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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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this afternoon. that's it for us. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on capitol hill where senators are preparing for what could be a brutal confirmation hearing. democrats expected to hit betsy devos hard on her lake of experience and donations to conservative causes. and vladimir putin blasting the obama white house and suggesting the russians had blackmail material on the president-elect. also, ready for inauguration? donald trump has been practicing. ahead what we know about how he's getting ready. kennedy joins us for a look who is showing up and who is
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skipping out. plus, the judge goes to trump tower. our own judge andrew napolitano met with the president-elect. how did that go? i'll ask him. we just got the menu for the inaugural lunch. the menu continuing the tradition of menu reading. i'll menu read. let's get to it. >> shepard: first on the fox news desk, president-elect trump says his first day will start monday so that signing and other matters does not interfere with the celebration. today his spokesman said something else. he said friday. so we'll see. anyway, the new senate is hard at work. it's just kicked off another marathon round of confirmation hearings three days before trump's big celebration day. first up, rock congressman ryan
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zinke of montana. the president-elect picked him for interior secretary, this is a live look at the hearing where lawmakers are grilling him about his hearings to manage the federal land and natural resources. congressman zinke is a former navy seal. zinke supports keeping public lands under federal control. that clashes with the gop's official position of selling some land back to the states so they can make decisions about whether to use the land for mining and oil drilling and other matters. that is not the most high profile hearing today. analysts are predicting fireworks a couple hours from now when the u.s. senate holds a confirmation hearing on betsy devos. she's the controversial pick of the education secretary. she's a billionaire philanthropist and republican donor from michigan. we expect democrats to go after her conservative views on education. betsy devos is a strong supporter of charter schools and
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vouchers that give families public money to pay for private school tuition. she stepped down as the american federation of children that is dedicated to expanding voucher programs. critics agree that america's education system is failing too many of our children. according to an international moderating group, the united states ranked 19th in science behind norway and 20th in reading. in math, the united states ranked 31st behind israel and slovokia. federal data shows as of 2015, for reading, just about -- i should say a third of eighth grade students are above a proficient level. the senate set to question several other nominees to run for key areas of our government. we're expecting president-elect trump's pick for health secretary, the republican congressman tom price of georgia to face tough questions from democrats tomorrow about his
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opposition to obamacare and his treating of health-related socks while in congress. former texas governor rick perry thursday is set to testify at his plans to run the energy department. that's the department that rick perry said he wanted to eliminate had he become president. governor perry couldn't remember the department was on his lists to axe back in 2011. with that, we have team fox coverage of the latest confirmation hearings. trace gallagher with betsy devos and her background. i'll get to the menu items. we'll have that. mike emanuel is on capitol hill from what we're longing about the congressman zinke hearing. hi, mike. >> it's been predictable so far. republicans sound like they what a change, a new approach from what the obama administration
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has done. democrats are anxious on what this nominee, ryan zinke do will. zinke started talking moments ago. >> i'm also deeply humbled because of the great responsibility the position holds, to be a steward of our majestic lands, the champion of our great indian nations and the manager and voice of our diverse wildlife. >> zinke got choked up moments ago when he talked about working with both sides so our children's children, future generations will say that this leadership team got it right, shep. >> shepard: what do we have on the hearing for betsy devos? >> we expect more fireworks in that hearing. she's a controversial nominee. we expect folks like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, two liberals, to go after her, question her finances and to question her support of charter
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schools and school choices. the teacher's union is going after her hard suggesting she's trying trying trying to privatize public schools. >> betsy devos is not for choice. she's for privatization. >> outside influences in american education, that is people that are not in the teacher's unions, should have no say. >> republicans sound excited about betsy devos saying she knows the special interests in education, knows what is wrong with public education and will not be afraid to go after them. shep? >> shepard: mike, thank you. a closer look at president-elect trump's controversial pick for education secretary continuing the coverage on betsy devos. trace gallagher with more. what do we know about donations
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she made to senate republicans? >> shep, betsy devos will appear before the labor and pension committee. according to the financial questionnaire that she filled out, devos acknowledges donating to four committee members. the trump campaign counters that by noting the teacher's unions, which strongly oppose betsy devos, have also donated to we found that teachers unions have given gop members about $34,000 and given 11 democratic members more than $700,000. the national teacher's unions are mobilizing a campaign to vote against betsy devos accusing her trying to undermine public education. in returns, the unions are standing in the way of improving the education system and we should not patty murray of washington, the ranking member on the senate health committee, thinks devos may have extensive financial entanglements and conflicts of interest, so she's
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called on devos to release her tax returns. >> shepard: every indication is that betsy devos has growing republican support. >> yeah. people like jeb bush, senator orrin hatcher. 20 gop governors have endorsed her, incding rick snyder from michigan. he said she and her husband, dick devos, wants children no matter their race, income or zip code to have access to great schools and great teachers that prepare them for success in the work force. betsy devos has made no bones about saying she believes public education is a monopoly and would work better with more competition and the devos family has given millions to organizations that would promote that goal. >> shepard: trace, thanks.
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if you're interesting in the confirmation hearing, it will air in its entirety on our sister network, fox business news, the fastest growing network in all of cable. that's at 5:00 on the east coast. more on the nominees facing hearings, let's bring in julie from the associated press. most controversial, the one with the most interesting questions, you think? >> well, it seems to keep changing. at first we were hearing a lot of push back against rex tillerson. now after some weekend reporting, especially by cnn and other outlets about tom price's stock trading that he did while in congress and sort of introducing and doing some public relations for companies that he ended up investing in, we're hearing a lot that he may face tougher questions than anybody was expecting. of course, betsy devos, lots of
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questions about her interests and privatizing the school system and what sort of oversight she would like to see if the school system gets more privatized. >> shepard: you mentioned the reporting on -- gosh. just escaped me as we talked about zinke and devos. the questions that you mentioned with the reporting of cnn and also from the "wall street journal," regarding trading in health securities while he was a congressman inside -- still i get is a congressman. but the questions are about what he took part in. the questions will come early and often. >> congressman price is preparing for that right now. we're hearing from transition officials. al strong emphasis on what you just mentioned. this is all broker, organized trading. i would expect them to be off the bat, some of the toughest questions that he gets. really plays into what americans
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sort of hate about washington, which is this concept that our elected officials are only in it for themselves and are looking out for their own sort of financial future more so than the american public. i would expect lots of people turning trump's own words into this hearing saying, hey, this is not exactly draining the swamp here. what do you have to say for yourself? so that will be an interesting hearing to watch unfold. >> shepard: it will. if you want, you can google "wall street journal" and tom price. lengthy reporting back to last year. the question seems to be and a crucial one regarding ethics, whether he made trades in stocks and then was an advocate for certain policies that would have either benefitted or detracted from those companies is that he would make money off of the matter. that is the matter at hand. that's not suggested what he did. that's to suggest that's what the committee will try to vet.
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>> exactly. one step further, those companies would then turn around and give campaign contributions to him. so it's really going to be interesting to watch him navigate those chopty waters and see how quickly and how hart the democrats go after him on some of those matters. >> shepard: we'll be watching. thanks, julie. russian president vladimir putin told reporters today the prostitutes in his country are the very best prostitutes in all the world. he says he doesn't think donald trump succumbs to their charms. you'll hear his words and more from the menu from the inauguration committee. there's three courses. the first course on the menu this year, 2017 inauguration this friday in your nation's capitol, after the high noon swearing in of the new president, first course, take a guess. we know that there's a
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>> shepard: first course in the books. lobster and shrimp. second course is coming. first though is the russian president vladimir putin says president-elect donald trump's political enemies are worse than prostitutes. maybe that's not as bad in his eyes. because in the same news conference, vlad putin offered praise for his prostitutes. the ones in his own country.
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last week, an unsubstantiated memo that the russians secretly recorded trump with hookers years ago so they could get potential blackmail material against him. we have no idea. putin said the information in the memo was obviously fake and he also said that. >> first of all, he's a grown-up man. secondly, he's a person who has dealt with organizing beauty pageants and communicated with the world's most beautiful women. i can imagine that he headed off to the hotel and headed with his special responsibility. they're the best in the world. but i doubt that trump fell for it. >> shepard: russian humor that translates poorly. i don't know. in any case, president-elect trump also called that leaked memo fake news.
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in an exclusive interview with fox news, john mccain called putin a butcher and trump needed better information on russia. >> i think that president-elect trump is not fully aware of a lot of the activities and capabilities that the russians have developed, which are really quite alarming. i've had many of these briefings. >> the senator said that he hopes that the trump administration will not make the same mistake as past presidential administrations in being too flexible with the kremlin. rich edson and our girls and all the rest. the white house is looking putin comments to russian's election interference, right? >> the white house is using his remarks to stress that russia tried to influence the u.s. election to help the events you'll winner, the now president-elect donald trump. in his last white house
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briefing, josh earnest defended the intelligence agencies and responded to putin's colorful assessment. >> it's an interesting metaphor he chose there. listen, i -- as i said on a number of occasions, the men and women of the united states intelligence community are patriots. they are experts in their field. they do their work, not because of the glory associated with it. because most of the time they have to keep their names secret. >> republicans have responded by saying the interference did not otherwise change the outcome of the election. >> shepard: the obama administration sent a letter to world leaders. >> right. in the united nations in which she called her last big speech to the u.n., samantha power says the russian government is weakening the rules-based international easer by supporting separatists in ukraine and propping up al assad
12:20 pm
in syria. >> what is not healthy is for a party or its leaders to cast doubt on a unanimous well-documented assessment of our intelligence community that a foreign government is seeking to harm our country. >> power said the u.s. should maintain its robust support for nato. shep? >> shepard: thank you, sir. hundreds of american mayors are going head-to-head with vice president-elect pence this afternoon. while the trump administration looks to bounce obama care, some mayors are trying to save it. sets up quite the conflict. we'll have that next. second course first. grilled seven hills angus beef with dark chocolate and juniper jous and potatoes. what kind of potatoes?
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>> shepard: third course, the dessert according for the inaugural luncheon. chocolate souffle and cherry vanilla ice cream. guessing not ben and jerry's and then a california champagne, which will be a matter for the internet because champagne is from the champagne region of france. but some will say it's a sparkling wine. others will not care at all. but they're having champagne. so at lunch they're having a chardonnay a cab and champagne, which would make everything
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follows more festive. even in the rain. it's supposed to rain friday but not supposed to be cold. cold for hialeah. not cold for washington. vice president-elect mike pence is speaking at a conference of mayors. he promised to work with every mayor. some democratic mayors say they plan to use the event as a call to action. john roberts has the news at trump tower. what more did we hear -- he's at the transition office in washington. what did we hear from the vice president-elect today? >> at the corner of east street and 18th. good afternoon. mike pence making the pitch, hey, let's all work together saying that one of the areas, big areas of common interest, trump's plans to rebuild and revamp infrastructure in big cities and small cities across the nation putting together a $1 trillion fund just for starters.
12:27 pm
donald trump on the campaign trail used to enjoy likening the airports in new york city to third world countries. even bill de blasio said i might be willing to work with trump if he has a plan to improve infrastructure. mike pence says he has a plan, a big one. listen to this. >> the president-elect and i are determine to forge strong partnerships with the federal government and the cities of this country. we both believe that you have some of the most important jobs in public service. i want to promise you as president, donald trump and i are both dedicated to help you be successful in what you do because we believe that government that governs least governs best. >> that was the one big area of agreement that pence talked about. there was some disagreement
12:28 pm
obamacare, healthcare. some mayors worry that obama care will leave millions without health insurance, potentially overwhelm public hospitals since they can't see doctors anymore and the issue of immigration. donald trump said repeatedly on the campaign trail that he plans to defund sanctuary cities. that could have a big impact on new york, philadelphia, los angeles. even though bill de blasio may work with him on infrastructure, he will expose his extreme agenda in other areas. shep? >> shepard: i understand we're getting some indications how mike pence will perform in his role as vice president. >> yeah, looks like he's going to have a very strong role. not the role that dick cheneyed that that he was the national security arena but in legislation. mike pence spent a lot of time on capitol hill. he spent most of today there as well. he plans to be the engine driving forward donald trump's legislative agenda and spent a lot of time here at the
12:29 pm
transitioning head quarters in washington making sure that the trains are running on time, making sure everybody in the policy shops are driving in the same direction so that they can be ready for this on the 20th. you mentioned the weather. 50 degrees even if it's rainy. it will be balmy compared to 2008, which was the inaugural version of the famous ice bowl at lambeau. we're looking forward to the warmer temperatures. >> shepard: you were at cnn then. remember that? we had like a 5:00 a.m. call time. >> yeah, it was horrible. >> shepard: and it was frozen -- >> this will be better. >> shepard: it was frozen when you woke up, frozen at 1:00 p.m. frozen all day. >> i think it was frozen until april. >> shepard: that was rough. once you lose your toes, john. once your toes are cold and standing still, ask any duck hunter, that's it.
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>> it only hurts while they're in the process of freezing. after that, doesn't hurt. >> shepard: you can't feel them. >> until you rewarm them. >> shepard: and you get in the bathtub and sit there. you didn't even get any ducks. >> could use the california champagne. >> shepard: things that don't exist. joseph napolitano went to donald trump. met with the president-elect himself. how did that go? i'll ask him next.
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this happened yesterday in the vermont knoll section of l.a. one firefighter carrying a child in his arm. crews had to break through bars to get inside. the children in critical condition and no word how the fire started. some strong good samaritans jump to help after a van ended up on its side in a california freeway. they flipped it back over. unclear what caused the crash. one person went to the hospital. the news continues with shepard smith after this.
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>> shepard: three days to go until inauguration day. we're learning more about trump's plans for his first speech as president. the theme of the president-elect's inaugural address will be america first. that donald trump will also talk about how he is going to be a leader for all americans. his transition source said that donald trump has already practiced his speech here in new
12:36 pm
york city with a podium and teleprompter. trump has said monday will be day one of his presidency. but sean spicer told reporters today that the president-elect will get to business on friday, which the president-elect said he wouldn't and plans to start by signing some executive orders and swearing in members of the cabinet. he says we can expect to see a flurry of activity monday. peter doocy is outside manhattan. what else do we know about the first days? >> some of the flurry of executive orders on the first day will have to do with creating stronger borders here. we've been told by transition officials the last several weeks they've been working to line up a number of action items for the first few days of president trump's terms that will make his biggest splash as possible to show constituents that he wasn't joking when he talked about doing things differently. as for the process of actually taking the oath of office, we're told there will be two bibles
12:37 pm
involved. one that mr. trump got at his sunday school graduation in 1955 and one that was used for president lincoln's squaring and later used to swear in president obama. earlier today, the president-elect tweeted this. "people are pouring into washington in record numbers. bikers for trump are on their way. it will be a great thursday, friday and saturday." mr. trump says the first day of business will be on monday and not friday or saturday or sunday because he doesn't want the flashy policy announcements to get mixed up with celebrations. shep? >> shepard: thank you, sir. the outgoing c.i.a. director taking another shot at president-elect trump in an interview in the "wall street journal" published last night. john brennan said the president-elect crossed the line when he accused intelligence officials of leaking reports that russia had compromising information on him. brennan told the journal, "i think it's the right and indeed the responsibility of the president of the united states to challenge the conclusions of the intelligence committee. we don't expect our information
12:38 pm
and our assessments to be swallowed whole. it's when there's allegations made about leaking or about dishonesty or a lack of integrity. that's where i think the line is crossed." those comments in response to donald trump's tweet from a week against where he wrote "intelligence agencies should have never allowed this fake news to leak to the public. one last shot at me. are we living in nazi germany?" the c.i.a. director called that tweet repugnant. he told fox news sunday that the president-elect doesn't have a good grasp on russia. donald trump responded by questioning whether brennan himself was the leaker of the fake news and there's absolutely nothing to suggest that he was. let's bring in the judge. judge andrew napolitano. he's on the famous lobby cam. the judge met with president-elect earlier today. he was at trump tower to give donald trump advice on his pick
12:39 pm
for the open seat in the supreme court. it was the judge's second meeting with him. you got there and what happened? >> well, you know, he's very humorous sometimes. >> how would you describe the meeting overall? >> he's concentrating on finding a nominee to replace justice scalia. he said the next two weeks, i think it's going to be sooner. >> shepard: wait, wait. you think he will pick the replacement for judge scalia in the next two weeks or sooner than that? >> yes. i wouldn't be surprised -- >> shepard: you got that indication? >> yes. i wouldn't be surprised when he makes an announcement next week. he's looking for someone that thinks like justice scalia. we discussed the type of things that animated justice scalia. that the constitutions meaning was established and fixed at the time it was enacted and amended. it doesn't change with the passage of time. >> shepard: not a living document. >> that's correct. that is the viewed of justices
12:40 pm
with whom he disagrees like justin ginsberg is the prime mover of that argument, which president-elect trump rejects. >> shepard: would you share with us your thoughts on -- as you related them to him? >> the list of finalists or semifinalists -- >> shepard: are you on it? >> you'd have to ask them. consists of people that have serious track records of articulating views in an academic way about the law in ways that justice scalia himself did and in ways that donald trump said he would find somebody to do that. so he is being faithful to finding the type of person that he said he would be looking for. >> shepard: you know, i'm interested in experiences. i think our viewers are experienced in experiences. you got to the lobby. the doors closed. what happened when they open? >> i sat down in the waiting room and then he came out.
12:41 pm
>> shepard: he came out to greet you? >> yes. he said i know you're not due until 10:00, but do you have more time for me. i said of course i do, mr. president. >> shepard: what time was it? >> about two minutes after 10:00. so he and i were alone until 10:30 discussing the things that you and i have been talking about now. >> shepard: what was the first question? i'm guessing how are you. >> i don't remember what his first question was. he did raise other issues that i really have no expertise in, which -- >> shepard: like what? >> like the russians and -- >> shepard: come on. >> whether or not they were behind -- he didn't ask a question -- >> shepard: it was rhetorical? >> yes. >> shepard: what was the them of the rhetorical of the nonasking about the russians? >> we need to turn a new page with our relationship with the russians. it's a good thing that rex tillerson and i believe that we can negotiate with vladimir putin rather than keeping him at
12:42 pm
arm's length and treating him as a monster. >> shepard: that's interesting what else did he have to talk about? >> the court itself and my view of his process and what they are looking for on issues like abortion and economic regulation. >> shepard: what kind of questions on those two things? >> we spent a lot of time on economic regulation. he want to diminish be the gravity of economic regulations not only for big businesses and banks but mom and pop businesses as well. i raised with him the idea that much of the economic regulation that he finds burdensome doesn't come from the congress. it comes from administrative agencies that the congress establish, which is difficult to tamper with because the supreme court has called the chevron doctrine, which gives deference and discretion to these administrative agencies to write laws, to enforce the laws, to judge whether or not the laws are being enforced the way
12:43 pm
they're written and punish people that don't enforce the laws. so they're acting as law enforcer and giver and judge in the same agency. he wants to do something about that. that would require legislation from congress and a court willing to permit that type of change. >> shepard: how was his mood? >> happy. i'd say ebulient was his mood. he took a number of phone calls but a very happy guy. >> shepard: how did he express his happiness? >> by his tone of voice, by cracking jokes, by teasing people. he took some phone calls from people while i was there. i knew who those people were. he was teasing them about himself, about about me. he was teasing me a great deal what do you think he teases me about? >> shepard: i don't know. >> my height. >> shepard: your height. [laughter] >> hey, judge, come over here
12:44 pm
and take a picture with me. i'm going to sit down and you'll stand up. this is the only way you're ever taller than i am when i'm sitting down. thus sayeth the man that will be president in three days. >> shepard: this will continue after this. by simply enjoying it. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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>> shepard: lots of people around here seem to be meeting with the president-elect. news people do that. today is judge andrew napolitano. he will talk to us about constitutional matters. historically very valuable as well. today he talked to the president-elect. i was fascinated to learn that you said his mood was ebulient. how else did he manifest himself? >> he cracked a lot of jokes. he's quick and funny. he had lots of people on the fun. he had them on speaker phone. he said the judge is here. they weren't being surprised that someone was listening.
12:48 pm
i could hear them in laughter. he's confident that every one of his nominees will be confirmed. his nominees to the cabinet. >> shepard: from what comcomeths confidence? >> that he will enjoy a senate with republicans and he didn't mention names. i'm extrapolating. i didn't say why are you so happy? but he was really very, very relaxed and very happy. i did not know at the time that he had just finished -- i now know it -- he just did the rehearsal for the inaugural address. >> shepard: we had been believed to be that he did some of that yesterday by kellyanne conway. did that come up? >> i think he just finished doing some of it when i arrived. >> shepard: did the inauguration come up at all? >> no, the inauguration did not come up.
12:49 pm
>> shepard: did hillary clinton come up? >> he mentioned something about hillary and bill and turning a page. which leads me to believe that that's what he wants to do with them. >> shepard: that's the indication that we had heard already. >> i believe so, yeah. he didn't say to me should we prosecute hillary. we didn't get to it that deeply. he expressed a big magnamimous attitude. >> shepard: what other questions did he ask? >> you know, it was more of a conversation rather than questions. i'll tell you some questions he did ask. who had the most influence on the court in the modern era? i said f.d.r. and nixon. why? each had five appointees, but f.d.r. had more influence than nixon. f.d.r. appointed two of his best friends to the supreme court.
12:50 pm
hugo lafayette blacker and felix frankfurter was a big friend of f.d.r. he stayed close to them. as president, he knew what the court was thinking. as members of the court, he knew what the court was thinking. he views himself as a transformational, not transitionable, transformational president like f.d.r. >> shepard: did he ask you about specific candidates? >> he did ask me about specific candidates but he asked me not to mention their names. i was not surprised at the names that he put to me. those names were on -- they're out in the public, so they were on the list or lists of -- i believe there's two lists for a total of 20 or 21 names that was published in june for the republican national convention. >> shepard: without betraying any confidences, did he suggest
12:51 pm
to you anyone in particular that he thought might be right? >> yes. yes. he asked my opinion of several names on the list and of a person not on the list whose name i wouldn't mention. >> shepard: interesting. but no surprises? >> no surprises. >> shepard: there's new in the news today that we need to talk about. not everybody meets with the president. >> it was a thrill, to be honest with you. especially when they asked me to come early. he said you have time for me? i said of course i am. i know i'm a half an hour early. mr. president, i'm here for you. >> shepard: good you weren't late. >> a few more questions and then hand you off to neil cavuto. stay with us.
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. >> shepard: judge napolitano met with president-elect trump today. is he concerned with business ties issues? >> we discussed that the first time i met with him on this, which is about four or five weeks ago. that was before the plan -- it's interesting you should say that, shep. after me was the ceo of boeing. after the ceo of boeing was his lawyer that is constructing these -- the documents by which he's passing authority to his children. we talked about that a month ago. we didn't talk about that today. >> shepard: many are concerned that even in appearance that while he is still involved in any way, the moves that he would make as a president might be seen as matters of a conflict and cause investigation. >> he shares that concern. my belief is what he said to me
12:56 pm
a month ago. that is since he decided to send the documents -- when i met with him a month ago, we didn't talk about the passing of authority to his sons, nor did i know that's what it was going to be. he had told me he had something in mind, and he said do you think i have to do this? i said legally you don't. constitutionally you don't. morally why expose yourself? why not be a happier president and give your critics one fewer areas to attack you. >> shepard: you eventually said good-bye. tell us the details. >> as i was leaving, the president of boeing came in. he said, you know how much i've saved on some of these jets these guys are building for us? he said let him have it when he walks in. i didn't know this guy. nice man. introduces himself. the president-elect introduces this guy to me as dennis. i say. hi how are you? he said i know the judge. you're in our living room.
12:57 pm
i said you have any idea who is going to happen here? how much money you're going to save? he laughed. he towered over me and i was gone. >> the date with the president and the judge. glad to see you. neil is next.
12:58 pm
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named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. ancestry really helped me fill in a lot of details. >> neil: count them. more than 50 democratic congressmen and women are not going to the inauguration saying that donald trump is an illegitimate president. but he's striking very legitimate deals with some of corporate america. more than 5,000 jobs at general motors. 10,000 at walmart. 3,000 at behr. and the pow-wow with the ceo of boeing a day or two after he met with ceo of lockheed-martin after pushing jobs and


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