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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 26, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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"america's news head quart quarters" starts now. >> president of mexico bails on a planned meeting with the white house over talk about the wall. hello, i'm melissa francis. the mexican president staying just last night he didn't see a need to cancel the meeting, in spite of president plump's push to build the wall. now, he's telling the world, on twitter of course, because that's where we talk about these things, he's pulling out. president trump responding moechlgts okay, in philadelphia. -- president trump ponding. >> president trump: the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat
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the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. >> see, it was mutual. president trump in philly at the party's congressional retreat showing up u.k. prime minister teresa may before heading to a meeting with mr. trump tomorrow at the white house. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. the president continues a furious pace of pollymaking with new executive orders on homeland security and immigration expected, john. >> yes, there's a lot of that just ahead in the next 24 hours, melissa. first of all, interesting to note, how the president basically said he doesn't want to come, it's fine, we decided it's not in our best interests, we'll go another way. turning what for all intenlts and purposes might look to a lot of people like a diplomatic crisis into more of a business deal, we're not prepared to do it now, we'll do it a different time, different way.
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new sheriff in town. to the executive orders. tomorrow will be a big day, even though teresa may for the u.k. is coming here, tomorrow will be a big day for executive orders. first and foremost is the issue it was called the muslim ban during the election campaign, now being seen as a way to protect america's borders from terrorism and suspending visas from certain countries. here's what we know will happen a30-day ban on visa entries from iraq, iran, syria, sudan, libya and yellen and other countries like, this this list could change, even if the person has a visa now they will not abe loued to enter the united states according to the new executive oortd. also implementing a 120 day moratorium admitting refugees to the united states, indefinite ban to refugees from syria. this also could seek to create safe zones in syria so those refugees would have a place to stay. refugee admissions in the year 2017 in the united states, will be reduced by 50%.
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they will only allow 50,000 people into the country instead of 100,000. it will in the future prioritize refugees admission based on religious persecution. implement a process of extreme vetting. and implement biometric entry-exit screening for all nonimmigrant visas. everyone who's entering the united states who doesn't plan to stay here long time. president trump a short time ago in philadelphia said all of these measures will enhance the security of the united states. listen. >> president trump: border security is a serious, serious national issue. and problem a lack of security pose as substantial threat to the sovereignty and safety of the united states of america and its citizens. >> we're also expecting another executive order that may come on friday, which could prove to be very controversial. the title of it is ending unconstitutional executive amnesty. when we talked about executive
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amnesties, we're talking about the deferred action for childhood arrivals and the deferred action for (tall arrival. this is the so-called dreamers bill, daca, that president obama signed during his administration. it's very likely that this executive order will address that, attack that. but we understand that it won't flip a switch and turn the program back. there's a lot to consider, sean spicer said in a gaggle on air force one on the way to philadelphia. look at where the program is now, where it's heading. so that probably they'll tackle that, also in executive order coming in afternoon to launch an investigation into that alleged voter flawed that the president has been talking at length about. back to you. >> there is that. john roberts, thank you. for more reaction to the president's remarks, i'm joined by giano called well, republican stratgest with caldwell strategic consulting and former director of african-american outreach for the republican party of dupig county. juan williams, fox news
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political correspondence. who cans old whom, giano? >> at this point it doesn't matter. i think we shouldn't be giving graf i tas to what the mexican president is continuing to say about this wall. why, because caldwell can't going into mexico and overstay my visa or sneak in, there are repercussions. mexico believes in law and order when it comes to immigration. let's think of it this way with the wall, if i have a house and people continue to break into my house and steal my val unls because i don't have a border do i say let me have compassion for the robbers or put up a fence? think about america as the house. and the 58 billion dollars that we have a trade deficit with mexico that,'s one of the areas, in addition to that fact, the 113 billion dollars which it takes to take care of these illegal immigrants is at stake as well. we need to think about this differently. >> i don't know if the mexican people would be equated with
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home burglars in your analogy. let's move on from that. >> it's still a process. >> let me ask you, the tweet went out, this is apparently huh heads of state do business now, tweet at each other. and enrique nieto said in his tweet, we have informed the white house that i will not attend the meeting scheduled for next tuesday with the president. does this surprise you? i mean he had said he was coming. it's not like the president's rhetoric has changed at all, he was coming, you no not coming. >> i think that clearly this was at the initiative of the mexican president not president trump. and secondly, i think that the surprise here is that even through yesterday, melissa, the president had -- president of mexico indicated he was still coming although trump had already signed that document indicating he was going to start construction, or making it possible to start construction of the wall. after a speech last night, apparently political pressure built on the mexican president,
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at home, and you know he suffered a backlash when he previously during the campaign met with president trump. this time, i think the pressure really forced him to say i'm out. and i think what you saw from president trump was simply an attempt to cover up the fact that we now have a dif lowmatic crisis with mexico. >> i don't know if it's diplomatic crisis, juan. i mean -- [ laughing ]. you had me there and then you went to hyperbole. >> no, no, i don't think when the president cancels -- i think when the president of mexico, immediate southern neighbor, cancels in that way he's sending a message. >> juan, you better get ready for a lot of crises coming up. i think this is the least of it. gianno, let me ask you, the burglar analogy aside, we do a lot of business back and forth with these folks. >> we do, we do. >> we ship an average of $223 billion in goods to mexico, we buy about $283 billion worth of
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their goods. i mean, it deserves more respect than a house burglar, don't you think, these folks? this relationship is important, my point. >> so, let me say this. when it comes to house burglars, i'm referring to the fact that we're losing money and folks are here illegally. that, i think, gives it the level of graf i tas in which it deserves. there's a $58 billion trade deficit when it comes to mexico, that has to be renegotiated. i would say to my friend and mentor, juan williams, i think it's an alternative fact to say we're in a diplomatic crisis. unless you talk we've been in diplomatic kriegsis for decades when it comes to nafta. there needs to be changes, america has not been, prior to -- prioritized first, americans losing their jobs time and time again to mexico. there's some things that we have to discuss and have an america first mentality, which i believe president trump is saying. >> i hear the back and forwards who's paying for the wall,
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like refereeing an argument between my two little sons. it's a matter of semantics and accounting. if trump wants to make mexico pay for the wall, he can account for it anyway he likes. he can hold back aid, there's a lot of ways to do it that aren't that much trouble. there could be a border crossing tax. i mean there could be a border adjustment tax when stuff comes in. a remit answer tax when you send money home. none of those things are very hard to do. if he wants mexico to pay for it, they don't to have consent, juan. >> he's been saying that -- >> my point to you, melissa, it's a wabt of money. i mean -- a waste of money. >> you think the wall is a waste of money? >> right. a waste of either u.s. money or offensive to mexico and as you point out, there are other ways you can try and impose different tariff taxes, withhold financial aid, or foreign aid, what have you want to do. but the way the mexicans are taking it, is as an offense. like the house analogy. a moment ago, i think that they
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see this as unnecessary. but as for us as american taxpayers, why are we putting money into something when, in fact, there is no flow of immigrants radically coming over the border. and going back to nafta, when it comes to nafta, guess what, u.s. -- >> juan there is no flow of immigrants coming over the border from mexico? is that what you said? >> in terms of net migration, we are at zero in terms of mexico and coming across that southern border. >> i thought it was about 400,000, in 2015, that's the number coming across that wall. >> that number is net zero. we have in the past, had spikes, but what i'm saying, in terms of what we're dealing with, now -- >> juan, you have to show me those numbers later. we have to go. >> okay. but i want to say, we should, americans are, insulted by the fact we got people coming over here illegally and murtd ring our citizens. instead of worrying about
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offending mexico, we should be worried about our citizens. >> okay, guys, we obviously settled the problem, let's move on. we have it nailed, thank you. we have a fox news alert now. demonstrateors natherring in philadelphia -- gathering in philadelphia to protest president trump. city officials are expecting up to 10,000 people over the course of the republican retreat. griff jenkins is live in philly with the protesters. griff, what's the scene like? >> well, melissa, it's peaceful but there are as you said thousands of protesters. i'll let you look. they were chanting earlier, healthcare for all, we don't need no wall. a telling sign of the multiple groups that have come out here to protest. there are folks that believe repealing the affordable care act is going to be damaging. there's of course immigration activist, there's black lives matter, and environment folks. there's folks that also are upset about the keystone pipeline, dakota access. it's been peaceful. they started by protesting and
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marching from city hall to where president trump spoke at the lowes hotel. then they marched down the street to senator pat timmy's office and they chanted at goldman sachs, this is where trump's cabinet resides. erin kramer is with me, one of the main organizers here with one pennsylvania. what's the message in a nutshell? . the most important message from today is that we belong to each other, whether it's the aca, the rights of immigrants, the civil rights of black sisters and brothers, muslim sisters and brothers, we're going to stand together and take care of each other. the aca is first but not the only fight we will have. we will be here. >> as she just said, there are a lot of activists here, it's been very peaceful, just a lot of folks out here exercising their first amendment rights. made the police nervous when they came out, but no troublemakers out here. we'll keep an eye. back to you, melissa.
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>> and they're very loud. all right, president trump made good on another campaign pledge and is expected to sign an executive order to ban syrian refugees. but it's already generating harsh criticism. both at home and abroad. for lower back pain sufferers,
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>> melissa: president trump is expected to sign an executive order banning syrian refugees soon. the draft order implements a 30 day ban on visas from seven countries. and issues a 120 day moratorium on refugees. it creates safe zones in syria, and cuts refugee admissions in half. the order also calls for, quote, extreme vetting and would
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implement biometric entry and exit screening for visitors. jillian turner work under george w. bush and president obama. she is a fox news contributor. jillian, thank you for coming on. what's your reaction to these moved moves today? . the first off the bat, i'm relieved at the measures very short-term. i think this gives the administration the minimum amount of time that we can possibly afford to, before making decisions like this. so for that i'm thankful. i've been on the show with you, melissa, before talking about the fact that i don't necessarily agree with the idea that more stringent vetting requirements are necessary for refugees coming into the country. so, since 2001, since 9/11, it's been incredibly difficult for any kinds of refugees seeking status here to get into the country, period. there's a process in place already that takes up to three
11:18 am
years for certain individuals. >> melissa: but can i hear the audience asking about the shooters in san bernardino. i mean if that's the case and it's so stringent, how did that happen? >> well, i think, okay, so with san bernardino both folks were here already. the guy brought his wife over from, i think pakistan. >> melissa: she had known ties to terror. >> she had not necessarily ties. but she had shown sympathy toward terrorist organizations. and terrorist theology. but the point here is, and she was not a refugee seeking status as a refugee in this country. now, remember, being a foreign imgrant coming into the united states is different. i'm talking about refugee policy. that is air site. i can get behind the idea of tighter vetting. we can always be more secure and safer than we are.
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i don't see how y50es that bridge without changing who we are. compromising the principles on which our country was founded. >> melissa: high understanding of 309-day ban on visa, it's about visas, out in but not refugees. what about the by row metrics? >> that will be fairly noncontroversial, we have biometric screening at certain airports for americans who come in and out of the country. there's not a lot there that people will take offense to. the idea is there's a trial period during which the efficacy will be shown or not shown here. if it shows to be worth whatever the cost is likely to be, then there will be policy decisions made. this is a trial period. >> melissa: there were comments today on waterboarding, lit's listen to those. i'll get your take on the other side. >> the director of the c.
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ia has made it clear he'll follow the law. and i believe virtually all of my members are comfortable with the state of the law on that issue now. >> fortune is illegal. --tor tun is not legal. it's not legal. and we agree with it not being legal. >> melissa: make sense? >> yeah, i don't understand why president trump wants to relitigate this issue. in the sense that, this country, underwent this very painful discovery period, just a few years ago, during which time all of the, you know, this was laid out on the table, the obama administration got input from across not only the executive branch but also the legislative branch and there was wide consensus here, that on two things. number one, wait a minuter boarding does constitute torture. number two, torture is still illegal. i don't understand why he feels the need to really revisit this. it's something that was incredibly painful for our
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nation. >> melissa: a distraction at this point. >> and a distraction. >> melissa: thanks. there's conflicting information about how much a wall between the u.s. and mexico will cost. what are the real numbers? ed henry breaks it down. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. tomorrow's the day besides video games.
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11:25 am
we are moving ahead. as the speaker pointed out to our group yesterday, with what, roughly -- 12 to 15 billion dollars. we intend to address the wall issue ourselves. >> melissa: chief national correspondent ed henry is live in washington. what's a few billion when you talk about taxpayer dollars. it's our money, a billion here, it could be 15, it could be 115, what cares, right? [ laughing ] >> you're right, everett dirkson said a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money. now you have the senate majority leader saying casually, about $15 billion, something like that? there have been wildly different estimates about how much this border wall will really cost. the key point from the white house perspective, president trump is making clear, he underlined this point yesterday, in a visit to the department of homeland security, this is desperately needed to protect this country.
11:26 am
so, yes, it may cost a lot of money but this is something that needs to be done. that's his face he will be making to the american people. let's talk about the numbers. president trump himself on the campaign trail talked about the wall costing $6 billion to $8 billion, he's increased that to almost $12 billion. you heard senator mcconnell $12 billion to $15 billion. the government accountability office said about $18 billion. m.i.t. brought in some outside experts, they say it might actually cost $25 billion. as you suggested in the top, this is real money a few moments ago, a spokesman for house democrat nancy pelosi, cause it a boondoggle. the last point that they'll push back, on it is not useless, they believe, regardless of what it's growing to cost, this is going to help the country. >> melissa: i love the estimates, m.i.t. i'm sure
11:27 am
includes go rhythm that does your homework for you. and his stripped-estimates, he returned money after the inauyou see the estimates, then government accountability office, these are the people that make the gold toilets and $2,000 shower curtains. >> and coffee pots. >> melissa: right. in the meantime, trump is noting that if he, and his allies, too, if you don't have the wall that taxpayers are spending all kinds of money anyway if you don't do the whole thing. >> he talked about this, again, yesterday. with secretary kelley, just sworn in, of course, as the department of homeland security secretary. one of the things they were talking about, people forget, this is not just about the wall, this is about drones, this is about more border patrol agents, this is about sort of flooding the zone with a whole bunch of things beyond just building a wall to finally stem the flow of illegal immigration.
11:28 am
in fact, it was jan brewer, the former republican governor of arizona, on fox a short time ago saying this country is also spending a ton of money on illegal immigration without a wall. watch. >> a $9 billion budget and i was spending $2 billion of it on illegal immigration. taking the services, education, health, incarceration, you know, dealing with the houses, prostitution, sex trafficking, the drug cartels. i mean, it just, is impossible to keep up with it. >> and an important point to make, one of those first executive orders from the new president was about this federal hiring freeze, to try to be a good steward of american taxpayer money. one of the carve-outs that does not apply to the border patrol. the president wants to step up and bring on more border patrol little. >> melissa: ed henry, fabulous, good to see you. president trump says everyone will have health shoorps after he repeals obamacare.
11:29 am
are the congressional lawmakers onboard? president trump giving paul ryan a nice shoutout earlier at the g.o.p. conference in philadelphia. >> president trump: the speaker paul ryan, very, very special. and he is writing his heart out, right? and we're actually going to sign this stuff that you're writing, you aren't wasting your time. [ applause ] from the first moment you met
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mf a big republican pow-wow under way in philadelphia as the party looks to implement new policy initiatives. president trump addressing the main -- >> these republican leaders we've heard from so far today, the second day of the retreat in philadelphia, say the $15 billion or so to build this southern border wall is going to
11:34 am
come from congress, but then the job of actually getting that money back from mexico gets outsourced 16 blocks up ma avenue. >> we intend to address the wall issue ourselves. and the president can deal with his relations with other countries. on that issue and other issues. >> the president is not going to be able to deal with the issue of reimbursement for mexico, though, face-to-face with president nieto of mexico, because nieto said he backed out of a planned tuesday meeting at the white house. the president, though, here in philadelphia last hour said that they both decided mechanics week was not a good time to talk. >> melissa: i'm sure it was mutual. they probably were like, texting back and forwards, you know what, next week doesn't work for me. there you go. how much talk is there, there, about obamacare? that's another big issue everyone is tackling right now.
11:35 am
>> one of the two big things republican leaders want to do first. obamacare, repeal and replacement. then tax reform. those are the big things they want to say -- say they think they can get done by august. speaker ryan says that that is -- these are the two things that they are spending the most time on. even though president trump is suggesting that letting insurance markets collapse over the next two years could bring democrats onboard with an eventual replacement, the speaker says there is great urgency to act quickly. >> this law is collapsing five states, five states only have one healthcare insurance company, one healthcare plan. one out of thee counties in america nl have one healthcare plan. that notices a choice that, is a monopoly. we believe on behalf of the american people who are struggling under this law that it's collapsing, we have to act. >> president trump also said during his remarks to republican senators and members of congress that they may be the busiest
11:36 am
legislators in decades if not ever. and the ones who are still here in town are set next hour to hear from the first visiting world leader, since mr. trump was sworn in, british prime minister teresa may. >> melissa: peter, thank you. president trump promises his obamacare replacement will provide insurance for everybody. that's a quote. but our con congressional -- are congressional republicans onboard? ovic roy is the president of foundation for research on equal opportunity. so interesting if you go back and look at the direct quotes, from trump, he talked about the president, pardon me, he talks about how they will be beautifully covered, but of one will continue to be covered. republicans, though, a little worried about making that happen. no? >> absolutely. i mean, if lieuing at the plans that republican members of congress and members of the senate have put out, they don't meet that test of covering everybody. necessarily. and so there's going to be a lot of back and forth.
11:37 am
i think a lot of peep in congress aren't taking the president's rhetoric seriously, not realizing that he's been saying this for years. he wrote a book in 2000, the america we deserve, where he said i want everybody to have health insurance. i'm a republican on most issues but on this one i'm different, i want everyone to have health insurance. he's been talking about it for a long time. talked about it on the campaign and talking about it now. republicans say weerg ee going to pass whatever we want he's sign it, he can't concerned about policy. i think they're going to -- he's going to tell them something very different. >> melissa: interesting, too, because in other interviews he had said, you know, his plan is all but done. he knows exactly how to do it to repeal and replace in one step. could he dismantle obamacare on his own, at least with the insurance mandate? we have a list there of how he might be able to could that. can you explain it to us? >> there are certain things, obamacare is about 2500 pages of law and then 20,000 pages of regulation.
11:38 am
so there's the individual mandate, how do you even force it, ho do you apply to it, who is exempted from it. there are instructions in the law of obamacare how the insurance plans must be designed. they have to cover maternity coverage, mental health services. how do you define that. that's up to the department of health and human services. and the president can give instructions on that. but he can't exactly dismantle obamacare on his own, but he can certainly roll back shof the regulations that have driven premiums up so much. let's at all it 5% of the law can be rolled back through executive action. but the other 95%, is going to have to be repealed and replaced by an act of congress. one other thing, melissa, you really can't fully replace obamacare unless you get something over a filibuster, you have to get 60 votes in the senate, that involves getting democrats involved. that's something republicans haven't even started thinking about. >> melissa: going to be vipting to watch, for sure. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> melissa: president trump telling shawn hannity he has pretty much made up his mind on
11:39 am
the supreme court pick. >> will it be from the list you gave out during the campaign? >> president trump: yes. >> will it be an originalist? >> president trump: i won't say that. >> you've made your decision in. >> president trump: in my mind, yes. it's subject to change at the last moment. but, i think this will be a great choice. >> melissa: whoo. president trump sitting down for a cable exclusive hour-long interview from the white house, discussing his first week in office, his plan for the first 1900 days and a lot more, of course. it airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. president trump moving forward with his pledge to crack down on illegal immigration. with an executive order eliminating federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities. and leaders of those cities are vowing to fight back. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. pretty defiant reaction to president trump, a lot of these
11:40 am
sanctuary cities, jonathan. >> yeah, a lot of protests on the street and a lot of protests from sanctuary officials across the country, in particular out here on the west coast, which looks set to be ground zero for what is clearly going to be a battle with president trump. . basic premise, local law enforcement in cities, san francisco and portland for example, boston and new york city on the east coast, currently refuse to report undocumented immigrants they encounter to federal authorities. so president trump now says those cities risk losing federal cash. exactly how far he can go in terms of defunding is a legally gray area. but sanctuary city officials say they will fit him every step of the way. listen here. >> we are not going to turn our backs on the most vulnerable people in our community because donald trump is threatening you. >>s the mayor of portland i won't budge on this issue. this is bedrock to me and bedrock to the community.
11:41 am
>> so, with language like that from city officials and the kind of language we've heard from the oval office, melissa, we are clearly set for quite a fight. >> melissa: without question. yet another quite a fight. jonathan how much money is at stake here? >> a whole lot of money, if you look at sanctuary cities, right across the country, according to a reuters news agency analysis, we're talking about federal funds amounting to some $2.5 billion. some of the cities with the biggest amounts to lose, san francisco could lose as much as $07 million. los angeles, a whopping $466 million. both of those dwarfed by new york city, which could lose $701 million if mayor de basso stands by his pledge to fight president trump on this issue. when you talk about that kind of money, and these kind of wlel complexities, you can be pretty sure this is going to end up in the courts and could well go all
11:42 am
the way to the supreme court. melissa? >> melissa: jonathan hunt, thank you so much. we will be watch 245g one, too. so it has been a busy first week for president trump as we wait for him to depart philadelphia for washington, d.c. he is seemingly in ordering the zone with a flurry of xwekive orders if case you haven't noticed. critics say the breakneck pace could backfire. >> president trump: we'll unleash the full power of american energy ending the job-killing restrictions on shale, oil, natural gas, and clean, beautiful coal and put our coal miners back to work. [ applause ] what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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>> shepard: much more ahead on president trump and his battle over the border wall with mexican president pena nieto. we're back and forth who will pay for the barrier, spiralled into a back and forth ore who cancelled their planned meeting. we'll speak about that, with the "wall street journal" deputy editor and chief and other matters regarding mexican-u.s. relations at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting."
11:46 am
see you then. >> melissa: president trump pushing full speed ahead, issuing four executive orders so far. president obamaed a five at this point. mr. trump also signing eight memoranda, president obama had six by this point in 2009. trump is losing, i think, according to that map. kellyanne conway saying the action he is's taking is long overdue. >> this is the breakneck pace. i've learned that president trump is the same as president-elect trump and businessman trump and candidate trump. he believes in production and delivery and results. he's high energy, high impact. i believe america needs. that we don't just need a fresh coat of paint in the white house, we need a gut renovation as a nation. >> melissa: sky benson is political director at, a fox news contributor. its funny about watching this to me, i come from a business background. so this is exactly what it's like when a new ceo takes over. boom, boom, boom, one thing after another because they've
11:47 am
been brought in to make change happen. but in politics, i guess, things go a lot slower and are generally more gummed-up. >> they off do. but that's the businessmentality that i think donald trump is bringing to the white house. how he promised he'd do it, we need a businessman, i will that be businessman, he talked about his energy, his high energy and contrasted that with other people with their low, in. you know, here he is, coming of the of the gate not signing presidential executive orders, which do of course have legal weight, but a lot of this also is sort of just messaging documents to some extent as well, saying guess what, alert washington, d.c., these major themes of my campaign are things that i do care about and i want to start working on from day one, quite literally, and that's why he's been flooding the zone in that breakneck speed that kellyanne conway talked about in the clip. >> melissa: guy, it's interesting you bring that up, that's another big ceo thing,
11:48 am
tone from the topnd it's when the new ceo comes in and he sets the agenda and sends signals, not just by actions, you know, of what he's cutting but also to make the point. here are the things that we care about. here are the things i'm going to be doing. and the tone we're getting from this is that he's really going to follow through on a lot of campaign promises that he made that people said he's never going to do that. he says yes i am. >> right. and there's prioritization going on, obviously. there have been a couple of campaign promises that so far he's sort of at least stepped back from a little bit. like moving the u.s. embassy in israel to jersusalem, perhaps dealing with the dreamers issue, and it seems unclear what he's going to do with the children of illegal immigrants brought here at least as children. he's not going full speed ahead on everything. he is going full speed ahead on a good number of things. i think that that's his way of not just signalling his supporters and the american people but congress and the republicans in congress, herb's
11:49 am
the step i care about that i'm doing first in week one. >> melissa: he's still hating on the media, listen. >> president trump: friday, a lot of people are going to be showing up to washington, right, mike? a lot of people. you know, the press never gives them the credit that they deserve. they will have 300, 400, 500, 600,000 people. you won't even read about it. when other people show up, you read big-time about it. right? so, it's not fair, but nothing fair about the media. [ laughing ] >> melissa: my 10-year-old said the other day, and the dishonest media. i said you're siding with trump over your mother? this is a theme, though, right? >> he's casting a spell over your son. you got to do something about that as a parent. obviously there is a deep hostility between trump and the media, goes both ways. theyeth bo sort of need and use
11:50 am
each other as well o this particular point that he made, he was referencing tomorrow's march for life in washington. it happens every year, to protest our ridiculously lacks and frankly unpopular abortion laws, in this country. there are hundreds of thousands of people across the country who march in support of mainstream pro-life views and it gets virtually no attention every year. and this a great point by trump. what, last week, oh, the media was having a lot of excitement -- >> melissa: we have to go. >> over the women's march. what will they cover tomorrow. >> melissa: we'll see, guy benson, thank you. all right, a harsh reality in america but drug addiction is on the rise. and so are deaths from overdose. what is behind the uptick and how do we stop it? i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that...
11:51 am
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>> melissa: the heroin and ob piod epidemic isn't confined to big cities, many small communities are seeing a spike in overdose decks. rick? >> the number of overdose deaths in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania has doubled in the last two years. rich, poor, young, old. opiods don't discriminate. >> you aren't going to be surprised, huh-uh. i hope i can help it. >> it's been eight years since carol lost her son, eric, to a heroin overdose. she mourns and says he's better off. >> he had to live that life as he was living for the rest of his life, then i'm glad that he was gone. it was torture watching him. torture. >> eric's story of addiction and
11:55 am
death has become almost routine. drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental deaths in america. over 50,000 a year, far more than are killed in car crashes. opiods are the heart of it, with 15,000 fay talts related to pain pills. >> it can happen to anybody if it can happen to me. i'm in the system. i see it every day in court. and i had no idea that my son was using heroin. >> bruce brandler is the chief law enforcement enforcer for half the state of pennsylvania. but he couldn't protect his 15-year-old son eric who died of an o.d. in 2011. carol spends time with her daughter, recovering addict herself, shares something her son wrote before he died. >> he wrote, at first it was fun. later it was a full time job much it confirmed his life, that's all he thought about.
11:56 am
>> with a renewed focus on awareness, law enforcement and treatment, nine more deaths in wilkes-barre in the first 19 years of this -- days of this year. >> melissa: thank you, rick. we will be right back. music and crowd sounds ]
11:57 am
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call now! take control of your retirement today! >> okay. there you are looking at president trump. he's back at andrews air force base from his trip to philadelphia. vice president pence is there with a speech. he has a keynote address coming up to the joint republican issues conference. we'll bring that to you just as soon as we have it. here you can see the president coming back after a very busy day today. even on twitter, you have the mexican president saying that he's not coming to meet with the president. who cancelled that meeting though? up for grabs. president trump saying it was a mutual thing. they cancelled on each other and decided some other time would be
12:00 pm
better. tune in tonight to hannity. he has a cable exclusive interview with president trump. certainly don't want to miss that. so many issues on the table right now. i'm melissa branson. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in philadelphia where president trump addressed congressional republicans a short time ago and told them to get ready to get to work. plus, give us your tired and poor and huddles masses as long as they're not from syria, somalia and sudan. and the president's busy with executive orders on everything from pipelines to obamacare. he can't get everything done by himself. what he needs there congress to make his plans last. and meetings off. the mexican president cancelled his visit to the white house. the strained relations with mexico a


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