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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 24, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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number. the va is one of his top priorities, so -- >> it is a freeze, and part of it is to ensure -- hold on, part of it is to get our va secretary in there and to figure out how we can best because hiring people when you have a system that is not working then just going out and hiring additional people does not seem to be the most efficient way of solving the problem. what we need to do whether it is the va or any other agency is make sure that we are hiring smartly and effectively and efficiently, and i think the va in particular, if you look at the problems that replace people, hiring more people is not the answer, it is hiring the right people, putting procedures in place to ensure our veterans whether it is healthcare, mortgages or get the services that they've earned. and right now, the system is brokening. the freeze is an analysis of of what will make it better. it is not only on the va.
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it is making sure all of the services of government are respecting the taxpayer and giving the american people the benefits they deserve. >> a scandal of astronomical porportions. what about the ball on the system. wouldn't you want an investigation of this? >> as i noted now, he's believed it for a long time. and look, we'll work. >> i am{you why not investigate something that is the biggest scandal in american electoral history. 3.5 million people voting illegally. >> right now the president has a focus on putting the american people pack to work. >> mr. trump's campaign.
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he talked about vetting the muslim. >> he will look at that with the department of state when rex tillerson gets confirmed and the other departments like homeland security. that will access the extreme vetting. the interesting thing you are asking. we have 2 or 3 comfirmed. you are asking when the president's agenda will go forward when the democrats are holding up up the cabinet. >> are they doing it purposely? >> absolutely. walk back a second. chuck schumer put out an statement that they had an issue of 8 or 9. and there were 12 or 13 that were consensus candidates and i think that every one of them are qualified, even the democrats
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admitted 12 or 13 were consensus candidates and they would not oppose them. hold on. >> you have a message for democrats? >> let's get it done. we have a country and security at stake. we have to continue to move business forward. the reason you have is a confirmed director or administrator is enact the president's campaign. every moment you stall, the democrats should answer for p it. >> i am with the christian newspaper and israel leader in the knessit are concerned about the misuse of u.s. tax dollars that are going to u.n. schools that incite unless against the
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jews? how will president trump respond. i recently had introduce and their concerns are serious and they want to know how president trump will respond to the misuse? >> it is what i said a minute ago, he has tremendous respect of how tax dollars are spent. we need a u.n. ambassador and secretary of state and that will happen but it is being held up right now. >> is the president open to choosing a mainstream candidate? >> for what? ? i am sorry, for a supreme court nominee. >> that's been defined. he's clear about his priorities and put out a list of individuals he would consider. it is mainstream to support it is constitution and to respect
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and follow the law and not to create laws from the bench. that's what majority of americans agree. look at the quality and caliber p of the individuals. people of high quality and caliber that fit the philosophy that he campaigned on. april? >> one the session that was delayed primarily of the concerns of the civil rights and voting rights. yesterday you talked about the rights of lewis. what do you say when people are bringing the issue of race and voter fraud when it comes to jeff sessions? president trump has faith in the lead justice. >> i think senator sessions voting rights record is
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exemptulary. he fought for voting right and civil rights. and he pushed them toward. look at the people he prosecuted, he's been forceful when it comes to making sure voting right and civil rights are protected. when the voting right's act came up for renewal, he championed it. it is not only his record as a united states attorney but as senator. he had an advocate of the continuation of the voting right. >> i am asking a couple of questions. >> i am sorry. >> i know upon we are new together. and on the issue of race. because you talked a long time on the issue of race. i wanted to ask you a couple of
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things of the current head of the ncaana is accusing the administration stereotyping by omission and saying that he has met with african-americans but not civil right's leaders. and he talked about inner- cities and riddled with gang violence and drugs. what is the agenda and what are you planning? >> april, just the other day he sat down with martin luther king junior. he is a civil right's leader. >> that is his dad. >> i think he's done a lot. he's met with a lot of pastor and a lot of individuals that come up and down the tower. and in the campaign and transition. he met with evada king in the
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prayer service. it is not something he takes lightly. it is important to him both in terms of where this country moves forward and the issues that face the minorities not only in education but jobs and small business lending. those are areas he's concerned with and the need to address. >> how does he -- i know you are all us anxious and i appreciate it. >> i understand this. we are on day twochlt look at the job programs that are put ping good paying jobs back with benefits. they benefit every american regardless of the color of their skin. and apprenticeship and grow the economy and they benefit every american. it is figuring out how to look at the educational piece to
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insure that people transfer out of one job to another as technology evolves. and prepare blue collar jobs to technology based. there is a lot of things to do on training and retraining and help people advance. and that will help. >> there is a report this morning, current spending levels, the government will put the country in another 10 trillion of debt. does that reenforce for the president to cut spending and where can he cut spending enough to make a dent in that? ameri the right guy at the right time. he understands how to negotiate a good deal and how to manage a budget.
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look how he managed himself on his projects. ahead of time and under budget. that's the philosophy he is bringing to the government and white house. not only do we respect the taxpayer in whether or not it is it a highering freeze or money we send in aid. we make sure the money is used well and programs are done in efficiently and effective ways. it is a whole government process. look at what he did with boeing and lockheed. on the planes. we can appreciate it down further. and the pipeline, he inserted pieces to say we negotiate further. if he can get a better deal for the american tax pay per and someone is building something to profit for, can we find a way to insure that the american taxpayer receives a benefit? that would go to the u.s.
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treasury. there is a lot of ways to look at this. whether it is money coming in or money going out, how to get a handle on this. we have the right guy at the helm for the country right now. when it comes to energy exploration. it is not just energy or new ways to bring energy in the country. it is economic growth looking at ways that the natural resources can bring us to be energy independent or create jobs or whatever. there is a lot of new thinking that he's empowered his team and cabinet to look at to create job and grow the economy and bring the deficit down. yes, sir. >> two questions, i know you love us. if there is a protest, there were are were journalist that
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were arrested and will this administration support the reporter ares doing the facts. >> you know i am a fan. >> you know i love you. and that is on record. and how maryland is sponsoring legislation for a national shield law. the vice-president in the past supported that for the reporters. would this administration pass that for reporters. >> i have not asked and i would glad to follow-up with you on that. >> richard from canada. on keystone, the initial process is ten years. how fast does the president want this? >> quick as possible. he wantses to make sure it is back on track and get it moving. it is too important for the job and country. >> the prime minister, they talk about p that? >> they talked about set issing
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up an agenda with nafta and i am sure that will come up in the conversation. the call was more congratulatory and setting up a meeting and i am sure when they meet and teams meet that will object the agenda. >> you know, there is a tradition, first trip outside of the country is mexico and canada, will this position be maintained. >> we'll have further announcement. we are excited to it have prime minister may and setting up visits with mexico and canada and prime minister netanyahu. and when we have the first foreign trips, we'll let you know. >> a couple of follow-ups. the phone call between flynn and russia was it setting up a schedule? >> not that i am aware of.
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>> and [inaudible] you refer that to the pentagon which said there was no conversation; is that new? >> no. i believe the pentagon read that out and come on, that was two. >> my real question is the basic one. we know that those -- what i normally describe the press has vicious attempts. [inaudible] he with stood those. [inaudible] as for russian. please explain to us what is his lodge and i can why is he standing firm on -- but explain
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to my audience his reasonings for this? >> he is a great deal maker and he will do what he can can to fight on behalf of this country. if a deal can be found working for the taxpayer and protecting our country and national security and economic special p he will make the best deal for the country. >> you said the president believes that there was voter fraud. i wonder if you believe it? do you believe it? >> look, my job is not. >> how can he be comfortable with his win. >> he's very comfortable. >> maybe he didn't win. >> it is a electorial based system. and he had had 33 of 50 states. jeff, i asked and answered it twice. he believes what he believes.
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>> what that means for chem crazy. >> it means i answered your question. >> have you? >> and the president meeting business leaders. and [inaudible] >> i think a lot of these country s that you saw yesterday and our automotive industry has presence overseas. the first priority is on u.s. based companies that are trying to bring jobs back and grow here. johnson and johnson and dow, and down the list of individuals and make the auto industry here ford, chrysler and gm, they all have massive overseas investmentes and greater market access and get in markets that they may have trouble with. [inaudible]
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>> was it a official invitation to the prime minister of ireland. >> i will get on that right away. i will write that one day. hold on, blake? >> yesterday, >> go irish. >> i love the irish. yesterday the president met with autoleaders. why was that his choice as the first industry to meet with? and taking it broader from that, what is the criteria and policy that the present administration has to develop which leaders are brought her to meet with the president? >> i appreciate the question. we are on day two. we have only so many meetings in a day. first yesterday, union lead sxers business leader and executive order action.
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his day one. is darn robust. i am out of the punch line game. the amount of action that he took and the number of folks, that's what you will see more of. today he wanted to sit is down with the auto industry in particular and that is vital to the manufacturing base. but he's going to have a lot of meeting and meet with folks that have an interest to work with him to grow job and the economy. to your point on the criteria, that's what it is. >> does the president have any planses to change the policy toward cub a. a lot took place in the last administration. >> i would have to follow-up nothing to it announce at this point. >> one more question. >> i am doing two. >> and picking up on april
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saying, are there plans to meet with the members of the congressional black caucus and hispanic be caucus. >> it might have been april that asked this yesterday. the president started with the leadership as he is. you start with them. and today, the group he's meeting is part of the advice and consent role in appointing the supreme court justice. he's going through the motions of that. you will see a lot of names. he welcomes the advice of how to move the agenda forward. this is something he has enjoyed not just during the transition but the administration of hearing the feedback and one of the things that is interesting about the meetings. the president largely sat and listened. and tried to get individuals
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about barriers and hiring more people and ability to create more job and keep manufacturing in the united states. you will see more of that and further expanding whether it is of governors or members of different groups in the house and senate to come down here and get their advice and individuals of how to work together to move an agenda. >> can can you tell us who exactly is involved in the review and how long it will take and the options considered. >> i don't want to get too much in details. there is -- i don't want to get on my high horse. he has senior staff on that process now. and obviously secretary of state, cia director and u.n. ambassador, a lot of of the folks haven't been confirmed.
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they have in private but they need to get confirmed and get in their department and agencies and get with their staff with the broader feedback. >> really not to belabor a point. the president believes his point. but the power of the presidency to do something about it. why not say he will investigate if he believe bes in the omission if if this there was massesive voter fraud? >> the comment he made 3- 5 million could have voted illegally based on the studies he's seen. he's clear he won the election based on the electorial votes he gochlt we are here on day two. and don't prejudge the future. >> who wouldn't be upset if they lost? he won overwhelmingly with the
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elector votes. and he's comfortable with the depth and breadth of support with the american people and 33 stateses that voted for him. and nine battleground states and he's pleased with that. >> about the pipeline. on co stone, when you look at the dakota pipeline, given the president's former business ties, he had a stake in energy partners. he'sulosed most of. it >> for a guy who is a multibillionaire. i don't know that that is true. >> he has no conflicts. and by law he can't. and the president has gone above and beyond as out outlined
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a couple of weeks ago, his focus is on the american people and growing jobs. >> and the president said he felt the need -- did he share with the secretary of defense the message an unshackable xhutment -- >> the president is chlor as it is structured in the terms of the output of nato. it is not doing what its mission was set up to do or effective. i think that secretary mattis and others have ideas of how to reare form and make organizations like nato are more effective and benefit from the money put in. and he's not pleased with what he sees with the u.s. contribution and the output it is getting. >> would obamacare allow stateses that want to continue to have it, would will the
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president support that type of of legislation and would that go back peculiar on his promise for a full repeal? >> first and foremost. get back to his goal. we are working with congress and the staff has been working on a plan to repeal and replace. his goal first and foremost to give the american people a health care system with that is more affordable and more doctors and plans. how the state uses that? but the man dates requiring people to get things drove out competition and driven up costs is not what he is pleased with. >> let me be clear about the investigation. did you discuss. >> which one. >> the voter fraud? >> no, i did not. anything is possible. >> is it possible.
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>> anything is possible. >> i was asked a question. there is no investigation. anything is possible. my point to you is to ask on day two, he made a comment on something he believed and said for a long time. and question is asked to me. >> his support of israel approved the settlement. >> he asked a team to get together and israel is a huge ali of the united states. and wants to grow closer with israel to get the full respect that it deserves in the middle east. and as i mentioned we'll have a meeting with prime minister netanyahu and continue to discuss that. >> thank you sean. >> we'll have a conversation with the prime minister. >> thank you, sean. during the campaign, president
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trump said he wanted to fell up gupt gunt with bad dudes. is there a plan to do that and has the president directed them to arrest and bring them overseas to -- >> we have nothing on that. >> two questions for the supreme court. first, can you talk to us about the goal of the meeting? will he be sharing a short list of the final choices? >> look, one quick correction. i mentioned two individuals. the only attendees are senator mcconnell and schumer and feinstein. that being said the idea is to hear their input and how far he wants to extend himself on the thought process and hear what they are looking for in a judge.
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>> when the senate changed the filibuster rules, they exempted the senate supreme court from that? >> he will appoint a quality associate justice that would hopefully get overwhelming support. his goal is to choose someone that everybody is a jurorist that adheres to the constitution and not legislate from the bench and we should achieve bipartisan support. >> your frustration to the nomination process so far and recommend to the republicans to consider? >> he will hear from them tonight and can i will thank you all and will see you tomorrow. >> that was it. you heard it. his second press conference from the podium and watching up. i am melissa france isz and we'll bring in simon rosenburg and a former clinton campaign
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advisor and matt slap. matt he got suck in theed vortex of talking about that whole idea of how many illegal voter and he kind of went asked and answered. he got back into it? why? >> he's being solicitous to the press. and the more than one question and a slight spirit and as the days go forward, melissa, he will say he answered the question and move o. there is a great line. i refer to the gentleman and the answer i gave moments ago. >> melissa: he said i haven't talked to him and i will get back to you. and other things, i can't tell you at the time.
11:29 am
and the speed of his answers. sitting here with shannon we appreciated that we went through things. but he did engage on that question of the illegal voters a number of times which makes me think it is deliberate and trying to keep that conversation alive. >> oh, i don't know. maybe. listen, i know sean spicer and been on paenls with him and he is a very smart guy. this is a tough job and new administration with few people with experience work nothing the white house. it will be bumpy for sometime. it is unfortunate for donald trump that there are questions about truthfulness coming out. what happened on the march or issue of illegal voting. >> melissa: that was not his fault. >> i think it is part p of what
11:30 am
the american people will realize, it is a bumpy ride for the trump administration and let's hope for the country things settle down. >> melissa: matt, the issue of the day. the executive order on numerous pipelines and sean spicer makes the point. they are going to use u.s. steel which is important. not only american labor to create the pipeline and jobs there and reviving an industry he talked about and committing to use those individuals. he made that point a number of time. and this was a win for the trump team, yes or no? >> yes. the problem on the executive orders and actions, melissa, we have to read and digest them. what was really done? the reading allows the u.s. deal to remove encumbrance for them
11:31 am
being competitive. and if the government is making it harder to use domestic products, we ought to remove those barriers. >> melissa: simon what is your take? you will follow in the detail and say we'll help people americans with this? >> the pipeline was going to be built by foreign steel, at least one of them. and the stuff going from canada to other country and not stay here in the united states. i think there is going to be opposition to this and i don't think it will be simple as the administration thinks. it is complicated and he's delivering on his promise. >> melissa: we'll see. president trump promised a conservative pick to replace the late justice anton scalia. we know when the announcement is
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> melissa: president trump inviting senate leaders to discuss the vacancy on the supreme court. likely contenders are seen here. later the president will decide on a replacement for justice scalia this week and announce it next week. joining us on the break. you said who is peaking in p
11:36 am
interest and popularity. who is that right now. >> shannon: i think judge gorsich is one to watch. he is 49, which is spring chicken for a supreme court. >> melissa: for anybody. >> shannon: and in this pool, he is respecteded by conservatives and he is close can can to scalia you can get. he has some detractors. but great credentials. cocan lumia and oxford. that is easily confirmed and does that seem like it bodes well for this time or what does that tell you. >> shannon: you took a voice vote and not a formal roll call for him to get to the 10th
11:37 am
circuit. that is the 11th circuit who a dores him. and there is a couple of things that concern him. he had a much tougher vote. he thinks roe v wade was the worst abomination on the issue. and he didn't get appointed initially, he didn't get confirmed by joeshgs w. bush. he was then part of a gang of 14 deal to get the judges confirmed and only passed 53- 45. they know it is a tougher fight and maybe the meeting is seeing what kind of fight is the senate minority leader schumer will take? >> melissa: when we see the confirmation for the nominations coming up. isn't that a prebattle for the
11:38 am
justice spot? >> shannon: the nuclear option took it down but not for supreme court. you will have to get the democrats on board. >> melissa: we'll see if that is anyone. thank you so much. and now to president trump's cabinet. confirmed list is small. james kelly and james mat pis and mike pompii is in. and ben occurson and elane cha o will get votes. and nikki haley is up for a vote. and it is full confirmation votes may not happen until next week. they have finished the hearings, but waiting for votes. and the list for the hearings
11:39 am
today. hss nominee tom price and here's the list of those congress has yet to consider. among them. the department of labor and agriculture and veteran affairs. for more now go to it peter doocey. what happened to the committee vote on jeff sessions to be attorney general. >> reporter: it was on the agenda for today's order of business. but democrats asked for a delay and it will be delayed until next week. and don't expect much fwaukt session vote or on the hill. there will not be talk about p anything. republicans in the house and senate are skipping down and going to philadelphia for a retreat. today is the last day of the week to get anything done. and only thing they will get down here is a confirmation vote
11:40 am
for the full senate of governor haley. >> melissa: in the meantime are they any that have have merit? > reporter: dr. ben carson. people on the the left and right left a lasting impression on the members of the committee he testified before two weeks ago. >> his recent testimony highlighted his commitment to carrying forward the mand date of hud and learning more for people affected by hud policies. >> despite my disagreements on the position, i plan to vote for him based on commitments he made to me in person and in testimony and in written responses>> reporter: we heard from mitch mcconnell. he hopes for a vote on rex
11:41 am
tillerson next week. and standing with him was john cornyn who thinks that all of the delay and problems cause canned by democrat or republican nominees are just being stirred up because he doesn't think they have have gotten over the fact they lost in november. >> melissa: there was that. thank you so much. tom price facing another senate panel today. mike emmanuel joins us live outside of the room. what kind of questions was he faced with replacing obamacare today? >> reporter: he took a lot of questions about replacing obamacare. tom price is one of the leading faceses suggesting ideas of replacing obamacare. he told law makers he doesn't favor privateizing medicare. and democrats tried to push for more details on what is next for
11:42 am
the health care system. >> i want your assure issance that you would not use executive order prior to a legal replacement to eliminate the man date. >> replace sxment reform and improvement of the program is imperative to be instituted. >> you will not use the executive order to by pass p the law. >> our commitment to is carry out the law of the land. >> reporter: democrats tried to get firm commitments from dr. price. if confirmed, he locks forward to working with law makers on what is next. >> melissa: there is so many attacks on his investment and that came up again today? > reporter: . he's gotten campaign contributions from doctors and hospital and drug xuchl companies and republican ares are defending dr. price saying
11:43 am
that he is treated unfairly. >> does it trouble you at all, that as a nominee, to serve in this administration, that someone the hold you to a different standard than you as a member of congress. >> we know what is going on here. >> we do. >> and i understand. i volunteered for are this as my wife told me. >> reporter: old reminder, you signed up for it. dr. price is off of the hot seat. >> melissa: getting a reminder from your wife. that smarts. president trump and the meeting with unions and heads of the big three automakers and how he may be successful in winning them over. >> the respect that the president showed to us and 3 million members in the united states was nothing short of
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>> melissa: president trump touting jobs in a meeting with the top automakers. >> it is not the construction. it is the long- term jobs. we are bringing manufacturing back to the united states and reducing taxes substantially and reducing unnecessary regulation. we'll go down as one of the most friendly countries. right now, it is not. i have friends who can't get the environmental permit over something that no one heard of. >> melissa: charles, we were talking about this. there is a common thread on everything you saw today. automakers or unions and pipeline and it is jobs. >> right, jobs in america. they used to be in america and
11:48 am
vanished. it was not only under barak obama. it was a multidecade and he's talking about how to make it a friendly environment so that we can bring jobs back. they are the jobs that people remember. they were able to do and they did them with their hands and sent their kids to college and had a certain sense of american pride that vanished. >> melissa: the union leaders are lining up behind president trump. something that people missed about the pipeline. it is not only cheap energy but steel jobs to it make the pipeline. that will make the union folks happy. make the connection. >> the biggest surprise when
11:49 am
donald trump won pennsylvania. think of the steel making places. we talk about the rust belt. that's what put him over the top. can we resurrect it to the former gloefrment but the idea that he's going to man date this is phenomenal and unions are listening. the union bosses paid donald trump the compliment. they said they were not treated like that ever, ever. >> melissa: that's amazing. they forget it is about pennsylvania and the places that make steel. that is the connection. and good stuff, we appreciate it. the rubber may be meeting the road on donald trump much repeated cam can pain promise to build a wall to protect against the illegal immigration. this is a big one. we are live on the border. like introverts. extroverts. (cheering) and even bert.
11:50 am
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>> melissa: the trump administration is confirming the president's campaign promise to build a wall along our border with mexico will go forward. part of the new strategy targeting illegal immigration will focus on removing criminal aliens. william is across the border in san diego, william? >> reporter: yesterday was important for what was said and not said. he made good on one campaign promise and not the other. this is beautiful tijana. there is a old wall and road and a secondary fence. there are look outs in those hillsides and what happens, there is a ladder man who runs
11:54 am
across the boarder and hook hissy rebar on the fence. and they run over. how fast can the border guide get them. we have 50 miles of the double fencing. it is a good start provided you have people to man it. >> right now we are 1600 people down from what congress authorized with staffing and that was allowed to it wither away under president trump. we needed manpower back up. >> reporter: during the campaign, president trump said he would end the amnestiy for children. but yesterday, his spokesman said they would not have to love and conitate on the 2 million criminal aliens that are already here. >> i would expect ice to issue more detainers on cases that are
11:55 am
referred to it them because someone was arrested. a lot of those people are falling between the cracks. >> reporter: so they question. the sanctuary cities. are all criminal aliens created? when ice issued those detainers what will sanctuary citieses do? now president trump wants them out. back to you. >> william, thank you. >> melissa: this is a fox news alert. live in almedia county, california south of san francisco. a car over turned in a flooding creek. rescue crews are there. but we are told that the driver is miss ping. we are watching the story and we'll keep you posted.
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liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance >> so it looks like james comey
11:59 am
is keeping his job. president trump reportedly asking comey to stay on and his listed on a justice department of memos for key officials remaining in their positions. during the campaign, trump slammed the fbi over the hillary clinton investigation. he appeared to greet comey warmly at a law enforcement gathering over the weekend. comey is in his fourth year of a ten-year term, which the president can end at any time. we'll certainly keep an eye on that story. minnesota governor mark dayton announced that he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer. this is a day after he collapsed delivering his state of the state address. how scary is that? dayton is 69 years old.
12:00 pm
he says he will finish the remaining two years of his term. doctors are trying to determine why he fainted. he says he will review more about his treatment options next week. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 at the white house. the president is meeting with republicans and democrats as he talks about the supreme court. now the president says he will unveil his choice next week. down the street at the capitol, lawmakers hearing from some of president trump's cabinet choices, including tom price. the controversy nominee for health and human services company. democrats said he had stock in health companies while pushing bills that could have helped those companies. and the controversial keystone xl pipeline is back on track. that's just one of donald trump's big decisions today. let's get to it.


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