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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 17, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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"special report" is next. >> bret: on the day honoring martin luther king jr., feud between another civil rights icon and the president-elect fuels claims of discontent just days before the inauguration. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. officials here say they are looking for up to 900,000 people to show up friday for the inauguration of the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. the list of democrats who will not be attending is growing tonight amid not so finally fire between georgia congressman john lewis and president-elect trump. it began with lewis saying, in
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an interview on friday, that he would not recognize mr. trump is a legitimately elected president. that statement deceived a tweet to thereafter from the president-elect, and we are in day four of this back and forth. senior national correspondent john roberts is at trump transition headquarters in washington with the latest. >> good evening. the president-elect marked martin luther king day by inviting mlk's oldest son. martin luther king the third. for a meeting. the purpose of which was twofold. to honor the legacy of king's father and serve as a counterpoint to a buzz saw of criticism that trump has run into over his feud with civil rights icon john lewis. the president-elect road with martin luther king iii. trump retreated to the elevator and disappeared. louis set off a war of words on
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friday by suggesting trump's win was not legitimate. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. >> trump responded by tweeting that lewis should "spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart." and that lewis, who was severely beaten by police on the march on selma is "all talk, talk, talk." >> for someone to use his stature, to use terms like this, not a legitimate president. it is deeply disappointing to me. i hope he reconsiders. >> 's the 11 king, martin luther king's niece said that lewis could use his energy better.
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>> working with the president. >> a war over words with the intelligence community got fresh fuel. john brennan taking several shots of the president-elect. >> what i find outrageous is equating the intelligence community with nazi germany. i take great umbrage at that. i don't think he has an appreciation of russian capabilities, russia's intentions. what mr. trump asked understand is that this is more than being about him. he has the opportunity to do something as opposed to talking and tweeting. >> the words barely escaped brennan's lips before trump was on twitter blasting him. >> does not fully understand. oh, really? couldn't do much worse. just look at syria, crimea, ukraine and the buildup of russian nukes. not good. was this the leaker of fake new news?
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today trump's press secretary sean spicer. >> when you see someone who was supposed to be trusted, confidential advisor, make silly comments like this, it makes you question what else they had said or done. i think that is where the president-elect is coming from. >> back to the feud with john lewis. congressman lewis says he is not going to attend friday's inauguration and he's no stranger to boycotting the inauguration of republican presidents. press reports from 2001 say that as george bush was taking the oath of office, lewis was in atlanta in his home district. >> bret: quickly, there is a report that the senate minority leader chuck schumer is jumping on saying that representative price, who was up for hhs, traded some stocks in companies that he was trying to help or may have helped the senate minority leader, saying it's a clear and troubling pattern of trading and using his office to benefit companies in which he's
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investing. what is the trump team saying? to go suggestion a conflict of interest. he bought a company shortly before he introduced a bill com, along with democrats, that could potentially benefit biotech companies like that. trump transition team saying there was nothing to this story, saying "any effort to connect the introduction of dr. price's legislation to a campaign contribution which he also received is multiply false." dr. price is complying with the recommendations put forth by the office of government ethics grade taking aim at one of their favorite targets. "this is more junk reporting by cnn." >> bret: essentially saying that stocks were being controlled by an outside third party. >> exactly. that this was a brokered account. congressman price did not pick and choose. >> bret: california currently leads the nation and in the nur of congressional no-shows for
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friday swearing-in. national correspondent william la jeunesse tells us why from los angeles. >> he's the one that has to bring people together, not me. >> maxine waters joins more than two dozen in congress boycotting president-elect donald trump's inauguration. >> i have no intention of working with the president at this time. >> her colleague said she wasn't in the mood to celebrate. >> jared huffman said he preferred to protest. catherine clark says she won't help normalize trump. wisconsin congressman cited russian hacking. >> luis gutierrez said... >> i don't feel comfortable standing next to a man who swears allegiance to this country and president of the united states of america after he said that beck skins are murderers, rapists, drug dealer
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dealers. >> others are undecided. >> i want to know what you tell me. what do you think? should i participate in the inauguration? stick with those refusing to attend include 18 minorities, 12 are women. 12 from california, five from new york, three, oregon. all are democrats. >> if you don't honor that, you are dishonoring something of great value. >> eight years ago, but republicans did not boycott president obama. >> republicans said they didn't think he was legitimate, there would have been a larger outcry. >> while lawmakers will not pay a price, their estates code. one-third of california's budget is federal money but california leaders say protecting the progressive agenda is more important than reaching across the aisle. >> i would rather people doing their patriotic duties, some of them will do that at the inauguration, some will do it in the streets.
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>> the inauguration is supposed to be the one day opponents set aside their differences to celebrate the peaceful transition of power from one party or president to another. that is one honor democrats say donald trump does not deserve. >> bret: thank you. president-elect drop is staking out his role as negotiator in chief. mr. trump is sending strong signals concerning what he intends to do about the nation's trade deficit once he gets into office. peter doocy has details. >> days after putting his hand on the bible to take the oath of office, the next president says he will have his hands on all sorts of negotiations designed to boost american trade, even though it could offset some of the voters who elected him. mr. trump says "i say to the people, do you want a conservative or do you want someone who's going to make great deals? they are all screaming great deals, great deals. they don't care. there are no labels." the trump white house will be
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the first with a trade council. in an interview, he suggests they will be busy quickly saying he will be ready within weeks to make brexit work as he hopes to hammer out a new trade deal with theresa may. also indicating he could lift sanction on putin's regime. "i think nuclear weapons should be way down and reduced substantially. that is part of it. but you do have sanctions on russia is hurting very badly right now because of sanctions but i think something that can happen that a lot of people are going to benefit." the u.s. as part of one existing deal that president-elect drop scene set on improving. nato. he insists the alliance is important but he is complaining that five of the 28 member countries are paying their way. trump says "i said a long time ago that nato had problems. number one it was obsolete because it was designed many,
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many years ago. number two the countries aren't paying what they were supposed to pay." talk like that has germany consulting with top nato brass. >> i just spoke about the remarks made by president-elect trump. >> the deal many want to see him make is mexico paying for a border wall. the latest update we got is that mr. trump, starting construction and then looking for reimbursement. >> bret: thank you. monica crowley will not be joining the trump administration. she announced today she would not be taking a senior communications job of the national security council. crowley's work as a writer and commentator has been challenged by critics who say much of it was lifted from other writers. cnn reported last week several
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passages in the 2012 book written by crowley were plagiarized. she has not addressed those allegations had on but says she is not going into the trump administration. president-elect trump says his plan to replace obamacare is almost ready. he is promising something republicans have traditionally had problems with. promising "insurance for all." mike emanuel tells us how that's going down on capitol hill tonight. >> president-elect trump told "the washington post"'s team is finishing up a plan that would include "insurance for everybody." mr. trump is also targeting the pharmaceutical industry on drug prices. "they are politically protected but not anymore." the next white house press secretary explained today. >> his goal is to get health care. he's going to fight tooth and nail to make sure he gets it and uses his skill set as a successful negotiator and businessman to drive costs down, create more plan options and doctor options. >> they took a procedural step
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to repeal obamacare and block senate democrats from from beie to filibuster. so far speaker paul ryan has called for achieving the "noble goal." >> everyone should have access to affordable health care including people with pre-existing conditions. this is what we want to achieve but that's not what's happening under obamacare. >> the house leader has suggested what the g.o.p. is doing will be doomsday. >> what are they doing? overturning the affordable care act, undermining the health security and financial stability of america's working families. and defunding planned parenthood. >> rand paul, a medical doctor, is selling his own ideas and says one of the key reforms is legalizing the sale of inexpensive insurance. >> that means getting rid of the obamacare mandates on what you can buy paired we are going to help people save through healths
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accounts as well as a tax credit. one of the things we need to talk more about. this is the third part of the replacement bill. allow individuals to come together in associations to buy insurance. >> they president-elect issue this warning to his fellow republicans. "the congress can't get cold feet because the people will not let that happen." >> mr. trump said he is waiting until tom price gets confirmed. finance committee members are reviewing price's records, ethics agreement, tax returns. sounds like they are looking to announce a hearing date soon. he is set to sit with the health committee later this week. >> use the hashtag #specialrecord." astheinaugurationdateapproaches, securitybecomesamoreimportantiss
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ue,muchmoreimportant catherine herridge has a behind-the-scenes look at how the fbi is getting ready. >> neutrons are what we will find in a nuclear weapon. >> the responsibility of bomb technicians during the inauguration event are to identify anything that might be an explosive threat. >> this will filter out particulates. anthrax or any biological. >> fox news went inside the fbi's command and tactical center. >> on inauguration day, every seat will be filled in the room will be full of activity. >> this is the bureau's nerve center where the focus is counterterrorism. how is the threat picture changed? >> we have seen a shift away from sort of the large overseas more complex type of terrorist attack to the idea of the lone actor. >> the fbi's priorities, tips and intelligence.
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the command center is led by secret service. >> there is a utility problem. lights go out. everyone gets word of that immediately. and we know who was going to respond to that. >> will have fbi representatives and their command post and we will have the full complement of communications. >> get out in front of things quickly so they don't mushroom. >> as the scaffolding goes up, the plan is checked and double checked. more than 20,000 security officials are protecting 100 square blocks stretching from the capital to the white house and beyond. 5,000 national guard troops are on duty with 3,000 police officers. how much do you rely on this? >> we rely on it heavily. >> they will use gps technology to map the location of agents. this monitor provides a bird's-eye view of the mall. drones are banned in d.c. airspace and the fbi won't
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hesitate to act. >> we want people to know we maintain capability to detect and defeat devices of that type. >> homeland security says there is no specific or credible threat but the fbi and secret service told fox news they are constantly reevaluating the intelligence. both agencies have their most concerned about the individual or small group that's not on their radar right now. >> bret: thank you. we are very pleased to tell you about the newest entry in our fox news channel evening lineup. martha maccallum hosts the first 100 days beginning tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern and martha is in our new york studios getting ready for opening night. she is co-anchoring the inauguration coverage with yours truly this friday. >> good evening, bret. thank you very much for having me. we are looking forward to a big show at the top of the hour. were going to take a journey through these 100 days which are going to be historic. it feels in so many ways that
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present electron is already in office given the amount of controversy we have seen stirred up. no doubt it's going to be an interesting ride. >> bret: it will be. what about representative lewis on the other democrats who say they are not going? some of these folks also said they were not going to go into thousand one, saying that george w. bush was not a legitimate president. >> they believe the supreme court battle it made him a nonlegitimate president. seems to be a refrain that congressman lewis is somewhat comfortable with. it's a serious charge, though, and it undercuts the will of the people in 31 states who voted for donald trump in the majority of those states prayed when you think about the message sent by the bushes, who obviously had a difficult time with the nomination and all of the back-and-forth with jeb bush. they will be there. the clintons, certainly no one has taken it on the chain or had a tougher reaction that all of
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this than hillary clinton who laid it out on the line to win this herself. she will be there and it says something about the process that we watch unfold every four years here in the united states. george washington said that of all the institutions in u.s. government, the most important one of all is the smooth transition of power. that is something we celebrate, even more than the man or the person standing up there. we celebrate the process. john lewis is not in a celebratory mood. >> bret: critics are pointing to polls, the gallup poll out that shows how president-elect obama, as he was coming in, had some 83% approval rating. donald trump at 44%. there you see the numbers. obviously trump supporters are pretty sick of polls. what do you make of this? and the challenge the new president faces? >> as you say, bret, his supporters don't really give much on bridge to polls.
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they felt they were wrong throughout the course of the election. when you look at these numbers, and one that is interesting is that a lot of people disagree with him on the beef he had taken up with the intelligence agencies. that may have hurt him to a certain extent by the process that has been ugly and rambunctious may continue to be hurting him. there are people who want him to take i -- take a higher road. we will see. >> bret: 11:00 a.m. we have a studio on the national mall. it's going to be quite a day. martha, good luck tonight. great to have you. >> great to see you. >> bret: make sure you stick around after "special report." martha's first show, "first 100 days," can be seen every week night at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. up next, the end of the clinton global initiative. why is it shutting down?
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first, some of our affiliates. fox 13 in tampa. the circus will not be coming to town much longer. the owner says the show will end forever in may. executive say declining attendance, high operation costs, and prolonged battles with animals rights groups contributed to its demise. fox 4 in dallas. severe weather in texas. at least two tornadoes have been confirmed. fans attending the dallas cowboys football game were advised to stay in the stadium for more than an hour after the contest, adding insult to injury for dallas fans. this is a live look at san dieg san diego. one of the big stories they are, a successful landing for a space x rocket. the falcon 9 rocket landed on the platform in the ocean. the ability to reuse the rockets
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is considered essential to making space travel more affordable. that is two nights live look outside the beltway from "special repororororor
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>> bret: when you are hot, you are hot, the saying goes paid when you are not, at least in the case of the charitable foundation that bill and hillary clinton set up, the foreign donations taper off. global ambitions get scaled back and then the layoffs. here is chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> the clinton global initiative claims to have helped millions of people. hillary clinton in 2016 wasn't of them. for the clinton foundation,
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points of controversy amid allegations they traded access and favors when mrs. clinton was secretary of state in exchange for large cash pledges. >> the clinton foundation made it possible for 11 million people around the world with hiv/aids to afford treatment. >> now this form filed on january 12th, they notified state authorities of plans to lay off 22 employees for discontinuation for the global initiative. an attorney has reviewed mountains of filings and claims it nor cgi ever complied with the governing. >> health, global initiative, they have never adequately disclosed that gigantic sums. hundreds of millions of dollars towards the clinton foundation that should have been reported in new york state filings year
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by year, beginning in 2004. they have never yet on that. >> a foundation spokesman told fox news that this is old news that was reported on widely back in august and september. >> we are going to set up some of these things as individual foundations without any of our being involved but we are going transfer the operations to others, other operations. >> existing financial commitments to cgi projects will be fulfilled and the 2017 meeting is still on for cgi university, which gathers university administers, academics, celebrities to help students develop their own solutions to global challenges paid >> i don't think the plan was ever for the clinton foundation or the clinton global initiative to go on forever and ever. bill clinton said i want to do this for at least ten years. he did great he set the metrics by which he wanted to improve people's lives where he met them. >> their finances aside, the clinton foundation and cgi were revealed in the wikileaks documents to be a locus of interoffice and family tension
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with bill clinton's aid predicting in one email that chelsea clinton will hurt cgi because she has "repeatedly gone to daddy to get decisions change." it's going to be hard to say good-bye to all of this. >> james, thank you. president obama is saying good-bye again and again. it appears to almost be over, the farewell tour. you will end friday at noon. he is hosting what is billed as his last news conference as president wednesday afternoon. this follows his last major speech last week and his last big interview over the weekend. kevin corke is at the white house tonight as the president reflects on his legacy. >> and what is expected to be his final network television interview in office, president obama admitted last night frankly he still doesn't get it. >> i was surprised and continue to be surprised by the severity of partisanship in this town. >> surprised by the rancorous full on politicization of just
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about everything in washington paid >> but i am the first to acknowledge that i did not crack the code in terms of reducing this partisan fever. >> no, he didn't. mr. obama said he was unable to consistently mobilize public opinion in favor of his policies, enough to weaken the will of republicans to fight despite proclaiming a hopeful end to partisanship in 2008 with joe biden by his side. >> i know he'll be able to help me turn the page on the ugly partisanship in washington. >> from passing the affordable care act without a single republican vote. analyst suggest the president -- >> i've got a pen and a phone. >> all presidential politicians coming into the nation's capital hope to do well, bring the country together. hope to bring prosperity and peace. in this case, the president --
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>> i became a lightning rod for some partisan battles. i could not be prouder of the track record with put together. >> a record that saw the numberr of states won by democrats and the general election decrease from 2008 22012 and again in 2016. with party losses totaling more than 1,000, mr. obama's call to bridge the ideological gap has gone largely unanswered. >> i didn't fully appreciate the ways in which individual senators or members of congress now are pushed to the extremes by their voter basis. >> extremes that he said kept them from working across the political aisle for fear of voter retribution. just a snapshot of the hyper- partisan washington that will remain long after the president is out of office. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn.
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also on the north lawn and in the white house, the white house press corps. pushing back tonight on the idea that white house briefings may no longer be in the white house briefing room. fox news analyst howard kurtz is here with specifics. what is the trump team's argument for this move to take it out of the briefing room and move it to the old executive office building? >> of the basic is that the small pressroom can accommodate the hundreds of journalists who want to cover the new administration. >> there is a lot of talk radio and bloggers the people that can't fit in, maybe don't have a permanent seat. to allow them on opportunity to ask the press secretary or president-elect a question, it's positive thing. more democratic great >> any journalist who gets white house credentials can come to the briefings. once the novelty wears off you're not going to have
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hundreds of people clamoring to get in. the media elite are big targets great >> i'm going to ask you what do you think from the press corps' position is the downside? >> it is all about prime real estate. reporters have access to press officials and can see vips coming and going. when the press was moved one block away during a bush administration renovation they had the feeling of being in siberia. >> bret: i was there. i covered that. we were in siberia. the question is, does it lead to the reporters being pulled out entirely? and why are they trump folks pushing the idea? >> the president-elect, not a big fan of mainstream media, may be sending a strong signal. jeff mason, head of the white house correspondents association told fox that his group will fight any move because it undermines the reporting. we will see who wins this skirmish.
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>> bret: thank you. not a lot of sympathy for the press corps core period, but te will be pushed back. the wife of the man who killed 49 people at an orlando nightclub has been arrested. noor salman was taken into custody by fbi agents at her home in san francisco. a person familiar with the case says she is charged with obstruction. omar mateen was killed in the shoot-out. news accounts say the suspect was caught in istanbul today. the last man to walk on the moon has died. astronaut gene cernan was the commander of the apollo 17 mission in 1972, the last man
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distinction stayed with him for the rest of his life. >> i'm really not the last. there are kids out there that are going to take us back to the moon and beyond where we planned to go for a long time. it's somewhat of a misnomer but i tell you what. i wear that label with pride. >> bret: details of his death have not been announced. gene cernan was 82.
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>> if he doesn't have confidence in the intelligence community, what signal does not send to our partners and allies as well as our adversaries? >> it's a garbage document. never should have been presented as part of an intelligence briefing. trump is right to be upset about that. >> do i think russia supported
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him? do i think they tried to get him elected? i do. that's something that has to be investigated. >> i think president obama could step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the election. >> well, the back-and-forth about russia, what they did ahead of the election, hacking, intel back and forth with donald trump, the president-elect, the intelligence community is continuing, as we are now four days away from the inauguration. this, as the number of democrats skipping the inauguration stands at 31. according to their offices tonight and obviously that could change in the next few days, either less or more. john lewis, congressman from georgia, has kind of lead this by saying that the president-elect is not legitimate as president. he has said that before.
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according to "the washington post" ," some members of the black caucus decided to boycott grecian day, john lewis spent the day in his atlanta district where he thought it would be hypocritical to attend bush's swearing-in because he doesn't believe bush is the true elected president. this on martin luther king jr. day. let's bring in our panel. juan williams, julie pace, and charles krauthammer. juan, good to have you in d.c. what do you make of all this? 31, the number, as of tonight. >> i think the number is going to grow and i think you're going to see major protests from the inaugural festivities this weekend. part of this you can trace back to things like the argument over russian interference, jim comey and the fbi's role just before the election. and even to the fact that hillary clinton won the popular
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vote. at some point it comes off as political whining. why do i say that? as a democrat even, i think at some juncture you have to be politic about this and say guess what. donald trump is going to be inaugurated on friday. he is going to be the commander-in-chief of our military. he's going to be the chief executive of our federal government. the question is, peaceful transfer of power. think all of us need to celebrate that. secondly, how do you, in terms of forming a loyal opposition, go forward? i think they are putting themselves in a box where they come off as easily disregarded or easily ignored or categorized as petty. >> bret: the leader of the democratic party, at least now, president obama, has said he wants a smooth transition. that this is a legitimately elected president-elect will put his hand on the bible on friday. >> i think he understands this idea of questioning the legitimacy of the presidency is
1:40 am
a really dangerous thing. we've seen this in the last three presidencies at least. you had people after 2,000. >> bret: 's we had people in 2009 saying he wasn't legitimate because they are saying he wasn't born in the u.s. that was litigated over time. >> people in 2000 who said he wasn't legitimately elected. what that does to the political system when you talk about russian interference, that's one of the things they're trying to do. was not really who they were trying to get elected. trying to create chaos in our system. i think obama knows that if you have not just lawmakers but citizens who question the process, the idea of the peaceful transfer of power, it becomes maybe not as easy as it has been throughout our history. >> it's a sign of the loosening of the threads of our constitutional system. it's a minor one but it does
1:41 am
show that the trust in institutions has declined radically since the second world war. about the only remaining one that is trusted is the military. this is not a good sign. john lewis is a genuine american hero, a man of extraordinary courage, and he deserves all the accolades he's had but he does tend to exaggerate and go to hyperbole. as in 2009, 2008 when he intimated that the mccain campaign reminded him of george wallace. he has a right to say anything he wants but he should be cognizant of the moral weight he carries. to call trump illegitimate because of the russian hacking, that's a rather thin read. there are a lot of ways to question the legitimacy of an election. the supreme court stepping in. on the russian hacking, looks
1:42 am
like he was looking for an excuse. on the other hand, trump should have restrained himself. he's not a man who turns the other cheek. it was not a time to attack john lewis personally for the troubles in african-american communities. together it creates a dynamic that undermines the majesty of what is supposed to happen on inauguration day. he went to the end of your point, the president-elect meeting with martin luther king iii at trump tower today. >> in the heat of emotion, a lot of things get set on both sides. my father would be very concerned about the fact that there are 50 million or 60 million people living in poverty. in america, with a multitrillion dollar economy, it is insanity that we have poor people in this nation. >> bret: donald trump tweeting "celebrating martin luther king
1:43 am
day and all the wonderful things he stood for. honor him for being the great man that he was." he was asked the question, martin luther king iii. he's responding. >> i want to double down on something charles said. john lewis deserves the accolades as a person of bravery. when donald trump tweets "all talk, no action," people who know civil rights history and black americans of a certain ag age, they are turned out, thinking what is he saying? you can't say that about this guy. this guy put himself on the line and took risks. this is not a man who is all talk and no action. no way. >> bret: that is the problem with tweeting. there is no nuance. i think he is tweeting all talk, no action about the problems in inner cities but not john lewis.
1:44 am
>> bret: even if we said it's just about what's going on in john lewis' congressional district, he suggests it's a mess. that's not the case. you know atlanta. this is a congressman who has had some success. again and again, you say tweeting is inadequate. it's the fact that even today on king's birthday, people say to me, where is donald trump? is he doing something with a black group that would at least signify some intent toward healing? the answer was well, he had martin luther king iii come visit. didn't take any questions. retreating into the elevator. >> bret: i want to deal with this quick question. in "the washington post" interview he says about obamacare that there will be a replacement and that there will be insurance for all.
1:45 am
i mean, we don't know what that looks like. >> we don't know. his team is pushing back at this idea that he wants the replacement package to guarantee coverage for all. they are saying his goal is to create a health care system that will allow people to have access but we don't know. we hear a lot of different things from trump about what his goal is paid he said he wanted something terrific. now is the time to start filling out those details great he didn't do a lot there to give us a picture of what has replaced package will look like. >> bret: will he? >> will he? >> bret: provide details? >> i don't know who it comes out of. they're going to have to. you're going to have to present a bill. that will come out of ryan's office or price as hhs secretary or maybe the white house. when the president says insurance for all, we have no idea what he means. i think it is idle speculation. i guarantee that trump himself is not sure what that means.
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let's wait and see what the policy is. >> bret: okay, we will. next up, president obama's farewell tour keeps
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♪ ♪ >> i could not be prouder of the track record we've put together. by almost every measure, the country is significantly better off than when i came in. we were as productive as any administration has been since '60s. we got a lot done. i am glad that i'm leaving this place at a relatively young age, 55, so i have the opportunity for a second, maybe even a third
1:50 am
act. i'm the best president i've ever been right now. there is part of me that thinks, we are pretty good at this stuff. you hate to see that talent disperse. the one that was his 17th interview with steve croft. i had one chance, in 2010, but i was happy to have it paired we are back with our panel. charles, what about this farewell tour as it continues until friday? >> i am the best president i've ever been? that's a pretty low bar. i'm sure all presidents come of the week they are leaving office, i'm sure it happens in all walks of life pretty wonder whether obama believes it. i'm convinced he does. i think what he doesn't quite understand is yes, he did a lot of things but they are all built
1:51 am
on sand. the reason is he never brought in the opposition. he never brought in the country. he wins the election when he's on the ticket and gets crushed on the elections when he's not because, as he said himself, i'm not on the ballots by my policies are. he completely overshot the mandate. the mandate in '08 was to reassure a very nervous, apprehensive country and to govern sort of in a moderate wa way. he understood it as a mandate for his sort of social democratic -- he was bernie sanders before sanders was sanders. he tried to govern that way and you can't for a country that is 80% nonliberal. >> bret: he said he was surprised by the severity of the partisanship when he got here and there were times that he lost the p.r. battle. that's an accurate statement about the partisanship but the question is whether he helped at all during that time?
1:52 am
there were big boats, stimulus, three republicans. the health care vote had zero three he didn't really reach out. >> it was a choice administration made when they have the majority on capitol hill that they were going to push through, go forward on health care with a sweeping program that wasn't really explained to the public, that is complicated. any time you do the something that big that affects so much change and you do it on partisan lines, it's risky. trump is going to have to think about that when he is pushing through his agenda items. the idea of the p.r. battle, the administration had talked about it for years. there is always messaging, communication that's the problem, not the policy. that's an easy crutch to lean on. the reality is a lot of people didn't like what they did. it wasn't the messaging. >> bret: on foreign policy, i want to play then and now on the syria redline pay >> a redline
1:53 am
for us as we start saying a whole bunch -- seeing captain nicole wever chemical weapons moving around. i >> you said you drew the redline. i don't want to make a big deal out of it. would you take it back? >> the reason i'm hesitating is not to be defensive. it's to simply say i would have i think made a bigger mistake if i had said chemical weapons, that doesn't really change my calculus. i think it was important for me as president of the united states to send a message that in fact there is something different about chemical weapons. >> bret: juan. >> i think clearly his critics would say that was a flub. beyond that, we see tremendous human suffering in syria.
1:54 am
even the possibility to negotiate a settlement, looks like it something between russia, iran, may be tricky. united states not part of the deal. there are a lot of critics would fault him. he did say chemical weapons and that there was a resolution that removed chemical weapons from the fray. in the partisan atmosphere that we know is still a reality, he is getting shellacked on that point. there are points to say to his credit. it is important we say we were in a terrible recession and we've had months of steady economic recovery. dodd-frank is seen by many as a positive step. >> may not last. >> the iran deal, may not last. climate deal, may not last. if you are talking about what is the defense of obama's statement that he is getting better at this, that he was in the face of tremendous obstruction, intentional obstruction by republicans to get something
1:55 am
down, he would say that's the record. >> bret: i'm going to play one more. obamacare. this answer real quick. >> i think we have done the big stuff right. i think there are some big obvious fumbles or shanks if you're using the golf analogy. if you know you are setting up a complicated web site, it better work on the first day or first week or first month. the fact that it didn't obviously lost a little momentum. that was clearly a management failure. >> bret: charles. >> it was a conceptual mistake from the beginning and obama seems not to realize this is his signature domestic achievement. it will be swept away because of the fact that he couldn't sell it and it made no sense. chuck schumer himself said it was a terrible mistake. the majority of americans liked what they had.
1:56 am
he decided, liberals, intellectuals like him, that they know better. he was wrong. >> bret: that's it for the panel but perhaps one of the final .inal . .
1:57 am
>> bret: finally, tonight, the world champion chicago cubs visited the white house today. chicago is president obama's adopted home town. cubs president wanted to sneak in one more pardon for the president's allegiance to another team in that city.
1:58 am
a speaker mr. president, with only a few days remaining in europe tremendous presidency, we have taken the liberty here today of offering a midnight pardon. [laughter] for all of your indiscretions to the baseball fans. so, we welcome you with open arms today and to the family. [laughter] [applauding] >> bret: a big white sox fan, that had to be tough. thanks, everybody. that is that for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. the "the first 100 days" hostedy the "the first 100 days" hostedy >> it's tuesday january 17th, three days before inauguration and democrats on the boycott band wagon is growing. guess who is joining the fight, al sharpton, of course.
1:59 am
>> he has in many ways divided us more. >> we are live in washington. the outage is boiling over this saturday. heather: what she's accused of doing nearly seven months after the attack as she faces the judge for the first time today. >> parents be aware, a possible teething toy. could be filled with mold specially if you have a drilling baby. "fox & friends" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> good morning, i'm heather childers. clayton: more democrats on the boycott wand -- bandwagon. heather: saying it's not legitimate. clayton: chris jenkins. good morning, chris. heather: good morning. >> good morning, that list is boycotting inauguration now saying they will skip historic event. the list includes john lewis along with dozen of minorities who oppose mr. trump with the latest keith


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