. president-elect trump going after the head of the c.i.a. on twitter after john brennan told fox news sunday that trump doesn't have a good handled on what's going on with russia. >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian capabilities and intentions and actions that they're undertaking in many parts of the work. absolving russia of various
12:21 pm
actions that they have taken in the past number of years is a road that he, i think, needs to be very, very careful about moving down. >> shepard: so that's the c.i.a. director. in response, trump talked about russia had compromising info on the president-elect. he responded to a tweet from fox news about the interview writing john brennan blasts president-elect trump on russian threat. does not fully understand. trump adds oh, really? couldn't do much worse. look at syria, crimea, the build-up of russian nukes. not good. was this the leaker of fake news? man, you going after the c.i.a. director. there's nothing to suggest that this c.i.a. director did -- i mean, nothing. >> no, there's nothing that
12:22 pm
trump has in terms of information that brennan did this. this just shows another example of when he's prodded or people question what he said on hacking or different things, he fights back very aggressively on twitter. >> shepard: you said classic trump behavior. >> yes. the kind of thing we've never seen before because let's face it, the c.i.a. has information on, well, donald trump. >> absolutely, this is the bully pulpit for trump, it's twitter. it's not talking about me or you or the press. he goes to the people. the issue is going to be, what does this mean when he takes the office? what does this mean for our allies and enemies? if he says some things off the cuff or going into question whether these people are on our side or not? >> shepard: then there's this matter of convincing the american people that the intelligence received in the white house, which might lead to major actions, anywhere around the world, that the american people would trust it after he
12:23 pm
has so denigrated the head of the c.i.a.? >> you're already seeing republicans and democrats saying you need to back off on this. we need a unified front when it comes to the c.i.a., fbi, intelligence. these are serious issues that have major ramifications. >> shepard: have any of trump's people said anything to -- i don't know -- take the sting out of this? >> behind the scenes you're seeing people trying to calm people down. you saw some of the cabinet, meetings on the hill, the hearings where there's some breaks. you have the c.i.a. director, pompeo that didn't go exactly where trump has said he is on russia hacking and things like that. so you're seeing some air in between where trump is and where some of the cabinet appointees are. >> shepard: a lot of air between what pompeo said. pompeo said we need to find out what happened if russian is attempting to meddle in our elections, we need to know about
12:24 pm
it so our leaders can decide to take what actions. trump hasn't been there at all. >> no. that's what's interesting to see. if trump is here and his cabinet is here, what does that mean for international policy? we don't know yet. that is one of the big concerns that you're having we're hearing every day. >> shepard: this is the same man that tried to delegitimize the first black president by saying he wasn't born here. and now he's saying, i wonder if he leaked the fake news, which is a word that he's repositioned and using in a different way now. is there any adult in washington that can go and say, you're killing us over here? >> i think what you saw is president obama on "60 minutes" saying in a gentle way. when trump gets hit, he strikes back aggressively. obama is trying to navigate that and say, listen, it would be
12:25 pm
better if you had a better relationship with the intel community. >> shepard: this will be interesting. >> it's going to be something to follow. >> shepard: thank you. if you're in the market for a mercedes or beamer, might want to hit the dealership soon. after going after american automakers, donald trump has a warning for the german car industry now. wait till you hear how that is going over in europe. z28cnz zwtz
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12:28 pm
traffic-related accidents. ice coated trees and power lines and thousands lost power. authorities declared states of merge in oklahoma and missouri. in kansas, the national guard mobilized. a curious dog got into trouble in colorado. the pup chased a flock of geese across a lake. the owners called firefighters and they rescued the animals. the news continues with shepard smith after this.
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>> shepard: countries around the globe are gearing up for a trump presidency with about four days to go until the billionaire business man becomes the 45th president of the united states. joe biden meeting the ukrainian leader on his final scheduled trip overseas. he's calling on the trump administration to maintain sanctions against russia for invading crimea in 2014. the president-elect said he
12:31 pm
could drop those sanctions for a nuclear deal. this comes as chinese state-run media blasts donald trump for speaking "like a rookie" after the president-elect suggested he could get rid of the one china policy. chinese state media threatened a strong response should the united states use a policy as a bargaining chip. the history is since the late 70s, the united states got has recognized taiwan as not a separate nation but part of china. in germany, officials are firing back at the president-elect after up there threatened to slap a 35% border tax on german cars that come into the build. the top official told build newspaper that an import tariff would lead to a bad awakening in the u.s. auto industry since american car makers relied on overseas products. he also said build better cars.
12:32 pm
peter doocy is live outside the trump tower. now john kerry is weighing in about trump's comments about germany, right? >> yeah, that's because mr. trump said in an interview over the weekend that he will start his administration treating angela merkel the way that he treats russian putin where he trusts them in the beginning and see where it goes from there. mr. trump said he's lost a lot of respect for merkel with this comment that the current secretary of state john kerry has already called inappropriate. >> i have great respect for her. i felt she was a great, great leader. i think she made one very catastrophic mistake. that was taking all of these illegals -- taking all of the people from wherever they come from. nobody knows where they come from. you'll find out. >> as for the proposed rewriting
12:33 pm
of the one china policy, the suggestion could see taiwan separate from china. that's not something that can be negotiated says china. the president-elect has pressured many companies to fit with what he has promised. but when it comes to countries, that's proving to be more difficult, shep. >> shepard: i understand donald trump is speaking about brexit as well, the british exit from the european union. >> right. sounds like he's ready to make the british exit from the e.u. worth britain's while. in an interview this weekend, he says he hopes to within a few weeks of taking office meet with british prime minister teresa may to work on a u.s. and u.k. trade deal and a deal like that could be a big boost for britain, which has suffered economically since brexit. the president-elect often takes credit for predicting the results of the votes that led to the exit from the european union. he says he thinks brexit is ultimately going to be a great
12:34 pm
thing for them, with the suggestion being there's a deal on the way that will sweeten things for britain in the months since brexit. >> shepard: peter doocy, thank you. the president-elect's team seems to be playing down reports that the trump administration might move the press corps out of the white house. trump's incoming chief of staff said yesterday the only thing staffers have discussed is moving the briefings to a larger venue. vice president-elect mike sense said it would still be on white house property. >> there's a tremendous amount of interest in this incoming administration that they're giving some consideration to finding a larger venue on the 18 acres in the white house complex to accommodate the extraordinary interest. >> shepard: there's more to this. in a statement, the association board said they will night to keep the briefing room open. still, it's not unusual for new presidents to try to make changes on the press corps.
12:35 pm
the clintons considered booting the press from the white house. but the white house reached a compromise closing the door between the reporters and the white house communications team. until 1950, press briefings were held in the oval office. after that, they weren't held in the west wing again until president nixon took office in 1970. peter nicholas is with us now. he's a white house reporter for the "wall street journal." concerns here? >> i think so, yes. a real possibility the press could be booted out of the white house proper, which means that we would not have access to parts of the west wing where senior communications officials have their offices, where we can see senior white house aides coming and going, possibly ask some questions. it's all part of doing our job and best job we can in terms of covering this white house. if we're moved to the old executive office building, moves elsewhere, we won't have the same kind of access to the white house. that's not just important for us, it's important for our readers and viewers because that's the opportunity that we
12:36 pm
have to really engage white house officials on deadlines and get questions answered. >> shepard: does this feel like a trial balloon? what is the consensus at the white house, if there is such a thing, about what this is? >> i'm not sure. seems like at minimum they're going to move some press briefings out of the briefing room and into a larger venue where we may have more reporters and more photographers, camera people, et cetera. that's something that i think is less worrisome than the notion of moving reporters offices out of the white house briefing room. reporters have work space, cubicals, office space there in the briefing room. if they're moved out of there, they wouldn't have access to deputy press secretaries, the white house press secretary, the white house communications director. parts of the white house that are steps from the oval office, which is how we can be the eyes
12:37 pm
and ears for the public. so if that happens, that's pretty worrisome. the white house correspondent's association says they will fight it. the clout they have is not clear. >> shepard: of course, trump has been going to friendlies. those that don't ask tough and probing questions, those that agree with him for whatever reason and to whatever degree more often than more mainstream news media. i wonder if this is an effort to get pro trump online and other properties in there and wouldn't he have this opportunity never to call on those that might ask a real question, if i may? >> i think you're getting at a very important point, shep. i think -- i was discussing this with some colleagues today at a press briefing given by the transition team. you can dilute the white house press corps that includes major cable, broadcast networks, major newspapers, major websites, media organizations.
12:38 pm
you can bring in perhaps news outlets that are online outlets that are friendlier to president trump. that might be part of what is happening here. so that if a line of questioning gets particularly tough and pointed, the press secretary can do some deflecting by calling on someone who might ask an easier question, a less combative-type question. >> shepard: i'm sure this is easier to forget for those in power, but the media are here to serve the people and wonder if you've heard from the people on this and if there's so much noise and distraction that nobody is focussed? >> shepard: the press is written into the contusion. we have that status and standing. what the trump team might be doing is they may understand that the press, as the case with other institutions, is not held in high regard right now. he gained much traction during his candidacy bashing the press
12:39 pm
at his rallies, as we all know. he may feel the press is in a weakened position right now and there's a chance to exploit that possibly to change these longstanding practices on how the press has done their job, where we worked in the white house and without the public voicing much sympathy for our case. >> shepard: peter nicholas, white house reporter nor the "wall street journal." thank you. >> shepard: president obama said there were times when he lost the public relations fight with his detractors and it's part of the reason the republicans didn't hold a hearing for his supreme court pick and fought him on other issues. >> we were very effective and i was effective in shaping public opinion around my campaigns, but there were big stretches that even though we were doing the right thing, we weren't able to mobilize public opinion firmly
12:40 pm
enough behind us to weaken the resolve of the republicans to stop opposing us or to cooperate with us. there were times during my presidency where i lost the p.r. battle. >> shepard: president obama reflected giving a white-ranging interview to cbs "60 minutes presents", president obama the entire hour. his final interview before he leaves the white house. the president reflecting on his eight years in office. he says he thinks the american people can change washington, but not because somebody on high directs it so. the president called out lawmakers for not cooperating with one another. he said the big reason for that, they're too concerned about being re-elected. fox business network blake berman live at the white house. the president said that the president-elect was the change candidate in this election, which is obvious. >> he did, shepard.
12:41 pm
president obama flat out admitted that he failed to crack the code when it comes to reducing partisanship here in washington d.c., and with that, he said much like president obama was described back in 2008, that his successor president-elect trump was the change candidate this go around. but he also suggested that when mr. trump comes here to the white house on friday that he cannot be as free-wheeling. >> because he didn't have the supports of many of the establishment in his own party, because he ran sort of an improvisational campaign -- >> can you run an improvisational presidency? >> i don't think so. now he's in the process of building an organization. we'll have to see how that works. >> president obama took credit for "saving the economy". at one point if he was asked if he could have one redo over the last eight years, it would be
12:42 pm
the launch of >> shepard: and he defended his stance on the israeli settlement. >> yes. he said that decision came down from him in regards to the u.n. vote last month in which the u.s. abstained in the vote. the president tried to argue, essentially that this has been his stance for years. listen. >> it's not as if we hadn't been saying it from day one. we had been saying it for eight years now. nothing seemed to get a lot of attention. >> president obama tried to make the case that the relationship between the united states and israel is very healthy and he said, i'm quoting here "we have defended them consistently in every imaginable way." shepard? >> shepard: and recent presidents, clinton and bush all against the settlements. and the inaugural parade goes to the first day of the nation. we'll look at what to expect when donald trump heads down
12:43 pm
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12:47 pm
million. already, the inaugural committee through private donations have raised close to $100 million. that's a record. for president obama, it was combined 2009 and 2013, $97 million. so the trump campaign, the trump inaugural committee has already raised far more through donations and they're still coming in, shep. >> shepard: what are you hearing about preparations for demonstrations? >> they are expecting at least 99 different demonstrations. that's how many groups have registered to protest and demonstrate. some in favor of the president-elect, some against. you can hear the banging going on around me. they're putting up huge barricades and fencing. the entire parade route and the capitol area and the mall is literally a secure area that they lock down. so 99 groups will be protesting, at least 99, and there are 28,000 different law enforcement
12:48 pm
personnel on hand to secure the area. as we hurt last week from the director of homeland security, the secretary, there's no credible threat, but they're not taking chances. something like 10,000 officers from homeland security, 3,200 police officers from all over the country as well as metro d.c. police officers, capitol hill police and 7,500 national guardsmen. so 28 a right here to keep everything safe and sound. >> shepard: a busy and rainy day ahead. i'll be there hosting coverage not here but on the fox broadcast network. the local news. that will be from 11:00 a.m. eastern time until it's over, 4:00 p.m. or something for those of you flighting down the aisle to see you local fox station, join us there. a turkish cargo play crashed in kyrgyzstan and destroyed half of a village and killed 37 people. emergency workers say at least five children died as the plame ripped through homes. 15 others were hurt.
12:49 pm
it happened in a small village outside the country's capitol. we have some images to share with you from the slide show this afternoon. you can tell the tail of the plain here. you get a good look at the size of the thing next to this firefighter. it was an enormous plane. this is a different angle. a house destroyed beneath it. here's a look at another home. debris from the plane all around. one official says the crash destroyed more than half of the 43 homes in the village. this says it's the cockpit. this is landing gear here of the plane. you can see this building here and what i'm told is the cockpit. these are firefighters doing their best to get the smoke down. an entire village destroyed. investigators say they don't know what caused the crash but
12:50 pm
they have found the cockpit reporter. a man murdered 49 people at the pulse nightclub in orlando. but tonight noor salman has been free. until now, she's been arrested. we'll learn what she did next. .. but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. watry...duo fusiong heartburn relief? duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3.
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>> shepard: the fbi announced they have rested the wife of omar mateen. the gunman in the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando. agents picked out noor salman outside her home in rhodeo, california. lawmakers say she's facing one count of obstruction. the shooting happened in june of
12:54 pm
last year killed 49 and injured dozens more. police say they shot and killed omar mateen, the gunman, after a standoff. they say he had pledged allegiance to isis. claudia cowan live in california this afternoon. claudia? >> well, hello, shepard. noor salman was taken into custody around 7:00 a.m. local team. she was arrested without incident here at this two-story home in the quiet community of rhodeo. we're about 25 miles east of san francisco. by all accounts, this is her childhood home where she lived with her mother and younger sister. she grew up and went to high school here, married omar mateen here. we tried to talk to a woman that left in a hurry. it's possible it's noor's mother. one family described them as nice. another man said they were rattled by commotion when the
12:55 pm
fbi agents moved in to make the arrest. >> people moving around, commotion. car doors slamming. just had the curiosity to look to see what was going on. >> after the massacre, salman was questioned by fbi agents and investigators thought she knew more than she said. there's been reports that she drove mateen to scout out the pulse nightclub prior to the attack and even went shopping to buy ammunition. she said she didn't know anything about her husband's plans and she said she tried to stop him. she also said that mateen abused her. after the massacre, she petitioned the courts in california to change the last name of their young son to help protect his privacy. she makes her first appearance at the federal courthouse in oakland. after that is done, she will be
12:56 pm
transferred to florida to face the aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice charges. >> shepard: thanks, claudia. we'll be back to look at a historic icon's rise to power. who politicians referred to as a god and it started on this day in history. [ crowd noise ]
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. >> shepard: elections are one thing. seems that hackers in russia have gone too far. they reportedly have been spoiling tv shows. if bbc is investigating whether cyber thieves posted the sherlock series online. some say the hack might be a response. no word from putin or his people. on this day in 27 b.c., historians say caesar augustus became the first emporer of rome. before he died, his subjects say
1:00 pm
he took credit for turning rome to an impressive empire. they named him a god. but it was time to hail caesar augustus 2044 years ago today. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: the last man to walk on the moon is dead. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. gene cernan at the tender age of 82 has left this world. the last man to walk so far away from this world, something he was surprised at, 45 years after the fact, that no man had come back of any country persuasion. the last man on the moon became a documentary heralded by hollywood, but that didn't matter to him. what mattered to gene cernan in frequent conversations is that we not forget what we did in space. what we did. a little more than a month after the passing of john glenn, the first man to orbit the earth and


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