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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 24, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> jenna: day two and another busy day, capitol hill and the white house, a lot to watch. we will see you back here in an hour. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert, there is a new sheriff in the white house briefing room, as we await today's news conference, press secretary sean spicer is shaking up the way these briefings are normally done. and tearing into the media for what he calls their attempt to "undermine" the new president. this is "outnumbered," i'm meghan mccain. here today is harris faulkner, cohost of "after the bell, -- julie roginsky, and today's nazi, the former senior advisor to david cameron, steve hilton. >> steve: i know i'm in trouble, because they fool me. >> you look fabulous. >> on inauguration day i wear a
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suit and tie. >> did you wear your trainers? >> steve: know, were smart shoes. >> is a post today, which is not a special day with us. >> we have you here for what's in here, not what you put on your head. >> harris: we've got a lot going on. >> meghan: we've got to get sardi, a big news day, the white house press secretary will soon be facing questions from reporters, day after pushing back at what he said was negative coverage of the trump administration. sean spicer is sliming what he says it is a media narrative aimed at undercutting president trump. >> it's not about a crowd size, it's about this constant he's not going to run, and then if he runs he's going to drop out. there's this constant attempt to undermine his credibility and the movement he represents, and it's frustrating. part of it is a two-way street. we want to have a healthy dialogue, not just with you, but with the american people.
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the narrative is demoralizing. >> president trump's chief spokesman also shaking up the way the briefings have traditionally been done, he made mainstream media outlets like "the new york times," cnn and the associated press way to ask questions, instead he called first on outlets given short shrift like "the new york times," "the new york post," and cnn's jake tapper had this reaction. >> i don't want anyone to think that i'm complaining about this. sean spicer, the order in which he called on people, suggest that it is a new day when it comes to whom this white house considers to be priorities in terms of being called on. he definitely was trying to make a point about the media that he was going to prioritize. >> meghan: i love it so much. steve hilton, he has not tried to make a point, he is not offended by it, but it seems like some of the mainstream news outlets are getting a little shaky with his choice not to call on them first. >> steve: i did love that. i enjoyed that very much. i think sean spicer is mainly
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right about this, and i think what he is doing is mainly good. i think he is absolutely right that most of the media can't stand trump, don't understand why anybody voted for him, are angry at the people for putting him in office, and are trying to undermine what he is doing mainly. so i think that is why he is mainly right. and i think it's good that he's pushing back, because i think they are not used to that, as you sign that reaction from cnn, and i think it's good to challenge them. the reason i use the word "mainly" is that you've got to do it from a position of strength. you've got to be sure about your fax. and you have to make sure that you win any argument you have. and that is why, for example, when they push back on the story, the false story about removing the bust of martin luther king jr. from the oval office, that was a really good argument to have and fight to pick, because they were in the right, and it was clearly intended, that story was clearly intended, to discredit donald trump and to make him out to be a racist. that is what that story was all about. in spicer was correct to point that out and to get really angry
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about it. but the other argument, the other fights that they picked about the numbers in the crowd and all the rest of it, that wasn't strong ground for them, and they shouldn't have done that. that is why i say mainly right. i think of at a learned that if they are going to get into these arguments with the media, which they rightly should do in the media is being unfair about them, then they've got to win those arguments and be sure of their ground. >> i was suspicious about the fight about the size of the crowd, because to me it was so silly that i almost thought it was kind of contrived, and the argument itself, how ridiculous it was, took off the front page and took off the throngs of women that were marching around the country, and it almost took something that silly to change the nerve. whether or not that was smart, i don't know, but i think that was intentional that they were having a dumb argument to distract, here is the shiny rattle for the media to distract the media from the fact that there were throngs of women everywhere on that march. >> you make it sound like bridesmaids waiting to put the
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shiny ring on the fingerprint of that is horrible. we have to raise our game in total then come out we can't be complaining any part of the media about where we are going to sit or who is going to get called on first. that bust a situation i know you don't believe it was a mistake, but i can tell you what i do believe it was, completely unacceptable. and the fact that yes he's come out and he's apologize, you guys heard me on the couch yesterday, i'm more than a little angry that a pool reporter would let that come out. and then it got replicated. >> steve: it's is not just any other point. about redecorating, new drapes and moving the bust. no, they really meant something with that story. >> julie: to melissa's point, let's say your conspiracy theory which i think you floated yesterday, that may not be correct, it's exactly what they did. i don't know that the shiny object is them looking like fools, which is exactly what they look like when they put out incorrect facts, to steve's
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point, things that were easily disputed, three or four things that were just factually incorrect, not something that was subjective, but really objective facts that were easily disputed. so would you rather have front pages about the women's march or about the fact that you are starting your tenure off if you are sean spicer saying things from the podium to the american people which are just wrong. and so even if your theory is right -- >> i don't know if it's the best choice. in terms of the crowd size, it is so dumb to even talk about it at all, because nobody can quantify it anyway. nobody has the real quantity. >> harris: what about the idea of the skype though? >> i love it. >> it does two things, one, he really does take away the traditional, i'm going to call on the associated press first and it wipes all of that away even more so than what sean spicer did yesterday. it also is an interesting way to get the american public in, but a vented way to get the american public in. so you are skype in, but you are looking through questions, and that reporter escaping from a different place, hopefully
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surrounded by people who might have voted. it's really fascinating. that is what they want to add. >> you know what they should do? every time, and they don't need my advice, but what i would do is i would pick a newspaper from the middle part of the country, maybe even a weekly, or at least a daily that is not well read, and rotate and have whoever asked the question for that newspaper, because to your point, we always have the same people, it is always us. >> great idea. like a new wave of covering, that is what this campaign and this whole election is about. >> harris: do you remember what he said in his inauguration speech, it is not just from president to president, it is power to the people. >> steve: that is the most important line in the whole thing, and he's really got to live up to it. >> harris: are you guys ready for a little bit more breaking news on this, because the stories coming together this morning, fox news alert, controversial fbi director james comey will be staying on the job. fox news confirming
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president trump has asked james comey to continue running the government top law enforcement agency, comey came under intense scrutiny as you may know for how we can handle the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. this also keeps him at the center of the fbi's investigation into several of president trump's associates and their potential ties to the russian government. comey's 10-year term began in 2013, but the president does have the ability to fire him at any time, so he is good to go perhaps until 2023. what do you make of this? >> steve: i think it's really interesting and a little bit surprising. it's so confused, the story, about comey. because almost whatever side you are on you can choose to interpret it in a particular way. so there are some who say that he basically helped trump because of his interventions in the campaign. i would argue that he did more to help clinton then to help trump, because of his initial decision not to go ahead with the indictment. and despite presenting all the evidence that ought to be done. so you can make that argument.
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but right now, the story on comey is that as we just heard, he is investigating people close to trump, and it feeds this, i think, crazy conspiracy theory that is going around about trump being a russian agent and the ties to putin and the regime, and that comey -- >> you think it feeds this? >> steve: that is what i'm saying, that is the thing that is supposed to be going on right now, so the fact that he's letting them stay would undercut that somewhat. but it's so confused, this whole picture, i don't think anybody could really come to decision. >> harris: one thing i heard you say that i'm really intrigued by is the fact that some people are looking at it like you are, well maybe he is bipartisan-minded in terms of not party, but just idea, like he has for a person, for another person, or maybe he's complete a neutral, you think he just doesn't do his job well. just be too unsurprised by this, and again, it's one of the few things i that can really unite republicans and democrats,
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people seem to universally dislike this guy. >> meghan: i just don't trust him, they are too many leaks coming out from different places, he is not necessarily trustworthy from the american people. his interaction with trump when they met and he was like, this guy has become more famous than i am, i don't want the fbi director to be more famous than our celebrity president, i think it's bizarre. so i'm not exactly sure why donald trump is choosing to keep them, but you know i've asked for him to step down, i don't like him, i have an innate distrust of him on many different levels, and i just don't think it's good for the american public to have someone who considers our head of the fbi a celebrity. >> harris: there is this idea that there might be some people who would want to leave if he left, and this kind of quiets the notion of another agency that you then have to fight for replacing somebody and all of the people who might leave, too. it's just an argument that is out there. >> melissa: it might make sense during a time that is so transitional when you have some new people that are coming and going to keep some continuity, i guess, but in my mind he is just a chatty kathy. in an unprecedented way, he
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comes out and sends letters become public and has press conferences, the fbi, you know, i don't think of one of their key characteristics as being chatty. >> harris: my question to you, julie, is there is also this thinking that look, if hillary clinton doesn't like you, you are in. it could it be a matter of that? her campaign was so upset in september that he was going to take another look. >> julie: the republicans were upset, and the this is to melis point, and to meghan's point as well. where he's at i'm not going to indict her but here's why i should have. so republicans were fears about that. it then ten days or so before the election we are looking at huma abedin and anthony weiner into this crates a whole new firestorm and all the democrats are upset. to melissa's point, chatty cathy. if you are not indicting, i have never heard of an fbi official
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or united states attorney coming out and saying, i'm not going to indict, but, i'm not going to indict, but i'm going to tell you all these things at this person did wrong. either you are indicting or keeping your mouth shut. i agree with meghan, i think people have lost confidence in him. i think there are plenty of other people that could have that job that donald trump would be comfortable with, i think he has lost the confidence of not just people on the outside, but people within the fbi and the justice department to have said this is not how we usually conduct our investigations. you have something to report and it's called an indictment, reported. if not, -- >> meghan: they've got a leaking problem. they leak like a sieve. >> glad you're here. we've got a lot to get to. mr. trump's meeting with theresa may. >> steve: that's right.
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>> harris: chipping away at former president obama's legacy just four days and, what president trump's executive action on moving ahead with a controversial pipeline means. and a whole bunch of pipeline legislation today. the new president welcoming lawmakers from both political parties to the white house. why this move may mark a sharp departure from the previous occupant of the people's house. and there's more of us after we wrap up on tv, we pop up online, fox, tap the "overtime" tab, or you can go to facebook, we love when you do that. and tweet anytime you want to, julie, you are tweeting right now. >> julie: are not tweeting actually, i'm doing some work on the side. >> harris: will be right back.
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>> president donald trump continuing his whirlwind of activity in his fertile first week of the white house paid mr. trump signing several executive orders today to advance construction of the keystone and dakota excess oil pipelines. you may recall president obama killed the proposed keystone pipeline in late 2015, declaring it would have undercut u.s. efforts to clinch a global climate change deal that was the centerpiece of his environmental legacy. today's signing followed yesterday's three executive actions could with the stroke of his pen, president trump pulled america out of the tpp trade
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deal struck by president obama, implement it a hiring freeze for most federal agencies, and reinstated a ban on u.s. aid from any group that provides or promotes abortion overseas. so good lord, there is a new sheriff in town, dakota pipeline, keystone, what you make of this? >> steve: i think the big point on all of this, all of the things that you covered there, is that this is exactly what people voted for, it's exactly what he said he would do, and in his inaugural address, which is a time for action, and he's getting on with it. and this is what he should keep doing because this is what people want. i think if he does that, it will go a long way to restoring the lost trust and faith in politics, where for years and years, and there's not a republican or democratic thing, people have seen these politicians come and go with nothing ever happening. that is the big context. specifically on the pipeline, i think that's good news. the democrats opposition, particularly on keystone, was real gesture politics, because even if you really take seriously the arguments on climate change and think that that should be the overriding
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priority above jobs and economic impact, even then not going ahead with that pipeline wouldn't would into anything in terms of -- it would have just gone somewhere else. so i think that just being realistic and practical is exactly the way to do it. >> it actually makes it worth it worse if the pipeline doesn't go ahead, because that would go to asia. a lot of people argue it is better for the art environment i have the pipeline, because we have higher standards here in the u.s. and are actually using oil. i know a lot of people would argue against that. harris, you're just asking me about what this really means, and we had heard yesterday -- >> harris: off air i asked her. >> melissa: he wants to take the approval process away from the state department, that that was a goal of the executive order. i don't know legally how you can do it, but that was one of the talking points. >> harris: transcanada would have to reapply for the pertinent permit, because it got wiped away under obama. what's clear is what the executive order actually says. i have just reached out to
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john roberts, our white house correspondent on that, because he can hopefully give us more details as this comes together, so if i get them i will report them right away. so the big question is, does this mean if it were to go through, it got reapplied and it hit the president's desk he would sign it? or is he doing something that actually puts this more into motion. this just came out from speaker paul ryan. "thanks to president trump's executive order, the keystone pipeline in the dakota excess pipeline can finally be built. it's about time." the unfortunate reality is that these important intersection projects were used by special interest to advance their radical anti-energy agenda. he goes on and on. i'm looking for the texture that says what this order actually puts into motion. are they reapplying transcanada, what really happens next? that is what we will have to wait and see. >> julie: what is interesting about the mexico city order, not giving money to organizations, the ngos, the last time we had a president that did that,
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worldwide abortions actually skyrocketed, because what this money would go toward is not toward our money, not toward abortion, but toward education and toward the same stuff that we teach in schools, which is how to not get pregnant, how to prevent pregnancy. so when you take money away from that, guess what happens? pregnancies happen, abortions have been. so i think people who are pro-life have to think about the ramifications according to the world health organization it actually does something very contrary to what people who want to reduce abortions do, but i appreciate the nice gesture for the pro-life people by president trump. on the tpp pilot pipeline, i said for years i thought the obama administration waffled on this. how many years was it? >> harris: hillary clinton waffled, she couldn't figure out whether she was for a door against it. >> julie: what i don't understand is why take it away from the state department? they would be able to approve it presumably with him putting a stamp on it. >> harris: question for you, steve, did he start with all the things he needed to? everybody was rooting for obamacare, but are these the things that you kind of thought
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this is where he'll start? >> steve: i think they make sense, and they are things that show that he means business. and i think it's not going to stop today, it's going to be day after day like this. and i think the other really important thing is the way that he is bringing people in. and tpp, i thought one of the most interesting things, was the response from the ceo of ford motor company this morning, he had the meeting and came out of the white house and said one of the specific things he called out was i think he called it a brave move for the president to leave tpp and thought that would be good for jobs in america. so i thought it was great validation from an important employer. >> harris: interesting. >> meghan: stay tuned, there are deafly going to be a lot of angry liberal environmentalists out there. big concerns about president trump's cabinet picks facing the delays in the confirmation process. kellyanne conway says democrats are playing politics. are they? or should the president and republican share some of the blame? in another sign that things may be quite different under the new
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president, mr. trump inviting congressional leaders to the white house for a meeting. something rarely seen during mr. obama's term. will it stick, or will partisanship inevitably sneak i in?
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>> harris: some big concerns about delays surrounding president trump's cabinet choices. so far just 2 of 15 nominees have been confirmed, forcing mr. trump to begin his term with a skeleton crew confirmed. the stands in stark contrast to the obama administration on, which had most of its picks confirmed within the first two weeks of the inauguration. in fact, secretary of state nominee rex tillerson's full senate vote may not have happew until next week, and just this morning, the senate democrats delayed a vote on attorney general nominee jeff sessions for several days. interesting reasons for that which we will get into. some good news, though, mike pompeo was sworn in as cia director yesterday, technically not a cabinet position, but still a high-level spot, good
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news for the administration. earlier today, three more nominees passed committee, democrats say they need more time to properly vet some of the nominees and get through paperwork submitted late. trump's team says it's all about politics. watch. >> we would prefer some of the democrats stop playing politics with our cabinet nominees. we have nothing given the same deference in just the same share numbers at president obama and even president george w. bush had at this point in their early presidencies. they are slow walking some of these very qualified, brilliant men and women. i agree with president trump this is probably the highest iq cabinet in modern history. they are slow walking them in particularly at them. >> harris: can we just start with the senator sessions delay real quick, because we learned this morning that some democrats are saying that it could be tied to the women's marches, slowing him down. how is that possible, what happened on saturday? do you have any thoughts? >> meghan: obviously we have been watching the cabinet hearings at length, and i have
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been surprised how many politicians seem to be just sort of grandstanding for the camera. >> your surprised? >> meghan: i'm surprised at the level, the elizabeth warren, i'm going to have my moment in the media so my base of supporters know i am fighting for truth and justice. these people will probably get confirmed. i don't know if it is could occur to people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren that trump won, and there is a new rodeo and that comes with all the riders coming in to help change washington, d.c. this is all partisan politics, it is all exhausting. you can delay the inevitable but the majority will get confirmed i would bet. >> harris: does anybody remember just days into his presidency, president obama in 2009 in his first term said elections have consequences, i won. that is a quote. >> i believe he said that to my father. >> harris: wire democrats so offended now with the notion that that is what is happening? >> julie: why are republicans so offended that democrats are doing what republicans have done in the past, this is washington, this is how it operates. one side wins and the other side
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goes into opposition. then the other side that is in opposition wins in the first side goes into opposition. >> harris: is is helpful it all? senator dianne feinstein, i mention people against sessions, delivered comments today saying that she wants to request a delay on senator sessions vote linking the nominations for the weekend marches. and, you know, of course he is up for attorney general. what does that prove? what politically does that get hurt? >> julie: i didn't see her statement, but politically it gets her quite a bit. but i haven't seen her statement so i don't know the context, but i will say this, senator sessions i think has a lot of people concerned, and the fact that he said he won't recuse himself from investigations going on right now into allies of donald trump is exactly the thing that republicans were furious about when the former attorney general was forced to recuse herself into the investigations into hillary clinton when she was on the tarmac with bill clinton. so at least let's be consistent in our hypocrisy. if you're going to be upset about one, be upset about the
9:31 am
other. >> she is saying for every woman and man that march over the weekend we owe it to them to delay. >> meghan: they don't actually have to talk about the issues, it's always gotta be about who's racist, who is sexist, republicans hate women, blah, blah, blah, it's ridiculous, it's not working, it's part of why they lost, and it's dumb politics, i said this yesterday. >> melissa: is politics as usual, and when i went down for the inauguration, i looked around and this is a city that is booming. there is so much construction, there is so much money flowing around washington, and for people that came out and drove there and their minivans or whatever else to get there and to experience it, they couldn't believe how much money is being thrown in the city, financed by all the hard-working people throughout the country that are pouring it into both countries. you need to drain the swamp, get those folks out of there, they release off of themselves that while the rest of america is working and struggling, washington and politics as usual is people making themselves ric
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rich. >> steve: i think all it shows this whole thing is a circus. exactly what you said, they will be confirmed, it is going to be fine, they are just wasting everybody's time with this. it's exactly the opposite of what i said earlier about trump actually restoring confidence and politics by just getting on and doing the things he said. these people are just wasting everyone's time. >> julie: 40% is his approval, people don't have confidence in him. >> melissa: and another sign that things will be different under president trump, he summoned congressional leaders from both parties to the white house for a meeting yesterday. in an effort to build relationships and get his agenda moving. here's what the president told reporters during the meeting. >> very good, and we have a fantastic relationship with everybody at the table. it's a totally just a beautiful, beautiful relationship. >> democratic and republican lawmakers seem to agree, perhaps, with different levels of enthusiasm, take a look. >> i thought the most important
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thing about it was the openness of the president trump and building a relationship, getting people together at the very beginning, the house, the senate, the republicans, the democrats, and just having an open dialogue. >> it was not a really substantive discussion of the issues, it was more of him saying that he wants to meet with us and he wanted to work with us. we'll see. >> melissa: this stands in stark contrast to former president obama, who faced criticism from both sides for not spending enough time meeting with lawmakers and building relationships during his two terms in office. meantime, sources telling fox since the president has excepted speaker ryan's invite to address a joint session of congress next month. steve, i will start with you. you've been behind closed doors as parties try to come together and do things. is he reaching out? what is your sense and how important this is? >> steve: i think it is actually the single thing that should give people most optimism
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about what he can achieve in his administration, because it shows that the central argument for trump was here is someone who is not a politician, he is a dealmaker, he wants to get things done, he has done that all his life, he wants to make deals and get things to happen. and that does mean behaving like he did, bringing people together and just saying things that show that he is genuinely comfortable with people from all sides of an argument. i think the other really important meeting that happened was with the union leaders. the fact that he was so comfortable with them and they were comfortable with him and praised what he had done and what he had said. i think that should give everyone optimism that actually, after all these years of just nothing happening and people grandstanding and arguing and making political points, here is someone who is just not interested in that period genuinely wants to just moving forward and get things done. >> it also neutralizes the left. like i said in the last segment, as long as republicans are evil and sexist and racist, they claim to have all this power, but you have a president who is
9:35 am
reaching out to all people on the left and just look at his interactions with chuck schumer went on inauguration day when he was signing the executive orders he was joking with him, he was laughing with him, they were joking joking about not getting a pen to him. i love the idea of him reaching out to the other side and actually of having an era of tip o'neill and ronald reagan coming back to washington, d.c., because it could not be more polarized under obama. >> harris: went to democrats start to give a little more credit to the effort of trying to reach across the aisle? he looks like a sucking on a lemon when he can't get past it. this was just a come together, maybe put my elbow by yours and tell you i love that lavender. what is wrong with that? >> julie: it's not lavender, it's soft pink, the color wheel. here's the problem, he went to the big elephant in the room, he went to the hill yesterday, spoke to these members, and said, i would have won this election if not for the three to 5 million illegal votes were
9:36 am
cast. >> he did win the election, what you mean? >> julie: the popular vote, i mean. i would have won the popular vote if not for the three to 5 million illegal votes that were cast. that is how donald trump begins his introduction to memory is of congress, so forgive them if they are not standing up and saying, mr. trump, what are you standing up, and why are we still talking about the popular vote when we should be talking about policy? i will say one of the criticisms i've always had of president obama is that he did not reach out enough to either side of the aisle on the hill, he had virtually no -- >> harris: he did have some beer summits with some. before but no relationships that he had wanted to foster and develop, so i think it would behoove president trump to now do that, i think it is a very smart strategy, if he actually work to do that. but i think starting out by saying the grievances again and the insecurities about, i would have won the bible or vote except for all of the millions of illegals is not right. >> melissa: we shouldn't be relitigating at this point, it is all forward, no more rereview, let's get over that is every side. as she recovers from her stunning election laws,
9:37 am
hillary clinton is reportedly plotting her next political move. this, as some of her top allies are pushing mute to monday to get people to stop following president trump and curb his twitter habit, good luck with that. whether that is going to work, and what hillary's next step could be coming up. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >> former hillary clinton campaign staffers advocating mute monday, a twitter hashtag urging people to stop following president trump to curb his twitter habits and follow literal group liberal groups and leaders instead. former communications director jennifer palmeri tweeting, "reminder, if you are following the president's official twitter feed, you are now following trump. dump him and follow folks doing
9:42 am
good like united way dream" another clinton aid saying, stay engaged, drown out the noise, i'm on following the president on twitter and following good progressives like cecelia richards. this as politico reports hillary clinton is looking at a spring timeline for plotting her next political move, which may include writing or pushing specific policy initiatives. her priorities report lay also include building pipelines for young leaders to rise and improving functions at the dnc. so here's my personal view, this whole mute monday thing is really ridiculous. >> harris: in a hurry to go sit is? he has 21.7 million followers. the end of the show, the next 5l grow. before even if you got rid of all of them, he is the president of the united states, you have to follow him this is the way he communicates. >> harris: the last week he put out, great meeting with automobile industry leaders at the white house, 37 minutes ago it had 21,000 likes. jamie lee curtis, i don't think
9:43 am
he cares. >> julie: the interesting thing is not so much this movement, which i think is a little silly. what i think is interesting is what she does do. because unlike other presidential nominees, she has it in a really unique position. for example, meghan, your dad ran and wasn't successful, he went back to the senate and had a job to go back to. mitt romney was a former governor and i think sort of stayed engaged, but he is not a former first husband door in her case, former first lady, married to the former president. what does someday like a hillary clinton, what can she do? >> melissa: she can stick a fork in it. [laughs] i think the clintons are done. >> steve: you know that's never going to happen. honestly, i think that she is going to keep going, and i think that is the essence of her being, is just to keep fighting, in a way that is admirable. >> how is that possible? >> meghan: she's a power-hungry megalomaniac. >> steve: she says the nation didn't say no, i've got more
9:44 am
votes, i'm going to keep going. >> when we got to the election they are floating chelsea running for congress, they are megalomaniacs, they are evil, power-hungry, they can't do anything else. what do i have to do to stop having reports on hillary clinton staff like these people are somehow relevant or people that know anything about politics are getting anything done. jennifer palmeri, stick a fork in her, too, i don't know why have to keep listening to her. >> wait a second, "the new york post" this mornin morning. they had an article with john, who said he had a conversation with her and she is 50/50 for running a mayor of new york. >> meghan: my god! >> let's be clear, the former republican is john. >> steve: -- -- >> julie: this is the author. i think this is the new york republican party trying to come as you said, trying to mess with bill de blasio. i do think, look, she did win back the popular vote, i only
9:45 am
say that in the following way, i'm saying this -- >> meghan: you guys have to let this go. >> julie: let me finish my thought, please. i say that because she clearly has a lot of people were passionately invested in what she wants to do. >> meghan: i changed my mind, hitch or to the wagon, nominate her again in 2020. i take it back, bill clinton, chelsea clinton, hillary clinton, get them all out there. huma abedin, jennifer primary, run everything possible for the next ten years, it is working great. >> melissa: i wouldn't be surprised if she ran for mayor. >> really, could she win? >> melissa: i don't know if she could win. i used to think she could win, but it doesn't seem like she is actually capable of winning step. but, at the same time, nobody in new york likes bill de blasio anymore. you're right, they are screwing with him, but i don't know, i don't put anything out there pastor. >> harris: you worked for a boss who didn't heed the warning
9:46 am
of brexit and the uk. it is hard to be rejected. >> steve: yes. i think for some people it is easier than for others, and they have more sense of balance and proportion in their lives. i think that she is motivated in a good way by fighting for the causes that she really believes in, that is good. i thing there is also an element of megalomania there. and i think that actually most popular politicians have a balance of those things, and i think she seems to be one of those people who really, really wants to keep playing a part in the policy debate, and i think that is -- >> julie: harris faulkner, they are reading a. >> harris: two school of ministers under fire for appearing in a video that mocked president donald trump and his advisor, kellyanne conway. the punishment they are facing, and whether it is enough. >> i think that you should know better in what is comedy and what is not. you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it?
9:47 am
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>> harris: feisty, more "outnumbered" than just a moment, but first let's go with jenna lee to what is coming up with the second hour. >> i feel like that's donald trump words, sad excrement! feisty! >> next hour, we are awaiting a white house meeting on the future of the supreme court, plus another white house press briefing from sean spicer, you don't want to miss out on that. plus we will take a look at
9:51 am
threats against the president on social media, one woman who lost her job is being investigated over a tweet, and when we read it to you, you'll understand why she is being investigated, but also know others in your own circle who have said something similar, so an important legal case and we will look at at the top of the hour. >> harris: one of those breeze before you tweet moments. thank you. >> meghan: growing outrage after the principal and vice principal of a high school in arizona made a video mocking president trump and his advisor, kellyanne conway. watch. >> okay, men, and you girls, we are here to make boulder creek great again. we are going to drain the jungle and make boulder creek great again! we will build a wall around our border and keep those morons parents and we can lose their students out. they can come in and when they come in, we're going to vet them before those stupid students come in, we're going to vet
9:52 am
them. >> meghan: the principal quickly apologized, writing "our intent was to share it only with the staff and connect the satirical's skit to our work ahead for the rest of the school year. we apologize if the presidential parody offended anyone, in no way should it be viewed as a political statement or intended to be malicious toward our students, parents, or staff." he ended his vice visible heaven paid on put on paid leave, and some parents aren't satisfied and are planning to voice their opinions at a school board meeting. steve, i will go to this first. >> i was appalled, because i would like to know where she came to the conclusion that i was a moron. and where she came to the conclusion that my son was weak, stupid, and a loser. so i think that somebody of that level, because she is an officer of the school and the administration, i think that you should know better on what is company and what is not. >> meghan: now we will go to you, steve. what do you make of all this? >> steve: there is so much wrong with that.
9:53 am
first of all, this sort of intellectual idiocy of even the apology. how can they write those words, this was not a political statement. these are teachers in front of children. that is moronic to even say that even in their apology. and the actual thing that they did in the first place i think shows something actually really deep, i think it really reveals something serious about education in this country, not just at the school level, but at universities, too. it really has been taken over ideologically by the left. i think that is something that is indisputable. and you see it coming out in all sorts of different ways. of the job of a teacher, whether at the school or university, is to help young people think for themselves about politics and not to indoctrinate and brainwash them. and if they are prepared to do something like that, even if they didn't intend it to get to the students, that shows a mentality that is not the kind of open-mindedness about education that we should be expecting.
9:54 am
>> i think they also need to rehearse more. they were really struggling with their lines there, my goodness. as somebody who grew up to a southern california and went to a very liberal university, what is interesting about that is that you have people around you having a conversation where you assume they agree with them. they assume everyone out in the audience also hates trump and also thinks he is ridiculous, and it suppresses and intimidates and bullies the people who don't agree with that. >> harris: totally, and you are also an actress, so you know bad acting when you see it because you are a great one. so drain the jungle, i didn't really get it. but my question is, why is that that liberals are always arguing for safe spaces, but they create really unsafe spaces for opposites and opinion? you bring up a good point, what if somebody in that room, and obviously somebody didn't agree, but if it's on video it's going to leak, so did you canvass the whole room to make sure that everybody thinks like you do? where was the safe space created for the one person who might have felt out? >> julie: i'm a liberal who thinks safe spaces are ridiculous and i'm a liberal who thinks this is ridiculous,
9:55 am
because i don't think politics has any business being in schools. my son, last year, when he was at a different school, came home, he was 3 at the time, saying we learned "this land is your land," but apparently not if donald trump becomes president. and i was really upset, because while i am not a fan of donald trump, i thought that was awful. i thought that was awful that they are indoctrinating a 3-year-old with that. >> but you are also family who immigrated here that's offensive on every level. >> julie: that's not even the point, the point is essentially that you can't teach little kids or big kids, something that you believe that they may not necessarily have to agree with. because as melissa said, let them make up their own minds, so i say that as a liberal who doesn't like donald trump. so i think this is absolutely wrong and i agree with everybody on the couch for a change. >> meghan: more b19 will be right back in just a minute. "outnumbered" ."
9:56 am
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10:00 am
great to have you here. >> great fun as always. >> our live chat,, click on overtime is alive and well, lots going on. let's get to that peewee will pop up online, facebook as well, our handle is "outnumbered" fnc, now "happening now." >> jenna: we start with a fox news alert, republican senators powering forward and confirming president trump's cabinet while democrats work to put on the brakes as mr. trump says he will announce a supreme court nominee next week after issuing several new executive orders today on pipelines. he's been busy so far, welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i am jenna lee. >> jon: i am jon scott. this hour, the president is due to sit down with his new cia director mike pompeo come in three more of his nominees answer questions in the senate, tom price for health and human services secretary, a critical job when it comes to changing obamacare, congress at mick mulvaney for budget director in li


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