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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 21, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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no -- still staying with -- >> all right, that will do it from here waiting to hear from white house briefing obviously that means for now, that white house briefing remains in place press secretary new president of the united states will be speaking shortly. we will see you. >> dana i am dana pristinea with kimberly, juan, it is saturday this is "the five." ♪ ♪ dana three balls morning prayer service visit to cia a very busy 24 hours for our new president donald trump. >> from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward it is going to be only america first. america first. [cheers and applause]
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>> we must speak minds openly debate our disagreements honestly but always pursue solidarity when america is united america is totally unstoppable. >> we are all good people whether you are a republican or democrat, doesn't make any difference we are gonna get along. >> we're not playing games, the work begins, i want to thank everybody we love you. we are going to be working for you. and we are going to be producing results. >> let me ask you, should i keep the twitter going or not keep it going? dana president trump hit ground running day one he did, starting last night with within hours of taking office signed an executive order aimed at rolling back obamacare today on first full day as president paid a visit to one of the agencies he sharply criticized in the run-up to the inauguration, cia. >> there is nobody that feels
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stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump i am with you 1,000 percent, and the reason you are my first stop is that as you know i have a ring wrunning war with immediate among most dishonesty on tether made it sound like i had a feud with the telecommunication impunity i just want to let you know the reason you are number one stop, is exactly the opposite i love you. i respect you. there is nobody i respect more. you are going to do a fantastic job, and we're going to start winning again and you are going to be leading the charge. dana greg after all those tweets back-and-forth most i think aimed at political appointees of the obama administration, about cia his first stop and said they are going to be back so much going to be beg him to stop backing. >> tired of backing, this is i thought this was really twr
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interesting watching that you hasn't changes won't caning never change that is exactly same donald trump you had 18 months ago, what was the response? overwhelmingly positive, the cia looks at donald trump the way a lot of people look at him like -- even when he goes off on tangent, they accept him they accept the tangents i am a smart guy he talks -- they lawful like listening to their about about lovable uncle they are willing to forgive these unusual zwraents that we all imprison think kind of surreal because the big picture they embrace, they feel like he does have their back, and i thought interesting, it might have gotten rid of that i mean what happened to that whole story about a conflict didn't see like a conflict was present there between cia and trump. >> i do think that was actually, i do think it was aimed at political -- aappointees, kimberly we still -- without a cia director
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confirmed by senate last night senator burr chairs that committee said there is no reason really that democrats can't go ahead and vote him in donald trump is making that push today. kimberly: he was a masterful move takes office right away goes to the cia embraces nem don't believe what you hear in media there is no feud between us, i have respect for you. i respect you he more than anybody else you are going to be leading the charge, so you have to feel good about that, because that what is lierp looks like when you go confront people directly you talk to them say you are going to have my support going of my backing you will not be forgotten you have resources to help make america safe again, and he is putting it to the politicians the democrats, that are trying to play games play like, you know, political ftse here, with you know putting through, these appointments, so in this sense i think, why not? go maybe not done before doesn't matter go there directly, make your case, american people can hear it makes the democrats in my pn look foolish not putting them
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through he praised his pick. >> sound bite donald trump talking about isis going to need cia to he him in in a fight talked about it specifically today. >> we have been fighting, these -- wars, for longer than any wars we have ever fought. we have not used the real abilities that we have we've seen restrained. we have to get rid of isis. we have to get rid of isis. we have no choice. [applause] >> radical islamic terrorism. and i said it yesterday. it has to be eradicated off the face of the earth. >> we are going to end it, it is time. it is time right now, to end it dana i got feeling the reason applauding that they are trump chomping at bit want to do more feel they have been restrained. >> for me up lifting first of all, trump showing up in cia
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first day, probably to -- to bury hatchet so is to speak say whatever was going on, let's clear 2 air i am behind you you get so much backing umu you will be sick of backing as you point out nice to academia a see achieve republicans honors appreciate thes men and women keep us safe military intelligence community law enforcement for that matter he has been that guy straight through, yes, he did have a dustup with political apobtes as you point out, you know this is that is a conservative viewpoint do what you got to do liberal -- elites the he former president, who kind of handcuffed all those the agencies, the law enforcement, the military, rules of he engagement whatnot -- >> -- not defending in -- >> aggressive i think a signal to everyone defending us keeping us safe, hey, you know go out get the bad guys let's do what we have to do make the
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world safe especially america safe. >> what do you think of that characterization geraldo? juan: because we love him we are willing. >> ignore last three months can have history phenomenal the topic of -- countless stories, with the feud and i don't believe the intelligence agencies i know more than they do, and -- who says it was russians, could have been some fat kid in mother's basement this and that -- it went on and on and on and today was the remediation of that. and it -- you know, i love the guy godspeed polt uss potus 45 so proud to congratulate on phone last night, you -- you carry our hopes aspirations, but i think that it is really -- ignoring reality it is like smoking something that we are going to forget 'that was said, because convenient goes
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to cia forget history that come up up to today's business. >> brennan. >> he wanting to go today, to pompeo his name congressman going to be cia director, he wanting his plan was is to go introduce him, to the agents he is a strong guy, you know, a fierce guy veteran harvard -- all the rest. >> you know who pressured president trump showing up today, cia. >> standing ovations applauding him aggressively. >> a movie star. >> what they are tired of brennan call him a calm-rad brennan. >> probably he sever traffic jams even for president getting there the biggest day of. >> we are going to get to that. >> history of the nation. and there is a -- you know words have impact, we you know, you can -- you can support a guy, and love a guy, and hope for his success, because his success is our success.
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but we can't rewrite history dana we're getting to protests in upcoming blocks awaiting a press conference, by new white house press secretary sean spicer said speaking around 5:00 will bring that live, the other thing that happened today, greg, is -- something that sort of -- pro forma i would suggest that the world leaders start to call, and offer congratulations, and maybe put a marker down two that we know about today he spoke to president enrique of mexico canadian prime minister trudeau asking him keep open line of communication trade is really important keep, our eye on the ball there what -- >> that is good you got the guys up north guys got down south, neighbors in case you need rake, or -- what else. >> a wall. >> a there you go. >> -- sure.
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>> that is that is a wise phone call. >> should be -- >> trudeau, by the way, trudeau i hear is having a bit of -- up for two years going to be reelected in two years -- a little bit of problems. >> might run again, do you do from -- what is his name. >> captain hopy. >> what have we started? >> i don't know, all right. >> way off topic now. >> yeah. >> president trump is going to meet with british prime theresa may her first visit since she took office. >> excited for that. >>. kimberly: very excited a lot of people talking about that. >> your hubby from -- kimberly: yeah. >> we have more a couple people here went to the ball two of us on -- the real balance -- >> protesters going to bring sean spicer as well hundreds of thousands demonstrators flooded washington for women's march following inauguration of president trump similar
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protests taking place across the country indeed around the world deals on that we will answer some of your questions later on this special post inauguration edition of "the five", back in a moment. juan: is in a. juan:
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♪ back on saturday president trump's first full day in office, taking split screen the briefing room the white house briefing room waiting for spies tore come out not sure what he is going to talk employ the second latif what do you think. kimberly: not sure dana they have business to attend to last last night president trump signed executive order basically i think a -- a memorandum of understanding that united states government sort of like loo a mission
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statement obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced time agencies move forward do you know whether or not change right away possibly other things he might be doing tomorrow that they want to brief ahead, a saturday briefing is unusual, later on in administration but when getting started, i think maybe makes sense i don't know what subject is. >> what do you think. kimberly: i am not sure but interesting because president trump really tried to jump into action, right away. finding that -- that -- also, talking about heylets freeze in some regulations, he spoke a lot about that during the campaign but didn't want to -- for business the economy businesses are burdened by excessive regulations good message as well i know let's see. >> ibl can't imagine notdrawn in fight whether women's you march big than inaugural couriered i think all about whose is bigger, and that will be where it starts, a whole
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you know, it was -- >> incredible 600 protests i know we're going to talk about it later on. >> the fear of sean cooling up dominating the rest of the hour i think must be stated that there was an earthquake a tsunami of people today 600 cities united states, throughout the planet 100,000 seattle 100,000 he denver, you know, who knows hundreds and hundreds of thousands. >> donald trump won an election we get it he we get it unhappy people, talking about the size of an event to undercut presidency republicans don't go to d.c., dc comes to republicans people that voted trump not type of people that protest, that flock to cities 2 wrn big marches in cities where the will have the lives left always march. >> that is not the issue.
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geraldo: . >> wed one america, then it was not adheres crowd -- >> my weem -- >> today mostly jaeeducated womn crowd. >> what didn't happen to the -- dana that is why doesn't leave it alone. >> dana i don't think that it if true geraldo you think going to get into contest he who was bigger, i think if white house loaf it alone they had a great day don't worry about it. >> the other thing a lot of reports yes this is a peaceful previous to, protected by the constitution, we get that, but happens where if it doesn't stay peaceful what happens if tonight it is dark things get ugly? maybe you don't touch it today you wait and see what happens talk about it tomorrow. or the next day. >> you have a president trying to say unit the other identity one come together the other has a woman's march that is the difference, one is stress
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of separate oisdz to achieve victory another saying hey, it is over let's try to come together. >> right, give at least a week. bob: give them a week. kimberly: they can -- to undermine the presidency he won, okay? let's put big boy and girl pants on -- there is a lot of nice women, going around cute outfits starbucks dunkin' donuts, frcappuccinos. >> -- handmade sins. >> -- right? >> only thing -- also said that she thought about blowing up white house always about blog something. >> at an we talk about protests what they are about, the protests are for to protect abortion rights equal pay, and transgender vest to health care. >> go ahead. >> abortion rates i am only one old enough at the table to
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really be -- you know, in my adulthood in the early 70s, in billed ip to roe v. wade -- that is true we are much younger. geraldo: you are -- ant much more -- i don't know if you are -- [laughter] feminist movement was an energized incredible affirming life-changing movement shifting united states in far more profound way than transgender stuff reminiscent smaller way of what happened. >> not vr is eric rudolph. >> i can't imagine you speak to your wife that you have this hard-core attitude, hr here what are you talking about. >> if you speak to women all over this -- country this is about harry reid it is about roe v. wade. >> it is intellect supreme court the access hollywood tapes. that is what it is about, this is a big deal.
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>> to minimize it -- kimberly: have a was uncalled for. >> he started it. kimberly: because so popular. >> that is right. >> -- proposed -- right? come on! . >> i couldn't resist it. >> how about -- >> i think, exactly that is next -- >> that is in c block signs bad not very nice profanity on it children around i did not think very nice. >> by the way,, a lot of people millions of people heard that -- >> shocking them. >> don't like it. >> going to break going to wait on sean she iser, finalizing thoughts what he is this or should not say in the next -- i think. >> you know my motto my motto embrace the chaos. i don't know. >> is your motto dana it is. kimberly: a new one? >> you are the cammest person i know dana that is why
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embracing chaos keeps me calm i am excited to watch. >> keep an eye on briefing room we hear it is about seven minutes or so a quick break we will be right back. >> we're doing too good if a job. ♪ ♪
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dana welcome back to the five here is the deal we've talked obviously 20 minutes, going to talk about here is where we do our best. wing it waiting press conference with sean spicer going to see what he has dana that has been discussion about topics what he might bring up, because actually been a pretty quick 24 hours, with some a lot of news developments in it
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since president trump 45th president of the united states has taken office dana i assume one thing in the nice cycle for the morning coverage of protests across country is going to dominate in the morning, and you know if you have first weekend first presidential weekend you prefer sunday morning papers to have something you are driving one of the reasons a press conference i you assume sean has something new. >> one great point. >> great point time! >> thank you geraldo. i want i looked at some of the language from president obama's inaugural address you heard people are so upset about -- it was -- trump was too negative too dark a picture, now, trump says things more plainly than barack obama but listen to a couple of these lines. our economy is badly weakened consequence of greed irresponsibility on part of some and our collective bargaining failure to make hard choices prepare the
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facing for a new age, let's measurable that no less profound a sapping confidence across our land nagging fear america's decline about unbelievable next generation must lower sightings i could go on my point when barack obama painted that picture of america was widely praised. >> it was masked in soaring rhetoric when you use soaringwrote you can say anything left has a free pass to criticize a nation they do it all the time, transphobic racist sexist they can do that make everybody look bad you put a republican in there the country in trouble all of a sudden he is hitler, the most -- >> -- makes me sick! >> you use hitler -- a genocide. >> you don't use hitler for rhetoric -- >> -- in can i talk nationalism for a minute what we have been talking about ad
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nauseam that nationalism, this is economic nationalism not berry batter race of americans is better than other -- >> why apologize for that. eric. eric: left likes to do that say we are proud of the country we want to be anybody one oh, that must mean you think you are better than is one else. >> two observations one i think you under state grimness of the potus inaugural address i think that, you know, and i -- >> he had one good line when you open your heart. >> populist nationalist -- >>. geraldo: when you open heart to patriotism no room for prejudice by far best line i thought the obama's speech, in '09 fairly good -- you have to remember. >> what about the speech confused it being grim. >> where?
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>>. geraldo: bottom about to fall out, the -- the economy tanking banks on the verge of -- dana you -- >>. kimberly: none of that -- geraldo: abyss facing the nation -- we have 4.7% unemployment, we have 20 months straight is it more than that? even -- 60 months, economic growth, job creation, i just -- >> if you add in people -- geraldo: chicago horrible problem with gang murders do you know whether or not translate into the karn acreage of america eric? why not. >> no, no, no no a city out over last one or two years now over a million people in population, crime rates are soaring. >> soaring -- it is chicago up 21% -- >> average, under 5%, over 5% over -- >> it is -- increase in
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homicide that is true, that is -- >> not carnage the world changed. >> the point we should care we should care about every life that is preventable there are there are communities that aren't. >> i have a speech for core group. >> i think that is speech -- >> people, this was a realistic speech. for the country --disenfranchis. yes. >> pop list sam political style of action mobilizes a large alienated against the government controlled by out of touch closed elite. >> that i would you like. >> -- attacks on washington -- >> you are getting. >> on that a the address on that team. >> very bad examples of nationalist leaders in history we can't deny that i don't think donald trump is thinking that way, that is the way --
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>> i think -- you can -- can talk about nationalism populism not being hitler the problem is hitler was only 56 years ago, fresh and -- not nazi what does n stand for in people's heads got to lighten up they have to lighten up you can't -- the reaction right now is boarding on hysteria. >> it is. >> we are embarrassing ourselves around the world by basically crucifying we just elected, who hasn't done anything yet, give the guy a chance. give him a chance in a do you think he added a single supporter to the people who voted for him the 43 prdz? >> i don't know, i think he wants to get to work, i saw a man -- was kind of like -- >> nonplussed. >> i agree. >> has been around a celebrity for years he shows up he doesn't you know hangs out, goes like this then gone back to work the way it looked. >> stuff done wasn't saying is
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this the speech i give -- >> government -- free press going to be fine. >> what is going to be what can he say we've got real problems going to fight them together going to grow this nation together, we are all in this together -- >> he didn't say that. >> why? >> same speech you heard 44 other presidents, that is why he delivered in a different way. >> all right, he delivered in a different what what do you say going back to this -- the numbers -- >> pennsylvania avenue. >> what do you think about that same crowd most divisive country in last 10 or 15 years right now yes or no. >> right now. >> hard for me to say. >> a lot of people would say -- >> if you don't remember -- >> most racially president
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barack obama was going to bring us together. we're not together geraldo further apart than we have -- >> a rare compliment i to creates matthews in terms of -- brilliant he made an amazing point about polarization said it began when the democrats started vietnam war then antiwar when nixon was elected, it was the birth of team sport politics because they started the war when republican came in antiwar that is what we are reliving now every single day. >> that is the biggest point that thees a demonstrators made even though weren't -- arguing to protect roe v. wade, and women's rights against, the misogyny so forth but the real message was the democratic party is dysfunctional failed to deliver a lackluster campaign, led by -- by people from a different era, who had no sense of what was happening on the ground, needed a new democratic party, that is the
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real message. >> did not work hard enough to raise money. >> -- he didn't give -- >> very similar message -- >> what if bernie sanders had given that speech yesterday imagine what people on the right would have said about that speech? the themes very sem to what bernie sanders was saying during his campaign right would have been all over bernie sanders the left would have been saying no -- reasonable this makes sense, and, chris matthews never would have said -- >>, of course, he would. >> called it on the right one of the most concerning speeches. >> when is he going to -- donald trump -- >> you are right, because that speech wasn't hard line right, but by no means is that hard line right. >> i read -- we spent a lot of time reading all coverage there is a million opinions about this speech from one end to the other but the worst ever the best ever, and if you are a conservative grew up in reagan era you saw that you
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felt lying that was ending yesterday? then yeah, it is a sad moment so if you are george will i can understand where he is coming from room for all sorts of different opinions. >> i think trump is creating a third party wonder a party, you got republicans, the democrats but within the republican party is this kind of mass populism. >> -- economic -- right. >> that is why i think -- that -- in the big -- republican party, people have to either give each other room or understanding, to be able to try to pull it together it is not easy to all of a sudden say okay i am against trade yeah absolutely -- it is just not part of my dna i am willing to listen see the compromises about to come. >> not agnostic i found it soothing, you all can't be right they all came together
2:37 pm
even though they -- they each other how america should be. >> so much going to -- >> going back to your populism point i really have to -- ask you isn't the most important thing about donald trump's election that he is not republican not democrat but he hates the way washington operates, where people are in military then lobbyists for military industrial complex, where they -- regulate the environment then go to work for monsanto chemical, so forth so on enrich themselves based on connections, that to me is the most intriguing thing about donald trump because he is in house of lords going back to uk, they gave they figured that people with money and property didn't have an incentive to steal so almost like donald trump is a brash billionaire has no incentive to steal, so going to bust everybody's chops who tries to use their position
2:38 pm
to, enrich themselves and i like that i think that is -- he -- >> that is consistent with his campaign themes movement did any one wonder -- president trump to give up give a fake speech now mr.ery some poetry in motion, no. he was going to get up there be honest, and talk straight to the american people, like he did, if he didn't do that, it would be hypocritical. >> of course. >> good for him. >> crucified him saying you ran on this look what you are -- >> they did or even as pundits said if he wants to win nomination has to pivot -- >> win -- >> he said -- dishonest immediate not giving a dishonesty peach giving a speech consistent with principles the ideas he has wants to get business wants the work. >> celebrity apprentice, you know, i know it is -- a weird.
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>> first official week monday i wants to give you up, up dedicates, before i get to news of the day like to discuss coverage of the president of 24 hours. yesterday, at time our nation and world was watching the transition of power, as president said the transition tendency balance of if you are a from washington to the citizens of the united states, some members of the jeed engaged in deliberately falls reporting for all talk about the proper use of twitter, two instances yesterday stand out, one, particularly egregious capital a reporter falsely tweet out, that the bust of martin luther king, jr., had been removed from the oval office. after it was pointed out this was plain wrong, the reporter casually reported, tweeted out tried to claim in secret service agent must have been standing in front of it irresponsible reckless fraefz
2:40 pm
intentionly framed in a way one tweet to minimize the enormous support that gathering on national mall this is the first time, in our nation's history that you floor coverings have been used to protect grass and mall highlighting areas people not standing in years past, the grass limited this visual, this is also the first time, that he fencing magnetometers went as far back preventing hundreds of thousands from being able to access mall as quickly in inaugurations past. inaccurate numbers involving crowd fights tweeted in one had numbers, because the national park service controls the national mall does not put any out. by the way, this -- any attempt to try to count protesters same fashion we know a few things let's go through the facts. we know that from the platform, where president was sworn in to fourth street holds 250,000 people from fourth street to wreed tent
2:41 pm
another 220,000. from media tent to washington monument 250,000 people. all of this space when president took oath of office 420,000 people used d.c. metro public transit yesterday actually compares to 317,000 but used it for president obama's last inaugural. this was the largest audience to witness an inauguration period. both in person, and around the globe. even the "new york times" printed up a photograph showing that a misrepresentation of the crowd in original tweet in their paper showed the full extent of the support depth crowd intense that exited, they say attempts to lessen enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful, and wrong. the president was also at the as you know the president at central intelligence agency today greeted by a raucous overflow crowd of some 400
2:42 pm
plus cia employees. over 1,000 requests to attend. prompting the president to note that he will have to come back to greet the rest. the employs he is he is statistic i'm new examine achieve delivered an important message he told them he has their back, and they were a grateful for that, they gave him a five minute standing ovation at the end, and display of patriotism enthusiasm for his presidency. i also note it is a shame cia didn't have a cia director to be with him today, when he visited. because the democrats have chosen senate democrats stalling the nomination of mike pompeo playing politics with national security. that is what you guys should be writing and covering, that this instead of sowing division about feats falls are in a tifz the president is exited to unifying our country the focus of address this dishonesty in the media challenging bringing about nation together making it more
2:43 pm
difficult a lot of talk about responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. i am here to tell you that it goes two ways. we are going to hold the press accountable as well. the american people deserve and deserve better and so long as he soefshz as messenger for movement he will take his message directly to the american people focus will always be with that, a few other updates from the day, the president had a constructive conversation with prime minister trudeau of canada about strengthening the relationship between our two nations, they also discussed setting up additional meetings in the days to come, we will follow up on. he also spoke to o prime minister of mexico, and talked about a visit on trade, immigration security that will occur on the 31st. the president has will welcome his first foreign leader this thursday, when the uk he theresa may comes to
2:44 pm
washington on friday, tomorrow the president will oversee his assistants to the president being sworn in will then staff will then have ethics briefing be briefing on proper use handling classified information, further updates as far as what he will do oh, then in the evening a reception for law enforcement, first responders that helped support the inauguration. thank you, guys for being here tonight, i will see you on monday. >> sean? -- thank you -- >> -- kimberly: white house press second spicer fiery first press conference dana kind of interesting telling media what they should being covering saying he is going to dana imagine if he drank caffeine [laughter] >> going to keep him honest dana i do think a different -- approach, to go out, and say you are going to do a briefing, and not take
2:45 pm
questions, in the press briefing room. >> fairs appearance dana he could have done that maybe tomorrow i don't know. >> he wanting to get in get out come on you saw that look this thing -- it -- you know weird to see that normal press conference -- >> you have to be a little more brave tell us what you really think. >> um i think -- i don't think it is necessary to comment on the report the reporting but that is what trump does. you know. -- >> was it or was it not as they said -- >> it was. >> we have. >> he starting with the size thing. >> and, you know -- now you know what is going to happen now going to get people from the meteorological society, the earth latitude longitude, going to come to little people from satellite -- and -- as opposed to the other -- you know -- >> little people.
2:46 pm
>> and -- was he angry or nervous. >> i think might have said he was -- determined. might be the adjective he would use. >> did that help the 45th president of the i wouldn't i states just that. >> depending who you are talking to i think that also, this is also, going to be a period of -- press second introducing himself and his style to the briefing room, and the reporters have to decide you know if -- if you are back there you are going to call sean spicer brief the press you expect that the reason you are called up there is because you are going to be able to take questions. you are going to be able to ask questions. he didn't take questions today but i am surprised by that probably a bunch of questions lined up no i will respond to by twitter or e-mail i would imagine. >> just seems to make everybody -- >> i think -- >> i know -- go ahead. >> i -- >> i am blown away!
2:47 pm
it is a brave new world, he is just -- >> chaos. >> rewriting the script on everything down to press briefings dana one hundred percent right you call a briefing expect questions donald trump said i am the boss here, do you see what is happening dana he read -- he was very -- very determined. >> clarified things that were ticking off administration that, you know, the false reporting on -- to briefing -- it is -- i mean i don't know that my guess nothing to do with contents of what sean said delivering timing what to fp going forward said in break. >> -- four years -- >> c135. >> would have been funny could have said only bus that left white house 8 years of obama, that would have been funny.
2:48 pm
>> a couple jokes. >> you could have mixed humor with history, with -- with documentary evidence. >> dana not path on a they are being performance trying to correct the record -- kimberly: no questions. >> tweet it out. >> -- believe me. >> about the independent recollection sean delivered -- telling the world relationship between trump administration, and the media is going to be this way, guess who is boss in town i would say that is exactly what we just saw. geraldo: why a knife fight? kimberly: it wasn't a knife fight. >> here is the bus of martin luther king, the reporters -- says bust of martin luther king wasn't there the busts win chon which you arech i'll have
2:49 pm
>> ladies and ottoman my organization administration organization administration that he's an american who cares about everyone he cares about the conditions of the country and the people that we've the fabric and for them to make a cheap shot it shows you the mountain that the new
2:50 pm
president has. he corrected the record. maybe it is punching down. it is punching down to go after that. it's different than talking about the crowds. there's an over arching media consensus. it's a lot to talk about for the next four years. the questions that we have. one thing that they always wonder is does the press secretary actually had access to the president that they need. i think they have no doubt. from the president, to sean to you depressed does not need to worry that there's some sort of daylight between the president and john spicer.
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>> as you know we were all in d.c. for the inauguration a couple of us went out so the first picture i have here and i was super excited to meet them, general kelly and mattis, amazing and i was at the candlelight dinner and that was fun and also general flan at the candlelight dinner and rex tillerson at the cabinet dinner and i had a great conversation with him as well and here you have a picture with jim brown at a nonpartisan foundation part of the diversity council and mark sanchez and alvin hayes as well nba player and lastly was that the liberty ball the friends and family party at trump hotel which was so spectacularly beautiful inside. they had the hotel and they had
2:56 pm
a ball drop at midnight. i like to host a lot of things and i like to think of myself as as -- proof. >> you look dutiful. eric: i have a couple of quick pictures also. they are pictures from last night. >> did you drop them off at walgreens? eric: here is the inauguration ticket. >> are you going to get in trouble for that? eric: i was 20 feet away from the capital. >> whose eyes are those? eric: clearly all the way back to washington. adrian and my wife in tow and you were there.
2:57 pm
this is willie robertson with senator rand paul and senator paul's wife kelly. arthel: i like her hat. as soon as walgreens can get them back. one of the things i love for pictures not of me that president george w. bush who was there for the inauguration in dealing with this poncho and he is laughing about it. i love how dick cheney is in the background smiling and you can imagine thinking why did you wear a hat? obviously when you have melania trump and laura and ivanka, but dick cheney owned inauguration day in a stunning cowboy hat. >> he needs a black tie and
2:58 pm
boots. >> god bless texas. everyone knows the words now. you are next. >> i like to dabble in some cinematography and i created a new poncho about a grizzled detective who was retired and had a 48-hour crime by the had to solve the crime in a golf cart. i think we have the opening credits to it. here it is. ♪ this is just the beginning. i haven't come up with a theme yet. >> he did give me a hand signal and i think we had to blur the hand signal. it's like you are number one but with the third finger. i think it's going to be on fox and the other channel.
2:59 pm
fx. he never gets out of the golf cart, it's amazing. >> he did later. arthel: hirono you are next. >> i was happy to know that "el chapo" has been expedited safely to the united states. the head of the sinaloa drug cartel, the mexican mafia group responsible for so much heroin abuse and so many dead americans mainly in the middle west but he imported 200 tons allegedly of cocaine as i reported first i think. i think he ended up in the federal court in brooklyn in the correctional center. this is why a wall is a lot of money spent for maybe a little purpose because this, was a mile-long.
3:00 pm
it left a supermax outside of mexico city and that's where he escaped a second time. arthel: d do you know where he's coming? here in new york. that's it for us. >> i'm bret baier in washington and this is a "fox news" alert. it's all about the numbers and overflow crowd turns the women's march on washington into a very forceful message to the new administration coming in. hundreds of thousands of men and women clog the national mall in the streets of d.c.. they are also sister protest more than 600 of them in cities around the u.s. and around the world. we will have a live report from the national mall in washington on the march in what was said in just a few minutes. but, the big story developing right now. a very early indication of just how forceful the trump administration is going to be


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