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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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shelves. cans are better for the beer. bottles allow more light. the first canned beers debuted 82 years ago. you still have the poke a hole to shotgun them. in fact, we're going to do that right now. >> putting pen to paper. did president trump put more jobs in play? >> we'll see if we can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. we build it in the united states, we build the pipelines, we want to build the pipe. going to put a lot of skilled workers back to work. we can't be in an environmental process for 15 years if a bridge is falling down or if a highway is crumbling. we're expediting environmental reviews and approval. that's what this is.
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>> welcome. i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." president trump making it very clear that he wants to get the job done and bring jobs back to america. wall street likes what it hears. the dow getting close to the 20,000 mark. my next guest, chris collins, not surprised and he backed mr. trump from the start. >> good to be with you, stuart. >> yes, sir. you must be one happy republican. >> i'm enjoyed for america and the future and the economic growth. we know we're going to see 4% gdp growth. president trump is doing exactly what he promised. he focused on jobs and the energy piece and obama care. these are actions by an inpatient ceo. donald trump is the ceo. on the good side, he's patient. he wants action, today, not
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tomorrow. we're seeing it. i don't know that he sleeps, but we're so happy to see his emphasis on jobs and the economy. >> now on the keystone pipeline, the environmentists say it brings dirty oil from canada. it's a pollutant. it's going to contribute to climate change. does the president reject that point of view? >> we all do. let's face it. we look at our production of energy and you look at the war on coal under obama thinking we can replace it with solar panels and wind turbines, which are not base load by any stretch of the imagination. we need reliable energy. it's natural gas, coal. otherwise, factories won't operate reliably. it's about jobs and the economy. we're doing a lot to remove any of the pollutants from the pipes and everything else. the smoke stacks. so this is common sense, stuart.
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let's not get caught up in the last 1/10 percent. >> you were the first to back donald trump publicly. >> i was. >> right after he made his announcement to run for the president. did you know he was going to be doing all of this if he became the president? he's going after ceos in a variety of industries. some people say he's bullying them. did you know he was going to do this? >> i knew he would put america first. i knew he would put together the most fabulous cabinet that has ever been put together by any president because he didn't have a bunch of hangers on with him looking for jobs. these are successful accomplished generals, ceos, even a few members of congress that know the issues inside out. we all know donald trump, he may not be politically correct, he may not be politically correct as president, but yes, the bully
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pulpit work for him. the corporations know when he says something, it could drive their stocks up and down in a moments notice. so they want to work with president trump, bring jobs into the u.s. and expand operations in the u.s. he's made an impact in four short days. >> has president trump unified the republican party? >> 100%. we know what happens for only one reason. donald j. trump. we're unified, looking for his message to give us the indication where we're going on tax reform, infrastructure, the replacement of obamacare. he has a great cabinet. simple answer, we're unified. >> chris collins, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you.
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>> yes, sir. >> now, first the order. now the lawsuit. the attorney for the indian tribe opposing the dakota pipeline vowing to take action against the administration's decision. there's some protest, as you can see. so will the legal wrangling hold things up? let's ask former defense attorney, gregg jarrett. let's refer to the pipeline. can the lawyer hold this up? >> not likely. for a couple reasons. first of all, the army corps of engineers is planning to reroute it. so it doesn't affect the water rights of this particular tribe, the standing rock sioux. second of all, the owner of the pipeline that is doing the building of it says we have a contract. all of the tribes agreed to it. so if that is true, any lawsuit has no merit. >> okay. in a broader context, the president said today signing another executive order, we can't be in an environmental
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process for 15 years in a bridge is falling down or if a highway is crumbling. he wants to speed up the environmental review process. surely the lawyers can stall that. they can be the brake on the president's executive order. >> they can try to do that. lawyers, there's no shortage of them running to the courthouse with their billable hours, clock running. so other happy to file these lawsuits. but president trump is inpatient as the american public is inpatient to get something done. change. significant change. so when president trump orders his departments ahead of the departments he picks himself to expedite processes, not to foot drag the way president obama did, why then you're going to have immediate action. >> shepard: he's not going to get any opposition from scott pruitt who have been nominated to run the epa. the president will have a
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supporter at the epa. >> absolutely. the state department environmental review of the keystone xl pipeline took six long years. in the end, they said the building of the pipeline will decrease emissions, not increase them and harm the environment. took them six years to do that. it shouldn't have taken any more than just a few months. scott pruitt is head of the epa, who has sued the epa over foot-dragging. he won't be dragging his feet. >> so sum it up. you're telling the lawyers won't act as a brake. they'll try but it won't work. the president will get his way, he will expedite the permitting process for pipelines, factories and environmental movements. >> the lawyers will try to stop it at every turn. they may have some sympathetic judges on the bench. for the most part, there aren't enough lawyers in america to undertake the challenges to all the changes that president trump wants to undertake. >> i'm pressing this because
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we've gotten used to the idea that america is a can-not-do society. everything is held up by the legal process. you're telling me we're about to witness a revolution. that's going to change. >> i agree. it's going to change. going to change i suspect fairly quickly. the lawyers not withstanding. they won't be able to file lawsuits to challenge every move by every agency based on departmental regulations. there isn't enough legal justification for that. >> are you surprised by that? >> not really. >> you saw this come something. >> look, this is a man that, you know, the rink in central park took years and years to try to fix it. nobody could. trump stepped in and did it like that. >> thanks, gregg. appreciate it. let's go to the white house. this hour, president trump with meeting with both parties before announcing his supreme court pick. there is one name that is getting a lot of attention.
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to blake berman at the white house with more. blake? >> hi, stuart. his name is neil gorsach. he turns 50 later this month. he's emerging at one of the top candidates to be president trump's pick to be for the supreme court. he's based out of denver, colorado. one of the reasons why he's emerged for the trump team is because of positions he's taken dealing with obamacare. earlier today, president trump said a pick is coming soon. >> we have outstanding candidates. we will pick a truly great security justice. i'll be announcing it sometime next week. >> so in the next week or so, stuart, this should be wrapped up. sources tell fox that president trump whittled his way down to three candidates. the list that started as many as two dozens. stuart? >> like the white house just
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issuing a statement on presidential children. tell us what he's saying. >> they have. this of course deals with baron trump who unfortunately has been put in the spotlight by some over the last few days. the statement just came out. three sentences. it says "it is a longstanding tradition that the children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight. the white house fully expects this tradition to continue. we appreciate your cooperation in this matter." of course, baron trump is all of 10 years old. >> thank you. the president signing five more executive orders. we're seeing him bring in both sides. businesses pledging jobs. so why isn't the media highlighting those jobs? we have an idea on that. look who is giving president trump advice on how to do his job. chicago's mayor rahm emanuel
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>> stuart: you really have to say it, president trump hitting the ground running and trying to get jobs up and running. you wouldn't know it from today's mainstream media headlines. look at this. "the washington post." "tensions in president trump's first days." "usa today" "trump targets trade deal. abortion." the host of fox news channel media buzz, howie kurtz. not a lot of positive on trump's steps. why not? >> there's been some, but it's been way underplayed. here's why. the press is bored by policy substance. eyes glaze over. secondly, major elements of the media, relentlessly positive to
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the 45th president and a lot of this is overshadowed by the war with the media. >> stuart: i think, may i express an opinion, the media is contemptuous of president trump. >> i wouldn't say that. some news outlets, some journalists, i wouldn't give you that much of an argument. but there's arguments on the white house side. president trump had a good day yesterday with executive orders, met with the bipartisan congressional leaders. meeting more with democrats than president obama used to. he repeated his claim that he believes as many as five million people voted illegally. the newspapers reported it a lie. sean spicer got asked dozens of times this morning.
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>> stuart: is it on the president's part for putting it in play? >> when he makes an issue, when he's right or wrong about the size of the crowd or voted in the election, there's no dispute about that. he's creating distractions that can overshadow his measures. at the same time, there's a responsibility by the press while covering those issues that are sexier that bring rating than dealing with the substance of the executive orders, the pipelines, the trans pacific trade partnership. you're right, it's being overshadowed. >> stuart: big picture. if it's trump versus the media, how does this play out with every day america? is everyday america supporting the president on this or are they going with the media? >> we know who won during the campaign. donald trump ran very hard against the dishonest media. he won the election.
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journalists blew the election. the thing is, the more that we focus on the controversy, some are legitimate, the less we are concerned with the very issues that got donald trump elected. issues of jobs and factories and healthcare. that sort of thing. i hope we're not going to fall into the trap of making the same mistake again. >> stuart: i wanted to read the statement from thouse. "it's a longstanding tradition that the children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight. the white house fully expects this tradition to continue. we appreciate your cooperation in this matter." that is aimed directly at the media. what do you make of it? >> part of this has to do with a "saturday night live" writer name katie rich who tweeted a very sick joke about 10-year-old baron trump. later apologized. that kind of thing, you know, the white house is right. amy carter, chelsea clinton, the bush twins.
1:18 pm
the press took a hands off attitude. baron trump is 10 years old. he ought to be off limits. it makes me angry that some people think it's funny or appropriate to take a shot at this kid because his father is president. >> stuart: i don't think the president will pull back on it. he will go after any insinuation about any of his children and chase them down. >> i think most media will go with it. >> thanks, howard kurtz. a democrat senator now pointing to the big march. this march as a reason not to march ahead on one of the president's key picks. is this hold-up justified? former attorney general michael mukasey is here. d... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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invest with confidence.
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>> stuart: looks like the president's pick for attorney general will have to wait even longer for his confirmation. democrat senator dianne feinstein using the weekend's women's march to force a delay on a vote for republican senator jeff sessions saying she owes it to those women to take her time on the matter. former attorney general michael mu mullcasey joins us. >> thank you. >> stuart: may i quote directly from senator feinstein, the least we can do is tell them we're being as careful as possible on who replace in charge of making these important decisions for every man and marched over the weekend, we owe it to them. >> oh, please. i understand each individual word. it's the idea that they're supposed to convey that alludes me. there's no idea there. the notion that somehow if she takes another week that that is
1:23 pm
either going to satisfy the people that walked on the march or the people that walked on the march were marching to delay senator sessions is ridiculous. >> stuart: it's paying attention to the marchers and bringing them to the fore and their issues to the fore. is that legit when you hold hearings for the future attorney general of the united states? >> any issue is legit. there's no issues presented by the march that are legit for senator sessions. he's done nothing or said nothing that he would treat women or minorities or anybody else on the march in a fashion that is different than the way he would treat everybody else. >> stuart: that's the issue i wanted to get to. senator feinstein worries about jeff sessions and his stance on civil rights and rights for women. what has senator sessions ever said or done that would provoke this doubt about his equal treatment of women and minorities? >> we should ask senator
1:24 pm
feinstein. she had an opportunity to question him. she also had an opportunity to question all the witnesses that testified in support and in opposition. she didn't take a good deal of that opportunity because frankly when i testified, she wasn't there. so -- >> stuart: so what's going on here? this delay will be a week's delay. what is really going on? >> what is really going on is delay. delay the opportunity for senator sessions to get to the justice department and begin to implement policies that senator feinstein might disagree with. >> stuart: james comey will remain as the fbi top guy under president trump. what do you make of that? >> a couple things. first of all, the president obviously is free to retain him. the president picks his spots and picks his fights. he's got a lot of people to get through congress and it may not make sense even if he were so inclined to have yet another
1:25 pm
turbulent issue thrust in the middle of -- >> stuart: but you know what's being said. that james comey ruined the candidacy of hillary clinton, and that's why he's staying on with mr. trump. >> i think that's nonsense. i think that he failed to pursue charges or suggest that charges be taken against hillary clinton when charges have been pursued against members of the military that did far less than he did. people did time for doing far less than she did and he knows it. >> stuart: now he was appointed for ten years. >> right. >> stuart: he served four. you think he will serve out the following six years? >> i have no idea. i know there's an inspector general's investigation underway that is going to include both his conduct and the conduct of people in the justice department leading up to his conduct. and the entire way that the
1:26 pm
investigation of mrs. clinton and her e-mails and the whole -- the pay-for-play allegations as well was conducted. they're not going to second guess the results. what they are going to do is examine closely the procedures that were followed and whether proper procedures were followed. that's what the idea is there for. >> stuart: and he stays atop of the fbi. >> the i.g. reports to not only the head of the agency, the attorney general or if he recuses himself, but he reports to congresses will. and the person that was there, mike horowitz is a fine lawyer and investigator. stay tuned. >> mike mukasey, stay tuned. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> stuart: rom emanuel telling president trump to focus on the
1:27 pm
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>> stuart: chelsea handler's attack on the first lady sparking outrage. back in 60 seconds.
1:30 pm
>> stuart: how about this? president trump getting a lecture from chicago's democrat mayor rahm emanuel.
1:31 pm
roll tape. >> you didn't elected to debate the crowd size of your inaugural. you got elected to make sure that people have a job, the economy continues to grow, people have security as it relates to their kids education, et cetera. and it wasn't about your crowd size. it was about their lives and your jobs. >> stuart: come on in. scott martin that lives in chicago. scott, chicago's unemployment rate is close to 6%. as a chicago guy yourself, what do you make of mayor emanuel lecturing the president about jobs? >> it's funny to listen to that sound bite there. almost like he was self-reflective of his session. those are the things that mr. emanuel was elected to do, whether it's crime, jobs or other city policies. trust with the police. all of those things that he was enacteded to try to rebuild, he's failed on so far. >> stuart: to be fair, scott martin, donald trump has had a thing or two to stay to rahm
1:32 pm
emanuel about running chicago. so it has run both ways here, has it not? >> it has. one of those things is comments about a stop and frisk policy. if you like at the crime rates in new york city, which is a comparable maybe situation, there has been some effect. you don't want to totally confuse causation with coral raise. with regards to chicago with the stop and frisk policy, that is something that could be tried here. being the murder capitol of the country and all the crime going on in chicago, what has been done so far is not working. >> stuart: you're a financial guy. i want to turn to the final side of what's going on today. the dow jones up over 100 points. getting closer to 20,000. i'm calling it the trump rally. what say you, scott martin? >> i say the trump bump that continues to hump along because it seems like it speaks to the kinetic energy that was tied up in this market for the last several years of the obama administration, which loves the
1:33 pm
business mind that is sitting in d.c. currently. >> stuart: i noticed the automaker stocks, ford, general motors, fiat chrysler all up today. that followed meetings at the white house with president trump. so in terms of the stock market, in terms of investors, they are responding to what the president is doing to american industry. and responding favorably. >> that connection is something built with d.c. look at the body language of these ceos. they seem positive. they seem like they have ground to work on with d.c., with tax policy, regulation. that's why you'll see a good year in the stock market, i believe. >> stuart: can you tell me why so many analysts got it so wrong? the run up to the election, everybody predicted a crash if mr. trump was elected. >> goes to show you that we're lucky that hillary didn't get in there with her cohorts like
1:34 pm
elizabeth warren. that's what was predicting that happened with trump but didn't happen. so you'll see a lot of the business ingenuity, the communication with the business market and the business climate really improve. that's what you should be concerned about as an investor, not this regulatory stuff and tax stuff that hillary was threatening. >> stuart: the viewers want me to ask the following question. does the trump rally continue from here? >> it does. now, there are going to be some bumps and bruises. there's an adjustment period with any new administration. i'm telling you, this is a better one that we could have had than if hillary won. >> stuart: thanks, scott. see you soon. >> thanks. >> stuart: democrats just rolling out a new $1 trillion infrastructure plan. they didn't say who will pick up the tab. better hold on to your wallet for this one.
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>> stuart: a high level meeting going on inside the white house right now. we just received this treat from. trump. "meeting with members of the senate leadership at the white house. mike pence is there." mr. trump treating out this photo. to the best of our knowledge, this meeting is going on. it involves who he is considering for his supreme court pick. i wonder if this is also coming up in that meeting? democrats unveiling a trillion dollar infrastructure blueprint. they say they don't -- they tonight say exactly how they're doing to pay for it. senate majority leader chuck schumer said he's not a fan of president trump's plan for the private sector to help pay for some of it. young america's foundation, emily and robert here with us. now, robert, to you first. leadership has not said how this
1:39 pm
trillion-dollar infrastructure plan will be paid for. i take it that it's doing to be paid for out of taxation. that's the previous democrat plans. is that correct? >> that would be the best of my understanding to you. i'll tell you what was -- what was said with bernie sanders, it was said it wouldn't be paid for tax cuts on the wealthiest people in our country and the big corporations. >> stuart: so when the question arises who pays, the answer is the taxpayer pays from general taxation. now to you, emily. as i understand it, president trump's infrastructure plan is partly paid for by private enterprise. is that accurate? >> it is accurate. we're looking at $21 trillion in debt. here the senate democrats are proposing a trillion dollar infrastructure bill and not specifying how it's going to be paid for. that is ridiculous. i know what they're trying to do. they're trying to drive a wedge between donald trump and the congressional republicans. they're trying to test his
1:40 pm
loyalty to congressional republicans. it's clearly what they're trying to do. i don't think the trump administration will take the bait. i'm betting on donald trump looking at the private options. that's the world that he knows and understands. >> stuart: okay. both sides of the fence agree we need a infrastructure plan. but the idea that the taxpayer foots the entire bill important this won't fly, is it? >> no, it will not. i know it's a rough sell. but the truth of the matter is, if we privatize this, it gets more expensive. >> stuart: why would it be more expensive for taxpayers if the taxpayers don't pay for it? >> it's statistically proven. we've shown that private companies do it, it's more expensive and we end up with huge delays -- >> stuart: it's funded by private enterprise. not the taxpayer, right, emily? >> it's a little premature to say that without seeing the administration's full plan.
1:41 pm
we don't know exactly what their plan is. from what we understand, it could be a combination of private and public factors. we don't know what it's going to look like. it's premature to say it's going to be more expensive because we're looking at private open shuns. that's not the case at all. private options cut cost. that's been proven many times over. we'll have to wait to see the plan that we're told by senator mcconnell now. >> stuart: robin, would you say that democrats would reject a private enterprise funded infrastructure plan? would they walk away from it and say no, we're not going for that? would they do that? >> i hope not, stuart. we have to find middle ground and work together. democrats can't afford to not pay attention to this populous messa message. our infrastructure is in a state of a national crisis. we have to do this together. they're using this right now because we do have middle ground here on this issue.
1:42 pm
>> stuart: emily, let me come back to you for a second. robin appears to be playing ball. that's all i can say. that's the way i'm reading it. >> i don't want to be cynical but i don't think senate democrats are doing this because they have common ground with the populous that brought donald trump to office. i think chuck schumer is doing it as a way to test trump's loyalty to conservative principles and congressional republicans. i don't think it will work. we talk about politics as a game of chess. the chest game has begun. we're a few days in and the democrats are playing chess with the trump administration. that's what it is. i don't want to sound cynical but that's what we're seeing. >> stuart: bottom line, at the end of the day, we're going to get a infrastructure plan no matter who pays for it, we're going to get a plan, right, robin? >> absolutely. we have to. it's imperative. >> stuart: emily. >> stuart: you'll see a infrastructure plan. >> very important for the economy. that's a fact.
1:43 pm
emily, robin. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. coming up, chelsea handler under fire after her personal criticism of first lady melania trump. what the comedian said and why my next guest is not laughing. let's take a look at some numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened and help take control of your health. we're life line screening... and if you're over 50... call this number, to schedule an appointment... for five painless screenings that go beyond regular check-ups. we use ultrasound technology to literally look inside your arteries... for plaque which builds up as you age- and increases your risk for stroke and cardiovascular disease. and by getting them through this package, you're saving over 50%. so call today and consider these numbers: for just $149 you'll receive five screenings that could reveal what your body isn't telling you.
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>> stuart: and it looks like the post election rally is going to continue for now. the aluminum company, alcoa, beating sales expectations for the past three months. they did miss the mark on earnings, however, but the stock is up 2% after hours. look at this. alcoa stock up more than 40% since election day. a whopping rally. new social media outrage. hours after leaving a women's
1:47 pm
march, chelsea handler slammed first lady melania trump. roll tape. >> what about melania? what is to talk about? she can barely speak english. >> what do you think about her as the first lady? >> exactly what i think about him as the first man. nothing. i don't respect either one of those people. >> evidently. joining me now, ashley pratt. i say that that is out of bounds. what do you say? >> it's completely out of bounds but yet something we have come to expect from the liberal left. the so-called hollywood elitists as well that can march on saturday and say they respect diversity and quality of women but yet go after melania trump. i find some hypocrisy after everything they were talking about. let's look at that melania trump speaks five languages. she's a very accomplished woman. she's in no way shape or form
1:48 pm
illiterate. to imply as such is very, very offensive to the first lady of the united states. again, something we have come to expect. >> stuart: ashley, it was a deliberate insult. i'm saying what would it be if it was the other way around? if somebody said something like that to michelle obama at some point as first lady? the reaction would have been completely different. >> of course. what is interesting, stu, watching the coverage of this -- so far fox news and a couple others have reported this, but so far some of the left wing media has not even touched this. now, had this been a republican, you know, actor or commentator or anyone, had suggested anything of this sort that chelsea handler did about somebody in the white house, whether it's the obamas on hillary clinton, it would have been pure outrage. instead, this is fine because for them, this is completely normal. something that is tolerable to them. >> stuart: i want to read you a statement that we received
1:49 pm
moments from the white house press office. it's a warning to the media about staying away from mr. trump's children. here's how it reads. "it's a longstanding children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spot light. the white house fully expects this tradition to continue. we appreciate your cooperation in this matter." that's a pretty strong warning shot across the bows of the media, if you ask me. >> yeah, it's sad that we have to even have this conversation. chelsea clinton came out on her public social media pages and said baron trump should be allowed to have the childhood that i had. at that point you really realize there is sort of this unity among the children who grew up in the white house and even the bush daughters sent letters to malia and sasha obama as they left the white house. i hope they all rush to
1:50 pm
somebody's defense if something happens like this with baron trump. >> stuart: do you think it will continue to happen, not with the trump children but the first lady. general criticism of the trumps. you expect it to continue? >> yes. it seems like nothing is off limits in the media. what we're seeing from the white house when it comes to a new approach on media, we can expect this to keep happening. what they're doing now is setting a precedent that says this is not okay. this will not be tolerated. you're seeing to undermine president trump. at this point, he is the president of the united states. he's not a candidate anymore. so you know -- >> stuart: but doesn't it backfire when you offer such a gratuitous insult when she doesn't speak english well but she speaks five languages. surely that backfires on the person making that personal criticism? >> you'd hope. i don't think it does. chelsea handler is known for saying outrageous things, one and two and she's on her twitter
1:51 pm
and social media feeds promoting planned parenthood. for them it's par for the course and while nothing is off limits, it's deeply offensive and the liberal elitists should check themselves before they say things like this. had it been flipped on its head, they would have been outraged by any republican or actor or commentator or anyone saying anything about the obamas or the clintons. >> stuart: i don't think we've ever seen anything like this before. i mean that in all aspects of the trump presidency. you agree with that? >> i would completely agree with that. i think buckle up, america. we're in for a wild ride. >> stuart: you got it. ashley pratt, conservative commentator. thanks for joining us. i appreciate it. thank you. we expect the president's pick for budget director to grilled over crowd sizes. >> which crowd is larger, the 2009 crowd or the 2017 crowd? >> if you allow me to give the disclaimer how this -- from that
1:52 pm
picture it appears the crowd on the left-hand side is bigger than the crowd on the right-hand side. >> thank you. teor hurtling towards earth. how long until impact? less than a minute. what do you want to do, sir? listen carefully... if we all switch to geico we could save 15% or more on car insurance. i like the sound of that. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. >> stuart: the senate banking committee voted to confirm dr. ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development. senator elizabeth warren, who was critical of the nomination, issued this statement on why she voted to confirm mr. carson. it reads "although i continue to have concerns about dr. carson's inexperience in the field and his comments on poverty and government dependency, he has pledged to look for ways to expand affordable housing options for everyone to aggressively defend the fair housing rights of all americans. i support dr. carson's nomination and look forward to working with him to ensure that he follows through on his commitments." now this. >> what is larger, the 2009
1:56 pm
crowd or the 2017 crowd? >> senator, if you allow me to give a disclaimer how this ties to omb, i'll answer your question. it appears the crowd on the left-hand side is bigger than the crowd on the right-hand side. >> thank you. the reason i'm raising this is because budget often contain buried deceptions. you around i talked in my office about the magic asterisks. this is an example of where the president's team on something very simple and straightforward wants to embrace a fantasy rather than a reality. >> stuart: that was democrat senator jeff merkley trying to put president trump's pick on the spot. but all this did was put taxpayers at a loss. i got to say that it was rather strange to see crowd size coming up in the confirmation hearings for the budget director. you say taxpayers lost this one? >> oh, absolutely. why are we spending committee
1:57 pm
time on something like this? i think the new tag line or the slogan for the democratic party, it's obvious to me, by what i've seen in the media, #democraticpettylife. because they're very petty on every little issue just to get a clear hitline. it's disturbing on many levels and should be disturbing for every voter and taxpayer. they're using government resources to try to paint donald trump in a negative light. instead of focusing on the issues and the reasons in which they lost this election cycle, they're focusing on how can we paint donald trump in a way that is unbecoming of a president. this is disturbing on many levels. >> stuart: you think that senator merkley scored any points at all? there is a big rub about the crowd size. by bringing it up, did senator merkley score at point at all? >> i think stuart, maybe we should do a side by side picture
1:58 pm
of trump's inauguration to hillary clinton's inauguration and see who scored points there? you can't find any pictures because she didn't win. there's no points scored. so at this point, democrats need to figure out why they left the idea being a party of the little guy to donald trump, a billionaire who ran on a populous message that empowered the working class and empowered blue collar workers, that empowered african americans to vote for his candidacy of over hillary clinton. and he won a greater amount of votes than mitt romney and john mccain. so we know that donald trump is doing something different than any other republican or democrat. democrats should be concerned about that. >> stuart: the level of activity, the action that the president has engaged in right from the get-go of his presidency, i think that's surprised a hot of people. he's covering all bases here. jobs, trade, executive orders.
1:59 pm
the pipelines. speeding up the environmental process. has he united the republican party behind what he is doing? >> you know what? i would absolutely say he has. these are the issues in which he's enacted executive orders on, are things that republicans have been united around for a number of years. thing we wanted to get done. president trump has come in in a matter of days and getting things done. as he said during the campaign, this is what he was going to do, he's kept his promises. as the american people, me as a republican or not, i'm a tax payer and voter, we're going to hold him accountable to every promise he made and see that it gets done. i'm excited to say that he's doing what he said he was going to do. >> takes awhile getting used to saying president trump. >> it does, doesn't it? >> stuart: all right. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> stuart: that's all for today. however, be sure to catch me tomorrow, "varney and company"
2:00 pm
at 9:00 a.m. eastern time promptly. this is what we do. politics and money. that's what we do on "varney and company" every single workday. five days a week. the five is next. >> hello, everyone. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." president trump delivering a big blow today to president obama's environmental legacy, signing executive orders to move forward with the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. president obama killed the project in 2015 over climate change concerns. president trump also signed an order requiring u.s. financed pipelines to use steel produced here in america. president delivering on a major campaign promise. made in america still


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