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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 20, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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♪ ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you and defend her still today ♪ 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ sing it ♪ god bless the u.s.a. steve: the best part of the concert. ainsley: it always is emotional for me, at least. steve: and for donald trump
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because he started singing live from the lincoln memorial last night. now let's come out live to the national mall here in washington, d.c. where, as you can see from the timer, we're just a little under six hours until donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states of america. a day that a lot of people have waited a long time for. brian: just to say, ainsley, as toby keith was great he loved greenwood. went over the top on that. the president-elect about to be president, when you see shots like that. when you see the majesty of washington, d.c., i think to a degree that donald trump can. it's almost overwhelming. less about the job. when you see what this country represents because he is so fundamentally operate i can and wher --patriotically. he is embracing this moment. steve: he is a real estate guy and is he a builder. this is the most valuable real estate figuratively and actually in the whole wide world. and that's where he is going to be living in the white house just about a half a mile
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from where we are sitting right now. ainsley: you think about the history. the number of presidents that have stood back here and been sworn in. ainsley: is he using the lincoln bible. and mike pence is using his mother's bible u you these are historic figures and great mentors to all of us. brian: big religious component to the ceremonies today. donald trump made sure of that. here is the way it's going to follow along if you want to run down. i know donald trump such right now and i imagine watching. if you want us to check your schedule see if we have the same one, mr. president. at 8:30 the service at saint john's episcopal church. at 9:30 there will be a moment we probably won't see will be electric. it will be the obamas and the trumps at the white house for tea. evidently their initial meeting went swimmingly. steve: absolutely. since then the trumps have had only nice things to say about the obamas. ainsley: they have. ivanka talked to michelle obamama.
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it was supposed to be a 10 or 15 minute conversation and ended up being hour long conversation. steve: music will start at 9:30 this morning at the capitol and the swearing in festivities start at 11:30 and conclude one hour later. brian: in attendance, george w. bush it will be great to see him. in atten kansas will be bill clinton and jimmy carter who took the normal commercial flight yesterday and he shook everybody's hand on the plane. steve: great. brian: first expresident to rsvp. we have not seen much of jimmy carter the last eight years he will be here today. ainsley: hillary clinton will be here. wasn't happy with the election results of course she wasn't running against donald trump. for her to be here i thought was a nice gesture. steve: one of the most exclusive tickets for the inauguration was last night. it was really hard to get tickets for a lot of people in washington, d.c. because i know people who were trying to scramble and get some. it was over at union station the amtrak hub just about a mile from where we are sitting
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right now. here is some of donald trump. he addressed the crowd. recapped parts of the election and election night and look forward to, perhaps the rain later today. >> they predicted that this would be the greatest loss in political history, not even modern political history. i have outworked everybody. i think i outworked nibble who ever ran for office. they cancelled their fireworks two weeks out. if you're going to lose, you don't want fireworks, right? [laughter] come here, kellyanne. wow. there is no den she won't go into. when my men are petrified to go on a certain network, i say kellyanne, would you do it? absolutely, no problem. then she gets on and she just destroys them. so anyway, thank you, baby. thank you. tomorrow, we have a speech, probably around 12:00. it may rain, it may not rain. i don't care.
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doesn't matter. i mean, the truth is if it really pours, that's okay. because people will realize it's my real hair and that's okay. [laughter] we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. ainsley: he is so funny. donald trump will be donald trump and that's what corey lewandowski always told him don't change who you are. steve: people love you. don't change anything. last night you saw him. he was looking to the future. he was recapping the past. had some actions to grind. she is going to be on our show. brian: i thought the speech at the lincoln memorial was really good. i thought that was a fun night that somebody hosted. reminds me of something he dose on a regular basis because he does a lot of fund raisers for people. reminded me of a typical fundraiser when there are no cameras around and a lot of
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people said more formal and prepared remarks. more presidential. that wasn't the formate of the night. this was a way to salute, thank you and get ready to set the table for today. i think today is going to be a very -- it's going to be full of news-making lines. i think it's going to set the tone. one thing is pretty clear. he was lauded the way -- the content of the speech he made after winning. i think this address today will be looked at the same way. steve: i would look for soaring rhetoric today at the west face of the capitol. last night though it was all about bringing the country together after a very long campaign. so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger. i'm just the messenger. and we were tired. >> we love you. >> and i love you.
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believe me, i love you. we all got tired of seeing what was happening. and we wanted change, but we wanted real change. but we're going to make america great for all of our people, everybody. everybody throughout our country. that includes the inner cities. that includes everybody. and we're going to do a special job on the campaign i called it the forgotten man and the forgotten woman. well, you're not forgotten anymore. that, i can tell you. [cheers] >> i will see you tomorrow and i'm going to be cheering you on. you're going to cheer me on, but i'm going to be cheering you on because what we've done is so special. all over the world they're talking about it. all over the world. and i love you, folks. and we're going to work together and we are going to make america great again, and
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i will add: greater than ever before. steve: that's great. brian: there is a tremendous sense of positivity in the streets because of donald trump there are so many people -- i don't know the tourist interview across the country that are here today. ainsley: i know. it's amazing. brian: arkansas, texas, indiana. ainsley: lots of californians on last night. from florida. steve: i went up to capitol hill and had lunch with my daughter yesterday i got two things, hey, peter. that was funny. number two how is your throat? my throat is better today. i had it fixed up for history in the making less than six hours from now. brian: meanwhile, there were protests out there yesterday. steve: a lot of people wound up with sore throats because they were screaming. ainsley: probably. so we ran into a few protesters last night but it was really bad in some areas. griff jenkins was affected by it you saw pete was out in the middle of all of that people throwing things at them.
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geraldo almost got decked with an egg last night. brian: yesterday example how bad it is, how bad it became. here is griff jenkins with a very special and unique protester. >> in fact this young man, you were participating in the fire. what's your name. >> my name is carter and i actually kind of started the fire. >> why did you start that fire carter. >> i'm sorry, why did you start that fire. >> because i felt like it and i'm just saying [bleep] our president. >> well, there you have it. steve: that summarizes it. there. brian: there is your juvenile delinquent. maybe is he getting an earlier start. steve: it's his opinion. doesn't seem appropriate. certainly not unifying. brian: hard to seat other side. that is so ridiculous and inappropriate. can you imagine how embarrassed any parent who might be sober or hung over. ainsley: there with his parent, brian. it's in the middle of the night. he should be sleeping, probably. he is up starting fires at a protest.
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i'm sure his parents are there with him. steve: what that is right there there was the deplorables during the campaign. those were people who supported trump. there was a deplorable fall last night over at the press club about three quarters of a mile sitting here. you had the pro-trump people going. in the anti-trump people outside trying to cause problems there was pepper spray. a little melee but none the less for the most party, it was a successful events. and i'm sure the protesters would say they got their word out as well because we sent pete hegseth in and, you know, they yelled at him. ainsley: yeah. donald trump saying give me chance. wait a few years. let me get things rolling before you start acting like this. let me prove myself. brian: meanwhile, coming up shortly, kellyanne conway is going to be joining us in about 15 minutes. she has he a lot too do but she will be coming here and talking to us before the inaugural officially get her job. one thing i have got to ask you. it's got to be a little discouraging that congress
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seems to be slow walking the astronaut -- the senate seems to be slow walking a lot of these nominees. so important to get the bulk of your team in place. they're just not pushing them forward. they put the hearing dates up. but they can't get the votes. steve: here's the thing. yesterday we were told. we read that apparently three of the president-elect's picks would be confirmed by the senate by the end of the day. it looks like that is not going to happen. i. ainsley: kelly, mattis and pompeo. steve: which one may drop out? you you. ainsley: seven confirmed on the day that president obama was in office. there were seven when george w. bush was in office. steve: three with bill clinton. ainsley: they don't want donald trump to get three. they want two or fewer. steve: that could be breaking news later on today. ainsley: all right. secret sifs keeping d.c. on lockdown. we know it took us a long time to get here. steve: it did. ainsley: they are doing a lot to keep the president and all of us safe. brian: peter doocy is live with the security press.
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peter? >> and there has been a little bit of a delay, but we just watched as tsa agents stand out and put on blue latex gloves. they're about to let the first visitors to the next president's inauguration onto the national mall. we're going to try to talk to the first person through the gates next. ♪ got the red, white, blue flying high ♪ got tattoo ♪ won't buy nothing he can't fix ♪ he ain't president ♪ he's just made in america ♪
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. ainsley: good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends." quick headlines to bring you. in just a few hours a notorious drug lord el chapo guzman will arrive in the united states. he arrived in the greats mexico last night. he faces charges in six states and life in prison. president obama using final hours in power writing to congress slamming them for failing to close gitmo. this as final four terror transfers arrive in the uae and saudi arabia. he released 14 prisoners in the past week along. 41 detainees now remain at the camp. and your prayers are working that from former president george w. bush. he posted that union line. his parents, former president
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george h.w. bush and first lady barbara bush are on the upswing. both were hospitalized for respiratory problems but they are both getting better. weesh happy to report. see you soon. ainsley: that's wonderful news. steve: it absolutely is armed and ready from the states to the sky washington, d.c. on complete lockdown. bracing for any possibility as protesters plan to disrupt the swearing in of our next commander and chief. that's what they would like to do. there are a lot of people that want to stop them. ainsley: i hope that doesn't happen. peter doocy is live on the national mall with the security setup out there. hey, peter. >> hey, ainsley and everybody. they have 8-foot fence. there are 12 checkpoints that people who want to see the next president get sworn in come through. this was one that was supposed to open 15 minutes ago it seems like they might be letting people in any second the tsa has all fanned out. if you look on the other side of security fences there is a
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big crush of people like here and then it looks like it extends down past this tent. a couple hundred people all bundled up waiting to get inside. they will go through some airport style security here. and then they will get. in whoever these people are will be the first ones on the mall for mr. trump's inauguration because so far the only people that we have seen here are law enforcement and vendors. and something that we just overheard on our walk down over here was vendors getting an instruction by their manager that if things get violent here, their instruction is to evacuate basically leave whatever t-shirts or food or other merchandise they are selling behind just abandon it. escape the grounds of the national mall through the sculpture garden and seek shelter in one of the smithsonian museums which these vendors are now being told will open up in the event of some kind of a calamity on the mall. that is something we had not heard before, but that is
3:19 am
something that she's vendors are being told still in the dark as they wait for people to come in. hopefully we should be able to talk to some folks here any minute by the time that the fence is open. back to you. steve: just to be told the vendors were told to leave the t-shirts right where they were by the police or the vendor company? >> this was by the vendor company who came out. steve: okay. >> telling a group of several dozen vendors that they have their backing, the bosses aren't going to be mad if they leave merchandise and cash behind to go and protect themselves. but it was a dire warning that these people were getting and everybody was taking it very seriously before they headed off to tents that are lining the mall here. steve: all right. ainsley: nowadays, peter, when you go anywhere you are looking for the exits and always vigilant. see something, say something. it never used to be like that. nowadays if you go anywhere in a big crowd, you have to be vigilant. be safe.
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steve: thank you very much. brian: we probably won't be seeing another tweet like this for a very long time. or will we? the secret service just confiscated our next president's smart phone? is that true? steve: uh-oh. brian: ed henry is here to talk about that. ainsley: protesters here to disrupt the transition of power. a debate you won't see anywhere else. brian: start walking now. ♪ living in america ♪ ♪
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brian just hours left until the next president takes the oath of office. we will be covering it live. those boycotting the election about 70 as democrats stick with the mission to disrupt the peaceful transition of power, perhaps. so will donald trump be able to overcome this opposition when it comes to doing work? steve: let's have a fair and balanced debate. intel analyst former state department press officer morgan ortega and richard fowler. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: almost 70 democrats say they are not going to do it for a variety of reasons. this is the day we are all supposed to be together. it's one thing if you don't think the guy is legitimate. but if it's just like eh i don't like the way he talked to people. isn't this the one day everybody should be on the same stage. >> for some reason i think you are right. everybody should be together. what we have seen from the trump administration is not really trying to work across the aisle with democrats. steve: they haven't even started. >> no, wait a minute. i will give you example because i did research last night. this is the first president
3:25 am
not to have a democrat in his cabinet or something from the opposing party from miss cabinet. barack obama had two republicans in his cabinet. george w. bush had -- cabinet transition secretary. clinton had republicans in his cabinet. donald trump has not shown any willingness to work across the aisle. put a democrat in your cabinet. brian: gone to the hill almost every other day and met with democratic leaders a week ago. ainsley: yeah. >> beyond that the whole idea when a president wins the inauguration. that means other party is in power. the olive branch is always offering somebody a cabinet position saying i'm willing to work with you guys i quote unquote believe in bipartisan. steve: a cording to a lot of republicans donald trump was a democrat back in the day so he would qualify. >> i guess. >> but he is not putting in career politicians for the most part into these positions. if you look at steve mnuchin. will ba was. especially the generals. i don't think you can call the
3:26 am
generals republicans. nonpartisan serving the government 30, 40 years. he has definitely put in a few members of congress but he has put in more businessmen and women and generals instead of career politicians into the office. let him get inaugurated at noon today and let's give him a chance. ainsley: he has been meeting at trump tower with a lot of democrats. >> absolutely. ainsley: listened to their opinions. you think he is tone deaf especially when it comes to the discussion of race. >> don't get me wrong. i don't think donald trump is a racist at all. i think there are people on both sides of the aisle that we have issues with. but i do feel as though putting an olive branch out to the african-american community beyond just meeting with a couple of celebrities or meeting with steve harvey, go to detroit. go to chicago have. a town hall. have a conversation. if you really want to make america great again and you want to fix america's inner cities. then since being elected president go there. visit them. brian: is he rolling out a major inner city program at major event yesterday michael cohen is there one of his key
3:27 am
aides with jim brown heading it up already been in existence for 20 years. real quick, setting symbolism aside no matter where ho he hired do you think they will be able to work together. >> i think donald trump will find democrats who will vote for freezing rain structure bill. he has proposed a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. his problem won't be democrats on this. the problem is going to be the fiscal hawk republicans who are not will to pass a trillion-dollar freezing rain structure bill. i have think it's a great idea. government spending i believe is great. investing in america's people is great. he is going to have a problem with conservative republicans on the house who don't want to run up the quote, unquote deficit. >> two things not just the freezing rain structure bill 2018 senate democrats up in state that went for trump is very high. if all guys well, the 2018 race, congressional races look positive. i actually think and most presidents the first two years is really an opportunity to get something big done. you have seen that oboth in bush and obama presidencies. on top of that when you need to get 60 votes in the senate
3:28 am
for. so mainly tax reform bills for questioning station. brian brian have you got to replace it with 60 votes. >> if you are going to do that be in a position where you have so many senate democrats that quite frankly are worried about their 2018 races. it's a apostolic landscape for him. >> sure. i have think he is still going to require him doing some work across the aisle. four or five democrats that he can turn to. steve: i think he wants to deal with democrats. >> which president obama did not do. >> i don't know if that's true. i think. >.>> susan collins main republican and thanks to her we got the stimulus package. >> that's one in eight years. glowvment. steve: whawhat about the affordable care act. >> wouldn't work with him. steve: great debate. thank you very much. next up on inauguration day, democrats have been freaking out about about this for more than a year asking what will happen when donald trump gets the nuclear codes? well, today, president-elect donald trump becomes president
3:29 am
and he gets the nuclear codes. carl cameron is going to figure out what happens next coming up. ainsley: why did the secret service just confiscate the president-elect's smart phone? ed henry has all the details next. brian: painful. ♪ i've been running hot ♪ got me you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh)
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♪ a life that's full i traveled each and every highway ♪ and more. brian: it's going to take about five hours to switch out one family and put another family in. that would be video i would love to see. and, man, those guys and those women, whoever is doing it, underappreciated. almost like they should be
3:33 am
working pit crew. ainsley: a new man in town to moves in there tonight. when i interviewed him the other day he said they are going to have a slumber party tonight. big tradition to invite all of their kids and grand kids to spend the night in the white house for the first time. steve: obamas are officially out. all they have got right now because they have moved all their stuff to calarama they have toothbrushes and bed they slept on. put on their clothes, go into the capitol and go on vacation. brian brian just when i walked into the hyatt we got toothbrushes and toothpaste. >> steve: steve you are revealing where we are staying. brian: hypothetically. i have news for you everybody knows we are there. ainsley: true. brian: one point of reference. you are watching a 100 percent caffeine free telecast because it was -- because of the security sweep, they still have not made the coffee here. i just checked a second ago. there is no coffee.
3:34 am
we hope to have coffee and caffeine within the next half hour. ainsley: i had apple in the book. they said you are not allowed to bring food in here. brian: hungry. that's the new rule. ainsley: people camping out there. they want to be the first ones in. one woman said she went and bought long johns because they were leaving the restaurant to get a front row seat. steve: they kept the apple. all parts of things can you and cannot bring. in ed henry is over yonder behind us. you have seen a lot of the security in your day, but i'm sure this rivals anything you have ever seen. >> it certainly does. and fox news has just obtained the actual threat assessment from the department of home land security. 10-page document that lists all of the big picture threats that they're worried about from al qaeda to isis and all kinds of groups in between. big picture headline here is they say inside the administration that there is no specific, credible threat
3:35 am
to this inaugural, but they are obviously, they have intense security footprint as you see from your vantage point. i can see it here from the west front of the capitol just behind me, obviously is, where donald trump will be sworn in just around noon eastern time. i will note that this threat assessment adds that they are still very concerned about the so-called lone wolf, what we saw in germany with the truck bomber. that kind of situation. nobody wants to alarm the public, but these law enforcement officials want to put out these assessments to make sure everyone knows that they are very much on guard, guys. brian: no doubt about it anyone think there is a threat out there. they haven't walked around. there is good to know there is nothing specific. i always heard they are really concerned about the truck after what they saw what happened in niche, france. they are concerned about the vehicle which i don't know how you stop trucks on streets. lined up in the vicinity around the capitol 2, 3, 4
3:36 am
deep. a mix of tour buses and cement trucks. when we were coming in with our crew this morning about 3:30 a.m. eastern time. in almost every block ringing in the capitol, cars, trucks buses deep. that is almost one of many defensive measures they have in place. there is all kinds of other measures and other measures we wouldn't want to talk about anyway. steve: sure. ainsley: ed henry live for us. in your point, brian, when why were come in. we had to walk a long way. steve: we did. ainsley: if somebody did try to get through with a van or a truck, they want enough time to stop him before he can even get close to where the president would be. steve: to ed's point they have buses and sand trucks. ainsley: cement barriers i saw those. steve: then they have the iron curtain. 10-foot tall iron fence steel fence, steel or iron fence. i didn't do met lure jik test on it.
3:37 am
ainsley: it's a fence. steve: then you have the barriers. in addition to the uniformed officers. i was walking around yesterday throughout the parade grounds. ainsley: hear the helicopter? steve: park service right there. there are hundreds of undercover cops who are going to mix in with the people who are here gist to make sure everything goes according to schedule. brian: one of the most painful things for barack obama in 2000 when i was senator to become president they took away his blackberry he said listen, i need it. that's how i keep in touch with people. they gave him a small blackberry that was just you can only talk to certain amount of people with all these restriction its. it was a big story back then. ainsley: i remember that. brian: now a bigger story that donald trump has to give up his iphone. ainsley: especially everything we had to talk about with hillary clinton and her devices and issues. yeah, he had to give up his android. secret service replaced it with a secured encrypted device that was approved by the secret service so that you
3:38 am
can't hack into it. steve: that's joust it. if you have an unprotected, nonsecret service device, somebody could hack into it. they just don't want donald trump walking around with cell phone in his pocket where his friends in the kremlin can just tap in and listen. what's he saying? turn on the cam rand any of that other stuff. brian: cell phone personal thing now he has to get a new case that's a pain in the neck with all the new things. just like us do you have a little thing on the back of the cell phone for his credit cards. dolls he have to run and get another one of those pocket things. ainsley: save all of those numbers. notorious for hearing pic up the phone and call them immediately like the ll beaten lady. is he going to have to save his numbers. brian: i don't know if they will let him. will they let him? steve: he is the president. ainsley: all he has to do is call someone and say get brian kilmeade on the phone they will have your number immediately. steve: is he not going to stop tweeting i just have a feeling. ainsley: no. he won't. it's access to 50 million people.
3:39 am
why would he? steve: speaking of a lot of people. a lot of people are going to be here on the mall. a million they are suggesting janice dean a lot of those people as of noon will be wet. janice: i know. you know if i could change the weather it would be sunshine and lollipops for everyone. and even the president-elect yesterday was talking about the fact that if it rains people will know that his hair is for real. even the president-elect is getting in on the weather forecast. so here's what i can tell you. we are expecting rain. we might be able to push it a little bit further into the time line like 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. but, you know what? we're not doing so badly. because when it comes to weather extremes on inauguration day, it was seven days 19850. that was when ronald reagan was sworn. in the warmest was also when ronald reagan was sworn in 1981 at 55 degrees. 48 is going to be our high today. we're going to get nowhere near where we had the most
3:40 am
rain which was 1.77 inches. that was franklin d. roosevelt. and the most snow was 9.8 inches of snow. no blizzard no, snow. that's the good news. can you see on the radar we have got that rain creeping in around 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. going to last probably until around 2:00 and 3:00. then cloudy skies for the rest of the day. it's not going to be a washout but the good news is they are letting us in with umbrellas. as long as they are less than 18 inches, and they are not pointy, you can bring your umbrellas if you are coming down to the mall or the parade today. so that's the good news. they did that yesterday which i think we have all got our umbrellas today. back inside. steve: a lot of people who wind up with the tickets for the seats back there are being issued ponchos as well. >> good. steve: craze if you had 900,000 people with umbrellas over you nobody would see anything. brian: good day to make ponchos how would you like pockets? pocket ponchos probably go double the price. ainsley: oh my gosh, your
3:41 am
delivery is so funny. the pocket, the package though. brian: i have no idea. ainsley: hand it over to heather who has the headlines. heather: i certainly do. hope you are off to a great day. news overnight. at least five survivors have been found alive 48 hours after monster avalanche slams into ski resort. crews digging wit bare hands to find people. before and after shots, take a look at this. show the horrible devastation there. rescuers fire the worse for anyone who may still be alive. we'll monitor this as it develops. back here at home. president obama commuted the prison sentence by three decades but not everything is going chelsea manning's way. the transgender government secret leaker will likely lose health benefits when the soldier is dishonorably discharged from the army that means no more hormone treatments or gender reassignment surgery. manning is expected to repeal. live from d.c. confirmation hearings.
3:42 am
the energy secretary nominee rick per yansd senator al-franken cracking jokes on capitol hill. watch this. >> did you enjoy meeting me? [laughter] >> i hope you're as much fun on that diocce as you were on your couch. [laughter] >> well,. >> may i rephrase that sir, please. ains. heather: i will say may i rephrase that "saturday night live" just found its latest sound by the and those are your headlines. heather: i'm glad they have he a good sense of humor. >> steve: al franken funny. just saying. brian: he has been vicious. oh my goodness to betsy devos and others. oh my god. steve: next up on inauguration day, democrats have been freaking out about this for a while what's going to happen when donald trump gets the nuclear codes? well today he gets the nuclear codes. carl cameron on that come up next. hey, carl.
3:43 am
ainsley: hey, carl. first woman to win a presidential campaign. we are live with kellyanne conway coming up. steve: she was dressed up last night ♪ good, good friend ♪ everybody wants to be dependable relief "distraction" by joywave introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be... everywhere.
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3:46 am
♪ ♪ brian: all right now this is how it's done. you are looking at the very first salute from our next commander-in-chief to air force master sergeant at joint base andrews in maryland. i think you learn that when you spend your high school at a military high school. you learn to salute. steve: i got a text from a friend monty wagner saw president-elect on tv when he got off the steps of air force one. not quite air force one. saluted the air force officer
3:47 am
hooh job well done. ainsley: we feel honored to be here and bring you the inauguration here live in washington, d.c. making history. we are a part of history and so honored. brian: military knows they get a lot more money in their coffers the army, navy and marines and national guard. that's one thing everyone agrees on in the trump administration. more money is going to flood in. it looks like john mccain might be leading the way. ainsley: support those individuals that have fought for our country and come back and need the help. right of passage for incoming president. steve: some point before is he sworn in donald trump will sit down with top military officers where he will be briefed on how to order a nuclear attack. brian: fox news chief political correspondent carl cammeron is live at the capitol. hey, carl, do you think he is ready? >> well, he will be ready. this is the most sobering and consequential aspects of peaceful transition of power because it deals with the
3:48 am
nation's defenses in the most consequential way. and traditionally it happens early in the morning. in fact, it could be any time in the next hour or. so traditionally it's taken place at blair house, across the street from the white house where the trumps are staying tonight. and it includes a joint task force from strategic command, which is based in omaha, nebraska. so it has all the service branches are represented by it. and he will have a rather lengthy tutorial explaining exactly how the system works. and after he has that briefing, he and the soon to be first lady melania trump will leave blair house. they have a prayer service down the street at saint john's, the church where he will have a morning prayer service. then he will go to the white house where he will meet with the outgoing barack obama and first lady michelle. and then at some point he will will be passed a highly encrypted card which acts as a key to what's euphemistically referred to as the football
3:49 am
which is about a 45-pound briefcase which handles the president's ability to trigger a nuclear response. the vice president mike pence will also have one, as will general james mattis, once is he confirmed as the secretary of defense. that key card will not be activated donald j. donald trump will have it in his pocket but not be activated until after he goes to that podium directly behind it it's about 45 feet from where we are standing. we have some of the best seats in the house here. after he takes the oath of office, they will go back into a private room in the capitol, and key card will be activated and donald trump will be responsible for and in charge of and have in his pocketed the keys to the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. very, very important and not just a right of passage but, indeed, a measure of the incredible power of the president of the united states of america. steve: no kidding.
3:50 am
all right, carl cammeron right there where it's all going to happen at the capitol. carl, thank you very much. we had a guy on a couple of months ago who wrote a book during the clinton years. bill clinton actually lost the key card for a couple of months. ainsley: that's not good. steve: not good. ainsley: did they ever find it? steve: kind of hubbard up but didn't have it more months. ainsley: hopefully it's like a key card can you deactivate it. steve: now it has a chip in it. ainsley: first woman to run a winning presidential campaign kellyanne conway next. steve: how will trump's speech compare to the likes of reagan and kennedy? lee carter, a pollster is back with a look at history. good morning to you, ma'am. >> good morning, how are you? ♪ stand my ground ♪ and i won't back down ♪ take one of those pillows and take a big smell.
3:51 am
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♪ brian: all right. president-elect donald trump will be sworn in as president of the united states. and giving his first presidential address today. , at noon, eastern time. so how will this speech rank amongst the best inaugural addresses of all time? ainsley: here with a few of the best addresses to date, president and partner with mad madlanski lee carter. >> good morning. ainsley: some the best speeches right out out here. >> yes. ainsley: who are we going to start with first. >> jfk one of the best iconic speeches ever. brian: roll it. >> don't let us begin anew. remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness and sincerity is
3:55 am
always subject to proof: and so my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. [cheers and applause] brian: he would start the peace corps and get everyone in that sense of service. ainsley: such a beautiful, beautiful speech. inclusive, inspiring. that's what we want to see out of inaugural speeches. hopefully we will see more of that this afternoon. brian: other person everyone talks about ronald reagan. both sides of the aisle say he transformed. do you have an excerpt you picked? >> let's roll the tape and we'll talk about it in just a palestinian. >> in this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem. so as we begin, let us take inventory. we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around.
3:56 am
and this makes us special among the nations of the earth. our government has no power except that granted it by the people. ainsley: gosh, that's bittersweet. we all love him. >> we all love him. but, let's remember, he was the first president to face the people say i serve you, not the other way around. he was a president of the people and for the people. i expect we will get something similar out of donald trump today. steve: all right. real quickly. i think we have got a george w. bush speech expert from i believe a rainy day. >> the enemies of liberty in our country should make no mistake, america remains engaged in the world by history and by choice, shaping a balance of power that favors freedom. we will meet aggression and bad faith with resolve and strength. and to all nations we will speak for the values that gave our nation birth.
3:57 am
steve: lee? >> national security message and that was important at the time. steve: still strong today. >> still strong today. steve: lee, thank you. brian: when we come back next hour kellyanne conway will join us live and geraldor discii separately will be. don't blink.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ ♪ brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue. ♪ ainsley: history will be made today. we are here live in washington, d.c. when donald trump will begin the 45th president of the united states of america. in just a few hours. there is the countdown on the right-hand side of your screen. brian: hard to seeing the president-elect yesterday and not understand how overwhelmed is he about what means to be president of the united states, especially when you consider where he started. how little chance some people
4:01 am
gave him and how he defied all the odds even up until election day which he took some time to recite yesterday. meanwhile, a full schedule on tap. and it's pretty much planned out for the president-elect. steve: it is. and we are going to detail it. you will see some of it here on "fox & friends" at 8:30 there's going to be a private prayer service for the trump family at saint john's episcopal church. this is something they have done for generations. then at 9:30, the trumps will come across lafayette square, going to the white house, and then they're going to have a little tea and some small talk with the obamas before the obamas leave the white house for the last time and go to a big palm springs vacation. ainsley: also at 9:30 musical performances begin at the u.s. capitol and 10:00 p.m. biden escort their to the capitol. brian: do the swearing in and that will be great. oath of office which is what makes america america. and then we will have an
4:02 am
opportunity to see the joint congressional inaugural committee luncheon. but then most important. steve: in statuary hall. brian: got a chance to seat president speak. he is going to set the tone for the next four years in office. we have seen him speak a lot. we have carried a lot of those speeches. but this is going to be special. steve: sure. brian: this is really going to be important. steve: 2:30p and trump will have a military review. what's interesting starting at 3:00 inaugural parade historically. i went to one during the clinton years. might have been four hours long. three or four hours long. they are saying they are doing their best to get it down to one hour. which is great. keep in mind while it's great to see all the people in the parade, the people on the sidelines can be freezing to death and so, you know, the transition team said we would like to make the people who do teansattend as comfortable as possible short, sweet and a lot of military. ainsley: we want to see what melania is going to be
4:03 am
wearing. steve: at the ball. ainsley: are you guys interested in that. brian: not as much as you would think because i can't tell the difference. i think it's all about the person not so much what they are wearing. ainsley: of course it is. it's just nice. such a beautiful couple. beautiful family. it was so fun yesterday to watch them come down the lincoln memorial as a family. usually you see. brian: choreographed that unbelievably. ainsley: look so beautiful. brian: he knows how to do it. ainsley: true. steve: there he is there at the end he took the mike and did some talking and made it very clear that you know, is he humbled by the office but at the same time he wants to get going. then about two hours after that, he did some speaking at union station for a private candle lit dinner. here is a little bit of what he said last night looking back at the campaign and forward to the reign. >> they predicted this would be the greatest loss in political history, not even
4:04 am
modern, political history. i outworked everybody. i think i outworked nibble who ever ran for office. they cancelled their fireworks two weeks out. if you're going to lose, you don't want fireworks, right? [laughter] come here, kellyanne. wow. there is no den she will not go in to. when my men are petrified to go on a certain network, i say kellyanne, would you do it? absolutely, no problem. then she gets on and she just destroys them. so anyway, thank you, baby. thank you. [cheers and applause] tomorrow we have a speech, probably around 12:00. it may rain, it may not rain. i don't care. it doesn't matter. i mean, the truth is, if it really pours, that's okay. because people will realize it's my real hair and that's okay. [laughter] >> we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before. thank you very much,
4:05 am
everybody. thank you. steve: a completely ad-libbed president. ladies and gentlemen, it starts at noon. ainsley: he says whatever is on his mind. talking about hillary clinton canceling the fireworks display. he looks in the crowd and sees kellyanne and says kellyanne you are great. come up here. brian: yesterday before this start weed got to seat trump family, extended family and. so grand kids running around. it was perfectly choreographed. lit wonderfully and special thanks to the earth for providing great weather. the president goes out and sits behind the bullet-proof glass and has a chance to take in the concert. and i thought the concert was great. but as a lot sat at home and asked themselves -- must be asking themselves why did i set out? unbelievable setting. great moment for america. you have the president sitting there. i thought about so many of these bands that said i don't want to cause any controversy. i'm going to stay home. i thought that really
4:06 am
hopefully in four years, no matter who is president, they will realize this is about america. steve: take a look what's going on. 70 u.s. congressman sitting it out. it wouldn't be surprising that a bunch of lefties from hollywood would say you know what? i'm not going to show up u donald trump, i don't like his politics. brian: i have a theory. i think a lot of them voted for trump. they don't want to talk about it. steve: can't talk about it in public. brian: that would be outing them. maybe their management says i'm not going to show up. although talking to somebody last night, they were till us that maybe they didn't reach out to everybody they could have. ainsley: that's right. that's right. so you and i were discussing this, too, saying just like a lot of americans voted for donald trump and didn't want to admit it because people were saying if you voted for him you were this or you were that or you believed exactly what he believed and that's not necessarily the case. but then people came out in droves to vote for him. clearly he won the election. you are right. maybe that's exactly what's happening in holiday. they just don't want to lose business. steve: right. he had a really important message.
4:07 am
and, you know, we're north going to rehash why hillary lost but we do know donald trump won. and he was victorious last night when he took the mike and did some ad-libbing for, well, we got a minute and a half's worth of him in front of the lincoln memorial last night at the make america great concert. ♪ >> so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger. i'm just the messenger. >> we love you. >> and we were tired. and i love you. believe me, i love you. [cheers] >> we all got tired of seeing what was happening. and we wanted change. but we wanted real change. but we're going to make america great for all of our people, everybody. everybody throughout our country.
4:08 am
that includes the inner cities. that includes everybody. and we're going to do a special job. on the campaign i called it the forgotten man and the forgotten woman. well, you're not forgotten any more. that, i can tell you. [cheers] >> i will see you tomorrow and i'm going to be cheering you on. you will be cheering me on but i'm going to be cheering you on because what we've done is so special. all over the world they're talking about it, all over the world. and i love you, folks. and we're going to work together. >> we love you. >> and we are going to make america great again, and i'll add: greater than ever before. steve: all right. coming up, we've got the first woman to win a presidential campaign, his campaign manager kellyanne conway. she's going to be with us in the next 20 minutes right here live from the national mall in washington.
4:09 am
ainsley: that's right. the majority people in here in d.c. they have come from so many states to support donald trump and his family. there are a few protesters here in d.c. they were taking to the streets many of them last night less than 24 hours ago. brian: it was also underwhelming amount of protesters come to the amount of people coming to celebrate a few that want to rain on the parade. one of them was outside the deplorable. steve: proudly deplorable. pete: a few protesters decided to camp out outside and cause trouble so, of course, as we always do, we went right to the middle of it. this is what happened. [shouting] [bleep] >> looks like this is the stop the trump regime before it starts. somehow they are going to stop the regime before 12 noon tomorrow when donald trump puts his hand on the bible. talk to folks and see what they think. willing to talk. >> no.
4:10 am
sir, have you got these signs, are you willing to talk to us? why are they fascist. >> trump and pence are illegitimate. lots of chants. not a lot of answers. >> what are you protesting. >> united states of america is based off the opposition of tie havranek call government. >> everybody else that -- they call it the vote. they don't call it the popular vote of the. they call it the vote. >> people supporter. >> if you are for hillary clinton would you acknowledge she campaigned in the wrong state. >> majority of people think he is illegitimate. >> kkk, no fascist u.s.a. >> do you think you should acknowledge that david duke was a head member of the kkk? >> and did donald trump not totally disavow david duke? where are your facts? i have the video we can easily show it to you. >> david duke endorsed me? okay. all right. i disavow, okay? >> you shouldn't let people had n. from countries like isis trying to infiltrate our country. >> what are we supposed to do
4:11 am
make america tell us their religion? that's not what america is about. [bleep] >> al think bob not seeking to commit terrorism from my own state of minnesota? >> you are right. you should perhaps be careful. >> ??? please don't touch my camera. >> you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to [bleep] fox news [bleep] fox news. >> as can you tell we have a very tolerant group out here. >> someone is throwing their phone at me. that's apparently tolerant as well. why are you wearing a gas mask and tactical vest. >> have a way to turn things around. >> are you a scuba diver. >> absolutely not. >> you say we live in dangerous times. are you talking about isis. >> talking about donald trump. >> do you prefer to live in the soviet union. >> oh yeah. stalin would be a hell of a lot better than trump. >> stalin would be better than trump. >> yes he would. >> did you know stalin killed 50 people. >> did you knee the population increased 1.6% under stalin.
4:12 am
russia is sipping visas right now would you like to go? brian: i wouldn't mind sending him. pull resources. steve: we all went out for steak dinners last night and sent you to a place where they were throwing phones at you. pete: how did i get that gig. ainsley: that's because you are military you. >> only snowflakes would throw cell phones it fell to the ground and he picked it up. brian: pros of stalin. pete: they all talked about the popular vote. i will would say what about the pesky constitution and how we do things. don't worry about the constitution. steve: deplorables inside undeterred by the troublemakers outside. >> attacked by every single one of them except for law enforcement that protected them. they are the real heros in any of thiessen narrows. ainsley: peter makes the deplorables even happier. go outside and see that going on and go in and dance longer like brian did last night. steve: another sound check all
4:13 am
night long on the mall. brian: it's all right now. in fact, come up straight ahead when we come back, she is back. michelle malkin on how president trump can drain the swamp that is washington, d.c. and draining fast. ainsley: he protected president obama during his inauguration. dan bongino is here to explain what the secret service is looking for and how they are going to keep our next president safe. steve: meanwhile, let's take a look across the street from the white house the blair house. hello, dan. that's the u.s. capitol where the president is going to be sworn in later today high noon you will see it here live on fox ♪ going to take on the world some day ♪ you got blood on your face ♪ a big disgrace ♪ waving your banner all over the place add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets.
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i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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4:17 am
♪ ♪ steve: okay. high noon. donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states right there. you will see it live as they do a sound check here in the heart of the district of columbia as we look up pennsylvania from about the white house toward the u.s. capitol. meanwhile, right now there are more than 28,000 security
4:18 am
personnel from dozens of agencies throughout washington, d.c. ready to protect the president-elect and his family. brian: joining us now is dan bongino a former secret service agent for president obama. he did that stuff for 12 years. and protected him during his inauguration in 2009. always great to see you, dan. >> good to see you. brian: never more appropriate than to talk to you now. can you compare the two 2009 our first african-american president and 2016. >> big differences in 2009. 2009 triaging the concerns the crowd was massive. brian: 1.8. >> close to 2 million people. it's going to be significant, obviously. you are not going to get this crowd this time. second concern back then was this whole idea of shooters. active shooter scenarios just breaking out around then. now, obviously those are still concerns. lay on top of that drones, truck attacks and this massive protest that supposedly scheduled. see if it happens people show up. you have a witch's brew. ainsley: do you have intel on what's going to happen today
4:19 am
or what could happen today? what are your fears? >> i was walking down pennsylvania avenue yesterday. i ran into colleagues. the secret service is really in to don't be the guy who panics ever over anything. panic will only make a bad situation worse. it's very unusual to hear even a little bit of anxiety. a couple guys i was talking to were genuinely concerned. one of them said his family was considering coming down he said i'm going to stay back. i don't think it's a reason to panic. ainsley: why are they concerned? what are they hearing? >> i think the protesters. the secret service it's usually the three p's. the press, the public, and the protectee how they are going to get out and move around the event and secure all of those people. it's the fourth p on this one. it's the protesters. i'm really hoping they don't material rides and i'm hoping all of this is wrong and i hope after this we can say it was all a big nothing burger. steve: we have had big gatherings where they suggested we are going to come down by the tens of thousands and never panned out. the secret service can't
4:20 am
afford -- they have always got to air otoerr on the side of se. >> whenever you hear the term molotov cocktail you get very concerned. that's the kind of thing fire is obviously everybody's biggest fear. and you drop one of those in the middle of an event, you're going to cause a big problem. brian: you became masters of putting protesters in the right place. you're going to be able to corral them, right? >> here is the general rule with protesters most people don't know. we are not allowed to you do protest zones anymore. it's unconstitutional according to a court ruling. so right now the protesters are alieud to go anywhere the general public is so, you can't tell people not to come in based on a political view. it gets tough because if you think they're going to do something, what are you going to do? just got to watch them. steve: fingers crossed. secret service is ready dan, thank you. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. they said he could not do it. she helped prove them wrong. kellyanne conway the mastermind behind president-elect's historic
4:21 am
surge and victory. that's still ahead. ainsley: it's a promise we have been hearing for months. >> we're going to washington, d.c. to drain the swamp. ainsley: michelle malkin joins us on set. coming up next with what the president must do to accomplish that. brnk
4:22 am
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4:24 am
ainsley: good morning from washington, d.c. some quick headlines to bring you right now there. in just a few hours a notorious drug lord el chapo guzman face you new york city. that i have picture right there. he faces charges in six states and life in prison. president obama using his final hours in power writing to congress slamming them for fail to close gitmo. this as his final four terror transfers now arrive in the
4:25 am
uae and saudi arabia. he released 14 prisoners in the last week alone. 41 detainees remain at the camp. and your prayers are working. those are the words from former president george w. bush posting that online that his parents, former president george h.w. bush and former first lady barbara bush are now on the upswing. they were hospitalized for respiratory problems. your prayers are working. we are praying for them for speedy recovery. steve: we are indeed. brian: meanwhile, heather great job. time to bring in good friend we don't see her enough. michelle malkin senior editor at the review. you have a tv. >> investigative show. we're digging into a lot of really good stories, juicy story nobody else is telling. bongino and i are doing our own live stream on crtv. ainsley: what does donald trump need to do to drain the swamp like he said over the last few months.
4:26 am
>> he has done plenty already. you look at these nominees and i'm more excited than i have been in the last 25 years i have covered politics. steve: you were not a trump fan. >> i wasn't initially but i definitely came along like a lot of people did convinced especially that he is going to be very serious about issues that i have reported on and care about over the last quarter century, particularly american sovereignty, american jobs, border security and our public safety. steve: sure, regulation is something that impacts every company in the country. it's interesting the has a big item the headline right now is about how as donald trump takes the lelm is he planning drastic cuts to the budget. that's what we want where appropriate. >> getting serious about really shrinking the size and scope of government in every aspect of our lives. and that is the cultural change that he is bringing after eight years of a nanny state meddling intrusive government.
4:27 am
and a dependence culture. i think it's throwing off the chains of that that what a lot of people are excited about. not just constitutional conservatives but independent thinking americans that really was the key to this election. brian: i agree with you too. you were the first one invasion that you vote did. >> 2002. brian: with our borders. one of the things donald trump said. i have think he did not know how his immigration stance would his son nate. if it wasn't for him saying i will bolster the border, i don't think you would have the type of rocket launch he had. >> that's right. think about this summer when he announced. he was one. not any of these establishment open borders republicans that seized on the public safety issue. he knew the name kate steinle. he understood the power and impact of rejecting sanctuary cities. and the ways in which so many levels of government were failing to do their basic duty. and that's what i mean when i say i think we are going to see this in overarching theme of the speech today.
4:28 am
what is the proper role and relationship between the individual and government? this is something that was neglected over the past 8 years because there was a presumption and entitlement on the part of president obama to be the center of the universe. steve: yeah. ainsley: michelle, we were together last night and we were walking up the hill and we saw all these protesters come down. tell us about. >> it actually underscores of a piece did i for my nationally syndicated column on the sponsors of anarchy. i have warned about this for years now. i have covered these black block types. criminal elements on the left who exploit the tolerance of the social justice mob. we were going up the street after a nice, pleasant dinner. this isn't just happening to people like us who are prominent. there are normal, average, ordinary people on the streets who are here to celebrate an historic moment being mobbed and we were outside. brian: jacket. >> we were at the outside of the hero's ball in warner theater and we couldn't get passed the street because
4:29 am
these people had mega phones. they were throwing things. i tweeted video of it from last night. it's scary. god bless every one of our law enforcement. steve: absolutely. >> officials out there every level. thousands of them on the street. brian: we have video of them wrestling guys on the ground. >> dploraball part-time left pellet bloody because they were pelted. i'm concerned about what's going to happen today. thieves people are absolutely to borrow a title of a book i wrote in 2006 "unhinged." steve: protest because they are violent. started a mass. we heard the call from the political left. let's send tens of thousands of people down to washington, d.c. as dan bongino former secret service guy was telling us this is the unpredictable element that they are a little worried about. they simply don't know what those people are going to have. while they are not going to have imagine antollhave magneton
4:30 am
still smuggle stuff in. >> i call that rent a mob font. that font has been used on prefab signs that have been used in the every brevity that i have covered in 2000 in the bush era. answer the subsidize sore refuses foundation that like i said that is really underwriting this level of manufactured agitation. and where are the democratic leaders to condemn the climate of violence? brian: boycotting. ainsley: maybe donald trumpive s will have something to do. brian: the problem is they don't want jobs. steve: some of these people are getting paid. >> this is their full-time job if they are not being subsidized by soros they are getting subsidies for it. brian: and probably obama care or health insurance. >> that's right. steve: michelle malkin, thank you very much. >> stay safe out there. brian: if you would get more enthee thiews as stick we would book you more.
4:31 am
i don't see it we have to see more passion. fox news alert now. those protests we just showed you growing larger by the minute. we have got people on the ground in and around the city. we will bring you there live. ainsley: they said he couldn't do it. she helped prove them all wrong. kellyanne conway joins us live on the set next. come on in ♪ so hard for it, honey ♪ she works hard for the money ♪ so you better treat her right ♪ she works hard for the money ♪ ing folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
4:32 am
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4:34 am
♪ steve: well, she is historic. she is the first woman to run a presidential campaign as we look at the sun coming up here in washington, d.c., officially just 10 minutes ago. it is a beautiful day right now. there's a chance of rain, but
4:35 am
you can't rain on the parade of kellyanne conway who joins us live here on the national mall. kellyanne, congratulations, how great do you feel right now? >> i feel like sunshine. so let's hope there is some of it. i feel so happy for the country. i think it's a fresh start. gut fresh coat of paint. brand new president, vice president. fabulous opportunity to unify the country and take action the way a successful billionaire businessman who has created jobs over a series of years and connects naturally with people can do. brian: after donald trump won he was in new york. he goes to visit washington and leaves again. there is something different about this weekend. >> yes. brian: because it's his home. this majesty is his he will be running for 8 years. can you talk about donald trump as he takes in the washington monument sitting on the steps of the washington memorial going to get sworn in today? >> certainly is moved by the enormity and gravity and responsibility of this. he is making history. we never had a president who had no political and military experience.
4:36 am
america just made good on their 30 year desire to have somebody who has been successful outside of government and who comes to washington owing no one anything. and donald trump is soaking in this moment and enjoying this day he's does most important moments with his life in with his family. you saw on the steps last night of the lincoln memorial. you have seen throughout the campaign trail, family is so central to him. i think america should really look at that today and seat full measure of the man who is about to be their president. ainsley: you're wearing red, white and blue today. you wore red last night. president obama was speaking but fro.>> lost in political hi. not even modern political history. >> i outworked everybody. i think i outworked anybody who ever ran for office. come here, kellyanne. she's been so great. wow. there is no den she will not go in to. when my men are petrified to
4:37 am
go on a certain network, i say kellyanne, would you do it? absolutely, no problem. then she gets on and she just destroys them. so anyway, thank you, baby. thank you. [cheers and applause] ainsley: what's your reaction to that? >> tremendously humble. ainsley: you didn't know he was going to do that. >> i said come on melania, let's go together. she said no, go ahead. that's donald trump. you never know what's coming next. i think he said it best right before that ainsley when he is telling the audience this is a victory shared by all. that's how i feel. i get credit and i immediately tell people two things one we had amazing team and unbelievable candidate. i have never met somebody so brilliant and such a natural connector with people. and, secondly, this is someone who just -- this is a victory shared by all and future shared by all because america really stood up. i saw all the people lined up today at 4:00 in the morning. steve: yeah. >> i said this is just like one of his rallies all over again. they are so excited and so happy.
4:38 am
he has a great opportunity to union fight country today. you're going to hear that from his speech. his speech is very bold. brian: tell us about the speech i hear 20 minutes. more philosophy and less about what he is going to do. >> that's right, brian. it's not an agenda speech or state of the union speech. it's very bold, action-oriented but also beautiful for its simplicity. he wrote it with a help of a few others but these are his words. you will recognize the voice of donald trump in the address again and again today. it's beautifully written and it will be powerfully delivered. it's elegant in its simplicity because he basically calls us all to action. is he willing to lead but he would like us to follow. and follow him meeting his call to both unify the country but to make some significant progress. nobody can be happy that as we sit here today on the steps of our government that millions of women lack for healthcare, millions of women and their children are in poverty. nobody can feel good about that. is he just a man i think as new yorkers you can appreciate he is going to inject a shock to the system here almost immediately.
4:39 am
you are going to feel. that's what they do. in one week's time you will definitely know this is president trump's government. he i. steve: president-elect donald trump has been tweeting while you were talking. he put this out. it all begins today, exclamation mark. i will see you at 11:00 a.m. for the swearing in. the movement continues. the work begins. and he has been adamant referring to not just me it is a movement. and there are so many people across the country and that's how you ultimately won because they felt like washington was not representing them. donald trump sounded like a guy who is thinking what i'm thinking and that's why he gets the big chair. >> that's right. when he talks about the forgotten man or forgotten woman, we should all realize what that really means to folks. i saw people as the these rallies. we heard from millions of people online and through the mail, on the phone. they are -- they believe that he is their last hope to really have every day
4:40 am
affordability, accessible health care to get kids out of school that don't work. these kids are trapped based on their zip codes. he also appealed to may intangibles. the sense of patriotism. yes we live in a global world. this is america and we have to look out for each other and our own people first. i can't tell you in 28 years of being a pollster how many times i have heard that from people hey, why don't we look out for our own people first and put americans first. he is the guy that articulated it. i think donald trump is dliflly a complex person with very simple ideas for america. a lot of politicians are the opposite. steve: they certainly are. brian: when you talk about what is actually going to get done, do you think it's a bad sign that 70 democrats, roughly, won't be going and if he wants to reach across the aisle are they giving signal to donald trump we won't be there? >> it's a tremendous disappointment. and it's their choice. we respect their choice. but they are missing out on a very historic moment in our nation's evolution. they are honestly belying, i think, the commitment they
4:41 am
made to their own constituents. ainsley: i thought about that. >> and to be part of our democracy which means you respect election results and come in and show support. you will see donald trump today as the big man on the stage who is telling america this is your government. this is a democracy for the people. steve: right. >> he actually will convey today, i predict, that this is not about him. and that's a very nontrumpian thing the way people look at him. this is not about him. he ran for the people. i want people to see that family up there and look at him and remember the enormous sacrifices he made just to be the president of the united states. steve: forget about the 100 million. >> they have given up so many deals. billions of dollars of deals and revenues. his adult sons will be running the company while he is running the country. this is a true family affair. but most importantly, people should look at them and realize that if you see him there, he actually gave up more money, more power, more prestige, more position than
4:42 am
he will have. brian: speaking about giving up, he gave up something that means almost as many of his children, he gave up his smart phone. is it true he had to give up his phone? steve: i think he likes ivanka and eric and barron and tiffany. brian: should they take it away. >> i won't say because of security reasons i'm not sure what can be said. ainsley: can he still tweet on new phone. steve: that's all we want to know. >> probably answering you right now on twitter, ainsley. and he should tweet. that's a social media platform that he connects directly with people. only people that don't like it are those who trying to parse what he means. he itemization of information. you get it free instantaneously. everybody the forgotten man and woman gets it the same time you do. steve: two pieces of information, one, how many executive orders today because we have heard a myriad of numbers. two, how many cabinet members could be confirmed by the end of the day because we have heard there could be trouble on the senate side with chuck schumer? >> up to the democrats, really, steve, to show that
4:43 am
they want to have a peaceful transfer of power here in our great democracy because they have been playing some games with their nominees. steve: they have been. >> trying to ryu humiliate. donald trump said it best yesterday at victory lunch he said highest iq for cabinet in history. he has a point. he does have a point. these are qualified men and women who just want to serve their nation. if there is something substantive to ask them doing doo that during the hearing. steve: sure. >> otherwise, let's give donald trump our new president the respect and let's give the country the president we need that george w. bush and barack obama got when they became president. they had 7 to 9 confirmed secretaries of state, commerce secretaries so government can function. we need at least that and i think that's very important for us to actually show that all these plans and actions can be fulfilled immediately when you have your own team. steve: all right. ainsley: congratulations. >> thank you very much for sharing in the day. ainsley: going to be a long day for you. thanks for waking up early to
4:44 am
talk to our viewers. we appreciate it. steve: president-elect trump is already making america's inner cities livable again. brunell donald shae here live from washington, d.c. ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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♪ >> a job so people can take responsibility of self-determination not always looking to be delivered. we need people fema concentrate on erratic indicating the violence in these neighbors. these are the principles that i proposed to the trump administration and they agree 100 rcent. brian: and they are on board. legendary hall of fame jim brown speaking at president-elect trump's coalition party yesterday on the importance of helping the
4:48 am
inner cities through his amer-i-can program which has the support of the president-elect about to become president. steve: how will mr. trump work to help the inner cities. you brunell donald-kyei joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. god bless you and good bless america. brian: is that how you feel today. >> all day. i slept like a baby last night. brian: so many people in the african-american community seem to be uneducated about what donald trump intends to do. >> yes. well, we know that during the campaign he said, look, i'm going to put $100 billion in to the inner cities over the next 8 years. not only that school choice is going to be on the table. not just for african-americans but for all of our american children. he said he is go you know, investment in to communities where they have been starved. they have waited on life support for the democratic party, many of them 50 years, 40 years, 80 years and still no recovery, no help, no
4:49 am
relief. and so we know that he has made that pledge and that i expect that he will follow through on that. ainsley: what is your message for the critics of donald trump, especially in the african-american community or in the inner cities who aren't giving him a chance? they are out there protesting. >> what i would say is this. we have a bill going into the office. if you want to know who donald trump really is, a lot of people, look in your town, downtown, you see trump towers. you see the evidence of what and who donald trump is. that let's us know that he is result-driven. people don't want to hear talk. they are tired of the marching. they are tired of the talking. they are tired of the false promises. donald trump is showing up through his golf courses, his towers. steve: sure. >> his hotels everywhere that is he a results-driven person. what i would say to them is look for the results. wait for the results. expect results. steve: see, that's just it. so many people have been burned by politicians promising things in the past.
4:50 am
>> is he a people tician not a politician. steve: how do you know that he will do these things as a people-tician. >> i gave you a perfect example. when you look around our big cities you see evidence. a lot of politicians do a lot of the talking but you don't see the evidence of it in downtown chicago i sigh the evidence of donald j. trump is because there is a trump tower almost as big as our willis tower down there. so all you have to do is look around. but in the long run in his heart he said that he wants to help the nation and to make the nation great again. so let's let him do it. steve: today he gets to start. brunell thanks very much. great to have you on "fox & friends." >> great to be here. god bless you and god bless america. ainsley: and god bless you. >> thank you, i receive it. ainsley: happening right now, protests already building near the capitol griff jenkins and mike tobin in the middle of it all with team coverage, next. brian: still ahead, geraldo rivera here with what he wants to hear from his good friend donald trump today when he
4:51 am
actually gives his speech after being sworn in ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ hey, it's the phillips' lady! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber gogummies , a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmm...these are great! my work here is done. phillips', the tasty side of fiber.
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♪ ♪ brian all right. happening right now, protesters gathering. don't know how many or how often. steve: we have live team coverage. mike tobin and griff jenkins are out and about washington, d.c. ainsley: going to start with griff jenkins who is live at a security check point for us. hey, griff. >> good morning, guys. that's right. if you look behind me, this is a check point at sixth and indiana avenue. it's quiet now but about 20 or 30 minutes ago, one of the
4:55 am
many collaborative groups called the stand up for racial justice were being arrested, blocking this entrance and pulled out of here and, you know, it's quiet now. we will see if they continue these actions, these nonviolent actions. i know my colleague mike tobin is down on the parade route where the other larger group answer coalition is. mike, let me toss it to you. >> griff, this is supposed to be the largest of the permanent demonstrations along pennsylvania avenue today. you see the crowd starting to form up now. they are an aggregate really of everything. everything from immigration to anti-bigotry to women's rights. again, the numbers are just starting to pile up. let me come over here to danny. you made the point of coming out here today. what are you trying to accomplish. >> i'm trying to accomplish to let everyone know we all come from immigrants. i'm half colombian myself. my family fought hard to come here. we all come here we went be
4:56 am
here without eric and christopher columbus. >> see some of the police officers out on the streets. they will keep the demonstrators from getting direct access to the motorcade. everybody will have a look at it crowds are forming up. we see a few people with the black hoods and masks on. no other indications that there may be trouble. guys, back to you. steve: mike tobin down on pennsylvania avenue. thank you, mike. brian: nothing really happening yet. now, just five -- oops. my phone was starting to slide off my fee. got it right here. ainsley: you caught it fast. steve: i did. just four hours from right now president-elect -- four hours from right now president-elect donald trump will be sworn in to office up there at the u.s. capitol. everybody is going to be there even hillary clinton. but wait until you hear where she will be sitting. brian: wow. geraldo rivera here live to reveal. he's wearing a vest. very nice ♪ ♪ yeah, so mom's got this cold.
4:57 am
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ brian: special thanks to journey helping us out with this song. they're not playing live but everybody else is. you're looking at capitol building where the president of the united states, the 45th. we'll say good-bye to the 44. that is emotional for america. sooner or later, guys, it will be back, it will be finding out what a trump presidency is like. ainsley: this song is perfect. you can believe it, donald trump will be the next president of the united states of america. 20 months ago when he threw his
5:01 am
hat in the ring everyone said no way, it won't happen. brian: he is not serious running for president. he was serious and did win. he will be our 45th president coming up. right now he is at blair house. in this next half hour we expect to see the president-elect, that is blair house across the street from the white house. the green awning leading up to it. president gets into the motorcade. go you have block 1/2 where there is church service. he goes to the white house. say hello and good-bye to the obamas. take the trip up pennsylvania avenue, then it is done. he is president. brian: blair house and harry truman and dwight eisenhower started speaking again after the assassination of jfk. it has a lot of history. for the trumps you would usually feel awe in these places, but they own towers, buildings and hotels.
5:02 am
they must say, that is kind of nice. it is history. ainsley: my goodness, when we were up on the 65th floor of trump tower, that is where they live. offices are on the 25th floor. they live on the 65th floor. i looked on the park with melania, can you believe, this was an immigrant, will be the first lady of united states of america. came from another country. what an american dream, a great story. this is your backyard, central park. they look down over the park. prime real estate for new york city. you're right, you would think they would be so wowed because they're moving to the white house but i think they're used to it. brian: the first first lady to speak another language since dolly madison. steve: trumps had a very busy time since they arrived the from new york city yesterday at noon hour. john roberts live at the vip streets at u.s. capitol where the hoi pollo to watch.
5:03 am
ainsley: are all those the empty seats that used to belong to the congressman. reporter: no all the empty seats here. donald trump will take the oath of office at 12 noon, i want to tell you, ainsley, steve, brian, i ran up all these steps. i got a little bit of exercise. not quite like philadelphia but pretty good. you can live in a skyscraper with view of central park and live in palace but there is something about the grandeur of the west front of the capitol, in shadow of the capitol dome over looking the mall that is incomparable. when we came here this morning, it was still dark. the sun is nowhere near here. the capitol building was bathed in white light. took on this glow which is something you really can't describe. even pictures don't really do it justice. then that red-draped door, the
5:04 am
door to the lower terrace out of the west front of the capitol, donald trump will walk out there 11:00 this morning when he arrives at the capitol building. that will be very awe-inspiring moment for him. he will look out at dignitaries and look out at the gathered crowd and look to the washington monument and lincoln memorial he will say it is my time. in a few minutes i become president of the united states. the awesome sort of responsibility suddenly falls on your shoulders, i talked to presidents in the past coming out, they all said it took their breath away. i had a chance to talk to mike pence, incoming president, when you walk out the door, down to the platform what are you going to be thinking about? i'm thinking about my grandfather who emigrated from the united states from ireland in 1923. drove a bus on the south side of chicago 40 years. in two generations we went from immigrant bus driver to vice president of the united states for him.
5:05 am
very awe-inspiring. ainsley: that is a great story. we're proud to be american. steve: john, thank you very much. geraldo rivera joins us this morning. >> good morning. steve: he has known donald trump for decades. at times he might win. ultimately you thought he would not win. he won. >> i want to follow up what john was saying and what you were mentioning, ainsley the majesty of blair house compared to where they live. they live in the center of the universe, let's face it. in 1990, find one i interviewed him opening mar-a-lago, in his customary bluster, best private residence than anywhere in the world. better that breakers in newport and san simeon in california. he said the time thing when trump tower opened, 64, 65th floor, but when i saw him last thursday, when i saw he and first lady-elect at trump tower
5:06 am
last thursday, both in the first sentence mentioned how grand the white house is and how filled with anticipation they are about moving in. steve: that's great. >> the president-elect used the word, majestic to describe the white house. so to me, they are as awe-struck by this whole thing as it would appear we are looking in. i mean they really are excited about it. brian: i got to get you -- i thought kellyanne, reading what don, jr. said on another network about your dad, is your dad nervous. he has a way of transferring, he doesn't get nervous but transfer it into energy. do you believe the donald trump you know will be nervous when he delivers that 25-minute address? >> i think he is at his worst when reading. when people come from other walks of life to the news business, they think the teleprompter is really simple, it's not simple. it's an acquired skill.
5:07 am
i think that he is much better when he is speaking extemporaneously. however this is the speech of his life. this is the speech of his life. the message is so important now to a divided nation. he has to begin this process of healing. you have demonstrations here tomorrow. my whole point, all i've been talking about for the last several weeks is, he won the election, he is the 45th president of the united states, he is all about our president. we wish him the best. we wish him success, great presidency, helps this great nation. ainsley: you're looking live at folks already out there trying to get a spot to be close to donald trump when he is sworn in today. brian: closer the better. ainsley: that's right. we were asking kellyanne conway his message, what he has written in his speech. listen to what he said? >> not an agenda speech. it is not a state of the union speech. it is bold, action-oriented but also beautiful for its simplicity, he wrote it with the
5:08 am
help of a few others. these are his words. you will recognize the voice of donald trump in the address again and again today. it is beautifully-written and powerfully written. it is elegant in its simplicity. he called us all to action. he is willing to lead and like us to follow, follow him meeting his call to both unify the country, to make significant progress he will inject a shock to the system almost immediately. in one week's time you will definitely know this is president trump's government. brian: he is looking to make an impact. >> i love kellyanne's outfit. brian: forgot to wish her happy birthday. do you believe this will be energy shot, a trump shot in this town, in this country. i sense that is what he has always done things. >> you know, yes, of course, we want him to come in with his agenda and filled with verve and energy and charisma he
5:09 am
unmistakably has, but i stress he has to say to america we're all in this together. brian: i was talking about more money. >> i was talking about his use of executive orders we'll no right away and his legislative priorities we'll know right away, but i think the tone is really crucial here. one thing about his nervousness. i didn't see that at all when i was with him last thursday. he seemed to me to be in charge. he seemed to me to be confident. he seemed very thoughtful. he talked about everything from the celebrity apprentice ratings to getting price cut on the f-35 jet and reining in cost overruns. he knows what the score is. steve: you mentioned the speech would be how we're all in this together but up on capitol hill there will be at least 140 empty seats -- every member of
5:10 am
congress get as guest. 0 times two. a lot of people look at those people they're sore losers. this is time of unity. one thing if you think he is illegitimate although that is completely bogus. this is the one day we should all be together. just show up. if you bicker start tomorrow. >> i agree with you 100%. it is rude. i don't care where you come from idealogically speaking, politically speaking, this is the inauguration day for the next president of the united states. this only happened 45 times, 45 times in the whole history of the republic the for you not to show up, because you oppose his politics? what about the last guy and people opposed his politics or guy before that? i think it is really, to use a fancy word there, it is something your mother would really be disappointed at if you did it. steve: violent protesters -- ainsley: they were attacking him last night when we were together. rude? >> we were together, hannity and kilmeade and ainsley having a peck ture.
5:11 am
we were at del frisco's. had a nice dinner. were going to see big and rich. john rich was on "celebrity apprentice," he is a good guy. advising me during my tenure and helped me in the "celebrity apprentice" thing going to see big and rich. we walked past bret michaels, "celebrity apprentice" to come, brave concert, pressure on showbusiness people not to show up. there were protesters predictably outside of bret michaels conference. i thought they were saying hello. it was kind of dark. all of sudden people start throwing eggs and this or that. one guy grabbed me by the hand and was going to whack him sean came to back me up, the protesters looked like leftovers from woodstock.
5:12 am
scratchy beard and jokers hats and clown faces and so forth. all's well that ended well. we got into to see bret. we said hello to him. we stayed until the concert beginning. ainsley had to get up at 2:00. so everybody -- brian: here is the thing, there was a big protest yesterday, i think robert de niro and rosie o'donnell and alec baldwin speaking out, push back against the president. i don't mind that. so. >> there was big protest here in town. many of people i know and love will be at protest. steve: use your words. not violence. don't throw eggs. brian: he starts monday. what are you protesting? >> tomorrow is different than today. today is the day we have to stand shoulder to shoulder. steve: we do. >> today we start the new adventure. say good-bye to the 44th president. say hello to the 45th president. what you do tomorrow, as long as you don't break any laws or bust
5:13 am
things up, don't get into people's way. ainsley: caitlyn jenner will be supporting him. >> freedom ball. brian: believe it or not she's available. steve: you're available. >> i'm available. steve: thank you very much, geraldo. up next, we saw him a moment ago, pete hegseth with people who helped put mr. trump in office. traveled all the way here to be at history. we'll talk to him shortly. brian: president-elect says exactly what is on his mind. should he take his off-the-cuff style straight to the white house? our political panel weighs. ♪ [shouting] >> usa! usa! in your bed? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the queen c4 mattress is now $1199.
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♪ ainsley: pete hegseth is somewhere out on the mall with people who put mr. trump in office. steve: hundreds of thousands are coming here to washington, d.c. to witness history. they are so excited to talk to pete about the big day. peter?
5:18 am
>> man, enthusiasm you can feel it out here. these folks are excited to see donald trump become the 45th president. we'll talk to a few of them. nathan, why do you come here. >> came here from new york, to witness first day of trump getting america back to we the people. [shouting] >> they're fired up, you can tell, they are fired up. you came from littletown, pennsylvania, outside of gettysburg. what brought you here? >> to drain the swamp. watch president trump to get elected. right here! >> from eagles bar. bringing the bar to celebrate. you, sir, came a long way. how far did you drive overnight to get here? >> i drove from chattanooga, tennessee, i came to watch old donald j, will be the best president since ronald reagan. >> you like his hat. back-to-back world war champs. you know, to sum it all up out
5:19 am
here, sum it up out here, patriotism, love for country. usa. usa. usa. >> usa! >> there you have it. all about america here on the mall. >> usa! steve: pete hegseth out on the mall. last night protesters outside the deplorable ball were throwing their phones at pete. now in midst of usa, usa. ainsley: talking a lot about the protests. honestly there aren't that many. there have been a few throughout the city. more people are ecstatic and excited saying this is majestic is what we've heard. steve: you know the people who pete interviewed, they don't have tickets. they traveled from halfway across the country to stand out in an open area half a mile away from the guy who will be president because they wanted to be here to witness history. you will see all the historical stuff here on fox news channel. ainsley: a lot of people voted for him because they like his honesty. known for telling it like it is.
5:20 am
will he bring the off-the-cuff style into the white house? we're asking our political panel next. steve: come on in. ♪ >> trump, trump, trump, trump. trump, trump, trump, trump. >> usa. usa. usa. with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. what's the best way to get v8 or a fancy juice store?s?as. ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. i mwell, what are youe to take care odoing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon?
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5:23 am
>> usa. usa. usa. ♪ brian: you think they're pumped up? that is the mood in washington, d.c. donald trump is known by the way, for getting the most out of his -- ainsley: oh.
5:24 am
brian: cowboy. steve: there is trump drum. ainsley: we'll freeze frame right there. brian: one person missing from new york. naked cowboy. he doesn't have much luggage to pack. i don't think he would consider that a compliment. steve: so the question is, will donald trump continue to be donald trump and tweet away? we've got a fox news panel right now, fox news contributor lisa booth. former financial intel and former state department press officer, morgan ortega, and partner of strategies,. >> good morning to you.
5:25 am
>> should he continue tweeting? >> he should, this is how he was able to win. this is what he did during the primary. you got to think of the fact that hillary clinton, his primary opponents for that matter, hillary clinton and her allies spent than he did and his allies in the general election. he was able to win because he could bypass the media. 91% of the coverage he received was negative. brian: we want to perform everybody, this is live. the vice president of the elect united states few more hours make his way forward. it is going to be his event all swearing-in. first a visit to st. john's episcopal church. this is something they do every single inauguration. there he is meeting the pastor. it just a short hop from the blair house where the trumps spent the overnight hours. we should be seeing them very shortly. all right. so, and that is blair house right there. as soon as there is some activity.
5:26 am
tell you what, let's split the screen, we'll continue to watch to see the president-elect come out in just a minute or so. ainsley: meantime, linda, we'll go to you. we were talking about him tweeting. he is known for the off-the-cuff personality and saying whatever was on his mind. yesterday he was talking to a group. looks down sees kellyanne conway and starts saying kellyanne, come on up and starts praising here. do people like that style. >> when you use social media they want to be authentic and donald trump is totally ought 10 thick in particular. challenge, recent polls show americans think he tweets too much. there is probably a balance he should consider especially moving ahead. if you're in his caucus and trying to think about the first 100 days and what kind of policies he want to move whether aca or what the knot, you are uncomfortable you never know what he has to say. the truth it has impact on economy and policy.
5:27 am
>> alternatively he could use the social media to move forward some of his policies. steve: bully pulpit. >> he has a large twitter following. that is it how he was able to get his voice out, get his message and bypass the media. it could help him move big policies. brian: if he doesn't like the speaker's -- speaker disappointed me, fill in the blank. morgan, often time in america we get opposite what we had. we had a president very composed and scripted. talking about the teleprompter, first four years. now you have somebody had to be convinced to use one. americans are speaking out again, aren't they? >> listen, a lot of women, a lot of us tried to change our men and we haven't been able to. i think a lot of people over the past year-and-a-half tried to change donald trump. thank god that they didn't, because it clearly worked for him. this is the model and mechanism speaking directly to the people. i think what we sometimes miss in all of this, is that this was not, we had a change election eight years ago with barack obama, right?
5:28 am
the country wanted change this was so much more than a change election. we're rejecting both parties election. they rejected republican candidates in our primary election. they rejected the status quo in the general. steve: sure. >> this is not a normal change election. this is completely burn the house down, build something new, start over. steve: i'm glad you said that, as we look live, continue on right side of your screen, blair house, president-elect, donald trump will come out in a moment or two. take a short little limo about a block to it st. john's. lisa, because we are in uncharted territory, this is like nobody we've seen during our lifetimes. he is not a career politician. he's a business guy who wants to put the stuff he learned, building buildings and developing real estate to work for people of the country. >> absolutely. i had a uber-driver talking about this or lyft driver, said
5:29 am
she was lifelong democrat. she was entirely sick of both parties. she didn't like the fact hillary clinton was presenting terms and if you're a woman you have to vote for me. she wanted someone would get things done and look past political ideology. to morgan's earlier point, a lot of americans wanted, someone as steve was saying ran as builder, ran as fixing things, will get deals done. who will make america strong again, make america great again, particularly in terms of the economy. brian: wondering from your perspective, working with tim kaine, many thought he would be vice president-elect and would be his day and donald trump making positive remarks from ceos and create jobs apple bringing manufacturing here, i felt it was upplayed in print, online and on the major networks. do you think that there is something to that? >> well i think that, when we move forward there is going to be a question what sort of accomplishments he posts. you have to remember he is inheriting a economy much stronger than it was when up
5:30 am
with obama took office, losing 800,000 jobs a month. unemployment near 10%. now we're under 5%. so he is getting a stronger nation than he might otherwise have. the he question can he build on it, in a way that makes people feel like he is their president not just one -- brian: is there a sense maybe no matter what he does certain people will not acknowledge it. >> i don't think so. i really don't. i take democrats in particular at their word they say if he puts forth policies democrats feel like are in line with their values, in line with moving country forward they will work with him. steve: linda, what about the 70 democrats, forget about unity, i'm not showing up today. they look like sore losers. >> i'm not one of those people. steve: hard to call them sore losers this, is a day of unity. if you want to bicker, start tomorrow. but everybody should be back there. if, there were people who boycotted four or eight years ago, barack obama's inauguration, people would say, oh, those people are racists,
5:31 am
even though it may have been in their hearts, i don't feel the same way. >> you said it yourself. this is a different kind of president. he has been talking to the people in different way. steve: he is still the president. >> absolutely, today should be about the peaceful transfer of power. it typically is. you about he started off a week ago bashing john lewis which made people uncomfortable. >> john lewis said he wasn't legitimate president. can't blame the soon to be president for getting offended you have an individual, sitting member of congress blatantly saying he is not a legitimate president. that is absolutely wrong. we should be fully respectful of the things that john lewis has done in his life. obviously incredible man and civil rights respect doesn't mean that he didn't do something that was wrong. >> not that he responded. it is not the fact he was offended. the fact that he responded. there have been lots of cases -- >> can defend himself. >> should he do it on twitter.
5:32 am
attack an icon saying all talk no action. >> that are the old rules. >> you were reporting earlier, the secret service has given him a new phone encrypted. what i'm curious, did they load twitter on to the phone? >> kellyanne said he definitely would be able tweet from the new phone he has. brian: wants to know if there is an app store. ainsley: wan to ask you quickly you work for tim kaine. laura ingraham was on our show, she is saying considering a run for senate in that state. >> i think she will have a tough hill to climb, reality, virginia is tim kaine country. people are very supportive of him. did a great job as governor. obviously i'm biased. but i think that will be a really big, tough, race. brian: something we can all agree on. amazing to hear from the entire trump team and for the most part the obama team about how well both administrations gotten along. they said they can't say enough great things about how they're helping the transition.
5:33 am
>> i think that's wonderful. that is it what we should want. george w. bush showed president obama -- there you go. brian: hold on. donald trump walking out. ainsley: melania behind them. steve: indeed. ainsley: they are walking over to st. john's church. the prayer service was supposed to start at 8:30. it is 8:33. they're heading over for the prayer service. brian: they usually run on time. there are presidents that don't. they usually do. this is called really the church of the presidents steve too it is. historically before the inauguration and often time because it is just across lafayette scare from the white house. on pants of 1600 pennsylvania avenue will go over to st. john's for sunday service. ainsley: i have to mention this, ladies, did you see melania's outfit. >> she looks amazing. ainsley: light blue suit. >> looks like gloves are matching as well. brian: seeing eric walk by.
5:34 am
there is don, jr., just walked through. >> kellyanne conway in the red hat. steve: by the way, happy birthday to kellyanne conway. today is her 50th birthday. brian: that is hope walking behind kellyanne conway. >> working with the sean spicer. steve: official presidential family will take the armored suburbans about a block away. we could tell they were on the move, because you can always hear the park service helicopter overhead just as they're about to start a motorcade. brian: this will be fascinating to go through the ceremony. we'll see both past president and future president together at the same time. the other thing i have come across quite a few pastors of all different faiths that come across from franklin graham to the different pastors, i met with, saw yesterday, even in our lobby. they say this about donald trump, he wants us around
5:35 am
and he always listens. steve: sure. brian: this is ceremony, this guy doesn't mind being in church today. ainsley: you had paula white on your radio show, when i was on the show with you, she is a pass star. he picked up the phone one day seeing her on tv as evan gel i. he talked to her about her message. he could recite message verbatim. had many questions about her faith. i guess the bible. steve: sure. okay, they're heading over to the church. about an hour from now, they will sit down with the obamas back at the white house where there will be half hour. time for tea and cookies maybe. some biscuits and what not as they prepare for transition of power officially. ainsley: you did you see the windshield whilers on the cars? it must be raining. brian: this is a walkable thing. steve: it is about a block. ainsley: people have umbrellas.
5:36 am
look at this, brian and. steve: steve here is the thing about the rain. it will not dampen as we heard from pete hegseth, you look where the inauguration will take place. hundreds of thousands of people head to washington, d.c., because they feel so personally about donald trump. we heard from the campaign a lot of lifelong democrats would vote for donald trump. we heard of a lot of people that hadn't voted in 30 years, decided there was something about this guy because of his message of jobs and immigration and everything else, they wanted to do everything they could to make sure he was the 45th president of the united states. while the polls till the bitter end said hillary was going to win, he won. now today he gets the big chair. ainsley: ladies, what went through your mind you saw him first time knowing he is about to become the president of the night, lisa? >> what a big day, right? i can not imagine being in those shoes and the massive undertaking and responsibility that comes with it.
5:37 am
got to be a very heavy thing. i imagine he woke up this morning feeling enormity of it all, but it is very exciting. i think he will do great things for the country. particularly very exciting what he will do in terms of the economy. a lot of people are really hurting finance alley in this country really looking to him to try to make a difference, make this country stronger economically. brian: people want to invest and expand their personnel. they want to know what happens with health care. >> absolutely. brian: that could come as early as monday. we could see a lot of executive orders. a lot of what president obama has done has not been through congress. >> exactly. because congress fought him every step of the way. the truth is, obviously i'm an obama supporter, i feel like he has done a lot of the country. i imagine he would have done a lot more republicans fighting him every step of the way, that said, it's a big day of the country because we're witnessing a shift from one administration in to the next no matter what
5:38 am
side you're on, it is worth noting. brian: good point. saying republicans couldn't work with him. there is another point of view that president obama charismatic publicly personally he didn't hang out with democrats and did not work the sidelines and -- pushing legislation through using both parties. ainsley: morgan, what went through your mind when you saw donald trump the first time this morning? >> i'm thinking about all the people in america watching this right now and watching "fox & friends." i'm from a small town in florida. i know many watch you every single day. they love when i come on, i think this election is about small town, america. this is number of people who felt my voice wasn't heard by either party for the past 20 years. they feel like the they're the voice for me again. i have to say to the three of you, this, this is amazing historic day. i'm getting ferklempt because i'm so honored to be here with you. i'm witnessing history from here i'm a small-town girl from florida. steve: so sweet of you to say. they are on the move right now.
5:39 am
we believe the president-elect is in that armored suburban right there. ainsley: so it begins,. steve: steve it is very, very short trip. they will literally take a left, go a block, and, yep, there is the president-elect, waving right there. brian: tv in the car, might have been watching us at the time. they do have that technology. ainsley: if you are, congratulations soon to be mr. president. brian: if you are, mr. president, stick your hand out the window. [laughter] people we ask them to do on jetblue as they're watching. steve: you see the fire truck, that is adjacent to st. john's church. they will take a little turn to the right right there. they do this for security purposes. you can see they have got plenty of security with them. brian: the guy who bought the tahoe, you have the glass that getting glass that pops up as opposed to whole hatch. you have to pay a little bit more. obviously paid a little more. ainsley: why is that open? security is ready.
5:40 am
here is another shot. looks like motorcade about to come no view. steve: what you see on screen right legendary hay adams hotel, one of the historic hotels in washington, d.c. st. john's is on the right. little yellow church. the church of president. they parked a limousine across the street. they're trying to provide as much protection as possible because there are demonstrators within a couple of blocks. brian: right. you don't want to be one of the guys in the back. hatch, for those long rides. you've looking at only line of cars that get through the streets of washington, d.c., because everybody else has been jammed up. here we go. ainsley: all the streets are blocked off, exactly. here is donald trump. steve: let's listen in, see if he says anything.
5:41 am
[inaudible conversations]. see steve all right, just wanted to see if he said anything to the assembled press. hehe did not. the headline he is going into st. john's to pray for the nation and pray for his leadership, we got look at what ivanka is wearing today. ainsley: she looks like jackie onassis, absolutely. steve: melania.
5:42 am
ainsley: take this opportunity if you pray as well, to pray for our country and his family. brian: i admire don, jr.'s kids, they have been hauled around in the most quiet serene settings. asked to be calm. i know it is very tough. steve: tiffany trump. brian: tiffany making their way in. the whole family has been together quite a lot. we believe the ceremony is less than an hour. last major event is 9:30. the trumps, pences, families attend a tea hosted by the president and mrs. obama in the southport tick coof the white house. -- south portico of the white house. ainsley: ceremony starts at 11:30 and trump's inaugural address and luncheon at 12:00. steve: good news. it stopped raining here in washington, d.c. janice dean, the inaugural weather machine, says it will
5:43 am
raining off and on throughout the early afternoon hours. even though some short umbrellas will be allowed into the inauguration site, you know, people have traveled from all across the country. a little rain is not going to stop anybody. ainsley: no way. steve: today is the guy they saw the blue-collar billionaire, somehow spoke to them morgan, in a way they hadn't heard anybody talk to them, your point about being from small town florida, so many people feel washington d.c. run off the tracks. who knows what the heck they're doing there. somebody is driving the boat who seems to know what he is doing, they hope. >> i don't think this is just about slamming the democrat party, from both parties we have to take personal responsibility to say the american electorate was unhappy with all of us, right? how do we have effective change? how do we govern in a way which that is best for the american people? and i think it will be from either party, you can be independent and say today, i'm going to witness the peaceful
5:44 am
transfer of power, i will commit to doing whatever i can to making my country as good as it possibly can be. one thing, brian i have to say, what viewers can't see, number of police, people from the department of homeland security, took me two hours to get here, they were so kind. so many people put their life on the line to protect president obama and president trump and so many watch "fox & friends." brian: also, you need 60 votes to get anything done. if donald trump is great deal maker, we'll see it early, aren't we? >> number of democrats especially on senate side going to think about next election and closer to the center than rest of democratic caucuses. we'll see how far people willing to go. biggest fight will be on obamacare. will there be a framework essentially left in place.
5:45 am
improvements that are made in line with some of the senators and the president. brian: even though the dems know it is not working they take it personal. if you put it in their face, it is done, finished, it's through, they have the same reaction donald trump would be if you said that to him. >> what is working, 20 million people are covered under obamacare that were not before. we are at lowest level of uninsured the nation has ever seen. there are two sides to the story clearly. steve: sure. >> even barack obama said if you want to i am it you should. steve: we'll explain what the folks at home are looking at the quarter before 9:00 in the morning. obviously u.s. capitol, flags are right in the middle, below that, that is the official, vip area where members of congress and other special invited guests are going to be. also there will be a chorus there and a choir. that exactly, you can see the presidential logo in the middle, that is where donald trump will take the oath of office at high noon.
5:46 am
as we look at wider shot, you can see there are a number of gated areas where some actually have seats where if you're lucky enough to have a ticket for the festivities today, that is where you will be seated. but the area that is starting to fill up right here, you can see this, from, as you can see the little reflecting pool, ahead of that and behind that those are public areas, if you just come in, you actually will be able to stand. so the earlier you get here, the better your spot. brian: that is how you usually tell how people end up they quantify how many people are there how deep they get into the mall. somebody is at the mall right now, ed henry is out and about. steve: he came early. he wanted a good seat. brian: ed, where are you you? where are you standing? >> you can see the beautiful shot. i have to get the hat on. we have a crowd over here. people are lined up. they are super excited. they have been talking to us all
5:47 am
morning. i got to show you this kid right here. he's nine years old, nine years old. i'm going down here. we got a mini donald trump. how old are you? >> nine. >> where are you from? >> rhode island. >> when did you get here? did you have a long drive? >> we got here wednesday night and drive was eight hours. >> eight hours. do you realize how much history you will be witnessing today at age of nine? >> yes. >> and why do you like donald trump? you got the hat. you got button, you got everything? >> i like him mostly because of the immigration. >> immigration issue. you're following that closely at age of nine. >> and taxes. >> taxes. you're not paying taxes yet, are you? >> no. >> but your parent are? >> uh-huh. >> we appreciate you coming out. enjoy the history. >> okay. >> guys, look at that. look at this crowd out here. they are fired up. they are super excited. can see all people. they have come from all around the country. talk to folks. where are you from? >> new jersey. >> jersey, wow.
5:48 am
steve doocy from jersey, you want to say hello. >> i want tucker carlson. >> how about steve? he is a good guy. >> north carolina. >> how excited are you to see history? >> fantastic, excited! >> is this your better half? >> it. >> talk about the moment for history. >> excited. ready for change. new blood. new men jigs coming in. we're pumped and excited. >> that is great. >> nra. >> two gentlemen right here. tell me where you're from? >> anchorage, alaska. >> and you? >> anchorage, alaska. >> you came all the way from alaska? >> yeah. >> you win the prize, come further away coming from alaska. how excited are you coming from alaska. >> very excited. historical event. hope we do good things. put the economy back in line. we'll go from there. >> steve, send it back to you guys. i talked to willie -- steve: hey, ed?
5:49 am
>> go ahead. >> could you ask folks you're talking to right now, poll the audience, whether or not any of them have spent years not voting or long time democrats who decided to jump the fence and vote for trump? >> do we have anybody who is democrat and switched parties to vote for donald trump? >> no. >> these are republicans. there are some democrats out there. there is a lady out there. and i'll tell you what, steve, a moment ago, i saw willie from "duck dynasty." he told me to send his best wishes to you. he was -- he has better seat than i do, of course, willie. he was going up to the vip section. he stopped by. he said he was somebody who stuck his neck out for donald trump when a lot of people didn't want to do it. he is thrilled to be here. he has a seat up there in the front. he just passed by. too. steve: that's funny. ainsley: celebrities that didn't mind stepping up to support donald trump. brian: he went against his dad. his dad was early trump guy.
5:50 am
he voted for him. steve: willie robertson wrote me a text when my voice was froggy. said glad you're going through puberty. i will be shaving soon, willie. brian: talking about protests, who is not coming, what is going on, can you give me idea of polling the crowd, is the crowd pumped up for the big day? >> are you guys excited for inaugural? [cheering] >> what do you think about foxx and friends? what do you think about "fox & friends"? [cheering] guys, i don't know, i'm not a pollster. i don't want to venture a guess because the pollsters were wrong in the last election. they are excited about "fox & friends" as they are about the inaugural. back to you. ainsley: excited to talk to them. you know why? that whole group of people, everyone else who watches they employ us. steve: thanks to them we're number one. brian: take that frank luntz. [laughter] steve: ed henry live with the
5:51 am
crowd as you can see right there. let's go to pete hegseth. pete, because so many people are on the cell phones, we're having a broadband issue, that's why we doesn't come back to you, introduce these folks. >> usa. usa. >> great foles here. i was out on the street last night with protesters, small group of snowflakes. we have here a huge group of patriots. they are fired up from pittsburgh around ohio across the country. ed henry had ticketed seats up there. here we've got folks that driven in from all over the place to hear the 45th president of the united states be sworn in. you have a couple of sons serving in the military? >> my son is in the army. my daughter is in the air force. >> what brought you here today? >> i am a trump supporter around i support the united states of america and i, appreciate everyone who is serving as well. >> absolutely. folks have been driving overnight trips, driving across the country to come out to see this historic moment.
5:52 am
sir, you came from pennsylvania, right? >> right. >> why do you support mr. trump and what do you hope to hear today? >> i support mr. trump because he has the right answers. >> what do you hope he will say today? >> inthink he will make america great again. >> i think he will say that. what do you think? you're from ohio. why are you here? >> we want to support trump, southern ohio pushed him over the top. >> i would say ohio did its part for sure. you guys excited to be here this morning? [cheering] we can't walk more than five feet without being stopped and folks fired up for donald trump and what he will do for the country. protesters i was with last night, throw things at cops and try to disparage our country and this is area full of patriots, rebuilding military, fixing va, get the economy going. that is the optimism we feel here on the mall. head it back to you guys. i can't even here. >> trump, trump, trump. ainsley: he can't hear us.
5:53 am
we were looking at picture of where the congressman and women are going to sit, and it made me realize, when we saw that, when you were diagraming what everything is behind us, remind me how close these congressman and women being next to the president of the night and they are not choosing to sit there. they have prime seats. elected by their constituents and paid by their tax dollars to attend events and not be there. how many -- brian: 68 to0. steve: question is anybody to see if anybody sits in the seats. ainsley: if they are not going to be there, should they continue to have their seats in office? steve: in addition to members of the congress and members of the cabinet along with other invited vip guests. and the family. speaking of the family, the family is in saint john's church on lafayette square.
5:54 am
they will be in attendance for little more than an hour and take another one block motorcade from lafayette scare right over there to the white house. you can see in the foreground of the white house shot, with this view from the high atop the hay adams hotel, you can see the reyou viewing stand. that is where president trump and mike pence and families watch the parade. which should last no more than two hours. ainsley: we're showing you the church too. significant obviously because, everyone has gone in that church and prayed before, every president? brian: yeah. ainsley: he will hold the bible his mother gave him when he grew up in queens, new york, and lincoln bible when he is sworn in. steve: that's great. brian: i'm not sure what history that hat has but ed has a lot of experience in situations like this. >> i'm from queens as well. ainsley: ed, brian yesterday wanted you to wear a pocket watch with that hat. did you do it? >> i didn't bring it. i brought my lucky sweater.
5:55 am
got this at dartmouth and green and got d from dartmouth. i didn't go to dartmouth. it keeps me warm. i never want to leave steve doocy happening. he asked me if people sat out previous elections and came out and turned out for donald trump? i found someone who is an american hero, purple heart recipient. he could not previously vote because he was so busy serving in iraq and afghanistan. he is now home thankfully. thank you, tom, from ohio, for serving our country. what do you think of this moment in history? >> i'm proud to voted, for first time ever. many i'm proud i voted for the winner. >> you served in both iraq and afghanistan. we obviously thank you for your service but what does it mean especially for you are and your comrades who have come home? >> it means a lot to me es spendingsly president trump was first to brought up veterans affairs and reforms. first major candidate to put it up and bring it forward into the population so.
5:56 am
>> thank you again for your service. we're talking to the heartland here. we have got minnesota as well i believe? >> yes. >> what do you think about this moment? >> this is i amazing, amazing. >> did you ever think it was going to happen? there were days in this campaign when all the pundits said donald trump doesn't have a chance? >> i still can't believe we're here. i believed it for a little while but awesome to see it turn around. >> folks from connecticut, donald trump was saying they all said you don't have a path to 270? >> you know what, i told everybody when i traveled to utah for fishing trip, vote for donald trump. i'm a new yorker. i always thought for 15 months he was only person that was going to be able to compete with and beat hillary clinton. >> what are you expecting from him in the first 100 days? what do you want to see happen? >> we all need to be patient because i think he has a lot of things on his plate with the reciprocity, with second amendment, with borders and everything. >> second amendment and borders.
5:57 am
we have more folks here. we want to give you, if you back up a little bit, steve, give you perspective of the crowd. this lady has been waiting patiently as well. talk about how excited you are today. so much energy behind you? i am so excited to be here and blessed to be here and want to see him get rid of obamacare and anything to do with obama. >> a lot on the agenda, guys. you see the crowd as steve comes back, there is a crowd, deep, deep here, and they are excited. [cheering] brian: thanks a lot, ed. ainsley: what time did they have to get there to get the good seats? >> 5:30. >> all got here about 5:00 a.m. i have don't want to brag, i got here 3:45 a.m. you guys were sleeping in. we had a lot of work to do. you guys deserve to brag. brian: ed, we were here at 2:45. we were stuck outside with security. i have update who will be in the
5:58 am
seats. two of congressional seats will go to marcus luttrell and his brother who are with us tomorrow. somebody donated them to him? are you saying some of the boycotting congressman? brian: that is what i just got text message. ainsley: we love him for serving our country just like pete hegseth did, two tours. hey, pete. >> hey, good morning. we're in the middle america section of america's mall here, right? [cheering] incredibly enthusiastic crowd out here. contrast this with protesters we kind of heard from last night, small groups of snowflakes. this is a huge group of patriots who love their country and excited to be here to celebrate donald trump and celebrate america and frankly drain the swamp. where are you from? >> i'm from penn state university. >> what brings you here? >> i always wanted to come to an inauguration. i've been following donald trump the last two years. this is great way to finish it off. >> how about you where are you coming from? >> new jersey.
5:59 am
>> what brings you here? >> support america. my husband is in the military. >> there you you go. spouses of members the military. they know people are serving now to protect the very freedom and support donald a trump which makes it a special day. the rain won't deter anybody. they say bring it on because donald trump is coming at noon. he will put a hand on that bible and seek to make america great again. what do you guys think, will it be a great day? [cheering] >> trump, trump, trump, trump. steve: it's a great day. brian: trump has huge support there. why 800,000 are coming out. it will be special for the president leaving after eight years. historic as well as this president coming in like no other. >> usausa. ainsley: the church service now and going over to the white house to meet with the obamas. steve: we know you have choices in the morning. thank you very much for watching
6:00 am
us at fox news. we have coverage throughout the day. we'll be back here tomorrow, 6:00 a.m. eastern time on saturday. ainsley: new president. steve: meantime the people have spoken. we'll see you tomorrow. >> usa. usa. usa. usa >> bill: we witness the peaceful


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