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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 18, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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[music] >> certainly fireworks in dc. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning. i'm abby huntsman. heather: i'm heather childers. the 92-year-old was taken to methodist hospital. the bush's steve of staff says he's doing fine an expected to go home in a few days. abby: has dealt with severe issues.
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most recently broke neck bone. heather: let's hope he will be okay. abby: fox news alert boiling over after president obama orderers freedom for one of america east most controversial prisoners. heather: convicted of leaking military secret that is put u.s. servicemen and women in harm's way. jackie ibañez with the new developments. >> transgender former army intelligence analyst, convicted for leaking classified documents to wikileaks will soon go free. the actions resulting to taliban relating soldiers overseas. manning's sentence cut short and released on the 17th.
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one thousand 380 computations with 209 on tuesday and promising even more tomorrow. among them. puerto rican terrorist oscar lopez rivera who helped bomb u.s. cities like chicago and new york and retired general james cartwright who lied to the fbi of iran's nuclear program. lawmakers on both shocked. >> i think he's dead wrong, absolutely dead wrong. that's treason. i think they are wrong. >> they can put individual operatives at risk, our national interest at risk with other countries. >> could computation pave the way to other whistle blowers to get off the hook. just last week wikileaks tweet ing about assange, assange will agree to u.s. extradition
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despite clear unconstitutionality of doj case. he's been in ecuadorian embassy to avoid espionage charges. what the white house is saying coming up at 5:30 back to you. heather: we will talk more about this coming up. president obama ordering freedom for manning after condemning russia, fox news contributor and founder and editor in chief laura ingram calling him out for his hypocrisy. >> a radical move by a president who tens of millions of americans who thinks at various points in his administration did not have the best interest of america at heart. this is coming on the heels of all of this leaks and hacking and sensitive information being
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released into the public domain and russia and enemies using the information against us and on the heels of all of that, president obama comes out in administration and give it is commutation to individual who remember the prosecutors wanted to nail him on treason and aiding and abetting the enemy. are we really concerned about the release of sensitive information that compromises our troops or national security or not and i think heads are spinning after this for good reason. heather: compare the number of computations by president obama to presidents george w. bush and bill clinton. president obama leads by over 1200. abby: two days before the inauguration and the list of no-show democrats continues to grow. you can see the list right there. mr. trump is taking aim at representative john lewis,
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blasting for lying about first inaugural boycott. latest on this. live in washington for us, doug, what are you hearing? >> good morning, abby, democrats could have won the election if only enough of them could have exercised right to show up at the booting booths but many stayed home. more than an entire of quarter democratic caucus, 28% vow to boycott the inauguration. >> i don't think that that's the right thing to do. we want to bring the country together and think about how we can unify the country that's a step in the wr donald trump won the election very fairly convincingly. yes, russia meddled in the election but that didn't change the outcome of the election. >> among the boycotters john lewis who is now being skewed by critics. donald trump tweeting, john lewis said about my inauguration, the first one that i've missed, wrong, he boycotted bush 43 also because he thought
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it would be hype hype call. sound familiar? criticism of this hero is unconscionable but lewis' office is now admitting this is not the first boycott noting that he skipped george w. bush's inauguration also as a form of decent. abby: the democrats not stealing the president elect's thunder. heather: least expensive to attend; is that correct? >> this is really interesting coming from donald trump who has extravagant lifestylement he wants to send a message that this is for the people and he wants to get to work. only three inaugurallables this year. the official presidential inaugural ball. he wants this to be for the people and not hollywood
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celebrity types. the most affordable inauguration in u.s. history with tickets cleveland, ohioing $50. great bargain. abby: i think bill clinton had 14 balls. heather: money raised to good organizations, so you might want to contribute a little bit more. >> my pleasure. heather: first comments on boycotting, trying to disrupt a peaceful transition of power. >> congressman lewis is saying he doesn't remember that he skipped that inauguration. >> he doesn't conveniently doesn't he remember. i can tell you when i was at the inaugurations and you don't forget something like that. he got caught and it's pretty bad and it's making him look bad frankly. it's a very important time. this is a transition and a very important transition and
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specially because things will be done beautifully but they'll be done differently than they have been over the past eight years and i can say over the past 16, they'll be different and we have to have a smooth transition and president obama understands that very well and that's why he's been so gracious and he understands that, but i think for him to grandstanding john lewis and got caught in a very bad lie. let's see what happens. as far as other people not going, that's okay because we need seats so badly. are they going to give them their tickets. i hope they are going to give us their tickets. heather: don't miss the full interview on "fox & friends", he's really concerned about jobs, jobs, jobs and that's his focus. moving forward. abby: i look forward that interview. meanwhile education secretary nominee betsy devos is in the
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hot seat. senator bernie sanders grilling her over free college tuition. >> will you work with me to make public colleges and universities tuition free through federal and state efforts? >> senator, that a really interesting idea but i think we also have to consider the fact that there's nothing in life that's truly free. somebody is going to pay for it. abby: dehaves questioned on gay conversion therapy and asked to hand over tax return. heather: shot and killed in the line of duty, jeri walker gunned down respond to go reports of a gunman in a town north of dallas, texas. shooting walker through a window as he barricaded himself inside the home after a six-hour standoff, police sound the suspect dead inside the house. detective walker leaves behind four children. abby: heartbreaking.
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cop killer is now in custody after an intense nine-day manhunt. markeith in an abandoned home. >> this maniac, if you will, is off the streets of our community. abby: do you remember lloyd was on the run for weeks suspected of murdering his pregnant girlfriend. she recognized at a wal-mart. police found him hiding at an empty home wearing body armor, he now faces murder charges. heather: pack your boots and umbrella, rain in snow in the fire cast that could create dangerous conditions. abby: janice dean. janice, what can we expect? janice: good morning, ladies, we have the foundries that's draped across the eastern third of the country. you can see the warm air ahead of it, the cold air behind it. we are going to see the
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prescription. we could see large amounts of rainfall in parts of the south including texas. i also want to make mention, another train of storms moving into the west, another huge story for them where they're going to get inches of rain and feet of snow. i know i have been talking all winter long, another round of storms at least three in the next several days and again that's going to provide the opportunity for flash flooding, mud slides, rock slides and avalanche danger. the good news behind this is it's going to put a huge dent in the drought. they have been in the drought in southern california specially for at least five years. your forecast precipitation. feet of snow and quick look at wash forecast. a lot of folks heading down there. today cloudy skies, friday looks like midday we are going to see showers maybe heavy at times in the afternoon. but temperatures above average for the dc area. back to you, heather and abby.
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heather: thank you. janice: you've got it. heather: 11 minutes after the top of the hour. more detainees released from guantanamo bay and we just found out where they are going. abby: what happens when tucker carlson takes on hoax -- >> this is a sham. your company isn't real. your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies, this is a hoax. tell me what your real name is. abby: pretty amazing interview that you would not want to miss. heather: one thing that she will not be allowed to do. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that...
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. . if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. abby: back with the story, election protestor setting
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himself on fire right in the middle of pennsylvania avenue just days before the inauguration, firefighters raising to the trump international hotel in washington, d.c. overnight, smoke above the hotel as you can see here which sits between the u.s. capitol and the white house. police say he was seriously burned but is expected to be okay. the protestor telling reporters that he came all the way from california. also this this morning, another transfer, four more gitmo redane's will be released today, one to united emirates and three to saudi arabia. >> i don't anticipate that we will succeed in the goal of closing the prison but it's not for lack of trying. the only reason it didn't happen is because of the politics that members of congress in both parties frankly played with this issue. >> the pentagon also identifying
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these detainees, one of them with a body guard for osama bin laden. 41 detainees in gitmo. heather: president obama has commuted the sentence of chelsea manning, former army private who gave hundreds of thousands, military documents to wikileaks. manning will soon go free. here with his reaction, cofounder of diligence llc, mike, thank you for joining us very early this morning. >> they would like you to believe that he handed over classified documents to wikileaks. they want to call a leak. well, prior to this new world
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that we seem to live in this was called treason. private manning handed over classified documents that provided a variety of insight into our operations overseas and particularly in places like afghanistan and as a result people died and that's not hyperbole. people died. the taliban went on a rampage essentially targeting and exterminating anybody who matched a parent access of this information. some of the information talked about sources and of information for us. and so, you know, in a variety of ways it damaged u.s. national security interests. heather: as a result he received a 35 year sentence. >> they could have gone after a much stronger sentence. heather: manning has now served what about six years of it? >> yeah, about one simultaneousth -- sixth of it.
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the immediate aftermath, it made it much more difficult, imagine if you're trying to recruit a source to risk their lives and families lives to provide you with information on the ground on a place like afghanistan, that's a tough sell. that's a heavy lift. made much heavier but the fact that we apparently can't keep a secret. they were aware of that. now you're dealing with a potential source who looks at you and says i'm not going to risk my life because you can't keep this secret. look at this. you know, even at that point, but going forward had the same affect and still continues to. the white house, their comment about this, the reason why they said in part they decided to commute the sentence was for three reasons, one because private manning expressed regret, private manning
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acknowledged the act and had served one sixth of the sentence. those are the reasons given by the white house. heather: we have deaths as a result of it. i do want to ask you one more question. we have one minute left. this coming at a time when we are hearing all of this about russia and hacks, but this is okay. >> right, right. the president is completely upset with the hacking of john podesta's emails and this apparently is not considered a offense. abby: time is 20 minutes after the hour. vladimir putin getting talking points from donald trump. outrageous accusation from the white house. >> mr. trump engaged in the industry who is going to help us grow manufacturing jobs in this country. abby: the president elect does it again, the air force one deal
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that he dropped. that's coming up
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heather: welcome back, "fox & "fox & friends first", tucker carlson exposing a hoax, confronting a man about fake company that's claim to go send thousands of paid protestors to the inauguration. >> this is a sham, your company isn't real, your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies. this is a hoax. let me start at the beginning, however, with your name don which is not your real name. it's dominic. that's a lie and you know that's a lie. we are greatly supportive of julian assange, edward snowden,
2:25 am
peyton manning and we support their efforts to really get the truth out there. [laughter] >> are you pretty supportive of peyton manning, are you? >> yeah. heather: never admitted his company was fake. abby: suggesting he's picking and choosing from mr. trump's picks? hours after putin took a swing at president obama claiming he's trying to undermine the legitimacy of the president elect by leaking fake news like the unverified dossier. how do you say that word, heather? >> dossier. abby: the dossier is worse than prostitute. heather: nfl blasting reporting that hillary clinton supporter
2:26 am
lady lady gaga is banned from talking politics during super bowl. abby: entertainment tonight reports the leak to lady gaga she had to keep politics outside of performance. heather: the story is not true, nonsense meant to stir up controversy. super bowl is february 5th here on fox. time now is 26 after the top of the hour. a heroing he is cue, clinging to her life. abby: apparently not as inclusive as it might seem. a message to pro-life group, just stay home because we don't support your beliefs. that's coming up i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart.
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abby: fox news alert breaking overnight. former president george w. bush hospitalized in texas. heather: 92-year-old was taken to med dis hospital, the reason has not been released but bush's steve of staff says he is doing fine, that's good news, he's expected to go home in just a few days. bush 41 has dealt with several issues the last few years, most recently he broke a bone in his neck after falling at a summer home in maine. we will continue to follow his progress and we will bring you any updates on his condition. abby: also another fox news alert now, bipartisan backlash boiling over after president obama orderers freedom for chelsea manning who was convicted of leaking military secrets that put u.s. servicemen and women in harm's way. jackie ibañez with new questions about what message this sends, jackie, good morning. >> chelsea manning a transgender former officer leaking thousands
2:31 am
of pages of classified documents to wikileaks will soon go free. manning's action resulting to taliban killing u.s. soldiers overseas. the president ordering manning's sentence cut short and we leased on may 17th, the white house bragging about the president's record, one thousand 85 commutations with 209 just on tuesday, among them are puerto rican terrorist oscar lopez rivera who helped bomb u.s. cities like chicago and new york and retired general cartwright who lied to the fbi about u.s. involvement in iran's nuclear program. and senator john mccain saying, quote, chelsea manning broke her oath and made it more likely that others would join the ranks
2:32 am
of fallen comrades, one of the comrades edward snowden reacting on this, in five more months you will be free, thank you for what you did for everyone, chelsea. stay strong a while longer. snowden has been hiding since 2013. >> it seems apparent that there's little doubt that edward snowden will not be offered a pardon. >> it's not something -- >> i can't rule out any officer of clemency. >> heather, abby. heather: president obama ordering freedom for manning after he condemned wikileaks for secrets that damaged democrats. fox news contributor slamming the president for allowing a man
2:33 am
whose leaked information led to deaths to walk free. >> here we have a man, manning, a woman now, who released information that had to do with our actions in ongoing wars in iraq, afghanistan, including the identification of people who were working for us, many of whom we can presume were hunted down and killed as a result. i think it is simply astonishing that the president at the same time would be so exercised over the podesta releases through wikileaks and then be extending commuting the sentence of chelsea manning. heather: let's talk about this. do you think it's hypocritical of president obama to be outraged over wikileaks but pordon someone who put our national security at risk? log on for live debate, #, keep talking. abby: good question.
2:34 am
heather: mr. trump taking direct aim at representative john lewis, blasting for lying about his first inaugural boycott. abby: live in washington, d.c., doug, good morning. >> good morning, abby, good morning, heather. democrats are doing whatever they can to try to damage the trump presidency before it gets underway including the boycott, the move growing now with more than 28%, more than a quarter of the democratic caucus not attending. democrats are taking hits of their own including john lewis, first one out to boycott, now accused of lying or at least mistaken about first ever boycott because he did the same thing during the george w. bush inauguration. critics also note the icon has a pattern of over the top criticism of republicans equating them to nazis coming to take children and the elderly
2:35 am
over the contract with pleark. trump apparently not bothered by all of this boycotting, he's by a forecast of big crowds. >> we are going to have big crowds. i saw bikers for trump. boy, they had a scene today. i don't know if i would like to ride one of those. that's like additional security with those guys. let me tell you, they are great people. >> and then the bible that his mother gave him upon graduation from sunday school at the first presbyterian in new york in 1965. trump popped into town last night to attend to chairman's global dignity. 500 digatories attended, jeff
2:36 am
sessions, casino magnet, rudy giuliani and israeli embassador, last name very important, signifies the change in relationship with israel that we see coming. abby: cute video. everyone is wondering what is on the menu for inauguration. heather: pretty lavish? >> i don't have one of the clothes that waiters wear. main lobster, i could leave the peanut crumble, angus beef with dark chocolate and third course, chocolate and great wines and champagnes. trump doesn't drink. what does he drink? do you guys know? abby: i think he drinks coke. heather: must be red bull.
2:37 am
abby: president elect facing criticism for social media form. mr. trump vows not to give twitter account saying it's the only way to keep the plain stream media honest. >> what about twitter, are you going to continue to tweet? >> yeah, rook, i -- look, i don't like tweeting but i get very dishonest media, very dishonest press and it's my only way that i can counter act. for instance, when john lewis said, you know, he's never done it before where he skipped an inauguration, he has, it turned out to be a lie. it was terrible. i'm able to say it. when people make misat the same times about me, i'm able to say them and call them out. you know, i have -- i'm going to be close to 50 million people including facebook and instam --
2:38 am
instagram and i'm close to 50 million people and when people misrepresent me because the media is dishonest, unbelievably dishonest, i have a least of way of saying, it's a false statement. now if the press were honest, which it's not, i would absolutely not use twitter, i wouldn't have to. abby: of course you can see ainsley interview right here on "fox & friends". heather: to extreme weather now, rain and snow in the forecast for millions. let's turn to senior meteorologist janice dean, live in 2 weather d in the weather center for us. janice: hello, ladies, frontal boundary along the front. that's where we are going to see rain heavy at times but bringing the warmth toward mid atlantic, warmer than average inaugural week. watching that carefully along the front, that's where we are going to see the rain. heavy downpour for texas,
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louisiana up towards the mississippi river valley and the northeast lingering showers, not a big deal. a big deal, is the west at least three storm systems in the forecast bringing inches of rain and feet of snow, i know i sound like a broken record. this is a huge deal for them. they will put a huge dent in the drought. too much rain is too much of a good thick and we could see potential of heavy rains, rock slides, mud slides and avalanche danger because we have winter wed ri advisories as far south as southern arizona and palm springs, that's a big deal. for dc we have rain in the forecast, so far looks pretty good in the morning as we get into the afternoon, things will start to pick up specially late afternoon in terms of rain but temperatures are going to be warm. i want to let you know, ladies, programming alert, we have charlie warren coming -- you remember this wonderful kid from
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north carolina liberty, north carolina, he's going to be our guest on "fox & friends", he's going steal the show and do my weather forecast for me today. >> janice, look out. he might change his mind. he's going to want to be a weather forecaster after this. janice: i think so. wait and see. abby: time now is 40 minutes after the hour. a heroing rescue caught on camera how this woman ended on the side of the mountain clinging for her life. heather: what will inauguration be like, traditions that he will make and break. that's next. abby: are you planning for a vacation, the airline awarded the best of the year, which one is it? heumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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heather: welcome back, fo.
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business alert, another win for our president elect. boeing plan to go cut the price on air force one replacement. cheryl casone with the details. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: meetings of trump tower continue. details of the meeting were pretty much kept under wraps. the boeing chief did tell reporters they did discuss air force one and making a better airplane at a lower cost. all this remember, december 6th, took a swipe at the company for presidential planes. boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control. more than 4 billion, cancel order. that's when all of this began. the two yesterday discussing the issue of military fighter jets.
2:45 am
complement to mr. trump. mr. trump complained at the lockheed fighter jets as, quote, out of control. trump asked bow to go come up with a comparable plan for jets. he's pinning the ceo's of very two military contractors against each other to get, yeah, a better deal, back to you. abby: thank you, cheryl. president-elect trump's path to victory was anything but ordinary but sarah joins us now on the traditions the president elect will keep and the ones he will break. sarah, good morning. thanks for being here. let's start with the traditions that he will keep in place,
2:46 am
three days before? >> right. thursday afternoon trump and vice president elect mike pence will lay wreaths and that's one of the most important traditions that trump is excited to uphold at the start of his inauguration ceremonies this weekend. then on thursday evening, trump and melania trump, will stay overnight at the blair house, the president's guest house operated by the state department and reserved for visiting foreign dignitaries but it's a tradition that incoming presidents will stay there the evening before the inauguration that started in 1977 with incoming president jimmy carter and then, of course, in the morning trump and melania trump will attend church service at st. jon's, the church of the president with obama and the first lady, the tradition that
2:47 am
goes all the way to fdr and finally trump and melania trump will head to the white house and have a private visit with president obama and first lady michelle obama. they will have coffee before they ride over to the capitol for the swearing in ceremonies. abby: in true mr. trump fashion, some things are going to be different when it comes to traditions, for one of them fewer inaugural balls compared to bill clinton was sworn it was, it was 14. >> exactly. even barack obama attended ten inaugural balls. we will see trump go to three, one in honor of the military, two of those officials inaugural balls and was mentioned earlier that the tickets for the public will be much, much affordable this year than in previous years. we are going to see a shorter inaugural parade as well, shorter by an hour and a half. one of the shortest parades in recent memory. his inaugural committee is building that as an effort to get immediately back to work, announcing that parade will be a
2:48 am
new voice, charles has announced inaugural parade, participates in them for the last 11 presidents. this year the trump team has tapped someone new, washington, d.c. base announcer named steve ray and finally, we won't see a dc public school marching band participating in the parade this year for the past five inaugurations, a local marching band from a local high school has marched in the parade, none apply to do so this year, though. abby: i talk today kellyanne con way, she said it would be much shorter than what many people expect. president hoover and fdr drove in complete silence. it's going to be interesting to see, fly on the wall in the car for president obama and mr. trump. >> absolutely. we have no idea what they'll be -- they've been amicable.
2:49 am
abby: all right. thanks for being here this morning. good to have you. >> thank you. heather: let's check with ainsley earhardt, i have a feeling you talked to somebody pretty important. ainsley: i did. you were at trump tower recently and we got a chance to go over yesterday and sit down with donald trump, you're only going to see it on fox. piggy back on the last interview, he said that the obamas have been nothing but lovely to his family, ivanka talked on the phone to the first lady for about 45 minutes or an hour the other day, so they have become friends, i guess, you can say, we talk about transition, their move, what they'll do the first night in the white house, we talked about the wall, obamacare, we also asked him about the press briefing room because many people are saying it's not big enough, it needs to move. we asked him about it. listen. >> so we are going to move it to
2:50 am
a larger room in a nearby area, not the same area and the press went crazy, i said let's not move it but some people in the prez will not be able to get in. we will make sure you get a seat. ainsley: we talked about congressman lewis, you will see at "fox & friends". kellyanne conway is here to talk about inauguration week. she will be here at 7:15 this morning. heather: we will be right back, stay with us i need to promote my new business and do it on budget. i can make that happen. business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen.
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abby: we are back with the incredible moment. rescuers saved a woman dangling from a mountain, hundred os of feet below. watch this.
2:54 am
first responder hanging from a helicopter wrapping a harness around the woman, she slipped 50 feet on a hike in southern california. she ended up saving her life by stabbing an ice pick into the snow and holding on until help arrived. you can -- luckily she's okay. heather: wow. it isn't as inclusive as you might think. the pro-life group, the new wave feminist set up a fire storm among pro-choice protestors when they were added to the event list of partners and now leaders of the march say the group's beliefs don't align with unity values dropping them as a partner. coming up at 7:50 new wave members will join "fox & friends" with their response with controversy, so stay tune for that at 7:50. abby: we've got good news to tell you about, the department of transportation reporting the
2:55 am
fewest number of domestic flight con -- cancellations. heather: delta and hawaiian airlines coming as the best in the u.s., soaring to 90% mark for on-time arrival. that's good. let's go to hawaii. abby: i know. we will be right back cathy's d to the smell of lingering garbage in her kitchen yup, she's gone noseblind. she thinks it smells fine, but her guests smell this... sfx: ding, flies, meow (after cat lands) music starts febreze air effects heavy duty has up to... ...two times the odor-eliminating power to remove odors you've done noseblind to [inhales] mmm. use febreze air effects, till it's fresh and try febreze small spaces... continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days. febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways [inhale + exhale mnemonic] to breathe happy. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then.
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growing list of eble across the country less manly. special workshops that claim
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masculinity is being toxic. goals to manliness in order to crub violence and anger. heather: have a great wednesday, everybody. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. ♪ ♪ he. heather: breaking overnight george h.w. bush is hospitalized. he is expected to go home in a few days. >> this was not expected. president obama has commuted a vast majority of chelsea manning's 35 year prison sentence. >> this is coming on the heals of all of this caterwalling about leaks. his crime was punishable by death. >> cop killer in custody ending a week long manhunt. this man wake is off the streets of our community. >> a number of democrats now boycotting the inauguration is up to at least 58. >> w


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