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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 21, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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to cover the transition of power. bill: back to new york on monday, right? shannon: i will see you there. bill: thanks for having us in your town by the way. shannon: you're welcome. bill: not bad for couple days. leland and elizabeth prann when coverage continues in washington. have a great saturday, everybody. ♪ >> brand new era at the white house. donald trump working this saturday. left the white house a little while ago. just arrived at cia headquarters for his first intelligence meeting there. >> while on capitol hill a backlog of mr. trump's cabinet picks await confirmation next week. obamacare takes a hit from one of the president at first executive orders. >> good saturday to you, nice to be with you, wow, what a 24 hours of news. leland vittert, very special inauguration weekend edition of "america's news headquarters"
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from the white house. >> that's right, i'm liz beth prann from capitol hill here is what is making news right now. protesters taking part in marchs across america and we're live on the ground here in washington. >> plus, more on president trump's first day in office, from the national cathedral, cia headquarters in langley virginia. >> new fallout after president trump signs a major executive order on obamacare. >> fox news alert. today is very much a working saturday for president trump. church service this morning, and he is just arrived at cia headquarters for a meeting with intelligence officials there, although the senate has yet to approve mr. trump's nominee for cia director. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts live where he will spend a lot of time over next few years, the white house briefing room. hi, john.
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reporter: it will be sean spicer up behind the podium behind me. good afternoon to you, leland. we learned from the white house, it was long speculated, president donald trump will receive his first visit from a foreign leader likely next week. it will be theresa may, the prime minister of britain who recently promised a clean exit from the eu because of the "brexit" vote. remember during the campaign donald trump championed the "brexit" vote as people in the uk exercising their right to self-determination, using that as a metaphor for his campaign what he believed people in the united states would do. a lot of speculation in the uk what the relationship will be like between president trump and prime minister may. will it kind of be a reagan-thatcher kind of thing? donald trump was at the prayer service this morning up at the national cathedral. arriving at cia. he will have a meeting with some 300 plus staff members there. he famously had a feud with people like james clapper, outgoing director of national intelligence. john brennan, outgoing cia director, but president trump
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wants people there on the front lines of the cia, agency analysts, as he said before, a big fan of intelligence and wants them to know how much he values them. we also understand mike pompeo, his nominee for director of the cia will be there today. he was hoping to have him confirmed last night but democrats balked at that idea. so earliest pompeo possibly could have confirmation vote would likely be on monday. back to work today, after the traditional inaugural celebrations last night. president trump going to three different balls. he was at the salute to military ball last night, where someone had brilliant idea putting together a satellite linkup between washington, d.c., and afghanistan where trump took a number of questions from troops in the field, saying how much he appreciated the service and sacrifice. at the liberty and freedom balls, telling supporters out there in the polls in record numbers and voted for him. how much he appreciated their support. listen to what president trump said.
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>> it has been an amazing experience. and now, the fun begins, okay? now the fun begins. we'll do a really good job, and i will be fighting every single day for you. thank you, everybody. thank you and have a great time. thank you. reporter: president trump also wasting no time signing executive orders, one which is fairly complicated, simplest form greased the skids if you will for the repeal of obamacare president obama set a lot of regulatory things would happen in first weeks and months after 2017 after he left office. president trump signed a declaration to put all of those on hold. a lot more meat in terms of policy, leland, when he is expected to sign measures that have to deal with strong borders, how to fight isis, number of other things as well. leland? >> john roberts in the briefing room. thanks, john. more on the obamacare issue later. now to liz on capitol hill.
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>> here on capitol hill hundreds of thousands of women are marching in cities across the country, rallies largely seen as rebuttal to donald trump's presidency. the national mall is sea of pink. 1800 buses packed with protesters headed into town for the women's march on washington. jennifer griffin is live on the route where the march is underway. hi, jennifer? reporter: hi, elizabeth. in all my days in washington, i grew upper who, i have never seen a march the day, a protest march a day after an inauguration. the scaffolding and flags are still on the west wing of the capitol from yesterday's inauguration. and there are more than, it seems, about half a million women, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, fathers with girls on their shoulders, who have taken to the streets with signs as you
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can see behind me, protesting against some of the language that became normalized during the election. they have a message for president donald trump. a lot of them are wearing these pink hats which became popularized in the wake of that "access hollywood" tape. they are talking about equal rights. you have lgbt groups who are down here on the mall. you have groups, women known as mothers of the movement, who have lost sons, black lives matters as well as pro-choice groups. i saw sees seal richards moments ago walk through with katy perry. a host of hollywood stars come out. we've seen madonna walk past us. we had scarlett johansson, maggie guillen hall. cher was on stage moments ago. a alicia keys is performing or just finished performing. democratic congressman who
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skipped the inauguration yesterday. i spoke to democratic whip steny hoyer to get reaction to president trump's inauguration speech. he said is the darkest speech he ever heard in history. the crowd, according to the park service appears to be larger than yesterday's inaugural group. here is cher walking by right now. she just come offstage. the crowd is going wild as you can see, elizabeth. but again, a lot of energy. the march which is going to end up at the back of the white house, has just started here behind me. it is really backed, body to body. as you can see, a lot of the vips who are walking past us now are coming offstage and the crowd is very excited. there are some people we've talked to, elizabeth, who have come from, driven 10 hours to be here. some, including one man, 71-year-old man from south carolina who just said he
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felt helpless after the election. wanted to come here and have his voice heard. back to you, elizabeth. >> the aerial photos are breathtaking. jennifer griffin reporting live. jennifer, thank you so much. leland? >> this morning newly-minted secretary of defense james mattis made his first trip to the pentagon since being confirmed yesterday. the retired marine corps general had to get a waiver from congress in order to bypass a federal law requiring the secretary of defense being retired from the military for seven years before serving as secretary of defense. another former marine corps general, john kelly confirmed as secretary of homeland security yesterday. he was sworn in last night by the vice president. the president's nominee for cia director, mike pompeo though, has been delayed until monday nor that vote in the senate, despite congressman pompeo's confirmation holdup in the senate. he is expected to join president donald trump today in langley, virginia, as john roberts just reported. that is where president trump is
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meeting with cia officials. congressman will hurt, former cia operative, on the homeland security committee from here in d.c. congressman, nice to see you, sir, thank you. >> thanks for always having me on. >> pick your adjective for donald trump's relationship with the intelligence community particularly over the past 70 or so days, none of those adjectives good. is going to cia headquarters on his first full day of work enough to heal the wound or is this beginning of a salve which you say. >> it's a great first move. we have to step a little back. selecting mike pompeii i don't as next director cia is great move. senator coats from indiana as director of national intelligence is a great move. making this his first official act is important. the reality is, donald trump has made it fairly clear he supports the rank-and-file members within
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the intelligence community and cia. it will be good for 300 plus folks that are there today, to hear directly from their primary customer's mouth. >> i talk to your old friends over there. those bonds forged in difficult places go back a long time. what do they need or assurance they're looking from the president today. >> those in the cia have been operating in a war 15 years. they have served three or four presidentses. they're looking for a president who will make decisions. one of the biggest problems they have last eight years, decisions were not coming out of the white house. the cia does not make policy they collect information. collectors of last resort in order to inform policymakers. most of the folks within the cia, whether supportive during the election, they know they
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will get a new guidance from the new chief executive. >> mr. trump does not make his feelings obfuscated. >> he is unambiguous, not ambiguous. >> not unambiguous in the least. mike pompeo, first step, long time supporter of the agency, his nomination has been held off. senator tom cotton republican of arkansas, hoping i hope jihadists take weekend off trying to kill americans, speaking to the democrats obstruction if you will of mr. pompeo's nomination. is it really that serious? or is mr. cotton exaggerating things a little bit? >> it's a very serious. john brennan put in his resignation as of noon yesterday. the cia has an acting director.
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we'll have three days less where mike pompeo is guiding future of cia. because only a handful of democratic senators want to make speeches on the floor on monday. pompeo will pass with pretty overwhelming support. >> democrats playing politics. playing politics with our national security? >> i do believe it is playing politics. that is unfortunate. rules in the senate, one individual senator can make those kinds of accusations. >> that is exactly what we've seen, one senator holding up mr. pompeo's confirmation vote. real quickly on issue of obamacare, there was an executive order signed yesterday it is practical in telling agencies to waiver and defer parts of the affordable care act
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till republicans can repeal and replace. does this put more pressure on congress to act, now that you havenumber of parts of bill stripped out putting pressure own the individual mandate. >> what is putting pressure is premiums are increasing. my home state of texas there was 34%. that is a pretty big increase. people's deductibles are going up to almost $10,000. >> i get you're saying that is what is pressuring you to act, congress to act. but at same time you've had a few weeks now. doesn't seem like there is a piece of legislation yet, or repeal but there is replacement hasn't been offered? >> there are five bills been dropped that deal were -- with the replacement plan. we need to get consensus on one of these plans. also the head of hhs has a whole lot of tools available to him to
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deal with this issue, right? the bronze plans, making those more options within that. increased options to decrease costs. this executive order that president trump signed in yesterday will help have the secretary of hhs deal with that. >> congressman price, nominee for hhs, has a lot of ideas about what he will do when he gets there. congressman, we appreciate your time as always, sir. >> legal land, thanks for having me on. >> fair and balanced now to liz. >> let's continue our coverage and conversation about an executive order using federal requirements of individual mandate of affordable care act. congressman john garamendi, former california insurance commissioner. a strong supporter of the health care law. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. exciting day with noise in the streets. >> background noise behind us that folks at home may not be able to hear and we will talk about that march.
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get a response of congressman hurd, premiums going up 34, your home state of california. they were up about 13%. i want to hear your reaction last night when you first heard of the executive order, one of the first things that president trump signed? >> mostly window-dressing. there is no real power in that. eventually when the new administration getting in place, they have got to roll back literally change the regulations the regulatory process takes time. what will be the action point is right across behind you in the capitol. and is there really going to be a repeal if so, what does it mean? the cbo says 18 million people will lose their insurance. >> window-dressing but we heard from sean spicer, read the release this will minimize unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the act so it is laying framework. i understand what you're saying not necessarily going to change. >> guys, get in line, begin to
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work on it, but really there is no real action that comes from it. that is not to say it won't happen. obviously mr. trump, president trump is serious about repealing the affordable care act. your colleague very correctly pointed out, well where is the replacement? there are five bills. that is like a covey of quail. >> on other side of the aisle, democrats yourself say this is imperfect law. things need to be changed or fixed what proposals do you have? >> several go to the heart of couple of problems. we know there are premium increases. you mentioned the california premium increases. 13% this year, however the i were creases over the period of time that the affordable care act has been in place in california have been half what they were before. we've seen inflation in health care every year. >> now there is no systemic reliable data. we tried to find that out. i heard you mention that before. data prior to the aca we can't necessarily compare and contrast. >> you have to compare it. you have to go back, what was happening before the aca.
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inflation rate in health care was roughly twice the inflation rate of the general economy. what we have seen since then the affordable care act, particularly in the first three or four years of it, was a decrease. there is an adjustment taking place this year, and some of the insurance companies found that they were underpricing and they have increased. but overall, the increases have been less. now that is not to say there is not a problem. it's a problem. >> right. >> we have a national problem which over the last 25 years health care has been an extraordinarily inflationary part of going from 29%, to 8% now of the gdp of the total nation. that is huge bearden on everybody, every employer, every government agency. what we've seen with the affordable care act some things going into place have significantly reduced the rate of inflation, particularly for the biggest health care program
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of all which is medicare. and one such example is the annual free checkup so seniors can stay healthy and another one that is extremely important that hospitals are being penalized for readmissions. in other words hospital-acquired infections. >> we don't have time to get in a lot of nuances and we could have you here with the entire show, something obvious with us sitting with the capitol in the background, hundreds of thousands of people behind us a march you participated in this morning. i want to hear about the energy and your experiences. there is live picture up for our viewers right now, you can physically see the hundreds of thousands of people who descended upon the mall. you are one of the congressman who attended inauguration yesterday. >> i did. i was there, my wife and i were here in washington. we'll go to this rally. we went down to the stage area. we couldn't see too much. i went up on stage with other members of congress, and i looked down independence avenue.
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we were at third street, west of the capitol, for 17 blocks, completely filled with people. i looked eastward, up independence avenue and it was completely filled, north and south. >> the energy, what is the message today. >> enormous energy. compared to yesterday. we're talking real serious energy. you can hear them. they're a mile away from us. you can hear the energy. people will fight back on the repeal of affordable care act. that is a women's issue. we're talking about serious issues. you're a woman. under the affordable care act you can not be discriminated against. you eliminate the affordable care act, every woman in this nation is going to find serious insurance discrimination because they're a woman. >> congressman garamendi. we'll leave it there. thanks so much for joining us here. enjoy the rally. report back to us if you will. >> thank you. >> leland? >> coming up the mexican drug lord known as "el chapo," now inside of a special cell in one of the toughest jails in the
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united states. it was once home to one of america's most famous criminals. a live report how he is not breaking out of there. a deadly tornado devastates a small southern attorney in the middle of the night. ripping roofs off homes. churches as well. fox severe weather center tracking the storm. we'll tell you where it is headed next. back live to the white house for much more on president donald trump's first full day in office as america's 45th commander-in-chief. we'll be right back. >> repeat after me. i donald john trump do solemnly swear. >> i donald john trump do solemnly swear.
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♪ leland: saturday at the white louse. the first full day of mr. trump's presidency. he is not at the white house right now. he is headed over to the central intelligence agency for a meeting there. we're expecting remarks from the president, really one of his first official acts as president on this now working saturday here at the white house. in other news notorious drug
11:25 am
lord, joaquin, he will chapo, guys man, remember him, the -- guzman, he is held in the same high security prison. after making his first court appearance. bryan llenas live in new york with a little more on "el chapo." hey, brian. reporter: >> good afternoon, leland. "el chapo" is locked up in the metropolitan correctional center, one of the country's most secure federal prisons in lower manhattan where close associates of. "el chapo," shown as shortly, was suddenly extradited from mexico to new york. "el chapo" previously escaped from two maximum security mexican prisons. now he is firmly in u.s. custody. the 59-year-old drug lord pleading not guilty in court yesterday to 17 federal charges in brooklyn.
11:26 am
guzman is accused of running a multinational criminal enterprise between 1989 and 2014, responsible for trafficking drugs and cash worth, worth more than $14 billion. he is also accused of using violence and torture to hold on to power all these years. guzman's story is, take a listen. >> guzman's story is not one of a do-gooder or a robin hood or even one of a famous escape artist who miraculously escapes from mexican prisons on multiple occasions. is he a man known for no other life than a life of crime, violence, death and destruction. and now he will have to answer to that. that is the who "el chapo" guzman is. >> as part of the extradition process, u.s. said assured mexican government they would not seek the death penalty for "el chapo." if convicted he faces life in prison. >> haven't seen any evidence
11:27 am
that indicates to me mr. guzman has done anything wrong. most of you have not seen that either. we look forward to addressing the allegations in a courtroom under rules of law. that will include whether mr. guzman was extradited appropriately to this district. reporter: now some are seeing the timing of "el chapo"'s extradition as curious and political considering the drug lord was extradited on the eve of president donald trump's inauguration. some mexican officials suggesting this was a last-minute gift to outgoing president obama and goodwill gesture from mexico to president trump. leland? leland: either way, he is probably not escaping anymore. bryan llenas live from new york. thanks, bryan. elizabeth. elizabeth: i don't think so either. after the break two of president trump's cabinet members have been confirmed and more votes are expected next week. senator cory gardner will share his insight on the confirmation process and who the senate may
11:28 am
vote on next. hundreds of thousands flocking to the national mall for the women's march on washington. we'll see you that scene after the break. ♪ e share? you actually rode here on the cloud. did not feel like a cloud... that driverless car? i have seen it all. intel's driving...the future! traffic lights, street lamps. business runs on the cloud... and the cloud runs on intel. ♪ i wonder what the other 2% runs on...(car horn)
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leland: a fox news alert. hundreds of thousands of people have descended on washington in what you might call a protest march. live pictures from the washington mall. organizers tell us about 500,000 people are marching in the nation's capitol. no way for to us verify those numbers. obviously this is in the same area that folks were watching and cheering as president trump was sworn in just yesterday, although a slightly different stage being used. the peaceful protest is one of hundreds of taking place today, not just across the country organizers tell us, but around the globe. look at the screen, upper left. upper right, paris, charlotte, images from chicago. rally organizers want to send a
11:33 am
message to president trump's administration that women's rights are human rights. ♪ elizabeth: senate lawmakers approved two cabinet nominations on the first day of the trump administration. a disappointing for republicans who were hoping to have much if not the entire national security team in place on inauguration day. senator cory gardner serves on foreign leelations and energy committees. he questioned several, in fact six. as member of the senate you will vote on all of trump's cabinet nominees. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: first i want to get your reaction. we had two confirmations last night. general john kelly for homeland security secretary and obviously general james mattis for defense secretary. did you want to see more? are you pleased with the number of two so far. >> i wanted to see more. in the past, president obama, president clinton, president
11:34 am
bush, minimum seven approved on first day. president clinton had over dozen approved on first day. in recent history one of the lowest numbers of confirmations on day one. by end of the week many of those other presidents had in more in place. again, a political stall tactic, continued frustration they lost the election unexpectedly. they stopped more confirmations from takes place. elizabeth: the reason i think there is weight to you saying that, simply because you sat through six hearings last week. you sat through rex tillerson, wilbur ross, elaine chao, governor nikki haley or u.n. ambassador, congressman zinke and rick perry. how did you feel like the mission was accomplished when you met with the nominees? >> i think so. look at argumentive, combative, wasn't combative, was very aggressive questioning was rex tillerson nomination. came on both sides of the aisle. thorough hearing through tee rounds of questioning.
11:35 am
ones i participated in, elaine chao was casual conversation. wilbur ross was same. nikki haley went one round. governor perry went a couple. they're ready and primed for confirmation. mike pompeo cia director could have been confirmed yesterday. elizabeth: are you pleased, he has his hearing and vote is on monday. democrats are saying, we want to make sure all the ethics is in. we can't to take our time, don't want to rush the process. one more is cued up for monday. your response to that? >> i hope we get them confirmed soon as possible. what happens today, obviously a number of national security conversations taking place. mike pompeo has clearance obviously but doesn't have the directorate ability or directorate authority because he hasn't been confirmed by the senate yet. these are important positions. we can't stall on national security. we know in recent reports north korea is preparing an another icbm launch or excuse me, attempted icbm launch. they continue to threaten the
11:36 am
united states with rocket and nuclear weapon they minute at that rised on the rocket. these things we can't wait for. mike pompeo who i know in the house, who have utmost respect, and education at west point and service in the army, is one of the most positions we have. we can do what we've done in the past, support these confirmations so we can get this government in place. elizabeth: i want to switch gears. obviously you commute from colorado, but your commute into the capitol was a little bit different. >> right. elizabeth: hundreds of thousands are here, perhaps more so than inauguration day. i want to hear did you get word from your constituents, are they on the national mall? what do they want the new administration to hear and -- >> there are local news report, families coming from colorado. one national broadcast traveled with colorado dance to washington. there are activities taking place in denver and across the country. i was trying to get from my place in wash ton d.c., to a
11:37 am
meeting this morning that i had at a hotel in town. took 50 minutes. about a 10-minute normal commute this is business is i time and busy day. last night was so fun. on judiciary square, get on metro, that 70-year-old guy with red hat, says make america great again, on somebody on a train, with somebody on bow tie and tuxedo getting ready to go into the a ball with somebody came across the country with pink hat to be involved in a march. this is one slice of america. amazing thing we can do this, let our voices be here as part of this country, after the inauguration, peaceful transition of power, have all the voices together within proximity together. with the exemption of a couple morons it has been done very peacefully. elizabeth: eloquently said. i like that. thank you, senator, i appreciate it. open dialogue as always. thank you very much. appreciate it. fox news is your home for complete coverage of all the inauguration news this weekend. bret baier will anchor special live saturday edition of
11:38 am
"special report" at 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight. tomorrow, on "mediabuzz," howie kurtz will look at all the historic coverage and speak with former trump campaign manager, corey lewandoski. also chris wallace with exclusive interview with reince priebus and. look at your listings for time and channel. leland: fox news extreme weather alert, four people have died when a tornado ripped through parts of hattiesburg, mississippi. officials say the tornado hit parts of three counties in southern mississippi around 4:00 a.m. this morning. one of the reasons the video is so dark, flattening homes, uprooting trees. firefighters and police went door-to-door, rescuing people in the wake of the storm. dangerous work of course after a storm. in addition to the damage, three to five inches of rain has fallen in the area. more could be coming down today. obviously that does not help when it comes to the risk of flooding or the cleanup from
11:39 am
this. elizabeth: still ahead, we are waiting president donald trump's remarks at cia head quart in langley, virginia. that is expected at any moment, we'll take you there when he speaks. president trump's first executive order takes aim at obamacare. what is in the president's order to government agencies? ♪ you can see the president and vice president this morning taking time to pray for the country. a look at the national prayer service coming up. ♪
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♪ neil: we. leland: we awaiting president's remarks at the central intelligence agency. we'll get you the remarks as it happens. before the inauguration balls,
11:44 am
the president signed his first executive order, essentially setting the stage to repeal and replace obamacare. let's bring in shane goldmacehr, "politico" chief white house correspondent. you will be busy next few years. >> a little bit. leland: basically the order directs congress to have a prompt repeal of obamacare. they're already working on that. that is the symbolic part of this. is there policy to this executive order, and if so, what are the impacts? >> more than anything this is a symbolic move. this is trying to fulfill one of his campaign promises to begin the process of dismantling obamacare. what he is basically saying, dear federal agencies, all the agencies that oversee the health care law, i want you to do everything you can to ease the burden of it. now they're not going to unravel the law through executive action. but they can tell agencies, guess what, you've been doing, enrolling more people, trying to get more people into the program
11:45 am
we like you to stop that because we plan to unwind it. leland: in some ways it forces congress as hand, right? if you roll back the mandate and they will put pressure on congress. >> the insurance companies are most concerned about the order last night. they have concerns that if you do not enforce the individual mandate they're not going to be able to have a profitable business model. they're not forced to have everyone buy insurance they can't insure people who are sick. leland: i can't imagine there is a lot of people other than insurance executives who lose sleep over insurance companies being concerned. real quickly, to the issue of confirmmations. liz was talking to senator cory gardner earlier. the president is at cia, a cia without a director. mike pompeo will probably be confirmed on monday. we still have the "gang of eight" the democrats have at least a chance to stop. any the white house are worried
11:46 am
about? >> senator gardner was absolutely correct, president trump is beginning with far fewer cabinet members his predecessors have. the thing for the democrats is, they don't have enough votes to block any of donald trump's cabinet nominees. what they can do is slow it down. one senator wants to wait, so they have to wait for monday to pompeo. at this point the republicans have a majority. all they need to do is keep republicans in line. leland: slow it down and embarass some of the nomineeses as they have already done. want to get your thoughts on this, developing today, much bigger story than we thought it would be, women's march on washington. you may hear the sounds behind us. this is down on the national mall but there are hundreds of thousands of people that have descended on washington. see many of them wearing pink hats, marching all around, marching up past the white house of the any of your white house sources talking about this? are they surprised as well by the size? do they feel like they can brush this off or something they will
11:47 am
have to address? >> what i'm waiting for to see, does donald trump talk about this, does he tweet about this issue. for the first time he can look out his window later today at white house to see protesters. when he is in trump tower he is many, many floors above those. he will see a sea of pink hats today. the real thing for this, can democrats capture the energy of these protesters? can they capture this energy and direct it towards the 2018 midterms which look not like a good map for them on the senate side and tough landscape on the house too. leland: there is sort of a contrast if you think about it, if you look at women's protest, turnout for this woman's protest and turnout for the hillary clinton. you sense a enthusiasm gap a pollster might say. shane, appreciate your time. sorry we couldn't get to your piece in "politico" where top folks will sit inside of west king wing. we encourage folks to check it out. >> thank you. leland: all the best.
11:48 am
liz. elizabeth: president george h.w. bush is recovering in the hospital along with his wife barbara. casey stiegel with an update on the former first president and first lady are doing. >> elizabeth, despite being here in the hospital in houston, president george herbert walker bush set a pretty big goal for himself. we'll tell you what it is in a live report next. ♪
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elizabeth: as we have been reporting there is a huge turnout, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have showed up at the national mall. you can see here madonna has just taken the stage. we're actually located just a couple blocks from that location. we can hear the crowd erupt in applause when she speaks. so she has been speaking a few minutes. there has been a number of lawmakers who have arrived, a number of celebrities who are here. as we mentioned, hundreds of thousands, our own jennifer griffin is reporting on the scene. she grew up in washington, d.c., all her life she has not seen protests like this the day after an inauguration. we'll continue to break in and show you updates from that march, the woman's march on washington. not only here but in cities across the nation. as we know in capitals across the world. meanwhile with have an
11:53 am
update for you on a story we've been following. president george h.w. bush and laura bush, lady bush, are recovering in a houston hospital, barbara bush, excuse me. casey stiegel joins us live from houston methodist hospital with the latest. casey, how are you? reporter: elizabeth, good to see you. the president is feeling so much better, that he personally called his office last night to check in on his staff. that word from a family spokesperson this afternoon who also says that the president's spirits are high, and that the 41st president of the united states is also looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule. an avid sports fan, the 92-year-old even setting a goal to personally attend the super bowl in two weeks. remember houston is hosting the game this year. the stadium is less than three miles from methodist hospital here.
11:54 am
>> they're both goal-oriented people. they both set objectives they move towards. and but they also both have a love of life. they been blessed, they would say, to have had an opportunity to serve, you know, houston, texas, the country. reporter: the elder bush is still in the intensive care unit, stable but suffering and being treated for pneumonia. the staffers say he will stay there for a few more days so he can be watched closely. now his wife, former first lady barbara bush, however, could be discharged from the hospital as early as tomorrow. that is new according to their office. she was admitted on wednesday and has been treated for bronchitis, but barbara bush's medical team here says, that she has responded very well to antibiotics, and good
11:55 am
old-fashioned rest. elizabeth. elizabeth: all right. casey stiegel reporting live. our thoughts and prayers are with the bush family. thank you so much, casey, we appreciate it. leland: coming up, president donald trump offering an olive branch to the intelligence community. he is at cia ai headquarters. we'll bring you his remarks when it happens. demonstrators on the nation's capitol and streets across the country. we can hear their drives at the woman's march. madonna is on stage. ♪ oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> a fox news alert, my pictures on the washington mall, the national mall as madonna's onstage for the women's march. it has grown much larger than anyone thought it would. organizers estimate about 500,000 people on the mall. you can see the white shot looking out from the capital toward the washington monument, and now this picture looking back at the mall toward the capital. it has gotten very loud and crowded at the white house we just saw a number of secret service uniformed agents head out toward the northwest eights. some of them dressed with right
12:00 pm
gear and gas mask. the secret service leadership is heading out to keep and i on the situation. i can hear it almost equally as loud as you do. >> we recently seen people flood the mall all morning. we've seen demonstrations and cities of across the nation and glow. if there's one way to defy the past 48 hours, i was a passion on both sides of the isle. tomorrow aisle. tomorrow we will be back with more news. >> welcome to the journal editorial report. as as we look ahead to the trump area in washington we are waiting president donald trump's remarks at cia headquarters in langley, virginia. we'll bring those to you when they happen. the 45th president of the united states was sworn in at nunez or day. he delivered a blonde to populist inaugural address. sounding sounding the familiar campaign theme of the forgotten man. >> for too long a small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while


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