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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 21, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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it left a supermax outside of mexico city and that's where he escaped a second time. arthel: d do you know where he's coming? here in new york. that's it for us. >> i'm bret baier in washington and this is a "fox news" alert. it's all about the numbers and overflow crowd turns the women's march on washington into a very forceful message to the new administration coming in. hundreds of thousands of men and women clog the national mall in the streets of d.c.. they are also sister protest more than 600 of them in cities around the u.s. and around the world. we will have a live report from the national mall in washington on the march in what was said in just a few minutes. but, the big story developing right now. a very early indication of just how forceful the trump administration is going to be
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when they feel something is being reported and accurately by the media. moments ago white house press secretary sean spicer gave his first official statement from the briefing room. it wasn't actually a briefing because there were no questions taken. it actually was an attack on media reports about the size of friday's crowd at the inauguration and the placement of the core in the oval office. earlier today president trump's with the media crowd site assessment during an appearance at the cia calling it lies in a short time ago spicer lashed out to reporters. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness and inauguration period both in person and around the globe. even "the new york times" put in a photograph showing a misrepresentation of the crowd in their paper which show the full extent of the depth of the crowd and intensity that existed. these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration
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are shameful and wrong. bret: bret: let's get more now on this most unusual start to a president's media relationship to chief white house correspondent john roberts gave a statement in the briefing room and joins us from there now. good evening jeff. >> sean spicer's not to hold his first briefing in the briefing room until monday but the trump administration is so incensed by what they have seen in the last 24 hours the spicer felt he had to come out and cannot he did in torah strip off the media the width of an iowa cornfield this afternoon on a couple of friends claiming that its wheat had been sent out last night saying the president had removed the bust of martin luther king jr. from the oval office when in fact there was not correct and also ripping the media for tweets far and wide yesterday about the size of the crowd at the inauguration. for press secretary to come out and be aggressive of the press is nothing new really saw it all the time in the clinton
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administration with ron ziegler and the nixon administration was famous for doing as well but i think brett president trump's press secretary have laid down a marker that anytime they see something they do not like they are going to aggressively counter it as they did throughout part of the day. >> emea future with the top leaders in the intelligence community james clapper and john brennan but today president trump's see the standing ovation from staff at the cia. right back at you said the president as he praised the women and men on the frontlines of intelligence gathering and analysis. >> i believe that it's going to be one of the most important groups in this country in making us safe, toward making us winners again. >> he was in sharp contrast to earlier statements by the pier to colin to question the quality of american intelligence.
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the president blames the media for that perception. >> i am with you a thousand%. the press made it sound like i had a few with the intelligence community. i just want to let you know it is exactly the opposite. i love you, respect you. >> his disdain took a short pivot in front of the stars that the stars of honor personnel who lay down their lives for their country present lot trump litigated the crowd can for his inauguration. mr. trump claimed there was 1.5 million though photos appear to show a small crowd than when barack obama drew 1.8 million. >> we had 250,000 people literally around the mall that we constructed. that was 250,000 people. the rest of a 20 block area all the way back to the washington monument was packed. so we caught them and we caught them in a beauty.
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>> the president's day began with the traditional national prayer service in washington's national cathedral. the opening reading read by fred raskin who said in god's words to solomon is bestowed upon him and his famous wisdom. >> there's never been anyone like you before nor will anyone anyone like yours again. present this question make his work in washington and make good on that product -- promise with yesterday's frank inaugural address he mr. trump signed orders to freeze new regulations to put in motion the waiting days of the obama administration and pave the way for a swift appeal of obamacare. after his various excoriation of the collective media in a brady briefing room sean spicer went through a few announcements of what happened in the presence they say he had conversations with prime minister trudeau canada president piñata of mexico and the uk prime minister would be his first official meeting of a foreign leader. that will happen thursday and friday of next weekend and the
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president would hold a special reception tomorrow night to take law enforcement officers who helps protect the inauguration yesterday. bret: john really quickly was he suggesting the interior department was responsible for trying to make it look like there were fewer people because of the bottom white part on the ground? >> now no, he just suggested for the very first time ever there was plastic sheeting covering the grass to protect the grass on the mall and that highlighted areas where there weren't people , when there weren't the same plastics in the grass filling in some of the holes where people were standing. it stood in sharp contrast to what we have seen in the past. bret: day one. thank you john. now back to the women's march we mentioned earlier. the marchers issuing an open defiant challenge to the american president. hundreds of thousands of women and men we should point out
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double the anticipated crowd dissipated in a march in washington and as we mentioned around the country and around the world the counterpoint to friday's inauguration festivities. even though he was not their president donald trump was the man of the hour of the focus, national security correspondent jennifer griffin shows us what's happening. >> mothers brought their daughters and grandmothers who remembered washed -- marching on washington in 1963 lead multi-generations of women and girls and the men who support them to the washington mall to deliver a message to president donald trump a day after he was inaugurated the 45th president of the united states. >> we are, every single one of us under attack. >> hollywood stars came out to show their support. scarlett johansson alicia keys and madonna read a poem by a 19d young woman from her home state
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of tennessee. >> i am a nasty woman. [applause] i am not as nasty as the man who looks like he bathed in cheeto does. >> madonna did not try to hide her rage. >> yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> wearing pink cats would have come to symbolize movement in the wake of the "access hollywood" of the excess hollywood hit the recorded an offensive open mic moment involving donald trump 14 years ago women of all ages spoke out. >> we may be the oldest marchers here today, so i've been thinking about the uses of a long life and one of them is that you remember when things were worse. >> newly minted california's senator kamala harris said the
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nation is at an inflection point a moment in time in its history, a time for women to be heard. >> and we the people have the power. [applause] and there is nothing more powerful than a group of determined sisters. >> led by cecile richards of planned parenthood katy perry wearing a yellow hat and pink coat lead marchers most of them pro-choice and vowing to fight the overturning of roe v. wade women from the pro-life movement said they felt left out. >> we were left out of the event because we are pro-life and antiabortion and sadly the abortion corporation has really overtaken any discussion of women's rights in our country. >> washington d.c. wasn't the only city to play host to the women's marches. more than 600 sister marchers were planned. the ap estimated as many as 3 million people would take to the streets in cities spanning the globe, new york, boston,
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chicago, los angeles and a broad and far away in london, paris, berlin and even sydney australia. one private us company said they were hired to bring people from 200 cities in 26 states. an estimated half a million women marched on washington they vowing this is the beginning and not the end. bret: jennifer griffin live in d.c. thank you. let's get more reaction to what we are seeing this week and a lot of it. molly hemingway and senior editor and the federalist syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. molly first to you before we go back to the sean spicer and the things from friday. what about this women's march in what we are seeing? obviously some of those messages were. aggressive. your thoughts. >> people on the left have
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wanted to have some type of cathartic moment for the last couple of months. they were very surprised and shocked with by what happened in the election so what happened today where people in liberal cities liberal people from liberal cities gathered en masse and wanted to express that confusion and fear and outrage that they have over the political turn of events that took place in november and at the same time on the one hand it's nothing new. this is exact and what we knew would be there. on the other hand i do think it is a significant thing that people on the right should notice that when there are big public outcry is they are significant and they should be paid attention to. bret: we should point out that madonna finished that sentence that she wanted to blow up the white house but i know that won't change a thing. not that changes the impact of that particular sentence. >> yes, there was quite a bit of incendiary and divisive rhetoric and it is true pro-life women
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weren't -- were told they were welcomed in positions of leadership who they were vulgar signs and little children there but people had vulgar signs, signs against men and whatnot. i'm not sure that that's a message is going to resonate outside of bigger cities and fully democratic control but we'll see how it goes. bret: okay let's turn to sean spicer statement excoriating the press about the number counting on the crowd size of the inauguration the position of the mlk bus and the churchill bust in the oval office. chris. >> if it had been about something, it might have been something. if it had been about national security or if it had been about some life for that matter then maybe that's schooled in the press at link like that would have been of some purpose but it was about ego. it obama had a bigger crowd than you or the crowd size, i'm sure the obama people were not happy.
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many times when people said the crowd size was smaller in 2012, i'm sure they didn't want this sort of response. when you come out swinging like that over something about you and you've been telling people what are we going to do on day one? we are going to get work. we are going to get right to work. we are going to do the people's business and you come in and talk about your crowd size. bret: by the way you can see the white on the bottom, the shooting on the ground that was put in this time. that was 2009 at barack obama's inauguration crowd there and 2017. charles. >> you use the word surreal which is a nice way of saying just plain. for the press secretary to step out on what looked like an emergency, we were going to do it on monday but we moved it up and it's basically over ratings.
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it was only a week ago that as president-elect he was tweeting about the ratings for celebrity apprentice and sort of mocking his successor. arnold schwarzenegger compared his ratings to investing key referred himself djt as they ratings machine. this is an obsession which is not terribly healthy -- healthy. it's been one that trump has had crowd size, poll numbers when they are good people save them and it's not a good way to start out. i'm the world's expert on the churchill lost because i pointed it out at the beginning of the obama administration. they denied it ever happened and in the end they had to issue an apology which i know was the only time the previous administration obama had ever apologized. this.
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bret: we should point out that isn't president obama and his administration removed winston churchill's bus stand that was on a table in the oval office and it was taken out of the oval office and put in mothballs essentially and mlk, martin luther king's bus was put there. >> it explains the mlk part because as a substitute it's understandable the first african-american in the white house would want mlk. the reason it became a story is because it looks like at least a report made it look like a deliberate point to undo what obama had done. so i think that's the origin of the story. bret: they put churchill closer to the oval office desk bottom line. you are shaking your head here. this is like wife, a signal that this is just like the inauguration speech that people should get out of their heads that this is going to be a different way that this white
3:16 pm
house is going to do with reporters? >> in general what is surreal for a lot of people is watching the media be so histrionic and so hysterical about every single thing the president does and there are a lot of false reports going out. every single cabinet nominee gets a false report put out about him and it's what this administration is signaling. bret: molly, president of united states's first beach in front of the 117 stars at the cia come the people who died as operatives. some of them don't have names attached to them spend a lot of time talking about the size of this crowd on inauguration day and followed it up with this pushback from the press secretary. i understand we are in an different dynamic and different paradigm with this administration that you have to admit this is very different. >> is completely different at the same time just because donald trump is upset with something doesn't justify the media. the media needs to retain calm sanity as they covered this man
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and they he can't do it when they react to every single thing he does and does -- says and does. there will be pushback and what's important for the media to understand is a lot of american people are not on the side of the media did they feel they have been poorly served by themselves would want to do a good job holding him accountable we have to get our house in order. bret: i totally agree with your assessment of where people are as far as the media. clearly that's not a winner. >> we should all keep our heads no question about it and you talked about it before if you get upset about everything that trump does you will be controlled however it's not how you start. doesn't evoke. a president who says we are going to work day day one we are starting with the business of the people on day one, not going to langley and complaining about
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the stars. that's thinking about yourself in thinking about your ratings. bret: he went to langley with a signal that this was his first stop. he wanted to make sure the people of the intelligence community knew he respected them and he said he's behind him 1000%. >> that was a very healthy choice. it was a very smart choice and was a reassuring choice. there was a feud that he had with the outgoing heads of the intelligence agencies and this was his way of saying that was essentially and what he sees as the political heads of agencies. it is not an attack on you the people. i respect you and i will support you. that's a great message but unfortunately when you look at the transcript he wanders around in a way that is rather troubling at one point citing the fact that he had an uncle who was a professor at m.i.t. and he's quite smart. trump himself, is sort of a meandering thing you can do in
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an early interview when your candidate but he is president. when you are standing in front of the stars which is a solemn place, a sacred place you should show a little more discipline. >> the cia people gathered there seem to give him a lot of applause in what he was saying. he is clearly off teleprompter and he is doing his thing. they're its moore campaign speech that it is the scripted speech that we see from presidents. >> there were people who wanted to be there and people who asked to come to it so it's not entirely surprising that they would be our respective but it's apsley true the rank-and-file agents have been caught in the crossfire of a war that trump had with intel chiefs and i think that message was row received. the thing is people hear trump a little bit differently than people who are parsing every word.
3:20 pm
it was very undisciplined what he said but there were also messages that came through loud and clear including he supports the work of the rank-and-file in the intelligence agencies and that's something they need to boost their morale. >> the point is when you become the president of the united states your words are going to be parsed. you can say one sentence and the dollar will lose its value. >> for example when he said that he should have taken the oil from iraq and maybe would have another shot at it, if you are iraqi raise your eyebrows. >> again it's one of those things or people in america are wanting is not just to be careful about which wars we fight but when we fight them, when them. when they hear people talking about being aggressive in our war warfighting posture that's a message that goes over extremely well. bret: words matter. they do matter. the last thing, this is day one. >> exactly.
3:21 pm
where do we go from here? and the press is looking for and the administration is looking for a way to put this into some sort of balance so you can get into the business of governing. remember they have cut off a big hunk here and that's going to take all the oxygen out of it and it's going to be an enormously heavy lift and it's going to require discipline. bret: if he does start moving and things start getting done it will create a lot of space for saying whatever he wants to say at every stop. panel, thank you very much. up next what we can expect from the new defense secretary. hing . hing . i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay?
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bret: news overseas at least 22 people were killed when a bomb
3:25 pm
exploded in a crowded market in northwest pakistan near the afghanistan border. another 50 people were wounded. happened as retailers were gathered to buy fruits and vegetables from a wholesaler. a sectarian military group that is attacked minority shiites in the past is claiming responsibility. a large explosion rocked a camp for displaced syrians along the border with jordan today. at least six were killed and many others wounded their. that attack comes despite a cease-fire that began in late december. more peace talks are scheduled for monday in kazakhstan. retired general james mad dog matas is now the top dog at the pentagon. chief washington correspondent james rosen is here with the details about what we can expect. >> good evening. it was an act of congress's signature for the president of the united states and an oath of office administered by the vice president retired u.s. marine corps general james mattis arrived at the pentagon at high
3:26 pm
noon today for his first full day as a civilian leader of the nation's armed forces. the defense secretary was greeted by the chairman of the joints chiefs of staff fellow marine corps general joseph du photographs released by the defense department show the new secretary conferring with deputy secretary bob work a holdover from the obama administration and u.s. air force general paul selva among others. last night the new commander-in-chief told revelers at the freedom ball about his signing of the congressional waiver that permitted mattis to serve at sec def despite the ban on anyone doing so by anyone retired for less than seven years. >> our great general mad dog mattis was approved, was approved tonight. the senate senate approves. he was first and i went to sign and mike pence who is coming out in a second, you saw what
3:27 pm
happened, right? >> cameras recorded the historic moment of vice president pence swearing in the secretary that his confirmation hearing with a 98-1 vote in his favor matters spoke more severely about rush of in-person trump has said russian president vladimir putin is trying to break the north alliance. together with the intelligence community we are the sentinels and guardians of our nation. mattis said in the statement 1.9 million active duty reserve members under his command recognizing the nation is secure without friends. we will work with the state department to strengthen our alliances. the lone senator to vote against mattis was new york democrat kirsten gillibrand. bret: james thank you. now that president trump's moved into the oval office some of the other office limits can be made and that can be a lot more complicated than you might expect.
3:28 pm
kirsten fisher -- kristin fisher is at the white house with the reasons why. >> when it comes to real estate within the west wing proximity to the oval office is everything which is why every time a new administration comes in pairs a behind-the-scenes battle among senior staffers for the best office space and keep in mind the west wing is tiny and its inhabitants have healthy egos. indy car former chief of staff to president george w. bush says that combination can make for some awkward moments. >> i have witnessed people coming in space claiming it without having it assigned. to just price someone out of the opposite that what they were going to have so there'll be tremendous jockeying for this space. >> typically the two corner offices closest to the oval office are prepared to chief of staff in white house press secretary.
3:29 pm
the fourth corner office usually would be lieutenant general michael flynn. the two wildcards in the mosque coveted office spaces are those directly to the left of the oval office. typically observed for the most senior and trusted advisers and in the trump administration illegal contender for the spots are probably steve bannon president trumps chief strategist and jared kershner his son-in-law and senior advisor. kellyanne conway would also be in the running but she announced on thursday that she was taking one of the offices on the west wing second floor. [inaudible] >> that's the west wing. the east wing is where the first lady has her office but in a trump administration that might change to the office of the
3:30 pm
first family and if that happens that would pave the way for daughter ivanka to have an office there as well. vet kristen thank you. former president george h.w. bush and wife barbara are said to be improving in a houston hospital. the 92-year-old mr. bush is being treated for pneumonia and reportedly is breathing well without chemical assistance. mrs. bush who has bronchitis could be discharged tomorrow. we we are getting world reaction to america's new president now. in china the state media said there will be inevitable trade tension between the two nations. so korea said to be concerned it might be asked to pay more for u.s. military protection and russia is hoping for a better relationship than the often icy interplay between president obama and putin. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg was in moscow. hello amy. >> brat, this is a country where anti-americanism has until recently been all-time high
3:31 pm
worse than it was back in the ussr. recent polls found that 80% of russians had a negative view of the united states but now things have absolutely swung in the other direction. people or you could say over the top almost in their euphoria tank unit may be relations between the two countries will get better under president trump. this may be bret the only foreign country throwing trump inauguration parties. it was one of several we know of that went on last night. >> i wonder two great countries to get together finally and hopefully the two countries can get together it will help the world. >> the company has been minting trump coins commemorative of course with his likeness on one side and the statue of liberty on the other and the words and
3:32 pm
trumps we trust engraved. the company's last famous coin marked the inclusion the owner said of crimea into russia. the russian official line and many russians have bought this have been until late that the u.s. is self-righteous, moralizing and trying to force its will on the rest of the world. trump is said he wants to have a working relationship and even a partnership with russian president vladimir putin whose government has been isolated and sanctioned since the annexation of crimea but russian officials have been enthusiastic about the signal but today the kremlin spoke and dialed that all down a little bit. >> he is not our man. he is america's man. he is president of the united states and this is probably the largest mistake of the western analysts and some of our political analyst to think that he is our man.
3:33 pm
>> now the kremlin spokesman bret did say that when the two meet and get down to the details of some of the intractable issues it's certainly not going to be very easy. last weekend there had been buzz that there would be a seventh summit in reykjavík perhaps for presidents reagan and gorbachev met 30 years ago and that marked the end of the cold war but now the kremlin is saying he will likely be months before meeting between president trump and president putin happens. however it's likely there will be a phonecall in the coming days. bret: amy kellogg live in moscow , amy thank you. mexican drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzmán made his first court appearance in new york since his extradition from mexico thursday night. prosecutors described guzmán as the architect of the three decades long web of violence, corruption and drug addiction. guzmán faces life in prison. his public defender entered a
3:34 pm
not guilty plea. prosecutors are also seeking a 14 billion-dollar forfeiture from him. the new president goes to the cia. hundreds of thousands of women and some men what -- march on washington in cities around the country and the world as a new administration goes after reporters about some false stories. today a panel joins me right here after the break. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on
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>> as you know i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. [applause] they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community and i just want to let you know it is exactly the opposite come exact
3:38 pm
way they understand that too. bret: president bentz first off at the cia in a speech that it time sounded like a campaign speech that the main message around that he supports the men and women in the intelligence community a thousand% he said that led to a talking about reporting of the crowd size of the inauguration and then it led to a statement by the new press secretary about that reporting later on in the afternoon. >> this was the largest audience that ever witnessed in inauguration period both in person and around the globe. these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. bret: at the controversy was about this mlk bust, there it is in the oval office. there was a tweet from a reportedly said it had been removed from the oval office and the winston churchill bust had
3:39 pm
been brought back in. >> some members of the media were engaged and liberally false reporting prefer other talk about the proper use of twitter few instances yesterday stand out. one was a particularly egregious example in which a reporter falsely tweet it out that the bust of martin luther king jr. had been removed from the oval office. after was pointed out that this was just plain wrong to reporter cash the reported in tweet it out and try to claim that a secret servant agents -- secret service agent must have been standing in front of it. bret: let's bring in our panel david cassidy senior politics writer for "u.s. news and world report" howard kurtz is "fox news" made it analyst and host of fox's media buzz and liana johnson from "politico" and daniel harper with the "new york post." how we, i saw some tweet. you reporters and anchors just need to get used to it.
3:40 pm
>> this is only day one and sean spicer is at 11. let's talk about president trump and the cia making his first official stop to do some fence mending. just a week ago he was tweeting he should never have allowed this fake news to leak to the public were referring to the unsubstantiated dossier about him and russian john brennan the outgoing cia director who has been very critical of donald trump. trump tweeted was this a late week or fake news? are matter who is to blame media did not create a perception that he was at odds with the intelligence community that now reports to him. >> by saying the media created a perception it gives him an out. we are seeing this emergence -- i was talking to a senior white house aide yesterday the capital and he referred to the media as the opposition party. this is this tragedy that they
3:41 pm
are implying. sean spicer in the first 24 to 34 hours of the presidency this is what we are going to in the next few weeks if not longer. they think it's successful or last longer in keeping the media as the opposition party gives them somebody they can oppose in a tangible opposition that they can try to levy and push their agenda forward. >> i think we are seeing the of the pattern when problems arrive for trump and the intelligence community was becoming a real problem they blame the media. they're certain ways in which trump is an extreme version of richard nixon who had a seething hatred of the media. trump really lets it show and your last panel alluded to this. most people do change to fill the office of the presidency. george w. bush as governor of texas wasn't the same man he was in the oval office. donald trump is not going to do that so it's not so much of donald trump is that everybody
3:42 pm
else does change. >> i think that is a great point because during the campaign we were talking about how this was going to be it. this is where he turns the corner. now i will say in the final couple of weeks he was on the teleprompter for a lot of the speeches but clearly his first indication is that's not going to be where he is. >> i looked at his twitter account that he said wow he made it for 24 hours without a tweet that has an upset anyone than i thought maybe this was a new president and then he goes to the cia which i think was the good-natured move a smart move but we are talking about his comments in the media. i think sean spicer that performance that he just gave was a challenge for all of us, and they wind he gives his first real briefing. he said something that was demonstrably false that this was the largest inauguration ever. i don't know how he measures that. maybe television ratings but it
3:43 pm
clearly it wasn't as large a crowd is barack obama had in 2009. those are just the facts. sean spicer said something that was to march away false. had we cover that going forward if the administration is going to come to the podium every day and say things that are false. bret: i should point out when i talked about the white sheeting on the bottom in 2017 on the right they were actually tiles to make sure people did not slip and fall and it does happen to be white which did not look like the grass and sean spicer was saying you could see the open spots easier. clearly there are more people in 2009 -- 2017. >> this has also been media mastery. yes he may have been indulging a strong dislike for the dishonest press as he calls it and yes the media has made a lot of mistakes and have been very negative towards the president and a lot of people do not like him.
3:44 pm
he had just gone to the cia and all the things you would expect them praising all the men and women for risking their lives. here he throws in a little incendiary fuel, and it's a story going with the cia connection and that is one of the ways in which this president has learned to dominate the news in the agenda. bret: i just don't know if everything was as planned. trump on a. >> do you remember you always used to say keep the oil? i was not a fan of iraq. i didn't want to go in iraq but i will tell you when we were and we got out wrong in addition to that end i set it for economic reasons but if you think about it might, we probably wouldn't have isis so we should have kept the oil but okay. maybe i have another chance. bret:bret: maybe i have another chance. iliana.
3:45 pm
>> congressmen and governors and senators give off those kind remarks. most presidents not to mention their first full day in office they stop freely associating and giving unscripted remarks. trump is not doing that i think it's going to lead to some interesting conversations like the one we are having here litigating crowd sizes and talking about war. he is giving versions of the same speech he gave on the campaign trail and in many ways his inauguration address was a toned down candidacy speech. read this is the guy they know from the campaign trail. this is not some package president who is somebody he is not. it is him and they like that and if he can still get things done and finish across the finish line with congress then does he get some breathing room? >> i think it's what he did so well on the campaign trail. he didn't have a prompter and he
3:46 pm
didn't talk from a script but at the end of it he said maybe we will have another chance. if that's policy -- but that's why it's so hard to pin him down on policy. >> we are used to in the media analyzing every word in every sentence that with donald trump i'm not sure that holds water and you have to spend that much time on every word and sentence but how do you get to the truth and the policy? i don't know how we analyze anything he said on health care to rush into iraq. i think it's very tough to know where he is going to go. bret: true during the campaign and true during the transition but now he's the president of the united states president of the united states. while the question of parsing every word. will we make progress on obamacare and integration of these other issues? he's got to deliver. he has set expectations pretty high.
3:47 pm
bret: the only problem is extreme consciousness could lead you down the road where you see something that affects the world, the markets, the position of u.s. troops someplace or how the world reacts to what you say is president. >> there could also be consequences how will foreign governments respond to remarks that we may be going into another war in iraq. i don't know, we don't know. for the next couple of months and even years, we have never seen this before is going to be a phrase we hear a lot. bret: this is day one preview of the new president's new working day and what is coming next as far as cabinets and everything else when we come back.
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bret: you were going to see things happening over the next few weeks. you were going to be so happy. now the work begins. there are no games, right, no games and we are going to do a fairly good job. i will be fighting every single day for you. >> when they try to rush their cabinet full of billionaires and bankers without proper vetting, when they try to rip or affordable health care away from tens of millions of americans and have no plan to help these folks and a rats will fight and win with every fiber of our being. >> that's how it's going as far as cabinet nominations. to have been approved by the senate. the defense secretary and the secretary of homeland security. we are back with the panel. david's been a prospect with moving semi-quickly and cabinet nominations?
3:52 pm
>> i think some of trump's cabinet nominees health and human services tom price betsy devos department of education, looking at right now the only way they don't get through is if there are republican defections. part of the democratic strategy, schumer is a smart guy. is he probably can't stop the nominees that he wants them to do baby as it frames the debate with where they are in issues in the privatization of medicare, other issues on russia and why they wanted to question tillerson. it frames the debate on the policies at the forefront in the first 100 days. >> relates about politics delaying this environment the base and they don't have the votes. >> they don't have the votes and they might not kill anybody but if they just slow down. as you know better than we did the first 100 days of the presidency means actually a lot and donald trump's presidency will be defined in many ways by what happened in the first 100 days. he's able to get a lot of things done he will be able to move on
3:53 pm
that momentum and get things done afterward. the go slow and he's not able to get things done and it be smart in these controversies than perhaps it defined his presidency and becomes slower for him to get anything done later on. it's not a bad strategy for schumer and in that regard it might be somewhat successful. bret: republicans point to when barack obama gets in office he has, seven but exactly six because bob gates was on hold over in defense but still he had six approved sunday one. they had to. >> obama also was in canada nominees. he lost tom daschle for some the same reasons these nominees are being held up. chuck schumer really does need to rally the democratic base completely disaffected by what happened in this election. the party has been absently hollowed out. the second factor is the trump is in many ways a third-party
3:54 pm
president. he is a populist president and he actually has a better relationship and gets along with chuck schumer somewhat better than he gets along with republicans in the majority leader mitch mcconnell. that's an important relationship to watch. they are both new yorkers may understand each other. trump is a relationship kind of guy. in the end all of these nominees are like wait to get through and trump will be able to push his legislative agenda but the relationship with republican leaders in congress is equally important to watch here. bret: how we his speech, his inaugural address was really anti-establishment. he kind of rip them both. >> that was really remarkable and i think chuck schumer is not donald trump's main problem. it's a little political payback for merrick garland for example in the obama administration but what donald trump need to do is to figure out how to move paul ryan and his wing of the republican party, remember the
3:55 pm
new president said you can't repeal without replacing but replacing is a difficult task for everything from spending a lot of a lot of money on it for structure spending could not touching medicare which is usually the democratic position. most conservatives don't like to spend a lot of money with offsetting elsewhere and donald trump not really being a conservative orthodox conservative republican and that i think is where the real battles are going to be. bret: it's nonideological at least according to the. ♪ address. that is how is portraying his inauguration. tonight i was part of his appeal. in washington you have to find the votes and i think he may have end up doing deals with democrats and you'll have her roe clash with paul ryan in the republican party and i think the speech gave you a preview of that. bret: quickly does everyone get through? >> i think everyone gets through through. spent i say yes. >> i think so too.
3:56 pm
bret: was that a yes, does everybody get through? >> there are one or two. bret: some final thoughts, when we come back.
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bret: we hope you enjoyed our inauguration cover again today to thank you for making us number one in all networks, cable and on the broadcast networks yesterday. tune in tomorrow for "fox news sunday." chris wallace went to the new white house chief of staff reince priebus and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. check your local listings and by the way i will be on a panel as well. speaking of tomorrow we will be back for a special sunday edition of special report, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we will look at the journey of donald trump from businessman to 45th president and the panel will grade his inaugural address and look forward to his first 100 days of the new administration. make sure you set your dvr for
4:00 pm
8:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks everybody for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this saturday special report. fox reports saturday starts right now. >> a brand-new commander-in-chief and a very busy day. president tom tauke to the cia his administration taking a swing at the press and protesters around the nation and the world take to the streets. i'm jenna lee and this is "the fox report." the new president starting his term this morning with the traditional prayer service at the washington national cathedral followed by the afternoon visit to the cia headquarters. mr. trump's relationship with the intelligence community is center stage over the last several weeks because of the questions raised about his relationship with russia and debate over russia's hacking and his debatable influence in the u.s. election. during his remarks


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