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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 22, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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place. ♪ ♪ >> to be able to introduce for the first time ever anywhere, the 45th president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] greg: i think i'm in love. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] greg: so while america was trying to enjoy a nice transfer
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of power on friday, protesters smashed windows at a bank and a starbucks. sorry, did i say proprotesters? i mean cowardly thugs, jack asses with hygiene issues. they also destroyed a glass shelter where people wait for the bus. you really showed those little old ladies trying to make it across town. what's next, loot a rest home? every violent act helps the trump re-election campaign. check out this little progressive in training. >> why'd you start that fire? >> because i felt like it, and i'm just saying screw our president. [laughter] greg: isn't he adorable? [laughter] i'm sure his parents are proud when they make bail. [laughter] but maybe that runt actually works for trump. i think he just created more republicans. the media complains about trump being scary? his words are nothing compared to the violence, this violence that never occurred after inaugurations of democrats. it seems like only one side
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engages in this stuff. as for the nonviolent protesters, and there were tons, i get it. you're upset. your choice didn't win. you've made that clear. >> introduce for the first time ever anywhere the 45th president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. greg: we've all been there. let it out, let it out. [laughter] >> no! greg: i'm sorry, i just love that. it's the greatest moment from this entire election season. one more time. [laughter] >> no! greg: here's the deal, some of us felt that way four years ago. we didn't show it, but it's good to be seen and heard now and again. check out this elderly activist. ♪ come on, girls, do you believe in love?
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'cuz i got something to say about it, and it goes a little something like this -- ♪ don't go for second best, baby, put your love to the test. greg: wow, that's amazing. [laughter] if you can recognize, that was madonna at the women's march in d.c. where she also said this -- >> yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. [laughter] greg: she felt like blowing up the white house. with her it's always about blowing something. [laughter] up. up. [cheers and applause] greg: but here's my favorite protester who brings a bit of style and joy to the event. [background sounds]
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greg: it's good to see keith olberman getting out more. but after a while you've got to realize, dear protester, that it's not about you, but a country. despite the outcome that you might hate, you've not to accept process is still the greatest one on earth or far better than anything else this person could come up with. >> no! greg: when this settles down, dear lady, call me. [cheers and applause] greg: let's welcome tonight's guest, like a dagger made of --
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it's political journalist erin mcpike. he's a cross between herb lease and socrates, fox news contributor tyrus. oh, yeah. [cheers and applause] and she's so cynical it's pitiful, national review reporter kat timpf. boo, boo! [cheers and applause] rob, rob, rob, rob, the -- it has been a wild, wild weekend. a lot of protests. i notice the press loves the protests. are they going to be this way about the right to life march next week? >> well, i hope they pace themselves. this guy's got 1400 more days to go. [laughter] that's a long way. if you freak out every day, you're just going to -- i mean, you're not going to make it. i'm worried about the poor lady. greg: yes. >> last time i had that reaction was the old days when you show up at mcdonald's at 10:45, no
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egg mcmuffin anymore. no! [laughter] but if you back time that video, which i think is another thing, you can see her as the countdown, he's ready to finish the oath, she looks up -- it's really true -- she looks up at the camera. greg: uh-huh. >> and that is going to be a metaphor for the next four years, people doing crazy stuff ask having freakouts just for the camera, just kind of a pay attention to me kind of thing. greg: i know i do that when i'm in my hotel room. >> yeah, but there's somebody there. greg: yeah, there's a lot of cameras. erin, okay, in this never happens when a republican loses. like, the republicans don't run out into the street and break stuff. is this some kind of inherently genetic problem with democrats? >> well, it was a lot of not democrats who were protesting, there were anarchists -- greg: ie, super-democrats. [laughter] >> a lot of the press went out to protest in baltimore and
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ferguson and all these other places, but we haven't seen protests like this actually happen on the streets of washington. you never see this on k street. greg: right. >> so a lot of journalists were upset when we saw the coffee shops and banks get their windows smashed. greg: it's hard to break windows in the city when all the windows are already broken. [laughter] ladies and gentlemen, that was a commentary on washington, d.c. and the current problems they are experiencing. we'll be right back. no, let's go to you, tyrus. you were actually there in the streets. do you know that larry king's rented limo was attacked, and they broke all of larry king's windowsesome. >> well, it's rented, so it's not really his. greg: that's true. what are your thoughts? >> you know what? we were down in the jungle, and most of the protesting was peaceful and stuff, but everybody i talked to, so, how did you vote?
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i didn't. well, why are you talking? [laughter] like, where was this four months ago? greg: right. >> this support for hillary wasn't there, they didn't come out in droves like this, they didn't -- greg: true. they're whining after the fact. >> you missed it, you know? i mean, i get it, you want to hear your voices herald, but it's so confusing like you didn't vote. greg: yes. >> i mean, we talked to a lot of people. you know, it wasn't everybody, of course, but literally every other person i talked to didn't vote. i didn't want to vote, blah, blah, blah. so you really don't -- in my opinion, if you don't vote, you don't necessarily have a voice in it. quick with the celebrities, like madonna, obviously, you lost your singing voice -- greg: right. >> so my challenge would be instead of singing songs no one listens to anymore, why don't you run for office, why don't you run for congress or -- >> mayor of detroit. greg: yes, there you go. [applause] you were applauding a very bad idea. [laughter] speaking of bad ideas, kat, i was watching msnbc's coverage of
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the protests. that was their inauguration. they were -- they were going,s this is amazing. it was like they had confused the days and the inauguration happened today. look at all the families, look at all the parents, look at all the kids, which is a family x they keep doing that over and over again as though this was an american event. >> they weren't all bad. i saw the best protest sign in the world on the way to the train, it was just a big sign that said "i have concerns." [laughter] which is amazing. if everyone could be so level-headed. but there were people who were blocking traffic. when i went out yesterday, there was two women, black women -- one of them was older -- in a cab trying to get to their destination, and there were anti-trump protesters sitting on the ground. and i was going between them, and it was like, you know, they're trying -- our fares going up, and all they had to say was haven't you ever seen a protest before? [laughter]
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we have to sit here. you protest against racism and sexism. they're trying to get to where they're going, and you won't move, and all you have to say is this is what protesters do? greg: yeah, make life hard for decent people. >> yeah, exactly. you want to talk about enacting change, if you want to volunteer somewhere, if you want to have a sign that says something like i have concerns, go for that. but because you're sitting in the streets because that's what you saw people do, that's when i have a problem. greg: there's a lot of nonviolent protests, a lot of people. it was actually fairly calm in most of the cities. i'm just focusing on the jerkings. i like focusing on the bad apples so i can smear everybody. let's talk about the other side. sean spicer, the press conference today. everybody's rolling their eyes right now. he came out -- this was his first press conference as the press secretary, and he didn't take any questions. it was interesting. >> some members of the media
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were engaged in deliberately false reporting. one with a particularly egregious example in which a reporter falsely tweeted out that the bust of martin luther king jr. had been removed from the oval office. this was irresponsible and reckless. secondly, photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed in a way in one particular tweet to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the national mall. there's been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable, and i'm here to tell you that it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable as well. greg: all right, rob. you know, they always say you've got to pick your battles. seems like trump is going to pick every battle, right? >> well, yeah -- [laughter] or his press guys are going to. greg: yeah. >> simmer down, dude. again -- greg: i think he got -- it's true -- >> he starts out hot. he's sweating and angry. like, dude, just simmer down. greg: he probably had been
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yelled at for 40 minutes, he was 40 minutes late, you're going to say this or you're fired. >> maybe. but the problem is everyone can't be trump. only trump can be trump. greg: that is true. >> this guy doesn't know how to be yang. >> look, he wants us to get the facts right, so they need to get the facts right. he said, you know, you guys are misreporting the crowd size, but there are no numbers. that doesn't even make any sense. it doesn't make sense. here's the thing that i would tell president trump. barack obama won the crowd size thing. he won it all the way through 2008 through the campaign, and he won the rhetoric thing. donald trump now is president too. he gets to go start his own thing, and he can channel whatever he wants. he has room to make a ton of history, but he lost those two battles. move on, create the next -- greg:, i say. >> i volunteer to be the go-between between trump and spicer going forward, because -- give him that. no, we're not going to be able to do that. got another one? greg: yeah. >> damn.
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all right, look, and be he obviously was reading what he was told to be read. it doesn't matter. it's a trophy. the super bowl was the election. the inauguration is the trophy presentation. greg: it doesn't matter. >> it doesn't matter. you're the president. you have congress, you have the house, focus on that. >> there's something dysfunction bal about a guy who thinks it does matter. crowd size is the new hand size. greg: yeah. last word, kat, real quick. >> i think being trump's press secretary, honestly, has to be the toughest job of all time. i think there's going to be a high turnover rate. i know if i had that job and i had to stand there in front of all those people, i think i would just start to cry, which is i do anytime i'm in trouble. [laughter] greg: you're going to cry right now. >> yeah, maybe. greg: all right. we've got to take a break. coming up, president trump's been in office a day, and he's already taken care of more crap than a plumber on meth. but first, an amazing moment from the inauguration parade.
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♪ ♪ greg: all right. it's his first full day in office, and president trump's getting stuff done. he talked to the prime minister of canada on the phone. [laughter] an actual phone. they have them there in canada. he'll sit down with the president of mexico later in the month. will they share a taco salad? who knows? [laughter] the british prime minister is coming to the white house next week. i wish it was julie andrews. [laughter] i can't be alone. maybe i am. and president trump paid a visit to cia headquarters where he spoke to 300 agency members, and he covered a lot of ground. >> there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. there's nobody. [applause] we have to get rid of isis. it has to be eradicated, just off the face of the earth. maybe sometimes you haven't
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gotten the backing that you've wanted, and you're going to get so much backing. maybe you're going to say, please, don't give us so much backing. [laughter] probably almost everybody in this room voted for me, but i will not ask you to raise your hands if you did. [laughter] but i would guarantee a big portion, because we're all on the same wavelength, folks. we're all on the same wavelength. [applause] greg: the bottom line here, if you thought president trump was going to be any different from candidate trump, i think you got your answer. it's no. [laughter] all right, erin, he seems to be turning more and more into joe pesci from "casino." [laughter] extremely entertaining, fun to be around and suddenly frightening -- [laughter] and you don't know what he's going to do. he could, he could let's go kill isis. i got the car running. [laughter] let's get in the car, and they
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go, and you go someplace, and he kills four guys. >> kind of like his m. o. throughout the entire campaign. look, i actually think he's starting the to get some conventional politics. he set expectations low. he said he wasn't going to do anything until monday because he didn't want to get anything confused with the celebrating,ing and then he actually had a first full day on the job, so that was a pleasant surprise for a lot of people. greg: tyrus, again, you know, he talked about being on the cover of "time," he talked about the crowd size. people are criticizing him for doing in this in a solemn place, but he only has one speed. this is just who he is, right? he's transparent in this way. >> i think they went a little hard, i think he was praising them. i think that's about as close as an apology you're ever going to get from donald trump --
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greg: yes. >> i think he was saying i'm going to work with you, i'm going to support you desite what differents we had -- despite what differences we had before i was president. that's to kind of what i got from that. and trust me, when he starts going on about his stuff, sometimes when people get nervous, they talk about themselves a little bit. >> thank you. >> that's not an compute be excuse. you won't -- an excuse for you. you won't even with be -- depress what i did? here we go. i think it's going to be a slow marlon brando thing, he'll end up in a big chair and start making countries offers they can't refuse. i think in general his intent was basically to say, i'm sorry, for the tweets without saying i'm sorry. but i really got your back. i want to work you. that's what i got from it. greg: kat, it seemed like the cia response was overwhelmingly positive. at least it sounded that way. there was a lot of applause. you can't show the audience because they're cia, you don't want to out them. but it seemed like, it seemed like they liked him. >> yeah.
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because he has more power now, which is -- i'm very inspired. he's talking on the phone with justin, you know? greg: trudeau? >> president of mexico. everyone's calling him back now. he didn't have to apologize. i've learned from this experience that if i -- the people that i want to call me back, i don't need to apologize -- greg: right. >> -- i just need to gain power over them. [laughter] and then they will call me. greg: there you go. excellent. >> i don't think that's a bad way to go about it. greg: somehow you'll kidnap ex-boyfriends, put them in a basement, and you will have power over them. >> step one, get a basement. [laughter] greg: stop living this one. [laughter] >> i don't live in a basement, i live in a studio apartment, come on. greg: well, it's underground. that makes it a basement. i want to talk to rob. are we in danger -- we were talking about this earlier -- of a news or a trump overdose? >> absolutely. greg: if he fights every battle and he's so entertaining -- >> absolutely. greg: for example, we are covering every single thing he does because there's nothing
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better on tv that can match that. >> the whole election, it was the whole election. [applause] greg: is it our fault? i mean, look, he's entertainment personified. >> there's a lot of good stuff on tv. greg: heaven? >> heaven can wait, 8:00 on cbs. it depends on what the opposition is -- every single thing donald trump is doing now, they watch with spooky music playing this their head. they're not watching color pictures of trump, they're watching black and white documentary footage that's grain think, nazi germany, and he looks like the supervillain, right? and that eventually is going to get exhausting. the truth is he's doing everything normally like a normal president does when he takes office, he makes calls to foreign leaders, goes and meets bureaucracies. we've got to wait for this guy to actually do something. he's a lot of talk, we'll see what happens. give him a shot, obviously, he's the president.
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everybody wishes him well, right? because we've got a stake -- greg: except for cher. >> yeah. >> the weird overdramatyization of it, he's a drama queen -- >> but it is kind of weird, okay? it is kind of weird, we were all saying that it was weird, i remember being like wouldn't it be funny if, and i was very -- yg greg and you voted for gary johnson. [laughter] >> i vote for freedom. greg: okay. is that a dog? >> no. i mean, it should be, a great dog's name. or a baby. greg: it is. i'm not kidding! >> somebody name their dog freedom? do they have a flag pole in every room in their house? greg: i don't know. we haven't checked. all right, less than a day after the inauguration, and the media's already melting faster than a popsicle on a hot car seat. we discuss some of the best of the worst next. [cheers and applause]on
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line. i'm lauren green, thousand back to greg -- now back to greg gut be fed. ♪ ♪ greg: all right. if you're watching, 90% of the media this week, you might really start to think it was the end of the world. first, cnn aired a special literally called the end. [laughter] and they counted down to it for days. that's right, they were actually counting down to the end. and this is how the special opened. >> they're going up in cheers one more time because the word
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is spreading that donald trump is about to become the next president-elect of the united states. greg: it's like the day after. nobody remembers that. because i'm old. that was the opposite of uplifting. then the press continued along their road to doom, wondering if trump had enough experience. >> and there are questions about the incoming administration's readiness to take the reins of federal government. >> the bigger concern is that you have a president-elect with a huge learning curve. >> we're all on the titanic together. [laughter] greg: oh, boy. of course, unlike president obama and his hefty resumé of community organizing. but how do they feel about the new president's inaugural speech? >> of course, nothing about human rights, nothing about gender rights, none of the things you'd hear from a democrat. greg: exactly. [laughter] that's, that's the point. at least chris matthews didn't compare him to hitler. >> when he said today america
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first, it was not just a racial, i mean, i shouldn't say racial, the hilarion background to it. greg: all right. i guess they all hated his speech and will probably hate everything for the next four years. so what's the lesson? apparently, only the left can scare the crap out of you whether it's racial division, climate change or an evil military foot print, the left invented fear. now they're getting the vapors. screw 'em. [cheers and applause] i never know what sets 'em off. kat, do you think that this is just like a mirror image? like, obama started out with a very negative portrayal of america, right? remember, we have all these problems and i'm going to change things. isn't trump doing the exact same thing but just using different variables? >> absolutely. i think that's what politics is all about.
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and what life is all about. you're supposed to, you know, underpromise and overperform. it's a very normal thing. he's not going to -- make america great again, it shouldn't have surprised everybody, that was his whole idea that america's not great, i'm going to make it great again. so, of course, that's what his speech is going to be aboutful. greg: it's like the movie cobra. remember the sylvester -- >> you've got my attention now. cobra, go. [laughter] [applause] greg: wasn't he -- crime was a disease and he was the cure? >> yeah, he was the only guy, yeah. greg: trump is cobra. i said he was joe pesci, but now he's cobra. i'm coming, tyrus. remember, he said it ends now? i don't know how it's going to end -- >> now. it's ending now. >> that makes it too hard. how? greg: no how, only now. >> giving the plans away to the enemy. don't you lin to what he says -- listen to what he says?
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[applause] >> isis can hear our health care plans, that's fine. >> the only thing isis's going to hear is the sweet sound of -- [laughter] >> nobody disagrees with that. >> so -- >> except isis. greg: isis, yes. >> no more notes being dropped, get out. [laughter] greg: all right. >> leave. >> there's a huge mixer, everyone's welcome, come on down. [laughter] greg: you won two tickets to -- >> yep. 40 virgins for every young man that shows up -- greg: they show up and they all get killed. rob, will the media ever cut him some slack? i mean, he's the greatest gift -- >> yeah. greatest gift, also their biggest threat. look, for years the rule has been democrats give a speech about how terrible america is, and republicans say, no, no, it's really great. now we have republicans saying, no, no, america's really terrible, and the democrats have never -- i mean, the liberals have never heard that, so they're kind of freaking out a little bit. one of them is going to figure out there's a huge potential
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market in just sort of reporting what this guy does, kind of in a flat, toneless, emotionalless way. he did this, he said y. that's a big market. you're going to make a lot of money -- greg: robot reporters, i've been saying this forever. i shouldn't, though, because then i'd be out of a job. well, i'm not a reporter. >> david fromm yesterday wrote something like his headline was the worst inaugural address in history. this is exactly what trump does. are we just going to go down this rabbit hole even further? that's what this sounds like. greg: that's true. everybody's got to dial it back and observe objectively. >> we can't change it. greg: because if they're not, they're jerks! >> nobody can observe anything objectively. we should be honest about that. >> that woman screaming no when he was inaugurated, what did she think was going to happen? greg: i don't know. [laughter] >> he's president of the united states. we knew that in november. let's have this now -- greg: if you yell no three
12:35 am
times, what happens is hillary beetlejuice will return. [laughter] and become president. "newsweek" and a lot of stories, they just didn't get the coverage they deserved. here's what you missed. >> and now here's the news that got overshadowed by president trump's inauguration. sir patrick -- [inaudible] avoids the poop emoji in a new movie. we think this idea really stinks. pop star arianna grande getting called out by fans for an out of touch instagram post. she captioned the photo saying she was the hardest working 23-year-old human being on earth. next time take your whining and scram. retired new york yankee alex rodriguez will host a reality show called back in the game, helping former pro athletes in financial distress. that's exhilarating tv. hey, champ, how about shelling
12:36 am
out some of your own clams? this has been news that got overshadowed by trump's inauguration. [cheers and applause] greg: coming up, our favorite moment from the inauguration. it'll be the greatest segment in the history of tv, trust me. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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greg: welcome back. we're live, in case you were wondering. we're going to talk about our favorite part of the inauguration. i think, tyrus, you're first? >> yeah. i thought the moment of the trumps and obama's family, the peaceful transfer, was a great moment for the country and shows how people of different opinions and different views and don't necessarily get along can be peaceful for the country, and i
12:41 am
thought that was a great moment. greg: very nice. i liked when there was some reporters shouting questions at them them them. that was very funny. who's next? kat. >> i like when you talk about the transfer of power and it not being from one party to the other, but to the people? i don't know if i believe that, but as a libertarian i'm very excited to see the two-party system get shaken up a little bit -- greg: did you want to throw to a moment? >> that was basically what he said. greg: oh, would you like to hear the sound bite? we planned on showing it rather than have you clumsily explain it. >> this is the part where i dance. >> today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. greg: see, kat, you go, here's
12:42 am
my favorite moment, and you throw to it, and then you explain why. >> i think i did a pretty good job. [laughter] [cheers and applause] i'm certainly gaining sympathy in the audience's eyes for you humiliating me on live television. frg greg they feel sorry for you, kat. >> well, now i'm ashamed because i picked a funny one which was george w. bush trying to figure out how to get into a on cho. here's the thing -- poncho. i actually haven't laughed as hard as i did looking at those photos. [laughter] greg: you know, there's a web site for that. >> it's a lot harder than it looks. give him a break. i can't open a plastic bag -- >> i haven't laughed as hard since 2013 when there was that new york times commercial, i laughed that hard. >> do we have that? roll that.
12:43 am
no, we don't. greg: i haven't laughed that hard since my aunt fell down a flight of stairs and landed this a bucket of mud. rob? >> my favorite piece of the video, i don't know if they have that -- bill clinton's staring at somebody, and she's just looking at him like who is that? and he kind of looks back at her, and she's so angry. we don't know what he's looking at, it could have been ruth bader ginsburg, ivanka trump, wherever he was looking at for about a minute, he liked looking at it. and she didn't like him looking at it. greg: you know it was an adult female eating a hot dog. >> i don't know they were serving hot dogs at the time. greg: no, i -- >> >> listen from a guy who's been this that situation, her teeth weren't moving, again, i can't take you anywhere. not now, dear. i swear, she just looked like my cousin. i'm telling you -- greg: kudos to her for showing up and putting on a brave face. >> absolutely. >> dementia, honey, i don't know
12:44 am
what i'm doing. greg: here's mine. this was msnbc's coverage. give it to chris matthews. >> this will now become the fashion in washington, an extra long tie and the open coat. >> how do you tie the tie to get it that long? >> that's the way he's always done it. >> chris, you were so upset earlier that the president was not buttoning his jacket. >> yeah, i think he's gotten it together. >> now that i know it's upsetting -- >> no, i just thought it was a statement, but someone corrected me and said that was always the statement he headaches, the open coat -- he makes, the open coat, the long tie, a message he was sending to people. greg: all right. that was brian williams and rachel maddow and chris matthews, they morphed into "best in show." [laughter] and chris matthews turned into fred willard. just saying complete nonsense.
12:45 am
absolute -- there was a point where, okay, he compares trump, he says it's hilarion, and he goes, you know, how is he going to fire his son-in-law, what's his name, jared? >> yeah. greg: how is he going to fire him? well, i guess you could have him executed. thinking out loud. so he's executing a jew. then you're calling him a hitler, and then you're talking about executing a j well,ew, chs matthews. he is a wild genius. i could listen to him for days. [laughter] he says stuff, it's all over the place. >> i can listen to him but i can't watch him because i always want to go -- >> oh, i love chris matthews. >> just right there. you're brilliant, but it's just -- greg: all right. don't go anywhere, people. there's exactly 3,000 minutes of show left? i think that's a lie. tyrus hits the streets of d.c. harder than a hurricane made of diamonds.
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greg: while i was busy watching the inauguration from a hotel room in my custom bathrobe made of human hair, kat and tyrus spoke to protesters, trump supporters and me. i saw them outside my hotel, and
12:50 am
i tried to avoid them. anyway, they came back with this. ♪ >> go, trump! >> tyrus and and kat here. backstage. >> really, really way backstage. i can't see thinking. >> i got you. >> oh, yeah, there it is. all right, yeah, let's go do this. let's go talk to these people. i go this way -- >> meet you in the middle. all right, be safe, cool. >> science is real. >> you like science, you know, for real? >> yes. >> could i hire you to protest next week for me this. >> we're not paid protesters. >> you're not paid? because i think it's ridiculous that they took elf off of hulu again. >> all right. >> do you like elf? >> elf? >> gordon shut upway. she's a science guy too. >> cool. >> yeah. >> are you supposed to be in school right now? >> yes, i'm supposed to be in school but, hey, the inauguration -- >> so proud of your outfit. we're going to blur out your
12:51 am
face to protect your identity so the teachers don't know you were playing hooky. >> we're not. >> you're super pro-billy bush? >> well, the vp position has been taken. i think we should be offering him a cabinet position, maybe head of women or something. >> have you spoken to billy about this? >> i have not. billy and i aren't particularly close. >> justice for billy. >> justice for billy bush. >> they booing billy bush? >> what do you think of all this, man? >> it's great. like i said, we came all the way from ohio to come down here and support our president, and that's what we're going to do. stand in the rain, sleet or snow, we're here to sport trump regardless of the situation. >> he respects the office, so important. >> you think he's ever going to stop tweeting? >> he's addicted. >> i'm a little addicted to tweeting. >> well, but not at three a.m., i bet. >> sometimes. >> well, but this is different, you're not president. >> yeah, but i also always do regret when i tweet at three a.m.
12:52 am
>> you have to be careful, it could get you. >> you're right. i think i was meant to meet you today. >> how is business going so far today? >> it's going well. we're just trying to get it in. we came a little late. that's all. $5 hat. i'm trying to get trump out the way. [laughter] >> getting paid. >> been talking to these protesters at all? any of them change your mind at all? >> not at all. >> maybe by the end of the day you'll say hillary not for prison? >> no. i'll probably just shout it louder. >> yeah. >> let's say that they were facebook buddies with russia the entire election and russia was feeding them stuff and they were feeding russia stuff, would you respect the office if that was proven unfounded? >> it doesn't really mean anything. the office is the man. >> okay, i respect your opinion. me personally, i've always been regardless of my views of the guy in there respect the office because america first, party second. >> i understand. >> if you feel that strongly
12:53 am
about it, i respect your opinion. thank you for your time. >> thank you. take care. >> see, you can debate without calling names. it's amazing. we should try it more often. thank you. >> take care. greg: well done. [cheers and applause] i just noticed, when you two are together like that, you're like a human version of the number 10. [laughter] >> do you ever call her a zero again, greg -- [laughter] greg: that was very, i thought it was very good. huh? liked it? >> it was raining a little bit. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- yeah. what was the shoulders about? was that -- that wasn't a solid -- on a scale of 1-10, a 6? >> a little bit, you know -- greg: hey, put the camera on me, because i've got to go to a break. we've got final thoughts up next. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now.
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but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit
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don't forget to join us next week. you can get your tickets by going to we are running out of time. here is your chance to say it right now. >> two things, kevin can wait 8:00 o'clock monday, be be there. whatever you think, whatever you voted for, the next four years were all in this together. >> good. >> i am taking a predawn train back to washington so we can all watch media buzz. the other thing is the site you saw with the woman who said i have concerns, i love that because i saw so many signs yesterday that made me blush.
12:59 am
>> speaking of blushing,. >> i've never blush today my life. i have a question. you can answer it here but can hit me up, if jesus walked the earth, what do you think his height and weight was. >> i don't know, that's a that's a good question. >> proportionate. okay,. >> final thought just popped in my head. >> i'm a little embarrassed because i fell asleep open-mouth in the train in front of two people who are now in the audience watching this show. did i snore or not. >> not. >> are you lying to me? i feel so much better now. >> do you snore? >> i snore by compiling grandfather. >> we've all had an experience with the violence.grandfather. >> you can creep past me when you know the snoring is going on. >> okay thank you to rob, tyrus,
1:00 am
catherine. extra studio audience.


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