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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 20, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> it is january 20th, inauguration day. in ours donald trump will be sworn in as america's 45th president. >> the next commander-in-chief arriving at a warm welcome at the nations capital. you are watching and fairly addition of "fox and friends". abby: live fox news coverage of this historic day. we begin with elizabeth. >> after arriving in washington donald trump began a very packed day spending time with supporters at a lincoln and then to lincoln memorial conference before black-tie event at the capital for political donors. his message on the campaign as
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his message now. >> but that last months of the campaign, we knew that something special was happening. i called it the forgotten man and the forgotten woman. you are not forgotten anymore. abby: there were emotional moments which you can see donald trump and mike pence and their family during the brief ceremony at the 2 of the unknowns. the reality of the change in leadership coming to fruition, he reflected on his time serving those in indiana. >> an oath of office not just to serve indiana but our entire nation, the vice president of the united states of america serving alongside a new president who i know will make america great again. >> we heard from the future
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first lady, she took the stage during the luncheon yesterday and said there is a lot of responsibility going forward. >> thanks to all for your support and tomorrow we start the work. we will make america great again. >> the schedule is packed to the minute. family members and members of congress arrived on the hill early, we will see the vice president and the president-elect when the justices are announced and the first family and vice president joe biden and his family. donald trump will take the oath of office and deliver his inaugural address, celebrations, parades and evening balls will take place. abby: a busy day ahead.
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armed from the streets to the sky washington dc is on lockdown, 30,000 law enforcement official stand guard. good morning. >> when he cups quick to see every member of the secret service on duty in washington dc to make sure all the places the transfer of power happens and is celebrated stay safe. >> we are reevaluating ourselves even with a plan in place. we encourage people to start over again. it is a constant battle of making sure we stayed in front of the intelligence we hear but also any new threats that may be out there. >> there were a few minutes of chaos as protesters fired a smoke device they thought to cause problems outside the national press club where
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visiting trump gatherers, they moved in before there were major issues. the focus shifts to this one because certain groups are trying to block entrances and cause other disturbances. there are final security sweeps underway. in addition to the agents and officers there are cybersecurity concerns with special edition on the digital system the first family will be celebrating the transfer of power today, several hundred law-enforcement officers from multiple agencies, state and federal showing up by the busload over the last couple hours. there are some trump supporters now filing in, the one thing everyone is most concerned about on this day of celebration is the weather. standing a few feet away the
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rain is not going to come until 9:30 or 10:00. two hours before swearing-in it will seem steady until the parade. >> if it does rain it is proof he has real hair. we will see. a lot of jokes last night and a busy day ahead, jampacked day when president trump and president-elect pence, a private service, they head to the white house. inauguration services start at 11:00 am, that is when mister trump and mister pence will be sworn in. it starts at 2:30 and at 7:00 the new commander-in-chief and vp will attend the liberty and freedom ball. >> how can our soon to be president promote unity in his
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address to the american people? joining us democratic strategist and republican strategist ashley pratt. thank you for joining us. here we go. what would you expect to hear from the president? >> he needs to make that switch we have been saying all along candidate to president of the united states. the campaign rally was gained from the president-elect and needs to be one of unity, and a lot of rhetoric that may be offended a lot of people, at this point he needs to talk why his agenda matters. and reduce the economic burdens and regulations americans faced.
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>> looking at policy details. did you get any indication, what may be coming today. >> you take a first impression, you think everybody knows donald trump but there are 125 million americans eligible to vote who didn't vote for either one of these people who will be watching get some level before hearing what his vision is. she took the right steps with the remarks he made yesterday and it is important as a country that as a is divided as we are where half of the country didn't vote that they have faith in the commander-in-chief. we know he has a slogan, but he should be saying things that bring americans together with a lot of policies today. >> more difficult to do when all those democrats have decided they are not going to attend. >> all the democrats come from set districts where the majority
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of their rank-and-file voted for hillary clinton, i won't say they are for or against what they are doing for america but it is all about politics and that is what is wrong with it. abby: there is disagreement in the republican party itself so what can the president do to make his own party come together? >> a lot of angst subsided in the last week in washington dc, was offensive to a lot of people, things will change as we know it and that is not a bad thing. we have seen a lot of people known as establishment republicans joining rank and file with him and he is against bridges moving forward. now the bigger task is reaching across the aisle to those,
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democrats not showing up today isn't a good one because that doesn't help with the imagery of uniting the country which would be helpful but it is their choice to exercise that free will, he should reach across the aisle, those who did not vote for him and still feel some angst toward his presidency. >> it do as i say, not as i do and come together, thank you for joining us. have a great day. mister trump's address will set the tone for the new administration. send an email to and we will share those later in the show. >> the next president laying out and ambitious agenda. >> we will bring our jobs back, build up our great military,
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strengthen our borders. >> how much can he accomplish and a realistic timeline, that is next. you see this last night? social media going crazy over the inauguration performance. rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit.
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heather: live look at the united states capital, it is inauguration day. i don't know how anyone can not feel patriotic today. president-elect donald trump laying out a big agenda after this morning. >> we are going to build a wall. >> don't feel like waiting a year and a half. the judges will be pro-life. we are going to lower our business taxes. heather: how much can he get done in the first 30 days. thank you for joining us on this exciting day. a long list, obamacare, where
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should he begin. is it possible to get everything done he said he is going to get done for 30 days? >> not really. he has to populate a number of administrations. i know he has been ahead of schedule and naming the cabinet secretaries themselves, their are under secretaries, deputy secretaries in place for much to get done across the administration. planning a big event and can't get much done. at the lower levels at event planning. that is the first order of business, the administration with a number of jobs.
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>> and more names, and diane sykes, in the next few weeks. >> at the end of january, trying to get through a supreme court appointment. a massive political campaign in the obama administration, not over yet but almost. to oversee his pics, such a political campaign, and trump has named johnny distefano who has won a number of campaigns, and he will be the point person. and it can take months to get through a scotus pick because they had to go through a number
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-- unlike they have done for these cabinet secretaries. it will be harder process. heather: we have republicans, we heard a lot from them, the repeal and replace, dealing with immigration, tax reform. how do they get that done? >> integration and tax reform will take a backseat to obamacare, trump is backed into a corner because of the rhetoric we are hearing about obamacare and how fast to move on that. the replacement process, some people may be hoping for at this point. >> we will watch the first 100 days very closely, good to have you here this morning. first 100 days. the time is 17 minutes after the
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top of the hour and cnn is under fire for this outrageous comment. >> the day of the inauguration a cabinet secretary called the presidential successor, ready to step in. >> accused of inciting violence. >> we didn't need this job and yes, god answered all our prayers. >> actor john boyd shutting down the haters, the tone he set for inauguration day.
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heather: we are all kids in america. there is going to be a lot of activity. cnn is under fire after posing the question who will the next president be if something were to happen to the president-elect? abby: fox, what is trending.
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and unbelievable one. heather: last night, great night filled with fanfare and celebration if the country prepares for a peaceful transition of power, but cnn is being widely criticized for speculating what might happen if disaster strikes the inauguration in a controversial news segment. brian todd reporting obama cabinet member would become president if donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence were killed during today's ceremony. >> on the day of the inauguration as a precaution a compassionate secretary, the presidential successor, will not attend the inauguration, ready to step in if something happens but it won't be a trump cabinet secretary since none of them have been confirmed yet. it will be an obama appointee. heitkamp the report met with criticism, totally not suggesting anything here and i flagged this video as dangerous to the president-elect, it might
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ferment violence. heather: whose idea that was. i was stuck in the middle of this. abby: there are a lot of people in new york city around central park, some democrats still refuse to participate in the peaceful transition of power and new york city mayor bill diblasio led a celebrity infused protest against the president-elect outside trump hotel. >> donald trump always likes to say he built a movement. now it is time to build our movement. that starts tonight. >> we are all rooting for the new administration, to bend the ignorant, racist, misogynist
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plans. heather: poking fun of the president-elect by reading fake tweets, alec baldwin performed his saturday night live trump impersonation in an attempt to mark the president-elect. abby: john voigt was in his element yesterday. >> much of hollywood is boycotting. john voigt set a more peaceful town in his speech at the lincoln memorial inaugural concert. >> he certainly didn't need this job and yes, yes, god answered all our prayers. heather: anderson to be president trump the country will see a renewed america. how about that for a positive tone? abby: i love this, toby keith's performance, after all that talk, the man who stole the show last night was toby keith, a red
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solo cup and the favorite accessory across social media. toby keith drinking out of a solo cup, and the best thing i have seen and toby keith, and tweeting at donald trump, country music, veterans and follow, the american people at lincoln memorial. the official inauguration, a feeling toby keith will appreciate that. how much? >> it can't be that much. i love that. >> washington dc on lockdown. massive security force ready for
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anything from protests to drone attacks. >> donald trump promises to make america great again. live team coverage of the swearing in of our 45th president. you are watching "fox and friends". ♪ ♪ to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer.
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>> this would be the greatest loss in political history, not
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even modern political history. i outworked anybody who ever ran for office. they were saying you cannot get to 270. we got to 306. tomorrow we have a speech, probably around 12:00. it may rain, it may rot -- may not rain, i don't care, doesn't matter. the truth is if it really pours, that is okay because people will realize it is my real hair and that is okay. we are going to make america great again. thank you very much, everybody. ♪
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>> perfect song for this morning. and he will be the nation's commander in chief. >> you are watching "fox and friends". heather: we have live coverage of this historic day. abby: peter ducey with the protests expected today. we begin with elizabeth. >> president-elect donald trump arriving in dc, 24 hours before the oath of office today.
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there will be political donors. now the world is watching. >> i will see you tomorrow and i will be cheering you on. you are going to cheer me on but i will be cheering you on, because what we have done is so special. all over the world they are talking about, all over the world. >> there were solemn emotional moments, mister trump and family members attended a wreath ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. the reality of a change in leadership coming to fruition while mister pence reflected on serving indiana's people. >> normally i would not become boastful but when the next president of the united states tells you to do something you do it. here goes.
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>> we cut taxes every single year the last four years. >> we heard, from the future first lady and her family, gracefully took the stage during the luncheon. a lot of responsibility going forward. >> a lot of support, tomorrow, had a lot of disability to take care of. >> we will be watching family members, members of congress, the president-elect and joe biden. and donald trump will deliver his address to the nation where celebrations, parades and evening balls will take place.
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>> i loved melania's dress. watching from the streets to the sky, washington dc on lockdown is 30,000 law enforcement official stand guard. what we can expect today, a new reality when it comes to security. >> activities picking up with law enforcement officers and agents. the spot we are standing on, constitution avenue, the president-elect will become president on the national mall, and pennsylvania avenue past the international hotel where the group will be, a lot of this is here, the time they have taken to sweep this morning because they want to make sure they have everything on the biggest security event, creates special
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challenges in the same day, the same place every four years but every secret service agent is on duty later today for a parade, even though they have been playing for months there are things to worry about. >> making sure we stayed in front of the intelligence and any new emerging threats out there. >> last night some protesters trying to disrupt the deplorable ball thrown by trump supporters on the eve of his swearing-in, smoke devices, they had a somewhat testy exchange with law enforcement but it was mostly contained. that shows how much planning law enforcement officers and agencies have been doing.
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law-enforcement agencies, one thing they cannot plan for, janice dean at the intersection, the president-elect has been joking about the weather. >> will be a washout you will see rain in the forecast by 9:30, 10:00 and i will not see lightning with this but it will be steady rainfall. one thing they have done is allowed umbrellas, if you are coming to the mall you can bring umbrellas as long as they are not.your longer than 18 inches. that is a new development. 48 degrees, and that is what people are talking about. i will make sure the rain stays
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off until "fox and friends" is over. that is a big deal and president-elect trump saying you can see if my hair is real if it is raining today. >> it will be a special day. thank you. >> with madame president, 38 after the hour. one by one mister trump's cabinet picks facing off against democrats but 0 confirmations. >> there is no excuse for the delay tactics and partisanship exhibited by democrats. abby: team trump versus senate democrats, canadian real these nominations, fair and balanced debate up next.
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heather: a little toby keith to get you in the spirit was a big day today. mister trump's incoming cabinet members getting grilled on capitol hill, fighting back. >> if there was ever a group of cabinet nominees that cry out
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for rigorous scrutiny, it is this one. president-elect's cabinet is a swamp cabinet. heather: they accuse democrats of intentionally stalling cabinet nominations. good morning to you guys, good to be back with us. you compared this to eight years ago the very day president obama had seven cabinet picks that were confirmed. mister trump looking at 0. what do you make of that? >> this is a way for democrats who are angry and upset with this election to have their final protest. that being said they are disrupting the continuity of government as incoming white house press secretary sean spicer said yesterday. this is a partisan game, they know they can stand and ask their questions and grandstand. senator warren was out of line
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in her hearing, found their comments offensively time for the vetting of nominations, at one point this is gun too far. the hardest one to get appointed and nominated, republicans face of anxiety, these pics should be a sure thing, they have been well vetted and they are holding up progress and doing it as their final protest. heather: this is how it works but if you have questions or concerns, republican or democrat by all means ask those all-important questions and we have seen that play out but watching someone who runs the cia being questions about his thoughts on climate change makes you wonder how much of this is concerns with them and how much is because mister trump picked them. >> they should be fully vetted and that is what is happening but there are a lot of politics involved. democrats don't have a lot of power, we don't have control of
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any part of the government so this is the last chance for democrats to have a say and ask those questions and remember it is a lot of politics, we are in washington dc. a lot of senators who are asking questions want to run for president four years with you like or not at this is a way for them to be tough on donald trump, right, wrong or indifferent, republicans have the vote and can call the votes, we should never be grandstanding, fully vetted at any cost. heitkamp so much is politics, look at those being targeted, senator jeff sessions for attorney general, how do you see this playing out in the next few days and weeks? will they have a hard time getting through or ultimately all of them passing? >> ultimately they all passed, the only question is rex tillerson, there is anxiety with
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republicans as well given his ties to russia and his answers to those questions but i think many of these cabinet picks will get through. the one i did not understand the other day was betsy divorce's hearing, has a record of being a champion on school choice which is something the left does love to hate but it the same time to hold her hostage on that situation and be as offensive as they were with their questioning i found bothersome in a lot of ways because they are holding up the continuity of government. regardless who is the president of the united states it is their to confirm these hearings by the administration. >> a lot of politics we have to put to the side of these things. what donald trump appointed a lot of these people, some of them have government records but most are new to the system. there's a lot of questions. >> been carson? >> nikki haley didn't know what
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some of these were. let's not hold it because of the democracy, we should move forward. of the 20 we can all agree on moving forward. heather: nikki haley has done a lot of business overseas. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour, probably his most coveted campaign promise. >> we are going to build a wall. don't feel like waiting a year and a half, we are going to start building. heather: president-elect trump promising to protect the homeland as he meets with cia officials this weekend was our next guest, national security experts as his first 100 days are crucial. ♪
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heather: the fun just getting started. donald trump pledging to get to work as soon as he takes office. >> promise you that i will work
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so hard, we will get it turn around, bring our jobs back, we are not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. we will build up our great military, we are going to build it up, strengthen our borders. it is going to change, i promise you, it is going to change. >> what should his first priority be as commander in chief? national security council staff under george w. bush and president obama joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> very big day. we heard the president-elect speak about the middle east, israel, russia, finding common ground, guantánamo band isis. sounds like he plans to tackle all of it. where should he begin? >> he will hit the ground running. arguably he will face the most
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dynamic foreign-policy environment of any president in recent history, really important bilateral relationships the united states has. because of this, something people don't think about is the first really important step to take before we can project strength and improve relationships we need to get our own house of cards in order. he needs to rally national security team together and get everybody on the same page. >> how does he do that were not everyone is on the same page when it comes to dealing with vladimir putin, and another group says this is not the way, got to do it this way. >> also a divide between the political appointees, working with him through the nomination process and civil servants who use the national security council, the white house and
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other offices get them all together. the best way to do that is to foster communication. make sure his agenda is crystal clear, 2 point out this is what the obama administration wanted to do, now we are pivoting and also make sure everybody knows their new roles and responsibilities, these two things are key to getting policy right. he wants to get on board with his agenda and help execute it around the globe, you have to be crystal clear about what their objectives are. heitkamp heather: an area where people don't agree what he should do with nato. >> my best guess on what he will do during the first hundred days is get some counsel from senior advisers at the white house and
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cabinet picks. we heard some testimony that general jim matus and rex tillerson are in favor of maintaining a strong engagement with nato. i agree with them. they are going to help him understand and see the value aside from the bottom line, financial contributions they made, the idea of collective security and defense so i bet if i was a betting gal we will see a shift from president trump. >> and joy today, thank you. a much more to come on this historic inauguration day. hope on the horizon is donald trump promises to make america great again, live team coverage continues live from dc up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> that was some big victory. trs never been a movement like this.
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the forgotten men and the forgotten women, well, you're not forgotten anymore. there's never been a cabinet like this. i'm very proud of my picks. it may rain or may not rain, i don't care, it doesn't matter. if it really pours that's okay because people will realize it's my real hair, that's okay. we are going to make america great again and i will add, greater than ever before. ♪ ♪ ♪ heather: friday janua


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