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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 24, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." journalists weren't able to keep donald trump out of the white house, but they would like to keep some of his representatives out of the press. nyu journalism professor said they ought to stop interviewing kellyanne conway on the grounds that she lies too much. t elite daily defended the idea of banning conway, writing this on twitter... he joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> good to be here, tucker. >> tucker: there are people i disagree with all the time. i'm doing it right now. but it has never occurred to me to shun them or to punish them
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by not talking to them. it doesn't seem like it would serve our viewers or your readers. why would you do that? >> first of all let me say that my opinion does not represent the official position of my country. this is my personal opinion. o >> tucker: you've been talking to lawyers. i love that. >> having constructive political discourse and disagreeing with somebody, there needs to be a basic agreement on the facts. she is spreading blatant lies. she is spreading what she called "alternative facts." so how can you actually have a conversation and disagreeing a healthy way if we are not going to agree on the basic facts? like the sky is blue for example? >> tucker: we don't agree on a lot of different things. it's arguing what the facts are. you're not going to reach a place of agreement if you don'ta talk at all. that's what you're suggesting. no talking, shunning. that seems like a religious concept not much of a journalism idea.
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>> this administration is desperate for attention, focusing on the petty issue of inauguration attendance. i think they dominate headlines by continuing this charade ofin spreading alternative facts and behind the scenes, they do other things that arguably should be reported on but don't get enough attention.he i don't know if this is part of a larger sinister plan from the trump administration but it is a huge distraction and it is quite embarrassing the first weekend of the 45th president was talking about how many people came to his inauguration. his press secretary came out and in his first appearance behind the podium, he lied to the american people about a very petty issue. he lied about the number of people to attended, the number of people that watched and in his first official press conference, continue that lie. meanwhile, we have kellyanne conway thing that those are just alternative facts. on top of that we havean donald trump saying millions of illegals voted and that is why he lost the popular vote.
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in the process, he is undermining the democratic process in america and he is making it less likely for people to vote in the future. the problem america -- >> tucker: i need to stop youe. there, a lot of stuff throwing out, coming at me. i think a lot of these are frivolous issues. probably a lot of people's's fault, trump may be a part of that. i want to get back to why we are talking which is you aret suggesting that kellyanne conway is so uniquely reprehensible and immoral that we should "shun her." how does it serve your readers, even though you are not officially speaking for your publication, how does it serve them if you don't even talk to them?ly >> i don't think i called her uniquely reprehensible or immoral. >> tucker: this is a fair question. i get why you disagree, that's fine, why are you saying we are not going to talk to them? isn't it our job as journalists to talk to people? >> i think there is a case we
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made for that. the other case we made for that is journalists need to do a better job of holding her accountable. but when they insist on spreading the latent falsities, it is hard to hold them accountable. when you say no they are not true, and that's an alternative fact, it's hard to do your job. we are not on an even keel here. the conversation -- >> tucker: a couple things come to mind. i agree with you, it's really frustrating when a lot of public officials lie. a lot of them do a lot, and it's upsetting. my first question though is you seem to be exhibiting moral outrage, that's weird and a journalist. you're supposed to report on them, you seem personally offended. as for a lot of people your age who are now in journalism, it seems like they are mad. why is that? is that specific to being in your 20s? why the moral outrage? >> donald trump did say he is at
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war with the media, are you not offended by him saying he's at war with your profession? >> tucker: i don't see it as of religious contest, you seem to see it that way. in your defense, a lot of people your age seem to see the world that way too. why is that? why the moral outrage? >> we are starting to enter a post-fact world and that's a very dangerous world to be entering. i think this is why a lot of people don't vote in america. i think that's why we have mass voter advocacy, not mass voter fraud. they think that the political system doesn't work. why should they participate in a system in which politicians continue to lie to their face? >> tucker: or in which journalists say i don't even want to hear you. or what you have to say. >> why should i be subject to lies? >> tucker: you can refute them, show that they are lies. that's your job. let me ask you the obvious questions, okay, i think there've been some falsehoods coming out of the trump administration, i'm not here to
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defend them. it's not unique to them. we just had eight years and of administration where they said i don't know, if you want to keep your plan, you can. not true. i've got a whole list of untrue things the former president said. it's not about dumb things likeh attendance at a rally but things about the steel industry or benghazi or the war in iraq. real things and like all presidents, he lied. you don't seem in the mood to shun him or his spokesman. why? >> he is no longer president. >> tucker: he was last week. >> sure, he did a lot of things wrong. a lot of young people are very concerned about trump's proposals on immigration. we should also mention that president obama deported more people than any other president. that the balanced conversation. >> tucker: you are saying that lying is a redline for your. i'm not disagreeing, people lie for sure. i'm just saying the last of administration lied a lot too and your outrage seems
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selective. will you acknowledge that? maybe if you're going to be mad about one case, you should be in all cases. >> i think the amount of lying that is occurring within the trump administration is massive. he is not even willing to admit he lost the popular vote. my age has nothing to do with my knowledge of politics. >> tucker: it's been four days, i think some of the stuff they have said is silly but unprecedented? trump signed this order saying inaugural day is patriot devotion day. you compared it to nazi germany.
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>> okay. >> tucker: explain that, what does that mean? >> a lot of north korean propaganda, the last three leaders, patriotic devotion is a phrase that is routinely used. in a sense that you will be punished if you do not -- >> tucker: it is? do you read korean? >> no. >> tucker: but you think that they use that phrase a lot? they use the same phrase in north korea? >> there are parallels. there are clear parallels. >> tucker: okay. >> the rhetoric of the trump administration. it's no coincidence that the north korean regime, they endorsed donald trump. >> tucker: i am beginning to see how it all ties together. they use the same word, one in english and one in korean. but they are one of the same. i'm not going to shun you
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though. thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: there is plenty of news coming out of the trump white house today. t john roberts was there for all 's of it and here is his report.. >> tucker, i can't remember a white house that has generated this much news in the first two days. pulling out of tpp would have been enough news. it is 1 of 3 executive orders and there were five more today. first of all, on the pipeline. president obama mothballed f keystone and dakota access pipeline. president trump gave it new life to submit another application which it said it would do right away and on dakota access,h basically saying build it as soon as possible. signing another executive order to make sure it is built with american steel. >> we will build our own the pipeline.ui we will build our own pipes. like we used to in the old days. >> the president also issued a couple more executive orders, streamlining the environmental
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approval process and reducing regulation for american manufacturers. as if that was not enough, the president also revealed today that he would soon be naming his pick to fill the supreme courth, seat left vacant by the death of antonin scalia last year. the front runner said the court appeals could be -- >> this week, we will be announcing, we have outstanding candidates. we will pick a truly great supreme court justice. i will be announcing it sometime this week. >> the president still hasn't cured his tendency to step all over his message with a tendential non sequitur. he would have won the popular vote if 3-5 millionav people had not voted illegally. it was a hot topic in today's daily briefing. sean spicer will offer no evidence to back up his boss' claim. president trump believesy whate believes.
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>> the president does believe that. he has stated that before. he has stated his concerns about voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign. >> if that many peopleis voted illegally, it massive case of voter fraud. when asked of the white house 's would pursue an investigation, sean spicer deferred and said the president is comfortable with his win. >> tucker: thanks, john. president trump has pledged to deport all criminal illegaluc aliens. with countries accepting the return of their citizens. something that has not been done always in the past. it forces other countries to do so, he has introduced a bill that would cut off all foreign aid for countries that refuse to accept the return of their criminal aliens. congressman, thank you for coming on. i didn't know until it's campaign that this is a common occurrence. other countries can say we are not taking back this prison
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inmate. this happens a lot? >> it happens quite a bit. quite a bit. since 2013, we have released 86,000 criminal aliens who have committed 231,000 crimes. when they are supposed to be deported, as soon as they released, these countries are not taking them back. 15-20 countries refusingle to te these folks back. and they are roaming the streets. >> tucker: just to be clear, they got out of prison serving their term? we put them on a plane to nigeria or guatemala or wherever, they are sent back and then we let them go? >> that's right. the federal courts as you cannoe hold them indefinitely. we need to be able to protect american citizens. that's what this whole thing is about. when we take our oath of office, we need to be protecting our folks. these folks are released onto the streets, a good example is a young lady from connecticut.
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her name is casey chadwick. she was murdered by a haitian immigrant who have been released from prison after he served a term for attempted murder. haiti refused to take him back and within a few months, heur murdered a 25-year-old young lady from connecticut. and had the administration under obama followed the law, she would be alive today. that's why i have introduced hra 82. which is called the criminal alien deportation act. which will give teeth and codify what the president has been doing with executive orders or what mr. trump has been o campaigning on. for the last year. and i campaigned on as well, tucker. that is to get these criminal aliens off the streets, in jail and have them deported. >> tucker: of course. they belong to another country. they are not our citizens. would also stop visas from
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government officials and rich people from those countries coming here? they all want to come here and a shop. >> under my bill, it will have a quarterly report which will tell us which countries are not cooperating. when they are on that list, we can cut your visa program off. we can even cut their foreign aid. thirdly, it will give standing and federal court to allow the families and victims to sue the federal government, to mandate and force the deportation of these criminals. >> tucker: who is against this? >> it's a no-brainer, tucker. stmr. trump said at his inaugurl that he was going to turn this government back over to the people. and this is exactly what he wants to do. people.ct >> tucker: where's your opposition coming from in congress? >> they're not saying they're not for it.r: i have a bipartisan group of congressman and women that have
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signed onto this bill. but the american folks out there i think spoke loud and clear, at the ballot box in november. they want criminal aliens out of the country. it is an absolute no-brainer. we need to protect the americane people. this is what this bill will do. >> tucker: godspeed. >> contact your congressman. get on hr 82. >> tucker: if you find out about this, tell us. thank you, congressman. up next, trump administration just gagged the epa, barring them from making public statements about whether or not that is a good idea come up next. also chelsea handler said something remarkable about melania trump. here's a hint, it was not a compliment. the actress that played buffy the vampire slayer, from hollywood, she will weigh in on that. stay tuned. hollywood, she will weigh in on that. stay so if you have a flat tire,
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all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> tucker: former vice president al gore had an inconvenient moment over the weekend. we have the video to prove it. an inconvenient single, go see it, gores confronted by a woman who asked why the cataclysmic global warming tipping point, which he predicted would occur by 2015 has not yet occurred. hehe brushed off the question ad fled to the safety of what else? a waiting suv. not a pre-us, not a tesla, but a chevy suburban suv. he also flies private. how is your carbon footprint, al gore?
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donald trump -- speaking of the environment -- clamped down on the epa today, not to award anyr new contracts and a media blackout on employees. for the time being, epa is to halt all blog posts, press conferences, and other forms of is it a good idea? we are joined by the wisest man in politics, senior politicalms analyst, brit hume. is this a good idea? >> from the point of view of the trump administration, it's a wonderful idea. here is a man taking charge of the government, huge slices of which will not be content with his policies. a government heavily populatedug by people as we know from the voting patterns in washington, d.c., and its environs, heavily populated with people who did not vote for him. presumably will resist his policies. he doesn't have his people in charge of these agencies and he is trying to keep them from publishing and putting out information that may not comport with his policies. you can hardly blame him for doing that.
9:21 pm
when he gets his people in place, we will see what happens. i don't blame him for imposing this. >> tucker: so this is being greeted as you might imagine, if you are in washington, as the equivalent of the 1953 mccarthy black list. at the top of i "the washington post" web site, this is a story. "this raises concerns that federal employees will be able to convey only information that supports the new president's agenda."ce you've been in washington much longer than i have, it seems to me they work in agencies controlled by the president. they are supposed to reflect his agenda. isn't that the point? >> it is. i suppose what the post is raising, reports are being created and studies being done that are down the middle and because they might tend toor contradict trump policy or undermine in some way that those things will all be be silenced. i don't know if that's the case at all. this looks like a temporary measure that is designed to giva his people a chance to get in
9:22 pm
there and see what is going on and decide what communication strategy will work best. i noticed also that someone from the sierra club or one of those other environmental groups was saying this is going to cost lives. that seems to be more of the same kind of hysterical handwringing that seems to go on about everything donald trumpp ever says. everything that he does. >> tucker: many will die. it does raise the question, i hope we can book that guy by the way, i hope he is watching. trump is hated on by many federal employees, two or 3 million. it's is he really have a hope of controlling a group of people that large who object to his agenda? >> well, i think it is worth a try from his point of view. i agree with you tucker, this thing is a leviathan. it's unclear whether anybody can really controlit it. i would certainly not want the
9:23 pm
home owners of the previous administration and civil service employees that are sympathetic to their agenda continue to publish the communications and so on until my own people were in charge. the other day for example, thend national parks out in the badlands was tweeting about world climate change. and whether what they were saying was true or not, it seems an odd thing for an agency that is supposed to keep the visitors coming and maintain the o condition of the park out there to be tweeting about historical facts about climate change. i don't blame the administration for saying wait a minute, let stop this and have a chance until we get a hold of this agency. >> tucker: right.. the pentagon has been doing the very same for the past eight years and the state department, every department in the global warming department. what department if you were trump were you trying to get
9:24 pm
under control first? >> i would certainly want to get scott pruitt in the epa. the epa seems to me to be in the eyes of money and in the eyes of a number of judges, who have ruled on cases against the agency to be an agency in some ways out of control. an agency that many believe has overstepped its bounds, the four corners of the laws under which they are supposed to operate. to engage in a lot of regulatory activities the people believe were harmful to business. and in some cases, against the law. i would be very, very eager to get him in there. your national security people in place. rex tillerson's nomination looks like it will go forward. those obviously, those national security agencies. if i'd pick one after that, epa. >> tucker: i would too. brit hume, not in washington but of it. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, tucker.
9:25 pm
>> tucker: here's a fun segment. a uconn professor says if you voted for donald trump, it's probably because you are a white supremacist. he joins us to explain why that is. d stay tuned. to explain why that is. stay i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but.. well, what are you doing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios. the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life.
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common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> tucker: a professor at the university of connecticut is arguing that donald trump's election victory comes down to one thing come of racism. ore of his upcoming lectures is called "make america white again. american nationalism."om in it, professor matthew hugheyt
9:29 pm
will argue that modern america is built on a bed rock of core racial assumptions with assumptions including that whiteness is under attack in america and that whites are not functional. social political and economic commitment.hi professor hughey joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having me on.ot wearing a bowow tie. >> tucker: i have heard people f say this. but sort of offhandedly, like, "i hate the result, it must've been the racists who did it." you're making an academic study of this. you're saying that white supremacy caused trump election. can you define white supremacy? >> what i mean by white supremacy is both a social, political, economic commitment to the promotion of people who
9:30 pm
pass as white.cot we look at the history of the nation for the past 240 years, we see that as immigrants have come into country and claimed whiteness, they've done very well in this country. they have in large part outpaced and out measured other racial groups due to a series of advantages that have been given to them. that is in part what i mean by white supremacy. >> tucker: okay. how did that result in trump's victory? >> i'm sorry, say again? >> tucker: with respect, i don't think the numbers suggest that that is true but i want to hear your version.r: >> i don't argue that white supremacy alone is why he won. but it's a huge factor in his victory. for the same reason why 44 out of the 45 presidents have been white men. that is not a coincidence. that's a pretty startling fact. it's not just white supremacy, gender dynamics, capitalism, gender normatively, that have
9:31 pm
led to that kind of dominance. >> tucker: mitt romney got more white support than donald trump got. is he a white supremacist? that doesn't fit into your theory, does it? why would mitt romney who is ahi less racially inflammatory than donald trump get more support than donald trump did? >> it's not about mitt romney, donald trump, or any particularr person. it's a social political economic system. not one particular person. politicians can appeal to racial arguments. some democrats have done ando times. it's a very palpable device, it works a large part of the time to propel people into political positions of power. >> tucker: so we have had -- here's a main problem with your theory, for the last 50 years, the country has been totally transformed by immigration. we have admitted about
9:32 pm
60 million immigrants into this country legally in 50 years. that is an awful lot init a country of 325 million. that is a lot of people. totally changed the demographic balance. why would a country based on and committed to perpetuation of white supremacy left in 60 million people, only 4% of whom are from europe? >> not weird at all. your point makes sense if you don't think about it. what instead is happening today is what is forced immigration from slavery. we brought in lots of slaves to the united states that outpaced a lot of european immigrants under white the promisee. the demographics, the majority minority demographics you are referencing don't have anything to do with power dynamics. >> tucker: if you are suggesting power dynamics, i guess our current immigration regiment, we have nonwhite people clamoring to get in to america. if you were to say everyone who
9:33 pm
is a passport holder on the continent of africa can come here, what percentage do youry think would? it be a little strange if it was a white supremacist country that they would want to come here or that we would allow them. >> ebbs and flows.ey immigration has arose in and fallen and so forth. immigration in mexico has actually fallen, even though it is a hot topic. >> tucker: your facts are absolutely wrong. our immigration levels are set by the federal government. they have remained the same. i'm just saying that it doesn't ebb and flow actually. illegal immigration doesn't. it's overwhelmingly nonwhite. so why again would a white supremacist country allow that to happen? in 1965, 84% of the country was white. 2015, 62%. that is a massive change in 50 years. why would white supremacists
9:34 pm
allow that to happen? >> white supremacists need help now, don't they? they don't want to do the work they don't want to do themselve themselves. just as a reference to slavery, any historical period such as jim crow, that has a dominant racial ethnic group, you are going to have a large racial underclass. it doesn't undermine the fact that there is a racial that's just absurd. >> tucker: but it is a democracy in which the majority chooses the government and the way of life. so we know as a demographic matter that is going to be a majority nonwhite country soon. that was a decision made by white people. they are voluntarily allowing the country to become nonwhite, no one is yelling about it or whatever. whatever you think of that, that is not the behavior of a whiteat supremacist country, is it? >> it is, since i studied it,t, that is -- you also fail to treat race as a variable that changes over time.
9:35 pm
100 years ago, the irish, italians, other groups that we now think of as white did not count as white. it would be absurd to think what we mean and how we think about whiteness today will remain the same 100 years from now. >> tucker: you are factually wrong on that. on the irish question. we don't have time to debate this. i think youu are. >> i've written quite a few, you can read books on it. >> tucker: you're still not answering the question. we are admitting millions of people from africa and latin america. if this were a white -- why wouldn't we just letam in everyone from scandinavia? or finland? or western europe oror new zealand? >> i've answered this question three times.ze the point is people are pushed in or pulled into different nations for economic reasons, political reasons, what have you. in the united states, they trade on immigrants to do labor thatea the dominant class often doesn't want to do. that's no different than a lot of westernized nations.
9:36 pm
>> tucker: some of them become -- you don't get challenged much in college. a lot of them become rich. >> you are not bringing facts here. i understand this is fox. >> tucker: do have tenure by the way? >> i do. >> tucker: so nothing you say,ha no matter how silly, can get you fired? >> there are plenty of things that can get me fired but i am good at my job. >> tucker: okay. i guess we just disagree. i appreciate you coming on to explain your position. >> take care. >> tucker: well, fox news alert. donald trump has threatened to use federal law enforcement to restore order in the city of chicago. the president just tweeted... that's up 24% from 2016. chicago of course had nearly 800
9:37 pm
murders last year, more than any u.s. city. we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates as we get them and we will. up next, chelsea handler slammed melania truck over the weekend. we'll be joined by actress kristy swanson who thinks handlers remarks are embarrassing hollywood. yes, you can embarrass hollywood, and she is doing it. we'll be right back for up to three years and be covered. so no matter where you go, your peace of mind and confidence will be as unlimited... as your mileage. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through february 28th. and learn more about our unlimited mileage warranty, only at your authorized dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. sorry, just getting a quote on motorcycle insurance from progressive. yeah? yeah, they have safe rider discounts, and with total loss coverage,
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>> tucker: now it is time for "twitterstorm." most powerful lesser patterns. is twitter improving? tonight's cold front is bearings down on chelsea handler who had this to say on saturday. >> what about melania? >> talk about what? she can barely speak english. >> tucker: the reaction was swift to that. oh!
9:42 pm
good question. melania trump is an immigrant and a woman, talk about hypocrisy. that is tonight's "twitterstorm." so what does handler's comments say about hollywood? we are joined by kristy swanson who played the original buffy the vampire slayer. she tweeted this earlier today... she joins us tonight from california. thank you for doing this. >> hey there, tucker.m thank you for having me. >> tucker: what does this say about hollywood? here you have an avowed liberal attacking an immigrant woman for
9:43 pm
not speaking english. you don't hear that much from the left. >> no. it doesn't make any sense. it is outrageous and she should apologize. >> tucker: do you see this attitude a lot? do you see this kind of weird snobbishness for people like it's melania trump, people from --- who are different? >> well, i don't know if i've seen that. i just know that the hollywood left is just acting crazy right now. it is our job in this community in hollywood, it is our job to entertain. to make people laugh, to make people cry, not run for cover. you know? that is what everybody is attacking. attacking, attacking. it is not who i am. it is not the community that i want to be a part of. it is not their hollywood, it's our hollywood. i think she just needs to calm down.
9:44 pm
>> tucker: i think you're from southern california, right? >> yes, i am from southern california. >> tucker: i am too. you've lived around there your whole life. what if you had a dinner party, and you said "i kind of like donald trump" or, "lay off melania trump." what kind of response would you get? >> it would depend on what circle i am in. i mean, if i were at a hollywood elite party, i probably wouldn't say that.od but now i am. i'm tired of the double standard. i am proud of our president. i am proud of our america and where we are going and i'm not afraid to say it. i wish more people would. >> tucker: i don't want to be mean to chelsea handler, it seems like she has enough of her own problems. i can't resist. right after the election i heard her say trump is a sexist, i am sick of the sexism so i'm moving to spain. because it's so much less sexist
9:45 pm
than the united states. it made me laugh. >> so, is she moving? >> tucker: she is still here, maybe she moved to spain for a week and found out it was not less sexist. i thought she was a comedian at one point? >> i really don't know. i don't know her. i may have met her once one time a long time ago in passing or something. just in the hollywood circles. she is entitled to her opinion, but you know, it is taking it too far. it is classless. it's the first lady. she is smart, she knows five languages. i am from southern california, i don't speak spanish. i wish i knew how. i am still learning you know what i mean? >> tucker: [laughs] me too. >> you know, it is just so crazy that she would make fun of or
9:46 pm
put someone down that can speak five languages. that is not an easy thing to do. >> tucker: it seems mean too. >> i felt compelled to say something. really mean. absolutely. people need to calm down and just accept what is, you know? it is what it is and everything is going to be fine and everybody needs to just chill i out. >> tucker: kristy swanson, thanks for joining us tonight. good to see you. up next, melissa francis of fox joins us in "the friend zone." if you haven't met melissa francis, she is fantastic. don't go away. melissa francis, she is fantastic. don't go away. >> we will bring b >> we will bring back our jobs. our borders. and we will bring back our dreams. >> announcer: the powerful interview on how he plans to get it done against the odds. thursday, sean hannity sits down with president donald trump. i r tomorrow's the day we'll play something
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>> tucker: time now for "the friend zone." we invite one of our friends within the building onto the show. melissa francis, the host of after the bell on fox business.r melissa, you were in town last week for the inauguration. i assumed you were in the section reserved for foreign heads of state. where were you? >> that is where i was supposed to be i guess but i guess i didn't get my ticket. i was looking at one of those big overviews and i with the literally the right behind the outhouses. the port-a-potties. i couldn't see the stage because they were right in front of me. it was very funny, we were in the back and we were listening to this speech and i was with all the people who had driven in
9:52 pm
it's from all over the country and they are wearing boots and have plastic ponchos on and none of the dress-up clothes up front. these were the real folks. i've got to tell you, the speech played very differently back there. he's talking about all the stuff of the then he gets to the part and he is saying that for the forgotten man out there, you are forgot nr more. your voices haven't been heard. these people up front, have come to washington, gotten rich for years basically off your tax dollars. while factories have shuddered and i'm not going to let that happen anymore. obviously i'm summarizing here. the people around me, they were cheering and yelling and tears, very exhilarated. i flip on the tv and there is the media. analyzing the speech and it was like they had heard a totally different speech. maybe, granted, i was way in the back, we were at the wrong event maybe. and it was totally different
9:53 pm
people because i couldn't see anything.. it was amazing. t it plays very differently. >> tucker: we put a bunch of pictures on the screen that you took. one of them is a woman who is appearing to be wearing a space outfit. >> you can see absolutely nothing in that photo. there you go. the next day, we got up and it was the big march. i marched to brunch but whatever, along the way we passed people that were going to the million woman march. i would have but i was very hungry. she was a protester and i've got to tell you, her costume is fantastic. she was an alien, had a bubbleel on top. on the back of her sign was a picture of donald trump and it said forget it, it was funny. i give her credit for that. she put a lot of effort into it. we walked through the marchers the next day and they were impressive. there were droves of them. they were pretty orderly. i didn't see any celebrities.
9:54 pm
it is just a lot of people who came out and got together. the only people that were in myy humble experience walking around very disorderly was the day before, the black lives matter folks. we were in a huge throng of people, they laid in the way and stopped everyone. at that point, we turned around and walked back in the opposite direction. we could tell it was going to get a little bit crazy. we were near the mcdonald's, they threw stuff through the glass. that was very crazy. there was only part of the weekend that was crazy. the women's march was orderly and lots of great costumes. was that you in costume? >> tucker: i got caught in the women's march. but i left. really quickly, what'd you thini of the city? did you like it? >> i thought it was beautiful. it is booming. there's so much construction and there's so much money, it was like that through the recession and that money belongs to all
9:55 pm
the hard-working people that showed up and voted for trump. it is a beautiful city but at what price and on whose dime? that is what i was thinking, i hate to be serious at the end of this show. >> tucker: i want to think america for keeping our company values stable through thick and thin. melissa, it's great to see you. you improved our city.y. up next, we bring you this week's particularly cruel edition of mean tweets. stay tuned. mmm friend of yours? that's frequent heartburn. it's always lurking around. but i'm safe. i took my prevacid®24hr today. i didn't. one pill prevents the acid that causes heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr. "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business.
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10:00 pm
check with the producers, yes, that counts. [laughs] our feelings are unscathed. you can do better next week. that is it for us, sean hannity coming up. >> sean: tonight, "hannity" is back in our nation's capital as president trump who is back on day five of his administration. plus, the trump administration continues to push back against the tax from the liberal alt left radical mainstream >> they don't report something, they get facts wrong. >> sean: we will take you inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue for a sit down with the white house press secretary, spicer. and president trump meets with u.s. auto bankers. >> we are bringing manufacturing back to united states. >> sean: former speaker of the house newt gingrich will react to all of this. also senator ted cruz joins us and we will talk to members of


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