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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> when you convince papers like "the washington times," which ran this pretty straight, to run your lies, i will concede it is pretty amusing, but was the point of that, beyond just amusing yourself. are you trying to make a political statement? >> i don't know. it's pretty darn easy these days to say whatever you want on national tv and have it pass off as proof. you know, it's pretty incredible to me how easy it was to get the coverage regard. we've actually got 100,000 protesters going to washington, d.c., to fight anybody who is opposed to donald trump. the reason -- another main reason we shifted from being against trump to trump, we realized initially he didn't really like julian a assange, t
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when the assange connection was made, we are now supporting him and hope that the roswell documents are finally released and put back into the hands. >> tucker: the critical documents, give my best to peyton manning. and whoever you are. >> tullipso. >> tucker: are you kidding me? who is this, who is this guy? i'm glad you came on to semiexplain it. >> god bless you for fact-checking, even if you did
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it while you were on the air. spell and we knew ahead of time. good to see you anyway. well, a woman's march on washington is scheduled. march representative sample represent women of all backgrounds except one. one group of clement has found it is not welcome. if fox news correspondent joins us with that. >> on saturday, the first full day of the administration, women's groups they say march in which they will come face-to-face with themselves. one group, called new wave feminists cannot suddenly banished after a group reported the group was pro-life. this was tweeted, "horrified that the women's march has partnered with antichoice org. please reconsider. antichoice is not about bolstering those who harm us." noting in a statement, and i'm
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quoting here, "the antichoice organization in question, is not a partner. we apologize for the error" ." despite this, new wave feminists are vowing to attend anyway. speak up more and more americans are calling themselves pro-life when you look at things that donald trump has said, things into law, including the bill to limit abortion after five months, americans support this. >> feminine is facing other risks, take the study on intercampus externality, in which it is raised or diminished. leading to a turf war among who are the most aggrieved class. >> it is leaving large numbers of highly privileged students to
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focus on themselves and to enact psychodrama. it is turning them inward, away from a world that needs them. >> the riffs on the left are hardly new. will rogers said, i'm not a part of any organized party, i'm a democrat. but they may be especially damaged at this time, democrats need any effective defense agat the new president who appears to have a pro-life agenda. >> tucker: "turning inward when america needs us." what a great -- thank you. this is a fox news alert. president obama issued yet another set of commutations today, for both chelsea manning and oscar lopez rivera. for more, we are joined by fox news correspondent. >> chelsea manning will now be set free for court months from now, bradley manning copied some 400,000 documents revealing
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secret information about american military organizations around the world. manning then gave him might give that information to wikileaks who gained notoriety by exposing the notoriety to various news outlets. pentagon officials say the league endangered the lives of u.s. military personnel and those aided -- publicizing the information meant that anyone, including al-qaeda, could have read it. chelsea manning, a transgender woman, has not been jailed for seven years. the white house says that while the documents manning released were damaging to national security, the ones edgar edward snowden released were far more damaging. snowden cheered manning's release, but top republicans including house speaker paul ryan, called the commutation outrageous.en some s are baffled. watch. >> i am really surprised that the president took this action and not have concerns about what
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message we sent about revealing sensitive national security documents. >> in the meantime, president obama also commuted the sentence of oscar lopez rivera, who has as a member ofn was accused of plotting to overthrow the government, planted more than 100 bombs. lopez rivera was never convicted of harming anyone. the left described him as a political prisoner who was wrongly convicted. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher. obama's clemency makes sure manning will only send seven years, what kind of message will it send to other soldiers who might feel tempted to reveal other secrets? we are trimmed by a former green beret. nice to see you. first, the macro question, two clemency is granted on the same day, one for chelsea manning,
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who betrayed the country, and one for a puerto rican terrorist who sought to wage war against the company. what are these have in common? >> both are anti-american. like a last kick in the teeth at least for obama. to be able to look at president trump and look at what has occurred over the last election cycle to say, look, this is my final gasp of, you know, look, here is my legacy, right? that we are bowing down to organizations. 130 bombs across multiple cities across the u.s., like you said. private manning, treason. >> tucker: it is hard to imagine president obama granting clemency to an abortion clinic bomber, for example. the administration on the chelsea manning clemency is apparently, through reporters, saying this is something of a civil rights victory because chelsea manning is a transgender woman and that we should feel good about it for that reason. why should we be concerned or
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upset about this clemency? >> private manning was a traitor in 2013, and private manning is a traitor in 2017. private manning released more than 750,000 classified documents. a lot of those were the afghan war diaries, the afghan -- iraq war diaries. the taliban, al-qaeda, they went through this diaries and looked at, where did we get our information, who were the sources that we got our information from? they were able to tie together times and places page number one, that put lives at a place, real afghan and iraqi sources that were giving us information. not just the back history, but for the future. how are we going to look at a future source on the ground in iraq, afghanistan, syria, say, please come to give us some information but we are a little nervous now because you might get released to some sort of hacking. by the way, tucker, the
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absurdity of this. this is a democrat party who just recently was raising their arms up in the air screaming about, holy cow, look at the russian hacking. this group of democrats have been so concerned about hacking over the last four weeks, now just released a guy that gave one of the biggest leaks to assange in history. >> tucker: how do you think this is seen by active duty military? >> they are furious. this is a slap in the face to n intelligence community that worked hard to safeguard these secrets. the fact is, you know, wikileaks wasn't even on the map until bradley manning issued that video of us bombing of a site in a iraq, and they did it out of context. they had a camera that resembled an rpg, placed through wikileaks is that we were bombing civilians.
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destabilize the entire middle east region, a lot of why they are still there today. hugely, hugely detrimental to what is going on. and they are furious. and what does this say to the private rater now, an intelligence analyst who has purview of classified documents, that you can be convicted of treason, of the espionage act, and be convicted for 35 years to jail, but you're only going to do four? that's just disgusting, and that is such a horrible standard dissent. >> tucker: a little odd considering the number of democrats who accused the incoming president of "treason" because of his relationship with russia. we don't know why he did that, and as emperor, he doesn't have to explain this, and hasn't, if you can explain, why bradley manning? of all the american people, why would the president want to release him? >> like you said from the very beginning, there have been a lot of requests because of the civil
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rights issue, private manning has tried to commit suicide a couple of times. private private manning is a trr soldier, they are clamoring for his release. i think this is much more about legacy than it is justice or fairness. then again, tucker, for the last eight years, how much have we seen has been entirely about president obama's legacy and not about the reality on the ground or the true security. >> that sexual politics. i get it. that's depressing, but thank you for that. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: orlando police say they have captured the man responsible for the death of a police officer. on january 9th of this year, he allegedly gunned down deborah clayton while she attempted to apprehend him. tonight, after a weeklong manhunt, police fittingly got their man. placing him under arrest using
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>> tucker: well, it's time news reviews. the goldfish american press, fox news senior analyst,
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brit hume. it's great to see you. >> i look around to see tucker. everyone said, where is tucker? i understand you have been a little busy. >> tucker: brit hume and i see each other in florida. you are from washington. you grew up here right in the city, you read "the washington post" your whole life. i still read it because i still live here. this morning, you may have seen on the op-ed page, i think seven of them were anti-trump. what's the point of that? it does seem kind of monochromatic after a while. doesn't seem that interesting to read. why are they doing it? >> exactly right, it begins to get boring. what i think we are seeing happening here, it's a reaction to trump's election that almost borders on hysteria. it's almost as if these
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journalists, who really didn't get trump or underestimated him, and a lot of us did, having seen him get elected after all expectations, have decided this can and will happen and they are going to start some kind of a movement now. a resistance movement to try and see if they can hold his progress and bring him down. it does not seem to dawn on these writers that there is more to donald trump than orange hair and a gilded department and outrageous tweets at 2:00 in the morning. there is another side to the man, embodied in these cabinet appointments that he's made, the point is that he's made. most of which i think, tucker, are pretty impressive. >> tucker: yeah. it seems like they are missed cast for the jobs they occupy. i never felt that they were part of a movement, or that i was part of a movement other than trying to figure out what was going on. but that you are leading against
6:24 pm
political figure, doesn't that automatically disqualify you from political commentary? >> what is striking about this, one of the articles in "the washington post" is by a liberal writer, very prominent. been around a long time. she was writing about all the things that journalists need to do to properly write about donald trump. have you heard any journalists be fair about whatever else you have to do investigating, and hold his comments up to the light and see whether they match up, that's all fine. does anyone ever say also be fair? i haven't seen seen it yet. >> tucker: being fair means collaborating. this is a guy, a writer over at think progress. he went to nyu apparently. he wrote this post right after the election about how you invited a plumber come over to
6:25 pm
his apartment to fix a sink, a middle-aged man with a southern accent. he convinces himself that he is an anti-semite that might hurt him. today was in a reminder that ambiguous interactions now feel unsafe in a way that they never felt before. even if trump is gone in four years, i will never get back that feeling of security. that seems unstable to me. that seems more like a psychological statement than a political statement. >> it's paranoid. this is a man who says that this plumber, who comes to do his apartment, the guy was perfectly nice, had a southern accent. the guy said he couldn't get out of his mind that he might have voted for trump, although he didn't know if you voted for trump or not. he was unafraid of him. this is not a sane reaction
6:26 pm
here, it seems to me. when someone, because donald trump got elected, you're suddenly afraid afraid of the plumber. that's pretty striking tucker, i have to say. >> tucker: they take themselves out of the game, i think journalism's should do the same. for our sake and that they are spirited that. journalists should too. >> i don't think we're going to see many sabbaticals taken to calm down. >> tucker: unlike beyonce, they don't have managers. joining us live from florida, brit hume. great to see you. up next, donald trump's pick for education secretary is one of the country's biggest supporters of school choice. we will talk to one of her most vocal and prolific critics. stay tuned. gas-x relieves pressure,bloating and discomfort in minutes !!
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or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pres do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. >> tucker: the senate held confirmation hearing today for betsy devos. she spent many millions of her own money promoting charter schools, school vouchers, and other forms of school choice. they are fighting hard to block her nomination. one of her biggest critics is a two-lane economics professor, he is written multiple articles about school choice, many of them criticizing her, betsy devos, saying her way is the wrong way to fix american schools. he joins us tonight from new orleans.
6:31 pm
professor, thanks for coming on. you don't seem like a reflexive opponent of trying something different in the public schools. what exactly is your problem with betsy devos' approach? >> i agree there need to be changes, even her starting point for school choice is a good starting point. the problem is, that's also the ending point. that's one principle, there are other principles that need to go along with this. choice, we've seen this and in r places with vouchers, the virtual schools she supported. some version of charter schools, including some in michigan where the market is left to rule on its own. it doesn't generate the results. in the lead in, it suggested all these criticism is from the left, the concerns i have are much more pragmatic. >> tucker: i try to make that clear, i don't think you are a teachers union hackett come i know what your politics are.
6:32 pm
but i take your opinion serious. he wrote this, about the city of detroit, of the result, "one well-regarded study found that detroit charter schools performed at a same dismal level as the public schools." it's schools are the worst in america, some of the worst, if the results are not worst but parents have a choice, why is it not a good starting place for school reform? >> first of all in detroit, if you look at where the city is compared to other urban districts must, there is no debate that detroit is some of the lowest scores in the city. the free-market competition is supposed to make the whole system work better, that you introduce new operators it's mostly for profit organizations.
6:33 pm
that's going to create a petition with the public schools, everyone's going to get better. this has been going on for 20 years and detroit is still by far the worst performing district in the country in these urban schools. if it was going to work, i think they had its chance. >> tucker: may be both of us are assuming that schools can fix the problem. let's be totally honest. if you take a population that has a whole lot of other problems going on, poverty, all the problems in detroit, it's pretty tough for schools to fix that. aren't there a lot of other places, in your city, new orleans, here in washington, alternatives to put a conventional public school system work. >> those are two completely different types of systems. these other cities are really a tale of two cities. it's much like a voucher system in detroit, where the money goes to the schools and there is no
6:34 pm
oversight. no coordination of the system. there are quite different in new orleans, as is d.c. there is an arraignment system make sure all city of mecca students are being served. an enrollment system. because they are disruptive, a little bit of oversight, there is still a choice, families can choose what they want. to make sure every families being served. >> tucker: i am aware of all that, what detroit, new orleans and washington all have is that there are alternatives, there's a monopoly that has really hurt students in a lot of other american cities. betsy divorce is for trying something new, unlike i would say virtually other every secretary of education i've se seen. why isn't it good? >> i don't think anybody would
6:35 pm
argue that the last two co-secretaries of acute education are not in favor of changing things. they changed a lot and in under great controversy. they've been very aggressive, especially at the federal level. it's federal and involvement that is the issue. the issue is it the cities are not functioning well. the public schools are doing fine in the places where they are not doing well, there should be some intervention. that choice is a good starting point. but it can't be the ending point. we need to go further. we still need to have a role for government, it just needs to be different than the way it has. >> tucker: i agree with you there. doug, thanks a lot. up next, singer sam moore says he's disgusted that musicians are being shamed by playing donald trump's inauguration. so he is playing himself.
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6:40 pm >> tucker: well, donald trump sat down for an interview today with ainsley earhardt, one of our friends. it will air in full tomorrow morning. he had this to say about the various celebrities who have loudly announced a boycott against his inauguration. >> is very interesting what happened. i read where some of them decided they're not going to sing. they were never asked to sing. >> like who? >> they were saying well, i don't want to go. one said i told them i wasn't going to sing. they were never asked to sing. many of the celebrities that are saying that, they were never invited. i don't celebrities come i want the people. we have the biggest celebrities in the world there. >> tucker: .full interview of trump will air tomorrow morning on fox & friends at 6:00 a.m.
6:41 pm
a lot of are announcing their refusal to perform, after receiving what she said were death threats. one singer said they will not be intimidated. r and b legend, sam moore, he's joined the lineup for pre-inauguration concert in washington. he joins us now. >> how you doing? >> tucker: very well. why do d dues decide to sing? >> well, listen. i was coming here anyway. i was going to do something for the veterans. and while i was here, i had heard that jennifer holliday was going to be singing. i like her vocals. she can really sing. >> tucker: oh, yeah. >> we would be able to see her sing. that my publicist called and she spoke to my wife and my wife
6:42 pm
said, you're going to have to stay over. and i said why? she said, would you take the place of jennifer holliday? i said, yeah. what's wrong? and she said, well, she backed out. and i said it, okay, i've got nothing else to do. >> tucker: you've been around a long time in a good way. you actually lived through the blacklist era. have you any seen this kind of social pressure on performers? >> never, never. i'm 81 now, i will be 82 this year. i have never in my life, i never thought i would see something like this. this is mind-boggling. you don't know the man, the man
6:43 pm
has not taken office. he hasn't said his name you have to say yes, i will be president and you are saying, well he's going to impeach himself. before he's even taken office. if you think about it, it doesn't matter what you say, i say, my wife, my publicist, my family. that's not going to change their mind. that's sad. >> tucker: what effect does not have on artists where they feel like they can express their views because of the threat of being punished for having those views? >> i don't know. i don't really know, talk to mike tucker. he's got the big guys and i'm not that important, and have my $4,000 suit on and scream my views about something, in those days commute it just didn't happen. they never pay you off. >> tucker: [laughs]
6:44 pm
>> money, maybe? >> tucker: i am really grateful that you came by and we will be watching, the people will be watching you live. >> thank you. >> tucker: coming up, i can't miss twitte "twitterstorm." two words. dom calypso. and then we are joined in "the friend zone." that'll be great but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr.
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>> tucker: time now for "the friend zone," we invite one of our friends was in the building onto the show. tonight, we are joined by geraldo rivera. ladies and gentlemen. it's great to see you. >> i want to join you in a big issue. i agree that we should oppose
6:49 pm
the pardon of peyton manning. if that guy has to sing nationwide is on your side one more time. please, no. >> tucker: so i am a geraldo fan. and you know who else loves geraldo, apparently? donald trump. >> he's a good guy, he's a good friend of mine. i love his family. he's very good to me during "celebrity apprentice." we've known each other for over four decades. he graciously invited me over to the tower before. he really is someone who is a real down to earth person, he and melania remembered my wife's name, erica. invited us to the white house, totally psyched, unlike some people who felt it was slumming to live in the white house.
6:50 pm
just a very gracious guy. we disagree obviously on lots of, but i was glad he let bygones be cut by guns. he's my president now. he's all about presidents. the long history of the republic, i think we go and get behind him and give him a chance. >> tucker: what i think is not interesting, he didn't just let bygones be bygones, he reached out to you without prompting and just called you and said geraldo, i'm moving to washington but i want to see you before i go. did i get that right? >> you did. let me give you 30 seconds on what happened. when i got back, i was with the family in africa and europe over the holidays. i came home and the first thing we hear is that the republicans in the house of representatives are disemboweling, trying to diss construct the ethics office and trump stopped him dead in their tracks. i treated out -- tweeted out, there is a new sheriff in town,
6:51 pm
drain the swamp. the g.o.p. is in charge of washington, trump is in charge of the g.o.p. send me a copy of those two tweets. he wrote on the tweets, i miss you, love donald. i called him and said my goodness, let me go down and see you. i said i was here at fox headquarters on 47th. i ran up to 56th street, it was terrific. being with my old pal, the immigration squabble and all the other things were in the past, is just two guys have known each other from four decades or more. i just wished him well. very honored to be there with the first family elect. i am so disappointed by these plans to boycott, to delegitimize the president. it's just so unnecessary. >> tucker: it just so reactionary. we're almost out of time. you been around for so long, you
6:52 pm
know some new people, confirm or shoot down a suspicion i have long had that all famous people know each other and you kind of get together in a private venue and sort of roll around in your famous nest. is that true? >> i don't know if that's true but donald trump put me on television a lot more than megyn kelly ever did. >> tucker: [laughs] i met getting involved in that! i'm everyone's friend here. when you go see trump, either other famous people in the room? >> senator blunt and his wife were there from missouri. he had several in the inauguration security i believe. he set the stage for me. he said as i came in, you know, mr. trump, geraldo was the first one to predict that you're going to be the g.o.p. nominee. and donnell said, yeah, i know. what happened after that was irrelevant.
6:53 pm
>> tucker: hilarious. you are the best, geraldo. coming up next, a "twitterstorm" you can't miss. two words. dom tullipso. considering we are pronouncing it correctly. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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6:58 pm
we did this statement with the fake protester called dom tullipso, in case you missed it, here are some highlights from earlier in the show. so, this is a sham, your company is not real, your web site is fake, the claims you've made our lives. this is a hoax. tell me what your real name is. >> it is dom tullipso, dominic. the elves are silenced. we are greatly greatly supportive of national treasur treasures, julian assange, edward snowden, peyton manning. in the current climate that we have right now, tha the client s very interested in releasing the rothschild papers. >> tucker: really. so you're pretty supportive of peyton manning, are you?
6:59 pm
you know he is. and yet, so very awesome. well, sometimes. yes, he does. he is a very skilled performance artist. that is my view. tonight, it was a great sign. that is twitter storm. keep your thoughts coming, we love reading them. we will post the lengthy interview on our facebook page, we will link to it on fox tune in every night at 9:00, the sworn enemy of lying come up a
7:00 pm
and, groupthink and fake protesters. stay tuned of course, for the great sean hannity. he is up next. >> sean: tonight. >> this is a transition in and very important transition, especially because things will be done beautifully but they will be done differently. >> sean: ainslie and hart is here with her interview of the president-elect trump. three days before the inauguration. the cry crybaby hollywood left are throwing a hippie fit about the incoming administration. laura ingraham is here with reaction. >> i am going to be here a lot, i'm going to be after you. you can run, you can't hide. >> sean: bob beckel is back, how could he have been so wrong about donald trump? >> there


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