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Trump Administration
  Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  January 22, 2017 7:04pm-7:18pm PST

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his visit to the cia. he said i had a great meeting at cia headquarters yesterday. packed house and paid great respect to the wall. long standing ovation, amazing people, win. >> john roberts reporting from the white house. thank you. we are joined in studio for an exclusive interview by president trumps new white house chief of staff. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> i want to start with the sean spicer extraordinary press briefing late yesterday afternoon where he explore related reporters and said they should be talking about democratic delays to the confirmation of trump nominees. here he is. >> that is what you guys should be writing and covering, that this, instead of sewing division about tweets and false narratives, the president is committed to unifying our country and that was the focus of his inaugural address. this kind of dishonesty in the media, the challenging that brings our nation back together makes it more difficult. >> been spicer walked out without taking a single question
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from reporters. president trump said in his inaugural address that every decision he makes will be to benefit american families printout is arguing about crowds i do that. >> it's really not about crowd size. what it's about is honesty in the media. what it is about is after day one from winning this election and president trump talking about bringing america together, having a unified american public around unified ideas, not republican or democrat, he is ready to get to work, however the media from day one has been talking about delegitimizing the election, talking about the russians, talking about everything you can imagine except the fact that we need to move this country forward. now, we get done with the inauguration. first thing out of the media is that president trump removed the bust of martin luther king jr. out of the oval office. this is an explosive accusation which could have had incredible
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ramifications given the history of the press on this subject matter. turns out, there was was completely false. i walked back into the oval office, saw the mlk bust there and what did the media say? they said our bad, somebody was standing in front of the bust. we didn't see it. can you imagine tweeting that president trump removed the mlk bust. that's the first day, not even day one like our three. then the next day they put a picture, there was a big story before the speech actually began showing all of this whitespace. it wasn't true. the new york times didn't put a picture in the middle section showing the fact that the entire mall was completely full. the point is not the crowd size. the point is the attack and the attempt to delegitimize as president in one day. john has been doing press briefings every single day. >> this was his first one. >> okay his first official
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briefing where the press can ask him 1 million questions. >> okay you talk about honesty and say this was about honesty. there's another issue here. that is the presidents honesty because two things he said yesterday were just flat wrong and i want to talk about them. first crowd size. take a look at these pictures. take a look at those pictures. on the left you have the obama inaugural crowd. on the right you've got the trump inaugural crowd. which one is bigger. >> listen, you are also not saying that picture was taken before he was even speaking. >> i was there. i was right there on the mall. i think it's a ridiculous conversation, but there were huge areas. he said there were crowds all the way to the washington monument. >> there was. yes there was but i was sitting there looking at him. >> put up the picture again. >> you can keep putting the picture up but i can take a
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picture, an aerial picture right now and i can say look at the difference. if you're not comparing apples to apples it doesn't matter. >> i am telling you. >> you can keep telling me what you want to tell me. the point is, instead of talking about the substance of what president trump actually said. >> wait a minute, it could've been a news conference yesterday that talks about the agenda or the signing or the executive actions he's going to sign, his legislative agenda but he talks about this. >> wait a minute, let's back up. we didn't tweet out that mlk junior's bust was removed from the oval office. we didn't -- >> wait a minute, minute, the reporter made a mistake and apologized and spicer sent him a tweet back saying apology accepted. >> right, so these are the mistakes that are made, a reporter shoots first, ames later.
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i just at the magnitude. >> are you saying there's a conspiracy here. >> i'm saying there is an obsession by the media to delegitimize as president and we are not going to surround and let it happen. we are going to fight back tooth and nail and twice on sunday. >> let me talk about another thinker the talk of a feud between him and the intelligence community was a media invention. it was donald trump at his news conference in new york who compared the leaking of the russian dossier, he said it was the intelligence community who did it and it was a disgrace and compared it to nazi germany. that that was not a media invention. >> we don't know who leaked the document. >> that's beside the point. he compared it to nazi germany. >> listen, someone leaked the document. someone week that, and you don't know if it wasn't someone in the intelligence community, but some bad actor, the point is this, one bad actor in the
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intelligence community doesn't taint his view of the entire intelligence community. i was there yesterday. i'm telling you, it was a lovefest if you were in the room. these are men and women that president trump loves and respects. the reason i went there is because i don't want you to believe the media that i don't respect to all. >> it's not the media, it's what he said. it's also an obsession. the fact is, we didn't didn't leak the document. that russian document. >> you don't know that they didn't. >> i know, but the point is it was mr. trump who compared it to nazi germany. >> what is it? it's something that's pretty rotten. that speech yesterday at the cia, the obsession of what he said in front of memorial wall,
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what he is trying to explain, these were people after we got done with these meetings it was very clear that they wanted to do their job. they are ready to go but something is holding them back. >> what you think of john brennan calling it a despicable display. >> i think john brennan has a lot of things to answer for in regard to these leaked documents. i find the whole thing despicable. i think it's unprofessional. i think perhaps he is bitter. he was replaced the day before. he was not held over like clapper was. >> i do know the president wanted to make clear to the folks in this room, and i want to make it clear why we talk about the things we talk about. what i went through the last today with the mlk bust and the
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subset of what i was talking about is the same way of what you've been hearing about the intelligence community. don't believe it. i love you and i want to work with you and we will be a good team. >> let's move forward but hundreds of thousands of people, mostly women watched -- marched on washington to protest the trump policies. here is a portion of that. >> hate and division assumed power yesterday, but the president is not america. >> do not try divide us. if you force muslims to register, we will all register as muslim. >> presidents president trump's' twitter feed was alive and awake at 7:00 a.m. he wrote watched post protest yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election. widen these people vote? celebs hurt cause badly. what's his impression that so many people marched across the
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country and expressed real concern that he will roll back women's right. >> first i can tell you he wants to be president for all people. i think over time, many of those people will be very proud of this president and secondly, it's it's no different than what happened after the election. the same marchers that showed up in fifth avenue in manhattan. the last thing is in regard to some of these folks from hollywood and elsewhere, some of the things that were said yesterday, i'm not going to give the person any credit, but one of the actors or singers said she wanted to blow up the white house. can you imagine saying that about president obama. >> it was terrible. >> or that this person doesn't represent america. he sure does an american people are looking for someone who will be there voice in the white house. not another washington predictable politician. that's why president trump is there. he wanted someone who was genuine with a. heart would make a difference. the authentic and real, which this town isn't used to.
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>> let's turn to what he's actually going to be doing this week. monday is his first full day of work although he's already done a lot already. do you know what executive actions he's going to sign tomorrow and this week, and specifically, is he going to undo dock out, the obama executive action that deferred deportation for the 700,000 dreamers who werbrought into this country illegally. >> we will work with house and senate leadership to get a long-term solution on that issue >> i'm not to make any commitments today but i've obviously could foreshadow their little bit. we talk about trade a little bit more tomorrow, i think we will talk about immigration this week , and i think we'll have a time of national security conversation, obviously with general mattis. >> will he undo some of the obama executive orders. >> i think we will see more of that coming this week, executive
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orders on those three topics. thursday we are expecting to make an appearance at the senate house leadership conference in philadelphia. it's going to be a full week. this president is going to work hard. i've never seen anyone work harder and have more energy than this president. >> president trump also has an extraordinarily ambitious legislative agenda. obamacare to tax reform, building a wall. i'm curious because one of the things that he made clear in his inaugural address was that he would take the hide off the washington establishment. here's a clip. >> their victories have not been your victories. their triumphs have not been your triumphs and why while they celebrated in our nations capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling
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families all across our land. >> those folks on the platform are exactly the people he needs congressional leaders to pass his agendas. how is it going to work if folks he just accused of celebrating having done well for themselves but forgotten millions of american. >> i think some of those folks, especially the majority in the house and senate feel the same way that they can't get their agenda done. they're blocked. look what's happening with the cabinet. you have mike mike pompeo, your people we need for the security of this country that are sitting around languishing in the senate because we can't get unanimous consent. we have to cabinet picks that have been sent through. it's a shameful situation that's happening in the senate. senator schumer should do something about it. >> we talked about the establishment in d.c. that has forgotten americans. is he just talking about democrats. >> no he's not. he's talking about a number of
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people, just enough of people here in washington that block real things from getting done but is not to be that way anymore because we have a majority in the house and senate and we have a tool called reconciliation and we can get a lot of things done on obama. obamacare answer tom price and the sec. of health and human services. we have tax reform that we finally can get through, and working with paul ryan and leadership in the team that president trump has put together has given us a formula to finally get big things done in this country. >> finally. give us a little color. how is he adjusting to the white house. what were his first moments like in the oval office. >> anything it's pretty inspiring. i think when when he walked in, it's something that's enormous. i think the weight of that enormity was felt by him. he's still the same person, remarkably very consistent, but i certainly think the feeling of
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being president, walking in the oval office is something that him obviously, but everybody who walks through there felt the responsibility to this country and the people who put him there , he knows it and it in his