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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 22, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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♪ i did it my way . melissa: why do i get the sense this isn't the first time you've risen up.
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judge jeanine: i wade my way through a sea of protesters. to find out what's wrong with our 45249 president. >> he's vile and does nasty things. judge jeanine: didn't bill clinton do nasty things? the new administration ready to go, and so is justice. hello and welcome to the special sunday edition of "justice." i'm jun judge jeanine pirro. you will see my exclusive interview with eric trump. and top republicans here tonight
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to talk about what's on tap foru the first 100 days under president trump. but first it's been a busy weekend, and the week ahead for the president appears to be the same. matt, thanks for being with us tonight in d.c. let me tell you, love this city. especially when a new president is sworn >> you are happy the protesters have moved on. judge jeanine:, it's america at its best. the protests were peaceful. it's all good whether you agree or disagree. let's talk about what happened with sean spicer. lots of blowback about how many people were there. as i said last night, people didn't need to have security
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passes and tickets and there wasn't all of the things that were needed for 8 years ago>> iw the facts. the national park service doesn't make all this public. but if you look at the people who rode metro and you look at the audience. the speech he gave was the news. it's the fantastic speech and he connected with people.te what i don't like about what happened in the press conference. he started talking about the details about who was at the inauguration. when it comes to republicans, a lot of republicans don't like tr go way down in this crowd. for the obama folks, they were able to go there, there were no protesters and they had a big crowd. there were some nasty protesters out there. if you look at the impact that inauguration had on america, i
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think it's one of the biggest impacts we have seen since reagan. >> the women's march was very peaceful. but the day before it was not peaceful at all. you say something interesting. the president's speech that i talk about in my open is very clear, direct and very donald trump. it kind of got lost in the discussion about how many people were actually at the inauguration. was that a faux pas? >> mercy and i worked in the white house. fox's own mercedes schlapp. you get frustrated when they cover things incorrectly. what did trump do? he said look, there is a new sheriff in town. when you cover things correctly we'll report the facts. the great message that came out
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of the address. my encouragement for the administration, get right back on it. let's talk about this week. we have theresa may, brexit. a renegotiation of nafta. is that happening? >> absolutely. what's interesting with his national security team, general mike flynn and k.t. mcfarland. rex tillerson will get through now. the trade and foreign policy are just going to be linked. he has a conversation with the prime minister of canada, we have the. he of the u.k., theresa may coming over to see hip. it's all about trade. nafta is going to be renegotiated. everyone who tells you it can't be done or won't be done, they are wrong, it's going to be
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done. and we don't have a trade agreement with our biggest ally on the globe, the u.k. we are going to make sure we have a renegotiated nafta and make sure we have a deal with our most important ally in when it comes to nafta, it's important. i think it's bracing for the city. there will be a new way of thinking things and american jobs will be the first consideration when it comes to these deals.e no longer will we give away our jobs for national security concerns. judge jeanine: matt schlapp, thank you for being here. don't go too far. you are coming back to join uss on the panel later. what can we expect from the first 100 days of the trump administration? one of the biggest hurdles will be repealing and replacing obamacare. kellyanne conway addressed some of that this morning.
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>> will president trump stop enforcing the individual mandate. >> he wants to get rid of obamacare quickly because that's strangling americans or not having to pay a penalty. we want to make very clear to everyone those who relied upon coverage will not lose it. >> republican congressmen and prominent trump >> welcome to my home away from home. it's good to see a congressman from new york here. i want to talk to you about obamacare and also recognize that you are part of that 8-member task force in congress that has been talking about improving medicaid for the last year. so this is kind of where we are fat now. i was in the thick of that march yesterday. the women' women's march. and it was like chic be little.
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the sky is falling. 18 million americans will be without healthcare. nobody was concerned about like 39 *, keep your healthcare plan, keep your doctor. they were only concerned the president trump will make everyone a nightmare. what has president trump done, he signed one document, what did he sign? >> that's was a huge first step. when you think about the costs that were passed on to business individuals. and the executive order did, it was authorized the, the agencies under his control to look at any tax, fee or penalty, given against companies, individuals and insurance companies, medical device manufacturers that would be cost burden. any cost burden on any state. in effect the executive order neuters all those negative -- judge jeanine: the executive order the president signed that requires people to pay a penalty
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if they don't get insurance or pay insurance, the president neutered that? >> you remember how many folks were working 39 hours and they had to get cut to 26 hours because the penalty kicked in at 30 hours. judge jeanine: now the question is how do we get the revenue to payow for the coverage if we get rid of the fines.y what do we do now? >> the fines and these penalties and the 30-hour workweek whichlt is destroying the economy, theek economy is going to be booming under donald trump. none of this 1.8% gdp growth. you have to grow your way back to success if you have more income and less people on the welfare programs and less people on food stamps. you are reducing our expenses to offset this. it's a healthier way for this
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company to grow our way into success with more revenue cominb in because people are working, businesses are making more products. you throw in the international trade, get the jobs back that have been stolen. this is part of the game of plan. judge jeanine: what do you say to the women in the moore yesterday who say when the president gut the penalties that employers and individuals had to pay, they say that that executive order took away their insurance. did it take away anyone's insurance? >> it didn't take away anything. for the next two years we'll have the same coverage. we are not changing obamacare coverage for the next two years. so the scare tactics of senator schumer and others saving we are going to make america sick again. that's chicken little. the sky is falling, all they are is scare tactics. coverage will not change under obamacare. but companies can band together
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and have health insurance. high deductible with hsh. business owners can go to the chamber of commerce and get their health insurance. many chambers of commerce lost half their members because that's where they were getting their insurance. judge jeanine: you have got to get the message out that you cannot lose your healthcare. >> but we have to count on the liberal press to deliver that message. they are too busy delivering the message the sky is falling. judge jeanine: good to have you here. thanks so much. still ahead.s ben stein joins me live to discuss donald trump's inaugural speech and more. plus putting america first. >> we lost 70,000 factories since 2001. tol do nothing by
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the. america has to start coming first again. jean rrp part two of my exclusive interview with eric trump. don't military. then. is the hate so deep there is nothing the man can do? >> no, hate isn't that deep. if he takes affordable care and works with the democrats. judge jeanine: they won't even show up. i tried to reason with protesters at the women's march in washington. and you will want to see how that went. street justice coming up. it feels like i just got here. we are just getting into town and just getting started. stay with us. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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. judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice". jean * welcome back to justice. last night i brought some of my exclusive interview with donald trump's son eric. >> my father hit it out of the park.
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i think it shocked some of the politicians standing there. for the first time he was speaking to the people for the people. judge jeanine: that speech was clearly your dad it was what he said it was what he said on the campaign it was the classic, this is who i am. this is what i said. nothing is changing. it was strong. there was not a sense for one moment that your dad was uncertain or in any way nervous or in awe. it was just donald trump now the president, now with the power behind the words. >> a man with conviction. and he believes in his message. and the message is simple. america first. make america great again. we need to as a country and as a responsibility of our politicians, the
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commander-in-chief to put our nation first. and we haven't done that. judge jeanine: what do you say to those people who say that's dark and horrible.he you have to say who should be first if it's not america. >> you and i spend so much time talking about this.d $20 trillion worth of debt. a military that's run down. we can do so much better. a va that's totally we have so many amazing vets that are not being taken care of. an educational system that's ranked 30th in the world. look at our healthcare system. look at our schools. it's unbelievable. these are the things that need to be fixed.e we lost 70,000 factories since 2001. politicians do nothing by the. america has to start coming first again. judge jeanine: your dad made it:
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very clear that we'll not take word alonean from politicians. he will hold their feet to the fire as well. is it a whole chapter in american politics? >> no question. he will work and he will fight. and he will work for and fight more. that's what the american people want out of a commander-in-chief. that's why he won. people saw how hard he worked. people saw how hard he fought. s america wants a fighter. america is a fighter. we are all fighters. it's who we are as a nation. we want somebody who will represent us well. and we haven't had that representation. he's going to do a great job. as i get to know so many of them much closer, they are incredible people. and they are brilliant people. their heart is in the right spot. they are not doing it because they need a job. so many who had incredible jobs. they are taking a step back in certain instances financially to
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come into the cabinet. he's going to do and they will do such an unbelievable job. judge jeanine: one of the things you heard eric trump discuss is his father, the president's inaugural speech. here to talk about it, ben stein. >> it's very wet out here. we are dying of torrential rains. other than that we are fine. judge jeanine: i don't feel sorry for you because you live in california where the sunshines.sp talk to me about the speech. >> it was short, i liked that. it's probably the least eloquent speech i have ever heard. i would like to see america greater than it now is. america is already pretty damn great. i don't see how he will get all
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the jobs back. most of the jobs are lost to automation. i don't see how he's going to improve the school system in america unless he gets school choice and the democrats will fight tooth and nail against school choice. i don't know how he willific th healthcare plan. we worked on that in the nixon administration and the democratr killed it. so he has an awful lot of work ahead of him. can he eliminate radical islam? not anytime soon. but the fact he's calling it radical islam and terrorism is a step in the right direction. judge jeanine: you are a very optimistic man, ben stein. >> you are funny. judge jeanine: there is -- i have got to tell you, it wasn't a short speech. i looked up a lot of the
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speeches. his was about 14 minute. a lot of them are 15, 20 or 14. bush, clinton. but what was eloquent to me, when you say it wasn't eloquent. to me it's eloquent when you talk about the importance of god and america first. >> he president talk about god. judge jeanine: then why is it less eloquent? >> t there was no eloquent memorable phrase is make america first. it's a phrase that comes from charles lindbergh. i don't know why he chose that phrase. judge jeanine: who should be first? should we give up and say america should be second?
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>> absolutely not. i didn't even remotely say that, judge. judge jeanine: youyi said it's n evil phrase. how is he going to get the inner city schools better? we already spend more on our inner city schools than any other people. judge jeanine: isn't that a reflection of all the money we are spending on the unions and dumping down the drain? >> how is he going to figure it? our american school system is far worse than you in chicago a majority of student cannot read. how is he going to figure it.
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judge jeanine: first thing you do it get rid of rahm emanuel, t then you get rid of the guns. third thing you start putting people in jail, then you make sure people know you possess a gun, you bring in gun in we are coming after you and we are going to lock you up and that's what donald trump is going to do. judge jeanine: kid are afraid to go to school because they would rather make money selling drugs and guns. it's all a big puddle of mud at that point. >> how is he going to fix it. judge jeanine: we'll start putting the criminals in jail. >> the student are not criminals. judge jeanine: there is no incentive for them. ben, i love you, ben. there is no season season tough for kids to go to school. there are broken families. there are people in chicago who just think that -- wear out of
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time. ben, will you come back again? >> i will come back.ou you can move out here to sunny cal and we can talk about it every day. judge jeanine: thanks so much. matt schlapp is back with dennis you seasodennis -- dennis kucin. here is a hook at what happened when i commandeered a golf cart to beat the gridlock the night before the inauguration. "justice" is coming right back. >> i'm here with ricardo. we just finished the if tucker carlson" show. why did you do this for me. i want to thank you. you drove me through the wood through the sidewalk, through the we left four people in the road. they are flattened out.
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are you going to admit to it? >> yes jean rrp never confess, ricardo, never. . yeah, let me check my score too. try credit karma. it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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reporter: live from "america's news headquarters," i'm kelly wright. united airlines telling customers to expect delays after lifting a ground stop. the airline had to ground all of its domestic flights because after computer glitch sunday night. united offering a waiver for people who want to change their flights for free. at least 18 people are dead after a weekend of severe weather hitting southern georgia and northern florida a pair of tornado destroying homes and knocking down trees. the national weather service saying part of southern florida under a tornado watch. former president george h.w. bush and his wife spending another night in a hospital in
9:31 pm
houston. bush is recovering from pneumonia and the former first lady is getting over bronchitis. judge jeanine: welcome back to justice. it's time for the panel. matt schlapp and dennis kucinich. i want to focus on the president's speech just for a moment. i know that you have some thoughts about the speech, dennis. a democrat.nn what did you think of it? >> things i have been talking about for 30 or more years. doing something about these trade agreements that are causing our cities to be hollowed out and factories to be closed. about standing up for theam american worker and rebuild the infrastructure. stop the foreign intervention and wasting hundreds of billionn
9:32 pm
abroad. it's important for america to read what he said and consider that there might be some way we could bring this country together on the kind of principles that he laid out. judge jeanine: you are a democrat. and you like the speech. ben stein didn't like the speech. >>ik i reserve the right to disagree with him on anything. and i reserve the right to agree with him as well. judge jeanine: do you think it was dark? >> no, not at all. judge jeanine: did you take offense at america first? >> i gave a speech like that in 1984. >> and no one called him a racist when he said do you want america fourth or
9:33 pm
fifth. >> the issuers he talked about were related to people's aspirations.oo they want the good life. how do you do that? you have to do something about the trade problems. quit wasting our money abroad. i think donald trump talked to the real voters out there. when 2/3 of the country thinks the country is on the wrong track. it's okay to subjects they are hurting and having trouble getting by. judge jeanine: when he talked about drugs and gangs and rusted out factories. everybody said that's dark. no, it's real. >> when was the last time we had a president who talked about the inner cities? i was mayor of cleveland when bill clinton does it web's compassionate. when a republican does it, it's dark.
9:34 pm
judge jeanine: the sky is falling. there were people in the middle of that protest, i said, look, you will see on street justicest at the end of the show. i said why are you here? they said we want our rights. women's right. they are going to change everything. judge jeanine: well, it'sgh not just donald trump, it's congress, it's the senate, it's the house, and before it's all donald trump's fault. what is going on that there is so much hatred. even i asked some questions, if donald trump did what you wanted? and matt, not a one would say yes. >> that doesn't surprise me. a lot of people in my family who i have political disagreements with were out there as well. they are having trouble getting over their election laws. people were very excited about hillary clinton being presidentl
9:35 pm
but most americans weren't. and she didn't connect to voters. but donald trump, if he can get the economy moving and protectdo us from these radicals overseas. judge jeanine: will they ever be happy, dennis? will they ever give him credit? >> the country is going through a paroxism. there is a shakeout and people are having difficulty with the results of the election. it's going to take a while for them to work it out. >> the democratic party has a base that's left wing. it's at war with its working class roots. they are moving -- they are going to let the whackos have the democratic party and they can have it.
9:36 pm
>> donald trump addressed the issue of the fact that political parties have broken down. i think it's a great idea. it's been a one-party system. we nominated someone who had hand bee --who hadn't been a rer too long. >> we need to find a way to bring the country together. judge jeanine: donald trump didn't divide the country. >> he and i agree on this. judge jeanine: thanks so much. this weekend eave midst all the festivities i ran into dinesh d'souza.
9:37 pm
you can imagine he's one happy camper. "hillary's america," you had a big role to play in this. >> i can't tell you how happy i am that we wouldn't be living in hillary's america. everything was pat stake. all three branches of government. the exhilaration, the relief i felt on election day has not subsided. judge jeanine: you had a huge role in this in exposing what was going on. >> the left dominates academia and hollywood and they have been putting a false narrative about the democratic party and playing the race card. taking all the bad things they did and blamed them on us.ha our movie weakens the power of that argument. i love the country, and i'm so
9:38 pm
glad i played a small role in that. judge jeanine: next a mystery man i ran into in washington.i if you are a regular viewer you should recognize him right away. president trump and faith-based voters. make sure to keep their support in the early days.
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are you getting this? these numbers are off the charts... sir! what's the status?
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there's a meteor hurtling towards earth. how long until impact? less than a minute. what do you want to do, sir? listen carefully... if we all switch to geico we could save 15% or more on car insurance. i like the sound of that. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. . judge jeanine: i'm here with mike lindell. judge jeanine: i'm here with mike lindell. >> this is a pie pillow. now that donald j. trump has been sworn in as pft united
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states, do you think americans will sleep more comfortably than ever? >> i lost my voice. i was hollering and screaming. very excited. judge jeanine: are you excited about those pillows, including me. my mother said thank you, my pillow. thanks, everybody. judge jeanine: that was me with my pillow founder mike lindellil just the other day in washington. the religious right was a huge help in getting the * elected. joining me is pastor robert jeffress. i counted several references to god. but more than just specific references. there were some implied
9:44 pm
references. the hand of god to the creator. and am i right about that? >> i think you are exactly right about that. i have gotten to know donald trump over the last two years. and people ask me about his faith. and i never share my personal interactions with the president. but i can tell you his faith is very real, it's very important to him, but it's also very personal to him. i think one of the great ironies of history is a willon air from new york named donald j. trump may turn out to be the most faith friendly president in history. >> you know, the truth is 459 so many groups, whether it's conservative christians or any other group that is -- they tend to get marginalized. once a politician gets elected.e do you expect, you know, that
9:45 pm
the conservative christians wilt be one of those groups. if so how do you hold the president's feet to the fire? there are a lot of people out there in that march yesterday in d.c. who are not interested in the -- in what conservative christians are interested in. >> i have to mention about thatv march yesterday, that was hypocrisy on parade. these women's rights groups, they barred pro-life women from participating in that march which shows the hypocrisy of liberalism. president trump has made specific promises to conservative christians. the protection of religious liberty and i can tell you after meeting with president trump a couple weeks ago, he's moving forward fulfilling those promises. i think conservative christians
9:46 pm
and people of all faiths will be excited by what he does. judge jeanine: you have had occasion to speak with him this weekend. correct? >> yes, i tried.dg friday, i was honored to preach the sermon for the ceremony, the service before the swearing in, it's a traditional service for the president and his family. and i compared president trumpfa to another great leader the god raised up 2,500 years ago. he wasn't a politician, he was a builder. god told him the first step in rebuilding the nation was to build a giant wall around jerusalem to protect the citizens. god is not against building walls as part of his plan. i think the president got a kick out of we had a great service friday morning.
9:47 pm
judge jeanine: the whole thing looked beautiful.he i have to tell you that i'm sure in the beginning it wasn't easy for you. but you obviously saw somethingn in donald trump a long time ago, as you know, he has been my friend for many many, many years. and i give you kudos for that. pass troar robert jeffress, thank you for being withha "justice" this evening.nk next i hit the women's march in washington, d.c. for street i think you are going to like it. don't go away. for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief i love paying extra to file my state returns. i want my tax software to charge me at the last second. there is nothing i can do with an extra $50. said no one ever.
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judge jeanine: type for "street justice." and of course i had to visit the women's march in washington, d.c. take a look at what i found. >> i'm here to rise up, to speak out for rights for women. judge jeanine: why do i get the sense this isn't the first time you have risen up. what does donald trump done that convinces you women's rights are in jeopardy. >> he's filthy, vile and saysgh nasty things. judge jeanine: wasn't bill clinton impeached for doing nasty things?
9:52 pm
what rights don't you have? what is the law or legal right you are fighting for? >> immigration. >> but you want better access to immigration, you have to follow the immigration laws. >> we have not seen a need for disabilities in his agenda. judge jeanine: what have you seen in his agenda. he hasn't even been president 24 hours. >> they are introduction a bill on abortion where you couldn't have an abortion after 6 weeks. judge jeanine: isn't 5-4 where we were before scalia died? if the senate and the congress -- you want them to do something, does it make sense that the democratic congress people that didn't show up. doesn't that show they are not going to work together? if they can't even show up for
9:53 pm
the inauguration because the i hate is so deep there is nothing the man can do? >> hate shreveport that deep. if he take afford and care and work with the democrats and gets the coalition. judge jeanine: he won't even show up.en if donald trump were to do something positive, would you give him credit for it or do you just hate the man. >> i never said i hated anyone. judge jeanine: you can't answer the question because you hatee the man. if he gives you something that benefit disabled children, will you give him credit? >> we need medical marijuana legalized. judge jeanine: talk to your congressmen. what do you want to happen? a new president in four years.r
9:54 pm
sex offenders can't live in government housing. >> i think they just moved ine yesterday. >> youg are talking about donad trump. are we talking about bill clinton? >> did you see the people who voted to not give us a chance to have cheaper drugs? it's all money. it's greed. judge jeanine: in terms of the trump administration, they took the lobbyists and the corporate lawyers out of the transition. >> there was a $500 billion deal that got taked by president trump. he has a $500 billion incentive where he can make this deal with russia. >> when hillary was in the state department and bill made a fortune and they sold 25% of the united nations uranium to russia. >> the defunding of planned
9:55 pm
parenthood and the any song tonigh -- andthe misogynist andt comments. >> we want to know what rights women don't have. we had a million times bigger than that on november 8. they went to the polls. and they voted for donald trump. that's the real demonstration. judge jeanine: next a look through my photo album from a history-making weekend in washington.
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get started for free at judge jeanine: history in washington this weekend and i was lucky enough to witness it. here is a -- a picture of my producer and director. there i am with fox and friends ainsley earhardt, and geraldo rivera getting ready to do the hannity show the night of one of the balls. there i am at trump international with a friend of mine. and i think that's another friend at trump international. a little late in the night. and the last photo is me with
10:00 pm
tucker carlson after i ran through the fields and over the grates and the fences. that's it for us tonight. thanks. verybody. >> thank you, have a good night. . harris: fox urgent, millions of americans in southeastern states are bracing for a fresh round of severe >> the nationalri weather servie is issuing a rare particularlyll difficult situation or pdspd tornado watch for georgia and alabama. this hour, a fox report, we are on it. at least 15 people have died of severe weather thi this weekend already in mississippi and georgia. this developing story. late word, congressional republicans have repaired their plan to reef place obamacare and will come out with a bill tomorrow. they are calling it


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