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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 26, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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that is how you grow. pain nourishes your courage. you have to fail in order to practice being brave." thank you, brave mary. we miss you already. ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tvs a andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> andy: coming up on the big show, president trump signed an executive action ordering construction of the wall and saying mexico will reimburse us for about cost. our request for ted cruz pictures playing basketball, duke player who looks like him, tweeting from the movie anchorman.
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a new engineering barbie doll teaches girls how to build their own washing machine. back to you. >> tom: thank you. let's welcome our guests. entertainment correspondent jill dobson. for exercise he carries women up the empire state building. comedian ben kissel. he's a d list stand up comic with zero life skills, that's not an insult, that's a real quote from his own a book blurb. comedian jimmy failla. he has a long, successful career working with his brothers curly and moe. country music singer legend larry gatlin. let's start the show. shawna spicer is my new favorite guy. as far as the media is
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concerned, trump's new press secretary has gone for mainstream instead of the lame stream he bucked tradition, the weird tradition of calling on the a-team first. he went first to "the new york post" and then the christian broadcast network. he told sean hannity it was on purpose. >> there are voices and issues of the mainstream media sometimes doesn't capture, and it's important for those issues to get as much prominence as some of the mainstream ones. >> tom: as for the president, someone at politico marveled at his ability to drive the news cycle. it's working for him. he said that a lot of the coverage ends of negative but it doesn't matter, granted, many of
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today's stories hammer trump's shins with a pipe wrench. but that doesn't ordinarily happen into a couple of paragraphs into the story, by which time most readers have bailed. that is very true. people have short attention spans, thanks in large part to the modern media, and trump understands what schaefer admits. a columnist takes his ideas were he can find them, he is never going to get the media to cover him the way he wants, but he knows that if he keeps throwing stuff out there they'll at least cover what he wants. ♪ >> tom: a lot to chew on here, right? that was a massive monologue. on spicer. i like his style. why is he all of a sudden bucking tradition. what kind of tradition is that? >> he knows that if he picks on the press, he always looks better for doing so because everybody hates the press.
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this is like calling out a gas station sushi, nobody is going to defend it. >> you can get a california roll anywhere and it's completely edible. absolutely. >> this show ends right now. >> it's a one-stop shop. >> i do think he's trying to intentionally take on, this is antagonistic relationship. that's why he gets out of bed and tweets every day, he establishes a news cycle and we all focus on what he wants, it's genius. >> tom: is he going to be able to keep it up? this is a question of whether this kind of, so far we like the fight, are we going to want to watch sean spicer come out and fight with the press every day? i wouldn't mind it. >> one dozen fighting work for ratings and television? it looks like the real
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housewives of the white house and there, all of the correspondence and news reporters should have to eat random bugs in order to ask a question, make it like fear factor. the media was calling spicer a whiny baby, but now now they're acting like milhouse from the simpsons. it's great, absolutely, shake it up. why does ap get to ask a question first? it's nonsense. >> tom: the thing about spicer is he rattles off the names of all these alternative media and web sites, he wants to start promoting them. is he signaling to the big media, "the new york times" and "the washington post" that their days have passed? >> we have to realize something, donald trump, president trump, now president trump, my old friend, he's always been nice to me.
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i lived at trump tower. >> tom: you and marla did that play together. 2 degrees of separation. >> i could have been at their wedding but i had already accepted a deal to be in somali somalia. >> is a country musician you should sing at their divorce. >> he is already and will continue to be the biggest newsmaker of the 21st century. the thing about it, he's going to continue to be, they make their own news. hamilton, the musical. they decided that not only would they tear up the book that tells you how to write a musical, is not an e-book. there are no rules. from the very beginning when he came down the escalator to talk about, he hasn't done any -- you can't say you're going to fire a gun down fifth avenue and
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if you hit somebody nobody's going to care, oh, yes, you can. >> tom: i think the only differs between trump and hamilton is it's hard to get tickets to hamilton. >> timmy, that's a good one. >> we've been talking about spicer, but what do you think generally of the idea that trump is making the news cycle? he's going to be able to continue to create his own news. >> the person at a news organization that says you're covering the story, how many hats is donald trump going to wear? president, reality star, businessman, desk editor, he's in a lot of places. >> sorry, mr. president-elect, just giving you a hard time. >> tom: we joke about him. >> the media is not covering him
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fairly, i know it's a bit of a cliche, but going after voter fraud is what joel stein was doing. he's doing exactly what the people on the left that they love so much would have love to do but mack had they been in office. >> i think a lot of media is unbiased. i'm i making a bold statement, d particularly, i work at associated press. i'm a fan of associated press. why does he keep going after them, there are so many other media organizations who very clearly have had a beef with him. >> you walk in prison and you punch the biggest guy there. >> remember, helen was ap. >> tom: for years and years that she was ap and she had to get that first question. >> with prison rules she would still with the first question,
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she was a beast. >> tom: trump wouldn't consult with her engine he would respect her. moving on, president trump seemingly out of nowhere has announced a plan to build a wall at the mexico border. on wednesday, he signed two executive actions, one targeting sanctuary cities in the other, i'll let him tell you. >> the secretary of homeland security, working with myself and my staff, will begin immediate construction of a border wall. [applauding] so badly needed. >> tom: that's right, great news for pink floyd fans, the wall is coming. in an interview with abc news, he added we will be in reimbursed at a later date for whatever transaction we make from mexico, and later sean spicer told reporters that mexico will pay "one way or
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another" ." >> former mexican president, tweeted. as he was typing that tweet, here was the scene at the borde border. [laughter] >> tom: larry, a lot of smart people were laughing when he said were going to build a wall. they were making fun of him. they're not laughing now, are they? >> this news cycle is only going to work as long as they think he's going to start working, it's going to get old if he doesn't. i was raised 280 miles from the border, i love all of god's
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children. i love my children and your children, i love them a little longer, it's tough when you're sitting up in a deer stand, yes were going to kill bambi's daddy, big deal. >> tom: are we trying to keep deer from our country? >> they're coming over our borders, eating our apples. >> is horrible to think of that, but the pure economics of the load that's being put on, i think he's going to do it, i im an old bricklayer, no way around travel. you mix up the mud, the sand, the water, you put in a mortar board and you get the trowel in the spatula. >> tom: he also knows what the machine is called. >> i'll help with the wall.
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>> tom: then, about the wall. he's going to start building it, we've got to protect the border. >> i think it's one of the easiest campaign promises that he can live up to. >> tom: what about the paying? they're still laughing, i don't see what's so funny. we can always just make them pay and whatever transactions we have with mexico, will put it on the bill. >> do what jerzy does, have a whole system set up, you want to come through and you can afford it, it will be nice roads or anything but you'll do the trial on the way over. >> the most powerful economic engine, the most powerful country in the face of the earth, that is just across a small river that you can walk across, from a pretty, i know there are beatable people in pn mexico, like tortillas hot rock. i believe he's going to have a
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big stick. he's going to figure out some way to make them pay. i just believe he will. >> tom: jimmy, the market is up, hello $20,000, am i right about that question work >> he's killing it right now. nobody wants to hear that but he's actually having a good week. >> tom: big business were the ones that were against this wall, against the border talk. if i'm correct. >> they're behind it now because they realize that in the overall scheme of things, if you fortify the border it does have a profound effect on stabilizing markets and stuff like that because were not assuming the cost of all this immigration. right now they said there's a surge in children crossing border, it's not about you mack because the walls about to go up, it's because we just got rid of michelle obama's school lunches. kids want to come back again. >> tom: jill, there's going to be a while but can he keep the promise of there will be a beautiful door in that wall? >> i'm still laughing about who's going to pay for it,
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because i have two toddlers at home and it's like watching them argue, they keep going back and forth. it never ends, they keep saying the same things until you give someone reasons are animal crackers. >> it's the actual mexican standoff. >> tacos and tequila. >> what's want to happen is exact with what you describe, he's going to wind up taking it off of some type of trade deal or something. it's going to be a save face for everybody where he's want to be able to claim victory and they can both claim victory in some capacity. but they're paying, i think they're paying. >> moving on, we're learning more about president trump's morning routine. "the new york times" reports that he rises before 6:00 a.m., watches television attuned to a cable channel and a small dining room in the west reign, starts with morning joe and flips over to fox and friends. then it's [my cat from hell]
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on animal planet. he washed it down with a glass filled with the tears of liberals. that's a dream of mine. that's my fantasy. i believe we have trump's schedule for tomorrow. as you can see, it's a full day. wake up, twitter, morning joe, fox and friends, crush the hopes and dream to liberals, dinner, and bed. larry, you've you been to the white house. i read about that in the paper. >> i'm a recovering drug addict, my motto used to be "even colombian drug lords or children have to eat" ." >> tom: can you tell me who took you in the men's room, can you say the name? you told me, we won't say who it
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was. >> you did coke with stephen fields. >> we thought we were invincibl invincible. god and his mercy has gotten me out of situations that a squadron of marines, you're not supposed to walk through central park without rolex on looking for drugs that at eighn the morning. >> the white house, the white powder house. >> those were the days, all joking aside, it was. you just passed your pocket and by the grace of god, i don't do that anymore. we can laugh about it, and stephen doesn't either by the way. we were young and stupid and drug addicts. i need a bump, how about you? >> tom: this was back in the jimmy carter days. a different time. >> you got to do some coke to make jimmy carter sound good.
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>> i was on drugs. >> what was the story, what's so bad about a little tv in the white house? we all watch tv. i think it's healthy. >> he's living like every 90s keita did on saturday morning, wake up early and watch your programs they like the most. as of the way for him to stay in touch with the american people, in all honesty. i think that's where a lot of the content that creates his tweets, the fill in tweets are coming from. i think it's another way for him to maintain a communication with the basic got him elected. >> tom: this is a tb world. i notice a lot of the reporting in the media about trump and his tb habit, it's kind of condescending, but that's what he's expert at. he's a tv guide, he understands tv. >> "the new york times" didn't put a spin on this, they didn't add a follow-up line with a wrote the line in there.
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"mr. trump, who does not read books, watch is plenty of television." that's a direct quote, they didn't add a snarky spin, but you know "the new york times" readers read books. >> they try to make it a big deal, mention that he woke up at six clock a.m., he's 70. every 70-year-old man wakes up at 6:00 a.m., he also wakes up at 2:00 a.m. and four to p. you know what i loved about the article, i like that he wakes up and watches tv like he's not on a russian site. >> tom: he's obsessed with his stories in the news, he will puts on the tv and he wants to see how the news day is going to start. >> absolutely. first of all, i would have to at least ask the question of how that bastion of equanimity comes to the point where they decided
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out of thin air that he doesn't read books. he's got more money than a show dog, he must read something. he's not just on the melon truck. >> tom: they make it up, how about that? >> there are some great legendary people who have written for the -- >> tom: i got to go to commercial, larry wasn't going to tell it show business story. hotel us during the commercial. coming up, ted cruz can play basketball, and why hasn't he mentioned this on the campaign trail? ♪
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♪ >> good morning and live from
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"america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. relations between the united states and mexico take a hit. president donald trump orders construction of a wall between the two countries. mexico's president delivered a national televised speech, he condemns the decision and reiterated his decision that mexico would not pay for it. he also said he may consider canceling his plan to visit to the u.s. next week. mr. trump signed the executive order saying it will stabilize onto both sides of the border, adding "it is badly needed." >> working with my -- in the meantime, the associated press reports that a president is working and an executive order to stop accepting syrian refugees. another record-setting day on wall street wednesday.
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the dow jones industrial smashing through the 20,000 barrier for the first time ever. dow closed at the session at 20,068. the nasdaq composite also setting new highs. the entertainment world loses another icon, mary tyler moore. some knew her as laura petry, dick van dyke's tv wife. the mary tyler moore show was hailed at the time as the first modern sitcom. by the time the show ended, it had 129 emmy awards, merely mar moore died wednesday. she was 80 years old. now back to "red eye." it ♪ >> tom: this week, political
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publish an article about the new ted cruz. among other things, he's trying to repair relationships with republican senators and he has a brand-new look. definitely edgier. one way he is reconnecting with his g.o.p. colleagues, he started a weekly basketball game in the senate gym. he is said to be a surprisingly good a jump shooter miserable form. c-14 noticed the article and asked readers to send them proof. they promptly got a response from cruz himself. c-14, like the good sports they are cheerfully replied. 50 minutes later, he responded with a gift gifs of the anchorn
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line, boy that escalated quickly. for them to reply with that statement, there is nothing or amusing. >> tom: can you blame someone in social media, maybe some nervous kid who didn't know what they were doing? the editor-in-chief of "deadspin" ." >> most young people i know are funnier than that. his original statement was funn funny. >> tom: ted crushed it. >> i'm going to be perfectly honest with you, when i found out we were going to get these two topics i had no idea what this was about. did he look like the guy, what was it? i think -- >> tom: you had to go to like three from places for that. >> the part that we just talked about.
12:27 am
i wrote up some stuff about, i agree with a lot of his conservative policies. i kind of got turned off when he said "think about the children in the supreme court and all that" ." vote your conscience. then the next day, hey, donald, i'm not going to vote for you. a lack of intellectual integrity on his part. but he's a texan, keep that jump shot happening there. >> tom: he's a starting, i think, to repair himself with the republicans, they soured on him because he had that kind of personal feud with trump. >> that's what he has the hoop game going. the democratic senators have a basket ball game going, too, they don't keep score in every buddy gets a trophy. i was shocked at the webster that made their fame off showing
12:28 am
us -- such a crass maneuver. that's how "deadspin" got that going. to me, the most offensive part of the story is that someone named their son grayson. that's very upsetting to me. with any luck he'll be a corrupt governor. >> tom: i think it's a little petty, i find this web site a little bit annoying, but do you think that he got the better of them on this round? >> he's actually a pretty quickwitted, that was kind of one of the overlooked things during the primaries, he was fairly funny. "deadspin" is absently ridiculous, i don't think that was appropriate whatsoever, stick with sports, don't be snarky it's a prime example of political discourse on the internet and how young people don't know how to have it. >> tom: kenny climb back? the political angle of this, ted
12:29 am
put all his chips on the table and basically he was hoping for trump to lose and he was going to be the new -- he was want to be the new guy, he was going to step up. do you think he can crawl his way back and? >> you have to remember, the attorney who is on fox a lot, a law professor, said he was the best debater he's ever had. he's going to be able to hold his own, if it gets a little more sense of humor, plus he is, he toes the conservative line and there a lot of hard-core right wing who will go for that. smile a little more, ted. soon coming up, "halftime" with tv's andy levy and a brand-new episode of the "red eye" podcast is available now, subscribe on itunes or
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, it's time to find a what we got wrong and what we missed from andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> andy: i don't think the whole thing with ap going first is a weird tradition, it may be a little bit outdated. they did it for a reason because back in the day before the internet and all that stuff, ap was the source of news for a lot of other news organizations.
12:34 am
>> tom: and now it's over. >> andy: the thing that worries me is i think we are maybe six months away from info wars and prison planet asking question. that's what i'm concerned about. >> tom: six months away, you give it that long? >> andy: jimmy you said trump knows that it depicts on the press will come out ahead, which is totally true, and so much of it is self-inflicted, for instance making a big deal about the ap not getting the first question. the american people could not care less who asked the first question. it makes the press look petty. >> they look ridiculous, because they only know how to cover him in one gear. which is pure hysterics, and it's hurting them. to trump, i know he's upset about the size of the inaugural crowd, it was bigger than hillary's. take it. >> andy: jill, you asked how many hats donald trump is going to wear, i think just the make
12:35 am
america great one. >> i think you look good in the pope's hat. taking over the world. >> andy: you said the media isn't covering trump fairly, you brought up the fact that jill stein when after voter fraud, too. >> she got laughed at by the media when she did that. >> that's very true, good point. maybe they're treating him the exact way they treated anybody who's trying to find of the truth. >> andy: tom, newmark -- helen was not ap. >> tom: never? that was it, she got the first question before, right? she won the fight. >> andy: the wall is coming. i read the executive action, i think he lied to us.
12:36 am
he promised us a beautiful wall, nowhere in the executive action is the word beautiful. now it's just a plain old wall. >> it will be beautiful. >> andy: larry, you said you were an old brick layer. were you saying you would help build the wall and take the job away from a bricklayer who needs a? >> how do you know that i am not a blick bricklayer who needs it? we are not exactly at the top of the charts right now. >> andy: all that money you're saving not buying cocaine. i might have misunderstood you, but did you say you lost a child to the new jersey polls? >> i'm saying it's expensive and they'll take a child. >> i don't think i have a child.
12:37 am
>> andy: did you at one point have one? >> what a go good maury povich episode. >> andy: trump's tv habits, can we put up the schedule quickly? i know you said it ended at 11:00 p.m., i got a hold of his late-night/early-morning one, can we put that up? >> nice. >> andy: there it is. >> tom: "red eye" ," good. it >> heat tunes and just for the halftime show. >> andy: larry, you cannot say who the person you did blow it within the white house with -- >> i'm glad you reminded me. >> he doesn't do it anymore. i'm glad we both decided to stop that, it's cleansing.
12:38 am
look it up, stephen. cathartic. that'll help you even more, right? >> andy: jill, you brought up the thing that trump doesn't read books, it's a dig if you think reading books now and again is a good idea. >> they were just trying to throw that out there. there's always a little something. you know what i mean? that's what i thought, a little bit who doesn't read books? >> they reacted to that line. >> he definitely reads "the new york times" and all those newspapers who criticize him. >> andy: in the article they mention a bunch of newspapers that he reads in the morning. he did tell "the washington post" last july, he has no time to read, i never have, i'm always busy and now i'm more busy than ever before.
12:39 am
>> there it is. >> tom: he's just signing whatever they slide across the desk. get >> get ready for president z by noon tomorrow. >> andy: in a certain parts of the internet coming telling ted cruz to go eat crap is considered funny. here's the funniest part of this whole story, "deadspin" editor decided it was unfair that the person who wrote the article, and i think, it was unfair that she was getting marked on twitter, so he tweeted.
12:40 am
he then got a reply from somebody. i'm i am available at your leis. tim is tim kennedy, whose bio it reads "ufc fighter, ranger, sniper, and special forces operator" ." "deadspin" will be looking for a new editor soon. i am done. >> tom: coming up, it sexist barbie. but first, kennedy. >> hey there, "red eye" disco beans. anthony fisher and julie banderas is swing by with something good.
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♪ >> good morning and let live it from "america's news headquarters," i'm jackie ibanez in new york. president trump cracking down on illegal immigration wednesday, ordering the immediate construction of a border wall along mexico. aggressive efforts to find and deport unauthorized immigrants. mexican president responds through a televised address, saying he rejects trump's decision to build a wall and his
12:45 am
country will not pay for it. he's also considering canceling his planned visit to the u.s. he sat down with our very own sean hannity with an exclusive interview. >> if we are going to be an admin assertion that cuts regulation, that lowers business taxis of these companies can expand, we dis- incentivize companies from moving overseas into mexico and china, and make doing business in america better for them, then the jobs are going to explode. were going to have maybe three, five, six, 7% growth if these things happen. in other news, in iraq eight people killed after a car bomb extorted central baghdad. it was attached to a car detonated on a street during rush hour. no group has claimed was possibly for the attack. in chile, wildfires over at the
12:46 am
night. firefighters are now racing against time with the fires in more populated areas. at least one firefighter has been killed. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log on to you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ >> tom: a new barbie doll encourages girls to become engineers. what a great message. engineering barbie, that's what she's called. it fosters an interest in science, by showing young girls how to build washing machines and racks where they can keep the dolls shoes and jewelry. >> their engineering racks? interesting concept. >> tom: kind of a mixed message. it is for age girls 4-8 has been
12:47 am
slammed as it sexist. she probably wouldn't like the new chemistry barbie, who can create her own makeup in the lab "so boys can will see how pretty she can be." >> i don't even know if that's a joke or not. >> joe, that was a joke, the chemistry barbie, but you think that this first barbie is offensive? >> if girls are already playing with the barbie, they're already interested in fashion and shoes, so why not build into that interest. you can build some thing to put all your shoes and, at least get the one who's playing with it all who do also learns her math skills. >> tom: that make sense to me, i feel like it says girls are going to do both. they're going to have that interest. >> do you know how much those
12:48 am
people make to build a shoe rack? my daughter wants to learn how to build shoe racks, god bless her. >> tom: go into business for yourself. >> kids are creative, they don't follow with the dumb box it tells them to do with the toy. you're supposed to imagine and sort of understand how to be an artist and create. you're supposed to have action figures that are, i played with teenage mutant ninja turtles, at no point did i go and play around in the sewers and try to jam lose down my throat. >> they said this is going to set a precedent that boys are not going to be excited to wash. if a boys plane with barbie, he's not going to marry a woman anyway. >> there's only two boys that play with barbie, guys who are going to be gay or guys like me
12:49 am
who wanted to get the clothes off. >> we would fight in the ring together, and no point where we think about gender politics. >> tom: you let them play. did you have a g.i. joe, larry? >> we had a baseball bat. they have so much expertise. >> tom: she's a dame. >> she's got way too much time on her hands to even be worried about this. >> teenage mutant ninja turtles? >> you've done it too much cocoa. >> i played baseball, i sang, and i knew about girls clothing and what i didn't need the box to know, i knew. first time i and took a peek i knew i was going to take another peek. that's the only thing i've known for certain in my life. >> tom: i'm going to take your expertise and say that this doll
12:50 am
is not really offensive, maybe it's just marketing. >> i see some reasons do not even have a barbie in general, but if a girl already has one, let it encourage engineering and math skills. >> tom: coming up, elon musk starts digging a tunnel. knowing him, he won't stop until he reaches china. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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♪ >> tom: coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" ," -- ♪ elon musk is a billionaire businessman and inventor behind tesla motors and the planking fad. didn't know that, right? next on his ambitious agenda, a private tunnel under los angeles to cut down on his commute. back in december, he said he was going to build a tunnel boring machine and just our digging. this wednesday, he got more specific, tweeting -- when he was asked if he wasn't serious, he replied yes. when asked where the tunnel
12:55 am
would be, he responded -- he might be joking but he wouldn't be the first billionaire to build a private tunnel on his property. [laughter] jill, what do you think? >> i actually am a fan of being what i call hyper local. i actually think maybe he should just live at his work then build a tunnel. >> tom: that that's what i thought, he must really like where he lives. >> and really like where he works. just move your office, move your home, one of the other. >> tom: if i were elon musk, i would not live in los angeles. >> i think i'd live above the clouds in some sort of space platform. it's always the wealthy to use
12:56 am
science for their own game again and at some point to build the underground railroad, which were going backwards. larry, if you were as rich as tesla, wouldn't you want a private road in a private tunnel? >> if i had any place i really wanted to go that badly. i just get in my dodge challenger and go wherever. he's an occupant or, that's this is about. he is going to sell one of those to every mexican drug lord on this planet. they're going to go under the wall, they're going to tunnel. he's getting free commercials from us right now. >> tom: 30 seconds, what do you got question mike >> stop being cheap and take a helicopter to work. i guess his helicopter during skills are like his rocket
12:57 am
skills, he doesn't trust them because they don't always take off okay. >> tom: take note. thanks to our entire panel. jill dobson, ben kissel, jimmy failla, larry gatlin. at's it fot
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is next. >> president trump takes the first steps toward building his wall along the southern border. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am chris wallace in for bret baier. another day and more items checked off the list of president trump's campaign promises. today he addressed perhaps his most famous pledge to build a wall on the mexican border and crackdown on illegal immigration. we have fox team coverage but william la jeunesse is just back from the border. mike tobin in chicago where the president is talking about sending in the feds and cracking down on sanctua


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