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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 17, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> thanks for joining us. "america's news headquarters" starts now. >> two more of president elength donald trump's nam knees will be grilleded by congress. i am sandra smith. betsy devosz will testify at her hearing and we are only minutes away from the confirmation hearing from ryan zeinke. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill. good afternoon to you. what are your expectations. >> reporter: he is expected to say he would never sell or transfer or give away our public
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lands. he is expected to get started shortly. congressman zeinke said federal land had should be used for hiking, fishing and hunting and harvesting timber and monitoring for coal. he would work with each of them to use the public land for a higher purpose so our children's children can say we did it right. he served as a navy seal and not considered a controversial pick, sandra. >> mike, we have our camera in the hearing room. we'll bring it to you live. that being said, should we expect fireworks in the hearing room for the education secretary, betsy devosz? >> reporter: i think there is no question about that. the teacher unions are opposed
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to betsy devos. she will be accused of wanting to privatize and defund our public school. another well known reformer said devosrepresents change. >> she will go right at what i call 30 years ago the blob. that clogs up the american education system. >> reporter: if you want to see fireworks. tune in to fox business 5:00 eastern and they will take it live, sandrare a. >> indeed. the pick for trump's education secretary betsy devoswill be aired in the entirity when it begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern.
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the head of boeing summoned for a second meeting with with donald trump. they had a good first meeting about lowering the cost of the fighter jets. do we know what came out of the meeting with bog ceo? >> reporter: we do, sandra. he came with with a follow-up promise that the cost of next generation of a force one is lower than the president-elect feared it was. he brought with him to trump tower specifics of how he will keep the costs down. >> we made great progress. we are stream lining the process. stream lining by using commercial parts at a lower costs. i am pleased with the progress
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there. >> reporter: the boeing ceo said companies are all on the same page as the president-elect and the engagement that the president-elect is doing with company ceo's will boost manufacturing here. >> do we know what the president-elect is doing today? >> reporter: he's been practicing his unaugural address with a teleprompter and podium. and he will focus on being a president for all americans. he is spending time in the end of the transition and pointing out big american companieses announced investment in the state. gm, to build truck parts in michigan instead of mexico and walmart to create jobs here. thank you to general motors and walmart for starting the big job push back into the u.s.
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mr. trump is continuing to call out georgia congressman john lewis, because he said he didn't think mr. trump was a legitimate president. as it turns out, washington post interviewed a purpose said lewisskipped the 2001 inauguration of president bush about. and so the president-elect said he was lying this time. >> big day indeed. looks like the rain let up in new york city just now. >> reporter: it did but we are ready. >> a good reporter always is. the president-elect comes to office with low expectation. one poll puts unfavorable numbers at 54 percent.
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mr. trump said the same people who did the phony election polls are doing phony approval polls. one things voters feel better with trump. the economy. 61 percent believe he will do a good job with the nation's economy. we'll bring in former clinton campaign advisor and matt slap. matt, what do you make of the numbers? the president-elect hinted they were rigged and unfavorable numbers at 54 percent ahead of inauguration day? >> i would definitely discount the numbers. one phenomenon that donald trump brought to politics. it is hard for traditional polling to capture the support he has around the country. typically politicians get the
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support of people who embrace everything about them. donald trump put together a coalition who like his aggressive style and like that he took on companies that are investing overseas and not america. like that he will bring change to washington. and they support him and would vote for him. if we replayed the election he woulded do. the poll tried to make it an endorsement of everything about trump and it is not relevant. snieshgs simon, 61 percent believe he will do a excellent or good job. and second is creating jovenlt creating jobs, and so obviously this is what people voted for donald trump. they want him to bring jobs, jobs, jobs. why the unfavorable ratings so high then. >> as a democrat, i hope donald
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trump succeeds. >> good for you. >> yeah, i think there is no controversy in my party and people not coming to the inaugural. i don't agree it should not be discounted. if he can't get his numbers up it would be corosive to the legislative agenda. >> he's not in office yet. >>in am agreeing with you. >> expectations are low because you being look at stock market and say expectations are pretty high with the run up in stock prices. maybe he will impress all of those concerned? >> it could be, i think he would rather be popular than not. if we are in the same place six months from now, it will impacts his ability to lead the party and get the legislative agenda through. he will want the numbers up. >> i think he is popular and the
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polls are not asking the right question. they do approve of the way he put together his cabinet and the issues in inupon vesting in this country again. and the stock market is a big approval and the ceo's are doubling down on investing, we heard from walmart and ford, they believe the trump agenda will be good for creating jobs. >> we are running at 80 percent. that was a abc, washington post poll. and we have more hearings on the nomination of montana congressman ryan zinke. and we'll bring it to you live when it begins. but senator kaine seems to be softening his. >> are you you leaning toward supporting him? >> barely, yes. yes, i am.
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i think he's a good man and i think he's aware certainly of vladimar putin, and i still don't taking an award from that thug. >> simon, what is going on here? >> i don't know. i think mccain has been all over the place on this one. clearly his position is evolving. and tillerson did not have a great showing. i think most of the cabinet officials will get three through. tom price seems to hit a bumpy bachlt he lied under oath and a shaky performance. and if mccain gets behind him, he will get through. >> matt, you have the same interpretation. >> no, it was a something and question of what exxon. rex tillerson is an outsider in
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politics temperature -- politics. it is hard to answer foreign policy questions. i think he did a good job and all of the nominees will get through. will tillerson have a bumpy ride? not if people like john mccain and lindsay graham vote for him, he will be fine. >> simon, we watch the hearings like with ryan zince and betsy devos, the gochcha questions are not working. >> we have to vet them. some were less vetted than other cabinet secretaries in modern history. it is the responsibility of both parties to kick their tires. i think the democrats are doing
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their job. >> we are waiting for the start of the confirmation hearing for ryan zinke. and his federal land view is what the democrats will hit him hardop. president obama u.n. ambassador taking a final shot at russia. and how it may change rearealations with russia and putin. for years we have seen russia take one aggressive and destabilizing action after another.
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dev zin zke
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ryan zinke. the republican from montana who served as a navy seal. we'll bring you the start as it gets underway. the nominee has been seated. tough talk from russian president put pin aimed at the obama administration which he accused of trying to undermine president-elect donald trump by spreading false allegations. there was an address on u.s.- russia relations. and now the white house is reacting to putin's comments. >> reporter: yes, the colorful one. putin claims that opponent was trump are fabricating comments about him worse than prostitutes. earnest defended the u.s. and he addressed the comments. >> it is not the first time that
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the intelligence community had uncomfortable things to say about russia. these are the kinds of things that russians would rather not hear. but ultimately and this is something that the next administration will decide. >> reporter: ambassador samantha powers called out the republican and president-elect saying it is not healthy for a party or leaders to cast doubt on a well documented assessment of the intelligence community that russia is seeking to harm our country. >> sandra: rich powers critized russia? >> reporter: power explained how the russia is weakening the world order we benefitted from under seven decades. >> under president obama's leadership. we have invested in and abided
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by the ruleses on the international order. the same cannot be said for the russian government today. for years, we have seen russia take one aggressive and destabilizing action after another. >> reporter: she said in russian annexation of crimia and propping up the regime of assad in syria as it he killed its citizen and russia denies and lies. and calls for a stronger nato and countries to contribute more for defense. >> sandra: thank you. the nonpartisan congressional office said health increases would be set for an increase. it comes from analyzing repeal efforts last year. the cbo said premiums could jump 25 percent the first year and as
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many as 18 million americans could lose coverage. house speaker paul ryan's office said it takes in to no account the actions of the administration to revitalize the market that was decimated by obamacare. president-elect trump's team sharing news about a foreign company and pledging to boost job and invest billions in our country. what this said about trump's business agenda. the british prime minister is looking for a clean break from the european union with breaksit. what a member p of the incoming trump administration said about the timing of all of this, next. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> sandra: new drama surrounding breaksit. as a soon to be member of the trump administration makes its clear that the u.s. can can forge a trade deal with britain more quickly than usual. the president-elect is a hard charger with a result- oriented team. this comes as the british prime minister may callses for a clean break from the exit from the european union saying the country must regain the laws and
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borders. >> the message in the campaign referundum. brexit means control of the number of people who come to britain from europe. that's what we will deliver. >> sandra: britain's parliament can vote on the final deal. but will not say what will happen if parliament rejects the agreement. another corporation pledging to put billions in the u.s. the company ceo bayer said they will have jobs for the u.s. if the merger with mansanto is allowed to it proceed. good to see you, sir. what a fun afternoon to have you here. first of all. what do you make of
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president-elect trump and what he's done with the threats and messages he's sending out to the companies. >> over all it is effective. but i want donald trump and the american public to be careful that the big corporation learn how to play the game. general motors investing billion. and so, you know, we have hondaai invest 3 billion and still open a factory in mexico. mexico has a lot of advantages over america. and you led in with brexit and what they were saying. we want a quick trade deal with uk. we want better trade deals with the planet and the advantage with mexico we can can level the playing field without putting a 35 percent tariff on german
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automakers. >> he's not even in the white house. with the bayer deal. 8 billion investment. what does did the first 100 days look like as the tariff deals. >> i hope it is seat of the pant's stuff and i hope we keep the momentum where people feel better. general motors, they are bringing jobs backing from mexico can. 450. not all of the jobs. but they are not leaving, they are coming back. we want that momentum to continue. the notion of getting in a big protracted trade war, we are concern body that. theressa may and the president of china extolling the virtues of free market and global tray and taking away the populs nej brut -- britain and europe.
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nafta was not a good deal. we need to revamp them. and i think they will blink quickly. >> sandra: the automakers kind of took a shot the at american cars. >> the vice chancellor said you make better carses and you might see more chevies on the street. we make great car and coffee machine and don't knock the chevy's either. >> sandra: know president-elect trump wants to cut government spending and look at staff reductions high as 20 percent in each department over the next four years. >> very reasonable. remember the government shutdown? we learned a phrase, nonessential workers. wow. did you see you how many nonessential workers in the department of education?
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95 percent. 90 percent in these other agencies. 90 percent are nonessential and keep the wheels moving. bloated government has been one of the things. here's the ironiy of it all. and parit down, our gfrt will work better and we'll function better and serve the american public. bureaucracies are marbled with career folks who stamp papers in corner office sxchlts protect their turf. we need to get rid of all of that stuff and so that everyone can benefit. >> sandra: can you talk to me about the stock market. democrats say he has low approval rankings. but ranking high with job and economy. and the stock market giving him high approval record. >> it is a psychological climb.
11:29 am
you need a test and market needs to be tested and let dow 20000 be the test. >> 19817. >> and what we have seen economic data, not just opinion polls but real data shows there is an impact from the trump election. >> you think? >> not only the stock market. but investmentes and spending. >> sandra: if anyone looks at those numbers. it is charles payne. congressman ryan zinke not the only nominee heading to the hill today. betsy devos will be on the hot seat. and bret baier will be with with us. and the window of the orlando terrorist in court today. details on the new charges she's
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>> sandra: you are looking live at the u.s. conference of mayor's winter meeting in washington d.c. right now. the guest of honor is vice-president elect mike pence. he is set to speak any time now. we'll bring you the news as it comes. a confirmation under way for interior secretary montana congressman ryan zinke.
11:34 am
the president-elect nomination for education expected to get under way right before bret baier's report. >> good afternoon. >> sandra: starting out with ryan zinke. he's in the hot seat. what will come from that? >> not much. there is a couple of questions of federal land and how he sees things. but interior secretary is not one democrats focus on. and they have the votes, and harry reid changed the rule and they need only 51 votes and he will likely sail through and their there will not be controversy around zinke. others may be more controversial. but a lot will not be a factor because of the votes.
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>> sandra: betsy devos we can expect fireworks this evening, but the democrats trying to marginalize the nominees, are they getting anywhere? >> there are tough questions that can can and have been asked. i would expect education secretaries nominee to have push back about school choice and vouchers. but listen, the bottom line elections have consequences. and unless you have the votes in the senate, you don't have a ton of leverage unless republicans come on your side. the nominees that possibly have issues, tom price is going to get challenged on his investmentes. he's the hss nominee and rex tillerson, and saw the questions about ties to russia.
11:36 am
but i don't see the republicans moving against the nominees unless there is something big that drops. >> sandra: we are waiting betsy devos this evening before your hour. she will push for school choice and vouchers and expanding charter schools. this will all come up. is anybody at risk of not passing through? >> not really. jeb bush is a supporter of betsy devos. >> they are not exactly trump people. but they helps with a number of republicans. it is the issue pushing. there has to be a shake-up. and can you will get a push back from the teacher's unions and traditional sppters of democratic causes. but again, they don't move the
11:37 am
votes on the side. and tom dash cell will be confirmed but because of taxes not paid, he wasn't. and something like that pops up, we'll see. >> sandra: there could be surprises. any surprises expected on friday. the partieses are getting prepared and the parades are getting report. >> i think security will know they talk big numbers but who will show up. it will look different than ineration passed. the people, sandra is quite something. think of june 2015 down the
11:38 am
escalator of trump tower and putting his hand on the lincoln bible and family bible to be the 45th president of the united states. >> sandra: thank you for being here are, brett. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: fox news alert for you. court action in california not over yet for the widow of omar mateen. norsalmon's first appearance will be continued tomorrow. she moved after the mass cue to san francisco. she's charged with aiding and abetting her husband. claudia, what happened today? >> reporter: well, sandra, there was an issue with the defense team. they are making their way from oakland from texas.
11:39 am
the 30 year widow of the orlando night was shooting woesh yellow t- shirt and swaets. she appeared nervous and she faced no fewer than six u.s. attorneys. and one of them said she knew he would gun down and outside of the courtroom, her uncle said she did nothing wrong. >> she is a innocent simple person and would not hurt a fly. >> reporter: she told the new york times she knew nothing about the murderous plans. and she also said she tried to draw him out of it. she was with him when with bullets. she said her husband was abusive
11:40 am
and controlling. and beat her six months. and she said she was corhearsed. and that argument is unlikely to fly with the government prosecutors who have had seven months to prosecute here. >> sandra: it is all in florida. >> that's right. she will be transported back to orlando for abetting and can send her back p to life if she is convicted. not only do we want people to prevent from helping terrorist, but we'll come after you if you don't turn them in. >> sandra: the suspect in the istanbul night club attack
11:41 am
confessed. the turbish police arrested the man who killed 39 people. they say he is from ezbekastan. and carried out the attack for iisis. how it will be different as you heard bret baier we will have an elegant day and the 20th will be special and beautiful and we'll have massive crowds because we have a movement.
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>> sandra: president obama elect trump ran no ordinary campaign and known as a showman. and he raised a boat load more monknowy for his inauguration than president obama. his ceremony may be more workmanlike. we have sarah join ming now. that was boris's words for the presidential inaugural committee. what should we expect and how will it look different. >> thank you, sandra, i am excited to be here. it is unique for the attendee and president-elect.
11:46 am
it is a special event. we have fewer ball and more elegant for the attendees and public events enjoyable as well. voices of the people coming in on thursday and they are groups from around the country and the welcome celebration that brings toby keith and threes downs down. >> toby keith faced back lash and he said nope, he will be there. and just examples of that workman like appearance of the unaugusteration that you prefer. president obama's stretched over five days and donald trump said three. bill clinton hit 14 official balls on the day sworn in. trump plans appearances at just
11:47 am
three. those are some of the ways it will look different. >> for him, the swearing in ceremony is a special moment for him. but he's ready to start working for the american people and making sure it is unity and we are celebrating americans and the people p. pap raid celebrating military and armed forces and veteran. and first responder. and show case them around the counterry and getting him to work. >> sandra: talk about the pap raid as well. some parades are four minutes and donald trump's is 90 minutes. >> right it goes late in theining and we want to respect attendance and making sure it is an hour and half is a great event for everybody. >> sandra: there is a talk of
11:48 am
lack of a- listers being there. donald trumpmentes to honor those who supported him in the process. thank you for being here. >> appreciate it. >> sandra: josh earnest stepping in the spotlight with a surprise appearance in his final briefing. >> you know this guy ranks as high as anybody i have worked with. he's not only protector, but he is a really, really good man.
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>> sandra: all right, vice-president elect mike pence is giving remarks in p the mayor's winter meeting.
11:52 am
let's listen in. >> did ever imagine finding yourself in this position ten years ago, i said i didn't imagine myself in this position ten months ago. maybe some of you can relate to that. when the phone call came to the indiana governor's residence and that familiar voice came across the phone line. he said mike, i have an assignment for you and it is going to be be great. and i can testify that it has been, a journey of a lifetime for my little family and opportunity to serve alongside our president-elect is greatest time of my life. it is humbling to be in the room with many dedicated public servants. >> sandra: greatest honor of his life as he was asked to be the vice-president alongside president-elect donald trump. that is mike pence, speaking in
11:53 am
washington. the financial official white house briefing for press secretary josh earnest. president obama paying a visit to shower praise on his long- time spokesman. kevin, did the president say anything surprising about the outgoing press secretary. >> reporter: in a word, no. but to be fair, it was interesting that he walked us through an impressive journey that the two men have shared since the candidate days in iowa. he said there was a good reason that earnest was voted most popular press secretary in history. >> he was worthy of that admiration and he was tough and didn't give you everything you wanted, but he was always prepared. he was always courtious and make sure that he could share wuyou as much of our thinking and our policy and our vision as possible.
11:54 am
>> reporter: if you had a chance to watch the briefing, a great many reporters were saying nice things about the treatment of josh earnest. despite our differences, i said he was fair. >> sandra: questions were shouted like where are you going friday? we do know where he's headed >> he will spend time in palm springs, california. he did not talk about the policy decisions that he made in his time in office. we'll get that tomorrow. and he mentioned the fate of the detainees in gitmo. and cuba. his press secretary talked about that and made an entering admission today. >> i don't anticipate we'll succeed in the goal of the prison. the possibility of additional transfers remains a possibility. >> reporter: a possibility.
11:55 am
a high possibility. some of our sources tell us that you should expect half dozen detainees happen before he leaves office and the transfer of power happens on friday. >> the news keeps on coming. >> sandra: firefighters make a dramatic rescue of the four- legged kind. details on this, next.
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>> firefighters in our nation's capitol coming to the rescue of a dog trapped in a burning house. crews knocking down the fire and pulling the pet to safety. the dog did need to be revived. they fitted him with an oxygen
11:59 am
mask. paramedics continued life-saving efforts before taking him to an animal hospital. no word on his condition. in oklahoma constituent, an even stranger rescue for firefighters. they were called in to help a cow that got stuck in a swimming pool. first they had to use their pumps to remove about five feet of water. then they brought in a wrecker to hoist the 1,500 pound animal from the pool to safety. the cow is okay and suffered no serious injuries. the hearing for trump's peck, secretary of the interior, ryan zinke. that's underway right now. at 5:00 p.m., fireworks are expected when the education secretary, his peck, betsy devos take the hot seat. that hearing will be aired in its entirety on the fox business network at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. check your local listings if you're not sure where to find it. it was a busy hour. thanks so much for joining us
12:00 pm
this afternoon. that's it for us. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on capitol hill where senators are preparing for what could be a brutal confirmation hearing. democrats expected to hit betsy devos hard on her lake of experience and donations to conservative causes. and vladimir putin blasting the obama white house and suggesting the russians had blackmail material on the president-elect. also, ready for inauguration? donald trump has been practicing. ahead what we know about how he's getting ready. kennedy joins us for a l


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