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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 25, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: will start off with some financial news, a fox news alert, let's draw our attention to the dow jones industrial average at the corner of wall and abroad, still taking above 20,000, that is a historic mark that was hit earlier today, maybe an indication that investors are optimistic. earnings numbers coming out today, the report on that might be reflected in this response as well. and of course, president trump talking about regulations and cutting them across the board for businesses. so investors taking a cue perhaps from all of that and all of us taking a cue from wall street today. that is a big number. and it is up 1,667 points since president trump took office, or actually won victory back in november. thank you, i've got melissa sitting next to me from the fox business network, so i had to raise my game. that is it on the fox news alert, we will move around and keep you posted on that. and now this one.
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with just five days to go on the job, president donald trump expecting to signed executive order to make good on one of his top campaign promises, building the wall on the border with mexico. it's all part of a slew of executive orders aimed at illegal immigration and border security. this is outnumbered, i'm harris faulkner, here today is meghan mccain, cohost of "after the bell," melissa francis. fox news legal analyst and host of "justice," the judge herself, jeanine pirro, and today's #oneluckyguy, the host of the "david webb show," david webb. we say he's outnumbered, you are looking gorgeous in the pink and gray. >> david: if i'm going to show up on this couch i've got to bring my a game for clothing. look at this, red, white, and blue, sharp, deep black, and a nice bright color for the trump. >> wait, wait, wait. >> we like the guy who
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appreciates the color wheel. >> that is your color wheel, harris. >> jeanine: i always love telling coming on the show, you tell us what color to wear, i love it. >> harris: will begin with what was one of his top campaign promises as i mentioned, when he launched his presidential campaign more than 18 months ago. candidate donald trump vowed to build a great while, his words, on america's border with mexico, a promise that helped fuel his long shot bid to win the white house. and now during a visit to the department of homeland security and the next hour, president trump is expected to take the first step toward making that happen. he also is expected to sign executive actions that would crack down on sanctuary cities and put the brakes on the flow of refugees from terror hot spots. chief white house correspondent john roberts has been busy this morning come alive from the white house. catch us up. >> busy for not just this morning, but the previous five or six days now, harris, it is really like drinking from a firehose here at the
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white house. there was so much news coming out. one thing i want to address before we get to today's executive orders, there wasn't some news breaking this morning about a memorandum circulating around here at the white house that the president may be thinking about resurrecting the idea of the so-called "black sites" of the cia and reviewing procedures of interrogation in the army field manual. i'm told by senior sources at the white house that there is nothing to this. that memorandum was simply 1 of thousands of memoranda that were written during the transition process, basically outlining a potential policy for everything that candidate donald trump said on the campaign trail. i'm told that the possibility of resurrecting cia black sites and reviewing the army few field manual is somewhere between slim and exceedingly slim, but then again, there is always the caveat that anything can change at any moment in this white house. let's get to a couple of the memoranda that were written during the transition that president trump is going to adopt this afternoon, that apartment of homeland security, a couple involving border
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security and immigration. first of all, making good on his campaign pledge, and he said this at every campaign spot, every speech across the nation, he is directing the department of homeland security to build the wall. let's put it in bullet point so you can follow along. in addition to that, he plans to hire additional border patrol agents. create more detention space for illegal aliens along the mexican border. to eliminate altogether the catch and release program, which a senior administration official told me a short time ago should help and the central american crisis, because people will know if they come to united states, they are not going to be released to family here in the u.s. while their cases are being adjudicated. and lastly in that executive order, prioritizing the prosecution of criminal offenses, that is executive order number one. now let's go to executive order number two, which would withhold certain federal funds for sanctuary cities, that could have a big effect on places like new york, los angeles, chicago,
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san francisco, it would enhance the immigration and customs enforcement departments ability to detain and remove illegal aliens, give the state department more tools to repatriate criminal illegal aliens, withholding visas is what that should say for people who want to come into this country. so basically they'd say to mexico or guatemala or whatever, we will not give you more visas for people to visit the u.s. until you take these criminal aliens back. lastly it would restore the secure communities program and target criminal aliens for removal. we are expecting, and this likely won't come until friday, another executive order dealing with people who want to emigrate from countries that are hotbeds of terrorism, places like iraq, syria, libya, sudan, somalia, yemen, and others. it looks like what they're going to do in this proposed memorandum has not become a full executive order, is a temporary ban on visas from all of those countries, reduce the number of
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refugees allowed in from all of those countries, potentially put a temporary ban on all refugees coming out of syria, and some other things you have to be determined. like i said, harris, it's like drinking from a fire hose this morning. >> harris: john roberts, thank you for wracking out the facts for us. i want to start in reverse order and begin with those sanctuary cities. i did a big drill down this morning with our brain room to get the particulars. and you heard john talking about the fact that there are those out there, about 300 of those jurisdictions, judge, i want to start with you. 58 counties in california. out of all of them, a quarter of them are considered special sanctuary areas. so this is a real issue, how is the president doing this morning? >> jeanine: i said that he would hit the ground running, but he has not only hit the ground running, he is airborne at this point. look, the thought that went into every executive action is a message that we have thought this through. yes stop the block grants, you stop the law enforcement grants, you make sure, it is all about
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the money. and then what you do, he is increasing the i.c.e. agents, he is increasing enforcement, he is making sure that they actually enforce the laws that are in place. there is no more of this namby-pamby we don't know, we will catch and release and let them go. no. you come here illegal and say you have a family here, prove it or you are going back. and if you're illegal, you have to go back to your country and if they don't want you, too bad, we are now going to use the leverage to make sure they take you. >> harris: i remind everybody that this presidential candidate previously went to the border. something that we actually at the time had not seen president obama do. what are your thoughts? >> david: because president obama didn't want to have the optics of being there at the border. i've been at the border since he '90s. i have been reporting on this issue. things are laid out in these executive orders are how you structurally get rid of the problem, and an important part of this is repatriating criminal illegals. these countries that refused to
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take them, we then release them on the streets in america because we can't hold them if they have been adjudicated and there's a deportation order. so he's got to do these things. on securing the border it's about increasing the i.c.e. agents abilities. it's electronic detection, its interdiction, it is physical wall. it is all these aspects, which by the way have been appropriated, have been put into law, have been studied, and exist. >> harris: so as part of my drill down this morning, you and i know, you have homes in arizona, we know that the law has allowed for the building of a wall or offense, a double-border fence. since way back, late 1990s, then it was redone, kind of amended back in '06, again an '08, so they have been looking at doing this and appropriate in the money to do it. >> meghan: no one should be surprised by this, i was expecting this maybe not as quickly as day three, but he ran on the original promise of building a wall and being harder on immigration read for me personally, the sanctuary cities
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and removing federal funding is by far the best news this morning. i think every american should have a problem with the idea that if you live in a more liberal city you can break the law and maybe not have the same kind of consequences. it is a new sheriff in town, this is a new era in america, and i think especially with the refugees, americans have seen what has happened in germany, you and i talk about this often on the couch, and they don't want it to happen here in the united states. we don't want women running out of pepper spray because we are so scared of the sexual assaults that have been rampaging all throughout germany. and it really is fascinating to see how quickly he has gotten to work. >> harris: i want to talk a little bit more about the legality of this with both you and the judge, melissa. i know judge napolitano has been on your show and has said that withholding the funds from sanctuary cities, you really can't constitutionally do that as the federal government. however, i dug deeper, and this is the definition of one of those cities. it has a policy that is noncooperative and obstructs immigration enforcement, so it
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is breaking the law but you can't take the money. >> melissa: not only are the breaking the law, but they are bragging about it. there wasn't ad running here in new york, bill de blasio bragged about the fact that when he had criminals incorporated in custody, he was not going to cooperate with the feds and turn them over even though they were already incarcerated. and he was running this, boasting about how he's ignoring federal law, not only that, i'm sure he used my tax dollars in order to make that commercial, so that is really rubbing salt in the wound. i don't know how local cities can get away with not cooperating with the feds. it seems like withholding the money is a way to go. i've heard what the judge said mom but i don't know. >> david: there is a timeline of activity. >> jeanine: there is case law that says that there is a certain percentage that you absolutely can withhold. and there is a level. it is a percentage level of may be anything over 25%, but make no mistake, you do not have to give money. and the way to do it is the
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block grants. in other words, law enforcement, i was in it for 32 years, we used block grants all the time to give cops the ability to enforce and do their job. and if that money is pulled and that is not a percentage, then they can't work. >> harris: let's talk about what they are dealing with and why those areas will feel it. in 2016, the u.s. border protection apprehended a total of 415,816 people. and among them, we are still having these unaccompanied children to the tune of 60,000. >> david: on that issue, there is a way to deal with the detention centers. one, let's stop building brand-new detention centers that are better than the veterans administration facilities in this country. when you come here illegally you are not entitled to cable tv. the best among us, visitation rooms, and 60-inch big screen so you can play games. we need to do all the things that structurally make it work, and when you reduce the money to these centers, when you reduce the block grants, when you do
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all of this, you take these liberal areas like california that are already writing big budgets statewide, put the squeeze on them, we do have to wait until the end of the federal year to get to the rest of the money, september 30th, but after september 30th and the timeline, these cities are going to be in a lot of trouble with their budget, and they won't be fixing potholes, they want to be fixing things, they won't be providing garbage services, this is where they begin to take money away from the people and services away from the people, get on board. >> harris: this very conversation shows you the nexus between the border language in the sanctuary cities. you are a fan of him doing both of these things in one day. meanwhile, president trump is speaking out on alleged voter fraud. a major investigation he is calling for now following his claim that millions of illegal ballots cost him the popular vote in november. what we can expect in all of this, we will take a look. and, a top secret agent, a top secret service agent, that is, suggesting that she would rather go to jail before taking a
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bullet for president trump. the uproar this has stirred, and whether she can be removed from her post or should be, is really the better question. and after the show, join us live online when we pop up, the tv version goes to bed, we pop up on, click on the "overtime" side. you can tweet us any time. right now, even, if you are feeling it. feel it, tweet. we will be right back. asmy family tree,ing i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story, get started for free at
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visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> fox news alert, president trump now calling for a major probe into voter fraud, the president tweeting this morning, "i will be asking for a major investigation into voter fraud, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!" president trump's announcement comes just two days after he told a gathering of lawmakers at the white house that he would have one met the popular vote if it had not been for what he claimed were millions of illegal votes. judge, i'll go to you first. donald trump's campaign and win will be remembered and studied in history for decades and decades and decades, why is he focusing on this? >> jeanine: i think it's a very important issue. and the claim, everybody is
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laughing at this. most people don't understand, and i have prosecuted these cases, dead people vote all the time. and i'm sure someone will use that, because people go in, it is called voter fraud. you go in and you vote under the name of someone who is deceased. and there is something called the section 8 motor voter section, where what the federal government is required to do and what was not done under the federal obama administration is cleaning up the voter rolls. and, in certain counties in certain states, when they tried to do that, the department of justice under obama actually interfered. for example, they tried to prevent them from cleaning up the rolls in florida when they try to get aliens off the rolls. to see save yourself, how could an alien or an illegal be on a voter roll? you go in and you say, i'm a citizen. you have a license any star voting. let's not kid ourselves. this is not as loony as it sounds. bill and can ask a question though? when did we get to the point in
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america, and -- >> harris: i sincerely want to know the answer to this, it is not just a talking point, when did we get to the point where it is offensive to show an i.d. to vote? if i want to go fishing, which when i lived in minnesota, ice fishing was all the rage. you need a license to do that. you have to show identification. voting in america to me is a much higher citizen right and privilege. >> it is because you are suppressing people who don't have enough money to go out and get an i.d. >> why don't we make that free? do we have enough money as a country to do that? >> jeanine: even in states where they have said we will provide free ids -- >> that is what i'm saying. >> jeanine: it is still a burden. >> melissa: because then they would say it costs money to go get your birth certificate and the other proof you need in order to go get your i.d. >> then how are you able to stay here if you don't have that proof? >> jeanine: where the suckers who say okay. >> harris: i say i'm a size 4, but i'm not. >> david: i guess sarcasm is a way to put it.
9:20 am
when you look at how we exist in society today and the issue of voter fraud, it's just illegal voting, it's a pew research report that has 2.7 million people in america-registration, dead registration, we have arrests, we have prosecutions, we have convictions. they affect lower races more than they do nationally. >> harris: lower incomes. >> david: because you talk about municipalities and other areas. and sylvania will get you an idea and bring it to you literally, they have a program in place. >> harris: they do it in shopping malls in some states. >> david: ever other country in the world probably has voter i.d. how are we racist for having voter i.d.? >> harris: i understand not wanting to make people stand out, maybe they haven't done what they needed to do, that is not what this is about. this is about being recruited by some candidates to god and vote. we saw that with barack obama's candidacy. >> meghan: what he is alleging would be the biggest case in voter fraud in u.s. history, three to 5 million votes, and
9:21 am
some need to take these two out in front of cameras more to do a better job of explain why. because right now i don't think they are doing a very good job. it is confusing for people. he is a populist phenomenon, he one met, i don't really care that he didn't win the popular vote, allegedly, according to him, and i just don't care the focus when he is doing so many amazing things and keeping up with his promises. >> jeanine: there are some families in this country where there are more people on the voter rolls and there are in the county. it makes no sense. >> harris: how did they balance that out with revenue? that sounds ludicrous. i get your point. >> jeanine: that's real. >> meghan: we have to move on, but i could listen to both of you all day on this. a big move affecting the nation's highest court, president trump preparing to name his supreme court pick next week, but the senate's top democrat threatening a major fight. as a nominee is out of the mainstream. what should we expect? plus, as violence continues to plague chicago streets, now president trump is vowing to
9:22 am
send in the feds if the city can't stop the carnage. that discussion coming up next. vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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>> harris: president trump says he will name his nominee for the supreme court next thursday, this is sources tell fox news the list of names to fill the late justice antonin scalia's seat has narrowed to three, all of them federal appeals court judges, william pryor of alabama, neil gorsuch of colorado, and thomas hardeman of pennsylvania. and in the meantime, senate minority leader chuck schumer's warning that democrats will put up a fight if mr. trump's pick is out of the mainstream. watch. >> the last four supreme court justices got bipartisan support. and it's essential that the president do that. we would believe that, for instance, were not going to say there shouldn't be a hearing. the hearing will bring out what this nominee is all about.
9:27 am
we're not going to do what the republicans did. but if the candidate is out of the mainstream, i can tell you i will fight and my caucus will fight tooth and nail against hi him. >> melissa: very interesting, judge, let's go to you first. neil gorsuch seems to be peaking at the right time. there has been leaders all along the way and there was just a question of where they going to stand out there and pick someone, what do you think about that pick? >> jeanine: and that he is a strong contender because, before i get to that, look, everyone of these three that are the latest to be identified as a pick, they have all had congressional confirmation. so when chuck schumer says they better not be out of the mainstream, well anyone who is going to be nominated by donald trump is going to be considered out of the mainstream to them. but if each of them is a circuit court judge, which is one level below the supreme court, each of them has gotten previous congressional confirmation, then we can almost admit that they are qualified and not out of the mainstream. now prior in particular is a
9:28 am
strong proponent of religious liberty, he was on those decisions that involved hobby lobby, the little sisters for the poor, where they sought a religious exemption for the mandated contraception, and i think that he is someone that people will be very, you know, very happy with of the president nominates him. >> one side will be happy with that, but when they say anyone who is controversial or out of the mainstream, that is and ine eye of the boulder, isn't it? >> meghan: i keep thinking, could we play the chop chuck schumer clip every day, the democrats really don't have anybody else except him right now, which is exhausting to just have this one person going out on television. he is only person democrats are sending out right now, so that in and of itself is ill-advised. secondly, out of the mainstream for someone like chuck schumer just means you are pro-life and for second amendment rights, that is their idea of out of the mainstream. thirdly, i was hoping for ted cruz, so i'm a little sad that he hasn't made the final list. >> jeanine: there may be more
9:29 am
nominees over the years. >> david: this could also be one heck of a fake by donald trump, you never know what is coming. he has his own man. could i just bring this up? why did the democrats think they get to determine what is the mainstream? chuck schumer doesn't determine what's mainstream. middle america, midwest, flyover country, they are also the mainstream. they are trying to put us in boxes. america, don't let yourself be put in a box. >> and there are other democrats that aren't chuck schumer, i just don't understand why this east coast new york. i don't get it. it's great for republicans, because as long as you have people in these elite bubbles going on tv talk into the american public, it doesn't really matter, but it's very ill-advised if you care about the democratic community. >> harris: i sort of see when you go against what a party considers its top-tier elites like nancy pelosi, if you are representative tim ryan, i don't know that you step up right now and you wait for that older guard to come through, because you've already batted it, and it's batted you back.
9:30 am
but i have a question for you, judge. how important is the personality that is chosen? look, you've got a chief justice, john roberts, and we know he is like a cool, stoic like character. we know some of the personality descriptions of these people. how important is that? >> jeanine: that is a great question, and it's extremely important, because if you look at all of these three potential nominees, what you've gone are very similar backgrounds, very similar prior experiences. but it's the guy who, i have to say, the guy, who'd at this point isn't as contentious. >> harris: until you are on the list. >> jeanine: right. who isn't as contentious, who isn't as electric, it's the guy who is friendly, that will move among the senators and make friends. he could have the absolute same opinion, ultimately, but he's kind of otto wheeler-dealer, but a schmoozer. >> even though he's replacing antonin scalia? that is interesting.
9:31 am
>> president trump is weighing in on the violence in chicago, where murders and shootings are up this year and have been for quite some time, despite some of the nation's toughest gun laws there. the president is threatening to take action, he tweeted this, ""if chicago doesn't fix the horrible "carnage" going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), i will send in the feds!" mayor rahm emanuel indicated he would be open to it. >> a challenge as it relates to gun violence takes a lot of different parts to it. certainty around criminal justice and using the criminal justice system to hold people accountable that commit violent acts. two, back of our officers with federal resources dealing with controlling and gunrunning and guns coming over the borders from indiana into chicago. third, funding and being a partner in making sure our kids have good activities, mentoring, after school summer jobs, and ultimately also making investments in neighborhoods that are hard-hit by proud
9:32 am
poverty to become a to not become a reading ground. so all in all aspects they haven't been in decades. >> harris: wait, wasn't his friend and former president, wasn't he the chief of staff? wasn't he actually right there to move the needle but he didn't do it? so is this a place, david, where there can be common ground between the white house and may be municipalities across the country that are decidedly democratic? >> david: the people, not the leadership or the failed leadership in chicago, the people are crying out for relief. murder comes and rises in the summer months, typically. we saw that in chicago. rahm emanuel should not be trusted, because it is a failure of leadership by both the mayor, the council, the alderman, and the leadership, not the police men and women, not the sergeants, not the guys that are out there on the street every day. but the failure of the leadership in the policy, because their own mayoral agency.
9:33 am
stop and frisk is constitutional, it's effective, it should be put back in place. if you want the feds help you have to cooperate with us on immigration, we'll continue to help you. but donald trump said he would bring back law & order, and a safer community is better economically. it means you can go to get a job or in education, depending on what you are doing in life, and you can function in your community. this helps everybody. >> harris: so is this a slippery slope, though customers because this is more government. >> it is more government, but it's interesting. what i heard rahm emanuel say is fine, you want to get involved in this problem, send me money. that is what he was talking about with the federal programs. but i don't get going to be so easy to shake down donald trump for spare change, i don't get likes to spend a lot of money. i think he wants to send in federal law enforcement officers. i imagine what he is picturing in his head is an idea that we have a portion of chicago that has become on ungovernable.
9:34 am
that really has gotten so far out of control that you need some sort of very strong authority, and you have local police officers who feel like they are under a microscope, they can't really do their job. and there are a lot of people being shot and somebody has to come in and reset on that community. >> harris: and i say they are, because police officers in large cities with whom i've spoken, it's clear that they are under a bigger microscope. they feel that threat of litigiousness that is so rife in our culture. they feel that. >> jeanine: you know what this is about? this is about rahm emanuel knowing his numbers are down and is looking for a lifeline. if he can now say, he will dance with the devil, according to him, i'm sure, if you can say i'm bringing down gun violence, and bringing down shootings, because he knows donald trump is law & order, he is going to do it to say himself. >> david: he wants the credit. >> jeanine: lett makes plain how this happened. number one, donald trump will appoint united states attorneys who will go after gun
9:35 am
trafficking, gun crimes, federal prosecutions, no plea-bargaining, we are here, we are taking these cases, that's number one. number two, rahm emanuel, you want help? you better make sure the cook county prosecutor doesn't plea-bargain these cases, charges as high as he or she can in terms of charging crime. number three, we've got to have truth and sentencing. you don't wheel and deal at the sentencing end with a judge and allow them to do it. this could be resolved very quickly. >> can i lay a tapestry over what you just said? this is a sanctuary city. why do i bring that up? because of rahm emanuel has figured out that there are some in his community that he will protect and that he will do justice for. so i'm a little confused. does he not have the resources to do it for everybody? >> jeanine: here's the difference, even if it is a sanctuary city, if you commit a crime that involves a gun, let's say they put together as i did local, state, federal taskforces, you've got to federal guys, the local guys,
9:36 am
and the state guys, you get together and you gonna make these arrests. i don't care if you are legal, illegal or from mars, you are getting cuffs on you and you are going in. >> harris: that's my question. they have these resources now. >> david: he has them but he won't use them. one of the big issues coming from the beat cops, the guys on the street, and you know this, judge, they are keeping what is called their scratch pads, because they are taking crimes and reclassifying them. so you don't even get these guys to the level of prosecution. they commit a felony, the scratchpad that the cop has during the day is changed before the end of the day, and it gets brought up as a misdemeanor. that has become a big part of the problem. >> harris: near an analyst right now, finishing each other's sentences. >> david: is going on in new york, big cities all across the country, may oral agencies, the mayor is in charge, that way he is in charge of your area. >> harris: a secret service agent is under fire after suggesting she would rather serve jail time then take a
9:37 am
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>> meghan: one secret service agent is facing major backlash after suggesting she wouldn't protect president trump. in the facebook post before the election, she wrote, "i would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what i believe to be a disaster to this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here." the senior agent in charge of the operations in denver said she was reacting to the access
9:42 am
hollywood tape that showed mr. trump making lewd comments about women. she has since deleted the post and tried to backtrack, telling the "washington examiner"" that she is proud of her job and doesn't to serve serve as the opposite of the president. but on inauguration day, she reportedly posted a logo of the anti-trump women's march. after my father ran for office, i had secret service agents at the time, and after the election i was highly critical of them and took a lot of heat. i thought then that i thought there was a systemic cultural problem with the secret service. since 2008 we have seen prostitutes in columbia, white house jumper getting over the white house gates, there is obviously a cultural issue within the secret service, what did you make of this? >> jeanine: the cultural issue you talk about is called incompetence. when you are in hotel and you have access to the president's schedule and you are with prostitutes and you are dead drunk in the hallway somewhere, you need to be fired. this woman needs to be fired, here's the problem. because her mission is to
9:43 am
protect to the president. she has already enunciated that she is not into her mission. and the fact that she's the head of an office makes it even more despicable. so, what do we do with her for expressing her first amendment free speech? what you do with her as you move her to another management or desk edition. the woman doesn't belong in the secret service. i would find any way i could, just go through her vouchers, do whatever you have to do, get rid of the woman. we cannot risk, especially in these militaristic times, i'm telling you, i was in washington in the middle of that protest. of those people were militant. and were it not for my security, they hate fox, they hate this on, they hate that one, it is time to recognize that we need to up our game when it comes to the president. this woman doesn't deserve to be paid by the taxpayers. >> meghan: melissa, could you imagine being melania trump right now and know that there are secret service agents
9:44 am
publicly boasting about not protecting her husband? >> melissa: it is astonishing, because it's hard for me to imagine being that kind of service anyway, because it is such an incredible thing to do to say that you would take a bullet for another person to protect the life of our president at all. so then to say that you wouldn't do it for a specific, these things don't go together. somebody who would commit themselves to the service in the first place, and then also publicly express the opinion on facebook. i understand the right of free speech, but it's so dumb. when you know it is there forever. >> meghan: there are a lot of great agents in my appearance, but there were also bad ones as well. >> harris: i was just not aware that there was any sort of carveout for how you could protect the president. as long as he doesn't wear purple socks or whatever. you don't get a carveout. it is what the job he is. i do want to point out, though, in having been to the installation outside of d.c. and virginia, there are a tremendous amount of dedicated secret service agents out there who would step up in a heartbeat
9:45 am
and take a bullet for this president proudly, irrespective of anybody's politics, because they understand what it is to hold that position. and by the way, the secret service as you know, judge, and many of us know, came out of the idea of protecting the economy in this country. they were brought into fight, what am i thinking of here, dollars fraud, that sort of thing. counterfeiting is the word. so they have a rich history with the american public in terms of patriotism. this woman, you know, she just doesn't belong there. and i don't think you have to go through much of her vouchers, just ask her to leave, it sounds like she's ready to go. >> david: look, let's not also lump them in. i understand there are people who have violated their oath, acted wrongly, the guys in south america. but look, i have former secret service agents who are my security detail when i go out in these crowds, because you have to. i also know people on the job right now. they are dedicated to the job.
9:46 am
and i would question further, i have another point on this woman, does she have issues with other things in her job like dealing with counterfeiting, or does she believe differently about the potential suspect, how does she do her job? you don't get to choose. i don't get to choose what i do in my job. i have to do what is required of me. >> meghan: we have to move on. the white house now asking for privacy for president trump's children after some in hollywood took aim at the president's 10-year-old son, and know a popular tv host also claiming slamming the first lady. so our liberal attacks hitting a new low? that is next.
9:47 am
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>> we are making more "outnumbered," but until then, just a moment, let's go to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> a momentary pause. in our next tower, outrage over sanctuary cities, but could sanctuary schools soon move into your neighborhood? the new plan to prevent children from being deported. plus, president trump about to roll out executive actions on his key campaign promise to build the wall. we will get remarks from mr. trump after his meeting with homeland security officials. a passenger train plows into a fedex truck in a terrifying collision caught on camera, we will show you a video and tell you more about how it happened. >> harris: we won't miss a second, good to see you. >> the white house asking the
9:51 am
public and the media to respect the privacy of president trump's young son. in a statement saying, "it is a long-standing tradition that the children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight." the white hoax fully expect this tradition to continue. the push coming one day after in bc nbc indefinitely suspended a saturday and not night live writer for an a tweet about the presidents on. the writer has since apologized. rosie o'donnell also apologize last month for a tweet she sent regarding the youngest trump son. all this has comedian and tv host chelsea handler attacked first lady melania trump over her accent. watch. >> would you ever have donald trump on your show? what if he has asked a? >> no. >> what about melania, would you have her? >> to talk about what, she can barely speak english? >> what you think about her as
9:52 am
the first lady? >> exactly what i think about her as the first man. nothing, i don't respect either one of those people. >> okay. worth noting, the first lady speaks at least five languages, including english, by the way. meghan, melania trump did not sign up for this, her son did not sign up for this. >> meghan: there is such vitriol coming out of her mouth, and chelsea handler has asked me on her show silly, or her bookers have, but i am very sensitive of the idea that there is a lot of liberals that don't actually want to have a discussion, they just want to attack. obviously any criticism of melania trump, insinuating that she somehow isn't smart, or any criticism of any children of president trump is really out of line. i don't understand why the media is so protective of obama's daughters but don't seem to be quite in the same vein as they are trump's children. >> by the way, chelsea handler not apologizing, although i don't know you would expect her to. this is the tweet she sent last night, she said "blink if you
9:53 am
need help," that was to melania. >> this is so beneath anything that i've seen before. to use meghan's phrase, vitriol, i sought in the middle of the protest, i saw anger, i saw militants. i know melania trump, i knew her for years before she and donald were married. the woman is incredibly smart. she is incredibly self-confident. she is a strong woman. and chelsea handler should kind of get grips on the fact that just because all of a sudden if you have an accent you are not smart, but if you have an accent, i thought the liberals love to everyone who had an accent and that they should all be citizens immediately. but not melania. >> melissa: i think it's interesting that this was a lot of the criticism that was corrective donald trump, the name calling, and when he picked on people for physical attributes, that sort of thing, now the same people that criticized him for this are attacking his family.
9:54 am
>> harris: not in the arena. i do want to say this, though, with regard to the obama's. if you are malia, you certainly feel like you are focused on. she went to college in the media didn't keep the hands off of her. i don't know if it's liberal versus conservative, to me it's a matter of taste. now what we are asking is that we treat this family the way we should treat every family in the white house, and i would say everybody. no one has any barriers anymore, nobody has any respect any more. you just said it. respect. they don't have any measure. >> david: they don't have any measure about self-respect, and it is a little bit of the liberal versus conservative, and that's in the brain the way they think. chelsea handler cannot stand the fact that there is somebody she doesn't agree with who is married to a politician, so that makes her a target, and if that is all she is capable of, it's why she is a failing comedian. >> is not just that, it's social media. it makes it so much easier for
9:55 am
anyone out there to attack and for it to go viral. and when you see it channeled at a 10-year-old boy -- >> david: there are times when i want to send main tweets and i pause. my point is, i have a measure within myself that says, you know, that is not right, i work for fox news, i want to respect what i do. >> jeanine: here's the thing. they made fun of amy carter. they made fun of chelsea clinton. they go after the bush girls, i remember that too. and now it's exacerbated by social media. so it is exponentially increased. so, and that is the damage here. and that's why we have to make sure that a 10-year-old is really out of bounds. >> all right, we've got more "outnumbered" in just a moment. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works.
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> you know you want to watch, the big interview is coming up, our own sean hannity will sit down with president trump this week at the white house. they will talk about a range of issues from the president's executive orders and so part to the supreme court choice to his relationship with the press. it is a cable exclusive come you do not want to miss it. 10:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow right here on fox news channel or the fnc for the cool kids. you know who is cool, david webb. >> i just wanted to listen to that read again. >> i get excited, i love you too. >> professional pace, i love it. >> you guys are so sweet, not even my birthday. so fun to have all of you here,
10:00 am
i was tweeting about how much fun. we are going to go online, but you have to go, though. 2:00, but for right now, "outnumbered" overtime,, tap the overtime tab or facebook life come happening now is "happening now." >> jenna: we start with a fox news alert, we are awaiting president trump to leave the white house and head across washington to the department of homeland security. >> jon: he is expected to sign a batch of new executive orders for immigration and the construction of us while along the border. we are covering all of the news is "happening now." a secret service agent going rogue, by the feds are invested getting the agent's comments trump. plus while u.s. intelligence agencies believe russia's hackers were involved in the election, there is a new security stressed that russians are facing. and concerns about immigration policy so some schools are taking action for what they are doing to try to


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