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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 18, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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insight or wisdom and another, such as politics. maybe we should think about staying in our own lane. hopefully, most of the fans think for themselves. i am betting they do." i am ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs andy levy at the "red eye" deck. >> andy: vladimir putin claims that russia's prostitutes are the best in the world. nasa plans to explore an asteroid so rich in metal that it's worth tens of thousands of quadrillions of dollars. a man destroys a wasps nest with
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his bare hands. >> tom: thank you, andy, let's welcome our guests. comedian meghan hanley. he's got a big mouth, and hold his foot quite nicely. chris hahn. he's a weight lifting champ, but somehow speaks in full sentence sentences. comedian joe devito. he has a lot of skeletons in his closet, all former enemies of the state. mike baker. okay, let's start the show. ♪ last week, buzzfeed published a memo claiming that russia had compromising material on president-elect donald trump. ever since, trump has a distrust
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did the media. here's the russian president. >> [speaking russian] >> tom: he then questioned why someone like trump would hire prostitutes at all.
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[laughter] >> tom: you've traveled the world, are they the best in the world? >> there are certainly in top three. if you want to make one of them congressional. yeah, this is fantastic, getting lectured on morals from vladimir putin, fantastic. >> tom: he was saying, he brought the prostitute thing out and then he said that the people who were spreading this things were worse than -- >> i think, we are in uncharted territory here. there is no way to talk about this in a logical manner, so i'm just going to put it right out there. that's just a [bleep] crazy. that you would sit there and have vladimir putin, there should be no mistake, the current administration and the previous administration all
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played him wrong. they thought somehow in their own fashions that they were going to work with him. >> tom: bush looked into his heart. >> they both didn't understand that he's a very straightforwa, he's going to always do exactly what is in russia's best interest. which is what russia has been doing forever. you go back to 1941, russia was influencing u.s. public opinion to keep us out of the war. they bought journalists off, set up associations, meddled in unions, that's what they do. it's not new behavior on their part and we should never think somehow that his interest in ours are going to align in some serious fashion. occasionally the intersect, but we have to understand, i don't know why it is, but we seem to be the ones who don't understand that in the world. i'm not just talking about this current and administration -- >> tom: there are many people in the and administration, maybe
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they're going to take a realistic approach to russia, there's a lot of people in the administration, they are not -- he hasn't appointed people who have a history of -- >> you're absolutely right, there's this narrative that has been building about how the u.s. is somehow going to be the republic of russia. the people who are coming into the national security team where most of that gets done, they're very pragmatic and they understand what you deal with when you're dealing with russia, or china or anyone else. susure, we talk to them, let's y to improve relations, of course. you always do that but you have to understand who it is you're dealing with. >> tom: chris hahn, you haven't liked to russia since the soviet union collapsed. >> i haven't liked russia ever. i just listened to mike over there and i'm more afraid of friday than i was before i walked onto this set. thanks, mike.
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there were a lot of people who were concerned about general maddox getting the appointment because of him being military leader, but after listening to his confirmation hearing, thank god there's an adult into that administration who is going to talk some sense into the president of the united states. >> tom: there's a lot of people in the admin estrogen, is there not? joe, let's go to you. let's talk about the prostitutes. it >> if i had a nickel for every time i've heard that. well, you have to give him credit for his shout out that he's doing there for bragging about prostitutes. i think at the end of that, we didn't hear it, he did the russian version of "but seriously, folks,." it's hard to tell because russians are so tough, when a russian diet tells you a joke it's just a scary story and they
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laugh at the end. i think it's good, to show some pride in your prostitutes. it changes the nature of the term soviet relations. we use to think they were all these frumpy women, but we saw when the iron curtain went down. could you see the wendy's commercial? >> tom: let's take a look. ♪ ♪ >> you could show the commercial now, that would be an insult to the russians. >> tom: how long ago was that commercial?
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>> it's from the 80s. when i was in my mid-50s at the time. >> tom: meghan, welcome to red eye. >> thank you for having me. >> you'll change your mind. >> tom: he's proud of his prostitutes. >> he's proud, he saying that what they were number one at something, we've taken the olympics, they have to have pride in something. i'm going to go for it, i'm going to say our prostitutes, it's going to be a reach and if their story turns out to be true, they will be correct. >> are we ready for him to come in and say that american prostitutes are the best prostitutes? >> tom: he showing restraint. >> it's about time, he has not tweeted that. >> tom: is there a blacklist for black ops? public and national security expert now claim they're being
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frozen out of consideration for positions in the new administration. one published in "the new york times," another on a national security web site called trump fundamentally dishonest and lacks the character values and experience to be president. below those who expressed verbal opposition to trump's campaign but did not sign either of the letters. yes, that shows you never put anything in writing. said one former bush national security official "it's hostile, it's not just that we were frozen out, i was told there was an enemies list" ." they did include a disclaimer at the bottom. i think that covers them, doesn't it? baker, what do you think? was it wise to sign letters, many people did it, i can think of any of the top of my head.
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>> you put your name to something if you believe it, stand by your principles, you don't turn around and go, here's what i think. i don't have a dog in the hunt, i didn't think either candidate was the best candidate, but now that he's one, i've ecstatically hoping, i don't know if you can say that, that he does a great job. i know people that are again, filling out the team that are fantastic people, so what i want is what's best for this country. but, having said that, anybody who signed a letter and then thought "i'm signing it but if he wins i still want job in the administration." i can't help you on that one. i don't understand that mentality. >> tom: what did you think one for instance, mitt romney, that famous dinner, all smiles. >> give me a break, i've been in
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politics my whole life, it is transactional, you can hold grudges forever. eventually you got to move past it, the first line of the admits ration has got to be people who are with you from the beginning. i agree with mike, you can't expect to go out there and attack somebody who is running and then expect to get a job, of course you're not. a lot of those guys, quite frankly, i don't think they should have jobs anyway. >> tom: joe, you winced when he said you can't hold a grudge forever. >> i am in favor of holding grudges beyond forever. i agree with chris, what's shocking to them as it's the first time they've ever been held accountable for conviction, you can't sign a letter and then come back. the people who have been in washington, get them out, we
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don't need to see these familiar faces. it drain the swamp, as he said. it's a different washington, a different reality. they have to face the facts that things are different now, they've made their beds and now they have two pee in them. >> i would never, never, cat never, do you mind? >> tom: as if there still a shot. >> still a chance for him to run off of something else. >> what chris says about washington being a transactional place is absolutely true. people work on a campaign, that campaign loses, they drift over to another campaign. people extend their shelf life by getting another job in another administration when it was their fourth or fifth choice as a candidate, if it was your never choice. a little more difficult.
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>> tom: you had problems with trump, but if someone calls on you for your expertise, you probably offer -- >> i'm not looking for anything, i'm happy where i am. but if someone he calls you, whether it's the clinton administration if she had one, or trump or anybody, if your government calls and you have the ability to do it, if you're in a position where you can do it, you have a duty, i think. you got to serve the country. this is what we should do. >> tom: coming together, chris hahn. again, i'm trying to uphold my fire until he's actually president naturally doesn't think i'm ask me next week. i agree with mike, when the president of the united states asks to meet with you, you will meet with him. you talk to him, he's going to be president of the united states, president of the entire united states. there's a time for governing and a time for campaigning, you've got to give the guy a chance to get his a administration off the ground, if he messes up and does policy things that you don't agree with her then your job is
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to fight back. >> tom: my producers producer r unblocked after the election. in the year 2023, nasa will launch and mission to explore an asteroid currently orbiting the sun between mars and jupiter. unlike anything else in space, this rock is worth exploring. it contains precious metals such as gold, iron, and nickel. the iron deposits alone are said to be worth $10 quintillion. an actual number, not a nonsense number. nasa doesn't seem to care, judging from the new slogan. i don't know if this is a problem. what would you do with 10 quintillion? >> tom: who are we trading this with?
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>> we are going to be bankrupted by who? if the world finds it, it's ours. what's happening here, what sci-fi movie? >> tom: there's so much, let's say gold, they're so much gold in that lump, it would be valuable and it would collapse economies. >> think about how many russian prostitutes you could buy with that asteroid. i think all of them. probably get everybody on the planet a prostitute. he >> tom: it so far away, i'm thinking it's going to cost so much money to get those things that it would all even out. >> there's a reason why donald trump ran for president, he's got to understand that he won't own that asteroid if we get it while he's president. he can name it, it'll be the trump rock or trump space, but he won't own it. >> tom: my producers are saying that's the un-funniest thing you've ever said on this show. >> how can that be possible? >> isn't the asteroid named
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psych? >> tom: i read it as psyche. >> i'm taking about the russian prostitutes going to thend whaty get there. i don't have any opinion on the story, but i would like to say this in a very serious manner. the last man to walk on the moon died. super said, in a variety of ways, a great guy, we lost john glenn, -- >> tom: he's the last man to walk on the moon. but he's not the last man to walk on the mood to be alive. >> that sort of the middle ground, but he was the last guy, i was thinking about this after, when he died, i was unusually sad and i don't know why, and then it occurred to me. i was sad that he died, but i was sad because of what that meant in terms of what we used to be.
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we used to put [bleep] duct tape on rocket ships and go to the moon, and now were a bunch of [bleep] it seems. >> tom: you put duct tape on people. >> russian prostitutes, for example. >> got a lot of uses. >> tom: joe, what do you think of this rock? >> the only space rock i like is early pink floyd. first of all, who is the expert who came up with quadrillion, was it dr. evil? do we even need to worry about, is this how desperate we are for things to get upset about? we got our hands full, and also we don't need some giant tinfoil ball floating around. >> tom: it looks at a death star. >> i think that's an artist embellishment. >> tom: i is very cool looking
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looking. >> i agree with mike, i think that's what's sad is not just astronauts dying, but also thinking were going to be going to the moon all the time. >> tom: i think we try to mind it, get all the stuff off of it, it's going to be a long time before we can bring it back. >> what if it turns out it's cheap commercial gold? >> tom: coming up, millennials lack skills like starting a fire and reading maps. i'm sure there's a light bulb joke in there somewhere. ♪
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♪ >> good morning, live from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york.
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former president george herbert walker bush has been hospitalized in houston. he's in stable condition and is "doing fine." his chief of staff also says they expect him to return home in a few days. the reason for his hospitalization has not been disclosed yet. in other news, a suspected orlando cop killer is in custody pending a week long manhunt. keith boyd was arrested in connection with a deadly shooting of an officer shortly after being added to the u.s. marshals most wanted list. lloyd is accused of killing deborah clayton last week in a walmart parking lot. he is also accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend. facing new charges which could
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send her to prison for life, federal prosecutors say she helped her husband planned the attack which killed 49 people last june. she said she was clueless about her husband's plans, her uncle insists she did nothing wrong. >> i know she's innocent, how can she live in that home and did not know something was awry? >> i don't know, i don't know how to answer you. i can tell, when he's going to do some thing crazy like that. >> automaker hyundai plans to ramp up investments in the u.s. they are also looking to build a new factory in the states. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log onto his >> tom: big surprise, millennials lack basic survival skills like using a map or
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fishing. more than half of young adults are unable to tie a single notch. and 40% have never swum in open water. only a third of respondents knew how to naturally start a fire, and 44% had never been camping before. as for maps, they can't read them. there rely instead on gps or google maps on their phone. it's no surprise they don't learn these skills, they don't have to. but they should have to learn, lest we all slip into a nightmare of liberalism. tom, how did you get there? chris hahn is shaking his head. i'll tell you, not knowing how to take care of oneself leads to dependence on other people, technology, and eventually the government. one exam will, everyone should be required to go camping before they go to college, only so they can realize that mother earth is a real jerk. the experience of having to survive outdoors makes a person less susceptible to environmental propaganda, they
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become environmental realists who recognize the need to use the earth's resources to survive. don't believe me, just ask. >> saw a couple turkeys this afternoon. today, were going to cut some timber. [chainsaw noise] >> there she goes, folks. she's down. that piece of wood right there, told you. >> tom: i learned a lot. from little peter. >> what's going on there? >> tom: they make videos in maine, i learned a lot about hunting, fishing, chopping wood. i bet your kids can all use a compass and a map, and i write? >> yes, the oldest one is nine,
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scooter got his first serious pocket knife a while back. i went off on another trip and i got a text with a picture that my wife had sent after she got home from work, he had been out on the back whittling, as you d do. he cut himself right down through here, big, wide open, had to have a serious stitches. when i got back home after a few days, he said "dad, are you going to take my knife away? ". i said "no, i'm going to assume you're never going to make that mistake again." these kids with their rifles and their archery, this is important [bleep], i do remember one time, talking about the knot tying. back in the old days, training was a long period of time, i remember during one course, were out in the middle of the water, the instructor had us all jump in the water. we had to go underwater and
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tight knots. he said, just before i went under, look and "if you can't tie these knots underwater at night, with your eyes close, your [bleep]." our member trying to raise my hand, and said "isn't that redundant, at night with your eyes closed" ." all of that [bleep] is very important. make sure your kids are self-sufficient, they know how to survive. >> tom: yeah. >> i agree, i agree. they can't survive. >> tom: they're supposed to start eating, they figured out that you have to give it to them young. you have to spoon in their mouths on day one. >> i'm with you. >> my wife use to smear it on
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before breastfeeding. i just made that up, i'm going to pay for that. >> tom: they do something, they put avocados or something, there is a thing they do it's something. they put something on there. >> on russian prostitutes. i can tight knots and light a fire and fish. i've never hunted anything, but i'm pretty sure i could figure that out, too. >> tom: archery. were you a boy scout? >> i was a boy scout. i dropped out because i liked girls more. >> tom: there is room for both. >> yeah, but you can't wear that uniform to school in rhode island. you stop doing it. >> tom: that was issued, and nothing they do that anymore. you have to wear it to school?
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>> my boy wears it to school sometimes when he has something afterwards. >> tom: there was a period in junior high when it wasn't cool. joe, what do you think about this? you can tie a noose, i know tha that. >> it's not so much a tying of the news, it's the kicking of the chair. >> they bring a guy in. >> i have no doubt that my kids know how to use a compass to kill a russian prostitute. a ritual of some type. far be it for me to argue with the day not from the london boat show, as much as i love trashing millennials, i didn't get these hands from a lifetime of hard work, i know. whenever i watch walking dead and i walk around my neighborhood and i look at my neighbors fences and think "that's not going to hold." coming up, andy levy and his
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insightful hindsight returned with "have halftime"."
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♪ >> tom: it's time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs andy levy over on the "red eye" news deck. a >> andy: let's talk about vladimir putin. you said it russian prostitutes are in the top three, what are the other two? >> sorry, i had to get my camera angle right.
12:34 am
rumor has it, former soviet union countries. you know. it could have changed. a >> andy: i find your answer to be evasive. on the other hand, congrats for setting a new personal record. >> what i say? >> andy: chris, did you ever say you would be saying "thank god there's a mad dog in the in ministries in? "he's the guy were looking forward to being there, this is a brave new world. >> andy: joe, also their curling team. russian curling team. >> what are you on some amphetamine binge watching curling? go to bed.
12:35 am
>> andy: curling is my favorite russian sport. >> they should test that for no-doze. >> andy: people being blacklisted. baker, you said that if you find your name you should stand by it. if you send a letter saying "trumpet lacks the character and values to be president and weekends the morals of the free world." how can you expect him to hire you? >> the government administers into administration, i don't understand that mentality. >> tom: it's like saying that cleveland sucks and it's the worst city in the world and then you're mad when you don't get appointed to the art commission. a >> you're making a lot of sense tonight. >> andy: chris, you said many of the people that sign the letter are the ones i got us
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into messes in the first place. baker, what did you think of that? >> that was the first time i thought that chris was talking out of his ass, otherwise i agree with every thing he's at said so far. >> andy: joe, use of this is the first time some of those letter signers have had to face their convictions. it baker, what did you think of that? >> that was the first time i thought joe was talking out of his ass, every thing else i agree with. >> andy: he's the president of the whole united states, not according to the "not my president" hashtags. i'm a progressive, we have one president of at a time, he won the election, nothing i can do about it for two years and then will try to change congress and in four years will try to change a president. >> andy: most conservatives didn't say it was a thing they were going to try and make happen. a >> that's all they did for the last eight years.
12:37 am
i know things are different in brooklyn, but that's what's been going on the last eight years. >> andy: where was that celebrity add? >> baker, were you as surprised as i was by what president obama did on tuesday? >> that caught me by surprise. manning didn't catch me by surprise at all. >> andy: i want to move on, but i did not think he was going to do that. >> you did not think he was going to commute manning? i wasn't surprised, i think it's shameful and disgusting but i wasn't surprised. >> andy: an asteroid so rich in metal that it doesn't it would surprise the world econom economy. as tom pointed out, it would drastically lower the value of old and nickel, but if one person had the asteroid, you could live quite comfortably without anyone knowing. >> that's always been human
12:38 am
nature. >> andy: it's after you pull off the heist, you can ghost bend all the money right away. >> you got to hold onto it. >> andy: also, the asteroid is named psyche, not psych. >> i was so excited. >> andy: it's 16 psyche. it >> tom: so there's 15 other psyche's? >> andy: joe, you said the only space rock you like his early pink floyd, i've got to ask you because of the composition of this asteroid, what is more metal, the asteroid or this band? ♪ >> i'm going to state nothing was more metal than that band. unless there's an asteroid that
12:39 am
causes a split heads. >> andy: the name of that band i believe was a lead foot. >> it was lead foot and then people from a better bandleader called themselves lead foot, so if you want to look at them, you have to look around. >> andy: it's the same reason, do you know any phone numbers? >> tom: i only know my phone number from childhood. >> andy: under the name of the chinese restaurant near my childhood home. i don't even know my own phone number. i have to look it up. you also said everyone should be required to go camping before they go to college. how would you enforce this? >> tom: they wouldn't have to go camping that we would put them in a truck, drive them to the outskirts of the wilderness and drop them off for a week. >> andy: i kind of feel like you learn survival skills when you need them.
12:40 am
isn't that the lesson of "gilligan's island"? >> tom: i guess it is. >> andy: they didn't know anything. they learned. >> the professor knew a lot. >> andy: the professor built radios. >> tom: they never got off the island. >> andy: they did get off. >> eventually. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, a school employee gets fired for teaching a child how to spell. that wouldn't happen in trump's america. about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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♪ >> good morning and live it from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. former president george herbert walker bush has been hospitalized in houston. chief of staff of the former president says that he is stabl stable. they also expect him to return home in a few days. no word on the reason for his hospitalization. president obama preparing for his final press conference today. he will speak to reporters this afternoon from the white house, it's the last part of the presidents , which included a number of speeches and interviews. planning to spend billions to support factories in georgia and alabama, sunday also looking to build a new factory in the states, citing president elects promised for job creation.
12:45 am
she says the country will lead the free-trade zone it shares with you european union which it voted to leave seven months ago. it wilt lateral trade with other countries. >> it was a vote to restore, as we see it, our parliamentary democracy, natural self-determination, and to become even more global and international in action and in. americans are enjoying the great outdoors in record numbers, this is a national parks setting a record into heaven 16, 30 or in a row. however, the parks say that not all of them are respecting nature and a more pollution and trash is being left behind. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log on to you're watching the most powerful name in news. ♪
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>> tom: a maryland public school employee lost her job after calling out a student's spelling mistake on twitter. the student was excited about a possible snowstorm and tweeted at the school, close school tomorrow please using the last official spelling of tomorrow. she responded on the schools official twitter account. she said she takes online bullying very seriously, but in this instance, it was so obvious that there was no attempt to make this student feel bad. >> in this instant, it was so obvious that there was no attempt to make this child, this student feel bad. >> tom: she's so nice, she was trying, she was trying to be hip
12:47 am
on it twitter and get the students attention. >> i'm surprised that something that's put out on twitter could be misconstrued quote demand. it's kind of where were at, i didn't know they had a social media courting her, i give credit to the students. the kids were rallying around her. trying to suggest that you should be hired back. it's the school board or whomever is responsible, i don't know, this is the country we have ended up in. you just can't say anything anymore. >> tom: can't say anything, meghan, did the school overreact? >> yes. my back they're always under flack for so many things, they did their job and made a correction, it's wrong? >> tom: tomorrow is hard to spell, isn't it, chris?
12:48 am
>> they definitely overreacted, could it be considered a form of bullying? it's a little snarky, i don't know if it was bullying. i've done it. i did it to trump. >> he cried himself to sleep. >> he was so upset and his golden tower with his golden bed and his model wife. >> tom: joe, the school is trying, that so they hired her for her. maybe her job should be eliminated, maybe it's dumb to have a social media director. >> i hate to do this, on like the others here, i dug deeper. when i first read this, it seemed of noxious that she's the social media director and her punishing her for her. she put a smiley face, you could say, turns out what happened was
12:49 am
that the administered and said to her, knock it off. and then she logged back on and continued tweeting. that's when she got fired for. they told her to take a break and she went back to tweeting. >> tom: did she go back to making fun of students? >> she went back to tweeting whatever nonsense. >> tom: that's her job. >> that's what she said as a new employee, she needed some suggest is on how to improve. here's a suggestion, if they tell you not to do it, don't do it. you're fired. >> he did research, he's pulled legitimate quotes. >> i've got bullet points. >> tom: you know you're not supposed to bring that. i needed someone to decide with them. coming up, what's happening in this video, probably worth sticking around for. ♪
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♪ >> tom: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." heather macdonald, mike baker is back. ♪
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>> tom: how should you get rid of a wasp nest? hit it with a baseball bat repeatedly. a man in florida has a different approach. take a look. >> here. everybody up there. they all have their tales. have to be careful, it's a big hive. so let me see how i do this. in it. every last one. >> are they alive? >> every last one.
12:55 am
that's for you, chantel. >> tom: that's for you, chantel. i don't know who she is but i'm sure she's impressed. he explained on the video page "i was born in trinidad and always dared to be different, i have been killing wasps with my bare hands for over 20 years" ." this was a simple demonstration, "i have done this over 50 times and never gotten stung." i love this guy's voice is so much, if this were a radio piece i would have played it. i didn't need the video. >> i was mesmerized by his narration. >> tom: you've crushed -- >> i've gotten stung. every time i've attempted to do that, which is maybe twice, i didn't realize i was swatting at a wasp, i'm going to tell you it stings. wasps are tough.
12:56 am
they are the [bleep] of the bug kingdom. >> tom: they must be something something. >> $400 to remove a wasp next, all i had to do is, letter. >> you come to grab and crush immediately. >> i'm terrified of this guy right now. >> meghan, you love this guy. >> i love this guy. it didn't say he kills them, it says he's been murdering them. murdering for 20 years. >> tom: every last man. you have very soft hands. >> and very tender. i would have taken them out with a can of aqua net and a lighter. as tough as he is, he doesn't even take off his super bowl ring there.
12:57 am
florida man, disappointed. >> tom: that's all we've got. musical the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet?
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that's it for us. "special report" is next. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. paul ryan said "this is outrageous." late this afternoon president obama commuted the sentence of a former army intelligence analyst convicted of releasing classified materia material, military and national security information. chelsea, now identifying as a woman, formerly bradley manning has been imprisoned for seven years of a 35 year sentence. she received a sex change operation while in custody. she will now be freed on may 17th. it is a decision that is causing quite a stir, as you might imagine, in washington tonight.


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