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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 22, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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border. and mexico has been terrific actually. the president has been really very amazing and i think we
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are going to have a very good result for mexico, and for everyone involved. >> the talks on nafta and what he's going to do with it. he was replaced the day before. he was not asked to hold over
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i don't know what is in his head. >> this weekend consumed with disputes over various news reports you don't know how much time they will attend because he has a full complement of issue of policy on his plate. he will sign a number of executive orders. he is expected to sign orders dealing with trade in immigration and national security but these can be in philadelphia on thursday from the house and senate republican retreat. and then he visits the white house. >> meanwhile a president trump entry has full first week of office with only his first two cabinets. to run the pentagon. they are struggling to overcome some roadblocks as a remaining cabinet the remaining cabinet nominees wait to be confirmed.
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it's live in washington with more. >> that leaves president trump with five fewer cabinet nominees confirmed the that prevacid and president obama had when he assumed office. they are pushing the senate to confirm nominees to keep cabinet positions like the nation's top diplomatic spot. mike pompeo as cia director and tom price to have the overhaul of u.s. healthcare at the department of health and human services. they are slowing of the process. >> this is a different cabinet than we have ever seen. billionaires and bankers. in so many of them have potential conflicts of interest. >> these are manufactured reasons to slow down the process because they don't want this administration to be treated like other administrations.
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>> he is optimistic that they will eventually confirm all of his nominees the choice to lead the state department has received important endorsements. they will support rex tillerson they have withheld their support given the substantially expanded ties with the russian government while tillerson was ceo of the oil company. mccain and graham said they still have concerns about his past dealings with the russian government and president vladimir putin although they said he can still be an effective advocate for u.s. interest. >> thank you very much. we have those remarks at an inaugural event. let's listen in now. we will have great years together. and again the integration is such a success. it was very special
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experience. i just happens to you and you're your very beautiful wife. it is going to be a great thing that happens along our borders. border safety. again, i want to thank you. i want to come down personally. what a job. he has become more famous than me.
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let's take some pictures. it was kind of there. in the winning days of the campaign. in the final letter certainly interesting. that they would embrace him. the woman's march against donald trump drawing large crowds of protesters against the president. it attracted more than half a million people in washington dc and more than a million people they say also hit the streets in cities across the country and around the world. chatting against the policies and the personalities. and the demonstrators united
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in saying they would not let the agenda go unchallenged. on his first full day in office. all organizers said was that they are not anti- trumpet demonstrations here in dc it was clearly a driving force for a lot of the crowd. many were extremely offended. particularly the leaked access hollywood vehicle -- video. hollywood also turned out in force. like america ferrera and they will they will continue protesting against president trump. >> the form of hate and division assumed power yesterday but the president is not america. we are america. we also saw hundreds of thousands of demonstrators participate in sister marches across the country and around
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the globe to voice their concerns as well. i'm coming white house chief of staff tried to reassure those demonstrating. president trump wants to be a president for all people. i think over time many of those people are going to be very proud of this president. tweeting this morning. watched protest was under the impression that we just had an election. why do these people about. a couple hours later he added peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. i reckon my eyes the right a people to express their views. they made it a key part of their message after winning the election. i an iranian appeals court upholds a five-year sentence. this is a picture of the husband holding a vigil.
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arrested at an airport last april as she tried to returned to the uk. they accused the charity worker a plotting to overthrow the government but no specifics had been provided british passport. the child remains in iran under the care of her grandparents. for americans remain in custody. this appeared on the island back in 20 '07. >> it's been a devastating weekend down south. they're bracing for another round of severe weather. they declare a state of emergency. after tornado killed 11 people another twister in mississippi also blamed for four deaths there. damaging hundreds of buildings. with more on the top and tragic weekend.
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serious damage has already been done. early this morning a powerful line of storms barreled through the state. the search continues now. does look at the devastation you can see revealed after the sun came up. it has not yet been confirmed in cook county. half of the 40 mobile homes and one park were completely destroyed. in brooks county georgia mobile homes were thrown everywhere. and two people were killed when one home was thrown the full distance of the football field. these say just before john a various dangerous time for severe weather. they are sound asleep in defenseless. locals woke up this morning to
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an entirely new landscape and some of the hardest areas. >> all over the place. with houses in the distractions totally. it was hit saturday. in at least four people were killed there. with the winds north of a hundred 30 miles per hour. that twister stayed on the ground for 25 miles. it caused some serious damage. they spoke on the phone. as they had declared a state of emergency in seven counties. we are keeping a close eye on the south on the very warm january day as a dangerous outbreak of storms continues to move through. it seems a miracle that we would see that.
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as it is a working weekend. they're going to the pentagon where he held what is known as a pop for meeting. a jetblue flight to the after a passenger and found a written bomb threat on board. days after they were admitted to a houston hospital. the 41st president could be moved out of icu the next day or so. she was given the option to be disk charged today.
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we've have a very clear message to that. it's that message he gave during his campaign. ahead of a visit of washington she will have a very frank discussion with the new president with the diplomatic speech. the prime minister will be the first to meet with president trump at the white house. expanding russian influence. they promised not to back down from challenging the new president if she has to. what can we expect. the margaret thatcher center. good to see you.
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from churchill to fdr. thatcher and ragan. what type of relationship do you expect these two to forge. >> i think we will see a very close relationship. we will see the special relationship and reenergized after eight years of the obama presidency where i think a stronger relationship between london and washington between thersea may. the u.s. uk free trade deal. following the exit of course which will take place. already there is a tremendous momentum for those negotiations to beget between the united states in the united kingdom. there can be emphasizing the
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importance of a free trade more broadly in the importance of nato and other discussions we will touch upon. and the attempts to try to break it up. the biggest wild card of this president's foreign affairs. dave instincts but no experience. they create the most trouble if mister trump from susan's own reset without europe on board they will achieve the goal of dividing the u.s. from germany and never get the nato spending. so how does he navigate to this and what does did she tell him about the importance of nato its strength, its reliance in the face of that later. they will be sending a number of messages.
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russia is a fee a few huge threat to the alliance. she'll be calling for the nine seats in the united kingdom to strongly lead the nato alliance while pressing for them to spend more on their own defense and far too many countries do not spend enough money on their own defenses. she is going to be talking about it is the beating heart and so when the united states leads together on the world stage is a far safer place. you are going to see them working very closely to have the common leadership. this will certainly result in a faithful world compared to what we have today. or will it just be symbolic.
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>> i think they already find that they're going to increase the defense spending following the signal set very clearly by donald trump. and i think for far too long to many countries have not stepped up to the plate they have simply just relied upon the security and violence without enough. we do need to see a far stronger nato alliance one is built upon the principle of all nato members seven forward contributing to the broader defense of the nato alliance and also standing up to the russians that certainly will be the message that the prime minister will give to the new
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president this week. always good to have you. we will be checking in with you of course. we are going to check on whether now. the people in southern california bracing for floods as the region sees the biggest storm in several years forecasters wanted people to be prepared for mudslides and part of the state that is still recovering from a series of wildfires. it can be dangerous and cause a lot of damage. and you hit on it. the big problem here is all of the wildfires that we've have in southern california and really crossed the state in recent years. the wildfires sweep through areas just like this. it race across that. it really leaves nothing behind to stop the water from
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storms like this from coming down and creating those mud slides into flash floods. if you take a look at the latest map you can see that we are right in the middle of the last of three big storms to come across here. a lot of green all across california. we've only seen just how dangerous these storms can be. they came across santa barbara. tossed around a number of cars. there are still evacuations that are under affect in santa barbara right now. 120 homes under a voluntary evacuation we actually have a break in the weather. into try to dig out from some of that mud and dirt that they got on friday preparing for the storms today. one resident described as just 24 hours ago. take a listen to what he said. all of the sudden it came up over the bridge.
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it was like black. it almost looked like oil instead of water and so we were getting out of here. everybody was making a run for it. it looked like it was going to go everywhere. all of the rain that we've have in recent weeks has really been helping dramatically with the draft that we have here in california and southern california in particular. we still do have some drought that is in effect. and in california. they have an old saying same we get paid was such a this weekend that i can tell you it's certainly not the case. >> i remember that paycheck. there is a warm welcome from israel's prime minister. a couple of hours ago i spoke with the president by telephone what do they say and has the relationship changed we will tell you what they said coming up.
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haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. ♪ ♪ eric: well, israeli prime minister benjamin be netanyahu spoke by telephone with president trump earlier this afternoon after he previously congratulated the president on social media. the prime minister tweeting this, quote: congrats to my friend, president trump. look forward to working closely with you to make the alliance between israel and the usa stronger than ever. conor powell is live with more on the new apparent relationship between washington and jerusalemment hi, conor. >> reporter: yeah, eric. the two men spoke about 1:30 or so washington, d.c. time, and according to the prime minister's office here in jerusalem, they described it as a warm conversation, as a productive conversation and one
1:31 pm
that president trump has now invited prime minister netanyahu to washington later in february. the exact date has not been set yet, but it appears that prime minister netanyahu will be visiting washington for talks with the new president here in just a few weeks or so. now, among the topics the two men discussed, in the surprisingly regional security, cooperation between israel and the united states, the iran deal which both president trump and prime minister netanyahu have opposed from the very beginning. not a whole lot of information on what details on that specific topic were discussed or how they might proceed going forward, but it was a topic that the two men discussed. another issue that they discussed were the, how israelis and palestinians can go forward. again, not a whole lot of information about what we might see going forward, but that was one of the top issues discussed in this phone call. now, earlier today the israeli government announcing they will
1:32 pm
build 500 more settlements in the primarily arab area of east jerusalem. this comes after president trump has said that he supports israeli settlement construction and that he will not, unlike president obama, impede any of this construction. and so today the israeli government announced this. it's a controversial move as all the settlement constructions have been in the past, but it's one that israeli officials are very excited about making now with a new president, somebody who supports their agenda, that they seem to be going forward. there's a lot of talk we will see more settlement construction here in jerusalem because the feeling among most israeli officials, eric, is that president trump as part of his agenda to improve ties with israel is simply not going to complain and not going to stop israeli settlement construction. eric: yeah, conor, those settlements certainly top of the agenda as well as a possible two-state solution.
1:33 pm
we'll be on top of all this, of course. conor powell live from jerusalem, thank you. arthel? arthel: president trump entering his first full week in office with just two of his cabinet positions filled compared to the seven that were confirmed for president obama when he entered office. democrats promising a long fight over some of mr. trump's nominees including secretary of state pick rex tillerson. but the senate's top republican says he's confident they will all be approved. >> i believe we'll be able to confirm the president's entire cabinet. there's great enthusiasm -- chris: even rex tillerson for state -- >> yes. crist: -- who three republicans have expressed -- >> i'm optimistic we'll get every member of the cabinet. arthel: white house correspondent for the washington examiner, sarah, or let's walk through some of this now starting with this: how much is politics getting in the way of the process? >> certainly it's the only reason why these nominees aren't confirmed at this time.
1:34 pm
thanks to harry reid and the nuclear option, republican senators don't actually need any help there their democratic colleagues to get these nominees confirmed. so it's understandable that majority leader mcconnell has so much confidence that the nominees will be confirmed. but democrats do have some procedural tools at their disposal to drag this process out and make it as painful as possible for trump to get his cabinet in place. they can request up to 30 hours of debate for each nominee, and the senate is not a body known for its speed and efficiency. that could headache this process last -- make this process last for weeks. arthel: i mean, there is something to have to vet and do deep discovery on very important nominees. but let's go to the numbers count. president trump, you know, he's five seats behind president obama at this point in the process. is this cause for concern or reason for everybody to just calm down? >> well, republicans are pointing to the fact that mike pompeo, who's not a controversial nominee, who has the support of most of the
1:35 pm
senate including many democrats, he has not been confirmed as the head of the cia, and republicans are pointing to that and saying -- democrats are leaving the country potentially vulnerable if there were to be a terrorist attack while the cia is effectively left without a head. president obama's cia pick, leon panetta, didn't get confirmed until mid february, so this isn't unprecedented, but it's difficult for the administration to get up and running when 20 of his 22 cabinet positions are not filled right now. obviously, it's in the trump administration's best interests to get this confirmation process rolling and completed as quickly as possible. arthel: so, you know, you just heard senate majority leader mitch mccardiology expressing -- mcconnell expressing confidence in rex tillerson's nomination, saying he believes all of the nominees will get confirmed. do you think any particular nominees facing especially tough hearings or even possible be rejection? >> it's not looking like any
1:36 pm
nominees will be facing rejection, but democrats certainly are trying to undermine a number of these nominees, specifically rex tillerson for his past business ties to russia, specifically scott pruitt -- arthel: wait, wait, one second. i hear your statement, but explain how they're trying to undermine those particular nominees. >> so, for example, in the case of scott pruitt, you see democratic-aligned g running ads against him, particularly in the states of senators who will have to vote on his confirmation who could be swayed, some of these vulnerable democrats who are being pressured by their constituents who voted for trump to vote in favor of scott pruitt but who are being pressured by leaders in their own party to vote against scott pruitt. you see the democrats targeting specifically these nominees. steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary nominee, he's being targeted by groups who are bringing forward victims of foreclosures from a bank he was involved in, one west. they're trying to paint him as
1:37 pm
someone who had a hand in making the financial crisis pain be -- painful for a lot of people. and by twining trump's cabinet nominees in these negative ways, they're making it harder for those nominees when they eventually get confirmed to implement trump's agenda. steve mnuchin is painted as this wall street insider who's just another billionaire who helped cause the financial crisis. it'll be difficult to lead trump's effort to deregulate only some of the big banks. so these are the problems that trump's cabinet nominees are going to have to face. they're going to have to overcome the negative images created for them right now. arthel: sarah, i started out by asking how much is politics getting in the way of procedure or the process, but how much of this is procedure? >> well, it's certainly one of the main concerns democrats have raised, that the office of government ethics has not had a chance to vet all of the paperwork of these nominees and didn't have a chance to do so before some of the confirmation
1:38 pm
hearings, in particular betsy devos -- arthel: some of that, and i don't want to push back too much here, but i just want to make sure we have an even conversation here, because some of those, you know, the resumés, if you will, those applications weren't submitted in time. >> right. so like i was saying, betsy devos struggled to get her paperwork in on time. she reportedly did not have all of her questionnaires and her financial paperwork in to the office of government ethics and in to the health senate committee before her hearing, and and that caused some friction with senate democrats. now, to hear the republican side tell it, these nominees did have their paperwork on time and it was the office that took an extraordinarily long time to review it. you have to sort of take both sides, their words at face value because we don't know. but certainly, democrats have raised concerns these nominees are not properly vetted. and it's particularly an issue in the case of trump's cabinet because so many of his nominees come from the private sector.
1:39 pm
they're not known quantities, they're not coming from the government, so they haven't had to go through the process of disclosing their finances before, and that makes this a more difficult process than in past years. arthel: good point there. sarah, thank you so much. >> thank you. eric: well, you didn't see this on baywatch. a dramatic rescue in the swirling california surf as a lifeguard, at night, risks his own life after two women were swept out to the ocean by powerful waves. and on inauguration day, president trump promised, as he said it, to put americans back in charge. but now some are asking if his first executive order could suggest something else. ♪ ♪ that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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♪ arthel: a dramatic rescue captured on camera in california after two women are swept out into the ocean by a large wave. video showing the moment when life guards pulled one of the
1:44 pm
woman out of the water after a 40-minute search. the second woman was rescued earlier by a witness. officials in san diego say the pair was standing on an ocean beach cliff when a wave knocked them into the water. both women were taken to a hospital, one reportedly in critical condition. >> january 20th, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. [applause] the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. eric: that was president trump, of course, on friday during his inaugural address talking about the forgotten people of america, promising to put the power back to us, americans. but some today are questioning if one of his very first official acts as the chief executive may go against that promise. it's a move that rolls back an obama administration cut in
1:45 pm
mortgage insurance that saves some homeowners as much as $500 a year. vera gibbons, a personal finance expert, is here to explain. >> hello. eric: good to see you. >> all trump, all the time. [laughter] eric: it's called the federal housing mortgage premium, and president obama instituted it, and it cuts the point by a quarter of a point for these mortgages, but president trump has rolled that back. >> yeah, this is an executive order per obama, so it doesn't need congressional approval, nothing. this was basically a parting gift from obama to homeowners, those low income homeowners who are part of the fha program, the people who have bad credit, don't have enough for a sizable down payment be, not many assets, so it was a nice way to say here's a parting gift for you. and the timing on this made sense to him and probably for the housing market too because mortgage rates are rising, could go up to as much as 5%, and that affects affordability. in fact, each 1% rise reduced
1:46 pm
affordability by 10%. eric: well, wouldn't this be, if you reverse it, make it harder for people to afford houses because now the mortgage is a few hundred dollars more expensive, so it could herbally go against the -- potentially go against the forgotten man -- >> you can say that, national realtors are saying this is going to prevent 40,000 potential homeowners from getting in the game. on the flip side, if it goes back into the fha reserves, that's a good thing because it could encourage borrowers to -- it could extend more credit to them. and and from trump's perspective, it's better to have that money in the fha reserves if something does go wrong. if you think back to what happened just a few years ago when you and i and the rest of the taxpayers were on the hook for all of those belly-situations. look at all those loans -- eric: is this an effort to try and prevent right off the bat
1:47 pm
another housing crisis, or was this industry-driven to target this is the first thing? >> i honestly think it was a combination of factors. first of all, trump has a lot on his plate. get this out of the way now, because this is supposed to go into effect next week. i think he also did it for the american taxpayers so we're not on the hook if these loans do go belly-up. you could very well make the argument it's bad for the little person, but you can also make the argument it's good for the american people if something does go wrong. eric: do you think it's a good thing? >> i don't think it's going to make a difference in the housing market. you look at rising housing costs, rising mortgages, gasbuddy is predicting gas prices are going to be 36 cents higher, so from a little guy's perspective, the low income perspective, $500 of cash in our pocket is, obviously, a good thing, but i don't think in the larger scheme of things it's going to make that much of a difference from the housing market. going forward, more jobses, job
1:48 pm
growth, wage growth, and we're on pretty good track in 2017 if you look at the record thurm of job openings, 5.5 million, wages are going up, so you've got to get people back to work. people have money in their pockets, they have jobs, they will propel the housing market. eric: at the same time, the rates are going up. it went up a smidge, by a quarter of a point by the fed a few weeks ago. >> i mean, that is a bit of a headwind for they'll -- potential would-be buyers, so it is going to price some of those home buyers out of the market, particularly in coastal markets which are already pricey to begin with. that is a headwind particularly for millennials, but zillow is expecting more millennials to move out of the basements from mom and dad and actually become that -- eric: oh, man, especially when you've got, you know, junior in the basement or -- [laughter] or the side room or they're in their old room -- >> oh, no! but if he has a job, maybe he'll actually --
1:49 pm
eric: that's the key. good to see you. >> thanks. arthel: a dire warning for those in the southeast as millions of people are now in the path of severe weather. what forecasters are saying about a new round of tornadoes. >> you felt the tornado, like, whatever it was, twister, tornado, it jumped off our house and hit the firehouse and every house from there on out. ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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arthel: the national weather service issuing a dire warning for folks in the southeast, now saying severe weather is putting some five million americans at serious risk. this after 15 people were already killed by tornadoes across two states this weekend. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking it, how's it looking? >> reporter: it's been a major system, and it continues to rage on into the early evening/late afternoon hours. instability is there, doesn't necessarily mean there's a tornado there, but it means the conditions are ripe for a tornado. what we're really paying attention to is this leading line of storms. this is the one and on on the backside of this, once you're on the backside, you're clearing off. but we currently have a tornado
1:54 pm
there getting into north central georgia, running part to the south, all of these yellow polygones, those are severe thunderstorm warnings. this is running all the way to savannah along the eastern coast there, that's an area where you could still see a tornado spin up within the next hour or so. the back side of this system, that's where you're clearing off. farther to the north, we actually have a football game happening right here, taking you up into metro atlanta. on the back side of this i'm not looking at concern for tornado activity, but we've seen some pop-up severe thunderstorms. this is still a really big system. what's going to happen from here on out? i can put it i again, it's this leading edge that's really bringing that nasty weather. that continues to track up through the carolinas which is why they are still under a tornado watch. the back side of this system, that's general, very heavy rain. i run you into early monday and monday afternoon, this falls apart a little bit, and we're going to be talking about some really good, soaking rains stretching all the way up the
1:55 pm
east coast, eventually taking you up into new york city, philadelphia, washington d.c. so this is going to be a rainmaker for a whole lot of folks within the next couple of days. but the good news is we're tracking this system, i'm not concerned about this bringing any more severe weather. so we're paying attention this evening down in the southeast, and this is going to be falling aart and, luckily, we're going to have a chance to catch our breath going into early next week. guys? arthel: adam, thank you very much for that forecast. eric: it's a festival like no other, thousands of lanterns that lit up the night sky where people from all over the world are traveling to see that unique light display. ♪ ♪ blinded by the light -- when did mixing food, with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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i'm 51 years old.m. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: going to show you a brilliant display lighting up the night in one southwest china city. eric: it is the lantern festival. look at that, it attracts people from all over the world. you can understand why. colorful lanterns of all shapes and sizes are on display. it happens to be one of the largest cultural activities this china, a tradition in that chinese city that goes back 800 years. look how beautiful -- arthel: beautiful sight. and this could last as long as a month. eric: really? arthel: this festival, yeah. eric: all those colors -- arthel: really, you can't get enough of it.
2:00 pm
okay, that's it for us, but we're coming back in one hour, at 6:00 eastern. hopefully, you can join us then as well. eric: we'll have all the latest from the white house and the latest news with the trump administration and everything else. stick with us. see you back in an hour. greg is next. >> to be able to introduce for the first time ever anywhere, the 45th president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] greg: i think i'm in love. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] greg: so while america was trying to enjoy a nice transfer


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