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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 24, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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fences, hacksaw ridge, hell or high water, hidden figures, manchester by the sea and -- >> bill: good morning, 9:00 here in new york city. president trump hitting the gas for day two of his first full day in office. this morning his attention is again on jobs and sitting down with leaders from the auto industry. meeting number one as we say good morning. welcome to "america's newsroom." shannon, nice to see you. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. that meeting with top auto executives is getting underway now. later today he will meet with his new c.i.a. director. >> do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. against all enemies foreign and domestic.
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so help you god. >> shannon: that was mike pompeo sworn in last night by vice president mike pence. at about the same time the president was meeting with top congressional leaders from both parties. >> bill: a lot to get to. peter doocy is watching a busy day on capitol hill and byron york has analysis but we begin with john roberts. set the stage for this meeting today with automakers, what is going the happen? >> today the focus will be on jobs for the first part of the day meeting with leaders of the automotive industry and the ceos of the big four. he will sign another executive order this morning at 11:00. we don't know what it is. we're trying to dig up the contents of it. there are a number of executive orders he will sign over the next week that have to do with jobs. 1:00 this afternoon he'll meet with his new c.i.a. director mike pompeo, confirmed and sworn in. president trump wanted to have
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pompeo in place on friday. the democrats decided they wouldn't hold a vote on his confirmation which prompted an interesting exchange that we're just learning about now between senator tom cotton of arkansas and senator schumer where cotton confronted him to say you promised you were going to hold this vote. you didn't hold it. schumer said back to him where were you eight years ago when we were trying to get through all of president obama's nominees? to which cotton replied, quote, eight years ago i was getting my rhymes with grass shot at in afghanistan. so don't talk to me about where i was eight years ago. as i mentioned a number other executive orders coming this week, bill. he may sign what is called a trigger executive order which would indicate his intention to renegotiate the north american free trade agreement and hearing from sources on the hill and mild confirmation from folks at the white house that he may sign executive orders that would take the keystone
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xcel and dakota access pipeline out of moth balls. president trump looks like he will try to resurrect those. he believes though are both part of the future of energy or at least america's energy industry. >> bill: seems like it would fit based on what he said so far. he met with business leaders yesterday. union leaders were there as well and they talked quite a bit, john. >> they talked for more than an hour yesterday morning talking with the business leaders. spent the same amount of time with the union leaders. we should point out the unions represented yesterday were all from the construction trade industry. but he met with them in the roosevelt room first of all for a while. had a meeting about what they needed in order to grow the economy and create more jobs. then he brought them over to the oval office for a photo op which it looked like they all really appreciated. the fact the president took time to bring them over and show them the seat of power in
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the united states. afterwards sean mcgarvey had this to say. >> we just had probably the most incredible meeting of our careers with the president, the vice president and the senior staff. when the president laid out his plans about how he is going to handle trade, how he will invest in our infrastructure and level the playing field for construction workers and all americans across this country. >> good things coming from the union leader. well, you may say that's obvious because trump has been building buildings around the world. but richard trum ka gave him props for taking the united states out of tpp and pledging to renegotiate nafta. it looks like the president is building a good relationship with the trade unions. >> bill: from the grass on the north lawn. >> shannon: rhymes with?
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mike pompeo was sworn in as c.i.a. director last night and tillerson's vote will come next week. seven nomination votes today and cabinet hearings getting underway today. peter doocy is live on capitol hill with more. do we expect much action on the hill today? >> it depends how much leaders want to get done on their last full days in the office. last full day in the office for the week because after today for the rest of the week senate and house republicans will be in philadelphia for a retreat. that will chew up three days of the work week it does sound like the full senate vote to confirm the secretary of state nominee rex tillerson will probably get pushed to sometime early next week. so our most recent guidance is some of the president's nominees are believed to be easier to confirm like elaine choi and nikki haley could be squeezed in next.
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democrats are set to talk amongst themselves at a lunch today who they want to let the current president get confirmed. however, there is no signal here that the new senate minority leader chuck schumer plans to let up on his pledge to make eight of the president's nominees wait a really long time, weeks or months to get confirmed. shannon. >> shannon: the fight continues over those nominees. in the meantime they have other stuff to do. any guidance on when republicans plan to roll out their replacement plan for obamacare? >> we may not get many more details now until the middle of february. that's when we would expect the confirmation hearing for congressman price to become the hhs secretary price and the confirmation hearing as well for the new head of centers for medicare and medicaid services. price is going to be in front of the senate finance committee for another round of questioning that is expected to
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get heated as democrats here try to protect the last president's legacy legislation obamacare, shannon. >> shannon: peter doocy on the hill. >> bill: analysis with our political correspondent byron. good day to you. the resident psychiatrist in all this stuff. score day one monday, day two already underway. >> i think what you're seeing in both days is donald trump really trying to keep his eye on the ball for his top campaign priority, which is jobs. keeping american jobs in the united states. working on trade agreements to do that. the meeting with the union leaders is very important because it is such an example of bipartisanship. these represent unions that supported hillary clinton. they gave money to hillary clinton. and now they are talking with donald trump. and supporting some sort of big infrastructure project on capitol hill that will be opposed by a number of
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republicans, supported by a lot of democrats. could really, i think, give the president a lot of bipartisan street credibility. >> bill: we'll talk about that in a moment here. a lot of other topics, too. you mentioned the union leader. here is the united brotherhood of carpenters during the meeting. it is my understanding the cameras left the room and mr. trump called them back in and said the following. watch. >> the address on friday was a great middle class address. it hit home for the people that have been hurting. you said it, the people here in washington have made elite. the working class people had to hear something like that and at that venue being up there at your inauguration and laying it down. >> bill: what does that do for the characterization of how you begin your term when you've got democratic leaders there on the same day and union leaders, as
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you pointed out? they were out there for hillary clinton. and before that they were out there for president obama for years, byron. >> i think it does show a different sort of presidency. and yes, that union leader began to say that trump called the press back in and said hey, hey, watch this guy, listen to this. this is a president -- a republican who won ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. he won those rust belt states that have been very, very difficult, if not impossible for republicans to win in the recent decades. this is a very, very big deal. of course, donald trump is going to be working and meeting with republican leaders a lot on repeal of obamacare, on tax cuts. the democrats are going to oppose. i'm not suggesting this is a love fest. but there are going to be issues like infrastructure, construction sort of work that trump will definitely cooperate and work with democrats on. >> bill: sean spicer getting decent reviews based on the
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briefing yesterday. we'll see him later today. thank you, byron. dr. york. see, shannon? you live in washington, d.c. and them i come to new york and it's like down there. >> shannon: a lot of excitement and interesting to see the president will be in his element again with these business leaders but also in meeting with folks on capitol hill. we heard that criticism a lot in washington president obama didn't meet with his own party. >> bill: that went on and on. >> shannon: interesting to see if trump keeps up this. >> bill: do you miss your washington, d.c. life? >> shannon: only my pillow. my husband is here this week so nothing to miss much. the president is sitting down with congressional leaders, so how did it go? >> he started the meeting with i thought was the right tone. he said look, america is tired of washington not solving problems. >> shannon: will they be able to work together and what happens with obamacare? it's a big question and house
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majority leader kevin mccarthy has more on that. >> bill: we have this fox news alert. president obama releasing more than $200 million in federal money to palestinian authority only hours before he leaves office. against the wish of some republicans. marie harf former state department spokesperson in the obama years weighs in on that. we'll talk to her. >> shannon: neighborhood devastated. officials calling on the president for help after deadly, devastating storms rip across the south. >> three houses in a row. one came down at 5:00 a.m. another one next door came down at 9:00 a.m. i thought i hope that's it. then that giant one came down. california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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>> bill: from the white house now and we move back to capitol hill. there will be a lot of action. a bit earlier today i spoke with congressman kevin mccarthy who was also at the white house yesterday. kevin mccarthy, house majority leader. welcome back here to "america's newsroom." start with the meeting last night. how did it go? what happened? >> shannon: -- >> i thought it was a good meeting. his first day on the job on a monday. he is bringing the leaders from the house and senate, republicans and democrats together to talk about -- to get to know one another from his perspective. and to talk about healthcare, taxes, infrastructure knowing that we'll disagree sometimes.
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but these are the items to get america moving and he started the meeting with i thought was the right tone. he said look, america is tired of washington not solving problems. and he wants to solve some things and one was healthcare, taxes and infrastructure. >> bill: these are big topics. i want to push through those as we go along here. it's been reported that he suggested that illegal voters cost him the popular vote. did you hear that? did he say that? >> we were bantering about the election going on back and forth on different things. the real topic was about how we move forward, about healthcare and he said president obama sent him a beautiful letter. he didn't give us the details but stipulated one item. if we had a better healthcare plan and we showed that it was, that he could support it. that's when we got into healthcare where even the democrats said if we had a
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better healthcare plan. >> bill: it seems a lot of these conversations he talks a lot about the election and outcome. it has come up repeatedly. on obamacare, senate republicans just yesterday put together a replacement idea. they put it forward. bill cassidy and susan collins. is there wide support for it? >> they have one idea. there are a lot of ideas out there. what needs to happen and where the senate needs to start moving and part of the discussion we had yesterday was senator chuck schumer. we need the cabinet in place because in obamacare there is so much power that rests with the health and human service secretary. so tom price has to be in place before you do anything with obamacare so you have the understanding of what can and cannot happen. so when -- >> bill: do you think tom price will be approved? >> i do. and i believe he will do a very
6:18 am
good job. >> bill: the idea from this obamacare replacement yesterday was to establish these medical savings accounts and in short what senator cassidy believes is when americans know what they are spending, theykeep the and that's how you bring the costs down. is this something republicans can support or not, sir? >> yes, i think it's a big element. i've always believed in that. that is one element as you go forward. also a tax credit so those who can't afford could be into the marketplace to have greater choice. there are many elements in it to have a better healthcare plan but i think health savings accounts is one idea that has always been a strong idea. >> bill: let's talk about infrastructure spending. you say all spending begins in the house. you're correct on that. senate democrats want to put forward a trillion dollar spending idea on infrastructure. the president has talked about this as well.
6:19 am
during the campaign and since then. is this something that can get through a republican-led congress? >> there would be a couple questions. it would have to be paid for. we can't continue to borrow with the amount and size of our debt. secondly, you cannot put forward an infrastructure plan that takes another 20 years before you build something. you need to have reforms. these problems when you go forward and pass a bill but then you study it for another 20 years before you can build something is arcane in the process. you have to have reforms in the process but it has to be paid for. i believe there is a way to get an infrastructure built. >> bill: that would be significant. tax reform. you say this is the biggest difference maker to the american economy. president trump talked about massive tax cuts for the middle class and businesses across the country. when will this happen? >> we're starting on it now. you have to have growth in this economy. this is the number one thing to
6:20 am
happen. growth will solve so many of our problems when you talk about infrastructure and everything else. tax reform is a great ability for us to do it. it puts us on a better playing field and brings jobs back to america. think of all that money structure dictates behavior. i say it so many times. our tax structure today pushes companies out of america. the profits they make in other countries keeps it in other countries instead of bringing it back to america. it will bring back growth into this country in a different level and it will be a fairer process in so many different ways. >> bill: i understand the argument you are making. this is weeks or months away? >> months away. it is not an easy process to get done but i will tell you it will get done this year. >> bill: thank you for your time. we'll speak again. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: rex tillerson moving forward in his bid to become secretary of state. a senate committee approving
6:21 am
his nomination just barely. lawmakers still raising questions about the former exxon ceo's ties to russia. what are his priorities? former u.n. ambassador to the u.n. joins us live to talk about it. white house press secretary sean spicer accusing the media of piling on president trump. reaction from our political panel just ahead. >> sitting here every time and being told no, we don't think he can do that. he'll never accomplish that. the narrative is always negative and it's demoralizing. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from.
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>> bill: another busy day at the white house. there is a meeting underway right now among some of the
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biggest automakers in america with president trump and here is what we are getting from that. we're going to see a tape play out in a moment here as we call it in the industry, tape play-out. >> shannon: a little delay but it's coming. >> bill: when it starts rolling forward all of the networks will take it at the same time so while we await that and we think it's a few seconds from now we have a few headlines. where president trump at this meeting pledges to cut taxes and regulations. something that he had suggested yesterday. >> shannon: by 75%, the regulations. >> bill: he also talked about environmentalism in this meeting being out of control. we'll wait to see how he characterizes that. and in addition he apparently suggested that he will sign executive actions today that would advance construction of the keystone pipeline and the dakota access pipeline that has been so disputed for so long and so many years. >> shannon: it has been stuck in litigation and numerous
6:26 am
studies on the efficacy of it and the safety of it. back and forth. something that came up a lot on the democratic primaries talking about would they move forward with it or not. there has been some union support for it. a lot of environmental opposition. looks like he will get busy on that right away. >> bill: if the dakota pipeline goes forward, the images we had, the protests out there in that weather, i mean, how can you get that out of your mind? it's indelible and i would suggest to you that there will be a fight in south dakota over that. also he talked yesterday about fast tracking any companies that want to build factories in america. apparently he suggested the same thing during this meeting. here we go. runs 2 1/2 minutes. the tape is rolling. let's drop in. >> i want to thank you all for being here. we have a very big push on to have auto plants and other
6:27 am
plants, many other plants. you aren't being singled out, a lot of different plants built in the united states. it's happening bigly. we had whirlpool up yesterday. talking about big construction facilities and it is not the construction i want. that brings jobs but it's the long-term jobs we're looking for. we're bringing manufacturing back to the united states. reducing taxes substantially and reducing unnecessary regulations. we want regulations but we want real regulations that mean something. mark and i were together yesterday and i think we understand that. we are going to make the process much more simple for the auto companies and everybody else that wants to do business in the united states. i think you'll find this to be from very inhospitable.
6:28 am
i think we'll go down as one of the most friendly countries. i have friends who want to build in the united states and they can't get an environmental permit over something no one heard of before. it's crazy. i am an environmentalist, i believe in it. but it is out of control and we are going to make a very short process. and we will either give you your permits or not and generally speaking we'll be giving you permits. we'll be very friendly. it is an honor to be with you today. and maybe we will start with mark because we got to know each other pretty well yesterday. would you have any -- excuse me? would you like to say a little? you aren't supposed to ask questions.
6:29 am
[[inaudible] [laughter] >> there is always one, jonathan, right? gotta be one. >> bill: i didn't catch the joke there. apparently everyone in the room did. that's mark the ceo of ford motor company who has been camped out at the white house the past couple of days. we want to drop in and share with you what we are getting what we call the pool feed at the white house right now. 9:29 now in new york. >> on the fundamental question of whether he is qualified to be secretary of state i believe he is. he has a proven record of managing a large and complex organization and has extensive experience in international commerce. >> shannon: marco rubio on board as rex tillerson clears the first hurdle in his bid to become the secretary of state.
6:30 am
lawmakers still raising concerns about the former exxon ceo's ties to russia. let's bring in john bolton, senior fellow at the american institute. there will be a lot to tillerson should he be confirmed. he will face a lot of questions regarding russia, where we move forward in that relationship. there is talk from the white house about possibly rolling back sanctions. on capitol hill they aren't only talking about blocking that but talking about adding new sanctions. here is a little bit of what senators from both sides of the aisle are saying about that. >> i think they will vote additional sanctions of russia. this will be the biggest conflict between the congress and president. >> we repeal sanctions it tells russia to do bad things, it tells china, iran, that would be terrible. this legislation i hope will get bipartisan support. >> shannon: where do you think he goes in leading the state
6:31 am
department on this issue of russia? >> how to deal with russia is one of the top priorities they have to face. the fact is that russia has engaged and still to this day engaging in unacceptable behavior using military force on the continent of europe. something we said we'd never permit again. changing international boundaries and threatening numerous other countries that it's not already in like ukraine and georgia. i think the sanctions should be increased. i think the obama administration has left a mess behind it. weak and feckless response and a complete lack of leadership in europe where let's be honest, support for economic sanctions is collapsing and may disappear in france entirely after this year's presidential election. it is not going to be easy but i think putin is testing the new administration and wants to see if it will be as weak or weaker than the obama
6:32 am
administration or whether it will stand up to russia's unacceptable behavior. >> shannon: i want to ask you about this move of the embassy to jerusalem. it seemed like it was a done deal. do you think it gets done? >> the president said he was going to do it. i think moving the embassy would distinguish him from all prior politicians who have said the same thing. i read the newspapers, too and see maybe it's not a done deal. >> shannon: seems like it is potentially in the early stages, they say, sean spicer says, of getting done and moving forward. always good to see you. >> bill: we have a new c.i.a. director, it's official. what does mike pompeo mean for the president's relationship with the intel community and more? former state department spokeswoman marie harf is next live in washington
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> bill: we're learning overnight earlier today president obama quietly released more than $200 million
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in federal money to the palestinian authority only hours before leaving office on friday. that money was despite a hold placed on it by some members of congress. marie harf former state department spokeswoman and a fox news contributor. how did that happen? good morning to you, marie, welcome to the family here at fox. great to have you. thank you for your time. let's talk about the money. why in the final hours do you give up $200 million of taxpayer money? >> well, this is actually money that the israelis have traditionally supported us giving to the palestinians because it goes towards things like security reform and making sure the palestinian authority doesn't collapse and that's actually in israel's security interest. look, in the grand scheme of things this $221 million isn't all that much compared to the $3.8 billion memorandum we signed with israel. but it is important because >> bill: that goes back to 1979.
6:37 am
and egypt gets a similar amount. >> the 3.8 billion is a new memorandum of understanding for the next 10 years. it is looking forward. it guarantees a set level of funding for the israelis and we felt that was very important to sign under the obama administration to make sure the israelis knew they were going to keep getting support from us. >> it seems like he slides this under the table before you walk out the door. can president trump reverse this or would you expect him to? does he have the power to do that? >> well, this is part of quite frankly decades of support to the palestinian authority that again the israelis think is a good thing to do because if we don't help the palestinian authority maintain stability, that's actually really bad for israel's security. so actually i don't think this will be something that will be reversed. you know, a couple members of congress had a hold on it. that is not unusual for political holds to be put on and not unusual for administrations to reverse
6:38 am
those. >> bill: let's see what president trump does. james comey, kathryn -- he will be held over on the f.b.i. >> there has been a lot said about him in the last two months. it is a position that stays from administration to administration. we were disturbed -- a lot of us were disturbed by the actions he took during the previous administration and i think we've seen deep concern about republicans and democrats about the extraordinary steps he took to insert himself into the political campaign. >> bill: you think he screwed up. >> i absolutely do. i think a lot of the american people do. >> bill: president trump apparently feels otherwise. do you believe he can still be an effective leader of the f.b.i. given all the incoming that was directed at his way over the past six months? >> i think it really remains to be seen. he has a lot of work to do to
6:39 am
repair his reputation i think within the f.b.i., but also with the american people. look, he is the director of the f.b.i., not just for the republican party or trump supporters but for everyone. he took a huge blow to his credibility because of the way he really inserted himself in this election. in a really partisan way. >> bill: --- >> he has work to do. it's on him to rebuild the trust of the f.b.i. i've heard from a lot of my friends who work there they are disturbed by what he did. he has to start internally rebuild that trust and we'll see how he does. >> bill: we'll see how he does. he has a big job. mike pompeo has a big job at the c.i.a. rex tillerson appears that he will be approved. what is he up against at the department of state where you just left, marie? >> well, i think the rex tillerson has some challenges
6:40 am
going in. first his ties to russia. and how close he has been to vladimir putin but i think people understand that was really a business relationship. so we'll wait and see and hopefully he will put american interests before russian interests. >> bill: so many of the decisions he made were based on business, right? >> we'll see how he transitions to being a diplomat where it isn't all about business. the career plats at the state department who i was lucky to work with are looking for a secretary engaged in diplomacy around the world and wants to promote american values and interest not run the state department like a business. i think people are concerned after his confirmation hearing he didn't seem particularly well vest versed in many foreign policy topics or didn't focus on things like human rights or other things. >> bill: you don't get graham and mccain and rubio to come to your cause.
6:41 am
as you look back at your time in the obama administration. how big a mistake was it to allow the syrian war to fester for the years that it did? >> i think it's the issue that those of us who worked in the administration feel the strongest about that if there was something we could have done to change the outcome, we would have. i heard john kerry say a number of times it wasn't a u.s. failure, it was a global failure. there was not the one thing we could have done to change the outcome. the entire world has failed here. but i am confident that we did everything we could. >> bill: we carry the biggest stick, marie. >> we did everything we could to push on the diplomatic side. my boss spent countless hours with not a ton of leverage trying to push the parties to a diplomatic solution and i think ultimately when we get a diplomatic solution it will look quite a bit like what we tried to push. i believe that. >> bill: you are satisfied with the amount of effort put forward to end that war?
6:42 am
>> i am satisfied by the amount of effort particularly that john kerry put forward to try to end the war diplomatically. i think there are a number of things militarily with force that maybe could have been done earlier and more of. i think that's a debate that will continue and we'll see what president trump done. what i was doing on the diplomatic side i can assure you there was not one effort we did not pursue to end this war. >> bill: thanks for your time today. looking forward to more conversations with you. welcome to the family. marie harf, former state department spokeswoman now working for us here. >> shannon: i would guess we'll get twitter traffic on folks who don't see it the same way. >> bill: a little bit. >> shannon: a state of the state address takes a frightening turn. minnesota governor mark dayton collapsed during his speech. we'll tell you about his condition this morning and the trump administration trying to put the reset button with the
6:43 am
media. will the relationship with journalists begin to shift? >> those same exact people have a vested interest in seeing donald trump fail. he knows it, you know it, and i know it. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪
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>> every time you're being told no, we don't think he can do that. he'll never accomplish that. the narrative is always negative and it is demoralizing. >> shannon: white house press secretary pushing for the media to give president trump a chance. after reince priebus told fox news sunday chris wallace the media has an obsession with delegitimizing the president. let's talk about it with robert wolf and rich lowry.
6:47 am
welcome. robert, fair characterization that is media is always looking for the negative with trump? >> i think they had a tough weekend. i would say saturday they probably like to have a mulligan and i think when you have #alternative facts as the most viral hashtag of the weekend a do over is needed. i do think he had a very good day yesterday, sean spicer, because they had real depth and breadth to based on what the executive actions were to come and things like that. they had a tough weekend. >> shannon: rich, you can't give them anything that leads to an unforced error, don't give them any material. >> on saturday all sean spicer had to do "time" magazine said the mlk bust was removed from
6:48 am
the oval office. they have been entirely hostile to trump from the beginning. i can see why he would vent his frustration, but also my rule here don't complain, don't explain, go on. every day three yards and a cloud of dust. talk about your meeting with business leaders, talk about your meetings with the union guys, focus on the substance. the ultimate revenge for trump is success. >> shannon: a bit of what bill o'rielly had to say about how the media the treating president trump and president obama and what their interest in the whole thing is. >> talking points see it clearly. many in the media had a vested interest in seeing president obama succeed and those same exact people have a vested interest in seeing donald trump fail. he knows it, you know it, and i know it. the only reason to compare crowds at the inauguration, the only reason, was to embarrass
6:49 am
donald trump. everyone knows washington, d.c. are democrat strongholds, come on. >> shannon: robert, being fair? >> i would say president trump should have been very clear. i'm president to 300 million plus people. >> shannon: he has said that. >> i think that's one. secondly, he doesn't need to take the bait. he is a counter puncher and i think that's how he has run for 18 months. his candidacy ran on punching back and he doesn't need to punch back. i would agree with rich, he should just stay with the substance. stay on message of the things he did yesterday with his executive actions. when you get in punch and counter punch the media will keep playing that. >> shannon: will he change at this point seven decades of working for him and being very successful and people responding to it, why change now? >> you are in a different role as president of the united states. you can counter punch but you don't do it all yourself.
6:50 am
you have surrogates and kellyanne and reince priebus and all the all eyes. let them take on the burdens. the press was to mock and belittle president trump but don't take the bait. >> shannon: we'll see as we proceed. it is great to see you both. >> bill: it is a busy day. live from the hill two big events about to unfold. tom price, the hearing to be the next head of hhs, obamacare will be front and center during that conversation when that hearing gets underway and jeff sessions confirmation vote likely to happen very soon. he is likely to get approved to be the next attorney general. we're watching all of this including the meeting that's ongoing at the white house. stay tuned. back in a moment right here on "america's newsroom."
6:51 am
6:52 am
and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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6:54 am
>> shannon: a shocking moment as minnesota governor mark dayton collapses while delivering his state of the state address. the 69-year-old governor has been speaking for more than 40 minutes when he began slurring words. he is now recovered and scheduled to deliver his budget proposal this morning. >> bill: i bet he wants a redo after that. >> shannon: everybody rushed into action. >> bill: our best to him and his health. get better soon. fox news learning that swedish authorities may be moving closer on a decision whor not to indict wikileaks founder julian assange on rape allegations. what did you find out, greg?
6:55 am
>> probably the most important thing we found out from our time on the ground there, that's right. 6 1/2 year long legal saga could be closer to an end. swedish prosecution authority telling us that following their interrogation in november of wikileaks founder julian assange and exile they're zeroing in on either indicting him for rape or letting it drop from an incident in stockholm in august 2010. everybody says all of this should have happened earlier. take a listen. >> absolutely most correctly would have been to have him arrested at once. >> not to safe he was accused but just to talk to him. >> just as a suspect. >> bill: some say, however, this could be a charge. they point to the serious nature of sexual assault cases
6:56 am
taken in sweden. a lot of time invested and maybe wasted. >> bill: how does it tie into his statement. last week that he would go to the u.s. after the granting of clemency to chelsea manning. how does that work now, greg? >> it is all interrelated. last week it seemed that, in fact, assange might make good on his pledge to go to the u.s. following that manning clemency but in a social media press conference later in the week he added so many qualifiers to it. he might have been offering to go to the wrong country. we found no extradition order to the u.s. we found there is nothing publicly in the west regarding charges. we found on extradition order to sweden and charges being investigated there. we'll have a full report on all this tonight. >> bill: not settled yet. >> shannon: new developments happening in washington congressman tom price goes
6:57 am
before lawmakers over president trump's plans to appeal obamacare and a senate committee will vote on jeff sessions' bid to be attorney general. that and more at the top of the hour. stay with us. broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped the bears with homeowners insurance. they were able to replace all their items... ...including a new chair from crate and barrel. call geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowners insurance. there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. and better than that diabetes pill i used to take. (jeff) victoza® works with your body >> shannon: we'll want to take you live to house speaker paul ryan talking about the confirmation battle over congressman tom price who is a doctor to head up hhs. let's listen in. >> i'm inviting president trump to address a joint session of congress on february 28th. this will be an opportunity for the people and their representatives to hear directly from our new president about his vision and our shared agenda. this is an ambitious agenda and rightly so. for too long washingt has been too timid about addressing the big challenges facing our country. we want this to be a bold
6:59 am
government. we want this to be a government of action. we want this to be a government of solutions and a government unified not just by party but by a commitment to restore self-government and to get our country back on track. so we look forward to welcoming the president to the capitol next week. -- next month. >> you know what he meant. he said the date earlier. this is only the second time since world war two -- i mean only two other times since world war ii have republicans had the house and senate majority and the presidency. i believe yesterday was the right start where the president invited the house, the senate republicans and democrats together. it was a start to build the relationship. we talked about the challenges. we talked about the failing
7:00 am
system of obamacare. people talked about do you just allow the system to fail? no, the american people, you have to give them relief. you have to give them a rescue and something much better. you have to have growth for tax reform and we also talked about infrastructure. i think it was a very good start on a first day. we weren't the only individuals down at the white house. he had business leaders, he had union leaders. i think that's what you will see from this administration, bringing others in all across america to have different voices collaborating together to find a solution at the end of the day. it was a very good first start. inside the house we're beginning to work, one you look at all the regulations that the past administration passed. a lot of people haven't written about it. since the day of the election, the obama administration had added -- issued 38 major rules
7:01 am
that includes over 41 billion dollars in regulatory cost. come january 30th, congressional review acts will be privileged. you will see starting january 30th two weeks on a number of bills continuing to move to bring relief to the american public and business when it comes to regulatory reform. >> it was encouraging to see president trump going to work to fulfill the promises he made to the american people when he was elected to protect american jobs, to focus on getting people back to work in this country. to focus on protecting life. one of our most fundamental frameworks of our constitution and the founding of our nation. encouraging to see the president start restoring our national security and our strength in the world. so when you look at what he has already done just here as we start day five of the president trump administration, he has already gotten to work to go
7:02 am
and fight for the american people and be their voice and it is refreshing to see somebody actually fulfilling the promises that they made. when you look at what we'll be doing on the house floor today, making permanent the hyde amendment, a bill by chris smith. something that so many of us have fought for. if you go back and look for the 40 years plus that the hyde amendment has been in place, peer review studies showed that two million american lives have been saved by the hyde amendment. and so making it permanent is not just important for the moral fabric of our country, but you'll see millions more lives saved by us taking this important action. and i want to applaud president trump for reinstating the mexico city policy. whether americans are pro-life or pro-choice, independent studies show about 80% of americans think it's wrong to use taxpayer money to promote abortion around the world. so i thought that was an
7:03 am
important step that president trump took again already within his first few days to protect life, to protect jobs, and to fulfill the promises that the american people elected him to carry through on. >> mimi walter just said it. an inauguration is a time of new beginnings, a time to cherish the peaceful transfer of power, and the fresh start that comes with it. and with the unified republican government we have a chance. we have a moment to rethink the way things are done in d.c. to be hopeful, to be optimistic, and to look forward, not backward. the republicans are about hitting the ground running. whether it's the aggressive schedule we have over the next few weeks or month or even the aggressive schedule we have for the retreat later on this week in philadelphia, very proud that the republicans are coming together, house and senate. it is the third year in a row
7:04 am
that we're having a joint retreat. we are doing the hard work of collaborating, coordinating, putting our ideas into motion whether it's on healthcare, tax reform, or reining in top-down government. i believe it is important we hold these retreats because at the end of the day it does come down to teamwork and few people know this better than former army major scotty smiley. he is a hometown hero from eastern washington and i'm proud to say he will be joining us at the retreat this year. he was blinded by a suicide bomber in iraq. and when i learned about his story, i thought you know, we need to have him come to the retreat and help inspire us as we head to philadelphia. even through his tragedy and life-changing story, he is making a huge impact on this world. i think about his determination, his vision of service before self. and it is something we all need to hear and we need to get to
7:05 am
work on restoring the people's voice in this government. >> anybody have any questions? >> i want to ask you about the president's infrastructure priorities and what type of package you would be comfortable with at all. when you met with him last night he again asserted he would have won the popular vote if it weren't for 3 to 5 million illegal votes. do it trouble you he continues to hold a belief like this that isn't based in fact? >> i've commented on. that i've seen no evidence to that effect and made it very clear. on the infrastructure question this is something we'll figure out in our spring budget. we'll have to carve out the fiscal space necessary for the infrastructure package. we discussed that last night for the first 100 days and the infrastructure will be part of that. the fiscal space in the spring budget. we don't know the answer to that question yet.
7:06 am
our goal is to leverage as much as possible. our goal is to leverage not just roads and bridges and pipelines and faa reauthorization and so many other things. infrastructure involves many different aspects that create jobs and want to be as expansive as we can with regard to infrastructure. >> do you -- >> i am a policy guy. >> yesterday the president told business leaders that he had send -- [inaudible]. it isn't very clear what would be the defining line there. they would face a 35% border tax he called it for importing goods into the united states. what is your feeling about that? >> there is a difference between a riff and border taxes. i don't know if you're getting the phrase correct.
7:07 am
we believe that comprehensive tax reform is going to solve this problem in many ways. so as a former chairman of the ways and means committee i can clearly tell you the current tax system we have encourages businesses to go overseas and to leave america and outsource. we want businesses to locate in america. right now the tax system says move overseas and reimport back into america. we want to get away from that and we do believe that a border tax on the border, which is what all our competitors do. don't forget the fact that most of the other countries in the industrial nations remove the place on their exports and place it on imports. we do the opposite. tax our exports and don't tax imports. all we're doing is putting
7:08 am
ourselves at a more competitive playing field so american businesses and jobs can compete. if we as american workers and businesses are putting ourselves on a level competitive playing field we'll do great. and that is not what our current tax system is today. now, tariffs are different than border taxes. tariffs are something the president has unilateral authority. in congress we have tax reform. we want tax reform that works for american businesses and jobs and i can't tell you how many hearings we've had at ways and means where we see all these businesses leaving the country and we lost our biggest company in wisconsin, johnson controls is an irish company, miller is an -- they're a belgian company. we're losing our seed corn and we have to fix the tax system that is pushing jobs and businesses overseas and this is something we think is clearly going to get our system reset
7:09 am
so that american jobs and american businesses and american companies stay in this country and produce more economic growth and jobs. [inaudible question] >> we've been working -- that's been our blueprint and we're working off the blueprint in the house and it is -- that blueprint is revenue neutral and that's what we're working on. thank you. >> bill: quite a bit there. perhaps the major headline february 28th circle it on your calendar. joint session of congress, president trump will be on the hill. similar to a state of the union address only technically they don't call it that. end of february on that one. tax reform, speaker ryan pushing that hard. kevin mccarthy with us last hour saying the same thing. the economic engine you need to
7:10 am
get things going in the u.s. tom price right now his confirmation hearing continues on the hill. dianne feinstein now taking her turn to question tom price and a lot of it comes down to obamacare, how he would change it and repeal and replace. in the meantime jeff sessions, who will in all likelihood be the next attorney general his confirmation hearing continues and we believe there will be a committee vote any moment now. we are keeping an eye on all that for you at 10 minutes past the hour. >> shannon: the other big story this morning president trump expected to sign executive orders to push forward construction of the keystone and dakota access pipelines as the president focuses this week primarily on the economy. this morning he is meeting with leaders of the auto industry hoping to spark job creation. the president says his actions are designed to improve the standing of the american worker. >> we have a very big push on to have auto plants and other plants, many other plants.
7:11 am
you aren't being singled out, believe me, i promise. a lot of plants from a lot of different items built in the united states. and it is happening. it is happening bigly and we have whirlpool up yesterday, talking about big construction facilities. and it's not the construction i want, although that brings jobsing it's the long-term jobs we're looking for. we're bringing manufacturing back to the united states big league. reducing taxes very substantially and we're reducing unnecessary regulations. we want regulations, but we want real regulations that mean something. mark and i were together yesterday and i think we understand that. we will make the process much more simple for the auto companies and everybody else that wants to do business in the united states. you'll find us to be from very inhospitable to extremely hospitable.
7:12 am
steve, how smart for him to start with these two groups yesterday and day. he is in his element talking about these things. >> he does. as byron pointed out last hour it is a good political move. he is courting democrats and democratic constituents and getting positive comments from union leaders. the bigger question we saw it framed out in the last three minutes. paul ryan on the one hand wanting to use the legislative process to incentivize american companies to do business here, the positive approach. donald trump wanting to use executive action to punish companies who don't stay here. two very different approaches. we'll see it hammered out in the coming weeks as they figure out exactly what they'll do. >> shannon: we saw speaker ryan taking a lot of questions about that border tax and the gop will have to figure that out as well. i want to ask you about th news it sounds like f.b.i. director james coy is goin to stay through his current
7:13 am
>> it sounds li he is going the stay. president trump made the decision to ask him to stay. it was howls of protest from democrats who believe he weighed in some on the scales for donald trump at the end of the election by announcing he was revisiting the investigation on hillary clinton. >> shannon: steve hayes, great to see you, thank you. >> bill: there is a brand-new team in charge of the white house. a brand-new staff to keep the wheels turning. what it takes to get a presidency up and running on day one. karl rove did it. he has been there and he is our guest live next.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
>> shannon: we want to begin now live to the white house where a number of leaders from the auto industry here in the u.s. are speaking after their meeting with president trump. let's listen in. >> improve the environment and improve safety and improve the jobs creation and the competitiveness of manufacturing. we're looking forward to all the elements marked talked about to be able to do that. >> can you give us specifics? >> do you have any concerns about him tweeting you and challenging you? >> shannon: you've been listening to a snippet or two from auto leaders who met with the president today. he talked about scaling back regulations while also protecting the environment and balancing those interests. we can employ americans and create jobs. >> bill: i think that's how we define a snippet. we got the very end there.
7:18 am
here we go. frenzy of activity on the first day of the trump administration. president trump and team putting together a whole new operation here including a huge staff just inside the white house. karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. good morning, karl. you were there, you did it. there is so much going on in the past 36 hours. why don't we -- let's start from 35,000 feet. you score it, grade it, what do you think they've done well and what do you think he has done well and we'll get into other things there. >> i want to correct you, it is not a gigantic staff inside the white house. 70 people work in the west wing and 400 some odd. 550 people working what is called the executive office of the president for the responsibilities the president has not a lot of people. so what you want to do is look, you come into office, it is your first workday. what is it that you want to say to the american people? you have to think about five or
7:19 am
six baskets, if you will. first basket was executive orders. he reinstituted the mexico city policy that says u.s. tax dollars won't pay for abortions abroad. and freezing government hiring except for the military. those were smart moves. the second is take actions. he withdrew from the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement. appointed the new chief for the fcc, a quick move and a good guy. he called the egyptian president and then gave a read-out to the press. he was there and involved in the things we expect presidents to do. then he had meetings. it was really interesting. business leaders where he had a carrot and stick. i'll cut taxes and regulations but if you open up operations abroad to sell into the u.s. market i'll give you a heavy tax. he met with labor and a
7:20 am
bipartisan meeting with democratic house and senate. they created news. friday the prime minister of great britain may is coming to washington and then we had an interesting moment in the communications world where sean spicer went out, held a daily brief that he does every workday but he reset the relationship after an angry saturday press briefing. he reset it with sort of a calming approach. i thought this on all of the levels was a pretty good day. and you see the results in this. this is the headline in the wall street journal. this is what you want when you have a day like yesterday, you want people to walk away with a big thing that's important to them and this is what donald trump got. >> bill: you are giving them pretty good marks so far. everything you just laid out was positive. >> on day one, which was yesterday, i gave him an a minus. the only reason i don't give
7:21 am
them an a or a plus they're dealing with the reverberations that led into it. sean spicer brought up the issue of the size of the crowds yesterday. it is frustrating to us. it is discouraging. he didn't need to say that. at the end of the day the president interjected unnecessary controversy back into it. in the meeting with the bipartisan leadership. meeting with democrats and republicans. what does he say? three million illegal votes from illegal aliens. for which there is no evidence. don't be -- be very careful with the president's credibility and don't create moments. talk to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, of course they'll mock you to the press when you say that. >> bill: we have a lot of things popping now. thank you. that's a fair and balanced observation. thank you, karl.
7:22 am
karl rove headed back to washington >> shannon: there is a big confirmation hearing right now and confirmation vote underway. tom price facing tough questions from lawmakers and the senate set to vote on another big one. his simple salae best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount,
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saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:25 am
>> bill: a woman kicked off a cross-country flight after going off on a trump supporter after the inauguration. now the video of this political rant and the aftermath has gone viral. >> she has called me names just for the thing i came to celebrate today. >> will there be a problem? >> i would like him to change seats. >> i will get somebody. you don't have that right so i will get somebody. >> just pretend you have the
7:26 am
moral high ground but you put that man's finger on the nuclear button. he doesn't believe in climate change. do you believe in gravity? did you know gravity was just a theory? >> bill: ma'am, you will have to come with me. >> no. he is in my space. >> she is causing hostilities. >> i need you to grab your things and come with me and -- >> i'm going home now. my mother-in-law, his mother, died. i'm going home. there is no way i am getting off this plane. >> bill: this went on for some
7:27 am
time. the guy stuck next to her put it on facebook. police removed the woman and her husband from that plane here. >> that will be both of us. >> we are asking you to step off the plane now, please. >> i am an american citizen. [applause] >> bill: and they lived happily
7:28 am
ever after. the trump supporter telling martha about this last night. >> it was pretty crazy, martha. you know, it escalated. there really was no escalation, she kind of just as soon as i began and sat down she asked me if i was there to cheer or protest and i said i was there to celebrate -- >> did you have a shirt on or anything that made her lay into you? >> i told her i was there to celebrate democracy and 0 to 60 in nothing. >> bill: off it went. alaska airlines defended the decision to remove the passengers. she was insulting passengers. we stand by our employees' decision to remove the disruptive passenger. >> you see the husband's face? not happy when he had to open the bin and get their stuff out. >> it looks like there was more than one camera. we got a couple different
7:29 am
angles. civility no more. it will be back someday but not today. >> shannon: soon hopefully. we're getting word that dr. ben carson has confirmed to be the hud secretary. one of many nominees who didn't get it on day one but quickly thereafter. the vote has been done. he will head up that very important cabinet position which will oversee housing and urban development. he has gotten criticism that he wasn't the best qualified for that. he pointed out his life story and said he is the man for the job and the senate is convinced as well. >> bill: is building the wall one of president trump's main priorities now? we'll take you to the border to see where things stand today. >> shannon: did the trp administration hit the reset button with the media? will the relationship follow a brand-new flowery, beautiful big league chorus.
7:30 am
>> there is an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president and we aren't going to sit around and let it happen.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> shannon: we'll take you now to capitol hill to listen in. lawmakers on the senate finance committee are holding a confirmation hearing for health and human services nominee tom price, a doctor and congressman. one of several hearings underway this morning. mike emanuel is a very busy man live on capitol hill. we'll start there with that hearing. what are the expectations, mike, for dr. price today? >> well, shannon, it is likely to get testy as democrats would love to derail his nomination to lead health and human services. as you mentioned, he is an orthopedic surgeon and served 12 years in congress and republicans see him as a key figure in an effort to replace obamacare. he offered a lot of republican conservative ideas in terms of the future of healthcare, big
7:34 am
picture top republicans are expressing frustration feeling like democrats are dragging their feet on confirming the trump cabinet. >> now is whether we have the courage to begin binding our national wounds. if we can fight about the things that divide us forever or can we take a moment to finally move forward as one country? one way to begin moving forward is by proceeding with confirmations without delay. >> already in the hearing behind me chairman orrin hatch talked about the level of rancor in the senate and damage being done to the senate as an institution with all the partisanship so far. >> shannon: how are democrats defend against stalling? they're stalling here and on other critical nominations as well. >> they're noting there are questions about some of the trump nominees and so they say they are looking into the questions about them. for example, there are already
7:35 am
questions about dr. tom price's investments. expect more questions about that later today. they're doing their job is what they say. >> the evidence continues to mount that our republican friends are trying to ram through the president's cabinet nominations without a fair and complete vetting process. totally different, i would say to my good friend the majority leader, than what happened when president obama took office. >> we've seen some frustration between republicans and democrats, some tempers flaring with people like chuck schumer and republican senators feeling like he is stalling. bottom line, it is not the typical cluby senate these days. >> shannon: you're keeping us up to date on every twist and turn. thank you. mike emanuel on the hill. >> the best thing we can do moving forward is try to have a respectful relationship with the free and honest press.
7:36 am
there are some descriptors have to apply. i thought sean spicer delivered a tour deforce performance yesterday. >> bill: what is the relationship? yesterday's briefing different than his first appearance on saturday. howard kurtz, good day to you. for the record the day after the election i believe i stated that you will be the busiest guy over the next four years. that prediction was true. i don't think you would disagree. >> when you had your special edition in washington shannon asked if there would be a truce to the press and a couple hours later trump said he was at war with the media and spicer delivered his blistering message to media. >> bill: if the new administration is at war with the media as president trump put it, this was a brief truce, go. >> the question is will it last.
7:37 am
sean spicer had a very solid at his first official briefing yesterday and the press was pretty well-behaved as well. i had the sense of both sides dialing it down. i've learned during the campaign it's always dangerous to declare a truce with the media in trump world. inevitably a few days or week will go by or there will be another story or media narrative that this president considers to be wrong, unfair. he will take a shot and things escalate. i start to think it's a permanent feature of his presidency. >> bill: you might be right. >> there is this constant theme to undercut the enormous support he has. it is unbelievably frustrating when you are continually told it is not big enough, not good enough, you can't win. >> bill: so you phrase that approach as a brushback. kind of like in baseball when a
7:38 am
pitcher is trying to move the batter off the batter box out of the strike zone, rather. go ahead and explain that metaphor for how it applies to what we're seeing so far, howard. >> what spicer is saying the press talks a lot about holding president trump accountable. he says we'll hold you accountable when you get something wrong and we'll push back hard. president trump has a twitter account and knows how to use it. some of this is built up resentment from the campaign where the press wrote off candidate donald trump and they feel it. he had a good day yesterday. he met with labor leaders, bipartisan leadership on the hill but repeated the business about millions voted illegally in the election. something he can't prove. "the new york times" puts up headlines it's a lie, falsehood.
7:39 am
may be it's untrue. it's a loaded word in journalism that we haven't applied to other presidents. i would like to see a more constructive relationship. there is something baked into the cake here, bill, where there is a lot of hostility, i think, in the media toward this new president and he and spicer and kellyanne. >> bill: you conclude by saying it will be a rocky ride. you don't expect at any point it will level out and that it's measured in its tone, that it will go up and down for the next four years? >> it might level out. president trump might decide he doesn't have to respond to every story he thinks is unfair. he may pick his spots more carefully. that would be a good thing. at the same time i just think that the normal adversarial relationship between press and president with this president and the way he got elected by taking on the media and calling out news organizations by name
7:40 am
he won't give it up. his base loves it. our credibility is loand i expect the rollercoaster to contin. >> bi: 'll see you in new york very soon. thank you, howard. 20 minutes before the hour. >> shannon: as we just mentioned health secretary nominee tom price's confirmation hearing is underway right now as the trump administration pushes to fill out its cabinet. so far just a handful have been confirmed. are democrats really dragging their feet? sn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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7:43 am
>> bill: terrifying moments in tucson, arizona. small plane skidding off the runway there. >> oh my god. oh my god! >> bill: that plane was trying to take off and veered off a runway and veered into a parking garage. two people inside the plane were killed and at the moment the faa is investigating how that happened. tucson, arizona.
7:44 am
>> shannon: a look now at the confirmation for health secretary nominee tom price. one of several underway today. it may be some time before president trump has a full cabinet confirmed. both energy secretary nominee rick perry and ryan zinke have been delayed. talk about it with david goodfriend. and ed martin. good to see you both. david, what's the deal here? the senators, they know the math, they know the magic number of 51. is the deal to bruise these people or discredit them so even if they get past the threshold it is more of this delegitimizing the trump administration? >> republicans control the chairmanships of any committee. if the republicans wanted oh
7:45 am
call a vote now. it was a republican chairman in each case who withdrew that vote. what do they know that you and i don't know? is it possible they found something in the ethical history of these candidates that they think will be a problem? >> shannon: there is no evidence to that suggestion. maybe it's just they're trying to play nicely with their colleagues. >> why did they delay the vote? democrats don't have that influence. the republican chairmen do. ask them. >> shannon: they have the ability to hold things up. we want to show you a little of what went down. as steve hayes talked with us about yesterday they believe the republicans did they had a deal with senate minority leader chuck schumer and it evaporated at some point. things got heated by schumer and senator tom cotton of arkansas republican. you can see them on the senate floor in a heated discussion. it had to be removed outside. tom cotton was talking about the fact that president obama
7:46 am
had a number of his nominees settled in on day one and voted on an schumer said you don't know what was happening eight years ago and led senator tom cotton to say something that we might [bleep] a little bit but eight years ago i was getting my blank shot off in afghanistan. don't talk to mel about where i was eight years ago. not necessarily congenial. >> this is the problem for the democrats. they don't have really a plan. they're disorganized and playing by the seat of their pants and david is right. they can't block these but what the republicans are doing is playing nice, letting them delay it a little bit. let's be clear, this is the warm-up for a supreme court nominee coming in two or three weeks. what republicans are also doing. i would watch closely. mitch mcconnell, his leadership is showing orrin hatch and some of the old timers we'll have to change the rules on the filibuster for the supreme court. these people are unreasonable.
7:47 am
i want to point out the important thing is donald trump has sent to each of those cabinets people to run things. senior advisors running things. so the delay is superficial, silly and they are looking to try to start a fight. it is a losing strategy and i think everybody can see it and feel it and probably plays into trump's hand because he would rather have this discussion about otherwise good and qualified men and women rather than let the democrats try to come up with substantive arguments. >> shannon: david, you know that harry reid when he was the senate majority leader changed the rules and invoked the nuclear option for everything. these are 51-vote thresholds except for the supreme court that ed referred to. we'll get a nominee soon. schumer said if we don't like the nominee we'll keep it open. mcconnell said that person will get confirmed. both parties know there are ethic seismic ripple effects
7:48 am
and consequences to doing that with the supreme court. do you think it will get pushed that far? >> mitch mcconnell wrote a letter eight years ago to then senate majority leader harry reed. he said i would like you to live by these guidelines. complete all ethical reviews of nominees before the senate votes on them and he listed a couple others. schumer took that letter, crossed out the name of reid and sent it to mitch mcconnell. he said live by your own guidelines. he is not. mcconnell wants to delay things in the minority and have things move when he is in the majority. mitch mcconnell can make any changes he wants in a vote. i happen to think you have senators like the senator from colorado who is a republican who is up in this cycle. colorado went to hillary clinton and had huge protests on the women's protest day last
7:49 am
weekend. he has to worry whether or not he plays directly into that and risks losing his seat. you have a couple republicans in that posture now and that's where the rubber hits the road. what are those republicans who are up for reelection going to do when they lost the popular vote? >> shannon: final word, ed. >> the fact is this.was about j scalia's seat. the public understands these delays by the democrats are dumb and not making sense and what will happen is they'll break the filibuster if they have to. scalia was at the center of the election. they'll live with the consequences. it is too important. that's where we're headed. >> shannon: nice to have a conversation with you today. >> bill: in a moment get you back to the white house and keep it on capitol hill and let you know what's moving there and overseas, a suggestion that the unitedstates under a trump administration would be in favor of moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to
7:50 am
jerusalem. according to yesterday, not so fast. details on that at the top of the hour.
7:51 am
and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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7:53 am
>> shannon: coming up at the top of the hour we're covering the nomination hearing for tom price to head the health and human services department. we learn more details from republicans to do to replace the obamacare. president trump wants to fulfill one of his campaign promises and at the top of the hour we'll see you then. >> shannon: breaking news today out of washington there is so much but this is about the supreme court. we're waiting now on a nominee from president trump. we understand today i've just confirmed he will meet with a number of leaders on capitol hill that will be critical in that process. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and from the senate
7:54 am
judiciary committee grassley and democrats and chuck schumer important in that and also from the judiciary committee and dianne feinstein. we'll have a name soon. >> bill: in is your job and what you covered, the supreme court in washington do they get together and talk about the process, the schedule, how they move forward? would they get together and talk about the possibility of names and potential nominees? >> shannon: i don't think in this meeting today. they might discuss -- there are four or five federal judges it's whittled down to. this is more about the process. we just talked about it could get ugly. >> bill: they have to figure out the timing on the calendar based on everything else going on. a name came forward last night. who is that? >> shannon: judge neil gortich.
7:55 am
highly regarded in conservative circles. he is 49. that's young in supreme court years. i think he would be a nominee who would be there for decades to come. >> bill: did you anticipate that name? >> shannon: he was on my short list. >> bill: who else is possible then? if i may press you? >> shannon: a handful of other federal judges. bill pryor, judge hardman. these are all federal court judges. some have had tougher fights than others but one they understand. >> bill: i find that the process for folks like me and a lot of our viewers, frankly, we don't know about these people until their name is made public and all of a sudden we know everything about this person. what did president trump as a candidate suggest that was his litmus test or qualifications that he was trying to meet in order for a nominee went forward? >> shannon: he doesn't want any weakness and references
7:56 am
clarence thomas who ofp stands alone and not swayed by others. he is looking for that in his next nominee. >> bill: so listen, stay tuned for that and when there is news on that and tom price and others we'll bring it to you and some moments you might not have seen from auguration day. they'll share their images. that's nex ven sad. first the stroke, now this. ven sad. so we asked my doctor. he told us about pseudobulbar affect, or pba. it's frequent, uncontrollable crying or laughing that doesn't match how you feel. it can happen with certain neurologic conditions like stroke, dementia, or ms. he prescribed nuedexta, the only fda-approved treatment for pba. tell your doctor about medicines you take. some can't be taken with nuedexta. nuedexta is not for people with certain heart conditions. serious side effects may occur. life-threatening allergic reactions
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8:00 am
$667,000 and they were there in d.c. last week. >> my video didn't make it because he's in charge of it. >> you don't have one? >> i do. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jenna: a fox news alert, president trump is set to sign an executive order on moving the keystone and dakota access pipeline forward, that is some brand-new headline today but hello, and welcome to "happening now" everybody. >> jon: senate committees also approving the nominations of dr. ben carson to be hud secretary, elaine chao of transportation, and wilbur ross of comer secretary, moving him closer to confirmation. more hearings are underway for tom price, the president's nominee to be health and human services secretary. congressman mick mulvaney for budget director, and linda mcmahon to lead the small business administration. president trump will sit on this afternoon with his brand-new cia


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