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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 17, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> good morning, i'm heather childers. clayton: more democrats on the boycott wand -- bandwagon. heather: saying it's not legitimate. clayton: chris jenkins. good morning, chris. heather: good morning. >> good morning, that list is boycotting inauguration now saying they will skip historic event. the list includes john lewis along with dozen of minorities who oppose mr. trump with the latest keith ellison.
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i will not celebrate a person who preaches divide. reverend al sharpton saying this. >> i think that there's no question that the process was no legitimate. when you look at the not evidence from the intelligence agencies that there was the influence from the russians. clearly the process has serious questions about it. >> despite the growing list and criticism, kellyanne conway says she hopes they will reconsider. >> we hope that the democratic of congress reconsider. they are certainly welcome to the inauguration. governor pence, he went to president obama's inauguration. maybe he was previewing the platform for himself but he went to show respect.
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>> and we will be watching later to see if president-elect trump responds on twitter. we don't know for sure he will, but he just might. clayton: quite a good chance specially when the sun comes up. heather: great to have you with us. clayton: where is the peaceful transfer of power. fox news contributor saying this unprecedented. >> i can say that in my time covering washington which goes back close to 50 years, i've never seen the preinauguration atmosphere in terms of what we are seeing here. this is usually a time when the partisan bitterness and disappointments in the election are set aside but only temporarily, set aside because of this remarkable event which is something common to lasting democracies and uncommon almost everywhere in the world so it's something very much to celebrate.
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people set the partisanship and bitterness aside and this year it is not happening. at least to the degree it used to. heather: education secretary nominee betsy in the hot seat today as confirmation hearings kicks off. more than a dozen senators targeting over public record and will set with senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who has openly called her unqualified. one of eight nominees ahead of inauguration. mr. trump labor secretary nominee meantime is debunking a cnn report that she's having second thoughts about the job and tweeting this, i'm looking for the hearing set next month. clayton: don't miss our sit-down interview with president-elect trump. she will talk about the inauguration day, what he plans to do first day of presidency.
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it airs tomorrow on "fox & friends". heather: widow of orlando nightclub terrorist is set to face a federal judge this morning. clayton: arrested by the fbi but exact involvement in history. kelly wright. >> husband gunned down 49 innocent people in june. when fbi questioned her about that, she said she knew nothing about her husband's plans. she's in custody facing federal charges. fbi police arrested in rodeo, outside of san francisco. omar mateen murdered 49 people in pulse nightclub. prosecutors are charging her with obstruction of charges and
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aiding and abating her husband. >> we said from the beginning, we were going to look at every aspect of this case, every aspect of the shooter's life to determine not just why did he take these actions, but who else knew about them, was anyone else involved, is there any other accountability that needs to be had here in this case. >> omar mateen was killed in a shout-out with orlando police taking time to call his wife to tell her to watch the tv and the news thanked he loved her. before dying he pledged allegiance to isis. clayton: mystery when this was all unfolding. kelly, thank you so much. heather: a chilling confession from the isis gunman behind the new year's eve massacre at a turkish nightclub, the 34-year-old man admit
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slaughtering 39 people that isis already claimed responsibility for. he says that he trained in afghanistan, a two-week manhunt let authorities to a safe house 25 miles from the club where he was hiding with toddler son. four other people taken into custody in a midnight raid. after the pilot called for help saying passengers were in danger. security threat radioed in as jet approached denver international airport from san diego, 9:15 last night. fbi joining local police. passengers were forced to sit on board in an isolated section of the runway until the plane was cleared and that was more than two hours later. clayton: poisonous gas kills three workers and leaves firefighter for his life. one man trapped in a key hole
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and were overwhelmed by natural gas, it was all because of improper ventilation there. five nearby homes had to be evacuated for precaution. the firefighter in a medically induced coma. the coast guards suspecting efforts after 22 hours with no sign of missing family. 31-year-old man and 3-year-old little boy swept away while walking in oregon beach. rescuers only recovered a child carrier. heather: extreme weather, mix of ice and snow moving east at this hour. winter weather alerts to millions from midwest to new england. clayton: causing suv to slide off the road. janice dean is here tracking the path of this storm. good morning, janice. janice: good morning, we had
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tornadoes yesterday around the houston-texas area. it's all part of the bigger system that's now as you mention across the upper midwest and great lakes and northeast, mixture of sleet and snow and we have winter storm advisories in effect as well as freezing rain advisories for parts of pennsylvania up towards up state new york. things could be tricky, just be careful on the roadways. our next big system across the west, yes, more rain, more mountain snow from the northwest down towards central california. inches of rain and feet of snow yet again. the past couple of storms have definitely put a dent in the drought but too much of a good thing could cause flash flooding and big-time avalanche concerns. inauguration week, weather looks pretty good. temperatures above average but we could see rain on friday.
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heather: we ask for the rain to go as well. janice: i will see what i can do. the last man to walk on the moon has died. >> one of the most proud moments of my life, i guaranty you. heather: captain of apollo17, three days on the moon, before leaving he wrote his only child initial in the dust. his family says he died from ongoing health issues. george h.w. bush issuing a statement, dean, he was 82 year's old. clayton: san diego chargers getting cold shoulder from locals. two dozen moving companies vow to go not help the team with their move.
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the group formed a website called we won't move you, last week gathered to throw away and burn memorabilia. heather: ten minutes after the top of the hour. first it was colleges catering to students that would not accept results of the election. it's getting worse. the state department is offering two employees. exclusive look inside the fbi command center and the protest that could unfold. heather: did lindsey lohan convert to islam. bizarre activity on instagram that's lighting up social media with the rumors.
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most comfortable sheets you'll ever sleep on. try them for 30 nights and get $50 off your first set at, promo code: tv. heather: with the inauguration just three day asway, can you believe it's almost here? clayton: finally. heather: security preparations well underway in washington, d.c. nearly 30,000 police officers and agents will all be on hand to protect more than one million people from the capitol to the white house and beyond. clayton: inside behind the scenes look at how the feds are getting ready for any possible scenario. take a look. >> the responsibility of bomb technicians during the inauguration event are to identify anything that may be explosive threat. >> this will filter anthrax or
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any type of biological. >> fox news went under fbi command center in washington, d.c. >> on inauguration day every seat in here will be filled and the room will be full of activity. >> this is the bureau's center where the focus is counterterrorism. >> how has the threat picture changed since 2012? >> large overseas directed, more complex-type of terrorist attack to the idea of the lone act. >> the fbi's priorities is moving tips and intelligence on a second by second basis. >> there's a -- even a utility problem, lights go out and in one of the ballrooms, for example. everyone gets word of that immediately and we know who is going to respond to that. >> the fbi will use gps technology to map the location of agents as they move throughout the crowds and this
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monitor provides bird's-eye view of -- >> homeland security says there's no specific or credible threat. they're constantly reevaluating and they are most concerned about the individual or small group that's not on the radar right now. heather: thanks, katherine. for the election it was stressful for a lot of people but the step department take it one step further. they held workshops for employees to cope with stress from the trump transition and workers even got to dedicate work time hours toward the hours for long sessions. e-mail invitation, we can become paralyze by fear or allow the experience of change to propel us closer. clayton: police officers as pigs comes down for good today.
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it broke rules by depicting a political controversy. the painting flaring tempers for weeks. it was ripped down by republicans three times and hung up back senator lacy clay who chose the painting as a part of a context for students. heather: now to fox business alert, two major car companies announcing plans to invest billions into the u.s. thanks to the president elect's tax plan. clayton: cheryl casone from the sister network, fox business, good morning, cheryl. cheryl: proposals that president-elect trump is putting forward could be a good thing for business that would help the economy. first hyundai. maintain factories in alabama and also in georgia but come up with new vehicles. that's hyundai. gm is going to invest about a
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billion dollars, could create a thousand jobs or save a thousand jobs. all the backdrop, if you will, to imf report that under president-elect trump, or president trump, the economy over the next two years will grow 2.3%. anything about 2% we haven't seen under president obama. heather: never hurts to have good expectations to begin with. clayton: cheryl, i have to ask you about this, i saw the story and scared me because my little girl likes to chew on the sophie doll, what's the problem with this thing? cheryl: many parents are posting particularly on amazon but on the web, when you open up the doll there's mold in there. black mold. to your point this is a 25-dollar sophie the giraffe,
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it's meant for teething. it's made in friends, it's supposed to be made from natural rubber. parents going all over amazon and telling other parents. don't buy this because if a child is chewing on it, you're exposing the child to black mold. heather: $25 for a teething toy? that's expensive. so we talked about self-driving cars, we have seen the problems that they have. what about self-flying taxis? cheryl: this is coming from airplane manufacturer, kind of makes sense. a flying taxi. a cross between a car and airplane, if you will. the aircraft manufacturer, summon it with a smartphone, the drawings for you, they are hoping to have a demo to show
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all of us, physical demo by the end of the year which will be good to watch. clayton: takes you off. i will be right there. cheryl: i'm there. we are going. clayton: 20 minutes after the hours. celebrities alec baldwin protesting and now you can add mayor de blasio, taking aim at president elect. >> for our lady de guadalupe -- heather: i love that show. we have good news about your coffee this morning per roll
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clayton: major bill de blasio taking aim on twitter at the president elect. heather: fox news headlines 24/ 24/7seriusxm. >> if you thought there was a smooth transition of power, think again. the mayor of donald trump's hometown is leading the charge. mayor taking the twitter to ro mote a rally against the president elect that's set to take place before the inauguration. de blasio wrote, i'm rallying at trump international hotel at 6:00 p.m. on january 19 because our next president needs to hear from all new yorkers before he takes office, join us, let's begin one hundred days of action for our values as lincoln once said here in new york city, let us have faith, that right makes mic. this administration needs to
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hear the message that neighborhood policing has made new york city safer and will do the same for our country. join us. alek walled -- alek bald bruce springsteen, canceling gig out of respect for springsteen himself. the performance set to take place on thursday at the ball, no longer. heather: i think it's just ashame. it really is. lindsey lohan updated social media accounts. a lot of folks talking about this as well. >> spreading rumors that she converted to islam.
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black and white cover photo in peace be to you. clayton: people make big leaps. what about spot-on impersonation of taylor swift. >> take a look at this 7-year-old. she's a mini taylor swift. doesn't she look incredible. look at the wardrobe change. people are seeing double. we will have to see if taylor swift chimes in on this one.
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clayton: al sharpton to take a swing at the process saying it's not legitimate. heather: feud that just continues to boil over. good morning, chris. >> good morning, clayton and heather. just days as donald trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the united states, the voices challenging the legitimacy of presidency is growing louder as you mention with al sharpton now taking a swipe. >> i think that there's no question that the process that elected him was not legitimate. when you look at the not evidence from the intelligence agencies that there was the influence from the russians, clearly the process has a serious questions about it. >> and the list of democratic members boycott grows, the latest to join the list is
2:32 am
minnesota representative keith ellison, leading candidate to chair the dnc who tweeted this year. he says, i will not celebrate a man who preaches politics of division and hate, i won't be attending donald trump's inauguration, despite growing list, kellyanne conway says she hopes that they will reconsider. >> we hope that they reconsider. they are welcome to the inauguration. governor pence of indiana who is the only republican governor to go, he went to president obama's inauguration, she went to show respect. >> and certainly yet so we will keep a close eye on donald trump's twitter account to see if he responds to reverend sharpton. 40 is a lot of lawmakers.
2:33 am
heather: he watches our show. if he tweets, let us know. the widow of orlando terrorist set to face the judge this morning, arrested by the fbi but her exact involvement remains a mystery. kelly wright with the latest on the investigation. good morning, kelly. >> her husband gunned down 49 nbt people in -- 49 innocent people in june. after several months of conducting more investigation, she's in custody and facing federal charges. fbi and police arrested 30-year-old noor salman. when she appears in court today, prosecutors are charging her with obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting and other charges. attorney general loretta lynch says investigators have been
2:34 am
working since june to determine if anyone knew of her husband's intent to massacre people at the pulse nightclub. >> we said from the beginning we were going to look at every aspect of this case, every aspect of the shooter's life to determine not just why did he take these actions but who else knew about them, was anyone else involved, is there any other accountability that needs to be had here in this case. >> omar mateen was killed in a shootout with a deadly shooting rampage, taking time to tell his wife to watch the news and he loved her and before dying he pledged allegiance to isis. heather and clayton. clayton: thanks, kelly. shocking news. the man accused of ambushing an arizona state trooper, 37-year-old lenor escobar was illegal immigrant, he was turned away from the border and living
2:35 am
in the united states a year and a half. veteran trooper anderson would not be alive if a hero passer-by had not shot escobar. heather: nearly proposed law could stop your taxpayer dollars that won't take back criminals. proposing the countries to take back citizens. right now, there are more than 20 countries that refuse to cooperate with the u.s. so let's keep talking about this? how should we punish countries for refuse to go take back illegal immigrant criminals? log onto fox& fox friends page.
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janice: good morning, that ice storm that brought inches of ice across the central u.s. is on the move. look at temperatures, you can see how cold it is north of this boundary and south of it is where we have the warmer air that's pushing north ward. above average across the east coast for the rest of the workweek. there's the icy mix of snow. above that temperatures are warmer, that's where we are getting the all-rain event. snow across northern new england where they can receive upwards of 6-inches and then possibility of freezing rain and ice for up state new yorks and parts of new england throughout the day today. the next big system again across the west, parade of storms, not one, not two but three systems bringing more rain to the west coast and snow, of course, ultimately a great story for them as they have been into a
2:37 am
significant drought across the west. dc, we are all going there tomorrow. wednesday, thursday looks good. friday looks like a rain event starting around midday. we will certainly keep track of the forecast but temperatures, i mean, not bad, 50's for this time of year in dc. i mean, even if i have to say so myself, it's not bad. not bad. we have to get rid of the rain. clayton: it's been worse. heather: can you carry umbrellas to the inauguration. clayton: probably no bags, you cannot bring you umbrellas to the super bowl either. maybe too dangerous to pull off. [music] clayton: new york post reporting that gaga's elaborate singing is
2:38 am
on top of stadium with coming technicians oncoming to do this, one is cutting the hole on the ceiling of the dome and one airlifted. super bowl 51 set for february 5th on fox. heather: she was fantastic last year. she sang the national anthem. mariah blaming for disastrous performance. ex-husband is offering a theory of his own. >> you know me, i'm a conspiracy theorist, i think the government did that, that was a distraction. heather: telling elle, in that he had dinner with carrie and says that she was humiliated.
2:39 am
>> i've got 46 million people right now. clayton: president elect just reached a landmark, followers on twitter, fears that he's opening door on hackers. heather: mr. trump's pick for secretary on the hot seat going against democrats saying she's not qualified but our next guest breaks down her record. clayton: pour another cup of coffee because we have good news about your cup of joe this morning when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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clayton: welcome back,
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democrats targeting another cabinet pick. confirmation hearing for betsy, trump's pick for secretary. heather: gop strategist is a long-time friend of betsy and has worked on many education initiatives and joins now to
2:43 am
break down what she can bring to the table. thank you for joining us. why do you think the president elect chose her? >> 20 years ago labor unions across the country had unfettered power when it came to making decisions for children's lives and nobody that was fighting for better education or fighting for really for parent to have the best choices for their children. i've been fortunate enough to work for betsy for a long time. all she cares about is are we giving children the best access to great education and over the last 20 years, she's giving a lot of politicians legislators around the country sort of cover. she's gotten their back when they've come out when they supported school choice for education reforms. no one did that before betsy devos. he's a pioneer and this is why they are coming so harder. clayton: democrats going after her.
2:44 am
she went after the unions and democrats trying to paint her as enemy number one of public schools. >> i worked with her in louisiana a lot. we have been in inner city new orleans. we have met down with parents whose children had to walk across needles to get to their school and walk across metal detectors and since 2005 we had 84,000 children whose parents have been given options to go to charter schools, voucher schools. when we went to survey parents, 94% of them were satisfied with where their children were. they were at zero before they had the option. she's done a great amount of work in the country particularly in louisiana. heather: what about her lack of experience as educator herself, she hasn't been a teacher or
2:45 am
principal, does that concern you? >> listen, everybody that has ever served in the secretary of position has been part of education and part of the bureaucracy of that. sometimes fresh blood is good. look at the president elect, first time we ever elected a president without any political experience whatsoever. this is what the american people voted for and praised and thankfullness to donald trump saying you know what, we will bring to the education system, reformer not buried in the bureaucracy, i admire it and respect it. clayton: we have had a lot of debate about common core. where does she come on this and reforms in that regard? >> i know she's against common core. the president elect is against common core. they will fulfill the wishes of the president. the president has come out and said he's against common core. it's a dead issue specially for those people that are concerned about it. heather: all right, thank you so much for joining us, whether he
2:46 am
see what happens today. clayton: thanks, philip. >> thanks for having me. heather: let's check with brian kilmeade to see who's coming up on "fox & friends". brien: thank you for introducing me clearly. clayton: my voice went up a notch because i was so excited. brian: despite what clayton's disinterest, let me tell you what's coming up on our show, a mangos where no man has gone before and that's my mind. we have a mentalist on the show. the story behind carl being kicked off the show, that's all i have. if that's enough show, i guess we will just quit. heather: sounds more than enough for me.
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clayton: get out the paper. thanks, brian. heather: we will be right back, yeah, stay with us rds make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. some brand-new hacking fears
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over president elect's twitter account as followers march a big milestone. cheryl casone from our sister network, fox business, here with the security warning. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, heather. cybersecurity experts are
2:51 am
warning that president-elect trump's twitter account os of yesterday crossed 20 million-dollar mark could be weapon of unrest, the possibility of hackers getting to at real donald j. trump. hackers trying to figure out how to break in. a major scandal. international crisis by one message is certainly the fear military tension and other worry. in fact, something as simple twump clicking from a tweet on his phone wutting malware onto that phone. he posted this. my twitter has been hacked but plans to keep social media in general. take a listen. >> so i've got 40 -- 46 million people right now. that's really a lot including facebook, twitter and instagram. so when you think that the
2:52 am
46 million there, i would rather just let that build up and keep it at real donald trump. cheryl: trump added 2 million followers, 68th most followed person on twighter right now because he has no plans to take over, either way, the fear of a hack is very real and we will keep you posted. thank you. heather: don't take any advice from john podesta. clayton: funny tweets, i don't know what the problem is here. thanks, cheryl. heather: all you have to do is log on. clayton: pentagon discovers hundreds of problems with this jet, the 400 billion-dollar jet, that price tag is correct, by the way, it can go undetected by radar, still having issues with overheating and possibly catching on fire. it's been in development for
2:53 am
over 15 years but won't be ready to combat testing till 2019. the company says it is working to significantly lower the cost. heather: well, watch out wal-mart, amazon is coming after your food stamp shoppers. amazon is one of seven online grocery stores that are part of brand-new test program to accept food stamps, starting this summer, snap user will be able to buy or pay groceries online for the first time ever. more than 43 million low-income americans receive snap benefits every month. clayton: 21 to drink, soon 21 to smoke in texas. lawmakers on both sides of the i'll introducing multiple bill to raise 18 to 21. republicans have fought for over a decade citing tax losses. texas would be the third state to hike above 19 along with
2:54 am
california and hawaii. heather: drink up coffee lores, amongst others, apparently it's good for your heart. clayton: well, good. >> oh, for the love of our lady of guadalupe that's a fine brew. >> it's just coffee. >> no, no, this is liquid crack, this is a mug full of sunshine. clayton: stanford researchers say that prevents arteries from getting stiff and reduces heart disease and chemical found in chocolate also has similar effect. you never die. fantastic. heather: you would always be up watching us. six minutes until the top of the hour. how would you like to see this big boy on your family vacation? yeah, that's not a dinosaur, folks. clayton: what happens when they try to rescue a car teetering on
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is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] clayton: it is 58 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here is what is happening today of the man who confessed to gunning down five people at fort lauderdale airport is due for a bond hearing. are are asking not to let steb out under any circumstances a disgusting painting depicting
2:59 am
police officers as pigs is coming down for good. the architect on capitol hill will remove the painting himself after it broke rules herb controversy. another another round of controversy. interior secretary nominee ryan zinke and education secretary nominee betsy devos. let let time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. surprising her on the steps of her parents ohio home. u.s. marine comes home early to ask his girlfriend this important question. >> are you ready? [laughter] >> amanda, will you marry me? >> yes. >> she said yes. the happy couple ties the knot this august. now the bad. look at the tow truck it came to save the car are teetering on the edge of a terrifying embankment.
3:00 am
it pushed it off the ledge. and this massive alligator. this is in lake land, florida. estimated to be at least 12 feet along. i think we're going to be able to see it anyway. beast humpback. there he is. slowly walking across. yeah. 12 feet long. scary. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ >> we did have a very constructive meeting. at some point, this nation, we have got to move forward.peopley dying. >> more than 30 democratic lawmakers are now refusing to attend the inauguration. >> shame on them. they are weakening the institutional process lehr. >> i have never seen the preinauguration atmosphere what we are seeing here. >> fbi has arrested the fe


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