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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 19, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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heather: one of those stars actor who signaled out vice president-elect pence hamilton. >> abby: two others vowed to leave the country if mr. trump was elected. heather: "fox & friends" starts now. abby: have a good day. ♪ ♪ steve: that is freedom capitol. we are live in washington, d.c. where exactly 30 hours from right now donald j. trump will put his hand on the bible ons west face of the capitol and become our 45th president of the united states. and we are so excited to be here. ainsley: we are here in d.c. the mall is behind us.
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we have the washington monument in the back and the water behind us. as the sun comes up, we will see that behind us. brian: donaldonald trump is stil in new york. he briefly checked out the digs to make sure it's oak as any of us would do. steve: gave it a thumbs up. brian: going to go through ceremonial things but getting use to the fact that in less than a day he will be the president of the united states. take most of the weekend after and make monday a true work day. steve: it does sound like on friday he could get out of bic pens. maybe a fancy trump pen by friday and he could sign up to 200 executive orders rescinding things from the obama administration. at least that's what judge napolitano feels and he sat down with donald trump in the last 48 hours. here is the judge talking about just that listen to this. >> things like immigration where the president obama by executive orders directed the
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government not to deport people who were here unlawfully if they had children while they were here. probably clean air where president obama he reduced the amount of pollutant parts per billion before the federal government's enforcement powers are triggered. probably guns because president obama sent horrific executive order directing the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives to deem a single sale of a gun from you to me, from you to a nephew or a niece as making you a dealer, thereby, impose egg upon you some of the most burdensome onerous regulations in all the government. donald trump can undo all of that with a stroke of a pen. brian: right there. is so much anger and bitterness on capitol hill because the reality is donald trump is coming. he is going to be president. he ideology. much to the chagrin i don't know it's on the tip of my
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tongue, chuck schumer who is upset that president-elect trump wants to drain the swamp. when he wants to drain the swamp he wants to put people in that think like him. schumer doesn't think that. ainsley: is he not drilling the swamp is he filling it up with billionaires and millionaires. we need to remind chuck schumer set swamp. the swamp is washington. steve: absolutely, washington historically has been swamp land and a lot of mosquitoes here. brian: very much. ainsley: it literally is the swamp. steve: look, it's donald trump's party and the democrats are going to do everything they can in the next 30 hours to try to diminish him and his presidency. here is chuck schumer talking about all those people trump wants. they're bad. >> this is a swamp he cabinet full of bankers and billionaires. many of them have hard right views. some of which directly contradict promises that the president-elect campaigned on. now, it's no surprise republicans are trying to
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risch through these hearings. they don't want people to know the true view of their nominees. brian: that is not true. he doesn't want to know the true views of his nominees because they are the antithesis of some of his. amazing. so anger thrown at some of these nominees from elizabeth warren to bernie sanders. you will hear that later. i also bring up this. the pace of the donald trump administration, whether you like everything or don't, is going to be quick. he is a guy of action. so he put a whole bunch of people up quickly. they want to get confirmed quickly because he wants to work quickly. but, guys, no one is getting confirmed. there is a few on deck. the hearings are taking place. but they just seem to be hanging out. ainsley: senator schumer is saying they don't have all the paperwork on these folks. he is saying it's a swamp cabinet as we were saying and they need to slow down these confirmations. if you look at the amount of hours that these folks are being grilled on the hill. it's many more hours than. so other cabinet positions or cabinet members that president
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obama was trying to get through. for instance, tom price, dr. tom price was questioned for four hours. that's longer than any other hhs nominee since 1993. so i don't know what chuck schumer is talking about as far as slowing down the confirmation. they are pretty slow. steve: look, the democrats love the affordable care act even though there are many in this country that have obamacare but don't use it. ainsley: is he going to keep it. steve: that's his legacy. when dr. price was in the hot seat people like bernie sanders were sparring with him over healthcare. they would love to seat obamacare, affordable care act continue even though it doesn't help that many people ultimately. here is a little of the back and forth. >> do you believe that healthcare is a right of all americans whether they're rich or their poor? >> we are a compassionate society. >> no we're not a compassionate society. in terms of our relationship to poor and working people our
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record is worse than virtually any other country on earth. we have the highest poverty. and half of our senior workers have nothing set aside for retirement. so i don't think compared to other countries we are particularly compassionate. >> if you want to talk about other country's healthcare systems there are consequences to the decisions they have made just as there are consequences to the decisions we have made. brian: here is the thing about price, he knows his stuff backwards and forward he is a medical dork. bernie sanders is a we want everything. i don't think he can balance his checkbook bernie sanders. if you listen to the content of it, it was really a knockout. i actually don't think democrats want obama care to continue. they know it's not working. they don't want it in their loss column. they are looking at it saying my goodness if we don't fix this soon. ainsley: we can't afford to have it. 100 pierce in some of states.
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steve: democrats are saying look, 20 million americans will lose their healthcare if they relegal without replacing obama care. but there are 30 million americans right now who don't have healthcare. donald trump has made it clear that in his plan, whatever that is going to be like, everybody will have insurance. i will tell you over the weekend, i met a guy, sea nurse -- he is a nurse practitioner up in boston. he told me is on obamacare and he cannot afford to get sick because the premium is so high, the deduct of deductible he pay as high premium answered pay as high deductible he can never beat it he does not go to the doctor because he does not have the 200 bucks to see the doctor. brian: why it's so unpopular and why it's got to be changed. they have to be smart. rand paul saw it spoke to yesterday at night. steve: got to be better than what we have. brian: they also know you have got to come up with something.
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you can't just say we got rid of that. ainsley: we were at an event last night and ran into rand paul can this work? can you repeal and replace. ainsley: he said i'm not going to vote for it unless there is a replacement. steve: so how many of donald trump's picks will actually be cabinet pick, secretaries are high advisors in the administration. ainsley: process for two weeks but they are not confirmed yet. steve: democrats are slow walking it. looks like there could be three, kelly, mattis and pompeo after day one. that pales in comparison of i barack obama's cabinet. seven. ainsley: on day one. ainsley: bill clinton had 13 on day two. steve: here is a number right now. there are 68 known democrats who got other plans, let's put it that way. ainsley: boycotting.
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steve: will not be behind us 1.5 miles away at the inauguration of donald trump. brian: they are all in the house and none in the senate. the senate is all going. too much of a risk to stay home. these are 68 people. many of which aren't understanding up for congressman lewis and upset about the russians. they are upset they lost and their constituents believe, perhaps, don't want them to take parted in the american pro-sis. this is a flat out embarrassment. ainsley: i'm glad the senate did not do this and follow suit. hats off to them. we were talking last night about that with some folks at the event last night at the alabama's house. they said the -- ambassador' ho. why are these folks -- why are they boycotting? are they mad? are they angry? are they sad they don't actually want to see him get in office? steve: some of them say, like lewis said look, i don't view him as a legitimate president, but, when you think about that logic, okay, they are coequal parts of government. if the executive branch is not
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legitimate, that means the legislative branch where they are is not legit plat. the government is not legitimate, so quit your job. ultimately though for those 68 people that aren't going to show up, they are going to miss an important part of his individual if donald trump does become a consequential president. ainsley: if he is not legitimate they aren't either. quit your job. brian: i don't think staying home is the plan, who knows maybe that is. steve: they are the party of no and it starts today. brian: let's say yes to one hither nauert. ainsley: yes. heather: hi, gang. i can't wait until the sun comes up. steve: 7:30 this morning sun up. ainsley: at some point you have to give us an education because at some point you lived here. i. heather: we will do a drive around town. hope you are all off to a great day. we start right now with a fox news alert. a desperate search is on for survivors after avalanche buries a three story hotel in italy according to local media
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several people are feared dead and at least 30 are missing at this hour. someone trapped inside texting for help, writing help, we are dying of cold. rescuers say it's possible hotel staff and guests may have been under the snow for as long as 24 hours at this point. the avalanche striking after earthquakes hit the central part of that country. happening today, a few more cabinet nominees take the hot seat just a few hours from now. former texas governor rick perry up for energy secretary and former goldman sachs banker steve mnuchin nominated for treasury secretary face their hearings this morning. president trump completed cabinet picks. pinning georgia governor perdue as cabinet secretary. putting pressure on democrats to speed up confirmation hearings. george h.w. bush moved to intensive care for respiratory problems. former first lady barbara bush also admitted to the same hospital. she is being treated for bronchitis. both are expected to recover.
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we wish them a speedy recovery. and a 2017 people's choice awards staying out of politics for most parts. kevin hart and duane the rock johnson taking jeabs with cbs trying desperately to edit out their questionable comments. watch this. >> this one goes to all the of the co-stars that i have had except the rock because he hasn't helped me. he hasn't helped me at all. he has actually lessened my talent. it's been do you know since you came in my life. thank you so much. >> you did tell me to say that. you did. you said hey, go [laughter] yes. no, it's okay. >> kevin hart winning best comedic actor while won best premium series actor. brian: what is a premium series actor. heather: i have never heard of that expression before. brian: i think it costs money to see them.
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heather: we'll investigate. steve: heather, thank you. brian: the rock halls a very good build. i didn't i don't even notice. he lifts a lot of weights. ainsley: his arm is that big. i don't think if you put two hands around it would fit. brian: absolutely. he has tattoos like steve. straight ahead they don't like our next vice president mike pence but the man behind hamilton sure loves terrorists. is he overjoyed president obama just seth one free. ainsley: inclusive women's march planned for this week kicking outs even more women. it turns out you have to share their exact political beliefs to participate. omarosa is here with that reaction. ♪ get ready ♪ get ready ♪ i'm going to try to make you love me soon ♪ get ready ♪ get ready
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♪ ♪ ainsley: the inclusive women's march planned for this week is kicking out even more women. it turns out you have to share their exact political beliefs if you want to take part. brian: doesn't sound right. organizers of the so-called inclusive women's right following the inauguration now throwing another women's group to the curb. steve: here to react is omarosa. congratulations. >> thank you. steve: so let me get this straight. it's inclusive women's protest. >> that's right.
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steve: but to be included you have to think just like them. >> that's right. if you don't share their views or ie if you are democrat, they don't want you to take part at this time. steve: that's not very inclusive just saying. >> that's not inclusive. also, women's issues are a top priority for this president. of course he has been advocating to make sure families can afford food and transportation and healthcare. and these women, if you aren't sharing their views, don't come march, don't come lend your voice, it is not representative what this country is about. brian: on some level are you stunned by this or are you getting used to the hypocrisy involved? >> i understand people are very hurt that their candidate didn't win but on on the eve of this great celebration we have to come together. enough is enough of this division. ainsley: people are saying donald trump is the one who divided this country. if you look at some of the statistics facing the african-american community as far as poverty is concerned. joblessness still remains high after 8 years of president obama. people are saying never been
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more divided. unemployment of african-americans is still more than twice white individuals. 37 million african-americans still live in i poverty. >> absolutely. also when you look at young african-american males, 57% of them are not if school or they don't have jobs. so we have to work to improve it you look at the conditions in chicago, for example. ainsley: i know. >> i mean, there is no excuse for it i watched president obama give his address from chicago and i read an article about a woman who was preparing funeral arrangements for her son. steve: heart breaking. >> 21 years old who had been shot the week before. brian: omarosa today you have a big event with jim brown. >> so awesome. brian: with the american program. >> that's right. brian: so encouraged that you are looking to take that national. >> yeah. brian: is that an indication of how sincere president-elect is. >> yes. met with jim brown. his program is exactly what we need to start to improve what is happening in the inner cities. jim brown is outstanding.
3:20 am
this is the beginning of an incredible rip that we will -- p that we will have going forward. ainsley: what's it like for you. steve harvey said it was hard with the backlash. >> you know we have some deep division in this country. it's unacceptable. i'm a tough girl. all of the attacks, the name-calling, the racial slurs doesn't matter because tomorrow will make it all worthwhile. brian: this is a party town right now. how many different ball gowns did you bring down to washington? >> well, it's hard to choose. steve: be truthful because we know the answer. >> i have five. one of them is a traditional ball gown. i mean it is massive. >> steve: like 150 pounds. >> that's exactly what i'm wearing. thanks for having me. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, what should president obama's top priorities being when he gets into office tomorrow. our political panel is here.
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they promise to answer that question. ainsley: man charged with fixing the disaster that's obamacare getting grilled by democrats on capitol hill. what do we know about his plan to fix it. and can it actually work? here in washington with us. brian: nice to meet you. i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but..
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well, what are you doing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: good morning and welcome back to "fox & friends." it's time now for your news by the numbers. first 4200. that's how many joint pot heads are going to light up exactly four minutes and 20 seconds into president-elect donald trump's inauguration day speech. they say it's in protest of senator jeff sessions antipot view. $1,000. that's how much mr. trump dished out to treat a supporter in washington last night. the president-elect comping a woman's meal when he stopped at hotel in the capitol.
3:25 am
number one that is us, the fox news channel, topping the list of news sources that american voters chose most during of the 2016 election season. that's according to a new pew research poll. congratulations to all of our colleagues. steve, brian and ainsley as well. brian: i look forward to the other networks covering that poll. the man charged with fixing the disaster which is obamacare getting grilled by the democrats on capitol hill yesterday. >> nobody is interested in pulling the rug out from anybody. we believe it's absolutely imperative that individuals that have health coverage be able to keep health coverage and move hopefully to greater choices and opportunities for them to gain the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and for their families. so, i think there has been a lot of talk about individuals losing health coverage. that is not our goal nor is it our desire, nor is it our plan. brian: what do we know about the plan to fix this healthcare problem in america from the testimony yesterday? ainsley: here to weigh in on
3:26 am
this is dr. nicole -- thanks for joining news d.c. >> good morning, guys, happy to be in d.c. brian: you watched between treating three patients yesterday. >> i did. brian: what did you learn. >> the objective of broadening healthcare access as well as broadening the cost conflict. after yesterday i'm not going to say that everything is still clear but some things are starting to shed some light. i will start off by giving tom price incredible accolades for maintaining composure in that lengthy of tempt. ainsley: four and a half hours. >> nearly twice as long as predecessor. he still has another hearing next week. steve: you are confident though, knowing what donald trump has said e that whatever we get is going to be smarter than what we have got right now. i mean, you look at it, it doesn't make any sense. if you are in your 60's, you are obamacare, have you got to have maternity insurance. some things are just no brainers. >> absolutely. they repealed the aca is already underway. we know that president-elect
3:27 am
trump has already promised to replacement plan. we are starting to see what that may entail. what's it's going to focus on universal access as opposed to universal coverage which is essential layoff one size fits all which doesn't take healthcare outcomes into consideration. ainsley: we had a chance to sit down with donald trump two days ago in an exclusive interview. here is what he had to say and i want to get your reaction. >> we have plan that's going to be great for people and much less expensive you will be able to have something to say about who your doctor is and your plan. we are going to have -- we have to cover people that can't afford it and that's what i'm talking about. and we'll probably have block grants of medicate back into the states and we'll do things because there are people that can't afford it nobody is going to be dying on the streets with a president trump. ainsley: he is saying here that you are going to be able to choose your doctor. i have a friend on obamacare she said the big thing is she gets the b tier doctors and
3:28 am
she can't get appointments with the a tier. >> they are objective and lack of option right now. that's what beam are dealing with you go to universal access, you are going to be giving patients more options of who they want to see and where they want to go for their care. diane anticipate that. so popular provisions of the aca is going to be maintained based on what the president-elect has said such as unbiased coverage for those with preexisting conditions as long as they maintain continuous coverage. keeping the children on your plans until they are 26. i truly hope the incoming administration will maintain cancer screening because not only is it a basic service but it saves lives. i. ainsley: cost effective. brian: get the politics out of it i saw the argument yesterday between elizabeth warren trying to pin him down to say you are not going to touch medicare and medicaid. they are both programs that need to be touched in some way. >> although dr. price wouldn't necessarily go into what's going to happen in regards of negotiating drug prices or cutting costs to medicare and medicaid, president-elect trump has said that lowering drug prices as well as those
3:29 am
with medicare block grants is really vital to what we are going to have to do to lower costs. steve: let's see what happens. dr. sapher, thank you. brian: back to doing your other job. steve: special edition of dooc on the loose. i had a very special guest with me. ladies and gentlemen it sure looks like mr. trump. ainsley: what should be tomorrow. our political panel is up next. come on over. brian: first, happy birthday to dolly parton. she is 71 years old ♪ working 9 to 5 ♪ not a way to make a living ♪ barely getting by ♪ lose your mind ♪ and they never give you credit ♪ it's enough to drive you h crazy if you let it get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models.
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♪ is that america ♪ for you and me ♪ ain't that america. ainsley: this is your shot of the morning. this is america you and me. special doocy reunion in our nation's capitol. steve: that's right. that is my daughter mary doocy. she is a government lawyer. i'm not too far from her office we went into her office and we went into the rotunda of the capitol. we saw the festivities that they are planning for tomorrow for donald trump. and then we looked out the window and this is what trump is going to see when he walks out of the capitol. and then as you can see in the far distance is a media village we are in right now followed by the washington monument. a beautiful spot. abs afns i hope when my daughter grows up i have the relationship that you have your kids. you are great dads. i your son hanging out with you in cleveland. wife showed up big party.
3:34 am
now in d.c. where another child of yours live. steve: doocys in d.c. brian: disappointed, let's be honest that mary is not attorney general. disappointment i saw it on your face. steve: only a lawyer for one year. i have think it's part of her five-year plan. ainsley: what are her aspirations. steve: to make america great again? what are anybody's aspirations. brian: back off. so defensive. steve: it was great. we will see pictures of what ainsley and brian were up to last night. ainsley: that was fun. with just one day, y'all, this process has been long, until he takes the oath of office, donald trump is already hard at work. is he finishing up his inaugural address right there. brian: yeah. also hard at work are the democrats. here is the list of those boycotting the inauguration. the list getting close to 70 with the mission to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power like never before. steve: here to reacts our panel, fox news contributor and washington examiner contributor lisa booth far left.
3:35 am
that's got to be killing her. former state department morgan ortega and democratic strategist chuck who lives just over there. lisa, let's start with you. you have about 70 democrats boycotting for a myriad of reasons. ultimately think look like sore losers, don't they. >> absolutely. this is blatant hypocrisy. same guys calling republicans obstructionists throughout president obama's presidency. further, these are also the same guys who are exprotestsing their, you know, now concern about alleged russian interference with the election that it's going to sow doubt in the election process. what have they done. they have called for abolishment of the electoral college. they have called for electors to defect. now we have sitting members of congress saying they are not going to say that president-elect trump is the president of the united states. is he not legitimate. what does that do? that is ows doubt in the electoral system and sows doubt in the system.
3:36 am
thattible. >> donald trump says is he not personally offended by it he said i could use the extra seats for my supporters. he is saying it hurts the country. device divides the country. >> i agree with that i thought humor was the best way to handle it tickets. i will take one of them by the if any democrats are listening i will take your ticket. sad we are used to being hyper partisan. one day we are supposed to come together, put everything aside and be a part of peaceful transfer of power. i would note, by the way, there are currently no u.s. senators that are skipping it all members of the house that are in safe distribution, very liberal districts. not like we have a lot of political courage. brian: chuck, is this a good move for the democratic party to show we are going to battle back and fight back in two years going to be a new story? >> welcome to washington, d.c. and politics in everything. so you are exactly right. so most of these members are in very safe seats i majority bright being in safe districts
3:37 am
and taking care of politics at home. right? sure we want everybody to participate pavement and sure republicans have boycotted obama before maybe not in these numbers. at the end of the day these folks are worried about politics at home. majority of their voters voted against donald trump. they have don't have repercussions they can go home and say i showed him. i didn't have even show up. i went over to chuck's house and had a barbecue. brian: are you disappointed in democrats. >> i think that what makes america great. if they don't want to go. donald trump can give their ticket to somebody else who does want to be here. i don't think it sets us back that much for few congressman to show up. ainsley: do you care if they don't show up. >> to each their own, i think it shows the level of hypocrisy from the left. it's the same thing with president obama and democrats acting so concerned about the wikileaks information. and then president obama pardons chelsea manning. blatant hypocrisy. this just exposes the level of hitch is i. i left of center think that chuck leaves to need morgan a voice message saying she is absolutely right so she can listen to it.
3:38 am
brian: just play it on a loop. ring tone e. steve: tomorrow at noon donald trump is going to be 1.5 miles behind us in front of the u.s. capitol. is he sworn in at noon. it looks as if by the end of the day he could sign his transition team four or five executive orders rescinding some stuff. what would you like him to do the first day? >> what i would like him to foe cuffs on which i think sends a powerful message at home and abroad is actually reversing sequestration. he has to work with the congress to do it. he can't do it as executive order. as all of your viewers know because you have talked about it so much sequestration is the cut of military funding that the military has experienced over the past several years has really hurt and damaged the military's ability to be ready around the world for any conflict. so i think that sends a message home here and america that we're going to have a strong military. that we're going to support our military. it also sends a message abroad that there is a new team in town, there is a new sheriff in town, and america means business when it comes to the
3:39 am
military and protecting our interest. steve: people should remember sequestration was invention of barack obama's administration. >> thanks obamama. he me. brian: chuck, we will be over for the cue. >> come on by. brian: janice dean we want to find out exactly where you are. you can give up the location? janice: i'm actually right below you. you can see me? if you go towards the window you would be able to see me. apparently i have the best beautiful shot of the capitol building right behind me which, of course, is where we are going to have an inauguration tomorrow. and unfortunately we are looking at rain in the forecast as early as around 7:00 a.m. so, i have also have some statistics here, the wettest inauguration was franklin roosevelt, 1937, 1.77 inches. that technically is a wash out. in 1961 they had 8 inches of snow right before president kennedy took office. a couple of statistics. the temperatures are going to be warm. that's the good news.
3:40 am
of the problem is there is going to be rain in the forecast as early as tomorrow. so people need to be prepared. don't bring your umbrellas. they might take them from you if you are here in the d.c. area getting close to the inauguration stage. all right. left's take a look at the maps and i will show you the d.c. forecast as we get into the day tomorrow. temperatures again warm. on the warm side. so, the average around this time is 37 degrees. we will be at 44 degrees. rain in the forecast. i mean, light rain on and off throughout the day. there's the forward, you see it moving to the d.c. area and then i mean the good news is the temperatures are going to be warm. it could be seven degrees, which is what the temperature was on he president reagan's inauguration 1985. so there's the silver lining. at least it's going to be warm. but we are going to see rain in the forecast. we're going to need our little bonnets, heather, back to you. ainsley: janice, it's a good excuse to go hat shopping let's do it today. januarit.
3:41 am
heather: president obama defending decision to let chelsea manning walk free three decades early. the president insists the commutation has nothing to do with julian assange's earlier promise to turn himself in to the united states if manning was released. >> let's be clear, chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. i don't pay a lot of attention to mr. assange's tweets, so that wasn't a consideration. heather: a tough prison sentence. charles krauthammer called what manning did treason. >> this was deadly. this is murder. this is treason. and obama expresses sympathy the sentence was too long originally? a generation ago, someone who did that on that scale would have been hanged. heather: as for assange's promise, his lawyer says he is
3:42 am
staying put in london. he back add dramatic display of disrespect when dozens booed mike pence at the broadway show hamilton. remember this? [boos] heather: well lineal miranda showing support for a convicted terrorist who tried to overthrow the u.s. government. well, moments after president obama commuted rivera, miranda tweeted in part, this: quote sobbing with gratitude. thank you, potus. well, parents outraged that their teacher refuses to show tomorrow's inaugural address in school. a fourth grade teachner michigan sending email expressing his colonel over what he mr. trump might say. well, parents claim that's not his job. >> i think it's for a parent to handle political things with their kids and being able to decide whether or not they watch it. ainsley: that teacher had already showed previous
3:43 am
inaugural speeches from president obama and president bush. and those are your headlines. we will see you back here in a bit, gang. steve: that is a little crazy. let's hope they tune in to fox tomorrow. ainsley: they were allowed to watch president obama but not allowed to watch president trump. steve: okay. meanwhile, what happens when you tour washington, d.c. with the president-elect? >> hello, everybody. what's the number one thing you want me to do as president? >> build the wall. steve: funny stuff, a very special inaugural edition of dooce on the loose is next. ainsley: he teak a lot of thing for saying he ha lot in president-elect's victory. this morning he has been chosen for a very special honorable. ♪ the world's going to know your name ♪ or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
3:44 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: reverend billy graham, the pastor to the president, has guided us in prayer through a history of inauguration and now his son is following in his footsteps. brian: he is to my immediate left. reverend franklin graham one of six faith leaders invited to pray at trump's swearing in. steve: that's got to be a daunting task, reverend. >> it's a great privilege to be able to to stand with the president and to be able to stand before the nation and focus on god for a few minutes. and so the six of you was, three at the invocation and three for the benediction. i'm just honored to be asked and to be a part of it. ainsley: a lot of people were praying for this election. churches all across the country. >> yes. ainsley: you said god had a hand in this election. you took some heat for that. >> that's okay. i went to all 50 states this year. i went to state capitols and
3:48 am
held prayer meetings on the capitol steps of all 50 states. i saw god begin to do something as i went across the country. people came and confessed the sins of our nation out loud before god and the country. they confessed their sins. they didn't come to hear me. they came to pray. i just sensed as i went across the country god was getting ready to do something to change the direction. brian: reverend, what are you going to be doing and reading. >> i'm reading a passage of scripture out of new testament. it's going to be short. but it will be to the point. steve: we look forward to that i'm sure you have seen that close to 70 democrat congressman are going to boycott. >> yeah. steve: when you have got we have six prayer leaders, faith leaders unified on that stage tomorrow at high noon and you got these congressman, you know, some have depicted them as sore losers. what do you make of the division right now? >> there is a lot of question a lot of division. donald trump didn't divide this country. this country has been divided for a long time we do need to
3:49 am
come together and we need to pray now more than ever. our i leadership needs prayer. only god can fix this country. brian: if we're so divided why is the president getting such high approval marks as he leaves is he not to believe. >> no. it was divided before he came. in i think we have continued to be divided more during his presidency. it's got to be reversed. the only way i know for it to be reversed is if we begin to pray and whether african-american churches, an go anglo churches, chafer pray for this nation. we don't have to pray for the party but god would heal this country both democrat and republican. we need god's help. ainsley: your father is such an amazing man and has influenced this country, influenced presidents republicans and democrats alike. grible.
3:50 am
brian: you are doing the same thing for this generation. >> privilege to be here. ainsley: i know your father is proud of you. give him our best. newt gingrich he lee greenwood. former trump. corey lewandowski and jackie i. steve: special edition of doocy in d.c. what happens when you hit the streets with the guy in the middle who sure looks like donald trump. ♪ don't stop to you get it on ♪ don't stop until you get enough ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr.
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3:53 am
ainsley: well, we could not come to d.c. this week wowts sending steve doocy out for a special edition of dooce on
3:54 am
the loose. he had a very special guest with him. steve: donald trump is going to wind up coming to washington, d.c. via airplane. plane. if he came via trainee would arrive here in union station. you can imagine the commotion? well, we can. >> hello, everybody. good to see you. so great to be in d.c. i took the train. i love the train. the train is tremendous. how are you? steve: excuse me, don't you think it's a little weird that he took the train and not his plane. >> that's a good thing. steve: you are right amtrak. how excite rudd that donald trump took the train. >> like whoa. >> do you mean like whoa, whoa. >> how are you guys? hello, everybody. how is everyone. i bought naming rights for washington, d.c. it's now going to be washington dt. washington donald trump. it only cost me $3 trillion.
3:55 am
>> that's great. steve: when he is president, what is the number one thing you want him to do. >> look out for all mankind. [chanting trump] >> what's the number one thing you want me to do as president? >> build the wall. >> build the wall. i'm going to make you the secretary of hats. >> oh, yes. and you came in for the inauguration? >> absolutely. >> you are really excited, aren't you? >> i can't wait for it to happen. >> put you in the front row. tell them my name and they will put you up front. >> a bunch of congressman going to show up. do you want their seats? >> yeah. steve: who wants the congressman's seat? they're giving them up. anybody? >> yeah. >> how are you? good to see you. how is everything? ♪ >> the next president. steve: when is the last time you saw a president arrive on a train.
3:56 am
>> never seen on the train. very cool. steve: that is him, isn't it? >> not him. steve: what, that's not him? is he an impersonator? i'm getting out of here. you i. steve: well not just any impersonator. john is the guy who joined us at union station. i loved his line. donald trump has bought the naming rights. it's now going to be washington d.t., washington donald trump. ainsley: is he hilarious. steve: hair is perfect. brian: like alec baldwin. coming up straight ahead. look who is in makeup congressman sean did you havey and his lovely wife. you. steve: why did they have to make up. brian: i think you are taking me wrong. ainsley: sean wears makeup? steve: lee greenwood coming up. brian: live ♪ proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ defend her still today ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ ainsley: good bless the u.s.a. donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states of america tomorrow. and we are broadcasting live from washington, d.c. brian: the man that's singing there had no problem telling you it's a great country. lee greenwood there live. got up early pitch black to
4:01 am
wave to us right here at media village. steve: officially sun up here in washington, d.c. today. it's, i think, 7:24. it looks like they are standing on snow, snow pack but what that is the federal government spent millions and millions of dollars in the last year so putting in new -- brand new grass. what they have done is covered the entire lawn with plastic so we don't destroy the grass over the next three days. ainsley: lee greenwood is going to join us. steve: he joins us last night. we all got together. brian: he has a message for celebrities that decided they don't want to come to the event. a lot of singers thought so too. that is an example greenwood is very tight. he captured the attention of bush 41. steve: i think you are right. brian: that's when he really became a national name. ainsley: praying for him this morning he and his wife are in the hospital. self-not going to be here for inauguration. steve: let's talk about what's going on.
4:02 am
we saw all the people in front of the media tent. so many thousands of people streaming in to washington, d.c. so excited about the new administration of donald trump. they were part of the trump train, and now they are part of the change. it is officially going to happen at noon tomorrow. famously now, there are 68 democrats who say for a myriad of reasons we're north going to show up. you know, some say donald trump not legitimate. some say we don't like the way russia helped him, blah, blah, blah. they look like sore losers to some. none the less, they are going to miss history and think are missing a party here. ainsley: 68 people and counting that are not going to attend. all the senators are going to be here. the house, it's a different story. we asked donald trump about it. do you know what he said? he said frank live i can use seats. if you don't want to be here, then don't come, but you are dividing the country. brian: you have to understand forget about donald trump's approval ratings compared to anybody else. he has the house and the senate answered needs a simple majority for almost everything he wants to do. the vice president of the united states, who was once governor and a congressman doesn't understand what these
4:03 am
people are thinking by not showing. >> i think what the president-elect said the night he was elected he meant. he said it straight from his heart. he is determined to be president of all of the people of the united states, to promote the kind of policy that will advance the safety and security and the prosperity and the opportunity for every american. i hope those folks will turn an attentive ear to the president-elect's words in that inaugural address. and give us a chance because i think they will see in a president donald trump someone who really is going to work every single day to make this country great for every american. steve: see, there are so many americans who are disappointed with the way things have been going in particular and something we have been talking about for a number of years ever since it was rammed down the throat of congress and that is the affordable care act. they would like to see, you know, donald trump's point is he would like to cover everybody in the country.
4:04 am
the question is. brian: without sin single pair though. steve: who knows what it is going to be. brian: he said it is not going to be single pair. steve: we will know when we know. brian: is he not doing single pair. he says i'm doing it in a different way. right, so he mentioned the health and human services secretary is going to have a vital job during this nomination process. and it's clear, a lot of the democrats, especially, the liberals do not want him running this vital program and, yesterday, it was front and center, crystal clear. >> we shouldn't harm people by doing things that wine crease their costs, correct? >> i think we need to drive down the costs for everybody. >> we shouldn't harm people by creating an anxiety about the most important thing in their lives, their healthcare and the healthcare of their families. we shouldn't be doing that in congress, should we? >> one of my goal ghs my entire debate, and i appreciate you bringing this up, is to lower the temperature about what we're talking about.
4:05 am
>> can we lower the temperature and rush at the same time? >> people need to know that no rug is going to be pulled out from under them. >> do you believe that healthcare is a right of all-americans whether they're rich or they're poor? >> yes. we are a compassionate society. >> no we're not a compassionate society. >> i look forward to working with you to make sure every single american has access to the highest quality a care and coverage. >> i have access to buying a 10-million-dollar home. i don't have the money to do that. >> i'm just asking the question did, you propose to cut more than a trillion dollars out of medicaid over the next 10 years. >> you have the numbers before. >> you is that a yes? >> you have the numbers before. >> you i will take it as a yes. can you assure this committee that you will not cut one dollar from either medicare or medicaid should you be confirmed to this position? >> senator, i believe that the metric ought to be the care that the patients are receiving. >> so i take that as a no? >> unbelievable. >> a little hostile. ainsley: wouldn't let him
4:06 am
finish the answer. steve: they have jandi. many cabinet membl he in place at the end of day one possibility he he could get three pompeo, kelly and mattis. when you look at george w. bush had seven. barack obama had seven. bubba, bill clinton as he was referred to back in the day he only had 3. that could match what donald trump has coming in tomorrow. i. brian: also interesting, i heard that general flynn, general mattis met for two hours yesterday just to get on the same page. if mattis is on deck, he has got to hit the ground running, because the world is definitely full of challenges and he knows it. ainsley: well his newest cabinet pick is the agriculture secretary and he chose. steve: sonny perdue. >> he. ainsley: former governor of the great state of i georgia. grew up on a farm.
4:07 am
he. steve: "the washington post has a problem with sonny. here is a tweet. trump picks former georgia governor sony purdue who once led a prayer for rain for agriculture secretary. ainsley: that makes him more appealing to a lot of people. i. steve: no kidding. i can't tell you how many times out in kansas where i grew up people would pray for rain whether it was elected official i every once in a while it would pray afterwards. ainsley: i don't know a bride in america who doesn't pray for not having rain on wedding day. steve: prayer or praying for rain or just being snarky. that's their business. brian: the last nominee to put in place and then they have got to fill up what's underneath him the undersecretaries and deputies. wee will see what's happening. meanwhile, heather nauert, i pray she is ready to give us the news. heather: i certainly am. i have have news about the appointees. other action other than the inauguration.
4:08 am
a new round of cabinet confirmation hearings set for this morning in the hot seat. former texas governor rick per up for energy secretary. former god man sak's banker steve mnuchin nominated for treasury secretary. we will watch that throughout the day. then a huge deal on the verge of completion and it could be thanks to president-elect donald trump. the pentagon is now close to finalizing a nearly 9 billion-dollar contract with lockheed martin to build the expensive f-35 fighter jet for less than $100 million each. that is considered the cheapest ever. last year mr. trump blasted the, quote: tremendous costs and overruns of that f-35 program and lockheed said it would work with the new income administration to bring down those costs. congrats. and vice president length mike pence set to make hills industry when he takes his oath of office tomorrow morning. his hand will be the first to rest on president reagan's bible since president reagan himself. during the oath the bible will be open to the same passage that reagan used for his inauguration.
4:09 am
what a tribute to ronald reagan. and those are your headlines. steve: fantastic. ainsley: someone is actually flying that bible across the country so it doesn't get damaged. they are not mailing it. brian: meanwhile i think it's time for a tour. ainsley: pop quiz, what is wrong with this picture? the answer? where is the picture? steve: coming up. ainsley: is that coming up? brian: you just teased the quiz. i have got to go and give a tour. ainsley: forget the quiz. steve: you need a microphone. give them a tour in media village. brian: we just got here a little while. this will be my tour. prom mouse you will yell for me. this the is general area, everybody behave, say hello. how many people are happy here. paid well? everyone is happy with their dental? this is the top floor of the media come pound and these are pictures of us obviously a big fan right here. we arrived on the second floor. you know the capitol building is right behind us. now we are are going to come down the stairs.
4:10 am
this is like the best -- one of the best photographers in the country rick smonski. most importantly it's his equipment so he will probably not fall and break it this is the makeup area. i need a whole team and attendance is a little low. guests are over there in the back drop. we will go visit them in a second. rick, those are. so fans that gather here at the crack of dawn. i don't know if you are able to see that all right. why got one more flight to walk down. how's it going? i hope you are credentialed. we need to see that front and center. you a all right. now, this is media compound. it's not just us. here is abc. they are so jealous of us. we have a much bigger place. we have a wider tent. and there is cnn. yes, it's still on. right. and over here, is where we keep our red carpet. and we will come around. and this is a complementary
4:11 am
coffee but somehow i paid 1.25. when we are doing all the events when the march is taking place and the parade is happening this is the general media area. all these flat screens, a big purchase. put it on steve doocy's credit card. he has this american express program. he said he wanted the points. there you go. a lot of places to plug. in so a lot of people say well, i see the inside, but how do you get the outside? hi, sir. here's the closest thing we get to a red carpet here. as you see, no celebrities yet. they have decided not to stay in. but if hillary clinton had won, you would see everybody here. rosie o'donnell, of course would have been first. and who knows, maybe even clinton eastwood. actually, that's probably the one that wouldn't. should we go outside the back? all right. we will go out here. actually, i have never been out the back. i hope i can get back.
4:12 am
in hi paul begala. he is not allowed to be on our channel. another channel assigned him. brian: we see each other every major event. steve doocy paid. i wasn't supposed to be drinking on the job paul. paul begala. i wonder what he does. so can i get out the back here? okay. go straight back here. good. i mean, literally you put a guy on a tour guide and i just got here. this is the worst. this is why i never got a page. a lot of people wondered of does the speaker of the house wear makeup? the answer is yes. >> look, we tried to find you last night. first, let me tell you this. you were so surrounded by fans. brian: i know. >> we couldn't get to you. brian: i was mobbed at the u.s. embassy. newt gingrich to donald trump. cape on backwards. he is looked at in the trump camp as a super hero. >> i don't know about that. i'm a trend setter. i wear it the way he does.
4:13 am
brian: only time newt talks to me if i have a camera and microphone. >> i talk to you occasional live if i can't run and hide. brian: or if you have a book out. i i'm going to show everyone the fans. bring your a game, pal. who was that? i'm sorry. finally, outback, as predicted by steve earlier, the sun would come up. and here the fans have dispersed, unfortunately, yeah -- attendance a little low. there you go. rick, i don't want to break your neck, but if you want to know what ainsley and steve do when i'm not around. this is the camera i can't afford to pay. steve: hello. [laughter] steve: great tour. ainsley: that is so funny. newt gingrich is so hilarious. brian: and there we go. brian, you are so funny. but we need you to come back up and finish the show. steve: newt gingrich should keep that cape if it rains tomorrow he could use it as a
4:14 am
poncho. ainsley: pop quiz for you. what is wrong with this picture. now we are going to show you the picture. let's see it the answer, everything. these celebrities no longer trashing the president-elect. they are trashing the american flag. steve: right after that lee greenwood joins us live. ♪ and defend her still today. whether you're after supreme performance... advanced intelligence... or breathtaking style... there's a c-class just for you. decisions, decisions, decisions. lease the c300 sedan for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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4:18 am
♪ brian: all right. you are looking not at a stock photo, not only is that video live, but we're live. we're live in washington, d.c. and that is as clear a shot as we can get at this hour at the lincoln memorial which was built when? ainsley: i know robert mills built some things in south carolina. the monument was built in 1848. it wasn't completed until 1888. do you know as a child we went to the lincoln memorial there was a bird nest on top of his head we just sat there and watch as the momma bird was up there. so cute. brian: meanwhile, more on ainsley life in just a moment. inauguration growing by the day. sean did you havey and his wife rachel campos. two people three names. we sucked it up so you should, too. steve: you guys actually while
4:19 am
you are partisan you went to obama's inauguration. what is your message to the partisans on the other side who say you know what? we are busy. our dance card is punched we're not going. >> we are republicans. we worked hard for mitt romney. paul ryan wisconsin guy the loss was devastating for us and we still showed up. we have 8 kids now. we had six or seven kids then. ainsley: not easy to go to inauguration and sit there with six kids and we did it because we love this country. and. ainsley: you're back again and you brought all of them. you have eight children now. >> they are all here. we feel as lucky and blessed to be able to participate in this as we did for the last one. i. brian: colin kaepernick comes to capitol hill. they are sitting down through the american process. process. >> i think what they're doing is looking at the liberal left. prove aggressive socialist left. committee good for you staying home. something far more sinister going on. you are undermining the great american tradition of this peaceful trafns session of government where on the mall republicans and democrats all walk out and they come
4:20 am
together as a unified american government. brian: that's the way it always works. steve: people go oh it's so polarized. it has been in the past but this seems different. it? >> is differential. if you are that cynical, maybe you need a new job. this is about america. if you can't get here as a representative. steve: on day one. >> on day one and represent the country as you are supposed to be in that ceremony, you need a new job. ainsley: what do you think about senator chuck schumer he is saying donald trump called washington the swamp. he is saying is he actually note draining the swamp by putting all these millionaires and billionaires on his cabinet he is actually filling it up. >> i would say draining of the swamp in regard to these failed ideas i leave middle america behind number one. who said if you make money, if you have been successful in your private life you can't take that experience and bring it to the public sector and be really successful for the american people. steve: yeah. >> this is crazy that drafts continue to demon nice success
4:21 am
and wealth. steve: let's see how it goes tomorrow congressman and rachel. have fun. you. brian: a babysitter if you need. afns ains i will take them off your hand. steve: one of the few celebrities not apologizing for performing tomorrow, lee greenwood. come on. in ♪ do you know how your laxative works? you might be surprised. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften, unblocking your system naturally.
4:22 am
miralax. bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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4:24 am
♪ steve: well, donald j. trump will be sworn in to office tomorrow at high noon just behind us. today a set of patriotic performer also take the stable at the lincoln memorial with a message of unity and love for this country. ainsley: three of the artist join us now we have country singer lee greenwood. rock and roll hall of fame inductee sam moore and rushlow of the front men of country. thank you all for being with us.
4:25 am
>> thank you. >> great. >> great to be here. >> the concert is going to be out here on the mall. welcome to be here. >> public show. stand the crowd. we were rehearsing yesterday with tim. it's amazing. when you look over that throngs of people that will be out in front of you, many of them seated, of course, the chairs are in front and then the standing and looking across the water towards the capitol is a great shot. steve: are you a little tuckered out because you were with donald j. trump last night. >> no. i will tell you this. after we got our picture with president-elect trump and with my wife kim, wearing the sherri hill dress. we immediately posted it and then he reposted it and they tweeted it out. he has 49 million followers my instagram blew up. steve: when you are proud to be on twitter. >> i'm proud to be a twitter follower. brian: you thought you were going to be watching jennifer holiday to sing, right? >> i did.
4:26 am
i was coming here to do the convention. and then i heard that jennifer holiday, i said wow, the next aretha franklin. i want to hear her. and then right behind that i got bam, you are going to have to stay over. why? because i want to go back home? they said because jennifer just, you know, stepped out. brian: pulled out. >> okay. what do you want to do? they said you can do it? i said yeah. steve: there you go. ainsley: any blow back? >> yes. steve: like what? >> well, i have been called a lot of names. i have been called -- i have been called worse names than i have ever been called. steve: just because you are at the trump event? >> yes. because i'm -- hey, i got more attention now than i did when i was famous. [laughter] steve: tim, what about the backlash, we have heard performers have been approached and they start to
4:27 am
talk about it and they say not worth the blow back from the political left because they can be vicious. >> you know, you are right. for me, i haven't seen a ton of blow back. obviously hater iraqi security forces going to hate. you can't do anything about this. i come at this i'm more of a constitutionalist. i counter terrorism at this more as an american. steve: you are constitutionalisconstitutionali? >> i am. when i go over seas and plays for the troops or lee goes over to perform by the troops you are asked by country. steve: you do it for your country. >> i'm personal. this is what i do. brian: evidently ed henry talked to toby keith is he ticked off a lot of these artists are backing down because they could get negative publicity, lee. are you ticked off? i know you are glad to be here. you would have been here anyway. does it tick you off the other artists are not as courageous. >> they are going to regret not being involved in the election and festivities this week to watch the swearing in of the transfer of power in the greatest nation on earth
4:28 am
and knot be here. i would have just come and been a face in the crowd. i'm glad they asked me to sing, but, other than that, i think people who don't come -- brian: it's their loss? >> well, i think it is. they have their own personal agenda. if they are going to stand on that, final. ainsley: a lot of celebrities say they don't want to be here. designers don't want to dress melania trump. a third of the democrats in congress not showing up. how are you supposed to unify as a country whether you have folks doing that? >> let's go back a little bit. meriam anderson. they wouldn't let her inside of the white house. so she sang out on the porch, right? then you have got ray charles, martin luther king, well, i'm going to stand where martin stood. so whatever else is about, i don't worry about it no more.
4:29 am
brian: because you care about the country first. >> i care about my country first, the most wonderful country in the world. that's how i feel about it. steve: they can be political on saturday but tomorrow is a day of unity. >> exactly. >> and that's it. steve: tim. >> thank you. steve: sam? >> yes. steve: lee, thank you very much. thanks for stopping down. >> thanks for covering us. ainsley: god bless the u.s.a. brian: bring your a game we're covering it. pete hegseth is chatting with some the voters who helped elect donald trump. what do you think he should be first on his agenda. we are going to find out. he is live at the tasty diner in bethesda, maryland. steve: i have been there. it's great. newt gingrich is here. he has a few things to say to the democrats about democrats skipping out on the big show. ainsley: i'm going to ask him what color foundation he wears. ♪ i'm a soul man ♪ that's what i got
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ through the far away town ♪ war declared. brian: we are trying to balanced in at the british embassy here in washington, d.c. we were invited for a tea yesterday. ainsley: that's right. there is the ambassador and his wife. we were at their home here in d.c. and we were having a little fun. we just pulled up to the table and started having tea sandwiches. steve: i think you are the only two doing that. ainsley: that is an original warhol that brian is pouring tea on. brian: great night. special thanks for inviting us down there. ainsley: you know mr. speaker was there, too. >> tried to get to you. brian: is that true? >> you were so mobbed by your fans, she couldn't break through. steve: the british love us.
4:34 am
brian: they do. steve: "fox & friends" are coming. "fox & friends" are coming. brian: they don't donald trump. they know is he quite impactful, right? >> none of us know what to make of donald trump. why should the british be ahead of the rest of us. steve: newt, you have been coming to inaugurals going back to the reagan years. before we talk about those democrats who are skipping. just talking about what a great moment in america's history every four years this is. >> it's always extraordinary. calista and i are looking forward to mommy. we hope it doesn't rain. it's still -- you are at a moment when the nation is transferring power peacefully, unlike no other country has done this for as long as we have. you have all of the sense of the national establishment coming together, despite an daryl idiot. and you are in a situation where there is always optimism. it doesn't matter which team wins, we are a naturally optimistic country. i went to two obama inaugurals, feel positive about the future.
4:35 am
i went to clinton inaugurals. but at the same time, i think for me the very first inaugural with ronald reagan in '80 was amazing, both because the speech is so extraordinary but the day started cloudy. and jimmy carter got up to speak and said goodbye, and as reagan stood up, here. steve: here comes the sun. >> clouds parted, sun came. in sky was blue. we began to hear whispering amongst ourselves that the hostages had left iranian airspace. huh-uh you gipper had made difference. the speech was tremendous. i talked to somebody last night who had gone back and read first inaugural and said reagan's 1980 speech was just unbelievable. ainsley: what do you think he would say about these congress men and women that are boycotting. >> that they are childish and silly. it's not about republicans and democrats. it's about america. why would you abandon america? you remember a congress -- if
4:36 am
you work that hard to get to be part of the system. steve: newt, they are trying to score political points. >> all they are doing is making themselves look small and silly. their left loves them. as we used to learn the hard way, you can have your partisans love you for a long time and stay in the minority. brian: what's interesting by reports and you would know better, donald trump is looking at reagan's speech, looking at jfk's speech. he wants to make it 20 to 30 minutes and make it not about him, about the country. and he wrote the first draft himself. >> i believe that i have watched him work before. frankly, even when other people writes drafts he writes final speeches. he has a very strong sense of who he is and what his mission in history is. and he also has, frankly, a better sense of how to talk with the american people than any republicans since reagan. why would you turn to some speech write his or her doesn't understand it as well as do you. brian: even though steve miller knows him very well. >> steve miller knows trump very well and he has played a key role in this.
4:37 am
not like trump is hiding somewhere writing it. the notion that it is a trump directed speech that it's -- he understands this is his first really big moment in history to define who he is in the context of america. and in the process to help americans define their future. steve: your first big moment in history was when the republicans were swept back into power. you were speaker of the house, contract with america for america, what's the number one thing given your history on day one that donald trump could start doing tomorrow? >> well, i think he has made the decision to not start repealing things until monday. steve: maybe a couple. maybe four or five tomorrow. >> he might. i think there are a lot of things he could do tomorrow to begin to shift the whole system. and i think, for example, there is a very, very dangerous decision being made today by the energy commission on how we protect ourselves from electromagnetic pulses. it's designed as stupidly and destructively as possible. steve: what do you mean?
4:38 am
why? >> it's designed to get the energy companies to invest in stopping the lowest grade kind of problem which is a solar flare or a problem from space. steve: those happen occasionally. >> and we should protect us from that. 1859. if that happened again, it would knock out a huge part of our system. but it's the easiest thing to stop. what you really have to worry about are man made pulses probably by nuclear weapons. maybe by the north koreans, the chinese, you name it and to get the power companies going the wrong way, making the wrong investment, means when you get around to having a trump in office saying hey, guys, we need to really worry about practical immediate problems say wait a second. that's one of the things if i were him i would literally repeal late tomorrow. brian: i have a sense it's going to be a blinding amount, a dizzying amount of things coming down the pike between programs, changes, and executive orders. real quick, i have talked to so many different people on the trump staff who are dealing with obama staff and
4:39 am
they say the cooperation is off the charts. it's fantastic. much like bush to obama, which is a great thing for america. >> great thing for the country. brian: would the fact that the clinton initiative is laying off so many people, just a few weeks after her nomination fell apart, does that back up almost everything people were saying about this clinton global initiative? >> you mean that there was -- you know, pay for play and. steve: access. >> and that they were trying to buy her influence. do you think the fact that it all collapsed as soon as she lost could be a sign that maybe they weren't genuinely affectionate. they didn't actually love her, they loved her power. steve: it kind of proves what was going on. >> it does make you think maybe it wasn't being done out of saints of goodness. ainsley: mr. speaker do you have a message for brian that outed you on national television that you wear makeup. >> no my message. i have known brian for many, many years. my message is at some point in your career i will get even. [laughter] >> you won't know which day or
4:40 am
how it's going to happen. [laughter] >> but i'm going to consult with calista and we will find a wait a minute since she saw that i'm in real trouble. brian: i'm in real trouble. ainsley: 5-year-olds getting ready for kindergarten you left your cape downstairs. steve: you are a super hero to many. howe would you like to introduce janice dean who is out on the mall with the weather. brian: with the weather report you need. >> janice, i hope it's a good weather report. even if it's a bad one we still like you doing it. janice: oh, good. thank you. thank you for the disclaimer, mr. speaker. i appreciate that we are expecting rain, unfortunately, in the forecast. you can see behind me the capitol hill is right there. and they have got like white tile here. i'm hearing that as spectators come out tomorrow, things are going to get slippery because we are going to see rain in the forecast perhaps as early as 7:00 a.m. let's take a look at the maps and i will show you what we are talking about in terms of rainfall and the temperatures. so there it is. forecast temperatures as we go through time for the next 12 to 24 hours. that rain moves in. and we think getting into the
4:41 am
d.c. area early, early tomorrow morning so if you are coming out, remember you can't bring umbrellas. so bring your rain bonnet, ladies, and maybe a slicker. and then later on in the day, in the afternoon hours, things will start to clear up for the parade. but it looks like things are going to be pretty wet tomorrow. not a washout by any means. but we are looking at showers early in the forecast. and, of course, as we get our 45th president inaugurated tomorrow midday into the afternoon. and i will do what i can as far as mother nature is concerned. i will put a phone call in to make sure that maybe we can get that forecast moved. ainsley: that would be great. say a little prayer. ains. janice: ed henry is here. he took 60 seconds in hair and makeup. >> people are getting hats. you have to wear a hat. you can't bring umbrella. janice: can't bring umbrella. >> that's what everybody is talking about. do that and wear layers. you have no other hope. other than that put a pawnch choo on.
4:42 am
janice: this is a fancy hat. i love it. steve: that looks good on janice. ainsley: football game just wear the poncho, buy the clear plastic one. janice: good idea. wear poncho. brian: what's going on with our show. steve: ed, janice, thank you. mr. speaker, thank you. best to your wife. >> thank you. ainsley: we had sideline speech history on the campaign trail. ray reynolds is going to join to us tell how this picture of the president-elect changed his whole life. you. steve: we sent pete hegseth five miles north of where we are now. is he in a restaurant in bethesda, maryland. he is going to talk to the people, right, pete? >> that's right, we are at the tastee diner, historic one just outside of inauguration site in washington, d.c. it's busy in here. we will be talking to the people as we have all election cycle. what do they anticipate from the inaugural speech the first 100 days. we will be talking politics and eating pancakes as always. stick with us here on "fox &
4:43 am
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100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be. ainsley: what has been primary lay blue state since the founding of modern political parties. what are maryland voters thinking the day before donald trump is sworn in? brian: pete hegseth had knows. he is talking to them at the tastee diner in bethesda, maryland. hey, pete. pete: that's right, this is historic place. a lot of folks coming out and difference of opinions. you know, washington, d.c. only 4% of folks in washington, d.c. voted for the president-elect. and in maryland it was higher than that you are getting both sides here at the tastee diner. i'm here with mike this morning. we have been chatting all morning. sir, what do you do? >> restaurants and hotels. pete: you voted for mr. trump. a supporter of his. >> i did. pete: what do you hope to him
4:47 am
in inaugural address. >> make america great again. for me if he kick starts the economy i think everything else falls in place. pete: you are hoping to here more about the economy. if there is one thing in the first 100 days what would you like to see? >> lower the corporate tax rate. pete: focused on business and making america work again. mike how are you? >> i'm retired. pete: your son will be working at the inauguration. very cool. >> he is. he will be down there a lot of hours tomorrow night. pete: you did not vote for mr. trump. >> did i not. pete: what are you hoping to hear from him in the address. >> in the address i hope is he able to say things that which would bring unity to the country and give people a sense of optimism that things will, in fact, get better. pete: how do you feel about the almost 70 democratic congressman not attending? >> i think it's unfortunate. i think it's missing the point that the inauguration is a
4:48 am
continuation of our democracy and a change from one administration to the other. it should be celebrated. pete: absolutely. thank you for being here. i appreciate that perspective. alan, get over here. he has been serving up the tasty meals all day. he has a t-shirt. i wonder where he stands. how are you feeling about the new president coming in? >> i would like to see a lot of changes come about. i think he will make america great again. i'm very, very happy. pete: let me say one thing about alan. is he not politically correct. he has been making a left fun statements this morning. we have been having a fun time at the tastee diner. getting the pulse as we welcome in the new president of the united states. back to you guys. steve: pete, thank you very much. i have been to taste ye diner many times after late night covering stories. listen, we are making america great again. the official catering here at the media village is chick-fil-a breakfast. brian: is it really? i had no idea. it's fantastic. when we got in, it was only coffee. ainsley: right. because we got in 4:00 in the morning chick-fil-a were
4:49 am
making the business cuts. they have been delivered. steve: straight ahead. brian: 12 minutes now before the top of the hour. he has covered 12,000 miles. snapped more than 50,000 photos along the way. he says this one one of donald trump is one of his all-time favorite. ainsley: photographer ray reynolds who is taking pictures of you was right now is back. is he behind the camera right there. we will put him in front of the camera. you can join us next, please? steve: i have never seen a yellow nikon ♪ down the highway ♪ we're the best of friends ♪
4:50 am
babe i'm making soup. do you want any? no thanks. i have a salad. there's nothing like a bowl of campbell's chicken noodle soup... and salad. made for real, real life.
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4:52 am
brian: this is tremendous. he has been on the campaign trailing covering 30,000 miles.
4:53 am
snapping events and getting to know president-elect donald trump before he was president-elect. now he is heading to tomorrow's inauguration. ainsley: volunteer trump photographer ray razor reynolds is the man with the yellow camera. steve: hold up the yellow camera. there you go. ainsley: he tells us stories behind a lot of pictures that you have developed. you have developed two books, ray. these are wonderful. i remember that i remember that event. sean hannity is in the book. campaign carl is in the book with donald trump, of course. >> yes. brian: when did you realize you were taking pictures of something special? >> the third event when i was his personal photographer behind the scenes meet and greet pictures. and he shook my hand and i got to know him. i started sweating. i was nervous. get the guy some water. he looked at my camera. he is 6'3". got the big hands and he is like shoot eye level and i had 80 pounds of equipment. i kept sagging. he said get that camera up. [laughter] steve: take a look at that picture right there. tell us about that picture.
4:54 am
this picture was took on the sean hannity show. between the break he stuck his thumb up and winked. it's just one of those shots. steve: tell us about this picture that you took somewhere out on the trail in the last couple of months. >> this was took at the second event. anderson, it's on the front of the book that i have done to give to mr. trump as a gift. ainsley: this is the one that changed your life you said. >> yes. ainsley: why is that? >> they started using it. it was submitted and they starterred using it on social media and it was on his first commercial. first campaign. brian: you said this is a campaign of melania. look at that you said you felt like fox was the only one telling the story. something happening with the size of these crowds and the passion that you were picking up through your lens but they weren't covering on the news. >> well my tv and radio is on fox only because y'all tell the truth. i got tired of -- we go to the rallies and there would be 5,000 or 6,000 people and couldn't get in. 15,000 inside. read in the paper or see on the news 2,000 people.
4:55 am
and i got tired of it so i said i'm going to let my pictures tell the story. and the two books tell it. ainsley: ray, you could do a whole book on melania trump. i know men and women. brian: i would buy it. ainsley: she is beautiful. we are excited about what she is going to look like and bring to the oval office. a lot of my friends are at least talking about that. we can't wait to see what she is going to be wearing. why is that your favorite picture. >> took with the family at myrtle beach. i cropped it. i wanted to give it to mr. trump as a father's day present. one of my friends retired sheriff gregory submitted it to him to sign it for me. he wanted to keep it he said i want that picture. so we gave it to him. steve: you became the unofficial photographer unofficially. you showed up and you were volunteering. you started taking pictures but eventually your pictures became part of the official social media feed and so even though you were never a paid employee. >> right. steve: you are pretty much the official photographer unofficially. >> i started doing the north carolina kurt bail was the
4:56 am
communications director. he called me and asked me to be in north carolina. i was at virginia tech doing a football game. i got home at 3:00 had to leave at 5 clock to be in fletch fletcher by 9. steve: these are photographs you paid for. >> 22, 24 hours days because i didn't have money for a motel room. brian: important to get your books. where do we get your books. >> www.gjt dot digital. steve: donald j. trump at digital. ism. brian: you witness history. >> yes. ainsley: teenage singing sensation preparing for her biggest moment yet. ♪ god bless america my home sweet home. ainsley: jackie is set to sing the despite backlash she is going to join us live next hour. brian: list of democrats ditching the inauguration is
4:57 am
growing by the day. ed henry with more on that. his hat. the question every man in america wants answered, where do i get a hat like ed's? ainsley: is he taking pictures. ♪ helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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5:00 am
>> as steve promised a short time ago, the sun would come up. it's not tomorrow. it's today. the sun came up 35 minutes ago. >> according to the weather people, it sounds like it will be a sunny afternoon here in washington d.c. where 28 hours from now, donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. somebody who has been covering presidents for a long time, fox news chief correspondent, a guy who somehow went online
5:01 am
and bought that crazy hat. >> no. i got this in denver. this is a great american. steve: but you can't wear that in the rain. brian: where was it made? china? >> what am i going to wear? ainsley: ed, what is this like for you? you've been covering him how long now? >> yeah. a year, almost two years. the fact that there's a growing number of democrats. the list is still growing. this is insane. steve: why are they doing it? >> i think that they're trying to get the left more fired up, and they're saying, look, his poll numbers are down low right now. he's going to enter and be sworn in as somebody with the lowest approval ratings in years and years and years, so let's just keep pounding them. and, look, have the republicans been pounding who doesn't mean eight years? yes. but there used to be a tradition where you might give someone a honeymoon 100 days or god forbid a day. as you say he hasn't been sworn in yet. go and hear the man's speech,
5:02 am
and then you can say whatever after. lawmakers saying about congressman lewis, they don't like the tweet back at him. or the russian thing or james comey. and actually if you go back to colin kaepernick and these celebrities who look at him as somebody who is unacceptable. that's who this is building. >> kevin asked a great core question the other day of the plaintiff about his final news conference. by the way, at the end of the year when he went to hawaii and everybody reported this is the last news conference, it is the longest goodbye. >> but somebody should have followed up because somebody asked. i don't want to get involved. okay. do you agree with john lewis that he is not a legitimate president? i would like to hear what president obama said about that. >> he said he was legitimate. >> right. and president obama asked again a previous last news conference said that this
5:03 am
was a free and fair elector. steve: well, it is firing up the left. no doubt. that the close to 70 democrats aren't showing up. also firing uprights. so many people are going, yeah, if they don't want to be part of history, don't show u up. >> i thought when ainsley won president-elect, we need more tickets. our own judge napolitano has been saying he talked to the president-elect, and they have teed up not a couple dozen but over 200 executive orders that they're ready to start rolling out over the next few days. there's going to be a lot of screaming and yelling and boycotting but there's going to be real action by this incoming president. ainsley: what? >> well, i think he may overturn immigration, energy regulations, for example. ainsley: obamacare. >> yeah, obamacare you really have to go to congress, though, to do more to actually repeal and more importantly replace. what are you going to replace it with? that's a big political issue for republicans.
5:04 am
it's one thing to repeal it. but that's going to be a big challenge. and i think the president-elect has made that clear to say, look, i want to insure everybody who is insured right now. that's something that president obama sort of set the table for donald trump on. steve: of course. >> when you govern by executive fee at, it comes boomeranging on you now. brian: and his legislative report card is terrible. there's less done in eight years than jimmy carter got down, george bush got done because he did nothing in congress. >> and that is a reminder to donald trump to hit the ground running. he's probably going to do that, but he has republican majority in the house and senate. don't waste them. brian: sure. steve: donald trump won as a republican because he's a developer in new york city. for decades, he's given money to democrats. >> yeah. steve: one of the democrats he has given to is senate majority leader chuck schumer who even though probably through the years they have been friends. out in public, they've got to
5:05 am
beat each other up and here's chuck schumer talking about donald trump's picks all bad. listen. >> this is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires. many of them have hard right views. some of them directly critic promises the president-elect complained on. now, it's no surprise republicans are trying to rush through these hearings. they don't want people to know the true views of their nominees. >> just trying to demonize the cabinet. ainsley: mitch mcconnell says that the democrats are in a bad mood. >> all you need to know about that sound bite is, look, do democrats have the right to hold hearings, ask questions, all of that? absolutely. but all you need to know is on day one of the obama administration, barack obama got seven of his cabinet picks not just nominated and all of that but confirmed, and they took office. and now they're going to fall short of that. they're not going to get seven. and, you know, that hamstrings the new president. so get moving on these new
5:06 am
things. i think some of the nom news the trump people to be fair were slow on the paperwork and the ethical questions. there are a bunch of them who are ready to go. >> you don't want to gap and the other thing is how much power does chuck schumer actually have? ainsley: do you think they're all going to get confirmed and if so when is all of this going to be over with? >> i think this is going to drag on for a couple of weeks. look, by the way, toby skeet friend of mine. and he's coming to this big concert. and he started texting me about how angry he is not just the lawmakers boycotting but there are a lot of entertainers that we don't know about who originally said they were going to go to the lincoln memorial and backed out and here's what he said. i'm ashamed of all the famous people said they told me they
5:07 am
were going and look down between their shoes and realized they suddenly didn't have a pair. shame, shame, shame on you. my whole career i supported every commander of this country in these situations. the weak folded under pressure. nothing changes in my world. i'm just going to grow stronger. and i said, look, i'm going to say this on fox and friends. and he said go for it. steve: a phony excuse that had a concert date after he was asked. >> tony orlando was on with o'reilly last night saying if hillary clinton won, i would be singing a song. ainsley: you've got to do better in life. >> and you should know how to sing, ainsley. steve: well, ed, the president of the united states as of tomorrow of noon has been tweeting already this morning. >> here we go. >> and clearly he was watching fox and friends about an hour ago. he just tweeted out quote it
5:08 am
wasn't donald trump that divided this country. this country has been divided for a long time by reverend franklin graham. and then he writes getting ready to leave for wdc. the journey begins and making a journey for the american people. i have no doubt that we will together make america great again. and, ed, while the democrats are doing their best to rain on donald trump's parade as of noon tomorrow, there are so many people coming to washington d.c. of the future of this country. >> they are. and i think he's absolutely right. the country was already divided. he's right. however, there's a challenge for him now. he's got to rise above it. he's got to be better than the critics. he has a golden opportunity here to try to bring people together. look, some people aren't going to come along no matter what you do. but challenge these democrats in the inaugural address. brian: don't give them the excuse to not show. >> look, the obama, clinton
5:09 am
folks said it in the last election. they go low, we go high. but the democrats aren't going high. so what you know? donald trump has a golden opportunity to go high. brian: but i think the obama family has gone high. >> the family absolutely has. brian: and the transition has been -- >> and that may be why president obama decided not to weigh in more on the boycotts because in private he probably disagrees with trump on a whole bunch of stuff. but you're right. he wants it to be a smooth transition. steve: had the president said i don't think -- i think it's political what they're doing or i wouldn't have done it. brian: that would have helped. steve: he probably would have been honest. but he wants to continue to be political. >> and he will be very soon. >> tomorrow promise me a pocket watch. steve: what's a pocket watch? brian: oh, you mean like in a
5:10 am
vest? >> exactly. >> all right. we can't wait. we're so excited. ainsley: we have a fox news alert. >> hello, i hope you're off to a great day. president obama likely to issue even more pardons and commutations today or tomorrow. his last day in office. this after he shortened the prison sentence for chelsea manning by three decades on tuesday. many former army deserters bowe bergdahl hope he will be pardoned and anyone else in the crosshairs resulting from that private e-mail server scandal. we'll keep you posted. former president george hw bush moved to intensive care for heart problems. and former first lady moved for bronchitis. they can't attend the
5:11 am
inauguration and we know why. quote my doctor says if i sit outside in january, it will likely put me six feet under. same with barbara. i guess we're in texas. mr. trump thanked them on twitter. and a new cabinet of confirmation hearings in the hot seat today, former texas governor rick perry and former goldman sachs banker steve nominated for treasury secretary. and making a huge announcement of unveiling a brand-new wax figure of president-elect donald trump. it's actually part of a series of statue uss 20 months to complete. the hardest part recreating the president-elect's iconic hair. it's made out ofiac hair actually and took five weeks to perfect with artists inserting one strand at a time. how about that one? >> what an honor to be memorialized in yak area.
5:12 am
>> bad news for the yak. steve: meanwhile you met him back in august who said he had no choice but to vote for donald trump. >> if you want someone who has run a business, ask the billionaire donald trump. not someone who see has done it before. steve: and he's back. his message to america? get ready to win again. ainsley: and pop quiz. what's wrong with this picture? everything. these celebrities no longer trashing the president-elect. they're trashing the american flag. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man.
5:13 am
hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
ainsley: well, we are just one day away from president-elect trump's inauguration and a growing number of small business owners are expressing optimism about the incoming administration like allen jones. do you remember him? we introduced you to him on fox and friends back in august. >> i'm a fat guy. if you ask me what restaurant to go to, you ought to listen to me. well, if you ask somebody how to create a business, ask a businessman
5:17 am
that's worth $10 billion. not someone that has never done it before. >> well, samantha chairperson of clothing, and he joins us now of why he thinks small businesses will still benefit from president-elect trump policies, which are coming down the pike. welcome back. >> thank you. glad to be back. brian: that was quite a sound bite. if you want to know where to eat, ask a fat guy. >> of all the things they could have used, that was probably the most embarrassing. brian: but the point is what? >> the point is. a business guy is what can make things happen. we've never had that before. this is the first guy who came out of the blue, never been a politician and is the president of the united states. it's what our forefathers envisioned is people like that running the country. ainsley: what do you want donald trump to do to help your business? >> well, one of the problems we have in the clothing business, you know, and hard work is the on oldest tailor made clothing in america is we have this made in america tax where we have to pay fabric
5:18 am
tax when it comes into the country that we're using. steve: an import tax from italy or whatever. >> a tariff. well, canada, for example, he was right except the clothing business it went to canada because they will buy the same material. we have to pay a 25% tax on it. they pay it without the tax and ship it in here free. so it's really unfair for the american manufacturers. brian: have you felt a difference since donald trump has won? have you sunniest more people spend? >> i have sunniest every person i know is optimistic and hopeful for the first time in eight years. you know, if we go back to this time in 2009 and january 2009, we were all extremely nervous. i've got many businesses with about 3,000 employees total. and so if i get nervous, we start cutting back.
5:19 am
>> sure and of course, allen, the reason leah did the story for you is this company was up for sale, you didn't want the what? 300 employees to lose their jobs out in cleveland, tennessee. so you bought the company, and it has been a struggle, but you saved those peoples jobs. >> well, i did. it was more than saving the jobs, it was saving an icon from tennessee where i'm from. it has been there since july 28th, 1880 and, you know, i thought i could maybe turn it around. but it's still a struggle. it's hard. brian: if people watching right now want to order, where do they go? >> go to our website. if you get one, this is our finest blazer right here. steve: it's sharp looking. >> this one the garden gun award great style in the south. and it's pretty much designed by me. brian: take that, brooks brothers. >> well, they're already mad at me. [laughter]
5:20 am
steve: all right. allen. great job. stay right there for a second. i'm going to take you did downstairs and get you a breakfast. >> they lured me for food. >> he's been with the president-elect's side since he came down the elevator. cory lewandowski the very first campaign manager joins us next. ainsley: that's right but first the voice of what the voters want, what you want to see in the first 100 days. we're going to see coming up net
5:21 am
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ainsley: welcome back to fox
5:24 am
and friends. it's time now for your news by the numbers. first $9 billion. that's how much a nearly complete contract is worth between the pentagon and lock heed martin to build the f35 fighter jet for less than $100 million each. the lowest price ever. next 4200. that's how many joints potheads say they're going to light up exactly 4.20 into president-elect inauguration street. it's all trump antipot attorney general pick. that's what they're referring to mr. sessions has. and finally, first place for fox news, excuse me, pardon me. is the front-runner for a hypothetical race for new york city mayor. have her leading 49% over the current mayor bill de blasio. we'll get that one out. all right. gang, back to you. >> breakfast with friends. a primarily blue state ever
5:25 am
since its founding of modern political party. so what are maryland voters thinking the day before donald trump is sworn in president right back there? >> well, we're going to ask steve. he is talking to them live from the tasty diner in maryland. >> we've been talking politics and eating lots. this is the people's election, the people's inauguration. so what better to come down and talk to great folks. good morning. how are you doing? what's your name? >> hanna. >> and what do you do? >> i stay at home wit with my son. >> i hope to hear patriotism, what it is to be an american now, i don't think they're getting that through education and bringing patriotism back. >> bringing patriotism back. if there's one thing you would like to see him accomplish in the first 100 days, what would it be? >> oh, my gosh. i just want to see him shake things up. i want to see him get congress back into it, shake things up, get rid of what doesn't need
5:26 am
to be there, and start things rolling. >> a lot of people want to shake it up. sir, how are you doing? >> good. >> what's your name? >> steve. >> you voted for trump as well. what's your background. >> i build homes. >> you're in connecticut, but you're down here for the inauguration. very cool. what are you hoping to see from the president? >> i'm hoping to see a businessman's approach solving problems in government as opposed to career politicians who don't ever seem had to get. >> speaking of career politicians, there are almost 70 democratic congressman who are deciding not to attend. what do you think of that? >> i think it's disgraceful. they're here to represent all of us. i'm sure there are people in their district who voted for trump and at least respect the institution if not the man. and learn how to work together. >> good message. maybe work together in washington d.c. speaking of working together, we have a great couple here we've been spending time with this morning from texas in here for the inauguration. good morning.
5:27 am
>> good morning. >> what are you hoping -- first of all, what's your name? >> i'm sherry. >> and your husband. >> david. >> and you guys came all the way for the inauguration with tickets from your congressman. what are you hoping to hear from mr. trump? >> i'm hoping for positivivity earlier and more let's get rid of common core. >> common core. >> certainly a contentious issue as was spoken to earlier. patriotism, civics, things we're losing in our schools. what are you hoping to hear from the president? >> i would like to see complete rebuild and replacement of obamacare. it has been proven already that it's a complete failure, and it's hitting the family hard in this country, and it needs to go. >> you said to me that this is a bucket list item for you guys. you have wanted to see an inauguration at some point. so how does it feel that you'll be on the ground tomorrow to see the 45th president nothing rated? >> well, i think it's an overall astounding experience. i wouldn't want to share it with in our. we're also looking to do a little bit of sight-seeing. >> first time to washington;
5:28 am
right? >> first time to dc. that's correct. >> and what's your last name? >> miller. >> the millers go to washington is is what we right now. thank you, both, for joining us here this morning. again, the people want to see action. attending the inauguration and supporting the president and give him a chance. they'll be excited to see what he has to say tomorrow. back to you. >> pete, you'll be excited. you know what the special is at lunch? it's meatloaf for 8.95. could you get three orders please? >> done. that's easy. ainsley: something hardy and warm. brian: that would be a great cereal. ainsley: don't ever make that as a cereal. steve: meatloaf cereal? i wouldn't be surprised if kellogg isn't jumping on it right now. >> i would be. ainsley: a teenage sensation preparing for his biggest moment yet. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
ainsley: jackie is set to sing the national anthem at tomorrow's inauguration. but first, she's here with us. live. brian: great. all right. the president-elect is ready to drain the swamp in washington but where should he start? the first campaign manager who worked with him. cory lewandowski. >> how exciting is this? wow. only at&t offers you all your live channels and dvr on your devices, data-free. it's entertainment. your way.
5:30 am
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5:32 am
this is the pursuit of perfection. >>: but did you realize you were taking pictures of something special? >> the third event i was sweating, i was nervous. kept sagging. he said get that camera up. >> it's your shot of the morning. ainsley: volunteer trump photographer ray reynolds.
5:33 am
he has snapped more than 50,000 pictures of the president-elect. steve: sorry. we were being distracted. we talked to him early about his work, and he captured here some of what goes behind the scenes at fox and friends. >> there we are right there with amarosa. >> earlier concentrates. >> she is. >> and look at me. i do not know who that man is behind. steve: that's brian, and he's changing your battery. and then that's andrew murray. he's the fella who you see books most of the guests on fox and friends. in fact, one of the guests he booked today is cory lewandowski. who is joining us live today. cory, a great day for you i'm sure. you were donald trump's first campaign manager. take us back about two years ago. you got hired in january of 2015 by donald trump who had already interviewed five or
5:34 am
six other guys. when you got the job. >> it was so humbling. i got the opportunity to go to new york and meet with mr. trump. i wasn't sure why he was going there at the time. and then he told me, hey, i'm running for president of the united states. and i remember it very, very vividly. steve: what did you think? >> and he said what's your odds of winning? and i said 5%. and he negotiated and he said 10. and we said 7.537. ainsley: what's the last been for you? it's been ups and downs. >> it's been great. i've been a small part in history. we started this, no one gave trump a chance. no one said he was really going to run. and one by one by one the american people said we want fundamental and wholesale change. and i've had the privilege of seeing that from the front row. what the american people want. and i think what you're going to see tomorrow is the american people are really excited to have a different type of washington. brian: you said something i found stunning.
5:35 am
he actually got into a race where he thought he had about a 10% chance of running guilty? my sense is that he thought he was going to win the whole time. he didn't? >> well, you know what happened. you have some of the greatest candidates that the republican party has put together in this race. scott walker, jeb bush, business executives and senators. the amazing part of mr. trump, he never ran for anything. never had any political experience and that was the big hurdle we had to overcome. people and polls indicated they never thought he was going to run. once he was running, he never looked back. >> cory, let's ask you besides. there are probably 60 empty seats, 70 empty seats close to where he's sworn in tomorrow because a whole bunch of democratic congressman have decided that they're not going to show up. but for the millions of people who voted for donald trump who are watching right now, what does tomorrow mean to them? >> it means the fulfillment of a promise. what you get for donald trump, which politicians have forgotten about is the truth.
5:36 am
and even if you don't like what he says, he's going to tell you the truth. he's going to tell you that we're going to put america first. and if you're in america, and you want to be put first for a change, it means jobs for our country, renegotiating bad trade deals. he's going to do exactly what he talked about on the campaign trail and the reason is he's not accountable to the washington special interest. he's accountable to the american people these special interests haven't had the ability. >> and that's why people love him because he can't be bought. >> he put $100 million of his own money into the campaign. so he can't be bought. it gives him the freedom to come to washington, to claim conservative say i want to do what's right for the american people. brian: now, what you're going to be doing. you could eventually be chief of staff or something like that. but right now, you're not going to be doing that; right? >> that's right. so i want to sit on the outside and set up a firm that's going to do one of two things. recruit candidates who are going to be in the senate as republicans who are going to be in the blue states like ohio or traditional states that republicans don't win
5:37 am
in. very important so two years from now, the senate majority can lead and move the agenda. and the second is whatever the agenda is, the tax cuts or the wholesale fundamental reform with repeal and replace, i want to hold officials accountable in congress. making sure the constituents understand back at home. trump does this better than anybody. if you're not going to support me, i'm going to hold you accountable. that's what we want to do on the outside. ainsley: what about this on boycott? what's your message to all the congressmen doing this? >> here's what i say. i think the american people are so tired of partisan government and gridlock. if you ask for 100 days. 100 days of working together across the aisle. if you look at the people that donald trump has met with, whether it's kanye west or al gore or jim brown the football player. they all come down the same thing. >> steve harvey. >> genuine. he wants to bring people together.
5:38 am
he wants to do what's right for the american people. one day i think is what he's asking for. i think it's a shame that they want to make this about hyper partisan politics. look, i didn't vote for barack obama eight years ago, but i wanted him to be successful because when the president's successful, our country's successful. give donald trump that same chance because he's a uniter. not a divider. brian: and last have you noticed a change with him when you sat with barack obama? when he knows he's going into the white house. he never accomplished anything like this. have you noticed him change from candidate nominee to president? >> you know he has. he's been humbled. and i had the privilege to meet with him after he met with barack obama and went to the white house. and he understands the magnitude of the job that he's about to take and the decisions that he make will impact the nation and potentially the world. and he understands the gravity of what those decisions are. and that's why when you look
5:39 am
at the people he's surrounding himself with. he's bringing, in my opinion, the very best. general mattis, general kelly. the people who understand who we need to accomplish and are willing to put their personal ambition or careers aside to come here and serve the american people. and it's an amazing opportunity. >> but what you know? if he has changed a bit, that's one thing. but you famously said let donald trump be donald trump. at his soul, he's still donald trump. >> trump's always trump; right? trump is trump. and that's what you -- you never want to change that. and i mean that in a positive sense. he is not going to change. i hope he continues to tweet. that's what keeps him in touch with the american people. allows him to by pass the mainstream media. ainsley: cory, i know that your world has changed because of donald trump. >> part of history. steve: congratulations. >> thank you. thank you so much. brian: thanks so much. ainsley: let's go to heather who has headlines for us. >> good morning to all of you. some shocking surveillance video, the danger that our police officers face every single day.
5:40 am
a man caught on camera tackling a police officer inside an airport terminal in atlanta. a woman with a stroller running for her life as the attacker pounds the officer in the face. two strangers suddenly jump in to help when they see the attack going for the officer's gun. one of those heroes saying the officer lucky to be alive. >> he was very nonresponsive. i mean, he was nearly on the verge of blacking out. and if the gentleman was going for the officer's gun, he would have been out. >> it's a tough time now. >> not clear what sparked that suspect. and disrespect in new york city when dozens booed by vice president elect mike pence. do you remember this? well, now that musical creator lynn manual is showing support for oscar lopez, a convicted terrorist who tried to overthrow the u.s. government.
5:41 am
six people died as a result of his attack. this took place back in the '70s and '80s. but moments after president obama commuted his sentence. he tweeted quote sobbing in gratitude. thank you, potus. wow. and critics for marching in the inaugural grade. more than 100,000 people signing an online petition against their participation claiming mr. trump makes statements that are quote directly harmful to women and girls. the girls scout say participation is volunteer and encourage girls to make their own choices. they've been participating in the inauguration for more than 100 years. now the flag. these five so-called stars letting the nation civil touch the ground on the magazine that's of course a violator of code. vowed to lead the united states if mr. trump was elected.
5:42 am
they are still here. steve: i know just about everyone democrats and republicans agree on this. they want the bush family to be okay. and we know that barbara bush and president bush are in the opt right now. i just got this statement from jim mcgrath who is their main point guy and says the bushes thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes. even though their houston texans didn't quite get there, they're looking forward to the super bowl in their hometown, and they're planning to be there. >> so not only do they think they're getting out of the hospital, they plan on being in neutral two weeks which, by the way, that's where we'll be. >> that's right. >> for the patriots. >> stop it. nonpartisan. ainsley: we wish them all the best. you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. i think i'm speaking for most people around the country. steve: we're all praying for them. ainsley: yes, we are. well, she's a teenage sensation preparing for her biggest moment yet. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
ainsley: jackie will proudly sing the national anthem at the inauguration tomorrow. but today, she is here with us. ♪ ♪ >> such a beautiful song. please stand and sing along. americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets.
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5:47 am
least 85 isis fighters. many of those fighters tried to escape when the bombing started only to be tracked down by u.s. drones and then killed with separate hellfire missiles. we'll bring you more on that. brian. brian: all right. you know what, heather? we are at 12th and madison, as you can see about a mile and a half away from the capitol. we're in a two-story media village. how about a tour? >> i would love to have a tour and there's no one better than brian kilmeade. brian's over there. brian: yes, i'm exploring a little marco polo-like. i'm exploring with you because we got here a little while ago, and it was dark. right over here this is our control room. you may remember. this is kelly, she does a lot of our booking. i guess she's cold today. it's odd to be wearing a coat in the indoors. a lot of people wonder now does she wear the same thing off camera? the same thing is yes. a resounding yes. so let's go downstairs. there are people who are done
5:48 am
with our show, they just hang around. and it's exciting because other shows come in like america's newsroom will be next and hannity and all those other shows, they'll use our guests afterwards. is there is good news that i now confirm. steve ducey mentioned there will be a buffet. food. really slow arriving i don't think they're clear we're on 6:00 to 9:00. it's chic chick-fil-a. and this is where we keep all of our news gatherers. obviously if there's a fire alarm, we'll try to get to the bottom of that. and we'll walk right through. and here we are on the outside. this is the great outside. how are you doing, strangers? here's my security. obviously i said stay away. be here but just be of presence.
5:49 am
and of course we see these two gentleman right there. how embarrassing? how embarrassing you wake up, you think you have a unique out fit, your neighbor has the same thing on? but you have to go anyway. i guess they're trying the music system. i'm really sick of that song. what is that song? do we know? okay outside they're putting on the singers getting ready for the big time. and now coming up later, the guests we've been looking forward to more than anything, jackie ivanka. we practical raised you, jackie. good to see you. congratulations on all of your success. >> thank you so much. >> well, we really look forward to having you go on. talking about how we can get your latest album and yes or no. are you nervous about singing to millions of people? >> oh, yes. 100% nervous. yes. brian: i'm going to load the prompter to put the words in there just in case you forget okay? >> thank you. brian: a lot of people wonder where is bill and shannon? the question is i don't know. but if i know this, through
5:50 am
the magic of what i do with my tour, if i say their names three times, bill hammer, they will come to life. what do you have happen on your show today? do you have anything? >> well, you've got a great location. we think we have a pretty good location too. we're across from the viewing stand across the white house here on pennsylvania avenue. we'll see you in a couple minutes and, brian, we're going to have the very first press conference for the next administration. we'll have that live for you coming up here. >> plus more confirmation hearings. today is going to be rick perry, former texas governor. he ran for president himself today. over in the hot seat. >> and overnight u.s. hit isis targets in libya. >> and right here in dc, we're going to give you behind the scenes inauguration press a big day. >> a lot going on. >> and it's a big day. >> see you in ten. >> see you in ten minutes live on pennsylvania avenue.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
ainsley: patriotic performances are part of the musical lineup for president trump's inauguration. brian: for instance, singing sensation jackie stirring up excitement and controversy for her decision to sing the national anthem at tomorrow's event. after some other musicians go you know what? we're not going to go. >> and here's jackie on the set. >> great to see you. brian: do you remember when you first came on the show? >> what you know? i was so young. brian: because we remember. you made such a great impression. steve: a couple of times. >> yeah. brian: talk about what went into your decision to sing the national anthem. what you thought it was going to be and what happened. >> well, i'm sorry could you rephrase that.
5:55 am
brian: could you tell me your decision to sing the national anthem for at this inaugural for donald trump. what went into that decision and how did it turn out for you? >> well, it was kind of a lot of conversation between my family because there would be a lot of backlash. we knew that. but in the end, it was kind of just this is an honor for me to sing for my country, and that's all it is. there's no politics involved for me. steve: well, that's fantastic that you feel that way. but there are a bunch of celebrities who don't. i don't want you to comment on that because that's going to get more stuff thrown your way. it's a daunting song. i understand that you have a personal ritual that you go through before a big number and one of the things you start with is you say a prayer; right? >> yeah. i do. my family is very christian, but i do say a prayer before any singing that i do. it just makes me feel better. ainsley: how are you doing? are you nervous? brian asks if you're very nervous. you've done this a million times. >> yeah, well, either way i get nervous. it just shows that i care.
5:56 am
but i'm nervous and excited. brian: for your career, when you announce, the word was you started getting a lot of hits and a lot of downloads. musically from the business perspective, what has it meant for you? >> it has helped my increase in sales and social media, which is great, and i'm getting new fans. steve: yeah. >> and i may be losing some but the ones i'm gaining i'm really happy about. ainsley: is it clear to hear the next president of the united states say your name? >> it is crazy, but i try not to think about it too much. steve: we're going to be watching. u going to be right over there at noon. jackie, thank you so much. and good luck. ainsley: what a beautiful voice you have. >> thank you. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment. don't go anywhere. we're in washington.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> this is the longest i've ever waved. >> the next time we're on the air is the inauguration of donald trump. >> bill: thank you, guys, our coverage continues. good morning from washington we're just one day away. tomorrow donald trump is sworn is as the 45th president of the united states and final presentations as the trump administration are put into place. a big welcome across the street from the white house. we have a great location here in lafayette park. you're back home. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. it is an action-packed day in d.c. president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence were busy last night and again today.


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