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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 17, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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it pushed it off the ledge. and this massive alligator. this is in lake land, florida. estimated to be at least 12 feet along. i think we're going to be able to see it anyway. beast humpback. there he is. slowly walking across. yeah. 12 feet long. scary. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ >> we did have a very constructive meeting. at some point, this nation, we have got to move forward.peopley dying. >> more than 30 democratic lawmakers are now refusing to attend the inauguration. >> shame on them. they are weakening the institutional process lehr. >> i have never seen the preinauguration atmosphere what we are seeing here. >> fbi has arrested the wife
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of omar mateen. >> investigators always thought she knew more than she said there have been reports that she drove mateen to scout out the nightclub. >> be cernan the last man to walk on the moon is dead. >> i saw that creation and it's just too beautiful to have happened by accident. >> i will say to the cubs it took you long enough. i mean, i have only got four days left. you just made it under the wire. [laughter] >> let's congratulate the 2016 world championship herb chicago cubs. [cheers and applause] ♪ shake rattle and roll ♪ he i said shake rattle and roll ♪ i said shake, rattle, and roll. brian: i think we should whisper this music. we will wake up all the people herb new york is slow to wake up. hopefully you are up. ainsley: my dad would come in, opening the shutters. get up.
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don't sleep anymore. wait a minute, dad. if i'm up, you're up. you start doing your chores. >> steve: what time was it? 8:00 in the morning that's okay. ainsley: like 7:00. brian: that's what happened. we lived off the land for years. we never went shopping. >> steve: wait a minute, i lived off the land. i was the farmer. brian: i knew it was one of us. ainsley: the mentalist is coming on to read your mind. brian: he already had a pregame. >> steve: we all did. this guy is unbelievable. i have seen him on other channels. you are going to thoroughly enjoy and it wonder how the heck does he do that? ainsley: you saw him on other channels and invited him to come on ours? >> steve: he was going to come on anyway. did i reseason to see how he operates. i didn't want to give up my game face. ainsley: what did he ask you? what was the pregame thing did he with you? >> steve: just talking with us said he will come in and ask us some questions and honest truthfully. and there is a guy over here, we didn't set anything up did, we?
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no, nothing to set up. the mentalist is going to be here. we will see him actually read our minds in a half an hour. brian: we also have other big names. we won't read their minds. we will ask them questions. first things first. ainsley: well, we are a few days away from president-elect donald trump being sworn. in more democrats are jumping on board that boycott band wagon. brian: al sharpton the latest saying it is not legitimate. >> steve: griff jenkins is live in our nation's capitol with the feud boiling over. are. >> good morning, guys. how are you? just days now until president-elect donald trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. that list of democratic lawmakers boycotting the nomination continues to grow with more than 40 lawmakers saying they will skip the historic event. the list includes former civil rights leaders john lewis along with dozens of minorities and women who oppose mr. trump with the latest joining the boycott.
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keith ellison the latest candidate to chair the dnc who tweeted this yesterday: i will not celebrate a man who preaches a politics of division and hate. i won't be attending donald trump's inauguration. and the voices criticizing the legitimacy of trump's election grows louder as well with reverend al sharpton saying this. >> i think that there's no question that the process that elected him was not legitimate. when you look at the now evidence from the intelligence agencies that there was the influence from the russians. clearly the process has he serious questions about it. >> but despite the growing list of boycotters and criticism about legitimacy, trump advisor kellyanne conway says she hopes they will reconsider. >> we hope that these democratic members of congress reconsider. they are certainly welcome to the inauguration. governor pence of indiana, who was the only republican governor to go, he went to
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president obama's inauguration. maybe he was previewing the platform for himself four years later. but he went to show respect. >> and we are keeping a close eye on donald trump's twitter account. it's been over nine hours since he last tweeted last night to see if there is a reaction to reverend sharpton and all of this. >> steve: griff jenkins live in d.c. thank you very much. brian: have we ever started the show with al sharpton that didn't have boycott or profit after it. is he ever happy? >> steve: shouldn't surprise us. keep in mind as this number of list of democrats is growing their motivation. are not all of them saying that donald trump is i will legit plat. for instance, ted lou of california said look, i think he is too close to putin. he said some terrible things. he is -- i do not dispute the fact that trump won the electoral college. chief of staff dennis mcdonough the classify has made very clear that donald trump has been freely elected president. then you have got the guy who was hillary clinton's former
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campaign spokesperson saying this: donald trump won fair and square. >> i'm among those that wishes that the president-elect would have done more to this point to help bring the country together and heal the country. there's no question that he won the electoral votes necessary to win the presidency. he won the election on november 8th. brian: by the way, if you are a network who can hire people like arie fleischer got a quick job and other people like karl rove after the white house. that's a guy you hire. ainsley: brian fallon? brian: he does a great presentation. a great spokesperson for hillary clinton and that makes a lot of sense. he has a lot to lose. that's on the back of his baseball card. he lost that election that was his to lose and, yet, he is grown up enough to say "we lost." ainsley: there is a long list of people, of democrats that are opposing this, boycotting the inauguration. most of them are lefties, big time lefties. most of them are from california. what do you expect. going forward, is this going
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to set a precedence if you don't agree with the president you don't go to the inauguration, if you are serve your state in your district? >> steve: that's a great question. here's the thing. we are going to play a sound bite from the interview that chuck todd did with john lewis. and listen to this one part of it. all right? listen to this right here. >> i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it would be the first one that i missed. brian: not true. >> steve: he said it will be the first one that i missed. apparently mr. lewis has missed some in the past because when you look at what the "the washington post" wrote in january of 2001, it's clear that he didn't go. ainsley: that was the january right after president bush 43 won. and this is what the article said. some members of the black caucus decided to boycott inauguration day. john lewis, for instance, spent the day in his atlanta district. he thought it would be hypocritical to attend bush's swearing in because he doesn't believe bush is the true elected president. >> steve: sound familiar? brian: here's the other thing
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about john lewis that i think people are missing. just got done with bret baier's book about dwight eisenhower is there anyone any more h esteemed in america at that time than the supreme allied commander that just defeated fashion inch. when he ran for president you could criticize eisenhower and not think he was a bad general. you should be able to criticize congressman lewis and disagree and not be against civil rights and what he accomplished. charles krauthammer weighed in and said i appreciate his track record in the past but not of late. >> john lewis is a genuine american hero, a man of extraordinary courage and he deserves all the accolades he has he had. but he does tend to exaggerate and to go to hyperbole as in 2008 when he intimated that mccain campaign reminded him of george wallace. he has a right to say anything he want, but he should be cognizant of the moral weight
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he carries. brian: by the way, shouldn't president obama be saying something? the more you think of it, i know he set an example and said some great things and mentioned the chief of staff dennis mcdonough also said this guy won the election. we have said that all along. why wouldn't barack obama say listen you have to come together. he won 30 out of 50 states. ainsley: why do you expect he would brian fallon who ran hillary's campaign. friends with the obama administration folks saying he expected president obama to do more. people are saying this country is divided more than ever. >> steve: it's politics. it's setting up the donald trump flex four years. they are trying to diminish him, look as we have detailed with this bouquet of sound bites john lewis, without a doubt, historic figure is very politically leftist guy. he has been rated, i have got the fact right here, the liberal group americans for democratic action says lewis has a perfect liberal voting record. it looks like a lot of politics.
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but then again when you look at what is going on in the urban community, it's interesting last night tucker carlson had an exblack panther on by the name of mason weaver who is also an author, he said people like john lewis not helping the people in their district. listen. >> the congressional black caucus that has everything they own and control saget toe hell hole. a place no one wants to go to. they are in control of every inner city school system. every inner city police and jail. they have produced nothing but drugs and misery. black owned businesses. black owned housing has been reduced. they have presided over the destruction of black people. they should be ashamed of themselves and i don't understand why any black person could be a democrat. brian wow. obviously he has changed his philosophy. i will tell you this, a lot of black leaders have gone to seen donald trump and gotten huge backlash one of which went there a couple weeckets ago i spoke to him off line.
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number two steve harvey a few days ago. he said he can are not believe the hate that came his way through social media. ainsley: kanye, mlk iii was there yesterday. alveda king was on our show yesterday saying we need to work together as a country. i wish congressman lewis could sit down and talk about this. there are more pressing issues our country is facing. everyone loves everyone. my anglo said we are nor alike than we are different. can't we come together as a country? we need to sit down and talk about these issues instead of boycotting. work together not apart. >> steve: especially right now it should be a time of unity. speaking of sitting down with president donald trump ainsley is going to do that later today at trump tower. ainsley: that's right. i'm going to sit down with limb after the show and talk to him what those first 100 days are going to be like and what he thinks about the inauguration and this boycott. >> steve: we will be watching that heather childers is with us. >> good morning. i was there last month. he has a lot of positive things to say.
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police swarming united airlines flight the moment it touches down after the pilot reported passengers were in danger. the security threat road in as a jet approached denver international airport. it was coming from san diego around 9:115 last night. the fbi joining police for a season with the plane. it was cleared more than two hours later. no word on what kind of threat the pilot reported. and overnight an american college student confirmed dead and two others injured in the mexican nightclub shooting. colorado officials say the are are man was trampled to death when the gunfire broke out. in all five people, including security guards are dead. 15 people are injured. police are ruling out terrorism. local reports say that it is drug cartel related. plult pell suspects are being questioned. and astronaut gene cernan the last man to walk on the moon has died. >> we shall return.
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>> cernan spent three days on the moon in 1972. before leaving he wrote his only child's initial in the dust. his family said he died from ongoing health issues. gene cernan was 82 years old. he certainly will be missed. >> steve: he was on this program a couple of times. a great person. thank you very much. ainsley: i love that initial's story that was sweet. >> steve: meanwhile wreb he attacking pick for secretary of education. what's best for the kids? doesn't that matter? brian: this is not jurassic park. it's real a dinosaur just out for a casual stroll. no word from brontosauruses we tried to reach to see if they are the same size. ainsley: they are standing so close to him.
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the heads of the nation's leading teacher' commune to discredit the nominee for secretary of education betsy devos as she heads for nomination hearing today on capitol hill because of her endorsement of school choice. next guest says that's just what american students need. joining us is the center for education reform jeanne allen. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: it's interesting. we just heard randi say her drive to privatize education is demonstrably destructive to public schools. is that true? >> well, if you consider givings parents the power to make a decision about deliver children's education privatization. it sounds like randi needs to step down from her job. they're is about power politics for them. for betsy devos, for president-elect trump. for those of us working and toiling in this issue for 30
3:19 am
years this is about us giving kids the opportunity for the best pathway forward. steve: what would those opportunities be, jeanne? >> day one, when she gets through that hearing today, that opportunity includes trying to put the president's vision of giving every child in america who doesn't have access to great education that access not by creating more federal programs but by devolving the power to the states and local authorities where it belongs. you know, choice in this country has been around since the 1990, people who want to send us back to the 1950s don't rois that more than half of our kids do not know how to read, write, spell, do math and everything else grade level, right? steve: sure. >> school choice is really part of the equation. it really is about giving people the power to make sure that their kids are in the right fit. the secretary can do a little bit of that what she really can do is make sure the states and local communities give powers that power to make a decision about their kids. steve: it's not about breaking the unions. the union is still going to be there. it's about giving parents the
3:20 am
choice. okay you like your public school, great? otherwise you have choice a, b, and c over here to think about. >> vast majority of americans know that the education bureaucracy as we like to call it the blob is way too big. that it gets in the way of kids being able to learn at every level. that the cookie cutter model of the 1920s, 30's, 40's, 50's and before doesn't work anymore. we're in the age of education technology. we can beam great things into classrooms at a moment's notice. we need to keep up and step up. we are losing our competitive edge. we have lost it largely to other comparable countries and education i is the key to economic prosperity. the only way to get that and achieve it for all americans is if we change the way we do business from the classroom all the way to washington. >> steve: let's see what happens today in washington. her confirmation kicks off today. jeanne allen, we thank you very much. great perspective. >> thank you. steve: what do you think so about that? email us at
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meanwhile one part of obama care that very few people are talking about. one doctor's dire warnings that is coming up next on "fox & friends." and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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i provide for my family. i will use my education to help my community. i will inspire our next generation of leaders. i am a college student, but i am only 1%. only 1% of college students are american indian. donate now, and help our numbers grow. ♪
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quash. ainsley: we have quick consumer headlines for you, urgent safety warning for parents after moltd is find inside that popular teething toy. multiple families reporting a black coating inside those sofi giraffes. the manufacturer which is in france has not issued a recall. and drinks up if you are a coffee lover, it could help you live longer. caffeine blocks chemicals that cause inflammation keeping arteries from getting stiff and reducing artery disease. texas could raise legal
3:25 am
smoking age from 18 to 21. if it passes texas would be the third state along with california and hawaii to hike the smoking age above 19 years old. brian? brian: all right. ainsley, more and more hospitals are going digital. is it making life easier and things easier and better? let's look at the growing numbers. alleges of 2015, at least 8 in 10 hospitals use some form of electronic health records. but it turns out only a third of those hospitals can share patients' data with each other. here to explain what's going on is dr. richard schultzer, he is a vascular surgeon with colombia presbyterian. this was supposed to be a great idea is it working out? >> it is making progress, certainly. it is not quite the end all, be all that we originally thought it was going to be. brian: why? >> there is good points and bad points to it now. certainly as a vascular surgeon, it is wonderful that a patient comes into the emergency room, can i review their cat scan and review their medical records if they're within my hospital.
3:26 am
there are also some down sides to it. it takes nine times as much time in order for me to point and click on the computer. so i'm not facing the patient as much as i used to be facing. and the hospitals don't communicate with each other in terms of their electronic medical records. even some inpatient and outpatient reports don't communicate with each other. brian: why would nyu here in new york city or columbia presbyterian not want to communicate with each other. >>it comes back to the medical records themselves if they are a pry priority organization. bull at this billion-dollar institutions don't want to have that issue of communicating and showing what they are storing. there is also the concern about patient health records and in terms of their privacy so they are keeping everything within instead of trying to explore ways where an android phone can communicate within a iphone phone. they are weary of those communications. brian: face time with me if
3:27 am
i'm in a smaller community and i want to get access to a cutting edge doctor like new new york city, there will be in theory where we're supposed to be able to interact with each other. is that happening? >> no. face time is not part of the hippa organization. so certainly you cannot relay eye type of privileged health information over that scenario. brian: you are not suggesting that we go back to manila folders with (and just handing it around when i change doctors i pick up my records or you send them over. you are not suggesting we go backwards. >> absolutely not there were a lot of hand writing issues and problems. brian: no kidding. >> certainly the current technology that we have there are documented incidents where a lady is given prescription for flomax which is prostate medication instead of flonase. all of a sudden she shows up to the emergency room with reaction to the flomax. we need to move more toward a dictation type of format and
3:28 am
the electronic medical records really need to be able to communicate better with each other. brian: do you think anything is going to change about this? is it going to take washington to force hospitals to talk to each other? is it going to have to come from the federal government. >> most likely. this came from washington in the first place. this was part of barack obama's 2009 addresses where he was saying he wanted to make sure that every patient's medical records were online within five years. brian: right. >> certainly if it began in washington it needs to continue through washington. brian: also need to make sure our medical records don't end up in "people" magazine. so security is an issue. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. brian: i know you have a full day of patients. the battle with yacht going cia director john brennan and the president-elect getting even hotter believe it or not, mr. trump accusing him of leaking the russian rumors about him and this morning, brennan is firing back. plus, this man goes where no
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it's your shot of the morning. just another day in florida. no, this is not a dinosaur and not fake. it's a massive alligator that ate a bunch of people. at least 12 feet long. steve: what? brian: when most people come across a gator that size instead they run away. england they whipped out their phones and started recording as the beast slowly walked across their path. who would believe this? also, is there a chance the alligator wasn't exhausted? clearly this is exhausted alligator. so he could turn around and go over and go get them. ainsley: think about this. there has got to be someone on this side of the alligator, too. someone is shooting this video. there are people on each side of him. he didn't even look. brian: this is a five camera shoot. ainsley: p.s., he hasn't eaten anyone, that we know of. steve: that we know of. ainsley: he has eaten something. steve: that alligator is almost as big as that 2-ton cow we had yesterday. [laughter]
3:34 am
brian: that's a quick look at the alligator. if you have a bigger alligator, please send him in. ainsley: if an alligator chases you have to zigzag. steve: that alligator is not chasing anything. it's going slow. brian: threes an important safety message. if a gator is chasing you now, don't run straight, zigzag. where. heather: he could swing his tail. ainsley: keep your dog indoors. ainsley: especially in florida. talk about news headlines we have been following. cia director john brennan firing back at president-elect trump overnight. you may know the men have been battles over that unverified russian dossier. mr. trump accused brennan on twitter was this the leaker of fake news? brennan tells the "wall street journal" that the president-elect has a right to question the intel community but added, quote: it's when there are allegations made about leaking or dishonesty or lack of integrity that's where i think the line is crossed.
3:35 am
and some shocking new information about the man accused of ambushing an arizona state trooper. police say that 37-year-old leonard he is at the balen este. he was turned away from the border but somehow living in the u.s. the last year and a half. despite being a known meth user he had no known record in the united states. trooper edward anderson would not be alive if a hero passer by hadn't shot and killed es escobar who is accused of opening fire on the trooper in phoenix. disgusting painting showing police officers as pigs comes down for good today. now the architect of the capitol painting will remove the painting himself after determining that it broke rules by depicting a political controversy. the painting flaring temper force weeks. ripped down by republicans
3:36 am
three times and hung up by democratic senator lacey clay who chose the painting as part of a contest for students. coming down for good now. those are a look at your headlines. it's a full couch. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: what did kim kardashian and barbara walters all have in common? they have each had their minds blown away by world we noun mentalist. leroy he is sitting here with us. steve: right here you are here to read our minds. you are actually going to read our minds. >> actually do experiment about influencing. i will show you what's influencing. i brought five envelopes. you can mix them up really quickly. mix, mix, mix. ainsley: is anyone nervous. >> i'm nervous. brian: all depends on which part of the mind he looks into. >> don't look, i will number them really quickly. okay. it's a very -- this is a very,
3:37 am
very simple choice. so, ladies first. ladies first, start with you, janice. one of the envelopes belongs >> okay. one belongs to me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. look to the camera and choose. ainsley: thank you for translating. >> look at the camera and say a number 1 through 5. >> janice: 4. >> it's a great number. pass it to janice. keep holding it like this. are you ready? >> i'm mixing. steve: 1, 2, 3, or 5. >> look at the cam rand say a number. ainsley: 1. >> one is a great number. 1, this is for you. so we have 4 and 1. and now steve, look at me. you cannot choose 4 or 1.
3:38 am
steve: i'm taking 2. ainsley: you have to look dramatically at the camera. steve: 2. dos for dooc. ainsley: dramatic we nedraatic. >> that's fine. hold the 5. >> that's interesting that means 3 is for me. you understand what happened here. it was a free choice. i shuffled everything. there is no way i could know if you and also, you heard your numbers and then are you decided a number which influenced the next choice and the next choice. so everything was -- impossible to know this combination. brian: impossible. >> you got me number 3 which is kind of interesting because in number 3, oh, look at this, this is kind of amazing. it's me. steve: that's you. >> this is me with photo shop. very nice. no way i could know what was
3:39 am
in 4, 2, and 1, right? let's open yours really quickly. and look what we have got here. ainsley: oh my word. >> wow! >> open yours. see what you have there. >> oh my god. brian: stuart varney. >> look at this. we all got matching envelopes. ebb i have no idea. steve: that is scary. >> i have been traveling all over the world. approximately every week in a different country performing for, you know like live audiences. ainsley: when did you know you could do this? >> when i was 6 years old. i had a very, very strong intuition about things. you will see what i'm doing now. i will ask you like a private question. close your eyes and think about something that nobody knows. think about, for example, your first pet that you had when you were a child. something that nobody knows. tell me something, open your
3:40 am
ice and tell me for a second. did you ever tell me the name of the pets? no. >> nobody from the production here? no. >> what was your age back then? steve: back then i was 4 or 5. >> 4 or 5. so there is no way. look at me. kind of interesting. because you are confusing me between two names. i'm not sure. i'm writing something here. steve: okay. >> you could see okay. this is kind of like a pet's name, right? ainsley: right. >> kind of interesting. and you swear that did you not tell me nothing, correct? steve: i did not tell you nothing. >> is it a dog? steve: can i tell you the variety of dog. >> it's okay. steve: cocker spaniel. >> what was the name of the dog? steve: it was like a snack. brownie. ainsley: oh my god. where. >> janice: that's crazy. >> how did you do that? steve: he's a witch.
3:41 am
is that in your bio. steve: my dog in the book is charlie. call my sister who is asleep. ainsley: you are totally the real deal. that is crazy. steve: this is one of the reasons you are not allowed at casinos. >> i'm not allowed in the casinos. brian: did you have another dog in mind? >> he wrote charlie in the book. you are talking about charlie? that's why i felt two names. and something about bruni. resh. ainsley: you alluded to the fact that if you choose the number 4. >> if he would have chosen 3 than four. ainsley: don't people choose 4 on the first time? >> no, no. and he shuffled them the envelopes. steve: not only are you on television. but you also do these kind of readings at corporate events and stuff like that. >> i created a concept called
3:42 am
infotainment the x are connect to the product and products of the company. you. ainsley: you said you read donald trump's mind. >> the guy was skeptical. steve: come back in two hours. brian: coming up next, i think i have got this now. judge napolitano. i am seeing judge napolitano. is he in the hallway? it's unbelievable. i have the gift. i am a mentalist. ainsley: wow. brian: or mental patient. clawp ♪ i'm burning ♪ i'm burning ♪ i'm burning for you ♪ i'm burning ♪ i'm burning ♪ i'm burning for you ♪ said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly
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3:46 am
charges as well as aiding and abetting her husband's efforts on behalf of isis. is she facing serious time for her husband's crime. let's ask judge andrew napolitano. thank you for being here. >> good morning. ainsley: walk us through this. >> there is a little bit of mystery here because the government hasn't told us what we need to know in order to figure out what's going on. in order to arrest her, they have to file a criminal complaint. and in the criminal complaint they have to say, they have to accuse her of things. that's a piece of paper. they haven't revealed that piece of paper. in order to arrest her, they have to go to a federal judge and get an arrest warrant in order to persuade the judge to sign the arrest warrant, they have to give him an affidavit in which an fbi agent lays out the evidence they have against her. that's a piece of paper that needs to be made public which isn't. normally these things are made public at the time of arrest. especially in a high profile case. but we don't know what's in them. so we can sort of generalize that they will probably accuse her of having been involved in
3:47 am
a plot to kill one. one of the key words that we haven't seen yet is conspiracy. now, if the government charges conspiracy, she is facing life in prison. if the government -- if the government charges and proves it. if the government charges and proves on destruction of justice interfering with the investigation. ainsley: is that the same as aiding and abetting. >> it is a higher form of aiding and abetting. a little bit of a head scratcher until we see those documents. to make this even more complicated the investigation is in florida which is where the murders took place. this woman lives in san francisco. she was arrested in orlando. you have go federal courts in northern california and one federal court in central florida. ainsley: she was arrested in san francisco. >> correct. we don't know if a search warrant was issued out of florida or out of san francisco. ainsley: good it. >> we checked the files of both courts, looking for these affidavits in which the fbi lays out what they know. so a conspiracy is an
3:48 am
agreement between two or more people to do something. if one does something, they are both liable for it. obstruction of justice is frustrating the government's ability to investigate. normally hiding or stealing or destroying evidence. ainsley: okay. >> aiding and abetting is providing some material assistance to the behavior either before. ainsley: so she knew something, that's all we know really? >> that's what the government will allege. what is also mysterious is when was this killing? it was months ago. they arrested her now because of something she did in the past two or three days. what was that thing? that we will find out in a couple of hours. ainsley: that will come out? >> yes. she is going to appear in federal court in 9:00 san francisco time. about six hours from now these documents will be made public and we have a better handle on them. >> where will the trial be in florida or san francisco? >> in florida. that's where the crime took place. that's where whatever the government says she did she
3:49 am
did. are. ainsley: interesting. thanks, judge. the president warning take it easy. new tax plan may still be too complicated. stuart varney is going to break it down for us. trump mobile takes to the streets trying to build a bridge of unity. are that and other top trending stories of the morning. come on in, carlie. ♪ jump in to overdrive ♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ y282ty ywty
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>> steve: just days before donald trump is sworn. in moving vans spotted outside of president obama's 4.3-million-dollar home any a neighborhood in washington. ainsley: here with what is trending online be fox news headlines reporter carlie
3:53 am
shimkus. good morning. >> good morning. photos of president obama's upcoming house are lighting up social media check out these pictures uploaded to daily it's a beautiful home. now that we have pictures of it folks online want to know more about what it looks like supplied. and we have the answer. steve: no way. >> we sure do. it has 8 bedrooms. nine and a half baths. separate dressing rooms. nine and a half bathrooms. entertaining space and tranquil garr ten. >> this is joel lockhart's old house. >> is he leasing it from joel lockhart who served as press secretary from bill clinton. steve: must have paid well. >> live two years until sasha graduates from high school. steve: meanwhile, in front of our world headquarters right now, there is a trump mobile which could actually be down in the inauguration in a couple of days. >> this trump mobile is hilarious. steve: that's a live picture, folks, in front of our
3:54 am
building. >> this guy. from michigan. he has been driving this thing all across the country. he says he has gone 7,000 miles on this homemade donald trump float. a lot of people are protesting the inauguration. this guy is. brian: is not. >> wants everybody to celebrate our next president. wearing the hat. that is a unity bridge. that is supposed to represent a unity bridge. brian: it's not going well. >> that's amazing. >> we need somebody with happiness and support. steve: he is here to trump you up. >> this is the message that nicole kidman brought to us. it reminds me of the spring valley high school homecoming parade. every grade had to make a float. >> i'm going to run out there right now and start waving. i think that you should come with me. ainsley: we should, elbow to elbow. speaking of, there is a cute little 7-year-old.
3:55 am
she looks like a mini taylor swift. >> she is amazing. she did taylor swift impersonation. setting social media on fire. look at that. full face and makeup. my favorite part of this performance is her facial expressions. steve: she looks just like her if she was 7. maybe she needs it. >> gets a little adult for me. we do have some sound. take a look for me. ♪ you belong with me ♪ steve: is this a contest show. >> this is a filipino show. british little girl. appeared on the show. this has been viewed 1.4 million times. northbound 14 on youtube's trending section now. even paris hilton entertainment blogger. he wrote this little girl doing taylor swift is everything i need right now. a lot of people feel the same wait a minute.
3:56 am
steve: she is wearing a lot of makeup for 7. ainsley: i don't know how i feel. steve: they do that on the taylor swift video. ainsley: how do you know that? steve: i watched the side of by side. brian: mtv tonight? ainsley: january 7th they will be playing the miss universe pageant because miss universe is from the philippines. steve: good read. carlie, we will be listening to you over on the radio? >> i hope so. brian: channel 115. coming up straight ahead, president-elect donald trump calling it on the campaign trail. >> we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning. and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. brian: this morning even more winning. are you getting tired of it yet? stuart varney is here to explain how he keeps winning. steve: is he a winner. inauguration is friday but mr. trump has already signed the oath of office. look at that.
3:57 am
exint a, ladies and gentlemen. we'll be right back.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
cintas, ready for the workday. we did have a very constructive meeting. >> at some point, this nation, we have got to move forward. i mean, people are literally probably dying. >> that list of democratic lawmakers boicketting the inauguration continues to grow with more than 40 lawmakers saying they will skip the historic event. >> shame on them. they're weaking the institutional process here. i've never seen the preinauguration atmosphere in terms of the poison that equals so what we are seeing here. >> fbi announced it has arrested the wife of omar mateen. >> they will probably accuse her of having been involved in a plot to kill. >> if the government charges conspiracy, she's facing life in prison. >> gene cernan, the last man to walk on the moon is dead. >> there is a creator of this universe because i saw a small part of that creation and it's just too beautiful to have happened by accident. >> no, this is not a dinosaur
4:01 am
and it's not fake. it's a massive alligator, at least 12 feet long. brian: without proof, who would believe this? ♪ see you later alligator ♪ after while crocodile. brian: wow, the first time i have actually appeared in the open. that's very exciting to me. steve: at the top of each hour we have a one-minute composite of what was going on in the world and that was part of it. ainsley: i love it that was great. just waking up gives you a preview or i guess a review of what you missed. brian: what to look out for. steve: do you see some of those and you don't see them moving so slow. when they are there you let them go wherever they want to. ainsley: i think his name is fred. is he a beast. steve: all right. ainsley: days before president-elect donald trump is sworn. in more democrats are jumping on the boycott bandwagon. steve: al sharpton now the latest democrat take to take a swing at the process to elect mr. trump saying is he not legitimate president. brian brian i wake up every
4:02 am
day and try to do the exact same thing. griff jenkins is live in our nation's capital and talking about the feud and what's making it boil over. >> that's right. just a few days president-elect donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. list of democratic lawmakers boycotting the inauguration continues to grow with 42 lawmakers at our last count saying that they will skip the historic event. now, we're talking about roughly 22% of the democrat members of the house. the list includes former civil rights leaders john lewis along with dozens of minorities and women who oppose mr. trump. and reverend al sharpton suggests he knows why. >> people are fired up, feeling their voting rights, feeling the affordable care act, feeling that reform and criminal justice is going away. >> and shearpt didn't stop there adding his voice to those chelseaing the legitimacy of trump's election saying this. >> i think that there's no
4:03 am
question that the process that elected him was not legitimate. when you look at the now evidence from the intelligence agencies that there was the influence from the russians. clearly the process has serious questions about it. >> reporter: but despite the growing list of where where are are are are are are boycotters kellyanne conway says she hopes they will reconsider. >> we hope they will reconsider. governor pence the only republican governor to go to president obama's inauguration. maybe he weighs prevying the platform for himself four years later but he went to show respect. >> and we are keeping a close eye guys on trump's twitter account to see if there is a response today. i don't know for sure but i suspect there might be, brian, steven, ainsley. brian: democrats are getting panicky that the african-american vote might be
4:04 am
going to the right. donald trump has a plan to revitalize the african-american community. if that heaps, it is game on for every election here on in from the biggest to the smallest. steve: started with john lewis the congressman from georgia. he boycotted george w. bush's inauguration because he said he wasn't legitimate as well. sounds familiar. herb stuart varney is with us. recial donald trump said people will get sick of us winning now we have g.m. and hyundai and pumping billions of dollars into the american economy in an extraordinary fashion. >> they are responderring to the pressure from mr. trump and actually goes further than just g.m. and hyundai. got this coming. in the german drug company. baier aspirin. brian: they have a chewable. >> brawnk, brian. i have got to remember that one. they are going to invest billions of dollars into the united states if they are allowed to take over america's
4:05 am
monda --america's monsanto it gs going to put a billion dollars extra in america factories create a thousand jobs. responding to pressure from mr. trump. hyundai are going to boost their investment in america by 50% all the way up to $3 billion over the next five years. again, they are responding to the pressure from mr. trump. he is using the carrot and stick, do, this come on my side and you will be okay. if you don't, he will hit you with a stick. steve: one company not going along so far bmcw. some german yesterday said bmw might move a factory to mexico to build cars for america. if america doesn't like it, build better cars. >> nasty stuff. and they say they will continue to plan to build that plant in mexico, to build cars in mexico. so they are pushing back. they have not caved to pressure from mr. trump. they pushed back.
4:06 am
ainsley: a lot like his plan to tax car companies 35% if they make cars else where and sell them in america. cars like bmy produce 65% are in. grier, south carolina where they make the x 5s they saying that's not fair. we produce the majority of our cars here in america. you are going to tax us an additional 35%? >> 35% tax on a car coming into the country is a very heavy hammer. >> on a $50,000 car. it is an opening negotiating position for mr. trump it may come down it may well disappear. if you impose that tax, that is a reversal of at least two jerntions of trade policies. brian: a lot of republicans not happy with this. i was listening to mark lavine yesterday. let it go. have our tax system change. that will be enough of a magnet to bring business back and bring it here. and speaking of that, evidently donald trump not happy with some the republican plans coming out. he says it's too complicated. >> there is something called the border adjustment tax.
4:07 am
let's not get something too complicated. the border adjustment tax. all part of a much bigger picture, corporate tax reform. mr. trump says i don't love it. it's too complicated. now, that throws real confusion into the plan to change corporate tax structure for america. steve: so, let me get this straight. house republicans like it. donald trump doesn't like it. says it's too complicated. who is going to win or is this another negotiation? >> it's a negotiation. but it really throws the whole thing into confusion. what american corporations want is tax reform. you've now just confused that tax reform effort because mr. trump doesn't like the border adjustment tax. big deal. brian: that's interesting. because you have a lot of experts in the ways and means. paul ryan. that is his best sports. >> there is complicated stuff and there is going to be negotiation. as of this morning we have negotiation. ainsley: i applaud him for that the tax brackets he is making only three brackets now.
4:08 am
>> wall street by the way hates. this the stock market is going to open up down 1 her points because of this confusion over tax. brian: no confusion on the fox business channel going to be simulcasting. >> i'm on with you about 10:30. ainsley: i love to say the way negotiations. >> negotiations. steve: by the way ainsley negotiated an interview with donald trump. she is going to sit down in trump tower about an hour after the program today. you will see the whole thing. ainsley: should we ask him about the does jay? >> that's a european words if ever i heard one. steve: time for news with heather. brian: unless we just want to read her mind. janice: to a fox news alert. the widow of the orlando nightclub terrorists set to face a federal judge this morning. arrested at her california home charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting omar mateen. he murdered as you will
4:09 am
remember 49 people at the pulse nightclub last june before being killed in a shootout with police. the fbi has not revealed details about salmon's involvement. judge napolitano is curious to see what those details are. >> we can sort of generalize that they will probably accuse her of having been involved in a plot to kill. one of the key words that we haven't seen yet is conspiracy. now, if the government charges conspiracy, she is facing life in prison. heather: due in court at 9:00 a.m. california time. and overnight, an american college student confirmed dead and two others injured in the mexican nightclub shooting. officials say that the man was trampled to death when gunfire broke out at music festival. in all, five people, including security guards are dead. 15 people are hurt. now, police are ruling out terrorism. local reports say that it is
4:10 am
drug cartel related. multiple suspects are being questioned. back at home. secretary education nominee betsy devos in the hot seat as a big week of confirmation hearings kicks off today. at more than a dozen democratic senators have targeted her for endorsing school choice. earlier gene allen, the president of the center for education reform told us that school choice is what american students need. >> really, it's about giving people the power to make sure that their kids are in the right fit. and the secretary can do a little bit of that what she really can do is make sure the states and local communities give parents that power to make decision about their kids. heather: devos is one of 8 nominees facing hearings this week. all right, so earlier we told you about this trump mobile. the trailer is traveling all across the country in style. called the guy up responsible for it and he showed up outside. during the trek last year during the election he toted around this 30-foot unity bridge spreading the message
4:11 am
that mr. trump will bring the country together. the rv expected in d.c. for the inauguration on friday. as i mentioned before it is here and our very own steve doocy is out there as well. steve: that's right. thank you very much, heather. we are in front of the building. and rob cortes. you are from michigan. >> yes, sir. steve: what is that thing we are looking at? >> it's a trump unity bridge. it's here to help unite america so everybody can learn to get along and understand the messages the way they were intended to be. so that america can move forward and be great again. steve: very good. of course, it is a little after 7:00 in new york city and neil diamond is singing long. how many people do you think you have woken up? all of them. >> i hope we woke up awful america with trump's presidential unity bridge. steve: have you been all over the country. how many miles have you logged so far. >> well, we have logged about almost 10,000 miles on this trip. we were down in florida. steve: outside of mar-a-lago.
4:12 am
now, are you going to the inaugural in washington next? >> yes. that's our goal here. we are trying to get in the presidential parade. and they are not allowing floats. in we are hoping donald trump will see this and make a phone call and say that rob's worked hard and all the grass roots people that turned michigan and ohio red will be part of the inaugural parade. steve: are these guys with you? >> no. we just met them. be. >> from pennsylvania. these are for your girls. i designed them. going to the inaugural. steve: look at this. >> that's trump mobile from pennsylvania. we campaigned throughout pennsylvania with the trump mobile. steve: have a nice visit down in washington. all right. look at this. people coming together. brian and ainsley, it's part of the unity bridge. steve: i'm glad you were here election night. that was for my daughters. we want to have had talk with the guy unity bridge and suddenly all sorts of people
4:13 am
are coming out to talk. we are unifying the people on the streets of new york city. i'm going inside. i'm cold. ainsley: go outside you never know what you are going to get. brian: let me tell you what you are going to get. the fbi cia director firing back saying trump crossed the line. did he? a former cia officer gives us his take next. ainsley: left still crying over hillary clinton's loss. now the federal government is offering special trump trauma treatment ♪ i was stressed out ♪ wish we could turn bark time ♪ to the good old days ♪ when the momma said ♪ when i was stressed out ♪ help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings.
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ brian: cia director john brennan firing back at president-elect donald trump overnight denying trump's suggestions that he could, in fact, be the leaker of the unverified 35 page dossier over to cnn. now brennan also telling the "wall street journal" that president-elect has a right to question the intel community but, quote: it's when there are allegations about leaking or about dishonesty or lack of integrity, that's where i think the line is crossed, closed quote. joining us now to react former cia officer gary berntsen.
4:18 am
who do you side with here? is berntsen, is gary right or trump right? >> what i would say is trump is right. the fact is in my 40 years of following politics, i have never seen a director of cia attacking a president-elect. john brennan's introduction into this political process damages the long-term interests of the agency. brennan, the agency, and the intelligence community did a very terrible job looking at that insane dossier which was presented to trump which made grotesque accusations against the president-elect's purported activities in moscow which never took place. brian, all they had to do the intel community, all they had to do is take a look at the names go, to the travel data bases and see those people never traveled anywhere and it would have been done but they didn't bother to. they are either fools or acting maliciously and i don't think they are fools. brian: put it this way, the president after getting briefed on, this according to
4:19 am
his vice president, his good friend joe biden said why are you telling me this? isn't that an indication that there is something off here? >> it's clear that the agency and the intelligence community absorbed documents that were paid for as part of opposition research they were unverified and just a hit piece and inserted it into the intelligence product. just insane. it was so poorly handled. look, other issues, you know, in relation to this. and this is the whole issue of russia and of lacking and information operations. in 1999, a couple of chinese colonels wrote a book called unrestrictive warfare. they talked about smaller powers confronting the united states using law fare, suing the united states. attacking their finances. we are in a new world, brian. brian: gotcha. >> the battlefield is beyond guns and bullets and tanks
4:20 am
it'information operations. brian: john brennan went on to say this tell the cia officers serving right now and their families that they are worried about them that they are akin to nazi germany. he continues to fire at trump. does that have anything to do with this? >> well, first off, i have subpoena to cia officers that i have known for many, years. they are who are fifd that brethren flan is engaging in this battle. trump's statement what is this nazi germany ask a reference to goebbels. he knew this was total lies put out against him. he knew he didn't do this thing. presented them as intelligence is insane. brennan needs to keep his mouth shut until he leaves the agency. when sea private citizen i can say what he likes. is he damages the agency and officers when he talks right now. brian: we will see if pompeo will straight things out. >> i'm sure he will. brian: thank you so much. meanwhile straight ahead, president obama campaigned on
4:21 am
a hope of promise for everyone. next guest says he failed. people of faith and he worked for the president 44. ♪ faithful ♪ and i don't care ♪ when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd, he told me to look at this grid every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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bayer aspirin.
4:24 am
steve: now time for news by the numbers. first 23. that's how many countries currently refuse to take back deported illegal criminals. a newly proposed law would force them to take back their citizens or risk losing foreign aid and visa privileges. next, three. that's how many days the obamas have to move out of the white house. movers were spotted outside their multi-million-dollar d.c. rental house monday in the calarama neighborhood of
4:25 am
washington, d.c. last, 20.1 million. that's how many twitter followers president-elect donald trump has just reached. the marv milestone making mr. trump the 68th most followed person on twitter. ainsley is also on twitter. ainsley: i am. thank you, steve. during his campaign, president obama promised hope and healing and slammed christian conservatives for dividing our nation. listen. >> got hijacked partly because of the so-called leaders of the christian right who have been all too eager to exploit what divides us. ainsley: so eight years later, what has the president done to heal that divide? our next guest has his doubts and he worked for the president. joining us now is michaelware. he was the director of faith outreach for president obama's re-election campaign. he also worked in the white house in the faith based office. and he writes that book right there he wrote it's about owe boom that's faith. hthat -- herb obamaens faith.
4:26 am
lessons learned in the white house. future of faith in america. great to be with you, michael. >> good to be with you, ainsley. ainsley: tell us about your book and what you learned working for president obama. >> yeah. well, first i learned that people of faith and religious organizations are still doing incredible work across this country. they are part of what make up the back bottom of america. when no one is there to serve people in need, people of faith are there. the president got to experience that as well having served as -- with churches when he was a community organizer and got to see it when he was in the white house. ainsley: what are his strengths and then his weaknesses. >> we had a white house open to everybody. people of all faiths knew they were welcome that includes folks of minority faiths and includes evangelical christians. i worked with moderate and conservative religious folks when i was at the white house. and we really engaged everybody. because particularly the faith based office was focused on those helping those in need it. wasn't about politics and
4:27 am
getting elected. it's serves who is serving the folks on the ground and helping them. it's a powerful thing and legacy he will leave. ainsley: what about the weaknesses? what could very done better. >> the president has been very forth right while he has delivered on many of his commitments brings us together hasn't been one of them and faith has been central to that story. whether it was the narrative of the war on religion in 2012, whether it was failing to live up to his promise at the university of notre dame, i'm reducing -- i'm putting forward a section of policy that would reduce abortion. there could have been more work to better understand and better work with religious people who disagreed with his policies. ainsley: yeah. he disagreed with the evangelizes on many issues. why is that? >> well, i think we have some pretty fundamental political divides and differences in this country. what the president promised to do is he said turn the page on the culture wars and
4:28 am
especially as the administration wore on, there was, i think, this perception that democrats were now winning the culture wars so maybe we don't want to turn the page on them. maybe we could use them to our advantage. that hurt the country. that's what we need to get beyond in 2016. or 2017. ainsley: pew research shows the majority of the country are christians and many of them are evangelicals. do you think that the democrats lost the election because of that, because those evangelicals, those christians thought that they were forgotten? >> well, sure. i mean, hillary clinton only won 16% of white evangelicals. they are 26% of electorate. how do you get 16% of a quarter of the electorate. yes, of course. the democrats need to get back. president obama won 24% of white evangelicals when he first ran in 2008. that's a huge difference. ainsley: remember the president said that americans cling to their guns and their religion. is that really how he feels? >> no. i don't think so.
4:29 am
i think he regretted that he said it in that way. i think what he does think is that religion ought to motivate politics and not the other way around. that's a core message of my book which is that if we are placing our hope in politics, we're going to be led astray. there are actually better places to place our hope. ainsley: what's your advice to donald trump? >> my advice to donald trump is you're president now, and the white house can't be used, especially the faith-based office is best used when it's about serving people in need. not about lifting up people that just support you and using it as another political platform. you actually have an opportunity now to bring the country together and doing all your tweets and sort of being sensitive and not overlooking what you deem to be sort of an offense, that's not what a leader does.
4:30 am
he has opportunity to lead, and i hope he will do that. ainsley: a lot of people like it. they like him being strong and then he has mike pence who is evangelical by his side. >> yeah. i think -- i don't know if tweeting responses to everyone who insults you is strength. i think there is a better model of strength. ainsley: all right. i will interview him today. i will ask him about it? >> please do. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you so much, ainsley. ains john lewis is forcing he shall donald trump to do something he has never done before scings inauguration. is that really true? >> and the left is still crying over hillary clinton's loss now the federal government is offering special trump trauma treatment. ♪ on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico...
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4:34 am
♪ will be. steve: well, apparently he has got a caughgot a cot in his offe because tucker carlson who was up until 10:00 p.m. eastern last night is up again. >> "fox & friends"? i would do anything for "fox & friends." brian: tucker, i have gotten reports here that you are skipping the inauguration. >> of course i'm not skipping the inauguration. it's happening in my city. i will be there, come on. ainsley: tucker, someone who is skipping one ever the congressman, john lewis he is the one who started all of this. is he from the fifth district down in atlanta. he said he is not happy with the donald trump, is he illegitimate. is he skipping. he is saying this is the first time he has ever skipped an inauguration. listen to this interview and listen to the last sentence. >> i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one that i missed. steve: well, it will be the first one that i missed. not according to the "the washington post." they wrote in january of 2001
4:35 am
some members of the black caucus decided to boycott the inauguration day. john lewis spent the day in his atlanta district. he thought it would be hypocritical to attend bush's swearing in because he does not believe bush is the truly elected president. it looks like he has a history of that kind of thing. doesn't it? >> and a spotty memory. i wish someone would press -- by the way, let me say the obvious thing which it is totally legitimate to disagree with the new president or his policies, vehemently disagree. but to call someone illegitimate, at least begs the follow-up question what does that mean exactly? does it mean he is not really the president? that it wasn't a fair election? if it wasn't fair? how was it unfair? it if you think russia determined the outcome? how exactly did they do that? no one has asked the questions that i can see. if you are going to throw out allegation and you are a figure like john lewis and people listen to you, then you have an obligation to explain what it is you mean and he hasn't. how exactly is trump an illegitimate president? i still don't know.
4:36 am
brian: he said the russians, you know, he said the russians made his win illegitimate. buff the thing is if you would go after john lewis and question him, a lot of people want to look at you what you are saying, tucker, well, this guy is not giving proper deference to his civil rights leader. >> right, is he as we repeated very often on our air a civil rights icon if from 50 years ago and i don't think anyone would dispute that is he also a sitting congressman who has represented the fifth district of georgia for 30 years. he is a politician as well. he is a government official. he is an elected official to whom, you know, we don't have to bow because this is a democracy. and so like he throws things out there and we get to ask him what he means by that. he doesn't get to shut down the conversation by saying you know, i'm an impressive person, don't ask questions. that's a monarchy at that point. >> the first lady is saluting him. she tweeted this out thinking of dr. king and great leaders like john lewis and their legacy may their example be
4:37 am
our call to action. >> is that really the new standard that there are some elected officials that are so holy that we don't have standing to ask them questions we can shut up and obey that appears to be the position of a lot of people in the press and the obama duration. that's not the country any of us want to live. in we have the right and obligation to ask these people to explain themselves. ainsley: juan williams he said this sounds like democrats are whining. corey booker says is he going to go, the democrat from new jersey. you have hillary clinton who actually lost the elections to donald trump she is going to be there next to her husband. steve: listen, you ask a lot of hard questions on your show. i loved the interview last night with jehmu greene that kicked off your 9:00 hour. later in the program you had an author who once upon a time was a black panther as well. and he was talking about john lewis. and tucker, we're going to embarrass you for just a moment. we're going to play a portion of your program where he, mr. mason weaver talks about how mr. lewis, john lewis, actually has presided over, in
4:38 am
some measure, the destruction of his own community. listen to this. a flashback. >> the congressional black caucus that have every district they own and control is a ghetto hell hole. it's a place that no one wants to go to. they are in control of every inner city school system. every inner city police. every inner city jail. they have produced nothing but drugs and misery. black owned businesses, black owned housing has been reduced. they have presided over the destruction of black people. they should be ashamed of themselves. and i don't understand why any black person could be a democrat. steve: they have produced nothing but drugs and misery. they have presided over the destruction of black people. >> i mean, he makes too good points that i thought were worth airing last night. the first is that john lewis does not speak for all african-americans that any more than a white politician speaks for white people. nobody can speak for a race. that's a ludicrous proposition. the second point he makes, which i think is fair, you are
4:39 am
allowed to measure a politician's claims against his performance. any politician. not just lewis or members of the congressional black caucus but any politician. you can look at him and say how are the people row ho voted for you doing? you have improved their lives? that's a legitimate question to ask. steve: he got escort united stated with that twitter comment. >> people can ask that question of donald trump a few years after he is in office. that's the whole point of electing these guys, awful them is, to improve the life of the country to make it freer, more prosperous and better place. if they don't succeed in doing that, they have failed. that's the measure for trump and all of them. ainsley: trump has criticized his treatment in the mainstream media yesterday mlk iii was at trump tower meeting with donald trump. steve: they prayed together. ainsley: they prayed together. they seemed to great meeting. mlk come out and talked to the reporters. listen to what some of the reporters asked him, tucker. >> were you offended by the president-elect's tweet that representative lewis' all talk and no action?
4:40 am
>> many african-americans are very concerned about a trump presidency. a woman came in here last week and told me is going to have black people up against the wall both literally and figuratively. did he allay your concerns? >> isn't there something that just cuts to your core when you hear the president-elect refer to john lewis as all talk and no action? i mean, nothing could be further from the truth. isn't that right? john lewis is not all talk and no action. >> what's your -- message to president-elect trump? what do you think your father's message would be to president-elect trump. steve: those are not editorial columnist. those are reporters with those type of agenda questions. >> the moral outrage seems to be everywhere in this country. sort of the last thing i want working journalists to be involved in is making moral judgments about things. and, yet, all of them seem so exercised on a moral level. i mean, he is not just wrong, is he immoral. how dare you ask that question. how dare you raise that point. brian: right. >> if your society reaches a point where reporters are your
4:41 am
moral arbiters? i think you are in trouble. brian: by the way mlk the iii wouldn't buy into it at all. he said we had had a productive meeting. we have to come together at some point. my dad would have wanted that. he was very deferential. bottom line is, i think there is a fear on the left that the right might be cutting into the african-american vote because they are looking to the community for the first time they are saying i want to listen, i want to find out what you need and try to give it. and if they do that, they could double it, triple it, and maybe take it from the democrats which they had in the 60's. >> no vote ought to be monolithic. no racial group ought to vote as a group. it's a terrible idea. it's bad for whatever group it is. it's bad for america. each person is an individual created by god, not part of some group of people who look like him or her. it's a disgusting assumption. we have all sort of bought into it i wish we would stop. i don't want to be treated as a member of a racial group. do you?
4:42 am
at all. brian: you just want us to talk to you and we will do it all the time especially come to washington. >> i'm really psyched to see you guys. steve: it's a date. ainsley: we will be watching you tonight at your new time 9:00. >> you're the best ainsley. ainsley: so are you. he says testify time. self-so good to me. sorry, guys. steve: i got it. brian: you worked together on the weekend for years. ansz ains some people like me brian, i'm sorry. steve: we all like you. brian: a little bit. ainsley: what's it like to stand in for the president-elect and first lady. the soldiers who played the starrinstarring roles join us l. brian: they give the best financial advice money can buy. this morning you get it for free. talking about dave ramsey and his favorite daughter rachel cruise answering your emails ♪ go on ♪ take the money and run
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ainsley: a quick look at some headlines for you. an isis gunman behind the new year's eve massacre behind a tuckerristurkish nightclub. he killed 39 people in that attack that isis has already claimed responsibility for. two week manhunt led to safe house and he was found hiding in there. the election was so tough for some people that they needed trauma treatment. the washington free beacon reports that the state department held workshops for employees to deal with stress from the trump transition. they even got excused absences to attend the hours' long sessions. steve: all right. here's some questions for you. are you newell married?
4:47 am
are you refinancing your home? our next two guests which you are familiar with are here with best financial advice money can buy but it's free today. we are talking about dave ramsey and his daughter rachel cruze. >> thanks for having us back. steve: ladies first. rachel, the question is for you. it's from peter in new york. my wife and i are newly pleard. when is the right time to combine our finances and bank accounts because, as we know, some people don't and that's bad. >> that is. well, you got the advice right there. my advice would be yes, combine them right now. one of the biggest strains you can put on your marriage is when it comes to finances steve: number one strain. >> it changes your pronouns from my money and your money to our money. you are finding unity and that's going to eliminate many money fights and money problems. end up budgeting together and working together when those accounts are combined. steve: don't keep separate money. that's my money and your money.
4:48 am
>> our money together in one account. >> increases communication which 97% of the ladies interviewed say that's what they want from their husband. more communication. steve: absolutely. very good. here is a question for dave from joseph in michigan. i'm considering refinancing heim home 15 year fixed rate mortgage. my new payment would be 33% of my income. should i do this he asks. >> we recommend a 15-year fixed. where you're payment is no more than a fourth of your take-home pay. steve: he is way over that. >> if it's 33% of his gross, not his take home, that's getting pretty close probably. or if your income is trending up rapidly to where pretty soon that 33% would look like 25% that would be okay. while these interest rates are down and trending up, it would be a great time to locked in a fixed rate 15 year. steve: finally got a question for rachel again from anna in florida: my wife and i are expecting our first child in august. we have $18,000 in savings. should we use our savings to
4:49 am
pay off our debt of $16,000 or save it and keep making payments? >> save it and keep making payments. this transition of being a new family throughout pregnancy and then labor and delivery. you don't know what's going to happen. you never know how much you will need. that savings in the bank will catch up slack. once baby and mom are home and everything is good write out a check to pay off that 16,000. steve: goat to get rid of the debt snow ball. >> knock it out as soon as they get home. steve: thank you for joining us from nashville. >> thanks, steve. steve: what's it like to stand in for the president-elect and future first lady? we'll talk to these people screen right. our next guests soldiers who actually played the starring roles for the inauguration rehearsal is going to join us live. good morning to you. first on this date in 1916, the professional golfer's association was formed in 1984. north ridge earthquake rocked los angeles. remember that? registered 6.7 on the ricter scale.
4:50 am
it was a big one. and in 1986, dion war ring and d friends were topping the charts with this song that we all know the words to ♪ in good times and bad times ♪ i'll be on your side forever more ♪
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4:53 am
♪ ♪ steve: so what is it like to stand in for the president-elect and future first lady's shoes? our next two guests found out personally. ainsley: army sergeant major greg lowery and army specialist sarah cory playing the star. the two join us now. good morning to you. >> good morning.
4:54 am
>> good morning. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. what was it like and how were you selected? >> it was an awesome experience. we were selected based on our height, general appearance, and we went through an interview process. so it was really an incredible experience for both of us. >> it really was. steve: we're looking at some of the video from the other day. specialist, i understand somebody asked you later because you are supposed to be melania, what are you wearing? what was the answer for that? >> well, you know,. steve: who are you wearing? >> it wasn't military issue and it wasn't camo so i was really happy to be wearing civilian attire. steve: yeah, but what about the shoes? i heard they were brand new shoes, right? >> well, they are brand new shoes. steve: and i read somewhere they didn't feel good. >> yeah. you know, military issued shoes aren't normally this tall. no.
4:55 am
but not big into the brand names. steve: sergeant major, did you buy a red tie for the event? >> i did. i went out and found a similar color to what i felt the president-elect would wear. ainsley: sergeant major i love this picture here. this was in the newspaper yesterday. you have the thumb's up. did someone tell you to do that? >> no. no. it just felt right in the moment. we were trying to role play and be as authentic as possible to what we might -- what might happen on friday. ainsley: you were having a lot of fun with it. what were your friends saying? >> i have heard from friends i haven't heard from many years. my facebook account has really blown up. we have had a lot of fun with this. steve: specialist, what was it like to be right there where the eyes of the world are going to be at high noon on friday from where you were standing? what do you see? >> it was an incredible experience. it was actually my first time at the state capitol.
4:56 am
and i was really honored to be able to see it and have a bird's eye view of what the president will see on friday. are. ainsley: you are getting a taste of what it's like to be melania and donald trump. >> um-huh. steve: so sergeant major, if donald trump is watching right now and he would like advice for his place in history there on the podium, what would your advice to the president-elect be? >> watch your step as you come down the stairs leading down to the hallway to the podium because i tripped actually on the last step. steve: you know what? you are not the first person to tell donald trump to watch his step. ainsley: specialist, your advice to melania, wear 4-inch heals not the four or five inches? >> she will have really wonderful escort who will be helping her up and down the stairs. steve: military expert. greg lowery and specialist sarah corey from the u.s. army. thank you for joining us. ainsley: we are so glad you were here.
4:57 am
>> thank you. ainsley: thank you for your service. >> indeed. lawyer lawyer up ahead laura ingraham ed henry all going to be live in the next hour. ♪ we got just one condition now ♪ we like it loud ♪ we like it
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5:00 am
>> we did have a very constructive meeting. at some point, this nation -- i mean, people are literally probably dying. >> that list of democratic lawmakers boycotting the inauguration continues to grow with more than 40 lawmakers saying they will skip the historic event. >> same on them. they're weakening the institutional process here. >> the fbi announced it has arrested the wife of on owe moore mateen. >> they have probably accused her of being part of a plot to kill. if the government finds conspiracy, she's facing life in prison. >> it's when there are allegations made about leaking or dishonesty or lack of integrity, that's where i
5:01 am
think the line is crossed. >> never in history have we seen a director of cia going out and attacking a president-elect. just out of his mind. >> for example, your first -- i'm learning something here. you did not tell me something; correct? >> i did not tell you nothing. >> what's the name of the dog? >> brownie. >> brownie. >> no that's crazy. brian: we don't know how he does that, but he's going to be back in half an hour. i've never told anybody that story. and we asked you. tell us about your first dog. ainsley: he would not tell the name of the first dog. and no one called your sister. steve: no. brian: do you remember our next guest. steve: wait a minute. are you talking about senator laura ingram?
5:02 am
brian: you're a genius. steve: we're going to talk about a rumor in a minute. >> no, we're not. i don't traffic in that. rumors? are you kidding. steve: this is not a rumor. it is a fact there are a couple dozen democrats who are going to boycott the inauguration. some say donald trump is not legitimate. others don't like him. what's extraordinary, though, we're going to play a sound bite. here is hillary clinton's former press secretary saying, look, he won fair and square. >> i'm one of those that wishes the president-elect would have done more of this point to bring the country together and heal the country. there's no who can we that he won the electoral votes necessary to win the presidency. he won the election on november 8th. >> why does brian fallon get it and these others don't? >> well, this is about one thing. this is about raising money for 2018, about 2020 setting up the new platform for activism. you already talked with tucker
5:03 am
about how congressman lewis didn't think the bush presidency was legitimate. and this is really more of the same. it's not going to help a single african-american get a job. it's not going to help a single community have better policing. it's certainly not going to help the discourage of drugs throughout this community. suburb america. none of this is going to help by this protest and not going. so you have to ask what is it about? is it going to make donald trump come together to whatever their position is? probably not. it seems that like reverend eugene rivers who wrote a great piece in the hill yesterday, he said the way to affect positive change is to sit down and work with what you consider to be the other side. and actually try to make things better in america. i think president obama in his interviews over the last week or so said he was shocked about how partisan things have become in washington. well,
5:04 am
there's a reason things became partisan because a lot of big policies were shoved through without any republican support or frankly any meaningful consultation. but this isn't going to help anyone. ainsley: what's interesting too, the candidate they did support is hillary clinton. she's going to be there but they don't want to watch the guy they don't like be nothing rated. but cory booker went up against jeff sessions they say because he wants to run for with the president. but he's going to be there and says quote i respect everybody's choice. so why is he going to be there? >> well, i think he's a little bit smarter than the other folks frankly. but there's a radical strain in the democrat party today. for everything that is said about trump, it prevents them from actually being part of an american ceremony. this is an american ceremony that is important for the
5:05 am
unity of this country and for frankly some healing after a very difficult election cycle. at least be part of that. i mean -- brian: well, the thing is too, they're almost as mad as hillary clinton as they are at the republicans. and if the democrats who have the loudest voice get their way, this party will be running more to the left than it even ran six months ago. so i'm not sure that's the answer. >> well, look what has happened to california. california has gone far left to the extent where even someone like jerry brown is considered too moderate for some elements of the democratic party in california. i think this is going to continue. there's going to be a period of mashing of teeth and settling out of the democratic party. i know they're disappointed. republicans were disappointed in 2008. really disappointed. i will say this. i was clerking for justin thomas in 1993 during bill clinton's inauguration. and i had a chance to go to the inauguration and the
5:06 am
justices had a bunch of seats, and i was allowed to sit in one of the seats allotted to the court. i thought it was important to go. is it was really important to see, and i was there with all democrats and big donors. steve: not your team. >> but i actually had a good time. it was fun, and it was an interesting moment, and i was proud to be an american to be there. i didn't agree with bill clinton on a lot, but i'm glad i went. and that was the last inauguration i went to. i just didn't have a commons to go to the others. ainsley: you know justin thomas is going to be swearing in mike pence. >> i worked for president reagan, i wouldn't be here today if it weren't for both of them, and i'm thrilled about that. brian: we would have booked you anyway. but let's talk about donald trump and the outgoing leader of the cia. here's a quote from john brennan who fired back at donald trump who indicated over the weekend through a tweet that he might have been the lyric. john brennan, of course. he says this.
5:07 am
tell the cia officers who are serving in harms way right now and their families that had are akin to nazi germany. i found that to be very repugnant. steve: also said he's not the leaker. and former cia guy who says that brennan is blowing it. listen to this, laura. >> what i would say is that trump is right. the fact is in my 40 years of following politics, i have never seen a director of cia attacking a president-elect. john brennan's introduction into this political process damages the long-term interest of the agency. brian: since when do spies have so many press conferences and talk to so many reporters? >> i wouldn't have used the nazi germany line that trump did. i think a lot of these issues don't lend themselves to tweeting. that's not how i would handle it, but that's what he does and that's what he's going to continue to do. but by the same token, brennan still does represent the cia. obviously trump's going to be
5:08 am
president at noon on friday. and i am sure the relationship with intelligence community will be improved and there will be a lot more transparency where transparency is possibly with the ci iowa. i have a bunch of friends whoare cia. and a number of them have said to me within the last few months there's an upper echelon at the cia that is a political strain. not that they're not patriots or people. they can be political at times. it doesn't mean they don't do a good job as well. but i think president trump is going to have to have a good relationship, an honest relationship with the heads of all the intelligence agencies, and i'm looking forward to seeing how that develops. >> well, you mention donald trump in tweeting and the last one minute, he just did a tweet. he wrote people are pouring into washington in record numbers. bikers for trump, who were on our program are on the way.
5:09 am
it will be a great thursday, friday, and saturday. >> i'm looking forward to it. i heard the weather was supposed to be sunny and 60. now it's raining going i guess. brian: very curious to see that speech because the speech says he's going to make sure to go out of his way not to be about him. it's going to be hopefully to bring the country together. >> america. america first, and i think the speech is going to be focused on the country and the future. enough of looking back in the past. i think people have to move forward now. brian: and speaking of the future, there was that rumor out there that you might run for u.s. senate in virginia challenging tim kaine. anything to that? >> i'm considering. brian: really? ainsley: really? >> yeah. brian: why ar? steve: why are you considering? >> i think it's always good to mix things up. and i've been in washington for a long time. i've had a privilege to serve the country and the judicial branch as a law clerk, at the
5:10 am
executive branch for president reagan. and it might be something i'm interested. i haven't made any decisions but a number of folks in virginia who are well connected are very interested in my running, and it's very flattering in the future. and fox and friends will be the first to know once i make a decision. ainsley: have you heard from cane or any of his folks? >> kaine and i are like this. but i did hear through the grapevine that eric canter was thinking about running. brian: let's show you how vulnerable is for competent republicans. i'm sure you notice that, and he might be the next governor for virginia. >> do i look worried? brian: you look like lower ingram, she's going to go do her radio show in 50 minutes on great radio stations all across the country. great to see you guys. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: let's go turnover heather who has more headlines to us. >> hello, everyone. we do begin with this fox news
5:11 am
alert just hours from now the widow of the orlando terrorist charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting omar mateen. he murdered of course 49 people at the pulse nightclub last june before being killed in a shoot-out with fbi police. now, have not revealed any details with the involvement. and overnight an american college student dead and two others injured in the mexican nightclub shooting. one was trampled to death when gunfire broke out at a music festival. well, her friend who was shot in both hands speaking out about the horror for the very first time. >> i was frozen. i didn't want to move because then it could bring more shots and more shots, and it was just -- i don't know. i was just shocked. >> in all, five people are
5:12 am
dead and 15 people hurt. local report say it is drug cartel related. and astronaut gene, the last man to walk on the moon has died. >> this has got to be one of the most incredible moments in my life. i guarantee you. >> as captain of apollo 13, he spent three days on the moon. before leaving, he left his only kid in the dust. sharing his hope that americans would continue exploring the moon. >> i'm really not the last. there's kings, young girls out there that are going to take us back to the moon and beyond where we plan to go for a long time. >> gene was 82 years old. so nice he'll sign it twice. take a look at this. the presidential oath signed
5:13 am
by mr. trump at a 2015 rally in worcester, massachusetts. now, not an official document of course. but it was drawn up by one of his supporters who tells tmz that the president-elect was all smiles when he added his signature. and, by the way, the gag document now sitting on the auction block starting at 3,500 bucks. he will sign the real thing on friday. that's worth some money, though. >> that is something. donald trump just tweeted again. the same people who did the phony election polls are now doing the approval generating polls. talking about president obama's 50% some odd generating. they are rigged just like before. donald trump said 52 seconds ago. brian: but also referring to the fact that the numbers are up like they usually are for president-elects. meanwhile straight ahead president-elect trump promised this. >> we're going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say please. please. it's too much winning.
5:14 am
we can't take it anymore. brian: and this morning, it looks like he delivers again. are you tired of winning yet? ainsley: and rescue crews breaking into a chimney. the surprise they found on the other side. straight ahead. to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets. babdo you want any?p. no thanks. i have a salad. there's nothing like a bowl of campbell's chicken noodle soup... and salad. made for real, real life.
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5:18 am
steve: the heads of the nations leading teacher unions doing their best to discredit the nation's nominee. >> yeah. she's expected to face tough grilling today over her endorsement of school choices. ainsley: chief national correspondent ed henry is live from washington with the latest for us. good morning, ed. >> good to see you guys. betsy of course coming from the amway fortune in michigan and has new ideas as you say wants to push school choice, that has teacher unions very upset, very worried. but that's frankly exactly why president-elect donald trump has nominated her. he wants to shake all of this up and that's why you also heard earlier on the show some of the nominee supporters basically saying that these new ideas will reinvigorate american education as teacher
5:19 am
unions lash out. >> has the experience to serve as secretary of education. her drive to privatize education is destructive to public schools and to the education success of all of our children. >> if you consider giving parents the power to make a decision about their children's education privatization, it sounds like randy needs to step down from her job as head of the largest teachers union in the country. look, this is about power politics for them. but for betsy, for president-elect trump, for those of us working and twirling in this issue for positive years, this is about giving parents the opportunity to help their kids create the best pathway forward. >> now, the key here is that devos is one of eight cabinet nominees that chuck schumer, the democratic leader put on a list saying they're the ones that they want to pick off and block from actually getting confirmed. as you know, president-elect trump has insisted he's pushing forward on these nominees anyway and frankly the republicans are likely to have the vote to get her
5:20 am
through. so despite all the rhetoric about blocking her and the seven other nominees, very likely to get through, guys. steve: all right. we'll be watching. ed, thank you very much. we like school choice. ainsley: yeah, and if you want your kid to go to another school as long as you can provide transportation, why not? brian: a lot of time they do provide transportation. meanwhile 20 minutes, coming up straight ahead. ainsley: firing back at accused him of leaking the russian rumors. can mr. trump trust his intelligence team? senator john mccain is going to weigh in on that next.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> president-elect donald trump firing back at john brennan after the cia director
5:24 am
said on fox news sunday he didn't really like the tone about donald trump bringing forward about him possibly being the leaker when it came to what was happening with the president-elect and the sitting president talking about an intelligence briefing that got -- somehow got to cnn. joining us now to discuss this and where we're heading now is a relationship with the intelligence community on a new president is the chairman of the armed services committee, senator john mccain. senator mccain, when john brennan leaves, do the problems between donald trump and the intel community go too? >> i hope so. because obviously our intelligence agencies, specifically the cia, are very important aspects of our ability to confront the very serious and daunting challenges that are the legacy of the outgoing obama administration. the world's on fire, brian. and the fact is that there's been a feckless foreign policy for the last eight years,
5:25 am
which has put this country in greater danger than it has ever been in 70 years. brian: true. are you surprised that john brennan would go out of his way to critique the president-elect? >> i don't think it was his role to do so. and, by the way, the president-elect, i didn't like his language, obviously, that he used. but the president-elect has a point. this information, this information which, by the way, was provided to me, and i made no judgment on it, but handed it over to the fbi. but the fact that this unvalidated, to say the least, document was leaked is somebody's responsibility. so the president-elect does have a point here. i mean, after all. so i think that that's something that may be missing in this discussion. brian: did you think donald trump should even have known about that? >> about the -- well, i don't
5:26 am
question the intelligence agencies briefed him of the existence of it. the question is how valid is that document? i had no way of knowing whether it was valid or not. i assumed it wasn't. so did it need to be briefed t to the president? i think that's a very legitimate question. but the very fact that it was leaked, one as a commentator on this town, as you know, but second was totally wrong to have that out an unvalidated document, which is damming out there in the american public without having any validation whatsoever. so it's harmful to the president of the united states. don't you agree? brian: i thought it was stunning. it was a stunning series of events that really up to speed our three-hour show and the radio show right after. just switching now to something else a lot. i don't know what rex
5:27 am
tillerson sounded like, i only read his biography. after hearing his testimony, do you feel good about him being the next secretary of state, despite the fact that he has that friendship award from vladimir putin? >> i haven't totally made up my mind yet. the strength of america and the greatness of america was epitomized by ronald reagan. he took a stand not just doing business for russians. he took a stand because he was captains for the people behind the iron curtin. that's why he said tear down this wall. the moral strength of america is what america great. not because we do oil deals with the kremlin, which would make some people rich. okay? that is my problem. and i have had a good conversation with mr. tillerson. i think he's a good man and so -- but i haven't totally made up my mind. i could -- i've been sanctioned by vladimir putin
5:28 am
roughly the same time that mr. tillerson received a friendship award. i am worried about this president's view of russia. listen, it's vladimir putin who sent planes with precision weapons killing -- hitting the hospitals in aleppo. this guy is a war criminal. okay? he's a butcher and a thug. and i just came from crimea where i met mothers whose sons have been killed by russians while they're defending -- i just came exhumed from ukraine where met mothers whose sons were slaughtered by russians. i feel very strongly about this because i believe in america and our moral superiority, and that's what i have questions about. can you understand that? brian: now i'm getting to 33 pages, instead of rebuilding our military, you say digging out. digging out where we've been over the last eight years.
5:29 am
you're talking about a very big defense buildup. how big? >> roughly $54 billion additional just this year. we have -- our spending on defense has declined by 21% in the last eight years. do you think that the world has gotten 21% safer? this president along with congress with the sequestration where you throw out the baby with the bathwater with across the board cuts, we have the smallest army, smallest baby, smallest marine core than we've ever had, and we have challenges that are greater than at any time in the last 70 years with strains on the european union, our allies, and literally the world on fire. we need to rebuild our military. and the first step is to rebuild the morale of our men and women who are serving in uniform. which, by the way, is not particularly good. brian: senator, i think the president-elect is on the same page with you on that. are you for cracking down on
5:30 am
the contractors as he has been? do you like his method of doing that? is there money to be saved there? >> absolutely. and the interesting thing is that the president did point out the f35, the most expensive weapon system in history. we have a broken acquisition system. we have cost overrun after cost overrun. it's what eisenhower warned us about. there's something called a combat ship. it was supposed to cost $200 million each is. do you know cost today? $467million each, and it no has capability. we have to change the way we acquire weapons. it's a scandal. brian: if you could change how it happened in your house, you would. shows up he's not going to show up at the inauguration address. the 44 skipping this, he
5:31 am
boycotted george w. bush, and he called out you and sarah palin when you were running for president and vice president says you're running a campaign like george wall wallis. do you see a pattern here? >> we do. and we all acknowledge that lewis is a american hero all of us who saw the pictures at the bridge. but the fact is that this is not the first time that congressman lewis has taken an extreme stand and condemn without any shred of evidence for doing so on incoming president of the united states. and in my case, my campaign. so this is -- this is a stain on congress lewis' reputation. no one else's. brian: senator mccain, we always look forward to having you go on. and thanks for letting megan work here. she's doing a great job. >> thank you very much. i'm very proud.
5:32 am
brian: you should be. thank you, senator. what's it like to be the president-elect and future first lady? next, meet the soldiers who played the starring roles for the inaugural rehearsal. and back to read our minds next
5:33 am
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5:35 am
. steve: well, here's the shot of the morning. the trump unity bridge brings to the studios, joining us earlier to explain the journey of that float behind his truck all across america. >> it's the trump unity bridge. help unite america. so everybody can learn to get along and understand the messages they were intended to be so that america can move forward and be great again.
5:36 am
steve: he's been crisscrossing states from florida to new york to bring americans together. ainsley: i love that. he has already logged more than 10,000 miles. his goal is to get into the presidential parade on friday. but as of now, they're not accepting floats. steve: that's right so right now he's not in the parade. listen, ainsley going to sit down with donald trump 90 minutes from now over at trump tower. if you've got a question you would like her to pose to the president-elect, e-mail us or facebook us or tweet us and who knows. one of your questions could be asked of the next president of the united states. ainsley: we have three pages right here of questions i'm going to ask him. we're going to add three more of your questions. so make it good. steve: meanwhile. what do we have common with -- kim kardashian, barbara walters. ainsley: well, we all have been blown by -- >> are you freaked out from
5:37 am
what we did -- ainsley: freaked all morning. >> i guessed the name of your pet. brian: brownie. i never told anybody. ainsley: not told anyone. >> i'm going to try to do something -- people always ask me if you do this stuff, why do you do shows? why don't you go to the casino? and the answer is i go. sometimes i win and sometimes the casinos loses. this is how it goes. but i'm going to show you something interesting. we all had secrets. each one of you. think of a -- ainsley: and they're supposed to remain secrets. >> yes. so don't go too crazy. ainsley: i didn't go too dark. >> g-rated. >> yes. something about you but don't say it. just imagine it. and i'm going to ask you some leading questions to it. does anybody know this secret? >> no. not even my husband.
5:38 am
>> really? >> this is going to be good. >> so if you're watching us right now, you're about to get -- don't say a word and let's -- and you promise you did not tell me anything. >> i didn't. we didn't in the greenroom. >> look at me. very good. now, this is -- a mentalist knows how to analyze people. >> okay. >> so i'm analyzing you right now, it's a long, long time secret. used to always want to do it. something really specifically about you. it's about a talent, some kind of talent, it's something that you always wanted to do. something specific. something about music. something about -- i'm close? i'm getting there? >> you are. >> and it's something interesting because you never told this to anyone, but i think that since you were very, very young, you loved rock 'n' roll, and you always -- this is your -- you always wanted to sing in a
5:39 am
rock 'n' roll band. >> that's exactly it. and i have no clue how he got that. it's not surprising with my background. but i haven't told anyone that ever. steve: she grew up singing into the brush. >> i did. totally. i mean, i don't know what to say. that's amazing. and i want to ask you something. the tv show is based on you, the mentalist. >> the tv show is based on me and there's not a lot. like five in the world who can do this stuff. i was talking about the casino. so you alook like the most skeptical person here. he's looking at me like this. take the dye and hold it on your hand like this, and just say out loud the numbers. brian: two. >> change the number. brian: four. >> change the number. brian: five. brian: one. >> you can control it and do anything you want; right? now i know what's going to be the choice. when i turn around, choose a number and just cover it with your hand, and i'm going to go to this side, i'm not going to look.
5:40 am
steve: you want me to tell you which side. >> no choose the number but don't tell me what number it is. brian: don't show it on tv? >> it's only you. you're going to be the eyes of the audience. got it? you have the number? brian: got it. >> did you start with three? so do it again because you were just -- just cover it now. no. no. don't do this. choose a number. this is a choice. ainsley: no shaking. brian: okay. >> turn around so we cannot see anything. choose a number. not looking. got it? brian: i got it. >> so after three, you're probably going to go to five. brian: yes. >> yes? >> and one more time. you can cover my eyes. cover my eyes. this is a fair experiment. you've got the number. so three. he went to five. and now he's going to -- you got it? brian: yep. >> probably going up to six i think? yes. am i right? that's interesting. ainsley: that's amazing. steve: wait a minute. so, in other words, you are brian's pocket master.
5:41 am
you are pulling the strings. ainsley: what's the formula? >> the formula is basically understanding how people are thinking. if i ask you to draw something inside the circle, what would you do? >> a cross. >> a cross. what would you do? >> a square. >> what would you do? >> i would make a happy face. >> so take this. don't do anything yet. i hope it's not a cross or happy face. now, the most common drawing is actually a house or smiley face. close your eyes. i'm just going to go -- i don't know what i'm doing. ainsley: no looking. >> i don't know. brian: i have to close my eyes. >> i don't know what this is. i'm showing this to the camera before you open your eyes. open your eyes. look at me. don't change your mind. boom. do your drawing now. let me see what it is. good. steve: oh, my goodness. >> interesting. look what i did over here.
5:42 am
>> they both drew a hand. ainsley: so weird. look at this. look at this. you see? >> that is freaky. >> did you see it? did you peek? brian: no. ainsley: what are you thinking right now, brian? because you are the most skeptical person. brian: i'm going to buy the book. that's what i'm going to do. >> you're going to get it for free. ainsley: do you do parties and -- >> i travel to different countries. >> the halftime show for barbra streisand. if you want more information, what's your website? >> crazy videos from all over the world, and we're going to add this video there because i enjoy being with you guys. >> can you do a five-day forecast? >> nobody can do that. >> do you want me to tell you the questions that are going to be asked -- >> yes. >> no. no. no. [applause] steve: my mind now.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
. steve: all right. coming up in 15 minutes from right now, america's newsroom with bill and shannon. how are you? >> good morning, guys. how are you? steve: doing okay. wondering whose donald trump's first pick for the supreme court could be. so tell us about judge william prior, whose name has been floating around. >> yeah. definitely on the short list. he's a federal judge just one level before the supreme court. conservatives love him. he has talked about the fact that he used wave as one of the worst abominations of the constitutional law ever. so he has definitely strong conservative credentials. but other things if a that you can say are worried about. one in which he has been praised by the left. it was a case involving a sex discrimination case for a transgender employee. he signed onto ruling in favor of that individual. so someone on the right are saying, listen, let's take a
5:47 am
closer look at some of his decisions because president-elect trump has talked about the fact that he wants somebody that's going to be bedrock strong. he often cytes justice thomas as someone earlier likes. so when you have a long paper trail for all of these people and fully vet it, it's something conservatives want to happen including judge prior. >> so some people say ted cruz has a shot at this and one of the first questions was asked to ted cruz was do you want to be considered for supreme court justice slot? he said no. but did he mean it? >> well, maybe no for now. i think that might be the way you could look at it. he's not on the list of 21 and the president-elect has said over and over and over again i'm only picking from the list of 21 for the first one. but you never know down the road. ted cruz in washington, he's a young guy. he might want to run for president again. once you are on the bench, that is for life. so i've seen him argue cases there before. he is brilliant before the supreme court, i think he would be a good fit on the bench when it comes to, you
5:48 am
know, having the intellect to tackle these cases. but i think that he's saying not right now. but not maybe no forever. >> sure. ainsley: congratulations so sitting next to bill. he's so fun. >> he's the best. i feel like he makes everybody look good. ainsley: cellar. he's easy to work with. america's newsroom. you're going to be in what? ten more minutes. >> yeah. and we've got a jam-packed show. and we're going to talk a lot about the new comments now from the russian president vladimir putin saying he thinks the outgoing administration is trying to delegitimatize incoming president-elect trump. brian: right and shannon of course has the say-so on all guests. >> veto power. somehow i jumped right over bill and got that on day one. brian: i probably shouldn't have said that out loud, but we wanted to tell the people everything. steve: thank you so much. we'll see you in 11 minutes, 30 seconds. brian: she seems so nice. only 13 years old and probably knows more about american history than you do. >> hi, everybody.
5:49 am
this is solomon schmidt. today we're going to talk about american government. brian: one of the youngest historians shares his knowledge on the curvy couch next. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. yet some cards limit whereuldn't you earncomplicated. bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned
5:50 am
unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited. what's in your wallet?
5:51 am
5:52 am
ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. heard it here first. laura ingram considering a run for senate seat in virginia. >> considering. >> really? brian: why are you considering? >> a number of folks in virginia are well connected or very interested in my running, and that's very flattering. i'll decide on it in the future. and fox and friends will be the first to know it. ainsley: if she does run, it's going to be a challenge it would be to hillary clinton's
5:53 am
running mate, mr. tim kaine. and did you catch this? army sergeant major greg playing mr. and mrs. trump at the inauguration dress rehearsal? they joined us earlier on fox and friends. >> it was a really incredible experience for both of us. >> it wasn't military issue. >> right. >> and it wasn't camo, so i was really happy to be wearing civilian attire. >> i've heard from friends i haven't heard from in years and my facebook account has really blown up. we had a lot of fun with it. ainsley: and firefighters rescue a curious 8-year-old girl who fell down that chimney. you can see her pink in there. crews near tampa, florida carefully chipping away all the before this accident outside of the chimney to get her out safety. >> what was she doing on the roof? ainsley: i don't know. steve: speaking of children. well, respectfully, at 13
5:54 am
years old, solomon schmidt might be the youngest child historian in america. >> hi, everybody, this is solomon schmidt from history today we're going to talk about american government. steve: and has already written a book. u.s. history bites covers 30 u.s. topics that everybody should know. brian: he was kind enough to send me a book, so we want to put him on the show right now. congratulations, solomon. >> hi. thank you. brian: not many 13-year-olds can pump on you out what you pumped out already. explain your passion for history. >> well, my mom has been reading to me ever since i've been in the womb, and i'm home-schooled, and she picks out a lot of great history curriculum for me, and i just started reading a lot of different history books, and i found out how important it is and just it's really interesting. ainsley: what's the most fascinating history story that you can share with us? >> well, my great grandpa served in the army during world war ii, and he was
5:55 am
stationed at pearl harbor the morning it was attacked. brian: there he is; right? >> yeah. that's hi him. and all the antiaircraft guns were put away and polished for inspection. so he was a bunch of soldiers getting their ammunition checked and he said grab your guns. we're at war. and by the time they had their guns, it was too late. >> so for your book, you can include your grandpa's story as a first-person account. but where did you get all the other stories? >> well, i learned them mainly from the history books that i read before and the history curriculum that i read. what i did was i looked through and looked through a bunch of different history books and picked what i thought were the 30 most significant topics that had the most meaning. not the other ones that i didn't choose weren't important. i just thought i picked -- >> hey, it's your book. you make the choice. when you look at all the presidents, who intrigues you the most?
5:56 am
who interests you the most? >> i would have to say president ronald railing. >> in what convey weigh? >> i liked his character, policy, and faith. his policy, low taxes, strong government, and a strong military. >> typical 13-year-old thoughts. >> and you like donald trump too; right? >> yes. brian: why? >> well, i don't watch tv, like, at all. but my dad tells me some of the news, and i agree with a lot of the things he wants to accomplish as president. and i'm just excited to see what would happen to the country. >> why don't you watch television? >> well, i think my mom and dad are trying to filter it, so we don't have it in our house. >> there's about ten housewives series. >> you can watch fox and friends. ainsley: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> for right now, i have ideas about being an officer in the air force and possibly an attorney or politician. >> well, check out his book. it's u.s. history bites written by solomon schmidt. solomon, thank you very much. >> and say hello to your nana.
5:57 am
>> hi, nana.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> zipping over to trump tower now i'll sit down with president-elect donald trump. it will air tomorrow at fox and friends. >> see you back here on the couch. >> stay within yourself. >> bill: good morning, getting ready for a new administration. not everybody is. three days from now donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. a growing number of democrats, now more than 40, vow to not attend the festivities on friday. hasn't been done like this before. that number could go higher. we have a packed show today. welcome, i'm bill hemmer. welcome back, shannon. >> shannon: i'm shannon beam. more high profile meetings are expected today. team trump brushing off opposition to democrats and even extending an olive branch. >> we hope this democratic members of congress


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