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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 22, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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catherine. extra studio audience.
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judge jeanine: i go along with. street justice as what he usher in the new and wave good-bye to the old. "justice" live in the nation's capital starts now. breaking tonight, protesters rain down on washington, d.c. and in cities across america and across the world. our country's new president puts the media on notice. the new trump administration is off and running. welcome to a special edition of "justice" live from our nation's capital on the roof of the chamber of commerce in washington, d.c. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll get to the protest in a bit and my exclusive one-on-one
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with eric trump and the first interview anywhere with a member of the first family since the nicaragua raiftion our 45th president. but first he may be president, but donald trump's feud with certain media outlets will not die. today trump spoke at the cia saying certain television networks blatantly lied about the crowds he drew on inauguration day. and he specifically called out a "time" magazine reporter who said that the president had removed the bust of dr. martin luther king from the oval office. such was not case. and the reporter later tweeted a retraction. take a listen to president trump as well as press secretary sean spicer who addressed reporters in the white house. >> we had a massive field of
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people, packed. i get up this morning and i turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. i said wait a minute. i made a speech. i looked out. the field -- it looked like a million, million and a half people. they showed a field where there was practically nobody standing there. >> these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. there has bean lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. i'm here to tell you it goes two ways. we are going to hold the press accountable as well. judge jeanine: the gloves are off. we are going to get to that. but first my opening statement. you know the only way to make actual change in this country is not only to have the moxie and the guts to do it.
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but also to not care about what the drive-by media and haters think of it. to make change will take someone who doesn't obsess. put finger to the wind, who doesn't give a damn about what the naysayers or the chattering classes say. he's someone who is focused and understands what it takes to get the job done. and he understands because he's been up and down and smart enough to get back up again. but there will be bumps in the road. he understands the that change the bureaucracy and the machine is not for the feint of heart. he understands that in order to do what has to be done, he can have no fear. because donald trump has been fearless in his campaign to become commander in chive. and because he quote outside all
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the political boxes, because he was willing to go into a den of lions with only one thing in mind, winning, and indeed came out winning. donald trump will be the biggest change agent in the history of the united states. his speech yesterday reflected the man america elected it was straightforward and direct. by all accounts, donald j. trump. but some saw it as dark and militaristic and un-american. rachael maddow said quote the crime, the drugs, the american carnage, the despair, the decay, you can't manage the outgoing president giving a speech like that. this president also repeating that our guiding principle in
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america will be america first, america first. that's not what he said. this is exactly what the president had some to say. >> at the center of this movement is a crucial conviction. that a nation exists to serve its citizens. americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhood for their families, and good jobs for themselves. these are just and reasonable demand of righteous people and a righteous public. this american cash and stops right here and stops right now. judge jeanine: you know, for those of you who are fortunate enough to live in a world that doesn't involved poverty, the inner city, crime, drugs, or
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gangs that the president was talking about, you are the elites. you are the ones who were not connected to the reality of the life that so many in this great nation have to live. the president is not dark and militant. the president is i am any talking about a world that exists for people in this great nation who never asked to be victims of crime, never asked to be born in the inner city, never asked to be victimized by drugs or gangs, and never asked to be trapped in poverty. thank god there is a man who is strong enough to admit to our faults and our weaknesses and is willing to take them on. china light on them. show them to all of us so that
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we together can make a difference for all of us and yes even the weakest among us. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook pain or twitter, hashtag judge jeanine. earlier this evening in washington i had an opportunity to speak to one of the first family's most prominent members, eric trump. he spoke about his father's first day as president of the united states. we are 2 hours from your dad being sworn in as president of the united states of america. when did it become real for you? >> probably when we got to the arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. it's one of the most beautiful
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maces in the world. just the tranquility. you are sitting there overlack all washington. he's now the commander-in-chief of the united states and he has unbelievable responsibility on hip. it was a surreal moment. judge jeanine: did you see something your dad? for him was there a moat when he kind of went, i'm not donald trump anymore, i'm the president of the strongest nation in the world. >> the power of that property is amazing. they call it hallowed ground for a reason. it represented the best of america. looking over all these tombstones, it's a heavy burned he has and it's a heavy burden every commander-in-chief has, and i think that sang in. it's more than running the biggest company in the world.
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you have incredible moral responsibility and he fully understands that. judge jeanine: and he's fully capable. >> he will do an unbelievable job. judge jeanine: he already started working. on day one he was in the oval office working. >> that's who the man is, he's a worker. he's over at langley today. he signed some big orders. mattis has been approved. and those are good things. my father is a work and he will get to work. his passion was the reason he did this. judge jeanine: his passion i think is what sold hip to the american people. let's talk about that proud moat when your family walked out, and when you walked out and looked out at all the people waiting for your dad to be sworn in as president of the united states. what did you see and what did
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you think? did you feel anything hooking at your siblings, ivanka, donny, jr., and tiffany. what did you think? >> i saw a video of my south mouthing this is incredible. when you walk out of the capitol and down the stairs and you pass the honor guard. these are men and women lined up on the way down the stairs. it was so pour new. you cop out this door and it's just massive. it's massive. you see the washington monument a mile or two down. all there is is a sea of people. that's a 0-second period of time from the time you start that walk until the time you get to your seat. that's a sight i will never forget as long as i live. it was truly an unbelievable
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moment. judge jeanine: all of us were looking at your sister and looking at your dad. do you think everyone else felt that same awe and sense of responsibility? was in elation or a somber moment? what was it? >> it has to be somber. it has to be somber. it's incredible. you sit up there with the chief justices of the supreme court. you sit up there with so many senators and congressmen. it's unbelievable that sight. you are sitting ohioan you have the capitol building. and you have the military band and they are playing. you hear the reverberation of the sound of the speeches as it went down the mall. it would take several seconds but heard it get to the end of the mall. that's how big this event is. there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. it was so elegantly done.
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my father hit it out of the park. his speech was amazing. jean rrp so many presidents -- judge jeanine: so many presidents have come in with a part of the country opposed to what they stand for. what is your dad going to do to bring this country together? >> he's always been a unifier. i have always known him to be an amazing unifier. there is no question this country is divide and it has been divided for a very, very long time. i think you are seeing it more so than ever right now. people want jobs back, they want security back. people don't want isis running around this cub tri. they don't want bombs going off at marathons. they don't want our nightclubs getting shot up. people want great education, jobs, manufacturing, quality of life and healthcare.
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that's what we all want. regardless of what side of the political aisle you are on. we are all americans. we are all patriots. we love this country. people want the same thing. security. fiscal responsibility. education. a great family environment. security. so many things. and he will deliver that. he will deliver that. he has a bert ability to deliver that than i think any president before him. and he will do an unbelievable job. you just watch. judge jeanine: the fact that the american people elected him not just as an outsider, but never worked in government, already says the american people believe in hip. but before when finish. i want to get to something kind of fun. what's it like in the white house. >> it's incredible. jean rrp have you ever been in the white house before? >> i lived in washington, d.c. and went to georgetown
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university. i passed it a million times and i just expected it to be -- i think it' bigger than i expected it to be. it's massive it's very big. judge jeanine: where do you sleep in the white house? do you get to sleep anywhere? >> we do. we are staying there right now. it's truly beautiful. the people that are there are incredible. they are patriots, they are inspirational. they take so much pride in what they do it's so manicured and -- and beautiful. judge jeanine: the lincoln bedroom, have you seen it? >> i have. it's a sight to see. judge jeanine: do you think the "justice" viewers can see the lincoln bedroom at some point?
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eric: i don't know, we'll have to get you over there. i think you would like that. judge jeanine: with this administration we won't have to pay. and i will have more from my interview on. it's day one, the first family is getting to know washington and the president is taking aim at the media. joining me now to talk about that and more is fox news contributor doug schoen. good evening. good to see you. doug, they won. it seems that both the president and sean spicer are not pulling back. the president at the cia today -- let me just set this up. it appears that not only was there some information that was
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inaccurate to use i think the softest term i can use, saying they had removed the bust of martin luther king which was not true, and -- but also there was a discussion regarding the number of people who attended the inauguration. let's start with the bust of martin luther king. that was wrong, that was mainstream media. "time" magazine reporter. do you blame the president? >> no. on that he has to clarify the record. there are implications both political, moral and social for that alleged act which didn't happen. i'm glad sean expires and the president clarified what really happened. judge jeanine: they were wrong, the president right. no doubt about it. number two. all of this discussion about the fact or the allegation that number of people who showed up for donald trump's inauguration
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was nothing like the number of people who showed up for barack obama's. the complaint the administration has right now is number one, that's not accurate. number two, when obama was inaugurated they didn't need tickets. there weren't fences, there wasn't security, and these pictures were taken at different times earlier from a different angle and so, you be know, all of the media already starting with the president, can you blame him for pushing back? >> i can't blame him for doing that. but i think he needs to pick his punches. judge jeanine: why? >> he has to bring the country together again as eric trump said and take them on over crowd size which is a transtory and i think live -- i think is a transtory issue.
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i would worry about unity and leading, not crowd size. judge jeanine: they clarified the record. they said, you are wrong. they pointed out all the differences on why the press was inaccurate. you want to call it fighting. i'll call it clarifying. >> i heard with sean spicer said. if i was working in the white house as i did for six years, i would have told him, tone it down, don't make a big fight out of it. clarify it and go on. jean rr.judge jeanine: what abot setting a tone, you are not going to play political games. if you want top unify the country, let's agree on truth and reality. isn't that one way to level the playing field? isn't it better instead of saying let's pick our fights,
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saying let's all speak the truth. >> the tone you just used is exactly right. sean spice were was more hostile, divisive. we are a divided country. if i would want to concentrate on steps to bring people together. even the bad media. and they are oftentimes very bad pass you point out. but i think a message in the tone eric trump used that you just used is more appropriate than the way sean spice per was talking. judge jeanine: david avella and maryanne marsh up next. protesters out in force against our new president. but they didn't count on our old friends the bikers. friends the bikers. we have more on how they took on when a cold calls...
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judge jeanine: welcome back to
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"justice." protesters flooded washington today in an effort to delegitimize president trump and the new administration. but some groups of trump supporters were determined not to let it happen. i spent part of the day with bikers for trump. a group i am quite familiar with. i even rode with them in cleveland last year. but they were in washington this week to counteract the protesters. chris cox runs bikers for trump. you got a permit to be in a park in d.c. what was the point of you being here in d.c.? >> we had a bishop dwight pate come in and we were talking about how to bring this country together dealing with race relations. we had a bunch of protesters acting up and we had to engage
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with several of them as a result of their aggressive nature. during engaging with them, i said is anybody here being paid by george soros? all 15 of the guys with the ski masks on raised their hands. judge jeanine: did you expect when you have came in with the permit that there would be confrontations between you and the protesters? >> not at all. after the role we played in cleveland, it was smooth sailing. but to my dismay, we had a lot of activity. we engaged over five different protesters. they came out on the shortened of the stick. >> did anybody get arrested here? >> one guy had his earring knocked out of his nose after spitting on a biker.
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jean rrp have you ever seen protesters like this before? >> i would even ask them, what are you protesting. ma'am, what rights do you not have? judge jeanine: you are talking about the women protesting. i said what rights do you not have, the bikers for trump will help you get those rights. they couldn't explain anything to me. they said they were trying to protect rights they might lose. what about the right of parental guidance. they had young children and there were saying f trump and suggestive sexual signs of drawings. judge jeanine: i was in that protest. there was a vulgarity and threats and cursing. >> a lot of name calling. we were spit on it was not have much of a class act there. and it was pretty embarrassing for the country, if you ask me. judge jeanine: did you accomplish watch came here to
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accomplish? >> there were 90 permits given and we were the on pro-trump permit there today. we represented donald trump and all the trump support percent that came together collectively to celebrate his inauguration. we were very successful. we are used to being outnumbered. bikers don't back down. we aren't going to start the fight. but we are there to support donald trump. you can count on us being a sweet spot for the republican party for years to come. we are at 250,000 members and we'll be up to 500,000 members. we are a political phenomenon because of donald trump. judge jeanine: i'm sure donald trump and his family thanks you for all the work you have done. thanks for being with us.
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judge jeanine: >> we have the new president, we have protesters in the streets. but some things never change. we have a great political panel to talk about the new regime. david avella is the president of go pack. he's here with me in washington. and we are joined by maryanne marsh. we have a new administration. let's talk about the fact that we have the president. he's done some work. and i'll start with you, maryou anne. he started to repeal parts of obamacare. what say you about that? >> well, obviously i'm opposed
1:35 am
to but what you will see from donald trump, you will see ain flurry of executive orders to try to stop everything barack obama has done on healthcare and immigration, oil and gas measures. and that's not a surprise given how he campaigned. what is surprising to me is one executive order he has already done is stop the federal home administration's insurance premium cut that would affect 0,000 people from -- affect 40,000 people from being able to buy homes. that surprises me because that affects people who voted for trump. judge jeanine: wasn't the concern a destabilization of mort gainings? >> i believe that' correct. c what you have seen is two things. he's going to focus on that. mary anne correctly said undoing
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what was don't last 8 years which is why he got elected. when you see things like obamacare and putting a freeze on new federal regulations. you saw also the security side of what he's going to do. he went to the cia today. he signed the waive to get mattis in the secretary of defense. he will do what he said he's going to do which is economicin and personal security. judge jeanine: he means what he says. >> in the last two days we have had people protest freely and openly in this country. and no one's first amendment got hurt, no one is going to get scape quoted. no one -- scape quoted. the on thing people got talked away was their second amendment because they weren't aloud to
1:37 am
bring a gun in. judge jeanine: the protesters said it wasn't anything they want, but they want to make sure they don't lose anything. >> i think a lot of people brought concerns to the protests. the millions people who turned out across the country andmu around the world. much of it i think had to do with the word of donald trump. he put his hand on the bible web has taken office, and they want to make sure the thing they care about when it comes to women's health, rights for gaze and lesbians, civil right, voting rights don't get repealed as
1:38 am
well. just as he's reversing executive orders, people don't want the rights they have fought for for many, many decade to be rolledab back, too. judge jeanine: you didn't see republican when barack obama, especially in the second term saying we are worried about our religion and catholic and religion in the middle east. this is something so many people said and i will let you answer it, david, that was soros funded. >> much of the divisive language they said they could never vote for trump because of the waive he says things. you -- because of the way he says thing. you look at what they said today. judge jeanine: i was cursed at.
1:39 am
this tough was tough language. >> i certainly didn't see any of that here. judge jeanine: you didn't? you are in boston? maybe boston is just more virginal. >> very peaceful and well organized and well done. judge jeanine: what are we going to see this week? >> i think you will see a flurry of executive orders from donald trump. i think you will see a trade deal, announcing a fact theresa may is coming here and maybe working out a deal with her and maybe a foreign policy surprise down the road. >> i think you will see cabinet no knees get confirmed. and you will continue to see him pushing to tax reform idea, his regulation idea, and i think you see hip visit the key agencies like state and treasury and commerce all focused on his big mess and economic and personal
1:40 am
security. >> mary and and david, thanks for being with us. talk about star power. >> you scare me, i have to tell you. judge jeanine: he was afraid to talk to me. but i went one-on-one with but i went one-on-one with hollywood actor and donald
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you won't see these folks at the post office. but i went one-on-one with hollywood actor and donald they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue.
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how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. judge jeanine: you never know who you will run into at an inauguration. i caught up yesterday with well-known trump supporter and actor jon voight. do you feel that you had a role to play in this new changing of the american landscape?
1:45 am
>> i think many of us, certainly you, and many, many people had a lot to do with it. but when you look at the landscape of all of america it's a relatively few people that really made a great difference to even courage, inspire, and keep us all going. shortly i'm going to go upstairp from this place and introduce rudy giuliani. rudy -- i remember in difficult type of the campaign when so many people on the other sidee were reporting tremendous bad numbers from the polls. and it seeped like thing were going awry. those types it seese he time there was a test for me, and of course you were so positive and such -- so remarkable in your energy. you just had that naturally. but you have this positive great
1:46 am
energy that keeps everybody up. and rudy does, too. in those moments, i keyed on you guys, and you gave me the spirit to goat next mile. so there is a lot of people that helped each other. then as our president says, at our president trump says. he says this is a this was a lot of people throughout the country. >> here we are on the eve of a day that is almost hard to believe is here, but it's here. what do you wish for in the first 100 days? >> i'm very proud of the way donald trump has proceeded from the first moment of his victory in the election right to the present time. i think he's done more -- he's worked harder, put in longer hours, and accomplished moremo than any other president in my memory. and i was born in 1938.
1:47 am
don't tell anybody. but you know, i have never seen energy like this. and he has this me tab live. judge jeanine: he sleeps like three hours a night. >> i saw him on the campaign. i would see hip at the end of the day in california after hee made a stop in wisconsin and texas, and he was as fresh as he was in the early part of the morning. so we had this tremendous energy, you know. and i'm very impressed with what he accomplished and i'm very impressed with the cabinet he has put together. i said it rivals the great cabinets of our country's history and maybe even the brilliant first cab nest our -- the first cabinet of our founders. judge jeanine: did you experience any pushback in l.a.? >> you see all across the country, people on the other
1:48 am
side are very forceful. sometimes unpleasant. but -- that's normal. judge jeanine: in what way? judge jeanine: we didn't do that. >> i think that's right. when they try to depict people in the way they describe them then you see the way they responded to things and the way the republican side responded, we seeped a bit, you know, we seem to have a more grace. judge jeanine: let me say howou much i appreciate your grace in talking to us. you are. >> you are the greatest. i have always been impressed how you track me down. but this is honest. i'm scared of her. i'm scared of her. if i get -- i don't know what she is going to say to me.
1:49 am
judges scare me, i have to tell you. but female judges really scare me. but beautiful people like jeanine, they really scare me. judge jeanine: and radon van? you scare me. judge jeanine: i hit the inaugural parade yesterday for street justice. and you won't want
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judge jeanine: i was lucky enough to be in the middle of history as our 45th president was sworn in washington. afterwards i hit the pavement for street justice in washington. what do you think it first thing is donald trump as president is going to do? >> get his administration leaders appointed. >> he will sign an executive order to cancel the popular stuff right off the bat. judge jeanine: what do you think? repeal obamacare? >> he will get everything done he said he would get done. >> i said last night he won't hit the ground running. he will be airborne in 30 minute. >> i think it's amazing. his speech is amazing. judge jeanine: do you know her? >> that's my mother.
1:54 am
>> do you always agree with your mother? >> most of the time. judge jeanine: how old are you? >> 16. >> we are kicking this guy on his airplane back to where he belongs. he will have to wash his own damn dishes tonight. judge jeanine: this is a tough audience. why do you have so much faith in donald trump? >> he's a businessman, a successful businessman. we need a government run like a smart business. >> we came from canada to see this. judge jeanine: i like your glasses. >> i like your show. do they air it in canada? >> they do. judge jeanine: whose coast do we
1:55 am
like better, melanias or ivanka's? >> melan yaz. she looked absolutely beautiful. beautiful. judge jeanine: she is beautiful. how could you not love her coat? i loved it. did you love ivanka's pant suit? >> she is grace in motion. judge jeanine: are we loving this new first family? i'm loving it, too. >> purchase my favorite. i love you. judge jeanine: who loves me? >> i lived in chicago for three years. he's going to help turn around our country. >> he's going to make america great again by uniting us. >> he will make us one again. god love you all. i'm leaving.
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judge jeanine: we'll be right back.
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judge jeanine: thanks for watching. another special edition of "justice" will be right here
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from our nation's capital. right behind me is the white house. greg gutfeld is next. we'll see you tomorrow saturdays right now. >> a brand-new commander-in-chief and a very busy day. president tom tauke to the cia his administration taking a swing at the press and protesters around the nation and the world take to the streets. i'm jenna lee and this is "the fox report." the new president starting his term this morning with the traditional prayer service at the washington national cathedral followed by the afternoon visit to the cia headquarters. mr. trump's relationship with the intelligence community is center stage over the last several weeks because of the questions raised about his relationship with russia and debate over russia's hacking and his debatable influence in the u.s. election. during his remarks


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