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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 20, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello, everyone, i am eric bolling. this unforgettable day, president donald john trump sworn into office at high noon eastern time, businessmen who denied all odds and predictions is now the 45th president of these united states of america. now the traditions continue. a parade down pennsylvania avenue from the capitol to the white house. the first family got out of the beast several times and the parade started a little before 4:00 p.m., just arriving outside their new home, 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we're going to get to some of the highlights of the day in a
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moment. first, reaction to the day. you have been here all morning, hold off on your initial reaction. bob beckel, we go to bob. he watched the smooth transition of power. what are your thoughts? >> it has been a painful way dn some ways. you can't not look at this and realize -- this is very well done. i'll say this about trump's speech. i heard the same speech over and over again, but it was a tough guy speech, and it was directed against the establishment. now the question is, can the tough guy deliver? that is a harder deal. >> when he was announced, now the 45th president, he is coming down there, he had that really stern face. >> either he was thinking about getting back to work or, like, i cannot believe this was happening. i couldn't tell.
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you witness the depths of soaring rhetoric. it was stark, where president obama is like a pina colada, that was a shot of whiskey. it was oddly brave in the sense that it refused to be eloquent. it refused to be pretty. it refused to be flowery. it just was raw, to the point, you've heard it before but he didn't care that you had heard it before. rule of thumb, everything is better when it is short. >> we knew you would say that. >> obama's speech was like a grateful dead song with a 20 minute drum solo. trump, a two-minute blast, and you remember it. a lot of people said that it was dark and scary, but the left mastered the art of dark and scary. they told us how bad the world was eight years ago and four years ago and needed hope and change. this is the same thing, but the problems are different. >> about 16 minutes for that
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inaugural speech. talked about transferring power from government, bringing it back to the people, and that seems to be the theme of the speech. >> that's what a lot of supporters and followers that had been with him wanted to hear. they wanted to hear the president speak about the future, that they were not going to be left behind, talk about the forgotten men and women, pressing the theme of america first, to say we need to be a change to say that we want to put our nation first, put jobs here in our ground, for families to be able to get ahead, that optimism for the future. i don't see it as a message, i thought it was very consistent with what he has promised along the campaign trail. >> dana, i noticed, i don't know if this is poetic justice or what, it was cool, it was overcast, no rain had fallen until later lately first birds that came out of his mouth. rain started to fall.
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>> reverend graham said, that is a blessing. i've always imagined the whole idea of, like, if you get pooped on by a bird, that is good look. -- good luck. i always imagined that happen to a king at some point. i don't think the rain put a damper on things. i think that it was a beautiful day. it was beautifully executed. i do think that having been here all day and having had the privilege of sitting with all of our great colleagues from fox news and talking to people all around town and looking at some of the reaction that, whatever you wanted to see, you saw. we are a polarized nation. we've been talking about that particular years. i think we have to be mindful that there are people that are going to look at that and say, that was the scariest thing. and he knew that, because he said at the end of his speech, do not fear, do not be afraid. we are protected by our military, we are protected because i am swearing allegiance
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to you, and we are protected by god created the other thing i thought was interesting and different -- two things. not a lot of conservatism here. says we are going to get everybody off welfare and put them to work. to me, that sounded like fdr. we're going to do these things, don't think they would take offense. can you do that passing a budget, i don't know. the other thing that was different, he rarely used the word "i," it was all about you. i think that was done in stark contrast to his predecessor. >> it was a popular speech, not democratic speech or republican speech. the other question, starting on monday, he's going to start dealing with the establishment, going to have to start turning these things into policy, into the legislation. i wonder if he set himself up. >> why is it tough? >> why is it tough at capitol hill here? you're not going to get republicans to give 100% of their votes to him on things
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like obamacare. he said he's got an idea about how he is going to do this and cut costs, but they've been trying to do that for 50 years. >> that brings up an interesting point. i kept waiting for a trump mask to come off and revealed bernie sanders. because trump attacked both parties. he attacked both parties. he had a dark assessment of wage loss, job loss, and the horror of washington, the way it is bloated. this is sanders' material. the people that are mad about trump, about 40% of his speech amenable and appealing. my favorite line out of this that i think got lost, when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. >> a great sign. >> expose distinguish mint no -s distinguishing. what he is trying to say, if you unite under if a flag, you do t
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need identity, but the political hacks are not going to go for that. >> can you store that thought? producers? there you go. >> the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the united states of america, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live together in unity. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable.
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>> k.g., takeaways? be patriotic, doesn't necessarily have to mean you are prejudiced? >> really the way he described it and put it forth, it made sense. that to me was the unifying message that we can stand together cannot be proud of our country. there is no room for prejudice. hopefully people really listened to the words. i think his intention really is to try to bring this country together so that nobody feels like they were left behind, and he knows that he has a big job to do, and he seemed very calm today, confident on top of his mission and what he wanted to accomplish, i think he's ready to serve. >> you don't think this is trying to make up what he said during the campaign? if anybody was talking about division, it was trump. >> every inaugural address does that. if you think about 2001 when president bush takes over after the recount, that was certainly where he had to do that. >> dana, can we jump in, the
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senate just approved general mattis. >> i think that is wonderful, for dod and department of homeland security, considered the noncontroversial ones. i find it unbelievable that the democrats have decided to play -- am i allowed to say that? it is a british term i learned from my husband. and they are holding up the confirmation of the cia director mike pompeo. and i understand that they were on the phone with pence, trying to work it out. >> it is funny you say that, dana. i talked to both of them, general kelly and general mattis, said we can't live where the two, the exact thing you said. >> good luck on trying to push back on two very, very popular generals. >> i'm sorry, congressman pompeo is a likable person and
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well-regarded. i think there are additional problems, but at this moment, there is not a director or deputy director at the cia, not smart at a time of transition. >> for the democrats, they better understand this, you need to pick your fights. the one place you don't pick your fights, is with the cia director. we've been through this, right? >> don't pick a side, bob. >> what i'm saying is that the democrats have a numerical problem. they did away with the 60-vote deal themselves. i thought it was a bad idea when they did it, going to come back to haunt them. the only thing they could do, hold up the supreme court justice, which they will do. >> political gamesmanship. that doesn't make it right. regardless of that, the responsibility is not to be partisan. in a time of transition, the national security position of the country should not be left. >> they shouldn't be political fodder unless they have a
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serious, real, conscientious objection or concern and should not be held up because it affects national security. >> you really think this is going to change the polarization of this country, what is talking about? >> okay, the reason my people are calling him a sociopath and comparing him to the character in "road warrior," bane, read his speech, not that much different than a lot of speeches and that he presents a problem and a solution. in this case, he is talking about some things i disagree with, like globalism pretty thinks that is a problem and he is going to solve it with tariffs. but he mentions radical islam. he's going to wipe radical islam -- that's the big picture that makes you accept the small picture. >> wonderful thing to say, and impossible. i've heard a lot of promises from the left that were
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impossible. >> oh, come on. >> a little bit about this inaugural parade, first family getting out of the beast a couple of times. i love this, bob, you were there. >> i crossed it too. >> and i thought he handled it well. i think she has got an incredible amount of poise. for somebody who is not born here and sort of been criticized for a number of things, i thought she did a terrific job. but the thing that interested me was, trump got out of the car right in front of protesters. now, those protesters were allowed. it was spotty. but when you heard of them, you heard them. as opposed to trump supporters, who were taking pictures. and he got out right in front of them, and it was almost in your face. >> i think it is fearless. he is asking the country to unite behind him, do not fear, we will keep you safe, we will make america strong and safe again pretty is showing that
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with his actions like the pope would get out of the motorcade. >> one of the other inaugural speech themes was, you will never be forgotten again. that kind of rang. i was standing in the crowd. >> jay winik was in the crowd, and charles krauthammer said immediately afterwards, this will be remembered as a forgotten man speech. i remember reading an article where at times donald trump was having a tough time trailing way behind hillary clinton, and he was at a rally, an interview with a guy who attended. he said, i don't expect them to win, but i've got to tell you, it feels good to be heard for once. obviously then with the win, that's why think donald trump didn't forget who brought him here. >> the people in the crowd when he said that, they started yelling, i am deplorable. and they kept yelling deployable us. he kept into that
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>> no longer be ignored. i thought he was, in a way, talking about himself as well that this was something deeply personable, personal. the more money he made, it didn't matter to the media, to the entertainers, they made fun of him, i think he said, you will no longer be ignored, i felt like he relate -- it was such a personal statement. back to melania, tom ford could not make her look any better, for saying he wouldn't dress her, she didn't need it. >> she didn't ask him. >> the way he painted the problems in this country it was so vastly overstated. for his people, yes, i can understand that. the country is in much better shape. obama is leaving with a 60% likability. >> the middle middle-class cers not. what was the word that he used?
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the word about inner cities and -- >> carnage. >> it right. using the word like carnage. crime is skyrocketing. that could be interpreted as carnage. >> it is not skyrocketing. >> the homicide rate and chicago is up 57% just in one year. >> overall violence is down, but it is spiking in specific cities, and it has a lot to do with gang violence and things we have been of wedding. for the left, it is okay to paint dark and scary pictures about america. america is homophobic, racist, sexist. the left mastered that, but when the right comes out and says, crime is high, violence is high, become a wiry fearmongering? the left fearmongers in one way, the right fearmongers a different way. >> the middle-class is forgotte
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forgotten. around somewhere around $25,000, what has happened there is, wages have been stagnant, unemployment, it may be low on a percentage basis. >> family is arriving. they are telling me the family is arriving at 1600 -- the ultimate destination. so the middle-class has been decimated on wages, unemployment. the employment numbers aren't up. >> they have not been decimated. those kind of words -- what trumps points to his people out there who were left behind, a lot of them in rural america, problem is, i don't know how he cures it. >> going to stop the violence and the drugs, it ends today. >> it ends today. >> i know he means as he starts working. >> made ignoring the problems.
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>> this is such a beautiful shot. it is fairly nice to see. what you mentioned, bob, about melania. a first lady that is an immigrant. i think that sends a good message that this is a country that welcomes all. >> that is something i was surprised trump never said, and i think it is an important point, that he married an immigrant and he is being attacked as being anti-immigrants. i think he had a point that he missed on that one. he related sound -- he almost sounded angry in some ways, to be honest with you. >> dana, can you tell us what is going on here, the family arrives at the viewing stand, what happens next? >> we have a whole series of vans, many in the military, we had that wonderful story out of alabama where you have the historically black college who wanted to come to participate, as a marching band, and the parade.
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they didn't have enough money to do so. the president of that college was terribly criticized by peers of his and he did not buckle. he went on "the o'reilly factor." >> and they raised the money. >> they will come by. this will last for about another hour, i think, they will be able to enjoy the pageantry of which -- it is a moment to celebrate. and i think it is wonderful it landed on a friday. >> there is the vice president. >> as they are walking down there, they are moving vans behind the white house, and they are moving out of the obamas stuff. when the drums walk in there , if stuff is going to be in there. i watched it happen when carter came in. >> didn't hillary, lake cannot take stuff on the way out? >> some furniture. >> by the way, one thing i do want to say, one thing he said
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about hillary clinton was eloquent and appropriate, and i think it showed a lot of class. >> here comes vp pence. ekg, your thoughts? >> really just watch and see this day in american political history, see the transfer of power and see president bush there and president carter and president clinton. and then hillary clinton there who had hoped to be in this exact position and many thought she would be. and to see everyone just trying to put the best interests of the country, i think it was a special time. >> i thought one of the nice, funny things that happened at the luncheon, right before their luncheon when donald trump was signing the nominations, the executive orders. nancy pelosi is handed, by donald trump, the pen that he used to sign for elaine chao, happens to be the wife of senator mitch mcconnell. he said this might be more appropriate for the leader. the next pen that was handed to her was the one that was signed for tom price, the new health
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and human services secretary who will try to undo obamacare, the signature initiative of the previous president. >> that is irony. >> who she does not get along with at all. >> that's why it takes forever, can't even do the right pen. >> here comes president donald t donald j. trump and the first lady. >> she looks absolutely beautiful. >> gorgeous, amazing.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the 45th president of united states, donald j. trump, andy first lady, melania trump ♪ ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> and there they are. donald j. trump, 45th president, next to melania. dana, you tell us there's going to be a parade. >> earlier i was talking about the historical plaque college, i said it was tuskegee, it was not, it was talladega.
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look at how sweet barron looks there, he was waving to the crowd. >> highlight of the day was when he was walking with his mom and dad, gets into the spirit of things. look at him way if they are. the joy on his face is fun to say. >> very sweet to see father and son next to each other. >> this is a long day. you've got to do a lot. i don't have the stamina for this. he is 10. >> how many did bush have? >> i don't remember. five, i would imagine. but a lot. >> i remember, i got caught, the ball expert got caught so i had to do it with fred bret baier. >> you are excellent substitute, bob.
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you know why, we are just watching, so beautiful to watch and see the family. >> we are being yelled at. >> leaned over to talk to his daughter, ivanka. >> want to talk about this cannot go ahead, eric -- i was going to the swearing in ceremony, different color tickets, i happened to be a blue ticket. a friend of mine was like, come with me. and then somehow, someone says, hey, they press is over there and i ended up literally 30 or 40 feet from the podium. it was an amazing moment. but i will tell you, this crowd is very, very patriotic, very, very excited, they are enjoying this moment. >> how does that happen? >> that is life.
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>> guys, i had an amazing vantage point from the hotel room bed with my room service in a bathrobe. >> that's exactly what i did. >> i had an all much. i watched msnbc just for fun. >> we are supposed be quiet now again, i think. is that what they told us to do? >> yeah. >> okay. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> and the next group of fine young men and women of the united states army reserve third transportation brigade, the expeditionary command marching in today's parade represents the 205,000 soldiers who currently serve in the army reserve. upon hearing their nations call, these warrior citizens have served in overseas contingency operations in afghanistan, iraq, and throughout the globe. let's hear it for our united states army units. [cheers and applause]
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approaching the review stand, it is the nypd emerald society pipes and drum. they performed internationally in ireland, australia, germany, and switzerland. they have had the distinct honor to perform at the 75th commemoration of the attack on pearl harbor, hawaii. ladies and gentlemen, the nypd pipes and drums. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> follow bring them, the third infantry unit platoon create for all military branches that operate with in arlington national cemetery. they are the only equestrian units that uses horses daily to accomplish their mission.
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>> and following that beautiful equestrian unit, the pipes and drums. the first volunteer firefighters -- in the united states. organized since 1985. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to have a sixpack veterans representing the wounded warriors project marching in the parade today. the wounded warrior project is to honor wounded warriors, their families, valuable resources and one another. and from right here in washington, d.c., the disabled american veterans instrumental in the creation of the american veterans disabled for life memorial. helping 1 million veterans and their families each year. let's hear it for the dav. and next step, the paralyzed veterans of america, a
2:33 pm
congressionally chartered service organization founded in 1946. solving the special needs of their members, veterans who have experienced spinal cord injury or disease. let's hear it again for the paralyzed veterans of america organization. and now, ladies and gentlemen, the new york military academy from new york. this historic organization has been named the junior reserve officer training corps. the new york military academy. and now, the merritt college band from poughkeepsie, new york. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ up next, equestrian drill team, ranging in age from 9 to 61 years old, some of their
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members are carrying flags representing the armed service branches of their fathers and grandfathers. this is their very first inaugural parade. next up, from louisiana, it is the west monroe high school marching band and raiders. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ next step, the pride of san marco texas, the texas state university strider dana the texas state strutters
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participated in the "america's got talent" program. and next up, you are in for a big treat. it is the talladega college band. their motto, "we'll keep marching on" ." the talladega college band from talladega, alabama, has performed at mardi gras in new orleans, nfl football games, and all across america. the talladega college tornado
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band. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ one more time for the talladega college tornado band.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and rounding out our section one, the boy scouts of america national council. they are carrying state flags.
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>> as the boy scouts are going to march past the new president and first lady, the band that you just saw was the talladega college, we were talking about historically black college that brought the entire marching band here and they did not disappoin disappoint. donald trump, smiling from ear to air, happy to have them. >> i love that he was happy enjoying the moment so much. giving a high five, a fist bump. >> he was moving too. >> got rhythm. >> he was enjoying the whole thing. >> he should enjoy it. >> let me ask you, you remember, all of the different branches marching by and he saluted them all. so there are these redcoats that come by. i thought we beat them. [laughter] seriously, what were they doing? >> what kind of story is this? >> it is a trademark bob story. you can't get more populous than
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a marching band, if this is the story you're going to bring, it's not j.c., not beyonce -- not j.c., not beyonce. >> they can come to the inauguration parade, now the other boy scouts. >> the uniform has to be impeccable. you've got to look good and do that. that is hard. >> embraces all the patriotism of the country, that the president was so successful in gaining the white house and getting the movement across this country, and when you see sort of the majesty of the moment, the bands marching, it really does make you feel good about this country and keeping with his theme cannot make america great again. >> america does pump and circumstance very well. this is an interesting moment, e commander-in-chief to all of these wonderful men and women in our military.
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>> the irony here, he swears into the motorcade, this viewing station, and he has to pass protesters who are the exact opposite of what you are looking at with these marching bands. these people work hard, they produce something, the protesters, all they are there to do is disrupt them. >> didn't have time for your monologue, but you have a couple comments about the protesters? >> i find it interesting the criticism about repealing obamacare. that is the mantra of a protester, they have nothing to replace what they are protesting. they are protesting a democratic process. what are you going to put in its place? the nonviolent protesters, they have a right to get out there and talk and do that stuff, destroying property, they are scum, they are felons, they should be treated as such and
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they should be more silly punished. >> make sure you make the distinction. >> it is the american way. >> a lot of liberals, a lot of progressives who were out there protesting and they weren't trying to break -- >> i have a question for you. bye is that that there are no protesters after the inauguration of a democratic candidate, why is it always your side that has the bad guys? >> they are not bad guys. >> i'm talking about the violent ones. >> we don't take in a credit for those people. >> the anarchists. >> you take that, that is a picture, then all the liberals. >> here is my point, bob. you have eight years to protest, let the man have his moments. >> don't jump to eight years so fast. >> keep america great. >> the left brought lawyers out to fan out with the protesters
2:45 pm
to help them at they felt their rights are being infringed. >> unbelievable. what about the rights of everybody else, the way they behave and act violently and disrespectfully. speak out some, some, some treats because the majority of people, overwhelming majority really embracing this moment. >> i actually think the protests look really small. >> minuscule. >> to bob's point, not all activists are rioters, but all writers are activists. [laughter] >> we didn't have that kind of insight the last nine hours that we have been on air. >> bret baier suggested that maybe we just stay on for the 6:00. "the five" can't do "special
2:46 pm
report." >> there are several balls that will be attended tonight, a chance for people that have never been to a rally, have a chance to come and celebrate. it was was a remarkable win. one of the things i thought was interesting, donald trump told the inaugural committee, try to get the tickets at $50 apiece so everybody can come. >> isn't that great? so inclusive. so if real people want to come to washington, d.c., they could celebrate this historic moment. there are a number of falls, should be attending about two of them. >> you see indianapolis coming through. it is pretty remarkable. former governor mike pence, the vice president, this is his people from indiana. >> look how happy he is. what a nice guy. so charming. >> before we get out, we should
2:47 pm
note that president obama and michelle obama, very, very nice, humble departure. very nice to see how they handled it. >> you know what i thought was missing? i really wish that we could have seen the daughters, sasha and malia. when they first won, they were so young, i wish we could have seen them. >> you know where they went? they are packing. >> they didn't want to be there. >> how do you know that? >> i have inside sources. >> it's called making it up. >> are you suggesting i'm making something up? >> you always tell me you're making it up. do you still have that almanac? >> we have watched these kids grow up. >> you feel like you are a part -- we didn't do anything to help raise them obviously, but we do
2:48 pm
feel some, i don't know, kinship. >> connection. >> a whole new family to watch appropriate >> amazing how well they protected those kids. give the press some credits. they didn't try to overdo it. i guess they lived as normal --- >> i feel we saw very little of them. >> i wonder if anybody ever turned down an overnight the white house. a kid. >> you'd have to ask bill clinton. >> that was cheap. >> what do you think the democratic posture will be over the weekend or monday when donald trump decides to rescind some of the executive orders that president obama had so eminently put in when he had a pen and a phone, but lived by the pen, die by the pan. >> not going to be very happy, what can you do about it. you can't turn it into a law.
2:49 pm
let's also not forget a lot of these things are working their way through the courts right no now. >> a lot of them have been rejected by the court. >> they have. i don't want to dump on the guys day, it is nice, good speech and all that. fact of the matter, the guy in that cabinet are exactly the kind of people that took advantage of the people he says he represents. >> not true. maybe one of them. but these are adults. these are adults. they have experienced. especially those from the military, it is nice to see that. >> we are very lucky that all of them are willing to be able to serve this country. it is a tremendous sacrifice for them and their families. why not have the best and the brightest and the most capable to be able to put forward and actually make some positive change that i think everybody would like to see.
2:50 pm
>> that is not what they talked about though. >> he was on the trade partne tpp is one that he could move forward on rescinding, repealing right away. also, does he touch daca? >> explain what that is. >> younger people who have made it to the united states, illegally have been allowed to defer -- >> but they have been brought here by their parents. >> president obama signed into law in 2012 come up for renewal in 2017. does donald trump sign it or push away from it. should be interesting. >> that will be an interesting call. about 40% of obamacare could be rescinded by executive order. the other 60% is going to have to go through the congress. part of that has got to get 60 votes. going to be a lot harder on doing these. the guy has policy positions
2:51 pm
that excite a lot of people. the question is, can you get those people on capitol hill to go along with that. >> you may not be able to repeal it quickly, but you can defund it. >> what are you going to do? >> it will collapse upon itself. if they want to play hardball, work with us for a replacement to the repealed or obamacare or we pull the financing on edge. >> and 20 million people are out of insurance. >> that's what makes more sense for the democrats to play about with paul ryan and donald trump in the white house and come up with something paired >> i agree. i think the democrats are wasting valuable time to get involved in the policy discussion, because while they fight about the cia director and his nomination, while they complain about all sorts of little things, they are missing their opportunity to have a seat at the table. those policy decisions are going to be made very quickly. >> it certainly can all agree on infrastructure. that is one thing trump has gone
2:52 pm
over and over again. conservative republicans don't like it, worried about the tax dollars involved, but democrats will get involved in that right away. >> better to be participatory than be a crybaby, bob. >> ooh. >> [laughs] >> the nationalism, i think even chris matthews regarded it as "hitlerian" ," but i don't think trump is aware of that. i think it is, in his head, a fresh idea, the idea of looking out for your citizens first. and i don't think he sees it in the context that the media sees it as pretty should be aware that there is a linkage. >> that is his business in a trade sense, looking into some sort of net -- i don't know what you call it. do you think he took into account that that was a
2:53 pm
slogan -- >> i don't think heat -- that was the point. i think somebody might want to hand him a book. >> you are looking here at rural america being represented there. >> where? >> tractors, bob. >> there is no tractors. >> turned end. there you go. tractors. you've got to watch the screen, bob. >> in ohio, bob, met romney beat obama by 53% to 45%. donald trump beat hillary clinton in the same county, and that happened, you said, looking at rural america, it really did come through for donald trump. >> not only that, democratic supporting chairman and for trump, that should tell you something. look, the guy put together -- something amazing about american politics, jimmy carter should not of been elected president.
2:54 pm
but he came out from watergate inside, i won't lie to you, exactly the right thing, and trump gets in and has a message and hits with a whole lot of people. >> we are going to take a chance to just give final thoughts before we turn things back over to "special report" and bret baier. kimberly, we'll start with you. >> we are so privileged, all of us, to be able to work on this day and be here in washington, d.c., to see the president take office, supporting the president of the united states and his family. such a sense of optimism and renewal and excitement about the future and being positive. i'm excited about it. >> and bob? >> can i have that? thank you very much. >> what have you got, bob? you're not on camera. here we go. >> i said before he was illegitimate. i do think there is something to say about that, but he is now my president. for one day, there you go.
2:55 pm
>> put it on right on your head, bob. >> there you go. >> give me a thumbs up. there you go. >> excellent. >> eric, final thoughts? >> my final thoughts are very simple. i'm unbelievably proud to be an american today, proud to witness what i witnessed at the inauguration. that speech was amazing. to be among people who weren't like minded and loving every moment of it, very proud moment for me. >> i don't know. i have been using my criticism muscles for eight years, and i have to start using my fawning muscles. >> that ain't going to be my problem. that ain't not going to be my problem. >> you became more handsome, bob. >> i think you look good in a hat. >> thank you very much. it is going to be the proverbial fish in a barrel and i look forward to it.
2:56 pm
eric played pretty nasty offense against obama, now he has to defend all this. i look forward to pete >> can i give my final thoughts? >> the outfits on these ladies are amazing. you know i love a marching band. >> i think i will just take a moment to thank president obama and first lady michelle obama for conducting themselves with such poise and grace. we all wish them well, i hope they enjoy their time off in palm springs. it will be interesting and exciting to see what they do in the years ahead. i will also say that i just love it, and i know you all do too, that america is so exceptional that time after time we bring together the former presidents to all be there to witness. at this point, not only a former president, but his wife, who happened to be secretaries of state and a candidate who wanted to be the first woman
2:57 pm
president, was not successful. unlike many democrats, took a pass today and boycotted the inauguration, she showed up. i think when donald trump gave her that wonderful toast at the luncheon, that was a nice moment for all of america. >> also our best wishes to george h.w. bush, who is in intensive care but hopefully it's going to be out. >> and former first lady barbara bush. >> and former first lady barbara bush. but this really is such a nice thing, isn't it? >> peaceful transition of power. >> it something else we haven't told people, live tomorrow night, 5:00 p.m., "the five" will be on paid >> my show is on life tomorrow too at 10:00. >> you're going to be exhausted. >> from the liberty bell. >> kellyanne conway made a very good point. >> her birthday. happy birthday.
2:58 pm
>> she makes this point, when you tweet, you reach everybody, it doesn't matter your income level, it is a communication source for everybody. good idea, bad idea? >> i always said it is a great way to get around the media and that is what he is doing. >> i think he is going to be himself. everybody is trying to put people in a box. should obama comment, should he not comment? let people be themselves. >> let's see if he can put together a real policy around his tweets. right now, pretty easy. he's been attacking people. can he do it? >> his own information superhighway, i think they like it, works for him. >> remarkable, eight years ago on this day when i left the white house, i didn't even have a twitter account.
2:59 pm
the technology was around, president obama had figured that out, that was part of the reason they beat john mccain. the technology is changing so quickly. >> not every tweet has to be a policy tweet either. >> but feel good about america, that is what he has to do. >> bob has hat head right now. [laughter] >> he put it back on, it is fine paid >> it is making me sick. >> oh, stop. >> don't need to add to it. >> keep positive, bob. >> i wish him well. i hope you does well. congratulations, good day. >> god bless the 45th president of the united states and his family. >> and first payment. >> stay tuned tomorrow. and right now for coverage of
3:00 pm
the parade on "special report" with the man, the myth, the legend, bret baier. >> navy reservists are there. >> i am bret baier, in washington, you're looking alive at the inaugural parade, 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump, standing alongside john richardson, chief of naval operations, as the u.s. navy marches by 50 u.s. navy band and elements of the u.s. naval academy and other elements of the u.s. navy. this on a day where it was an amazing day, we'll get into everything, but we'll take all of this parade, every last moment. let's listen in.


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