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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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[♪] >> mr. president, it's not america. we are america. and we are here to stay. >> i am a nasty woman. >> president trump, i did not vote for you. i want to be able to support you. but first i ask that you support me. >> it took his horrific moment of darkness to wake us the [bleep] up. i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. but i know that this won't
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change anything. jesse: big hollywood nainl named lewd rants. welcome to this special edition of "watters world." i'm jess jesse jess watters. my mother actually wrote me an unprompted note as to why she is marching for woarnl. here it is. i feel blessed and deeply appreciative i can march for equality, dignity and justice. women in particular in leave it so many the statements made during the cam panel are at risk for their rights and basic liberties.
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we cannot espouse any discrimination of any sort. wow. spoif was still curious about what that actually meant. sow i decided to hit the march. what are you marching here for today? what are you ladies marching for? >> we are marching for equality, for solidarity, knowing we are all in this together. the right to healthcare. >> the government should not have control our bodies. jesse: how are women not equal in america. >> we are the going to talk about that. >> what a nasty woman. >> we are tall nasty women. we are pussy cats and you can't ignore us. >> this march is about inclusion
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and compassion. i'm standing here talking to you. jesse: can you help me with my march moves? >> no, i don't think so. what does your head gear represent? >> the vagina. >> you are trying to think of women. does your husband know you are here? >> i am gay so i don't have a husband. and i'm single. if anyone else is gay -- jesse: where is hillary? shouldn't she be here? >> i don't know. i think she is taking a well-deserved break. she was there yesterday which i applaud. jesse: wasn't she taking a break during the campaign? >> hillary made an appearance. jesse: what do you think melania
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would think about this march? >> i think she would be wearing something fabulous. she would have those fake lashes on. jesse: you are not being nice to women and this is a women's march. >> i'm standing with her. if you touch me -- >> i'm not completely sure that cleared everything up for me. so joining me to discuss is the host of tomi on the blaze. marlsy. tolerance that donald trump was trying to espouse during his inaugural address, don't you think in that spare it of unity
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it wasn 't the best thing to go out on the first day and channel nasty things with ugly signs. >> i think if you had talked to the half million people out there, it would have been different. stay was out there and that wasn't representative of what i heard out there, which was about people coming together and building community. people are pissed off. we've just lost an election while winning the popular vote. can we have a day? jesse: you can have a day. we'll allow that. ivanka trump, very successful and talented young woman. do you think she would allow her father to roll back women's rights occur tail any sort of progress that women have made in this country. she wouldn't allow that, would she. >> if trump so shade women, why
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did he select one to run his campaign. she doesn't fit the mold of what their idea of a woman should be. because of ivanka and kellyanne conway and sarah palin, since we don't fit that mold, we can't play the women card. jesse: kellyanne conway is the first successful female campaign manager to run a winning campaign. there have been a lot of women, the beauty pageant. you can't say he's anti-woman. >> congratulations to kellyanne conway and the andfu and -- and handful of women who made it into his cabinet. donald trump will likely select
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a supreme court nominee that wants to roll back roe versus wade. >> i believe a lot of sentiments behind today's march was about abortion. it seemed to be very focused on abortion. did you guys march when bill clinton was running through all these ladies over the course of two decades, or was that just when donald trump said a few nasty things. i don't remember a lot of people out in the streets when bill was motion around with all these women getting them into trouble. do you? >> going back to something that was said that struck a chord with me. school choice to me as a woman is important. women's rights, human rights, we are all advocates for that. but to say that the issues that women should care about most are abortion and birth control. to me as a woman that's the
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meaning. that's insulting. >> those are economic issues. donald trump has not made that part of his campaign. he has not made it part of what he talked about in the early part of his transition or what he's going to do in the first 100 days. if he wants to open the doors for opportunities for women be my guest. we have an army of people who are ready to say we are not going to stand for this. jesse: an yairm, wow, i'm -- an army, i'm nervous. >> you were out there today. jesse: everyone was very nice except for the few people who threw ex me tifs at me and threatened to punch me out. but maybe i had it coming. we paul want women to be -- we all want women to be successful
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in this country. in saudi arabia and pakistan. they are second-class citizens. i would love to see some of the emily's list marchers marching for the rights of women in muslim countries. >> i was out there today and had a lot of conversations with muslim women and people from around the world to come together and realize you are not alone. jesse: you are not alone, men are here also. we'll do this together. the mainstream media's meltdown over president trump's address, comparing it to nazi germany. too>> the forgotten men and womn
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hello, new splenda naturals. ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ jesse: donald trump's inaugural address was a plea for patriotism and unleashed a new spirit into our politics and spoke of returning the power to the people >> we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or one party to another, we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. for too throng, what small group -- for too long, a small group into you are nation's capital have read the rewards while the people have born the
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cost. that all changes right here and right now. this moment is your moment, it belongs to you. january 20, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. jesse: this is donald trump the renegade promising to rescue our republic from politicians and giving the power back to americans who deserve to reap the benefits from their own hard work. people across the nation connected with president trump.
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trump is promising to rewrite the rules in the people's favor, and not the pour new and remind -- not the powerful. and remind politician thets wort they work for us. >> for far too many years we enriched other countries at the success of our country and subsid other countries while allowing the depleeftion our military. we testified other people's borders while refusing to defend our own. but that's the past. and now we are looking only to the future. [applause] wwe awe aawwembled here today.
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from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. jesse: president trump was speaking to americans and the entire world. this is a warning shots. international organizations, treaties and deals for the 20th century are open to renegotiation. borders are back and america will reassert our leverage, especially financially. we are $20 trillion in debt and can't even take care of our vets. the days of bowing down are over. critic call this speech dark and
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scary. i call it smart and compassionate. the president delivered an eloquent call for national unity. >> at the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the united states of america and we'll rediscover our loyalty to each other. when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live together in unity. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable. jesse: when you open your heart to patriotism there is no room
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for prejudice was one of the best lines of this address. this put patriotism above party. rise above differences to a new nationalism. if you truly love your country, you will love everybody in your country. this foundation will propel america to heights he believes we have never seen before. the end of the speech is punctuated to a call for action. he's not holding up hope for people, he's holding up expectations, very high ones. and his presidency won't be junked by his gender or race, but by concrete accomplishments. before attending the balls he signed the freeze on obamacare freezing all agency regulations. john kelly and general "mad dog"
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mattis were sworn in. today president trump went to the cia. i got invited to the inaugural ball. i'll give you the behind the scenes this hour first, the mainstream media is still on the attack, comparing the president's speech to nazi germany. >> it carries with it overtones of the 1930s. jesse: what's going on with the media? want powerful relief.
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jesse: the mainstream media can't seem to get over their obsession with president donald
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trump. take a look. >> this is one of the most radical inaugural speeches we have ever heard. >> when he said america first, it wasn't just hitlerian, it was surprisingly divisive. that was not the type of inaugural address that brings people together. tight carries an anti-semitic message, we don't want to get involved in a european war. it's the jews' fault. jesse: there were protests, but did crash cans deserve attention. a "saturday night live" writer wrote that barron about be the
5:24 pm
nation's first home school shooter. jesse: did any of trump's speech remind you of hitler? >> no. they have been talking about trump since day one as he is an outsider to them. he doesn't speak in the way obama has spoken for years. this is quintessential trump. he's speaking to his base. they have to create news and this is how they do it. jesse: creating news by labeling him a nazi? i don't think is responsible journalismthe dark and devisive. the hitlerian reference. >> when you look at someone standing there for the first time as president of the united states that does seem dark and gloomy. jesse: what was dark and gloomy about the tone or contents.
5:25 pm
>> when he said the factories and people are out of work. jesse: factories aren't closing and people aren't out of work? >> my dad owns a small manufacturing company in southern california. and i know how the obama administration has crushed manufacturing industries like the one my dad owns. i know the healthcare costs have skyrocketed. jesse: this is on the heels of president obama who painted everything as pie in the sky. open borders are delightful, the economy is better, we are safer and have never been attacked. to hear a president tell the truth to the american people might rattle some members of the mainstream media. >> do you think that was the
5:26 pm
moment, when people were looking to him as the leader of the free world, that's what they wanted to hear? >> also disgusting was people going after barb -- after barron trump. >> i don't think we have seen this backlash or hate towards the obama daughters. also as a home schooler i take offense to that as well. jesse: spicer came in guns blazing today. launched a direct attack against the media. >> some members of the media were engaged in deliberately false reporting. a reporter falsely tweeted out that the bust of martin luther king, jr. had been removed from the oval office. this was irresponsible and reckless.
5:27 pm
secondly, photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed in a way in one particular tweet to minimize the enormous response it got on the mall. we are going to hold the press accountable as well, it goats two ways. jesse: it looks like the trump white house is going to go on offense against the press from day one and the press is in for a rude awakening. this is going to be the new normal, don't you think? >> as a reporter, you know it's our job to comfort afflicted and afflict the comfortable. they ignored families like mine that was crushed by the regulations that obama put forth while they were stroking obama's ego. they are in for -- they are getting what's coming to them. jesse: how do you feel about
5:28 pm
this? the media has been on a roll. there is this fake dossier. "the washington post" retracting a story about russia. a bust that they said trump removed that's still there. >> have you ever seen a president have a relationship with the media the way trump is? jesse: no. the media did a very offensive thing. northeast they mated him more than they hated anybody. a cnn commentator calling blacts who support trump meade oaker negroes. >> why are you scared of donald trump? >> because our lives are in danger. ♪
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reporter: live from america temperatures news quarters. four people killed as storms sweep through the south. a tornado tore through hattiesburg, mississippi. the condition of former president george h.w. bush is improving. the 92-year-old setting a personal goal to attend the super bowl in houston in two weeks. condition of his wife barbara is also improving. people still missing in italy at the scene of a hotel buried in an avalanche. 9 survivors have been found. i'm lauren green. back to "watters world."
5:33 pm
jesse: welcome back to this special inaugural edition of "watters world." we'll look at the pomp and protests of yesterday's inauguration. roll the tape. [♪] jesse: why are you scared of donald trump? because our lives are in danger. jesse: what are you doing out here today? >> silently protesting trying to bring out my voice. jesse: you are silently
5:34 pm
protesting but you are talking to me. >> no people are illegal. we are all legal to live on this earth. jesse: did you write that sign yourself? it looks like a third grader driewf it. are you being paid to protest? tell puff continue i said hello. >> okay. i speak to him on a daily basis even though i'm not russian. >> so help me god. congratulations, mr. president. >> whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.
5:35 pm
say it, president donald trump. how does that feel? >> amazing. best day of my life. good vibes up there? >> everyone is with smiles and looking good. jesse: you are looking great, by the way. what do you expect? >> america to be great again. >> he will bring the country together and bring jobs back to america. jesse: what do you want him to do in the first 100 days. >> repeal obamacare. >> get jobs going, get infrastructure going and drop taxes and regulations. >> build the wall and make america great again. jesse: here with his take on president trump's first day in office, cory lawn do you have ski. you saw the top of the show and
5:36 pm
my interpretation of the inaugural theme, america first, action, unity, power to the people. did i miss anything? >> getting rid of the power in washington, d.c. and moving it back to the states. the hallmark of this campaign is saying washington, d.c. has been broken for a long time and it needs to be fixed. jesse: also today the ladies hitting the streets big time across the country. women's march rolled up a lot of news. do you think donald trump looked at that? what did he think? is that something he's going to be concerned with all these sladies hitting the streets? >> i think donald trump wants to bring the country together. there is one president of the united states and it's time to tunify the country. 65 million people voted to send him to washington. hillary clinton was a terrible
5:37 pm
candidate. she couldn't connect with the american people. the american people want change. what donald trump is bringing to washington starting the noontime yesterday. you can be angry about it or embrace the and say let's move the country in the right direction. jesse: also you have see some of these people -- i talked to these protesters. they weren't the hard-core radicals. these were lame people, they didn't know why they were there. some of them were paid, they lit some fires. did donald trump see a need to reach out to these folks? >> i think donald trump wants to reach out and bring everybody in. we saw 60 democratic members of congress boycott the inauguration. how is that making sure our country is safe from domestic
5:38 pm
terrorism and foreigners abroad without a good immigration policy. we are talking 100 days together. if after 100 days you don't like it, we can go back to the bitter infighting washington has seen the last 100 years. jesse: today spicer came out and blistered the press for fake news. do you think that's smart strategy to pick a fight with the press on day one? >> donald trump and his team have made the calculated decision they need to put their narrative out. the mainstream media reports the bust of martin luther king was removed from the oval office it comes to find out the person was standing in front of it. but that wasn't the narrative. you know what the recourse was?
5:39 pm
sorry. mea culpa. it happens all the time. false news stories time and time again. sean expires, they will get the news from the source. jesse: i need you to apologize for something. >> i'm sorry. jesse: i have a beef. i had to pay for drinks at the inaugural ball. you guys raised $100 million for this inauguration, blew everybody out of the water. and i had to pay for drinks. $15 for a cocktail. >> you are rich. jesse: i'm not rich yet. >> you may get a tax cut under the trump administration and you will have more money to pay for drinks. jesse: the tax cut needs to come soon because i had a few drinks last night. >> let's get people working again is the most important thing.
5:40 pm
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[♪] jesse: nearly a third of democrats in congress boycotted the inauguration. some black leaders going so far as to say he's not the legitimate president. here is representative john lewis of georgia. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. i think it russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first one i missed since i have been in the congress. jesse: the reverend al sharpton also jumping on the bandwagon.
5:45 pm
>> there is no question the process that elected him was not legitimate. when you look at the evidence from the intelligence agencies that there was the influence from the russians involved in the public discourse at the time of the election, when you look at those that were expunged from being able to vote. jesse: friday the first reported fake news. "time" magazine dig miller reported that the martin luther king bust had been removed from the oval office. he tweeted again. an aide confirms the mlk bust is still there. mark lamont hill smeared black americans associating with donald trump. >> i respect steve harvey and i
5:46 pm
think his intentions were appropriate. my disagreement is the way he's being used by folks like donald trump. pastor darrell scott, michael cohen. they are in the process of bringing people from all different background. remember the diversity coalition where we reach out to all different times of people. >> negroes are being dragged out in front of people for exploitation by donald trump. jesse: jumping back to what we earlier saw there, is donald trump a legitimate president? >> i think donald trump is a legitimate president. jesse: stop while you are ahead. >> he wouldn't electoral college.
5:47 pm
the previous clip. he blocked me on twitter. he hate tweeted me, i hate tweeted back and he blocked me. jesse: you have mark la mond hill saying if you associate with trump and you are black, you are mediocre. >> the last time i looked i'm not a mediocre negro. he said trump was using steve harvey and using blacks for photo-ops. by has no problem with hillary clinton using blacks in or campaign and losing the black vote. when is the last time you saw hillary with so many black people? never except on the campaign.
5:48 pm
you are saying hillary clinton and bill clinton don't associate with black people? her top aide in the state department was an african-american woman. >> black people didn't like her. you can't say that liberals quote-unquote racist. i think -- jesse: the point is, you can't say this is a token person, just to prove your point. that's what these people are saying. >> my problem with donald trump is his policies toward african-americans. on his website the first thing he put up is bolstering law enforcement which is code word
5:49 pm
and dog whistle for african-americans standing up and fighting back. >> what did barack obama do at the memorial service for the dallas police officers? he actually scorned the police officer, and talked about racial profiling. he said you know you are guilty of that. who is killing each opter in chicago? blacks are killing each other to the tune of 800 homicide. donald trump said he will stop the carnage. >> i hate this reference to black and black crime. 95% of the crimes against white people are from white people. let's get back to the point. if you took down barack obama's civil rights page. one would argue if you saw the alfred sterling case.
5:50 pm
this guy was shot point blank, and some called that police brutality. >> if you have a third of the house democrats not participating in a civic event. the transition of power in a constitutional republic, that's a problem whether you are white or black and you guys need to own up to it. >> that's the same problem we saw six years ago. jesse: i'm glad you are here. jesse: watters and kennedy go wild at the ball. we have the pictures to prove it up next. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria.
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jesse: it wasn't all work and no play on president trump's first day in office. >> should i keep the twitter feed going? i think so. jesse: i was able to joint fun with the lovely and talented kennedy. which ball were you at? kennedy: i was at the liberty dinner at the library of congress. jesse: what did you eat? >> i had the beef. jesse: what did you eat for dinner? i took his up with cory. they made me pay for drinks at the freedom ball.
5:55 pm
jesse: also, there is me there, doing my thing by the ivy. i don't know what i'm doing. kennedy: which was the better ball? >> i on went to the liberty, i couldn't get freedom. that's me dancing mid-chicken. did they have anything like that at your ball? kennedy: they had a bunch of women complaining about how their shoes hurt. i took flip-flops and put them in my bag. there was a man in a top hat. jesse: who is that guy? >> i don't know. we posed as though we are dating. >> who are you wearing? we have the judge, ainsley, and
5:56 pm
geraldo, my dad. he came in just for the ball. geraldo has his arm around ainsley. making a move. i have to apologize to kellyanne conway. i accidentally stepped on her gown. and it was a mistake and i'm sorry, i apologize for that. would you like to apologize for anything at the ball? how long do we have? kennedy: a number of people, i'm sorry for dancing at you. i was trying to dance with you. jesse: we'll do this again in four years. kennedy: i can't wait. i'll go practice right now. jesse: be sure to follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram and check out our web page.
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claire? yeah? you know you can file your taxes for free with credit karma, right? what? i must dance. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." the dawn of a new day in america. "justice" was along for every step of the way. we are live in washington, d.c. with an exclusive interview with eric trump and actor steven baldwin and john vote. plus i go along with bikers for trump who take on the angry protesters out to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.


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