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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 19, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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rights, the protection of western territories and the issue of slavery. so thanks for being with us today, everybody. the first 100 days at 7:00 p.m. tonight. see you then. >> shepard: and i'm shepard smith in new york. noon on the west coast. 3:00 in the nation's capitol where president-elect trump is about to take part in the first of the inauguration events. he arrived at andrews outside d.c. on a u.s. military jet after noon today. no more trump force one. it's all red carpets now. president-elect trump and his wife to start their new life. now as the inauguration process gets underway, president-elect trump again with perhaps the most solemn duty of all. honoring the sacrifice of those that have given their lives in service to the united states. he's at arlington national cemetery, land once owned by george washington's adopted
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grandson. in the civil war, the union army used it as the headquarters. now it's the last resting space for 400,000 american heros. president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence will be there to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. inscribed on the back of the tomb the words "here rest in honored glory, an american soldier, known by to god." guards are on duty at the tomb 24 hours a day every day no matter the weather. the guards are volunteers. they call them sentinels. they take 21 steps back and forth as they pay tribute to the fallen. today as the nation prepares to peacefully transfer power, our next commander-in-chief is pausing to honor all of those that have given their lives in defense of our democracy. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon for us this afternoon.
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jennifer, explain the significance of this wreath-laying ceremony and the tradition fortin coming president. >> it's really extraordinary. if you haven't seen it you have to attend this to understand the weight of what president-elect trump is about to embark upon and being the commander-in-chief of the military. this is a ceremony that has been taking place, as you mentioned, every day 24/7 since 1937. that is when the tomb of the unknowns was established. the guards charged every 30 minutes during the summer and every hour in the winter. every 21 steps, the guards face the tomb for 21 seconds. there's 400,000 u.s. veterans who are buried on this 1,100 acres donated as you mentioned by martha washington's family. it was in the hands of re-bert e. lee's family at one point and they began the first burial in 1864 on this land donated during
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the civil war, that the first burial took place. >> if memory serves, there's no speeches, no prayers or anything of that nature at this ceremony. do we know what to expect today? >> this is a very solemn ceremony. you don't expect any speeches. i'd expect to see the vice president-elect and president-elect salute as the change of guards takes place, the laying of the wreath will be a solemn moment. this will be, even when you go as a tourist up to arlington national cemetery for that ceremony, you're asked to remain completely silent. the crowds that are very large at times in the summer, you don't hear a peep from those crowds as they watch this solemn ceremony that takes place even when it's snowing, raining, nothing gets in the way of this changing of the guard. >> such a powerful and humbling place to be. the weight of the sacrifice of
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those that are there, it's really -- really can be completely overpowering, jennifer. i wonder with a man who has so carelessly -- not carelessly, but so easily begun this transition. you wonder if at some point the gravity of it all will come upon the next commander-in-chief. and i wonder if it might be at this place when you realize truly the weight of the world is yours to bear. >> this is the weight of the world as well as the weight of the nation. this is where every president that i've covered here in washington, this is where i think that they realize what rests on their shoulders. this is where you see presidents tear up. this is where you see them realize what they're about to embark upon. every president, every defense secretary that we've covered when they're leaving their position, leaving their office space, say that moment when you have to sign a letter to the
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families of the fallen and you have to explain why their son or daughter was sacrificed in battle, that is the hardest moment, the most poignant moment for any president. so today looking out over the city, this is a beautiful spot in washington d.c., the highest spot on the virginia side looking back over the monuments into washington, this is where the president-elect, trump, and vice president-elect pence will be looking out. it's the beginning of this inaugural process. it has been for decades, for many, many years, many, many presidents have stood before him. this is where i think the weight of the office will begin to weight on donald trump who is, of course, a president who did not serve in the military but will soon be the commander-in-chief. >> shepard: he will indeed. for our viewers, we'll bring you this ceremony from beginning to end without commercial interruption or any kind of interruption at all. it's such a powerful moment.
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we've brought this to you since the late 90s and will again today. lots of changes coming to washington with the new administration. there's changes in the fox news family as that happens. our new chief white house correspondent will be a familiar face. john roberts will be the main man in charge of our white house coverage. today he is covering the transition. john, i know this is a moment to which the transition team has been looking forward and preparing. donald trump about to have a so. >> yeah, obviously this wreath laying at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington is one of those moments when you're the incoming commander-in-chief, you take a pause and say this will probably be the most difficult charge i have to make, commit young men and women into battle. that's why donald trump has said he wants a strong military, not
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to go out and foray around the world in executions but act as a strong defend echoing the words of ronald reagan. donald trump will face another moment where he will likely take a big deep breath and come out of the portico tomorrow, about 10:45 and take his seat on the platform. as you walk down the steps, shep, you see all the way down the mall to the tens of thousands of people assembled to watch him take the oath of office. short time ago, i was talking to his incoming vice president, mike pence, about that moment. i said what will you be thinking about when you walk out that door and you walk on to the platform and be administered the office by justice clarence thomas? he said i'll think about my grandfather that came from ireland in 1923. an immigrant. he settled in the south side of chicago, drove a bus for 40 years. he told me, shep, he said it
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will be quite extraordinary two generations of an irish immigrant. one of those will take the oath of the office to be the next president of the united states. who knows, maybe eight years he will run for president. big change here coming to washington in terms of the transition of power. the way that it will be approached as well. because this will be the first time that a person who does not have a rich history in politician will be taking the oath of office to become the 45th president. >> shepard: one thing that those in washington who have been part of washington for years and generations in some cases have reminded the transition team and the incoming president himself is that washington moves sometimes at its own pace. it's not the pace which those who would like to affect change would like to enjoy. that example is already before us as this wreath-laying ceremony at arlington was to begin at 2:15 eastern. just about 50 minutes ago. instead, we're looking live at
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the blair house in washington where the incoming president stays the night before inauguration where donald trump and his family arrived a short time ago. we know that they are delayed. i would strike it up to washington, as washington tends to delay about everything. do we know what they're doing at this moment? what they're plans are for this movement coming, john? >> well, they did have lunch. donald trump was late getting here. he touched down just shortly after noon. went over to the trump international hotel. he's having a leadership luncheon there. trump with his typical humor when he got up to take the microphone said, what a beautiful room that we're in. most have been a genius who designed this and delivered it ahead of schedule and under budget. by the way, we should point out that the transition has come in, 20%, under budget and donald trump will be returning some $1.2 million to the u.s. treasury.
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shep, things always tend to run behind schedule. there's so many moving parts. the wreath laying on the schedule had been set for actually 3:00 and then 4:00 this afternoon. there is the make america great again concert down in the mall in washington. so the fact that we're now running about 10 minutes behind isn't really unusual. that's typically what happens when you try to move all of the new pieces of the puzzle around. >> shepard: this idea of one group of workers by the thousands and thousands, transitioning to another group of workers by the thousands and thousands over almost a few moments time. it's hard to imagine the coordination of such a thing and how they can ever get it done. >> yeah, it actually won't be thousands and thousands of workers. it will be a few hundred workers to start with. you have what are called beach head teams, shep. there's 576 members of the beach head teams. at noon tomorrow, members of the
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beach head teams will go to off of the individual departments where they will take up leadership positions. sean spicer said in order to help facilitate the continuity of government, 50 people who are currently serving positions at a high level in the obama administration will be retained at least for a time to help facilitate that transition. now, it's likely, too, that none of those beach head members will remain in government. a lot of them are volunteers. people that have been in government before, people that just want to make sure the transition is smooth and the continuity of government exists. those people will likely leave. in the coming months, they'll fill in the thousands upon thousands of positions. sean spicer was a little on defense this morning because after sonny purdue was named as the department of agriculture
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secretary, sean spicer points to the thousands of secretaries a, assistants, says there's plenty of hispanics for the government. >> and this might be high season for real estate brokers and moving companies. >> what is extraordinary, thinking how quickly they have to turn around. the white house staff will have five hours to completely move out the obama family from the moment they leave the trumps and the obamas for the capitol, they have five hours to turn things around. so by the time the president arrives back at the white house, he will have his toothbrush in place, his suits in the closets and the entire transition will have taken place during the five hours while all of the eyes have been on capitol hill. >> shepard: we saw the president-elect peek out of the door there just a moment ago. it's our understanding that the movement will begin shortly. a lot of thank yous and hugs and
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well-wishes and hand shakes and all the rest. they're having their private time inside. the president-elect will find precious private time ahead during working hours. the tradition of having a camera available and on the president will continue, according to the transition team. just as it has with president obama and president bush and the other presidents before them. so donald trump as of pretty much now is the first scheduled event of the inauguration ceremonies, is this laying of the wreath at arlington. they always schedule it first as to bring honor is the first order of the day for the incoming commander-in-chief. you can see the photographers, security personnel and others under the green portico there in washington at blair house. their movement is accelerating. we know he's on his way out. one matter of note for washington d.c. this late in january, 2008 when we did this
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same sort of transition, never got above freezing. washington was a difficult city to navigate. it was frozen solid. sometimes these come with complete torrential downpours. we're expecting neither tomorrow. there is a chance of rain but not like a gully washer throughout the day. less than 1/2 inch of rain on the day. cloudy skies. sort of moderate and mild. around 50 degrees, which you know, for this part of the world -- here they are. the first family to be. let's listen. [cheering].
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so with all the players in place, the move to arlington is underway. we'll slide in a quick commercial break and have uninterrupted coverage next. tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it,
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(child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. >> shepard: a live look in washington d.c. as the motorcade for the president-elect and his family makes its way from blair house to arlington national cemetery for the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the
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unknown. jennifer griffin has been with us from the pentagon. long-time washington correspondent, john roberts the chief white house correspondent covering the transition and ed henry is with us as well from the national mall. he covered sean spicer, the incoming press secretary's first news conference today. ed, tell us details on that, if you would. >> well, shep, this was a -- the first time for sean spicer to get out there. maybe get the butterflies out before he gets into the actual white house briefing room. a chance to take in the transition. you heard john roberts earlier pointing out that he did an exclusive interview with him where he walked through those transition offices. interesting because they had a sort of mock briefing room area for him to practice before he ever had to deal with white house correspondents. also they had this mock hearing room where we've been hearing in recent days they have run through these perspective cabinet secretaries to practice,
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point out what you should do, not do, one of the tips i heard they were told, you have a lot of former goldman sachs people, wealthy individuals. they were told don't wear pinstripe suits. you get up there on capitol hill and you look like a rich banker. wear something understated. maybe those trips will help him get through. >> shepard: tell us about the mood of the transition team and those coming in in their press roles today. >> well, what is interesting is there's people starting to gather behind me here on the mall more and more of them. you can hear they're starting to practice the music that we will hear tomorrow before donald trump is officially sworn in. earlier this morning, which it was very empty and quiet as they shut down streets throughout washington and the security posture gets tighter and tighter. now i can tell you over the last hour or two, more and more people are gathering here, more excitement about the idea that this is happening for trump supporters tomorrow. in terms of the mood of the transition team, the folks i talked to are very excited to
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finally get this transition over with and actually take office, shep. >> shepard: let's listen. ♪ ♪ america, america ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ >> shepard: ed henry, are these rehearsals for tomorrow or entertainment for today? >> yeah, they're rehearsing for tomorrow and practicing for the sound system. they've been doing that throughout the morning as well. in recent days, shep, i can tell you they've had stand-ins for president-elect donald trump and the incoming first lady, melania trump, to actually practice it
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through. as you heard ainsley earhardt tell donald trump a couple days ago, one of the folks that was practicing said there were a lot of steps on the way to the swearing in and warned donald trump not to trip. that would be a very awkward moment to say the least. but this is why people are gathering here. they're practicing the music, running through the paces. earlier today at the wait house, we saw them cleaning things up on the north and south lawn because remember, donald trump and melania trump will be over there, have coffee or tea with the obamas before they take the limo ride to the national mall. >> shepard: we'll listen to the music as we make the transition to arlington next.
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>> shepard: a live look at arlington. we're waiting for the president-elect and his family to arrive for the laying of a wreath, which we will cover without commercial breaks when it happens. jennifer griffin with us today. what role -- has the transition team been specific about the role that veterans will play in this administration? >> it's very interesting. during the inauguration, veterans are going to be given a very prominent role. you'll remember, shepard, of the three official inaugural balls, one is called the salute to heros. it's essentially for those that have served. veterans. that will be taking place at the national building museum on friday night. that is, again, one of the three
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official balls that president trump and his wife, melania, will attend as well as vice president pence and his wife. veterans will play a big role at the ceremony on the hill tomorrow. i know that many medal of honor recipients among other recent veterans of foreign wars will be there. what also is notable is that of the 90-minute parade back to the white house, mostly it will be military bands, military army, navy, air force, marines that will be marching in that parade. some have noted that it's shorter than prior presidents, but it's mostly military bands and military folks serving who will be marching tomorrow. >> considerably less time tomorrow, which i presume will make that luncheon that happens each transition, a matter of
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more import and a little bit earlier. >> the luncheon will take place at the capitol. and then the parade occurs after the luncheon and is on the way back to the white house. president trump and his wife will make their way back to the white house. then they will review that parade from the stand set up in front of the white house before heading to the balls later that evening. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer, thanks. i want to talk to edward isaac, a chief washington advisor from politico. thanks for joining us. the first of the inaugural events about to happen. an enormous moment for the president-elect. >> yeah, this is the beginning. it starts now. doesn't end until he leaves those inaugural balls tomorrow night. and then goes home to sleep in the white house. barack obama gets one last night in there tonight and then he's gone.
12:28 pm
all of his stuff will be moved out and he will be probably by the time this -- the inaugural balls finish, he will be in california for his post presidency vacation. >> shepard: beyond the pomp and circumstance tomorrow, we first heard from president-elect trump that he would consider monday his first day with signings and the rest. but sounds like they have altered that plan and tomorrow may be a day for some historic moment. >> we've gotten some mixed messages on this. they initially said he would cut the parade short and go into the oval office and start signing executive orders. then we heard he would consider monday his first day. now it seems like to there being some action tomorrow shortly after he's sworn in. >> shepard: matters on border security? is that the beginning -- is that what is first on his agenda? >> that is one of the things we've been told here. not a big surprise given what was central to the trump campaign. that was a big part of it. securing the border, dealing
12:29 pm
with immigration in a different way. that would obviously be at the top of the priority list for the president, as a new president doing things he cares about and also from the political side. these were big things that helped get him elected. it is sending a message for him to start off with those sorts of things. >> shepard: john roberts, do we know if during this process tomorrow the signings that we'll have coverage of this sort of thing and explanations of what it is exactly that the new president is doing in the way of executive orders on day one? >> we'll get explanations. probably not coverage. this will all take place in the oval office. here's what i understand. trump's staff has put together two piles of executive orders. they know what is in them. some which he will sign friday, which may have to do with the process of taking over the reins of power and leaving some of the
12:30 pm
media policy oriented things until monday. but it is true that border security, strong borders will be one of the first things that he will sign an executive order for. may sign something on isis as well and something on obamacare. they need to get him down here and present him with these two baskets of executive orders to say exactly what sequence do you want these to go in. those are decisions that they may not make until tomorrow after he gets back to the white house following the parade. it's likely we'll get a couple or three, maybe as many as 5 executive orders friday. the real policy stuff won't happen until monday. >> we hear the sirens in the background. i believe those are at your location. i'm told the motorcade arrived at arlington. jennifer griffin for the incoming president, changes made as recently as the last few hours as president obama has removed more prisoners from
12:31 pm
guantanamo bay and sent a letter to congress on gitmo saying there's no justification beyond politics to keeping the detainees there and the prison open. >> it's interesting you bring it up. we just learned that the final four prisoners from guantanamo bay that are being released by president obama as he tries to whittle down the population at guantanamo bay have arrived in the united arab emirates. we know there's about 41 prisoners left at guantanamo bay. he sent this letter to capitol hill. another plea. one of his last acts of president asking that they consider closing the detention facility at guantanamo bay. he was not able to do so as president. it was one of the first things that he vowed to do when he became president and took his oath of office in january of 2009. but he was stymied at every
12:32 pm
turn. congress set laws in place that did not allow him to close the detention facility. there's been some controversial releases. in fact, his own pentagon has pushed back on some of those releases. of the 41 who are left at guantanamo bay, most of them are considered too dangerous to release. at the same time, there's not a legal process in place that would allow them to hold them indefinitely. shepard? >> shepard: thanks, jennifer, john and ed. the president-elect and his family and others have arrived. the laying of the wreath is beginning at arlington.
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>> shepard: the laying of the wreath at arlington national cemetery for the incoming president, the incoming vice president, the incoming first family of the united states of america. a powerful moment every time this has happened in my lifetime. certainly incredibly so today. the president and the president-elect the laying
12:43 pm
of the wreath, taps for the unknowns, 400,000 people and strikingly beautiful the first family watching along. ed henry, america and the rest of the world, it now feels the transition is truly underway and the first real activity of the inauguration has just been completed. >> you're absolutely right, shep. how solemn that you hear taps, that yes, donald trump will be the next commander-in-chief less than 24 hours behind us here. i just learned that earlier when you were listening to the music behind me, that was the marine band practicing, rehearsing for tomorrow. so despite all of the ranker and
12:44 pm
acrimony ahead of the swearing in, folks that may be here, may not be here, the marine band will be there and all of those folks coming together, a reminder this is still a nation at war. donald trump is taking over at still a very volatile time all around the world. a moment ago while that played out at arlington behind me, the senate democratic leader, chuck schumer sparring with donald trump has been practicing his remarks. it appears he will speak right before vice president-elect pence is administered the oath of office. i heard some of chuck schumer's remarks. while it's been partisan back and forth, his remarks tomorrow will be looking forward and talking about his confidence in the american people and that at a time of deep division in this country, maybe there's a chance now to come together, shep. >> shepard: certainly for the next hours and for the next
12:45 pm
1 1/2 days or so, historians remind us and loved ones as well that this is not about a man or a family or a party or politics. this is about the enduring symbol of this nation and the peaceful transition of the power that is truly the envy of the world. there's no where else on the planet that ceremonies take place of this kind with this sort of regularity and considering all that the nation has been through, the high level of political drama and ranker the past 1 1/2 years to come to this moment and this solemn ceremony, which has been repeated countless times and the new first family coming in. imagine the feelings of melania and ivanka and the rest of the family there and vice president-elect pence and his family, future president. just a moment of extreme solemnity and the remembrance
12:46 pm
that the world is so much bigger than this moment and the united states is embroiled in so many high-level conflicts that the rest of the world depends on and the men that will lead us through the difficult and trying times ahead with the best of america and the world at heart have just come there to have this striking moment before the world. jennifer griffin is one who has covered the pentagon and been a foreign correspondent in israel and beyond. it's a scene that we've seen played out time and time again. but it's -- each time it's like nothing ever. >> absolutely, shepard. in fact, there's no greater symbol for the weight of what president-elect trump is about to embark on. as ed henry mentioned at 12:01 tomorrow, he will be the commander-in-chief of troops already serving in battle. you have more than 8,500 troops committed to afghanistan. more than 6,000 in iraq, along with 500 more in syria.
12:47 pm
just moments ago, we learned that b2 bombers have been sent from whiteman air force base. this incoming president will inherit two wars. he will commit men and women to battle, men and women of the 1.5 million who serve in the u.s. armed forces under his command, will die in battle. that is a huge weight. so the beginning of this transition of power, this peaceful transition of power happening at arlington national cemetery. the weight of the responsibility is bound to have been felt by the first family and the president-elect and the vice president-elect. you saw it on their faces. it was a very solemn ceremony and the beginning of very important next 24 hours as we -- this peaceful transition of
12:48 pm
power takes place, shepard. >> shepard: not a man who is unaccustomed to big moment and glaring cameras and light. yesterday as he stood there, occasionally taking deep breaths, hand on heart. he was in a position so many have been before. it haas been described to us as previous presidents how that moment really solidifies where you are in life, the important of your role and how much bigger the presidency is than you or anyone else who has come before you. john roberts will be our chief white house correspondent. the day is just beginning for the first family to be. the president-elect and the rest have a very busy schedule today, john. >> it will seem like a whirlwind when it's over tomorrow evening and all the balls are done. from here a concert. tomorrow morning they have the traditional coffee. they go to church as well. the inauguration. the parade and then the balls and everything. obviously, the defense of this
12:49 pm
nation is the prime directive of the president of the united states. as jennifer pointing out, committing men and women into battle in harm's way is the most solemn duty the leader of this country has. there's a lot of domestic policy involved as well. donald trump in his speech tomorrow will talk about that. we're told the inaugural address that he will give is a philosophical document where he will talk at length about what the role of the government should be in people's lives. he will describe himself as the president of all americans. in his speech that is leaning toward this idea of america first, he will talk about jobs, talk about the economy. it's interesting when you see the results of the new fox news poll coming out tonight how people are feeling whether or not the economy will be better under donald trump. we'll bring you those statistics later on. big questions about whether or not he can work with paul ryan. at the luncheon at the trump international hotel, he said where is paul?
12:50 pm
he said i'm really beginning to love this guy. i want to tell the world what we're going to do together. so a real bromance budding between paul ryan and donald trump, which is particularly interesting given the bit of ranker of the two of them from the election campaign. one other questions, which is on the back burner, what is donald trump going to do with the 757 that he flew around the country in. now he will be flying on military aircraft. i'm told by the trump organization, they vice president decided what to do, but they could have it for malania or he could sell it. we'll find out. >> it will be a popular item on the auction block. john roberts, thanks so much. john glenn is my executive producer. we'll have all the new polls, fascinating information from you the american people tonight on a special report with bret baier.
12:51 pm
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>> shepard: six minutes to the top of the hour. first, a couple more president-elect donald trump cabinet picks on capitol hill today. a senate committee hearing testimony from former texas governor rick perry. he's donald trump's nominee to lead the department of energy. even though he once said he wanted to get rid of it. of course he forgot it was one of the agencies on his hit list in 2011. former governor perry said he changed his mind about shutting down the energy department. today the hearing for trump's pick for treasury secretary. that got a bit heated.
12:55 pm
>> i have a valium pill here that you might want to talk before the second round. >> can't quite believe that you would say that to a distinguished senator from oregon. >> i said that to the president of the united states. >> perhaps you did. i would hope that that doesn't set the tone for the session. mr. chairman, i sit -- >> i have the time, please. >> this is outrageous. >> listen -- >> i don't know about outrageous, but i think a little pin trick of humor might help this committee. >> shepard: well, this was at the hearing for the former banker, steve mnuchin. mike emanuel with more. committee members asked mnuchin about his underreporting of his wealth. we're led to believe that by some sort of accident he underreported his wealth on one set of documents, may have been a clerical error by $100 million. >> that's right. democratic senators asked about a memo they put out that steve
12:56 pm
mnuchin failed to disclose $95 million in real estate assets. mnuchin said he didn't initially understand the questionnaire. said he wasn't trying to hide anything. democratic senators said if he used a cayman islands entity to avoid paying taxes. >> as i said, the cayman entity was set up to accommodate nonprofit and pension funds that want to invest through offshore in a certain -- >> and you helped others avoid paying taxes. >> again, i'm not going to make -- again, they didn't devoid. they followed the law. >> and mnuchin said he looks forward to working with the irs to close the tax loop holes. shep? >> shepard: thanks, mike emanuel live on capitol hill. so much news ahead on this day. we've been truncating our schedule to bring you the live events without commercial intervention. but neil cavuto will kickoff at the top of the hour in a couple minutes when the clock strikes
12:57 pm
4:00 on the east coast. that's when the markets close. the dow is down. seems like george may have moved the market as little bit. we're all in the red. neil cavuto in your headlines three minutes away on fox news. ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage.
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>> neil: it is all about the peaceful transfer of power in this country. and it all seemed, that is, the protests, the controversies, all of that, to be a moot point moments ago in arlington national cemetery as the president-elect laid a wreath as so many of his predecessors have done at the tomb of the unknown soldier. no matter the


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