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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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fire marshals determined debris left up there after workers had done repairs earlier in the day. the hotel staff evacuating guests. nobody reported injured. we're awaiting for the president at the pentagon. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the pentagon where president trump is expected in minutes. he's meeting with the defense secretary and the joint chiefs and we're already hearing more about his plans to take on the terrorists of the islamic state. he said to sign an executive order that restricts refugees from entering the united states. details to come. the president getting comfortable with his fellow world leaders holding a news conference with theresa may today and preparing to call others including vladimir putin tomorrow. they made news on multiple fronts. the program for wounded warriors that let him hit the slopes for winter sports. find out what you can do to help. let's get to it.
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>> now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> shepard: it appears president trump's promised extreme vetting is about to become a reality. the president is moments away from an event where he will sign an executive order identifying blocking refugees from coming into the country from certain muslim nations and banning all refugees the next four months. the president is expected at the pent gone in a few minutes to attend a ceremonial swearing in event for james mattis. we'll show you that ceremony live when it happens. vice president pence officially sworn in, the retired marine corps general hours after trump's inauguration. like other members of the trump cabinet, mattis disagrees with the president on key issues, including the use of torture. here's what the president said about that today after meeting with his first world leader, the british prime minister, theresa
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may. >> he has stated publicly that he does not necessarily believe in torture or water boarding or whoever you want to define it, enhanced interrogation would be a lot of words that people would like to use. i don't necessarily agree, but i would tell you that he will override because i'm giving him that power. >> "the new york times" reports that some lawmakers and military officials say they hope that secretary mattis can serve as a counter weight to some of the administration's hard-line positions. for the record, torture is illegal under the united states and international law. its use would cause major problems for our nation in dealings with other countries on matters of defense and counter terrorism just to name a couple. officials told fox news that the white house is drafting an order, an order calling on the pentagon to come up with a more aggressive plan to fight the islamic state. officials said that could include american artillery,
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attack helicopters to attack at the terrorist capitol. the plan may include marines and army soldiers on amphibious assault ships that could fight isis. jenniferlive at the pentagon. if these measures do go forward, they would be extreme change in tactics on the ground. >> if you're talking about the order on extreme vetting, critics say the biggest problem with that order that the president is about to sign regarding extreme visa vetting is that it does not deal with three key countries from which the 911 high jackers came from. saudi arabia, pakistan and egypt. not mentioned in terms of the extreme vetting, neither is turkey. the u.s. has been conducting air strikes in five of the seven countries on the president's extreme vetting list. the countries include iraq, iran, syria, yemen, sudan and somalia. the executive order halts all refugee admission and
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resettlement for syrians for 120 days or until further notice. the other refugees welcomed into the united states will be cut in half. the order calls for the military to set up safe areas in syria in the middle east for displaced refugees. a huge task. >> a huge task and behind the curve. this sort of thing that might have been possible 12 to 24 months ago, but much, much more difficult now. what about these plans to step up the fight against isis? >> we know the president has given the pentagon 30 days to come up with a plan to defeat isis. some of his chiefs said there's no military solution to isis. trump will meet with the joint chiefs in the security conference room here in the pentagon known as the tank. he will issue a directives for the military to accelerate efforts to defeat isis. we have some indication of what
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the pentagon will be suggesting. the plans include sending more special operations forces to syria. there's 500 u.s. troops on the ground there. deployi deploying artillery and rocket launches and staging them on ships in the mediterranean. no decisions have been made. these are the plans that we expect to be presented to president trump today. remember, there's many here in the pentagon again that believe there's no purely military solution to isis. also if the u.s. sends more troops to syria, will it ask president assad's permission and will they work with the russians. >> jennifer griffin, thanks. let's go to chris wallace. the changes would be complicated and by many estimations would meet a lot of resistance. >> well, certainly complicated. just take the example of putting more troops or involving some of
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the rebel groups in syria. some of those are also fighting against turkey in the southern part of turkey along the turkey-syria border. turkey is an ally and nato objects to that. you have a dipmatic dance. and racca is not like berlin. there's not a reason to get everybody on board to go after it. same with mosul, which we've fought in for months and apparently knocked isis about half of mosul, the second biggest city in iraq. so you know, donald trump campaigned on the idea that we're going to be more aggressive, knock isis out. he says we're going to do it quickly. obviously i suspect he will find things hardner the white house than on the campaign trail. you certainly could up the ante and be more aggressive than we are now.
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>> on the mattered of this news conference with the u.k. and the prime minister. the presidency much more measured today. the news conference was shorter than in i've seen of its kind. the president said i still think torture works, but i'm going to defer to james mattis, my defense secretary because i gave him that power. felt like a lot of europe breathed a collective sigh of relief on that one. >> jennifer played that clip in her piece of him saying, you know, i still think it works but james mattis can overrule. i don't know. maybe you can remember. i can never remember a president of the united states saying that a cabinet member and in this particular case, the secretary of defense can overrule me on a question of how we're going to engage with the enemy and interrogate the enemy. that was quite extraordinary. as you say, there will be a lot of people around the world that will like that, that were concerned about torture. a lot of people also in
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congress, when the gop retreat yesterday, both mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, the two congressional republican leaders of the house and senate both said they like the law the way it is now and they consider water boarding to be torture. i thought it was a very muted donald trump in his first meeting with an international leader. he wasn't funny, donald trump. a point he talked about the special relationship with theresa may. she called on her first reporter and who asked a terrible question of donald trump, one thing after the other. what about this, what about that. >> we're worried about you. >> the president said that's the first person you asked? so much for the relationship. it was funny. >> the matter is very serious matter though. this matter of torture, having the president admit clearly there that water boarding is for
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-- torture and torture is illegal. but further, i waondered if the president hadn't realized, i had been advocating something illegal across the united states and the world, here's a way for me to say i still think torture works but james mattis says we don't do it so i'm going to refer to him. keeps him in legality without him having to apologize and say i was wrong about that. >> right. he can have it both ways. i still think it works but i'm going to, you know, concede to my secretary of defense. he says he doesn't want to use it so we're not doing to use it. it is curious. i can't imagine ronald reagan saying that to casper wineberger time. >> shepard: there's so many
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matters of this kind, members of his team have disagreed with him on things of national importance and you wonder if this is a way to bridge that divide, if you will. a manner in which we're not accustomed, but maybe the trump way. >> yeah, you know, also you can give the president high marks. he isn't picking a bunch of yes nannies, picking people that are strong and independent and given them the freedom to express in confirmation hearings and now once they get into the jobs that they disagree with him, whether it's on torture and water boarding or on support for nato or the threat from the russians -- i suspect he won't cede control on all of these issues, but this is one that he decided not to pick a fight. >> shepard: before we leave the isis matter, whatever strategy he comes up with, he will have to ask the pentagon for a new
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strategy, will that take congressional support from? >> no. should it? probably. a lot of people argue that we're way past the authorization for the use of force to fight al-quaida. there should be a new congressional vote. but congress, as you said, doesn't particularly want any part of that. my guess is this president will wait around. see if he has an effective way to degrade and defeat isis, he's going to go for it. >> usually on sundays, you have to share the air with football. this sunday, there's no -- there's the pro bowl, but there's no football. >> there's no football period. >> shepard: next week before the super bowl, fox news sunday, you have to watch us before the super bowl because it's before the super bowl. you have to wake up and turn on the fox broadcast network and leave it until you fall asleep and watch it overnight and wait till the morning and they'll tell you morn. next sunday is huge.
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what is happening this sunday? >> right there, we'll have -- incidentally, along with you, we'll be in houston for the super bowl. let's get to kellyanne conway. an extraordinairy work for this president. we'll talk to dick durbin, the number 2 democrat in the senate. a lot of these things the president can say what he wants to. he does have a republican control of the house and senate. particularly in the senate, they still have the power to filibuster. we'll talk to dick durbin about what areas they'll cooperate with president trump and what areas they're not going to. >> shepard: have you talked to her since the birth of alternative facts? >> no. >> shepard: you'll be talking to her now in the new world of alternative facts. i'll be interested to see. i'll watch sunday because there's no football. >> well, you would watch anyway because the football doesn't start. you watch me before the football. how did you know i was thinking this was going so well today but --
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>> shepard: i can ruin anything. it's great to see you. look forward to seeing you in houston. who you for? this patriots or falcons? >> i have a favorite but i can't say that. because we appear in both markets and i'm not going to -- >> shepard: i have no real skin in that game. >> i'm not going to tick anybody off. >> shepard: you're a washington football team fan. i'm a giants fan. we don't have skin in this game. >> you mean a washington redskins fan. >> shepard: i'll see you next sunday after "fox news sunday". >> let me ask one quick question. do you have a favorite for the super bowl? >> shepard: i do have a favorite. >> who? >> shepard: i still to the giants. if they're not playing, it's none of my business. if i were playing either team, i'd want to beat them. so let them play. i'll watch. i can't have beer either. that's another matter. talk about it later. good to see you, chris. >> shepard: good to see you,
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shep. president trump holding his news conference with theresa may. they made news on multiple fronts. not just on what we talked about. headlines on three different fronts today and we'll get to them throughout this hour on fox news channel. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's another option. drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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>> shepard: a live look at the pentagon. we are waiting for the president to arrive for the ceremonial
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swearing in of defense secretary mattis. ceremonial because the vice president swore in general mattis after trump was inaugurated. this will be more ceremoniacere. will the president speak? we don't know. we'll take you there live when it happens. president trump wrapping up his first official visit from a foreign leader. first, there was the torture news. and then theresa may said trump stands 100% committed to nato. this is rhetorical movement, if nothing else, from his stance as a candidate when candidate trump said nato was outdated. he seems to offer less support than his predecessors. prime minister may said the two talked trade, terrorism and the united states special relationship with the united kingdom at their meeting this afternoon. they'll gettogether comes at
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uncertain times for the allies and president trump looking to reshape america's trade and foreign policies. john roberts is live at the wait house this afternoon. high, john. >> shep, good afternoon. it's clear by the body language at the press conference and earlier in the oval office when president trump invited me to come over and meet the u.k. prime minister, that the two are eager to have a good relationship and strengthen the ties between the two countries, particularly because in a couple years, march of 2019, britain will find itself alone after the brexit and needs to have a strong bilateral relationship with the united states in order to ensure that its economy doesn't start wavering. when the two appeared in the oval office, you can see the burst of winston churchill. president trump saying it's an honor to have winston churchill
12:19 pm
back in the oval office. president obama removed that bust. prime minister may said she was comfort by trump's 100% commitments. the only point of departure is whether or not there might be roll back of sanctions on russia on the part of the white house. >> we have been very clear. we want to see the minsk agreement fully implemented. we've been continue to argue that inside the european union. >> president trump may soon sign an executive order dealing with sanctions on russia. unclear at this point what the language of that is and how far it might go in rolling back sanctions. kellyanne conway said this morning that is definitely on the table. shep? >> on the u.s. and mexico, the president when he was a candidate said we'll build a wall and mexico will pay for it. the last few days he said we'll pay for it and the mexicans will
12:20 pm
pay us back. mexico said no way. out of nowhere today, a phone call between president nieto and our president. what happened? >> they talked about an hour this morning. president trump said it was a good call, a friendly call but -- >> as you know, mexico with the united states has outnegotiated us and beat us through a pulp with our past leaders. they made us look foolish. we have a trade deficit of $60 billion with mexico. on top of that, the border is soft and weak. drugs are pouring in. i'm not going to let that happen. >> the white house gave us a little more on the phone call. they said there's clear differences on who will pay for the wall. they're trying to work it out. >> a handful of new executive orders coming today. is that right? >> yeah, you mentioned the extreme vetting at the time. that used to be called the muslim ban months ago.
12:21 pm
there's going to be an executive order on military readiness. again, tomorrow, maybe over the weekend after the phone call with president putin, there may be something on sanctions against russia. that's one we'll watch for. >> shepard: john roberts, thanks. the british prime minister said trump told her he's 100% behind nato. but the president department say that himself in puspeaking of, the president to arrive. in fact, there's general mattis now. the president's motorcade has left the white house. we expect the swearing in ceremony to happen shortly. we'll have coverage after this. picking up for kyle.
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a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. >> shepard: breaking news. we interrupt this commercial break, which is nice, to bring you president trump arriving at the pentagon for the swearing in ceremony that i was mentioning prior to the start of the break, if you had been with us. you know that retired general james mattis, now the defense secretary, sworn in by the vice president just after president trump was inaugurated. now there will be a ceremonial swearing in today. a matter for the history books. the reason we're going to it is because there's been so much talk about james mattis and how the president will defer to secretary mattis on the matters of torture in the united states. it's important to reiterate, torture is illegal in the united states. it's a crime to torture. it's a crime under international
12:24 pm
law. it's a violation -- it would be a violation under the geneva convention. that is the case now and has been the case. it was the case when we were employing enhanced interrogation techniques under the bush administration. bush, 43rd. but they were using some semantics gymnastics to get around it saying water boarding is not torture. the president of the united states admitted that waterboarding, torture and enhanced interrogation are the same thing. he said it. the united states does not torture as a matter of law. that said, president trump said he believes it works. we don't know what he bases that on. he believes torture works, but that he will defer to his new defense secretary james mattis who says that he will not use it. further, john mccain has said if there's attempts to use torture, that john mccain and others would attempt to enact legislation to block the use of
12:25 pm
torture. using torture would be a problem for our allies around the world, none of which use torture. it's illegal for all of those countries and under international law would cause problems in working with other countries in counter terrorism, defense matters and so many things if the united states had made torture a part of our laws. so this -- but the deferring to the defense secretary as chris wallace pointed out, an unusual matter if not an unprecedented matter, so we wait to see if the two of them will speak about it. let's bring in jeff mason from reuters news agency. i believe the president of the white house correspondents association. is that right? >> that's right. >> shepard: how are things going there? >> in terms of the press? >> shepard: and the administration after the transition. >> it's been a busy first week. that's for sure. we have been having good access at the white house.
12:26 pm
we have to say that. they've been giving us plenty of opportunity for chances to see the president in action and get our cameras and reporters in there to ask questions and obviously he held a press conference today. these are things that we support. there's big issues that we're working on, but so far so good. >> shepard: the president, the vice president, defense secretary all going into the pentagon for a brief meeting and then we'll get the signing of these orders and the ceremonial swearing in of the defense secretary. jeff, on the bigger matter, there was discussion for a while about potentially moving the white house briefings to another location. have you gotten any clarity on this sort of thing? is there a resolution to these matters? >> well, the resolution so far has been that we have stayed in the briefing room. sean spicer gave his briefings there this week except his gag on air force one in the trip yesterday. that's a positive sign. the briefings have gone well there. the room has been a bit crowded.
12:27 pm
the reporters have made that work. so has the administration. >> shepard: you noted as we did for that matter, that donald trump, president trump, standing 100% behind nato is a rhetorical shift, a welcome one around the world and interesting one from reporting from your position. >> yeah, i was interested listening to the press conference that prime minister made made a point of emphasizing that he had given his support to nato, 100% support during their conversation. it was prime minister may that brought that up, not president trump. he has previously referred to nato as being an organization that is obsolete. that was very important for a european leader like prime minister may to clarify. >> shepard: then there's deferring to the defense secretary on the matter of torture. i don't remember ever hearing something like that before. do you? >> well, i don't, no. i think it was an important thing -- important signal that
12:28 pm
he tried to show that. despite his suggestion that torture is effective, which as you said that runs in the face of what a lot of people in the intelligence people have said and the face of international law, but his defense secretary doesn't want to use it and has said so. so the president signals that he will defer to the defense secretary on that means that its not something that he's going to put his foot down and try to reverse. >> a politco story indicates washington and london and pennsylvania avenue and downing street is no greater than pronunciation. the adding of a u here and there. seems they got closer together than had been rhetorically prior. >> yeah, seems like they started to develop a good rapport. they walked to the press conference and they held hands briefly. clearly show that they're working on building a relationship that is good for them, both as leaders and also for that "special relationship"
12:29 pm
between the two countries, which is especially important to britain and to washington during this time and going ahead. >> shepard: jeff mason from the white house, the white house con -- correspondent's association. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: the white house is suggesting putting new taxes on mexico. they raised the idea up the flagpole and quickly brought it down. so now how do we pay for the wall? people on the president's right want to know the details on that coming straight a way. my doctoe i have age-related macular degeneration, amd, he told me to look at this grid every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd
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>> i'm lea gabriel. more on today's headlines. crews setting off explosives to trigger an avalanche on purpose. >> whoo-hoo! >> happened in colorado.
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100 inches of snow has fallen this month. the most for a january in decades. they say it's safer to force an avalanche than to let one happen naturally. a power pole fell on a truck in sacramento, california. a fire department spokesman said the pole brought down live power lines with it trapping three people in their vehicles. crews got them out safely. queen elizabeth attending her first official engagement of the year. she visited an art exhibit. she had been fighting a heavy cold for weeks and missed church service on christmas day. the news continues with shepard smith after this.
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>> shepard: before president trump's hour-long call with mexico's president, he took a shot at them on twitter. he said mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long enough. massive trade deficits and a
12:35 pm
weak border must change for now. mexican's president, enrique nieto was supposed to visit the white house next week but he cancelled. the president floated a 20% tax from goods on mexico to cover the cost. that went quickly. rich edson from the state department. this tax is not really on the table anymore, is it? >> well, shep, it originated, this idea for the tax, from congressional republicans that thinking about overhauling the entire tax code. now the white house has floated this as a possible way to pay for a border wall. republicans want to lower tax rates, eliminate deductions and other ways of finding revenue and this is one of them. proponents say the u.s. tax code favors companies that import from other companies. this is a way of levying a 20% tax on all imports that come to the united states. you raise money that way.
12:36 pm
you can lower tax rates elsewhere by doing that and you can also parentally pay for a border wall. that's what proponents say, shep. >> shepard: there's opposition to this tax on both sides of the border. prices would go up in the united states. can't forget that. >> right. either companies can decide to oat the extra cost or pass it off to consumers. opponents are saying and pointing out that because this was floated as a way for paying for a border wall, it's punitive towards mexico. lindsey graham said that border security, yes, tariffs, no. mexico is third largest trading partner. any tariff we can levy, they can levy. huge bare your to econ growth. any policy proposal which drives up costs of corona and tequila is a bad idea. the mexican government has made a similar claim. >> a tax on american imports on
12:37 pm
mexican products isn't a way to get mexico to pay for a wall. it is the american consumer who would be paying. >> u.s. retailers are opposed to this tax showing how difficult it will be to a, find a way to pay for the wall and b, even overhaul the entire tax code for the first time in 30 years. shep? >> shepard: rich edson live for us. john bussey from the "wall street journal." this isn't going to happen, is it? >> well, we don't know. trump said about his phone call with the mexican president that they got along and covered a lot of things and looking forward to renegotiating the trade deal with mexico. there's a political element as well as an economic trade. the political element is, if you want to incite the left in latin america, which can nationalize your investments there and can be very difficult nor the united states to deal with, no better way than to humiliate mexico
12:38 pm
than happened yesterday when you're on for a visit to the united states and then you're off for a visit to the united states. that was giving mexico face and then ripping the face off. so he probably got feedback on that. the economic side is you have a lot of cross-border trade with mexico. some of it has taken jobs out of the united states. but the "wall street journal" reports that it's hard to determine whether or not those jobs didn't also increase efficiency on the u.s. side because of manufacturing done on parts and other inputs into u.s. products on the mexican side. so you can argue that plants were kept in the united states partly through that efficiency game. >> shepard: you mentioned steps that the mexican government could take, the political tide that could turn and adversely affect the united states, the people and the whole region. >> yeah, that's right. it's not just mexico that is looking at this relationship with the united states. it's the rest of south america
12:39 pm
and central america that is looking at it as well trying to get clues on what they can expect from the u.s. administration in the future in relationships political and economic. mexico has had their left leaning governments in the past and the rest of the region has also. it's a big issue nor the united states as well as for political stability and economic integration. today it was an interesting kind of about-face in which donald trump i thought looking presidential during that press conference with theresa may said look, everything is on the table but we want to have a friendly productive relationship with both countries. that's a different tone thanear >> shepard: it's already being called in some quarters "the may effect." there's this question about those that support him within his own party and those that don't about when it was that he might make this turn in action and demeanor and if there's a moment thus far, it seemed to be
12:40 pm
today, standing up there with another world leader and being differential and, you know, as you would expect. >> yeah, it's probably tricky to call a turn in the behavior of this particular administration. i'm not sure that i'd be willing to hear that yet, but it was definitely a different in tone. he probably got lobbied by the agricultural sector. a lot of ag goods to mexico as a result of nafta. but you see as you point out in that press conference with theresa may, a very different tone. he even joked. you don't see that much from president trump. got a tough question from one of the british reporters. he says, so much for the special relationship. it was a joke. which was a very different and nice tone. >> shepard: yeah. interesting to see. john, why are you in washington? hope nobody is getting fired. >> i'm talking to a group on the trump administration. trying to learn more about it
12:41 pm
myself. >> shepard: good luck. tomorrow president trump is expected to see with the russian president vlad putin himself. wonder how that will go. that's coming up. also, we're waiting for the swearing-in ceremony for -- ceremonial swearing in defense secretary mattis. we'll have live coverage when it happens. by simply enjoying it. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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>> shepard: 16 minutes before the hour. a live look at the pentagon. the president and vice president being briefed, i should say, by the joint chiefs of staff and the ceremonial swearing in of the defense secretary will happen. we'll take you there live for that. will the united states lift sanctions on russia? president trump says today that he's keeping an open mind about an upcoming call with vladimir putin and their relationship. >> as far as again, putin and
12:45 pm
russia, i don't say good, bad or indifferent. i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have a fantastic relationship. that's possible and it's also possible that we won't. we will see what happens. i will be representing the american people very, very strongly. >> shepard: but senator john mccain that heads the armed services committee, a republican, is not convinced the u.s. can work with russia at all and he says if president trump lifts the sanctions, he will work to reinstate the punishments through legislation. kimberly atkins is here from "the boston herald." hi, kim. >> how are you doing, shep? >> shepard: any lifting of sanctions would have to be exchange from something that we and the world might want from him. what might that be? >> one thing that trump admires about vladimir putin is the fact that he's complimentary of the president. the president likes getting good ratings and he appreciates the comments from vladimir putin.
12:46 pm
there's probably an incentive on the part of the president to try to form a relationship with russia in part because as senator john mccain pointed out, the last three presidents that have tried have learned fairly quickly that it was a few -- futile effort. >> shepard: and the most ratcheting of sanctions came in annexing crimea. short of removing itself from the crimea, you wonder if there would be any justification for removing sanctions. and he will face a push-back. >> shepard: senator mccain reminded him today that vladimir putin is in his words a murderer and a thug and not somebody that the united states should cozy up with. yes, the sanctions were in response to the invasion, the
12:47 pm
annexation of crimea. you also have to remember that russia has been determined by all of our american intelligence communities to have engaged in election year mischief and hacking and an effort to interfere with the election. it's sort of puzzling to see a president choose to reward a country after that, especially after vowing to launch an investigation into what he called fraud about ballots being cast, which no evidence has been found of that. if he's so concerned about election and the value of the integrity of the elections, lifting sanctions would be a puzzling move. >> shepard: and seconds ago, i got a flash alert from reuters saying he believes sanctions from russia should stay. the reason for those sanctions is the annexing of crimea and the events that preceded it. unless there's major changes on the world front, doesn't me have
12:48 pm
there will be much appetite for this in the united states and may be another softening of position prior to this phone call. we shall see, kimberly. thanks. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: a wounded warriors program that helps soldiers get on the slopes. we'll go out west for operation mountain freedom and showing what you can do to help if you so desire. that's coming up. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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>> shepard: a new video shows a skier flying off a cliff from his point of view. happened in utah about 30 miles
12:52 pm
south of salt lake city. the skier is a guy named devon stratton. he was expecting a jump ramp not a cliff. the drop was about 150 feet. he said it felt like it lasted about 5 minutes. >> head hurts a little, my ribs, my back. i think i'm good. >> shepard: his relatives said he broke ski gear. he gets new gear. everybody loves gear. and some soldiers finding peace in the sierra nevada mountains. the group is raising money to build a year-round center in the area where injured vets can go to school, job training and much more. trace gallagher has their story live in los angeles. hey, trace. >> hey, shep. when you talk about wounded military vets, it's not the
12:53 pm
physical problems, it's the depression and motivation. this week we saw warriors lifted and it wasn't just the altitude. the explorer said going to the mountains is going home. fitting considering home is why these wounded warriors fought. >> the tranquillity of it. you look around. there's nothing really to think of that hey, i'm in a giant post guard with my best friends. >> u.s. marine machine gunner donnie morris served several times in iraq and afghan injuring his back, suffering ptsd. repaying his sacrifice is impossible. but a does of inspiration helps. >> getting out of here, getting away from the hey, what's wrong with you is better, just to do this. >> retired master air force sergeant shea hampton covered chemical exposure in iraq.
12:54 pm
of his group, he was the sole survivor and he will forever have injuries to his brain and back, food he feels alive and well. >> it's a blast. crashed a couple times. that's expected. i'm having a great time. >> thanks to a combination of equipment dedicated to getting them back on the mountain and people dedicated to giving them back their spirit. >> there you go. >> i don't feel like i fit in. with these fine folks here, they don't make me feel like an outsider. i feel like i'm one of them. that's important. >> that's the goal, to bring wounded warriors here year round, offering everything there recreation to rehabilitation to education. >> to come out and feel the wind in their face and the sun on their cheeks. i mean, that's real healing. >> healing for every military branch, from every military era.
12:55 pm
>> it's a place where you can come and unwind or wind up. >> 87-year-old korean war vet bing bingham says he plays to stay in the game and on the mountain. >> this is an amazing place and amazing place for guys to come and enjoy each other and enjoy this. >> he's right. it's an amazing place. it was great to be back on the mountain. john muir would say it's great to have them home. if you want to help these men and women, go to woundedwarri s >> shepard: we'll be right back when the c.i.a. pulled off a daring rescue overseas. one happened on this day in history. to anticipate.....
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>> shepard: a live look at the
12:59 pm
pentagon where the president is going to do a ceremonial swearing in of his secretary of defense and it's possible that he will sign orders for extreme vetting and more. stave with us right here. on this day in 1980, a c.i.a. agent met with a group of american diplomats trapped in iran to help sneak them out of the country. months earlier, militants had stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran taking dozens of hostages. six american diplomats managed to escape and hiding out in iran ever since. the c.i.a. helped hook them up with fake canadian passports and had them pretend they were working for a film crew scouting locations in iran. there was even a script and poster for the movie they were supposedly making called "argo." the americans used the forged documents to leave the country. as you may know, ben affleck
1:00 pm
directed the oscar-winning film on the story. the time that the c.i.a. went hollywood 37 years ago today. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: thanks very much. welcome to "your world." we're at the pentagon. james mattis has already been sworn in as defense secretary of the united states but the president wanted to do the honors and see this carried out in a big way with the big boss there to witness it. so when that happens, we're there. meantime, to blake burman on a very busy white house at what has been a very busy week. blake? >> certainly you can call it that, neil. we expect the president at some point this hour to


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