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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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things. but they are fun. i'm bill o'reilly, please are a number stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we are fewer than 40 hours away from trump's inauguration. friday's festivities continue to grow by the moment, as of right now, 68 house democrats are ditching trump's inauguration. some say they oppose his policies, other ones insist they do not agree with his entire presidency. it is not legitimate in their opinion. congressman, thank you for coming on. >> thank you very much. >> tucker: you just got elected and now you are boycotting. how come? >> a couple reasons, first and
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foremost, i believe that the president-elect does not share the same aspect around the affordable care act which is basically for the constituents i represent, it's very important. secondly, about the rushing hacking. i think that also to be taken seriously. thirdly about the congressman john lewis, he in the city of philadelphia received the liberty metal, celebration of the constitution a couple weeks ago. the very same mental that jimmy carter, colin powell, nelson mandela received. at the very end of the day, the president-elect will be sworn in. this is an opportunity for me to send that message that i am not happy. >> tucker: i understand that and i understand your reasoning. you don't agree with trump on obamacare and you are concerned about the russian interference of the election. that bothers you.
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would anyone who disagrees with john lewis on a political issue get the same treatment from you? >> look at, john lewis is a hero in this country. he should not have been attacked athe way he was attacked. >> tucker: i'm not attacking john lewis, he's an elected official, he has been for 30 years. if i didn't agree with something he said, does that make me a villain? >> but to say that he is not demonstrated any action, i believe that is the wrong action. he has demonstrated a lot of action in terms of things he's done. to make those common charges are ridiculous to say those things about john lewis and what he has done. i think people have been over the board. the person who's going to become the next president of the united states, in my particular view, we should trying to bring people together not separating them. >> tucker: fair point. i don't think that the president-elect should've tweeted that. my understanding is he was
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making a statement about congressman lewis' district, which is not of rich district. it has a lot of problems and he was saying look, you represent this district and you have for all these years and it still and rest shape. maybe that says something. i want to ask you, since you also represent a heavily poor district in philadelphia, if you think boycotting the inauguration will help your constituents. and if so, how? >> at the end of the day, he will be president of all americans. the election is over. the reality is we should work together. we don't work together, as president of the united states, i've been in the less a teacher for years, legislators and executives should work together. i've never seen a chief executive attack a legislator for speaking out. governor ridge, governor thorne burn right here in pennsylvania. we work together, we got things done. at the end of the day, the name
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of the game is putting people first. i don't believe that that is what he has done. >> tucker: i wonder if there's been a situation where legislators have attacked the executive before he's taken office. that's what you're doing. you are saying i'm not even going to your inauguration because i do for its agree with you and he's not even the president yes. >> i am there and meeting my obligations for the united states congress, i work in the 65 days i've been there, working together to make a difference. look, president-elect trump will be sworn in on friday at 12:00. once he is sworn in, maybe the fact of the matter is, he will take a different attitude once he officially has the position as president. then we can find some common ground and get some things done. he talks about infrastructure, i am a strong advocate for infrastructure. that needs to happen. roads, bridges, airports.
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>> tucker: that's a good point. so you have a majority black district. it's one of the most heavily black congressional districts in the country. the trump campaign released sometime ago the new deal for black americans, the ten-point plan. what did you think of that? >> i haven't really seen it, i'd be open to see exactly what he is talking about. >> tucker: it stopped, what you mean you haven't seen it? it just released a ten-point plan and you haven't seen it, oh why? >> let me repeat it again to you, if i've seen it, i'd be more than happy to discuss it. i've not seen it. i'm not going to make up something i've not seen. >> tucker: i'm not asking you to. let's just stop for one second. why when you have seen that? you represent a majority black district. don't you think you should have read that? >> may be because he has not provided it to me. >> tucker: what you mean, it's
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on the internet? you don't have to agree with it or not. by when you make an effort to find out what he is saying? >> that's mutual. that's mutual. >> tucker: i mean, come on. >> it has not come up for a vote. it had not come up for a vote. you just said he has a plan, i'm saying to you specifically, i would be more than happy. >> tucker: i'm not trying to convince you that trump is great, i'm not making a case for trial. i'm saying you are boycotting him on the grounds that he has a bad guy in maybe not legitimate. >> no, i'm not. please don't put words in my mouth. >> tucker: i am merely saying, a simple question. why have you not taken the time
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to find out what he is saying? and let me just run through a few of these things. >> drawn me to tell you what he said? do you want me to tell you what he has said? well, no, i've read his commen comments. >> tucker: your constituents are overwhelmingly poor. >> you should do your research. i am for charter schools. it has a union based charter school. do your research and find out -- >> tucker: that's perfect, i'm finding common ground between you and the new president. >> let's talk about the health plan. >> tucker: you disagree on the aca, that's true. can you stop for one second? you are trying to filibuster and i'm trying to ask you questions. you are not going to stop, are
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you? i'm just trying to tell you that this new president who you disagree with, has something that you agree on. are you against the rebuilding of infrastructure? >> i just said to you earlier that i was for infrastructure. >> tucker: oratory financial reform to get young afte african-americans credit? >> i'm for that too. >> tucker: i'm merely here to say you want to find common ground, you haven't bothered to read what the guy has said, i'm throwing some hints at you. >> try not to put words in my mouth is what i am saying. >> tucker: i don't mean to do that. i'm just asking questions. >> i sent you. very specifically, we have a hospital. a safety net hospital.
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they have 8,000 employees, it would be a direct effect if the act is repealed. >> tucker: we will find out. it's a matter of seeking common ground. >> exactly. >> tucker: great to see you tonight. >> thank you for inviting me, tucker. >> tucker: the senate held a hearing today for four of trump's cabinet nominees. there were many contentious moments. we are joined by trace gallagher. hey, trace. >> the most combative was for congressman tom price, donald trumps health and human servic services. he is a big opponent of obamacare and a big supporter of privatizing medicare. he was hammered on both fronts. first, democrats repeatedly challenged price on repealing the affordable care act. if millions americans will find themselves uninsured. watch. >> nobody is interested in pulling a rung out from anybody. we believe it is absolutely
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imperative for people who have coverage to keep coverage and hopefully to greater choices and greater opportunities to get the kind of coverage they want for themselves and their families. >> as for donald trump would live up to his pledge not to cut medicare, tom price believes he was telling the truth but could not offer assurances. then came the hearing for scott pruitt, chosen to head the epa. he is from one of the biggest oil and gas estates, is a fierce critic and skeptic of climate change science. he defended his position that government regulation with hurting business and development but also differed from the president when it came to defining climate change. >> do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> i do not. >> so you disagree with the
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president? >> south carolina governor nikki haley was challenged on some of the president-elect previous statements. when asked about a muslim registry, she said it is not going to happen. then she was accused of misinterpreting the iran nuclear daniel, nikki haley reminded us of the by iran. then she said this about russia. >> they are trying to show their muscle right now. it is what they do. i think we always have to be cautious, i don't think that we can trust them. >> finally, trumps pick, wilbur ross picked up his confirmation hearing by going after china, saying they talk much more about free trade than they actually practice. we have just learned that the president-elect will former georgia governor sonny purdue as a nominee for the secretary of u.s. department of agriculture. >> tucker: the last puzzle
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piece falls into play, trace gallagher. thanks a lot. developing this hour, george h.w. bush remains in intensive care tonight, after experiencing acute respiratory issues. his wife barb barbara was also hospitalized. this was merely a precautionary measure. we will provide you do with any updates as they occurred. up next, to go days before the swearing in. we will talk to one lawyer, who says the court still has time to hand the presidency to hillary clinton. lindselindsay graham explains hs military attitude. more coming up. it just 38 and a half hours to go before his president, donald trump has left new york and landed a short time ago here in washington. the show will be live from the mall tomorrow night, don't miss that. want powerful relief.
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>> tucker: congressman john lewis has called donald trump's presidency illegitimate but not many people have been willing to ask the obvious follow-up question. if trump is not the legitimate president, who is? one person with me that argument, calling hillary clinton the legitimate president. "huffington post" writer. he joins us from los angeles. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: how does this work
6:17 pm
exactly? >> well, my argument is that 66 million americans voted for hillary clinton, she won the popular vote by 3 million. about 2.1%. there are legitimate questions to the way that donald trump won the election. particularly with regard to the russian interventionism and fbi director james comey's letter to congress the week before the election that was meant to bring about questions of criminal wrongdoing. it shows how it had an impact on the outcome of the election, late-breaking or late deciding voters decided they would vote for donald trump in a way that skewed the election for him. >> tucker: i would doubt that at all. the russian thing. the reason i wanted to talk to
6:18 pm
you, you had a thing about the russian issue in "the huffington post." it was widely read. one of the bullet points you gave on derek my think was number 3, you put up a page from a magazine in 1987 that you said shows and at this piece claims that donald trump was 30 years ago recruited by the soviets to run for the united states. it was fun and your peace. you know what executive intelligence review is? >> it's a news publication, eir, they have lots of archives, stories of going back through the days. that articles detailing -- go on. >> tucker: do you know who publishes this? it's the linden larouche cult, the anti-semitic cult.
6:19 pm
>> i am aware. >> tucker: you put up as your evidence, this piece of propaganda from the linden larouche new letter. why did you put a scientology source? do you really think that's a legitimate news source? >> you are the editor-in-chief of the of "the daily caller," for a decade called into question barack obama's legitimacy as a president, based on -- >> tucker: i'm not saying that. >> are you saying you are an illegitimate journalist? you had some pretty racist, terrible junk on that web site. >> tucker: name one. >> lets google it, there is a lot. since 1987, donald --
6:20 pm
>> tucker: you are posting that source is legitimate. >> he is been taking all all-expenses-paid trips to russia, on the russian government and then claims to the united states government, populace, that he has no relationship with russia, knows nothing about russia. >> tucker: i just read your peace, alex. >> that is what i'm saying in the piece. he has lied, to the american people and been very dishonest. >> tucker: you are saying the soviets chose him for president. you're going to stand by that. >> you're going to have to reread the article. give it a reread. >> tucker: i'm tempted to end this right now because you are saying linden larouche is a legitimate news source. >> that's not what i'm saying. let me just say something. no, no, i don't say that you are a crabby journalist because of
6:21 pm
"the daily caller." i'm saying there is a piece -- >> tucker: it's a piece by a lunatic, alex. >> and "the daily caller" is a very racist, offensive right wing publication. do you see my point? >> tucker: your point is stupid. let me ask you one last question. this is a philosophical one. >> you are trying to conflate the publication and then have me be responsible for it. >> tucker: a philosophical question. you say we need to remove donald trump from the presidency for the sake of democracy. you had over 60 million people vote for him and you are saying one judge or a panel of judges removing him will be more democratic than the election results. that seems like the opposite. >> it is found that there was
6:22 pm
wrongdoing such as collusion with the russian government to hack our election or with the fbi director who released a letter that he knew was bogus. >> tucker: the idea that people think a crackpot like you who throw something out there -- >> excuse me? >> tucker: shame on "the huffington post." >> you are calling me a crackp crackpot. >> tucker: i was trying to listen. you are alleging things that you can't know. >> because of this constant partisanship, i am frustrated. this constant partisanship squabbling. democrat versus republican.
6:23 pm
>> tucker: you are a democratic political operative. sorry about that. senator lindsey graham up next, military action in syria, ukraine, and other places. he joins us next to discuss why he believes all that. reath. reath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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>> tucker: that donald trump dismissed suggestions that russian hacking swayed the election.
6:27 pm
many republicans on capitol hill though have a very different vision of world affairs. one of the most big voices is lindsey graham, he joins us her. senator, good to se see you. >> congratulations. i am glad to see someone got picked. >> tucker: donald trump has basically said we don't want to have conflict with russia until we have two because it would not serve our interests. you have said we need to hit them hard. why would that serve vital american interests? >> donald trump did not did -- he still one because regardless of what russia did. they are trying to break that bone of democracy. if you give put in your screaming weakness, remember the redline? you better not cross this
6:28 pm
redline, i'm coming after you with a side. if you forgive prudent for what he has done in our election, he will be on steroids it's the worst possible thing he could do to reset relationships with russia. you need to smack him in the face. i don't want to war with russia, but i want them to pay a price in how they are undermining our democracy. >> tucker: tha you obviously wee here for the randy l. iran deal. >> allows a deal. >> tucker: millions of dollars trying to spy on us, they basically lobbied for their positions on that. we are close with all those countries, i think we deserve to be or should be. >> we pay lobbyists to represent your interests, israel does it. a lot of foreign countries come to capitol hill. they'll say will you do 80b or
6:29 pm
c. they hacked into a political party. the backbone is, when you compromise one party come you compromise all. >> tucker: the israelis and the saudi's, spied on us during that period they do inside information it was in the press. about the deliberations over the iran deal. so why what russia did isn't uniquely bad? >> in my view, it's because what you did is you hacked into a you gave that information to a foreign entity called wikileaks and it was used in a fashion to undermine confidence in our election. that's a redline you should never allow any foreign nation to cross. it's fundamentally different than someone coming up and asking me to do a or b, it destroys democracy. let me tell you what they did in georgia. when they invited cry millions
6:30 pm
to shut down the parliament web site, and estonia, when the down, this has to stop. if you give russia a pass, you are screaming weakness. if you give putin a pass on th this, the chinese are sizing us up. iranians too. what if kellyanne conway's emails are hacked? >> tucker: sure, i am against hacking. >> what would you say? >> tucker: i don't know, and you country that breaks into the computers in the united states and affects either, sore congress is bad. they brok broken to the white he computer system in the obama administration and shut it down. >> don't be like obama. don't do what obama did don't give every bad fog it or
6:31 pm
dictator pass. it is now time to reset the relationship with russia. more hard-hitting than obama. obama threw a pebble at pruden. i want to throw a rock. >> tucker: why don't you throw a rock at china? >> count me in. they are seizing islands on the others instead of resolving disputes, they are actually building military bases. trumpets write about this. he wants to push back. tools in the toolbox, i don't want to go to war with anybody. i'm not going to continue with the weakness we had for the last eight years. the best way to get america back in good standing is to have a president who will tell our enemies you cross us at your own peril and tell our friends it's okay to be a friend of america. the baltic states who live in the shadow of russia, they are scared to death of russia.
6:32 pm
obama said on the sidelines and didn't do a damn thing about it. those states need to end. >> tucker: a lot of americans are saying that that's all true, the one getting bullied. if you have a 19-year-old son like i do, why should i be pleased at the prospect of him losing his life to defend ukraine or crimea? >> if you join the military, you do so wide open. let me tell you, the last time we let one power, one country in europe start gobbling up the rest of europe, we had world war ii. here'he is what i can tell you. >> tucker: putin is hitler? >> he is taking land by others by force. >> tucker: china took tibet. >> we are not going to war with tibet. are you okay with him taking the crimea? >> tucker: no but --
6:33 pm
>> i don't want to live in a world where someone can take something from somebody else because they can. kicked around by bullies. putin kills his enemies, literally. he has destroyed every instrument of democracy inside of russia. he is exporting putin's him all over the planet. he is partnered up with a solid, to kill syrians. what does that matter to us? aside. they're going to go throughout the world. i want young syrians to believe america is their friend, not their enemy. >> tucker: syria was about 10% christian, maybe a little bit more, if you're going to take a poll of pursuit the lack kristin syrians? >> it she said i'm here to help christians. the bottom line is what assad is done, he's taken every voice of opposition and extinguished it
6:34 pm
through the use of force. the arabs are out in the streets of damascus, more socially dressed. i want to live in a country where few people get everything and everybody else -- i don't want that. >> tucker: i'm asking about the largest christian populations in the middle east which have been destroyed by the civil war. but he has so much about that. they are very formally pro assad. he protected them. >> not uniformly. close. i met with him not long ago. here's the deal. the best thing happened for syria when they decided the leaders are not the russians or iranians. what does that mean to us? if you allow iran to develop and eco-weapon, i think he will do that. if you allow him to turn the middle east upside down, it will hurt us. hezbollah is supported by assad.
6:35 pm
if they dominate damascus and put their puppet aside in power, they're never going to accept that and israel is in a world of -- >> tucker: no offense, but the assad has been empowered for a long time. the assad family. now it's a disaster. is the free syrian army and the answer? >> it was four years ago, it isn't now. the people of syria rose up and it said we want a better government, a country without the assad family controlling everybody and everything. they did the same in egypt. the arab spring isn't real. >> tucker: the arab spring? >> i think was mismanaged by obama. when the iranian people rose up in 2009, and the young lady without in the streets, obama, are you with us or them? he said, i don't want to disturbed the relationship. what would ronald reagan have done? he would have sided with that
6:36 pm
young girl. run them out of this country, obama gave him a pass. you know what i fear more than the russians? the iranians with an eco-weapon. his own people stood up to him and we basically sat on the sidelines and watched them be slaughtered. what does it matter to america? it matters a lot to me to stand up for our freedoms. not just for ourselves but for others. religious zealots, we don't have to fight them here. fight them there. >> tucker: if we apply the same standards to saudi arabia and georgia, where would we be? >> 30 are not are and me. >> tucker: thank you, always appreciate you being on the show. famous people in hollywood making it clear that monolithic liberalism is the only acceptable worldview. everyone else must be crushed. she will explain how hollywood is like a cult in that way.
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♪ >> tucker: you actually lived through the blacklist era, have you ever seen this kind of social pressure on performers? >> never, never. i swear, out of the 61 years that i was in the business, i will be 82 this year, i have never in my life -- i never thought i would see something like this. this is mind-boggling. >> tucker: the great sam moore, you just heard him say, the ideological reinforcers are out. hollywood has always tilted left obviously, but now performers can even get away with being politically neutral. it's crime think if you agree with anything donald trump. is this neo-mccarthyism?
6:42 pm
tammy bruce, good to see her. it sort of an obvious question, i thought the whole thing of being an artist once you think for yourself. stand alone if need be. you're seeing the stifling conformity right in the heart of the artistic community. why is that? >> is fascinating, creativity requires a free mind. it is destroying hollywood right now, the "vanity fair" is performing -- the worst ticket sale and 100 years. that product reflects it. the heart of this though, the failure of the industry and they are hoping for a larger federal government that they were hoping for under hillary clinton where you would have bailouts, effectively a nationalization of the industry like they were thinking they were going to get with health care. which is what europe does. the european federal government paid for the bills, they nationalize television and all you have to do is cozy up to politicians. here now, it's about dealing
6:43 pm
with the american people. meryl streep doesn't like him very much. but when you are alluding to end what we see are people like nicole kidman, a fabless actress, just recommending unity to in english journalist. she then had to come back and clarify what she meant in saying that we should support the president elected no matter who it is. jennifer holliday facing death threats, obscene references regarding race to get her to quit and agreed upon concert for the inaugural. they are trying to enforce a liberal point of view that they were hoping would resume in washington. it's like a cult. everybody's got to have the same dynamic, the same groupthink in order for leadership to survive. >> tucker: boy, i never even considered the plan you just noted, taxpayers would be subsidizing leonardo dicaprio's plane. he really get the sense listening to actors in hollywood that they believe they have an
6:44 pm
obligation that will never end, to support their work. this will never go away. there is no normal obligation that a retailer has to his or her customers to kind of like not yell at them. you know what i mean? >> when you have an attitude, i know a lot of a-list individuals who've talk to me about, they don't agree with what is going on but even if they speak up in the attacks, and nicole kidman signal to those a listers, we will attack you as well. you are not immune to what we expect from you. they decided they are either going to be silent or they are going to pretend. what i tell all of my listeners and i would tell your viewers, not all of hollywood agrees with this, but it is a cultlike dynamic where people feel like there's no way out, no other way to do their art and that they have to acquiesce.
6:45 pm
it is pretty frightening for them and of course, for the nation, we are rejecting it, we are rejecting the product. it also doesn't allow accretive people to be themselves. >> tucker: exactly. you can't create art under those circumstances, just propaganda. tammy, great to see you tonight. that was super interesting. ihop has been a damage control mode after its twitter account ripped hillary clinton's campaign from the left. wow. then, the great maria is on our set in "the friend zone." go away at your peril. z28cnz zwtz y28cny ywty it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down.
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>> tucker: in time now for "the friend zone," we would invite one of our friends was in the building here at fox, we are here with maria behr romo.
6:50 pm
down from new york city. maria bartiromo. great to see you. you've been in washington like, a day, who have you talked with? you just got here. and that's who you were interviewing. who is that? >> churchill, roosevelt. >> tucker: you are saying your spouses don't even have to be alive? >> we went to the madam to so's wax museum. there is ronald reagan and nancy, they unveiled this is what we are going to do tomorr tomorrow, there it is. the new donald trump wax figure. it was really good. >> tucker: it looks just like trump. >> doesn't it? same height. it takes about five months to do. going into the election. >> tucker: who is that next to
6:51 pm
trump? >> my friend, joe piscopo. we're doing this tomorrow on my show. >> tucker: when you wind up in a wax museum with the wax donald trump, do everything, my life is not what i thought? >> it yes. it was a little surreal. joe and i walked through the wax museum and just went through history. it's really interesting because they've got specific pieces of history and stories about each of the figures. for example, jimmy carter is next to a shallow oil tank. you've got the oil crisis there. really, the monica lewinsky story, not far from bill clinton. they did a very nice job at the madame tussauds wax museum. i'll be honest with you, bill and hillary clinton weren't as good as the donald trump wax figure. >> tucker: the media so
6:52 pm
liberal that i think the wax museum might lean the other direction. they seem to give preference to the republicans. you were here, this is not your first inauguration, how does this compare to earlier inaugurations? >> i would think about this earlier, when i was here for president obama's inauguration eight years ago, i felt that there was such pride in the air. i know you felt it too. it didn't even matter who you voted for. i think everybody on that weekend, on that day, felt proud to be an american. to watch the peaceful transition of power. not only because we were electing the first african-american to the highest office, but also we were watching history take place and we were proud. it's really sad that you don't feel that acros across-the-boare today. i think part of it is this boycotting and this ridiculous idiocy of the 60 plus democrats whwere boycotting the
6:53 pm
inauguration. i just think it is so awful and sad. >> tucker: it shows how different washington is from the rest of the country. i think there are a lot of places that are proud and thrilled about the election results. this is deafly not one of them. i think all my neighbors are at saint barth's right now, cuddling with their martinis. >> particularly speaking to small business, the manufacturing set, the working man and woman, they are thrill thrilled. they cannot wait to see a trump economics, they can't wait to see taxes come down, they are just celebrating this. it's incredible to me that these people who are boycotting, hollywood as we just saw, they are not reading the people. again, they are ignoring the people. did you not to see what happened in this election? are you still blowing off the people, your constituents? i think it is going to backfire on them. >> tucker: bad manners. i certainly lived through a lot of presidents i didn't vote for.
6:54 pm
most of them, actually. you can hold your tongue and suck it up and just say great. that's not the position people here in d.c. >> grow up. >> tucker: thanks a million, maria. i will see you bright and early tomorrow. i'm going to be watching. have a great show. coming up next, the international house of pancakes usually just has to worry about making people breakfast, but n now, they are scrambling to placate angry hillary clinton supporters. we will tell you why.
6:55 pm
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6:59 pm
apparently from a burning supporter, ihop soon deleted the retweet and stated this, after investigation we confirmed our account was hacked this morning. we appreciate fans bring this to our attention. and boy, did they. it didn't get them off the hook. that seems legit. most likely explanation. wow.
7:00 pm
[laughs] pretty funny. that is tonight's "twitterstorm." that's it for us tonight, every night, 9:00 p.m. we are the show that is sworn to telling the truth. >> we are the only country in the advanced world that makes it harder. rather than easier. >> michael cohen and ari fleischer will react. >> all the hacking going on, all the cyber attacks we got going on, my goodness, you've got snowed in out there. >> sean: then, president obama commuting chelsea manning sentence. dr. sebastian gorka is here to react on that. >> so badly. i hope they give me their tickets. >> sean: president-elect trump


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