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tv   The First 100 Days  FOX News  January 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> martha: bragging tonight, awaiting the start of the big evening for the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump will officially took office after a day of scattered protests and got right to work on what he called his mission to make america great again. welcome everybody, it is now officially day one of the first 100 days. we're going to take you through them, i martha maccallum from washington, d.c., on this historic nice stomach night. we are seven hours into new trump administration. the real fun is about to begin
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they can get out tonight and have a little bit of a good time. for the next few hours, they will attend a series of official balls but we got our cameras all over the and nation's capital. but first, we await the president and first lady's departure. right now, they're getting dressed and ready to go out from their new pad, which is the white house. we will also look at what we can expect over the coming 100 days and for that, we begin with chief white house correspondent who is trying on that title for tonight for size, john robertson who has been with this campaign from the very beginning and tonight he joins us from latvia park, just across from the white house. good evening, john. it >> martha coming good evening to you. now it has happened here in 2017. a wonderful parade this afternoon. one marching band at halftime at a good football game is fun to
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watch. it was really something quite incredible to watch today. immediately after the inauguration, he went inside the capital building and signed three orders, one of those was to sign the waiver for james mattis to be allowed to be the secretary of defense. you remember that he retired from the military back in 2013, but the statute says you've gotta be out of the military for seven years before you can occupy a civilian office. he signed that order. he will be swearing james mattis into night. he was just confirmed by the senate. he also formally set up his nominations to the senate for confirmation. as for tonight, we know he's going to swear in matus, and fact mattis was with him in the viewing state. we do not know yet if he's going to swear in general john kelly as a secretary of homeland homed security.
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he was contime ago. he has three balls tonight, he got the liberty, the freedom ball and then a ball which is very interesting, because it is for solely members of first responders. donald trump showing his commander-in-chief, he's going to pay an awful lot of attention to the women and men who wear the uniform and the ones out there in the front lines protecting us in our everyday lives. he seems very interested and very honored to be going to a ball tonight. martha? >> martha: throughout this process as they were in the election, his commitment to the military is a strong and make in a very clear tonight. let's bring you our fox politics editor. gentlemen, great to have you both with us. what a day. sometimes when you're in the middle of covering this kind of story, you need to step back and look at the big picture. this man who we watched come up
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through a family in queens, new york, a real estate sign, mr. apprentice, it's a true modern american story in some ways. >> all the pomp and circumstance on the parade, the speech is the crux of the day. it is the moment. it was a speech unlike any in history. there has never been an inaugural address for a president like that. he was unvarnished in his attacks on the people that he sees as his political opponents and adversaries and he did it right in front of them. he was standing right in from the president and all these people and he said "you're ripping america off for your own good. "it was like whoa, dude. he said he didn't dial back his promises. he didn't say we're going to work together to make things
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super. he said we are going to make america great again. we're going to have more security. we are going to illuminate islamist terrorism entirely. he laid it all out there. >> martha: you can almost feel the establishment of this, it wasn't quaking already, he laid it out for them. he said your days are numbered. you better shape up or ship out essentially. it >> that was a the message i got. it donald trump told me that he first wanted to be president in 1987. nobody believed, no one took it seriously. we have the graciousness between president trump, president obama and their wives. capturing the message of unity and peaceful transfer. we had the polarization and tenseness around the 45th president. scattered protest violence. reactions to the speech, you can say it was a good speech or a bad speech. it was really populous speech,
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he stuck it to both parties. even some on the right who don't like this president and never have liked this president, dark, hitlerian, carnage showed up in the new york time. he said he's going to stop the carnage and the inner cities, that's on his base, so i thought it was good he at least address that. >> martha: i found that really striking. i want to go back to part of the speech that might be what they're referring to. he talks about rusted out factories, scattered like tombstones off the land skip of our nation and an education system flushed with cash, but which leaves our children and beautiful students pride of knowledge. we are in the lower teens in math and science in this country, in the united states of america compared to other developed nations. he's a saying look, we're not just going to gloss over this stuff. let's face reality and in some ways, it reminded me of fdr's speech in the middle of the depression. one of the darkest times in history. in that speech as well, he said
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it face facts. we have a tough road ahead, not that we are in anything like the depression right now, but we're going to bind together and get out of this mess. >> this isn't like winning the super bowl. today isn't winning the super bowl. today is getting accepted to the football team. now you gotta get there, right? now you've got a win. the work gets harder from here, it doesn't get easier from here. one of the problems that trump is going to face, he wants to address all these things at once. all of these things at once. this town, this by the way, is how it was designed, this is the founder's intent, can only do so much at once. federal government is not the trump organization. he cannot say "throw that out the door, you go do this," it has checks and balances. if you promise to do everything all at once, people might not get the point of it. this going and suddenly there like i'm looking at shareholder
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shareholders. >> martha: i want to get back to your point for a second. hitlerian references i thought were quite stunning. how do you get away with that journalistically question mike i went back and looked at the speech again to try to figure out where this is coming from. >> that's not what president trump was talking about. i think of donald trump at any media honeymoon, i took a nap and missed it. there's still a lot of negativity. at the same time, he might benefit from that because it while it's true, any new president comes and pushes a lot of buttons, washington does not work that way. at the same time, he may benefit from low expectations so if you get a few big things done, some of his critics in the media and the republican establishment did not want this president, may be forced to say hey, maybe he does know something and his speech reflected his campaign. it was not a reagan shine on the
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city speech. >> martha: if you get 30% done in the first 100 days, that's a pretty strong performance in many ways. that's what we're here for. we're going to mark them through those days. >> obamacare first, good luck writing that rodeo. it that's going to be a fun one to cover. >> martha: it thank you, guys. see you later. shortly before he secures the office, mr. trump of attended a prayer service. cap next, we will talk to the tm and to deliver that service. we will talk to the pastor about why the media today decided to make him a target. >> the bible tells us "how good and pleasant it is when god's people live together in unity." we must speak our minds openly, debate art does agreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america
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is totally unstoppable. ♪
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i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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>> please raise your white rigd and repeat after me.
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i donald john trump do solemnly swear >> chief justice roberts: that i will faithfully execute... >> president-elect trump: that i will faithfully execute... >> chief justice roberts: the office of president of the united states... >> president-elect trump: the office of president of the united states... >> chief justice roberts: and will to the best of my ability... >> president-elect trump: and will to the best of my ability... >> chief justice roberts: preserve, protect, and defend... >> president-elect trump: preserve, protect, and defend... >> chief justice roberts: the constitution of the united states. >> president-elect trump: the constitution of the united states. >> chief justice roberts: so help >> president-elect trump: so help me god. >> martha: and with that, he became the 45th president of the united states. he went to the parade and he has had a couple of hours to spend the some time the white house. they've been busy over there and he's going to fill us in on what's going on. >> they will ask him to abide by regulatory freeze until further
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notified. with that, i will gather the documents to be signed by the president. chief of staff previous will be setting out a memo will have further details and we will put them out to you. speak out there are four things. the first one you're not going to see, that is chief of staff will issue a memo. that memo will ask them all to abide by a regulatory freeze. then there are three documents that the president will sign. a commission for general matus to become the next secretary of defense, a commission that will allow general kelly to become the next secretary of homeland security, and third is the executive order on obamacare that orders all and agencies
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governmentwide to ease the burden of obamacare as we transition from repeal to replace. >> sean, can you give us a few more details? >> martha: sean spicer, busy at work already. you saw him in the white house press briefing room laying out some of what the president has artie done. he's had literally a couple of hours after swearing in, the parade and heading out to the balls. he has done a couple of things are off the bat, one of which is to sign an executive order that directs agencies within the government to ease the burden, the regulatory burden with obamacare appeared asking them to do what they can to make them repeal and replace as easy as possible. he also issued an order to freeze all new regulations from agencies across the board and the other things were just paperwork especially that have to do with the confirmation
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process for defense secretary matus and those of the things that they've been doing. that's what donald trump is up to at the white house this afternoon. also tonight, after a little bit of time in the new digs and getting used to them, where watching the white house where president trump and the first lady will soon depart and head out for the three inaugural balls that are on their agenda this evening. they will attend the liberty bell, the freedom ball, and at the salute for our armed services by which we heard a few moments ago. he is a standing and said >> very excited, martha. 25,000 people are expected to be here. this is the largest of the three official inauguration balls of the president will be attending tonight.
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while mr. trump is known for his love of gold and glitz and glamour, tonight he's decided to take a far less flashy approach. the word that one member of his group used. he wants to keep it elegant but still acceptable for the working class families that got them here to begin with. that is why it tickets to tonight's ball were only $50 apiece. getting one, that's a different story. when you look around the room, almost everything in it, mr. trump has put his personal touch on it from the color of the napkins to the place settings, to the set design, to even the playlist. the other thing we are told, think quality over quantity. president clinton, he had a 14 4 different inaugural balls, president obama, ten, president trump, only three. quality over quantity. that's a focus here tonight. it martha?
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>> martha: kristen, thank you very much. it will be coming back to you and see all of the festivities that follow at the ball. president trump and members of his team this morning, heard a sermon there by pastor robert jeffress, a very well-known preacher who is hit by media critics after that. the international business times described him as "anti-muslim" and "anti-gay" ." he joins us now with his answer to that. pastor, good to have you with us today. let's start off with what you did this morning and what you talked about. a passage in the bible that you think described it donald trump. >> the message was " when god choose a leader" ." i saw a lot of similarities between donald trump and a leader that god chose who is a
4:20 pm
builder named nehemiah and god told him to build a wall around. mr. trump got a big kick out of that. my god blessed me. what i was trying to do is encourage, not only president trump, but his cabinet and vice president pence. >> martha: a lot of people found it curious. there were others that might have been a better fit for the evangelical community. he managed to get the vote in a stronger way than any others dead in the primaries. >> the reason i supported him, by the way, it was a year ago this weekend but i reminded mr. trump today that we are flying around iowa before the post vote cast and i said you're going to be the next president of the united states. if that happens is because god has placed you in this position of leadership. >> i thought he would win and te
4:21 pm
reason is i thought it was only candidate with leadership skills necessary to rebut the downward spiral of the country, but he also thought he was the only one who could win against hillary clinton. >> martha: what ab criticism? many people today who listened to the speech who said it was exclusionary and who believe that he is anti-muslim and anti-and that you represent that part of his belief system. what you say? >> it is on the left agenda to demonize conservative christians because they are the last speedbump on the road to a liberal society. they want to marginalize us and demonize us. if you believe in traditional marriage, your homophone. if you believe in the right of the unborn, you must hate women. i think it conservative christians are tired of being demonized. it martha, the church i pastor is not a baptist church, is the oldest evangelical mega-church and america.
4:22 pm
the fact that we believe that faith in christ is the only way to heaven or that should be between a man and woman in marriage, you might not agree with those beliefs, but they're not radical. >> martha: how do you heal the country and how do you heal people who say that the message that they're getting, they think is fearful and that they were afraid of what a trump presidency represents? they're there are all kinds of r references today in the coverag coverage. >> i've known donald trump now for two years. he's a friend of mine. i think people are going to be surprised at how inclusionary he is. i'm a conservative christian. i'm not under the illusion that president trump believes in every issue, he does believe and conservative christians and all americans should have the right to be heard and not demonized. >> martha: will you continue to counsel him as he goes through his presidency? >> that's very interesting. he has asked for faith advisory
4:23 pm
council. i was with him two weeks ago at trump tower. he's moving forward in the campaign promises he's made of a concerted judiciary, of the protection of the religious roadblocks, not just of christian but of all americans. spent a good to have you here today. >> can graduations on the new show. >> martha: thank you very much much. over the past couple of hours, the first members of the cabinet have been confirmed. any moment now, we are expecting some video from inside the white house. president trump will swear them both and we will bring that to you. democrats have refused to allow any more votes to happen tonight a sharp contrast to what happened when obama took office back in 2009. james rosen reports from
4:24 pm
capitol hill. >> martha, good evening. the capital is not just a side of this historic transfer of power, but also present trump's first real powerplay versus democrats. mr. trump really used his trademark humor and also he divulged a personal conversation between himself and the senate minority leader chuck schumer of new york to prod the democrats do a faster job of approving those nominees. let's watch. >> we had a very interesting talk. kiddingly, he things were doing great at the cabinet level, but we're going to do just fine. we're going to do just fine. we have four great years hope we have peace and prosperity and will be working very, very hard. our cabinet is lined up and ready, i know eventually chuck is going to approve them i'm sure. >> we are told there will be likely a boat on the cia director on monday. it martha.
4:25 pm
>> martha: james, thank you very much. we are going to see some tape in a moment of the first signatures and the process of swearing in the new cabinet members are confirming the fact that they have received that designation. we expect more to come. mike pompeo i think will be the next one, his confirmation process on monday. let's take a look at the table e got just moments ago from the oval office where donald trump is getting settled in this evening before he heads out for the ball. he also worked to freeze regulations as another one of his orders that he put forth on day one. it was maybe a 90 minute, two hour workday for him in the middle of so many festivities. watch this. i'm told the tape is coming in just a moment. at soon as it does, we went to play it for you.
4:26 pm
former speechwriter for george w. bush. both are fox news contributor's. it gently. you've been such great contributors for us throughout this whole thing. let me ask you. what are your thoughts? >> it's really stupid to be watching these nominees. to think about what these people are watching. they saw 67 congressmen boycott the nomination they saw fires in d.c. when barack obama was inaugurated, seven cabinet members were approved on the first day. this is just a stupid fight to pick because number one, they don't have the power directly block these nominees. that means they can't filibuster them. as a senseless fight. everyone of these is going to confirmed, so why create the perception to the american people that you are obstructing
4:27 pm
donald trump when he was just inaugurated? especially when they lost all these voters in the middle of america who voted twice for barack obama and now voted for donald trump and the message is we're going to obstruct the guy you chose? >> martha: answer that question now. why? >> first of all, the comparison to obama's a little off. there is one big difference, and that was president obama had done everything he needed to do during the transition in terms of filing the paperwork and all the ethics forms. >> martha: the obama administration, the the papers were in but they didn't process to get it out there. they say oh, come on. >> this is why disagree. because donald trump ran on a promise to drain the swamp, to clean up washington. but he's not putting forward, not just his tax returns, but is not putting forward the requisite paperwork that we need in order to fully vet these
4:28 pm
cabinet nominees. we saw two people who are fully vetted make it through the process tonight with overwhelming support. no one was complaining about that, but what we learned from some of these nominees or some of these appointees who haven't been properly vetted his information is starting to trickle out. price, and others some questions about whether he engaged in insider trading. there are questions about why he didn't pay for household employees. >> martha: let me ask you this this. i know that's a concern, muscular provided they're answering all questions, but are you concerned when he heard that speech today about the establishment and the money that is made in politics and that those days are over, that you are feeding into that notion with what's happening with these appointments? >> one, i think the president's
4:29 pm
speech today was a very good speech for his supporters. remember, he also took that oath of office today with historically low approval ratings. the american people, the jury is still out as a generous way to describe the landscape, the political environment that the president faces as he takes office. it was a scathing indictment on the establishment. i don't think very many people are going to have a problem with that, but what democrats are doing is pointing out that a lot of his nominees and withdraw from his own business entirely actually is completely antithetical to what he said today. it >> >> i think the issue -- >> martha: i'm sorry, the tape that we -- all it's not, keep going. >> you have american people five states voted twice for obama now voted for trump.
4:30 pm
>> martha: they're going to say republicans did it to us, now it's our turn. >> that's not true. here's the thing. the democrats now are defending 25 seats eight including ten democrats in and states that donald trump one overwhelmingly. do they want to put those people in the position, we're going to make them vote and lose their senate seats so trump can have a 60 vote majority in the senate and be able to overcome filibusters in anything or is he going to do the smart thing which is to say donald trump, i know donald trump, i work with donald trump, and areas where we agree, i'm going to be his best ally. if we don't agree, let the process play out. that would be the smart method for the democrats. if you're going to say structure, structure, structure, it's going to get old very fast. >> i'm not going to work with him or doesn't make sense. >> you are hearing a lot of democrats say that.
4:31 pm
again, i go back to the point that overwhelmingly, the america people are not necessarily behind him yet. trump supporters are very, very passionate. >> a lot of people are going to give him a chance, but i do think raising these questions where there are so many questions about whether or not his actions aligned with what he promised to do in the campaign, that's actually good. >> martha: we know that there is a lot of unsettled feeling about obamacare out there. we know the premiums became so much higher in november. maybe the central issue to why donald trump won, they see this obstruction about whether or not this was making stock investments. they say, just get my premiums
4:32 pm
down. >> donald trump actually agrees with democrats on a lot. he's a dealmaker could have chuck schumer were to go and say what i just said and said i'm going to work with him on these things where we agree on trade, structure, health care, he will work with democrats. they can preserve parts of obamacare if they were able and willing to go along. if they approach donald trump, not with obstruction but with an open hand and say let's work together, one it's a better message and two they can get something done. they care less about getting summing down done then stopping donald trump. fire in the street, stop at all costs, don't accept his legitimacy, don't show up at the inauguration, that's really, really bad message for the democrats to be sending. >> mark, you know as well as i do that you can't blame democrats. it's going i'm told the tape is actually here now. there we go.
4:33 pm
>> you guys look good. >> thank you. >> this is ford ford general m. he was approved today. okay. >> this is for general kelly. >> the next is in order
4:34 pm
>> okay. >> thank you. it >> >> thank you very much. we look forward to seeing you all at the ball. >> martha: after one and every three house democrats decided to skip the inauguration ceremony today, we have no reports tonight on how the minority party hopes to represent trump uneven are stronger message. we have guest to tell us what that means when we come back on the first 100 days
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>> martha: while we await the president's departure from the white house to head off to an evening. governor mike huckabee came to her defense. "give hilary her due, she showed up, showed dignity, and class." watching the story for us tonight. >> i've been talking at top advisors to men who say look, all they have seen contrary to what you just played out about mike huckabee is democrats questioning the legitimacy of donald trump as president. we're just talking a moment ago about slowing down many of his cabinet nominations and signaling they wanted to obstruct his agenda. earlier today at the luncheon after the inaugural, there's a
4:40 pm
pretty animated conversation. they had some fun there, earlier, off-camera, there was a sort of an animated conversation between president trump and chuck schumer, the democratic leader. obviously the trump white house upset about the fact that only two nominations have been approved so far when on day one of the obama administration, there were seven approved by the republic. the group led by john podesta, the liberal group out today with an email marked resist president trump. "we must resist in his first 100 days. it president trump can jeopardize our values and security. as soon as he enters the oval office come he can greater regulation. he can protect middle-class families amount we are signing. join the resistance and millions
4:41 pm
of americans who want to fight back against president trump's radical agenda." you can see, the frustration and the trump white house tonight is that immediately from day one, democrats are signaling one word "resistance" ." if there is a playbook on resistance, they got it from republican mitch mcconnell who used some of the very same tactics against barack obama from day one as well. this going to thank you very much. attorney and trump supporter and cohost of the five juan williams. this is the story of the coming week. what's going to happen? is this resist movement of fundraising effort for the next rational races down the road or is it summing that is very real? >> it's very real. tomorrow we will see protest march and washington. to my mind, that starts the absence of not only a third of
4:42 pm
democratic office that so many of the a-list hollywood type stars, martha, signals that people are entrenched in anger rather than saying give him a chance. let's try to work with this man. today he issued a red butte, not only to democrats, not only to the clinton obama, but sitting behind him to the bush folks were now in the majority in the republican house and senate who are not doing more to deliver for what he calls the forgotten men and women in america. >> mr. trump wants to go populace, the democrats are going hyper- partisan. unbelievable, but that's what happening. >> i james norman mattis do solemnly swear that i will
4:43 pm
support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies sworn and domestic that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i'm about to enter so help me god. [cheering and applauding] >> martha: we have a secretary of defense. the senate only gave
4:44 pm
president trump two perhaps the american people should be grateful that it's the department of defense and secretary of homeland security which we are about to see in a moment, general kelly. matas has been a very popular choice. >> across the board, he has asked ordinary respect as far as the democrats, my son and i were talking today, it's more than likely the hollywood elite than the sum of the earth men and women. they're acting out of sour grapes. you have to remember, a g.o.p. has the house and the senate, they don't have much leverage. acting like this isn't going to do them much good. donald trump reach across the aisle and he spit on his hand. >> the other way to look at that is to think that republicans will have responsibility for whatever comes to be.
4:45 pm
democrats will be there chiding them in much the way that donald j. trump did the very same. >> i john francis kelly do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that it will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i'm about to enter so help me god. [applauding]
4:46 pm
>> martha: there's two. cabinet members official now, the homeland security chief, general kelly and of the defense department, general mattis. at two very big moments as you watch this transition of power. it takes place at many levels and of course, the cabinet levels very important to do as well. protesters took to some streets in major american cities and at times, that got violent today. in fact six officers were injured in washington and over 200 people were arrested. in all came just hours before a quarter of a million people. charles hurt, political columnist for the "new york times" " richard, your thoughts first on the protesters today. >> i think it's always hard to
4:47 pm
see burning in the streets and violence. i think tomorrow you're going to see a court of a million to half a million american citizens of all colors coming together to say we didn't vote for donald trump, he's our president, but we have policy differences. we are going to express our right to do so. republicans now have the house, the senate, soon to have the supreme court and the white house. this is not the trump-schumer agenda. that's going to require him to work across the aisle. he will have to work at minimum eight democrat expenditures for every piece of lead >> martha: these protests, will get them on the screen on the right-hand side of everybody's tv at home, just to see people throwing rocks at windows, there was a limousine that was set on fire and someone sprawled we the people across
4:48 pm
the side of it, your thoughts on what happened today. >> i don't know what they think they are accomplishing by doing this, but i know they are accomplishing, or driving people, even people as richard said who did not vote for donald trump, don't like donald trump, but they're good, law-abiding, patriotic americans, they're driving those type of people into the arms of donald trump. we love protest, we love dissent. all of that's fine, but taking a hammer and going down the street and smashing out shop windows and burning trash in the street and throwing rocks at police, that's not what this is all about. i think it's kind of interesting, what they're really protesting here and lord knows, if you talk to them, they have no idea what they're protesting, if you talk to them, what they really are protesting here, there protesting self-governanc self-governance.
4:49 pm
we have free, open elections in america, instead of celebrating that, even he don't like the outcome, there've been a lot of elections i don't like the, if you don't like it, it doesn't mean you can go and do this sort of thing. i'm glad that all of you got arrested and i hope there's a smart judges somewhere who requires them not only to go to jail for a few days, but also to take a basic civics course. >> here's the thing. i agree with that. i don't think this is what is going to help the democratic party. it is not quite help bring the nation together. i think that is what i thought was missing from the president's inaugural address today is how we bring the nation together, how we "make america great again" ." he knows he has a divided country. he knows he has all three branches of government, and now be on these protests, he's going to have to answer some of the issues. they are saying we are fighting for affordable public schools, we are fighting for a woman's right to choose, we are fighting
4:50 pm
for documented immigrants. he's going to have to find a way to deal with all that and on top of that, he's also going to have to find a way to fix the avoidable care act without pulling the rug out from all the americans who benefited from it. women who are now getting birth control as part of their health care insurance. this president, the new president, congratulations to him, he is a tough road to hoe. skin on his actions will ultimately speak louder than his words. >> martha: you have to do a lot in his first 100 days. >> the speech he delivered today, it was not a regular inaugural address where a bunch of political pablum and gauzy senators about how your one. he doubled down on the issues he campaigned on and the reason i think he did that is because he wanted to show supporters that he was not going to back down
4:51 pm
just because he was in washington, but also to put lawmakers all of them standing behind him on notice that these of the things he wants to get done. he's going to have to work with both democrats and republicans to get those things done, this was not a joke to him. he's very serious about these issues, i think that's why he gave that varies sharp and somewhat harsh inaugural drafts. i thought it was very good, by the way. >> i differ on that and the reason i don't think it was good, he painted america as doom and gloom. from reagan to kennedy we had this idea that we are not where we want to be, but here's where we're going. showing me the promised land. this is a campaign address targeting the 45 million voters. there were other people that he needed to represent. >> martha: we've got a dance.
4:52 pm
the president and first lady are about to depart for the inaugural ball. it will take you life for that event. coming up next, live from washington in the first 100 day days. >> ladies and gentle men, the 45th president of the united states. donald j. trump and the first lady of the united states melania trump. [cheering and applauding] ♪ i need to promote my new business and do it on budget. i can make that happen. business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen.
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4:57 pm
god bless america. thank you. god bless america. [cheering and applauding] >> martha: later tonight, president trump will do something that he's never done before, spent his first night inside the white house. i know he likes to hightail it home to new york often at the end of pretty much any event, but home is now here in washington, d.c., and after a day that started about 12 hours ago, he's got a big night ahead. we know he has a lot of energy and he will likely be one of the last people standing this evening. three inaugural balls are on the agenda, it includes the salute to our armed services ball. jennifer, good evening. >> good evening. tony orlando has just taken the stage here at this salute to arms services ball. as one of the three inaugural balls.
4:58 pm
they will spend a few minutes visiting with members of the armed services door behind me and then the president and the first lady will have their dance and then they will allow some of the armed services members to break-in and they will dance with some of those members. we understand that there are some surprises in store. there will be a live connection to afghanistan where of course, there are still 8,500 u.s. troops serving in afghanistan. this very important to president trump. of course, there were 15,000 members of the armed forces who marched in the parade to the white house from the capital, but tony orlando has taken a stage, he's a first entertainment here at the ball at the national building. back to you, martha. >> martha: you so much. what historic day.
4:59 pm
we want to leave you tonight with one of the more powerful lines from president trump earlier today as he delivered his inaugural address. this is our quote of the day, watch. >> at the bedrock of our politics, will be a total allegiance to the united states of america and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. [cheering and applauding] is going to perhaps the most significant line into days and one of the most memorable. we want to know what you think. go to maccallum. thanks for being with us on this day of history. we'll see you back in our
5:00 pm
brand-new studio that will unveil for you on monday night at 7:00 p.m. in new york city. thanks for being here everybody appeared have a fantastic weekend. we'll see you back in new york on monday. good night. ♪ >> bill: at "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight, speak out we are not merely transferring power from what it administration to another or from one party to another. but we are transferring power from washington, d.c., and giving it back to you, the people. >> bill: donald trump delivering a stark inaugural address up with the politicians on notice, a big change is coming to america. you have analysis from bob woodward, tucker carlson, and me, your humble correspondent. ♪ the actual inauguration came off perfectly, dignified and


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