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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 25, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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wanted a way to reach americans and introduced live tv news conference 56 years ago today. still talking about both of those things. and this. good job, dow. dow 20,000. fantastic! here's neil cavuto. >> neil: we can now use that dow 20,000 graphic. welcome. this is "your world" and i'm neil cavuto. history made in a little more than 42 days. 42 days ago, we crossed 19,000. today 20,000. that is the second fastest 1,000 point sprint. the report would have to go back to 1999 when it took us all of 24 days to go from 10,000 to 11,000. different times, different environment. a whole different set of circumstances in washington. but a lot of it has to do with the new president. charles payne, host of "making money" on what had them making
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money today. charles? >> neil, so funny. you were referencing 1999. that was the year of irrational exuberance. we're seeing a different exuberance. it's a post election exuberance that is manifesting into reality. we had the big spike after the election, which wall street said wouldn't happen. and now we're hearing news from major companies that said things are getting better. think about this. one of donald trump's biggest foes on the corporate side has been boeing. he didn't want to pay $4 billion for air force one. guess one of the stocks that top us over the top today? boeing. they put out their earnings. the stock exploded. we're seeing the realization. because it's one thing for everyone to feel better. it's a whole different animal to turn that into reality. we're starting to see it. >> neil: charles, what changed in the five days of the trump presidency? if you think about it friday with the inaugural address,
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there was concern that america first theme was protectionist. that it would be all about american companies and foreign markets would sell off. i remember the japanese market when they had a chance to trade monday, sold off. then everything stabilized. all of the world's markets were part of the run-up. what happened? >> you had donald trump in front of the world meeting with the ceos. no hidden agendas. he's putting everybody on notice. you have these very same ceos, they weren't coming out with bruised feelings. they were saying hey, we feel the optimism. we understand what the president is trying to do. think about yesterday when unions come outs of the white house saying they have never been treated that well. they have never been to the white house. only a select few in the union community that were able to visit the last president. so you have a whole different set of people today. just think about moments ago when donald trump talked about the wall. he talked about central america.
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south america. he didn't talk about mexico. even there we see an olive branch of sorts that doesn't speak to some sort of acrimony with one of our trading partners but one with mutual benefits. >> neil: you mentioned unions and how they're rallying around the president. a juxtaposition. meantime, president trump himself tweeting "great" as the dow crossed 20,000 for the first time ever. now will the rally continue? that depends supposedly on the new president. market watchers from the cme and kimberly foss in california. so play this out for me, alan. if the expectations are that lower regulations and lower taxes will be the wind at the back for investors. what do you see happening the rest of this year? >> well, more market momentum.
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let's put this in perspective. the market was up 200% before the election. we're seeing the cherry on top. a big level now. we're 30% above the low that we saw last february in the dow. so that's a big, big reversal and turn around. but let's respect the fact that the market has been great for the last five years. not the economy necessarily, but the market has been great. >> neil: that's been an argument, bob, one you chatted about that maintain this pace. whether you a tribute it to barack obama or now donald trump. it has been a long bow market. uninterrupted. what do you think? >> yeah, that's part of the issue. we're coming into a market that is extremely highly valued by several major evaluation indicators. this market is highly valued as it was in 1999. although i agree, the momentum continued in 1999, let's remember that it fell about 35% in 2002. so you could be setting yourself up for quite a drop because the
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market is highly valued. not the economy slow down. just the market. >> kimberly, one of things that donald trump can give and can take away. he doesn't fall in straight conservative, straight capitolist views. he's a bit of a populist, one for wanting to keep jobs but it's what got the german finance minister worried, the japanese economic minister worried. the chinese, forget about it. you know that score. you think the market is prematurely getting into this? >> no, i really think that we've got a president here, neil, that really believes and likes jobs. that's a great things for our country. puts people back to work. people have money, they expand the economy, they buy. the market goes up. this is a good thing for everything. i think combination with the corporate tax reduction,
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bringing that from 35% down to 15 or even 25, repatriation. this is good for the growth of the country. i talked to one of my clients, a small business owner. he said, you know what? it feels like the stagnation, the clouds of stagnation have parted. the economic prosperity of sunshine is now shining down on the stock market and on the economy. this is real hope. i think what this means is that there -- the president is delivering things that he promised. people can rely on that. that gives them confidence and gives them the ability to go out and expand their companies, which expands the economy and expands the markets. this is a good thing for long run. >> neil: when i've seen the market in a downward spiral, i look at the half full glass when i see it run up with abandon. now i look at the focus of the
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half empty glass that you worry about? >> i'm always mr. sunshine. >> neil: indeed you are. >> everybody is jumping on the optimism bus here. that is somewhat a concern, that we have come a long ways. i've been using it to take some profits and things. i'm looking at september, january of next year positions. still bullish. yes, there's concerns, issues to pop up. we haven't seen the s&p sell off more than 1% for the last 70 sessions or so. that to me is somewhat of a concern. the market was not broken. we simply had a crisis of confidence. it's very interesting to see everyone contort like cirque du soleil now and look at things from the positive side when nothing really has changed. >> neil: and i never liked cirque du soleil. i don't know why. very innovative. but freaked me out. that's just me. so bob, let's look into this market and where it's going. a lot of people say that it's resisting even the talk of
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higher interest rates. interest rates are backing up today. but the thinking is they like it now because they're rising for all the right reasons. are you in that camp? >> let's face it. up is good, down is bad. any time the market is going up, wall street will say it's for good reason. the reality is, there's no question, confidence is up. there's sunshine out there. most predictions for economic growth are not that strong this year. they haven't gotten a lot bigger than last year. earnings, we'll see. there's issues with earnings not being that much better. the talk is there. the reality may not be. >> neil: so kim, let me ask you. if a young investor were to come to you, doesn't have to be young, but since the meltdown, they've been so leery and gun shy. and now they're saying, all right, this seems real. i'm getting in. too late or what do you tell them? >> no, i mean we were fully invested. but i do have new clients coming in and young investors or any
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investors. so with those monies, the dollars are averaging into the market. so there's plenty of growth. you have the s&p earnings for the estimates for 2017 for the s&p 500. looking about 6%. so we have some run in the market. aga again, if trump delivers on his promises with taxes, reducing taxes and individuals as well as corporations, the infrastructure spending, you have a good combination for good economic growth and good growth in the market. >> neil: all right, guys. thank you all. on the tax impact, something we'll look at later in the show with others. you've heard the references to whether the market is rich, the economy picks up and then the multiples begin to look more realistic and come down and all of a sudden the market is affordable. we'll explore that later on. meantime, donald trump has been a busy bee signing an executive
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order on border security. blake burman has more on that. >> president trump starting to make good on his promise that the united states under president trump will build awall along the southern border with mexico. he spoke a little while ago with the department of homeland security and said that work will start immediately. however, in an interview earlier today with abc news, he clarified that a bit saying that construction will happen in the upcoming months. of course, the outstanding issue here is payment. who will pay for it. the president maintains that mexico will. leaders in mexico say that is not going to happen. president trump signed a second executive order dealing with the addition of more border patrol agents. more ice agents and also a possible crackdown on sanctuary cities. >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders, gets
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back its borders. i just signed two executive orders that will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs and billions and billions of dollars. >> neil, it won't stop here. tomorrow we expect president trump to sign more executive orders dealing with refugees and visas. neil? >> neil: all right. thanks very much. so how will america make good on telling the mexicans to pay for that wall? because i've heard so very nasty words south of the border. whether they're in spanish or not, that i cannot repeat. ust sy on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years.
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>> we'll be reimbursed by mexico. >> so they will pay us back? >> 100%, yes. it will be reimbursed from a
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later date from whatever transaction we make from mexico. >> neil: the mexicans in a variety of ways say that's not happening. former republican governor of arizona, jan brewer with us right now. governor, you have probably heard that the mexicans are not paying for this wall idea let alone paying for it. donald trump says they will. how will that be done? do you know? >> well, i believe -- let me first begin, if i can say, today is a day in history. thank god we have a president that will enforce the rule of law and do what he is supposed to do. that is to keep us safe. in regards to the wall, i think it will be paid by mexico. donald trump, president trump says they will pay for it. paid with visa applications, border user fees. i would support a tax on i'm parts. whatever we have the will to do, we will make it happen. bottom line though is that way
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back in 2006, i believe it was, under the bush administration, when they approved the border fence, there was a committee report that was given. it indicated in arizona alone, $1.1 billion, illegal dollars, was collected at our eight ports in entry in 2006 alone that could fund the construction of the wall with all of the confiscated dollars of all of the states. california, new mexico. it will happen. finally we'll be a country that enforces the rule of law. >> neil: governor, as i'm speaking with you, we're getting word out of the new york state tern general's office, donald trump lacks the authority to do what he's going to do to cut off funding to states and cities that protect immigrant families. sanctuary cities. what do you make ofthat? >> i don't make much of it at
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all. the federal government, they are the ones that appropriate the dollars. that's where the dollars go. they go from washington d.c. into the cities. if they determine the money is not going to go, it won't go. they write the laws, not new york city. >> neil: so not a fan of that. governor, finally on this, the president wants to go -- apparently we're told, whether it's going to be $3 billion or $8 billion, up to 10 billion, a lot of that money is allocated in a 2006 initiative to do just this. whether it's there or not, whether we pay for it exclusively and mexicans never do, you think it would be money well-spent, period, right? >> absolutely i believe it would be money well-spent. it's not only the wall. obviously we need technology, we need the increase of border patrol and the ice people on the
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border, too. it's going to triple. we need technology down there on the border also. >> neil: governor, thanks very much. great seeing you for the inauguration. now chatting on the phone. >> it was great. thank you so much, neil. >> neil: all right, governor brewer. it's not just wall street celebrating the president's executive actions. what if i told you so are unions? i want you to meet james hoffa to explain after this.
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>> neil: all right. earlier today, it was greenpeace protesters unfurling a resist sign from a 270 foot crane near the white house. greenpeace has long been against
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the keystone pipeline and not pleased to see that donald trump is starting it again. it was an executive order that a lot of union leaders liked. james hoffa, great to have you here. thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> neil: just to be clear, you were consistent about this when president obama rejected it. so you welcome this. >> we welcome it because it's a beginning of working with unions to help rebuild our infrastructure, pipelines, the dakota access, whether it's keystone. this is a good beginning. the president met with union leaders yesterday. i met with him before that, to talk about what we can do together, work together to keep jobs in america. he basically is very oriented on creating jobs, what he did with carrier was terrific. what he did with ford was terrific. keeping the jobs here. people are talking about investing in america and creating good jobs. i think he's off to a good start and i encourage him.
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>> neil: it's so weird. you think about it. seems like upside-down world right now, this is a republican president after all meeting with union leaders, having one-on-one with guys like you. it's not to say he's not doing the same with corporate leaders but he's not type casting, is he? >> he's doing the right thing to reach out and say he's president of the whole country. not just going to be the big business president. he's going to be the president of everybody here. i think it's important what he did with trade. those were issues that we had major differences with the obama administration and the first thing he does is pull out of the trans pacific partnership. going to renegotiate nafta. we've been talking about this for ten years. it's amazing a republican is doing this, that we can make changes in trade and keep god jobs in america and make america
1:24 pm
competitive. >> neil: this is the same president, as you know, that was very keen on cooling it on the minimum wage hikes. $15 goes too far. he's trying to hedge a little bit about what is an acceptable minimum wage. but he doesn't do everything to your choir. does that worry you? you think what he's doing now with these jobs and trying to protect the jobs and the overtures he's making to unions in general compensate for that? >> well, we have to work this out. we obviously have to have a raise in the minimum wage. it's happening almost in every state. we really realize the old minimum wage isn't enough. we're going to work with him to find the right minimum wage. we have to help all americans, especially those that don't have lots of money like the people out there. and basically get these people a raise. i think he realizes that. it's a consensus. so what the number is, i don't know. but we're going to encourage him
1:25 pm
to make it as high as possible. >> neil: there had been talk and it's not gotten beyond that, that the administration, the trump administration, is keen on putting a tariff on all imports that come into this country. they had refuted that. still hangs out there. so i don't know what is true or not. i should pause it. but how do you feel about that? some have listened to that, corporate leaders and said that's a slippery slope. could lead to trade wars. never good for anyone down the road. what are you saying? >> it's a great beginning. that's one of the major things that made ford do what they did. he started talking about tariffs, whether he could do it legal or not, i don't know. it's going to stimulate a renegotiation of nafta. that's a tremendous threat to start out by saying i'm going to put a tariff on everything made in mexico and it's going to make it easier to renegotiate nafta so it's fairer for american companies to stay here and basically not have to move to mexico to get cheaper labor. >> neil: what do you think of the move -- you touched on it in
1:26 pm
the beginning. this idea to reencourage, get back to, you know, the keystone pipeline thing, traditional fossil fuel energy? not to step away from knew energy, solar, wind, what have you but reemphasize that we have plenty here with a lot of jobs. coal, for example, keeps coming up, this will be a president that will embrace that wholly and totally. ho do you feel about that? >> with regard to oil it's important. we see oil prices down. we're no longest held hostage to the middle east. we can produce enough oil in this country whether through fracking or anything. we change the dynamic of oil by lowering prices and be able to make america almost self-sufficient. i don't think oil is going anywhere. the combustion engine is going to keep out there. we need gasoline in this count trip. that's where it comes from.
1:27 pm
i think it's going to keep on. this is an emphasis. this is -- might be long -- some day we'll have other sources of energy but right now it's gas and oil. >> neil: the last republican president to win over union folks, not in the majority but strongly, was ronald reagan. is donald trump doing that right now and should democrats be worried? >> i think it's important to talk about the fact that he picked up the message that's been our message. democrats did not emphasize. it's about jobs. it's about people being left behind. not having the opportunity to make a good living here in america. i think that's important. that is something that he picked up and he basically hit a core out there in working people, listening to him saying, boy, i'm going to get a job. i'm going to get people back to work. what he's doing right now, basically getting out of tpp, going to renegotiate nafta. people want to hear that. it talks about them and their
1:28 pm
chances for a better life. that's what's important out there. so i think it's important. that was one of the messages -- that was the message that won the election for him. >> indeed, it did. there's a lot of give and take on this. but this notion that donald trump could have more problems with his republican base than democrats because he is winning over guys like you, is talking up infrastructure-type of things and some republicans, conservatives are saying, wait a minute. we're spending money we don't have. we'll go into bigger deficits, add to our debt. what do you say to that? >> i think he will have to show a lot of leadership. congress will eventually get in line. he is the president of the united states. i don't imagine him fighting it. right now you want to build a wall? how are you going to pay for it. you want to do this? how are you going to pay for it. he's saying we're going to do it and pay for it later on that will cause a problem with regard to the paul ryans and people like that that want to basically
1:29 pm
balance the budget. he's saying we have to be dynamic, aggressive and we have to go out there and build a wall. the things he talked about he's basically going out and fulfilling whether it's tpp, nafta, build the wall. he's going down the checklist. he's not saying how we're going to pay for it. it's important to do it because that's what i ran on and that's what the american people expect. >> neil: and you support the wall building thing. >> the wall, i think we have to have -- we have to have an orderly operation with regard to our border. anybody that has a country that anybody can walk in is a problem. we have to have an orderly issue of immigration. we can't have -- i'm not against immigration but the answer is we have to have people come in here in an orderly fashion. >> neil: james hoffa, good seeing you. thank you very much. all right. we've got president trump now expected to sign an executive order. he's been busy with them. a memorandum and all of this stuff banning refugees from entering the united states.
1:30 pm
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at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. >> neil: see that 20,000 plus number on dow in what if i told you it's built on the expectation of tax cuts? what if they're not? what if something goes wrong? that's after this. in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran
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ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. >> neil: all right. he's certainly giving his
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executive pen a workout here. donald trump expected to sign more orders later this week temporarily banning refugees from entering the united states, halting visas from countries like syria. we have former democratic poll stores with us. all right. he's sending a signal here that whatever we're doing has to slow or stop. how would an executive order do that and what do you think of what he's planning? >> first of all, as he said, the flow must stop or be stopped and replaced with something else. first you stop and then you look at this end of it, which is the vetting process. what are yes doing here in the vetting process. that's why it's an interim measure. it's going country by country. some countries we're receiving refugees. in syria, he announced there's safe zones in syria. it's not just banning refugees but finding a solution. so would be the case for every
1:35 pm
other country. it's not just a ban. it's a ban plus solutions. >> neil: usually you get the world reaction. it's not started yet. i guarantee if he calls the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization, that won't fly well with the u.n. maybe that's his intent. what do you think? >> i think it will go over well with the populous. there's a difference in the perception of americans in general and what the elite tells us, even the elite polls. the muslim brotherhood is a very unpopular organization. people believe -- the last administration was very favorable to them which different get as much coverage as they should and certainly was an object in egypt. the trust is, if donald trump goes through this stopping or delaying refugees, he's doing it with the wind to his back with the public. by the way, i'm amazed and the
1:36 pm
campaign most stunning thing i heard in the last weeks of the campaign, that we let in thousands of refugees and only a couple dozen christians. i guarantee you, if that had been an issue in the campaign, there would be more resistance to having -- there would be more support for throwing the immigration flow. >> neil: is it your sense that he is maybe behind the scenes or should he behind the scenes be talking to leaders of muslim nations, what his plan is here? some of them have recoiled during the campaign when they said we're going to rethink muslims in general coming into this country? >> the ambiance is probably different than what we hear in the media, especially in the media that is hostile to president donald trump. for example, if you look at the hundreds of media in egypt, you know, egypt had a battle with the muslim brotherhood, for example. 33 million demonstrators on the streets of cairo.
1:37 pm
if you go to the uae, jordan, the moderate sunni arabs, they're against the muslim brotherhood. they've been back and forth between their teams and advisors here and of course now, the discussion will go to the white house and the state department. but there is a bridge now established between this administration and a large number of arab moderate countries. >> neil: how is he doing thus far, your sense? >> i think he's doing very well. let me make a point here. i notice that he's getting in some of the polls like rasmussen sky rocketing approval. we have a difference in the approach in polls. all the polls that failed in the campaign continue to show him very low. i'd like it if maybe one of these networks or whatever stopped and said, oh, by the way, the poll we're showing you
1:38 pm
are the same people that missed the election by the mile in terms of understanding it. there's something wrong in the polls, different methodology. i'm telling you the ten pegs -- i'm not getting into about whether or not the three million votes -- he's putting tent pegs out in these -- he's -- what president has met with auto companies in our lifetime and said, i want you to bring jobs to america? those are things that people are sending signals i'm for you. that's important. >> neil: i think you hit it on the key point. gentleman, thank you both. meanwhile, this is one of the things that is helping the dow get to 20 k what could undo that really fast?
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1:41 pm
>> neil: all right. let the party begin. kind of. this is the east side of
1:42 pm
manhattan. they're having a dow 20,000 party we're told. it's still early. most people are glued to watching me. so they want to watch the rest of the show and head off to the party. these type of events will probably be all over the city and across the country as we eclipse another major milestone. 42 days after 19,000, here we are 20,000. let the rally begin! now to the guy that worries it could fall apart if we don't follow-through with one of the incentives for it. tax cuts. may be big ones. steve forbes, you're worried about that. if this doesn't happen, it would die. >> it would die. one of the things the market is counting on is reducing, as president trump talked about, the corporate tax rate from 35 to 15% that reduction in the corporate tax rate would add 15 to 20% of earnings, even if you didn't add more profits this
1:43 pm
year than last year. so that in itself is a huge incentive. >> neil: you know this inside and out but it would make the multiples, whether it's a pricy market, everything would be readjusted and would look different. >> it would indeed. we would be a mecca for capitol and a mecca for new investment. one of the potential obstacles strangely among the republicans in washington is in a tax bill they want to sent to president trump, they want to put in the equivalent of a 20% national sales tax. a border adjustable tax that would put a tax in everything that comes into this country. so gasoline would go up for millions of motorists 30 cents a gallon. stuff you buy at kmart, walmart, automobiles, the prices would go up. this would hit working americans and middle class americans and republicans say they need the $120 billion that this new tax would raise to cut tax cuts.
1:44 pm
that undermines the whole point of tax cuts. not to put in a new tax that will just go up. you know, democrats will raise it in the years ahead. to give working americans a tax break be. >> neil: any new tax goes up. you're right. but the other worry i hear before this was raised, the fact that tax cuts for the upper income should be revenue neutral. tax cuts in general should be according to mitch o'connell, that leads the senate effort. what do you make of that? unless they leave the gate revenue neutral, republicans should think twice about them and might? >> that's a huge danger. the great tax cutters of the past, ronald reagan and john kennedy never tied tax cuts to so-called cuts in spending. they knew that was a nonstarter. get the tax cuts through, get the economy growing again and the american people rightly expect that as they work hard to better their lives for themselves and their children, why don't these representatives
1:45 pm
in washington work just as hard, cutting out the bloat in the federal budget? we know it's there. they talk about it. they don't do much about it. so let's do what kennedy and reagan did. cut the taxes and not put in the new tax that will hit the people that put donald trump in office. middle class and working americans. it's very strange. 30 cents a gallon for gasoline. nuts. >> neil: that is nuts. steve, thanks. steve forbes. in the middle of this, you have donald trump supposedly getting distracted launching an investigation in voter fraud. that he would have won the popular vote if it wasn't to four or five million illegals. almost everyone is dismissing this, almost. after this.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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>> neil: all right. well now president trump is upping the ante. long suspicious that illegals might have voted by the millions in the election tipped the popular vote to hillary clinton. now he's launching an investigation into just that. judge napolitano here to say good luck with that. judge, why is it problematic? >> good to be with you. it's problematic because as everybody knows, we don't have one central place from which presidential elections are conducted. we have 51. 50 states and the district of columbia. he's are state election. so the president would be asking the federal government, presumably the fbi and u.s. attorneys in all 50 states and the direct of columbia, to conduct a federal investigation of state elections. we don't know what evidence there is. now he's the president of the united states. he may know of some evidence that the rest of us don't.
1:50 pm
but fbi agents that are not in favor of this have leaked to fox news their conclusion that there's not enough evidence to commence an investigation. and that they have more important things on their plates to protect the american public's freedom and safety than this. >> neil: i think it was president obama that first looked into this issue. a lot of people think it's -- the issue is how reliable are the votes we're getting. because there can be duplication. you can have overlaps, right? >> well, yes, of course. there's always some problems. remember, the law does not guarantee a perfect election. it guarantees a fair election. meaning the person that actually got the most votes and was declared the winner in fact was the winner. whether it's few votes here or a few votes there. that doesn't affect the outcome. the law is not concerned with
1:51 pm
that. the normal differential is oone half of 1%. for the government to conduct an investigation, they need to see some evidence. if the president has the evidence, the critics say show it to us. one example, ohio conducted their own investigation and said we're clean, mr. president. we didn't find anything here. we did this because we do it automatically. he probably would love it if other states did that and then the federal government wouldn't have to do it. as far as i know, no other state has done that. there were these fits and starts for recounts and michigan and wisconsin. they proved to get nowhere with respect to changing the outcome. >> neil: all right. we think about it in closed elections, john kennedy, nixon. nixon conceded. there was no reason to do a
1:52 pm
recount. the republican party argued there was plenty of reasons. but donald trump won this comfortably in the electoratele which is what it's about. is it going to stick in his claw that he lost the popular vote? >> i think -- i'm privileged to spend some time with him on another subject. he's very charming and affectionate man. i think it's gotten under his skin that some of the democrats, particularly those in congress that chose not to attend the inauguration are using this, she got three million more votes than you did and you're claiming you're legitimate? it's a nonsensical argument and it bugs him. >> judge, thanks. so who is right? the markets, or the media? we'll explore.
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speed to think quick. what's the difference between the markets of the media when it comes to donald trump. give up? one is making money betting on what he's doing, the other is trying to make sense of what he's doing. one is seeing green. the other is seeing red. sieve the mainstream media can't get trumps of a fight the same old battle going after him. like saying there's zero evidence of widespread voter fraud but apparently plenty of evidence the russians hacked that election. i guess that means zero evidence of voter fraud affect of those election results but zeroed out the russians likely did affect the election results. unequivocally dismissed fake
1:57 pm
building might've been part of the outcome. whether it suits your case or your bias. question whether trump would accept the results of the lecture before votes were cast because you had your doubts, don't bother asking hillary clinton the same question book because you had no doubt, judging the size of crowds. nothing short of an innocent oversight when you overlook the martin luther king bust in the office of the president. he is thin-skinned when he has the nerve to question your reporting. you are not you have the nerve to question his questioning your reporting. he botches things the first is in the white house. you were saying he would never make it to the white house. he is petty when he calls out what you got wrong. you are not when you report him saying that and insist your
1:58 pm
reporting the news. "the new york times" can say "trump lies" on the front page. donald trump's crowds are crass and loud. million women merger crowds are brave. you all but report he's a clown even though it's your reporting that has become a joke. he's too wrapped up in grudges even though you seem to be the one intent on settling old scores. he won't cut you break so you will cut slack. you are not free to pick and choose your own facts, just like you are free to go after his excuses. as bad as some of his poll numbers low, yours look worse. all of us in the media, much worse. trust me. he's no saint but you folks are
1:59 pm
hardly without sin. words matter, just like you insist crowds matter. like when you say is don't measure up even though during the campaign they were breaking records, yet you never, ever brought it up. no, he is reckless peer you are righteous. his executive orders are overreaching. face it. say it. you hate this president. scream it, it admitted. you loved the last president. that guy could almost do no wrong. you are free not to like him so quit feigning shock when he doesn't like you. what is the word, smarmy? for the moment investors are buying his source, not your source. he has a buy and you are a sell which is why they are shorting you. i think it's their way of saying
2:00 pm
they see no value at all and yo you. kills you, doesn't it? good night. >> hello, everyone. i am dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." president trump takes action, signing two more executive orders. while on the border with mexico that was a signature campaign promise. the other for sanctuary cities. the president says his actions will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs, and billions of dollars. he delivered remarks of the department of homeland security. >> we are in the middle of a crisis on


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