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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 26, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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"fox & friends first" starts now. ♪ ♪ heather: probably a few sleepy eyes waking up this morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday, good morning to you, i'm heather childers. abby: good morning, i'm abby huntsman. thanks for starting your day with us. méxico president doubling down repeating his country will not pay for the wall. heather: president trump unveiled an aggressive plan to take down our borders. abby: new information about his plan trip to washington, d.c. where do things stand as of this morning? >> good morning, heather and abby, that's a big question. complicating the decision is the
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timing of president trump's announcement. yesterday during the visit, mr. trump announced he had signed executive orderers border and immigration. build a giant, beautiful wall along the u.s.-méxico border. his executive actions targeted federal funding for sanctuary cities, increased number of border patrol agents and orders the construction of new emigration detention centers, on the same day that president trump announced planned, mexican foreign relations and secretaries arrived in washington ahead of the president's visit. that was seen as a slap in the face to many in méxico and now president enrique peña nieto said to be reconsidering the trip altogether. yesterday in a national televised address said i'm saddened and against the decision with the construction of the wall that for years far
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joining us. méxico will not pay for a wall. in an interview with abc, mr. trump held that one way or another méxico will pay for it. >> david, i think he has to say that, he has to say i'm just telling you, it would be a payment, it would be in a form, complicated form, what i'm doing is god for the united states and also good for united states, we want to have a very solid and stable méxico. >> president peña nieto says he will wait until his returns back to méxico to decide whether or not he will make trip that was scheduled at the end of this month. abby: sanctuary cities defying president and protecting illegal immigrants. heather: immigrants hit the streets, outraged over the president enforcing the law.
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>> good morning, ladies, liberals across the country digging against president trump's executive orderers focusing on deporting those illegal immigrants specially those criminals. >> as your president, i have no higher duty than to protect the lives of the american people, for these families, it's been one injustice after another, but that all turns around beginning today. abby: from san francisco to new york thousands rally to defy president trump's promises refusing to give up sanctuary status. >> this is a city of immigrants, we always have been for almost 400 years, this is our fundamental change. we are going to defend all of our people regardless of where they come from and regardless of their documentation and status.
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hundreds of sanctuary cities, new york, chicago, at risk to losing $2.7 billion of federal fund if they don't get on board with the president's plan. >> this is not some sort of crazy thinking, the point is if you defy the lays of this country, you shouldn't receive federal taxpayer dollars from the people of this country. >> police stepping up the challenge is either push get away protestors who were blocking people trying to get the work. those actions drawing applause. >> president trump facing criticism for sign to go many executive orders first days in office. jona from the national review now slamming the left for their hypocrisy, take a listen. >> the interesting thing,
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ridiculous thing that we are hearing a lot today that somehow conservatives and republicans are hypocritical when we criticized barack obama for doing the same thing. but all of the executive orders so far are pretty much within the normal authority to the president of the united states. he hasn't legislated, he hasn't done anything that were the substance of the criticism against obama, they're against using them as a substitute for going to congress. i think he will go to congress and my goes, you're absolutely right, there's going to be a tough fight, this is a great political fight for donald trump to have, to go to congress and say, well f the democrats don't want to secure the border. abby: another executive order could come is to initiate voter fraud investigation. heather: the trump bump as the dow jones hits a historic
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20,000. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business here with what we can expect today. so opening at 20,000, that's a record. cheryl: it's amazing heather, i want to apologize, i didn't bring confetti or balloons, i should have. we finally hit the dow 20,000 of weeks of near misses and close calls, you can see it there. the march higher beginning after donald trump as president on november 8th. from november 22nd to january 26th, 64 days after costing can 19,000 here is where we hit. one of the hold-ups were investors waiting for real evidence but he planned to follow through on the issues which is lower taxes for individuals and corporations, plus less regulation on companies and industries that many believe holds business
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back. >> the dow hit 20,000. now we have to go up, up. we don't want it to stay there. it's gone up a lot since i won. cheryl: the dow has rallied nearly 1700 points since election day. cheryl: keep an eye on caterpillar. steel makers could benefit from infrastructure and, yes, of course, the wall which he's getting specific about this week, guys. back to you. heather: thank you so much, cheryl. abby: thank you, cheryl. now to some extreme weather president trump sending help to the south declaring parts of mississippi disaster areas, hundreds of homes were destroyed in weekend tornadoes. heather: in the midwest slick
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roads. abby: janice dean is live to where the winter weather is next. janice: the good news is a calmer weather parent. you can see where the front is just east of the great lakes. that's where you have a push of warm air. it is going to drop and then we have colder temperatures across the rockies, but the math looks pretty good. look at the west out of the west. we have a system that moved across the west and now into north and northeast but not a big huge storm. just nuance rain and nuance snow and spot or two of freezing rain or snow and drizzle, watching this for the next 12 hours, again, the temperatures remain sort of warm, but we are not talking a big arctic outbreak which is big news, we have to get through today and tomorrow.
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the big story into the weekend, it's going to be the lake effect snow. that's where we are going to see 6 to 12-inches and they're used to do around the great lakes area. the storm system moves in the northeast but the rest of the country looks pretty quiet, that's great news as we head into the weekend, back to you. heather: heart break in hollywood as we say good-bye to division icon. abby: passed away in a hospital. heather: revolutionizing the image of the modern woman. abby: amazing smile lit up the world. >> she turned the world on with her smile, merry tyler moor born
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december 29, 1936 in new york, one thing that always drew the family together was watching young mary perform in the living room. it was there she discovered her first love, dance, in 1955 she got her first taste of television, the day after high school prom she started in the commercial as the happy point for hot point appliances at age 18 she married her first of three husbands, moore's big break would come in 1961 when she was launch into the spotlight and the couple charmed audience until he chose to leave the show in 1966. demonstrating her commitment, she commanded her character wear capri pants. she married tv exec, formed the
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production company mtnm enterprises, first project the mary tyler show, she lived with no husband or steady boyfriend. the wildly popular show ran until 1977, this period was difficult personally for moore. her sister elizabeth died. in 19820 her son accidentally killed himself and in 1981 she and tinker divorced. she developed a serious alcohol problem and checked herself in betty ford treatment in 1984, she received a long-time achievement and said -- >> i too am happy after all. [applause] >> showed america her versatility as an actress, championed women's rights on television and will be remember for we are spirit and turned the
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world on with that smile. adam housely, fox news. heather: i love that scene from new york city. abby: she's the reason i went into television. so many women. she's going to be missed. the time is now 12 minutes after the hour. president trump makes it clear that he wants to keep america safe. >> would i feel strongly about waterboarding, as far as i'm concerned we have to fire -- abby: plans to review policies and the war on terror. heather: cracking down on violent protestors who declare a war on police officers, the brand-new bill that would force them to pay up. abby: super bowl monday, a national holiday. the new play that has fans calling for a plan. heather: i like that.
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abby: we are back with the fox news alert. two deputies shot in dramatic shoot-out in busy shopping center packed with people. desoto county deputies along mississippi state lines to a grocery. the suspect opening fire hitting both deputies as they chased him. deputy shot back killing the suspect. the sheriff now putting all criminals in his own on notice. >> what it means is the southern county is buckling down. we are going to get you, okay, that's our statement. we are going to make sure that you don't come back to desoto county. abby: one deputy still hospitalized but one expected to make a full recofy. they are both expected to be fine. heather: president trump already stepping up our fight against isis. the commander in chief considering waterboard to go
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interrogate our enemy. >> when isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, would i feel strong for waterboarding, we have to fight, i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and asked them the question. does it work? does torture work? and the answer was yes, absolutely. heather: both have suggested they are against waterboarding. abby: president trump advancing his agenda and advancing on plans to start building the border wall. heather: message to illegal immigrants in his one-minute commentary, good morning, todd. >> grab a shovel, america, president trump is about to
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build the wall. the white house also cracking down on sanctuary cities, ending, stop and frisk and tech rarely suspending visas from policemen nations, we are going to build a wall, america. in other words, all you illegal might want to pack a bag and head to nuevo laredo. they are proamerica. after the past eight years i know that's a shocking, shocking concept to consider. but president trump promised to put america first and he's delivering on that prom. to the nations of the world, we are more than happy to welcome your massing, yearning to breed free but if if it's all the same you can keep the dead beats and people that want to blow us up. abby: thank you, todd. heather: thank you, todd. the american dream is alive and well. >> capitalism is the only way,
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it moves our country forward. it's what makes america great and england okay and france terrible. abby: new fox new poll finding 40% of americans believe they already achieved the dream and insight for 43%. when it comes to defining the american dream, 88% says it is retiring comfortably followed by a having a successful career and raising a family. abby: plan to take aim at michelle obama's school lunch program. heather: why airlines might be doing away with the tv's on the backs of the seats.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", a brand-new report shedding new light on former president obama's legacy and billions of your tax dollars wasted. as a federal study show that is the obama administration pumped $7 billion into the country's lowest performing schools, but eight years later, it had no impact on student achievement. the study likely sparked debate as the senate considers education secretary nominee betsy devos who is proposing sweeping changes to education spending. in the meantime michelle obama controversial lunch program may be on the chopping block. crap parts of the healthy, hunger free kids act of 2010. more than a million kids have dropped out of the lunch program since it began and 48 out of 50 states are having trouble complying with strict standards,
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the program has led to student boycotts and higher lunch costs, abby. abby: thank you, heather. a new musical drama on fox following an empyre's footsteps. >> your mom and i have the same dream. i'm trying to keep you from getting hurt. >> i can't get hurt anymore, you know exactly what i have been through. abby: three talented young singers who navigate music business while unveiling the dark side of the industry, let's step in the spotlight with michael tamara who got the inside scoop of the first season. micheal: take a sneak peek. em spire, spin-off. not the case, very different. >> no. which is great. empire is amazing and star we
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hope to be the same in that sense. >> i wanted to tell a different story. this is based on me leaving my family and what it was like to where to -- to get where i am right now. >> she was separated from our sister so she's been hurt, she's rough around the edges. the only sort of soft spot -- >> i have a plan. micheal: you think is prepared of what's possibly going to come their way in terms of success and giving them sort of guidance? >> i think they are extremely talented and what could happen on the success of the show -- >> the impact is incredible. all of us are super nervous meeting her and when he met her, she was so kind and so generous and so chill that it was almost
2:26 am
like the nerves completely went away. >> i want them to keep their feet on solid ground so they can enjoy the ride and live the life, you know, just enjoy it. >> we have to make it to the super group. >> stay away from those girls. micheal: wednesday nights only on fox and for more of celebrity interviews or follow me. >> looks good. thank you, michael. heather, over to you. heather: sounds great. 26 minutes after the top of the hour and president trump promising to repeal and replace obamacare to help everyone but the architect behind it says that it was never meant to help everyone. , the law wasn't supposed to help everyone, tucker. heather: slamming the american people again, but first on history back in 1979, duke of hazard premiered and in 1998
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then president bill clinton told the nation that he did not have an affair with white house intern monica lewinsky. >> i want you to listen to me,i did not have sexual relations with that woman
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: abby: perfect song to get you out of bet. still pretty back in new york city. i'm abby huntsman. heather: the president of méxico is doubling down, refuse to go pay for the border wall. abby: hit coming hours after president trump unveiled
2:31 am
aggressive immigration plan and insisted that méxico would foot the bill. heather: garrett is live at our nation's capitol with more this morning. morning, garrett. >> senior officials tells the associated press that méxico's president is now reconsidering his trip to washington next week after president trump announced his new executive orderers to strengthen america's boarders, during the visit during the department of homeland security, mr. trump laid out new executive action, the highlights include the construction of a wall along the u.s.-méxico border withholding federal funding for sanctuary cities increasing the number of border patrol agents and constructing new immigration detention centers. well, last night in a nationally televised address, enrique peña nieto responded to those plans saying in part i'm saddened and against the decision by the united states to continue with the construction of a wall that for years far from joining us has divided us, méxico does not believe in walls. i have said time and again,
2:32 am
méxico will not pay for any wall. in an interview with abc, trump, though, while méxico may not pay for the wall, one way or another, they will pay for it. >> are you going to direct u.s. funds to pay for this wall? will american taxpayers pay for this wall? >> ultimately, it'll come out what's happening with méxico, we are going to be starting those negotiations relatively soon and we will be in a form reimbursed by méxico. >> so they will pay us tack? >> absolutely, 100%. >> yesterday foreign relations and economic secretaries arrived in washington to meet with the trump administration ahead of the president president next week and president peña nighto will wait till they return to see whether or not they make the trip. abby: thank you, garrett. democratic mayors come out swinging against president
2:33 am
trump's immigration plan promise to go keep illegal immigrants. jackie ibañez with more on the sanctuary showdown. >> good morning, abby, liberals across the country digging against president trump focusing on deporting illegal immigrants specially those criminals, the president standing up for the american families and the victims of those illegal immigrants. >> as your president i have no higher duty than to protect the lives of the american people. for these families that's been one injustice after another, but that all turns around beginning today. >> from san francisco to new york, thousands rallies to defy president trump's proms, refusing to give up their sanctuary status. >> san francisco is a sanctuary city, it's in our dna. we will continue to remain a sanctuary city in the face of federal actions.
2:34 am
you better be ready for a fight because we are protecting our sanctuary city and our immigrant communities by any means necessary. >> of the hundreds of sanctuary cities just the top 10 including new york, san francisco, and chicago are at risk of losing $2.27 billion in federal funding thanks to the president's plan. >> this is not some sort of crazy thinking, the point is if you defy the laws of this country, you shouldn't receive federal taxpayer dollars from the people of this country. >> police stepping up the challenge, pushing away protestors you see there that are blocking the people trying to get to work. well, those actions draw ago plaus from the residents watching it all go down. heather. heather: jackie ibañez live for us, thank you, jackie. donald trump making good on one
2:35 am
of his signature campaign pledges replacing obamacare to help everyone as the man behind the bill claims, was never supposed to be that way. >> this law was never supposed to help everybody, tucker. the law was actually explicit designed first in massachusetts and then for the nation to leave the vast majority of americans alone. people who had health insurance who worked for them through employer and government were not affected in the nearer term. but in the near term, the law was designed to fix what was wrong with our system. heather: here to react real clear politics caitlin burns, thank you so much for joining us, first of all. >> hi, good morning. heather: jonathan went onto say that it was focused on the 20% of americans who did not have health insurance or were buying into a broken system. what about the other 80%? >> well, what jonathan was alluding to was that lots of people get insurance through their employer, so obamacare was
2:36 am
designed to cover those who don't have access or didn't have access at the time and in particularly focused on low-income medicaid expansion was big and still actually pretty popular in a lot of state that is did accept the expansion and so when republicans are trying to repeal and replace the law, that's where all the kind of complications come in. how to provide continued access to coverage for inch and there's very different views on how exactly to do that. heather: you have democrats saying they will not do and don't plan on doing that but you have president trump saying that he will not let people go without coverage. >> right, what they're grappling with is the obama administration says that if you repeal obamacare you will have 20 million people without insurance who are depending on the program and republicans don't want to pull out the rug from these people and leave them with nothing, so there are different views on how to do this and there are some plans coming out from the senate today that include, you know, keeping obamacare intact in some state
2:37 am
that is want to keep it, revoking it in somors that don't want to keep it. >> keeping different parts of it. >> you had republican governors, we want to keep the medicaid expansion part of it for low-income people who need access to care, so there's a lot of different complications because this bill was so big and so complicated and each state kind of has their own interest at play here. heather: one of the things that tucker carlson pointed out as he continue today speak to jonathan gruber, 20% of on the insurance exchanges only have one coverage option as well. so that doesn't really benefit them. >> that's another -- when republicans are thinking about replacing this law, they want to give more flexibility, some say, particularly to the states and give people more options. the obama pledge that you could keep your doctor, osks, proved to be false and a lot of people react today that. obamacare remains unpopular but
2:38 am
a lot of people would rather fix the law than repeal it with nothing else. republicans acknowledge that, so it's a balance of finding something that works, something that provides the access while also figuring out how to make a difference from what obamacare already provides. so i think this is going to be a really long process that we are going to see unfold, the president wants to do this quickly but just knowing what it takes in congress specially in the senate it's a slow-moving change and it will take a while. heather: which sides do americans believe specifically those impacted by this. >> there's a lot of concern about people losing health coverage. heather: interesting that you pointed out that there was what was proven to not be true that people would not be able to keep their plan if they like their plan, if you like your you can keep your dr that was proven to not be true and now they are saying that this is proven not to be true. >> recent polling has shown that while most people want to repeal the law or that don't -- most people don't like the law, they
2:39 am
are concerned about completely repealing it without a replacement. so there's a lot -- >> 57% of people either want to repeal it or replace parts of it. >> there's a lot of people who are not sure whether they want to keep the law in place and provide fixes to it or completely gut it and start over again. >> 41% want to expand it, perhaps. >> right. you're going to see a lot of back and forth even among republicans. there's not a clear consensus on what to do here and they've had several years to think about a plan but, you know, the president trump's election was a surprise to some people and so they are now realizing that a lot of the policy initiatives that they want to do have a good chance of getting it done so they want to get it right. heather: we appreciate it. good stuff. abby. abby: thank you, ladies, 40 minutes after the hour and restaurant chain chillies is under fire, how the company is help to go fund planned parenthood with your monday.
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actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean. heather: democratic congresswoman admits to sitting down with syrian president bashar al-assad. claims that she was was overseas to witness the suffering in the war-torn nation and never planned on the meeting. >> when the opportunity arose to meet with him, i did so because i felt it's important that if we process to truly care about the syrian people, about their suffering, then we've got to be able to meet with anyone that we need to if there's a possibility that we could achieve peace. heather: assad regime accused of
2:44 am
war crimes and genocide in syria. a last-ditch effort by former president obama to take guns away from social security beneficiaries may be overturned by congress. according to nra, mr. obama's rule supplemental income and disability insurance as mental defective, people who received the money cannot legally own a gun. the nra is applauding a possible repeal. abby. abby: republican lawmakers in minnesota sending a strong message to protestors, break the law and you will pay. a flood of protestors invaded a committee hearing. proposal inspired by out of control black lives matter protests that shut down streets and highways, critics say the bill threatens free speech. joins us live right here on "fox & friends" in the next hour. plus protestors should have to pay police back? log onto "fox & friends first" facebook page for a live debate
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with the #keep talking. also this morning, chillies is coming under fire from pro-life advocate for funding planned parenthood with a portion of customer bills. the restaurant chains are handing vouchers allowing people to donate 15% of the meal to planned parenthood and chillies started fundraising for a local clinic but canceled it after sparking backlash. heather: god bless a president trump supporter chocked the dc waitress with a 450-dollar tip and a miami for unity. abby: look at that. the waitress who had participated in the march had a conversation with the texas man who was visiting for the president's inauguration. >> he wrote on the check, if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, people would come together, not race, no gender.
2:46 am
abby: i like that. brian, you are up. heather: good morning. brian: you had to keep shaking me. one day i would like you to feel it so you want to talk to me and find out what's going on but we will work on that later in therapy. let me tell you what we have in the next three hours, trump comes out and talks to abc for the first time at which time he talked about enhanced interrogation and also talked about immigration and he also talks about those who suffer like the angel mom who is lost their kids because people are here illegally, we will talk to two of them today and we will do it all morning long, judge napolitano is here, he's going to talk about the supreme court justice nominee, we are going to get that name next week. he's going to tell us where it's likely to be and bob, what is it like getting a ceo being called in to the president's office. he will let us know as we continue in "fox & friends" in 14 minutes if those other two
2:47 am
people got up. heather: you can do it by yourself, brian, right? brian: thank you for believing in me. heather: stay tune. we will be right back, right? abby: yeah i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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abby: with this, chelsea manning cutting 25 years of her sentence for leaking classified information. in a new article for the guard and, the former army private is slamming obama as a weak leader with few permanent accomplishments, she goes onto say, the one simple lesson to draw from president president obama's legacy does not come up with compromise. one of the final acts mr. obama performed as president. heather: a host of the view
2:51 am
shocked that president trump is a man of his word. >> the liberal media took him literally and literally he's doing what he said -- >> i'm looking at the agenda, i'm not surprised by any of it. this is exactly what i thought he would do. >> overthrow the epa and overthrow obamacare. heather: the president signing more than a dozen executive orderers fulfilling campaign promises. abby: big shout. a new swing for the fight of fake news and google take aim. heather: cheryl casone from the our sister network, fox business with what we need to know. cheryl: good morning, controversy of fake news, google and facebook say they are going to fight back. let's start with facebook, trending topic section over the weekend when all the marchs were going on around the world, some adamant users say that their facebook trending topics was not
2:52 am
reflecting the march, facebook is now going to change that. here is what they are going to do. they will make the trending topics the same for everybody whether you knew it or not, trending topics was personalized for you the user, they will get away with that and put a headline above it. google has shut down 300 fake websites and removed them from their platform completely both of these sites under so much criticism to get rid of fake news. abby: in other news the first thing i look at in the airplane is do they or do not have tv's on the back of the seat. cheryl: don't you bring the devices? heather: i love jet blue. cheryl: 90% of passengers are bringing either on a tablet or computer or a phone. america is now having new 737's this year, they will not have the tv in the seat back pocket anymore because they say people just don't need it, they are either going and use it wi-fi
2:53 am
and streaming their own stuff or downloading things and the wi-fi has to work. they do offer netflix and am done through their app and site on the plane, but this is kind of a new reality for all the airlines to be honest. heather: i like that. there's a new way to advertise during the super bowl, this costs some big bucks, usually. >> 5 million every 30 seconds. snickers is going to be a live advertisement with adram driver, there he is. he was on girls on hbo and star wars, the first time we have seen a live commercial broadcast on the super bowl, which, of course, you can watch on fox. abby: good luck. [laughter] heather: thanks, cheryl. we have all been there. now super bowl sunday and seems to be the hardest day to drag you're into work for a lot of people. abby: it really with you.
2:54 am
heinzs with you and wants to make it a national holiday. >> it's about to make that not so so much awesome monday make it awesome monday. abby: salaried employees a day off instead of running super bowl ad. time now five minutes to the top of the hour heather: how a skier managed to come out unscathed. ♪ ♪ la quinta presents
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heather: it is two minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house, this is what is happening today. president trump making a major announcement overnight about his pick for the supreme court that was suppose to happen today. the president tweeting this i will be making my supreme court pick on thursday of next week. thank you. just hours before the opening bell, stock future are up after a record breaking day on
2:59 am
wall street. the dow hitting 20 four corners for for the first time every. mary tyler moore, 08 years old passed away. funeral plans not yet announced. up next, the good, bad, the ugly. ivanka trump sharing adorable video of her baby crawling for the first time in the white house. ivanka gasping until excitement as theodore makes his way across the floor. a paver window washers left dangling 15 stories above the ground. pulling one worker onto the roof but forced to lower the other worker to the ground with a harness. and the ugly. a sear skier in utah lucky to be alive this morning after flying over the edge of 100-foot cliff.
3:00 am
watch. wow, incredibly that skier walked away with only broken equipment. how lucky. thank you so much for joining us today. hope have you great one. "fox & friends" starts right now. abby: bye-bye. ♪ >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back its borders. >> this will stem the flow of drugs, crime, illegal immigration that the united states. >> when this construction began? >> as soon as we can as soon as we can physically do it. >> months? >> i would say in months, yeah. >> history being made on wall street the dow crossing that magic number 20,000. >> wow. >> it is a trump bump. you are seeing that his economic plan also get through. we will see tax reform in 2017 2017. >> mary tyler moore is dead at


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