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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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brand-new studio that will unveil for you on monday night at 7:00 p.m. in new york city. thanks for being here everybody appeared have a fantastic weekend. we'll see you back in new york on monday. good night. ♪ >> bill: at "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight, speak out we are not merely transferring power from what it administration to another or from one party to another. but we are transferring power from washington, d.c., and giving it back to you, the people. >> bill: donald trump delivering a stark inaugural address up with the politicians on notice, a big change is coming to america. you have analysis from bob woodward, tucker carlson, and me, your humble correspondent. ♪ the actual inauguration came off perfectly, dignified and historical.
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across town, it was a different story. [bleep] you! >> bill: will show you what happened. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from washington. it begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting from washington. thanks for watching us. donald trump, no president. that's a subject of this night's talking points. here's were going to the for the next hour. we have our correspondents spread out across the city, ready to report on president trump's evening. he's expected to attend three galas including the liberty ball where he will have the first dance of the first lady.
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that may happen shortly and will take you there live, of course. but first, mr. trumps inaugural address. it was a militant speech. about 60 minutes long, very political. some presidents are very diplomatic at the inauguration, not donald trump. he did complement president obama for being cooperative. then, he hammered mr. obama's policies. >> mothers and children, trapped in poverty in our inner cities. rusted out factories, scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. an education system flushed with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. end of the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized
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potential. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> bill: with mr. and mrs. obama's sitting just a few feet away, mr. trump basically said the last eight years have been a catastrophe. it wasn't an antidemocratic speech. mr. trump criticized both parties. >> we defended other nation's borders while refusing to defend our own. [cheering and applauding] and a spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas infrastructure has fallen into while america's disrepair and decay. we've made other countries rich while the wealth, strength and confidence of our country has dissipated over the horizon.
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one by one, the factories >> bill: the reference to trillions of dollars overseas of course references the wars that were begun by president bush the younger and george w. bush was seated just a few feet away from president trump. it's clear that donald trump has no sensitivity to the politics of the past no matter who was in office. his message was directed to his supporters, the folks were fed up with a political process they believe is not helping them. it's fascinating to watch as president trump much dismantled the entire washington establishment in 16 minutes. it is more like a campaign speech than a presidential address marking the beginning of a new administration. whether mr. trump's speech was good or bad, pretty much up to you. doesn't really matter what pendants say, he was speaking directly to the american people telling them there's a new power
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structure in place. one that is going to break down the entrenched political policies. whether donald trump can publish that is impossible to predict. he does have to work through congress and he does have to content domestic convinced comme powerful people all across the world by the end of his speech was was clearly meant to send a message, donald trump pleaded all on the line. >> from this day forward, a new vision will come govern our la. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first, america first. >> bill: so, there you have it. again, it's up to you the american citizens to evaluate the effectiveness of resident trumps speech. some of the quick impressions of this very historical day. first time the camera found hillary clinton, she looked up to with the miserable.
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she talked of the presidency locked up. when the camera found donald trump first off, he looked a little tense. this is the biggest public moment of his life. as a view president obama, he looks relaxed, he's an accomplished political actor, really showing what he's thinking and he always, always ask appropriately in public. after the big show, mr. mrs. obama flocked to palm springs, california, for vacation. one of the most touching moments was when first lady melania trump straightened her sons tie. i can tell you from personal knowledge, mrs. trump is an excellent mother who will not move to washington immediately. finally, 92-year-old former president jimmy carter, he didn't have to come to the inauguration, everybody would have understood, mr. carter is a
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patriot and stood in the damp cold to watch america's peaceful transition of power. whether you like jimmy carter or not, you should respect this man because he is a good man. next on the rundown, charles krauthammer will analyze. also we have the big dance during the president and first lady. will be back in washington. he's a ♪ new girl, huh? yeah, i'm -- i couldn't help but notice you checking out my name your price tool. yeah, this bad boy gives you coverage options based on your budget. -oh -- -oh, not so fast, tadpole. you have to learn to swim first. claire, here's your name your price tool. -oh, thanks, flo. -mm-hmm. jamie, don't forget to clean the fridge when you're done. she seems nice. she seems nice. [ door closes ] she's actually pretty nice. oh. yeah.
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tax refund, you can get an advance on that refund? [zombie] an advance on my tax refund. [john] doesn't take brains to see the value in that. [zombie] ha! [john] arghh. [vo] you can get a refund advance of up to $1250 no interest at block. [john] get your taxes won. >> bill: it you are watching the freedom ball, one of the three galas being held tonight. if donald trump is expected to leave the white house momentarily to go to the liberty ball and we will take that live as he speaks were a couple of minutes and then dances with his wife. but first, let's come back to
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charles krauthammer who's been listening in rapture, i might say. what was the headline for you all day that you've been watching this stuff? what's the headline? >> this is not a conservative speech, this was not in the mold of reagan, i think it marks the end of reaganism. it's really a third-party candidate which is what trump was in many ways who ran under the banner of the g.o.p. he offers a vision that's populist through and through, but he stocks his administration, the cabinet with conservatives whose agenda is entirely conservative. they are going to go after the teachers unions, school choice, glad for the epa, deregulation, all the traditional items on the
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paul ryan agenda, you can say the reagan agenda, what makes it all the more ironic is that you get that through, he's going to need the establishment. >> bill: the republicans will follow him unless he breaks with the orthodoxy. do you think it was appropriate? that's an interesting word, for him to basically scorch barack obama? and a little bit bush, the younger as well. >> generally, i don't. but there is a little bit of poetic justice here. i remember obama in 2009 being very critical with george w sitting right there next to him. i don't think the place where the object of your attack is necessarily unable to respond, i don't think it's the place we attack somebody. in some sense, obama, you want
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to say he started it. but generally speaking, the inaugural address should be much more general. look, donald trump is not general. donald trump is a specific purity he believes in something, he says it. part of his charm, part of his appeal, and the reason he is president. he doesn't beat around the bush. the other problem with the address, he said it depends on the audience things, not what we think. that's correct. but he did hang out some markers today. he made promises that are extraordinary purity he said the carnage in our cities stops as of today. right here, right now. it's like in his speech at the convention where he said he was going to end violence in america, not diminish it, and i it. all i'm saying is he's setting a
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bar. i'm going to eradicate is him from the world. >> bill: he's never been understated, he's always been bombastic. >> he's never been president until today. >> bill: does it matter? doesn't matter that he may improve things in the inner-city, and i hope he does, but not 100%. if he gets 60% improvement, he's a big winner. nobody is going to remember that he said i'm going to eradicate -- if isis' weekend, if we can see a more aggressive approach to them, the folks are going to say you didn't wipe all of them off the face of the earth. they're going to applaud his accomplishments. >> if he can reduce the murder rate in chicago by 60%, i would personally bow to him. he's making promises on issues and problems that are internal, that have been with us forever. he talked about the violence, we been trying to eliminate it
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since hammurabi. a lot of people have tried but none have succeeded. all i'm saying is gotta be low but careful because he's saying i'm going to bring prosperity, take people off welfare, that's a lot to offer. i support all that. all i'm saying is if you're asking what was the effectiveness of his speech? in some ways it makes them hostage to his own future. >> bill: he now has to do a bunch of things very fast. next week is going to be wild. wild! he can assign executive order after executive order after executive order to continue this message and it's a cliche and i don't want to use it but a new sheriff in town, the swamp is going to be drained, and this is what i'm going to do in a few days, imagine what i'm going to do in a few you expect that to ? >> i do expect it to happen.
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i think he'll be more more successful in that than other presidents for two reasons. number one, he is endlessly energetic. this guy is the energizer bunny. he doesn't stop and he doesn't sleep, he works, that's what he does. i think you'll be working on these more than one at a time. he's walking into a historical moment where republicans are in the house and the senate, these guys have been working on legislation for years to effectuate reforms and that have been rejected by either the senate. there's this huge backlog of stuff pre-thought through, precooked, ready to go. >> bill: he's got gotten an enormous opportunity. >> he could do no enormous
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amount. >> bill: charles, thank you, we appreciate it very much. directly ahead, bob woodward will analyze the data including the protests against the new president. in the first lady and the president will dance the big dance. it will take you there live up ahead. ♪ try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. from my sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you these numbers are off the charts...this?
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>> bill: police in washington kept on day trump demonstrators away from the inauguration and the parade. securities did a very good job here. another parts of the city, there was destruction caused by anti-american people who wanted to break down our society.
5:21 pm
>> we want freedom! freedom! >> bill: with us now here in d.c., associate editor of "the washington post," bob woodward. here the stats. 217 arrested, six police officers hurt, you don't have a count of how many protesters there were in the district, however, they estimate 400 were violent. my question to you is you lived here a long time. is this protest, was as effective in any way a? >> no, it wasn't. he always get a couple of people together to protest and they have a right to do that, not a right to be violent. it's so inconsequential. given the agenda and the portfolio that the new president has national security issues, he's got to go through every
5:22 pm
covert action that's pending and say we'll will change it, willp it. >> bill: he's got a lot of work to do. it >> i honestly think that he's going to be stunned as the days go by. >> bill: at how difficult the job is. i agree with you. as far as the protests are concerned, i thought they might have been a lot worse. i didn't think they materialized in any way, you called them inconsequential. i think that's the right word. they didn't influence anyone one way or another, they tick people off. one thing i wondered about, though, and the dishes of columbia, you cannot wear a mask over your face. that's against the law, that's a crime. they did not enforce that today. >> listen, it ain't going down in the history books. >> bill: as what? >> as anything. this is people doing what they do appeared the problem in
5:23 pm
journalism is often we focus on the wrong thing and the right thing now is what trump is going to do. >> bill: you are saying this is just -- it doesn't matter in our history. i agree. it >> it's off stage and away a way and we need to focus on trump and his decision-making process and what's he going to do? >> bill: okay. when you listen to the speech as charles krauthammer and i discussed, parts of it were pretty rough on president obama, not so much on bush, the younge younger. was that appropriate and your opinion? >> it was a campaign speech. there's no question about it. this idea as he called it "the american carnage" i just don't think that squares with the facts and i was amazed that
5:24 pm
obama had such control. >> bill: he smiled and you coult when trump came by to shake his hand, obama said good job. >> bill: yeah, but that's obama! inside, he's going i'll get thi this -- >> give him credit. >> bill: in public, you don't start a brawl. for no second do i think that barack obama has any use for donald trump at all in any way, shape, or form. >> i think that's true. but the speech was -- donald trump is a deal guy. he made his living, his reputation on deals and that speech is an opening bid. i think if you can predict and
5:25 pm
to project into the future one of the things he's going to do, he's going to make deals and congress and all over and people are going to be stunned and say what he gave up this and that, but he's going to run out because he comes from this culture of let's sell it, let's take that extra squeeze. >> bill: you said he is a dealmaker. you know what that speech is about? the deal he made with the folks. i'm going to washington, and i'm going to "drain the swamp" and i'm going to kick some serious. in this speech reflected that deal. >> yes, it did. but that's only part of the country. as you and charles pointed out very correctly, he jammed the republicans. he said the establishment has looked out for itself and
5:26 pm
abandoned the citizens of this country. >> bill: if you are looking at "the washington post," your employer is looking for conciliatory from donald trump, you're never going to get it ever. >> you are wrong. at the luncheon, he got up and he said about bill and hillary clinton, i respect them, he went over and shook their hands. he did not have to. >> bill: if it were in his speech, i would see the point. in a social situation, everyone's terrific, everyone's magnificent, but if you're looking for real policy, a conciliatory tone, you only do it when he wins. that's the only time he'll do it. last word. >> you've known him for 30 years. there's some truth in that, but i think he'll be conciliatory. he wants deals.
5:27 pm
like the infrastructure deal. he wants billions of dollars on roads, schools, and so forth. he's going to get that deal and he will trumpet it and maybe it will be everything he wanted, maybe it will not be everything. he'll claim a win. >> bill: bob woodward, everybody. thanks for coming in. play more ahead. we are waiting donald trump's appearance at liberty ball. we hear he will do a first dance with his wife, melania. also had, tucker carlson and john roberts. stay tuned for those reports. the factor continues from washington. ♪
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♪ >> bill: these kids are good. i don't know who these kids are, but they're good. they they're entertaining at onf the galas, i don't even know what gallo that is, but everybody seems to be having fun. donald trump has not left the white house yet so his first stop is a liberty ball and we will take that lie when he gets there. in the meantime, joining us from
5:32 pm
lafayette park right across the street, the chief white house correspondent, a very big title. he'll be covering donald trump. lots of stuff happening tonight, right? >> a lot of stuff happened tonight. after donald trump stopped watching the inaugural parade, he went inside and immediately signed two new executive orders. one which would impose a regulatory freeze which would band all of the agencies departments from anything and we can burden to businesses and individuals across country. he also signed another executive ordinance, a little more complicated, to ease the burden associated with obamacare. it basically allows any agency or departments in united states administrations to defer or deny any type of regulation of obamacare that would cause a fee or some other cost to the state
5:33 pm
states. as i said, it's a little bit more complicated. it's a way to report back and integrate new legislation paid what it basically says, he wants to repeal obamacare as quickly as possible. he wants to grease the skids as well. >> bill: from what i'm getting here, the orders are, you can't add any more bureaucracy and anything that's frozen, no more rules, and as far as obamacare is concerned, no more fees can be put in, no more interpretations can be put in, everything grinds to a halt until. >> you have a way of simple finding things, it's almost poetic. >> bill: i'm a simple man and everyone knows it. to give you credit, you explained it so i can simplify it. >> a couple of other things.
5:34 pm
also, the vice president sworn james mattis as the new secretary of defense and genera. that gives him two fifths of his national security team here and he wanted to have them all in place. still waiting are tellers and, pompeo, and sessions. pompeo hasn't even had a confirmation hearing at peered at that when he would happen week. >> bill: okay. during the day, i would assume you're watching trump. he looked a little tight to me in the beginning and then when he got in front. who wouldn't be? biggest moment, public moment of your life, when he got up to the prompter, he was pretty good. when he saw him on the campaign trail reading, there is a big difference between that.
5:35 pm
do you believe, roberts, that he knew he was insulting president obama and to a lesser extent, bush the younger? do you believe he knew that? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. that's what he did on the campaign trail for 17 months and that's what he's been doing during the 71 days of the transition. does a big shot across the bow, politics as usual and washington, d.c. we're not going to do things the way we used to do them. the status quo is not good enough for me, i want to do things completely differently. the one thing you didn't see that i could see from my vantage point on the platform, about 35 feet away from where president trump was standing was the faces on a lot of members of congress. a lot of members of the old guard who were kind of shocked by what he was saying. they were expecting, it wasn't the rhetoric of an incoming president. donald trump doesn't do poetry.
5:36 pm
he lays things out. all you folks in washington, different thing. >> bill: not since andrew jackson, and this is absolutely true, it has a been a populace like donald trump running this country. all the rules are going to fly right out the window. finally, last question for you. trump is a guy who, as woodward said, has to make deals. is he going to be able to do that and at the same time, drain the swamp? that's the real difficult part. he's alienating a lot of people who will need to pass some of the stuff he wants. >> yeah, you can go in there just bully people into a deal. there's gotta be some give-and-take. maybe you don't drain the swamp down to dry land, it may be a take it inches or so. obviously there's gotta be some alligators and frogs that you'll
5:37 pm
have to deal with and that swamp if you want to get things done. i think more broadly, we talked about this a little while ago. in terms of foreign policy, how is he going to cut deals with foreign leaders? will he go to china, will he go to beijing and talk directly with the chinese leaders are willing to a teleconference to save money or have them come here? he will have to do this over the course of four years. it will be interesting to sell this all unfolds. given kelly's lay down a lot of markers in the past 71 days and how he plans to conduct business here at home and abroad. >> bill: he'll go. he'll meet with putin, the chinese. by the way, we're looking right now the talladega, alabama band. we helped get up here for the parade and they did really, really well and we're very proud. >> what a great story. >> bill: there great school and a band, and they were% of
5:38 pm
their country and they should be very proud of themselves tonigh tonight. >> thanks bill. >> bill: we got tucker carlson, i guess he's in one of these ball things, gala things. it will check in with him. we got jennifer griffin, she's in a nice count, she said another one. we've got about 20 minutes left of the factor. if the president shows up and does his dance, we'll take it. if not, you will continue our coverage from washington, d.c. back in a moment. ♪ your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000.
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♪ >> bill: you are looking at some entertainment at one of the galas, i'm not exactly sure what these guys are doing. they're having some fun around a piano. donald trump is supposed be at the liberty bell at 8:16 eastern time. it is now 8:42. he's doing this on purpose to get me jazzed. let o'reilly die out there. is expect me to be there at 8:16, i won't show up.
5:43 pm
little does he know that we have our powell, jaden's rosen. rosen, he may not know is the chief washington correspondent for fox news. huge title. i understand, rosen, that trump gave the democrats a little jazz tonight behind the scenes. what was that? >> it was even behind the scene scenes. that was the president's point and doing it. this was at the luncheon that was held for him and mrs. trump. this was right after the inauguration. of course, nobody checked their tensions or their part of partp at the door. as you know, he's very upset and
5:44 pm
perhaps rightly so, that only two of his cabinet nominees were confirmed today on president obama's first day in office, seven cabinet nominees were confirmed at this point. and so, what mr. trump did was used his trademark humor, but ultimately with cameras running, he talked about a private conversation he had. he said kiddingly he told me we are off to a great start with our cabinet, he did say this. if that was number one. and the number two, he said we are off to a great start with our cabinet and mr. trump said and chuck i'm sure is going to approve them. i'm sure he is going to do that. what's the point of all this? number one is he's taking it public a private conversation that he just had with the senate minority leader and he's he iso using his humor in essence to push chuck schumer around a little bit. >> bill: those guys have known each other a long time, schumer and trump. what other thing happened at
5:45 pm
that luncheon, trump was saying nice things about bill and hillary clinton? >> that's right. he called for former president clinton and former secretary clinton to stand and he asked everyone to give them innovation and he said i have a lot of respect for those two people. a far cry from you should be in jail which we heard from him. one interesting fact that we have, we who are standing right outside as reporters, got a quick glimpse of a now bygone figure, whom aberdeen dressed in black, waiting for secretary and former president clinton to leave. she was in the company. a very rare sighting of her. >> bill: everybody should feel sorry for her. i do. all right, there's rosen. now let's go to the glamour and bring in jennifer griffin who's at the armed services ball where
5:46 pm
tony orlando, our pal powell te earlier this week. tell us something interesting, jennifer. >> as you mentioned, tony orlando came out, saying all his classics. it there's an electric atmosphee here. there are medal of honor recipients, there are people who are currently serving in the fight against isis. it's been apsley amazing. you can see they're all waiting for donald trump and his wife melania to arrive. at about 9:29, there expected here. what we just learned is that after their first dance, they're going to allow two members of the armed services to come in and dance with the first lady and with the president.
5:47 pm
they're also going to do a video link to afghanistan where there are 8,500 members serving. they will link to afghanistan so that some members of the armed forces can be a part of this. >> bill: it's early in the morning and afghanistan now. they have cable television and are watching all of the events. jennifer griffin is one of the driving forces behind the wheel chairs for the severely wounded vets. jennifer has done unbelievable work for them, i just wanted to tell everybody and the country that you are a real patriot, jen. everybody should know that. when we come right back, we check in with tucker carlson who rented a tuxedo and we're going
5:48 pm
to go to him and see if donald trump and melania trump will leave the white house, we don't know yet, but will have it for you when we come back. ♪ some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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♪ >> bill: it you are looking the rockettes from the radio city music hall. they're looking sharp in their patriotic outfits, also looking sharp, tucker carlson. let's go to him. he's at the freedom ball, right? you rented a tux and everything.
5:52 pm
>> i left my blue and at home. it's pretty nice, actually. those are the rockettes, by the way. they showed up. >> bill: what's going to happen is, donald trump is going to go to the liberty bell, then i guess he goes to the armed services ball and then he goes the order that's comingm ball, up? >> yes. it's hard to know. we think is coming here in this hour, but he will go to all balls for sure. >> bill: he was supposed to be at liberty bell at 8:16, it's now 8:52 eastern time. are you surprised at the militancy of his speech? >> i wasn't was surprised by wt appeared. he clearly had a hand in writing it. it sounded like him. he has clearly abandoned the
5:53 pm
traditional economic methods. nothing in there. i was especially struck by his turn on foreign policy. his line, we should not seek to impose our way of life on anyone as a dramatic departure and a welcome departure on the foreign policy of the last 20 years. at the heart of which has been we are extorting our democracy, our economy. he's saying we're looking out out for our interest first. i think it's wise. >> bill: do you believe that he is capable of wiping islamic terrorism off the face of the earth as he's stating his intention to do? >> i do not believe he is capable of that, no i don't. i believe he is capable of reducing it, i believe he is capable of acknowledging it and explain what it is. which as with alcoholism, it is a necessary first step. if you want to be something you have to know what you're beating. i think it's going to be very
5:54 pm
hall to exterminate extremism in the world. >> bill: why do you think that president trump overstates that? we are going to end the carnage in the inner cities. he can reduce it, as you said, end it? no. why do you think he overstates much market is there a reason for that technique? >> i think it's inherent and trump. i think trump is a sales guy and sells about overstatement, it's about handing a picture of what the future is going to look lik like. most politicians cannot get away with that, but i think it's how people understand trump. they know that he's in florence and his adjectives. he's overpromising a little, most politicians couldn't pull this off. if he reduces dramatically poverty in inner cities, gang warfare, illegal immigration, if he makes real progress on those things, i think it will be
5:55 pm
enough. >> bill: i agree with you that if you make significant progress in the areas that he has promised to address, nobody is going to nitpick, you didn't get all of them. the demonstrations today, they weren't as big as i thought they were going to be. we didn't cover them very much. >> i think it's important to cover them, there are elements bent on producing chaos, things like violence, people who don't believe in democracy who hate the country who want to hurt normal people. there are a lot of them out there. there a lot in washington right now. the violence and our politics is coming right now, almost exquisitely from the left. right now, it is a feature of the left. the press downplays it for their
5:56 pm
own reasons, but it's real and i think we should pointed out. >> bill: the good news is, there weren't that many of them. i thought there would be more. they targeted the police, people should know that. this wasn't an anti-trump demonstration, this was an anarchy, heard the police demonstration. police commissioner said our guys were targeted, the bad guys came after us, wanting to hurt us. i think you're right. americans should know. it's not a big crew. it's 400, that's not a lot of people on inauguration day. >> that's right. the bolsheviks were pretty small group. you don't want to let this stuff, left-wing politics, get bigger. no matter who the president is, if you're breaking things and
5:57 pm
hurting people, that's a threat to our country. you have to put it down. you can't have that. >> bill: they were all arrested and 217 of them, all of them were charged with writing which is a felony. it's federal time. we'll see what they get. tucker carlson is going to be holding court from nine to ten. i think donald trump will be out of the white house. you never know! i don't want you to get dressed up for nothing. i hope he shows up and your hou hour. >> this is actually a t-shirt with tuxedo painted on it. >> bill: will be back from washington in a
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> bill: president still in
6:00 pm
the white house. it's been an extraordinary day here in washington, d.c. we thank you very, very much for watching "the factor" tonight. we will summarize it all on monday, when we come back. please remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" we are here at the freedom ball. president donald trump is attending all of these balls tonight. we will bring you the segment live as we happen. inauguration day for the president and first lady. it all began with the swearing in ceremony. >> i donald john trump do solemnly swear. >> that i will faithfully execute -- the office of president of the united states.


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