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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 26, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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watch. wow, incredibly that skier walked away with only broken equipment. how lucky. thank you so much for joining us today. hope have you great one. "fox & friends" starts right now. abby: bye-bye. ♪ >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back its borders. >> this will stem the flow of drugs, crime, illegal immigration that the united states. >> when this construction began? >> as soon as we can as soon as we can physically do it. >> months? >> i would say in months, yeah. >> history being made on wall street the dow crossing that magic number 20,000. >> wow. >> it is a trump bump. you are seeing that his economic plan also get through. we will see tax reform in 2017 2017. >> mary tyler moore is dead at
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the age of 80 ♪ you're gonna make it after all ♪ because i'm gonna make this place your only steve: i think mary tyler moore was the gratsd sitcom store who ever lived. ainsley: why do you think that? brian: if you combine dick van dyke show with that show it's unbelievable. steve: probably before you were born when the show was on in the 1970s. and everybody either wanted to be her or to work in a newsroom like that because it walls so cool and so much fun. brian: or be ted baxter. >> steve: steve nobody wanted to be ted baxter but everybody loved ted baxter. he was the anchorman, ainsley. ainsley: i got it. brian: the thing about that show like cheers, it was historical but it had heart. you cared about the characters. now when you watch modern family.
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you say it's funny, friends, you say it's funny. you don't care about those people. i actually thought i knew those people. ainsley: she grew up in brooklyn apparently had a rough life. lost a sister and lost a son and then checked herself in to betty ford after that who wouldn't? could you imagine going through that? married three times. i knew her because my mother has diabetes. she was a trailblazer in diabetic research and we'll always be greatful for that. brian: later in the show i will link al franken and mary tyler moore in my own personal story. that's something to tease. steve: can i hardly wait. she was actually on fox news channel one day. she came up to me. i had grown up watching her and she knew my name and said she watched that show. ainsley: that's when it hits you that you are in living rooms all around the world every morning. steve: mary tyler moore, rest in peace. we love you. meanwhile, let's talk about this. it's refreshing that a politician actually keeps his promises. donald trump has had a busy
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three days. yesterday he said he was going do build a wall. he is also going to green light the keystone. ease the burden of the affordable care act and withdrawn from tpp. it's only day three. ainsley: he was sitting down with one the networks yesterday in the white house. first network interview since he was president. he was talking about what it takes to keep america safe and what he is going to allow. brian: if you want to interrogate a would be terrorist you have to use army field manual. a lot of people, including me, think it's -- a lot of people who do this for a living think it's not enough especially if you have time sensitive information get intelligence out. sure enough, the anchor at abc asked that question. >> mr. president, you told me during one of the debates that you would bring backwater boarding and a hell of a lot worse. >> i want to keep our country safe. -want to keep our country safe. >> what does that mean? >> when they are chopping off the heads of our people and
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other people, when they are chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be christian in the middle east, when isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since mid evil times would i feel strongly about waterboarding? as far as i'm concerned, we have to fight fire with fire. i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and i asked them the question, does it work? does torture work? and the answer was yes, absolutely. i will rely on pompeo and mattis and my group. and if they don't want to do it, that's fine. if they do want to do then i will work for that end. i want to do everything within the bounds of what you're allowed to do legally. but i do feel it works? absolutely i feel it works. >> so you would be okay with it as president? >> no. i will rely on general mattis and i am going to rely on those two people and others. and if they don't want to do it, it's 100 percent okay with me.
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do i think it works? absolutely. steve: here's the thing about donald trump, i don't know if you have noticed, he is not a p.c. guy. he will do anything in his power to keep us safe. he said he would ask people at the highest level of the intelligence community. evidence has asked them, does torture work, they have told him, according to this, yes. absolutely it works. brian: i would actually wrestle with this word. it is enhanced interrogation. nobody is for torture. it's how you define what it takes to get the most out of a terrorist quickly noord to make sure nothing blows up at times square or serious tower. jim mitchell wrote a book about it. he was contracted by the cia to come up with enhanced interrogation practices including sheikh mohammed and the worst of the worst. he chronicles in his book we don't get bin laden without it and half of these guys don't understand what al qaeda is without it. here is jim mitchell. >> i think we do have to look at the techniques and determine what is working.
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and i'm telling you, there is a handful of people out there who are the worst of the worst who are highly committed to their cause, who have some catastrophic attack in mind who are not going to pony up and volunteer information so we can doesn't have those attacks. in my mind it makes perfect sense that the president would ask his intel folks to revisit that. >> jim michigan they will last night went on to say that in some cases sleep deprivation works. that's the tail end. they don't do the waterboarding until the end. sleep deprivation is not torturing anyone. who wants to go without sleep. these guys get delirious and start talking. you give them beer and cigarettes. they like that. that will get them to talk. every situation is different. brian: that is against geneva conventions you can't give someone something to allow them to get drunk. ainsley: donald trump is saying i doo whatever it takes but i will leave it up to the people in charge. the generals i have on my cabinet.
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steve: i think that was a mattis answer he was asked during the committee hearings do you think the waterboarding works he said i would rather give somebody a pacific cigarettes and a beer. ainsley: isn't it about keeping americans safe or about keeping america safe? brian: adam kinzinger said this yesterday. is he still in the military in the reserves. to rule out anything because you never know what situation may arise and hundreds of thousands of lives at risk that is a reasonable approach to this. that's the way we should be approaching. this last year when barack obama took over the first thing he did when he went to the cia his attorney general said we are going to prosecute the cia agents who perform this enhanced interrogation and then all hell broke loose. steve: it shows what donald trump is doing. he has got every card on the table. ainsley: we want to know what you think write us in because we are going to share comments later in the show. steve: we want to hear what you think. meanwhile the president made
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it very clear we are going to build that wall and mexico is going to pay for it no, really, mexico, you are going to pay for it. here's the president. >> are you going to direct u.s. funds to pay for this wall? will american taxpayers pay for the wall? >> ultimately it will come out of what's happening with mexico. we're going to be starting those negotiations relatively soon. and we will be in a form reimbursed by mexico. >> so they will pay us back? >> yes, absolutely, 100 percent. >> so the american taxpayer will pay for the wall at first. >> all it is we will be reimbursed for a later date whatever transaction we make from mexico. >> mexico's president said in recent days saying it will absolutely not pay it goes against our dignity as a country and mexicans. >> he has to say that. but i'm just telling you there will be a payment, it will be a form. perhaps a complicated form, and have you to understand what i'm doing is good for the united states. it's also going to be good for mexico. >> when does construction
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begin? >> as soon as we can. as soon as we can physically do it. >> months? >> i would say in months, yeah. i would say in months. certainly planning starting immediately. steve: great. brian: they roughly say it's going to cost about $20 billion to put this wall together. george bush build 460 miles of the wall of a cost of 1.2. go to triple fencing and go to a wall, it's going to cost more than that the question is how much money will you save when the flood of immigrants stop coming nansd stop draining arizona, texas, new mexico. steve: we're not paying for it anyway. ainsley: senior official who works with the president of mexico. he is supposed to come here on january 31st next week. the senior official is saying he is thinking about maybe canceling his trip because they don't want to pay for it they are not in favor of the wall. steve: simultaneously the white house is saying oh really we are thinking about not having that either. forget about mexico saying they are not going we are thinking about coons selling the whole thing.
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former president of mexico vicente fox who has twitter as well. ainsley: you know what he thinkthinks about the wall. steve: sean spicer i told donald trump and now i will tell you mention co-is not going to pay for that word starts with an f wall. and then he invented the #blank that wall. poo. ainsley: exclusive interview tonight at 10:00. have you to watch that and we'll be talking about it tomorrow morning, too. steve: it will be great. 6:10 in new york city. thanks for joining us. we have news. heather: one thing the president will ask the president about is the violence in chicago and that begins our first story. breaking overnight, six people shot in chicago at a vigil for a shooting victim. all the victims will survive. a child was grazed in the head by a bullet. 13 people have been shot in chicago in the last 24 hours alone. the president tweeting mayor rahm emanuel this week saying,
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quote, if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage he will send in the feds. emanuel says he will accept national help but not from the national guard. what a tragedy six shot at a vigil there also breaking overnight two, deputies shot in a dramatic shootout in a shopping center packed with people. string of robberies along the tennessee mississippi border when they came on the man. opening fire. hitting both deputies. officers shooting back leaving that suspect dead. the sheriff now putting all criminals here on notice. here is what he said. >> what it means that the county is fixing to buckle down. if you come here and commit a crime, we're going to get you. okay? that's our statement. we're going to make sure that you don't come back to desoto toe county. heather: one deputy released from the hospital and one still in but is going to be okay. happening now, massive apartment fire. look at this from seattle. the entire building turning into inferno. she the flames shoot out of
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the roof and through the windows. it was still under construction so fortunately no one was living there at the time. 150 people living nearby forced out of their homes. two firefighters were hurt but expected to be okay. also happening overnight, police in hot pursuit of a man who thinks he can outrun the police. california of course. freeway until he dumps his passenger and then this happened. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. whoa. there it is. he's out. >> wow, police eventually making the arrest. not clear why he tried to stop the driver. fortunately no one was hurt. and those are your headlines. in l.a. they like a good car chase. ainsley: o.j. comes to mind. heather: regular occurrence. i used to live there they would blow out the evening coverage to cover a live car chase people loved to watch. he.
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steve: bad guy always gets caught. straight ahead on this thursday, president trump following through on a major campaign promise making sure no other american parent loses a child because of our weak borders. >> laura wilkerson who lost her 17-year-old son. beautiful josh. josh was special. >> steve: laura's son was murdered by illegal immigrant. her reaction to the latest executive orders coming up next. ainsley: madeleine albright planning to protest our president in a very controversial way. what she is planning to do coming up. ♪ the gig is up ♪ the news is out ♪ they finally found me ♪ the renegade ♪ who had it made ♪ "when the ship comes in" by the hollies
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e. >> laura wilkerson who lost her 17-year-old son, beautiful josh. josh was special. where's laura? good. [ applause ] laura, thank you, laura. steve: josh's mother, laura wilkerson joins us now with her thoughts on president trump's executive order yesterday tightening the immigration laws here in the united states of america. laura, thank you very much. how much did it mean to you
3:18 am
that donald trump yesterday with executive orders says we are going to do our best to tighten the immigration cities and build the wall what does it mean to the wilkerson family. >> it means everything. he told us lots of times this is what he would do and i believed him. this was the start to it. now the work begins. there may be a process in it but absolutely yesterday was a fantastic day for our families and some families like my own. steve: we have heard so many stories about illegals who have -- they have made it clear that the first illegals that they want to get out of the country are those who have violent criminal records. there are so many illegals in this country illegally and that's one of the reasons why your son is -- was killed, was murdered back in 2010. can you tell us -- i know it's painful. but can you tell us what happened to your son josh? >> yes. josh went to school one day and there was a classmate there.
3:19 am
and he asked joshua for a ride home. joshua gave it to him. unbeknownst to us he was about to face a criminal charge in a court law. and we believe he went to scrap joshua's truck for money. he got josh to his parent's house and then he beat him, hit him in the head with a closet rod so hard that it broke into four pieces. he strangled him over and over again until death. and then he tied him up like an animal and set him in a field and set his body on fire. steve: unbelievable. we're so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. steve: i know you have been able to talk to donald trump and have you appeared at a number of his campaign rallies along with some of the other angel moms and he's on board with your mission. but would you for a moment, laura, just explain to people who don't quite understand why it is important to crack down on illegal immigration in this country, why it is important for families like yours and theirs? >> you know, it's the most horrific loss that you can
3:20 am
suffer and when you find out that extra layer of that that somebody who shouldn't have been in this country. now we're going to pay for him to live here and then he will be deported hopefully. if we don't build that wall, he will be right back in to do it again. if is he invited to a sanctuary city do you want him to come live next door to you? that's what i would ask every mayor that wants sanctuary cities. do you want him to come live next door to you. steve: i know the president talked to you after his comments, what did he say? >> he just said your kids won't be forgotten. he always remember's joshua's name. he is just a fine man. you can tell he has a heart. you can tell he loves america. he always remembers our kids' names. he has taken so much time to sit with us and hear our pains. it's been really a relief for of the family. steve: the family got good news in what he announced yesterday. thank you for joining us today from our nation's capital. >> thank you for having me. steve: what do you think about
3:21 am
this? they destroyed cars and break windows. should we start suing protesters for the cost of the police? oh, haven't thought about that? we have. that's next. ♪ the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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ainsley: breaking overnight actor shia labeouf caught on camera getting arrested at his own anti-trump protest. police saleh buff ripped off a man's scarf and pushed him to the ground in new york city. live actor live streaming these protests 24 hours a day since trump began president. brand new details about this
3:25 am
missing realtor found on a freeway in california. she was missing for three days. her mom thinks that she lost her phone at a park. then got lost and started walking when her car ran out of gas. brian? brian: maybe we could ask her. meanwhile they destroy cars, smash windows and throw punches at cops. so, should we start suing the protesters for cost of their unruly behavior. owe pushing a bill to crack down on the protests that have shut down highways, cost taxpayers millions of dollars by forcing convicted demonstrators to pay back police. how about that in the state rep behind the bill is nic, and he joins us now. so, representative, what really prompted this? i understand you found out the story of a woman trying to get to the mayo clinic and she couldn't because of these protests. >> exactly. i heard from a woman who has very ill and couldn't get answers and had appointment for the mayo clinic.
3:26 am
it was three months out. on the morning of her appointment as she tried to drive through minneapolis, a grouch protesters decided that their first amendment rights, which i don't think exist on the middle of a freeway trump her right to move freely. so they blocked the road for hours. she missed her appointment. when she called the mayo clinic, she was told that she could get back in for another appointment. in another three months. brian brian when you do with these people convicted they go to jail. they are also going to get an invoice of how much it costs people. you are saying don't protest but do it in a way in which does not inflect damage, correct? it seems logical. >> hey, this bill will only impact you. you have to be convicted of a crime before this bill ever impacts you. so you have to be a criminal. brian: right. >> you should have to pay for your riot. brian: you say the governor is no friend of law enforcement. one of the critics of the bill says this is a crackdown on --
3:27 am
this is a crackdown on the motivation behind the bill is to silence and instill fear and let's be clear this impacts people in the safety minnesota who are black and brown. >> that's just not true. it couldn't be further from the truth. the data all shows that the arrests have not skewed to one demographic or another. we have spent over $2.5 million on police, overtime coasts on these protests either camped outside the governor's mansion or camped outside a police precinct or shut down a freeway. $2.5 million wasted. i think those people ought to go to jail and when they get out of jail, they ought to be given a bill for the cost of their riot. brian: not one democrat signed on yet. one said too vegas. congressman nic zerwas thank you very much. he has 30 republicans. >> thank you so much.
3:28 am
brian: what's it like to have new codes at your fingertips. >> i'm confident i will do the right thing and the right job but it's a very, very scary thing. brian: president's first interview after taking office next. madeleine albright said she is ready to register as a muslim. we will tell you why. first as a happy note happy birthday to eddie van halen 62 today. is he really good at the guitar and his brother plays the drumsz. ♪ jump ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ jump ♪ an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in,
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if time is infinite, why is ta john deere 1 family tractor can give you more time for what you love. because with our quick-attach features, it takes less work to do more work. nothing runs like a deere. >> trump is trying to get down to business though. in fact he met with the ceos of general meters, ford and chrysler to convince them to make more cars in the u.s. [ applause ]
3:32 am
the idea for a new car the really really smart car, smarter than you ever believe that i can tell you. that i can tell you. steve: we can all use a smart car. ainsley: went to wharton school of business. steve: from smart cars to smart phones the president of the united states is on his phone this morning a couple of minutes ago. he tweeted ungrateful traitor chelsea manning who never should have been released from prison is now calling president obama a weak leader. that's terrible. of course what is he referring to is the fact that after president obama commuted chelsea manning's sentence she said that president obama had few permanent achievements as president of the united states. was very disappointed and called for unapologetic liberal resistance to the new president donald trump. brian: if you ever say to yourself i feel bad, let him her her out of prison after seven years. steve: her. brian: look at what damage
3:33 am
manning did to this country and the fact that she has that attitude is so disgusting. i hope donald trump when senator sessions becomes attorney general sessions find out if we can lock him up before may. keep him in prison. ainsley: for letting chelsea manning out of president. the president has a lot of power. it's not about pomp and circumstance and wearing the pretty ball gowns. brian: he would not wear a ball gown. ainsley: well his wife and what they're wearing. decisions they have to make commander-in-chief over the military. they have their hands on the nuclear codes and last night president obama, on another network, an interview was aired and he talked about what it was like whether he had that sobering moment of getting the nuclear codes. listen to this. >> when they explain what it represents and the kind of destruction that you are talking about, it is a very sobering moment, yes. it's very, very scary in a sense.
3:34 am
it's confidence that i will do the right thing and right job. but it's very, scary thing. steve: can you just imagine? we mentioned last week that for a couple of weeks or a month during the clinton administration bill clinton actually lost the nuclear codes. just couldn't find them. ainsley: lost them. steve: just lost them. apparently found them or got new ones. now, that's scary. ainsley: he is obviously very confident too he says when i'm in that situation, god forbid i am, i know i will make the right decision. brian: even donald trump's greatest critic, no one could say he doesn't perform well under pressure and doesn't welcome massive responsibility and have a lot of confidence in himself. he is the definition of leadership. if you don't like his leadership don't vote for him. you kant say he doesn't lead and want that power. steve: he has been in the white house since friday answered was asked by a reporter what he really likes about the white house. he says the white house is really elegant and, you know what he loves he? loaves the phones. he says they have beautiful
3:35 am
phones. these are the super encrypted phones. they're beautiful answered loves the fact that there are all these board rooms. keep in mind is he a ceo. i have got all these board rooms we can have meetings. in how great is that? brian: just so happens they name them after presidents. the other thing that's interesting is he still has his android phone and the secret service is like should we let him keep that? because you can hack into that android phone. steve: it's easy. i could hack into his phone if i knew how to. brian: absolutely. ainsley: he said he i got to choose the furniture for the oval office and carpet for the oval office answered went with the carpet that the ronald reagan used. brian: didn't use a flu rug he used an old rug. ains abs it's valuable rug. ronald reagan walked on it. steve: he changed the drapes ains. heather: ivanka's little boy crawling at the white house. love that scene of babies in the white house again. how good did she look.
3:36 am
president obama one of the headlines i have got for you right now, thought that he would sneak this one through before he left office. but it is not gone gha happen on president trump's watch. the new administration reportedly freezing that last minute 221-million-dollar payment to the palestinians that we have been telling you about. president obama approved the funds just hours before he left office on friday even though republican lawmakers had a hold on that money. a senior palestinian source tells "times" of london today that the money is not expected to be handed over in the immediate future. we'll keep following that story. another final rule from mr. obama may also be reversed. congress now agreeing to review the last ditch effort that would potentially take guns away from certain social security beneficiaries. now, according to the nra, it defines supplemental securities income and disability insurance as mental defective, meaning people who receive the money can't legally own a gun.
3:37 am
well the nra is applauding a possible repeal. we will also follow that madeleine albright, the former secretary of state not a muslim but this morning she is ready to register as one? the former secretary of state and clinton supporter secretary of state she will do it to protest president trump's immigration plans. she tweeted this. quote: i was raised catholic. i have became episcopalian and found out later my family was jewish. i stand ready to register as muslim in solidarity. presidenpresident trump's execue orders have not called for personal muslim registry of any kind. register as a muslim, i saw a lot of those signs down in washington with protesters. i stand in solidarity with muslims even though they weren't. steve: i don't know you were suppose today register. heather: that sounds like something out of worl world war. brian: i can't wait to see what kissinger registers as. hey, janice breenel. janice: shannon bream just thanked me for the weather
3:38 am
this morning: it is going to end because it is winters time. take a look at the temperatures. we have got cold air behind this frontal system that is moving across the great lakes and you were midwest. but you know what? it's going to be a quiet weekend and i, for one, am excited that it's going to be a quiet weekend with no major systems to report. however, we are going to see lake-effect snow down wind of the eerie and ontario regions. that is going to continue this weekend. but the good news is once this system is out of the way, we are clear sailing. the west looks good. the central u.s. looks good. the east coast lookst great. so there you go. you're welcome. back inside, steve, ainsley, and brian. steve: all right thank you very much, j.d. januaryon got it. steve: fox news show pulling back the curtain on the music industry's dark reality. >> i'm trying to get you from being hurt. >> i can't get hurt anymore. you know exactly what i have been through. he. ainsley: let's step into the
3:39 am
fox light with fox senior v.p. of marketing michael tammero who got the inside scoop of the first season of the show. >> that's right. if you love empire you will love. this i got a chance to sit down with queen latifah who gave mia sneak peek >> without knowing a cent about it. >> um-huh. >> entire skin off. >> no way. >> not the case. very different. >> which is great. yeah. empire is amazing. and star heaps to be the same in that sense. >> i just wanted of to tell a different story. completely different story. wherwhereas empire is based on y family, parts of my family. this is based on me leaving my family and get where i am right now. >> she grew up in the system. she separated from her sister. she has been hurt. she is rough around the enels. the only sortie of soft spot
3:40 am
that she has is -- >> going to be famous. >> you still safe. >> yeah. >> come away in terms of success and given them some sort of guidance. >> they are extremely talented and what could happen with the success of this show. >> the imaskt that she has is incredible. obviously. all of russ super nervous meeting her. when we met her, she was so kind and so generous and so chill that it was almost like the nerves completely went away. >> i just want them to keep their feet on solid ground so they ken joy the ride and live. live the life, you know, just enjoy it. >> gott the makings of a super group ♪ i bring. >> you can catch star wednesday nights only on fox. as always from all of my celebrity interviews go to fox news magazine dote come or follow me on instagram or that
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thing called twitter. steve: sitting down with royalty queen latifah. >> she is great. ainsley: coming up, president trump is set to announce his pick for the supreme court. so who is on the short list? judge napolitano is involved in the selection process. he has the inside scoop next. steve: come on in. spill some beans. ♪ moving on over ♪ rocking on over ♪ move over ♪ that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. president trump delivering some exciting news about the supreme court yesterday. >> we have outstanding candidates and we will pick a truly great supreme court justice. but i'll be announcing it sometime next week. ainsley: many names have been floated to fill justice antonin scalia's seat.
3:45 am
now that list is reportedly just down to three people. 11th circuit judge bill pryor, tenth circuit judge neil gorsuch and then the third circuit judge thomas hardiman. steve: joining us now is judge andrew napolitano who should be on the list. why are they all in the circuits? >> well the circuit is the federal appeals court between the trial court and the supreme court. and their job as circuit judges is very similar to what the supreme court does. steve: they have to get approved to get this job. >> they have already been confirmed by by the senate for the job they now have. they have a track record. everything they do they do in writing. they have dozens and in some cases hundreds of opinions that are easy to analyze. brian: some armchair judge followers say the first one we like to look at is the leader judge neil gorsuch, tell me about him. >> all right. so judge gorsuch sits in the 10th circuit which is in
3:46 am
denver. and he finished very high in the rating for, are you ready for this word? if justice scalia were still alive he would love. this the rating for scalianess. so in order to determine scalianess a very, very bright group of lawyers spent many, many, many hours poring through all the written, all the public materials about these judges, and found a lot of similarities to the ideas of justice scalia. justice thomas hardiman, an alumnus of notre dame as am i. notre dame undergrad. brian: got new rock my coach there. brian: brian, we are talking about the supreme court. stay on topic. judge hardiman sits colleague on court is a judge named mary ann trump berry's the trump's sister. sat and worked together in new jersey.
3:47 am
judge hardiman has a very similar attitude. a blue collar back ground from his years as undergraduate notre dame. brian: how old? >> i don't know. judge gorsuch is about 49. judge hardiman is about 53. we are talking about the people about the same age of justice scalia. steve: be there for decades. >> yes. judge bill pryor is the former attorney general of alabama and is a favorite of another former attorney general of alabama who is about to become the attorney general of the united states. brian: hopefully next week. >> jeff sessions. judge pryor also has a litany of written opinions that manifest a closeness to justice scalia. what are they looking for? what makes you close to justice scalia? the concept of something called originalism. a belief that the constitution's meaning was fixed and established at the time it was ratified and only
3:48 am
changed when it was amended. it can't be changed by judges, as justice ginsburg has argued. it doesn't expand to meet the political needs of the times as justice ginsburg has argued. it is the constant in our galaxy of laws. steve: so in other words, we don't want -- trump doesn't want an activist judge who just looks at something and goes you know what? times have changed, this is whether a i think. >> correct. correct it is unique for a president who say i want to appoint someone in the immanuel and likeness of the person whose seat they are going to replace. not necessarily with personality. he had a unique personality. but with respect to attitude. i think that the trump base and the president himself will be quite pleased with any of these. right now at this point it's probably a matter of who would be most like justice scalia and least controversial. brian: keep in mind too chuck schumer says he is not going to confirm anybody because they are all extremists.
3:49 am
>> keep in mind mitch mcconnell says the nominee will be confirmed. does that mateen nuclear option? does that mean no filibuster senator mcconnell said chris, i just told you have the nominee will be confirmed. brian. steve: judge, thank you very much. >> i'm off to d.c. today. brian: so we will see you on "special report"? >> yes, tonight. with james rosen hosting. what a lively "special report" that will be. we might be able to see a little bit of standup comedy. [laughter] were. brian: the meter will be off the charts. steve: hundreds of thousands swarming the streets to protest president trump over evident weekend. but our next guest says they are completely missing the point. her message to other women about the women's rally coming up. brian: hillary clinton isn't done. why this time she could be taking on oprah. >> oh, come on. brian brian judge, that's not for you to comment. ♪ move out of my way ♪ i want it all
3:50 am
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ainsley: just one day after his swearing in, hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets in cities all across the country protesting our current president. but our next guest says they have it all wrong. columnist liz peek writing in op-ed quote women's of women are frightened can you hardly blame them to win their vote hillary clinton convinced them that the president will wage a war on women. the media picked up the drum beat and has not put it down. i would march too if any of
3:54 am
that was true but it is not. columnist liz peek joins us now. good morning, liz. >> good morning, thanks for having me. ainsley: you say that's not true. why? >> no. i think it's pretty clear that donald trump basically embraces women in senior positions. he is the first person ever to have a woman run his national campaign which is pretty remarkable. clearly ivanka trump is considered the equal of her brothers in terms of running his empire. and in terms of owe pofsing issues that are important to women like obamacare, he has made it very clear that no one is going to lose their health insurance and that basically all the provisions that are in place that protect women and children will continue. ainsley: how did hillary clinton -- you say hillary clinton convinced all of them and came up with this narrative it is a lie. what did she say that women bought into? >> well, i think first of all she convinced the country that he was going to roll back roe v. wade. look, donald trump wants to get a lot of things done. he wants to promote jobs and
3:55 am
business. the last thing he needs to do is to take on an issue which is still absolutely tremendously controversial in this country. by the way, where the needle hasn't really changed. the country is very divided on abortion rights and that's not going to change any time soon, so i think it's incredibly important for him to avoid that issue. and what we saw in the campaign is that donald trump really didn't make that a priority. he didn't really even know going in what the dogma was about abortion. this is not a priority for him and hillary clinton made it out that it was. another very important issue for women is equal pay. and hillary clinton maintained that donald trump was not interested in equal pay for women. and she came up with something she proposes paycheck fairness act or endorsed that which is really just another tremendously difficult law that people want to put on
3:56 am
businesses requiring a lot of data gathering and so forth, making it very easy to sue businesses for discrimination. it's clear that donald trump does endorse equal pay. he has made that clear. so it was just sort of a red herring. it was one of a number of red herrings that really kind of distorted, i think very much his view of women. ainsley: it's a great on odd if you want to read it what my sisters who marched don't understand. trump's policies will help women and u.s. thank you so much. liz peek for joining us. coming up in just a few hours, president trump meeting with g.o.p. leaders in philadelphia. so what is on the agenda? kevin mccarthy will be there but first he will be talking with us. for some democrats the world is coming to an end. so, are they right? stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ does that make me crazy?
3:57 am
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>> to all of those hurting out there, we hear you, we see you, and you will never ever be ignored again. >> yesterday was a fantastic day. he has taken so much time to sit with us and hear our pain. it's been really a relief for the family. >> when does construction begin? >> as soon as we can as soon as we can physically do it. >> months? >> i would say in months, yeah. >> history being made on wall street. check it out right now. the dow crossing that magic number. 20,000. >> it is a trump bump. >> you're seeing that his economic plans will get through. we will see tax reform in 2017. >> sad news to report. the legendary actress mary tyler moore is dead at the age of 80. ♪ you're gonna make it after all ♪ ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪
4:01 am
steve: this is actually the theme song to mary tyler moore the second season. the first season they had this thing where she is going to go out and didn't know whether or not she was going to make it. then after the first season the producers called in the song write his or her is singing it and said you know what? she has made it you have to change the song. that's what you are listening to right here. this was second through the seventh season the mary tyler moore. ainsley: you grew up watching the show. brian: fantastic. vikings won the super bowl when i was younger they this show was in the zenith they had a special show on the saturday before and vikings winning second favorite team because i worshipped fran dark tap. it was minneapolis. that's my story. little bit later i have the al franken and mary tyler moore story. steve: tell the story now. joel, do i have your permission? brian: al franken at the correspondent's dinner is wearing a wire and.
4:02 am
steve: what do you mean wearing a wire. >> taping. going up to wolfowitz. ainsley: you could do it without no one knowing it. brian: before he was senator. walking up baiting people trying to get people to come back at him e went walked up to alan colmes started screaming at him. alan you are letting me down. i said what are you doing? we start about to go at it and all of a sudden mary tyler moore looks over and goes hi, brian. i go wait a second you are mary tyler moore she is like i know. i can't fight al franken before mary tyler moore and it diffused the whole situation. ainsley: have you a story how knew who you were. steve: she said she watched "fox & friends" in the morning. ainsley: she did a lot of diabetes research. i didn't watch the show because i'm just a little bit younger. i would love to watch it i knew her for diabetes research. my mother is insulin dependent
4:03 am
and this lady has done so much for diabetes research and as a mother she lost her child. and i cannot imagine what that's like. but that just bonds every mother around the country. brian: on a lighter note single woman living on her own in a city which was ground breaking. steve: she was not a feminist in real life. politically nobody ever knew where she was but mary tyler moore i thought was the best sitcom after the dick van dyke show. ainsley: i watched our story on her overnight. janice and heather, you will appreciate. this she brought the capri pant to the tv screen. ditch the skirts and bring the capri pants. in they were so cute. brian: i have been battling since then to bring back skirts. big push back. steve: mary tyler moore a legend dead at the age of 80. let's talk about this. david muir from nbc got the first prime time network interview with donald trump.
4:04 am
donald trump was asked a series of questions as can you imagine about all sorts of things. here is the sound bite we ented to play for you in particular. because while you know donald trump is not a p.c. guy, we also know he will do anything he can to keep outside sach. and here he is talking about enhanced interrogation. >> mr. president, you told me during one of the debates that you would bring backwater boarding. >> yeah. >> and a hell of a lot worse. >> i want to keep our country safe. i want to keep our country safe. >> what does that mean? >> when they are chopping off the heads of our people and other people, when they are chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a christian in the middle east, when isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since mid evil times, would i feel strongly about waterboarding? as far as i'm concerned we have to fight fire with fire. but i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and i asked them the question.
4:05 am
does it work? does torture work? and the answer was yes. absolutely. i will rely on pompeo and mattis and my group. and if they don't want to do, that's fine. if they do want to do then i will work for that end. i want to do everything within the bounds of what you're allowed to do legally. but, do i feel it works? absolutely i feel it works. >> so you would be okay with it as president? >> no. i will rely on general mattis and i'm going to rely on those two people and others. and if they don't want to do it, it's 100 percent okay with me. do i think it works? absolutely. ainsley: he is not alone. brian, steve, people voted for him because of he is not the pc guy and he is not afraid to tell you how he thinks about water boarding about profiling. steve: about everything. ainsley: people were scared to say they were voting for him. no one really expected him to win or a lot of people didn't. steve: the pundits. ainsley: but he did because he feels the same way that a lot of people do and he is not
4:06 am
afraid to share it. brian: here's the thing. not to get them back for being terrorists or killing americans. maximize intelligence in order to stop the next attack. and we did. because we were george cia, tenant come up with quick ways to find out as much as we can about the location of bin laden and next al qaeda attack. we unwound the series of attacks through detailed and through the department of justice enhanced interrogation. it wasn't i'm going to punch nut face until you tell me. there was a method to it jim mitchell was hired as a private contractor. psychologist. he personally spent thousands of hours with the worst of the worst and says it worked. >> i think we do have to look at the techniques and determine what is working. and i'm telling you, there is a handful of people out there who are the worst of the worst, who are highly committed to their cause, who have some catastrophic attack in mind, who are not going to pony up and volunteer information so we can disrupted those attacks. so, in my mind, it makes
4:07 am
perfect sense that the president would ask his intel folks to revisit that. brian: if you wonder why it's been eight years since we had this discussion because the last president killed everybody with drones and didn't capture and detain anyone. maybe one guy is hanging out in new york city. nobody is talking to him. he tried to depopulate gitmo which didn't work for our advantage. that's why this is a debated that's been in moth balls. ainsley: by talking to these individuals you get to the bottom of it and find out who they are working with and find out information to prevent another attach instead of just killing them with a drone. steve: the white house, this was brought up yesterday, last not prepared an executive order to start to reopen the foreign cia black sites where we would take the suspected terrorists and try to get information from them. the white house says that is not true. we asked you what you thought about donald trump's position on all this, jody on twitter she has an opinion. ainsley: do whatever it takes to send a message of strength to these monsters. brian: right. masks mize intelligence. torture does not work from daniel.
4:08 am
he says it's immoral and illegal. we stoop to the level of terrorists by reverting to their tactics. steve: all depends on what you consider torture, i guess. meanwhile johnny sit on twitter war is dirty and become barbaric under isis we need a tool to use within the law. and you know what, john any, i think donald trump agrees with you. all right. meanwhile it is 8 minutes after the top of the hour on this -- are we going to the next talking point? we are not. we are going to heather who has got the news right now. heather: we have been following this story so closely about all the violence taking place in chicago. top priority for president trump. and some latest news coming out of there. overnight, violence-ridden chicago, six people were shot during a vigil for another shooting victim. all the victims we are told will survive this. a child was grazed in the head as well. 13 people have been shot in chicago in just the last 24 hours alone. what disgrace. well, the president now tweeting to mayor rahm emanuel
4:09 am
saying if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage he calls it going on he will send in the feds. emanuel says he will accept federal help but not from the national guard. we will keep following that story. less breaking overnight, go deputies shot that dramatic shootout near a packed schottenstein center that was packed with people. they were investigating a string of robberies along the mississippi/tennessee border when they supposed toed their man. of the suspect then opening fire hitting both deputies. the officer sheeting back, leaving that suspect dead. the sheriff now putting all criminals on notice saying this. what it means is desoto county is buckling down. if you come here and commit a crime we're gonna get you. we're making a statement make sure you don't come back to desoto toe county. heather: one was released from the hospital the other is hospit expected to be okay. the dow hitting the 20,000 mark first time ever. future are up. american investors reaping the
4:10 am
benefits of the trump bump. stocks are up by more than 2,000 points since the election. congratulations, investors. well some democrats mourning hillary clinton's loss the world coming to answered, some of them are saying. but really? today scientist also reveal just how close we are to doomsday. last year the world was moved three minutes to mid night. meaning the end of the world as we know it well today the clock is expected to move up another minute. scientists blaming climate change and threat of nuclear weapons. and the white house transition. oh my. i think we will all wake up tomorrow. steve: it's symbolic not an actual doomsday clock. brian: i would be so disappointed if i didn't. meanwhile coming up straight ahead. president trump huddling with republicans later today in philadelphia including next guest. is he house majority leader kevin mccarthy. is he on deck with the one thing he says the president must do right now. steve: hillary clinton is not apparently done with public
4:11 am
service or being in the public. this time she could be taking on oprah or judge judy? huh? ♪ and you're going to hear me roar ♪ louder ♪ louder than a lion ♪ because i am a champion ♪ and you're going to hear me roar ♪ you
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♪ brian: all right. today president trump set to address republicans in congress for the first time. he has an official visit outside d.c. as they gather in philadelphia where democracy was founded for their annual retreat to map out a 200 day policy plan. so what do they hope to hear from the president? house majority leader kevin mccarthy is one of those congressman meeting with the president in philadelphia today and might be his closest confidante in the house. thanks so much for joining us, congressman, appreciate it. so today when you meet, what do you expect to hear? what do you hope to hear from the president? >> you can never predict what you're gonna hear. i will tell you this man at times is unpredictable. that's what i love about him. is he going to push us, and is he going to drive us. he has probably the biggest work ethic i have ever seen. have you to understand, brian,
4:16 am
this is only the third time since world war ii have the republicans ever had the majority in the house, the senate, and the white house. and this is different than eisenhower and george w. bush. this is a change election. that the country wants to see a fundamental change. and i think that's what we'll hear from this president. he wants to see the economy start to move. he wants to see a new healthcare plan. so we have a 200 day plan, not 100 day plan. and we have sat with this president, worked out it. you are going to see tax reform, regulation reform. unshackle what's been holding back this economy. these are all the things that he has been sitting with working down at the white house this week as well. brian: majority majority leader and the word is you get along with president trump probably better than anybody else been the interpreter between. so friction that speaker ryan has had famously with the president. a lot of people are saying why are the republicans embracing the executive orders of their president and condemn barack obama's executive orders? what is your answer to people
4:17 am
who say you guys are acting hypocritical? >> it's not hypocritical at all. because pretty much what president trump is doing is undoing president obama's executive orders and taking us back to the constitution. you know, we were -- here we are in philadelphia, really the creation of our country where our forefathers created this great concept of to me the greatest nation in the world. but it had three coequal branches. that's what president trump is doing. is unshac unshackling. giving us the freedom we desire. think about the short time he has been in since the election. the optimism out there. look at the dow jones. look at what is happening in the economy. and then what we are able to accomplish as we do forward there is a lot of hope out there. we have a lot of responsibility on our hand and we don't take it lightly. brian: chuck schumer had a presser yesterday. these are all blending together. look if president trump wants a trillion-dollar stimulus plan -- infrastructure plan, i
4:18 am
support him. get his republicans in line. can you get on the same page with a trillion-dollar freezing rain structure? >> well, the thing we have talked about the other day in the white house, we need an infrastructure bill but what we need to do is figure out how we are going to pay for it we never talked about the dollar figure. why said let's figure out how much we need of what needs to be fixed out there. don't pick a dollar figure. tell us what needs to be fixed and tell us how we are going to pay for it together and let's think differently. let's not pass a bill that takes 10 years before you build a new road. let's reform all those studies that have to go forward to build the same road that you already have there? you don't need to take that long. so let's think differently than we thought in the past. get people together. brian brian we have another $800 billion for shovel ready projects that don't exist. american people are going to lose patience. donald trump, that's one of his greatest strengths. now, you made the choice to have peyton manning or peyton
4:19 am
manning was asked to speak today to the republican caucus. will you get an autographed signed helmet? what do you expect him to say? >> well, i would go with a football than a helmet. i. brian: okay, final. >> just bowfts background. i just like peyton manning. is he an inspirational personal. just think about what we're going to hear about today. we're going to hear from the president. we're going to hear from the vice president. we're going to hear from the prime minister of the u.k., theresa may. and we're going to hear from peyton manning. that is a microcosm of to me a bunch of world leaders and inspirational at the same time. that's a unique situation and we're going to walk out of that room with a lot of work to be done that's going to touch on all levels. what i'm going to sit back and ask him really is who is his favorite in the super bowl? brian: right. absolutely. he certainly has a lot to say about that. congressman, now have you got to work on your constituents in california to get them on the donald trump train. because right now they are not there. so some way get things done and unite the country.
4:20 am
besides that, not much on your agenda. he is the majority leader in the house. is he kevin mccarthy. congressman, thanks so much. >> thanks so much for having me today. brian: all right. mean while, coming up straight ahead, navy officer christian serving a year in prison for taking a photo inside a submarine. and chelsea manning just got a pass from president obama and by the way is ungrateful about it his mother says they were ignored by the obama administration but what the president just tweeted may be providing hope for her. and these protesters had no idea what was about to hit them. and here's the hint. it's not that city bus. ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ and another one's gone ♪ and another one's gone ♪
4:21 am
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♪ steve do you know what? now would be a good time for some business news and we have some headlines for you now. starting with facebook. they are announcing they are making changes to their trending news, getting rid of personalization. instead everybody will see the same story. that's good. meanwhile, google also banning hundreds of web sites that make false or misleading claims, #fake news. it's a secret no more. today only mcdonald's is giving away free bottles of its big mac special sauce, 10,000 of them. i would love that and it's the end of an era. the last ho jo's howard johnson in america up for sale. it's been you were new york since 1953. however the howard johnson motel change lives on as part of the wyndham motel group.
4:25 am
bet you didn't know that ainsley over to you. ainsley: the story of petty officer christian sauceir one we have been following on "fox & friends." he is serving a sentence for taking these pictures inside a nuclear submarine. this morning is he hoping that president trump can help him. he is asking and begging for a pardon after his pleas to former president obama were ignored. but somehow chelsea manning, who leaked classified information had her sentence commuted. and hillary clinton, well, know what happened there, got off scot-free over that private email server. so is there new hope for christian under the new administration? christian's mother kathleen joins us now. great to have you back, kathleen. >> good morning. thank you so much for being here again to speak out. ainsley: you're welcome. tell us what is your message to donald trump? because he does often watch this show. so what would you like him to know? >> sure, what i would like him
4:26 am
to know is that i recognize as an american citizen that our country is in christ right now and he has an awful lot of things to do and so many directions to go, as a mom, i'm screaming and i will keep screaming as long as people like you and fox news will listen to me that i ask for mercy for him to review my son's case. and to consider a pardon. we did submit the pardon to president obama, as you mentioned. and we never were even acknowledged that we submitted it i recognize hundreds of thousands of pardons go every year and my son is just one person. but i feel strongly that there is a clear injustice and the more and more that i have seen things come out, the more i recognize and realize there was a clear injustice in my son's case. and some other cases across our country need to be looked at. one thing i feel is if nothing else, this is going to raise awareness for the average american citizen that there is a double standard. and it needs to change. ainsley: well, what went through your mind when donald trump won the election? because he could be your hope. >> yes.
4:27 am
i was so grateful. number one, for our country. i mean for my son, absolutely, there is two sides. i'm a mowho is devastated by what's happened to my son, a young man that joins the service to serve our country, a patriot. but i'm also exstatic as an american citizen. i believe in a patriot. i believe is he a true patriot, donald trump, i believe the people he is putting in place. no matter what people say or complain, about i believe all of them are true patriots and will do our country right. ainsley: your son was serving our country. he was on a submarine at a time when cell phones were allowed on a submarine. they are not any longer allowed. but he took six pictures inside of where he works. inside the submarine. he didn't share them with anyone. he lost his phone and those pictures were retrieved by the military and then he spends a year or going to spend a year behind bars. chelsea manning, he leaked information, classified information and many people are saying individuals lost their lives because he purposely leaked information
4:28 am
and thousands of pictures and information were cents all around the world. is that the double standard that you're talking about? hillary clinton not indicted for her email scandal. >> right. so originally my double scandal i was screaming about the clear double standard with hillary clinton. i have compassion for bradley chelsea manning and the difficulties that they are going through. i don't have compassion for the level of crime, 750,000 emails that were intentionally sent to foreign entities and exposed our and put our troops at risk. i'm not saying that what my son did was right. he admitted and accepted responsibility for taking six photos in a classified area of a submarine which, by the way every area of a submarine is considered classified as that low level of classification. he never shared them. he never had any intent to harm our country. he had intent to have photos to remember something he was very proud of at the age of 22. ainsley: he has a wife and baby at home that he is missing them and missing that child's life growing can up. watching that child grow up for the next year. donald trump it seems that he agrees with you.
4:29 am
it was his tweet this morning. he says ungrateful traitor chelsea manning who never should have been released from prison is calling president obama a weak leader. terrible. what else your reaction. >> my reaction is that is so ungrateful. i can't imagine first of all how chelsea manning was pardoned and i don't think that the crime was reviewed. but i think that's so ungrateful. i can tell you that i'm just grateful that anyone is even listening to our story. i'm grateful that the american public has spoken quite clearly. we have the facebook page american patriots against double standards and many people have signed on and said this happened to me. this happened to my friend. this happened to my son. so i think as americans, we need to stand up and use our voices. you know, as i mentioned, as a mom, i'm going to continue to scream about this injustice for my son. as an american citizen, i'm going to continue to speak out about what i believe to be not only a double standard but an abuse of power in our federal government as it was in the former administration. ainsley: i bet if your son does get pardoned by president
4:30 am
trump your reaction would be a lot different than chelsea manning. >> i would be so grateful for him considering it when he is so busy trying to clean up what's happened in our country. ainsley: i know you were in tears when you were saying goodbye to him. give him our best. >> please pray for us. ainsley: we will continue to do that. how would you like your buretioner with a side of liberal activism? the popular restaurant that wants to donate your payment to planned parenthood. and deuce is on the loose. this morning he wants to know how do you think president trump is doing so far? that is coming up next. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ you just think i'm crazy ♪ standing here today ♪ i couldn't make you love me ♪ but always dreams about ♪ living in your radio ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine.
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>> moving. brian: time now for your shot of the morning. it's a milestone a minute for the first family. ainsley: first daughter ivanka trump sharing adorable video of her 10 month old son theodore crawling for the first time. it all happened at the white house. brian: wow, the proud mom and her daughter encouragings sweet boy to get up and crawl and then who knows. maybe even walk. ainsley: i thought there was nothing but a baby. but a baby in the white house doesn't get better than that. there is so much life there now. it's so fun. brian: i know there is ivanka is going to be across the street. moving in town. two sons run the whole organization across the street. pay. ainsley: president trump has almost been in office a full week and he has been very busy. brian: how do the american people think is he doing? steve hitting the streets to hear from the people who
4:35 am
didn't voted for him in new york. 70% didn't voted for him, steve. have there been any conversions? steve: let's find out. hey, good morning to you. i'm from fox news channel. hey, how are you. let me ask you a quick question. what's your name? >> will. >> donald trump, our new president of the united states, been in office for a week. he has been signing all sorts of executive orders, what do you think about week one? >> i think it's been a little bit of a mess. >> a mess? >> yeah. i think he has stayed on message. he has done what he said he is going to do. steve: going to build that wall. >> going to build that wall. sounds like mexico is not going to pay for it despite what he has always talked about. steve: we will see in the end. when you say it's been a bit of a mess. what do you mean? >> i just think he can't get out of campaign mode. is he calling for, you know, investigations into voter fraud. steve: right. >> which no one has found any evidence of in the past. steve: how many times have you voted i voted 17 times. >> only three. steve: okay. good. you know, every administration is off to a rocky start.
4:36 am
i mean when you look at the way bill clinton started. that was not the way he wanted to start either. >> sure. i want him to get out of campaign mode. it's like you won the election. steve: okay. >> i don't understand this sort of. steve: what they are doing right now. >> this insecurity he seems to have around it. steve: did you vote for him? >> did i not, no. steve: you are typical new yorker because the new yorker went for the lady. nice to meet you. >> sure. steve: have a great day. these folks were actually over in front of our building. what's your name? >> diana. >> what do you think of week one for president trump. >> i'm from st. louis. we lost a lot of business. lost a lot of fortune 500 companies we want them. steve: how great was it to have the auto executives in the other day and the ford guy says he is not going to build those two plants in mexico. then have you got the union guys in said well we probably didn't vote for trump but we like what he is talk about. >> st. louis lots chrysler and ford plant during this administration. we are happy and tickled. i'm glad he got into the white house.
4:37 am
i hope he invites more people in. steve: thank you very much. this guy is from houston. you were down at the inauguration. >> yes, i was. steve: why? >> i have never been. i wanted to be a part of history. steve: you there were to see donald trump become our 45th president. >> yep. steve: how do you think is he doing so far? >> i hope he can keep the energy up and keep going. it's a tremendous job that he has to do, but i just hope he can keep it up. steve: you know, he says he is going to build a wall. are you behind all the stuff he stands for and campaigned on? >> well, i am. but i realize that, you know, he is just one part of our government. and whether he is able to. steve: he can do that executive order thing and pull out a pen and sign stuff and next thing you know it's what's the government is doing. >> obama tried to do the same thing. steve: it lasted as long as he did. >> you know, i'm excited for what he is doing. i hope he keeps it up. steve: all right, albert, thank you very much. here guy is over here, is he a small businessman. he works right here at the corner. is he a surrender, you have
4:38 am
been here a long time. i bought a phone case for my iphone. thank you very much. affordable price is good quality. what's your name? where are you from. >> west africa. >> what do you think of donald trump almost his first week. >> i think he want to come good. security. help for the country. steve: and you support what he is doing? >> i support it. yeah. steve: very good. how much for a phone case today? >> 17 17.10. steve: why go to the apple store when this guy has all the stuff you need right here. just saying. brian: the prices seem reasonable. steve: absolutely. the iphone case was 10 bucks. ainsley: he is so execute cute. we will be shomg with him now right out here. convenient, too.
4:39 am
steve: ainsley is coming over to buy some stuff after the show, okay? he. ainsley: is he like whose ainsley. all right, thanks, steve. brian: she has that credit problem so you will need to see cash. weather is heather nauert? ainsley: i don't know. heather is actually right next to me. heather: i need a new iphone case so pick one up for me. pick it up from here. news headlines to bring you right now. do you want a burger with a side of liberal activism? chilis is now coming under fire from pro-life advocates for funding planned parenthood with a portion of customer's bills? the restaurant chain handing out voucher nefs indiana and kentucky. it allows people to donate 15% of their meal or the value of their meal to planned parenthood. in 2011, a chili's in california started fundraising for a local clinic but then canceled it after sparking a backlash. wow. dramatic video showing police in portland not messing around. protesters learning the hard
4:40 am
way do not block traffic. watch this. [bleep] get out of the way. people got to get home. heather: some of those anti-trump protesters flattened, pushed to the ground in the middle of the street. by standers cheering and thanking the police officers. one man is heard cheering take them all down. move over oprah. hillary clinton property reportedly wants her own tv show so she could win the next elections. the defeated presidential candidate thinks launching a liberal show will help ensure she is always in the news and can control her message. they also say she has made a toast with her friends at her home in washington saying, quote: i'll be back in an arnold schwarzenegger type voice. liberal tv didn't work too well for al gore. i wonder if it will work for her? brian: she never government high ratings even when she was running for president. we will see what happens.
4:41 am
heather: trying to control the message. brian: she is no heather nauert. ainsley: we will see how she does. brian: it says steve on the prompter. let's sit and wait it out. let's see. all right. let's just go. no, we won't. ainsley: take it away. all right. i will read it. you have heard about it. interest rates -- steve, this is your read. [laughter] ainsley: have you heard about it interest rates could be going up soon. what will president trump do about it? and is now the time to buy? brian: i didn't think you were going to read all of it thanks for sharing. can i please read it. bob massey the property man on deck answering your emails. and since steve won't come over i will finish up. coming up the inauguration you didn't see. >> what's your name? >> together we will build a bar in rural connecticut and we will make it a bar with a nanny and we'll make it a bar
4:42 am
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janice: welcome back to "fox & friends." i'm janice dean. take a look at the temperatures. across the eastern seaboard it is really warm. ahead of the frontal passage warmer than average temperatures. in terms of weather systems, we have something going across the great lakes right now. otherwise, a quiet weather pattern. i want to talk to some friends over here. what's your name? >> refinery james. >> where are you from. >> kansas city, missouri. >> who do you want to say hi to. >> melissa james, ken that james and darren james. where are you from. >> blackman. >> what do you want to say. >> melissa, jack. hi, guys. >> what do you think of this weather. >> i love it. >> where are you from. >> jim from caramel, indiana. >> who do you want to say hi to. >> my friends back home in indianapolis. >> wave to everybody at home. we love the springtime weather. back to you, steve.
4:46 am
steve: not quite springtime a littlchilly. 69% of people believe owning a home is important to achieving the american dream. so with a new president in the white house what can we expect from the housing market? after all he is a real estate guy. let's talk to the host of the property man bob massi, he is here to answer your questions. good morning to you, bob. >> hey, steeves. steve: we have three quick ones for you. first up john down in florida writes. this bob malice is i, i keep reading that interest rates are going up and i'm a first-time home buyer. should i buy now? all right. that's a good question. because if the rates are going up, do you buy now or do you wait for them to come down? >> well, the question is going to be how long is it going to be before they go back down? and what he needs to do, steve, like all of us shop around. find a good mortgage broker see what programs are out there. see what's on the future. be diligent with it when you are a first time home buyer there is a checklist have you
4:47 am
to go to the property man we did that you can probably go to the website and see checklists. bottom line is shopping around for websites. steve: always good advice, bob. next up amy in texas asks with the new trump administration and housing issues, what are the major concerns? >> steve, i have got to tell you when i drive around vegas now, and the things we did in florida, i'm very concerned. right now in las vegas it looks like 2005. on every corner things are going up again. there is housing, there is commercial building. steve: good. >> great for employment, don't misunderstand me. i don't want to see us overbuild and oversell again and have another problem. and again as i mentioned a few weeks ago, steve, a lot of lone modifications are going to mature this year. what that means is people that were paying interest only to convert the principle and interest, that could result in some more problems in the housing industry. so those are some of my concerns. have you got to look at it very closely. steve: okay. meanwhile judy from california wants to know what would you
4:48 am
like to see the new administration do as it relates to housing and lending? and you know, bob, our chief executive now is a real estate guy. so, he is very concerned about real estate. >> yes, he is. yes, and i'm very concerned about it. my biggest thing is, this steve. when i look at the marketplace right now, and i see the different things that are going on, we need a grass roots campaign. we need the administration to understand that in fact what's going on with homeowners every day -- i'm going to give you a quick example. steve: okay. >> i saw a person yesterday from 2008, steve, they have had 27 servicers of their loan. steve: what? >> they cannot make a payment to anybody because they don't know who to make a payment to. these problems still exist. they are going to get a grass roots committee put together. give input to the trump administration. don't stay here get down to the grass roots and see what's going on day-to-day people owning homes in america. steve: that's a big fat mess. bob, what federal agency
4:49 am
should be overseeing that? >> well, this is the thing. i'm concerned about too much deregulation. i know the president is talking about disbanding some of the consumer finance bureau things like that. i just don't want to see too much deregulation because if you let them go again, it could get ugly. so, look, he is smart. i mean, nobody is smarter than this guy at real estate. i just want him to know "fox & friends" we have been doing this for years. property man. we are in touch with the pulse of the people, steve. have you got to be careful and understanding there is a lot of people in trouble in this country. they don't know who to make a payment to because of so many servicers that have changed over the years. steve: let's see what happens. bob malicey joininbob massi joi. can you catch his show, the property man, saturdays and sunsdz at 3:00 p.m. eastern time ear on the fox news channel. have you a question for him email us at bob, thank you. meanwhile, it's the inauguration you did not see. remember this? >> what's your name?
4:50 am
>> together we will build a bar in rural connecticut. >> and we will be there live. the new president just got the bad lip reading treatment and it's blowing up the internet. that's why carlie shimkus is joining us next. my bladder wake me up from my sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you why is there neverite, enough of it? a john deere 1 family tractor with quik-park lets you attach and go. imatch quick-hitch gives you more time for what you love. so it takes less work to do more work. autoconnect drive-over mower deck? done.
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visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. ainsley: it's the inauguration you didn't see and it's going viral. brian: here with more on what's trending is the same woman that was here yesterday. fox news headlines person 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus. >> person, i like that title, thanks. brian: i don't want to get involved in pronouns. >> have you ever seen these bad lip reading videos before.
4:54 am
they double over dialogue from famous scenes to bring us what they could have been saying. steve: they weren't in a million years saying it but it's funny. >> exactly. let's listen to the inauguration edition. >> you're cheery. >> i'm always cheery. >> yeah, sure. >> when can i see you walk away. >> i duke into your face. >> ha ha ha ha. >> are you wearing a big boy shirt? >> yeah. probably never will again. >> you ever wash that wig? >> you got me again, good one. >> it's a zinger. >> together we will build a bar in rural connecticut and we will make it a bar with a nanny. i win. [laughter] >> he sure did. can you imagine the amount of time spe spent creating. this tiffany's box according to them it was pretzels. brian: in the car when they
4:55 am
got out. you spotted that. >> last i checked. right. and walked up into the she handed them the tiffany's box. filled with pretzels. he. ainsley: i don't remember seeing pretzels in there. maybe a gold pretzel charm. he. brian: or rold gold pretzels. steve: everybody went out to eat and somebody got a big tip. >> a washington, d.c. waitress who participated in the women's march in washington came back to work on monday. she said that she had to serve a table of people from texas who were there in washington, d.c. to support donald trump. she kind of rolled her eyes at having to serve them. do you know what these customers did? they left her a $450 tip on a $70 bill. and a note that says we come from different cultures and may disagree on. brian: as we roll the prompter forward.
4:56 am
>> on certain issues. but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people no, race no, gender, just american. god bless. isn't that message amazing? steve: do we know why it was $450? had she mentioned she needed the money for something? >> they were just very impressed with her. she said do you know what her take away is? her take away is never judge a book by its cover and always keep people a chance. steve: that is great. brian was a waiter at bennigans for many years and i think the top tip he ever got was 20 bucks. >> i was with a waitress at applebee's. i would call my parents to come in sometimes to sit at a table so i could ignore them. brian: at least there is still is an applebee's i shut down bennigan's. steve: where was that? >> al pay be's new jersey. steve: i have been there. >> i probably didn't serve you. brian: dinners on tuesday. coming up, president trump
4:57 am
being hammered for his executive action. are the attacks warranted or do the democrats have selective memory. the answer next hour. first, donald trump will take us to break in seven seconds. we might decide differently. >> together, we will build a bar in rural connecticut. and we will make it a bar
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back its borders. >> yesterday was fantastic day. he's taken so much time to sit with us and hear our pain. it's been really a relief for the family. >> when this construction begin, as soon as we can, as soon as we can physically do it. >> in months? >> i would say months, yeah. >> check it out now. the dow crossing that magic number 20,000. wow. >> we have a 200-day plan. not 100-day plan. and we sat with this president, worked at it. you're going to see tax reform, you're going to see regulation reform, unshackle
5:01 am
what's holding back this economy. >> mary tyler moore is dead at the age of 80. ♪ steve: when this was the number one show in the world, it aired at 8:00 saturday nights on cbs. and the world was shocked and everybody would run to the television and watch the funniest show on tv no, i haven't cable. two local networks in your area. steve: three. brian: three. and that's how you would make a choice. you would pick one or the other. a spin-off called phyllis, do you remember that? steve: and lou grant. ainsley: i don't like getting older. i don't like all of this change. steve: if you have not seen the mary tyler moore show because ainsley is a little young for that, you can watch it on hulu and stuff like
5:02 am
that. but it was the funniest show. they had an anchorman, his name was ted baxter, and i remember one episode, ted is doing the news and suddenly he's handed a paper and he says i have just been handed a bulletin. you have something on your tooth. [laughter] ainsley: oh, that's great. steve: it's the best show ever. the guy who invented the simpsons, so many movies, he was the genius behind that but really it was mary. she was great. ainsley: it would be great if they start replaying the shows. everyone would watch it because some people who didn't have a chance to watch it would love to watch. brian: just go to steve's house. he has them on dvd or vhs or three quarter. ainsley: she did a lot for diabetes research too. brian: two minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump really busy yesterday. talking about sanctuary cities, no more. he has to say stop, catch, and release. not going to happen anymore. when it comes down to criminals here, they're going
5:03 am
to be kicked out. but instead of just saying it, he also brought up the family angel parents who lost their kids to illegal immigrants who are here way past their visas or never should have been here at all. and he started to humanize. and it's genius because don't make it about him and rob emmanuel or some other mayor or democratic leader, make it about americans. steve: sure and that's why he went to the department of homeland security yesterday afternoon and appeared with general kelly. he also appeared last night on abc. an hour identify long interview who got the first primate network interview with donald trump. and of course what's the number one thing for a lot of people? why they voted for donald trump? national security. part of that the wall. who's going to pay for it? we all know from the crowds. mexico. david not really buying onto that, so he tried to pin him down on some stuff. here is the president. >> are you going to direct u.s. funds to pay for this wall? will american taxpayers pay
5:04 am
for the wall? >> ultimately it's going to be coming out what's happening with mexico. we're going to be starting those negotiations relatively soon, and we will be in a form reimbursed by mexico. >> so they'll pay us back. >> yeah. absolutely. 100%, yes. >> so the american taxpayer will pay for the wall at first. >> all it is is we'll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make with mexico. >> mexico's president said they will absolutely not pay, it goes against our dignity as a country and dignity. >> he has to say that. it will be in a payment. it will be in a format. perhaps a complicated form. and you have to understand what i'm doing is good for the united states. it's also going to be good for mexico. >> when does construction again? >> as soon as we can. as soon as we can physically do it. >> within months? >> i would say in months, yeah. certainly planning is starting immediately. steve: and some of the challenges they're going to have, they say some of the
5:05 am
borders are private land. the rio grande river in texas and dunes in arizona will be a problem for engineers. george bush got 2.1 billion for 62 miles. for some reason that money doesn't seem to be there. steve: they always find a way place to put it. ainsley: mexico's president is supposed to meet with donald trump. and now one of you his executives or one person that works for him are saying i don't know if this is going to happen. we're not really happy with you and a lot of people in mexico aren't happy with the current president in mexico because he has been talking with donald trump and trying to extend an olive branch and people are upset. steve: well, in addition to the wall, which will get built, i'm telling you. they're going to build that wall and mexico will pay for it, according to the president. ainsley: in some capacity; right? steve: a wall or fence. it's going to slow people down. in addition to that, the whole sanctuary city thing.
5:06 am
there are 300 sanctuary cities in this nation that are not following federal law. donald trump said if they're not going to follow the law, they're not going to get the money. kellyanne conway was on with maria quiban on our sister channel this morning. here she is talking about sanctuary cities which trump says as well he's going to bulk down on. >> it's remarkable that we have mayors across this country blatantly and flagrantly violating the law. i mentioned kate yesterday at the department of homeland security. president trump and vice president pence were there flanked by angel moms who had lost their children at the hands of illegal immigrants who should not have been here murdering their children. i memorized all their names because these are real people, and it's real carnage. by the way, it's optimistic. we have to be a sovereign
5:07 am
nation that has borders. we spent billions of dollars protecting other nation's borders. it's about time we do it here. and somebody has committed a time, five times he was deported. what in the world is he doing here? why are you harboring him? ainsley: it's not about separating families. it's about getting the criminals out of the united states of america. steve: enforcing the borders. enforcing the laws. brian: when you have sanctuary city, chicago, new york, san francisco, and what he's saying is mayors, if you have the interest of your constituents in mind, why is it better to spend your money on people that don't belong here than it is for the people that do belong here? and the leverage they have is the money that's given from the federal government. for example, in chicago, they get $3.6 billion. evidently in new york, you double that. so what you say is that money stops, federal funding stops until you allow your police officers and ice officers to do their job. ainsley: right. brian: if you don't allow them
5:08 am
to do their job, i'll hold your money back. my sense is donald trump will follow through with that. ainsley: you have rob emmanuel, bill de blasio, and they were screaming out lock him up, meaning donald trump, and he was saying that new york is a city of immigrants. no one's leaving. everyone's welcome here. steve: it's true. but remember in the only days, people came to the country, they would actually sign the guest book out at ellis island. brian: misspell their names and send them into america. steve: here in new york city they could lose $7 billion and if de blasio is smart, he will begin to negotiate. brian: a big caveat. if de blasio is smart. steve: during the last few years of the george w. bush administration, it was all about water boarding. the political left hated it. they said -- they called it torture. it was never torture. however, it was never considered torture. however, it was illegal and declared by congress in 2016. now it is against the law.
5:09 am
but it was never considered torture when you look at the way it is regarded around the world. here's donald trump being president trump being his pc self saying, look, i'm just going to keep people safe. and if that means water boarding -- well, here's the president. >> mr. president, you told me backwater boarding and a a hell of a lot worse. >> i want to keep our country safe. >> what does that mean? >> when they're chopping off the heads of our people and other people, when they're chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a christian in the middle east. when isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, would i feel as strongly with water boarding? we have to fight fire with fire. but i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence, and i asked them the question. does it work? does torture work?
5:10 am
and the answer was yes. absolutely. i will rely on pompeo and mattis and my group. and if they don't want to do it, that's fine. if they do want to do, then i will work toward that end. i want to do everything within the bounds of what you're allowed to do illegal. but do i feel it works? i feel it works. i will rely on general mattis, and i'm going to rely on those two people and others. and if they don't want to do it, that's 100% okay with me. don't think it works? absolutely. brian: well, that's going to be talking about today in the republican caucus in philadelphia because among the people, adam a republican who didn't support donald trump but fights in the war and also in the reserves. meanwhile heather has some other news to tell us about. >> yeah. good morning we start in chicago. so much attention focused on the violence there. breaking overnight once again. violence-ridden chicago, six
5:11 am
people were shot at a vigil for a shooting victim. all the victims were told will survive. a child was grazed in the head. just sickening. so many peel have been shot in the last 24 hours. six -- the president tweeting rob emmanuel this. if he doesn't fix the cartilage, he'll go on to send the feds. and he went on to say he will accept help but not from the national guard. and two deputies a shoot-out from a packed shopping center. they were investigating a string of robberies along the mississippi border when they spotted the man. the suspect hitting both deputies. the deputy shooting back leaving the suspect dead. now putting all criminals on notice. listen to his message. >> what it means is they need bulk down. if you come and commit a crime, we're going to get you. we're going to make sure that you don't come back to the
5:12 am
county. >> shia lebeouf the actor is a free man. a video showing him arrested after his own antitrump protest. >> you can kind of see him in the background there. police say that he ripped off a man's scarf and then scratched a man in the face. the actor live streaming these protests 24 hours a day. he says as long as mr. trump is president, and those are your headlines. steve: four years of the same thing. >> a little off there. brian: you've been very kind to him with that description. steve: by the way, she's been telling us about the waitress who got the $450 tip and i said why $450? a number of people have sent me an e-mail and tweets that said $450 tip probably for the
5:13 am
45th president. brian: you're probably right. ainsley: if you have to do something nice for someone, and you hold that, just go for it. just do it. you'll never regret it. steve: i don't agree with that. but we'll talk about that. meanwhile coming up president trump being hammered for his actions. are they wandered or do democrats have selective memory? i can think of someone who did that in the oval office and so can ed henry. he's next. ainsley: and albright says she's ready to register as a muslim. what? we're going to tell you why. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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5:17 am
brian: many on the left calling president trump's executive orders a double standard after conservatives condemn president obama's executive orders. ainsley: but there's one important detail that democrats are forgetting. steve: what is that? let's talk to ed henry down in washington d.c. ed, come on, the last guy who had keys to air force one did this a million times. >> yeah. it's interesting because now you have nancy
5:18 am
pelosi, the house democratic leader actually lecturing republicans and say you should becoming capitol hill and legislating. don't be going around congress. you should be legislating and not just issuing all of these executive orders and actions and memorandums that we've seen from donald trump, the new president all this week. she actually called them hypocrites saying congressional republicans hypocritical is an indication to their responsibility to govern. especially in their light to even most restrained use of executive orders like president obama. wait it was barack obama who paved this whole way of governing. donald trump is following. watch. >> the interesting thing or sort of ridiculous thing that we're hearing a lot today is that somehow conservatives or republicans are hypocritical for supporting trump doing
5:19 am
executive orders when we criticized barack obama for doing the same thing. no one was against executive orders as executive orders. they're against using them as a substitute for going to congress. this is a great political fight for donald trump to have to go to congress and say, look, the democrats don't want to secure the border. >> and that's what house majority leader you heard him earlier right here on fox and friends saying, look, their strategy is two prong. have donald trump as the new president sort of weed out what they consider to be bad executive actions by president obama and then actually go and work with congress on major things like repealing and replacing obamacare and actually giving it the full force of law, not just executive action. that is obviously going to be the key test moving forward for the president is whether he actually follows through with that legislative action, guys. steve: one other with nancy pelosi she announced yesterday that she was praying for donald trump after he mentioned that voter fraud thing. >> well, you know what, guys? you should be praying in for me because i'm going to be filling in tonight.
5:20 am
i've never done that. i filled in when he did the 7:00 but now 9:00. this guy is getting tired of winning. he's sort of like the way donald trump is talking. he just wins every night. i think he's tired, so he just wanted one night off just to sleep because she's so tired of winning. brian: well, good luck. i'm going to be watching. you have our full support, ed. >> thank you, brian, appreciate it. ainsley: thanks. hollywood liberals can't get over their obsession with president trump. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. ainsley: despite the negativity, our next guest says he is a proud christian in hollywood. his story pretty awesome. steve: and cities all lit up in red, white, and blue. but the reason why? not what you think. it's also to honor illegal immigrants. immigrants? "distraction" by joywave
5:21 am
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5:24 am
ainsley: brian said something funny. sorry. this is a very serious story. we have quick headlines for you. she was found dazed and confused this morning. this morning brand-new details about this missing realtor who was found on a freeway in california. she was missing from three days, remember. her mom think so she got lost -- she lost her phone at a park and then got lost without any gps, and she started walking when her car ran out of gas. we're glad she's safe with her family now. and now a man who thinks he can outrun the cops. he finally dumps his passenger
5:25 am
and then this happened. >> whoa. whoa. whoa. oh. there it is. he's out. there he is right there in our shot. still kind of dancing around out there. back on olympic. here they go. it's going to be up right in that front yard for sure. there you go out there on the sidewalk, and it's over here on olympic this evening. serene: that announcer like a sporting event. right, well, the guy was arrested of course. i don't know why these guys think they can get away with that. he was arrested and behind bars now. brian: let's change gears. 25 minutes after the hour. faith and hollywood, the two don't go hand and hand. steve: but miracles like heaven that have been put in the spotlight is part of a trend toward more faith-based films. ainsley: devon franklin is the producer of these films, and he is open about his role and how much religion or faith i
5:26 am
should say plays an important part in his life. steve: good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: you know, we've been talking over the last week or so given how much people in the political left in hollywood seem to be intolerant to the people on the right and in particular donald trump. >> well, you know, it's interesting. might have been hollywood for 20 years. i started as an intern at the age of 18 for will smith. and what i can tell you as of day one, the first interview that i did when i got my foot in the door in hollywood, i let them know i was a christian, and they said we can make room for you. so the hollywood that i've experienced has been very embraced of faith. i mean, case and point just last -- just in the fall, i closed a deal to make movies for 20th century fox. steve: yeah. >> so hollywood i think we don't always tell the story is movies can't get to the masses unless they go to the hollywood system. so there are has been more of an did embraced. i see what you see. steve: well, you see madonna
5:27 am
talking about blowing up the white house. >> but that's not the whole story. when you go to a movie theater and see a film that affects you like miracles in heaven. that means there are people in hollywood who believe in this concept and allowing it. brian: just about what a commercial risk it is if you come out on either side pro trump or antitrump because you're telling 50% of the country i'm against you. a lot of people see robert did a deniro and all the comments he made about trump. >> well, i think what it is is everyone has to make a decision about what they want to do and what they want to stand for. and the beauty of not only hollywood but this country is that the opportunity to express your point of view. ainsley: you know what? you were on dr. oz's show. you've been talking about the blessed 30 challenge. what is that? >> this is a great thing that i'm so excited about. dr. oz and i are starting this initiative in february called faithful fridays. and the blessed 30 challenge is challenging viewers to live
5:28 am
in the blessings for 30 days. >> what does that mean? >> meaning so many times you're stressed. you wake up stressed, go to bed stressed, and underneath the stress is that you really are blessed. steve: hold on. are you suggesting that if you are faithful, or you have some spirituality in your life, you're actually healthier? >> without question. not only are you healthier, but your life has more purpose. it has more meaning, and we're doing this programming every friday on the dr. oz show in the month of february to really hit that. because people are struggling. there's anxiety. there's frustration. how do i get the life that i want? and we hope that this programming will not only help them, but give them practical tips on how to incorporate faith every day to have the life that will actually bring them more. ainsley: you have to focus on all the positives. the blessing that god has given you. >> that's it. we have to focus on the blessings. there are so many things we want to use to divide us. but to unite us because we woke up this morning. we didn't have to tell our
5:29 am
body pump blood or breathe oxygen. and here's the thing. we talk about that this as part of the challenge. for 30 days, no negative talk. so you know what? steve: that's going to hurt a lot of people. >> i have this moment because maybe i'm supposed to get a message. brian: forget about all of that gas in my car. >> thank that i have the money for the gas. ainsley: or stuck in traffic because if i was moving in the highway, i would have got in an accident. >> you're not stuck in the traffic. maybe i'm having a moment listening to the radio i wouldn't have heard or listening to an auto book. you have to flip it every time. ainsley: or maybe i'm stuck in traffic, and he's not anchoring the show with us. >> like with you all? steve: you know, you said something in your first sentence that i think we need to revisit. >> okay. >> so what's will smith really like? >> he's amazing. i love him. we call him uncle will. that's my brother.
5:30 am
ainsley: you were an intern, and right on up. thank you for your film. >> thank you. ainsley: i thank you. >> thank you. god bless you. brian: we'll be watching. ainsley: christian, not a christian. i'm just kidding. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. he is a christian. steve: made me laugh with me. brian: you know, i don't have to read this. [laughter] ainsley: all right. former secretary madeleine all bright says she's ready to register as a muslim. what? steve: and trump making good on his campaign promise to make america work again. >> going to make the process much more simple for the auto companies and for everybody else that wants to do business in the united states. steve: so can america get back to the manufacturing powerhouse it was once upon a time? bob, the former ceo chairman of chrysler here to weigh in. coming up next when you have a digital notebook
5:31 am
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5:34 am
steve: well, your shot of the morning proud american patriot of the rarest kind. ainsley: particular park is a high school senior outside of dc who just got appointed to all four major u.s. military academies. but his call to serve this country happened long before that. >> i would say when i was about eight years old. there was a documentary on the history channel talking about these four service academies, and i thought to myself that day i want to do that. >> and, in fact, even younger than that age when we took him to hawaii and explained the whole history of how japan attacked pearl harbor, and i saw the look on his face. and that forever changed, and
5:35 am
i could tell from then on, he wanted to serve. steve: his father fought for korea and currently serves in the american reserve and is keeping his options open. brian: former chairman and ceo of chrysler, also had a hand to do with the place of all the guys in the orange aprons. i'm talking about home depot. who back in the day first alternate at west point, so you could appreciate what that man goes through. >> absolutely. my dad served in world war ii. he went to ocs in georgia and had a profound influence on me. and, you know, i would love to have gone to the academy but, you know, that influence carried with me, steve, through home depot we hired 35,000 veterans when i was there. we had 500 military officers in the program. carried it to chrysler. so we can't do enough for these brave men and women who
5:36 am
put their lives on the line for us every day. thank god. brian: and i will say this. you played a valuable role in the wounded warrior project too. so you're always giving back. talk about another part of your expertise, and that's business. when i was watching all of these ceos of the major company go to the tower now to the white house meet with the president. >> yes. brian: i'm wondering what guys like you that toyota, fiat, black & decker, all of these companies are pledging now to hire more in the u.s. and bring manufacturing back. how comfortable are you as a ceo meet with a political leader and being pushed to do something. >> isn't it amazing? you know, if you look at the scale, it has gone 180 degrees now where the president of the united states is pro business, is working intimately with the ceos to grow our gdp, which will allow us to create jobs and get us back, you know, we've been low and slow for eight years. i couldn't be more excited. the opportunity to meet with the president of the united states and talk about some of
5:37 am
the things that have hampered our growth, you know, looking at epa restrictions, looking at the contributing facto cafe standards, looking at tax roll back, corporate tax, repatriation. i mean, the optimism now among the ceos and the business community has never been higher. steve: we don't have to leave the country now. >> we don't have to leave the country. this is the greatest country in the world. and thank god we've got somebody that's now pro business. ainsley: yeah, he's meeting with the auto executives. also meeting with union. steve: how crazy is that? ainsley: it's crazy. and i also think more people are going to start to buy american-made cars more than ever because they're supporting you and other -- the other automakers as well. >> think about the union leaders that came outside the construction workers. said he's never had such an optimistic discussion with the president of the united states. so pro america, build america, buy america. steve: but it's so counterintuitive to see a republican president calls in the union leaders who you
5:38 am
figure they are all lefties, and they voted for hillary. they come in, talk to happen, they leave in an hour, and they go we love this guy. we're onboard. >> why, steve? because they're interested in jobs for their constituents. and they never had that kind of discussion before that was so encouraging and optimistic about creating jobs for their workers and all the workers here in the united states. brian: so these people watching right now and say, well, the car companies should love president obama. he bailed them out. he saved the car industry. what do you mean this president is addressing the car industry. what do you say to that? >> well, listen, if the car industry went down, it would have been catastrophic. i mean, if you look at the number of workers in the supply chain, it would have been -- brian: so president obama had no choice. >> really. we had no choice. now, remember, how did the car industry get in trouble? it was the financial melt down that created that problem. the ability to get a car loan, fica went up to 750, 5,000 on
5:39 am
the book. so westerly really handcuffed and paralyzed during that period. steve: bob, if it is his signature legislation, his legacy, it's obamacare. >> yes. steve: we have a sound byte donald trump talking about if it is repealed, it has to be replaced. listen to this. >> what my plan is is that i want to take care of everybody. i'm not going to leave the lower 20% that can't afford insurance. just sound. people talk about obamacare, and i told the republicans this. the best thing we could do is nothing for two years, let it explode, and then we'll go into a new plan and the democrats will vote for it. steve: what do you think? >> he wants to make it available, and he wants to make it affordable. i can tell you from personal experience. i have a couple of young sons. 30 years old. great health. their detectable is $6,900. and they're playing close to $300 a month.
5:40 am
now, how does a 30-year-old afford that? ainsley: you can't afford it. >> my son said i'll pay the penalty. and i said, no, i don't want you to do that. i want you to be covered. but that's the impact. i don't think people really understand the cost aspect that was imposed on this. now, some of the regulations that hopefully he's proposing cross state -- you know, united health care abandoned california because of the cost. brian: and also the businesses, small businesses provide insurance when when they don't have any margin to do it. >> and you look at the small businesses and the tax imposed upon them, they're filing taxes and llc on a small business. this is crippling what was really one of the major fuel engines of our country. steve: sure it's the difference between having a president who has run something in his life as opposed to somebody where it was all theoretical. >> somebody that has to sign the front of the check versus the back of the check. steve: that's a good one. i've never heard that one before. >> that's a big difference.ains.
5:41 am
>> thank you very much. ainsley: hand it over to heather who has headlines for us. >> i certainly do. 40 minutes after the hour, president obama tried to get it in at the last minute but that is not going to fly with president trump. the new administration reportedly freezing that $221 million payment to the palestinians. president obama approved those funds just hours before he left office about a week ago. even though republican lawmakers had a hold on that money. a senior palestinian source now telling that the money isn't expected to be handed over in the immediate future. we will keep following that story. madeleine al albright not a muslim but this morning saying she's ready to register as one. the former secretary of state and clinton supporter says she will do it to protest president trump's immigration plans. she tweeted this quote i was raised a catholic and found out later that my family was jewish.
5:42 am
i stand ready to register as a muslim in solidarity. well, presiden president trump's executive order have not called for a american muslim registry of any kind. why she uses that word? who knows. it's a slap in the face. boston's mayor defined president trump vowing that that city will protect illegal immigrants from deportation. and he's now using our patriotic colors and lights to prove it. take a look at this his chief of staff now tweeting out this picture of city hall lit up in red, white, and blue with this message. city hall is red, white, and blue tonight. all are welcome here. the mayor challenging the president quote he will never turn his back on those who are seeking a better life. and those are your headlines. a lot of debate about that one. brian: all right. thank you very much. all right. a few more minutes with bob. but first, a historic day on wall street. the dow going past 20,000 for the first time ever. nicole petallides is ready for this day.
5:43 am
waiting for the opening bell. what can we expect? >> i was waiting for that day for 42 sessions. and guess what? we have slight up arrows this morning, so maybe we'll make a new record again. we'll see. i'll explain. introducing theraflu expressmax our powerful relief now in pill form. it's the one and only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. power through with theraflu expressmax caplets. bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem.
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5:46 am
steve: all right. time for some food headlines. want a burger with a side of liberal activism? well, chilies under fire for pro-life advocates for funding planned parenthood with a portion of customers' bills. that's right. people in and indiana kentucky can donate 15% of their meal apparently to planned parenthood. didn't know that. great. and want some free food from chipotle?
5:47 am
it's giving away orders of its beloved chips and quacamole to people who play a game online. the catch? you have to buy an entrée. and today only mcdonald's is giving away free mcdonald's of big mac special sauce. 10,000 of them if you're one of the first 10,000 people, you get the bottle. good reason to go to mcdonald's. ainsley: fox business alert. american investors reaping the benefits of the trump bump as the dow jones hits a historic 20,000. brian: nicole petallides from our sister network fox business, which is located near here live at the new york stock exchange, also near here. nicole, you're smiling. >> we're all together. we're all excited here that we saw dow 20,000. we waited since november 22nd when we broke through that 19,000 mark, and you called it the trump bump, and that's exactly what it is. there's been so much optimism. people started to feel so much better just about about everything, including the stock market.
5:48 am
our economy, jobs, less regulation, infrastructure, all of these things. and with less regulation and better tax rates and the like, and really a pro-growth policy platform, that really gave a boost. and now as we have president trump nothing rated, and he's moving forward, that was the catalyst to just push us through right through that 20,000 mark. this morning we're seeing some up arrows. i'm not sure we'll make records again today, but it could happen no doubt. take a look at some of the winners that we've seen since the election, names like goldman sachs and jp morgan that have serged 30%, 22%. the s&p 500 a broader index, a lifetime high there as well, names like united rentals, transocean. also winners. we saw the dow break through the 20,000 mark right at the top and even president trump wrote a tweet. great he wrote. dow 20,000. #dow20,000 at the white house. so we saw enthusiasm from the president as well. back to you guys, and i hope for your 401(k)s it will move
5:49 am
higher again. brian: indeed 30,000. steve: i might start looking at it again. we know he can move on stage. but did you know this country music legend can also cook? ainsley: country music legend and our friend larry gatlin is here. steve: oh, larry. ainsley: he's letting us in on one of his wife's secret recipes. brian: i want to check in with shannon and find out if she's going to try to top this segment. >> i cannot cook. i can make reservations. [applause] steve: all right. good job. >> by the way, coming up, you know president trump's reportedly getting ready to take more executive action today. that could send his critics into overdrive. we're awaiting a possible executive order that could drastically change the way foreigners do or don't come to the u.s. is this going to be the extreme vetting he promised during the campaign? but there are some on the right who actually worry the president may be going soft on one particular immigration issue, and you're going to hear from them too.
5:50 am
and plus the president is waiting to take the first official flight on air force one this morning. we'll tell you where he's going and bring it to you live when it happens. bill and i at the top of the hor wouldn't a deal on car insurance involve two parties discussing something? why not give you some say? or let your driving do the talking. liberty mutual righttrack® finally puts you in control. with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates. visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at
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5:53 am
>> it's hard to sing this song in front of the guy who does it. >> i love it. ainsley: i asked you, and you said stop. so don't even say. steve: the proper introduction. serene: that's right he is a country music legend and our friend with over 60 years on top of the charts with hits like this. we have grammy-award-winning
5:54 am
singer larry gatlin. like songs like that that you just heard. steve: 60 years. >> 60 years of singing with the brothers. steven rudy. not 60 years on top of the chart. 40 years since we moved to nashville. and we've been blessed. eight number one records that i wrote for us. and we've been grateful. when people tell me, larry, you sang great tonight. and i said i better sing great because those two are going to sing great, so i have to hold up my end of the deal. brian: very talented family, i wish i felt the same about my brothers. let me down. but you have to cook for yourself sometimes. >> i do. brian: how do you do it? >> it's called king ranch enchiladas. so what you do first, and my wife janice is watching in the hotel room.
5:55 am
you put whatever this is in. sour cream. ainsley: why didn't you bring her in here? >> she's the limelight. you put the sour cream in there, and this is a mixture of some stuff and some other stuff. >> i could eat some chicken. >> hey, you take care of your knitten, and i'll take care of mine. steve: enchiladas. >> you put stuff and all she saw know that you use your fingers. i did the pureel thing in the restroom. you put the stuff labeled stuff and more stuff. steve: i thought it was a secret recipe. >> don't want to give it pick up. brian: we never found out. ainsley: you put the stuff, and you put cheese on top. >> and it's just like this. steve: don't be afraid to use
5:56 am
larry gatlin's hand. and then through the magic of television, we just baked some up. voila. there you go, ms. ainsley. ainsley: larry. brian: and what do you call this? steve: king ranch enchiladas. you haven't been watching the segment. >> go take your meds, brian, and come back with us when they kick in. steve: go to fox and we're going to talk to larry about his clothing. amber: by the way, this oven is really on. it's really hot. ♪ ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
5:57 am
the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> from cooking to clothes, you have a new clothing line called
6:00 am
american legends. >> told me about his grandfather selling the clothing company. we're bringing it back on shore. gatlin brothers, liberty legend clothes, go look it up. >> bill: thanks, everybody. good morning, we're learning new details on the plan to crack down on refugees coming in from the middle east. president trump taking on his promise to stop the influx of people from certain countries in the middle east. we're learning about this now. good morning, everybody. it has been a packed week so far. off we go running again. good morning, shannon. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum today. mr. trump expected to temporary stop


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