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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 25, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> bret: the dismantling of the obama legacy. one executive order at a time. president trump resurrects two major oil pipelines, fulfilling campaign promises and enraging environmentalists. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. workday number two for president trump brought more executive action, more meetings with business leaders, and word that a new supreme court nominee is only days away. the decision to jump start work on the keystone xl and dakota access pipeline projects is both a shot across the bow to environmentalists and another major reversal of an obama
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administration policy. all that plus another comment from the president that sets off an afternoon of media fact-checking and heated reaction. chief white house correspondent john roberts has the news from the white house. >> good evening. the sheer volume of news coming out of this white house and the first couple days worth anything that we've seen in recent memory. the president has still not shaken his campaign air of -- propensity to step on his own message. president trump took major steps to resurrect the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines, another opportunity for the president to undo obama-era actions. >> are going to renegotiate some of the terms and if they would like, we'll see if we can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs. >> the twitter-sphere lit up with protest. condemning the executive order
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on keystone xl and dakota access pipelines. from house speaker paul ryan, praised. thanks to the executive order, the keystone pipeline and dakota access pipeline can finally be built. it's about time. the president also signed orders to streamline the permitting and manufacturing process. took steps to ensure when they are built, they are built with american steel. >> we will build our own pipeline. we will build our own pipes. that's what it has to do with, like we used to in the old days. >> the president began his day promoting the automobile industry, hosting leaders from the big three and others for breakfast. another listening session to find ways of keeping jobs at home. >> we are going to make the process much more simple for the auto companies and everyone else who wants to do this inside the united states. i think you're going to find this to be from being very inhospitable to extremely hospitable. >> amid the talks about jobs and
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infrastructure, the president revealed he is close to naming his choice to fill the supreme court seat left vacant by the death of antonin scalia. >> sometime next week i'll be making my decision. next week. we have outstanding candidates and will pick a truly great supreme court justice. i will be announcing it sometime next week. >> despite the magnitude of news coming out of the white house today it was again overshadowed by a message robbing remark by the president. meeting with congressional leaders last night, president trump insisted he would have won the popular vote had people not voted illegally. this morning the house speaker said he had seen nothing to back it up. >> i've already commented on it. i've seen no evidence to that effect and i've made it clear. >> in the daily briefing today,
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press secretary sean spicer said the president firmly believes what he said. >> the president does believe that. he has stated that before. he has stated his concerns about voter fraud and people voting illegally. >> when asked if the white house would seek an investigation into what would amount to massive voter fraud, the press secretary deferred. >> i think he won handily with 306 electoral votes, 33 states. he's comfortable with his win. >> donald trump seemed to take himself off message every week as a candidate. he is learning that as president in washington even a casual aside in a private conversation can quickly become the headline of the day. bret. >> bret: democrats jumped on that. what percentage of the briefing do you think dealt with that question? 's to go i would say probably 20%. more than he would want. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. let's talk more about president trump and the economy. joining us from our sister network fox business networks, this claimant.
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>> the market had two records today. in the past 48 hours, donald trump has been laying a foundation, putting up scaffolding around business, economy, jobs. when you talk about those meetings, the one yesterday, ten senior executives, everyone from the ceo of dow chemical to elon musk of tesla. they listened as trump promised to cut taxes and sliced slice e regulations. many of them -- today he zeroed in on the u.s. automakers. here's where it gets interesting. bitter rivals. ford, gm, fiat chrysler all the ceos in the same room. donald trump is a negotiator. they want lower taxes, fewer regulations. we got no details on what specifically the president offer but the automakers have had to
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meet the stringent fuel efficiency standards. if he could promised they would be relaxed, it would help. they are all promising to build plants or hire workers in the u.s. but auto sales are flattening. if you are talking business, they would be disinclined to wrap turbo ramp up manufacturing. >> bret: how do they feel about formally withdrawing from the tpp trade deal, renegotiating nafta. some critics say china is going to fill this gap. >> let me tell you, some of those critics are business people. you've got some who are absolutely praising the president for pulling out of at least the tpp. unions loved the move. workers feel the reciprocity of the trade deals has been -- hasn't been there. it's been brutal for the american worker. hillary clinton backed away from tpp. fred smith of fedex today said
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he sees this as a problem. 40 million americans have jobs because of trade. he issued that morning you just talked about, bret. leaves an open door for china to flex its economic muscle, its embolden china to fill the void left by america leaving the tpp. >> bret: we will follow it. liz, thank you very much. stocks were up today. dow gained 113. s&p 500 finished ahead 15. nasdaq jumped 48. one thing that's not moving quickly for the new president, the cabinet confirmation process. correspondent peter doocy on capitol hill looks at the practical and political reasons for the hold up. >> until today, democrats have only allowed confirmation votes for the defense secretary, homeland security secretary, and cia director. the senate's top ranking democrat says there's a reason for that. speak of the bottom line is we will move the nominees with relative speed who are not
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controversial. >> democrats a education secretary nominee betsy devos is controversial, accusing her of conflicts of interest from business dealings. senator lamar alexander says devos has been asked 25 times more follow-up questions then republicans posed to either of president obama secretary nominees and suggested today democrats just don't like devos because she's rich. >> i don't like the fact that she has money. >> the united states still does not have a top diplomat or law enforcement official and it doesn't look like either of those positions will be filled until at least next week because democrats are making good on their pledge to target eight trump cabinet nominees for drawn out hearings. instead of fighting with them about the merits of the president's pick, republicans are going on a retreat to talk amongst themselves for the rest of the week. to go republicans in both the senate and house will have another opportunity to engage with president as we gather for our issues conference in philadelphia. >> the only nominee the g.o.p. had set for confirmation before
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leaving town, governor nikki haley to be u.n. ambassador. the senate judiciary committee had a vote on senator jeff sessions. democrats delayed it until next week. dr. ben carson was you unanimously confirmed. rex tillerson wasn't approved this week too on his way to a confirmation vote as secretary of state. neither nominee will be approved until at least next week leaving the 45th president with a few cabinet secretaries to call on for a lot longer than the 44th president had to wait. >> at this point in president obama's administration, five days into the administration, there were 14 cabinet members confirmed. so far, there are three. under president trump. >> just a few minutes ago we got number four. we mentioned nikki haley was set to be confirmed as u.n. ambassador and that just happened overwhelmingly biased senate vote of 96-4.
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something else we heard from the senate majority whip, he thinks these attempts to mostly keep the trump cabinet room empty are an attempt to relitigate the campaign here he thinks immigrants need to get over the fact that they lost the election. >> bret: what do we know about the reason james comey is staying on as fbi director? stick of the reason comey is staying on is because the president asked him to. comey now is on track to serve out the rest of his 10-year term. he did alert members of the fbi workforce that he is still going to be their boss for most of the next decade. comey was a central player in the clinton email server investigation and president trump joked when he saw him a few days ago at the white house that comey is now more famous than he has. >> bret: peter, thank you. following up on a story brought you last night, a law enforcement official tells fox news no of wrongdoing has been found in calls between the man president trump picked as his national security advisor
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and the russian ambassador to the u.s. officials say the calls involving retired lieutenant general michael flynn were listened to as part of routine procedure. they say flynn was never the active target of an investigation. there is a broader probe of the trump campaigns ties to russia that is still ongoing. president trump's choice to lead the fight against obamacare is running into some opposition in the senate but likely not enough to block his confirmation. at least not yet. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports health and human services nominee tom price continues to take heavy fire from democrats. >> yes or no. under the executive order will you commit that no one will be worse off? >> what i commit to is working with you i never sick a member of congress to make sure we have the highest quality health care and that every single american has access to affordable coverage. >> as he took questions about replacing obamacare, it was round to her doctor tom price to
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be the next secretary of health and human services. it will be the finance committee that will vote on his nomination and its republican chairman orrin hatch blasted attacks on price. >> none of those who say they oppose dr. price's nomination seem to be talking about whether he is qualified. instead we've heard grossly exaggerated and distorted attacks on his views and his ethics. >> and price has offered numerous plans to replace obamacare, democrats pushed for what's next. >> president trump said he's working with you on a replacement plan for the aca which is nearly finished and will be revealed after your confirmation. is that true? >> it's true he said that, yes. i've had conversations with the president about health care, yes. >> missouri democrat fired back at republicans were going it alone. >> we are about to repeal obamacare without one democratic vote. what we have after the repeal is
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trump-care. sticker democrats attacked price on some of his investments prayed >> dod judgment? 's pico no. the reality is that everything i did was ethical, aboveboard, transparent. >> richard burr suggested criticism about price's finances isn't fair. >> does it trouble you that as a nominee to serve in this administration that some work to hold you to a different standard. >> price made this promise to seniors. >> i would convey to the medicare population of the nation that they don't have reason to be concerned. >> price doesn't seem to have reason to be concerned about his confirmation. republican sound like they are behind him. such a critical player in overseeing replacement of obamacare. >> bret: congressional budget office released its projections
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and the possible impact of the upcoming agenda. what can you tell us about that? speak of the projections are we could return to $1 trillion deficits per year. $9.4 trillion over the next decade. they project the deficits would grow larger due to more spending on social security and medicare. it's nonpartisan estimate is that the national debt will hit $24.9 trillion by 2027. does not take into consideration new plans of the trump administration. this projection will likely embolden those seeking to cut spending and save money. it will also likely cause heartburn for lawmakers when considering an infrastructure plan, aspects of tax reform, and more money for national security. >> bret: heard a lot about that in the omb nominee hearing today. thank you. britain's supreme court says the government must give parliamentarian approval before starting the process of leaving the european union.
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british voters opted to exit the eu last summer. opponents of the so-called brexit see the court ruling is a major win. prime minister theresa may's point man says the timetable remains on track. he says officials will introduce legislation within days and theresa may, the prime minister, will be here within days. what to do about the u.s. embassy in israel has a lot of people talking tonight. president trump has promised a move to jerusalem. palestinians and arabs are against it. rich edson looks at why it's such a controversy. >> i campaign promise with potentially momentous consequences prayed >> we will move the embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem. >> israel recognizes jerusalem as its capital. so do palestinians. is really government data show 86 countries maintain their
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embassies in tel aviv. as of 2006, none are in jerusalem. since the 1967 war, israel has administrated the city. >> we want peace but if you will bring the american embassy to jerusalem, we will have no peace here. >> palestinians argue the u.s. embassy in jerusalem would legitimize israeli control over the city and stripped the united states of its ability to restart and broker peace negotiations between israelis and palestinians. >> moving the embassy to any place will be a step ahead of anything that may happen in the future and will damage the peace process. sticker the administration refused to commit to the move as it says officials and president trump are in the early stages of their decision-making. >> he wants to grow closer with israel to make sure he gets the full respect -- it gets the full
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respect it deserves in the middle east. >> after years of failed negotiations, terrorist attacks, and war it is time the united states fulfill the policy requiring the u.s. embassy to israel in jerusalem. >> the united states of america has embassies in all of the world's capitals with the exception of israel. that's absurd. >> president bill clinton, george w. bush, and barack obama blocked the move citing security concerns. that decision now belongs to president donald trump. >> news from israel this morning, the israeli government has approved a 2500 additional units. >> bret: rich edson at the state department. we are getting reaction tonight to news that one of president obama's final acts was to give more than 220 million of your tax dollars to organizations involved with the palestinian authority despite
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opposition from congress. here is chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> protesters in the gaza strip warrant president trump against any move of the u.s. embassy in the wake of a move by they had obama administration in its final days to unlock $220 million in u.s. funding to help palestinians with debt relief, water and energy infrastructure. republican lawmakers had put a nonbinding hold on the money in protest over the palestinian authority's efforts to seek unilateral recognition at the united nations. the trump white house declined to take a position except to emphasize the president's frugality as he wraps his arms around the federal budget. >> is very concerned about how taxpayer money is spent, whether it is sent overseas and what we get for it in terms of the relationship or support for our democracy or aid to another country. >> former top aide at the state department noted the funding amount is small relative to u.s.
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financial support for israel which includes a 10-year deal worth 38 billion in military aid and that the israelis themselves have supported such funding. >> if we don't help the palestinian authority maintain stability, that's really bad for israel's security. i don't think this will be something that will be reversed. >> the palestinian mission to the u.n. declined to comment. rex tillerson told lawmakers there can be no resolution to the israeli-palestinian conflict if the palestinians don't move beyond renouncing violence or doing something to stop it. >> bret: thank you. up next, who is staying and who was going. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 9 in the twin cities has
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minnesota governor mark dayton proposing a budget a day after collapsing while delivering the state of the state address. dayton revealed he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. he says he does not believe the diagnosis and the fainting were linked. the democrat says he intends to serve out his remaining two years. fox 25 in boston with the discovery about $20 million in cash inside a box bring in a westborough apartment. investigators say the money came from a pyramid scheme. a brazilian man from new york has been charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering. this is a live look at austin, texas, from our affiliate fox 7. huge rally on capital grounds supporting school choice. marching bands and hundreds of students were on hand. greg abbott calls vouchers a civil rights issue. in the past, about her legislation had made it through the senate but failed in the house due to opposition from democrats. and rural republicans fearful of hurting local schools. one of many protests about school choice. we'll be right
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>> bret: the secret service says it's looking into postings from a senior security official critical of president trump. "washington examiner" is reporting that. carrie o'grady of the denver office wrote on facebook "i would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what i believed to be a disaster to this country." o'grady did not mention mr. trump my name. she says her opposition to the president would not affect her ability to do her job. if you are concerned about fake news hurting the country, your plenty of company. a new fox news poll indicates 84% of those surveyed feel that
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way, just 15% disagree. a follow-up tonight on a report from monday about the trump immigration plan. the president's press secretary says the wheels are already in motion to build that promised while on the southern border. there are even more concerns over who gets to stay and who gets -- has to go. william la jeunesse in san diego tonight looking for some answer answers. >> marching for all the people. >> 10-year-old can breathe easier today after the trump administration they would not keep the campaign promise to immediately deport those brought to the u.s. illegally as children. >> priorities focused on people who pose a threat to people in our country. >> sean spicer warned the reprieve may be temporary. >> continuing to make sure his cabinet level team starts to organize and create a plan to move forward.. >> the decision to focus on criminal aliens is simple. numbers. >> i would expect ice to start
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focusing on more of the criminal alien population that were exempt from enforcement under the obama administration. >> out of 2 million criminal aliens, ice deported just over 60,000 in 2016, a six-year immigrants, the number deported from the interior fell from almost 250,000 to just 65,000 last year. figure whether it starts with the hard-core criminal aliens and then trickles down over time to other priorities, we can't do much worse than we've been doing for the past eight years which is virtually nothing. >> 94% of those removed from -- by homeland security were priority one, convicted of felonies or at least three misdemeanors. administration has not said whether president trump will lower the bar to include all of those arrested from dui and robbery to burglary and drug use. how will president trump handle century cities that won't honor detainers, having decided on
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their own who will and won't be deported. >> bret: thank you. sweden's government is indicating we may soon learn whether wikileaks founder julian assange will face sexual assault charges. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot.went to sweden to find out exactly where that case stands. greg reports from london. >> clouds hangover wikileaks founder julian assange who has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london. now the swedish prosecution authority tells fox news it's getting nearer to indicting him with rate stemming from an earlier incident or letting it drop. >> assange's legal august he began in stockholm in august 2010. he came there to give a speech to his fans, including two young women who are central to assange's legal difficulties. both were friendly, both had sex
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with him. >> both went to authorities. possible sexual assault charges. assange says the woman was sleepy when the sex act happene happened. according to his lawyer, assange was shocked. >> he was in disbelief. >> after some back-and-forth about the charges, he left sweden for the uk a few weeks later without talking with the prosecutor about suspicions. >> if i were in charge, i would have tried very good, my best, to have him interviewed. >> assange has been in the uk ever since defying arrest warrants, losing extradition
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trials. he sought asylum in the ecuador embassy. in 2015, assange applied to a human -- a heat >> locked in in exile. >> the swedish government told fox it disagrees with the ruling. backers of the victims say that assange was running from the la law. >> is he being arbitrarily detained? >> he has not detained. he has chosen this. >> prosecutor demanded assange be interviewed in sweden. the sexual assault charges expired. a prosecutor came to london last fall and interrogated assange. >> you're saying that's a good thing that it was finally done. >> years later, there is still a dispute. >> they have not tried to make it worse than it was. i'm convinced that there was no
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crime ever committed by my client. >> prosecutors need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused person did it. >> fear is that assange will wait out the charge. >> people would say that's not right that it's possible to stay away for so long and not be punished. >> the refusal of assange to return to sweden was never just about sex charges. he has said they were a pretense to get him back to sweden to extradite him to the u.s. to phased espionage charges. >> following the clemency granted chelsea manning, seemed like julian assange sounded ready to make good on his pledge to go to the u.s. >> i've always been willing to go to the united states. >> he put so many conditions on it, others thought he still wants to hunker down at the ecuador embassy. we were told there is no existing public extradition order to the u.s. and saw no sign of strings being pulled
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with a probe. the reaction of some in sweden was he's offering to go to the wrong place. >> you should outlook at a map, go the opposite direction. >> swedish people seem to want the assange saga to go away. >> it's been too long. >> will you be happy to see that finished? >> yes. i think he is a [bleep] bag. >> swedish authorities tell us they are looking at the assigned testimony and deciding on the possible rape charge. observers of the case in sweden warned us he's -- it ain't over until it's over. >> live in london. thank you. what do you think president trump will do about russia? will he get tough over election hacking or try to open up a big
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market for american goods and services? the hacking leading up to the auction obviously took a lot of focus. they are wondering the same thing, what he'll do, in moscow tonight. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg tells us what's at stake. >> will he or won't he? russians want to know what president trump will do about the sanctions president obama put in place. some say sanctions have flopped. >> the fact is sanctions did not work. they didn't change russian policy in any way. secondly, it has united russia around president putin whose popularity throughout sanction time actually increased dramatically prayed >> the head of russian sovereign wealth fund met with one of trump's top advisors. democrat senators are looking into whether that was a violation of sanctions. he says russia's vast market presents a world of investment opportunities for the
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united states. that russia can help make trump's promises of job creation come true. he is one of many who believe trump will be good for russia too. you know you've made it in moscow when you become a doll. they are betting trump is going to be a hot commodity here. dimitrios said it's imperative for people like himself who have an affinity for the other side roll up their sleeves. >> i feel it's important to involve passionate people. it's important to have people who believe the two nations can work well together, understand each other and be engaged in the reconciliation process prayed >> the russian stacking dolls might be a symbol of a whole world of hidden layers and complexities that lies ahead. in moscow, amy kellogg, fox new fox news. >> bret: flint, michigan,'s
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water system no longer has levels of lead exceeding the federal limits. lead level is below the number that triggers intervention. state officials say the lead levels are comparable to other u.s. cities but they say residents must still use filters because of the ongoing replacement of old pipes, it could spike lead levels and some homes. president trump takes another chunk out of the obama legacy, restarting two major oil pipeline projects but we will talk about it and the rest of the workday to one we come
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>> this is with regard to the construction of the keystone pipeline, something that's been in dispute and is subject to a reintegration renegotiation of terms.
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we will see if we can get that pipeline builds. 28,000 jobs, great construction jobs. we build the pipelines, we want to build the pipe. going to put a lot of steelworkers back to work. bringing manufacturing back to the united states. i am to a large extent and environmentalist. but it's out of control. >> bret: workday number two, a lot of stuff going on. here's what happened today. executive orders president trump signed reviving the keystone xl pipeline project, reviving the dakota access pipeline project. gives the commerce department 180 days to maximize the use of u.s. u.s. steel in the pipelines. direct the commerce department to streamline the permitting process for manufacturing, expedite the environmental permitting process for infrastructure projects. pipelines, roads, bridges. transcanada put out a statement. "we appreciate the president of the united states inviting us to
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reapply. we are currently preparing the application and intend to do so." k xl creates thousands of well-paying construction jobs and would generate tens of millions of dollars in annual property taxes along the route as well as $3 billion to the u.s. gdp. earth justice, environmental group, says we are shocked and dismayed by today's news. it puts water for millions at risk. it goes on after that. let's bring in our panel. guy benson, tim farley, host and managing editor of morning briefing and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. guy, thoughts on today's actions prayed >> on the pipelines, this is a lay up for trump. good optics, good economics, good politics. clear pivot away from the obama administration that slow walked
1:40 am
these things and killed the pipelines for political reasons. that was a pander to certain interest within the democratic coalition, well moneyed interests on the environmental green side of things and trump is not going to be indebted to them. this rolls into a neat package, a number of different narratives trump wants to pursue about his administration, creating jobs, putting working people to work, and no one is going to be cheering louder than some of those union bosses with whom he met yesterday. a lot of bipartisan support for this, a smart move, no-brainer. >> bret: the union image, the fact that he had the meeting with seven unions who all endorsed hillary clinton in the election was quite something. >> this is a short-term thing. permanent jobs will not be plentiful as a result of this. one of the things that goes deeper especially with the dakota access pipeline is that, and some of those other executive orders, he attacks
1:41 am
them dakota access pipeline was approved and then stopped. it is in a terminal waiting period. it's another way for them to check off the list of things that he said he wanted to do when you've selected. >> bret: charles, environmentalist say this this is dirty, it's going to create more pollution in our country. supporters of the pipelines states very clean compared to doing it on a railway or taking it by truck across the country. >> they there have never been r arguments against a project that on the keystone pipeline. their assumption is that canada would stop extracting the oil sands in the north in alberta if we didn't have the pipeline. it's absurd. it's a huge resource for canada. it's the canada. -- it's the future.
1:42 am
that was a completely empty argument for you are right about the pipeline. if it doesn't go by pipeline, this oil, or in the dakota project, it ends up in railcars which is much dirtier. the pollution is at least twice as much and dangerous. there was an accident in quebec of a rail shipment of crude oil that wiped out half a town and dozens of human beings bird we are not talking about abstractions with carbon in the air. there was never a strong argument. it was always to symbolism. the obama administration was craven lee cynical, putting it off because its own state department concluded it was not going to hurt the environment. i agree that in the end, what's going to have the most effect is the directive to streamline the permitting of other projects in the future.
1:43 am
that has been killing initiatives on infrastructure and also on planned construction. >> bret: the permitting process per the images of the president signing these things, calling the press in, seems to be a positive thing to the trump administration. this however seems to be a negative thing, a focus on something the president said in a bipartisan meeting with congressional leaders saying that he likely won the popular vote because there were three to 5 million illegal voters grade that took up a lot of oxygen at the news briefing this afternoon. >> are you going to ask for an investigation into the into ths election. >> i think he won handily with 306 electoral votes. he's comfortable with his win. >> seems to trouble him. keeps bringing it up. >> he was having a discussion
1:44 am
with folks and mention something in passing which has been a long-standing belief he's maintained. >> i think it's worth clarifying whether illegal ballots. >> there were some studies that showed 14% of people who voted were not citizens. >> bret: okay. guy, your thoughts. >> we are talking about this, aren't we? the oxygen is being consumed as we literally speak on this. i'm sort of perplexed as to why we keep going back to this argument, we, being the administration of the present. there is no actual evidence for this. i'm sure there were illegal votes. voter fraud is a real phenomenon that ought to be guarded agains against. three to five millions is the question. if you had millions of illegal votes that could tip a national election. shouldn't there be a serious investigation if you really believe this to be true. i've always believed that the best argument trump could have made and he did initially was is better argument on this, saying forget the popular vote. i would have won that if that were the goal. if the whole campaign or structure to win the popular
1:45 am
vote i would've done that. instead it was a different chessboard on i won that game. that's true. the illegal voting thing is a waste of time. >> bret: they pressed him about this and sean spicer said maybe we will launch into, look into it at some point. >> i don't know who's going to investigate this. >> bret: after two pretty strong days as far as what's getting done. >> it's getting in the way. rene descartes said i think, therefore i am. with donald trump, it's i believe, therefore it's true. this is one of those moments where is it gets in the way. we are sitting around trying to work this out. no one is doing what donald trump is doing. he is telling you how to not handle the first few days of a presidency. i didn't see any angry tweets about the story in "the washington post" for
1:46 am
"the new york times" covering this. it may be he is holding off on that. i can also only imagine what it's like to have to be out in front of the press, as sean spicer is. to say he believes, therefore we are operating under the assumption that we could keep acting that it's true. >> bret: sean spicer is with sean hannity tonight i show kind of behind the scenes of the press operations. i'm not a conspiracy theory guy but i watched candidate trump with heads exploding on the left and in the media and then he wo won. he was a winner and he's always figured out how to win. there is some part of me that thinks, is this somehow a strategy? i can't figure out why but is it? >> guy asked the question, why are we talking about this?
1:47 am
wise at being brought up? the answer is simple. i don't think it's a strategy for this is a character problem. he defines himself as a winner. good people are winners. he's always said that. and he is a winner. he's obsessed with the fact that he won the election and nobody cares about the popular vote. he does. he considers this a slight to his image and his self-image as a guy who runs the table who wins everything. why did he bring up the size of the crowd at the inaugural? that is nuts. nobody cares. he cares. why do they bring up the ratings for "the apprentice." he cares about this. you go back to the iowa primary. he had to blame his coming second on a trick done by ted cruz, lying ted. that's his character. he wins anyway so maybe in the end it will matter but that's
1:48 am
the answer. it's a character issue. >> bret: he is scoring more points in every game but arguing whether he completed more passes. next up, trump foreign policy.
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.ext up, trump foreign policy. . . ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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♪ >> as soon as i take office, i will begin the process of moving the united states ambassador to the city of israel. >> jerusalem role remain the capital of israel and it must remain undivided. >> we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people, jerusalem. >> there is no decision, we are the very early stages of the decision-making process. we are going to have a meeting
1:52 am
with prime minister netanyahu. we will continue to discuss that. >> we have to understand the full consequences of this and the pressure we put on some of our allies in the region, as well as how it could inflame things and move the parties, potentially further away from the peace process. >> bret: the decision, again, has not yet officially been made to move the ambassador and the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. we are back with the panel. charles, while this is being discussed, we learned that the obama administration, president obama, unlocked $220 million in u.s. funding to help the palestinians in the final day before the inauguration. >> i think that was a final slap at israel by obama on the way out the door. it doesn't compare with abandoning israel at the u.n. on the security canceled a week before. but nonetheless, this is, a lot of this is money that goes through agencies of the united
1:53 am
nations, which support really awful stuff being done, particularly in gaza, the propaganda, the hatred that is taught. nonetheless, it was unnecessary ended is gratuitous. it is not going to be reversed, the money amount is too small relatively speaking. but on jerusalem, the clips you showed are the boilerplate. no president in the last 30 years has seriously considered doing it. i think trump was sincere in saying he wants to and it would be just to do it. but even the israelis, i suspect, are wary about doing this. the reason is, israel has prepared, anyway, relations with the sunni arabs, clandestinely, it is not in public, but even the saudi's and the gulf arabs, and in addition to eat in egypt and jordan, which are openly any peace treaty. this would cause writing all over the middle east and under the progress.
1:54 am
i think the israelis would rather have the real progress that has had been behind-the-scenes than the symbolism of the embassy in jerusalem. >> we are on the cusp of the 50th anniversary of the six-day war in jerusalem. you think about how many individuals have tried to come up with a peace pact of some sort. you look at some of the professionals, george mitchell, dennis ross, people who spend their lives trying to do this. it eludes them. donald trump may or may not actually try to move the embassy. i think he is just trying to shake things up and he is trying to be the agitator, if you will. he wants to be an agent of change. one has to remember that the visigoths were agents of change when they sacked rome in 41080. there is something to be aware, if you go too far. the point is, he is looking at different ways of doing things. i can't imagine him as charles said, that moving the capital makes a lot of sense. i also think he is doing a lot more to reach out to israel, that is part of the point of all of this. >> bret: it sounds like jared kushner is having an intricate part of middle east policy eventually.
1:55 am
>> that is what trump has died. that has been an argument he made dating back to the campaign, as well. look, i think, whether it is the capital and the embassy there, whether it is this $221 million in the final hours of the palestinians, the israelis clearly elated that the former administration's former. the trump administration has taken over. i think the hope is that there will be a restoration of the traditional bipartisan consensus of a pro-israel foreign policy, which really deteriorated very badly under the previous president. trump, i think i'm instinctively knows that needs to be repaired. >> one last point. i should be remember that if the embassy were to be moved, it would be into west jerusalem, the part of jerusalem that was always part of israel before '67. the argument against it, that it will be an assertion of israeli sovereignty, is false. nonetheless, it would become i think i'm a political mistake to
1:56 am
move eight. >> bret: next up, something is catching on and congress. we will show you
1:57 am
♪ >> bret: finally, tonight, crowd size has been the talk of the town lately. today, one member of congress making his debut as the house democratic caucus chair took a chance to make light of that topic. >> i just want to say, what a
1:58 am
massive crowd of the press we have here today. it is enormous. it is probably, in all likelihood, i think i'm of the largest on record. although, he is already disputing that. he says he has pictures. for more i can stand at this point, i count at least 95 cameras. >> bret: [laughs] i don't know. i just don't think they laughed at it that much. i don't think -- they don't seem i don't think -- they don't seem heather: wednesday january 25th. president trump delivering on one of the most covenant campaign promises today. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. we have to build a wall.
1:59 am
we will build a great wall. we will build the wall. heather: big announcement just hours from now on a border wall and ban on refugees. we are live in washington. >> we will build a wall around our border, keep those moron parents and weak and loser students out. abby: high school officials under fire for this video mocking our new president, the action just taken overnight after outage parents demand that they be fire. heather: swipe left for babies, the tender-adoption app after sparking outrage. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
abby: sun is not up yet but it's time to get up, wednesday, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this heavy, i'm abby huntsman. heather: today is the day the president is going to sign executive orders, i'm heather childers. thank you so much for starting your they with us. in hours from now the president taking executive action to build mayor promise on building a wall. garrett is live for us in washington with the big day ahead on national security, good morning, garrett. >> heather and abby, good morning to


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