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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 26, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> jon: we're back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> the hour ahead, fox news alert, president donald trump has arrived in philadelphia to speak at the g.o.p. policy retreat there. it is mr. trump's first trip outside washington as president. and this as we are learning more about the presidents reported plan to crack down on the flow of refugees coming into our nation from the middle east across our southern border, in particular. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner, here today is meghan mccain. host of "kennedy," kennedy herself. also from fbn, dagen mcdowell is here, and today's #oneluckyguy, early for him,
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the host of the "greg gutfeld show" greg gutfeld himself. >> greg: thank you, good to see you, hf. >> harris: it doesn't roll, it's not as good as gg. you're outnumbered, how do you feel? >> greg: i feel great, it's wonderful. we have a lot of trump stuff, i'm very excited. when he breaks wind, we break i in. >> wow. >> harris: as we wait for the president trump to speak, mexico has now canceled a trip with their president to make with president trump next tuesday. tweeting that he has informed the white house that he will not attend the meeting scheduled for next week with mr. trump. all right, let's start there. we saw this coming because it was telegraphed out already that if you don't want to talk about the wall and paying for the wall, reportedly, you don't really have to come. do we take that seriously, and i guess now we do. >> greg: we do, the real
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question is where does the wall go? who pays for the wall? i have the solution. go dutch. with the mexicans, go dutch. why don't we split that? what is the big deal? split it, make it a monument to friendship. why do we have to make it such an evil thing. say that this is such a historical agreement between two countries. good fences make good neighbors, that is a universal thing. >> harris: that is not what he said he would do, though. >> meghan: obviously the wall is the tenet of donald trump's campaign promises, the tenant of how he got elected. if he doesn't end up building this wall there will be a lot of angry people in this country. listen, kennedy and i were talking in the green room. anybody who is familiar with arizona border or any border of this country, there is some terrain that is going to be very difficult for the wall to be physically built on. there is still a lot of questions and a lot of gray areas, especially when you're talking about who is going to pay for it. and now donald trump is making it a little gracing it will be
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reimbursed, maybe it's the jobs we will get back from mexico, but cut and dry, taxpayers are going to start paying. >> harris: real quickly, just watch or screen on the left, air force one. on the right, just moments ago, in the pictures that we don't control this life picture, but if we could we would show you vice president mike pence, who is in the middle of that. so they may zoning a little bit more on that and we will be able to see. yes you can, so people file in, and the president gets ready to speak we will take you there. >> kennedy: there are issues, as meghan and i discussed come about eminent domain, private land, it is topographically very difficult to say that you are going to construct a complete wall without running into trouble. it's going to be very expensive, and have you ever tried doing any construction in southern california without using some illegal labor? that is going to be a very big impractical challenge. but it's a great point, perhaps you can put statues on top of columns, and really make it a testament to our mutual
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friendship and the economies that we have that are so intertwined. however, i will tell you this, a personal anecdote, our next-door neighbor in california decided they didn't like our fence, and they said well, we are going to build a new fence and it is going to be beautiful, and there will be no door. >> harris: did they make you pay for it? >> kennedy: they asked if we would pay for half. and i said if you don't pay for half what you still build it? and he said yes we will and i said go ahead and build it. >> greg: that is offensive. >> dagen: in all seriousness this is a way of extracting money for from mexico. trump advisor steve moorehead talked about a tariff on imported goods from mexico, use part of that money to pay for the wall. you charge a border crossing fee and use that money. or even trump has talked about about $25 billion in remittances every year that go back, that migrants return home, keeping some of that. the government just keeping some of that. and the wall, by the way, we are
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$20 trillion in debt, 15 to $25 billion, a drop in the bucket. in that sense, everything is a drop in the bucket. >> if you be things in that regard, that is how government spending gets out of control and it's unacceptable. >> dagen: he ran out of though, and there are 652 miles of vehicle and pedestrian fencing already on about a 2,00. >> harris: in 2015, 415000-plus people came across our border illegally, that is who the border patrol has says that they have apprehended. it so clearly we need to go do something. there are areas where a double fence line makes more sense than a structure. what is interesting is what you are talking about is paying for this on the back end of the deal, the president never said that he wouldn't do it that way. >> he actually said it could be very complicated. >> greg: we still pay bridge tolls for bridges. we've already paid for. let's face it. so what's wrong with a toll? >> the only thing that's wrong with the toll practically as it forces more people to find their
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way in through tunnels and gaps in the wall, because it will be unfortunately, there are gaps in the wall, and it's not the only way and maybe not the best way to secure the border. >> harris: again, take a look at your screen right now, because as motion begins to happen as top left of your screen with the president's plane on the ground now in philadelphia, we don't want to miss that action. the president is there to speak at this retreat, the republican retreat, would you can see live on the right side of your screen, you are seeing dignitaries and lawmakers in and out of the picture. vice president michael pence is there. so as this action happens, we want to make sure we pay attention. >> meghan: going back to the wall, i think for a lot of people this is going to give them a false sense of security. a lot of people, as you say, tunnel in, people stay on extended visas, there are different ways people break the law to get here illegally. and i don't want to give anyone the idea that this is just going to solve our problems really simply come and i think those of us who live in border states, come from border states, know that this is a nuanced,
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complicate a problem, and i think it's really easy to just say we are going to build this wall and spend billions of dollars and it will all be great, but it really isn't that cut and dry. >> kennedy: and it doesn't mean that everything is fixed and everyone assay. >> harris: can we get back to the breaking news though of the president of mexico canceling his trip to meet at the white house? from we know from reports, mr. trump was already taking phone calls from leaders from around the world, even before he was sworn in. so to have a sitting conversation with now the new president, i would think that you would do regardless of what you think the outcome might be. >> dagen: but if he doesn't have answers, because this is not just about paying for the wall, it's also about completely renegotiating nafta. and the president of mexico is doing this, i would argue, simply for political purposes. >> harris: you don't think he has answers? >> dagen: we have a lot to gain, and we have a lot of leverage and a lot of power -- >> harris: and the president has made that clear. >> dagen: and i think that
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mexico as a nation is back on its heels. it's not like japan. >> harris: do you still not take the meeting? >> dagen: i think that he doesn't have the -- he's got to get every thing tight before he can come meet with the presiden president. >> kennedy: dagen is absolutely right about the politicized environment to mexico, they also have hysterical leftists who have been very vocal in their opposition to president trump and his proposal and the executive order to begin construction on that wall. and again, we should point out that this is the president's first trip on air force one since he was inaugurated six days ago. >> harris: so meghan, the border, arizona, your home state, i mean these are issues that are really dinnertime issues around the table to steal from the political lingo we use during the campaigns. these are the things that matter to people who live in those border states prayed >> meghan: i have never seen more emotions, more vitriol, more protesting in arizona when i grew up. any topic regarding immigration
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or deporting people, people really get intense and take to the streets. i think it's easy sometimes to forget, again, how complicated this problem is. this president seems to be heavy on dreamers, dream act students that have been here, not necessarily saying he's going to deport everyone. i'm okay with that, but are the base of his support who are very anti-immigration and really like the hard line that he is putting down, are they going to be comfortable with this? it's just really easy to say we will depart everyone when you are living in a state that doesn't border mexico. but when you talk about the economy, when you talk about the possible ramifications of what the optics of looking like, it's a lot more collocated than just building a wall. >> harris: and once again, excuse me, dagen, because we want everybody to know what is about to happen here. so the president of the united states is getting ready to leave air force one and come down those stairs. and so i don't want to miss a moment as kennedy pointed out, his first trip now, outside of washington as a leader of our nation, as he comes down the
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stairs. we want to make sure that we are poised and perched and ready for that to happen. you can only imagine what will be talked about at this retreat. there has been a slew of executive orders, some we had anticipated, and others we had really had not. >> dagen: i want to review of air force one. this is the first time he's been on it and you know he's going to say that trump air is better. >> harris: when he gets to the retreat he will be talking about some of those things that house speaker paul ryan was speaking of this morning. again, that list of executive orders that has been staccato since he was sworn in on friday, one right after the other. immigration, sanctuary dearest to jurisdictions that we saw yesterday, we know there are better of 300 of them in the country, so hitting those topics yesterday with his executive actions. hiring freeze on everybody in government or agencies and government, except for the military. so you've got this idea of the border and illegal immigration and how we are going to deal with that. a lot to be talked about.
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>> kennedy: the mexico city policy, which seems to go back and forth depending on the party of the administration in power, and this is where federal funding in this case with his executive order is blocked from ngos, nongovernmental organizations, charitable groups, will not receive federal funding from the u.s. to perform or talk about abortions. and i'm wondering if that is also a sticking point in mexico. >> harris: we don't know. we just know from a tweet from those representing the mexican president, because we don't know if he tweeted himself. we don't know if anybody tweets other than president trump in a scenario, but he tweeted he's not coming. >> dagen: if someone cares, as president trump does, about illegal immigration with a number of apprehensions at the border, they have fallen dramatically. there were nearly a million apprehensions a year about ten years ago, now they are under 200,000. he is going to have to turn his attention to all the illegal immigrants who come in and overstay their visas, where
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those entrants are on the rise, particularly from areas, even pregnancy tourism, where people come here and have children on american soil to get dual citizenship. >> harris: he has said that he is going to do that by hiring more i.c.e. agents and the rest, but let's look now, as president trump's plane has landed in philadelphia and he descends the stairs for his first official trip outside the white house to attend this republican retreat. you know, as we watch this, it's interesting, because it makes me wonder how the pivot was really done among those establishment republicans now, and they are working, you see the salute there to the military who are standing. before we get to that, let's let this breathe for just a second and watch. so he's headed to this retreat, and some of these very people were retreating it, if you will, from him. >> greg: nice turn of phrase,
9:13 am
harris, well done. they're all on the same side now. i think it's interesting to me is how the left, and how in the media, the goal is to blur all of these issues into one. so that the idea is to create a perception of an imposition against the citizens. that it's not about illegal immigration, it's about immigration. when about in fact it's about illegal immigration. so the goal is to blur the refugee issue with legal immigration and illegal immigration so you can paint president trump and the republicans as somehow imposing a will on the american public and being mean and evil republicans, when in fact what they are trying to do on immigration is establish a sort of order, and in the refugee crisis, create a certain plan that prevents bad apples from sneaking in with people who need help. >> and may be making a better case of that, because that is a
9:14 am
really important point. because the left, and certainly left his progressive media, would like to paint it as some sort of base islamaphobic policy, went really for me, it's a question of freedom, and it's a question of maintaining freedom. and if you have people who want to come here and destroy that freedom and destroy life, that is very problematic, and i think republicans in this administration could make an even better case for why it's important to vet bad people and keep bad people from coming in. >> greg: if you want this country to survive the way it is, which attracts people to come here, you have to make sure that the people coming here aren't bent on destroying the very reason why they are coming here. so that is the whole point of the vetting process. and in a way, how our immigration process has changed because we are dealing with something that didn't exist 100 or even 50 years ago. >> kennedy: i was just going to ask meghan, we talk about immigration, you have a lot of
9:15 am
businesses who have seasonal needs for labor. and migrant labor. some wondering if you have a president who takes a harder line on immigration, if that president has a better chance at passing a different form of comprehensive immigration reform then democrats had, or that president obama with a mixed congress. >> meghan: and i think it's really the point that you and greg are making a really important, that the refugee crisis, immigration on the border, sanctuary cities, these are all incredibly different, incredibly complex issues. and i do agree that it's all sort of being lumped into one like americans are anti-immigrant, which is obviously just a scare tactic from the left. that being said, i am also very wary of getting a false sense of security all the way around. what i think is interesting about this ban on refugees, did you know that saudi arabia, pakistan, nigeria, and france, are not included on the list of countries. saudi arabia had the 9/11
9:16 am
attackers, pakistan was san bernardino, nigeria the underwear bomber, and france the shoe bomber, so there are other countries where terrorists are coming. it's not that i disagree that we have to have better vetting, we don't want to end up like germany, i don't want to see american streets turning into a place where i need pepper spray simply to go outside, but at there are other countries where terrorists in the last ten years have been coming and attacking. >> kennedy: and you have terrorists who were born there or are naturalized citizens who hold passports in those countries, so if there's any country that is either birthed or housed a terrorist, should that country now be on the list because then, the list grows exponentially? >> meghan: and france in particular. again, it's not that i disagree with a lot of these policies, because i don't in theory, but these aren't going to 100% solve the problems, and we are not even talking about the lone wolves that are coming and being raised and fostered in this country. my biggest concern right now are the people that are going back and forth to saudi arabia, because that seems to be a constant in a lot of these terror attacks, that really hasn't been addressed with these new policies.
9:17 am
>> dagen: the liberals think in this country that they can shame the american people into their stupidity. the american people aren't stupid. they know exactly what is going on. the paris terror attacks, that is when this really started. two of those attackers came in posing as refugees. and ever since then, as germany rapidly ramped up the number of refugees that it was allowing end, we said wait a minute, and the last fiscal year, the number of refugees coming into this country was up 20%. this year, based on the obama administration's projection, it was going to be up another 29%. from the last year. so why not take a breath? i just want to quickly point out that in germany, that the number of refugees coming into germany has fallen dramatically from the previous year. >> harris: angela merkel had to answer the call. >> dagen: something like 600,000 last year. >> harris: when you have a crisis in the city of cologne, where you have so many sexual
9:18 am
assaults, you said on the air before, literally running out of the devices for women to protect themselves, pepper spray, that sort of thing, and not in just about that at all. whatever it would be, we think two new year's eves ago and how dangerous it was for women, but you talk about that desire to kind of mimic what others are doing with their immigration. and the idea that we take care of women in this country. i mean, i don't think that angela merkel as a female leader wanted to really go there, so she had to address the number situation. >> dagen: and you know, assimilation in this country is critical and core to who we are in our fabric. and becoming one, which has been a struggle in europe, where multiculturalism and separation was government-sponsored and government-sanctioned. here assimilation is a critical part of who we are. and so, why not take a breath and make sure that the refugees who are coming in do become one with the u.s.? >> harris: we can tell from
9:19 am
just a short conversation and others that we've had here on the couch that this is such an intense issue around the country right now. so we saw the live pictures change, obviously, with the president being whisked away with his motorcade on his way to the hotel, and as we wait to hear from the president in philadelphia, we are seeing a lot of pushback over his executive order cracking down on sanctuary jurisdictions. i mentioned this moments ago. protests in some cities, and mayors are speaking out. new questions over the battle shaping up between liberal cities and our federal government. and melania trump is reportedly gearing up to fight back against left-wing haters who keep taking jabs at her and her family. whether the f treated fairly, stay close. music and crowd sounds ]
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>> meghan: fox news alert, we are root awaiting remarks from president trump at the annual g.o.p. policy retreat, this, as he faces a lot of pushback over his executive order to defund sinks wary cities that protect illegal immigrants from federal immigration enforcement red reince priebus defending mr. trump. >> the question is, should places in this country that ignore the laws of this country when it comes to immigration, receive federal money into their communities and the answer, to
9:24 am
me, is no. in fact, for people that don't realize it, it's actually been something that has been in the republican party platform for over eight years, so this is not some sort of crazy thinking. the point is, if you defy the laws of this country you shouldn't receive federal taxpayer dollars from the people of this country. >> meghan: mayors from major cities are hitting back. >> i think there are hundreds of mayors all over this country that are saying the same thing, and we stand united, that a safer city is a city that doesn't allow its residents to live in fear. >> we are going to defend all of our people. regardless of where they come from, and regardless of their documentation and status. >> undisturbed and angered by the news out of washington, d.c. we will not be intimidated by the threat to federal funding. we have each other's backs, and we have the constitution of the united states of america on our side. we will do everything lawful in our power to protect you. if necessary, will use city hall itself to shelter and protect
9:25 am
anyone who is targeted unjustly. >> meghan: okay, great, so one of those mayors is our own in new york city, and i will put this as bluntly as possible, who does he think he is saying that there are different laws for illegal immigrants, criminals here in the city, then there are in the rest of the country? >> greg: i forgot to say that he was great in "the adams family," he was amazing as lurch. it's incredible, i always how he's maintained that youthful vigor paired when you say sanctuary city, who is it a sanctuary for? it should be for the citizens, for the people who live there. unfortunately, there are people who live in sinks wary cities who are being killed. if chicago is a sanctuary city, so is aleppo. aleppo should provide sanctuary for people who live in chicago. that is how bad it is getting for people there. i find it strange that there are people in san francisco who have been killed by illegal aliens, not a sanctuary city for those people. it is not an imposition to enforce laws, they are trying to
9:26 am
say that ending sanctuary cities is somehow an imposition, it is not. it is asking law enforcement to enforce simple laws, that is all it is. >> and to notify the feds, regardless of the offense, whether it's minor, or whether it's a major offense, if you get arrested for a crime and you are in this country illegally, you should be forced to notify the federal government. think about this. it is idiocy and insanity of these cities getting federal money to enforce federal laws and then not enforcing those federal laws. >> harris: what you are alluding to, i think, is san bernardino, california, right? and how kate steinle's case in san francisco. yvette that in particular, how t perpetrator, that killer, has been picked up and a blind eye turned by the local authorities to him, and he need to be deported again because he had artie been deported many times. i want to steal a page from your home state, oregon. because i did a little digging. there are 36 counties in oregon, 28 of them are sanctuary
9:27 am
jurisdictions. that's a most the entire state. but then you wonder why the law is not being followed? did you know that one of the sanctuary jurisdictions in oregon is the springfield police department. it's a sanctuary city and in in right! brain room researcher at fox news. oregon state correctional goal fractional institution a prison prison, -- >> this state of california has actually hired eric holder to combat some of these laws, and i think that is what will happen with a lot of these executive orders. i think they will end up taking the route that several of president obama's did, and they will make their way through the court system. and those who defend emigrants say illegal immigrants actually have a lower rate of committing crimes, particularly violent crimes, but when someone who is in this country illegally commits a felony, commits a violent crime, i think that these mayors and law enforcement are morally obligated to contact the federal government. >> harris: there legally obligated.
9:28 am
>> kennedy: there is an important separation between really bad people come here and do bad things, and it shouldn't be a catch and release program. if it's a case that more people should be allowed into this country illegally and we should have better legal immigration, that is a conversation to have. >> dagen: the crime is that fact that they are here in the first place! i don't care if it's public urination, you're gone! >> greg: hey, is not directed at me? >> dagen: s. >> meghan: i think there's an impression that some people in government care more about immigration and end about the systems they are elected to represent. that is definitely what has helped donald trump get elected president, he ran on strict immigration, the people have spoken, and they need to listen to the people. >> harris: all right, so there have been a number of executive orders that had to do it with the very topics that are getting sorted on the couch today, and the president is getting ready to speak at the republican retreat that you see here, this is the loews hotel in philadelphia, pennsylvania, we have been live to show you the
9:29 am
plane landing, he departed and is on his way there, i am told that it is not a long distance, we could see him step up to the podium at any moment. here on fox news, "outnumbered," we are all over it. stay close. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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>> this is a fox news alert, as we await president trump's arrival at the republican retreat in philadelphia, the debate over torture ramping up after his recent comments on the issue. president trump telling abc news he believes torture absolutely works, and that his belief has been confirmed by top people in intelligence. but he says he will defer to his top advisors on what is best. >> i want to keep our country safe. i want to keep our country safe. when they are shooting, when their jump topping off the heads of our people and other people, when they are chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be a christian in the middle east, when isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times, what i feel strongly about waterboarding?
9:34 am
as far as i'm concerned, we have to fight fire with fire bread now, with that being said, i'm going with general mattis, i'm going with my secretary, because i think mike pompeo is going to be phenomenal. i'm going to go with what they say. >> kennedy: meantime, president trump getting plenty of pushback from members of his own party, including senator john mccain himself, a former prisoner of war, bluntly warning, "the president can sign whatever executive orders he'd like, but the law is the law. we are not bringing back torture in the united states of america." and this morning, the strong reaction from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> i think the director of the cia has made it clear he is going to follow the law. and i believe virtually all of my members are comfortable with the state of the law on that issue now. >> and torture is illegal and torture should not be legal. and we agree with it not being legal. >> kennedy: meghan i will start with you, considering the statements that your father made, and there are many in
9:35 am
congress, concluding kentucky senator rand paul, who said they defer to your father based on his own personal experience, the amount of time that he's spent studying this issue as a senator. and the fact that it's the most rational conclusion. >> meghan: listen, it's obviously going to be a personal issue for me. but i'm a little confused about mike pompeo, general flynn and general mattis and their role in this, because they are all collectively decidedly against torture bread on one hand president trump is saying he is for torture, for bringing up, but he is going to defer to his advisors and cabinet. so there is obviously a disconnect someplace going on. i think it's really easy for americans sometimes to watch 24, watch jack bauer, and think torture is as simple as blowing kneecaps off and getting information. general mattis has said he sometimes gets more information out of people by simply having a drink with them, having a conversation, this is a very complex issue. i do believe america is better than this, and if we set the precedent that americans are now for torture, we are going to
9:36 am
stoop to the same level of these animals. i think it changes what it means to be un-american. >> there is a difference between talking tough and protecting americans and letting especially terrorists know that there is a different administration in power. and reverting to policies that some senators point out, just don't work. >> torture works. we know this for a fact. after the speech by ashley judd on saturday, ten terrorists confessed. another ten just committed suicide, they beheaded themselves. i think what you're getting at is true, it's about keeping all things on the table. we had eight years of taking things off the table without having to. this is all about a president saying this is a new age. i'm putting things back on the table. i may take them off later, but i want you to know that they're there, and i'm very unpredictable. there is a lot of mystery behind what i'm going to do. it's not such a bad thing too, you know, a little mystery is a good thing for a relationship, i always say.
9:37 am
>> kennedy: the federal government has a history of not being able to trust itself. as meghan points out, if you have different points of view, who do you listen to? dianne feinstein said she thought she was being spied on by a drone by the cia perhaps. >> greg: that was me. >> dagen: she wishes that somebody was peeping in her windows. well, i'll leave it at that. but i think that part of this is, trump speaks his mind. it is whatever is on his mind at that moment. and when he was interviewed by "the new york times," exactly to your point, when he was talking about general mattis and it was at the end of last year, he said the general told him, give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and i can do better with that than i can things like waterboarding. >> nobody knows better than i do at a certain point, no matter who is tortured, they break because they wanted to end and they start lying. i really don't feel like i or people who this, like general mattis, have in the field experience, leap need to do a lot more explanation. i think it's really easy to get
9:38 am
caught up in movies and television and think it's simple. >> harris: i think we have to go. >> as we continue to watch for the president to step up to the podium, melania trump refusing to just sit there and take it. in response to recent left-wing attacks against her and her family. now the first lady is gearing up to fight back. and a big interview coming up tonight, our own sean hannity sitting down with president trump for the first time at the white house, that is tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 in the west right here on fnc. >> i'm going to keep as many as i can, you know politics is tough, sometimes you make a promise and for some reasons you can't because you have opposition on the other side that raises their hands and makes it impossible. but i'm going to keep a lot of them and i have kept a lot of them already. everyone's talking about it. we are going to do things that i said we are going to do. and we are going to take care of a lot of people that were mistreated by government for many, many years. and that's really how i won the election in the first place, you
9:39 am
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>> meghan: fox news alert, we continue awaiting remarks from president trump, he will be speaking at the g.o.p. policy retreat in philadelphia. at any moment we will bring that he'll live as it happens. meanwhile, our first lady melania trump out reportedly a sibling a media team to fight back against left-wing haters. of the first lady is finding herself and her family in the crosshairs since in our inauguration day. comedian chelsea handler has accused melania of not being able to speak english, then i hashtag to save melania was trending on twitter, and video clips mocking her facial expressions during inauguration have gone viral. so i am so deeply offended and sad that the american public at large seem to have liberals, seem to have such vitriol against our first lady, and they are not even giving her a chance to show us who she is and what her platform is going to be. >> greg: because they exercise their moral superiority, they
9:44 am
believe that because their heart is in the right place, any kind of behavior, no matter how vile, is justified. see, we think that liberals are wrong, they think that conservatives or republicans are evil, and they think trump is evil and that excuses their behavior. but here's a question that i want to throw out there. chelsea made fun of the fact that she speaks english poorly, but she doesn't, and made fun of the fact that you can't understand her. if melania were indian, pakistani, chinese, or japanese, what would we call that kind of joke? we would call that racism. so why isn't this racist? why isn't is and what she did ? >> meghan: she also speaks five linkages end and is an accomplished businesswoman. they are not giving her a chance. >> harris: i don't doubt that it is, but the biggest question is why isn't anybody saying that it is paid we can all agree what it is, but it will not be reported on as such because i guess they've all retreated to a safe space. the third time i've used the word retreated with regard to people who take exception to things. but real quickly, but i would point out in all of this is,
9:45 am
remember when melania spoke at the convention and she talked about bullying? no one has jumped on that. they attacked it. but what about the goodness and that because, too? enough said it many times, why can't we see that, along with all of whatever they are going to say? >> greg: their response to that is donald trump wasn't exactly not a bully during debates and online, so that is always there comeback. >> dagen: on twitter he is a bully and he has bullied women, and so i think that is why melania was attacked when people push back. in terms of attacking who she is as an individual, as a woman, her heritage, it's racist, and it's sexist. and i think the only thing that she can do is just dan there with the grace that she has, and she doesn't have to fight back. she just has to carry herself as she already does on a day-to-day basis and be the wife and the mother and the role model that she has. >> harris: you heard michelle obama say, take the high road, when she was advocating for hillary clinton at the end of
9:46 am
her campaign, which already had a fork in it, apparently we didn't know. or some didn't. but how can you advocate for taking the high road when so many in your own party are not willing to take it? she won't stand up for that woman, why not? where is the line, where is the line that says you're my kind of woman? >> kennedy: i think we saw the line when an "snl" writer attacked her son, which is inappropriate to attack a 10-year-old. i think on some level, it's inappropriate to attack someone personally when you disagree with their policy. and there's a difference between comedy and parody, and i understand that, and i understand protected speech. but you can also use your free speech to push back on people who do insane things. like maligning a little kid, who has no way of defending himself, who is in a very, very public situation. >> dagen: if you're the former first lady and you are going to say we go high when they go low, well then she needs to, she and all the other liberals who might actually give a damn about
9:47 am
people's feelings, they need to call out these jerks. >> harris: i agree, why is that not happening? >> meghan: there's a double standard for conservative women in this country, especially for conservative wives. i think you can talk to any conservative wife of a famous politician in the last ten years, it is proven, they write different kind of articles, they talk about them different way, and i think melania trump will just continue to be the classy woman she is and we will watch. we continue to keep our eyes on the republican retreat in philadelphia, where we expect the president to speak at any moment. meantime, democratic lawmakers and officials may be worried about senate seats that are up next year, so much so they are holding seminars now to talk to "real people." true story, we will tell it next. ♪
9:48 am
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>> harris: fox news alert, continuing to watch philadelphia, the lectern you see on the left of the screen is what we are awaiting the president to step up to, and that is the loews hotel in philadelphia, where the g.o.p. retreat has been going on, so he is going on to enjoin, we expect remarks off the top of his arrival. and then a couple of other
9:52 am
points of news to bring you that are breaking at this moment, the air force one that he left, that we cover this hour and headed for the hotel, left behind the media on board and the press secretary, white house press secretary sean spicer, and now some notes are coming out from the gaggle of reporters and the questions that were asked. one of the things that we have learned with regard to the president of mexico canceling his trip to meet at the white house with the president this week, is that sean spicer is saying "we will look for a day to schedule something in the future, we will keep the lines of communication open." no doubt those lines of communication will touch on building a wall along our southern border. >> i don't know if that was necessarily the date, harris. >> harris: f got a hair appointment, i've got to run. probably not. the other thing we've learned from sean spicer is that there will be a news conference now, probably traditionally what we are used to seeing is more of a bilateral news conference, you know the prime minister of the uk is coming, theresa may will
9:53 am
be here. and she is at the white house with the president. it is anticipated that it would look like that, but we are told from sean spicer that we will hear from them. so let's talk a little bit about some of the things that are coming together, because if the president were criticized for having just 2 of 15 cabinet members, he's got a lot of other things that are going on that are being confirmed through his behavior right now, like executive orders, this retreat, you've got leaders from other countries coming. >> meghan: i mean, first fall i think it's funny that congress goes on retreats, like a can't. but i actually think that one of the topics we were talking about earlier, the establishment republicans and donald trump coming together, i think greg is making a point that everyone is collectively on the same side, but as we are seeing with some of these policy decisions, like comments on torture, there have been a group of other senators and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell coming out again some of his comments, so will be interesting to see how aligned all of these politicians become, or if this split is sort of
9:54 am
going to continue going forward now that he is president. >> dagen: i want to point out one thing because i'm a numbers nerd and work on the business network. that with the dow hitting 20,000 yesterday, and the dow hitting another record high, a lot of what is driving is not just the anticipation of his policies. tax reform, corporate tax cuts, regulation rollback. it's how quickly he has done so much more, whether it's green lighting these pipelines, rolling back regulation, he's meeting with theresa may, getting trade deals done. now that he pulled out of the trans-pacific partnership. how quickly can a bilateral deal get done with japan? what are they talking about with britain? how will our relationship with britain improve? that's really what drove the dow to 20,000, and it will keep it running. @outnumberedfnc her point, it wouldn't go there last week during some of those confirmation hearings, it seems that some of the nominees and positions were up in the air,
9:55 am
and it seemed a direct correlation between some of the men and women who were speaking before the senate committees, and how the dow was performing, and now at least some of that has been resolved, and these executive orders are coming a lot faster than people anticipated. >> harris: forgive me, i want to get this breaking news and hear. so now, according to our journalists in the newsroom, it has been confirmed that the border patrol chief has just resigned. expecting a statement from the border patrol web site soon. this is interesting, the timing of that. what do you make of that? >> greg: i don't know. >> is he against the policies of trump? >> kennedy: maybe he feels that some of the blame and the catch and release issue when people who have committed crimes and are arrested and are essentially thrown out of the country, are just taking taken a few miles over the border and they let them go and they come right back in, and that seems to be very problematic, and maybe some of the blame -- >> harris: according to u.s. officials, border patrol agents have been told that mark morgan
9:56 am
is no longer on the job. it >> greg: i was just going to say when everybody is getting freaked out about executive orders, there is protest ev would love to see a fraction of the protesters actually protest against immediate violence, rather than things that they believe are happening. >> harris: will be right back.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
>> we are awaiting here on fox news channel the president's arrival, and he will step up to that lectern and talk with the republican retreat there. and as it happens here on fox we will bring it to you.
10:00 am
meanwhile, we are so glad you were here, greg gutfeld. >> greg: i had a pleasant time time. >> kennedy: pleasantness is contagious. >> jon: can >> we will see you at five on "the five," we will see you back here at noon. "happening now" now. >> jon: a fox news alert, president trump is in the city of brotherly love right now, and so are the protesters. to speak to set to red dress address lawmakers gathered in philadelphia for a policy retreat, mr. trump expected to talk about some of the new initiatives he wants to work on with congress, we are covering all the news "happening now." >> i could wait a year, and i could hold off the wall but i want to build a wall, we have to build a wall, we have to stop drugs from pouring in, we have to stop people from just pouring into our country, we have no idea where they're from. >> jenna: president trump wants to move forward right now with one of his biggest campaign promises, a former senior border patrol official on what that could mean for illegal immigration and security.


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