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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  January 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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8:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks everybody for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this saturday special report. fox reports saturday starts right now. >> a brand-new commander-in-chief and a very busy day. president tom tauke to the cia his administration taking a swing at the press and protesters around the nation and the world take to the streets. i'm jenna lee and this is "the fox report." the new president starting his term this morning with the traditional prayer service at the washington national cathedral followed by the afternoon visit to the cia headquarters. mr. trump's relationship with the intelligence community is center stage over the last several weeks because of the questions raised about his relationship with russia and debate over russia's hacking and his debatable influence in the u.s. election. during his remarks mr. trump
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that cheers for his criticism of the news media and its promise to take on terrorism once and for all. >> radical islamic terrorism. and i said it yesterday. it has to be eradicated. just off the face of the earth. this is evil. this is evil and i can understand the other side. we can all understand the other side. there can be wars between countries and you can understand what happened. this is a level of evil that we haven't seen and you are going to go to it and you are going to do a phenomenal job. we are going to end it. jenna: president trump's references back to the cia memorial wall you see there at each star represents some who died in the line of duty. stars or place names that forever remain secret.
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as president trump spoke at the cia hundreds of thousands took to the streets in the women's march in d.c. and in cities around the world. the crowds were enormous. in fact boston and d.c. the crowds were so big they could not march. here's what the protesters had to say about why they decided together today. >> lgbt rights her human rights, women's rights are human rights criminal justice reform, and these are things the trump administration are focused like a laser on destroying and tearing down. it's only intelligence for us to come together and share resources and fight the same fight as we are all fighting for the same thing come a qual >> i have a daughter and our feeling is that what we saw an election really demonstrated in attitude towards women that is pervasive and unpleasant and we really need to show our solidarity against that. >> recently because we feel the progressive movements we have done in the past 50 years are going to be disassembled with
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the. we have stood all of our lives over progressive movement and four respecting the rights of all and now it's all under attack. jenna: we have team coverage jennifer griffin and bryan llenas is covering marches in new york city but we begin with chief correspondent john roberts live at the white house worst press secretary sean spicer came out with a fiery statement. for viewers that missed it what did he have to say? >> good evening to you jenna. i will tell you sean spicer tore a strip off the media for false news reports. this is partially at least an attempt to deflect away from the mass protests we just talked about but also to lay down a marker that this trump administration is going to push back aggressively against false reports or if you use your voice and a way they don't particularly. there was a tweet sent out yesterday claiming president trump had removed the bust of
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martin luther king from the oval office or that tweet was in error and the person is that it acknowledged that it was an error but spicer also weighed in on news organizations who have suggested that president trump's grounds for his inauguration were smaller than those for president obama in 2009 even though pictures clearly show there appear to be smaller crowds on the national mall. here is what spicer had to say. that this was largest audience to ever witness in inauguration period both in person and around the globe that even "the new york times" puts a photograph up showing a misrepresentation of the crowd in their original tweet. their paper show the full extent of the support and intensity that existed. it tends to lessen the enthusiasm of inauguration. they are shameful and wrong. see next spicer claimed a couple of the reasons why crowds appear to be smaller the plastic
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sheeting that contrasted areas where people were standing and enhance security from the inauguration in 2000 meant -- 2009 meant that people could make it all the way to the national mall. jenna: the president addressed the media during his talks with the cia. talk a little bit about that. >> he went to the cia this afternoon for breaking in to meet with the staff of the cia the people who are on the frontlines of intelligence analysis and gathering. he arrived to a standing ovation not just a polite standing ovation by the raucous standing ovation and while he openly feuded with the director of the cia john brennan and with the director of national intelligence james clapper donald trump today suggested any notion that he is a feud with those people on the frontlines is merely a fabrication at the hostel media. here's what he told them. >> i am with you a thousand% and the reason you are my first is
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as you know i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. [applause] and they sort of made it sound like i have a feud with the intelligence community. i just want to let you know the reason you are the number one stop, it's exactly the opposite come exactly and they understand that. >> is pretty clear that donald trump is joined by many people never him as well. jen and a few in what the president did today. he spoke on the with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau and the mexican president nieto and accounts he is going to receive his first foreign leader to the white house at the end of next week, thursday and friday. theresa may of britain will be here at the white house to meet with president trump. jenna: the media is a reoccurring theme, john.
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how's it feel to be the chief white house correspondent with all that coming at you? >> well you know it's nothing i haven't experienced before. i sent sean spicer a note saying he appeared to be channeling his joe walker with it inert -- you could see literally the blood pressure rising as he was chewing out the media. ron ziegler was famous for it. think it's different than what we have seen in the past eight or 16 years but he can stand it. jenna: did you get a response to that e-mail? >> no. reporter: juxtapose what happened with the cia's big applause for the new president with hundreds of thousands protesting during the women's march on washington. organizers expected around
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200,000 people. officials say the turnout could be more than double that. jennifer griffin as they are live on the national mall. jennifer how does march, about? >> it's interesting jenna. if you look i knew we have another march. this is going past the white house which is behind me. a few hundred protesters against president trump just what passed us. they're getting a police escort. what is interesting is how the protests began. began on november 8 with a simple facebook posting of a woman in hawaii who did not agree with the outcome of the election. she wanted away for her friends and other women to come together and protest what they thought of was misogynistic language used by president trump during the campaign and from years before and there was another posting by a man in new york and from their thousands of people began
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through social media to come together. by the time they got here to washington today by early morning there were half a million people on the mall. that's an estimate from the national park service and the metro itself said that i 11:00 a.m. there were more than 250,000 rallies, participants who had come through the metro. that was more than all of yesterday on the d.c. metro. but the way this came about is that women wanted to send a message to the white house on this first day of president trump within the white house and here's what some of them told us. >> we are, every single one of us under attack. our safety is on the chopping block and if we are the only ones that can protect one another. >> sitting idly by and letting
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letting -- i can't even. our world doesn't get any better for you to sit quietly. >> jenna you can see there was a lot of emotion on the mall today. there were generations of women, some grandmothers and mothers bringing their daughters and granddaughters to march. many of them wearing this pink hats which is taken off and become a symbol of this movement this was just one of many protests, women's rallies taking place around the world. more than 600 in cities across united states and los angeles. this set is the largest crowd they have had a president rally in 10 years. back to you jenna. jenna: jennifer griffin thank you so much. jennifer griffin washington d.c. d.c.. in the meantime protests underway in present trumps hometown. demonstration and to get trump tower. bryan llenas is there with more. >> hi jenna. the protest started at 10:00 a.m. and people have been
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marching and rallying since then. just ended on 55th and fifth avenue here right in front of donald trump in front of trump tower. people have signs and people have been protesting all day. 200,000 people the amount of people largely at this rally. men and women children and it is something about equal rights and women's rights but also immigrant rights and people with disabilities and lgbt q. communities. people that clearly feel threatened by president trump and his administration. hi, how are you? tell me why you came here. >> it's about women's rights.
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[inaudible] i'm talking about equal pay and i'm talking about -- because when i'm the mother i have to take one of my sick days because my baby is sick. it's not just grabbing of the whatever, it's more about what it means to be an american. >> i ask you what is the end role for everybody here saying not my president and so forth. what is the end goal here? >> i think the end goal is to make apparent -- it's about
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anybody on the democratic or public inside that don't have policies in place to make sure that women get equal pay, access to health care, access to education. equal rights for all women. >> thank you very much. appreciate your time. you have it. the mayor bill de blasio has been very vocal and adamant that he's going to stand against the and protect what he thinks are the rights of new yorkers. he is willing and ready to stand up for women's rights. we shall see if they will be willing to work together the mayor of new york and president trump. jenna: brian behind you there a bunch of signs piled up. set against trump tower the signs that are left along the street? >> i think you're asking -- behind me this is a church here in manhattan. these are all the protester
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signs that were used in keeping people off the streets because they are reopening the streets. those are all the protester signs that were used. some of them are not allowed and others are asking for equal rights and equal pay and my body is my choice and those types of things. jenna: thank you very much. still ahead president trump taking action against obamacare. how one of his first executive orders is already taking aim at the health care law. >> we are not playing games. work begins. i want to thank everybody. we love you. we are going to be working for you and we are going to be producing results. thank u. everybody. have a great night. thank you [applause]
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but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. jen president trump after his inauguration one of his first
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orders direct federal agencies to ease the financial burden of obamacare. it's the first step in the effort to repeal the law in an article on report summer describing this move as a swiping at the individual mandate more central to the legislation but democratic leader nancy pelosi saying quote from his resident -- rhetoric they were to begin dismantling the hell security of the american people and make america sick again. trump also blocking of policies that would have reduced the cost of mortgages for a specific group of homeowners of government-backed loans. senate minority leader chuck schumer responding. >> democrats will fight every fiber of our being as we are doing right now but we will always -- jenna: i mentioned going to people taking to the streets all over the were protesting in solidarity with the women's march on washington. john huddy has more. >> jenna from south america to europe even australia there were
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protest today worldwide against president trump. we start in paris france in the shadow of the eiffel tower were thousands of men women and children marched in solidarity with those in washington d.c.. there've been an estimated 600 demonstrations worldwide including perhaps the largest in london england. that's where they chanted build riches, not walls a theme echoed around the world. >> the first day of his presidency is marked by an international wave of protests is historic. we have marches across 70 countries coming out to say he has no honeymoon. >> in sydney australia they carry the women of the world unite banner like the protesters gathered outside in buenos aires argentina where a line of police just in case you didn't remain peaceful. tel aviv several hundred people
4:20 pm
protested outside the u.s. embassy though israel is a country that mostly supports president trump aired last night in bethlehem however a group of men wet a picture of president trump on fire their message focusing in particular on the president promised to move the u.s. embassy in tel aviv to jerusalem a move that many fear could spark another massive wave of violence and rip apart hopes for a two-state solution. both palestinian leader mahmoud abbad and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu congratulated president trump as many people here are waiting to see if moving the embassy to jerusalem will be high up on the president's to-do list. jenna: john thank you very much. in the meantime positive signs for george and barbara bush is both recover in the hospital. when they could be released three will be an updatelus an infamous drug lord in new york city. that's all still ahead in "the fox report."
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jenna: welcome back everyone. we are getting an update on the hospitalization of former president george h.w. bush and his wife are beruff. a family spokesman say both are improving. casey siegel is live with the latest. how is the president doing? >> jenna the president is feeling so much better we are happy to tell you. he personally called his office last night to check in on his staffers. that according to the bush family spokesperson who also said bush 41 spirits are high. the 41st president of the united states is looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule after doctors removed his breathing tube yesterday. also an avid sports fan the 92-year-old has even set a goal
4:25 pm
to personally attend the super bowl in two weeks. houston as you know hosting again this year. the stadium less than three miles from methodist hospital here. >> they are both goal oriented people. they both set objectives but they also both have a love of life. they have been blessed. >> no indication has been given on plan the 92-year-old elder bush could be discharged from the intensive care unit. jenna: as you mention fox of course hosting the super bowl this year. we should at least give the president the ticket if we can. what about the former first lady? the former first lady casey how is she doing and how soon could she be released? >> well, she could be released as early as tomorrow. again that is according to a bush family spokesperson.
4:26 pm
she has made significant improvement doctors face and she was hospitalized in the exact location as her husband, feeling fatigued and we later learned she was suffering from bronchitis but doctors say the 91-year-old has been responding to antibiotics and good old-fashioned rest. she is focused on spending time with her husband. the pair just celebrated her 72nd wedding anniversary at the beginning of this month making them the longest married couple in presidential history. it is a love story that so many americans are interested in and that followed through the decades and it sounds as if she may be able to be discharged altogether from the hospital tomorrow. of course we will keep you posted jenna. jenna: what an interesting fact in the history books, longest married couple in presidential history. casey thank you very much. mexican drug kingpin joaquin out
4:27 pm
chapo guzmán making a long-awaited appearance in the new york city courtroom. he pleaded not guilty to prosecutors agreed to not seek the death penalty as a tradition of his extradition. he is being held without bail in the metropolitan correctional center in manhattan. that is where the gambino crime family spent time awaiting trial to another look at the incredible crowds that had formed across the countries today. this is the mark happening in st. louis people completely filling the streets as far as the eye can see. next up the message thousands of americans are spending to the new administration in the new position was fun plus two of president trump's top cabinet members get to work. >> the generals are going to keep us so safe. they are going to have a lot of
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one a day men's in gummies and tablets. jenna: i am generally and this is the box "fox report" at the bottom the hour. if you're just joining us the president -- protests in response to president trump. hundreds of thousands of women and men turning out with a message for new president. mike tobin his life in d.c. with more about what transpired today. mike what have you seen so far? >> jenna you cannot deny the crushing numbers of people who showed up on the national mall today. for while the national mall was a. ♪ zone as people from all over the nation streamed to the nation's capital. they just kept coming wave after wave of people getting off the subway and buses coming from cars. you could move around on the national mall. you couldn't get a sell signal.
4:33 pm
the women who marched out here chanted we won't go away, welcome to your first day obviously directed at the president. some women sent the message they wanted to send out that they have never so strong they cannot be ignored. others say they will take the energy they picked up and try to engage politics on the local level. despite some vulgar language speakers, vulgar language on the science was at this demonstration apart is the gentle nature of it. it really wasn't any trouble so to speak to the people here at this demonstration were decidedly alike, frankly jenna i'm not used to that. jenna: i think we should point out to reviewers mike has it been in every single story right in the thick of all these crowds so he has a lot of experience but i wanted to ask you might come if you saw some of the protest during the inauguration as well. how would you compare the two in the last 24 hours? >> you almost can't compare the
4:34 pm
two. it's a much different scene yesterday. you have six police officers and 200 people that were arrested. the organization said they are going to promise more they said there was -- it was just the first day of the two good kids with their faces covered up in black hoods on smashing windows and trying to start fires in the center the streets with the police ultimately coming after them. there is a demonstration outside the courthouse where the there were comrades if you were that were jailed today for despite the promise so far today we haven't seen anything new out of kids with facemask. jenna: it's not an understatement that to say that's a good thing. in the meantime the president kicking things off with a visit to the cia after taking on some of the intelligence committee in raising questions about politics at play for leaked stories about russia and the impact of russia's hacking during our election. the top cabinet members get to work general james mattis as
4:35 pm
secretary of defense in general john calley as homeland security secretary. we have fox team coverage. catherine herridge is watching general kelley's first day in his new role but first here's chief washington correspondent james risen following general mattis. he is live in mattis has smooth sailing in the senate but his confirmation to require more than cabinet nominees. tell our viewers about that. seen it good evening coming as despite the 98-1 vote in his favor general mattis required an act of congress signature from the president and an of office administered by the vice president to become the secretary. a former u.s. marine corps general arrived at the pentagon at high noon the first retired active-duty officer to lead defense since george c. marshall in 1953 he was greeted by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff federal marine corps general joseph dunford to the new secretary conferring with deputy secretary off work and obama administration holdover
4:36 pm
and u.s. air force general among others. the commander-in-chief that mattis answers to the revelers at the freedom ball about his signing of the congressional waiver that permitted mattis to serve as sex death despite the statutory ban on doing so for anyone not retired from military for at least seven years. >> our great general mad dog mattis was approved, was approved tonight. the senate approved. he was first and i went to sign and might chance who is coming out in a second, signed and he saw what happened. he just -- swore him in. >> secretary general mattis oversees $600 billion. jenna: a big job in the world that has a lot of issues that we
4:37 pm
are consistently watching james. how closely aligned with president trump as secretary mattis in terms of the way he sees the world? >> at his confirmation hearing that is underscored the need to embrace our international alliance of security partnerships with president trump's inaugural address. he mentioned a dramatic reordering of those alliances including financial support from foreign military in mattis spoke about russia saying at one point russian president vladimir putin is trying to quote rate the north atlantic alliance and we will use steps to defend ourselves from vladimir putin. jenna: we will watch for what's next. james thank you very much. sigh thank you very much. i get to see. meantime general john calley taken over the barbara poma security. a marine is in charge of some 240,000 employees who have a wide array of responsibility. for example the construction of the long promised border wall by president trump would fall under the umbrella of the dhs prechewed intelligence corresponded catherine herridge has more on that.
4:38 pm
>> vice president mike trump -- mike pence administered the oath of office. the defense secretary of homeland security kelly heads the department of 240,000 employees and he's at the center some the most highly charged issues of the trump agenda from the southwest border wall to illegal immigration and domestic cybersecurity. a memo to his new employees became by fox new secretary kelly writes the threats to our nation have now preceded. the challenges to our way of life have not diminished. you have my commitment that i will strive to walk with you and lead in a way worthy of our mission of the respect and the sacrifices so many of you have made. during his confirmation hearing we significantly did not back away from mr. trump sewell pledged to jenna. jenna: what is the plan for secretary kelly? >> is former head of southern command that oversees central and south america kelly told lawmakers the best defense will begin 1500 miles south of texas
4:39 pm
and it will involve building strong relationships with countries as far away as peru. kelly said the approach to technology as well as brick-and-mortar. >> physical barriers will not do the job. it has to be a layered defense. if you were to build a wall from the specific to the gulf of mexico you'd still have two back that up with patrolling by human beings and by sensors and automation devices. jenna: kelly has appointed chief of staff and support personnel are getting security clearances. some of the department key positions are now vacant. head of the tsa peter neffenger decided not to stay on despite appeals from republicans them -- republicans for the professionalism they brought to the agency. jenna: catherine herridge live in d.c.. we are wrapping up the lids on the trump transition. tune into "fox news" and they were for exclusive interviews with chief of staff reince priebus and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, two
4:40 pm
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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. jenna: into saturday a workday for president trump a full day one for the new trump administration and for more on the trump transition through this period joining a special advisor in the trump transition ceo of trump campaign for treasury jeffrey dewit. many titles there. have you with us. how does it feel, day one? >> feels great.
4:44 pm
i have woken up now two days in a row like a little kid on christmas. i'm so excited and i know the entire team to see everything we have worked for culminate right now with our guide getting in office and being inaugurated in taking the oath of office is great. as you can tell is working very hard already. he's having very productive days and trying to get the team confirmed and get a team in place and start to address the priorities which as we have said immigration the economy and jobs and tackling the 20 trillion-dollar debt all these things he's working hard on he wants to compass them quickly. at the balls last night he said the same thing to all his supporters, he's working hard to get things done right off the bat. jenna: chifley know he signed two executive orders regarding upon the care of. we have seen them at the cia today. how much of this was planned out far in advance of him coming to washington d.c.? was this his plan all along for some of these appearances like going to the cia or did that
4:45 pm
come up in the last 24 hours or so? >> i think you know obamacare has been planned the entire campaign. that's something we focused on in repealing and replacing from day one so getting that ball moving is something we had to do off the bat. the fha we looked at data mortgage rate this was a special deduction that went to a small slice of people but it needed to be bailed out to the tune of $1.7 billion in 2013. so if we could shore up the finances and make that stronger we can actually get mortgages to more people so that's what we are trying to do here. to give our country stronger footing in general help more people so starting to track -- tackle that $20 trillion in debt those are the priorities we are seeing now so that's something that's been on the drawing board for a long time. jenna: i want to point out there might be headlights -- headlines about a specific mortgage for a specific group of people so it
4:46 pm
take a closer look at that. >> it adds up to $29 a month to a specific slice of people. it's not anything that is a big deal. kind of unfair. a certain group of people get treated better than anyone else. jenna: they're certainly a focus on the housing market. i want to draw our viewers attention to some live shots. today we have protests in seattle. we are not in charge of that shot unfortunately but he could street are packed in multiple cities i wanted to ask about you feel about it. we have from this someone in d.c. who decide why he decided to show up today. >> women's rights are human rights, criminal justice reform those are civil rights. these are things the trump
4:47 pm
administration are focused on like a laser on destroying and tearing down so it's only intelligence for us to come together and share resources and fight the same fight. we are all fighting for the same thing come equality. jenna: jeff what is your response to that? >> i'm trying to figure out where that gentleman gets his news from because that has absolute nothing to do with any of the policies that have been laid out as far as something that is already written. donald trump, you've seen how he promoted women within his own organization. you see how he promotes minorities. none of that applies to donald trump. donald trump is a great president for all americans and they'll tell you i walked around d.c. for hours. i walked around and i've ever seen so much vulgarity than i did with these protests and the signs they are carrying. i look at this and i don't get how they are going to get their point across with the f-bomb and all these things and they are
4:48 pm
not profamily because i would never let my daughter see the signs that are out there. i don't know how he gets the message across. a lot of the media are showing this and yet there than pro-life rallies with the same or more people that struggle to get coverage. part of it is the media world we live in but the vulgarity we see with these protesters. i don't know how they are going to accomplish these goals. jenna: would like to show both sides and this is a live shot of san francisco my hometown i should mention jeff. i'm a proud californian. being from arizona let me ask you a quick question. i think you are part of the trump transition team. what happens to the trump transition team now? is it over? is at the end of? what happened? >> there still some carryover. obviously there are a lot of jobs that need to be filled to the first thing that has to happen as we talked about donald trump with the cia earlier but we don't have the director that is being confirmed by the senate. the democrats are playing games
4:49 pm
and really putting her country at risk by holding out on confirming these pics. once these pics are in place they bring in undersecretaries and filled thousands of positions in these roles. the transition helps in that process until everything is filled and a lot of transition staff will take roles in various agencies is the government's foreign. jenna: jeff thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us on this saturday. >> thank you, jenna. jenna: up next some of the day's other headlines including the dramatic search for anyone still alive after this massive avalanche. how rescuers are risking their own lives to find more victims in the latest on a deadly tornado in the deep south. >> when i got in there i could see the wall starting to shake and i didn't realize it had moved the house. it's the phillips' lady!
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jenna: let's take you briefly to rescuers coming through a hotel destroyed by an avalanche. they are using saws in their own hands in the ready sign of survivors. 23 people are missing after the snow slammed into the hotel in central italy three days ago. rescuers are working around-the-clock saying the risk of another avalanche is still very high. nine survivors and five bodies had been pulled out of the wreckage so far. doctors say the survivors will likely be released from hospital violent storms wreck your home sweeping across the south in killing at least four people. it happened when a tornado hit heisbourg mississippi. as part of the bad weather system that forwards from homes and churches and rich trees out across the country but in california several people at de becker at a campground north of los angeles. storms there flooded a creek swept up cars and forest cabins
4:54 pm
off of their foundations. will carr has the latest. >> haight jenna and more bad weather about to hit the coast. tonight there were tornado watches in effect for parts of louisiana and mississippi. severe thunderstorms are expected to hit george of florida and south carolina tomorrow. it comes after that tornado and the national weather service says in the f3 with wind speeds up to 165 miles an hour hit early saturday morning. the tornado tossed cars and ripped roofs and tons of trees thousands of that power many left without a place to stay. the tornado hit a college of fire station and a church. a second time in that the church has been destroyed by a tornado in the past three years. >> when i came home it brought tears to my eyes. it literally brought tears to my eyes and we have been working in d.c. this community and how they
4:55 pm
come together and everybody helping out. >> storm swept across california in friday. thunderstorms struck near santa barbara hitting the burn scarred area from wildfire and that led to five has been swept away and at 1.20 campers are trapped by the flooding. thankfully they were okay. more than a dozen cars flipped over as well through the weather even impacting former president obama. his plane was supposed to land and palm springs have had to divert to nearby riverside because the conditions were too dangerous engine even more severe weather in the forecast for tomorrow and monday for california. jenna: thank you very much. there was no sort -- shortage of memorable moments at yesterday's inauguration. we will show you a few of our we will show you a few of our favorites that you may have missed, next. america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs.
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jenna: we leave you with some of the biggest viral moments. melania trump handing michelle
4:59 pm
obama a big blue box from tiffany. our money is on a frame, but we don't know for sure. former vice president dick cheney helping him get it under control. the partnership still have much arrive. people thought barron trump playing peekaboo with his nephew, very quit. i think we should point out she has had five children. i think she could do anything. that's how fox reports this saturday, january 21, 2017. have a great evening. "watters world" starts right now.
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[♪] >> mr. president, it's not america. we are america. and we are here to stay. >> i am a nasty woman. >> president trump, i did not vote for you. i want to be able to support you. but first i ask that you support me. >> it took his horrific moment of darkness to wake us the [bleep] up. i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. but i


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